The “war on terror” is a 14-year-old lie foisted on the world by forces hostile to the US Constitution. This has been and remains a “war OF terror” waged against all people. Low intensity police state at home and high intensity war abroad are the new norms. The fact that such a program has not been more widely acknowledged and refuted is a profound statement on the state of civil society in the early 21st century.

The lie is perpetuated by weakly-reasoned–indeed anti-scientifi–notions that renegade Islamic terrorists hijacked jet aircraft and defied basic physics by flying them into giant buildings at 500 MPH; that those very sky scrapers (one of which was never WTC_911struck by an aircraft) crumbled into dust from minor fires; that the US was not preparing for war in the Middle East beginning shortly after George W. Bush’s inauguration; that Israel urgently sought a geopolitical rationale to crush the Second Intifada and confront its regional enemies.

Together these comprise the ideational edifice of the “war OF terror,” and the double think required of functioning journalists, academics, and statespersons today to buy the lie that “we” are combatting terrorism.

To think at any length that one’s everyday actions and entire way of life are predicated on the falsehood and deception begun 14 years ago is to be honest with oneself–to recognize a consciousness subdued in a constant forgetting the next mediated crisis is designed to bring.

The distant horror rooted in that complex set of events that to this day reverberates throughout the Middle East is too painful to acknowledge. Thus in the twisted logic required of salaried intellectual workers, those in search for potential causes grounded in science and reason are dismissed as pariahs–“conspiracy theorists”–while historical amnesia and broad acceptance of myth are accepted as the “sound judgement” required to perpetuate the madness.

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63 thought on “The 14-Year State-Sponsored War OF Terror”
  1. Welcome to 1984.

    “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.”

    “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

    “Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”

    “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”

    “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

    “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”

    “Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

    “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull. ”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    1. It seems to me that IF the US is to continue many of its political methods, it must never again, never!, entrust a sitting president with virtually unlimited power. Obama has wreaked havoc on this nation, but consider how many manhours it took to install the rest of the traitors in our political sewer. Some say Obama is the last president we’ll have, what a joyous thought,eh?

      How many feel Trump is a shill for somebody else?

      1. Gil,

        I don’t even care. I want Trump for 4 years.

        I don’t think he will sell us as out or try to get richer as these pond scums will.

        I know some will call me naive. but if it ain’t Trump, it will be Jeb or Hilliary or even commie boy colonel sanders.

        4 years of Trump is better than 4 min. of Obumer or any of these clowns on both sides

        1. you’re not naïve Ric, Trump is your kind of man. He is supported by that cultural lower middle class group that not only can’t think reasonably and abstractly, but don’t want to. People who find reason and cultural truth an affront: “I’m a cretin and I’m proud.” You are the kind of political phenomenon discussed by Frank in WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS?

          Your political values have been perverted by 1. religion 2. Patriotism 3. anti-government 4. geo-racism So a racist clown like Trump can lead the pack of Repubs before a serious candidate is nominated. He represents you Ric, the evil leading the stupid, and I wonder how many of you there are in the American electorate.

          You will form the populist backbone of the Freedom fascism that is being imposed on the American people, led by the media, which is oriented by the Washington Intelligence and other agencies, which supports the Money oligarchy that manipulates you. A very dangerous condition in a world where there is an increasing spread of nuclear weapons.

        2. Haha,

          Folk, you have to be joking or just insane.

          I am nothing of what you say.

          But I guess I would eventually get your wrath here sooner or later.

          Everyone else here has..

        3. I cringed, but only due to the fallacious PC indoctrination we are saturated in and socially expected to sympathize with. Scathing? No. Vitriolic? No.

          Everyone, please take notes. My jaw is still reeling from the last comments proclivity to render it – my jaw that is – unmanageable. Here, Mark surgically deconstructs Ric in almost caricature-like fashion, illuminating the base psychology behind his political views, complete with diagnoses as to the root cause(s) of the condition. I should highlight that no shame should be entertained as this depiction is what the persona exudes based upon years of corroborative statements observed by all. The sheer objectivity (sans emotion) elucidates and subsequently prognosticates the result of this modicum of thought if left untreated. Very good folktruther.

          Nevertheless, I have my reservations as to the efficacy of systematically deconstructing everyone here so effortlessly, as Ric’s (rare) candor and emotional honesty are not traits evidenced across the board. Besides, Mark knows better than to attempt this on anyone else, especially through his (racially) tinted lenses.

        4. Trump deliberately insulted the Hispanic people, characterizing them as drug dealers, criminals, and diseased people contaminating Americans with infectious diseases. This was accepted as legitimate by the American media, and desirable among many Repubs, such as Ric,preelevating him to the leading position for president. Silence gives consent, and what is being consented in the media to is White domination of non-Whites, which is being used to install a form of what I have called Freedom fascism.

          I am glad to see my comments disturb Reprehensor if not Ric, since Mentioning the Unmentionable is essential if any resistance to the coming American despotism is to be mounted.

          My response to Patrick bullshit about Minetta was sent down the memory hole.

  2. Here is the video of Ehud Barak introducing the term “war on terror”
    One hour after the explosion of the North Tower, Barak was on BBC World to point to bin Laden as prime suspect and demand immediate retaliation against Afghanistan.

