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As the 14th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, approaches, a group of notable researchers will be presenting important information on Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th, 2015, about 9/11 and its relation to recent “terrorist” events in North America, and what the 9/11 Commission did not tell us. The events of 9/11 have caused many to raise considerable questions about what happened on that fateful day and how the events were used to justify wars of aggression that continue to destabilize the world.

The broadcast can be viewed on from anywhere around the world and we encourage viewers to submit questions and comments in real-time using social media. The broadcast will feature personalities such as Kevin Ryan, Cynthia McKinney, Graeme MacQueen, Daniele Ganser, David Johnson, and James Corbett.

We are requesting all concerned citizens to spread the word and to view the broadcast. Your support is appreciated!

– Rethink September 11th Team

Schedule for Friday, September 11th, 2015

6:00 pm Toronto / 3:00 pm California / 11:00 pm UK / 3:00 am India – Introduction by Bev Collins
6:05 pm Toronto / 3:05 pm California / 12:05 AM Switzerland – Daniele Ganser: “What is the strategy of tension?”
6:45 pm Toronto / 3:45 pm California – Anthony Hall: “9/11 Truth to 9/11 Reality”
7:25 pm Toronto / 4:45 pm California – Barrie Zwicker: “Real Politik: Next Month’s Canadian Federal Election & 9/11”
8:05 pm Toronto / 5:25 pm California – Graeme MacQueen: “The War on Terror and the Intimidation of Legislatures in Canada and the U.S.”
8:45 pm Toronto / 6:05 pm California – Graeme MacQueen, Anthony Hall, & Barrie Zwicker Group Dialogue
9:25 pm Toronto / 6:45 pm California – Closing remarks by Bev Collins

Schedule for Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Part 1
11 am Toronto / 8 am California / 5 pm UK / 8 pm India – Introduction by Bev Collins
11:05 am Toronto / 8:05 am California – 12:05 am Japan – James Corbett: “The Financial Aspects and Cover-up of 9/11”
11:45 am Toronto / 8:45 am California – Kevin Ryan: “The Importance of the 9/11 Myth to Solving the 9/11 Crimes”
Part 2
4:00 pm Toronto / 1:00 pm California – Introduction by Bev Collins
4:05 pm Toronto / 1:05 pm California – Cynthia McKinney: “9/11, the Deep State, and the need for a Global Movement”
4:45 pm Toronto / 1:45 pm California – David Johnson: “The Vision for the 15th Anniversary of 9/11”
5:25 pm Toronto / 2:25 pm California – Closing remarks by Bev Collins

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36 thought on “Rethink September 11 Global Interactive Broadcast”
  1. What’s to re-think? All the gaps and inconsistencies in evidence, not to mention ‘disappeared’ witness stories and evidence, lead to only one conclusion. It was an inside job, and probably planned by the same one guy who authored the Patriot Act and kept it in his desk until he was permitted to create the need for it and then pull it out. Did you ever wonder how a guy who wasn’t even presenting as a candidate became VP?

    1. Did you ever wonder how they got that whole place cleaned up so fast ? It’s almost like they had some big holes they could just push a lot of the stuff into. And just let it melt and burn up.

  2. Reblogged this on Berkeley Calling and commented:

    Wow! What a great line-up! Re-blogged at “Berkeley Calling” Blog and linked at “Truth Troubadour” Blog by Vic Sadot who released the 16 song CD “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” available at CDBaby and free at LastFM. Thanks for this post, and your courageous effort as a truth seeker, James Tracy! Bon Courage! Vic

  3. Richard Clarke, in Against All Enemies recalls the warning to the administration about the imminent attack by Bin Ladin and as soon as the attack happened he went public and said it was Bin Ladin. Someone wrote a comment earlier that it was a Jew who broadcast about Bin Ladin first, in typical naive fashion on this blog of those with their heads in the sand about the cooperation among thieves of all stripes, but it was Clarke who was first in the media, planned of course. Clarke knew that O’Neill was already murdered elsewhere and later dumped on the pile to show the world he was dead. Clarke knew that O’Neill would have said immediately that it wasn’t Bin Ladin who attacked, and would have scoffed at the nonsense of saying so. Later Clarke was Special Advisor to the President on Cybersecurity, a precursor of trouble to come.

  4. About 2 months ago, JFetzer and Allen Weisbecker did a 30 minute segment critiquing Corbett’s integrity. Advance the playbar to 1hr 1min:

    ^ can stop watching at 1h 31m.

    At issue is Corbett’s promoting the story that a big 757 really did fly into the pentagon on 911. And he does this promotion in a sneaky, NLP way, where he’s ostensibly indicting Rumsfeld’s criminality, meanwhile slipping in eleven (11) mater-of-fact ref’s to “when flight 77 flew into the pentagon.”

    Also see these related Weisbecker articles:

    Corbett Flat Out Busted

    An Open Letter to James Corbett

    discussion thread with some more info & links:

    1. My Version of what hit the Pentagon
      Henry Gibson ( courtesy of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh in)

      I think a projectile hit the Pentagon and didn’t “blow up” just penetrated the outer wall to the the inner ring.

