The “journalistic” duo were prone to elaborate get-ups and antics both on and off the air –  UK paper says

Photographs obtained from the social media accounts of slain reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward posted by the Daily Mail on August 26 indicate the pair greatly enjoyed dressing up at work and play. At one point they are even photographed in a dressing room preparing “fake injuries” as combination crisis actor/reporters.

“The reporter and cameraman shared this photo of them being painted with fake injuries for a news segment,” the Mail remarks.


A photo comparison of Alison Parker and image of a person unknown captured seconds after the initial blast of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing event. (Courtesy of Allan Powell)


“Ward and Parker are pictured in fancy dress in a photo posted on Facebook,” the Daily Mail muses.

“The pair were also snapped joshing around while filming a feature for WDBJ7 in an evening-wear store.”2BAD0C6B00000578-3211613-image-a-10_1440618382633 2BAD0C6400000578-3211613-image-m-9_1440618372867

“In the poignant album was this photo of Hurst and Parker enjoying themselves at a fancy dress party,” notes the Daily Mail.


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138 thought on ““Crisis Actors” Alison Parker and Adam Ward”
    1. Bad grammar. You should say “your worstest an most uselesses article I ever seen”. Other than that, your thoughts are precious. Now scram…..

    1. Agreed. Alison appears to have at least one pierced ear. Unknown woman clearly does not. Ear shapes and folds are also completely different. Inclusion of this comparison is meaningless.

        1. Not really about the Ashkenazic nose bridge. It is a common trait among British aristocrats where they call it a “Norman nose”. Her strong chin is part of the package with that kind of nose. It is not confined to one ethnic group. Look on any European coin and you’ll see it a lot in sovereigns.

        2. As someone who grew up around a mix of jews, italians, wasp’s, and some german and irish, I’d say the pronounced hump and overall shape in the BMB woman’s nose is far more common in jews and italians than wasps, in whom ‘roman noses’ are more subtle, and who often have fuller cheekbones and chins, sorry musings.

        3. … and still, the shoah goes on… a soap opera for the masses, bread and circuses, a Coliseum of lone nuts and gladiators. And everyone cheers for the “good guys”.

        4. To musings, I’d definitely say that the other woman’s chin is totally Photoshopped and not indicative of some ethnic characteristic. It’s distorted looking, eh? Too massive and quite frankly, this face appears to me to have been thrown together electronically.

        5. This mini thread got me thinking. There has been a concerted effort on the part of the hoaxers to diffuse the reality that it’s the northwestern european people who are being hunted down by blacks, as opposed to mediterraneans or even slavic people. But the emphasis is on anglo and not jewish, so the largely jewish hoaxers try to counteract that. Witness the Portenza family home invasion’s stars; the mother is blonde but has a distinctly italian facial structure. Allison Parker is pushing the limits of a wasp look in terms of her facial features, as opposed to coloring. Whether that is deliberate or just happy coincidence to other exigencies I don’t know.

        1. The Boston Witch at a Bill Gates Ted Conference?

          I’m not surprised. This is how they launder the Cash.

        2. i posted on my twitter this video because I spotted Alison Parker’s boyfriend in the audience at the 4:18 mark. Daniel Wulz is his name and he has a whole video montage up of pics of him and Alison. So why is he in the audience for Adrianne Haslet’s speech? Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences. Either he’s her real boyfriend (more believable than Chris Hurst because he’s cute) or it’s just one big happy actor family. and thats what I think. All the pics on Daniel’s video seem staged but yet more believable than Chris Hurst


          I looked up Nodisinfo’s piece on Adrianne Haslet-Davis from December 28, 2013. Her alleged husband Adam K. Davis left a few comments including his email address. A fellow conspiracy researcher contacted him back then via his email address saying she was working on an article for her blog, which was true. They went back and forth for a few days and it was obvious Adam could not answer any of her questions truthfully. She forwarded me the conversation.

          Adrianne is now around 35 years old. Alison did not have a 24 year old’s face, she looked much older. Kitty Purrzy had left a recent comment on Nodisinfo’s article in the link above.

    1. Bingo, Pink pants doesn’t like girls. If this falls apart as I hope you see who all the gatekeepers are.

      Infowars Joe Biggs lectured us and said it was real. He saw the blood soaked planks being replaced in 24 hours with hazmat teams. he saw the blood soaked planks replaced dripped underneath where the bodies lye. ( No Pic’s of course)

      Mike Rivero from “what really happened” is siding with the Fascists saying it really happened along with Infowars Joe Biggs.