    A chief architect of 9 11, Ehud Barak, interviewed on BBC an hour after attacks
    friden mohammed

    Here is one of my hundreds of old 9-11 articles. It was originally published in 2007 but now comes up on same site with new URL in a 2913 updated verssion. but

    “Was 9/11 an Inside Job, or a Mossad Job?”
    By Laurent Guyenot –
    Aug 20, 2013

    “The role of the Israeli Deep State in the Sept. 11th terror attacks, which have laid the foundation for the 21st century on the biggest lie in human history, is surrounded by a taboo even within the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. Most activists groups remain focused on the slogan “9/11 was an Inside Job”, and keep their eyes “wide shut” on the evidence incriminating the secret services of the Jewish State. Laurent Guyénot reviews the key evidence, and questions the process of denial.” snip…

    As I look back, I now am deeply suspicious about several scenes of 9-11, as covered in this article, that I now think were deliberately injected phony sub-scenes to lead everyone off on rabbit trails investigated the very real suspect – Israel / Mossad. I now see use of “crisis actors” goes way back from Sandy Hook and was just as pervasive and twisted as it is in recent hoaxes.

    No longer “like” Sobrasky, Bollyn, Dancing Israels and Mural Van stories, but the Ehud Barak role and scene stands as disgustingly true.

    I do not believe 3000 people were killed at the World Trade Center on 9-11, but I do not believe “no one died” at the WTC on that day.

    The mass murder caused by 9-11 was the phony “war on terror” were hundreds of thousands, really millions if you include deformed babies from depleted uranium, of innocent people – our military and the people in the Afghanistan and Iraq

    And never forget these Project for a New American Century who brought us this “castastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbar”.

    Elliott Abrams
    Gary Bauer
    William J. Bennett
    Jeb Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Eliot A. Cohen
    Midge Decter
    Paula Dobriansky
    Steve Forbes
    Aaron Friedberg
    Francis Fukuyama
    Frank Gaffney
    Fred C. Ikle
    Donald Kagan
    Zalmay Khalilzad
    I. Lewis Libby
    Norman Podhoretz

  3. Glad you brought up Building 7. Our friend told us that she was looking out the window on Greenwich Street and saw flashes of light wrapped around an entire floor – which were the detonations. Then she said the building collapsed as viewed on the news. The lobby was blown out earlier as the disappearing Barry Jennings witnessed, stumbling over bodies, spoken on youtube.
    It should be noted that military contractors of all sorts have made a bundle since this tragedy, which is all they ever cared about. The military knew that the Middle East is ungovernable except with an iron hand, so taking out Saddam who had control whether he was liked or not, pretty much gave them carte blanche for their profitable endless wars.

    1. Can someone tell me why with my uneducated mind I can see that this event was performed by a new energy weapon,..some one has this technology and they used it on that day, you can talk about all the other implications, but surely educated people can see what is staring them in the face,. scientist and engineers have looked into this…they know something other than normal weapons or planes did not make this event happen. the impact only lasted 8 seconds on the seismic scale for buildings 1 and 2… Ashonishly Building 6 had circular holes -. the clues are there…This event in my opinion was well planned to dupe the people, money grabbing companies must have complied, its just so shocking on such a large scale.words fail me…- off topic.. I question now ‘ Snowden’ and all the psychology and pretense around him.. people can be easily fooled by lies. I trust no one…S/Hook and Boston are as we know story’s to raise the emotions to comply.

  4. “[…] the double think required of functioning journalists, academics, and statespersons […]” Indeed, the doublethink goes far and wide…

    Muslim leaders, including rulers ostensibly in the U.S. crosshairs, have failed to reassure Muslims about 9/11’s essence. Civil engineering associations have ignored AE911Truth. Venezuelan rulers keep spending much energy lashing out at U.S. imperialism/militarism/capitalism, but will not touch the sacred 9/11 myth. The American Psychiatric Association has offered a mental health diagnostic for conspiracy theorism, but has failed to denounce the 9/11 false flag as a war on mental health. Israeli rulers ought to but will not question whether their U.S. benefactors may cover and protect terrorists in Israel.

    The list is long of watchdogs that fail to bark. The contrast is striking between the public’s growing understanding of 9/11 and the commitment of almost all opinion-makers to preserve the official myth.

    On the plus side, whenever enough people map Plato’s cave on the 9/11 censorship, they may lead humanity into an era of historically unprecedented harmony and prosperity. But this is another story.


    1. Just like Obama, Rush Limbaugh has his call screener OMIT calls from listeners that would force him to face up to his blatantly pro-administration viewpoints on the event. Limbaugh’s massive salary is comprised of several elements, one which is huge and that is the money he is given to hew to the Zionist/US government line about 911 and other beatitudes like the Palestinian rape and plunder by the Israelis. “They” reached Limbaugh many years ago and now he is clearly their number 1 proponent of the neocon way of looking at things, most things. Just like “they” take care of Hillary, so do they take care of Limbaugh. He can mouth off and NEVER, EVER upsets the Israelis, how is this even possible when we are only too aware of AIPAC and ADL transgressions against our freedom of speech??? Limbaugh is a very protected species, is he not?

      1. Reflecting on your comment, imagine the putative impact of Limbaugh doing his job on 9/11 back in September 2001. Even liberals would start to pay attention to him. The whole 9/11 conspiracy may quickly unravel.

        Hence the conspiracy theory that by the time the 9/11 project was launched in serious–presumably around 1997 (only an order of magnitude)–the 9/11 Master conspirators already knew that Limbaugh would work with them and preserve the myth, no matter how outrageous and how obvious the obfuscation.

        And this is only Limbaugh. The 9/11 censorship is a much more formidable accomplishment than the largest controlled demolitions in history and the remarkable large-scale inter-agency teamwork that attributed 9/11 to Osama bin Laden’s air show. It controls just about every opinion-maker of any kind, anywhere in the world.

