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“Free Form Fridays” are quickly becoming an institution at MHB. Previous open threads over the summer have been platforms for vibrant discussions with hundreds of comments on each. These have given readers to present and discuss topics as they see fit.

Thus here is another opportunity to discuss “???” Thank you for your continued interest and participation.-JFT

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  1. @ Patrick

    There was one thread we were discussing the Russian and Chinese Central banks. I finally found an article I had reblogged myself.

    Translated by Kristina Rus

    The Russian banking system has been hijacked by the Fed

    German Gref’s Sanctions Against Russia
    Who controls the banking system of Russia?

    On May 29, 2015 an annual meeting of shareholders of the main Russian credit institution — Sberbank, was held. German Gref, the head of Sberbank, stated at this meeting that this credit organization will not be represented on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol, because Washington introduced sanctions against Russia and prohibits any commercial structures to work on the territory of the “annexed” peninsula.

    For some inexperienced people such a statement may seem shocking. After all, it’s “our dear” “Sber”, and not some “Goldman Sachs”. Citizens, even far removed from the world of finance, believe that Sberbank is:

    a Russian organization; 
    a state organization; 
    organization that is subject to the laws, regulations and other control signals, emanating from the state bodies of Russia.

    However, it is not so simple. For example, Sberbank is mistakenly called a public lending institution just because its main (majority) shareholder is the Bank of Russia. Lest there be any illusions, I will remind you that the Central Bank act stipulates that the Central Bank is not liable for the obligations of the state, and the state – for the obligations of the Central Bank. I am not even talking about the fact, that there are a bunch of non-residents among the minority shareholders of Sberbank. The above statement of Gref destroys the basic layman view about the structure of public administration in general and in Russia in particular. Over the past year the center of management of the Russian banks has clearly moved beyond the borders of our fatherland.

    Read more:


    I assume you read the post on Bo Xilial

    Information on China is harder to come by but it appears the color revolution was thwarted there, all centering around the British “business man” who was murdered by Bo’s wife?


    Soros and Rothschild interests in New York helped fund the Chongqing property bubble in 2005. In late 2010, Soros Fund Management established an office in Hong Kong after an initial multi-billion investment in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Minsheng Bank Ltd. and Longfor Property Group.    …   Minsheng was headed by Eddie Wang, former head of the China branch of HSBC who reputedly maintained close links with Britain’s MI-6. Wang was forced out of Minsheng last year after the bank experienced unexplained disappearances of its funds. In 2011, Longfor was cited by Moody’s for a lack of transparency and mis-reported funds disappearances. Wu Yajun (“Madam Wu”), who is reportedly the world’s wealthiest woman and is a member of the National People’s Congress, was forced out as the general director of Longfor.    …   Soros and National Endowment for Democracy-controlled NGOs are well-entrenched in the Chinese provinces, according to WMR’s Asian intelligence sources. The operations are overseen by the CIA station in Hong Kong. Soros NGOs are also active among Wang’s fellow Chinese-Mongols, especially in Inner Mongolia, the scene of recent social unrest.    …   Soros was trying to install Bo into the Politburo as China’s Mikhail Gorbachev. Bo would have been expected to dismantle the state apparatus of the People’s Republic of China and sell off Chinese state enterprises to Western investors like Soros and the Rothschilds. Essentially, the PRC would have gone the way of the USSR and China would have fallen to the whims of global vampire capitalism.    …   However, Wang Lijun’s corruption in the Chongqing real estate market has exposed Bo and his Soros-linked plans. Wang’s attempt to seek asylum in the U.S. consulate general in Chengdu has exposed the Soros/CIA plans and Bo’s candidacy for the Politburo has been nixed. Soros’s business operations in China are already under examination by state prosecutors and the commercial police and the Hungarian-American hedge fund tycoon stands to lose billions he has invested in China. 


    How much leverage they have now? Who knows?


    They Are Presently In Worse Financial Shape Than The U.S. But Unlike The U.S., They Are Now Going After The Corrupt Keynesian Rothschild NWO Bankers And Joining Forces With Russia

  2. With the Florida Atlantic University administrator licking his chops at the prospects of “being able to fire people”, what are the odds this guy is getting paid by Obama to bust up academic tenure?

      1. not to worry, Dr. Eowyn, it has become a tradition of MHB that if a reality scenario subverts the racist values of the commenters, it is considered a staged operation.,and therefore must be ignored. The political beliefs of commenters follow their religious beliefs, so delusion, superstition and unreason leaks into the political comment.

        That is how Donald Trump, a racist buffoon, has become the leading candidate for the Republicans; he appeals to racist cretinism. A clown with a mean streak, he gives the alienated racist population a sense of power in defaming Muslims, Hispanics, and other non-Whites. And of course he fronts the Communist, foreigner, liberal, Muslim, Jew, nigger, Obama, not only his policies, but on his skin color.

        MHB is an excellent place to study how the USA got this way, and how Freedom fascism is being imposed on Americans under the guise of Freedom. I’ve learned more from these commenters than you can ever learn in academia.

      2. Look, if you are going to call me a weirdo by the way I write, perhaps you might check your own syntax, too. Look at my few lines. The word “administrator” refers to “this guy”. Are you aware of this situation unfolding at Florida Atlantic University?
        Let’s put it all together so even you can understand what is transpiring here, OK?

        But, first, would you please bone up on the Florida Atlantic situation and see how and why I described it as I did. What is it that bothers you, anyway? Why can’t I use pronouns, do you have something against them?

        I’ll help you once you catch up to speed here, but I’m not here to give you answers. Think.

        1. Gil, not living in Florida or affiliated with FAU, I had not known about the radical move on the part of the university’s administrators to abolish tenure, which Prof. Tracy described in his recent post that was published after this Friday free-form post. Please accept my apology.

          And for the record, I did not call you “a weirdo.” 🙂

      1. Some colleges have tenured faculty, some don’t. Not quite sure how you can say “tenure has been obliterated”. My wife works as professional staff at a well known Boston area university known for research where there is no tenure. So, every 5 years, each staffer is evaluated by looking at his/her CV, work accomplishments, value to the university, value to humanity, yada yada. Of course, if somebody doesn’t like your face, out you go. As Kilgore implies, the university can out you for reasons that are quite nefarious at times. If you rub the wrong people the wrong way, phttt!, out you go! That’s true when you submit research for journal publication. Cross the wrong people and your buttocks are under severe attack. If you invade some other Hottentot’s research domain and said individual has read and evaluated your submitted journal article and just happens to feel threatened, your papers are mysteriously rejected, mirabile dictu! And, your ideas can be legally stolen prior to publication of your article in some other journal!! This can go on and on and on, by the way. In other words, big breeches can ruin your life and career, all for the sake of humanity, you understand, right? There are power brokers in academics that ride herd over the research domains and due to their skills at schmoozing and their abilities to form networks of insiders, ha!, they determine who gets published, who gets grants, etc. An oligarchy defends itself and the university while your career stews with tiny bubbles in the back burner pot.
        This is reality in today’s university. Put a bunch of weirdos together and you’ll soon realize that as evil oligarchies rule societies, so do these same types rule over the corporate university.

        But, don’t you dare insult the football or basketball coach because these people “bring in the sheep” for their shearings and their educations…..it’s a nice situation.

        1. Just submit a research paper indicating Einstein was a fraud, his wife did his math, who he later divorced, Tesla proves there is no vacuum in space and see what happens!

          Just for laughs throw in, Pythagoras studied vedic math in India where he plagiarized it, stealing calculus. That will be good for a bonus.

  3. It seems to me that their “inaction” is really “action”. To actually raise the rate would be devastating to the money supply’s debt load and to the stock market.

    They will pull it when they are ready. There is apparently more wealth still available to loot before doing so.

    1. The NASA T-shirt prop is also part of the game. Who would make a clock that fits inside a briefcase and consider it a legitimate clock? Personally, I do not believe that this child could calculate the square root of 169, even with a calculator.

    2. pretending that racist incidents are all staged conspiracies, to bolster one’s racism, leads to political insanity. A previous comment was sent down the memory hole.

        1. Spanky? Has a nice ring to it. It has a little more pizzaz than “Lumpy”. As long as it isn’t “Buckwheat” or “Cotton” I think you’re OK.

      1. Here’s what I’ve come to learn about this incident. The kid lied about what happened that day. He took the “clock” to a class taught by a teacher he sought to impress. That teacher praised him, but instructed him not to take his clock to other classes because it might look suspicious to them. Of course, he did take it to other classes where even those teachers chose not to be overly suspicious.

        Then, the alarm went off during one class. The teacher was obligated to contact the administration. They then chose to contact the authorities. The kid later said the teacher he tried to impress turned on him for racist reasons.

        Two other things to note, the kids father has twice run for president of Sudan. The “invention” turned out to be nothing more than a disassembled alarm clock. If you doubt that, then ask yourself why he chose to add a nine volt battery power back up and a switch for 12 or 24 hour time?

        So, we have a psy-op here which although not the racist and islamophobic event some hoped it was is still a case of child abuse. So, does anyone have a different assessment?

  4. Oh goody…I’ve been patiently waiting for another Free Form Friday to bring this up. The non-existent birth certificate. First, I want to say that I have never been delusional enough to believe that Obama was able to hoodwink all of the people and agencies that are supposed to serve as checks and balances in order to ensure that presidential candidates are eligible to hold the office of president. That entire system has been corrupt for a long time, but they really outdid themselves on BHO.

    Now, I hope my intuitions are wrong, but I have had the distinct sense of smelling a rat in the Joe Arpaio-Mike Zullo-Maricopa County debacle concerning Obumbler’s bogus birth certificate. It has been well over three years since it was officially determined to be a blatant forgery. Arpaio and Zullo were hot on the trail of exposing the usurper-in-chief, and even enlisted Pastor Carl Gallups in Florida to keep everyone up to date via his Freedom Friday radio program. In March of 2014, they announced another in a long line of delays, but revealed that the information they now had about said usurper was “Earth Shattering”, and was far more serious than anyone could have known. They said they would release the information within the next month or so. Well, here we are a year and a half later and what information have they released? I only hear crickets…nothing….nada…..nyet! I have been wondering if the whole thing was a clever ruse to shut people up by making them think the investigation was in good hands and would be worth the wait. By the time people figured out this ruse, the usurper’s term in office would be so close to being over, that they would be willing to just let it all go and be glad we got rid of him. This is just my take on it, but I truly do not believe this man will ever leave the White House.

    I would just like to know if anyone here at MHB has any info as to what is going on in this case. Do yall think the Arpaio-Zullo drama was just another charade?

    1. I like your posting on the Obama birth certificate. I have a personal take on that. I think that Joel Gilbert is really onto something with his book called “dreams of my real father”… that the birth certificate was definitely a red herring… the whole story of him being born overseas in Kenya…. that was just subterfuge to hide who his real father was. and that the whole idea of the fake birth certificate – of course its fake… but the thing that everybody is missing is it didn’t matter that it was a fake birth certificate. it’s that everybody latched on to the story of his overseas birth and because of that they missed what gilbert’s talking about. with Obama’s real father being a natural born citizen but he was such a radical that Obama would have never been elected president had that truth be known. I think there’s a good chance that Obama’s real father was Frank Marshall….the radical who advocated overthrowing our form of government. in the side to side comparisons of Obama’s photo with his Kenyan father versus that of Frank Marshall… the resemblance is uncanny to Frank Marshall. Obama looks nothing like this Kenyan man presented as his dad. I look at this whole thing with Obama and I think he was the first president that was groomed from birth to become president. he actually told his mailman in Chicago when he was a teenager that he was going to be present one day but that it wasn’t the wild delusion of youth… he said it like he knew it was going to be President. see the difference? he was told exactly what to do… what schools he was going to attend. he was going to be a constitutional law professor to give him cover from this guy Frank Marshall. The last thing he wanted to see was the Constitution preserved.

      1. I agree. I think that’s the real story. It all fits with the rest of the tale. Half-raised by a communist, pedophile racist white-hater. Perfect!

        If we had a real media/press they would never get away with this. This is a tale manufactured in Langley. The likelihood of this tale being anywhere close to true makes SHES look plausible.

        The current tool is a 100% made-to-order frontman for the New World Odor. Apparently they’re breeding them now.

    2. I believe the the Arpaio situation was done very cleverly. On and on and on it went. Roadblocks along the way, like imposition of legal threats against Arpaio, not Zullo. Arguably, we felt BHO would obscure attempts to uncover the truth about his orgins and this is true. I asked these same questions almost verbatim perhaps 6 months ago. 3 years and what substantive information do we have about this situation? I say NONE.
      Arpaio could have easily been broken financially by federally imposed legal harassments, but I doubt if he was. I suspect he collected nickels and dimes, but I never heard of entreaties that begged for money, truly begged for money.
      Arpaio came from back east, perhaps Massachusetts? There must be information about him on the Net, or is there? Is he a manufactured item? Is he a turncoat? Is he a BHO sycophant?

      I personally feel this guy is all hat and no cattle. Phony as a 7 dollar bill. If the Feds want to take you out, they take you out. Just like they took out Breitbart and others who reported on government crime and corruption. Why hasn’t Major Hasan been prosecuted after 6 years? Is he paralyzed from the shots to his body by civilian guards at Ft. Hood? Why civilian guards, anyway, are they chaos actors, too? Since 911, we’ve seen a wide potpourri of all sorts of tricks to fool American citizens. We have a very vicious administration in DC and they are threatening to destroy this nation. It’s Bad Day at Black Rock, High Noon, and the Bad, Bad, and Ugly all rolled into One!

