This week corporate news media have vigorously circulated the image of a three-year-old toddler whose corpse was found on a Turkish beach in an apparent effort to illustrate the tragic dimensions of Europe’s present refugee influx. Yet the same media have been largely absent throughout the US, Israeli and Saudi-led “war on terror” that has resulted in many millions of injuries and deaths over the past 14 years. In fact, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrian families is a result of a covert Western campaign of regime change being waged against the Assad government.


Indeed, the present refugee crisis is a direct result of the Western war OF terror intensively visited upon the citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Palestine since September 11, 2001. The stories of these victims that might aid in providing crucial historical context to the broader campaign to reshape the Middle East–readily available for any capable and enterprising investigator–have been flagrantly overlooked as such “journalism” seeks to focus public attention on a single profound tragedy.

A sense of weary resignation at the plight of the Syrians — and hundreds of thousands of other refugees and migrants taking desperate risks to reach the safety of Europe — was briefly punctured by horrifying images of one of the young victims, a small boy whose body was discovered, face down in the sand, by a Turkish police officer. – New York Times, September 2, 2015.

The full horror of the human tragedy unfolding on the shores of Europe was brought home on Wednesday as images of the lifeless body of a young boy – one of at least 12 Syrians who drowned attempting to reach the Greek island of Kos – encapsulated the extraordinary risks refugees are taking to reach the west. – UK Guardian, Sept. 2, 2015.

The little boy on the beach had a name, and it was Aylan. Searing images of the Syrian toddler’s drowned body, washed ashore after the raft carrying his refugee family capsized off the Turkish coast, pricked consciences worldwide and galvanized passionate debate over the international response to the enormous tide of migrants arriving on Europe’s shores. – Los Angeles Times, Sept. 3, 2015.

Source: Reuters

His name was Aylan. Images of a drowned Syrian boy’s body washed ashore on a Turkish beach caught the world’s attention Wednesday and highlighted the tragic plight of thousands of migrants who are fleeing the war-torn region, and the brutality of Islamic terrorists, to seek safety and asylum. Three-year-old Aylan Kurdi was one of at least 12 Syrians who drowned trying to reach the Greek island of Kos. – Yahoo News, Sept. 3, 2015.

The 3-year-old found dead Wednesday along the shores of a Turkish resort town was named Aylan Kurdi. His family was trying to reach the Greek island of Kos when their boat capsized. His brother, Galip, 5, and mother, Rehan, 35, also died. Only the boys’ father, Abdullah, survived. – USA Today, September 3, 2015.

The image of a drowned little boy who washed up on a Turkish beach became the haunting symbol Wednesday of an unfolding humanitarian crisis that is shaking Europe. Dressed in a bright red shirt and blue shorts, the toddler identified as 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi was found face down in the surf near the resort town of Bodrum. Little Aylan was one of 17 refugees from war-torn Syria who set off in a dinghy in a desperate attempt to reach the Greek island of Kos and safety. – New York Daily News, September 3, 2015.

The numbers associated with today’s migration crisis are huge: 4 million Syrians fleeing their country; 3 million Iraqis displaced. But it was the image of a solitary child — a toddler in a red T-shirt, blue shorts and Velcro sneakers, found face-down on a Turkish beach — that shocked and haunted the world this week. – NPR, September 3, 2015.

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144 thought on “Forgotten Victims of the “War on Terror””
  1. I’ve been sort of disappointed there hasn’t been more scrutiny of these supposed refugees. Some reports, and videos, reflect that 80% of them are men. There have also been articles on how muslims from other situations are obtaining fake Syrian passports. Further, the highly circulated photo of two young boys at the beach seemed less than spontaneous in several ways, yet MHB seems to have ignored those seemingly obvious aspects. So I don’t know what to make of it.

  2. James CIA article was reprinted by Russia Insider. It is a welcome extension of American homicidal operations to the world, especially as Americans tend to be so insular. US foreign policy, through proxies and indirect means, are responsible for a huge number of deaths outside the publicized wars, and the American media tend to downplay the casualties. That kid who was drowned was only one of a huge number for which American power is at least partially responsible. And it will continue until Americans take control of the American state.

  3. I listened to an interview of a Syrian youth who said they were trying to escape because both the Army and the rebels were trying to recruite the young men and boys, they had no choice but to flee in their droves, leaving behind Mothers and sisters..Family didn’t want them to leave but they didn’t want to fight. You have lots of different stories.. but I tend to believe this is the case in Syria..Is the United States taking any refugees?.. they should, as they are helping to destroy homes and peoples lives with all the drones they drop.- its a terrible situation when power rules over humanity.

    1. Why don’t those pussies kill the bastards putting them in that position? Don’t they have any pride?

      I don’t know if the French Resistance was all its reputation tells us it was, but the French are certainly proud that they supposedly fought back. These nancy-boys don’t deserve the time of day. They should stay and kill those conquerors of their country.

      And I don’t think Britain should take a single one of them (I think I remember you being a Brit). And I don’t accept any particle of shame, should America refuse to take even one more Moslem in, unless they swear an oath to convert to Christianity, and uphold Western civilization. We, of course allow our stinking government to get away with ruining other people’s countries, but that doesn’t mean we are required to see our own destroyed.

      Fewer than half the people in London are English. Enoch Powell, when he reads the morning papers in Heaven, vomits up his breakfast each day.

      1. Dr. Kevin McDonald’s sterling book, “Culture of Critique” mentions the jew inspired and manufactured dilution of American culture in the US by said Chosen. Is it incorrect to say that the jews are behind these other nightmares in other nations of the world? It is not some random accident, some evanescent growth like mushrooms after the summer rains. These forced migrations all all planned, bet your bottom dollar on it.

      2. I don’t know how your religious belief has decayed into so vicious and poisonous a pollution, Patrick. Years ago I used to play chess with a Jesuit priest who would enlighten me about the worker priests in France or the liberation priests in Latin America. the Jesuit order used to be the most enlightened of the priesthood. If you are any indication, it apparently has degenerated like the rest of the American institutions.

        This was also indicated by the two Jesuit trained boys at the Oklahoma fraternity a while back. The led the group in singing the line:

                "you can hang a nigger from a tree, but he will never sign 
                 with me."  i.e. join the fraternity.  

        They were defended by the head of the religious high school, who stated he was against bigotry, right next to birth control.

        But I don’t think I’ve ever met a religious person as racist as you. Here are refugees trying to save their children from God knows what fate, risking their lives to do so, trying to get into any country they can, and you accuse them of “invading’ and stigmatize them because they come from an Islamic country. In California the religious are usually less disgusting then you are, and less racist. More decent. They don’t throw people who have no where to go back into the sea, no matter how religious they are.


      3. Patrick
        People in britain and the rest of Europe have good reason to say no, but the british elites want to remove the Syrian regime so Britain is on both sides. Your country ought to have all those refugees dumped on your shores since your elites are causing every bit of it not just part of it like folktruther says. Then if not before there would be some real opposition against globalist and imperialist foreign policy among the american sheeple.
        Waiting for you to lash out against me 🙂

        1. No lash, Peter. I understand what you are saying.

          American “leadership” of the world is as satanic as anything in history, at least that’s my assessment. You think America should be punished.

          But I have nothing to do with the elites who are crafting the New World Order. I just have the culture I am a part of, and don’t want to have it destroyed. Invasions, like the one Sweden has undergone, at first gradually so no one would notice and, now that it’s too late, all at once, destroy cultures. I think the Swedes should deport ever one of the invaders, and restore their country, their culture. That’s not going to happen. Sweden will stop being Sweden at some point in the near future.

          Likewise, America. The police state is not going to be stopped from implementation. Our culture WILL be destroyed–it already has been, for the most part. But that doesn’t mean I will advocate that destruction, or take the position that accepting the invasion is an act of compassion.

          That is, I can declare that this destruction must stop, not advance any further. Not one more representative of an alien civilization should be allowed in.

