Major news media are furiously pushing the narrative that Vester Lee Flanagan, a seemingly frustrated and alienated young man, shot and killed two broadcast journalists on August 26, and then took his own life. This is by now a williams_tweetscommon scenario in today’s 24 hour corporate news cycle.

Yet let us keep in mind that today’s widespread use of social media makes it especially easy to implicate an individual in a crime she or he may have never committed.

A recent theme at MHB is involves “targeted individuals” and consideration of the electronic weaponry and/or “gangstalking” harassment they often experience.

The following video depicts a confrontation between an unknown white male and Flanagan.

As MHB commenter “Peace Frog,” an attorney and targeted individual, observed on August 27 concerning the above clip,

Looks like Bryce is wearing the blue plaid shirt. His encounter seems authentic and I think this fits the modus operandi of his confronting a gang stalker that targeted him.

Actually, Vester Flanagan AKA Bryce Williams is wearing a football jersey in the video, while the caucasian male he is confronting following an apparent traffic incident between the two is in fact wearing a blue plaid shirt uncannily similar to the one worn by the would-be assailant of Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

In light of the above, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Vester Flanagan was framed for the apparent murders of Parker and Ward–which included the makeshift video of the slaying itself and various hostile Facebook posts and Tweets sent out by parties that have hijacked Flanagan’s accounts.

While this may sound far-fetched, consider what happened on March 3, 2014 in “The Strange Case of Michael Cravey,” painstakingly examined by video producer and MHB contributor Peter Klein (e.g. here, here, here and here).

What do you think?

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76 thought on “Was Vester Lee Flanagan Framed?”
  1. When this went down with Flanagan, I was immediately reminded of Cravey, as far as a frame-up.

    Flanagan could have been framed for the murders, as well as gang-stalked beforehand. I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive.

    In fact, the gang-stalking could have been used as a prelude to the murder frame-up and his subsequent “suicide.”

  2. Thanks for writing an article about this James. Very strange indeed that the unknown male videographer was using POV equipment similar to GoPro or Looxcie. Stranger still is the question of why did he save this video and why was it uploaded? While it is increasingly common for us to see cell phone or dashcam video from citizens appear on social media, this type of equipment is less common.

    Bryce’s employer has been quite vocal in disseminating negative stories about his poor work performance and inability to get along with colleagues. The MSM has been quick to become a sounding board for this, as well as Alsion Parker’s fathers quick transformation into a very vocal gun control advocate. We’ve seen all of this before with Sandy Hook. What would normally be expected to be grieving relatives turn into gun control agenda media stars.

    What is also troubling is that the station terminated another career journalist for trying to cover the story of an alleged serial pedophile. In that case, the station manager even purportedly warned the reporter, Orlando Salinas, not to cooperate with the District Attorney. That alleged pedophile, Daniel Crandall, Esq., is the founding partner of the station’s largest advertising client “Crandall’s law firm”! It seems Bryce was working for a station that was a little compromised! This story of blatant media bias, and ethical conflict of interest by WDBJ-7 is being ignored by the MSM:

    Oddly enough, Bryce was hired along with Salinas with fanfare in 2012:

      1. Yes, this sounds like a “reputable” outfit. I’m curious about how a station can have an expired broadcasting license for such a long time and continue to operate.

        This is another object lesson in how “news” is controlled. Most of the time the “reporters” know the boundaries and simply don’t go there. When one does, they are ex-reporters.

        These days the editors are not old news hounds in search of a story. They are like “political officers” in the old U.S.S.R.. Advertising is, of course a concern for them, more often it is not offending those in power.

        I hope you get sprung from Moderation soon.

        1. Lophatt, i agree with your premise about controlled news, however i wonder if this may have been used as a distraction from the pedo connection? If so, how many other lone nut events are essentially yelling “look over here” when libor, enron, and the myriad other scandals begin to surface? Seems it could be a sort of preferred method of distraction to quell any talk of what really is important. Certainly news corporations have a credibilty duty to report news, so if the public wants exciting shootings, all that is needed is to quietly mention the scandal, televise the shooting ad naseum, then a week later the scandal is old news and the plaintiffs are left with only a settlement option – seeing how little coverage they receied due to “more important” issues.

          That is alot of birds killed with one stone.

