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Researcher and film maker Sofia Smallstorm joins SGT Report to expose the sad truth that the United States of America is a Corporation and its legal fiction citizens are little more than assets – or liabilities – on the Globalist balance sheet. Sofia says,

In 1871 the real America vanished and it was replaced with this incorporated government including Washington District of Columbia. So the Federal Government became a Corporation. And by 1933 with Roosevelt sitting in office, the whole corporate system was washed down into all the cities, the states, the agencies, that’s when the reality really flushed itself out in this fictitious form.

Our “Representatives” are officers of a corporation, they aren’t public servants in any way and they cannot act as such. So that helps explain why they no longer seem to care about representing the people.

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  1. Our public servants are frauds from family clans with fictitious names and fabricated histories. They staff with their own family and connections. Not one is actually under oath; that would require using their actual legal name. They even have husband and wife teams running against each other on a GOP/DEM ticket. They are all the same and it is the POCKET PARTY.

    Congressional hearings have phony witnesses with fabricated histories. The outcome is known before the hearing. Showtime for sheep.

    They fabricate events and then they create phony solutions with expanded bureaucracy. They are not incorporated; they are infiltrated. Our laws are void. Not a corporation but an IN WHOLE phony government.

    Below is an example of a Junior Rep from Corruptachusetts where every single Rep in the Commonwealth’s State House is a straight up fraud.

    I have found enough of these people in these clans who connect to determine it is systemic and at every level.

    Every fraud I find has their in real life family, friends and connections in their Twitter feed photos with digital alterations as needed.

    Freedom in the USA is an illusion.

      1. Maryaha, your interest is appreciated. The greater mass needs to get interested because we are many – and we need “The Many” awake.

        I did have multiple entries on friendfeed that dealt with the fabricated events and surprise – they shut down friendfeed. Try my google plus. This post is a good start. Also my Twitter photos @rebelready.

        I have a lot posted on google and I use the links from the photos I post on Twitter. I plan to get all my friendfeed entries up on google – you may want to have a copy of the graphiccs before that site disappears or I suffer an unanticipated demise. LOL I just figured out how to post photos on google so I will be doing that instead of the links in the future.

        It is so much information and they never stop; it’s at the point now where they pull a new fraud that allows me to browse a clan that I have already discovered and, sure enough there I spot the characters in America’s latest fabricated news.

        I found three US CO Congressmen and a US Senator who are straight up frauds connected to theater shooting but it is not all documented as of yet. The Senator is posted but not the Congressman- I think 2 may be in my photo line at Twitter. Their families are fabricated as well. This extends to the Administration as well. Phony US Attorneys and Intelligence people.

        There is plenty at my google site to give more insight in what I am trying to present. Once I have figured out the correct clan; pegging the right individual can be tricky because these people mate and breed to defraud and there are many look-a-likes within the clan. As soon as further discovery dictates, I make corrections and have no problem with any error because I am in a clan and silence is complicit.

        I was able to find the entire Dick Donahue and Collier skit actors of the Boston BS because a connection I found led to a family photo and I worked from there.

        My criteria is I have to have at very minimum at least two matches from a clan to frauds in a suspected fabricated event or with the politicians at least two matches to the fabricated family and/or connections to post.

        Our supposed representation have twitter feeds and when I look at the photos, I find clan members with various digital alterations. I am very doubtful that these frauds are even the ones Tweeting. I believe they are also using instagram where the taxpayer supported terrorist collects photos to alter to make a Twitter line that has these people appear as though they are actually working for their constituents.

        Here is an example. The politician is clan and his opposition at election time was also the same clan. If memory serves me right the looser is now on a police force using his actual name. New York likely has an IN WHOLE phony government just like Massachusetts and I would say the same for any state that has pulled off one of the high profile fabricated events.

        They also have phony scandals to move clan members in and out. This allows for racketeering from our federal courts and gives the illusion that the other frauds are on the up & up because they are prosecuting someone who is fabricated for a fabricated wrong doing. No one goes to jail.

        They also have creative criminal tales, years in the making, and then book and movie deals. The Whitey Bulger Story is an IN Whole fraud and most of those characters are in the Massachusetts State House. Racketeering from a federal court is a safe haven.

