HP Conference co-organizer and homeopathic physician Dr. Cilla Whatcott will discuss safe and natural approaches to vaccination on the next edition of Real Politik, airing at 3:00PM EST Monday on Truth Frequency Radio and archived thereafter here.

Drs. Andrew Wakefield and Isaac Golden to Speak at First International Worldwide Choice Conference

Dallas, TX – February –2015 Medical doctors, homeopaths, an immunologist, an attorney specializing in vaccine exemptions, researchers and other experts from around the world will converge in Dallas this October for the 1st international conference on homeopathic prophylaxis, a three-day event that examines the non-toxic alternative to educating the immune system and Template-HPWorldwideChoicepreventing infectious disease. The conference is open to the public and will be widely attended by health-conscious consumers as well as physicians, nutritionists, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths and journalists.

This first of its kind, international event is sponsored by Worldwide Choice, an educational organization focused on supporting parents’ right to choose health practices, and providing them information about healthy alternatives to vaccination for disease prevention. It will take place October 2-4, 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice.” Ten speakers will examine the functioning of the immune system, vaccine safety studies, historical application/implementation and research from around the world regarding homeoprophylaxis, and more.

Seminar presentations will include Dr. Isaac Golden sharing data from over 20 years of homeoprophylaxis research, Andrew Wakefield, MD updating attendees on the latest CDC whistleblower news, and Harry van der Zee, MD sharing uses for homeopathy in epidemics, trauma and developing countries.

Other speakers will explore the role of disease in the developing immune system, how homeoprophylaxis has been utilized in Europe for at least the last 30 years, navigating legal vaccine exemptions, published studies on infant mortality rates associated with vaccination rates, and how parents can make wise choices in the confusing maelstrom of information.

Early registrations are available at a discount. The registration fee includes admission to the lectures and exhibit hall and includes morning and afternoon refreshments. In addition, attendees can purchase tickets to a seated dinner on the evening of October 3, including the presentation of a film about homeopathy around the world.

For a complete schedule of events and registration information, please visit the website: www.HPWorldwideChoice.com.

Worldwide Choice is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individual choice for disease prevention by understanding the natural role of the immune system, the impact of immunization practices, supporting parents’ right to choose, and providing the most current information about homeoprophylaxis, a time-honored non-toxic method of disease prevention.

PRESS CONTACT Press passes and interview opportunities are available. Contact: Kimberly Hartke 703.860.2711

Event: 1st International Homeopathic Prophylaxis Conference

Date: October 2-4, 2015

Location: Dallas, Texas

Event Website: www.HPWorldwideChoice.com

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35 thought on “Homeopathic Vaccine Alternative to be Explored by Leading Experts”
  1. They say Nostradamus used the French Rue plant to kill bubonic plague in France. It is the national tree and is sometimes called Herb De Grace

    The grave robbers who Nostradamus predicted would dig up his grave were using a tea made of this and other herbs such as thyme, rosemary etc. They dug up the bodies of the black plague and took their jewelry and never suffered the plague.

    On the day predicted they dug up nostradamus and were drinking wine from his skull and were killed by stray bullets from the French revolution just as predicted.

  2. Homeopathic medicine is no better than Allopathicic medicine, and both are horrendously wrong about how to maintain health or treat disease.

    What is homeopathy? | The 10:23 Campaign | #ten23

    “Contrary to popular belief, ‘homeopathy’ is not the same as herbal medicine.

    Homeopathy is based on three central tenets, unchanged since their invention by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796…

    …The law of similars states that whatever would cause your symptoms, will also cure those same symptoms. Thus, if you find yourself unable to sleep, taking caffeine will help; streaming eyes due to hayfever can be treated with onions, and so on. This so-called law was based upon nothing other than Hahnemann’s own imagination…

    Homeopathy could never work in the way Hahnemann described it, but does it work at all?