        2. Yeah, I agree. I was simply pointing out that they old image of reporters eager to break a story is pretty much history. As you say, the boss now says “hey, somebody found out who Obongo got his SSN from, better run a shooter”.

          It’s disgusting. My main question is, why does anybody even watch it? It’s garbage.

        3. That Station was a CIA front thats why no license and they made national news for being co opted and showing porn.
          Yep, that was them, these guys here. coincidence?

          Wake up People

      2. PeaceFrog brought our attention to Orlando Salinas, former reporter for WDBJ-TV.

        Roanoke FOX Radio 910 had scheduled an interview with Salinas on the morning of August 26 at 8AM. Due to an extraordinary event involving crew from WDBJ-TV that morning, the interview was rescheduled for August 27 – see below.

        FOX Radio 910
        August 26 at 10:19am •
        From the News Guardians:
        Because of the tragic murder of the Channel 7 news crew this morning, we have rescheduled the Orlando Salinas interview for tomorrow at 8am. Salinas is expected to detail the events surrounding his departure from WDBJ & Daniel L. Crandall.

        The interview:

        1. I find it more than curious that former WDBJ-TV reporter Orlando Salinas had been scheduled that same morning August 26 at 8PM on Roanoke FOX Radio 910 regarding a major pedophile exposure of WDBJ-TV’s biggest advertiser. How convenient that something happened just prior to this radio interview so it had to be cancelled. The TV station received more sympathy than management could ever hope for.

          The FOX radio interview with Salinas had been advertised well ahead of its scheduled date of August 26th. Listening to it from August 27th, all I can say is wow. Was the station’s cover up for its biggest advertiser the reason for the manufactured news in the early morning hours of August 26?

  3. Sounds like Flanagan’s another CIA muppet. CIA and DHS use actors to stage these (fake) shootings. It’s an ongoing PSYOP program to disarm American citizens (seize guns) — before folks realize ALL politicians are perverts and traitors.

  4. Strangely enough, the climbing wall seen in plaza where Virginia shooting took place and seen in broadcast video, has same tree image as the “core character” tree symbol from Newtown Sandy Hook .
    Please see my post of these in my latest wordpress blog here.

    1. Dianne, that tree imagery is creepy and for some reason, I think it plays an important role in these shooting psy-ops; much like the all-seeing eye and pyramid symbolism. It is highly new age.

      I went to your WordPress page and I am impressed with your dot-connecting abilities. Though you stated the article on “Coincidences” was written by someone else, I can tell that you completely understand that Obama was not merely elected, he was installed.

      I have an article that was written in November 2006 by a pastor in Tucson, that predicted Obama’s rise to power so precisely that I had major goosebumps while reading it. At the time it was written, for the most part, Obama wasn’t even on the radar yet.

      Would you mind if I send the article to you and see what you think about it? I have to say, this has me baffled. I’ve tried to find out if it was written recently and then back-dated to 2006, but it simply wasn’t – it was out there at least in early 2007, according to web archives.

        1. Patrick, I would love for you to read it and let me know what you think. Do you want me to post the link here or on your Stairway page or email it to you?

        2. I’m afraid I can’t endorse this, Mary. It would be better if we were chatting about it away from MHB, and I won’t go too deeply into theology here.

          This is something I know about.

          The animal symbolism in Revelation 13, of the aspects of the Beast, the Antichrist, is a direct reference to Daniel 7.

          Leopards are not black. That triangular peg can’t be pounded into a square hole. He says “Spots stand for sins in the Bible,” but not here. At least I don’t think so.

          “The Beast is [NOT] a blood thirsty human leopard,” as the article says. The Antichrist is not in view In Rev 13:2. It is the world system he rules over.

          The leopard is China–he four heads are China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea; the two sets of wings are nuclear Pakistan and India; the “spots” are all the minority races in Asia.

          The Bear is Russia.

          The Lion is Britain. The Eagle (whose wings will be clipped) is America.

          The four are all going to be under the one. He won’t be a black guy.

        3. Oh, I don’t agree with his theology necessarily, I was just very surprised at how accurately he described the next president two years before Obama’s election. How did he know?

        4. Obama was picked for president long before 2006. He gave his maiden address at the Democratic Convention in 2004 and the media swooned as expected. Philanthropic foundation money coupled with intelligence service capabilities had already gotten him to this point through years of manipulations. Obama was out flogging his “Dreams of My Father” “autobiography” by November, 2006, so the pastor could have easily extrapolated his “prophecy” from the disinformation propagated by TPTB.