      1. Joe had an amazing skyrocketing career.


        It is almost like universe has conspired to make Joe famous, Military connection, after discharge straight to D.C. the state within a state owned by the vatican where entered police work, then straight to Nevada (what goes on here stays here). Worked there 6 months and suddenly became a wait for it ……. special agent federal bureau of narcotics. (career rising almost meteorically).

        Stationed in Argentina (I wonder if during the time of Videlia the fascist with vatican backing who was disappearing people). Then to Mexico and Turkey. Blasted through the ranks to top man of Arizona DEA.

        Left the DEA to sell tickets to his wife’s Phoenix E space rocket which was to blast off from Vandenburg airforce base. No blast, no tickets sold and it was to leave on Columbus day. Some people don’t celebrate the indian massacres.

        Then he became sheriff and his association with Fox reality channel almost instantaneous. What a lucky guy!

        Made sure inmates registered with selective service (get ready for the war on terror) and encouraged organ donations. That is really where the money is.

        Seems very fond of (CONCENTRATION CAMP) conditions, ala El Fuhrer and Mussolini. Loves Frank Sinatra music. Old Frank couldn’t sing a note but always presented himself as being mob connected, tough guy doncha know.

        Yeah I would say something is suspect here.

  5. Anyone think Jade Helm was sort of a red herring or decoy? I don’t even know much about it but thought I’d ask.

    In a similar vein, I think the Bundy ‘militia’ standoff with the federal government may have been sort of staged, in that the feds wanted the american public to see the spectacle and take comfort that their guns would always grant them some defense against total tyranny. This happened a few months before the official launching of the ‘crazedwhitegunman’ campaign, which kicked off with Elliot Rodger. This summer’s efforts have achieved critical mass success for the bills, but what I hear from random ‘dissidents’ is that ‘we still have guns.’

    People had speculated that part of Deanna Spingola’s disinfo attempt re Sandy Hook is to convince people that more restrictive, coercive and long term ‘treatment’ is needed to deal with ‘meds adjustments’ to avoid crazedgunmen outbreaks. Recynd and lophatt have missed a pivotal point in my platform: the Murphy bills and their itinerant hoaxes aren’t aimed at real autism or other ‘disorders.’ Their chief goal is to redefine manic depression (and perhaps increasingly schizophrenia) as ‘bipolar,’ and establish in the popular conception that a. it can descend without anyone knowing, so that the ‘doctors’ are the only arbiters of ‘mental health’ b. political conflicts and issues are a function of said ‘bipolar’ or, more specifically, its ‘psychosis.’ and c. bipolar may need long term observation to ‘diagnose’ and ‘adjust medications for.’

    Real manic depression is mostly easily treatable, especially the mania phase which has been redefined as ‘violent’ and ‘angry’ and concrete as opposed to its true elated and psychotic character. A person undergoing true mania could usually be effectively brought down in a day or two and stabilized in a couple more. The long term imprisonments and bureaucracy are being lobbied for with this ‘meds made him do it’ meme. The orchestrators still fear resistance from the sober literate demographic who remember the brief lucidity of the 1970’s-80’s, when manic depression and schizophrenia were the only real genetic ‘mental illnesses’ and had very specific definitions.

    They fear us, hence this hewing to some distorted skeletal ‘mental illness’ definition and the promotion of propaganda required to reframe it accordingly. We give up our freedom by failing to recognize that.

    1. I haven’t missed the ramifications of the Murphy bills.

      You may have mentioned before, but do you know when the first of these bills were introduced? It was in the early ’00s that I recall friends being diagnosed with “bipolar” or “manic-depression” (the terms were used pretty interchangeably at that time, I think) at alarming rates. Even children, which was previously unheard of. “Mania” used to mean just that: maniacal (acute/episodic psychosis); now, bipolar up-swings can be described as “hypo-manic”, which isn’t the same thing at all. (If it wasn’t for hypo-mania, I’d never get ANYTHING done!)

      I fully believe that we will be controlled under the guise of “mental health”. It will be worse than the Soviets. And, unlike physical health, “mental health” is totally subjective, and denial of “treatment” will be a handy indication (if not a symptom) of disorder.

      1. I don’t think that psychosis is particularly subjective, or that it needs to be. Again, there was a brief period of lucidity in the US when psychosis was defined very specifically. How odd that during those years we didn’t see constant mass shootings, huh?

        I stated below that I think it is the manic depressives and to some extent the schizophrenics who should speak to the issue of how to deal with their conditions/diseases, for the most part. Or, once we recognize that it might serve a public good to literally imprison them in some circumstances, the only people who would decide that in my system would be the same jurors who would decide ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty.’ An american citizen has the right to be presumed innocent or ‘normal’ until proven otherwise. Concretely, I think the process should protect the rights of any citizen and that there is absolutely a way to do this that safeguards basic liberties for all above all. Why not institute a protocol that allows jurors to decide? The state of Iowa’s system seems almost Constitutional and satisfactory to me, but it’s about to be demolished by Murphy and the cartel.

        Again, if americans wanted to impose a humane and freedom-respecting system to deal with the minute percentage of mentally ill people we could. We simply don’t want to. Why we don’t is not a simple discussion, but the problem is one of will not of impossibility.

        1. While I haven’t had time to really let it percolate, the idea of implementing the jury system in mental health-related conservatorships is an excellent one, certainly far superior than any I’ve seen.

          And I agree with you about psychosis (I’m sorry I gave any other impression): the condition should be well-defined, and the diagnosis should be as objective as humanly possible.

          I don’t know when, generally speaking, “mental health/illness” ever became differentiated from “health/illness”. I think that we’re going to discover that most of what plagues us mentally stems either from a biological source or from living in a manner that runs contrary to natural law/God’s will. “Disease” is just that: “dis-ease”.

        2. Recynd, I did not mean to insult you. That said, I doubt you have a genetic disorder of any kind. It’s not my place to morally judge someone I know nothing about. What I was trying to get at below and what I believe you to still not understand is this. The psychiatrists, as things stand, need to claim someone has something organic and psychotic, which could only be manic depression aka ‘bipolar’ or schizophrenia. They will commit people to some extent who have something else but it’s not the norm to admit their victims are not truly psychotic. I’ve seen someone with obsessive compulsive whatever get committed, but he was way extreme and may have suffered other nervous conditions. I’ve seen people who are crippled, like from car accidents, who get called stuff different from bipolar. But their physical disability reassure ‘the shrinks’ compulsion to dominate and inherently keeps such people in less powerful positions. One was a drug addict with ‘narcissistic personality disorder.’ He had that before his car accident, which made him a full time opiate addict. But he couldn’t live 100% independently after the accident. I’ve seen a guy who by dint of living a stretched life in the lower working class had a car accident, lost half a leg and arm and suffered horrible burns. He was less of a pain killer addict than he was just suffering being even less empowered afterwards; his black (he was black) wife had caused the accident (along with near poverty) and then just further consolidated her power over him by getting him committed on whim. He had better adaptive skills than most of us, it seemed.

          I saw a white woman who’d been raped at 8 who occasionally heard voices telling her to hurt herself. She is the bizarre incidence of non-organic psychosis. Instead of calling her a schizophrenic, she was called ‘depression with psychotic features. (Side note here is that the extraordinarily rare incidence of non organic psychosis I’ve seen in women is also usually not without some self awareness, unlike typical psychosis which has no self awareness).

          But the vast majority of non-schizophrenic people who get committed for more than what became the short term norm of a week (and even for that period in short term psych floors) are just highly neurotic in some way – and poor or lower working class. They are often the scapegoats of addicted family systems, but more often have serious addictions themselves. Manic depressives usually don’t make it into more than the very short term (5-7 days) committal periods and anyone’s status often depends on insurance. As time went on after the beginning of Big Pharma Era which in my state began in the early 90’s, many insurance companies stopped indulging the concept of 14-17 day short term hospitalizations. This is part of why they’re pushing the ‘meds made him do it;’ insurance companies can’t pay for made up diagnoses but Big Pharma’s profits have to be maintained, so the onus is being forced onto the middle class via taxes which support the ever burgeoning state apparatus.

          My point: it’s not autism or personality disorders or even ‘mood disorders’ or whatever which are being used to justify the Stasi State. It’s manic depression cum ‘bipolar.’ They need to be able to call everyone and anyone ‘mentally ill’ to both justify long term committals, or even committals at all, and to oppress the proletariat. Bipolar I and II are supposed to separate the scads of ‘near normals’ from the anathematized in the meta chatter attending these hoaxes, but the distinction is 98% whimsical. If they think you’re an actual political threat in that your issues are purely external and political, they call it the ‘serious’ kind – ‘serious mental illness.’ They say reports of 100% realistic, concrete and accurate political attacks – like being a white, ‘anglo’ woman suffering attacks in black, (or other non white) majority areas are a function of ‘Bipolar I’s psychosis.’ The wayward junkie detoxing be just ‘Bipolar II,’ the supposedly non-psychotic kind. I know most eating disordered women are, etc. There is zero connection between these two supposed versions of the same ‘Bipolar.’ There is only manic depression on the one hand and developmental/situational emotional and psychological problems on the other.

          I hope this answers something for you. The tyrants aren’t afraid of, or out to get, lophatt’s daughter, or you necessarily. They’re afraid of the populace at large who will rally behind leaders or dissidents. Your issues aren’t what they’re going at. I have my solid, studied opinions on what’s biological or organic and won’t repeat further here. I only saw concrete proof in my insurance scamming journey of what was accepted wisdom during the 1970’s.

          They’re intent on killing the idea, Recynd. Look at the Golden Dawn in Greece; the leaders’ stints in prison have only established their martyrdom and devotion to ‘the greek people’ as the GD claims to represent. Bukovski was the Soviet dissident who did time in the pharma gulags of the USSR for challenging communism (they actually had a specific diagnosis for this, analogous to our ‘Bipolar I.’) The oligarchs have to prove the political is biological. Revolutionaries say ‘you can kill the man but not the idea.’ Tyrants keep the man alive to kill the idea.

        3. Sue, thank you for your comment; I appreciate it.

          You clearly understand this far better than I do. Most of my opinions about psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are, like most people’s, general and based on personal experience.

          I know I’m not understanding you very well. You say, “The psychiatrists, as things stand, need to claim someone has something organic and psychotic, which could only be manic depression aka ‘bipolar’ or schizophrenia. They will commit people to some extent who have something else but it’s not the norm to admit their victims are not truly psychotic.”

          I don’t understand: has every diagnosis from the DSM been deemed “organic” and “psychotic”? Or are you saying that for an involuntary commitment, the subject must be diagnosed as either manic-depressive/bipolar or schizophrenic (which are the only two “organic” and “psychotic” diseases)? And by “commitment”, do you include 72-hour holds?

          Are you saying that psychiatry is being used primarily to keep poor people subordinate? You write, “I’ve seen people who are crippled, like from car accidents, who get called stuff different from bipolar. But their physical disability reassure ‘the shrinks’ compulsion to dominate and inherently keeps such people in less powerful positions.” You then compare two examples: “One was a drug addict with ‘narcissistic personality disorder.’ He had that before his car accident, which made him a full time opiate addict. But he couldn’t live 100% independently after the accident. I’ve seen a guy who by dint of living a stretched life in the lower working class had a car accident, lost half a leg and arm and suffered horrible burns. He was less of a pain killer addict than he was just suffering being even less empowered afterwards; his black (he was black) wife had caused the accident (along with near poverty) and then just further consolidated her power over him by getting him committed on whim.”

          In the second case, it sounds like a poor-but-wily person using the system to torment her victim. (How did poverty help cause the accident? Because there wasn’t enough money to maintain the vehicle?) In any case, I’m not sure what you’re attempting to illustrate with your two examples. Both men were in accidents, both men were prescribed opiates. Is the point that the second man ended up committed? That was his family member’s doing, not the state’s doing, right? While I see the danger in allowing family members this kind of discretion (i.e., the power to have someone locked away and “treated” against their will), there’s a difference between the family having that power and the state.

          Your ultimate point is, “They need to be able to call everyone and anyone ‘mentally ill’ to both justify long term committals, or even committals at all, and to oppress the proletariat.” I don’t understand how you define “the proletariat”: is it anyone who isn’t the elite? Is it the working poor? Is it people subsisting primarily on welfare? I wasn’t aware that the most poor among us were being locked up in mental wards or that the state much feared them.

          I’ve also never heard of anyone with an eating disorder and only two drug addicts that I can think of being diagnosed as bipolar; however, it has been about a decade since I’ve spent much time with either population, so things might be changing. Are these populations (eating disordered and drug addicted) a threat to anyone but themselves? I don’t see how classifying them as “bipolar” would be any political benefit, other than incrementally.

          What I do know is that huge numbers of children, middle class as much as poor, are being drugged in droves, and, for the most part, they aren’t being diagnosed as bipolar, but rather “ADHD”, “ADD”, “ODD”, etc. Are these diagnoses being morphed together under the “bipolar” banner?

          “They’re intent on killing the idea, Recynd. Look at the Golden Dawn in Greece; the leaders’ stints in prison have only established their martyrdom and devotion to ‘the greek people’ as the GD claims to represent. Bukovski was the Soviet dissident who did time in the pharma gulags of the USSR for challenging communism (they actually had a specific diagnosis for this, analogous to our ‘Bipolar I.’) The oligarchs have to prove the political is biological. Revolutionaries say ‘you can kill the man but not the idea.’ Tyrants keep the man alive to kill the idea.”