      We have a problem here.

      1. Let’s think about that. First, it was described as a “breezeway”. To me that means there are other routes around the premises. It would be a crime scene. If business were a concern, they could rope it off.

        What were the military (National Guard?) doing there before the wounded guy is even carted away? Do they send military every time there’s a shooting in Philly or Detroit?

        I am trying to verify whether or not any cartridges were ejected. It is not uncommon for someone to be shot and keep moving. However, the flinch or jerk is involuntary. That’s a lot of inertia to show no reaction to.

        It seems unlikely that a HAZMAT team would do carpentry. I could see them washing and disinfecting the boards. If that’s the case, why replace them? Oh, no bullet holes.

        What would be the purpose in sending Joe Biggs? Jones is still smarting after David Duke cleaned his clock. I don’t trust those guys.

        This is more fantasy spin and pixie dust. Self-incriminating video, secret gay boyfriend, beady eyed “dad”. Maybe she stole bang-bang’s boyfriend.

        1. “I could see them washing and disinfecting the boards. If that’s the case, why replace them? Oh, no bullet holes.”

          Same for the tree outside the restaurant on Boylston St. Boston, which was standing proud without a limb maimed in any way, after the “bombing” – but they pulled it up and replaced it with a smaller sapling to make sure everyone knew the carnage and destruction had happened there (and not even put out an antique street-lamp or messed up the facades of antique buildings, which were not replaced because of the probable difficulty in finding an acceptable match). This is standard operating procedure to reinforce the lie.

        2. The oddest thing, musings, to me, is how incurious people are. Maybe people, should they notice that the tree was unharmed, would then examine the facades of the storefronts; and maybe that possibility was the reason the tree was removed. I don’t think they had to go to that trouble, though. Everyone is sleepwalking.

          I was in Jerusalem a decade or so ago, and having read an article in Biblical Archeology Review about the Garden Tomb, at the Place of the Skull (Golgotha), I was ready to investigate. The rolling, disk-shaped stone, that closed the tomb is no longer there, but the trench it rolled in is still there. How was the huge disk (seven feet in diameter) held in place? An iron rod was driven into the stone of the hillside, blocking the

        3. Oops. Didn’t finish.

          …ability of the stone to move. Only an Angel, by supernatural means, could have released that stone.

          So I looked. Felt around with my fingers, to find the iron rod. Indeed, it was there.

          No one else on the your cared a whit, when I told them what I was after. No one else, standing around, asked me. No one is interested in such things.

          Think about that. One travels thousands of miles to investigate the roots and premises of the faith that anchors one’s life, and then is content to just accept it as a trip to Disney World.

          I can give numerous anecdotes from that trip that deliver the same message. People, no matter how smart, or how well informed, remain incurious when it really requires digging in.

      2. Oh my gosh, I noticed that too! Were his pants really pink or was the color off in that picture?

        Something else that is strange is that “Alison’s” facial expressions are almost identical in all of the pictures. Her eyes and mouth…even the shade of her lipstick is the same in most of them. There is also the one with her in a gold gown with “Hurst” (at a fancy dress party), where her face looks even longer than in the other pictures….very unusually long.

      3. “Pink is the new Black”, did I get that wrong? “That’s my boyfriend over there, in the pink pants”. Sounds legit, (not!).

        So “light in the loafers” turns out to be a cosmic joke and the real BF is a Marine. They probably couldn’t get him and her nose in the same frame. He’ll have to be careful with sudden movements. He could lose an eye.

        The station SCREAMS CIA. Three years with an expired license? Porn? Twenty-one-year-old “bureau chief”. I wonder if she was in the same intern program that A.C. attended?

        Patrick has it right about being “inattentive”. One of the first rules of writing fiction is to make your characters believable. Besides the repetitive format, the characters are a dead giveaway.

      1. He’s the camera man, not the alleged boyfriend. The actual guy posing as the boyfriend, is in her league, but some believe that when he accidentally called her his boyfriend, it was a Freudian slip about his actual orientation in his real life.

  1. gosh, you’re right on top of this stuff, James. If this is another fantasy homicidal conspiracy, apparently there is not going to be an end to them.

        1. And another thing. Why haven’t the “gatekeepers” been exposed until now?

          All that Sandy Hook stuff exposed no gatekeepers whatsoever? Something BIG is going to happen. The elites are prepared. This time, all heck will break loose.

          Is anybody keeping the gatekeepers?