          I think one must ask why the pastor’s writings so closely uncritically parallel the disinformation offered by Obama himself.

          IF he even wrote in 2006.

          Did you see this?
          And this

          Someone questions the pastor YESTERDAY about the date on this particular essay. No answer so far.

        5. Toni’s digging is interesting, and helpful.

          I am always very careful, in applying Biblical prophesy to current events, and always suspicious about things like this.

          Barry Soetoro is in truth a very evil man, but his African heritage has nothing to do with it. I hate that kind of thing. It discredits the Biblical worldview as well as the secular political critique that rejects the communistic plots Barry has hatched.

          Around here, we do our best not to come off like nut-cases. We examine conspiracies, but we try to make clear that anyone with sense can’t believe fake events are real. Far fewer people have deep knowledge of the meaning of Biblical prophesy; it’s therefore best to have even more care when quoting people who purport to have “cracked the code”–especially when Mark the folkiedeciever could easily use it as “proof” that we’re all a bunch of racists around here.

        6. Thank you, Patrick. I think the danger here is less racism, than being taken in by a charlatan.

  5. As with so many other contrived “shootings,” this looks fake, from A to Z. Meaning no murders, with actors/agents as participants, fake videos, and all the rest. This means no frame-up because none of it is real anyway. As with all these events: PROVE IT.

  6. James,
    When Vester uploaded the alleged shooting video to his FB account, I downloaded some of the other videos he allegedly posted to his FB just minutes before that. They were filmed on his (?) phone camera videotaping his computer screen. It’s very interesting because the clips are purportedly him doing newcasts but they all have race/guns/death in quick edited clips. In my opinion, they might be an “activation” video. I don’t believe he murdered them, but he may have been gang stalked/ELF/MK Ultra into “going crazy” that morning and simply driving until he was caught. Does that make sense? Just please watch. I have some other weird connections with Chris Hurst in a separate video too:

    UNRELEASED Clip 1 from his FB:

    UNRELEASED Clip 2 from his FB:

    Something’s Wrong in Roanoke Batman:

  7. The Cravey setup is amazingly simple. It could happen to anyone. If the Flanagan thing was a setup, it could have been done similarly. They could have had the video in the can to seal the deal.

    I read today in connection with an “execution style” shooting of a cop that “mass shootings” have reached one per day. Of course, “mass” includes the cop.

    A couple of days ago there was a report of an “active shooter” at a university. I think it was in Mississippi. No shots fired, everyone was “ordered” to shelter in place.

    Think back to those days where incidents happened occasionally. Often days would pass before any information was available. Compare that to today.

    It certainly isn’t difficult to set up a patsy. Why spin a real event when you can manufacture one?

    It is instructive to remember that they have told us of their plans to do these things. They have announced their intention to produce false events to “influence public opinion”. We should not be surprised when they do it.

  8. Since I don’t think there was any murder at all, my slant on this video would be to prepare a character assassination on “Flanagan” prior to the event to be used as evidence (as it is now) after the fact, to further embroil the public in the soap opera, er drama.

    1. Looks like the blood donor story, in which Parker plays a doctor, is some kind of public service announcement, trying to get black people to become blood donors, so that their children will not be left to die. In fact it is deceptive. There are only four blood types, plus negative and positive of each. A black person is not more vulnerable when it comes to getting blood from donors. This is not a transplant or bone marrow situation where the match must be a lot closer and finer-tuned genetics matters.

      So this public service is really intended to bring in a group of people who probably traditionally have not been blood donors in this society. It is a scare tactic to get them to participate.

      With a resume entry like that, it must mean this man had “crisis actor” potential.

        1. And Brandon Foster who just happened to film this and give to Global News(CIA Front) on cue is an Actor Shill.

          They are SO busted this time.

        2. The article talks about his throwing feces from his apartment in what looks like an upscale apartment complex. This can be as easily explained by his being a victim of military strategy of tension “gang stalking” tactics as it can by mental illness or personality disorder.

        3. Someone else pointed out that no one who has been a ‘walking time bomb’ has the self awareness to know or state it. Further, interacting with feces is not atypical of people suffering from ‘retardation;’ it’s pretty much unheard of for psychotics, as far as I know, but makes a useful bell or whistle for falsely portraying someone as psychotic.

