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10 thought on “Partners in Crime [Graphic]”
  1. I never doubt Hamas and Hezbollah as the same USA alCIADa and CIAISIS. The problem reaction solution continues to shape the weak minded sheeplings who respond to fear and loathing props. The Third Reich could have only dreamed about the techno-dumbing world and the electromagnetic MSM that deflects, distorts and interferes with truth. Bibi, Putin, Obama and now Trump. What a confederation of illumnists and precision orchestration from the RothsRocks to Ben-Gurion master architects. The protocols of Zion are an economy based on carbon economics eugenics. (obamacare and taxes) Mere simple genocide such as Palestine seems almost biblical and sacrificial in execution.

  2. Most do not the true history from the Grand Mufti and before. So here’s an expert, Caroline Glick. “Husseini then fled to Rome where he met with Mussolini and went on the Berlin, where he remained for the duration of the war.”


    Incidentally, the photos in the pictorial Partners in Crime have been photoshopped. Blood outside the body is brown, not stage red. I saw a new version of Parsifal and there was a sea of stage red literally that the singers had to walk over so I’m familiar with this technique for manipulating the public. Yes, there’s unrelenting violence in this area of the world, but the history above reveals the origins.

    1. Marzi says Dees is trying to manipulate the public, even as she tries to blame the long dead Grand Mufti, Mussolini and Hitler for what is happening in Syria.

      Marzi’s is the only vicious and dishonest manipulation here. Dees is an artist trying to tell truth thru images.

      My quibble with Dees over this particular work is that the Israel and its manipulated tool the US are hardly partners.

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