        2. John, I wonder if the gatekeepers, by and large, are even people and not some kind of computer-generated program. I believe there are also gatekeepers that are human, but they operate from many other countries. I have seen evidence of this. Then there are those who are human and operate in America, but are by no means “American” as you and I would describe it. These are traitors to their country, and they don’t deserve to be called Americans, at least not in the way Americans used to be defined.

        3. You nailed it John. Folk couldn’t even answer the simple question. Done.
          I apologize last night for ranting. I am just so done.
          This should be their demise but it won’t.

        4. gatekeeper, isnt that controlled opposition? either way, fetzer is one. and james is likely his main man in training. and halbig is a useful idiot, confidence trickster, aka fraud. eventually they all go spiraling down supporting the most outlandish CT’s as their handlers destroy their credibility via disinfo (see bill cooper, veterans today, alex jones, john leer, and pretty much every alt reporter that has seen success on the web.

        5. folktruther is not a gatekewper, he just specializes in history with emphasis in racial issues.

          marayha – you are so far out in left field i dont think its worth going to fetch te ball. sorry honey, you are out of your league here so please dont espouse anything else you claim to “know”

          please think before you say something, better yet, do your due diligence and google before you form an opinion. you may mean well, and its nice to have your enthusiasm, just cool it with your “facts” unless you can cite them.

  2. Does anyone have a sense of how much planning went into this production? My initial assessment that this was partial damage control (among other agendas) to restore sympathy for the media seems very accurate, upon reflection. I actually think it was a partial reaction to Megyn Kelly’s humiliation by Trump. Someone called him Godzilla; the more that gets thrown at him the stronger he gets. Megyn Kelly’s hypocrisy and brazen shilling for what is so obviously a corporatist media veered dangerously close to becoming crystallized in the american public’s mind. That would have meant a total invalidation of the mainstream media’s authority – and a huge win for the internet and whatever remains of the middle class’ preservation instincts.

    So I’m leaning towards that this was thrown together relatively recently. Any thoughts from anyone? I have seen that they, the orchestrators of these hoaxes, are capable of planning them far in advance. The Portenza family home invasion was first ‘established’ in the late fall of 2013 or early winter 2014, but it wasn’t fully unveiled till more than a year later.

    But this one’s specific context and themes seem more ad hoc. Or did they know once Trump announced to such fanfare that a showdown between him and the establishment/media would be inevitable? Etc. etc.

    1. There was never any live TV coverage from other stations at the scene of the shooting that morning… there is no reason that this hoax couldnt have been filmed and staged a few years ago…..and just now aired on TV….. we think we are seeing live interviews of the boyfriend and father but they may very well have taped last year or before….who knows?

      The perpetrators of these hoaxes are not getting sloppy…..they have an unlimited budget and could get better actors etc if they wanted to….they could also censor more of the hoax YOUTUBE videos as well as they have complete control what we uncover with our detective work is what they want us to see….. I believe they are deliberately leaving blatant clues to the hoax as it seems to create an angry divide between hoax believers and non believers…… or maybe they just know how good the hoax needs to be to convince the 95% of the masses…

      I sometimes wonder if they are planning a real shooting, with real blood running in the streets, real family members, real victims etc… only to slience all hoax believers and to make the hoaxers look foolish….

      Its hard to predict what they will do next….

      1. I have been wondering since the Aurora and Sandy Hook events in 2012, if the real purpose for all of these staged events is the “boy that cried wolf” scenario.

      2. 9/11 & 7/7 people really were injured & murdered….it was still preplanned and orchestrated, making it a “staged event”. All it takes for “staging” is for the event to not be coincidental, so IMO your hypothesis is well founded. Real people can actually die at fake events. Far as the divide between “hoaxers” and those who believe in the authenticity of these events, that’s Hegelian Dialectic.

  3. Acting and make believe seem to run in the family. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    I think it is absolutely horrible to pull these events on the public and traumatize them. I am sure it has triggered depression in a lot of people and scared other reporters. We should just throw our TV’s out the window. Stop being a part of this madness.

  4. we are going to separate the Sheep from the Goats on this one. The war is on!

    Major known People/ web sites are circling the wagons.

    The Gatekeepers will be exposed

    1. I have never seen anything like this before and we were all like “Yawn”. This one takes the cake in pure stupidity!

      You will learn who all the bloggers and websites are that work for the Govt..

      We will just add this to the September nightmare

    1. Agree with you. One thing about these newsreaders and crisis actors who portray them is they have a look which is almost generic, slim, blonde, and twenty-something, but there are features like ears which though inconspicuous on most people are highly distinctive.

