The White House

Heartfelt plea for “body politic.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

“… We do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings.”

“This is something we should politicize.”

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94 thought on “President’s Statement on Oregon Shooting”
    1. The professional staff at UConn, the professoriate, are 4 square behind Obama and would probably, gladly, love to see him as a jack booted dictator. We hear and read about these horrors from our state university where the so-called smart ones are really the stupid ones. Orwell was right, the idiots will inherit the earth.

      1. Romans 1:22… “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

        It’s what “professors” do…

        1 Corinthians 3:19… “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”

        bush, obama, those who came before and those who will come after all serve a master and that master ain’t the God of the Bible.

        I don’t see trump serving the Lord either and if one serves not the Lord, one serves self and satan. It’s just that simple.

        This will not end well for the world. Praise God I (and any saved by the faith of Christ – Gal 2:16) are not of this world (Col 3:1-3).

  1. “thoughts and prayers are not enough – anyone who does this has a sickness in their minds no matter what they think their motives may be.”

    “Earlier this year I answered a question in an interview by saying, “The United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient commonsense gun safety laws even in the face of repeated mass killings.”

    “And LATER THAT DAY, there was a mass shooting in a movie theatre in Lafayette, LA. That DAY.”

    I really get no pleasure from saying that our President is a sick f**k.

    1. It is easy, Toni, to dismiss Obama as a sick f+++. I never go this route. Obama is on a deadly mission, a targeted missile aimed at the heart of America. So-called sentient people bought into this farcical destroyer, it did not matter if he refused to be vetted and it did not matter that our “leaders” refused to do this, claiming the fight was “too partisan”, hence it should be avoided and we should take Obama at face value.
      We are in the throes of a takeover, the puppet Obama is carrying out his orders.
      Say what they may, people are now backed into a corner, they either admit they blew it bigtime electing this impostor, or they try to rectify matters by NOT supporting the lifer hacks that infest our political process.

      Why should we pledge allegiance to the vermin that seek our demise?

      He may have a few wild hairs on his head, but unless we break the mold of our rotting political structures and put in a patriot as president, we will all be goose stepping in World Emperor Obama’s army. We’ll all go home from the factories at the FEMA camps so thoughtfully conceived and constructed for us.

      Trump or bust. It’s just that simple. The rest of the a++ clowns will guarantee our slide into the dark abyss from which we will never escape.

      If a pol is sworn to Israel, he/she is automatically eliminated from consideration. Trump may fool us all, imagine putting in a Christian zionist like Mike Huckabee, though.

      It’s 1775 and we gotta do it all over again, it didn’t work the first time.

      1. Gil, that is precisely why he’s there. He was trained (bred if you will), for the job. He has a sector of The Plan oversee and he’s doing what his owners pay him to do.

        Sparky did the same before him and you can go back through the list for as far as you care to. That doesn’t give him a pass. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help us either.

        The first step is realizing what we’re dealing with. It isn’t as advertised. I’m not surprised when a psychopath behaves inappropriately. All that said, I agree with Toni. He’s a sick f&*k.

        There is nothing we can do about that. You can’t fix this at the voting booth. It can only be fixed by making them irrelevant. I know, that’s not easy. I’ll listen to anybody’s suggestion if they have a viable one.

        At the moment we are all observers whether we realize it or not. We don’t have to make them illegitimate, they already are. For starters we have to treat them like they have no authority.

        I do not envy you if you are surrounded by supporters of these tools. I suppose I’m blessed to never encounter them. I frankly can’t imagine how one could support this bunch. But I believe you. I’ve been told that they’re out there.

        Maybe we need programs for the ethically challenged.

    2. Look, here’s a piece about how the community has decided that they will not say his name:

      In this one the story is that he was new to the area. He moved from L.A.. Nobody knew him, he walked funny. He did everything but “Dance, Dance, Revolution”.

      On the other hand, count the stories linked above purporting to know everything about him from his shoe size to his innermost thoughts.

      Which is it? How many of these manufactured characters are we going to analyze? Is there a pattern here? I think so.

      We’ve got “Carlos”, I mean “Chris”. Did I mention he was a veteran? He was so determined to stop the strange wobbler that he got both his legs broken, and took several more rounds, only to be caught on video chillin’ with his bros.

      We have that Chamber of Commerce woman with the cardboard husband. Was that a miraculous recovery or what?

      Finally we have Idi Obongo. He comes out and says “if you let me take your guns we’ll stop running these phony presentations”. “If you don’t, we’ll get the Stepford contingent from Newtown to camp on your doorstep and leave rubber duckies”.

      When you look at Lord O’Bummer what do you see? I see a vacuum. I see an empty suit. He’s a beach hustler that got shunted into the fast lane because of his parents and their associates connections. This guy’s been dipped for ticks so many times that Monsanto needs to label him.

