Will cover “Death Squad Fran’s” North American Tour

“Brian Williams will make his return to the air September 22 on MSNBC as part of a team of anchors covering Pope Francis’ first trip to the U.S.,” Deadline.com reports.

Williams won’t be MSNBC’s only anchor during the pontiff’s lengthy visit – but he will be the most closely watched for obvious reasons and his presence is sure to goose ratings for the cable news network’s coverage of Francis’s lengthy visit. Williams’ return to air happens on September 22, which coincides with Francis’ scheduled arrival in Washington, D.C. Williams will not be on the road with the pope; he will be anchoring from New York.

In June, NBCUniversal announced Williams would return to NBC in August, but would be assigned to MSNBC rather than return to the anchor chair at NBC Nightly News. Nightly News fill-in Lester Holt was named permanent anchor of Nightly.

Last February, NBCU and Comcast suspended Williams for six months without pay after it was revealed that he falsely claimed on NBC’s Nightly News that he was involved in a combat situation in Iraq in early 2003 – a claim the anchor also had made elsewhere, including on Late Show With David Letterman.

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31 thought on “Crooked Journalist Returns to Broadcasting”
    1. Truth.

      You see, Brian does not have many carereer choices at this point, since his fall from grace. Which means, he fits their agenda perfectly to be used to sell Rome’s manufactured ‘peace’ stories. The VATICAN are a military empire (the very same Roman Republic [who killed our CHRIST] since 27AD). The fascist empire who pose as ‘Christians’ behind cloak but in fact are a Hindu based “Christendom” pagen+idol false worship and are the very same ‘cartel’ you speak of. They own the own the FED dollar note that fund allwars , behind thier cover banksters/accountants. Rome own’s all politicians like our fraud Ethiopean and Falasha Jew PRES Obama, whom they created/manufactured as well. This is a fact.
      1. This is why Israels first black Miss America is what…. Ethiopean
      2. this is why Obama has hired 80% Ethiopeans around him since he has taken office,
      3. this is why Ethiopias economy has remarkably skyrocket in the last few years. It does NOT take a great deal of research to uncover the truth folks. Please wake up world! The Roman VATICAN are Rev 17 and the very biblical ” Jezabel” who rides thd BEAST = mystery Babylon our Lord Hesus literally warned us of 2,000 years ago. The NT is the only real thing in this world. Almighty God made sure. All popes are the biblical “son(s) of perdition” and this very pope is the “lawless man”. Truth can be felt and lies sensed. It’s each our responsibity to reach for the truth. Each man’s heart is being tested. Jesus is the only bridge back to the Heavenly Father. “I am truth”; -JESUS

      1. To be fair, it was really the Jews who killed Jesus; the Romans merely carried out the execution. None of the Romans were all that keen on doing it, if I recall correctly, and in fact had to be bribed and cajoled into it.

        I understand that’s not really your point, but still.

        1. The Jesuit Roman Vatican’s signature lies and obfuscation, veiled and overt, they stole the word “Jew” and proceeded to teach through indoctrination/religion a false meaning. Meaning that,

          Biblical “Jews” = Humanities attempt for self government in defiance of God’s will. Being a universes governed by mans personal will, thus being contrary to God’s laws of faith, love and mercy and what’s more is to deny what Christ accomplished for us by His death.

          “Ethnicity”, is the term we should refer to talk about our common ancestry, cultural traditions and common histories that to include a person characteristic features inclusive.

          “Semitic“, is an adjectives that describes primarily language and

        2. Recynd, America is definitely end times Babylon. Much excellent work has been done to demonstrate this to be true.

          As for your remarks concerning who really killed Jesus, I thought you might like this portion of a correspondence I am currently engaged in. It regards a lecture series on the subject of why God allows evil to exist:

          “[my friend] wanted to know why God did not “speed up” the process, so that fewer people would end up suffering. I said, because He couldn’t. It was impossible for Him. First, the longer it goes on, the more people He will have in His family. But more importantly, the history of the Bible demonstrates that He put Himself in handcuffs. He entered into covenants with His creations, and that means He has to keep His end of the bargain, even if WE don’t—unless He is like Allah, an unreliable trickster.

          “That is, He made a deal with Abraham, to save mankind through his seed; Abe was faithful, but God was bound to His promise, either way. Later, He made a deal with the Israelites at Mt. Sinai, asking them if they were willing to agree to His terms—and they heard that voice, and said yes, we will do all that the Law You have given us requires. They were to obey His commands, be pure and teach the world how to be saved, and in exchange He would bless them abundantly; they did not keep up their end of the bargain, closing in upon themselves in the pride of their special privilege as the Chosen, disdaining the rest of the nations as “dogs.” God, bound to His pact, found another way—first, sending prophets, but since they would not listen, ultimately becoming one of those Jews, commissioning the nations, through Himself, as “spiritual Jews” via whom the deal made at Mt. Sinai could be fulfilled. Of course, God knew tall that in advance, and we can read it across the sweep of the Old Testament (Bill did not know that Daniel predicted the very year Messiah would be born); the mystery of iniquity had inevitable consequences from the start, but that does not mean that God is complicit in the entry of evil into the world. It’s just the price that has to be paid for the kind of family God wants to have.