          I need to give this paragraph more thought, but I agree: this is the key.

          Again, I appreciate the attempt to educate and inform. I, too, think this is a critical issue, so if I’m missing some huge aspect of it, I definitely want to know.

        4. You write “I don’t understand: has every diagnosis from the DSM been deemed “organic” and “psychotic”? Or are you saying that for an involuntary commitment, the subject must be diagnosed as either manic-depressive/bipolar or schizophrenic (which are the only two “organic” and “psychotic” diseases)? And by “commitment”, do you include 72-hour holds?”

          Just the opposite; most ‘diagnoses’ in the DSM do not involve psychoses. My experience of psychologists is limited. My sense is that most think there is some combination of the genetic and developmental in their ‘diagnoses.’ Paula Caplan is a PhD in psychology who went AWOL on the racket and writes exposes. One was that she and others were trained to absolutely negate any situational or political circumstances and dynamics in ‘treating patients.’ This was in a hospital setting, I believe, so the push may have been harder than the average for psychologists. Another was how ridiculous and political the writers of the DSM are in their hatred of women particularly – and how utterly lacking in any science they are. Remember psychologists’ ‘diagnoses’ are not considered the legal authority or standard in the court system, precisely because they don’t view all issues as strictly physiological/organic and therefore don’t see medications as the only real treatment (they like to talk, talk, talk). Schizophrenia and manic depression are the only two ‘diagnoses’ that inherently involve psychosis. (Sometimes a ‘depressive’ will have ‘psychotic features’ but that’s rare.) The two are also the only known genetic diseases. The normal human brain is not wired to go psychotic very easily nor does it get sick earlier in the lifespan than any other organ. I don’t mean 72 hour holds by ‘commitment’ as technically they aren’t even though practically they are. My sense (I didn’t ask everyone) is that most drug addicts and alcoholics and everyone else are labeled ‘bipolar’ to justify committing them, which would mean 5-7 day committals which have become the standard for private hospitals. The old state institutions were modeled on long term ‘treatment,’ so they require that someone stay from 45-60 days at the least, which is problematic in the Bipolar Nation as mania is so easily and quickly brought down and it is the phase of manic depression that involves psychosis. The principle underlying committals is that someone doesn’t know what they’re doing and that is why the organic psychosis-featuring ‘diseases’ must be invoked to justify the committal(and to force medicate). I saw a psychiatrist claim ‘PTSD didn’t involve anger’ but that ‘Bipolar’ did even though the truth is just the opposite. Again, the psychiatrists construe any white women reporting public arena system abuse (rape, sexual harassment, etc) as ‘bipolar.’ The more extreme the public arena discrimination and attacks are, the more determined they are to claim the woman’s reports aren’t ‘real.’ If a psychiatrist admitted something was political then they’d be out of a job. So they lie, change the definitions of these labels at whim, etc., to keep the bodies they need either for insurance or to keep the bureaucracy maintained.

          The example of the black man who lost his leg and arm and was burned badly in a car accident involved lower working class struggles. He’d come home from a late shift and yet had to go to another (I think) or somewhere but felt unsafe to drive. His black wife insisted that he did and he fell asleep behind the wheel. She then would occasionally get him committed out of further vindictiveness. I don’t know what his label was, and I noticed that he was less attacked by the psychiatrist given that he had such a physical disability – his powerlessness made the psycho shrink feel safe in her domination. The system would always have the guy in its clutches. The other guy was physically disabled in a car accident but also had a personality ‘disorder.’ They didn’t seem to feel compelled to stick ‘bipolar’ on him because he was also helpless and dependent. There is little space between exploitative or abusive families and the state in terms of how people get committed; most inmates are just the ‘identified patient’ or scapegoat of abusive/addictive families. The biggest sociopaths win, which is often one or both parents/stepparents. In my state a family can easily get a ‘loved one’ committed as there is absolutely NO point in the process in which the target can bring in their friends or evidence, etc. Once the state takes you and forces you to the ER or psych ward you are utterly powerless. This is what I mean by due process being totally eviscerated. Any challenge to the claims made by the accusers who never have to appear in court or prove their claims or by the ‘doctors’ is viewed as a symptom of one’s ‘mental illness.’ It’s utterly insane. My state is probably one of few that allows such complete violation of citizen’s rights. Iowa state law requires any accusers must make their claims in open court with affidavits; the threshold for commitment is not beyond a reasonable doubt but it is more than just a preponderance of the evidence. Any family members or intimates are assumed to be biased and potentially invested in exploitation. Most states acknowledge that financial motives potentially corrupt the process (an ER sees or is told someone has insurance, etc. or family members want to control their ‘loved one’s resources, etc.)

          The proletariat is increasingly anyone who isn’t elite. Oligarchies require that most aren’t middle class and instead poor. Since psychiatry tries to biologize what is political (even developmental issues are political from various angles), particularly abuse and exploitation, it absolutely serves to justify classism. ‘Diagnosing’ eating disordered and drug addicted with ‘bipolar’ justifies solving their problems with state sanctioned drugs. It also avoids acknowledgment of the political dynamics which attend such habits. All state institutions are populated with poor ‘patients,’ as they have no power and can be railroaded easily.

          Last, Freud first admitted that his ‘patients’ were reporting real experiences of sexual abuse. When the rich and powerful didn’t like that (I think most of his patients were of the wealthier) he reneged and said these women were hysterical or full of penis envy neurosis, etc. The seat of psychiatry is the hatred of some women. Since the educated literate class features some victims who might otherwise be heard or believed by others in power, female ‘insanity’ was established. Before that it was probably witchcraft…

        5. Sue, I think your concept, “biologize the political,” best summarizes your criticism of most mental health discourse.

    2. While Recynd has already said something here, Sue, I’d like to add my perspective.

      Recynd and lophatt have NOT missed your point, so far as I can tell. I’m certain that they agree with you. All they seemed to be saying (to me, at least) is that you paint with too broad a brush.

    3. Sue, I have not missed your point (platform?). It doesn’t appear to me that Recynd missed it either.

      There is always danger in trying to make one size fit everybody and everything. Few choices in life are actually “either/or”.

      I don’t “like” pharmaceutical drugs or the companies that make and hawk them. That’s not the same thing as saying I think that in all cases, they are useless and harmful.

      I think there are obvious dangers in having psychologists and psychiatrists invent “disorders” and create their “treatments”. I am equally sure that committing some of us ‘for our own good” is definitely a possibility.

      I guess my question would be, so what? What could we do about it other than not to go? I keep harping (no pun intended) that we need to be adults and realize some hard truths. We are not in charge. The Government does not work for us.

      You can’t “vote” this away. What you can do is make an honest assessment of what you DO have control of, namely yourself. My advise, as usual, is to ignore them. Make them irrelevant. Laugh at them if you can.

      If they come for you, I leave it up to each person whether they wish to submit to their tender mercies or not. There’s a lot of truth in that old saw “better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees”. Make them work for it.

      1. You’ve obviously never been chased down by the state and tortured. Because I can assure you, lophatt, that I of all people do not fear death nor making the choice to meet it standing.

        So you have missed my entire point, which is that their goal is to make sure we don’t have any choice. The american motto is live free or die, but the New American Order is don’t give them any choice. Only degrees of enslavement or torture will be the option.

        Who would make the choice about whether or not to commit people – whether or not the state even should do this? The only people who can are the very people the Orchestrators are now using to justify enslaving everyone. Those are the manic depressives who all have lucidity in between their episodes. Schizophrenics might not, I don’t fully know. Some seem to achieve perspective on their psychosis.

        The difference between us is I actually know that there is such a thing as manic depression and schizophrenia, and that neither has anything to do with autism, or whatever makes Recynd think she has to pop pills to keep from doing whatever she seems to be implying. If pushed, I’d say that since neither of the two mental illnesses cause violence (with the extremely rare and statistically irrelevant exception of a minority of paranoid schizophrenics) towards anyone, we really have no right to suspend the Constitution by some self appointed self annointed diktat. The price for society is so great if we give in to playing god and nanny to other adults it’s not even a choice in my view.

        If enough americans wanted to block the Murphy bill we absolutely could. It wouldn’t even take much to do it – that’s how absurd it is. Americans believe in due process, they just don’t realize what’s truly happening. So it’s partially your beatnik truther posture that I challenge, lophatt. If you want to march into your own servitude, do so. But is it your place to tell others to as well? BS that we can’t stop this tyranny. We could easily. For whatever reason you don’t want to, and that’s your choice, but it’s not mine. I guess James Tracy allows me to write on this issue because he doesn’t believe in going gently into those ‘tender mercy’ tortures either.

        But to make it clear, you do not speak for me or many americans who would fight if they understood their enemy – and possibly win.

        1. Wow. I honestly don’t know how you got to where you got from what I wrote. But, fine. If you want to mischaracterize what I wrote, go ahead.

          I made no comparisons of any kind between conditions. I agreed that the state could very well “hund us down and torture us”.

          My point was, my knowing that isn’t going to keep it from happening. They do what they do. They neither care what we think or work for us.

        1. When the symbolic becomes real! They’ve been doing that to us for centuries. I guess they finally bottled the stuff.

    1. Though I was already “awake”, I thought Chris Duane’s series, “The Greatest Truth Never Told”, was a real breath of fresh air, since so many “Truther” videos published in 2011-2012 were full of BS (Ancient Aliens, lizard people, covert socialism, etc.). The first in his long series of short videos can be found here: http://youtu.be/ekkXHnSrlwY

      1. To write off ancient aliens, the nefilim if you will is to discard mankind’s oldest written records, clay tablets found in the area of Babylon and many contained in the Berlin Museum. They are part of what is known as the Enuma Elish.

        These aliens are prominently mentioned in India’s Mahabharata, which took 6000 years to write and is 2300 years old. Some of the names are the same as found on the Babylonian tablets.

        Vedanta is still the repository of most of the worlds ancient historical truth. And yes they do speak of vimanas are flying ships.

        Western man tends to scoff at some of this, yes the same western man who thought the world was flat two hundred years ago. Mean while the Annunaki left written records of our solar system on clay tablets that are identical to what one would find research centers.

        What is more comical, theories that man evolved from monkeys or Adam’s rib, or clay tablets which tell us man is the progeny of of those who came from higher civilizations? In fact every American Native indian tribe will tell you they did not spring from monkeys but are descendants of supernatural beings who came from the stars.

        It is only human nature to prefer the simplistic solution to most enigmas.

        I have assembled a short treatise on this if anyone is interested.

        Those wild and crazy Nefilim.


        In fact this is being kept from you by the shadow government as well.


        1. I believe we are made from dust (or other natural element) in the image of God, just like the Bible tells us. But you’re free to believe what you want, naturally.

        2. I wondering how this “dust” took up human form? No doubt the human body is made up of the elements as the hidden message of Jesus and the Essenes tell us.

          “The blood which runs in us is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother. Her blood falls from the clouds; leaps from the womb of the earth; babbles in the brooks of the mountains; flows wide in the rivers of the plains; sleeps in the lakes; rages mightily in tempestuous seas.

          “The air which we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother. Her breath is azure in the heights of t heavens; soughs in the tops of the mountains; whispers the leaves of the forest; billows over the cornfields; slumbers in the deep valleys, burns hot in the desert.

          “The hardness of our bones is born of the bones of our Earthly Mother, of the rocks and of the stones. They stand naked to the heavens on the tops of mountains; are as giants that lie sleeping on the sides of the mountains, as idols set in the desert, and are hidden in the deepness of the earth.”

          This is the same thing almost every major religion on the planet would tell us, other than current highly doctored Christianity.


          Who wrote the bible?


          I don’t have that much faith in Constantine, the roman caesar who wrote the bible to prop up a failing roman empire. What so special about him?

          “The popular history of churchianity begins from 325 years after Christ, the 20th year of the reign of Constantine the Great, when the famous Council was convened at the City of Nocea. Those who have read the life of this august Roman Emperor will remember how remarkable was the character of this so called pious supporter of the church dogmas. He put to death his own son and his wife Fausta on groundless suspicion, cut off his brother-in-law Licinius and the unoffending son of Licinius and massacred everyone of his rivals. Nevertheless the Greek Church has canonized him, and adores the memory of St. Constantine.

          The horrifying accounts of fraud, political wire pulling, theological jugglery, ecclesiastical scandal-mongering, passions breaking forth into curses and anathemas, bloody massacres and inhuman assassinations in the ecumenical councils, show that these were the principal instruments in the building up of the creed of Churchianity. Readers of ecclesiastical history will remember that in one of the disputes following the great Council of Nicea, maidens were insulted and scourged, the holy temple was profaned, books were thrown into flames, and the church and baptistery were burned and monks were trodden under foot. Such were the deeds of the pious bishops and founders of Churchianity.

          In the Council of Ephesus, which was held in 431 A.D., monks and bishops screamed: “Whoso speaks of two natures is a Nestorius, and let him be cut asunder”. A bishop was kicked to death by another bishop in course of their arguments, and 137 corpses were left in a church to attest the convincing reasons by which the most ruffian side proved its orthodoxy.