        In fact, the 9/11 censorship is so overarching and so flawless that the analyst will wonder whether it could “merely” be the manifestation of a still more formidable conspiracy of permanent and worldwide disinformation on many different subjects, some rendition of Plato’s cave at a very large scale. Go figure…


    2. Maybe watchdogs do not bark because even if their masters told them to keep still, and instead instinct took over, I think they have been conditioned by the sight of one or more Old Yeller or Lassie being put down with a bullet (our era of assassinations) or thrown under a train or defenestrated or whatever they do to inconvenient watch dogs. It is scary to tell the truth sometimes, and the mob this time will not be with you. They have been bought off so cheaply, too. So how can you ever hope to change the situation? Like the emperor Claudius, you might just have to wait for the thing to rot out, and collapse under its own “contradictions” (to borrow a leftist expression).

      1. “Maybe watchdogs do not bark because […]” Congratulations! You wrote like a conspiracy theorist! You may actually be right. Maybe, building on your point, the Castro brothers have been threatened with being “thrown from a train.” Maybe North Korea’s comrade Kim has been threatened with being “defenestrated.” Each 9/11 censor–and God knows there are very many of them, living in many places and having many different occupations–will have her/his reason for censoring 9/11. Once humanity moves beyond this 9/11 hump and our host is the dean of Harvard’s faculty of conspiracies, he will direct hundreds of PhD theses on the 9/11 censorship and will advise his colleagues on many more!

        In the meantime, 9/11 activism is likely to stay stagnant as long as the 9/11 community neglects the analysis of the 9/11 censorship. But this is another story.


        1. Apparently you see this as something to be kind of tongue-in-cheek about. In reality, it may well come down to money for the other leaders who accept this at face value, at least publicly. The other possibility is that they have something on each of them – the joy of gathering up all the information all the time. If you regard the US as the pre-eminent power, you are not going to challenge it on its myths unless you want sanctions or to be thrown from office.

          But other leaders are really not our watchdogs, while domestic office-holders and officials really are. It is they who I think experience real fear at confronting things which if they cared to argue beyond the dogma, they would have to do. So much easier to go along to get along.

        2. Thank you for building on my comment and starting to brainstorm the above-mentioned PhD theses on the 9/11 censorship, quoting…

          “it may well come down to money “…whose money? how much? what else could it come down to?

          “they have something on each of them “…who are they? what may each “something” be?

          “unless you want sanctions or to be thrown from office”…from whom? by whom? would they have learned the limits of what they can safely denounce? through what systems?

          “experience real fear “…from whom? through which processes?

          It bears repeating that the 9/11 censorship is by far the most formidable achievement of the Master 9/11 conspirators. The Twin Towers’ controlled demolition and the remarkable teamwork that made many government agencies formulate in unison Osama bin Laden’s airplane ballet are mere footnotes to it. 9/11 activists’ ignorance or dismissal of the 9/11 censorship is sufficient to explain why 9/11 Truth’s triumph is still elusive.


  5. There is some real sense, as Patrick says, that 9/11 ended the Western tradition. American power can never, ever admit that it deliberately help to coordinate the killing of three thousand Americans for political purposes. Which means that it cannot admit the implications of the staged conspiracies which the media and other truth organs must continually cover up.

    This was done by Tom Englehardt in a Proclaimed attack on American imperialism while protecting American power from Conspiracy Theorists.
    Cameron, the British prime minister, in a UN speech, equated the Extremism of telling the truth about 9/11 with Terrorism. 9/11 is the center of Western deception, delusion, and fantasy, and American and perhaps all Western power will defend against the truth until its fall.

    1. I can’t celebrate 14 years of Lies.

      I don’t know what else to say.

      Every News Channel today s reiterating, confirming the LIE playing the Blue Pill People’s hearts.

      They really are sad and believe it.

      My Prayer this day is for all to wake up.

      I ask, in the name Jesus Christ , Amen

  6. Fox News is doing this whole Bull Special reiterating the whole Fantasy of what happened on 911.

    I can’t celebrate 14 years of Lies.

    I don’t know what else to say.

    Every News Channel today s reiterating, confirming the LIE playing the Blue Pill People’s hearts.

    They really are sad and believe it.

    My Prayer this day is for all to wake up.

    I ask, in the name Jesus Christ , Amen

  7. How to teach people about 911 that believe the Bull.

    Lets just say the Air Force shot down the 1st plane and it scattered all over NYC.
    They shot down the 2nd plane and it scattered all over NY.

    They shot down the 3rd plane heading to the pentagon….

    The story would still be the same.

    Arabs with box cutters Hi-Jacked the planes and blah blah

    The Patriot Act is our only hope.( written in 1996 for Clinton to implement after OKC)

    That’s how you tell the sleeping children assuming you can get their attention away from their IPhone……………

  8. A few comments before we say goodbye to this year’s remembrance of 9-11-01.

    Two “realizations” came to me over the last two or three years, rather late in my 14-year study of 9-11. I will cover the first of the two here and the second in a separate comment submisstion.

    Norman Minetta, Cabinet member – Transportation Secretary – told a story of a young man coming in to the special room in the White House (the PEOC) where emergency operations continue. On 9-11, this young military man came in and said “it’s 50 miles out, it’s 20 miles out” referring apparently to an unidentified plane that was headed straight for the Pentagon.” He was apparently waiting for Cheney to give the shoot-down order to the plane but Cheney said something like “of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything different.”

    Now of course we are left with the understanding that the “orders” were to NOT shoot down the plane, commonly referring to as a “stand down” order.

    Another part of Minetta’s on the record testimony, to the 9-11 Commission I believe indicated that Cheney actually arrived at the PEOC several minutes later than he claimed he did in Cheney’s off the record testimony to the 9-11 Commission.

    So, ostensibly this brave honest Mr. Minetta had the patriotism to paint Dick Cheney in a bad light making it very much appear that the plan was to allow a hit on the Pentagon and then lying about when he actually arrived in the PEOC to start giving the commands about the 9-11 extreme emergency attack on our country.

