mooringOn this week’s episode of Real Politik James speaks with Peter Mooring, founder and director of STOPEG, or Stop Electronic Weapons and Gangstalking. A computer software engineer, Mooring established STOPEG after enduring a severe electronic harassment-gangstalking campaign beginning in the late 1990s.

Peter explains the harassment he experienced, how he now works to raise public awareness of such human rights abuses through the establishment and activities of STOPEG, and most recently his involvement as the co-organizer of the second annual Covert Harassment and Surveillance Conference, taking place in Berlin Germany on October 1 and 2, 2015. This international conference will feature several highly knowledgeable keynote speakers, including Dr. Nick Begich and Ole Dammegård.

STOPEG is a non-profit human rights organization trying to inform everyone of the grave human rights violations committed by government and private entities employing gang stalking techniques and electronic weapons against unwitting victims. STOPEG is a contact and information point for “targeted individuals,” their family and friends, and seeks possibilities to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.


STOPEG foundation is one component of a global movement of organizations, persons and supporters, fighting to stop these human rights abuses.

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13 thought on “Global Movement to Raise Awareness of Covert Harassment and Surveillance”
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    Covert Harassment and Continuous Electronic Surveillance–invasive body, mind, and behavior assaults/neural and muscular manipulation/Electronic Warfare–with radio and microwave, sonic, and scalar weapons is being executed worldwide on innocent civilians and veterans by unscrupulous corporate governments, militaries, and Intel agencies–a phenomenon that is increasingly being exposed by those being assaulted, the rare human rights advocates and organizations willing to speak out, and the rare journalists writing about it. This effort is now being magnified a hundredfold by the newly-established International Conference on Covert Harassment, co-organized by Peter Mooring, founder and director of STOPEG, Stop Electronic Weapons and Gangstalking, profiled and interviewed here. Many thanks to James Tracy for this original post at Memory Hole Blog, and to The PPJ Gazette for re-posting.

  2. I listened until about 2/3 of the interview.
    One recurrent omitted theme when TIs subjected to electronic weaponry are discussed or interviewed is that the capacity of the perps to SINGLE OUT the particular TI with respect to other people nearby is not brought into focus. I have raised it on multiple occasions over about 16 years when corresponding with people but it still escapes the attention of most observers.
    It is virtually impossible to single out somebody effectively if they’re not alone. Unless they have an electronic implant connected inside. Then it is the implant determining who is affected.
    It is in theory possible to point a microwave beam an ultrasound beam or a laser beam unto a small area. But everything fluctuates and whatever the source is it is bound to be shaking. Moreover the athmosphere fluctuates. When it follows a moving target through a wall, well you can imagine how impossible it would be to avoid targeting others. So in many cases the TI would not be singled out effectively. There are virtually NO reports to my knowledge when a group of people have been targeted simultaneously and where a circumference could be defined inside of which more than one individual experiences some kind of similar symptoms.
    This ought to raise peoples suspicions about what this is.
    Clearly like Mr Mooring says, their aim is to target him and drive him crazy for whatever reason. But this aim would fail if more people felt the effect.
    Mr Mooring mentions correlative thought. I have heard other TIs in qualified jobs who said the same. Colleagues behaved as if they were mindreaders or as if they were both remotely manipulated.
    However in that particular case the colleagues could have been prepared so they would spontaneously bring up certain issues without actually being subjected to secret tech.
    The gradually emerging correlations of his email-content doesnt sound as if it need be other than surveillance-related unless the correlation is with content he had never before written on the computer.
    I would not generally recommend James Tracy to stick out his neck and bring up the implant-aspects all the way unless he has some assurances by people who are in a position to make a risk assessment. But it is frustrating to see this important aspect being mostly omitted when covert harassment is brought up.
    Harrassment like gang stalking and realtime cooperation between perps and media need not be implantrelated.
    But implants may be used to create pointed pain as if caused by a narrow beam. Hence the TI might think he is hit by a laser beam.
    Another way to produce a similar pointlike pain is to sweep highvoltagepotential fields above or around an individual.
    That could theoretically be used for localized harassment in a specific building.
    Powerful UV-Laserbeams are said to enable strong currents to be directed to the TI. So its probably true that such a stungun might function, but not likely to be used
    Brzinzki’s words must not be taken litterally. No global high tech other than the usual propaganda may mind control people. Not HAARP.