      I have to admit. If you’re going to stage a fake shooting it is useful to use someone who nobody knows. Of course that’s hard to square with all the minutia they keep putting out there to bolster the sham.

      How do they know this stuff? Oh, I remember, they MADE IT UP. I have this mental image of them down at the coven yukking it up over our gullibility. “Ha, and then I told ’em this guy collected Jackolopes and did unspeakable things to them…”.

      I’ll take the liberty of expanding on Toni’s statement. They’re all sick f&*ks.

  2. Another FF … 13 + 20 = 33

    The PERP was apprehended then shot, the MSM honchos got some bad sources. One more ho hum staged shooting with no bodies to show and no cell phone videos from college kids.

  3. “A post on the Centerstage Theater at UCC’s Facebook page Wednesday night lists a Chris Harper-Mercer as a production assistant in an upcoming show. It has not yet been confirmed if that is the same person as the shooter. The theater is affiliated with the school.”

    Another actor shooter!

    1. “The gunman slain by police after he killed his English professor and eight others at an Oregon college was once turned away from a firearms academy by an instructor who recalled finding him “weird” and “a little bit too anxious” for high-level weapons training.”

      Of course, he was not turned away from the college’s theater production. However, now we can incrementally curtail the Second Amendment rights of the “weird” people who are “too anxious”, and leave the guns in the hands of the self-composed, passive-aggressive government psychopaths.

  4. Pathetic that he said like 5 sentences about the murders before launching into his gun control agenda for 10 minutes. And the liar-in-chief got all his ‘facts’ wrong – apparently by design. Does he not realize that he is preaching to an increasingly small choir?

  5. The connection to the French train hero as pointed out already has another problem – it will be non-stop nonsense on Dancing With the Nudniks this coming Monday night. Just like Aly Raisman was a contestant on the show during the Boston Drill, Alek will be the point person to carry the gun control message forward on a highly watched TV show.

  6. Hypocrisy at it’s ZENITH!!

    Can we ban ‘WAR’?

    It killed my son. His death was an excruciatingly painful one. No one should leave this world in such torment. No one. His friend Charles bled to death right beside him……

    War kills millions of mothers, fathers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers……WAR kills….yet….it viciously persists to be.

    WAR kills in more ways than just what is obvious to the eyes. WAR tortures those that remain behind.

    But….we, who have become conscious and balanced, all know that WAR does not kill….it is the Warmongers that do the killing.
    Let us ban Warmongers.

    Should we not take this opportunity to speak of the psychology behind mass shootings…of which WAR most certainly qualifies as such….and route this beast from it’s dingy and dank catacomb?

    I think it is far past the hour to do so……

    The inanimate objects, stocks, barrels and bullets, become almost irrelevant under such scrutiny.

    1. “Can we ban ‘WAR’?”

      Who be “we”?

      The answer is simple: No.

      “….it is the Warmongers that do the killing.
      Let us ban Warmongers.

      “Who be “us”? Anyway, this, too, is impossible.

      Actually, “warmongers” never do any of the killing. They send out other people to do the job. And sellers of war will always arise–they, too, cannot be “banned.”

      War, like the poor, has always been with us, because other people want “our” stuff, and will take it by force. It’s like “banning” the mafia. Good luck with that.

      Take America as a familiar example: after we declared independence from Britain we could have declared an end to war as our first act as an independent country–but the Redcoats would have come anyway, not recognizing our ban. In the 1840s, the Mexicans could have “banned” war, but that wouldn’t have stopped America from stealing half their country and building California in it. Same with the Southern states, which left the union in the 1860s: they could have “banned” war, but a lot of good it would have done them, with the Railroad barons’ bloodthirsty lawyer ensconced in Washington. In 1898 Spain could have “banned” war, too, but we’d have stolen Cuba from them anyway.

      See the point? When the other side wants what you have, the only way to stop them from taking it is to kill them. War is aggression, and resistance to aggression. It can’t be eliminated, because it arises from human nature.

      Someday, Jesus will return, and war will no longer be with us, because He is the God who created us, and can change our nature. Until then, always be prepared to fight off invasions, because they are inevitable.

      1. My plea…or question….was rhetorical….but, seeing as how you needed to interject some of your medieval mindset I will leave you with something to think about, patrickdoesnotchitorchatamiably; Why should anyone be responsible for “coming back” to clean up what you or I most certainly did little to nothing to remedy?
        WAR is a mindset. It lives because the architects ( Warmongers ) are defunct mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Those who participate do so, usually, under extreme duress…..or from lack of information.

        In every way possible you reveal your personal inner turmoil, your spiritual state of bankruptcy. It is more than sad to witness, it is embarrassing. Is this as good as it gets for you, Patrick? That you choose to wade in the shallow end of the pool …..preferring to intoxicate yourself with the ecstasy of your personal savior coming to save your life? Religious people scare the hell out of me. They think themselves special, worthy of adoration and sacrifice. How arrogant…and preposterous.