          That’s all I can do: declare. The monsters that rule us can’t be stopped. They will get their way. They WILL finish destroying North Africa and the Levant, and those hapless souls WILL be allowed to destroy all of Europe. But I can complain about it, and hope others come around to my understanding of these events.

          I want to go to Ireland and see only Irish people. Same with France. Greece. Italy. Alas, that’s all gone with the wind.

        2. And here’s a good question, from pjmedia:
          Guess How Many Syrian Refugees Have Been Taken in by Rich Gulf Arab States


          If you guessed zero, go to the head of the class!

          “But human rights advocates point out there are several countries closer to Syria that could help the situation even more. They are rich, Muslim, and could certainly give a big assist to other countries who are taking in hundreds of thousands of the refugees, by donating money to the cause.

          “The fabulously wealthy Arab states of the Persian Gulf have, so far, not accepted a single Syrian refugee. You read that right. Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain have refused to admit one single Syrian migrant. ”

          As I said in an earlier comment, wars in the Middle East have been displacing millions of people for decades–and they did not go to Europe on rickety, overloaded, boats. Lots were stealthily flown into European countries by their dastardly, change-agent governments, and currently reside in no-go slums, and generally ruining their new countries of residence. But most of them remained in the region. This is the first and only time we in what once was the West have been expected to believe that there is no where else for these millions of people to go. What used to be Christendom must, out of compassion, accept that the welfare states of Western Europe are the only place on Earth these Moslem Arabs can conceivably go.

          Ha! What a bunch of suckers we are.

        1. Because they are invisible, unlike the jihadis who those pussies are fleeing from, who are systematically taking over the place, out in the open.

          Look, those nancy-boys invading Europe could, if they were men, do to the jihadis what Moslems do to infidel women: fling a beaker of battery acid in their faces. If they weren’t such cowards, they could coordinate, doing it simultaneously to whole packs of jihadis, then take their guns away and shoot them. Send them a message that the jihad is over, and we’re going to rebuild our country and you Moslem lunatics are unwelcome.

          But if you think the banksters and politicians in America can be simply killed and America’s decency can thus be restored, you have no idea what’s going on.

  4. James writes “This week corporate news media have vigorously circulated the image…”. The question we must ask ourselves is why, after months of this ongoing invasion of Europe, did the American press finally wake up? I’ve been asking myself why the overwhelming hoards of invaders have not been worthy of our attention for a long time now. In fact, I brought up the subject in these pages when it first began, and we had a lively conversation about it.

    I only learned about it when I did, and have stayed apprised of it, because I scan the headlines at The Daily Mail each morning. An article that appeared there yesterday addresses what James is after: “The pity is, we can’t help them all: MAX HASTINGS says a purely emotional response could put at risk our very way of life” (

    Yes, we, the United States and our socialist European eunuchs, have ruined lots of countries in the benighted mohammedan lands. But that’s nothing new; we’ve been doing that for decades. What’s new is that the displaced people of those horrible countries, for the very first time, are fleeing to Western Europe. The question we must ask ourselves is this: why is it portrayed as “natural” that they do that now, when they never did it before?

    Last time they tried this (hundreds of thousands of Moslems seeking to colonize Europe), Vlad the Impaler sent them a terrifying message, and they slinked back home, leaving Europe at peace for a very long time. Before that, Ferdinand and Isabella drove them all out of Spain. Earlier, Charles Martel stopped them at Poitiers, and drove them back across the Pyrenees, for Spain to deal with until that country grew a pair.

    This time, they are being invited in (and are all well expected to stay), not being driven back.

    Since almost all the invaders are young men with no prospects in life, whom no one would want to see flooding into one’s country, the pictures of the drowned child were a godsend for the monsters who set it all up.

    That is, what used to be Western civilization is experiencing a 1-2 punch.

    Hillary Clinton, on orders, deposed the guardian of the Sahara, Gaddafi, who some years ago made an agreement with Europe (for a fee) to keep at bay the vast hoards aching to flood Europe–and he was good as his word. When Gaddafi was dead, the invasion of Italy began, and his weaponry was transferred to Assad’s enemies in Syria, who were already waxing very strong because Barry Soetoro withdrew our presence from Iraq–setting up the current invasion of Greece.

    That’s punch #1. The utter ruination of North Africa and the levant.

    Punch number two is the flooding of Europe with displaced persons who will never dream of converting to Christianity and become Swedes or Welshmen or Danes in their hearts, if not their genes. They are colonists.

    Who is responsible for this colonization of Europe? The same people who ordered Hillary to execute Gaddafi. Why? To end all memory of Western civilization. To create a World Government.

    All it took was one picture of a drowned child to make everyone accept defeat in this civilizational conflict–or at least so it looks. The emotion should be manly, inspired to keep the invaders at bay, driving them back. Instead, it is womanly, advising surrender. Which is why the American press has finally found an angle to begin to report on the invasion.

    Well, there is news the girly-men don’t want to hear: babies die in civilizational wars. Get over it.

    Our enemies are the people who have set the whole thing up, and the pawns are the musselmen slated to replace the European peoples. The invaders should be told that they need to stay home and fight to make their countries decent places to live, not export Moslem pathologies to Christian lands.

    Sure, America and Britain and the emasculated members of NATO are supposedly accountable to the people those governments “represent,” and there is nothing we can do to stop “our” governments further destroying the horrible countries Islam already ruined. But we don’t have to utterly capitulate to our own ruination, just because of a sad picture.

    But we will.

    1. Bono changes lyrics on mega hit and Geldof opens his many homes to Syrian families. No word from Liz yet, she has a few rooms to spare.

      Meanwhile, over in the former land of the Vikings, a big airport hotel takes in several dozen newcomers at taxpayers’ expense. Another 10,000 have been approved to come in and enjoy the never ending social services. To compensate for this largesse, mandatory language classes will be required. Good luck with that.

      With big fanfare in the “news” there, one such newcomer finally learned the native names of the cakes in the bakery where she was assigned to work. Only took her three years. Ola and Kari Nordmann grew up with these cakes and could name them blindfolded and by smell from the day they took their first steps.

      Not to be left behind here in the land of the brave and the free, 193 cities and towns have been designated sanctuary cities. A list can easily be found on the Internet.

      1. “With big fanfare in the “news” there, one such newcomer finally learned the native names of the cakes in the bakery where she was assigned to work.”

        How a decent country can abide such a thing is beyond me. Anyone so contemptuous of the land that they live in should be expelled.

        I am an American. And if I were an Algonquin, when the Puritans first arrived, I’d have done everything in my power to drive them back to whereverthehellitwas they came from.

        King Phillip’s War. Look it up. (Not you, Anne, obviously–you can probably tell me lots I don’t already know about it).

        It’s funny. Foolish stage-players, like the ridiculous Emma Thompson, have contrived to “shame” Britain into fulfilling Enoch Powell’s dire prediction, because of just this one photograph: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: This child’s death was tragic but it was not our fault

        ( )

        It’s NOT our fault these people have horrible lives. It’s the fault of the evil monsters who rule us (that, and the fact that they worship a demon god who loves death). THEY WANT US TO TRICK US INTO GIVING UP OUR WAY OF LIFE, VOLUNTARILY. And they know that a simple picture can make us do it.

        Again: just because the vile creatures that rule us have ruined those horrible countries does not mean that we, the people of what used to be the West, are required to give up our way of life. That’s not logical. We don’t have to cooperate. We can feel sad for the loss those people experience. Kok yourself out. But we are not required to sacrifice our culture, just because the monsters that rule us have ruined those people’s countries. We have little that we can take a stand on, and that certainly is part of it.

        Go to Hell, Emma Thompson.

        1. Patrick, how come you don’t take your own advice and go fight “the evil monsters that rule us?”

          Oh, it’s not our fault?

        2. Patrick – the cake name story is a drop in the ocean, but looking at the large ocean made up of such small drops, someone’s going to drown eventually. That would be the ones without swimming skills and life jackets. The so called New World Order is not so new, it is already here. An unconventional war is being waged against this planet and all living things on it. So many are too blind to see, even the ones participating in their own demise.

