Source: Eva Bartlett

On the eve of a potential vote in the United Nations to formally recognize Palestine we speak with freelance journalist and Palestinian rights activist Eva Bartlett. Bartlett lived in the Gaza Strip for three years between 2008 and 2013. She was also aboard the Dignity, one of five Free Gaza missions to successfully sail to the Strip in 2008.

Bartlett accompanied Palestinians in ambulances during the 2008/2009 Israeli attacks on Gaza, and documented Israel’s violent November 2012 campaign against Palestine from a central Gaza hospital. Bartlett has worked extensively with Gaza’s fishermen and farmers, accompanying them as they come under fire from the Israeli army.

Bartlett speaks to a Syrian Christian from the old city of Homs who survived the mercenaries’ presence there. Source: Eva Bartlett

More recently Bartlett has traveled to Syria to document that country’s “civil war” and human rights abuses being meted out against Syrians by US-trained and funded paramilitary terrorist groups.

Additional information and writings are available at her blog, In Gaza.



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29 thought on “Witnessing Atrocity”
  1. Thank you, James, for an important and enlightening interview of Eva. And Eva, thank you for your courage to witness the happenings in Syria and to share what you have witnessed with us. God Bless.

  2. It’s nice to have a cause and Eva is a wonderful person but she ignores the problem with violence toward women in Palestine. The culture is inherently violent just like another country, Egypt, where the rape or beating rate against women is off the charts – 74%. You cannot blame Israel for the problem that is widespread in the Middle East. Honor killings are also way up. Here’s Al Jaeera’s article on the upswing-


    1. Hamas rules Gaza. Hamas is a branch of the Moslem Brotherhood, which is Islam pure and true, and directly from Egypt, which Marzi correctly describes. The Moslem Brotherhood temporarily ruled Egypt, as we all remember, almost ruining it. That’s what Hamas has done to the people of Gaza. Ruin. Sioux gets that part exactly right.

      Now, that’s not to say that Egypt, ruled by non-Moslem Brotherhood Moslems, is a fine place for women to live. After all, 90% of girls born in Egypt, no matter who is ruling the place, have their genitals sliced off–so they can never enjoy sex (the other 10% are Egypt’s only Christians–the Copts).

      There is a word in English to describe people like Miss Bartlett: arabists. These are delusional thinkers who go to Arab countries with rose colored glasses permanently affixed to their interpretive powers, seeing the “noble savage” no mater how atrocious the evidence before them actually is. Since Israel came to be, arabists instinctively join the chorus that it’s all the Jews’ fault. But they were just as irrational in the centuries before. Islamic countries have always been horrible, because Islam is toxic. It is a prison-camp for souls.

      Miss Bartlett is typical of the dilettantes of the West, self-loathing in terms of the civilization she hails from, and happy to be a delusional useful idiot, a propaganda tool.

      Why was Israel forced to invade Gaza last year? Because Hamas was launching thousands of rockets into Israeli towns, and had used hundreds of millions of dollars, donated by the brain-dead West for humanitarian aid, to build more than a dozen high-tech tunnels, 100 feet below the ground, deep into Israeli cities–Hamas was poised to launch a coordinated, savage, terrorist war.

      Atrocities? Who was responsible for what the press happily showed the world? Hamas, not Israel. Miss Bartlett is curiously silent about that. Is she merely deluded, or a liar? Hamas launched its rockets and hid its armory in civilian neighborhoods, hospitals and other places guaranteed to bring about civilian casualties. They used their civilian population as human shields.

      Israel know this, so attempted to minimize the sad consequences of defending itself. They dropped leaflets urging Hamas’ hapless victims to flee, before the ammo dumps (hospitals, apartment buildings, schools) were taken out. How did Hamas respond? By forcing fleeing innocents back into their homes, at gun point. They WANTED photogenic slaughter of the citizens under their tyrannical control.