        Everything that you stated as historical fact was no doubt culled from the shelves of Barnes and Noble; The safe repository of all truthful information. You seem to miss a lot in your present state of ecclesiastical ecstasy. You seem to forget …or better yet…be completely unaware that the average soul does not sit at a desk and draw up large scale plans to overtake a neighboring landmass. The average soul is not engaged in pilfering their neighbors coffers. Most people agree that this is not right. Most people seem to be pleased with their material lot.
        In my observations it is usually spiritually bankrupt souls who want what others have. Those particular souls value material comfort and security over the sanctity of all life. They prefer the world you painted above with the stroke of your narrow and mean brush.

        My question was rhetorical. I already knew the answer……

        1. “My plea…or question….was rhetorical”

          So what? You asked it, with the obvious intent that it can be done (at least that’s how your remarks read). It is a plea of emotion, which has no usefulness in a serious world. Children play pretend. Grownups don’t. You say that my mindset is “medieval,” which apparently isn’t a good thing to you. I take it as a compliment. (You should read Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths, by Régine Pernoud: Call me back, after.

          You don’t think I am chatting amiably? Odd. You asked a silly, childish, question. I, quite amiably, showed you why adults must face reality, and not ask such stupid questions. It’s why children can’t be allowed to vote. Saying these things is not cruel, hostile, or rude. Grownups face the fact that war can’t be “banned.” I said it to you quite amiably. The fact that you don’t like being told that is not a breach of amiability. I said it quite cheerfully, in fact. It’s your response that is hostile and mean-spirited.

          You say that “WAR is a mindset.” But it’s not. War is violence. It is limbs being blown off, women raped, buildings punctured by rockets. It is death and destruction. It does not take place in the mind. It is physical horror. And it can’t be wished away. It is inevitable, and must ever be prepared for.

          I don’t find strangers’ analysis of my person or my theology very interesting, and yours particularly so, so I’ll skip over that, but keep your strange musings to mind as we get to this: “You seem to forget …or better yet…be completely unaware that the average soul does not sit at a desk and draw up large scale plans to overtake a neighboring landmass. The average soul is not engaged in pilfering their neighbors coffers. Most people agree that this is not right. Most people seem to be pleased with their material lot.”

          How it is that you came to that conclusion about me strikes me as interesting, if not bizarre. Very strange. I think just the opposite, and did not imply otherwise. Those who warmonger are always a few. Isn’t that obvious to everyone? They have to conspire to stir up the desire for war in reluctant populations. Where would you get the idea that I think that everyone wants to go to war? How could you construe that from what I wrote? Weird.

          Certainly, when you say that “In my observations it is usually spiritually bankrupt souls who want what others have,” I agree with you heartily. But so what? Such people can’t be “banned.” As I said, until the LORD returns, they will always be with us, and we must be always ready to fight against them, in war. We can’t wish them, or it, away.

          You say “Those particular souls value material comfort and security over the sanctity of all life.” This is patently untrue. In the case of the Moslems who wish to destroy the West (including Israel), it is a purely ideological impulse. Sometimes, it is a case of the desire to reclaim lands lost in prior wars. In other cases, it is simply greed for lands that will make the attacker rich. There are lots of reasons for wars that have nothing to do with the things you assert. That is, most of the time, wars are fought for reasons having nothing to do with material comfort, security, or the sanctity of life. War exists because of sin, and always will, until Jesus returns.

          Finally, what you refer to as my “narrow and mean brush” is simply your unhappiness with harsh reality, transferred to me. I can’t help you there, except to advise you to remove the rose-collored glasses that are distorting your view. It is not a benefit to dream away reality.

          The virtue of manliness is at stake here. What we need is Charles Martel. Lots of Charles Martels.

    2. So sorry about your son, jamie. And his friend, too. So sad.

      My nephew flies a C-130, like the one that went down yesterday in Afghanistan. He’s going back to Iraq in February.

      What can I do about it? Not much. I wish my influence on him had been more than negligible, but we are a military family for more generations that I even know. They have an amused tolerance for my opinions; I think it comforts them to have a “dissenter” in the family.

      Perhaps when he’s older, my nephew will come to a more critical view. He’ll certainly have the first-hand experience to figure it out.

      Meanwhile, high anxiety.

  7. I almost fell off the couch laughing when he said that places with the strictest gun laws have less gun crime.
    Ummm CHICAGO!?
    His hometown!

    Has anyone heard about the students cell phones being confiscated?

    1. Indeed. The President will say positively ANYTHING – he lies like a rug be it gun and crime issues, Middle East issues, employment numbers, etc., etc., etc. I am counting the days until Obummer is gone.

    2. Yes, that’s a hoot. Just like lecturing Russia about invading other countries.

      He was probably thinking Jakarta rather than “home town Chicago”.