    Dr. James Fetzer went on O’Reilly show some years later and related this testimony of Minetta’s about the “plane being 50 miles out…etc” At the time, and still so I think, Dr. Fetzer believed Minetta was bravely telling the whole truth against Dick Cheney, and that was his, Dr. Fetzer’s, relating to the public the truth of this incriminating testimony to indicate that 9-11 was a planned false event of our government.

    The very next day after Dr. Fetzer’s appearance on the Fox TV news show, it was announced that Transportation Secretary Norman Minetta had suddenly “resigned” from his Cabinet post.
    Of course Dr. Fetzer in his articles, etc. and most of we 9-11 truth seekers understood that Minetta had been fired and fired because Dr. Fetzer had made it clear that Cheney and the government were lying and covering up their malevolent 9-11 plan and actions.

    But I have gradually learned to just “trust my gut” and think about things a little more. It became known to me a few months laters that there was a big Minetta Transportation Institute established in San Jose California. That is when I started thinking…

    Here we have the fired in disgrace, Norman Minetta, being apparently rewarded with a big facility bearing his name, for calling Dick Cheney a liar.

    Something simply did not compute.

    After seeing how the sub-scenarios of these false events are operated in the many false events we have had on US soil since 911, that is, in Cass Sunstein-like, CIA twisted, sophisticated, mind control ways on the perceptions of the American public, I now see that some of these little false sub-scenes are designed to make us think things like…

    We have a brave patriotic high level position person who is daring to tell the very incriminating truth about Dick Cheney and the highest levels of our government.

    And our government gets very upset that it is exposed and it immediately fires this brave, patriotic truth teller.

    But we the public feel satisfied that there are still some brave honest people in high positions who are truly patriotic. So we feel the whole Norman Minetta testimony was regarded as a big win for us patriotic Americans who know the official story of 9-11 was not true, and could not possibly be true.

    Now, all of these conclusions we derived were false. They were exactly what the CIA Cass Sunstein types engineered and wanted to play out. Norman Minetta is a weasel crisis actor who played the phony roll he was assigned. He is a disgusting individual that many deluded patriotic 9-11 truth seekers still hold in high regard. And there is a big building somewhere out in California showing the shame of this man and the 9-11 big lie to all the world. Minetta is enjoying a comfortable retirement as he fades into oblivion with perhaps a few family members tainted by his shame.

    We the people are fools and fooled again and 9-11 is still the most hideous murderous false event since maybe the JFK assassination. When I say murderous, I am referring to the mass murder of innocent people who participated in and were victims of the U S attack on Afghanistan and Iraq. I think there were some victims who died at the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center on 9-11 but not 3,000 by any means. More like 300 at most. Of course no planes crashed at the four sites and no pilots and passengers were killed.

    1. An important feature of these false “sub-scenarious” where it appears that some patriotic brave person, at grave personal sacrifice, is contradicting the government and the system about the false event is that their story adheres to the basic features of the official story of the false event.

      The Norman Minetta story supports the idea that there was a real plane flown by hijackers that crashed into the Pentagon and that the U.S. Airforce did “stand down.”

      The facts we have been able to accrue over the years about the “planes” and “flights” and the “flight paths” absolutely provide nothing of substance to show that they were real.

      1. Everything you say is true dachsie, but you left out the most obvious element.

        Minetta was obviously lying, outrageously, and no one seemed to notice. He said the young man kept pestering Cheney, starting at 50 miles out, and updating him as the plane grew closer. What a joke! At the speed the plane was supposed to be traveling, at 50 miles away no shoot down order would have had time to actually shoot down the plane. His lie was intended to be ridiculous, absurd. But no one noticed. This was part of the test that was 9/11–the test to see how awake even the “awake” are.

        Say that the lie had been more plausible, the scenario beginning at 200 miles away, and Cheney had issued the order right away, and the plane was 50 miles away by the time the plane was struck. It would have exploded over suburban Washington. Which would be worse (we were not expected to ask), one building being damaged, or an airplane digging a trough through a suburban neighborhood?

        What the secret government learned that day is that everyone, including conspiracy analysts, takes their planted “evidence” amazingly seriously.

        Take the supposed “dancing Israelis” fake clue, for instance. Israel-haters LOVE that one, because it supposedly “outs” the Mossad. The actors in question even went on Israeli television to tell their story! Why don’t the people who focus on this fake “clue” notice that the Mossad never, ever, acts that way? Because there is a contingent of conspiracy analysts that wants, with all their hearts, to find a smoking gun that proves, finally, that Israel is at the center of the secret government. They fell for it, easy-peasy, because it was what they wanted to hear.

        Likewise with Minetta/Cheney. Minetta was the “dancing Israelis” they handed to the “Cheney is behind it all” crowd. The secret government catered to all tastes. And guess what? Divide and conquer worked real good. They got Popular Mechanics, and the formerly trustworthy Purdue University engineering department, to flat out lie about the plausibility of airplanes bringing down steel buildings. They got some of the people who knew that planes didn’t do it to believe that thermite/thermate was used in a controlled demolition, which only made others who knew that planes didn’t do it giggle at the nonsensical theory–which made the thermite believers very cross. They got so many factions fighting against one another that no unified opposition could be possible, much less be effective in counteract ingthe myth that came into being that day.

        Cheney, called Darth Vader by those who despise him, was the Emanuel Goldstein of the play–and we all know that Emanuel Goldstein didn’t really exist. But the people must constantly be assured that he does in fact exist, and must be hated with blind hatred. The Party knows what it’s doing.

        The takeaway: the secret government always remains secret. If we know their names, they are not high enough up the pyramid. All the agencies we know about, and the people hired to run them, are eyewash for the rubes.