          Such were the assemblies of saints who formed the pillars of the structure of Churchianity. We can easily imagine the nature of the guiding spirit of those councils, which established the creed of the church. From the beginning of the history of churches, down to the present day, freedom of thought and freedom of speech, that are the most essential characteristics of true religion, have been suppressed; and fanaticism, bigotry, curses, anathema, religious persecution, tortures of inquisition and diabolical crimes have been committed in the name of religion. Hatred, cruelty and fighting have reigned in the place of love, mercy, kindness, peace and goodwill. The creed of the church would have vanished from the world if swords were not drawn and innocent blood was not shed in the name of religion. The deeds of Churchianity are written indelibly upon the pages of the religious history of the world. Shall we wonder, then, if the humane, kind, gentle, peace-loving hearts of the Hindus, that are ever ready to send forth blessings, good-will, benediction and a current of love toward humanity, nay, toward all living creatures, reject Churchianity? Shall we wonder that the Hindus, who recognize Divinity in the souls of all, should refuse to accept a system that was founded upon the barren soil of dogmas, fertilized with the vital forces squeezed out of the hearts of innocent humanity; and nourished by the blood of martyrs?”

        3. Since I believe that God created the earth and everything in it, it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that He formed us out of materials He had at hand. I’m fine with a mystery or three.

          As for the Bible, I allow for the possibility of inaccuracies, the fallibility of men, and translational errors. However, none of those things take away from its central theme: the necessity and reality of a Savior.

          I wasn’t “duped” into any of my beliefs, and I don’t much care if anyone shares them or not (I’ve never claimed to be a very good Christian). But I expect the same courtesy. Your points are not new, and you’re not going to talk me out of my faith…I don’t really understand why you would try. I don’t understand, either, if you were making the argument for others; it’s not like you KNOW the ancient alien theory to be true, right? It’s still just a theory?

        4. I am not trying to talk anybody out of anything. In fact I was supposedly saved at 12 in a baptist church. Over the years I have done my own research outside of what they told me in sunday school.

          By your comment that ancient alien theories are bs, it could also be assumed you are “talking me out of my research into the matter.” I am responding to a point of contention that you yourself brought up.

          I am simply saying the ancient alien theory is the only one with any type scientific backing that corresponds with rational thinking. It is based on Vedic science and historical documentation. That is my view. Other views I see as simply faith.

          It is better to know than to believe.

        5. Fair enough.

          Sometimes, the best we get is “belief”, and that’s good enough for me. But I have ZERO belief in government, on that I think we agree!

          Peace, my friend.

        6. Ha

          I have close friends who would never argue that I am an obstinate arse.,

          In fact they accuse me of being willing to debate a sign board! Even if it does not respond!

          I am old and set in my ways. I like to think it is due to my extensive research and uncanny evaluation of facts! … just kidding.

          If you carry one thing away from I our exchange, it should be that I am right and you should never question me again. 🙂 I am kidding.

          Always remember John what our former presidents have to say

          To me faith means not worrying. ~John Dewey

        7. Luckily, I grew up with an obstinate man (my father)…he was stubborn as ox. (Deep intake of air into lungs). So, you are right and I shall never question you again.

          (Not nearly as satisfying, but shorter, and the results are basically the same: you do what you want, and I do what I want, and everyone’s happy!


        8. To this day we can see how well Hindus have done in keeping the populations rotating in their you-did-it-wrong-do-it-again reincarnation caste system; a perfect way to keep humans physically and psychologically weak enough to not revolt but strong enough to do the manual labor.
          Of course, the misuse of the idiom ‘turn the other cheek’ and purposeful abuse of those with tendencies toward papolatry are well-used in the Christian system to quell insurrection as well.

        9. stlonginus
          I have had many discussions with Hindus. The very intelligent ones know that Ghandi was a Rothschild plant. The idea was after the British had established their quisling leaders, financed them and organized freemasonry in India, they wanted to withdraw without fighting. Ghandi was the perfect stooge.

          The pyramid is still in charge of India today. I always get a kick out of Capt Ajit Vadakylil who called the former prime minister Sonya “The Italian Waitress” who is running India 🙂

          Rothschild is responsible for killing 5 million Bengalis by starving them to death. They were forced to grow opium in rice fields and the river transportation network was re-routed.

          Few realize that Hinduism actually means the search for truth. Who can be against that? I decided at an early age, I must be a Hindu! 🙂

          This is guy speaks better English than many Americans and is very sharp.


  6. I am astounded by how many people still have the eyes wide shut especially when it’s a family member, or all of them. I think that’s when it hits you how tough it is to break free of the mind control. if you can’t convince your own family, who the hell can you convince? I took the red pill in 2007 and it opened doors that I just can’t shut…things I can never un-know. our own personal version of reality is the acceptible level of the horrors they can take without falling into dispair. my family can’t accept that 911 was an inside job and a self inflicted wound. I can. they would never accept that the moon landings were fake because that would exceed their acceptible level of the horror that is our gov’t. I question the moon landings to the point that I doubt it happened. Vaccines that harm more than they bolster health is another horror that is unacceptible to my sister. She told me to look up snopes.com… that would ease my troubled mind… like taking soma in brave new world. another benefit of taking the red pill is your immunity to the taboos like israel and the holocaust. questioning the Holocaust is the holy grail of taboos. I have heard that associated with the 9/11 truth movement more than once. we should question every big game changing event… especially the Holocaust. have you ever noticed that the truth needs no threat of retribution to validate its authenticity… however lies are vigorously defended with recrimination and retaliation just like the holocaust. they have put people in prison for questioning the Holocaust over in Europe. Does that sound like the truth? the more they come down on people who question the Holocaust the more I tend to believe that it’s not true or grossly exaggerated to hide the crimes of the Allies. if you can accuse your enemies with something so horrible and so unspeakable… then maybe you never have to answer for your own crimes. that’s just what the Nuremberg trials were all about. how come the Americans never had to stand trial for firebombing Dresden, Germany? I am convinced that if people actually really looked at it objectively they would see there’s really something to the story that the Holocaust was at the very least grossly exaggerated and at the worst was invented as part of covering up the atrocities that the Allies committed. just because the Germans targeted civilians in England for instance…. doesn’t justify the bombing that allied forces did on largely civilian targets in germany. Japan’s “no surprise at all” attack on our military at Pearl Harbor… did that in anyway justify americans dropping atomic bombs on cities? one of the big lies of World War 2 was that Paul Tibbets the pilot of the Enola Gay that dropped the big bomb on Hiroshima never felt guilt for what he did…that’s another big lie. he held his family at gunpoint and it looked like he was going to kill them all and himself afterwards but his wife talked him out of it. that’s a first hand account i got from one of paul’s kids.

    1. Derek
      Very true Derek and it goes deeper. There is a well known Rabbi, Marvin Antelman on record as stating Hitler was jewish. He goes further by stating in many camps they were trained for survival in kibbutzes and readied for the invasion of Palestine. Hitler did threaten many jews by stating you are going to Palestine or end up in British style real camps.

      Nobody talks much about Eisenhower’s starving some 3 to 6 million Germans in open air camps after the war, pure genocide. Germans were shot who tried to share their own meager food with them. They lacked water and the camp was by a stream just outside the walls. Patton was furious about this and it most likely led to him being murdered in a jeep accident. Ike was known at west point as the terrible Swedish Jew and somewhere around second to last in his class. He had the correct focus however.

      World war I and II were about making sure Germany formed no alliance with Russia. German technology and Russian resources, manpower and military prowess were considered a combination that would be invincible to the NWO.

      It is still ongoing as we witness Merkel backing sanctions on Russia and supporting the fascists in the Ukraine. There is quite a bit of resistance to her in Germany now. She invited Tymoshenko and Dmytro “The Aryan” Yarosh into Germany for treatment after the Maidan where Tymoshenko was released from the joint for embezzlement. This ranks right up there with Skorzeny busting the Duce out of jail.

      Goebbels children today own a large interest in the German arms industry including BMW. They are quite wealthy and seem to have discared their socialist leanings!

      A leading doctor in Namibia who worked on German genetic doctrine was a doctor Fisher, Who trained doctor Mengele. The first German governor of the colony was the father of Hitler’s deputy Herman Goering who also springs from a Jewish family. It all goes back to Disraeli who called for the unification of the German/British and Khazar elite to rule the world as mentioned in other places.

      “One of the more interesting scientists working in World War II for Dr Josef Mengele on the German Ebola program was a Portuguese doctor, Jose Simoes Ferreira. He happens to be the father of Teresa Heinz Kerry. There is glowing review on wiki concerning Teresa but not much mentioned about dear old dad.

      His daughter, Teresa, is married to Senator John Kerry

      There is simultaneous strategy also developing. If there are no Germans there will be no German technology, no Russian alliance, no problem. This is now bolstered by massive immigration into Germany of anybody who wishes to go there. This in a country now experiencing 30% unemployment and it is leading to massive protests and some riots.

      Hitler’s own relatives (Bridgette Hitler of Ireland) and others that he was jewish and played chess with Stalin near the Tavistock Institute. Stalin was a jesuit priest from Georgia. He also bulldozed orthodox churches in Russia, all on behalf of Rome. There is an age old conflict between the Byzantine pope of Russia and Rome that was well underway during the time of Ivan the Terrible. He wasn’t so terrible until British agents poisoned his wife.

      When the vatican sent representatives to to St. Petersburg to talk about a merger, Ivan told them to go back to Rome, he was the representative of Christ on earth! Naturally this has never set well with Rome.

      In fact it was a cross dressing cousin of the queen, Yusapov who shot Rasputin, who urged Nicholas to stay out of the war with Germany or Russia would perish. Nicolas was not a good listener.

        1. Dub, is there any way for you to send me the pieces that indicate the Goebbels klan is multitudinously wealthy?

          Perhaps it’s in the translation, but I’d like to see the original verbiage.



      1. Nailed it!

        First, my hard-earned money is used to terrorize Syrians, then my taxes go to Obama’s promise of accepting 10,000 “Syrian” “Refugees” and whoopsie there was a bunch of terrorists mixed in that pull the false flag of all false flags.

        Oh well.

        Who could have known.

        1. Not the the American Corporation needs any more immigrants from anywhere, although it is a prerequisite for anarchy. The Syrians are not the Wahabbis, who were planted in greater Arabia by the Crown Temple and are the E1Bi Y-DNA hapogroup’ers.

          The Syrians don’t behead people and are quite easy going for the most part. They don’t demand Sharia etc.

          I worked with a Syrian extract when young. He was the funniest guy I have ever met, had a BS in psychology from FSU. Our supervisor hated both of us. She was one of the eternal victims. When she would walk by, the Syrian would put his thumbs on his forehead and whisper “oh channel of the ancient one”!

        2. Comrade Recynd, you must learn not to argue with Central Planning. It was noted that your street was short on left-handed, herniated, Hopi Indians and Samoans. We will correct this imbalance immediately.

          The politburo must be ever vigillant lest the white people gain control of their environment. Whitey’s function is to work and pay. Did I forget “Obey”?

          Western European culture and customs will not be tolerated. Now, get back to work. Your new neighbors will be here any day.

    1. It looks like a giant egg. Probably is HAARP, there’s been some strange sights in the sky lately. Have you read “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” by Nick Begich?

    2. This could quite easily be a simple manifestation of electrical interaction with our sun, similar to the aurorae. I suggest we not give too much credence to some overwhelming “awesome” power of government and “scientists”… they are mostly hot air, and really should be ignored by intelligent people.

  7. They certainly do and furthermore they are intent on intimidation so that many will fear for their career even if they talk about it.

    Professors who stray from the party line will soon find a lynch mob of quislings calling for his job. Debate is out of the question. The American corporation is moving toward very tight fascistic control.

    It is like the say, colleges hate geniuses as convents hate saints.

  8. The American identification with racist violence, exhibited in such blatant form at the MHB, has been largely preconditioned by religion. A spiritual-esthetic ideology of some kind legitimating authorized power appears to be necessary for a society of people to live together. However, traditional religion has largely been perverted by ruling power historically to make us easier to rule. Edward Gibbon says of Roman religion:

    1. this comment was cut off long before it was finished. the previous two were sent down the memory hole. This blog appears to be monitored, other than by prof Tracy.

      1. “This blog appears to be monitored, other than by prof Tracy.”

        Scary music plays..Du Dunt, Du Dunt

        Its being monitored by….WAIT..drum roll

        ” American Power!!” AHHHHHH!.

        Its time to tell us who you really are.
        A) Man/Women
        B) Black/White
        C) Nationality
        D) Troll (paid)

        I am so sick of your act.

        1. Of course… this is a honey trap to measure the public understanding of the fraud and ciminality of its governments and other institutions. You figure it out.

    1. Miraculous recovery, that. They should bottle that stuff. In BMB we had amputees up and dancing in nothing flat. This one takes a slug, point blank, in no time at all she is upright and smiling. How’s that for “resilience”?

  9. Monsanto teams up with World Wildlife Fund to convert Amazon into giant GMO plantation


    Population reduction baby, if you have a ticket to the bunker you will be O.K. …. no not really, they know the planet is headed for major catastrophe. Best to make sure not too many survive without the underground ticket.

    Why is that?


    1. I’m by now all have heard the Pope is visiting the white house on the 24th.

      And, O’Islam has invited a Cross dresser, a Nun who loves abortion and a Gay Bishop to greet him.

      First, this just shows who and what King of O is.

      Well, the Pope has now told the WH this is unacceptable as this will appear as endorsements and he doesn’t want his historic visit to be pictures of himself with cross dressers and baby killers.