    1. Parker’s ‘Boyfriend’ has exhibited no real emotion, and he resembles
      closely the Crisis Actors pretending to be ‘upset’, immediately after the
      reported Murder of his ‘Girlfriend’, posting cavalierly on social media.

  5. Another classic use of jft setting the tone and then allowing readers to jump to conclusions. Idk whats worse, the event itself, or the provokers and their sites (this one in particular). Jesus james, are you all in?

        1. That’s the thing….I think it’s a very intentional flub. They’re playing on the extreme stupidity of people to believe that whatever they see and hear is real. It’s crazy. No one would make that mistake even once.

    1. You are right!! View the photo is Windows live Gallery where you can amplify the photo….now look at her left hand with the black glove..It looks like he either has two hands or VERY long fingers… looks very creepy……but an obvious photoshop…

  6. If Alison Parker and Adam Ward are crisis actors, does that mean they weren’t actually killed? And if they are still alive, where are they and how do they get away with not getting recognized?

    For the record, I believe Sandy Hook was a hoax, too. But I also wonder how Victoria Soto – assuming she’s still alive – doesn’t get recognized.

    Do they send these crisis actors off to remote Caribbean Islands for the rest of their lives after they act in these staged murders?

    1. no one knows for sure yet, we have circumstantial and some physical evidence that contradicts the official narrative, but nothing that is definitive. really we just have some video that, in all likelihood, has been doctored, but we dont know if that is to make it look like a real shooting when it wasnt, or to make it look like a hoax when it wasnt.

      maybe it is being used as a distraction at the local level due to local scandals, maybe it is advancing mental health and gun laws nationally, or maybe its an event to sift the “sane” from the “paranoid.”

      what we do know is that if this is another false flag, then you can bank on the adversary being several steps ahead of us, and in fact we are playing right into their gameplan. with all the talent and unlimited funds, i think they are creating events precisely in response to everyone’s (predictable) reactions.

      let me explain. the military (as with anything interested in its survival) must have a reason to justify its enormous budgets. in the collection by sun tzu, the fundamentals to achieve success in war are documented comprehensively with millenia of wisdom backing it. in it there are several techniques that are designed to deceive to create an upper hand.

      i dont know how much talent is here at the mhb, but the military has the best humanity has to offer, with a budget that exceeds mosts mens ability to comprehend its amount. that said, if dissenters – like us – actually show up on their radar (we do), then there will be teams created in various military facets to mitigate, corral, mislead, buy-off, blackmail, infiltrate, etc. in the name of self preservation as well as the name of completion of goals.

      this is what i am getting at: we are all under attack and it comes from every angle. there are blogs out there set up to deceive the CT’s. there are blogs designed to mislead the skeptics and scientists. there are blogs for everyone, and they all are sustained by confirmation bias. their members are overflowing with shills, paid commenters, decoys, mis/disinfo agents, provacateurs…

      back to the art of war. an example of a common strategy employed to this day is that of deceit: eg, your enemy must think you are far when you are near, and must think you are near when you are far.

      think about that when it is “so clear” that they are sloppy in their execution of drills or hoaxes or narrative spin. remember that when they are “obviously” taking our guns away (which strangely increases gun purchases like clockwork).

      the war for our minds has been underway for quite sometime, and i dont care how “aware” you think you are, they are running circles around us. we are sheep and are herded exactly to their predictive models. there is no other way to explain the situation we have let ourselves get in since the 1963 coup.

      oh and btw, the saying attributed to – who was it? gen casey? well, their disinformation campaign IS complete, and no one knows fact from fiction anymore. ironically, that statement was never said by anyone.

      don’t ever forget what it means to survive… and what survival entails.

  7. If interested two judges get 28 years for selling kids to prisons. Pennsylvania, home of Jerry Sandusky.

    Pedophilia Shows Up In Another Thousand Points Of Light-2 Judges In Pennsylvania Convicted Of Selling Children To Prisons-Same State Where Sandusky Convicted Of Pedophilia At Penn State University In “Happy Valley” at “Beaver Stadium”-Coach Dies Just Before Trial And Two Prosecutors Murdered

  8. Anderson: 41 years ago, a violent act on the air
    Chubbuck’s death [by suicide during live broadcast] caused shockwaves around the country. Walter Cronkite led the CBS Evening News with it, the Washington Post did a series on it, and part of the movie “Network” was based on it.