  8. Nothing new here folks, nothing new here.. Gil Favor, Tony and the rest of you “Awaken people” get off the Obama sucks rhetoric, it`s an ideology that is associated with the Hegelian dialectic and has always being utilized on the American people.

    Keep in mind that Obama is related to good ole Dick Cheney, and all Americans love Dick…
    For those who love history & research here is a great source of it.

    1. My comment that Obama is a sick f**k was an expression of my immediate visceral reaction to hearing his speech yesterday, not my impression of his power.

      Didn’t know that to some I was expressing an “ideology,” Ted. I’ll keep it in mind though.

      1. I hear you Toni, but what you are missing is that you`re falling into that trap of a cognitive reaction to a “selected official” and an advance psychological experiment on the American people and the world.

        Stop listening or paying attention to anything that man has to say or anyone in power.
        Be aware that 90% of what the media provides to the public is scripted and designed to sociologically control the outcome.
        Yes! it is an ideology and designed to create a state of despair in the affected individuals. Here is a book in my reading collection that I

        1. Really?

          Everything you say is “Obama is not the problem” just a puppet.”


          We don’t need to hear this. White Bush and Bush and Clinton sucked too and work for the same Masters. We Good?

        2. Thanks for your advice, Ted. I think I can have a cognitive reaction without falling into a psychological trap. I try to practice it everyday.

    2. It’s true just like GW Bush after 7 years. You are so sick of the BS that you just can’t dance and waltz around the shitty band. MSM and Barry are just as transparent as the staged engineering they front.

      We know whoever takes the Helm next it will be even more intolerable than the previous mouthpiece-stuffed suit. I believe the wiser we get, the less we can tolerate and certainly there are environmental forces taking their toll on us as well.

  9. Obama has sixteen months left in office.

    At the rate we’re going, that’s approximately eight more “mass-shooting” events before he’s gone.

    I’m not sure I’ll be able to joke my way through them all.

    1. Toni, since I think he’s a one-trick pony, he may have to up the ante to two per month. If he hasn’t disarmed us in a couple of months he may have to send in his drones.

    2. “Obama has sixteen months left in office.”.

      Don’t forget what he said ” I ain’t handing the Keys to just anyone”

      If he doesn’t get appointed King of the UN he just might stay……

      1. He ain’t leaving. He has a narcissism that equates to nothing less than criminal insanity. I don’t see the slightest bit of humanity in him, just like a serial killer that has no feelings for his victims. I see nothing but darkness there and he’s getting darker and darker.

  10. It’s hard to believe this was staged with a story like the following. Can anyone verify or deny this account?

    Chris Mintz is recovering in the hospital after being shot at least five times in an attempt to save his fellow classmates and stop the gunman. Mintz, 26, is originally from North Carolina and served in the U.S. Army for about 10 years.

    According to accounts given to Huffington Post, Mintz stood up during the shooting and attempted to block the shooter from going through the doorway of a classroom. For this, he was shot three times. Mintz’ aunt reported that he then told the shooter it was his son’s birthday that day. For this, he was shot two more times. NBC also reported that Mintz’ legs were broken in the altercation, although the cause of these injuries is still unknown. Police quickly made it onto the scene, where they took down the shooter.


    1. Rick, the current tale is that he was shot seven times. There is a picture of him smiling from his hospital bed. Once the Vicky Gardner juice kicks in he’ll be out on the TV circuit in no time.

      1. Lophatt, the amputee from the Boston Bombing was already scarred. No survivors from SH. Here we have a new dynamic. Mintz’s wounds could be verified, now. It seems unwise to conclude his story is fake without observing his wounds. Might not be possible to do so. But on the other hand it might. Yes, this event does fall in line with the recent narrative. But at the same time we need to observe the event closely before jumping to conclusions.

        1. Rick, just in the interest of consistency, whether anyone was shot or not does not determine the credibility of the event, in my opinion. They murder people every day. What’s a few more?

        2. But that’s just it. No one died at SH or the BB. Are they actually shooting/killing people now? I think we should find out.

        3. Killing non-patsy, innocent civilians in the gun control “theater” agenda to be more precise.

        4. Rick, understood. I don’t think that would be “new”, and not to sound callous, I don’t think that real wounds or deaths are the defining nature of a hoax.

          Kennedy was a “hoax” and he certainly died. It’s the same for many events. I never suggested that we shouldn’t be interested in finding out. It just wouldn’t make it “real”.

          If they mind-controlled a patsy into actually shooting people it wouldn’t be a “natural” event. So, when we look to the causes of such events it is critical to know if they are manufactured or the product of something else.

          Early in SHES I said the same thing. I haven’t changed my mind. If everyone died, or no one died, it is a detail, not a definer.

        5. Lophatt you make an excellent point alluding to the Kennedy assassination. These events may not necessarily be “total hoax” or “total real” – but may be in fact a combination. What is important is the ability to discern. The 7 7 London bombing is an excellent example. Local ethnic Arab patsies were asked to role play in a terror drill. The drill went live complete with real bombs and victims, the patsies were killed and blamed.

