duck-walkOn this week’s episode of Real Politik Australia-based independent researcher Allan Powell joins the program to discuss his deep research on the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre. Mr. Powell lays out his analysis focusing on a set of images provided in the Vimeo video below.

He argues that the apparent investigation and police report of the incident carried out by Connecticut State Attorney Steven Sedensky and State Police released and released in late 2013 defy normal protocols. Further, there are clear contradictions and suggestion of a coverup based on the documents’  various disclosures concerning the crime scene and related evidence.


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93 thought on “Inconsistencies in Official CT Sandy Hook Investigations Suggest Coverup”
  1. Prof. Tracy, this was an excellent interview with Allan Powell. I listened to it on Tuesday, but didn’t get to see the photos. Thank you for posting it and I hope you will have him back again, as one hour is not enough time with you guys. Blessings……………

    1. Reinforcing the trail of mistakes including weapon handling.. I loved the Sally Cox story.again. just not believable…The teacher.Kaitlyn story also..- such nonsense… people just don’t think.. could you get 20 children in a toilet room, and keep them quiet.?. impossible.. but yet she said she did – and some people believe it..!

      1. The dimensions of Roig’s bathroom- 3 feet by 4 feet (including toilet and sink.) According to Roig, she and her 15 students piled into the room. Here’s a fun exercise: 1. Outline a 3’x4′ space in your driveway with chalk. 2. Recruit 15 six-seven year olds from your neighborhood. 3. Find one average size adult. 4. Everyone try to stand inside the lines.

        1. Don’t forget the bookshelf.

          ~Teacher Kaitlin Roig told police she heard “rapid fire shooting” near her classroom. She rushed her students into the classroom’s bathroom, pulled a rolling bookshelf in front of the bathroom door and then closed and locked the door.
          Roig packed 15 children in the bathroom, placing the smallest on the toilet paper dispenser for a moment and holding her there with one arm while she positioned the others. At one point, five or six children were piled on the toilet. The children knew what was happening and told her, “bad guys were shooting.” Roig told the children they just had to wait until the good guys arrived.~

      2. We should declare 14 December “Suspension of Reality Day”. The normal laws of physics and nature simply didn’t apply. While “Sally Cox’ cowered under her desk (for HOURS), medical doctors ignored the wounded, EMT’s pronounced the dead, autopsies were conducted in the car park, hey, why not?

        Contrast that to the high dudgeon of the public officials and media celebrities. “Why, how dare you question our tale. Are you a ‘professional’?”

        The whole thing was more like an adaptation of “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”. But, let’s not forget the others. The certain hope is that by exposing us to an overdose of irrational information we’ll come to accept it as reality.

        From where I sit it looks like they are going for quantity, not quality.

        1. Sally/Sarah Cox, the school nurse with the shifty eyes, did a lot of hiding that day. First under her desk and then in a closet for four hours with school secretary Barbara Halstead. Perhaps no one really cared about Sally/Sarah which is understandable, but Barbara?

          After all Barbara is the former wife of fire chief Bill Halstead and mother of EMS captain Karin Halstead, both heroes of the day. Bill and Karin did not have the desire, means and whereabouts to find their close family member sooner? Or was Barbara as forgettable as Sally?

          Where’s mom? Radio interview with a laughing Karin Halstead on 12/19/12, courtesy of odinrok:

          Recent update on Newtown student population:

          Dr Erardi compared enrollment information from the last day of the 2014-15 school year, June 17, and the first day this school year, Thursday, August 27, with the board.

          Sandy Hook Elementary School had 366 students on June 17 and 340 students on August 27;

        2. Yes Anne, hard to square with other reports that they weren’t allowed entry, etc.. Of course you wouldn’t go looking for your mother in an area where the principal was allegedly killed?

          They are a very close-knit group, indeed.

        3. Yes Anne, but that has since been clarified. It was a “Hocksprung imitator”. Happens all the time, like Elvis.

          When people become celebrities for running model schools like SHES, others become jealous and want to share in their accomplishments.