      So far the WH has not responded. It will interesting to see if the guest list changes. After all, King O needs the Pope for his Climate Tax agenda on the Senate floor ( Rep’s are boycotting) and also at the UN.

      I can’t believe the Pope can’t see what an in your face, disrespectful, insult that guest list really is.

      As someone famously said here on MHB:

      You can’t shame a Physopath!

      And I’m not even Catholic!

        1. Besides that, what sort of response would one expect to get by asking a queer guy who is “married” to a tranny? He’ll probably have them escorted by a gaggle of amputee dwarves.

      1. Local child abuse survivors and a special ITCCS team have targeted the “World Meeting of Families” event in Philadelphia for disruption after it was learned that the event will be a cover for a secret gathering of prominent child traffickers associated with the catholic Opus Dei and Knights of Columbus groups. These traffickers include at least one Cardinal and several Bishops associated with Pope Francis’ retinue.

        Last month I was reporting that Pope Francis, the Jesuits and the Church of England will be prosecuted for child trafficking and genocide. The Queen of England was already found guilty by a previous trial.

        Here is how the trial is unfolding:

        This article was based on today’s exclusive interview with Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State on this week’s litigation in the Brussels Common Law Court of Justice.

        Five judges and 27 jury members from six countries including the USA, considered evidence on over 50,000 missing Canadian, US, Argentine and European children who were suspected victims of an international child sacrificial cult referred to as the Ninth Circle.

        Two adolescent women claimed that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices. Eight eyewitnesses confirmed the allegations according to evidence presented this week at a Brussels Common Law Court of Justice.

        The Ninth Circle Satanic child sacrifice rituals were said to take place during the Springs of 2009 and 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium.

        Pope Francis was also a perpetrator in satanic child sacrifice rites while acting as an Argentine priest and Bishop according to records obtained from the Vatican archives.

        A prominent Vatican official and former Vatican Curia employee obtained the sealed documents for use by the court. This was not the first time satanic activities were suspected to be at the Vatican according to this ABC news story.


        1. Dub,

          Seeing is believing. Well, that statement may not be entirely true, but this has been going on for a very longtime with these so called “elites”.

          I hear even our Armed Forces are riddled with perverts at the top, that’s why none of them protested all of O’Islams new gay rules.

          We have a new handpicked “sexatary” of the Army.

          Guess who choose him/her? Hint: Lives in the WH.

          Now Congress must be PC and approve or be Homophobe’s..

          That’s how the PC crowd win!

          I have nothing against gay’s, I just relate….

      2. You know, you people who beLIEve that Obummer is a Muslim, should look at his Momma and realize that this whore was a Jewess. She worked for the CIA as a “Russian Translator”. This crap runs deeper than you are capable of understanding.

        1. Yeah, actually, I think his religion is himself. The McChristian outfit he was affiliated with (along with “Mans Country”), was a front for gays.

          While he attended school in Indonesia, after being adopted by Soetoro, he HAD to be Muslim to go to school there.

          There is a lot more Satanist than “saint” here. Mom and her family were CIA through and through. Stanley (and Mom) were ‘friends” of Frank Marshall Davis. Idi is a thinner version of Frank.

          If the average person had an inkling of just how perverse this administration was, they’d be chasing them down the street.

        2. Right on Lophatt,
          “Yeah, actually, I think his religion is himself.”

          That’s what everyone seems too miss..

          He care’s not about Sunni/Shiite/Jew/Christian.

          It’s Saul’s divide and conquer period.

          A Psychopath has no conscience or empathy and that’s just what they wanted when they sent the codes to the electronic voting machines.

          He WON!!

        1. Patrick you don’t have to go to those rag site like the BIN for that, stick with me!! By the way about six months ago they banned me just for providing information they did not quite like. They simply said you are banned for a year. Funny thing is, some who read my blog stick my posts up over there all the time. 🙂

          Note the date Sept 2013

          Petrus Romanus Get Ready, The Glory Of The Olive! And You Thought It Couldn’t Be Done!


      1. Well sure, the riots are real enough. The “refugees” are provided by those who have an agenda to push. In return they get destabilization and the demand to “do something” (read oust the Syrian government).

        Now who would benefit from that? It is particularly amusing that Putin is setting up refugee camps IN Syria and actually attacking ISIS. That can’t be going over too well.

        They can’t really object without giving the game away. The “Daily Mail”, that bastion of investigative reporting (not!) actually had numbers. Over two-thirds of them are not from Syria.

        My guess is they “herd ’em up and move ’em out” from Turkey. These guys have an attitude. Why, its almost as if they were sent in to disrupt.

        Nobody here should be surprised by any of this. The subject matter changes somewhat but the tactics remain largely the same.

        1. Lophatt
          Not only Putin but read the new speculation, and that is all it is for now. However some Chinese leaders are calling for China joining Russia to fight ISIS.


          As we used to say in the 60s, this is heavy!

          Chinese Uyghur terrorists establishing base in Syria

          “The news comes on the heels of TIP capturing a Syrian airbase and acquiring MIG fighter jets as well as other advanced weaponry, similar to ISIS capturing Iraqi army’s advanced US weaponry.

          Moreover, the Assad regime is currently still the legal and UN-recognized government of Syria, despite only holding 1/3 of its territory. If Assad asks and gives permission for Russia, China and other SCO members to assist him militarily, that would be in accordance with international law.”

        2. Yeah Mick, that’s my point. Assad is the legal recognized ruler. Just because Idi Obongo and the Neo-Cons have other plans based on their instructions from HQ in NYC and Tel Aviv, having the Russian there and stating that they are there to help whip the terrible ISIS is a hoot.

          Without them there they “pretend” to fight them. It sort of puts a different complexion on it to have someone actually trying to take them out. if they oppose it they expose themselves.

          As usual, Barry brought a checker set to a chess tournament. So now we have China wanting to lend a hand. Why, you’d think they’d welcome them with open arms, no?

          So now they are attacking Europe in order to garner support for their “color revolution”. “If you don’t help us with our New World Odor dream, we’ll drown you in undesirables”.

          It’s all some sort of weird test. Vicky Nuland is destroying Ukraine and blaming it on Putin. There is a daily lie contest to see who can dream up the most outrageous new accusation. “Putin hates kittens and steals socks from your dryer”.

          I’m really starting to think that hubris really will be their undoing.

        3. If you guys think O’Islam didn’t bring Russia and China next to Israel on purpose maybe I’m missing something.

          He knows exactly what he’s doing.

          He plays dumb..”I just saw it on the News like you…”

  10. The Daily Mail doesn’t reveal the persuasion of the attacker, but I’m taking a wild, wild stab at this: “the religion of “peace'”:

    Woman, 37, suffers severe burns to her face and upper body after acid was thrown over her during a night out (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3241051/Woman-suffers-severe-burns-man-threw-acid-outside-bar.html).

    This is Britain, not Pakistan, where beakers of acid are routinely flung into the faces of infidel women. And this is not Londonistan, either. All Europe, the dar al-harb, is being destroyed, overwhelmed by invaders from the Dar al-Islam.

    I like this part: “A Hampshire Police spokeswoman described the attack as ‘rare and isolated’.

    Well, just wait. It happens every day in Pakistan.

    They’re also slicing off little girls’ genitals in Britain.

    It’s going to get worse.

    What once was the West is in a suicidal death-spiral. The leaders of the countries of the West are Pied Pipers. No one can stop this death-march.

    1. From a Comment on Yahoo:

      In an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed said that the European countries are not motivated by compassion toward the refugees, but by their need for labor. “We shall conquer their countries,” he declared in the address, which was posted on youtube on September 11, 2015. Oh, but the Leftist media and political elites, they like it very, very much.

      Sheikh Muhammad Ayed: “(The infidels) want us to be tormented. They want us to be humiliated. (The Quran) says: Tthe [sic] Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you,’ but we will never follow their religion. This dark night will be over, and soon, we will trample them underfoot, Allah willing. Germany is not a compassionate country that wishes to absorb refugees from Syria and Iraq, and Palestinian refugees in the Levant and elsewhere. Europe has become old and decrepit, and needs human reinforcement. No force is more powerful than the human force of us Muslims. Oh Muslims, the Germans say, in their economic reports, that they need 50,000 young workers. Now, they have got 20,000, and they want another 30,000 and more, to work in their factories. They are not motivated by compassion for the Levant, its people, and its refugees. Throughout Europe, all the hearts are infused with hatred toward Muslims. They wish that we were dead. But they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in their midst. We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians, and all those like you. Take the refugees! We shall soon collect them in the name of the coming Caliphate. We will say to you: These are our sons. Send them, or we will send our armies to you.”

        1. I’m jesting and should have never asked that question..

          That was asked by a Buddhist Monk trying to a di*k.

          The answer from the master was ” white is white, and not white is not white”.

          I was so impressed by his answer it has become of part of life’s journey.

          Still on the the road to find out.

          I listen to the wind come howl, telling me I have to hurry,
          Then I listen to the Robin’s song, saying not to worry

        2. This thread is so mixed up. My last comment should have been 4 legs down. It must be that American Power people again……….

          I have 2 bridges in AZ still left for sale if anyone is interested. Phoenix to the Pacific Ocean for cents an the dollar….

        3. Well I left my happy home
          To see what I could find out
          I left my folk and friends
          With the aim to clear my mind out

          Well I hit the rowdy road
          And many kinds I met there
          And many stories told me on the way to get there

          So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
          So much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out

          In the end I’ll know
          But on the way I wonder
          Through descending snow
          And through the frost and thunder

          I listen to the wind come howl
          Telling me I have to hurry
          I listen to the robin’s song
          Saying not to worry

          So on, and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
          So much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out

          Well I found myself alone
          Hoping someone would miss me
          Thinking about my home and the last woman to kiss me

          Well sometimes you have to moan
          When nothing seems to suit you
          But never the less you know
          Your locked towards the future

          So off and on you go, the seconds tick the time out
          There’s so much left to know and I’m on the road to find out

          And I found my head one day
          When I wasn’t even trying
          And here I have to say
          Cause there is no use in lying, lying

          Yes the answer lies within
          So why not take a look now
          Kick out the devils sin
          Pickup, pickup a good book now

          Yes the answer lies within
          So why not take a look now
          Kick out the devils sin
          Pickup, pickup a good book now

          Yes the answer lies within
          So why not take a look now
          Kick out the devils sin
          Pickup, pickup a good book now

          They used call Cat when I was young…


        4. As the y say Dub,
          6 degrees separation.

          You know sh&t happens in 3’s?

          Lately it’s been 2’s. Weird. I really means 2’s.

          Something changed. Still sorting….

      1. http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2015/09/refugee-crisis-explained.html

        Ric here is another take on the refugees. It is interesting that many of them have lived in Turkey for years but now told they won’t be funded anymore, head for Europe. Merky Merkel knows all about it also.


        I am assuming this can get through the outside elements who have taken control of this blog! 🙂 It must be 007

      2. Ric
        Who knows who made that comment? It could be a high school kid in Haifa drawing extra credit on an assignment.

        To me this sums up what this is all about.

        Friedman says they must stop any type German alliance with Russia. That has always been the game even in the two world wars. German technology coupled with Russian resources (oil and gold) and their manpower and military machine would be an alliance the nwo could not breech.

        The immigration crisis is basically to overwhelm anyone or any country they feel might be a threat to resist the NWO. Hey, no German Russia alliance, no German technology, no problem if there are no more Germans huh?

        Many have said Friedman must be crazy for revealing this publicly. It is quite an eye opener when he admits being behind the Ukraine maidan and a policy of genociding various nationalities to reach political goals.


        1. Very Interesting take. We must at all costs keep the Germans from “hooking” back up with the Germans.

          I agree that’s the motive.

          And there is proof to back that up.

          Famous Quote:

          “Why can’t we just all get along”. I agree.

          Answer: There is to much Money in war..sorry Rodney.

          It ain’t any of “our” wars either.

          A song I recorded by myself so bear with the poor audio…


        2. HaHa Germany hooking back up with Russia.

          It’s not my fault when I do these things I do.

          There’s an evil company called Miller lite. It’s their fault.

          any my right arm….go figure

        3. I love Johnny Cash.

          That’s what my parents listened to when I was young. I loved country music as a child and still love ALL the old songs.

          My Dad played steel guitar and both me Moms and Dad could sing very well.

          It was a great time for country music late 50’s and early 60’s.

          It was So cool when Johnny did his version of modern songs before he left us.

          What a Talent!

        4. 0101011101100101001000000110000101110010011001010010000001101010011101010111001101110100001000000110110101100101011100100110010101101100011110010010000001101110011101010110110101100010011001010111001001110011001000000111010001101111001000000111010001101000011010010111001100100000011100000110110001100001011011100010111000101110

          Having Fun..

        5. 0101011101101000011000010111010000100111011100110010000001110101011100000010000001001100011011110111000001101000011000010111010001110100001011000100110101101001011000110110101100100000011000010110111001100100001000000101000001100001011101000011111100001101000010100000110100001010010010010010000001100011011000010110111000100000011011110110111001101100011110010010000001110011011100000110010101100001011010110010000001101001011011100010000001100010011010010110111001100001011100100111100100100000011000110110111101100100011001010010000001101110011011110111011100101110


        6. If your calling me “Green Grass Hooper” you may be correct…

          I still haven’t grasped the stone from your hand Master..Haha

        7. The latest I’ve read, fully three quarters of the refugees are NOT from Syria. Most are from Afghanistan. They may have lived in Turkey for a time.