        We also have phony FBI to effectuate the phony criminal tale.

        Here is Congressman Keating. If you want it bigger, right click open in a new tab and add :large to the end of the link

        It requires an understanding of what they can do with digital alterations and seeing through the alterations in still photos and even video. Totality applies when there are multiple connections and it makes a very valid allegation. You do not find multiple look alikes from one set of people to another set of people. These are not doppelganger.

        Again, appreciate your interest so very much.

      2. Maryaha says:
        September 9, 2015 at 1:45 PM

        Rebel, I am very interested in this. Where can I go to read and see more? Do you have a website?

        ??? Really? I don’t believe it.

        Hint: Donald Trump is really a terrorist selling time shares on the internet. ( they can’t find him but Dallas Goldbug did)

        Go to Wellaware and your computer will lock up and your brain explode. No . Unless your a sock puppet (that’s my new funny)

        1. Rebelready is Dallas Goldbug? I heard him on a radio program several years ago, right after the Gabby Giffords hoax shooting. I remember going to that Wellaware site and it was kind of difficult to navigate. What’s his story all about anyhow?

  2. I love Sofia. The links she refers to have great info.

    About iodine: I am allergic to the purer forms (nascent iodine, maybe?) of iodine. I put a few drops on my inner arm and had the worst rash for weeks. When I drank it with distillers water, I got a raging headache (detoxing perhaps?). So be careful.

    1. Dub,will read this in it’s entirety,but I DO understand that we are, and have always been operating under British Maritime Law. Thank you for presenting this article.

      1. Hi Ray

        You know it is funny, I went all the way through the FSU business school and nobody ever mentioned the federal reserve is not federal. Imagine my chagrin when I found this out!

        One of the best articles taken from that post was from political velcraft. We are never told much about the Jackson administration. Andrew Jackson actually took over the federal reserve and began printing legal money. He announced to the bankers that “By God I will rout you.” Well true to form both guns failed to go off during the murder attempt.

        It was almost shootout at the O.K. coral, as Aaron Burr the vice president shot Alexander Hamilton who was a Rothschild son-in law. None of this is ever discussed in history class.

        So we are at a very defining time in world history. By that I mean Russia and China appear to be moving in the direction of forming their own currency once again backed by gold. To the best of my knowledge, it seems that Rothschild does own stock in the Chinese central bank but only 49%, so is not calling the shots. He owns the Russian central bank but Putin keeps it under fairly tight Russian control.

        So now here we are, bases are being built in more proximity to Russia and China. We have seen 4 blasts now in China and the one at Tianjin almost blew out the Chinese supercomputer but the wall around it stopped the magnetic wave we are told.

        We have also seen an explosion of a USA military ammunition dump in Japan, an oil refinery go up in smoke in Texas recently. There was a flyover in the black sea sometime ago by Russian jets over the US Donald Cook that fried the electronics on board the ship which went limping back to Romania. The radar screens went blank the the Russian fighter made 12 passes over the ship at low altitude breaking the sound barrier to convey a message. It was about Magrav technology for which there is no answer for as yet.

        So now recent reports indicate tracking ability has been lost for planes over the eastern seaboard and it will not be restored until around Oct 1st? Pilots are utilizing fly by sight. We can only guess what is going on here.

        Russia is denying it, but reports indicate it is beefing up Russian presence in Syria with more personnel and sophisticated weapons. We also have Chinese warships in the Bering Sea for the first time ever.

        The American public seems unaware of all this, however it is football season and there are busy busy and most have no idea of the gravity of the international situation.

        1. I saw that article about air tracking ability this morning. Does this mean pilots should be sure to pack their binoculars or what? What is going on?

          The American public is unaware, and the saddest part is that most are willingly unaware. My husband works with people who, for the most part, refuse to believe what he tells them is going on; they tell him they don’t even want to know, so they don’t have to think about it. Of course, when everything comes crashing down, they will be the first to ask why it happened.

        2. ” To the best of my knowledge, it seems that Rothschild does own stock in the Chinese central bank but only 49%, so is not calling the shots. He owns the Russian central bank but Putin keeps it under fairly tight Russian control.”

          Two questions, Mick:

          What is this Rothschild person’s first name, and where does he live?