    The most comprehensive review of homeopathic treatments ever conducted was published in the medical journal The Lancet in 2005. The paper analysed every clinical investigation then published into the effects of homeopathy, and concluded that any apparent benefits from homeopathic ‘treatments’ were simply placebo effects. Homeopathy does not work. This conclusion was supported by the Cochrane Collaboration, an independent global network of medical professionals tasked with examining medical research to determine exactly which treatments are effective.”

    Feel free to read more here…

    1. “It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated.”

      ~ Glen Dettman A.M.M., BA, Ph.D., F.A.P.M.

    2. The link provided to 1023.org is sponsored by a group called “The Merseyside Skeptics Society,” which describes itself as

      a non-profit organisation which aims to develop and support the skeptical community on Merseyside. The society was founded in February 2009 and holds regular events in Liverpool City Centre. The society also publishes three podcasts, Skeptics with a K, InKredulous and Be Reasonable; is behind the 10:23 Campaign and, together with the Greater Manchester Skeptics, organises the QED conference.

      Hmmm. The “Merseyside Skeptics” hold an annual “QED” conference– “Question, Explore, Discover”–with over a dozen guest speakers who bolster/defend establishment perspectives.


      Dr Dame Sue Ion is but one such speaker found at the above link, described by “Merseyside Skeptics / QED” as a

      leading figure in the UK’s nuclear industry and an internationally recognised expert on fuel recycling. During Tony Blair’s Labour government Sue was responsible for bringing about a change in policy on nuclear power, and remains a vocal advocate for nuclear power’s role in a future energy landscape.

      Many of the other speakers are also subtly-disguised special interest cheerleaders. It’s difficult to identify at first glance exactly who’s behind MS. I must conclude that THX1139 is proffering a “sock puppet” organization with a name and mission statement that appears to be about as inapplicable as the handle THX1138 uses on this forum.

      1. Alright, I’ll take the hit for using a poorly chosen source for my argument, I wasn’t intending to write a PhD thesis in a blog comment, and I took the first entry in a search which supported my point. I’ll get to the implication regarding my moniker (which I use consistently across the internet, if available), and my intentions later.

        The fact is, the 30C “remedies” the most prescribed, offered by Homeopathic medicine contain not one molecule (according to the Avogadro number) of the original substance, which is a good thing when the original substance is Mercury (called “Mercurius” by homeopaths), which has a toxicity level measured in ppb (even the enemy EPA has set a toxic level at 2 ppb). That means you are buying water or alcohol, at a very dear price, with no other substance contained in the “medicine”. I don’t know about you and your habits and beliefs, but when I buy a substance, I want the substance to be there, all of my remedies can be easily determined by taste and immediate benefit. I use essential oils, whole herbs (either fresh or dried and ground), and (preferably wild) FOOD as my medicine. If you disagree, perhaps you will purchase some of my “succussed” meat or vegetables, and derive nutritional benefit from it! (although not one molecule of meat or vegetable will be contained in the product) If you subscribe to homeopathic treatment, and find benefit, good for you, whatever floats your boat. Live long and prosper.

        There is confusion among the population between naturopathic/herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies. This is because Homeopathic doctors admix herbal remedies with their other medicines/drugs.

        I do not subscribe to any organized medical industry, I think that all bodies in nature know exactly how to heal themselves (human, animal and vegetable), given the proper ingredients to do so. That means nutrition, not drugs, is the remedy to all disease. I am my own doctor, I have not seen any sort of commercial doctor for many, many years, and I have not suffered a cold, flu or other common disease during all this time. When I had a gallbladder problem, everyone I know told me to immediately go have it cut out. I refused, and cured the problem with a simple supplement. If I suffer a temporary problem, such as an abscess, I am able to cure it within a couple of days with any number of natural remedies, including Ascorbic Acid, Oreganol (Oil of Oregano), Clove Oil, Turmeric, Cayenne… many, many Natural herbs and medicines. I take the itch and swelling of nasty insect bites away from myself and other people instantly with Lavender Oil. When I buy these substances, I actually get these substances, not the promise that their “vibrational energy” is in the fluid , tablet, capsule or powder.

