Remarkable Coincidences in Developing Story, Recent News Article on Delta’s Active Shooter Exercises Deleted From Web

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On Monday, September 14 Delta State University Professor Ethan Schmidt was allegedly shot by an unknown assailant who is Schmidtpresently on the loose. The story is being vigorously promoted by major news media vis-á-vis university and Mississippi state officials, and federal agencies including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Yet Delta State is also noted in the region for “active shooter exercises”–the most recent of which were held in late August of this year (see below news report). “We’ve had and hosted several active shooter trainings on campus,” notes Delta State Campus Police Chief Lynn Buford in a story appearing in the Bolivar Commercial that has since been deleted from its website.

Delta State’s police department works with the local sheriff’s office on active shooter drills. When such a false scenario begins to play out campus police receive word of an alleged “active shooter” on campus. “Then we send out a text message that goes to Facebook and Twitter and email,” Buford explains. “Depending on the situation we’ll decide to either lockdown or evacuate.”

The campus community is kept apprised of such situations via “Okra Alert,” which uses social media to inform on the given incident. “It’s a text message system which includes text and email,” according to Buford. “We can also link it to our Facebook and Twitter pages.” About 4,100 people are Okra subscribers.

The story below on Delta State’s recent active shooter exercises has been deleted from the Bolivar Commercial’s website. It was located by MHB reader Cindy and saved via a screen capture.



Here is Delta State’s official Testing of Emergency Procedure Policy concerning such readiness exercises.



There are also other curious facets to this developing story presented to the public via “social media postings.”

“Before Schmidt was identified as the victim,” Yahoo! News reports, “friends of the slain professor posted heartbreaking messages on his Facebook page inquiring about this wellbeing.” The story goes on to quote from Facebook:

“Watching CNN about events on your campus,” one wrote. “Please let us know when you can!”

“Yes, please let us know if you are ok,” wrote another. “Thoughts and prayers to you all at DSU.”

Further, Yahoo! News staff even claim to have known Professor Schmidt. This is indeed a remarkable coincidence! “Schmidt attended Emporia State University in Kansas with Yahoo News editor Everett Starling, and the two had remained friends,” notes Yahoo!

Starling said Schmidt as very involved at Emporia State, including serving as student body president.

“He’s somebody that I never knew to ever have a quibble with anyone,” Starling said. “He’s one of the best people you will ever know.”

Starling adding: “I’m stunned. He’s a great guy.”

Another unusual coincidence: Delta is scheduled to celebrate its 90th anniversary on September 15th–an occasion that will surely be used by corporate news media to exploit the event.

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43 thought on “Delta State U Site of Recent Active Shooter Drills”
  1. This is one of those situations where you can hope it isn’t true. I notice that the alleged perp, another professor named “Shannon Lamb” was supposedly born in Munich (does not necessarily make him a “native” but perhaps came from a military family stationed in Germany during the Cold War). However the google search reveals that seemingly improbable name is quite common. He is supposed to be 45, while Schmidt (with the more German name) is said to be in his “mid-fifties.” You’d think the news articles would give his exact age.

    Then of course Lamb is suspected in a killing 300 miles away of his girlfriend, that he allegedly lived with. Kind of a long commute. So – what is this – a love triangle, somewhat stretched out? A 45 year old jealous of a 50+ guy who looks like a teddy bear? Are we seeing a re-run of Stanford White and Harry K. Thaw? What did that girlfriend look like?

    I don’t want to mock a possible real tragedy. I went to Amazon and read Schmidt’s intro to his magnum opus, about Indian tribal alliances during the American Revolution. I began to think about how hard it still is to get a job teaching history in any college. This prof. left Texas Tech for Mississippi. Then I thought about the one person I know who got a series of minor lecturer positions (even though he had a Ph. D. from Harvard) — until CIA made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and it was bye-bye academia. Both journalism and history professors are the right sort for, respectively generating propaganda and sifting through mountains of information to analyze human behavior in situations like warfare. As such, they are both ideal recruits to an organization practicing the art of secret government.

    Again, I feel very sad this man has lost his life, if he has. I just don’t know what they’ll tell us about him, but on the face of it, there are the usual inconsistencies and repetitions of stock phrases.