          How do you know these things? (You are very specific; 49%–you must have detailed, inside knowledge.

          I find it implausible in the extreme that Russia, much less China, is in this position, but my mind is open.

        3. It was just an assertion made by a financial analyst, don’t remember his name. It seems logical however. They are not going to let the Chinese sell products all over the west without some hand in the pie.

          From everything I can possibly read however Rothschild still owns the Russian Central bank as he does the US federal reserve (he and his families anyway). The head of the federal reserve board is supposed to keep this in check. We can see how that has worked out. However I have seen articles on RT where Putin calls for meetings with his central bank head, a female, forget her name also, and issues orders to her as to what he wants done. There is a big difference here.

        4. This is very not good, Mick. If you don’t know the guy’s name, or where he lives, accusing him of such earth-shattering things is irresponsible. And you don’t usually come off that way.

          Furthermore, the notion that this fellow “owns the Russian central bank” is so preposterous that I’m amazed it seems plausible to you. And that he ALSO owns 49% of the stock of the Chinese central bank is simply preposterous–whoever this phantom is. When was that stock made available for purchase? What kind of negotiations were involved in the Communist Party’s decision to relinquish such a key element of their power to someone not Chinese? Why would they do that?

          If what you are saying is true, Russia and China are in the pockets of some guy in some place not Russia and not China. If you believe that, and don’t care that it sounds utterly nuts, I’d advise you to think it through.

        5. In 2008 the Bank of China bought a 20 percent stake in La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild (LCFR) for 236.3 million euros (US$340 million).

          You may be right Patrick, one can find all types of pro and con posts on this. I am certainly not a financial expert but did run into this.

          In 1917 Rothschild financed Vladimir Lenin in the over throw of The Russian Monarchy, To Establish Communism and thus centralize the finances to the Rothschild Banking Empire.

          In 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Rothschild financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s 2007 campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia! This slogan continues to make the New World Order Rothschilds very nervous…Here

          Now That Russia has kicked out Rothschilds – Rothschild’s Military influence through Rhode Scholars and embedded within the White House has unleashed NATO confrontation with Vladimir Putin.

          . If a private interest-free Mutual Credit facility can provide it, grand. …. I also read China has over 50% ownership in their central bank.

        1. The Queen’s official last name or rather real name may be German but her mother, The Queen Mother, and her brother were illegitimate and hatched by the French cook in the family pile in Scotland. Lady Colin Campbell says so and has not been sued or pursued by lawyers. Rather fun and typical of English history – a ton of royal bastards in the past too.

      1. I have always wondered how many Brits know their English Royalty is Really German. Who runs the EU? Germany.

        They changed their name to “Windsor” because it sounded too German..

        NewsFlash: It was and still is German!

  3. Hell is a corporation with many formal laws, contracts and restrictions written for its inhabitants in order to keep them in perpetual debt and servitude. Heaven is an abode with only the golden rule to guide the free who reside there…

    1. Tell me that Trump won’t be the most significant president in our history…C’mon, I dare ya.
      Unless we can head off the banditos at the pass, we are cooked, stick a fork in us. Then, contrast Trump with the Israeli-philic Ted Cruz….see the diff? Until we get rid, spelled RID, of these two- nation traitors in our political midst, we stand no chance of ever seeing freedom again.

  4. I just want to say that Sophia is 100% correct in what she is saying. Kent Hovind, the Florida pastor that spent nine years in prison for depositing and withdrawing his own money from his bank in amounts less than $10,000, and was therefore, according to that bastion of integrity and honesty known as the IRS, guilty of “structuring” to avoid paying taxes, has been trying to tell the American people this very same message; that the United States is now a corporation, owned and operated by those in power, and they in no way operate in the best interests of anyone but themselves. It has not been our country for a long time. He became a sovereign citizen long ago, and that is why the IRS targeted him and were determined to put him away and shut him up…and they finally did. They also sent his wife to prison for one year. A SWAT team invaded their home in Florida in the middle of the night back in 2007 and put guns to their heads. They dragged Mrs. Hovind, a 5′ tall, 100 pound grandmother, out of her bed and handcuffed her and dragged her to the front yard. They would not even let her put on street clothes, but took her to jail wearing her nightgown.