          “But even by sending the prophets, and finally Jesus, God did not break the covenants He had made with men. With the prophets, He was PERSUADING the Jews to turn back to their vow to Him; as Jesus, He was simply giving adopted-in gentile-Jews the opportunity to fulfill the original Jews’ promises. But just like the Jews, the Church did not HAVE to fulfill those vows. It remained voluntary, which means that that evil must be allowed to flourish, if God is to be true His nature—that He cannot betray His honor, His Word. We have free will.

          “So, there are only three possibilities: God would create a race of machines, with no choice but to love him; He creates a race, like ours, where we are free to rape babies and burn down cities for the pleasure of it; He becomes an oath-breaker.

          “He can’t “speed up” the creation of His family without becoming an oath-breaker. And a race of automatons would not be worth having as a family–if they can’t beak your heart, they have no value. This brought up another query of [my friend’s]: Can the people in Rev 22 choose to sin? I said in reply that Jesus had free will, and thus was genuinely tempted many times, but He always chose not to sin—so if we are destined to be just like Him, we will, in the New Heaven and New Earth, be free to sin, but won’t. On the other hand, I said, after the Millennium, after a perfect Kingdom ruled over by Jesus physically present on Earth, when the devil and his henchmen are released, the human race once again sides with Satan.”

          This is why the Jews killed Him, and why the Romans were happy to carry out the sentence. It is also why the Jews to this day have hardened hearts. The problem is sin, or better still, the refusal to face it.

          Of course, to tell the whole story would be a long article, and one not appropriate for this forum.

        3. Yes, yes, yes! Gorgeously put! WE are reaping the consequences of our own, human action. We will ultimately be saved from ourselves, but salvation cannot be rushed. And it WON’T be rushed.

          My faith teaches the doctrine of Resurrection and the Millennium, after which Satan will again be let loose “for a season”, but I’ve found many mainstream Christians (both Catholics and Protestants) have little, if any, understanding of these ideas, other than maybe a belief in a Rapture. However, I was pleasantly surprised when these concepts (a general Resurrection preceding/during the Millennium) were taught at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship, an international, non-denominational Bible study course…find one near you!), which I have happily attended for two years (my third year starts Wednesday…with a year long study of Revelations!).

        4. Mick: I suspect you’re looking at those “Christians” who are most visible. Never ins them; we have friends we CAN’T see working on our behalf. And not just folks like Pat, Lophatt, and others (including me). There’s a whole immaterial world that operates alongside the material one.

        5. Nice of you to share with me your theological views, Mick.

          Whatever one thinks of the Essenes, and their connection to Jesus, and how this question informs Christianity, my opinion is that good-hearted seekers after the true truth are all on my side, whatever conclusions we currently draw. Hopefully, we will draw different ones in the future, because we keep thinking. The conclusions are never complete.

          But where we must part company is when you confuse the Church, “those who claim to be working on his [Jesus’] behalf”, which is ME, with the handful of self-proclaimed leaders of it. There are hundreds of millions of people like me, people who have nothing to do with the charlatans you point to, who purport to represent Biblical Christianity. China, for instance, has hundreds of millions of people like me, and exploding in numbers every day, who ALL MEET IN HOUSES, and would be jailed if the “official” church could identify them. True, Biblical, Christianity is flourishing where the television cameras never seem to go.

          I always try to keep the theological conversation to a minimum here, as that’s not what MHB is for–although theology informs many of the subjects we talk about, so it’s fine to talk about. But I won’t make it a big distraction.

          Thanks again.

      2. What you said is interesting. However if you rely on your feelings, as many do, you cannot rely on your determinations as well as when you gather enough facts to draw a conclusion. You see how well the American people do at trying to tell which politicians is lying to them the least. There is surely a religious and financial war going on and it is easy to see the players to some degree. We have yet to consider the possibility that it is the nation state itself that is used by those in power to achieve their goals and have thus concluded that it is the devil and that a stronger belief in a higher power will fix everything. Don’t get me wrong, Christian philosophy is very compelling and it is what I predominantly follow, but to many people are so strongly indoctrinated by their cultural beliefs that it is highly unlikely that such a vast number of people will arise under the true hand of God to prevail. To many different groups are claiming to be God’s chosen people. For me I see none that would be the likely winner of this contest.

  1. ALL “journalists on the idiot box are CFR script readers , this man took the fall is all , they had to do this to take the heat off of their entire brain washing system – the TV is the greatest piece of brain washing equipment ever made. the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) owns ALL MEDIA outlets . the so called “journalists” read the scripts they are given , journalism on WW media are actors- “how your local ‘news’ is produced” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhgVbbDBJ24&list=PLZj_5Tu8X_ug1CU6ny3_FxpP3AJMg4gpB&index=1 CFR controls media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNgm4kM24s

  2. I haven’t watched MSM in years–ever since I started waking up back in 2006. It’s hard for me to believe that people can still watch that stuff, It seems like the propaganda is now so obvious and in your face.