          I just thought of a new potential truth challenge. A reward for anyone who can recreate the Kaitlyn Roig fallacy that she was able to get 15 kids and herself in a small bathroom. Should be very easy right ?

          I think with the massive truth bombs on the NBC interview of Gardener and the CNN interview of Nicole Hockley that there may be a glimmer of hope for truth awareness to prevail.

    2. Wow, being he was in the ‘Govt” for 10 years might give him credibility to You, but not me. That’s a red flag to me.

      When the Sheeple finally get it..( and it will be too late) That they will KILL you TOO for a false flag to promote THEIR Agenda then you little Sheep will wake up from your dream of “My Govt. would Never hurt me” “I’m an American” “they would never send me to a foreign country to die for no reason..Right?

      Grow Up!

      1. Ric, really? “Grow up”? Release some of the pressure from your cranium, bud. I suppose we really just need to follow your blog without question since you have it all figured out, right? I have no illusions about the TPTB. I’m pointing out that most here seem to be reacting in a predictable, presumptuous way in a manner similar, albeit on the opposite side, of Obama/”Govt”. I believe there is more to learn here. So settle down a bit and be more neighborly (or start the revolution already if you feel so strongly).

        1. Sorry Rick,
          I hear you and you heard me. I’m just pi$$ed as I am sure you are.
          This is so old and I’m at at a loss of words.

        2. Listening to both of you, Lophatt and Dub was inspiring.

          When I said being in the Govt. could be a red herring and my sheeple rant was preaching to the choir and not directed at Rick. Just Venting.

          As I said, Listening to both of you, was inspiring…

      2. It is not a free pass with me either Ric and I spent 23 years in it. I witnessed those in federal agencies, local and county police departments etc that I felt should not be carrying a badge period. The education levels and perspectives run the gamut just like any other outfit in civilian life.

        In fact now as local police departments are being militarized and experiencing more DHS control, laws have been passed which allow hiring practices which include rejecting applicants which exhibit test scores considered to be over qualification.

        Standards for the USBP have fallen dramatically test wise and academy wise. It is becoming a much less rigid academic atmosphere. When I came on board, if you failed any subject at the academy, you were fired period, go home. In 18 weeks you are given a 5000 word spanish vocabulary and expected to use it and speak conversational Spanish. If not you were gone period and it was explained, if you can’t speak Spanish, we can’t use you. After 10 months on the job there was a 10 month exam in law and Spanish, if you failed it, have your bags packed.

        Of course for a native speaker of Spanish, it was much easier, all they had to concentrate on was the law exam. When I showed up I knew about 10 words of Spanish. I had an 88 on the law exam and the chief said do you know what that means. I said no what does it mean? He said it means you are screwing up 12% of the time!

        That having been said I have known some great people over the years I have a lot of respect for, but some of them are having difficulty absorbing exactly how bad the situation is nationally and internationally.

        Today as in many other realms the standards are being lowered.

        1. Mick, I had 34 years before I retired. There is little about the nature of government that I haven’t seen. It is great training for those who can maintain their standards in the face of enormous self-interest.

          Since then I’ve found that you can expand that to the private sector as well. Self-interest is universal, so’s ignorance. I’ve learned many lessons over the years. Some are not what I wanted them to be.

          The truth is that a lot of people have no respect for intelligence. Most like money and power, however. And, obviously, a person’s title does not signify what most think it does.

          Through all that I was quite successful. I won’t say it was easy. I can tell we share a few things. You came out an honorable man. So did I. Not everyone does the same.

          You’ve been screwed with by experts. Everyone else are amateurs.

        2. 🙂
          We had some wonderful commissioners, Janet Meisner comes to mind. The first one was Castillo whose father was actually an illegal alien. That was when they told us in Yuma there was no gas under Carter. Just park you vehicle under a tree and don’t participate in any chases.

          When the numbers of apprehensions went down to about zero after a few days all of a sudden there was an announcement. Boys we found some gas! Go to it.

    3. I read this story with interest when it came out, as in the photo of the injured hero he looked so healthy and he was smiling so brightly, I wondered why we were told what happened to him by his aunt, and did not hear from the wounded student himself the story about what went on in that classroom. I have been searching for interviews with the wounded or other students who were unhurt in the room where the incident occurred, but haven’t found any. Most stories in the NYT, for example, only report what students’ parents say that their children have told them. It all appears to be hearsay evidence. Aren’t reporters interested in talking directly to eye-witnesses?

    4. I’m very confused on this one, the hospital system has been issuing inside memos about the tragedy to the organization, making it sound legitimate. How do you get a hospital to go along with this crap? What do they get out of this?

  11. What gets me about anti-Obama conservatives is their refusal to think that this evil creep is capable of manufacturing false-flag events.