      I’d like to ask Miss Bartlett if she wishes Israel had preferred swarms of enraged terrorists to burst up through the floorboards of Israeli houses in the planned invasion through the tunnels, and the murder of thousands of innocent Israelis? I’m sorry James didn’t ask that question.

      I also wished he asked her how she can sleep at night, knowing that by using the people of Gaza as human shields, it is Hamas, not Israel, who killed those hapless Arabs. The title of James’ post is “Witnessing Atrocity”; it would be better if he told the true story, and called it “Witnessing Hamas’ Multitudinous Atrocities.” Very disappointing.

      Maybe it would have awakened her conscience to have to answer such questions.

      It is true that most of the interview was about her experience in Syria, and that material was not factually, or philosophically, wrong, but like all good arabists of the pampered class who does not have to groan under the nightmare that is Islam–she simply jets back home to Canada, where everything of the benighted lands she toured is theoretical–she just HAD to snidely slip in lies about Israel, poisoning what might have been useful observations.

      Don’t get me wrong. As I have written here many times, I am fully aware that the crafters of the New World Order are destroying the Magreb and the Levant, intentionally, driving millions of people to utter desperation. She’s right about that. But when she says that ISIS (she uses an arcane synonym that only insider arabists do) suspiciously don’t attack Israel, that’s as nutty as saying that ISIS is not “practicing Islam,” which she also does–to howls of laughter from everyone who has actually read the Koran and the Hadith, and knows the horror-show that is Moslem history.

      ISIS does not attack Israel, because it is out in the open, and Israel could crush it like a bug. But anyway, with Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO and Iran’s endlessly deep pockets already working full time to destroy what arabist Bartlett can almost not bring herself to name, why need ISIS divert its attention from the essential job of eliminating all traces of the “time of ignorance” (i.e. the world as it was before Mohammed became demon possessed, and channelled Allah)?

      At about 14 minutes before the end of the interview, in response to a prompting of James’ about Israel complaining about the UN calling it a “major violator of human rights in Gaza,” she rands about “Israel’s genocidal criminality,” saying that “since 2006 they’ve waged war after war on the imprisoned population of Gaza.” She says that in 2008/9 she saw it first hand, 23 days of relentless bombing.

      Why did not James Tracy stop her right there, and ask about the MONTHS of relentless bombing of Israel, by Hamas, that caused Israel to very reluctantly invade Hamasistan to stop the atrocities? Why did he not ask her how deeply she feels about the mortally wounded, and the permanently shell-shocked IN ISRAEL?

      Hamas are monsters. Israel has had to endure their relentless atrocities. This interview was unworthy of James Tracy.

      1. Patrick’s support of the racism of apartheid Israel follows his racism against African Americans, Hispanics, and others domestically in the USA. It gains an added intensity because of Patrick’s religious piety, his hatred of Islam. It is important to make an ideological connection between historical American domestic racism, and US racism in its foreign policy. The historical connection was made by Walter Hixson, a diplomatic historian at the U of Ohio in THE MYTH OF AMERICAN DIPLOMACY.

        This is now occurring in Ukraine, and it has been instilled with the coup by a false flag sniper operation. A Canadian scholar has studied the sniper attack which instigated the coup, killing about 70 demonstrators and cops who were on opposite sides, and concluded that it was conducted by coup leaders, not the regime being overthrown as the American media trumpeted. The coup leaders were Nazis supported by Washington, overthrowing a democratically elected regime. The racist violence against Russian speaking Ukrainians by the US-supported Nazis was begun by this false flag sniper attack. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw this article or what the name of the Canadian scholar was.

        The point is that racists like Patrick are racist both domestically in the USA, and in foreign policy, and the false flag operations occur in both places. Unfortunately Americans don’t pay much attention to foreign polcy, but the same issues and operations occur in both places. And the American army, intelligence agencies, and police operate in both places. so linking domestic and foreign relations, and domestic and foreign false flags, can help fight the racists like Patrick, who influences the weaker minded commenters, and begins to build a unified resistance to them in both the US homeland and in other countries.