          The bakery in question is located in the coastal city of Sandnes, population around 80,000. In the last decade 10,000 newcomers have been welcomed by this city which bills itself as the most successful in finding employment for the new arrivals.

          The bakery lady and her family came from Myanmar, formerly Burma. Others come from South America in addition to North Africa and the Middle East.

          Excuse the Google translation.


          Language is the most important
          Sai Tial Soe does not deny that she has worn. There were many setbacks during the internship at Baker Corner in Sandnes. Are you going to work as a shop worker in a bakery, you must be the names of all cake and bread varieties. Telephone orders must be recorded and the bakery’s address must be explained.
          – There were many misunderstandings due to lack of language skills, and several times during rehearsals, both she and the employer nearly gave up. Owner Jonna Christensen says that it does not help to be world champion in baking buns – or wash the floors – as long as one does not master the Norwegian language.

      2. J’ Cest………? I would expect that most at this site, if anywhere, would detect the New World Odor at work as usual. This is like “climate change”. What they are after is to prey on your sympathy and get you to ask for your destruction.

        It is true that these ass clowns are murdering and maiming the world over. The results of that are displacement. That is precisely what they want. The more chaos and destruction of native cultures the easier to supplant them with their own dystopian agenda.

        As many of us have said hundred of times. the “media” has a function and it isn’t what most think it is. When they start flaunting emotionally charged images, it is because they hear their master’s voice.

        Those that believe themselves obligated to sacrifice their own lives to care for anyone who lands on their doorstep have something to look forward to. Soon, no one will come here as it will be every bit as loathsome as the place they left.

      1. Any land Islam touches becomes horrible. Islam is toxic. It is a prison-camp for souls. Moslem countries produce nothing. Close to zero books are translated into Arabic, and very few books are written in Arabic. If you had to choose between India and Pakistan, for a place to live, and you chose Pakistan, you would be a moron.

        Why is Somalia a hell-hole? Islam. Why is Sudan a hell-hole? Islam.

        And don’t get me started on the oil-rich Gulf states.

        Name one Moslem country that would be a pleasure to live in, and you will find that it’s because Islam has close to no influence on the culture.

        America and Britain are wonderful places to live, because the culture originated with Christianity. People from Moslem hell-holes are desperate to sneak into America and Britain; I wonder why that is? The horrors developing in America and Britain are direct results of the abandonment of the Biblical worldview that those countries were built on.

  5. Someone claiming to from Germany on Yahoo today commented that Merkel is tell all German nationals that are on Welfare/Govt. assistance they must open their Govt. paid homes to the Muslims to help the country.

    I don’t know if this is true for I live here. But I can see the Dem’s doing that to us.

    Anyone have family in Germany to verify?


    Words of radical dissident Jewish exile from Israel now in Great Britain, jazz musician Gilad Atzmon: “It was Jewish aggressive politics & Zionist global lobbying that brought this colossal refugee crisis about … We have seen the Jewish lobby openly pushing for more & more wars (Syria, Iran, Libya etc.) In France it was CRIF & Bernard Henri Levy that pushed for intervention in Libya that turned the Mediterranean into a death trap … When Blair took Britain into Iraq his chief fundraisers were Lord cash point Levy of the Labour Friends Of Israel, Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch & Nick Cohen were prime advocates…”

  7. Most of them I see are smiling happy laughing and demanding things as soon as they arrive. This boy is a very sad situation. His father should have stayed and fought not ran and invaded.

  8. As I look at the depleted uranium – deformed baby pictures from Iraq and Afghanistan… it will make the most stoic individual cry a river of tears for the damage the us gov’t has done to the biosphere with just the depleted uranium and nothing else. Add to that the oil well fires that burned endlessly in kuwait, the deep water horizon oil spill, the japan nuclear disaster. We caused it all. I think if you really got down to the core of it all you’d find Satan himself in charge… who else could do things so destardly to humankind and the planet. or maybe it is just like John Carpenter showed in “they live”… an evil race of Soul- less aliens have in fact infiltrated the power structure. It sure explains things because these are not human beings calling the shots. They are a race of soul-less entities without remorse or empathy . Maybe they arent from outer space… maybe they just had their empathy gene genetically removed.

    1. If the Americans Really knew Bush allowed depleted uranium to be used in the 1st gulf war and the Iraqi war they would be appalled.

      They also used it as an excuse to dispose of it as with fluoride in our water. I know it blows up for tanks and such.

      But then again, they also believe the VA shooting is real and Batman is a Real Superhero

        1. The message is Gods in control. Everything crumbles pyramids to mosques to giant churches….it takes about 10 views to get it all.

          Bush and Obama/Clinton are one and the same.

          I’m sure will go to unknown

        2. Pat, I’ve read and seen others do their interpretation of this but this is by Far the best I’ve seen. I’m still reading and suggest all take the time, and its long, to read this.

        3. Ric, I like it. When this stuff starts to depress me I remember that they are all boils on the ass of time. It makes me laugh.

          God is in charge. That’s why I advocate not paying any attention to them. They hate to be laughed at. I recommend it.

      1. ” an evil race of Soul- less aliens have in fact infiltrated the power structure.”

        Do you really believe that recynd? An alien Race of evil doers?

        We all look the same and are created in the image of God.

        There are no lizards or aliens.

        It’s just the soul of regular men who are disgusting human beings.

        The only power they have is the power we have giving them through our own apathy.

        1. To Ric:

          If you don’t even realize that you have lizard overlords, there’s no way that you can circumvent their plan(s). And there’s really no point in talking to you or yours. Go forth and participate in the presidential sElection. Pretend as the vehicle goes over the cliff that you’re driving it.

        2. “If you don’t even realize that you have lizard overlords, there’s no way that you can circumvent their plan(s). And there’s really no point in talking to you or yours.”

          You better be kidding. haha

          I have Lizards in my backyard if that’s what you mean? And they pretty much run my backyard except when I have to save them from themselves and put them back in the dirt areas..HaHa

        3. Ha!

          Let’s get the Professor to interview giovannidellaporta about our reptilian overlords!

          It’s the next step in the evolution of our MHB consciousness. I think we’re ready! lol

        4. He’s kidding Toni, He doesn’t buy that bull for a second.

          But I have 2 lizards in my living room bossing me around..hahah

          Hidden In Infrared light And hey have inter-dimensional spaceships too.

          I want my own space ship, sucks being Human.

        5. You sure he doesn’t believe it?

          Then what is it he wants to be interviewed by James about?

          “While it’s great fun to laugh at all the sheeple and simpletons who believe the mainstream version of reality, we ought to remember now and then that the deeper meaning still escapes us. The truth may not necessarily be the secret of the few or at the bottom of a bottomless hole. But it might just be stranger than we imagine. It might even be stranger than we can imagine.

          Meanwhile I will continue to ponder this and other things. And I will wait for the day when James F. Tracy will decide to interview me. Or maybe I’ll just wait for Godot.”

          Sounds like lizard lore to me.

          Let him tell us what it is then, if it’s not reptilian.

        6. Toni, you can’t be serious?

          “Brave, empathic post, Derek.

          You don’t need “an evil race of Soul- less aliens” to provide a lack of remorse or empathy. Look no further than some of the comments in this thread.”

          I haven’t heard back from but I think hes smarter than a lizard.

          If not his loss. The lizard Gig is so far in the weeds and has No basis in reality. 3 fingered lizards building spaceships..? Really??

          Oh, they’re after our flies? Cool. Welcome Lizard People…( I hate Flies)

        7. Ric,
          To be clear, Derek is the one that is “joking” about the lizard people. Derek’s using it as a metaphor, whereas giovanni is claiming that it’s “secret knowledge.”

        8. Hey, if you want to go down crazy lizard road check this out.

          We ALL look the same from the Aztec’s to the Annunaki.
          Lizards are still…Lizards.

          The whole point of this world age (see Paul) is mankind has the free will they asked for in last world age.

          All the pyramids and crazy temples and crazy stuff from Egypt to south America to India to the all the crazy stuff is in the ocean is from the world that was.