          As I recall there were a number of these little vignettes that surfaced, never to be seen again. There were the two teachers who “escaped” and went to Subway for a sandwich. Mass death and gore always makes me hungry, how ’bout you?

        4. lophatt – someone did not follow the script that morning. The Bee had several copies I’m sure. Dawn/Elvis/Elvira leaving the building early was in the script. If only she had not picked up that phone from her secret location.

          Hm, I don’t like to watch gore. Prefer mysteries and thrillers that leave much to the imagination. That often calls for a glass of wine – not food.

          Regarding Sandy Hook inconsistencies and cover-up, there is an interesting story developing in a neighboring town. Newtown police chief Kehoe has this town’s police chief on speed dial and that is why this other chief and some of his underlings are among the now so famous first responders to SH. It is a developing story fit for a thriller.

        5. Anne, you’ll have to keep us informed on that one. Did this chief and his “indians” receive special awards in secret like the others? There’s nothing as special as getting recognized in private.

          I always wondered if the cop who didn’t respond was one that wanted no part of this charade. I’ve heard, indirectly, of at least one cop locally who is very disturbed by this. I would imagine that would make one persona non grata down at the coven meetings.

        6. lophatt- speaking of coven meetings; when first arriving in Connecticut we rented a big old house (150 years old) on acreage right on the border of this town in question. I’ll tell you, there were things going on in the woods around there. Recall one dark evening driving home and there, in another big old house with large living room windows facing the road, were people sitting in the dark around a big table holding hands with flickering candle lights in front of each person. Never forgot that sight.

          This other police chief and past president of The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association was very much involved in the SH event as documented here:


          This is the person who was declared having committed suicide on April 5, 2014 by a gunshot wound to the back of his head and crashing his car. He was an attorney, pro-gun advocate and had some disagreements with this police chief regarding guns. Could he possibly have discovered something that ended his life? His family disputes the police department’s version of events.

          Excerpt from the link above:
          “Finally, an incident two months before his death indicated some tension between Abe and some firefighters such that he felt he needed to leave a local establishment one evening.”

  2. My biggest peeve over this incident, Who at the Newtown Bee interviewed Dawn Hochsprung. Who was the actual person interviewed? If that reporter was John Voight he should have been arrested and forced to explain himself and then fired for writing a false dialog.

    I theorized John personally new Dawn…..

  3. I enjoyed listening to Allen Powell, both during this interview and during Dr. Fetzer’s as well. I think his point about taking the time to SEE (as opposed to merely “looking”) is an excellent one, and something I have to practice constantly.

    My only real criticism of Powell is his practical deification of George Orwell. Contrary to popular belief, Orwell was not “one of the good ones”. We need to make no mistake: Orwell was one of the Elites. In fact, Orwell was a pupil of Aldous Huxley’s, himself a Fabian Socialist, back when he (Orwell) was a student at Eton. The two men remained friends throughout their lives. To read an eye-opening letter from Huxley to Orwell, written shortly after the publishing of “1984”, see the comments section here:

    And I can’t help but correct Mr. Powell’s assertion that American schoolchildren do not read Orwell: every high school kid I’ve ever met has had to read either “1984”, “Animal Farm”, or both, if not in high school, then in the 8th grade. Now, I’m NOT suggesting that any of these kids had any real idea what they were reading, or that they were any more than “fairy stories” or “sci-fi”. (I have my own suspicions as to why they present Orwell’s work when they do, but I’ll keep them to myself for now.) But yes, Mr. Powell, Americans read Orwell just like English (British?) kids do…and it has about the same impact, I’m afraid.

    1. I like Powell’s work, but I see and appreciate your points, Recynd77. Thanks for link about Eric Blair writing to Huxley. Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes and John Ruskin and those guys played a major role in the conspiracy for a world revolutionary movement for a one world death and slavery system for all.