    E! Entertainment did a feature on the death several years back, even interviewing actress Faye Dunaway, but only a German version appears on YouTube now.

  9. A “culture of conspiracy” is surely fascinating to not only explore, but ferment: “Some people believe in the lost continent of Atlantis and in unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Others worry about an 18th-century secret society called the Bavarian Illuminati or a mythical Zionist-Occupied Government secretly running the United States. What if these disparate elements shared beliefs, joined forces, won a much larger audience, broke out of their intellectual and political ghetto, and became capable of challenging the premises of public life in the United States? This is the frightening prospect, soberly presented by Michael Barkun in his important, just-published book.”–Daniel Pipes

    In a society of the spectacle is it ever possible to observe without becoming a participant? If such participation is inevitable, can it not also be in a fashion profitable, assuming one is aware enough to recognize the simultaneous inevitability yet mutability of the social and mediatic phenomenon within which one is ‘condemned’ to be immersed?

    1. Marsan
      Except there was lost continent of Atlantis and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). There is an 18th-century secret society called the Bavarian Illuminati and a mythical Zionist-Occupied Government secretly running the United States. It is called the Crown Temple of London.

      1. There is something written about the Rothschilds running our affairs, and not the British royal family, but frankly there is no proof except in second hand histories that are fairly recent. So unless you can produce a historical document of same, there’s not way to prove what you write.

        1. The theories, rumors, and myths of history tends to run a little behind events. Rothchild’s banks were powerful previous to world war 1 in Europe and Britain but then power crossed the Atlantic to US-America, The Money gang was led here by J. P. Morgan and the current Money oligarchy is primarily Wasps, according to Carroll Quigley and others.

          However there is an important minority of Neo-Zionist billionaires, from a quarter to a half of the oligarchy, who support Israeli foreign policy over US foreign policy. This is largely why the US invaded Iraq, and why the Repubs were led by the nose by Adelson against the Iran treaty.

          The Ziocons are deathly afraid of Conspiracy Theories since not only has anti-people power always conspired against the people, but the American ideology historically legitimating American power is largely fraudulent from beginning to end. So the American truth tradition is largely based on deceit, delusion, distraction, ideological repression, and irrationality. That is why Pipes, Sunstein, etc consider Conspiracies so dangerous; if they discredit American ideology, they will discredit as well, en passant, apartheid Israel.

        2. well stated. good to see a little skepticism around here for once. not every conspiracy theory HAS to be ok with us. if you think its a silly or false conspiracy that someone brings up, then its your moral duty to call them out and have them source it.

          if not, god only knows how many would be led astray from readers noticing that no one spoke up against it.

          and therein lies my entire thesis this year (for those that tolerate the troll) – I used to be proud of this blog but it seems that the articles have been slipping, and the commenters have been too non-confrontational. where does it say we have to worship whatever James says? granted, if you don’t you may get censored, but I think Dr. Tracey is getting better at just letting crazies be crazies.

          however, to this day, regulars who have been posting for 3 plus years are STILL getting sent to moderation. this is ridiculous. name one time even one of the regulars said something that could possibly… hmmm… wait. what the hell are we even censored for in the first place??? why can’t we read whatever we want? this isnt a site that underage kids would go to, this isn’t family oriented, james’ rep at school cant get any worse, certainly a rogue commenter would be taken care of by any of the moderators. block bad words if you have to, but dont think any of us can’t handle it. there is a real world out there where people do and say nefarious, hurtful, bigoted, things. we just happen to be a blog that studies those people regularly, so if some schmuck gets off some foul remarks, its ok. we are here to discuss just that.

          at the least, take away the moderation queue for regulars. its almost every single comment section I see someone complain. this is frustrating and is indicative of protecting a sponsor, not the readers who put so much into obtaining truth.

          ok, rant over. dont even remember my initial observation anyways

    2. You’re forgetting the Bushes, the Carlyle Group, Bilderbergs, arms merchants and all manner of royals with big stock portfolios. It’s endless. So where were the explosives made and rifles, etc, that were involved in the destruction of Palmyra? Who arms the desert nudniks?

  10. JT had this on his scoopfeed page:

    Pretty sure the guy they interviewed, Dan Hennen, has posted here before. Anyway, it’s kind of interesting that Mark Glenn is in the comments continuing to bash the idea that these are hoaxes and staged events. It looks like the alt media is seriously compromised. I’ve also heard that Mike Rivero and Alex Jones (disinfowars?) are both saying this was a real event and are in agreement with the official narrative.