    1. The microwaving of the U.S. Embassy by the Soviets in the 1970’s, using stronger electromagnetic fields than modern cell phone towers, showed NO adverse heath consequences:

      “The extensive study reports on mortality and morbidity, recorded on medical records and by regular examinations, and on self-reported symptoms. Exposure levels were low, but similar or greater than present-day exposures to radiofrequencies sources such as cell phone base stations. The conclusions were that no adverse health effects of the radiation were shown.”

      1. What happened at the embassy was at least twofold:
        1) The Sovjets used a hidden microphone inside some emblem given to the Us. It was driven by microwaves, but there was no need to use more power than that which produced an adequate sound quality.
        However I recall reading somewhere…
        2)something gave the personnel cancer. Could have been Us assassins set in motion to prevent fraternization between the embassy personnel and the Sovjets. In any case this happened during the development of cybernetic implants in the Us so they took the opportunity to exaggerate the level of advancement of Sovjet microwave tech. And this is often raised in connection with electromagnetic weapons and mind control. But the Sovjets used a primitive microphone not something akin to an active transponder or an rfid circuit and therefore they needed much higher power.
        In any case that cancer is hardly proof of harmlessness of microwaves as long as it isnt ascertained that other cancercausing activities were ongoing.
        There are a couple of favourites: 1)Korean brainwashing making Us pows make false confessions – but those Pows just told the truth about biological weapons used against the chinese. 2)Deliberately harmful microwaves in the Us embassy – not true either. 3)The umbrella murder from around 1973, possibly true. But why focus on assassinations carried out by the reds when MI6 and CIA…well you know the rest..

  3. The government gang stalking Program run out of Washington, Brussels, etc., is very sophisticated and rooted in behavioral psychology (B.F. Skinner, et. al.). Participants, many of them coerced into participation, are trained in body language and “cold reading”. If they observe you look at something for a time, they will bring it up, giving the appearance that “mind reading” is involved. These tricks are already known to small time grifters, some of whom are coerced or otherwise incentivized to participate.

  4. I” believe the evidence
    supports your contention of a link between mobbing (whether in
    workplace, community, church, or wherever else) and rampage murders — not in all cases of such violent outbursts, so far as I can see, but in maybe a third or a half of cases. And, of course, it is only in a tiny minority of mobbing cases that the target lashes back violently.”
    -Dr. Ken Westhues

    “Most of the people who go postal, however, in academic as in other workplaces, have been mobbed there in preceding months or years.”-Dr. Kenneth Westhues

  5. Electromagnetic torture and robotization is real!. I have been tortured and gan stalked for at least eleven years. I cannot get the government of Canada to help me! I asked the police for help they them me in the psych ward. And then took the keys for my home and came and search my home and set booby traps. Whenever I speak about it the doctors passed me off as insane. Previously I lived in the BOSTON USA. DR. ROSS BERKELEY OF BRIGHAM AND WOMAN HOSPITAL IMPLANTED SEVERAL ROBOTIC FIGURES IN MY BODY ONE OF WHICH RESEMBLES THE ROBOTIC ARMS OF NAPA. THEY HAVE MADE ME GRAVELY I’LL. I moved to
    Canada and the medical information was sent here. I have been a Canadian citizen for over 23 years and have been writing to politicians both in Canada and the USA my cries have been left unanswrwed. I am badly in need of help. My name is Hillary please call 647-741-0645 blessings

    1. Hillary
      Do you mean to say that you are being physically assaulted but there is nobody there and you interpret it as if there were robotic arms inside?

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