      1. Well if you go to CNN, you’ll see the story wrapped up with Martin O’Malley, the candidate, declaring that he will take on the NRA as part of his Democratic campaign bid. It’s a terrible incident -whether real or not- that will be dramatically used during the campaign season. The two stories are literally intertwined.

      1. Because actors have always been part of the program. The manson supposed killings took place on a movie set. Polanski was a director of slasher moves, Sharon Tate was an actress. And there are reports of them being seen together in Jamaica and Brazil after this took place. The idea was to present the Vietnam protesters as doped up hippies capable of anything.

        In the supposed Lincoln killing, It took place in a theatre, John Wilkes Boothe and his brothers were all actors having done some Shakespeare Tragedy dramas. Lincoln knew he was dying before the election of marfan disease so he agreed to run and the stage the killing so Johnson could be inserted afterwards. He was considered un-electable by iluminati.

        Then there is cowboy Carlos of Boston, a former bit actor.

        1. Just because I can’t resist, do you know who gave Tex Watson the gun that he killed Jay Sebring with? Ronnie Ray-Gun. How’s that for synchronisity.

        2. Lophatt

          I didn’t know about that. I have a quote from Jay however.


          “You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.” Jay Sebring

          You and Ric make blogging fun. It is nice to see people you don’t have to explain everything too. This site the memoryblog kind of grows on you and large part of it is the commenters.

          By the way Ric and Lophatt I added a few extensions separate from the treatise on Spingola the Ayatollah of spin-golem. Go back over there, most of the comments from Ric.

        3. “I added a few extensions separate from the treatise on Spingola the Ayatollah of spin-golem.”

          Haha. This is class act stand up.

          Forget conspiracies, making Fun of them hurts these thin skinned sociopaths worse than any insult.

          As Lophatt pointed out, ” you can’t shame a narcissist”

          But they are thin skinned and Help but reply to their detriment.

        4. Where Dub>
          I added a few extensions separate from the treatise on Spingola the Ayatollah of spin-golem. Go back over there

          Where is there?

          Oh no, Now I sound like Bill Clinton….”it depends on what you mean by “is ..”is”.

          The day the Spirit of law died and we now only go by the “written word” of the law.

          Major Mistake in Law that continues today.

          You would have to write a book to explain to a “Law” to someone that is out of touch with just being a Human being..short version

        1. Yeah, its scary when you realize how far back this stuff actually goes. We’ve gotten much better at spotting it. Of course, with the advent of the internet we have a way to instantly share what we find. That’s new.

          Not everybody was asleep in the past. It was just nigh onto impossible to make anyone else aware of what you found. Most are just fish in a bowl. The TEE VEE is “bubble man”. They just add a little water once in a while and keep the fish distracted.

          Any serious study reveals that the circle of connections isn’t all that large. They act, we watch. We’re observers. Just like anyone who would believe they’d make a third-rate actor like Ronnie Raygun Pres. would believe they’d manufacture Barry Obongo.

      1. Taken from Miles

        As you study the alleged bloodbath that was the Tate murders, remember that quote of Reagan above. Also remember that the alleged murders took place in Los Angeles, California, not only the home of Hollywood and Reagan, but also one of the hippie capitals of the nation and a center for anti-war sentiment. Also remember that Reagan was an actor.

        They make little movies about Manson every few years, and release some pictures, but as we have seen, those things can be faked as easily as a 15-second commercial for Rice-a-roni. They took Manson out of jail and supposedly put him back in but Manson could be living in Big Sur in a house on the beach, for all we know. This was all done to keep America safe from commies and those doped up anti-war protesters. Many clues are given in the Manson interviews because America, they are laughing at you. Nixon declared Manson guilty while the trial was ongoing.

        Even so, the major players here weren’t real hippies or druggies, they were actors. They weren’t brainwashed and they weren’t taking LSD. Lynette Fromme won awards in high school for DRAMA, poetry, and dancing. Angela Lansbury’s daughter was traveling with the Manson crew and carrying a note saying it was O.K.