  9. The muzzle flash and smoke seem to indicate blanks using black powder.

    The internet is going wild with claims that the Virginia Shooting is yet another staged event after a tweet apparently sent by the reporter Alison Parkers boyfriend was tweeted 12 mins before the shooting actually occured..

    It clearly shows on the clock that Alison was live on air at 6.46am and her boyfriend tweeted it out at 6.34am a 12 min gap..

    Was he in another state when the tweet was sent ?

    This tweet is no longer on Chris Hursts twitter or any other from the morning of Wednesday 26th August 2015.

      1. A minor stage actor using the face time on video to talk about someone else, even his own daughter? Nah!
        You know what the day before interview makes me think of? The story where CNN’s Richard Quest suddenly remembers he was in a cockpit with the co-pilot of MH370 interviewing him and participating in a flight with him. The probability was so low of that happening that this had to be made to give Quest some kind of “insider” status for the developing story. That story was in my view a cover for actual seabed mapping and maybe even a search for something else. I have recently learned that most of the planet’s seabed is as yet unmapped – satellites cannot penetrate beneath the surface, and the expanse is huge with undersea mountains that can be a hazard to submarines, for instance. Just recently, some new submerged coral reef off the southern coast of Australia that was never known before has come to light. How did they find it? Must be some ongoing efforts part of which we saw as the hunt for MH370.

        I realize the government creates illusions – from “The Man Who Never Was” to misdirect the Germans about D-Day – to probably this joint search for the plane all over the southern Indian Ocean and around Australia. I don’t know why it was necessary to lie about it in that case. If there was a missing nuclear-armed sub, maybe a credible cover for it.The supposed cooperation with dozens of other nations, China included, in this search – well, perhaps something came of that, such as finding out just what China can know at its current level of preparedness.

        By contrast this shooting seems like amateur stuff (as does even SHE and BMB), yet the organs of government work on the fake the way they are supposed to work on real stuff. It’s like they swallowed a camera to see how the gut works. That’s kind of the purpose of drills. What is so distasteful about it is the use of public emotions to drive political initiatives. It is one thing to throw off your enemy in wartime, it is another thing to dupe the public you are supposed to serve and which is not the enemy, except that they accept certain things you want them to abolish. One thing too about these stories is that they divert the news services from other stories which might compromise those in power. They grab the attention and conversation of everyone, and as one astute commentator in Britain put it, they get people to discourse in lies.

    1. This is a great find. Has anybody heard from Wulz? The red-haired “boyfriend” and “dad” were obviously suspect from the start, and this confirms our suspicions. I wonder, though, who took Wulz’s Facebook page down, and why, unless it was Wulz himself, in which case, he could have made his settings private.

      And on the other hand, have we heard from Vester’s family? Even if estranged, you’d think the media would be all over that.

      Finally, have we determined if Vester’s dead? What was the “coffin” found at the scene of Vester’s suicide (attempt)? Did he shoot himself AND crash his car, or…?

      I swore I wouldn’t pay any more attention to these events, but here I am…such nonsense, and the drive-by viewers will only think, “Another horrible shooting…something MUST be done,” and be glad when something IS done.

      1. “Let’s rent a barn and put on a play!”. This has an “Up With People” feel to it. Those pictures look like what actors shoot of themselves backstage at premier night.

        The only thing that will stop these is to laugh in their faces. They have no shame but they aren’t effective is nobody believes them.

        Vester’s crash has the same look as the woman in D.C. who they chased around and executed. There’s the “inventory” with the “manifesto”. Self-stamped envelopes. Various papers (is that ten, a thousand?).

        How would they know he was driving a rental car? Didn’t take them long to find him. Why would you rent a car to go to an execution from which you will surely die?

        Well, as you said, you swore you’d never pay attention to these events again. I do it too. I don’t believe anything they say any longer. If they say the sun came up I have to check for myself.

        1. Lophatt nobody saw a body or blood or a gunshot exit from his vehicle or him covered waiting for the detectives or coroner NOTHING

          Same old Shi* and nobody questions. The two BBC journalists there were tweeting up a storm but got sweet checks and now are silent.

          Everything boils down to money. Screw lies and America! Money rules and they will sell out their own country for cash.