    After a typical mass shooting, conservatives take to Twitter and their blogs to blast Obama and his ilk for trying to take people’s guns. They never look a bit further than pure politics to even consider that these shootings are very convenient for Obama & Co. and may be orchestrated.

    They also attempt to seek out “heroes” who stopped or attempted to stop these events. In this way, they are much like their enemy counterparts on the Left. Conservatives still use the Boston bombing (obviously fake to anyone with half a brain and eyes, and the curiosity to look at the evidence) to highlight Muslim terrorism, just as they used the Virginia reporter shooting to make their case for black/reverse racism. But they never, ever question the “official story” reported by the media they claim to mistrust and despise so much.

    But I guess if Fox News reports it, then it must be true.

    Conservatives despise Obama so much (rightfully so), yet they stick to this belief that this man, who lies, targets political opponents, who cozies up to commies, who obviously hates the constitution, etc, etc, etc, would never fake his birth certificate and hide his true identity. No, this evidently crosses the line, even for the evil Obama. That he wouldn’t do!

    I guess it’s a good thing that so-called conservatives are out there fighting Obama’s political agenda, but in the overall picture, they are ineffective because they refuse to look further than political ideology. They refuse to believe that their government, regardless of which party is in control, is capable of evil and murder on the scale of 9/11 and other false flags. Conservatives put far too much trust into a corrupt system (voting & politics) to address our problems.

    Another thing that blinds conservatives from really seeing the truth is their misguided sense of patriotism, which demands they firmly believe that the United States is always the “good guy,” regardless of who is leading the nation. You see, Obama is an evil bastard, as are all of his cabinet, advisers and appointees, but America, the nation these sick monsters lead, is still the good guy. Go figure?

    For the most part, they are good, decent people but still very much naive about the real state of the world.

    1. What you say is true, and I’ve given it considerable thought, because I read and admire many of the people you are describing. I would like to be Mark Steyn, for instance, to have his career. But I could never have it, no matter my talents, because I see the truth too clearly, and can’t practice doublethink.

      Mark, it has to be admitted, does a fine job of putting the fake events in historical context, and drawing the proper conclusions from them–given the assumption that they are real. The immigration connection to 9/11 and Boston, for instance. He takes the official story at face value and concludes that the system is insane: don’t let those people in to begin with, he concludes, quite properly. But he assumes that those people did what they are said to have done. Why, when it’s all so self-evidently nonsense?

      Steyn is self-employed, and amazingly successful in the niche he’s crafted for himself, but a huge portion of his success involves being interviewed and promoted on Hannity and talk radio programs. So he is trapped by the same constraints those employees of conservative entities are. If he talked about 9/11 being an inside job, or the BMB being a hoax, he’d lose his invitations to appear on those shows instantaneously. If Hannity talked that way, he’d lose his job.

      So these people, smart as they are, for economic survival, must learn to practice doublethink. But they get so good at it that they are not thinking two contradictory things at the same time after a while: they actively suppress entertaining the truth when it is presented to them, knowing instinctively that to do so could destroy their livelihood, and their reputation, and lose them friends who will feel tainted by association.

      It’s painful to observe, because their naïveté is chosen. It is worth it, in my opinion, in the case of Mark Steyn, because his content is so fantastic, and I value the things his position allows him to provide. The curve rapidly diminishes from there, though, until you get down to the egregious blowhard O’Reilly, whom no one should admire for any reason (I am simply amazed that he can sell his asinine “killing” books; what a bunch of morons conservative consumers can be).

      In the end, it is a matter of corruption of the public Mind. There is no market for truth (outside of the internet). No one wants to know the truth, so people who despise lies settle for a simulacrum of what they imagine the alternative must look like, in the form of the stinking Republican Party. Such people watch the Fox News Channel, which at least does present a contrast to all the rest of what is provided. But all it does is reinforce the fake two-party image of the one party establishment. No one on Fox will talk as we do here at MHB. No one.

      So the news consumer watching television never gets a genuine alternative. Conservatives who wish to have a career in the media have no where to turn. Very sad.

      1. Patrick I see the conservative vs liberal as just a game of semantics. What is everyone trying to “conserve?” Something is either true or it is not.

        Take Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts for instance. He can’t pen a piece that doesn’t mention “Washington” about 30 times. The focus is Washington is behind the planning of all the mayhem we see around us.

        This guy worked in the treasury and doesn’t seem to recognize the federal reserve is not federal, all alphabet agencies derive their paychecks from the IMF as America under statute law is considered a bankrupt corporation. So everything he says needs to be looked at very carefully, some truth with quite a bit of “conservative” trimmings.

        1. Perhaps, but at bottom there are genuine differences.

          “Liberals” are people who like government to solve problems. “Conservatives” are people who think government is the last place to turn for problem solving.

          That’s not semantics. That’s genuine philosophy.