        There are not many pictures of Patti Tate on the internet and the implications are that Patti is actually Sharon Tate. Patti Tate has an even bigger problem. Although she has a gravestone claiming she died in 2000, there is no government record of it. We are told she was born October 30, 1957 and died June 3, 2000. Sharon also had a very distinctive left ear, which was sort of elfish. It is flat across the top and has a little nick just below that, on the outside. Strangely enough pictures of Patti show this same unique feature! (Sandy Hooked once again) The good part of this I guess you could say is Sharon is still alive and living in California. Nobody was killed. Patti wasn’t at the funeral.


    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Newtown and its schools are putting up a stiff fight against a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the parents of two children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, questioning whether the lawsuit was filed on time and objecting to information requests by the parents’ attorney.

    The legal wrangling has slowed the case in Danbury Superior Court.

    Full article on site.

    1. D Martinez,

      Just the fact these two: the parents of Jesse Lewis and Noah Pozner,
      are suing is suspect and most likely a ruse to show these parents are real.

      The courts’ in on it too. I have become such a cynic.

      Your thoughts?

        1. There’s a lot of movement going on right now and the SHE crowd are going broke, so I say Yes!

          Burn this Muther they say, or he said, you know what I mean..haha

          Plus the whole 911 think back in our memory.

          I’ve been going over it again and still learning. I thought I had it down.

          We laugh sometimes and say they erred here and there.

          They have Trillion Dollar budgets to play any games they want.

          You all know what I mean. They start 15 stories at a time that are all dead ends.

        2. Ric

          I have mentioned this over on darkmoon, John Kaminski said he was going to stop posting over there if they didn’t do something about me and my comments!

          It is supposed to be a free for all blog, but they panic when I show up. All of a sudden it is why don’t you just post it on your blog and stay away from here etc etc. ?

          Hey you know why doesn’t everybody just terminate commenting on all blogs and just post it on their own? That will work?

          Kaminski’s modus operandi is hey somebody needs to do something. I always ask him what do you suggest, driving your car through the window of a bank?

          The driving point of that blog is Adolf was such a great guy, trying to save us and all etc. The one poster Rykaert, I always referred to as Field Marshal Rykaert.

          That place is something else,everybody there cuts and pastes, but they told me if I didn’t stop cutting and pasting I would have to be banned. I need cut and paste on my own blog. Nobody was interesting in my opinion.

          But anyway John K. is a spinning the golem clone.

    1. Gun control is needed because we are confronted on all fronts by unpredictable gun wielding lone wolf killers. However, since more people are killed with hammers each year in the U.S. than rifles, I say we need staged hammer attacks and strict hammer control legislation!!

    2. Just looking superficially about what is said about the alleged killer, now suicide, Shannon Lamb, it argues that even if there is gun control legislation to screen for possible crazies, apparently normal people go on rampages too.

      Therefore, no amount of screening can possibly rule out incidents like this one.

      In an odd sort of way, this case argues to me that people will do what they have always done. The problem is when there is overwhelming fire power from which mass killings can happen. This particular case is not one of those, nor is it necessarily “senseless.” It looks on the face of it like romantic and/or professional jealousy.

      Question is: is there some sort of diary?(I ask this tongue-in-cheek of course). More seriously, is there a history of psychiatric admissions? That would touch on the right to privacy of medical records.
      It is always important in these cases, whether real or staged, to look at how they drive policy. Flannery O’Connor was right – “The violent bear it away.” – which is another way of saying – “If it bleeds, it leads.” Most valuable in the world of politics.

      1. I’m not following this story, yet anyway, but if it’s being depicted as wholly out of the blue that may indicate that it either is and is real in keeping with your take, or that this is the ultimate apotheosis they’ve been working towards – being able to intern people who have no ‘history’ but who must be imprisoned, observed and drugged anyway. A ‘history’ will become harder to establish and/or fake in any ‘professional’ way given how much awareness the hoaxing is instilling in people.

  3. All these murders should be investigated for staging, but this one seems odd but not especially suspicious. Most murders occur among family and friends, people who know each other. This one, as Musings conjectured, may just be a spur of the moment romantic tragedy. But one that gun control enthusiasts can take advantage of.

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