    Though Kent knew his rights as a citizen far above and beyond the judge, the prosecutor, the jury, or anyone else involved, it did him and his wife NO good at all. Why? Because the people running the systems now don’t obey the law. If they say you’re guilty, by gosh you are guilty. That goes double for the IRS! They intended to put him away for life.

    In the fall of last year, a friend named Paul Hansen, an attorney and also a sovereign citizen, mailed a letter in Kent ‘s defense, and was given the same SWAT treatment the Hovinds received. He is in Florida in prison right now, thanks to the same judge and prosecutor, along with help from the IRS. He was sentenced just a few weeks ago, and is serving 18 months…for mailing a letter.

    As Kent often says, speaking of this “system”, they will steal your money and throw you and your family into prison. They took all of the money from his and his ministry’s bank accounts, all of his properties, and nine years of his life; but it gets even more ridiculous…they still expect him to make restitution to the IRS. That sounds a bit like double jeopardy or worse to me. If a kind and gentle pastor who has never broken the law, can be treated like a dangerous madman, they can also do this to any one of the rest of us. The last 30 days of his sentence, he was held in a maximum security prison in Yazoo City, MS, in solitary confinement. They were certainly making an example out of him.

    Kent has written many books, many of them from prison. One of them is entitled, “The Kennel”, which is about the fact that federal prisons in this country are also corporations. The criminals that are in charge of the prison system get filthy rich from the system. They make money off every prisoner by selling the prison the clothes, food, phone service, transportation, etc. that it needs to operate. The prison system guarantees they will keep the prison population at maximum numbers, which is exactly why we now see innocent Americans being sent to prison and we see people who have committed very minor crimes being given long prison terms. These crooks are making a killing off the backs of these prisoners. The same is true in juvenile courts, which is also why we are seeing cases where judges in juvenile courts are basically selling kids into sexual slavery to the highest bidding pedophiles.

    All of Kent’s videos and books are free, and he doesn’t copyright anything. He simply wants people to watch them, read them, make copies of them, and pass them out to everyone you can. I have his book “The Kennel” in ebook form, and I will be happy to send it to anyone here that wants to read it. It’s only about 40 pages long.

    I’m not saying it’s not the right thing to do, if you want to be a sovereign citizen, but I am saying to prepare for battle…because it’s coming. I hope and pray that I have enough courage to stand when the time comes, and having done all, to stand. It makes me sick to see what this country has become.

    1. I love Kent Hovind (even if he does bash Mormons!). When my son first started homeschooling, he and I would watch Kent Hovind videos…then we’d discuss them, and compare/contrast his views with other prevailing views. It was fun and interesting.

      The treatment that man has received at the hands of our “government” is appalling, and shows that they will go to any length necessary to destroy their opponents. They stole the best years of that man’s life, and there will be hell to pay.

      Government is “the great and abominable church” of Scripture…that’s what I think.

      1. I love him too and I have learned a lot from him. Kent seems to know at least a little bit about almost every subject, but he is humble enough to admit it if he doesn’t know. I used to listen to his cds in my car when my kids were little…they learned a lot too. They especially learned not to believe a word of the preposterous theory of evolution!

    2. Elites turned the corner and now the law means squat. There used to be some concern for “how things looked”, but now, illegalities are the order of the day. Who cares of the copz are caught red handed committing murder?
      This is what we all face now. Total anarchy, total lawlessness. It’s why some day, if things continue, we will be buying government tooth paste, government cars, and government clothing. Civil war is on it’s way to a theater near you.

    3. Those who attempt to escape the globalist’s fiat system of control seem to always be dealt with harshly including von NotHaus (Liberty dollar founder), examples in Russo’s America Freedom to Fascism, Gaddafi, etc. The general public doesn’t question why it is the punishment could never “fit the crime”.

      All the more reason alt media should question the MSM’s neutral and sometimes favorable coverage of Bitcoin and how it came to be that the promotion of the Bitcoin meme came on the heels of the November 2013 IMF meeting in which Trilateralist and bankster henchman extraordinaire Larry Summers pronounced the desirability of moving forward with negative interest rates and a [global] digital currency. Summers has since joined the advisory board of 21 Inc., a Bitcoin startup producing embeddable chips for smartphones to facilitate widespread use of Bitcoin, as reported by WSJ 5/18/15. In addition, Goldman Sachs jumped on the Bitcoin investment bandwagon with the NY Times reporting Goldman investing 50M in a Bitcoin focused company.