      There are several crisis actors Powell states with certainly are the same persons at Boston and Sandy Hook, but I often cannot see such a sure resemblance.

      I have come to appreciate the way Dr. Fetzer and Powell do the dry humor bit on some of the absurd findings. If I thought there was a real chance that all this truth would lead to justice, I would feel guilty about laughing at their antics.

      I think it was Powell who related that the newspaper story by the reporter who interviewed Dawn Hochsprung after the event at which she was said to have been one of the first victims retracted the story and the reporter gave as the excuse that someone had falsely presented theirself to him as Dawn Hochsprung.

      1. My first impression was that Powell was a sent probe……my first impression. Significant people just seem to pop up at critical times during various times of drama. Like Robbie Parker, like Lt. Vance, and the governor in denial, Daniel Malloy. These are not mere bystanders. They have been sent, they have done their little bits of intrigue. When the going gets tough, so to speak, lo and behold!, another paid stooge erupts from the bowels of the big pie.


        You may also like this early report from the Sydney Morning Herald. If you read down a few paragraphs, you’ll note the tale of Vice Principal Anthony Salvatore, who was shot in the leg and hand to scramble in to urge others to call 911.

        The trouble begins that, if I recall correctly, Anthony Salvatore was not supposed to be at Sandy Hook school anymore.

        Maybe more problematic is that subsequent reports never mention this high profile shooting.

        Where did SMH get this little tidbit, and where did it go?

        1. Just a couple of comments on this one. First, how many teachers now reportedly herded their entire classroom into a closet or other tiny space, joined them, and yet still managed to barricade the door with file cabinets? I assume the barricade was OUTSIDE tha door?

          Second, had we heard the story of Adam supposedly shouting, “Let me in! Let me in!” before? I missed this one the first jillion times around, I guess.

          Finally, do you know when this article was written/published? So much is posted online anymore without dates, it’s hard to know what’s current and what isn’t.

        2. The Sydney Morning Herald article was published on 12/15/2012, only a day after the event. You can see that date in the link.

          As Ann’s link shows, Anthony Salvatore was no longer supposed to be at SHE in the second half of 2012, when this event took place. His retirement announcement also made no mention of him being a victim/hero that day. Seemingly, the SMH got hold of a version of the script that was scrapped in the official narrative.

          **I inadvertently typed “hand” in the original post instead of “had.” My apologies.

        3. Perhaps the scriptwriters did not know that Salvatore had been assigned to a different school? A slip up that needed to be brushed under the carpet. It’s all crashing down on Newtown as medical examiner H. Wayne Carver so famously predicted.

    2. I’m interested in your aversion to Orwell, Recynd, who I think was one of the greats of the 20th century. Why? Somehow that he was taught by Huxley, who was a Fabian socialist, doesn’t seem enough. He was strategically wrong in thinking that Orwellian despotism would grow out of Communism, his underestimating the vitality of Free Enterprise, and he made horrible mistakes while he was dying, but why are you so peeved at him. Just asking.

      1. Folk: Good question; it’s fair, and I’m glad you asked. But I don’t know if you’ll feel the same way about my answer.

        A couple of years ago, I was reading a substantial amount and listening to countless lectures. Someone along the line (someone I trusted, like John Taylor Gatto, a “big picture” someone) brought up Orwell, and (I think) his association with the likes of Cecil Rhodes and other New World Order types. I confirmed the statement at the time, but for the life of me, I can’t find it now.

        There is more to Orwell than we’re commonly told…there has to be. A “lower-upper-middle-class” kid at Eton? One must have connections for Eton (this I know from whence I speak)…and England’s class system has always been different than ours, anyway.

        Like TV today, nothing would be published and promoted so extensively as Orwell’s work if it didn’t suit our masters. His books are required reading in both Great Britain and the U.S. (And probably more)…that doesn’t happen by accident. Why would the government single out Orwell for a deathbed confession? They won’t be coming to ME.