        The argument that some sort of “vibrational energy” is contained in these vastly diluted substances, is completely unsubstantiated by any evidence whatsoever, it is an imaginary claim. Just as the allopathic industry claims that there is in reality an HIV or Ebola virus are equally unsubstantiated. Neither has ever been isolated, concentrated or photomicrographed, or proven in any way to actually exist. We have to conclude that unsubstantiated claims do not exist. Homeopathy, as far as I am concerned, is unproven in its 200 year history. Naturopathic medicine, on the other hand, over its thousands of years history, has proven itself in my mind, and in my experience, to be an effective method of relieving illness and promoting health.

        As to “living up to my moniker”, THX1138, a fictional character in George Lucas’ first movie… I saw this film on late-night TV, I think at the age of 15, and I was greatly influenced by its message. At that unripe young age, I spotted parallels with what I saw around me, and with what I had read in other dystopian science fiction novels (I had read every science fiction and non-fiction science book in my local library by this time. The library used to call my parents to let them know that there were new books for me to read, because they knew that I had already read all their older ones.) I was greatly influenced by this film, and in later years, became aware that escaping from such an oppressive and suppressive society would be a good thing, and that the dystopian world, was in fact a reality. I liked that THX1138 actually DID escape, and he escaped to a world I knew very well, Nature. I grew up in the forest, hunting, foraging, simply hiking, camping, surviving. And I liked the possible future (which was never disclosed to us) for THX1138. I can only hope to achieve THX1138’s escape, and I would take any willing person with me, If I can ever do so.

        As THX1138, or my real name, Rick, I encourage anyone I care about to leave the system. I have found that belief in the system holds people in jeopardy, and has a literal death grip on so many people who are not aware. It makes me sad, and I try, as gently as possible now, to get people to leave it and become self-sufficient and self-aware and creative people again, while still working on myself. It’s a never-ending quest, and the windmills tilt back at me. Maybe I should adopt another fictional character’s moniker, Don Quixote?

        My contention here is that there are MANY natural remedies for disease, that they come from whole plants and their oils, leaves, roots, flowers, and seeds… and that homeopathy is not natural medicine.

  3. OT

    Reblogged this from scoop feed



    Professor Tracy, this is absolutely outrageous. Obviously tenure will now revolve around those who advocate PNAC with the greatest fervor.

    This is absolutely outrageous though not surprising. Professor Tracy, before I retired from the Border Patrol they talked me into being the union representative in Orlando. Back then you could confer with any news outlet you wished and just about state anything you wished. You still had to be on the lookout for retaliation however. Back then there had to be a good reason to fire someone. They couldn’t do it just because they didn’t like the look on your face when you walked in the front door.

    In the last few years however they have all but killed the union. Border patrol agents now have to hire a lawyer to present their views and complaints to the administration. They can’t fire the lawyer.

    1. Florida Governor Ric Scott is an ultra pro business, ALEC and union busting. He has attempted to cut entitlements across the board. Teacher’s pay and bonuses is now tied into an evaluation system that no one can understand. They’ve gone after the teacher’s union, so I am not surprised the Provost feels comfortable stating he wants to eliminate Tenure. It will earn him brownie points with the Gov., but I don’t see it happening soon.

  4. For the two misinformed well-meaning blogging their hearts out here, there is a peer reviewed double blind study on Heel (now owned by Guna) homeopathic Traumeel which was found to have exactly the same efficacy as Ibuprofen, and other similar class pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Many professional athletes use Traumeel. In addition, if you take homeopathic sulfur you will start sweating very shortly thereafter, which is proof it is working to relieve infection, which it was used for in its non-homeopathic form for a thousand or more years, but the homeopathic form is better as it’s non-toxic. Please study a little more before the fingers hit the keyboard.