    4. Thanks for sharing.
      The few people I have known that declared Sovereign Citizenship and refused to pay taxes ended up in Federal Prison. One in a maximum security facility for several years.

      The IRS is a law upon itself. Bank accounts, pay checks, property… nothing is outside of their reach. And Fed’s with machine guns will kick your door down to enforce their laws.

      Just a heads up for those going down the Sovereign road. A few books and attending seminars may provide enlightenment of the law, but offers little protection against the beast.

    1. Good job finding this.

      Whatever the truth turns out to be, I suspect it won’t really matter much to us “little people”. We’ll still have been treated like steer in a feedlot: fed chemical-laced feed, shot full of vaccines, bred by the whim of our masters, and slaughtered when we’ve outlived our usefulness. (Sorry to be so depressing; it’s HOT here.)

  5. Ha ha, I’m in mod, but it doesn’t say I’m in mod..I’m listed as I blogged.

    I just warned Maryaha don’t buy rebelready aka Dallas Goldbug Bull.

    WordPress says Do it!

    Good luck with that dead end.

    1. Picture the Rabbit Hole as an Main Artery heading from your Heart with lots of capillaries coming off it on the way.

      Each capillary is a dead end to a finger, foot, ear and so forth.

      The Blood that didn’t go to the extremities comes back to the Heart.

      You Know what I’m saying………….

      1. Yeah, I do. It is as hard or simple as you make it. To me, looking for “the source” is a waste of time. The actual “source” is a theological issue.

        Who owns what is a trap. It is both true and a lie. Economics is an agreement. It is a bad agreement. But, just like contracts, nothing prevents one from entering into a bad contract.

        Patrick and I began a discussion on money some time ago. I did not want to continue it. I have no desire to change someone’s opinion that is so different from mine. It likely couldn’t be done and it wouldn’t change a thing if I did it.

        One little tidbit to mull over is, without usury, there would be no “cost of money”. There would be no inflation. Money is not supposed to be a commodity. It is a currency.

        I’m not sure I even agree with the idea of allowing loans for a simple fee. Mainly because that encourages people to make currency a commodity.

        If I work hard for my “hard earned” money, it doesn’t make it holy to “lend” it at usurious interest so that I, with the money, can take advantage of someone who needs it.

        If usurious interest were illegal, it wouldn’t cost me anything to lend money. It would have just as much buying power after a year or two as it did the day I lent it. The minute I make a profit from lending the money I am now in the commodities business.

        Besides that, all of it is a Ponzi scam. When you factor in the “fractional reserve” lending, there is a deficit automatically created for every dollar they print. There literally is not enough currency to cover the debt. It only works because we treat it like something of value.

        Now, as more and more paper (or electrons) pile up in an ever smaller pool, the vast majority will have nothing while the tiny band of usurers can convert their worthless paper into our “hard earned” possessions. If we let them.

        Anyone starting to see why we have these displays of military might with the police or the rash of police executions? I suspect at a time not far from now a large number of people are going to become very upset.

        This is why they don’t teach this in school. Just because one has the special advantages or skill to acquire money does not authorize a license to steal. There are few more loathsome creatures on earth than banksters. I would rather my son played piano in a cathouse than he become a banker.

  6. This is to Dublin’s Mick, just to break out of the horrible trap the last “reply” option traps us into.

    First, I thank you for doing the research, to find out the answers to my questions. That makes you a stand up guy–which I knew you were already. But assertions like a vague “Rothschild” owns half of China’s central bank, and all of Russia’s, really need to be backed up. So you went to the trouble of digging up the evidence.

    Apparently, it is the French Rothschilds, not the English ones, you are talking about, at least in the case of China–but China, in your research is PURCHASING, not owned by Edmond de Rothschild’s stake. You don’t mention the name of the Rothschild who used to “own” Russia’s central bank. I can’t assume it’s the same guy, but it’s interesting to know that they bought it back from him, whoever he is.