        When I referred to Orwell as “an elite”, I misspoke (miswrote)…he was part of the intelligentsia, not the elite.

        I will keep my eyes and ears open for that original statement that turned my mind against Orwell, and I’ll post it if/when I find it.

        1. Orwell got a scholarship to Eton; his family didn’t have much money, and he didn’t get on well with his father. He was completely opposed everything Cecil Rhodes represented–imperialism- as was for liberating India. He made no death bed confession.

          What he did do that was shameful was give a list of what he thought were communists indirectly to British intelligence, his rivalry with communists going beyond political bounds to repression. But his essays–all of which I read–were clear, honest, and on the side of the people. He was naïve strategically, but a genius tactically.

          I like Gatto too, but I don’t know if he understood where Orwell was coming from. Orwell was an anti-communist socialist; Gatto was a libertarian. Both of these ideologies are now largely obsolete.

    3. Rcynd, yes, we all have our “quirks”. I don’t have any “heroes” so I’m untroubled by that at least. Some seem to look for examples and pattern their lives after them. I have to accept that. I don’t do that, but I know that many do.

      Christopher Hitchens and Chomsky are hardly “heroes” to me either. When I look at something it isn’t a “who” thing. I don’t care who said it. As a result I often forget names. It simply doesn’t matter to me. I am interested in their ideas or statements, not who they claim to be or what others think of them.

      So Allan Powell has his own personality. It isn’t like mine, but I respect his observational abilities. He is annoyed that everyone is not like him. That too, is a common trait. I didn’t say I like the trait, I just accept it as something to deal with.

      I find him informative and entertaining. I don’t want to be him. He probably resents that.

  4. Twenty minutes was as much as I could take of this arrogant so and so. Just listening to him hyperventilate about the perceptual superiority of his countrymen was enough. How many of them, for example, question the story of the July 7th bombings? Does he, by the way? And then he provides a short but telling list of his heroes: Noam Chomsky, aka Drone Onsky, William F. Buckley, fan of Francisco Franco (and the Warren Report) and so on.

    I look forward to the comments of those who had more intestinal fortitude.

    1. I hit the same speed bumps and was surprised he obsessed on the Bushes / neocons, seemingly unaware that they are minions of more powerful entities performing their role in the dialectic or that his country is being assimilated by the NWO at an equal or faster rate than the US. Nevertheless, I have to give Powell tremendous credit for having the fortitude and patience to scrutinize Boston and Sandy Hook images in such incredibly fine detail. His findings are remarkable and an important contribution to the larger truth movement.

      1. Thank you, but I can’t suffer gatekeepers gladly. And this after Richie Allen, whom I respected, had Michael Rivero on his show, and the latter, Mr. What Really Happened, was telling all that this really happened. I can’t put my mind anywhere near stuff like that.

        1. Interesting phenomena. Once a website like MHB gets recognized as being both informative and factually hard-hitting, the clan of Limited Hangouts (not the singing group) come out of the woodwork and apply their magic to the proceedings.
          Rivero is of the Tribe,not sure about Allen.

          If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. Chomsky is the classic example of limited hangouts. He sounds so sincere and then denies Israeli collusion in 911…..what is more clear than his allegiances?

      2. That was a good video, Ric. I’m surprised that people are so sensitive to his comments on United States-ers. The only annoying part was that he speaks as if everyone here is monolithic.

        There is nothing special about “your average Jill or Joe” in England, or Australia for that matter. I do agree with two things. Most of the industrialized world has better education, and there is something weird about Americans that causes them to worship authority.

        Obviously, not ALL Americans are anything. I think he was speaking in generalities just as I have about others. He is talking about “national traits”. It annoys me as much as it does him.

        He was spot on throughout most of this, up to and including the nature of American politics. I didn’t find him arrogant at all.

        He has a talent for detail. We’ve discussed that here a number of times. It isn’t looking where they’re pointing that leads to discoveries. He has put the pieces together very well.