          Even the Inca’s said “we didn’t build these walls and roads that run thru out south America. Hey! The Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids!

          The Smithsonian institute along with all of them(Lizards?) Haha have suppressed history, removed giant bones from the world that was the Nephilim so you believe you are a money from Africa. Really?

          They don’t believe it for a minute, but they want You too?Why?


          We are free here!. Cuts, bruises, owie’s and Train Wreaks,Airplane crashes, are free will

        9. As a metaphor it isn’t off the mark. To understand our “modern” world it is wise to know something about the beliefs of those who came before. In the Mystery Religions the “Serpent Cult” runs deep. In fact, to the present there are many references to it.

          There are Biblical stories that are based on it. They are not obvious, but they are there. Many church rituals are based on the “Lesser Mysteries” and their initiation rites.

          Your reference to the Annanuki is well taken. These beliefs predate and are the basis for Greek mythology and the religions that followed. It isn’t a sign of ignorance when someone uses such an analogy. It may be a sign of wisdom.

          I certainly got the drift.

        10. I’m reminded, too, of the serpent-energy of Kundalini. I once knew a man who was into the whole tantric thing…he could channel that energy, and it was very powerful. He claimed he could “channel the devil”…and I believe he could.

          Oh, yes; the whole reptilian thing, though perhaps isn’t exactly how it’s presented to us, is very real.

        11. Yes Recynd, I don’t claim to fully understand it, I have studied it. One of the biggest mysteries to me is how this belief existed in so many cultures, separated by great distances, long before the Greeks.

          The later religions incorporated elements of “Serpent rituals” into the new religions and myths. The basic idea that the “life force” is dependent on mimicking a cosmic phenomena is central to all the various versions.

          When we conduct a ritual we are making something unseen visible. The ancients believed that this force was dormant in most unless awakened through knowledge and ritual.

          “The Tantric thing”, is one expression of this. I’m not sure that “channeling the Devil” is exactly what’s at work. My understanding is that this power simply exists. Learning to tap it is not “evil” in its own right. I suppose its a matter of what you do with it after you have it.

          I think this is what Crowley was up to with his OTO and Thelema. These “Mystery Religions” evolved through time and originally had the best of intentions. No one should undertake such a path blindly. They are dealing with forces that have the potential to destroy the practitioner.

          The Church condemns such practices because they are attempts to influence God outside of prayer. To me that indicates that they don’t deny the existence of this realm. Indeed it has receive much study.

          For us it is important to be as fully human as possible. It isn’t our cosmic role to be like the “gods”. Those ancient practitioners believed that they were essential to maintaining the life force on Earth by mimicking “the gods”. Our faith informs us that it isn’t necessary.

        12. Kundalini: “It’s not evil, it’s what you do with it.” [paraphrase]. Exactly. It’s how it is used. The man I knew (a long time ago, in mid-80s Los Angeles) was what I naively called “a guru”. He was much older than I was, and I was smitten. But he knew more about this stuff than anyone I’d ever met, before or since. He used to bore me for hours on end, trying to explain it to me (I just wanted to…get to the good stuff, if you catch my drift ?), but I was too antsy, too restless, too young for such matters.

          I think that this (or these) mystery school(s) harken back to the days of Nimrod (son of Egyptus and Ham); then, generations later, when Moses was raised among the Egyptians, he was taught in the Egyptian mysteries. Every group had their gods and their own doctrines. Clearly these paths were not what God wanted, as they would never lead a human to salvation. And salvation is the key.

          Anyway, back in the day, I was pretty heavily into the New Age thing; I dabbled with tarot, attempted channelling, I Ching, TM, and other stuff I shouldn’t have messed with. But I’d only met the one guy who was the real deal…and it’s real, all right. However, you can’t serve two masters, and the road to MY master (God the Father and His Son, my Mediator, Jesus Christ) is straight and narrow.

          Interesting stuff indeed. Seductive, in fact. I can feel myself being attracted despite myself, but the Armor of God is the strongest in the world.

      2. “Do you (or anyone) happen to know why we’re not having the same kind of problems at the Tijuana-San Diego border as they are in Texas and Arizona?”

        San Diego has a large Naval base. I’ve been told that you can see TJ from housing units at the base. There is also a very high concentration of military contractors there.

        1. There are tons of military bases around here: I’m not 1/2 mile myself from the Los Alamitos joint air base; further south there’s Camp Pendleton, Miramar, a big Marines Reserve Center, Coast Guards, etc. And loads of contractors. Maybe they actually ARE keeping us safe to some degree. Hadn’t thought about that.

          We’ve got a border crossing 45 miles(ish) north of the border. It always bungs up traffic, and seems worthless (they’re just like you see on YouTube videos). They ask if you’re a U.S. Citizen, then wave you through. I’ve never been brave enough to refuse to cooperate.

    2. Brave, empathic post, Derek.

      You don’t need “an evil race of Soul- less aliens” to provide a lack of remorse or empathy. Look no further than some of the comments in this thread.

        1. Toni,
          Your right. I mixed up Derek and Gio dude.

          I’m waiting to hear back from Gio about his Lizards

  9. See

    The Aylan/Alan Kurdi story sounds like a psy-op?

    “CBC previously reported the family of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status in Canada.

    “In fact, no formal application for refugee status was made.”

    Alan Kurdi’s father Abdullah has friends and relations in such countries as Greece, Germany and Canada.

    Aylan Kurdi is actually Alan Shenu.

    Father of drowned boy

    The Kurdi family has been living in Turkey for three years.

    Part of the family – Abdullah Kurdi’s sister Tima Kurdi – has been living in Canada for 20 years.

    Father of drowned boy

    “Tima Kurdi came to Canada in 1992 after marrying Rocco Logozzo” (name associated with Naples).

    Tima Kurdi on Facebook would appear to have some wealthy Saudi friends.

    Nael Skeak

    Nobody is helping the boy, not even the fishermen or the smirking photographer.

    Above we see Alan Kurdi on one of the beaches in Bodrum in Turkey.

    The body does not seem bloated or stiff.

    Nobody seems to be trying to resuscitate the boy; they are too busy taking photos?

    Europe’s media and Europe’s politicians were all ready with their accounts of the event.

    Which group of people might want a lot of refugees to move into or out of Europe?

    1. Precisely so. Sadly, children die every day due to NWO interference in the world, especially the Middle East. Where are the camera men for those little deaths?

      For this one, there is a whole “package” to go with it. They are moving the pieces on the chessboard and cramming the pawns in wherever they can. Chaos and destruction will follow, just as planned.

      They have a “fix” of course. For now they will content themselves with ruining whatever cultures they can and trying to get their targets to feel guilty for not cooperating.

      1. “Having grown up in California, and having spent time in Texas, I’m at a loss as to why the two areas have different sets of problems.”

        San Diego is an affluent county. Narcotics passes through the border, although they probably lose about 1 in 3 loads. However, organized crime requires community involvement, and it is easier for these cartels to find communities in West Texas and Arizona close to the border where they can recruit local Mexcians. These areas are surrounded by poor urban communities. Most of the dope coming through San Diego ends up in Inland Empire where there is plenty of complicity with the locals.

        1. The San Gabriel valley (El Monte, Pico Rivera, Downey, Bell, Bell Gardens, Paramount, Whittier, etc.), Sanya Ana, Long Beach, and East LA are loaded with Mexicans. And drugs.

          And while San Diego proper is affluent, the surrounding areas are not so much.

          Not trying to be argumentative or contrary, just trying to figure out why.

        2. All the military and contractors, and the NOAA, satellites. It doesn’t make sense to set up your drug trafficking /$ laundering network in that type of environment.

  10. WordPress is becoming very creative. They are now blocking a live link to my blog when I comment on several blogs, not just this one. I must be doing something right.

    I leave this at the top of my blog now.

    Just another site-Regardless of what wordpress says, this site has not been cancelled

    1. I believe that about sums it up, Amanda, although I take issue with the way he starts it off:

      “Do not direct your resentment at immigrants who are just trying to better themselves, as our own ancestors did.