        1. Thank you for this reminder of the Jewish/Israeli/Zionist/Mossad distraction. At the risk of appearing to be a conspiracy theorist, I’ll add that it would make sense for the 9/11 Master conspirators to pepper 9/11 with Jewish/Israeli/Mossad/Zionist clues as a fallback: should 9/11 Truth become too powerful, they could simply instruct analysts to “suddenly and coincidentally” discover these clues, have their noise machine–the U.S. congress, the mass media and all the sources of information that have dutifully censored 9/11–scream “what a surprise! 9/11 was a Jewish job!” in unison, and divert 9/11 into a question on how to accordingly disposition the Jews.

          Besides, it is easy to find 9/11 to be an anti-Jewish, anti-Mossad, anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist job: anti-Jewish/anti-Mossad/anti-Israeli/anti-Zionist scholars and entities have largely publicly endorsed the official 9/11 myth, with very few marginal exceptions, like Kevin Barrett, who confirm the rule.


      2. I must say, dachsielady, that your thinking on the subject evolved in a similar way to my own. When all this “Bush junta” stuff was going on, there was the hope of a whistleblower or whatnot. But since we have seen in many government sponsored hoaxes since then that what we are looking at is basically a stage set (9/11 being one of the more environmentally toxic of them, so that there are real world consequences, as well as the deaths from wars that came from it), then it naturally follows that “dissenters” like Minetta are merely other highly placed crisis actors – stars in the stable of this big government studio that rules the lives of millions.

        As Wild Bill above mentioned about Strauss and his worldview, that is the only way to rule – with spectacle and complete control of the effect.
        “Quiet on the set!”

        In a way, to concede that the current era is a well-designed set of illusions (tacky as they may be), is not to yield to the system. But it does give one pause.

        I recently found an online commentary by someone filming tourists at the 9/11 memorial. I thought about that place on Manhattan and how it had been a scene of different people at different times, celebrating this or that – for instance Lafayette’s visit to America in 1824. I looked at the public shuffling through this current expensive and repulsive scene, and it seemed probably the most debased of all the publics I could have imagined, short of a Times Square full of druggies back in the 70’s. These people had a glazed and distracted look, nothing strong or individualistic about them. What did it remind me of? Oh, yes, Hungary when it was under the communists. Nobody could freely express themselves, everything was done furtively. Here the signs tell it all – all the things which will get you arrested at the scene, for exercising your right to freedom of speech. Lafayette’s ghost must have turned a whiter shade of pale at it.

    2. Here is the second 9-11 truth “realization.” It came to me very recently after reading so much about Boston and Sandy Hook and other recent false events, their consistent features and how they are run.

      Remember the 9-11 “Jersey Girls”, four “widows” who lived in New Jersey who lost their husband in the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11. These ladies bravely worked to have an investigation of 9-11 and went on several Internet radio shows pleading their cause. These four people may well have been what we now call “crisis actors.”

      We all felt they were honest and brave and we felt great sympathy for these brave ordinary house wives who were fighting the system to get something that was obviously needed and warranted – a good independent government investigation of 9-11. Well, thanks to the fine brace efforts of these courageous ladies, the 9-11 Commission ensued fourteen months after 9-11-01.

      We saw how that farce played out.

      We never heard from the Jersey Girls again.

      I am just wondering if their whole program campaigning for a true independent investigation of 9-11 was just their assigned schtick, their scene in the 9-11 movie. I wonder if that was their real name., if their dead husbands were real at all. Their story supported the official story that many people died in the Towers on 9-11, real people with real families.

      We do not know what victims are real, if they ever really existed, who their real family members were, etc. When certain 9-11 truth researchers have tried to research the victims, the most they can find is a notification of “no last known address” and even then they are not sure it is the same person officially listed as a victim. The SSDI and Death Certificates may work for verifying a death of someone you know personally, but they do not work to verify the death of someone you have never heard of.)

      One thing I realize at this point in post – 9/11time is that the our government and our “elected representatives” lie to we the people constantly, often mass murdering killing lies, and this has been the case for over a hundred years. Nothing is as it appears to be.

      1. @Dashielady- I also became suspicious of the Jersey Girls, especially after watching all of the other hoaxes (especially Sandy Hook) play out. One thing I noticed is that a number of these crisis actors end up writing blogs at HuffPost. This was the case with the mother of the fake dead Emilie Parker, Kaitlin Roig and one of the Jersey Girls (Kristen Brietweiser). It’s obvious someone else is writing Kaitlin Roig’s blog postings b/c in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook, someone found her facebook page it it was quite obvious that she wasn’t really a teacher, due to her poor command of the language (numerous spelling and grammatical errors). And, as you said, once the Jersey Girls got their cover-up commission, they pretty much disappeared in terms of 911 truth activism.

      2. I dont think so…..Listen to the members of the commission in this new video sent to me with this email today::

        After having spent the day at ground zero on 911 and having viewed the premier of Firefighters ,Architects and Engineers Expose 911 Myths documentary, I came across this report called “Beyond Misinformation” at the movie info table.It is must read and very comprehensive concerning the collapse of the three buildings at the WTC complex on 911 ( I suggest all people who value truth read this report or at least browse through it. The governments official report, by NIST agency, of 10,000 pages and at a cost of 13 million dollars did not even mention the collapse of building 7 ,a 47 story building at the WTC complex, that was not hit by any planes yet collapsed into it’s own footprint in 6 seconds supposedly due to fire.The official NIST report did not even look for explosives in it’s 13 million dollar investigation.This A&E for 911 Truth report did look for explosives and found them. The official NIST report also left out all eyewitness testimony and the accounts of the Firefighters as this was kept classified till 2005 when the New York Times and the Victims families filed a FOIA request and the Firemens testimonies were released and hundreds of them testified to explosions going off in the buildings.It’s all in this report “Beyond Misinformation.” The report is awesome. Steve

    3. Good points. I’ll add that it takes a big dose of naivete to believe that Mineta is too dumb or too misinformed to understand that it took more than Osama bin Laden’s airplanes to disintegrate the Twin Towers. With friends like Mineta, 9/11 activists need no enemies.