        I think his reference to the Bushes, etc., is best translated; “If they can do what they did in front of everybody and you haven’t noticed, what is wrong with you?” I totally agree.

        For myself I don’t get insulted when someone criticizes “my” government. This is mainly because it isn’t MINE. I have nothing to say about what they do. They don’t care what I think. So I’m not going to defend those who are trying to enslave me.

        His remarks about American naivety have been around for many decades. They are stereotypical. They are also true. I suppose for those who believe in “American superiority” criticism, even the true sort, is intolerable.

        I can certainly vouch for the fact that most people I meet are stunningly ignorant of events and the world around them.

        That said, Allan Powell has graced us with his insights and I thank him. His interview with Fetzer is worth watching as well. I wish we had ten more just like him. I appreciate James taking the time to talk with him.

        1. I agreed and related to his comments on United States. He actually complemented us when he said “we are all watching, if you guys lose your republic, we will surely lose ours..

          I had seen so many people from outside the US in comments beg us to wake up and fight back for they fear it is only the US that can stop the Bush/NWO take over.

          The Bushes & Co. are the Face of the snake. Not the Head but control all Presidents since 1980 when they shot Reagan not mention JFK.

          We officially IMO lost our country in 1980 when Reagan was shot by his own VP.

        2. I totally agree with your comments about “American Exceptionalism”, Lop. I’m not sure where that nonsense came from, unless it came from the fact that we had “exceptional” documents and ideas at the founding of the nation.

          It’s one thing to love and even idealize the land of one’s hearth and home; it’s another thing to take “pride” in it. (I, for one, think the term “pride” is vastly overused.). “Pride” intimates that one had a hand in the creation of the object of said pride. We do not choose the land of our birth, just as we don’t choose the color of our skin or the language we are brought up with.

          Americans, generally, DO worship authority. Especially many religious Americans. It flies in the face of the ideal of the “freedom-loving, independent American” we envision ourselves to be.

        3. Very well said, Recynd. “Those whom the Gods would destroy, first they make proud”. The ideal is a far cry from the reality. We’re now 20th in a recent survey of countries with the most freedom. That should make ya’ “proud”.

        4. The phrase has an ironic origin and history, Recynd. Just like “capitalism,” which was a coinage of Karl Marx, and pejorative–but came to be whole-heartedly embraced by free enterprisers, “American exceptionalism” originated with a disgusted Josef Stalin, who hated it that every time he tried to get the socialist and communist parties of the West to cooperate, the American parties would not get with the program.

          And just as with “capitalism,” American freedom-lovers picked up another disdainful epithet of a communist, and wore it with pride. At first, observing how after WWII all of Europe was falling into sclerotic welfare-state socialism, America’s history was seen to make us an exception to the rules that the rest of the formerly free Western countries were now following in their obvious foolishness. As if we were immune, even with the stinking legacy of Franklin Roosevelt dragging us into fascism. Now, of course, it’s just an empty expression of unjustified patriotism, the verbal equivalent of “the wave” fans mindlessly participate in at football games. USA! USA! USA! And since everyone tells us we are “exceptional,” we must be. We’re so special.

        5. Thank you, Pat. Funny, after all the time in school, where we were told that “all ‘isms’ are bad”, somewhere along the line ‘capitalism’ and ‘exceptionalism’ were the exception to the rule.

          Your explanation makes perfect sense; it’s knowledge like THAT that has been relegated to the dustbin of history. THAT will end up “occulted”.

          You see it all the time: I was listening to a podcast and one of the hosts used an old-timey turn of phrase (can’t remember it now, but it employed the term “queer”, as in “odd”). Oh, listeners were up in arms! Couldn’t believe the insensitivity!

          We all fall prey to the idea that the world revolves around us, don’t we? But I digress…

        6. “…where we were told that “all ‘isms’ are bad” …” but we were never told about the baddest ism of all – Americanism, and it is a congenital condition.