        1. “Folktruther says:
          September 17, 2015 at 10:20 PM

          Patrick’s support of the racism of apartheid Israel follows his racism against African Americans, Hispanics, and others domestically in the USA. It gains an added intensity because of Patrick’s religious piety, his hatred of Islam.”

          Yawn…………..Whose the racist?

          Are you a “cutter”?

          I need to know what makes your Hate work.

          Race?…Tell us yours

        2. Mark.
          You forgot “American Power” in this Rant.


          Your Boss just wanted me to remind you, The rest of the White People are all racists rant is pretty good…….Yawn

        3. “the racism of apartheid Israel”

          That’s a good one, Mark. A real rib-tickler.

          You might not remember the mass airlift-exodus of black Ethiopian Jews (“Falashas”) Israel undertook a couple decades back. That’s some fine racism, yessiree.

          As for this “apartheid” bit, you are an ignoramus, Mark. You obviously don’t know what “apartheid” was, in the only place it was ever practiced; it was a technique to deny citizenship to the blacks who migrated to white South Africa for mining jobs.

          Israel, on the other hand, has never done any such thing. One million Israeli citizens are Arabs; they have all the rights and privileges that Jewish citizens of Israel have–furthermore, they are the most prosperous, well educated, middle class Arabs anywhere in the region. They are not banished to “homelands,” as the Union of South Africa did to its black immigrants; they can live anywhere they want.

          But you don’t know that, and you don’t care; you just heard a slogan somewhere (probably from that moron Jimmy Carter), and never gave it any critical examination. You’re not all that bright, I accept that, but this kind of thing is not that hard to grasp, Mark. A quick search would easily provide an article or two written on a level you could comprehend.

          And, hey, Ric! Did you notice how the folkiedeciever disputed not one of the specific details I mentioned in the comment he was supposedly “replying” to? Just baseless, asinine, name-calling. Very persuasive, that guy. He really knows how to sell his theory. Very reasoned, thoughtful, dispassionate. Not.

        4. the Canadian scholar is prof Ivan Katchanovski of the U of Ottowa, who gave a paper at the annual meeting of political science in San Francisco in sept. The research conclusions were that the Maiden “Sniper Massacre” was a false flag operation, conducted by the leadership of the opposition to seize power. It was presented in the Ukraine and the
          Western media as conducted by the elected regime that was overthrown.

  3. My understanding is that Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians – land which Israel obtained after being attacked by Egypt, Jordan, Syria in a war no one seems to remember. Sharon returned Gaza with all the infrastructure and businesses in tact uprooting the Israelis living there and making them leave everything to the “Palestinians.” All of it was destroyed. Billions of dollars and euros go the “leadership” of these people, but nothing is ever done to help them. No one in the Arab world really cares about them, they are just a cash cow to feed the War machine. Now Syria, on the other hand, I agree that America is wrong to be involved with overthrowing Assad. Like him or not, life was much more peaceful and productive before our Govt. started gunrunning and feeding the “rebel” murder machine, which is worse than Assad on any given day, unless you like fundamental Islam and all that goes with that lifestyle (especially if you are female).

  4. An excellent example of an attempt to defend the Palestinians from the violence of apartheid Israel. A quarter to a half of the oligarchy of billionaires that own and rule America are neo-Zionists, and they support Israeli imperialism over American imperialism. As do the Republican and some Dem leaders who are paid to support Israeli policy when it conflicts with American policy.

    US-America has been a highly racist country historically, and supporting Israeli apartheid continues its policy of support for South African apartheid. the American people have been condition to support and identify with racist violence, and it is salutary to have a demonstration of courage and basic human decency. Counter examples may not be permitted in the American mainstream media, but they can provided in the alternative media, those that permit it.

    1. No one commented on my comment so I’ll place one on your post which is basically correct, except that Eva is only defending Palestinian men and from what is obvious has done nothing to help the plight of women there or in any other oppressive Middle Eastern country where she finds herself. Someone should champion the women and no one does.