    1. Not only that, but that genocide against the Muslim population, a billion and a half people, is legitimate by nuclear weapons. His article was received by the West Point publication BEFORE he was hired, possibly a reason why he was hired, although he lied about his background.

      1. I asked you a question and I want the answer on another thread,
        Just be honest. Are you a gatekeeper traitor or REAL?

        You BUY this sh&t?

        Answer and No BS

  10. Already with the fundraising. – JMU scholarship Alison B Parker Memorial Fund Alison Bailey Parker Memorial Scholarship
    James Madison University Patrick Henry Community College Foundation
    220 University Blvd 645 Patriot Avenue, Martinsville, VA 24112.
    Office of Annual Giving MSC 3603 Office of Annual Giving MSC 3603 Online contribution:
    Harrisonburg, VA 22807

    Here is the … [obituary]. I see she is back in love with Chris Hurst, not our serenading Daniel Wulz. Wulz better watch his back. We’ve seen various people go missing or turn up drowned, a la Sandy Hook!

    1. Martinez,

      You are a Warrior in this day of deception.

      I can’t do the video thing. Go to the Daily mail site and sync up the video of the shooting with the still shot and post it and it will blow everybody’s mind. It’s impossible.

      I hope you understand what I’m saying. Check my posts. I would if I could.

      The “still” shot of him and the moment of the assault are incompatible not to mention the fake time stamps.

      3 times today when I post my connection is lost.

  11. From AZ to Colorado. to SHE to BMB, past Santa Barbra and The Navy Yard, Walmart Jokers Vegas these clowns are busted.

    Don’t let this go. I know all was saying “Yawn” and I was too.

    We need a full package for Congress and a Lawyer with a few.

    They are busted and Google(In Tel Q) is taking down Vids on Utube faster than a cook a roach can run.

    We need to move

  12. Tracy, Turn off any kind of censorship. Let the people complain if there is a problem.
    This is getting so absurd I don’t want to participate

    Really? What could someone say that is so bad 40+ year old people couldn’t handle it? Really????

    Turn off censorship

  13. “Roanoke County Police, Fire & Rescue and Economic Development departments will host a two-part Active Shooter Workshop Series called Violence in the Workplace.”–part-active-shooter-workshop-on/article_ce582fb7-3060-5d0e-ae44-30dc2241def1.html

    How about giving a workshop on stopping workplace mobbing and harassment. This guy complained about being bullied in his manifesto and he was: black, gay, a former prostitute (probably rumors about HIV, etc.).

  14. What do people think of the Houston cop shooting?

    Haven’t researched it in depth yet, but it has all the narrative ingredients of a psy op…formerly homeless ‘mentally ill’ shooter who was declared both ‘fit’ and ‘unfit’ to stand trial for an assault whose victim somehow disappeared…

    They bolster both sides of any conflict white v. black, black v. police in the seeming hope that the american people give no one side full credence and attribute it all to ‘mental illness.’ They minimize white v. black from the white side, however, instead making white cops the bad and good guy alternatively.

  15. I believe Vester Flannigan was set up, and that a still from the ‘road rage’ incident was used to make the weird looking ‘shooter image’ that they used soon after the shooting. You know the one where it looks like he has a mask on and they say it was a freeze frame from the shooting? I saw the likeness immediately and went ahead and recreated that image in about 20 moves in photoshop –

    start with the still of Vester pointing the camera in the parking lot, rotate the image about 35 degrees left, crop out the background, crop in a hand holding a gun, color in the numbers on the jersey and use the burn tool to change the color to black, select and fill the camo pants so that they are black, and clumsily ‘dodge’ the face using the oval selection tool, paintbrush in the bottoms of the pants and boots. I mean just look at that left ‘hand’ – if you look at the still from the road rage vid you’ll see that if you were rushing and you simply used the ‘dodge’ tool you’d end up with precisely the same weird left ‘hand’ as is shown in that alleged still of Vester from the shooting.

    This is probably really hard to follow and I’m sorry – but it astonished me as I was doing the work just how easy it was – I didn’t have to change the body shape, position, size or posture AT ALL. It is an exact match. I figure they wanted to get him holding his phone like that so it would be easy to crop in the gun in place of the phone.

      1. I wish I could do that, too. — Just a note, the still I’m talking about is not the one from this post, there’s a better one in the road rage vid. I went through it and screen capped the best one before I did the image editing.

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