            “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

    2. I’m so glad Dachsielady posted this video. I liked Allan from the very first listen of his first time on Fetzer’s program. I like his sense of humor, which is accentuated by his Aussie accent.

      I think he must have eagle eyes to pick up on the little discrepancies that others have missed. He must also have experience in criminal investigation and/or research, because he knows where to look for clues.

      I pay no mind to his denigration of what has become of our once proud nation. I do it myself. I have a feeling he is an equal opportunity insulter of those whose job it is to investigate crimes and don’t, not to mention those who plan and carry out these shameful hoaxes, using the tax dollars of American citizens in order to scam the very same citizens. He no doubt would insult Australia just as easily.

      At the end of that first interview with Fetzer, he talked for several minutes about how great America once was, that we had always been a great friend and ally to his country, and how much the world needs us to be that once again. I can’t help but agree with him.

      1. Picking up miniscule things is a wonderful way to distract people who “never saw those teeny bits of info”.

        Did many of you see the Jones/Duke debate? Has Jones lost respect or is it obvious he’s bought and paid for by the Khazars”?

        1. Gil, yes (that’s for Duke). I don’t think its a “distraction”. I think it solidifies what we already know. He is pointing out examples of what he said outright. We do not look critically. If we know they are lying, why do some accept anything they say?

  5. This says it all! Infowars is all in. “Stop sending me your YouTube videos”

    Joe Biggs ‏@Rambobiggs Aug 30

    Yes the VA shooting was real. Yes your crazy of you disagree. I was there. Stop sending my your YouTube videos. K. Thanks

    1. I just have to throw this in.

      The Pic Joe Biggs posted on tweeter where he claims Alison died and the bloodied boards were replaced, has been edited and the “replaced boards” are now cropped out of the picture.

        1. I don’t even get Why I’m in mod. I just mentioned how I think AJ sold us out via Briggs his new “Guy”.

          I posted this in 2004 and it’s still in mod? Weird.

          Resorting to “Sock Puppet” HaHa. I’m still laughing over that one.

        2. Maybe you need to change your name. “Word Press” obviously hates you. Computers are like that. You probably remind it of a transistor that insulted it once. Of course it could have been a capacitor (can I say that here?).

      1. Ric, I have not been following the Virginia “shooting” but found this article with embedded video by Aussie PeeKay, Allen Powell’s frequent co-commentor. BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax Were Separate Takes!

        |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | BUSTED: Videos of Virginia Reporter Shooting Hoax …Virginia reporter shooting hoax goes viral, quiets media as crisis actors are revealed with new footage details. | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

         Off topic, but speaking of Joe Biggs brings to mind the Alex Jones Infowars enterprises.  All of that entity’s reporters universally have the same take on discreet false events.  They had an untruthful “truth” position on 9=11 and apparently have a like position on Virginia event. But hey, Infowars Inc. is going strong and will start a one million dollar money bomb grab in a couple of weeks.  And to top it all off

        Super Mail Vitality is on sale! Get Super Male 20% off for 24 Hours. | | |


        | | |


        Save 20% off your purchase of Super Male Vitality by entering promo code FLASH20 in the apply coupon “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

    2. Thanks for the update on DISinfowars–I haven’t trusted them in a LONG time. I think AJ finally had to admit Sandy Hook was a hoax, but for the longest time he tried to go w/the official story (probably blaming SSRIs like Rivero). Pretty sure that early on, after SH, he had Pieczenik on, who said on air that NOBODY died at SH, and AJ quickly ended the interview, and didn’t have him back to on to talk about SH. Rivero is another one who is saying VA Roanoke shooting was real.

    3. You’re very welcome. I was shocked when I discovered removing the :large actually made the graphic appear. Some times operator error is a good thing. LOL

  6. The University of Colorado Denver has posted recently released records on James Holmes on its website. The chief campus police officer’s file on Holmes has 9 deleted pages (31-36, and 38-40):

    CORA like FOIA requires that ALL information on a page fall under a valid exemption to be redacted. This makes it hard for an agency responding to requests to withhold entire pages. I’ll bet that hey left out the most interesting, and embarrassing information. Coincidentally, officer Whitten is no longer with the University.