      1. I think they are BAD points. There is no reasonable evidence that the planes were not real, the Mineta was lying, that the Jersey Girls were not sincere, that the Dancing Israelis were not real, and that nearly 3000 people were not killed.

        We have to go by the implications from the empirical evidence, not Dachielady’s intuition, or Patrick’s poisonous ideology. That Mineta was of Japanese origin is not evidence that his comments were deception

        1. This is fun!

          Mark, it’s simple math. They say the plane was traveling at something like 500 miles per hour; the plane is 50 miles out when the boy asks Cheney if the orders still stand–yes (no shoot-down). He runs out of the room, then runs back; 20 miles–yes (still no shoot-down). Etc. It’s ridiculous. No one can believe it–because it wasn’t intended to be believed. He lied about it, obviously, because the scenario is impossible. Once you pay attention to the thing Minetta said, if you agree with it, you are choosing to lie along with him. Why would you do that, Mark?

          And what kind of vile racist are you, anyway, folkiedeciever, to even bring the liar’s ethnicity into it? How does that spring to your mind? Are you sick?

          As for the easily proved fact that airplanes, and kerosene, can’t destroy steel buildings, you’ve been around here long enough to know it. But leave that aside. Buildings WTC3, WTC4, WTC5, and WTC6 were all destroyed that morning, and no one ever said they were hit by planes. Explain that.

          Moving on, I never said that the “dancing Israelis” were not real. George Clooney and Katherine Hepburn are real. Actors are real people. It’s the roles they play that are fiction. Duh.

          As for the numbers of people murdered that morning, I don’t care if it’s 3,000 or 300,000. Who cares? dachsielady makes an excellent point that the Jersey Girls disappeared. Why? And why does no one ask that question..

          And as for me, poisonous ideology? Just the facts, ma’am.

        2. Mineta was the Transportation Sec in the Bush regime until 2006, the longest serving Trans sec in history. This is not being paid to go away. If we do not stick to the reality-based truth, the notion of Conspiracy Theories are discredited.

        3. “Mineta was the Transportation Sec in the Bush regime until 2006, the longest serving Trans sec in history. This is not being paid to go away.” Nobody said he was being paid to go away.  They let him not go away.  And apparently rewarded him with a government “institution” bearing his name.  This is a very incongruous thing to do for someone who was dishonored and had just disgraced the government and had to be fired from a very high level position. 

            The “reward” was for playing his role well and letting himself appear to be kicked out of his position for ostensibly telling too much truth.  (The idea of Minetta being “rewarded” may be overly simplistic as there are probably deep state mind control games on the public being perpetrated that I only have a hint of in my thoughts at this point. 

          The “government”, or the ones who fake-fired Minetta, were made to appear as if they were really upset and angry about such a high level person making such strong accusatory statements about the government’s involvement in 9-11.  How dare he !  as Clinton would say.  Real outrage on the part of the government implies innocence and righteousness so playing that role in reaction to Minetta was advantageous to the government.  Fake anger by the government is useful to float a fake sub-plot for many uses within the overall fake plot.  We the people generally take it all as true because it was on TV and that includes a large part of the 9-11 truth seekers.

          It is all so evil and twisted that I do not fully understand the games they play on us.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        4. Did I stir a controversy on a 9/11 side-point? All right!

          Folktruther: I won’t argue with you. I’ll gladly concede to you that it is theoretically possible that Mineta is too dumb to draw intelligent conclusions from observing the Twin Towers’ videos. But if he is this badly dumb, it is an error to trust the details of his recollection, even if it is absolutely candid.

          So even if you are right–which puts Mineta’s mental abilities close to imbecility–his testimony is irrelevant to 9/11’s essence. Building on another point of yours, no approach to 9/11 beats a cursory analysis of the Twin Towers’ videos, preceded for good measure by Building 7’s. I’ll add that one blessing of 9/11 is a call to to systematically mistrust any opinion-maker who does not affirm the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition.


      2. Mineta, recall, was NOT lambasted by the people who ran this 911 charade. He was “allowed” (wink, wink) to keep spouting off regarding Cheney and the young man’s interaction. Had his comments been in a real context, he would have never been allowed to utter a peep. Instead, he was allowed to mouth off and make it appear that Cheney was clearly a part of the supporting cast. Is it possible Cheney had a smaller part of this overall drama than we credit him for? Mineta appears to have been a crisis actor who’s part was rapidly marginalized and then only referred back to to confuse the overall event.
        Smart people put this gig together and they have followed up on this initial acumen by constantly marching out newer stalking horses from time to time. When you keep adding new variables, the mathematics of probability gets far more difficult. You keep introducing more and more considerations and it acts as a befuddling agent with great success.

        1. Interesting argument: Whether Mineta was Real or a Player?

          I always thought he was real and purposely ignored.

          And when Dachsielady said he was rewarded, as all were, to shut up and go away, it made sense.

          I’ve always thought he wasn’t a part of it and brave, and have always wondered why he’s still breathing.

          Maybe the reward? Digesting…

        2. Mineta is the token Asian in this government coup. To this day, he continues to reap the rewards of sacrificing any integrity he may have had. Look it up. He is much richer and much more powerful.