      1. I agree that Muslim women should be defended, although I don’t know Eva’s position on this. The great moral political advantage of Western capitalism is its elevation of the role of women, including the liberation of sexual relations generally. Women have been historically repressed by traditional religion, and are especially so in primitive Islamic societies, but much less so in Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Bathist civil ideologies.

        US imperialism supports Saudi Arabia where women are subject to incredible subjugation, not allowed out of the house themselves or allowed to drive cars. Part of US-America’s operative policies of its Proclaimed promotion of Human Rights.

  5. I never realized until this part of my life (since 9/11) what one lie piled on another can do to bring down a society. The recent story in Texas of a high school engineering geek, freshman, who was handcuffed and charged with bringing a hoax bomb to class, when in reality he brought in a home-made electric clock, is not a one-off. When you read the comments at some posts, his arrest was perfectly natural in a world where common sense has deserted people charged with educating children, people well-paid, well-holidayed, and well-pensioned, who are eager to fulfill any policy the government tells them to fulfill. In Irving, Texas, the female mayor has been on a campaign to stamp out sharia law before it spreads.

    But in the comments you find that it is not only home-made clocks that are dangerous, it is also pressure cookers. See what we learn from these hoaxes?

    Even this arrest may be a set-up to make us more “resilient” in the face of our own paranoia after these fake terror events that have shaped and molded our pathetic society since 9/11. It may be real or it may be fake, but the ultimate thing it does is to hold a mirror up to the public and show just how gullible it is, just how impractical and passive and believing, just how it is easily led by nose.

    I live in Boston, where a female (black) MIT student who wore an LED device on her jacket at Christmas, with blinking lights, was arrested picking up a friend at the airport. But law enforcement can never be shown to have made a big fat mistake, and this one went all the way up to the prosecutor, liberal Martha Coakley (sometime gubernatorial and senatorial Democratic candidate), who nevertheless charged the student with bringing a “hoax device” into the airport.

    In both these cases, the arrestees far over-estimated the intelligence of their fellow human beings.

    What is especially galling to me about these cases, is that they are based on a big lie and lots of little ones that just keep growing like mold in cheese.

    1. Yeah, to be dependent is to be childlike. Just like children, many believe that by tattling on others or joining in with the “kool kidz” they are the objects of affection from their masters.

      I think it goes beyond fear. I think most simply do these idiotic things because they think it will garner praise. Very few, indeed, consider the implications. They do not want to be the one who “stands out”, or appears to swim against the current.

      That is how the many are controlled by the few.

    1. He is a fraud.

      That said, he’s probably right. Hamas, after all, is running the place; the brain-dead West hands over hundreds of millions of dollars to the monsters, imagining them in their phantasmagorical dreams to be human beings, and they use the money to hire North Korean engineers to design tunnels into Israel. Israel allows in a certain amount of concrete, for humanitarian uses, and that concrete is made into pre-fab slabs that line the tunnels. The people get zip.

      The question, in this context, is not whether the reprehensible scumbag Tutu is a shill for the New World Order. It why he hates the Arabs (otherwise he wouldn’t be running interference for Hamas–he is, after all, supposedly a man of God).

      The point is that the Arabs of Gaza are brainwashed by a purely evil ideology (Islam) and have actually voted for the worst oppressors they could possibly find: Hamas. Because, for the most part, the Koran and the Hadith tell them to hate the Jews. If Tutu had Christian compassion for them, he’d advocate sending an army of missionaries to Gaza, carrying dozens of Bibles (in Arabic), and rescue them from the prison-camp of souls they were born into.

      But that does not enter his mind. Wonder why.

        1. I’d say that he’s deluded and foolish–not in his wish to express his Indian half, and care for his adopted homeland, of course. Whatever floats his boat. No, it’s his asinine blindness about Gaza, and his worship of a demon-god that muddles up the good things he stands for. He’s kind of a typical Lefty in that way; an idealist who misdirects his idealism in foolish ways, fervently believing lies and just making things worse for the people he thinks his activism would help.