      The explosions were just the same ole 911 C-4 or whatever for the Show.

      That’s why that woman that sued that was in the Blast area wasn’t hurt and walked out the “hole” and not a paper on her desk was even singed.

      1. In Mod. again.

        Tracy, the least you can do is have a big screen TV with some snacks and water while we sit here in purgatory waiting for our judgement.

        I like Hostess Cupcakes and Ding dongs meself..

      2. Ric, you asked Mick, but here’s my two cents:

        The woman who sued was named April (I think it was Glasso, or something like that). Her case was dismissed.

        Before her case was dismissed she managed to get footage from the hotel that I normally stay in when I’m in D.C.. It has a perfect view of the Pentagon.

        Her footage does not show any plane or missile, for that matter. Just an explosion. Watch the video I’ve linked, above.

        Whether they used a missile or simply rigged an explosive device is an open question. She was hurt and her son, who was in day care in the building was brain damaged for life.

        As luck would have it, I was working with a group of engineers at the time and I read an article about the remodel in an engineering journal. I was interested because I was having the same problem with a design on a project that utilized too much, and too large reinforcing steel. The specification for the Pentagon was “over the top”.

        I can say categorically that any airplane striking that wall would be crushed like an aluminum can. If any part penetrated it would be sliced like it went through a meat slicer at the deli.

        They DO make penetrator missiles (bunker busters) that have hardened nose cones and actually use a small charge to pierce a target and milliseconds later the main charge explodes. If that is what they used it would do the job.

        From the video that April obtained all you see is traffic on the highway and boom. You don’t see any flame like in that short snippet that was released for public consumption.

        Just like airplanes do not punch holes in steel buildings with no distortion to surrounding members or falling debris, airplanes do not penetrate reinforced concrete with heavy rebar virtually at one-inch intervals along the length of the wall.

        I don’t know what happened to April. I haven’t heard anything since her case was thrown out. She had openly stated that there was an explosion and no plane or wreckage of any kind.

        If they used a missile it was not visible in the video.

        1. Lophatt,

          That is a great video. I saw that a while back. Lloyd the Taxi driver is classic.

          There is no doubt the plane was a decoy and flew over. Also I’ve seen that other footage from the Hotel. Too bad it’s so grainy.

      3. Ric, it is physically impossible for a missile to explain the damage to the pentagon. Dave McGowan did a lot of fine work on 9/11. If you go here and scroll down to near the bottom you will find a schematic of the structural columns and the pattern of damage from the outer ring to the circular hole deep in the building. Some of there columns were “taken out,” some are damaged, and some remain perfectly intact. You can clearly see that there is no clear path for a missile to have travelled.

        1. Yes Patrick, I think that’s the most likely scenario. Just as with the “planes”, why would they risk a miss? McGowan is certainly correct as well on this issue.

          It appears that a plane was used as a decoy. I don’t have as much faith in eye witness testimony in cases like this as most do. The video that I linked is pretty good.

          There is a guy in L.A. who holds “UFO Nights”. Every week or so a large group of people gather at his house and they ALWAYS spot one or a dozen. I’m not trying to disparage those who believe in them, I just have it on good authority that they don’t appear on demand.

          We know that the black box data was faked. It is impossible to fly that type of aircraft at that altitude and speed. Besides, the data shows it would be at 600 ft. above the pentagon.

          As you astutely explained, you can’t have undamaged columns right in the middle of the alleged path of impact. Also, if you worked in one of the most secure military facilities on earth, and you alleged just came under attack by forces unknown to you, would you allow the Secretary of Defense to wander around on the lawn in front of the building? How did he know there wouldn’t be another strike?

          We all know this is hooey. I wish Ric had found the bit of video that April managed to get released during the discovery phase of her trial. It was from the Doubletree Hotel in Arlington. It looks right across the highway to the Pentagon.

          Now, if there was a missile, it would have been so fast that the naked eye couldn’t see it. Given the distance involved, that is extremely unlikely. There is simply a blast and smoke. It’s pretty hard to argue with the shot.

    2. James Corbett is one of the best in the business. He is long on providing original source citations and short on drawing conclusions. He advises viewers to do the research and come up with their own conclusions.
      The Truther movement is becoming increasingly shady. JFetzer’s acknowledgement of “making things up” and AJ’s bombastic outbursts and shilling for sponsors sells. Weisberger seems to have a bone to pick b/c Corbett didn’t return his emails or have him as a guest on the show. Journalistic integrity is becoming rare.

      When leeches and acknowledged frauds begin throwing stones at the few remaining independent journalists such as Corbett the charges should be closely examined. Corbett’s work speaks for itself.

      1. FWIW, I agree with you about James Corbett.

        Corbett did offer a short public response, but I’m too lazy to look for it at the moment. I’d guess it’s on YouTube, if anyone wants to hunt it down.