          As it is with all whom have justified any form of genocide, he lives in quiet luxury and influence surrounded by those who believe in trickle-down power.

          Don’t knock him though. Many many others would have stepped in line if the same opportunities were there for the taking.

          Even on this blog, all of us continue to seek some form of recognition. And therein lies the rub.

          The manipulation of human desire is the foundation of those in control. We are collectively unable to stop playing the game they continue to offer.

  9. Plato’s Noble Lie and Leo Strauss:

    The necessity of deception for Strauss is really a condition of “perpetual deception” between the rulers and the ruled being the sine qua non of a stable society. Strauss suggests that “noble lies” have a key role to play in uniting and guiding the mass of the population –the elite, in other words, need to proliferate certain “myths” in order to give people meaning and purpose and to ensure stability in society, on the basis that a populace dedicated to the relentless examination of what Nietzsche called “deadly truths” can never be conducive to social cohesion and a stable social order. As another Strauss analyst summarizes, he advocates a society in which “the people are told what they need to know and no more”, and he puts forward certain key myths that he claims all governments need to exert control.

    Important among these is religion; in Strauss’s eyes religion is essential in order to impose moral law on the masses, and for this reason he had a “huge contempt” for secular democracy. While the elite few, he argued, are capable of absorbing the nonexistence of any moral truth, the masses would not be able to cope, and “if exposed to the absence of absolute truth, they would quickly fall into nihilism or anarchy [sic]”. But while advocating religion as an instrument of social control, he stressed that it was solely for the masses –the rulers who preached it need not be bound by it. Indeed, it would be ridiculous if they were, seeing as the truths proclaimed by religion were “a pious fraud” –i.e., lies.

    Another crucial myth Strauss advocated was that of nationalism. Following a Hobbesian line of thinking he argues that mankind’s inherently aggressive nature can only be restrained by a powerful nationalistic state: “because mankind is intrinsically wicked, he has to be governed,” he wrote. “Such governance can only be established, however, when men are united –and they can only be united against other people” [emphasis added]. In other words, Strauss believed that “a political order can be stable only if it is united by an external threat”. Moreover, according to Drury “following Machiavelli, he maintained that if no external threat exists, then one has to be manufactured.”

    Aggressive Nationalism and Perpetual War: Strauss in Washington
    So “perpetual war, not perpetual peace, is what Straussians believe in” says Drury, and one only has to look at the mission statements of groups like the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), both of which are overflowing with disciples of Strauss, to see how this has translated into what she terms an “aggressive, belligerent foreign policy” and the advocacy of a world dominated by U.S. military power. According to her, “Strauss’ neoconservative students see foreign policy as a means to fulfill a ‘national destiny’ –as Irving Kristol defined it already in 1983 –that goes far beyond the narrow confines of a ‘myopic national security.’”

    In the days following the 9/11 attacks, the Pentagon established an agency known as the Office of Special Plans (OSP), charged with the specific task of finding evidence of WMD and/or links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, and somehow nailing it together into a case for the invasion of Iraq. Working under Wolfowitz, the OSP was headed by another of Strauss’s students, Abram Shulsky. In 1999 Shulsky had co-written an article about Strauss and intelligence entitled Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence (By Which We Do Not Mean Nous); in Greek philosophy the term nous means ‘the highest form of rationality’. Writing in the New Yorker, Seymour Hersh noted that Shulsky and his co-author, PNAC chairman Gary Schmitt, allude in this essay to Strauss’s theory of esoteric writing, in which he observes that, “great philosophers, hesitant to tell the whole story of what they believed, used concealed messages in their writing. Only the very wise could understand the real truth.”

    “This also brings in Plato’s concept of the noble lie” says Hersh, “but what’s interesting in terms of Iraq is Strauss’s complaint that, as Shulsky writes, nobody quite understood the extent of deception that exists in the world, or its role in politics. This includes deception by Saddam Hussein, who deceived us about what his real intentions and goals were.” Strauss’s role in manufacturing the “War on Terror” myth seems fairly self evident, but the aggressive nationalism he saw as essential to subdue the masses is merely one strand of Straussian strategy.

    Excerpted from James Horrox’s Leo Strauss and the Cult of the Noble Lie

    1. When I was an entering student at the U of Chicago, a young kid, Strauss gave a public lecture on Machiavelli, which I attended. It was a boring, conventional narrative that Machiavelli was Evil and we all shouldn’t think that way. I remember thinking what a blowhard he was, and wondered why the school sponsored the talk.

      thirty years later I learned that Strauss was actually a devotee, a disciple of Machiavelli. I had actually been given a Machiavellian lecture on Machiavelli! He pretended to assume a virtue that he did not possess.

      I was born and raised in a small mining patch in Pa; we didn’t do things like that there.

  10. The discussion raises an interesting point: why did Meneta testify essentially against Cheney, the strong man of the Bush administration, at the fake investigation of 9/11? The likely answer is that he was not part of the plot, not knowledgeable about it, and was covering his butt to separate himself from it.

    Mineta was a lower cabinet officer, A Dem in a Repub administration, an Asian in a White regime. He was not a major player in the regime, not part of the orchestration of 9/11 most likely. So he probably told the truth, possibly because he just felt it was the right thing to do. He served another three years in the administration.

    How one gets from this to his being a villain, or a cretin, escapes me.

      1. The young man obviously came into the room to warn Cheney every minute or two, however much this is obscured by Patrick’s bullshit. What the orders were that the man mentioned were not explicitly stated, so Minetta’s description was ambiguous as what was to done, or not done, to the approaching plane. Consequently Minetta was not explicitly stating that the plane was allowed to approach the Pentagon with the military standing down. He then served another three years in the Bush jr administration.