    1. James Holmes does not exist; the phony victims, the phony judge, the phony defendant have been identified. See all the identified including phony Senator Diane Feinstein who has a fictitious name and history and who had a grandson playing a victim in the event at the link.

      The USA has a phony government. Our representation does not exist – the candidates are chosen from various family clans who ALL have fabricated histories and fictitious names.

      I have even identified husband and wife teams that run against each other on a GPO/DEM ticket to ensure the family gets the seat. The same happens at the State level.

      All our laws are VOID – none of these frauds are actually under oath; you can’t be sworn in using a fictitious name. Americans got hoodwinked and they actually believe they live in a free country, have representation and pay their taxes to support services.

      These frauds staff their offices with their family members, fabricate phony crisis to effectuate phony solutions and staff the expanding bureaucracy with their family members. They are robbing their slaves blind.

        1. Tweet them first then get the URL by right clicking in Chrome. For IE right click choose properties to get the URL. if there is a :large at the end of the link address remove that before you post and the graphic will appear in your post otherwise only the link will appear.

        2. Oh, it worked! I’ve never been able to make it work before.

          Thank you, rebelready, for your kind reply.

  7. In case anyone is interested, here is a link to a web site that was mentioned in an interview a while back, I think it was with Peter Klein. I thought the site was taken down due to Pozner’s constant complaints, but parts of it are still there. The fellow that ran this site identified a lot of the SHES kids from a book by Jill Greenberg entitled, “End Times”. The pictures were taken in 2006, but the book wasn’t published until 2013. Gee, I wonder why! The pictures of these kids are disturbing.
    See also

  8. Turns out that Shantley is back in jail for violating his probation! Remember when he was a messianic figure, fearless his attempt to break the case wide open? And everyone, everyone ate it up!

    1. “The past is a foreign place. They do things differently there.” I don’t remember who said this but I know it’s true.

      Years ago in the foreign country of my own past, I knew this drug addict. She constantly created tragedies from which to garner sympathy, and more importantly, money. In the short time I knew her, for example, her father died on two separate occasions and her mother, not to be outdone, did so on three. For a time she found a poor, well-intentioned soul whom she could always rely upon for the aforementioned sympathy and money. As a direct result, her stories grew more and more preposterous.

      Samuel Taylor Coleridge used the term “suspension of disbelief” about two hundred years ago, and defined it as the temporary acceptance as believable of events that were implausible. If a writer (or creator of events) could infuse a “human interest and semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader (or viewer) would suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative.

      A lot has happened since then of course. He was talking about suspending disbelief as temporary, meaning for the duration of the novel, short story, play, movie, commercial, etc. I don’t think he envisioned it as a permanent state of perceptual impairment, but here we are nonetheless. I think this is the force at work now and it’s working faster and more expansively than ever before.

      If the population continues to suspend its disbelief at the drop of a hat there is no reason to expect the stories to get any better. Instead we can expect a more and more degraded form of reality until, I guess, reality will be just another vague memory of a kinder, gentler time.

    2. My thoughts exactly Ric. I can’t help but believe that they laughingly plan these events to be more and more absurd to see just how far they can go and get away with it. Cassidy Stay blocked a bullet to her head with her finger and then goes on a victory parade all smiles immediately after her entire family was slain ?

      Now Virginia with this insanely fake videos that happens to black out all the evidence of any real murder. Both videos from the camera man and the shooter conveniently black out at the same time ?

      Wouldn’t Bryce Williams have gloated over the bleeding and dying racists with his camera before posting it on Face Book, Twitter and Youtube or whatever ?

      The victims father is a deficient low grade actor ooooohhh weeeee?

      Someone please make it stop

      I often ask why oh why did I take that red pill.