  5. Professor Tracy I have to take exception to the Vietnam war song you say was the best. I was drafted during the Vietnam war but remained in Germany throughout. None of them can stand up to Country Joe and the Fish-I feel like I am fixin to die. Of course during those days in the billets, Bob Dylan posters were on the wall as well as Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix etc. There was one guy who when the NCOs were walking through the billets, he would turn up his stereo very loud and play up against the wall by the East Side Five.


        1. Wow, thanks, dublinsmick, I don’t know about the soldiers’ revolt. I’m going to read this today.

  6. During a recent Listeria scare, I obtained two gallons of supposedly listeria-laden ice cream, I think the brand was Blue Bell, that had been disposed of. They disposed of tons of this ice cream. I ate all I wanted. Never got sick. Why did I do it? Because I do not believe in the contagious germ theory of disease. I have a healthy immune system. I have innumerable so-called “pathogenic” germs within my body right now (and so do you), and yet I am not sick or diseased. Why? How is that possible? The answer is that if your body is being fed healthy food, you are not susceptible to disease, point, blank, period. We live in an age of fear-mongering by everybody, the government, our friends our relatives (who derive the fear from the government-controlled media), our schools, our doctors and our churches/preachers. What is the motivation? Profit.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, I’ll sell you a cure.

    1. Man, the sickest I’ve ever been in my life (other than when I contracted Epstein-Barr the first time) have been from two incidents of food-borne illness: the first time from a hot dog, the second time from a cheese platter.

      Perhaps my immune system wasn’t up to snuff for some reason; whatever, I wouldn’t wish that misery on ANYONE.

      Jon Rappaport holds a similar view as you. I hope you didn’t get this idea from him…he’s a smart guy and all, and he makes some sense, but he’s a bit of a nut and not wholly reliable.

      1. The problem with these people who reject the germ theory of disease is that they 100% believe it, but claim loudly that they don’t.

        THX1138 happily admits this. He(?) tells us that he knows perfectly well that micro organisms cause disease–which is why we need an immune system to begin with. That is, if germs didn’t make us sick, focusing on strengthening the immune system would be pointless: we need to fight back against the enemy.

        Kind of like the flaccid losers who run Europe these days, people with failed immune systems become diseased–but only if the pathogen is present.

    1. I saw this story come through my Facebook feed. I’ve never heard of “amphetamine poisoning” before. I mean, you can O.D. I suppose, and have a heart attack or a stroke (not likely, though possible), or you might become acutely sleep deprived, and have symptoms stemming from that, but none of that is “amphetamine poisoning”.

      How about plain old “poisoned”?

  7. Dozens Of Holistic Doctors/Practitioners Poisoned At Conference
    Wed 12:09 pm UTC, 9 Sep 2015
    posted by Gordon

    Some Suffering ‘Delusions, Breathing Problems, Racing Hearts And Cramps, Some In Life-Threatening Conditions’

    In May 2015 ANP reported on unusual and suspicious murders and disppearances of Holistic doctors (found here, here and here) and now we see that nearly 30 more have been poisoned in Germany while attending a conference.

    According to an AP report 160 rescue personnel in 15 ambulances and a helicopter rushed to Haneloh, Germany on Friday afternoon after 29 “alternative and homeopathic practitioners,” were poisoned with amphetamines. DW.com provides further details, stating the patients were all suffering from “delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps, some in life-threatening conditions, according to the public broadcaster NDR.”


    They are playing for keeps now.

    Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s Medical Discovery And Cancer Cure In Germany Led To His Incarceration-Yet Is 98% Effective In Israel-Chemo Kills 98% Of Germans


  8. This might be a good time to visit http://www.naturalnews.com.

    I don’t accept everything Mike Adams offers, but he gets a lot of stuff right. You might check out “Stabbing of Dr. Mary Rene Bovier in her home marks tenth alternative doctor murdered in past few months”
    as well as the video “Health Ranger interviews leading vaccine scientist.”

    Keep up all the good work and thanks for letting me hang out with you.

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