        But I don’t expect intellectual honesty from Patrick. What disturbs me is how easily he influences weaker minds. If the American people, or the people under any state power system, can be so easily led to support the precise opposite of what they think they are supporting, then democracy is built culturally on sand. I strongly reject that conclusion emotionally, but the question must be explored., and under what conditions people are so easily and irrationally influenced considered.

  11. I have read daschsielady’s posts on 9/11 a number of times, and find them astonishing. According to her, there were no planes that hit the towers, no pilots and passengers killed, only a fraction of the reported killed in the buildings actually killed, and Minetta, who reported an important piece of evidence, branded as a despicable crisis actor.

    Even more astonishing, her comments have been echoed to varying degrees by the MHB commenters. How is this possible in a blog that is intended to investigate the staged homicidal operations of American power under the War on Terror?

    It may be an example of ideological groupthink overcoming reason and evidence. People have a need to belong to a group, and to adhere to its truths and values even if the narrative sometimes deviates wildly from reality. Dachsielady is highly intelligent, and had displayed her ‘intuition’ to deliver these comments ‘before we say goodby to our remembrance of 9/11..’

    Since 9/11 Shocked and Awed the American people to identify with the War on Terror, we may say goodby to the remembrance, but not to War. We are constantly being subjected to manipulation under this War, and the only defense against it is evidence and reasoning effectively about its implications.

    But this evidence and reason must be mediated by honest political and ideological authority in order to be generally credible. There currently does not exist enough such authority to overcome the natural default to consensual groupthink which obfuscates the truth in a blatant way. I have old friends in academia, and they are subject to the same powerful influences. I wonder how these influences can be overcome.

    1. Excellent comment and one that needs to be drilled in, the groupthink you speak of is ironically the same manifestation ridiculed by the “aware” to the “sheep.”

      Admittedly, it is easy to turn of critical thinking and attack the comment sections with agendas that veer into lazy personal tangents (put me at the top of that list).

      Doxie is very intelligent, agreed. But it is premature to discount her intuition (and that of many others) primarily because it is still possible. The flight manifests were terribly documented, the reported deaths were contradictory, the planes themselves as well as the terrorists I believe are to this day questionable at best.

      But my contention is that the easiest way to pull this off is to follow the Cuban script from the 60’s and use remote controlled planes. This to me is Occam’s razor at its finest. Scott Creighton, I believe, does an excellent job of dissecting this topic. Giyf

      1. I agree, Reprehensor about the likelihood of the remote control planes. I’ve asked pilots and they’ve said the technology was well known at the time. And it is quite true that the number of Terrorists, etc are in dispute, many being alive in foreign countries at the time, working as pilots.
        But discrediting Minetta and the Jersey Girls I find odd, especially as we are to do so “before we say goodby to the remembrance of 9/11.” Indeed, we are also supposed to say goodby to Cheney, a fictitious Goldstein figure according to Patrick. Somehow I find it odd that we are to discredit the witnesses and victims, and sanitize the chief suspects.

        1. I don’t know why you are so obtuse, Mark.

          If you can’t do the math, I’ll do it for you: At 500 miles an hour, it would take 6 minutes for the plane to travel 50 miles (50 is 1/10 of 500; 60 minutes divided by 10 is 6).

          Minetta claimed that the young man kept leaving the room and returning as the plane advanced in 10 mile increments, and had a verbal exchange with Cheney each time. This would only be possible if the plane was actually a blimp, or a slow-moving helicopter.

          Minetta was telling perhaps the most preposterous lie about the events of that day, of all (that’s an awfully hard boast, I know, the competition being so strong). The question is why?

          Well, it made Darth Vader look complicit, improbably (for a fellow member of the Bush/Cheney administration). That must certainly have been a part of his (actually, his scriptwriters’) motivation. Why would he want to do that? I explained the obvious answer in the comment you reference.

          As for planes, we’ve been over that a million times. An aluminum plane cannot pass into a steel building like a hot knife into a stick of butter. It is physically impossible. If planes actually hit those buildings, they would crumple up and fall to the ground. Obviously, what we saw was special effects in a television special.

          These simple facts, and your determination to not face them, constitute a TRUE demonstration of “groupthink,” but of course it is you who are a victim of it, not dachsie and me. I’d call your accusation about us being an example of groupthink a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but you’d probably accuse me of racism

          Why you need to cling to impossible myths is perhaps something you should bring up with your psychiatrist, Mark. You really should look into it; it damages your ability to reason clearly.

        2. Patrick, your math is good, but so is minettas.

          6 min
          50 miles
          Updated every 10 miles
          That’s 5 updates in 6 min

          Please replace the word “mark” or “you” with the words “Patrick” or “I”.

          And now that you have been properly edited, we can all glean something from your comment.

          As an aside, when I was 3 years old in preschool, I had the opportunity to learn a shocking consequence in life, albeit from the little boy who spit on me. You see, after I complained to the teacher of this foul action, she prompted the boy to spit continuously into her hand. I couldn’t fathom at the time what she was thinking, nor could the boy. After ten or so spits she lathered her hands together with the spit and proceeded to wipe her hands all over his face. I was disgusted, shocked, appalled, mind you. I felt horrible for the kid, and contempt for the teacher coupled with conflicting flashes of justice. Then guilt. Alas, the teacher had taught, and I doubt anyone who witnessed that event ever had a spitting problem again.

          Again, just an aside.

    2. Not quite sure how you whitewash the entire MHB lot in such facile fashion. I have not the faintest idea what it is you wish to accomplish, do you find yourself taking lots of selfies? Are you campaigning to be our face/voice of true reality, then? Yet you talk about “honest political and ideological authority in order to be generally credible”. This meaning your viewpoints, specifically?

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