          They are simply herding this mob into Europe, and the U.S. eventually, to destroy the cultures in the “host” countries.

          The more chaos they create, the easier it is to control those areas when they step in with their “solution”.

          The whole thing is about destabilization. While everyone is busy fighting for their safety, the real parasites will sweep in and tie it up with a bow.

          On paper all of these countries are democracies. I’ll wager that, if you asked the people living there if they want this to happen you’d get a negative answer. How does one explain that?

          Hardly a day goes by here where there isn’t an announcement of some new initiative that Idi Obongo has legislated from his office.

          When I was little there used to be a writing exercise to practice handwriting. It went: “Kings must rule, subject must obey”. Things don’t change much.

        8. Lophatt,
          WE are under attack, there is no doubt.

          O’Islam here and Merky there. It’s on.

          Will we stand or cave for PC bullsh$t.

          My Guess the latter.

      1. Could be but you never know. Not all muslims carry on with honor killings etc. It is usually the Wahabbi, most prominent in Saudi Arabia. They were installed long ago by British intelligence and have driven the local populations insane almost. The Saudi royals are zionists. You don’t see the Syrians for instance carrying on this way nor the Iranians.

        It all starts with Lawrence of Arabia.

        Warning graphic photos in this article.


        “Europe’s most prominent Holocaust revisionist scholar, Professor Robert Faurisson, was the victim of ten physical assaults between November 20, 1978, and May 31, 1993 (two in Lyon, two in Vichy, two in Stockholm and four in Paris). Seven of these attacks were at the hands of French Jewish organizations or militants — two in Lyon, one in Vichy, one in Stockholm (by Swedish Jews together with French Jews who had come from Paris by plane), one at the Sorbonne, and one at the Palace of Justice in Paris.

        On September 16, 1989, three men set a trap for Faurisson in a park near his residence in Vichy as he was out walking his poodle. After spraying a stinging gas into his face, temporarily blinding him, the assailants punched him to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. If a passerby had not intervened, the attackers’ kicks to the head would have been finished off the 60-year-old scholar. Badly injured, Faurisson had to undergo a lengthy surgical operation. The crime investigation unit inquiry confirmed that the attack could be attributed to “young Jewish activists from Paris.”


        1. “Not all muslims carry on with honor killings etc.”

          So what? Only one ideology inspires its adherents to fling beakers of acid into the faces of “infidels,” slices off its girls’ genitals, murders its women for the family’s “honor,” allows a daughter to drown lest a male lifeguard rescue her, insists that a school full of girls all die in a fire rather than have them flee the flames because there would be no time to cover their hair with a scrap of cloth.

          If not every Moslem has become completely inhuman/insane, that’s no recommendation of the ideology they are trapped within.

          “It is usually the Wahabbi”

          No, it’s not. Take a gander at Pakistan. Gaza. Somalia. Egypt. Northern Nigeria. All nightmarish, theological hell-holes that create twisted minds, and they are all far, far away from the sands of Arabia.

          “It all starts with Lawrence of Arabia.”

          No, it doesn’t. England has nothing to do with it. And the belief that the Jews should return to their ancestral homeland has nothing to do with it, either. It all starts with the Koran and the Hadith, and the belief that a 7th century desert-dwelling murderous, psychotic, child-rapist is the ideal man.

          To admire Mohammed is a ticket to developing an almost incomprehensible collective insanity.

        1. I’m bias. I don’t want to see Germany or Ireland or England go down.

          Wake up my Brothers and sisters and they have saying they same to Us.

          Wake Up Americans you go down we go down yet with all the tech of the net we still can’t seem to communicate and organize. Why?

      2. You guys haven’t done enough research… Wasabi Islam is a jewish creation by a british jew spy sent to Saudi Arabia with the specific purpose to create a new hard-line branch of the Islam religion.

        The only foreign law passed through Congress is not Sharia (Muslim), but is Noahide (Jewish). Look it up, the Noahide laws were made Congressional Policy in, I think 1993, and no the Noahide laws are not Islamic, but they are Jewish, and they call for the hanging and beheading of Christians. i am not a Christian myself, so c’est la vie, so I don’t really give a crap, but you better put your thinkng caps on and discover who the real enemy is.

        1. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

          For today, just examine the belief and practice of the sad souls who had the misfortune to be born in Pakistan. Nothing to do with the system practiced in Arabia.

          For yesterday, take a gander at Egypt, where Mohammed’s hoards conquered that Christian land by forbidding the use of the native language. Anyone heard speaking the Egyptian tongue would have his tongue cut out.

          Fast forward to today’s Egypt, where 90% of the girls have their genitals sliced off (the other 10% are Copts–the descendants of the courageous Christians who refused to prostrate themselves before Allah, and accepted dhimmitude as the punishment).

          None of this can be attributed to your spy, or what the Saudis did with his plot.

        2. THX is not ignorant he has just provided you with pertinent information. Congress did pass noahide laws not Sharia. Noahide prefers the guillotine and guess what some whistleblowers camin we have received some from across the border from Canada.

          Pakistan helps with sending arms to the Saudis also and have indicated they will not allow the Houthis to threaten Saudi Arabia. The Taliban is just as crazy as the Wahabbis. They are birds of a feather. All of this began in Britain and I have provided you a link to someone who actually lives in the area. Capt Ajit Vadakylil. Apparently you dismiss it or refuse to read it.

        3. THX is in fact an ignoramous, in this regard, Mick. Reread my comment. Moslems have acted in the most insane, uncivilized fashion since Mohammed first started hearing from that demon in that cave. No need for paid spies or British machinations. Just give Moslems a Koran and the Hadith, and leave them alone, and they will become collectively insane.

          Why does it come absolutely naturally for Pakis to fling beakers of acid in infidels’ faces? You think it’s the Saudis who are behind that? If so, you know nothing about Islam. Pakistanis are enraged by the presence of infidels because they are dedicated to their ideology. No one had to import “fanaticism” into Pakistan.

          Sure, the Saud family exports true Islam to Moslem countries that are not all the way with the program. I know that. But its not an innovation. Everything they are selling is like an antique shop, the good old stuff re-marketed to a new batch of customers.

    2. This just keeps getting better. Another Daily Mail article:

      “As locals in this staunchly Roman Catholic nation walked by, they stared in astonishment at the newcomers, some of whom were wearing burkhas and full Islamic robes. For their part, the migrants returned the stares with looks of open defiance.”

      How Europe has decided to capitulate to this invasion is one of the most humiliating, scandalous, stories in history.


      What self-respecting European man or woman will ever be able to look their grandchildren in the face in the future, when mohammedans are ruling the place, having turned it into Somalia-above-the-Med, and not break down in tears?

        1. Ha, ha. Spain and Portugal fought for 800 years to get rid of them and Obongo and his pals invite them back.

          Could it get any clearer who the enemy is? The reason the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492 is because they were the Moor’s ‘right-hand’ money managers.

          The Ottomans didn’t want to waste soldiers in holding cities that they captured so they put Jews in charge of them. They kept that function for 800 years and bled the country dry.

          It seems that history repeats.

        2. History repeats because these brain-dead parasite psychopaths are not able to come up with anything different to rule the masses! History repeats itself because the same tricks keep working on the masses through ages of time! History repeats itself because history is taught to history students by the history creators! Culture (such as Heavy Metal, Rap, Hippies, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Leave it to Beaver… are all created by the same group of people!

        3. Actually, Miles Mathis has a recent essay that is pretty good:


          As some of you know, I’m not generally as big a fan of his as he is. With a few errors and a couple of misconceptions, it is a good essay, however.

          No matter what I study, or where I look, the usual suspects are always there. I ran across this while looking for material for something on the Inquisition. Few things are more improperly taught. As luck would have it, his essay ties into what I knew about the reason for the Inquisition very nicely, although that wasn’t his principle focus.

          I’ve been talking about John Dees (wonder if he’s related to Morris?), Francis Bacon and Cromwell for years. He does a nice job with showing the timing of all these “coincidences”.

          So, by ignoring the fact that he’s his own biggest fan, a lot can be learned from his work.

    1. Thanks for these. Never saw them before. What interests me is the old man carrying something away into a store. Is there video of this?
      Just visited Boston and realized my hotel was a block away so we walked over. The sidewalk looks messed up in front of the two stores still… which I was surprised about. You can tell where the bomb went off but everything else appears to be fixed.

  11. Washington state Murder 1 suspect has connection to gang stalking:

    “Reichow told police he had been hanging out with Maulding earlier in the day. They had been picked up by another friend, Anne Tanninen, from Maulding’s house and went to a storage unit that Tanninen rented. He said they were inside the storage space when Tanninen received a “strange” phone call from someone talking about a drug deal, court documents said. Reichow said Tanninen told them she was being “gang stalked,” the affidavit stated. Gang stalking can include being harassed by an organized group of people.”


  12. Correction: Nevada Murder 1 suspect who allegedly bludgeoned victim to death with a metal bat stated he was a “gang stalking” victim for 6 years:

    “Reichow, Maulding and Tanninen drove to a storage facility that Tanninen rented. According to documents, the three were hanging out inside the facility when Tanninen received a strange phone call from somebody talking about a drug deal. Tanninen then told Reichow and Maulding that she was being “gang stalked.” Reichow told police he then told Tanninen that he had been stalked and harassed for the last six years.”


    1. Awesome. Its about time. I’ve wanted a RFID chip for a long time.

      Let me guess. Intel got the contract!

      NOT !!!!

      Weird aside:

      BofA mailed me my New Debit/Visa Card with an RFID chip.

      I go to Chase Bank to get some cash. I quickly put the card in then pull it out as always. The ATM says to put card back in for it is an extra secured card and must remain during transaction. I was OK?

      Then the screen said” Do want to use the Universal Visa or the Debit feature in the USA” Something like that. Crazy.

      We are here.

      Also, the Pope told the UN last year to put together a World Bank to house Carbon Credits and the redistribution of polluting Countries payments to poor countries.

      Lets see how this goes. The next 2 weeks are going to interesting.

      Anyways that’s not why I came here. See new thread

  13. It Is 108 degrees in San Fernando Valley, Commiefornia.

    Global Warming? Climate Change? or SUMMER!!!!

    Ding Ding Ding, you won a New Monza and a baby’s arm holding an apple.

    Some may be too young for that one..Haha

      1. That unusual for being by the coast.

        When I lived in Santa Monica I felt we never really had a summer compared to the Valley.

        If it’s 102 on the coastal areas, maybe I should send a check to Gore or I think the Pope or UN?

  14. So why is Wasserman-Schulz, the DNC chair, trying to repress debate in the democratic primary? Since a main Clinton supporter excoriates her, I’m suspecting the insiders want Sanders to be the nominee. His extreme socialism suits their agenda…


    I follow republican goings on more closely (and there’s more going on there) and it’s clear the insiders want Jeb Bush for nominee. People seem to think Carly Fiorina is being deployed to weaken Trump for Bush’ ultimate gain. For those who might think I view women as all victims, I’ll point out how hypocritical her comments about ‘wrinkles’ was. She’s full of botox! And she’s made incredibly catty remarks about women rivals. Mostly I just find it bizarre that no one points out she has no wrinkles to ‘boast’ of, thanks to cosmetic fillers. Is it worse to call Hillary Clinton ‘tyrannocankles’ or to brag about wrinkles botox erased?

  15. SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT from SkyWatch TV will uncover spectacular evidence of government agencies in collusion with monster corporations involving a cover-up at the highest level. You will learn why YOUR life and health, and that of your children and pets literally hang in the balance.

    Special Investigative Report To Expose Genetic Armageddon

  16. Super Heavy Spraying today here.

    Woke up to a beautiful blue sky and bright yellow sun.

    The sun is orange and sky is just destroyed.

    But no one in the govt. seems to notice…

    1. I walk to work in SF. Yesterday the chemical spraying was lower than I’ve ever seen it. Very alarming. I can’t fathom how these pilots would pollute so blatantly. They must not have children.

    2. I watched that here Friday. When the sun came up the sky was bright blue. Soon there was one plane after another with chemtrails streaming out.

      I timed a couple of them. It was a full hour before a couple of them even dissipated to the point where they turned into “clouds”.

      Within three hours the sky was washed out and hazy. It is not normal for jets to fly over where I work. In fact there is a “no fly” zone immediately above it.

      This is a subject I simply haven’t delved into much. I have read quite a bit about it. I can see it but there are still many technical problems I can’t personally work out about it.

      I get the concept. I’ve actually seen the snow that behaves like plastic. The whole thing makes me feel like a lab rat.

      1. Lophatt
        Chances are the ‘spraying’ is caused by more efficient engines producing smaller particle sizes as well as cooler exhausts.
        The modern highbypass engines are more efficient than older engines in a ratio of perhaps 4. Older engines produced bigger exhaust particles, easier to heat by sunlight and thus vanishing faster.
        If this is true the blue skyes of old are gone not because of chems but due to more longlived contrails. The military uses chems, no doubt about it.
        Jerry E Smith wrote
        “By the mid-1990s all old jets had been upgraded to the new engine configuration and all new planes coming off the assembly line were equipped with the most modern versions. But this new next generation of jet engines had one curious “side effect.” They produced contrails that can persist for more than 24 to 36 hours! Condensation trails from first generation jet engines generally only lasted for about 10 or 20 minutes and then they disappeared.”
        I am fully aware of lots of variants of debunking of what these engines can do and not. But I know that cleaner exhausts producing very small aerosole particles are more effective for condensating water vapour when humidity per se is not enough. And the number of such efficient seeds may grow even if the total weight decreases so I consider this a reasonable hypothesis as well as a plausible reason for cover up.
        If correct it doesnt necessarily mean there is a cooling of the climate although during the daytime that ought to be the case. 9/11 gave opportunity to study it quantitatively and apparently there was a small net warming by the contrails since during the night those contrails would inhibit outgoing ir.