    This is a realm of research that is painfully difficult to nail down the facts about, and it always is troubling when people who make claims to know very specific things about it don’t even bother to document intriguing details. You have made that effort. Good show.

    I went to your links, and followed a few, deeper and deeper. They all were, interestingly, one web site, with a common theme.

    I opened this new line because I suspected it might become a bit lengthy; what I read in these articles raised questions I hope you would answer. The first is actually not a question, but an observation: you agree with the thinking of the guy behind the site, or you wouldn’t consider it authoritative. That said,

    1) Do you disagree that interest on loans is nothing more than the time-value of money? That is, should people with money be forbidden by law from charging a price for foregoing the loss of access of their money, for the period of the loan, when they lend it?

    2) Should someone who lends money be forbidden by law from charging an additional premium for the risk involved, given the credit-worthiness of the person asking for the loan?

    3) The site seems not to agree. Apparently, the guy behind the site thinks people would loan their hard-accumulated wealth anyway. I think society would rapidly disintegrate, if interest on loans were to be banned, because no one with wealth would have any incentive to lend out part of it to people without wealth who show promise to create something new and valuable. Do you agree with me?

    4) He seems to have a triumphalist sense of having debunked Ed Griffin and Gary North, but it doesn’t seem justified, to me. I see straw man arguments there. These people believe in a gold coin standard, not a “gold standard,” a world with no fractional reserve banking. I think this guy is misleading about what they believe, based upon my cursory review. Am I wrong?

    5)These guys (Ed Griffin and Gary North) hate central banking, and want free banking, where no entity can create money out of nothing, and cheaters who create more receipts than gold on deposit must inevitably be bankrupted. Do you believe that vision is the best, and a world where all credit is directly tied to real money on deposit–no amplifier via fractional reserves, or you believe, as this web site proclaims, (is it Anthony Migchels who is behind all this?) that Ellen Brown is correct, that politicians in Congress should print however much money out of thin air, with nothing to back it up outside of their personal integrity?

    Thanks, again, Mick.

    1. I am doing it Patrick. You know I don’t leave a link for everything I say, it goes to mod most of the time. In this case however I have seen the 49% figure more than once. But I am looking and still cannot find it. Discussions of this even in alternative new is rare.

      Soros and Rothschild interests in New York helped fund the Chongqing property bubble in 2005. In late 2010, Soros Fund Management established an office in Hong Kong after an initial multi-billion investment in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Minsheng Bank Ltd. and Longfor Property Group.    …   Minsheng was headed by Eddie Wang, former head of the China branch of HSBC who reputedly maintained close links with Britain’s MI-6. Wang was forced out of Minsheng last year after the bank experienced unexplained disappearances of its funds. In 2011, Longfor was cited by Moody’s for a lack of transparency and mis-reported funds disappearances. Wu Yajun (“Madam Wu”), who is reportedly the world’s wealthiest woman and is a member of the National People’s Congress, was forced out as the general director of Longfor.    …   Soros and National Endowment for Democracy-controlled NGOs are well-entrenched in the Chinese provinces, according to WMR’s Asian intelligence sources. The operations are overseen by the CIA station in Hong Kong. Soros NGOs are also active among Wang’s fellow Chinese-Mongols, especially in Inner Mongolia, the scene of recent social unrest.    …   Soros was trying to install Bo into the Politburo as China’s Mikhail Gorbachev. Bo would have been expected to dismantle the state apparatus of the People’s Republic of China and sell off Chinese state enterprises to Western investors like Soros and the Rothschilds. Essentially, the PRC would have gone the way of the USSR and China would have fallen to the whims of global vampire capitalism.    …   However, Wang Lijun’s corruption in the Chongqing real estate market has exposed Bo and his Soros-linked plans. Wang’s attempt to seek asylum in the U.S. consulate general in Chengdu has exposed the Soros/CIA plans and Bo’s candidacy for the Politburo has been nixed. Soros’s business operations in China are already under examination by state prosecutors and the commercial police and the Hungarian-American hedge fund tycoon stands to lose billions he has invested in China.—-China–A-neocon-domino-but-one-not-to-be-trifled-with-NFU—Rothschild_Soros-lose-huge-investment-as-Bo-Xilai-ousted

      How much leverage they have now? Who knows?