          The problem is, the institutional structure hijacks truly different approaches, and churns them into a system where they can’t be dealt with. Once it enters the Democrat/Republican Matrix, government will ALWAYS be the way problems get dealt with–so it becomes transformed into a matter of semantics. Talk.

          People like Donald Trump because he says he’ll cut through the bullshit and deal hard-nosed, like he does with the stinking bankers who refuse to renegotiate loans to his business modules: you refuse to deal, well, I’ll use the bankruptcy courts to FORCE you to deal. People are tired of semantics, which is promises that in the end are lies. Republicans hate Boehner, so the Republican establishment swaps him out with a less tanned copy of himself. Trump seems like he’d scoff, publicly. He might not deliver, but conservative people are truly tired of semantics.

          Oddly, after Barry Soetoro has utterly destroyed the Democrat brand, and Hillary repeatedly confirms here utter depravity, the “liberal” half of the electorate are not up in arms about their own establishment.

          Which says to me that conservatism, the love of truth that makes America the place all lovers of freedom wish to flock to, is not dead, no matter how dedicated the Republicans are to killing it off. We can’t, in this country, start a truly freedom-oriented party, because the system is rigged. By semantics. Entangling, sticky, spiderweb semantics. Ugh.

        2. Since Conservative Americans so clearly want a tough-talking, no-nonsense kind of candidate, I wonder why the GOP doesn’t offer one. Instead, voters have been given candidates like Bob Dole (yuck), McCain (double yuck), and Romney (maybe a nice man, but I couldn’t vote for him, either).

          Actually, come to think of it, it says a LOT about the American public that they didn’t want Romney. He’s basically a straight-up, “moral” Obama, politically, anyway. Americans don’t want a father at the helm…they want a friend. They won’t get either.

          In any case, surely the RNC could dig up a suitable puppet who actually SAYS what the people want to hear, one who really toes the Conservative line. That candidate might actually get elected (not that it’d matter).

        3. All it is is a ploy to convince people that they only have two fundamental choices. Then they are expected to pledge allegiance to one or the other. It’s beyond ridiculous.

          Both of these alleged “opposites” result in the same level of control in the end. There is no salvation in either. It is completely contrived.

          While the muttonheads argue with each other over meaningless ideologies, they collectively laugh and put the finishing touches on our enslavement.

          So, go ahead, vote for the mutt of your choice (or is it their choice?). When you’re finished, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Or, you can say: “no thanks, I gave at the office” and move on with life.

          NONE of these political parasites are selling liberty or hope. They are working for someone else. They win, you lose. Who needs them?

        4. Paul Roberts is a very capable economist and patriot. If you think he “doesn’t realize the Fed is not federal”, you are quite frankly an idiot. You seem to place your stature above his, are you a drug addicted fool? At best, you are a superficial twit with nary half a brain.
          I’d love to hear you debate Roberts. You’d look stupider than my cat in about 14 seconds.
          Change your name to Dublin-Jerk, it’s far more fitting.

      2. Steyn is bought and paid for, just like most MSM tools. Their fat salaries depend on their “cooperation”. The worst, by far, is the lard gut LImbaugh who is blatant these days when preaching about his fervent economic slavery to his handlers, the good ol’ Zios. He makes huge money from salary, his commercial links, and his frosting on the cake from the Zios. He’s a puke, basically, and plays the game that he’s just a South Missouri country boy who luvvvvvs his country sooooooo much. Why do the alleged conservative radio hosts all take Zio money?? Probably because they are all compromised and love the smell and taste of money. And, once you’re in, you never getting out. The Zios probably won’t let Limbaugh retire, he’s too valuable in being their mouthpiece.

      3. Pat, I love a lot of your stuff but don’t try to put words in the mouths of Steyn et al. You talk about his juxtapositions, but in reality, Steyn is not just a word mechanic who juggles said words. I hope you don’t fall for his malarkey because while you let him off the hook, he’s really a traitor and he fools people like you as you paint him in tones that make him some sort of victim. So, he accepts the farce of these events, YET he still buys 911 and these other events? He buys into them because that’s where the money is, in doing Israel’s work. He’s not some innocent bystander, not by a long shot. He’s an exonerator of Israel, not one who abides by the truth. He’s actually a limited hangout sort of guy, is this some noble designation? These fat wallet MSM folks, including Bill O’Smelly, are all whoring for dollars and loving every minute of it by appearing to be “on your side with the truth”. Balderdash!

        1. Sorry, can’t go there with you, Gil. Mark Steyn was sued by islamofascists in three Canadian provinces for McLeans magazine having published a chapter of one of his books, which warned of the danger of inviting Mohammed’s hoards into what used to be Christendom. He fought back, and won, causing the eventual repeal of the horribly misnamed “Human Rights” law the fascists used to persecute him (if the fascists had won, Mark would have been banned from publishing his work in Canada, forever). It cost him a fortune, but he saved free speech in Canada.