        1. If what you say is true, Peter, every day the sky would look like it does on the worst chemtrails-painting day. Because airlines run on a schedule. But this is not the case. Sometimes, around here, it’s every Wednesday morning, for months. Sometimes it’s every day for months. Sometimes, it is not at all, for months.

          Furthermore, the planes crisscross the sky, going in directions no air traffic goes.

          Finally, we have video of planes spraying, then not spraying, then turning it on again. They did not turn off the engines.

          It is clearly the case that it has nothing to do with engine exhaust, or condensation of water atoms.

        2. Pat,
          Exactly Correct.

          Also the Flight Patterns are different than Commercial Flights AND these “chem-Trails” are Much lower than the 32 thousand feet needed to create a Con-Trail . I know that varies but not This much.

          The trails they leave, some long, some short, are inconsistent with any kind of Weather phenomenon which has been the “Cover Story” for the last 8 years or so I’ve been aware of this.

          They Are Spraying period.

        3. I have to chime in here, too.

          I don’t remember ever seeing “contrails” that remained for 15 or 20 minutes. Seconds, maybe, but not minutes. I saw sky-writing of different varieties (why don’t we see much of that anymore?), but even that never lasted 15 or 20 minutes…more like 3-10 minutes.

          Like Ric said, I see “chemtrails” (for lack of a better word) at varying altitudes; not all are way up high (40000+/ft). I’m right on the coast, between LAX and John Wayne Airport, and near Long Beach Airport. Most of the normal flights I see are coming in or taking off…if high altitudes are required for these artificial “clouds”, my area should have less if these clouds, not more (even considering the fly-overs). And yet…

          I’ve never been able to find the sprayers on FlightTracker, either, though I can generally find non-spraying aircraft. Don’t the sprayers have transponders?

          I don’t think passenger airlines are spraying; I think they’re military jets or Fed Ex-type planes.

          How do they figure, anyway, that the newest engines are most “efficient” if they leave “cloud” pollution? As if increased cloud cover won’t have any “unintended” consequences. And these “clouds” don’t look anything like what clouds used to look like: long, stringy, ropy-looking; cotton-candy-ish. Halos around the sun. Iridescent…and NOT like a natural prism or rainbow.

        4. Great Point Recynd:
          “I’ve never been able to find the sprayers on FlightTracker”.
          It’s true, none of the planes show up. I’ve tried it and it’s true.

          They are Govt. planes using different flight patterns. Maybe avoiding Commercial paths? Who knows.

        5. Only Recynd77 was attentive to what I said: the military (or more appropriately non-traffic airliners) DO spray, but it is unusual in my location.
          Exceptionally I have seen suspicious patterns without any airplane and I wondered whether they occasionally are using small drones just to confuse people. One drone covering a part of the sky in a netshaped pattern. I dont think nature made it anyway.
          But I am convinced that traffic airliner contrails are just like Jerry E put it, they last for much longer time than in the 70s-80s. Thats the bulk of what I see. And I have speculated that it might have to do with smaller particle sizes in newer engines so Jerry’s mentioning of the bigger particles absorbing more sunlight gave me more reason to stick to that idea.
          The absorption falls of as size raised to 4 for subwavelength particles.
          (and the ice crystals sublimating on those seeds have low absorption)
          According to my recollection from the 70s-80s and maybe even somewhat later, the contrails lasted a shorter time than 20 minutes, yes I think I agree with Recynd about that. I remember they dissolved before even the emitting airplane was gone.

        6. Peter: If, in fact, newer engines DO produce these micro-fine particles that like to linger, that would certainly give them some plausible deniability, wouldn’t it?

          Lucky you, if you don’t get many chemtrails…we here in Southern CA are choking on them.

        7. Peter, et al, this is precisely what I’m trying to say. I understand your suggestion. It’s a good one. So are Recynd and Patricks comments.

          I know that many are passionate about this topic. I am not rejecting it, I just have problems with elements of it.

          We’ve all seen pictures of WWII reciprocal engine aircraft with contrails snaking out of them on missions over Europe. Those planes are no where near 30,000 ft..

          I have seen pictures of aircraft purported to be set up as spray planes. I have heard the arguments about adding additives to the fuel.

          For every explanation there are more questions. I have seen the crosshatch patterns as well. I know the commercial routes and patterns in my area. They do not account for the patterns.

          Not only would us earthbound observers be seeing this, other pilots would as well. Are they all in on the big secret? Do some of them have families as well?

          I am not suggesting that it isn’t happening. I have eyes too. I just can’t escape the feeling that we are all missing something important here.

          As Patrick says, if it was in the fuel how does one account for the apparent on again, off again spray patterns? Wouldn’t the pilots ask what was going on?

          I don’t have answers to these questions that make sense to me. This would be a tremendously expensive operation. Still, I DO see the patterns and I do see the trails in areas where commercial traffic never goes.

          Lastly, last winter we had some of the magic snow. It forms a crust that doesn’t melt. It isn’t frozen water. I don’t know what it is.

          To add to the confusion there are sites that say insane things. As Peter intelligently points out, particle size and atmospheric conditions dictate whether contrails form or not and how long they persist.

          There are some who claim that the new high bypass engines CAN’T produce contrails. That’s nonsense. It may be a convenient statement for selling a position, but it is not physically true.

          So, does anyone have good, solid, realistic information on this? I’m not close minded on it, I just haven’t seen anything so far that puts it all together in a way where I can say, “aha!”.

        8. I have all the same questions as you do.

          Unlike most, I am not convinced that this is a weather control operation; I suspect more of a military-communications applications (but I could easily be wrong). I think chemtrails are linked to the Star Wars developments of the 1980s…but again, I have no proof, only suspicions. There seems to be ties to Monsanto as well.

          The refusal of those in charge to discuss what we see in the sky, plus the vitriolic counter-attacks to those who point them out are the most telling behaviors that something is going on. Well, that, and what I see with my own eyes. Photos can be doctored, but not visible phenomenon.

          Other pilots DO see the chemtrails, but write them off as natural (at least those I know). I bet THEIR planes aren’t doing that.

          I do know that I’m NOT crazy, nor am I a fool, and I see the planes spraying.

        9. Recynd, I know that they block the military flights. As I said, where I work has a “no fly zone” over it. When military planes come over a friend and I have tried to track them via I-Phone. The commercial planes are there, not the military ones.

          So, if it is military planes doing the spraying, or others under contract, they could easily block them. The transponder data is what the trackers use.

        10. Just to add to what Peter said about duration, I remember being a kid in the 1950’s (I know, I’m old)! I remember watching contrails and seeing them dissipate in minutes, maybe seconds. Often they weren’t very long as they dissipated so quickly that they didn’t form long strings.

          I have memories of bright blue skies. Now, how much of that is simply a product of childhood, I don’t know. It does seem that everything up there is “washed out” now.

          When there is a bright blue sky it is striking.

  17. FOX news used to do journalism? Who knew.

    This recently uploaded video contains more buried info about our number one enemy, I mean friend, I mean, well, it’s a “special” relationship, isn’t it?

    Part 4 of this banned 2001 series is especially interesting as it details a major drug and wire fraud investigation in Los Angeles in 1997 that was subverted by Israeli companies/organized crime when they gave surveillance capabilities to the drug/money cartel so they could spy on the investigations against them by the FBI, DEA and INS.

    This comment below comes from a poster in another forum who uploaded this FOX news series:

    “Carl Cameron’s BANNED 2001 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911 RESCUED!

    “Key points:

    “1. After 911, Israeli companies tipped off perpetrators of 911 to when the FBI, CIA an other American intelligence was onto them, so they could immediately change their identities and prevent the investigations from proceeding. Additionally, once the investigations started, the perpetrators were given the ability to wire tap all of the investigator’s phones and other communications via Israeli owned companies and spy infrastructure, to totally circumvent capture. If this does not by itself prove Israel did 911, I do not know what possibly could.

    “2. Israeli companies tip off Israeli drug dealers to when American investigation efforts have pinned them down, and like the perpetrators of 911, the Israelis then provide even drug dealers with wire taps on the investigators in pursuit of them, to help them completely evade capture.

    “This Fox News report is SO DAMNING I wonder if Carl Cameron is even alive. This series was shut down 8 out of 12 segments early, because it NAILED THE TRUTH. Much can be extrapolated from even these 4 segments, they prove Israel is America’s ENEMY NUMBER ONE, ARCHIVE AND POST!”


    1. I’ve seen this before,

      Our Govt. said the political fallout would be so bad being since 1968 we granted Israeli’s dual citizenship and allowed them to infiltrate all facets of our Govt. we must let them finish us off….

  18. Anyways, I just want to say Goodbye to all of you. It’s been Fun.

    As you all know Tomorrow the Asteroid is hitting.

    O’Islam and the Pope announce they are the Beast and False Prophet respectively.

    What else… Oh, the 7th Jubilee, 70th year of UN and Financial calamity as in 2000 and 2008.

    Some have said the Financial thing could be next year…

    I said this a few months ago, if we are all still breathing Oct. 1st, lets have a glass of wine on Skype !!

  19. it saddens me, NO it down right pis$es me off.

    I can’t have a real time conversation here because of some kind of moderation algorithm or some snot nose little kids working for wordpress..


  20. I am 100% convinced our Govt. is behind all these internet scares of earthquakes, Asteroids, Tsunami’s.

    Remember at the end of October 2012 right before the Presidential election NBC (if I recall) displayed a Graphic showing O’Bum winning re-election in a landslide?

    The earthquake scare that all news agencies were reporting was coming for sure on the west coast last July and then CNN’s banner on July 10th claiming a 9.0 quake had just hit San Francisco.

    Then all the talk of an Asteroid hitting the east coast on the 23rd of this month of September only to “accidentally” issue a Tsunami warning to the East Coast!



  21. Have any of you listened to this interview Professor Doom did with the woman from the VA TV shooting who woke up with swat pointing guns at her?

    This is long but worth every min.

    They (cops) were there just to plant the story in her mind so she would sell it to tell world.

    She was interviewed tons of media from all over the world.

    She now knows it was all fake.

    The shooting happened at 6:47am. She was Swatted ….6:47am….Staged.


    1. Ric, thanks.

      Poor woman. Obviously traumatized by the whole event, especially waking up with a gun to her head.

      Among her most appalling observations:

      Several law enforcement agencies in full regalia were at her house at the same time the shooting took place.
      As a pretext to invade her house, law enforcement planted shoes and cigarettes under her deck that they claimed belonged to the suspect, evidence which forensics failed to collect for days, even after they removed the crime scene tape from the property.
      The person that SWAT asked her to identify as the suspect from a cell phone image that morning was WHITE.

      I think it’s loathsome that intelligence services use intimidation against vulnerable people like this woman who exist in marginal social spaces, in order to further their false flag perfidy against the rest of us.

      1. I realize now that I just made it sound like I’m not one of the people who could be said to exist in a marginal social space. To be clear, I do not make this claim, lol. In fact, I’m sure I could be made to look as bad as Professor Doom made this woman look before he got his “exclusive interview.”

        1. Yeah, amazing.

          I think these two are gonna need protection, but I don’t know how that can be accomplished. Go on the run?

        2. Your right, these two are gonna need protection.

          I don’t know if they should get a good lawyer or talk to their Heath Provider.

          That was a Foul?

          I blame Dub.

        3. Ric
          I think you should not write this off concerning some of some of my apocalyptic theories, just saying. Folker should let this sink in also! I am kidding, I am kidding! 🙂

          Think about this Ric! 🙂

          You are the best, Dublinsmick!

          Hello Dublinmick….I would have to say you are the Indiana Jones of the Internet …..you are a master of linking blocks of knowledge, that a professor of cultural anthropology would be proud to hang his hat on!

          So Good to see you back Dubs 🙂
          I’ve had a break too. we need that, hey 🙂
          loving your work..and you help open possibilities with the way you portray and explore other hidden elements to what we as humanity are facing, via your interpretation and understandings of history and mythology.
          Thank You.
          Cheers A13

          I am SO happy I found your wordpress account. You have the best articles ever. You’ve researched everything I’m interested in and compiled it all for easy reading. You are the best 🙂 Thank you for the work you do!!!!!!

          Dublinmick, your deep intellectual insight on many subjects, I find very encouraging.

        4. Yes Dub,
          I’ve read many of your articles for the record.

          The Romania cave discovery is something everyone should look in to.

          Also the underwater and land Pyramids discovered in Crimea….

    2. It seems to me that they were there to plant the idea of the shooting and to keep them from seeing what was actually going on.

      Same with the marina guy. How would they know to be there in the first place? How do you get FBI, SWAT, Military, local and state cops at one place at 6:30 A.M. unless its a drill?

      They looked up her record and knew they could intimidate her. They even did the “men in black” routine. “We weren’t here. You are not to talk”.

      This type of witness is very believable. She has her problems, but she’s real. I wouldn’t worry about the minor details.

      This is the same thing they did at the Pentagon. There were agents strategically placed to talk to people. “Did you see the plane. It was an airliner”. A lot of people want to belong so badly they’ll agree to anything.