      “Direct your anger at our political and cultural leaders who, as agents of the central bankers, are colonizers and traitors.”

      The invaders need to be forced back; they might only be pawns, but, on the ground, in their multitudes they are a deadly enemy. They are NOT like our ancestors, and they don’t belong in the West. Certainly, they are tools in the hands of the monsters that rule us, but they are tools of our destruction. We need to disarm our masters, take away the tools by which they are destroying us–and that means sending the invaders back to where they came from. All of them.

      Most of these invaders are young men. If they don’t like the jihad being waged in their home countries, they should band together, there, and kill the jihadis.

    1. Reminds me of a guy called “Fish and Roaches” that used to blog here and had some really funny Tee Shirts. I miss his humor here.

      My Favorite shirt was about the TSA: ” What does National Security have to do with my genitals”?

      I died…

    1. I think you are right. I also think the toddler’s body is a mannequin. A real baby’s clothing and especially the shoes would have fallen off in the agitation of the waves. I also find incredulous how the baby’s body was left for hours until the press arrived to photograph and video the event. Wouldn’t your first reaction be to turn the child over to see if it was alive. The child’s hands are oddly clenched like a mannequin would be.

    2. Peter – thanks for the link. I was not expecting much considering the site’s name but found it to be an excellent source of discussion. Thanks

      Does the refugee err migrant crisis create a platform for completion of the Hegelian Dialect? Will it? I don’t know. The US led NATO had the ability to crush Syria as it did Libya. It never happened. Prolonged destabilization, chaos, mass migration, death and destruction may be beneficial to hasten “transformational change” across the ME that PNAC addressed. It certainly is good for the bottom line of the MIC.

      The destruction of a country’s infrastructure, subjugating it’s population, and installation of a submissive government. Burn it down and rebuild it with IMF or WB loans. Allow multinational corporations to privatize natural resources. And allow for the installment of US, UN or NATO military bases.

      1. M
        It does indeed form such a platform. Future oportunities to pit ethnic /cultural groups against each other in Europe. And to prevent a united front against coming invasions. I have seen comments from military personnel expressing doubts about being willing to make sacrifices for an estranged multicultural mixture. May the nationalist parties in Europe maintain their integrity unlike the established traitors.

    3. Please, STOP listening to or watching “the media”. Give your TV away to someone or better yet destroy it. Wrap fish or catch bird droppings in any newspaper you have. The withdrawal from TV addiction only lasts a few days, after that, you will become physically ill if you happen to watch TV at somebody else’s house. You will be much more physically and mentally healthy after you lose that infernal machine.

  11. Ric, here’s the conversation, as I understand it. lol

    Above is the comment from Derek that I was responding to when you quoted me, asking “are you serious?” here:

    And I answered here:

    Hope that’s as clear as day.

  12. I think that serious attention to these matters only comes after atrocities:

    Then we have a nicer cover story about the drowned little girl. Coverup atrocity by focusing on a single tragedy.

    The mass grave of 43 students in Iguala was focused on in the news, but we don’t hear that much about the 1,000 or so drug related homicides in Mexico as front page news-or the fact that half the cartels’ money comes from marijuana.

        1. Do you (or anyone) happen to know why we’re not having the same kind of problems at the Tijuana-San Diego border as they are in Texas and Arizona?

        2. Thanks, Toni. I couldn’t imagine there being more drugs than there are here…you can buy black tar heroin (and virtually everything else) right off of Craig’s List!

          All of the “connects” I know about (I’ve had a lot of junkie friends, I’m sorry to say) are Mexican…like hardly-speak-English Mexicans. Not even tough dudes…many have car seats in the back of their cars. Family men. And to think MORE drugs are coming in elsewhere? What a mess.

        3. I will remember, and I’ll give you full credit when it does (?).

          I’m too damned close for comfort, here on the border of Orange and L.A. Counties.

          I keep expecting the Muslims and the Indigenous Mexicans (La Raza, etc) to team up. Why not? Then we can have that “democracy” we’ve long been hearing about: the biggest mob rules.

        4. Recynd,

          You are correct! Add BLM to that equation and “Houston, We got a Problem”.

          King O is trying to use all of them for his little Police State.

          Whether he’s succeeds is up to us.

        5. Having grown up in California, and having spent time in Texas, I’m at a loss as to why the two areas have different sets of problems.

          I have stood on the bridge in Tijuana and watched hordes of people surge back and forth across the Tijuana river while Border Patrol vehicles raced back and forth to no avail.

          If you have ever ridden the light rail from San Diego to San Ysidro, you will immediately recognize that the distinction between the United States and Mexico is effectively non-existent.

          Many people, even Navy sailors, have houses in Tijuana and work in the U.S.. When I was young the issue was legal status, not descent. Braceros came to work the harvests and went home when they were over. Others applied for and received legal status.

          Just as with people from all cultures, some were wonderful others not so much. I went to school with lots of Latinos and I can attest to seeing both types. I have dated Latina girls and been chased down alleyways by Latino thugs.

          Texas, on the other hand, does not seem to make accommodation for different cultures. Many speak Spanish, as in California, but they don’t “celebrate” Mexican culture as they do in California.

          Beyond that, it is not the same culture here either as it was in the 1950’s or 1960’s. While drug peddling seems to be a major problem, I would say that if there were no demand there would be no peddlers.

          It is a fantasy to even suggest that the drug problem, whatever that is, can be eliminated by cutting off the supply. It can’t be done. You can waste trillions on trying, however.

          Nobody is forcing these people to do drugs. If they wish to destroy themselves I suppose they have the right to do that. Outside of marijuana, I don’t remember them being particularly involved with drugs when I was growing up. They had other “issues”, mostly violent.

          When we encourage people to be “proud” of their ancestry or race, we effectively are forming teams. Teams are in competition. Nobody’s race is superior as a general rule. We should downplay or eliminate any mention of race.

          Because of this “pride” issue, we have ‘La Raza”. They have succeeded in uniting great numbers of Mexicans to hate “Whitey” for alleged injustices in the past. So instead of being a society, we are warring factions within a geological area.

          This is particularly difficult with Mexicans as a lot of them now claim to “own” the U.S. already. Instead of being cautious and respectful they are rash and contemptuous.

          By refusing to defend the border they have left us to fend for ourselves. They have simply turned their backs on their legal obligation to secure our border. This is because they are not taking orders from us, they are marching to their bosses’ pipes.

          Frankly, I think California is a lost cause. Texas may survive. Whatever success is achieved it will be a grass roots effort. Don’t expect help from Uncle Sugar. They’ve got us all in their mixing bowl and they just hit the frappe’ button.

    1. PeaceFrog,
      Glad you made the connection between the story of the larger tragedy, in volume at least, of the van deaths in Austria, suppressed by the pathos of the drowned child photos. I missed that.

      I don’t have a WordPress account, so I’ll just type “Like.”

  13. I enjoy the comments and appreciate the contributers as much as the posts. Thank you all. My library c-blocks MHB. I have complained to no avail. Oh well. The version of reality we accept allows us to go about our lives with a comfortable level of the horror. Taking in the full magnitude of the damage to the planet war causes is too overwhelming. Focusing on the human cost allows us to forget the biosphere’s wounds that will never heal. How many oil spills were cleaned up during WWll ?? The oil fires in kuwait? How does our planet support life after that, deep water horizon and fukishima? How is one fish left in the ocean untainted by warfare and acts of hubris like deep water horizon?

    1. The biosphere is doing just fine. Earth balances itself into health no matter what. All horror is caused by the play being acted out for the people. Oil spills are cleaned up very nicely by petroleum eating bacteria, Earth knows what to do with petroleum. Oil fires create soot and CO2, Earth knows exactly what to do with soot and CO2, and there will never be any lasting harm. Fukushima is not a problem for Earth to clean up. There were no casualties officially reported to be caused by radiation exposure.