          Lately, another brand of fascist, Michael Mann, inventor of the fraudulent global warming “hockey stick” graph, sued Mark here in the United States for saying the graph is fraudulent. Because our courts are so wretched, the case is in its fourth year now–but this is the most important free speech fight in half a century, and Mark will take it to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes. Of course, if Canada’s battle was costly, American legal struggles are impossibly expensive, and can last forever. He’s willing to pay whatever it costs to defend freedom. He’s a genuine hero.

      4. Patrick,my very astute wife made the same observations that you just did. We also agreed that such “radio radicals” as Michael Savage and Mark Levin fall short of delivering the truth for the same reasons….we all have to eat.

    2. Great comment.

      That is exactly what you should say to them. Just go down the list. He’s a liar?

      Okay. Would you mind defending him for me? Considering I think he is a bigger liar than you do.

  12. Just google Murphy, Oregon shooting and mental health/illness to see who’s benefiting from ‘the tragedy.’ Conveniently, both Senator Murphy and a group of ‘mental health advocates’ were separately scheduled to hold pro-Murphy bill meetings and/or present official appeals to Congress on Thursday. In whichever dimension, this incident was clearly planned.

    Those are just two links. All describe the Murphy bill proposals as ‘modest’ and ‘minor.’ None admit to calling for committal by dint of sheer name-calling, the threat of which will bring the masses under control without executing actual mass internment. You mouth off on the internet? DYFS will be at your door rescuing your kids from your ‘mental illness,’ etc. etc.

    Big Pharma has successfully bought off all ‘advocacy groups’ save the Bazelon Institute. Even the self help networks have been commandeered.

    But the american citizens can still voice their opposition to this total dismantling of their Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why else would these hoaxes be staged other than to achieve validity in citizens’ minds for the bills? Why aren’t we as americans organizing against it? Why aren’t we encouraging concerned citizens to call their reps and senators, and demanding answers to questions like, why wasn’t Elliot Rodger actually screened? Or why is everyone pretending California law didn’t allow for him to be? Etc. etc.

  13. Obama sure was ITCHING to get right into the gun control debate.

    Its out in the open. I have always said Obama has learned the art of daring people to call him a liar. Most are aghast at his brazen ways and the audacity with which he proclaims this nonsense. It is by design and quite masterful. The democrats own the one power to shape public opinion. The press. Call Obama a liar and you have to defend yourself from the propagada machine.

    Facinating to watch democracy die such a brutal death.

    1. Democracy isn’t dying. Democracy is here. Mob rule.

      After the illegals are made citizens then the democrats will have total control. Their liberal republican controlled opposition will help in installing another leftist commie supreme court justice.

      Then, hate speech law and gun confiscation. At the very least, bogus mental screening to bar gun ownership for ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘racists’ and ‘anti semites’.

      The USA was never meant to be a democracy. That word doesn’t even appear in the constitution.

      It is your Republic that is dying.

    1. That was a good comment you left over at Taps; few people know about this particular devil.

      Thanks for the reminder.

      I’m not a big supporter of the Photo Theory (for lack of a better term. “Doppelgänger Theory”, maybe? “TSAB (Twins-Separated-at-Birth) Theory?”), but these girls are mighty similar-looking. Speculating here, on a semi-private(ish) forum is one thing; making a video or blog post is another. Just my $.02.


    This Times article quotes the father who calls for gun control, although the video it features isn’t of the interview, curiously. The father questions how his son was able to get a hold of such an arsenal, and then leaves the issue of mental illness to be dealt with by police. He sounds coached from the text of it.

    Conservative Treehouse’s latest article on the shooting is eye-opening; most regulars have ‘turned’ against the MSM’s reporting of this and other incidents to the point where many conclude the media and government are working together. This seems to stem from the attempts of CNN and other networks to profoundly distort things like Mercer’s race and motivations. People are starting to see the ‘mental illness’ strategy as a way to cover up political motivations, finally. It’s just whose motivations they’re missing.

    But just in time, Donald Trump releases a statement on the Second Amendment which totally exploits, unwittingly or not:

    By Friday’s close Tim Murphy’s bill had 130 cosponsors.

  15. There was a lot of news happening when our leader decided to speak of a school shooting and gun control only. He did not mention a black Muslim murdered Christians. Seems he tried to make amends the next day with a ‘real’ news conference, but it was a day late.

    As Lophatt I think mentioned, an American huge cargo? plane crashed and burned in Afghanistan. The east coast is in a state of emergency with epic flooding in SC. The Leaders of Russia and Israel have declared the US destroyed countries with its endless, nameless wars. Egypt, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, how many more is the US responsible for? This might be a major shock to citizens not paying attention to date.

    Muslims are raping and murdering Christians by the thousands and the media and our leader stands silent? Not only do nothing, but enable the rampage while blatantly concealing it.

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