          Israel gave Gaza to the Arabs who live there many years ago; it drove out all the Jewish settlers there, who were forced to abandon their houses and businesses. It became Judenrein (as would be, we are assured, any “state” the Arabs of the West Bank are clambering to set up).

          They could have made peace with Israel, and prospered. If they were not Moslems, and wished to flourish, they could have created Singapore-on-the-Med if they wanted, and Israel would have helped them build it.

          Instead, they elected their jailers: Hamas, and created for themselves Somalia-on-the-Med.

          Hamas hates the people it rules–which is why it is second nature for Hamas to use them as human shields once they have provoked Israel a little too much and Isreal is forced to invade to stop the missile barrages.

          Islam makes them stupid like that. Shame.

          It’s never too late, though. They can kill their camp guards, banish Hamas’ corrupt cronies who hold the economy hostage, and elect decent people who want Gaza to be a good neighbor to Israel. They could even consider converting to Christianity. The place would quickly flourish.

          Too bad that’s not the message this fellow spoke, when he had the opportunity–although if he did, they’d probably have killed him.

        2. Patrick,
          Some of the people who walked the Earth whose philosophy I admire are Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Gandhi, MLK, Mandela and others. I was curious to learn who your most admired historical figures (living or passed) would include, and since an adherent of Christianity, what you believe Christ would say if he were to appear on Earth now. Thanks.

        3. Certainly, Noah. Melchizedek. Jesus’ mother, Mary. Paul. Charles Martel. Martin Luther. John Calvin. Wycliffe. Chesterton. CS Lewis. Francis Schaeffer. My earthly father. Geronimo. Robert E. Lee. Stonewall Jackson. Thomas Jefferson. Aaron Burr (only because he killed Alexander Hamilton). Andrew Jackson (only because he told the Supreme Court to piss up a rope–and because he killed the Federal Reserve bank of his day). Hernando Cortez. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. St. Patrick. Johnny Mercer. George Gershwin. Thomas A. Dorsey.

          This is a broader list than you technically asked for. I could go on like this, so I won’t.

          As for Jesus’ return, you don’t have long to wait to find out. He’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to be taking it anymore. Hopefully, when He arrives, and sets about separating the sheep from the goats, you will be counted among the sheep. Look me up; I’ll buy you a beer in Heaven. We’ll talk all about it.

        4. Your reply to me, Jerry, went to the spam folder. I can read it (I rarely do), but have no power recover messages from it–only James Tracy can do that.

          Indeed, near death experiences are compelling.

          I hold to a sort-of universalism. God is not a torturer, and certainly not one who, like Allah, roasts enemies over flames and repeatedly regrows their skin so that the enjoyment of the torment can go on forever.

          He did not create us all just to lose us.

          It’s our job to find our way to Him.

          But I have to take issue with you about the beer in Heaven, Jerry. It’s Guinness.

        5. I’ve been a home brewer, on and off, since 1985, and have thus read a great deal about beer. One fascinating fact is an example of how communism’s insane inability to discover the correct price for things–because it has no real marketplace–can by sheer accident produce something good. Why was Pilsner Urquell so fantastic? (Jerry’s comment that went to spam claimed that Heaven has to serve Pilsner, since it’s the best beer.) It’s the variety of hops, which, when communism in Czechoslovakia was taken away, the free market discovered could not be grown in sufficient quantities without the beer becoming too expensive to sell. I can’t remember how they got around that problem, but they must have done, because the beer is still damned good.

          Those hops, grown uneconomically, made for a happier world. On the flip side, Czechoslovakia also produced another item in vast, uneconomic, quantities that made the world a far more dangerous place: C4 plastic explosive. They had the assembly line running constantly, apparently, no matter if it had any end customers to sell it to, so when the commies were evicted they had warehouses full of the stuff. I have no idea where it all is today. I shudder to think.

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