  9. And then there’s the story of Byron the light bulb, a story by the way that I only know of third or fourth hand. I’ll come back to this later or possibly I’ll forget.

    We long ago reached the point where we could transmit information faster then we could ever hope to comprehend it. And Neil Postman was right in saying that technology will always ultimately serve those that own it. While it’s great fun to laugh at all the sheeple and simpletons who believe the mainstream version of reality, we ought to remember now and then that the deeper meaning still escapes us. The truth may not necessarily be the secret of the few or at the bottom of a bottomless hole. But it might just be stranger than we imagine. It might even be stranger than we can imagine.

    Meanwhile I will continue to ponder this and other things. And I will wait for the day when James F. Tracy will decide to interview me. Or maybe I’ll just wait for Godot.

  10. Dave Gahary recently did an interview of Wolfgang Halbig.

    AUDIO INTERVIEW: Wolfgang Halbig Gains Some Ground
    June 24, 2015 AFP 5 Comments
    – See more at:

    I did not listen to it. There is an article too and references to several previous AFP articles on SHES.

    I remember exchanging a few emails with Dave Gahary a while back. He seemed to not understand while everyone sort of withdrew from reading or listening to AFP since Spingola and Piper and a couple of their other, now former, show hosts came out so hard for the official story of SHES.

    Gahary moderated one or two “debates” on air with a guy who has a Sandy Hook Official story supporting site, can’t remember his name but he has pretty much faded away now though still does nonsensical hit pieces on his site again Halbig. I complimented Gahary on how he handled the debates as he really did seem objective and fair.

    Still American Free Press seemed to have an overall policy, just as Infowars probably did or tried to, of not accepting any of the ideas that it was a hoax.

    I think that AFP took a huge hit as far as supporters and subscribers and listeners and readers. When they tried to say that all the proof in the world that it was a real event could be found in the government reports people just started wondering about their entire agenda.

    Here is another recent article with embedded interview of our old friend, Barry Soetoro, Esq.

    Sandy Hook: Trick or Treason?
    Tuesday, July 14, 2015 10:45

    By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”
    Sandy Hook is coming apart like a North Korean Rolex. …

    Soetoro makes the point that if and when our guns are completely confiscated and the Second Amendment is no more, “they” won’t even have to try to make the hoaxs look halfway real. We all will be shut up.

    But still his only hope appears to be that enough people “wake up.”

    1. Ray,
      Not blowing my horn, but I pointed that out last week when Joe Biggs from Infowars said we were all nuts and showed a picture of what he claimed were new boards installed to replace the “Bloody” boards.

      And as with the “Santa Barbara” shooting whereas the store clerks cleaned up the Blood from that fake shooting, mere lowly day worker contractors replaced the “Bloody” boards in VA.

      I guess we don’t need Hazmat Crews anymore or Demolition Crews either for that matter being you can take any Airplane model you want and crash it in ANY part of a building and it falls down in its own Foot print.

      I’m wondering what other Profession is going to lose their Jobs?

      Heads Up: See that “Crime Scene” camera on the Tripod there in the Pic’s? The same one you “saw” at the freeway crash scene.

      It’s sitting there in O’reilly Flanagan’s POV phony video. Bingo.

    2. Your right!, boards are perpendicular the parallel to hall and hall behind her bends in and covers…. Hallway rail in photo 2 and 3 bends out and boards remain perpendicular

  11. While I appreciate Mr. Powells efforts, I don’t think he revealed anything that hasn’t already been pointed out/discussed before and listening to someone who clearly loves the sound of his own voice and is incredibly pompous was gruelling to listen to.

  12. Isn’t it interesting that Nicole Hockley reaches out to Andy Parker after his daughter is slain yet apparently does NOTHING to console Kate Steinle’s father after she was gunned down by an illegal alien.

    I guess gun violence is not quite so egregious when committed by illegal aliens whose presence is sanction by the president who gave you an Air Force 1 ride huh Nicole ? Or am I missing something –

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