  5. The West Point Class of 2016 will wear a bit of steel from the WTC melted into the cauldron that becomes their class rings, and donated past graduates rings are also melted down into the mixture. Seth Lipsky writes in The Post, “Cathy Kilner of the Association of Graduates tells me –

    “They were raised seeing the footage of what happened and the consequences of that day,” she said. I like the way she put it — “the consequences of that day.”

    It’s not that there is anything political about the ring ceremony (or anything else) at West Point. There’s not, so far as I can tell, having visited the place now and again since the 1950s. It really is about forging a sense of duty, honor, country — and the Corps.”

    What does a sense of honor mean if a military stand down was the only way the attacks could occur? In Stealth Do We Trust.

  6. 9/11 is the central myth of the US War on Terror, and it is based on a flat out, provable lie. This puts the US state power system, ruled by the Money oligarchy, in a precarious and historically unique situation. It’ s central ideology that it has conducted and gone to war for over the past 14 is extremely fragile, and contaminates its entire political culture. American power has apparently decided to solve the ideological problem by what I shall refer to as Freedom fascism.

    Freedom fascism differs from the classical fascism of world war 2 primarily because of television and electronic image. Al Gore, in THE ASSAULT ON REASON argued that the delusion in the American mainstream truth was primarily a result of the transition of the rationality of print to the vivid and compelling images of tv. No, it was primarily a result of corrupt and oppressive political leaders like Al Gore.

    But there is no question that the invention and spread of the electronic image allow the image to substitute for the idea, as Orwell predicted would happen. He thought however, wrongly, that this would emerge from Communist power systems, underestimating the vitality, corruption, and oppression of Free Enterprise.

    Freedom fascism, instead of mobilizing the people around power in rallies, marches, etc, differs fundamentally in that its aim is to DEMOBILIZE THE PEOPLE, fragmenting the population to allow power to divide and rule. This notion was presented in a politically scientific way in DEMOCRACY, INC.

    Crucial to this demobilization is preventing the American people from understanding how they have been duped by American power under the Terror War. This requires a new historical form of despotism, a truth war conducted against the population. The British prime minister, Cameron, has already given a speech last year at the UN equating non-violent Conspiracy Theories of 9/11 with violent Terrorism, and arguing that they should be treated in the same way.

    Marsi’s post describing the metal from the Twin Towers being incorporated in the class rings of the West Point military officers is a strong indication that the military is going to defend the 9/11 myth, like the intelligence agencies. If the police are going to be included, it is necessary to emphasize White racism against non-Whites, currently being staged, to bolster the official untruth. And of course continuous low intensity wars to take the public mind off the increasing economic inequality and political brutality needed to enforce it.

    I emphasize that this is a NEW form of despotism historically, the first genuinely based on secular Orwellian untruth, supported of course by the usual primitive religious delusion. If it is not successful, there is always a traditional fascist backup, supported now by US power in Ukraine. Under Operation Paperclip, the US imported thousands of Nazis to serve US Cold War interests, that their descendants can be used as the War on Communism of the 20th century segues into the War on Terrorism of the 21st.

    To oppose this Freedom or traditional fascism, I tend to think that academics are as hopeless as journalists, despite the example of James and other courageous exceptions. I am thinking over the possibility of the resistance being centered around race rather than class, since this would allow the American people to unite with the other people of the world to oppose the despotism of American power. This would pose an anti-racial population against the White oligarchy and the White truth Elite that they sponsor and subsidize.

    But this would require a long struggle in the 21st century, because USA power historically has indoctrinated the American people to identify with homicidal geo-racist imperialism. This is the killing of non-White people, or the threat to kill them, to dominate them to steal their collective and personal property and power. Overturning this ideological tendency can be focused around overturning the central 9/11 myth of the Terror War.

    How such an historical strategy to transform American political culture is in too early an historical stage to see how it might turn out. But it is by no means too early to begin thinking about it.

  7. I predict that in the future (soon, I hope) the truth seekers will not dig for the truth. They will DRILL, DRILL, DRILL FOR IT. Right into the areas Dimitri Khalezov has identified where they had put the “zero boxes”. Very likely the drill core samples will show layers of concrete, dirt, military grade radiation absorbing resin, and incinerated debris from the demolished buildings. All of the debris will be sprinkled with tiny iron spheres and bits of unexploded nanothermite. And probably some unknown surprises we have no knowledge of today. I only regret not having taken more seriously the rumors of nukes having been used. But it was my own ignorance of micro nukes, and that hundreds of “nuclear pits” had been stolen over a period of 15 to 20 years prior to 911. And that a m-nuke detonated 50 meters below the basements could turn those buildings into a nuclear chimney. Just look at the momentarily stationary plume of thick smoke, extending from ground level up to and over the height of the buildings, as soon as the inner cores and the outer walls were obliterated. Is it safe to assume that the thick plume of smoke would have also extended down thru the rubble pile and below the lowest basement floor ? Where were the core columns ? We’re they mostly “molecularly dissassociated” or “Dustified” ? Exactly how much of those massive steel columns were ever found ?

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