Professor Hamamoto

In this brief video UC Davis professor and self-described “Furby neophyte” Darrell Hamamoto unveils a brand new “Furby” toy. He further contemplates the broader implications of what cultural anthropologists are examining as “affective artifacts,” as he inaugurates his own deep Furby immersion/experience.

Hamamoto suggests that Furbies are an important techno-cultural example of how human beings–particularly children–are enticed to “download our language, culture, and historical memory to what are mistakenly treated as ‘toys.'”

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5 thought on “What Does “Furby” Mean to Humanity?”
  1. Nothing new about furby’s. My niece received one for Christmas about 15 years ago. Within an hour she was entranced by it. Of course every one over the age of 8 wanted to smash it to bits by then.

    1. The Wicker Man film referenced by Prof. Hamamoto in the “We Hate Burning Man” video is populated with “plushies” that remind me of Furby.

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