      “Predicted” (imaginary) future cancer deaths due to accumulated radiation exposures in the population living near Fukushima are predicted to be extremely low to none. However workers involved in mitigating the effects of the accident do face minimally higher risks for some cancers. Any radioactive elements released into the quadrillions of gallons of Pacific Ocean waters are so diluted, we cannot detect their presence.

      Even tainted fish are really not harmful to people or the Earth as a whole.

      You have been affected (or afflicted) by a reign of fear, Fear, FEAR all of which is unfounded and fake. It is a psyop to make you subservient to the governments and PTB. There is no danger in the world beyond those you learned about by the time you were 5 years old. Follow what you learned since then… don’t rile bees, avoid snakes, leave spiders alone, don’t eat a plant or mushroom you don’t know. Ignore governments, ignore corporations, they will evaporate like the smell from yesterday’s socks.

      Fretting about your perceived state of the world can kill you faster than any other perceived dangers. Stress is a killer. Stop stressing, and you will live much longer.

  14. In their coverage of the refugee crisis, western media is once again in lockstep in ignoring the culpability of the US and its allies/proxies. Their current handwringing over the refugees’ plight, while ignoring the cause, is merely the height of their journalistic hypocrisy.

    Meanwhile, on the opposite side, all the outrage is focused on the refugees fleeing the foreign policies of our government. The very real problem of a Europe diluted by non-assimilating immigrants is blamed on the refugees themselves, as though they themselves plotted to take down Western Civilization by ruining their own countries.

    This is also a height of hypocrisy.

    The “evil monsters that rule us” are the ones who are fomenting this crisis in the Mid East. They are our proxies, like it or not. If you’re looking for someone to blame look in the mirror.

    1. “The “evil monsters that rule us” are the ones who are fomenting this crisis in the Mid East. They are our proxies, like it or not. If you’re looking for someone to blame look in the mirror.”

      I’m sorry, Toni, but I can’t agree. They are NOT our proxies. They are evil men, operating intergenerationally, who have complete control. We aren’t operating through them. It’s exactly the opposite: they operate in our name, without our consent.

      But that’s not even true, when it comes down to it. Everyone who counts, in the power game, knows perfectly well that they don’t need that fig leaf. No one up there, where the air is rarefied, cares one fig what the common person thinks. All of them know how irrelevant we are to their machinations. We don’t even factor in.

      We, the people, can’t, in other words, blame ourselves. We didn’t do it. And we can do nothing to stop it.

      Say, for instance, you object to my argument, and tell me that we vote for despicable scoundrels. Well, so what? Are those scumbags in charge? Don’t make me laugh. The evil monsters that rule us are for the most part unknown, unidentified. Politicians are their shoe-shine boys. As I always say, if you know their names, they are not high enough up the pyramid. I also always point to the movie Eyes Wide Shut, and note that we have no idea the names of the men who assemble the “parties” the named players participate in. Our masters don’t want to be known.

      When you say…

      ” all the outrage is focused on the refugees fleeing the foreign policies of our government. The very real problem of a Europe diluted by non-assimilating immigrants is blamed on the refugees themselves, as though they themselves plotted to take down Western Civilization by ruining their own countries.”

      …I hope you are not thinking of me, Toni. That’s an altogether false narrative.

      First, they are NOT “fleeing the foreign policies of our government,” otherwise this invasion would have been ongoing for decades. No, this is something completely different; it only started happening a few months ago, and is entirely artificial–just like those trains piled high with Central American thugs (called “children” by the craven press) that invaded America last year. All the decades of wars and nefarious meddling in the region never produced this effect. Someone is handing out thousands of Euros to these people to pay smugglers to invade Europe.

      Next, it is absolutely reasonable–ABSOLUTELY REASONABLE– to blame the invaders themselves for not assimilating into the cultures of the lands they have invaded, just as it is absolutely reasonable to blame the English settlers for not assimilating into the Algonquin culture, when they arrived here. We are at fault for that, and we need to understand it. You can’t blame King Phillip for fighting back–and that’s what makes the Europeans so contemptible today: they are just taking it lying down. These invaders are destroying their culture, and if a native complains about it he’s reflexively denounced as a “racist,” and then he always folds like a yard-sale card table. They deserve to have Mohammed’s hoards steal their world from them, if they refuse to fight back.

      Finally, it is a straw man argument to say that blaming the invaders for not becoming one with the culture they have entered is their own plot to take down Western Civilization. I hope you were not thinking of me when you wrote that. If so, you should re-read what I wrote. They are, as I have repeatedly said, just pawns.

      But a pawn can kill the king.

      They are deadly weapons, in the hands of our evil masters.

      Hope that clears things up–in case it was me you had in mind.

      Oh, and looking in the mirror won’t help–unless the reader is one of the nameless men who is behind all these machinations. We, the common person, are entirely blameless.

      1. And you are exactly right Patrick.

        Then there is the matter of Diebold voting machines made in Israel. They don much care what people think either. It is like old Joe Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who they vote for, what matters is who is counting the votes.

        Old Joe on another issue stated the best way to control the opposition was to become the opposition.

      2. “We, the people, can’t, in other words, blame ourselves. We didn’t do it. And we can do nothing to stop it.”

        Perhaps the Earth is bringing herself back into balance. Well, maybe not, because I cannot imagine Earth using criminality to bring itself back into balance. Well, maybe I can, because criminality comes to light, and its power is diminished (but never eliminated).

        I know, disjointed thoughts. But with focus, I say, remove your consent, refuse to participate in any level of their game(s), including any sort of medicine (except proven natural), voting, religion, public school, corporate farming, government courts (any sort of government anything, really), TV, radio, newspapers, textbooks, holy books, doing business with anyone except a natural man or woman. choose barter or any other trusted medium of exchange other than government currency.

        “Remove your consent” means boycott. Boycott your government in every embodiment it presents: courts (avoid court at any cost), police (never call the police, schools, congress, scientists (yes, scientists, who are so wrong in their dogma, that it is an embarrassment to all of humanity), churches (yes, churches, which are all 501.3(c) corporations, tools of the state), all corporations (which have been given artificial “person-hood” by the state, yet have no conscience, and cannot be jailed). Boycott the very concept of government. Drive as fast as you want to, just don’t hurt or kill anyone. Take your children and grandchildren out of school. You can teach them everything they need to be healthy, creative, alive and vibrant humans. Teach them sense, and not nonsense. The market for people with sense will soon become a very lucrative market in this Idiocracy (but not before many smart people are killed).

        Remove your consent, it’s as simple as that. Just do it.

  15. Hijrah is a Jihad of immigration to conquer.

    Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is, according to Islamic tradition, the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE.

    It was after the hijrah that Muhammad for the first time became not just a preacher of religious ideas, but a political and military leader. That was what occasioned his new “revelations” exhorting his followers to commit violence against unbelievers.

    Significantly, the Islamic calendar counts the hijrah, not Muhammad’s birth or the occasion of his first “revelation,” as the beginning of Islam, implying that Islam is not fully itself without a political and military component.

        1. Ric, you have been WARNED! You will correct this IMMEDIATELY! Wow. First the moderation, now the charm offensive. Some people, and computers, are hard to please. That is why you’re here, isn’t it, Ric?

          Keep ’em coming Ric. You find all the good stuff.

        2. Foucault would say “Kill the author” as in who cares who said it, once it is out there. Only in America is plagiarism an issue, it seems……

    1. I am giving you an A, Ric

      Those who would deny you information already consider themselves to be your master!

      Troubling I sit, day and night. My friends are astonished at me: They forgive my wanderings. I rest not from my great task: To open the eternal worlds! To open the immortal eyes of man inward: into the worlds of thought: into eternity. Ever expanding in the bosom of God, the human imagination – William Blake

      Do you deny me the entrance to heaven, I who have at last learned the mystery of myself – Egyptian Mystery School Legend

      1. Dub,
        Thanks, That’s quite a compliment, for I respect your works very much!

        Same as Lophatt.

        I’m younger than you both and listen to what you guys say.

        No cheese wiz here, Just speaking my heart.