    1. You got Amanda. It’s falling apart and coming to a head.

      They are standing behind the Virgina shooting because it was soooo bad they need to protect it.

      The gatekeepers are exposed which means we are in big trouble now.

        1. I found some stuff on Dan Hennen,

          I think he’s this one, PeaceFrog; the photos match the interview:

          Here’s his youtube channel:

          And his disqus comment profile:

          He has special interest in the deaths of filmmaker David Crowley and family. “David, Komel and Rani Crowley were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN in January, 2015” He used to live in Apple Valley.

          He seems legit to me. He could very well have commented here, as amanda suggests. His video list on youtube closely parallels MHB.

        2. I don’t think Dan Hennen (or anyone) is totally registering the full implications of Murphys’ bills and these psy ops, but he did a good job. He has a facebook page with thousands of friends. You can friend him if you’re on there, he’s sober and astute and not controlled op.

        3. Rep. Murphy ‘Bitter’ Over Lack Of Action On Mental Health Bill
          August 28, 2015 12:35 PM

          PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – The killing of a TV news crew in Roanoke on Wednesday, by what appears to have been a man with mental illness, is the latest example for Pa. Congressman Tim Murphy of a mental health system that needs to be fixed.

          Murphy joined “The KDKA Morning News” to talk about his frustration over the lack of action by Congress and that his mental health bill (H.R. 2646) needs to become law before another tragedy.

          “I try not to be bitter about it, but I can’t help but be very frustrated with Congress’ lack of action on this [mental health bill],” says Murphy.

        4. Sue, I also found an editorial titled, “Pseudo-science, misguided civil rights laws and agencies behind blocking mental health-care reform.”

          The author describes the persons and organizations that are against Murphy’s bill, including anti-psychiatry and anti-psychology groups, and anti-science and anti-pharmaceutical groups, as well as civil rights groups. She adds:

          “Many within these groups also often hold strong paranoia and conspiracy theories toward scientific and medical communities and prescription drug companies. In this camp are also likely the seriously mentally ill themselves, as paranoia and conspiracy theories are a hallmark of schizophrenia and psychosis. I don’t fault the latter here, as IT IS THEIR ILLNESS THAT CAUSES SUCH BELIEFS.” (emphasis mine)

          I wonder if you would comment on her assessment of SMI.

        5. Toni, I saw this a couple days after you wrote it, I don’t always allow email notifications. I’ve procrastinated out of a. being overwhelmed someone is actually listening at all, considering how obsessively people pick apart forensics in comparison and b. to give myself some time to fully respond, which should be by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks for your attention and please forgive the delay.

    1. “Alison Parker was a graduate of Patrick Henry Community College and James Madison University”

      Yeah, and Patrick Henry and James Madison would turn over in their graves if they could see what foul traitors these people are.

  11. He bf is essay off . He is trying too hard to convince us they are a couple. The pictures in an album ? Slip up calling her his bf , 2 x’s ( I am sure he has one somewhere) . And who says ” white hot? ” Isn’t it red hot? Why would you speak of your sex life the day of and day after ? So so odd

    1. She was not. Even after being “shot” several times at point blank range with hollow point bullets, she was still able to run at least three or four steps and there was no blood visible.

  12. Love the analysis. But do have a question. Let’s admit that the two reporters put on a hoax to press for greater gun control. If these kids were not killed, where are they? What happens to them? Do these crisis actors reappear years later after the hoax is forgotten? There must be records on them, some kind of a paper trail, no? Are these also doctored to erase evidence? Thanks.

      1. Ha! Maryha calls it.

        From the infallible Urban Dictionary:

        “The phrase “sheep dipped”, is commonly used in intelligence circles. It’s a way of saying someone has been given an alternate identity. The best known example being Air America, but also in many other covert ops applications. Not necessarily military. “Those who were accepted got “sheep-dipped” and vanished.”

        Dipping a sheep gets rid of creepy crawlies. Dipping a person figuratively gets rid of details of his/her former life.
        SHEEP-DIPPED – Stripping a soldier of his military uniform and identification so he can pose as a civilian during a covert mission.

        Lee Harvey Oswald was “sheep dipped” in order to carry on his involvement in the CIA’s clandestine activities.”