      In this case they wanted her to say she heard shots. “You can’t go out there because they’re washing blood off the walkway and it’s running down the windows”?

      These are the sort of recordings that are useful. There were some in Aurora similar to this. Real people talking about what they saw.

      I’m wondering about all this press that showed up at her door. I hope nothing happens to her.

  22. 9/11 and Global Warming: Are They Both False Conspiracy Theories?
    Posted on September 22, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog
    By David Ray Griffin. Originally published at Information Clearinghouse.


    At the above link, David Ray Griffin has written an essay comparing 9/11 and Global warming, asking if skepticism to each subject can be equated. In other words, are 9/11 truth and climate change denial analogous?

    Griffin says no, and that the difference is in who benefits. Skepticism towards the government’s narrative of 9/11 is warranted because the government is accused by skeptics of being behind the attacks, and would therefore benefit from a cover story.

    But climate scientists, Griffin argues, do not benefit from concurring with the climate change consensus, therefore skepticism against them is not warranted.

    In corollary, Griffin says the fact that “fossil” fuel companies have funded climate change denial activities, and would benefit from having the onus taken off their product, is proof that climate denial is unwarranted.

    Though Griffin’s essay is long and more elegantly argued than my distillation of it here, it seems to ignore many issues.

    For one, climate scientists almost certainly maintain career position, including funding, by concurring with the prevailing consensus.

    As for the oil companies, corporate propaganda will lie to anyone at any time and should not be counted on as a talisman for or against any truth. It specializes in lying with the truth.

    But these criticisms are trivial compared to the Griffin’s omission of the carbon tax trading scheme from his “who benefits” analysis. Does he not see that the drive toward the commodification of carbon, and by extension all natural resources, will be a “benefit” that will dwarf even the legendary profits of the “fossil” fuel industry?

    Another monumental slip in this essay by Griffin is his failure to mention geoengineering. How can any pronouncements about the climate be made that ignore the constant manipulation of the weather, the effects of which are continually equated with climate change?

    Instead of parsing belief and non-belief from a circumscribed premise, David Ray Griffin would do better to look for “who benefits” from the egregious practice of geoengineering.

      1. Mick,
        I checked out the page at your blog that you linked to – lot of material there!

        As I went through it, I was struck by two points: methane as more dangerous than CO2, and the geoengineers creating chaos that obfuscates the multiple tipping points created by warming.

        Of course, I respect Dr. Griffin more than I demonstrated in my comment above; I just think the climate change/denial dialectic is a distraction to suck energy away from geoengineering resistance.

        Plus it plays into the carbon credit trading scheme a lot “traders” are salivating over.

        1. And Toni, there are so man trolls and disinfo experts on the net these days, I tend to go overboard with the “dagger to the heart” so to speak!

          When you block it all together, it saves a lot of debate. The Russian scientist I quoted is well worth listening too. He thinks heating is coming from the solar system itself and the inner core of the planets. It all has nothing to do with carbon emissions which many feel is actually a coolant.

    1. So Griffin is a Turn Coat?

      This statement is pure propaganda.

      “As I have documented in a 2015 book, the denialist movement was formed and financed by the fossil-fuel industry, and the doubt it created has been used to delay legislation to restrict the use of fossil fuels”


      As Toni pointed out, Big Oil is ALL in on the Carbon Trading Casino Wall Street is building. .

      Trillions of “Free” dollars based on a Naturally occurring substance. C02.

      1. I have never trusted this guy. I have appreciated his contributions, and his sober tone has been instinctively felt to be a point in our favor. But dig deeper, and it’s not so comforting. He is selling something, the way I sniff it.

        I don’t know what it is, but I find his theology very problematic–and his prominence is largely due to his position, which is a theologian.

        You can blame me for this as a position from which to counter an argument about a public–hat is civic–pageant. But you really can’t, in the end. It’s what he is. The guy’s bona fides are his theological stature. And he stands upon (in my opinion) wrong theology–which I won’t go into, here, as this is not a theological venue.

        Look: Griffin has done great work, in proving that the official story of 9/11 can’t be true. But he refuses to carry the ball into the end zone.


        I can’t know. But smart as he is, and accomplished, his specialty–theology–is flawed in what I consider obvious ways. Why are they not obvious to him? Again, I can’t know.

        What am I saying? We conspiracy analyzers have an inherent difficulty that can never be overcome. The people who appear to be on our side can never be entirely trusted.

        A long time ago, here at MHB, a hard-Left wacko was fighting against me alongside folkieMark about something no one would care to revisit–although it had to be dealt with at the time. In the moment, I acknowledged that, horrifying as it is, people like Stalin and Castro can only stop CIA infiltration by the kinds of purges they employed.

        I don’t like to acknowledge that.

        But it’s true.

        The people who are crafting a world government can’t be stopped. And the only people who have hindered them, even a little, are just as evil–but they were motivated by stopping the New World Order’s advance, and keeping their countries outside of that emerging system. Of course, if you have grown up in the United States, life has been too pleasant to see that there is any reason the Dulles brothers should never have been allowed to do what they did to all those other countries, much less murder anyone who seemed to be a Dulles plant in their midst, which people like Stalin and Castro did.

        Me, freedom-oriented as I am, I have to side with Stalin and Castro here. Truth be told, I wish both Dulles brothers were hanged in public, and that the public cheered. Leave those little countries be, and to Hell with United Fruit Company!, should have been the call.

        Thus can sort-of libertarians sound like Leninists.

    1. How ridiculous that the parents want to shut down the school for muslim holidays when they could just use a religious exemption on those days like everyone else, and the school could stay open.

      Not that I’m advocating school for children. I’m not.

    1. Is that to be my fait? Eternally reviewing bad books like another circle of Dante’s Hell?

      Who knows, I may do it. I can ask her for her measurements. After all, how am I to calculate the available space in that bathroom without them?

      Those donation dollars can’t be drying up already. I suppose she’s young and you gotta make hay…. .

      This sounds like one of those “inspirational” things like Hilary’s courage under sniper fire. I’m sure that with the proper counseling and drugs, lots of drugs, she is able to cope with her notoriety and the premature demise of her acting career.

      Let me think about it. Reading too much fiction based on manufactured reality makes me want to take up “Dance, Dance Revolution” myself.

        1. Anne, her measurements are obviated by her lousy posture.

          I, for one, do not believe she could have stood up straight enough to get all 27 kids in that bathroom with her.

        2. Toni – reportedly she had 15 students in the bathroom with her and had time to haul a bookcase into the same bathroom to block the door from the inside. Picture one large size adult, 15 children of presumably the same size and a bookcase all in a small bathroom. According to this heroine one kid had to stand on the toilet paper holder. Must have been a strong one to hold up a kid. Fiction at its best.

          Her lousy posture did not prevent her from being named Glamour’s 2013 one of the women of the year.


          Perhaps the bad posture is the result of hauling that bookcase into the bathroom all by herself with a battlefield (her words) in close proximity.

        3. She’s quite a polished speaker, isn’t she? I’ve known folks with years of Toastmasters under their belts who don’t speak so well.

          I wonder, too, if she wrote her own speech.

        4. Just an average young mother, I’m sure. It’s sure a lucky break for them that she’s so photogenic.

          She’s clever too. She figured out how to block a bathroom door that opens outward with a bookcase placed on the inside. Must have been a physics major.

          It’s not that unusual for women to be cast in heroic roles. Of course, most are actresses, not simple teachers. So its so very fortunate for them that she has these talents.

          Newtown is simply loaded with overachievers. To think that had this “tragedy” never happened she might never have had the opportunity to blossom into a star.

          We have a case of borderline hagiography here. She’s becoming more popular than Justin Beiber or the Kardashians. Had she been endowed like Kim it is likely she would have had more difficulties cramming that many children into an impossible small room.

          I admit that my amazement stems not from the fact that she spins this yarn, it comes from my dismay that people could actually believe such a story. It’s right up there with autopsies in the parking lot.

          Is there some form of mass hypnosis or pixie dust at work here? Suspending the laws of physics is difficult enough. Getting masses of people to subscribe to impossible tales is quite another.

          By the way, that picture of her on the lawn with the kids could be copyrighted by Disney. All it needs are singing birds and a few fairies hovering round her noggin.

        5. You know what’s eerily spooky about the Glamour photo? Take a close look; none of those kids are focusing on anything physical. They’re each staring at a different point in space. They don’t even look like they’re in the same room together.

        6. Toni, yeah, that’s what happens when you fire up “Photoshop” and plug them in. It’s like “Game of Thrones”. They create a “reality” then the “heroes” to go with it.

          Now one of the imaginary heroes is writing a book. She delivered quite a dramatic performance in her interview about her heroic rescue of the children. She has acting talent, no doubt about it.

          Who knows, at the rate they’re going with these hoaxes they may develop a whole new theater opportunity for these aspiring actors. It could be something like “Summer stock”.

          I couldn’t help but notice the references to “Up With People” early on in the production. I’m fairly sure at least some of these bit players have been in other productions together.

          We’ve already seen examples of some of these clowns being in multiple “tragedies” already. Others are like Carlos, fresh from his gig of burning up government vehicles.

          The “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” picture is clearly faked. That’s deliberate. When modeling realities it is a good idea to use lots of impossible imagery. It gets the unobservant used to seeing implausible things as “normal”.

        7. I’ll give it a read Mick. Thanks. I like that sort of stuff. Our ancestors understood vibration better than we do. They were more observant too.

          I’m sure you can as Ric what happens when dissonance runs wild. Just like feedback, there’s a big difference between warm sustain and shrieking howl.

          One of the reasons that music can bring intense emotion is that it communicates on a vibrational level. There is much more out there, and in here, than we are aware of. The goal isn’t toys, its harmony.

        8. That Pic makes me sick and is a fraud. So these are really the kids in the bathroom stacked up one another? Really.

          More Bull but “they” own the Media. That is our only hope. Not fight them but the Media. Their weakest link…

      1. Lophatt I recommend PH.D. Paul A. LaVoilette

        Try his books, they are dynamite, I offer a money back guarantee!!

        I am getting ready to reblog this. He has a youtube on the site with the OM sound, the cosmic generator which someone has reproduced and enhanced apparently with machinery. As we said in the sixties, this is heavy! But is why monks chant OM, they want to draw more of that vibration. It is a bit like listening to a sea shell when you put it to your ear. There is something out there, or in here or everywhere!


        “According to subquantum kinetics, the transmuting ether is the wellspring of Creation. It continually regenerates and maintains the physical universe every moment. If this continual activity were to diminish from its present rate, your physical body, your house, the Earth, the Sun, the countless planets and stars filling the vast expanse of space, in fact, all the subatomic particles and energy waves composing our physical universe would gradually dissipate, disolving into a state of uniformity. What would remain would be the vast and unfathomable, ever-present multi-dimensional consciousness, of which we all are a part, and whose featureless calm “surface” would have once generated our beautiful physical universe. But our physical universe has remained in existence for many trillions of years and any such dissolution is not expected for many trillions of years to come. A similar paradigm is expressed in the Hindu creation story of Vishnu and Brahma (see Genesis of the Cosmos, chapter 6).”

  23. On the 28th Monday, Same day of thee Big UN Event with the Pope, and the Blood moon Eclipse,

    NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved…


    (Nature Geoscience has Embargoed Details until 11 a.m. EDT Sept. 28)

    NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Monday, Sept. 28 at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The event will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

    WTF !!!!

  24. Just a side note.

    I want to see the Super Moon, Eclipse and Blood Moon here tonight in So. Cal at 7:11 pm.

    Problem: My Little Sprayer friends, who don’t exist, are STILL spraying to block the sky at 6:28 pm PST.

    All Day……..Ya got love ’em

    Just following orders and have families to feed…..??

    They must not live here….

  25. I think we are here. You are Never going to get the President of the USA and the Pope to Ever align this close again in your lifetime.

    We all know all what King O’ has said since he gained power in the Senate and until now.
    It has been astounding all the things he has openly stated against Christianity. If you don’t know it will scare you when you look.

    Now, this Pope has said so many things in the last 2 years it numbs the mind to even hear this.

    This statement on 9/24/15 is the last clue. He defies everything He stands for..( we know)

    So, there is Two…We are just waiting for the Third now..

    I don’t want to debate all the silly idea’s some have about the end times.

    I won’t quote to show you my point. Each journey is personal.

    I’m just saying Look. Once in a lifetime….Have you ever seen anything like this?

    The Pope said this Wed.:

    “The cross shows us a different way of measuring success. Ours is to plant the seeds. God sees to the fruits of our labors. And if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross.”

    I did’nt want to post this but I did.

    Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross.”


  26. “A truth that’s told with bad intent
    Beats all the lies you can invent.”

    William Blake’ aphorism should be memorized by every child.

    And bring back the “sticks and stones” rhyme, too. Enough with “word victimization.”

  27. Wierdness meter gets pegged again. Today in Montrose, CO an emergency preparedness drill was conducted in River Bottom Park. You could help out, according to the radio announcer, by driving down there and getting a free flu shot. You don’t even have to get out of the car says the announcer. This flu shot garbage is on full court press. I get hit with offers a couple times a day, including from my employer. I shudder to think what next years campaign may entail. Mandatory flu shot? Do you have proof of your flu shot? Step out of line. Your papers please? You don’t have your flu shot papers? Why not?

    Hey is that a luger in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? I didn’t bring enough gum for everyone either.

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