  16. Please note quotation marks firmly in place.

    “And how many of us are there in this country? Maybe ten thousand. Maybe twenty thousand. Maybe a lot more. I been to a lot of places but I never met but a few of us. But say a man does know. He sees the world as it is and he looks back thousands of years to see how it all come about. He watches the slow agglutination of capital and power and he sees its pinnacle today. He sees America as a crazy house. He sees how men have to rob their brothers in order to live. He sees children starving and women working sixty hours a week to get to eat. He sees a whole damn army of unemployed and billions of dollars and thousands of miles of land wasted.

    He sees war coming. He sees how when people suffer just so much they get mean and ugly and something dies in them. But the main thing he sees is that the whole system of the world is built on a lie. And although it’s as plain as the shining sun — the don’t-knows have lived with that lie so long they just can’t see it.”

    Carson McCullers, in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940)

    1. I just read a quote from someone I really liked.

      He said ” 2 things need to happen.”

      One, When people say ” My Govt. could/would never do that”


      Two, “If that was true, it would be on the TEE VEE”.

      If they could just get these two little concepts we would all be better.


    SYria Real Infos And News – SYRIAN posted the photo and this:

    “Here is the original place where it was found the body of small Aylan, the small #Kurdish Kobanî, drowned with his brother and his mother off the #Turkish coast when the family was trying to reach the island of Kos in Greece. The body was then moved by photographers Turks in a more photogenic and put in a more dramatic, to pick up the emotional drive of the international public in order to accuse Al-Assad’s death that little migrant .. … all this is just awful, a media manipulation and murderous necrophiliac.”

  18. Here is one from taps

    “His story is made-up. He was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. Listen to all the contradictions and holes in his story. This is an attempt to send his wife and children before him, while he never lived in a war zone. Unfold the #migrationfraud :

    After leaving from what they say was a war zone (Syria is huge and the entire country is not a war zone) the Kurdi family was given FREE housing in Turkey and had been there for THREE years. Abdullah Kurdi was not in any war zone! He was safe, he had food, he had over $4,400 in cash, which is over 13,000 Turkish Lira – so why did he leave?”

  19. Use terror to force your neighbor family out of their home and flee and you end up serving a very long prison term. Use terror to force millions from their homes, killing tens of thousands in the process, and you face no punishment. It’s got to stop.

      1. Jerry, I apologize. I was responding to what you wrote on your blog.

        The bad guys will NEVER give up their weapons on any level that’s why the lefts act is so futile.
        Give your protections up and Harry Reid and Barry will protect you.


        1. Ric,
          I have never written anything about 2nd Amendment rights pro or con, and the “Harry Reid and Barry” reference gives readers the false impression that I have. My guess is you’re referring to global abolition of nuclear weapons, which I advocate. The non-specificity of the comment makes it hard to read what the point is. Please consider taking care before sending comments. Thanks again.

        2. “…global abolition of nuclear weapons, which I advocate.”

          I advocate something, too: I advocate the outlawing of fiat currencies, forever, everywhere–and the speedy, public, execution of every key player in the Federal Reserve hierarchy, as well as those running every central bank in the world.

          I love fantasy. It beats facing reality, where impossible dreams are not worth the time it takes to type them in. When we dream, castles can rise out of the sand, and unicorns frolic with pixies.

          The bad news is that North Korea and Iran don’t share your dream, Jerry. And Saudi Arabia neither.

          The good news, though, is that Dennis Rodman is best pals with Kim Jong Un! He can no doubt, over a brandy, get good young Kim to dismantle his nukes–there’s a good chap.

          But I don’t know who might be able to persuade the Moslems ruling Iran to do the same–and they don’t drink brandy, anyways.

          Nope. I’m afraid we’re stuck with nukes for the duration.

        3. This brings up a point I have long been struggling with: how do “good guys” keep “bad guys” from using tools/technology/scientific advancement against us? Do we drag our collective feet against any and all progress for fear of potential future harm? Do we take the word of whomever’s in charge that said invention will only be used for the forces of good, “cross my heart and hope to die”? Should new technology belong to the inventor? How would this ever be enforced?

          To “protect” us little people (and the little people of the future), Agenda 21 “suggests” utilizing the Precautionary Principle, which states, “If an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is not harmful, the burden of proof that it not harmful falls on those taking an action.” There are no instructions or guidelines as to how a negative might be proved, but I suppose that’s for the experts to figure out. (That’s sarcasm, btw.) Had our ancestors adhered to this doctrine, we wouldn’t have things like electricity, antibiotics, the combustion engine, or modern pain killers, just to name a quick (very) few. But then, how does technology like CERN play into this?

          Progress. Is it really “conservatives” who hate/fear it? Is there such a thing as “going too far”? Is “going too far” inevitable? What brakes (if any) exist, and who gets to decide when and how to apply them?

          Science is the double-edged sword that will be (or already is) our demise. A gift, yet we’ve turned it into the ultimate curse.

        4. I hope I’m not going to sound condescending, Recynd, when I tell you that you’re overthinking it.

          It’s really quite simple.

          The only way you can stop a discovered/developed technology from being used is with power. I can keep my dog from using his teeth, ultimately, by having them extracted. He can’t do that to me.

          So who is empowered to extract the nuclear teeth from North Korea?

          I will tell you that I will exercise my power to eliminate the threat of my dog’s teeth, and I will tell you that you can trust me about how I will do it.

          Trust me.

          Who can we trust, when it comes to defanging nation-states? The UN? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA, choke, ugh!, ackkkkk!, thump.

          The bad guys were going to learn, inevitably, how to use computers, and they were going to learn how to hack the computers of the people who invented computers. Everyone, once computers were invented, was going to become dependent upon them. Vulnerabilities would be found by all sides.

          It’s called the Fallen state of humanity. It can only be reversed at the Cross, personally, and only by the Second Coming, universally.

          But you already knew that.

        5. Oh, no, I don’t think you’re being condescending at all. I KNOW I’m overthinking it. But I can’t help it.

          The “de-fanging your dog” metaphor only works so long as it’s your dog. How do you de-fang MY dog? SHOULD you de-fang my dog? Maybe, if he’s already bit you. But can you then kill the owner and call it self-defense? It was, after all, his responsibility to control his dog and he didn’t.

          I can’t think of a single way to keep government under control (and that’s what this all boils down to, really). No matter what’s privately developed, government will get it and make it more powerful, and then use it against “our enemies”, and then us…and limit our access to whatever “it” is (technology, weaponry, science, etc). In CA, not only does the State restrict our guns and ammo, but access to self-protection, like bulletproof vests as well. How insane is that?! Ostensibly, only criminals (and police) have guns, so why can’t I have a vest??

          But of course, you’re right. I just wonder how the faithless can play this tape forward without collapsing from fright or depression.


          ~New York Times, Aug 24, 1994 (emphasis added): U.S. Nuclear Accident in 1965 Was Staged, Documents Show — The Atomic Energy Commission staged a nuclear rocket accident in the Nevada desert in 1965 that sent a radioactive cloud more than 200 miles to Los Angeles, documents released today showed…~

        7. Right.

          Jerry’s idea of “peacemaking” is an impossibility. You can’t defang other peoples’ dogs unless you possess absolute power. And while the one who possesses such power might start out trustworthy, as Lord Acton famously said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Dr Stan used to say “absolute power corrupts absolutely everyone”).

          We must accept that in this Fallen world, and in this last stage of it, we can’t fix these things. They are going to get worse. International institutions that purport to do good in this regard are always far worse than the stinking countries their employees come from. Often, they are from the very (nasty) nations they are hired to investigate/police.

        8. That’s why I kinda went nuts on Jerry. I read his comment which wasn’t bad at all. But when I went to his blog I saw Red.

          That’s why I apologized.

          I was commenting on the futile lefts argument of the fact that We have to disarm if we want the Bad Guys to disarm. It’s a Childish stance that lacks reality.

          He said “I’m for the 2nd amendment” but it’s the same argument or thinking process.