    1. adrianne haslet seems to be living her real life. Alison parker all seems to be staged. all photos taken just to create a character. Posing, silly faces, ugly clothes. 24 and you don’t even see photos of her out with girlfriends. obviously Chris Hurst isn’t her bf. maybe Daniel Wulz wasn’t either and it’s just one big show. Then she “dies being shot” And goes back to being Adrianne

  13. how do you live with yourself mr. tracy?? the part of your brain that normally registers shame must be missing….maybe you have a brain tumour and don’t realize it….get a cat scan ya boob….

    1. How does your people Obama, Clinton, Bush, Pelosi. BLM, Lenin, Mao, Hollywood, MSM live with themselves?

      I just scratched the surface.

      Your probably confused I’ve included Repubrats.

      Open your manual to Trolling page 1256.

      Your green.

    2. Shame over what, exactly? Shame for noticing that the same people keep appearing over and over both as family members and victims in these supposed terror or gun nut attacks? bart, rather than insult you, I’ll point you to some links that prove unquestionably that this is going on.
      Here is a supposedly grieving father of one of the Sandy Hook victims grinning and chuckling before getting into character prior to the press conference:

      And here, we have a Sandy Hook victim who is mysteriously also a victim of a school shooting in Pakistan:

      You can also toss in the evidence above that James presents.

      I’m not given to believing that every attack, everywhere, is a false flag. But having been in the military and seen with my own eyes that things are rarely what they seem, I have no problem with the reality that some events are staged. I’m still not convinced that the Boston bombing was a staged event, nor am I convinced that the VA shooting was staged. But isn’t it quite a coincidence that so many of the large events occur JUST WHEN the government is staging an exercise of the same scenario? You don’t have to believe me. Witnesses and even the government themselves have admitted to these “coincidences”. I’ll leave you with a quote from J. Edgar Hoover. This quote was given in the context of communist infiltration in the United States, but its truth is valid in the context of false flag attacks as well:

      “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot
      believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been
      introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a
      philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

    3. To which family clan do you belong Bart? I bet I have your photo. I’m making a an atlas of frauds and because silence is complicit ALL the members associated with each clan and their various surnames will be in the atlas whether directly involved in any event or not. You should look for your photo when I get it published!!

        1. Kitty maybe this is a matter of perception, but Ms. Davis looks nothing like Alison in those twitter pics, aside from the fact that they’re blonde women. I could go through it point by point, but there is no need. I’m not saying that media plants and crisis actors don’t exist, and I’m not saying that there is no such thing as a red flag terror attack. I’m simply saying that this particular notion that the two women are the same is a dry hole. There’s nothing there.

      1. I work in the fashion industry. I’m a designer. I also see women’s body shapes and sizes all day and I’ve been doing this for years. I can look at anyone and know their size instantly. men and women. You have no idea. I’m that good when it comes to body shape. I’m not looking at the blonde/ red hair at all. I watched a video and it just clicked where I saw her before. I don’t expect people to see what I see right off the start because they do manipulate photos, angles, pixels, airbrushing, filters, make up and obviously voice. you name it. I have people who agree with me tho. I will continue. sorry you can’t see it.

        1. Kitty, I think it IS her. There’s more to a person’s looks than just physical looks, which is all too easy nowadays to change. I thought “Alison” looked older than 24 as well, even from the first picture. And the supposed cameraman looks twice his stated age. What I also noticed and commented about is how her face is almost identical in the photos, and even her lipstick is the same shade in most of them. I have noticed also that the cameraman’s face is pretty much the same in each picture. What I mean, of course, is the angle in which they are posing, their smile, their eyes, etc. don’t seem to vary from photo to photo. I find that a little odd.

        2. Make up CAN change someone’s entire look. I could be wrong.

          That Megan Kelly woman doesn’t even look like the same person without makeup and wanders the streets of NYC unrecognized.

          This is out of my league, makeup and stuff.

    1. I have identified the frauds in this journalist shooting skit but I need to do some futher analysis before I post; they are the same clan that put on the Aurora Theater Shooting skit.

      One important criteria when identifying these frauds is the connection factor has to met because too many people resemble other persons and we are dealing with camera fraud. Digital alterations is their method of deception with, both, stills and video to take the edge off natural appearance; simple digital asthetics such as nose and eye changes to actual body mass changes and they also use age regression/progression. Because we are dealing with clans there are often multiple persons in one family that looks like the fraud of the moment. If you follow the connections then the faces of other frauds in the same skit appear.

      These are family clans pulling this crap. They have infiltrated government and the private sector at every level. They can be tracked to frauds in State Houses and the US Congress which are infiltrated by frauds using fictitious names and fabricated histories. They are above the law because they have infiltrated law enforcement and our taxpayer supported courts. This is without question Adrianne Haslet Davis.