    Off-topic, just found this from Jim Stone on the Aurora/Batman shooting: He says they released photos of the theater and messed up. Stone seems to think the whole thing was a hoax and that nobody died. I didn’t pay as close attention to this one as I did Sandy Hook and Boston, so I’m still not clear on what happened, other than that the official story is a complete and total lie.

  3. I have not watched a single local or national news story basically since the 90’s and I was a lobbyist against public education and when the local news told me they were not allowed to say anything ” negative about public education” I knew the ” fix” was in and made a wise decision that what I would be watching would be ” mis- truths” and I am much happier in my life and much more informed. See how smart I am? I read Memory Hole. That proves my level of intelligence. Another college educated woken-up person” Me thinks people who watch news seem to be angry type people.

    1. Well said Kelly
      A college education gives you a few books (usually half truths) and simply points you in the right direction. It is really up to us to educate ourselves well after college. It is an ongoing matter which lasts through a person’s entire lifetime.

      “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal.

      “Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.

      They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness.

      These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

  4. Speaking of the pope, sports fans there is a lot going on.

    Nostradamus Predictions About the Rise of An Islamic Empire


    The pope has been busy busy keeping this one under wraps! It deals with the Brucegi Mountains in Romania and probably goes a long way in explaining how Romania was fast tracked into NATO.


  5. Dear Patrick, Yes.

    God does not condemn man; man condems himself. The end of the NT is here and the book is closing. Jesus was crucified in Rome NEVER in the Middle East. Jesus spoke and wrote in Basque (isolate) only! The proof is everywhere, particularly in Rome and on the Roman Coliseum. Begin your Basque research on Wikipedia… All languages there after Basque are “mimicking” linguistics and all Latin based. This is absolute truth. From African to Ge’ez to the Romance languages. All are hybrid/newer generic linguistics meant to dumb man down, sell religions and to safe all the best for themselves to enslave God’s people. Rome invaded and conquered all through Europe and those who rejected thier evil ideologies became slaves and were imprisionsed just as our Lord Prince and Savior Jesus was. 60% of the Europe were slaves due to the Roman Republic. The Roman Coliseium was built in 4 months NOT 10 years! Fact. Jesus was from Basque now known as Iberia. They have created Roman-Basque and Spanish-Basque to hide the truth (again generic fake languages). There is only ONE TRUE Basque and it has been preserved for 2,000. I know the truth. Jesus is the Victor! Satan the defeated foe. God bless and kerp ypu close.

  6. The rapture is a false dispensational teaching. Study your NT. All answers are found there. Our present and future… Sion:]

    Justice is coming. You will know what I have said is truth when Babylon falls… we are so very close. Trust HIM with all your heart and mind. HE loves us beyond measure. He’s coming for all of us. It’s a matter of man crossing that bridge to accept and choose Him. All glory and honor to HIM. -Victoria

  7. To be honest folks, Brian Williams wasn’t crooked or corrupted in any way. But very controlled ,like everyone else in the so-called media in this country.

    Free Will, we are all born with, we just need to remember to practice it more. And it was God greatest gift to mankind.

    1. Very provocative point here, Ted. Williams was a created character. He was portrayed as bigger than life, blessed with superhuman abilities of news gathering and analysis. However, his creation was totally under the CIA tutelage at his network station. None of these talking heads are self made. For the same reason, Dan Rather can’t help but exonerate a small part of his persona for his lying propensities and he’s still got the moxie to expect us to believe him word for word. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

  8. Ran across this article outlining Brian Williams’ new everyday role at MSNBC as the “Breaking News Go-to-Person.” Fresh from beatifying the Pope, the avuncular Williams will be featured by NBC as their “solid” foundation for journalism, the rock down at the Rock, if you will.

    Also mentioned is Chuck Todd’s new show, “Meet the Press Daily.”

    “In his role as MSNBC’s go-to person for breaking news, Williams will not have his own staff or team like other on-air talent hosting designated time slots, but instead will work with breaking news producer Lukasiewicz and the producer of whatever regularly scheduled programming has been interrupted. His hours will be roughly 9-5 p.m. EDT, closing each day when Chuck Todd’s new show, “Meet the Press Daily” begins.” UNQUOTE

    Read more:

    1. Reflecting on this, it seems that the unprecedented wall-to-wall media coverage of the Pageant of the Pope is a dry-run for the “rolling coverage” we can expect for all the up-coming “events” planned for us in the future. NBC is trying to muscle in on more “live” (manufactured) stories, CNN’s usual territory.

      It’s like NBC said to Brian Williams,”Oh, you like making up the truth? Good. We’ve got a job for you.”

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