          Take the Guns from all the good people who registered and then we will get them from the Bad Guys? Fantasy!

          Just as with the Nuke Gig. I’d love to see no nukes but its not happening in this world and you’d be a fool to think the little Devils wouldn’t whip out their “stashed” nukes after everyone disarmed.

          I like Unicorns too.

        1. Patrick/Ric,
          “He said “I’m for the 2nd amendment” but it’s the same argument or thinking process”

          I’ve never said or written anything about the 2nd amendment.

          Regarding nuclear weapons, one might want to recall that certain types of weapons which were once used in wars have become illegal under international law, so it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that nuclear weapons could go the same way. Nobel Prize winners Einstein, Pauling and others advocated for abolition of nuclear weapons, and it seems implausible to refer to people like that as engaged in fantastic ways of thinking. Einstein, who deeply regretted sending FDR the letter suggesting the Manhattan Project and development of the first atomic weapon, understood the immense potential damage and worked with others for their total abolition.

          If nuclear weapons abolition is impossible in the perceptions of some, that’s how it goes, but offering criticism of others’ efforts to eliminate the threat and prevent the ending of life on Earth through nuclear conflagration seems frankly counter-productive.


        2. To keep dreaming your impossible dream, Jerry, you have to simply ignore the specifics I pointed out. To ban them, you must create a power so awesome that Kim can have his taken away, like I can have my dog’s teeth taken away.

          I don’t want that, obviously, because “the international community” is for the most part degenerate thugs and self-loatheing welfare-state losers–the last sorts a reasonable person would hand over the keys to the family car.

          You say “…offering criticism of others’ efforts to eliminate the threat and prevent the ending of life on Earth through nuclear conflagration seems frankly counter-productive.” But your “effort” is just an airy-farie thought exercise, a fondly held wish. In the real world, Julius Caesar conquers Gaul without the Senate’s consent; Japan takes Manchuria, and rapes Nanking; America launches a war against Mexico and builds Silicon Valley in the California it steals away. It may be, to your mind, “counter-productive” to face reality, but that’s how a child talks after being awakened from a lovely dream. The dream certainly FELT real, and permanent, and it was completely counter-productive when Mommy shattered it and told me I have to eat breakfast and go to school.

        3. Patrick,
          You’re correct. The world is going to hell, nuclear war is inevitable and anyone who tries to help make the world a better place for future generations needs to understand that they’re dreaming like a child, must become disciplined and accept the cruel fact of life that it’s all hopeless – so hopeless that only those with the minds of children could ever believe presenting one’s views on internet comments sections can actually make a difference.

        4. Quick comment from a disinterested third party (me):

          Jerry, you are misrepresenting what Patrick said. I don’t think he ever suggested that, by accepting the fact that certain technology is here to stay (humans rarely “unthink” things), that the only possible other option is hopelessness. Maybe he means that energy out into disarmament would better be spent elsewhere…like feeding the homeless, maybe, or working on strengthening one’s own familial bonds. (Those suggestions are mine; not try to put words in anyone’s mouth/fingers.).

          Carry on.

        5. If that’s what you think I said, you miss the point entirely, and your version of my thinking is most certainly NOT correct.

          The world, indeed, is going to hell, and with nukes in the hands of the Norks and the Persians, nuclear war probably is inevitable. So you are accurate up to that point.

          But then you swerve into the phantasmagorical, somehow imagining that I told you that “anyone who tries to help make the world a better place for future generations needs to understand that they’re dreaming like a child.” You certainly have a strange way of reading. Where in what I wrote did I make mention of people striving to make the world a better place? Weird. I write on a Mac; maybe you are using Windows, and your computer just makes stuff up. Damn Microsoft and all its works!

          And then you go on to falsely characterize my thought to advise that people who don’t consort with unicorns and fairies “must become disciplined and accept the cruel fact of life that it’s all hopeless.” Boy, that’s a lot of “projection” packed into a very few words. All hopeless? Where did you get the idea I think that way?

          I particularly like this part, though: “– so hopeless that only those with the minds of children could ever believe presenting one’s views on internet comments sections can actually make a difference.”

          It’s positively bizarre. First, I never said or implied that. Obviously, many people who present their views on the internet can make a difference. James Tracy is a case in point. Dr. Mercola, for another. Miles Mathis, Dublin’s Mick, Lew Rockwell. I can list them for you all day long.

          What I was doing, to tediously repeat myself, is pointing out to you that wishing for a thing that is impossible is not the same as making it happen. That’s what children do. Grown-ups learn the boundaries of fantasy and reality, and learn to, in your phrase, “actually make a difference,” in the realm of the possible.

          So, in the current context, the correct thing to do is prepare for what you call the “inevitable.” We have monsters running the world, not benevolent men. They are doing very bad things, and they will continue to do so. Wishing that away is, let us say, a very poor selection amongst the options at hand. No matter how hard you click your heels and wish for it to be so, it simply will not happen. Hard men are hard in their harsh behavior. Face up to it.

          “It was also given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him.” Revelation 13:7

          Bad things are coming, and dream-walking through life is no way to prepare for them.

        6. I posted my “defense” of you before I read yours.

          Not that you needed any help, but Jerry’s response to your original post was just over the top.

        7. Patrick,
          We can probably agree that this form of communicating often results in unintended misunderstandings. There are certain aspects of our personal philosophies that overlap and correspond, for example control of nations’ monetary systems/central banks by private parties. . Thank you for the exchange of ideas. It seems our essential difference lies in our respective perceptions of what constitutes possible and impossible. This is understandable given the wide variety of sources people have turned toward for information or wisdom or spiritual answers, etc. My apology if the last comment came across as an intentional misinterpretation of your statements – know that I regret ever falling into the trap of using irony when exchanging ideas with others, and that I wish nothing but the best for yourself, Ric and all who pass this way.

        8. Fine with me, Jerry. You’re no doubt a great guy.

          But here’s the thing: you simply refuse to say how you imagine Kim, or the Iranians, can have the nukes pried out of their hands. You need a practical answer, not an appeal to the amorphous “international law.”

          I think you refuse to say it because you don’t want to think about it. Because it would require violence on a scale no one has ever seen.

        9. Given modern nuclear weapons are reported to have hundreds of times the destructive power of those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the number of people killed if the unimaginable occurred would be mind-numbing. Whether or not such a proposal gains enough traction and becomes international law is debatable, but making nuclear weapon possession universally illegal and punishable by death seems a reasonable option.

        10. No, it doesn’t. Because such a thing would require a policing power commensurate with the task of overcoming North Korea’s, and Iran’s, resistance.

          Can’t you see that?

          What you are advocating is not “peace,” but war on a scale no one has ever seen. You are advocating that the dictators and layabouts that comprise the UN assemble a vast army to attack North Korea, and take their nukes from them. That’s madness.

          Now, I’m fully aware that you can’t follow your own breadcrumb trail to that logical consequence of your argument. That’s because you don’t WANT to think it through. But the only way to accomplish what you advocate is the most savage war ever fought, by the most dissolute and worthless force ever assembled (because it would be created by the UN).

        11. Thanks, Recynd. We’ve been ships passing in the night.

          I think Jerry is a dreamy idealist, probably a very fine fellow. I think he’s up to the conversation here, but maybe a little surprised by it.

          Hopefully, he sees that we tend to be pretty polite, even when arguing our cases forcefully. We work the arguments around here for the very best understanding of events and philosophical problems possible. Many of us have never agreed about core ideas–but that is part of the fun. If that’s his kind of fun, it will be nice if he sticks around.

  20. As sad as it is ( or appears to be) Someone here brought the fact up it seemed so staged the photographer just happened to be there while the young lad was lying on the Beach expired.

    That photo was scrubbed and replaced with this one of ? holding him.

    Do these people have any humanity?

    1. The only thing Syria is “Guilty” of is protecting Christians and treating All Faiths equally and Obama hates that.

      Oh, and one other little thingy, not a Big deal….

      They Refuse to have a Rothchilds Central Bank controlling their currency.

      Just a small matter…………move on

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