      1. Thank you for seeing what I see:) we live in a world where make up artists can turn someone in to Kim Kardashian. They need the heavy make up on Alison to change her look and distract. This is a world of iPhone 6, galaxy and photo apps with filters. but yet the news pays $10,000 for hi tech cameras that give blurry crappy images??? So that means, this is what they don’t want you to see… We need to get people to see past the first 5 images on google that they want you to see. I’m so confident it’s her and I will continue to post comparison photos to show people what I see. And what you see

        1. Kitty , I think you may have misunderstood what I am trying to say. I am sure that Melissa is playing Adrianne but I do not believe she is Alison.

          Have been busy and not finished by analysis yet but I think I do have Alison identified and will post when I am confident in my decision. BTW, I have identified all the Boston Marathon “victims” and only one is an actual amputee – they are using green screen for that BS too.
          Let me speak to your awarness regarding the fuzzy crap we get from the media – YOU ARE ON THE MARK!

          Here is a demonstration of the extreme photo fraud. This is Heather Abbott and her close male friend who are actually a married couple that live in NJ. He is an attorney. They made her attactive and him, too, with digital fraud. She is not an amputee. She connects IRL to multiple other phony victims.

          They are in running clubs, charities are their thing, and this particular group of Hoboken, NJ friends have been hanging out for years. It appears they are all members of family clans and these family clans have been pulling this crap for generations. As you see the Heather actor’s IRL parents are also in the skit.

          Every American needs to become skilled in seeing past the photographic business of the illegitimate US Government. AND do not give to charity – we have no idea what evil the money actually supports.

          If you want the graphics bigger – right click-open in new tab and add :large to the end of the link.

    2. I’ve been wondering what that band is on Allison’s (Alison’s?) leg. At first I thought it was an ACL or meniscus strap of some sort, but now I’m leaning toward a cellphone holder.

      Anyone else?

      1. its where her prosthetic leg meets her real leg. it’s covering up the seam where it attaches because she’s adrianne haslet from boston

        1. Alison Parker was not an amputee. She had both of her natural legs. This can be confirmed in numerous online photos and videos taken of her. The band that was around her knee area was related to her television wireless microphone that she used.

        2. You could be right. It is beyond evident that ‘Alison Parker’ is missing her left leg in one of the online images that ‘Chris Hurst’ shared with the public. In the image she is wearing green pants. The left side of the green pant leg is missing. How does one explain this?

  14. It’s necessary to change her look. make up artists can do amazing things to trick the eye into seeing something different. I know I’m right on this. She is Adrianne Haslet. I will keep posting the comparison pics on my twitter until everyone sees what I see. I’m a fashion designer and I see things differently probably because I’ve been doing it for ages. It’s the small details. people do a google search and see the images of adrianne and alison that google wants you to see. Thats not what I see.

        1. They don’t look like twins to me, either. And it’s NOT because I’ve only looked at “the main google images”, it’s because I’m looking closely at the photos YOU’VE provided.

          Yes, the women look quite similar, but I wouldn’t bet they were related, let alone the same person. I don’t know what your point is about the concurrence of “everyone I show in real life”. Are you suggesting that your computer screen is somehow superior to others? Or that you’ve somehow managed to get these women together in real life and shown them to “everyone”? In any case, it doesn’t give your argument any more weight by saying that; in fact, I think that’s the “bandwagon” fallacy.

    1. Look up Valerie Calhoun. My friend works in Memphis and posted pic of his co-workers today and my jaw dropped! Either Alison had an identical twin or its her! Everything matches, the eyes,nose,ears,smile,overbite and all the spacing! I couldnt believe it! Look her up!

  15. A friend of mine works for the news in Memphis and let me tell you. He posted pics today of the people he works with and right away when I saw this one photo,I knew it was “Alison Parker” I have compared photos and looked very closely at eyes,ears especially,chin, smile, overbite all the details! Now either she has a twin or its her? This lady is a news anchor. I will give you the name and you decide. Her name is Valerie Calhoun! Let me know your thoughts after looking her up!

    1. Valarie is nearly 50 years old, if not older. She’s stunning and beautiful, but not able to pull off a 26 year old. I lived in Memphis for 26 years and can tell you first hand Valerie isn’t a crisis actor and is legit as they come. All of that to say, I DO find the VA shooting odd and questionable on several fronts. It’s a case that needs more attention.

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