      They Are Presently In Worse Financial Shape Than The U.S. But Unlike The U.S., They Are Now Going After The Corrupt Keynesian Rothschild NWO Bankers And Joining Forces With Russia Who Removed Rothschild From Russia In 2006.

      The recent political schism between a faction of the Chinese Communist Party backed by the Rothschild banking cartel and politicians in Canada, Britain, and the United States on one side and more nationalistic Chinese Communist Party leaders allied with like-minded leaders in Russia, on the other, has brought the Obama administration’s use of “soft power” information warfare and propaganda tactics to the inner political sanctums of China.


      Jack Morgan responded by nudging the US towards WWII. Morgan had close relations with the Iwasaki and Dan families – Japan’s two wealthiest clans – who have owned Mitsubishi and Mitsui, respectively, since the companies emerged from 17th Century shogunates. When Japan invaded Manchuria, slaughtering Chinese peasants at Nanking, Morgan downplayed the incident. Morgan also had close relations with Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, while German Nazi Dr. Hjalmer Schacht was a Morgan Bank liaison during WWII. After the war Morgan representatives met with Schacht at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. [13]

      It is no coincidence that BIS is headquartered in Switzerland, favorite hiding place for the wealth of the global aristocracy and headquarters for the P-2 Italian Freemason’s Alpina Lodge and Nazi International. Other institutions which the Eight Families control include the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Conference and the World Trade Organization.

      The Rockefellers were instrumental in forming the depopulation-oriented Club of Rome at their family estate in Bellagio, Italy. Their Pocantico Hills estate gave birth to the Trilateral Commission. The family is a major funder of the eugenics movement which spawned Hitler, human cloning and the current DNA obsession in US scientific circles.
      China is aiming for, namely that the Yuan will be admitted in the IMF’s SDR basket (Special Drawing Rights) which as of today consists of only four currencies- the US dollar, the British Pound, the Euro and the Japanese Yen. Adding the Yuan, would make the Yuan de facto an internationally accepted reserve currency, taking further weight away from the dollar.

      This is what Fritz Springmeier has to say.
      David Rockefeller visits with his friend Li Chiang, one of Red China’s Government Trade Officials.

      In writing about the Li family and Chinese secret societies, I am like the man who wakes up in the middle of the night while everyone else sleeps and then gropes around in the darkness trying to feel his way. I can share with you what I’ve learned, but undoubtedly there is a great deal more that can be learned.

    2. Long answer in moderation.

      However the one link does indicate that Putin ditched the Rothschilds from the Russian central bank in 2006. That was after Khordokovsky was jailed. I think that is how you spell it. I am not too good with Russian names. 🙂

      There is another on the Bo Xilai murder trial. Apparently his wife killed a British Rothschild plant in China. You may have heard about it. It seemed to be their attempt at a color revolution in China that failed.

      It is all pretty cloak and dagger Patrick and I don’t pretend to know what is going on deep inside China. Some think the world government is being set up to with China at the helm with Russian help. (Makow). I don’t buy it. I think we pretty much have a standoff here.

      I do wonder if these explosions in China are a message as in you are not following the script. What do you think?

      1. I put a lot of stock in the Bible, Mick, and have developed some detailed understanding of the end-times scenario that is sprinkled throughout the 66 books. I call it the 1-4-7-10 problem. As the culmination of history approaches, the Bible tells us that there will be a one world government ruled by one charismatic person (called variously “the Beast,” Antichrist, etc.). But there are four Beast Empires at the same time, described by Daniel as a lion with eagle’s wings; a bear, a leopard with two sets of wings and four heads; and a monstrous, indescribable, unprecedented beast.

        There are also, at the same time, 10 “kingdoms,” three of which will be “devoured” by the bear empire.

        Here’s how I see it: even though the world government will be firmly in place, that system will not have succeeded in overcoming the independent power of China, which will control Asia (this is the leopard–the “wings” are nuclear India and Pakistan; the “heads” are China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Russia, and England/America (the Bible says that the “lion’s” wings will be clipped off, indicating that America will be destroyed before the end is arrived at). The world will also be divided into 10 administrative districts.

        What this tells me is that Russia and China are largely free of the power that is crafting the New World Order, and will stay that way, although they will have to cooperate with it.

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