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Obama has a lot more he wants to accomplish


On August 26, 2015, two employees of CBS affiliate WDBJ of Roanoke, Virginia, were shot dead while conducting a live television interview near Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta.

They were 24-year-old news reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old photojournalist Adam Ward.

The gunman was a former WDBJ reporter, 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II, also known by the professional pseudonym of Bryce Williams, who was fired for disruptive conduct in 2013. After a 5-hour manhunt, Flanagan shot himself during a car chase with police officers and died later at a hospital.

Alison’s father, Andy Parker, interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, immediately called for gun control. He vowed:

“I’m not gonna let this issue [gun control] drop. You know, we’ve got to do something about crazy people getting guns. And I, you know, the problem that you guys have got ahead, I know it’s a news business and this is a big story, but next week it ain’t gonna be a story any more and everybody’s gonna forget it. But you mark my words: My mission in life, and I talked to the governor [Terry McAuliffe, a gun control advocate] and he called me and he said, and I told him I’m gonna do something, whatever it takes to get gun legislation to shame people, to shame legislators into doing something to close loopholes in background checks and making sure crazy people don’t get guns. And he said, ‘You go, I’m right there with you.’ So this is not the last you heard of me. This is something that’s Alison’s legacy that I wanna make happen.”

Note: Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, an ardent advocate of gun control, was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. He’s a cousin of Syracuse law professor Sharon McAuliffe, who some suspect is school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe who allegedly died in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. (See “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?“) Coincidentally, Terry McAuliffe is also very much concerned about NASA funding issues. See here and here.

It turns out Andy Parker is a former actor.







On his LinkedIn page, Parker, who is now a “headhunter for the banking industry,” claims to have been a “professional actor” in his youth, for 6 years from 1979 to 1985, in the greater New York City area, and had “appeared on Broadway in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, and at the Kennedy Center in “Pump Boys & Dinettes,” as well as “numerous regional stage credits and regional and national TV commercials.”

Under the section “Volunteer Experience & Causes,” Parker says he’s the founder of a “community theatre organization” called TheatreWorks Community Players (TWCP), where he served as the board president for more than 6 years, from 2004 to 2010. TWCP went from staging “one summer production a year, to full seasons in its own black box theatre.”

From his bio above, it is not unreasonable for us to gather that Andy Parker is a failed actor who never made it “big time,” but retained his interest in acting, as evidenced by his founding of the community theater.

Is Andy Parker another crisis actor?

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66 thought on “Father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker is a former professional actor”
    1. Is Obama insane? Or, is he well trained by the elites to take us down? What is even more disgusting is the people that buy into his persona, his outlook, his hollow tissue paper personality smelling of total disgust for the white race.

      Like it or not, YOU have nobody to vote for unless you vote for Trump. Oh, yes, you fight this supposition but you know it’s true, so true. You scheme and inveigle yet you realize deep down that the Republican a++ clowns are cut from the same piece of moldy cheese and they have zero allegiance to you and your America despite your fawning Zionism disguised as some sort of fairness for the Chosen. Oh, you are so noble and ennobling, are you not?

      1. A new package, eh? Kind of a black box too. What does the would-be successor to George Washington bring to the table? Can we guess? Are we going to get in on the hedonism? I doubt it. That’s what he’s about – wanting his hands on the goodies, and pretending that it will elevate the entire country. I doubt it, since he attacked one of the great sources of grass-roots wealth in this country: immigrants. You think Mexico is sending over the kind people Castro did when he let felons take their boats to Miami? Then deal with it diplomatically, and twist their official arms good and hard. Don’t just smear everyone who is Mexican.

        Last time I noticed, one of the world’s richest men, Carlos Slim (of Mexico and originally Lebanon) is very much welcome in the US. In a poverty stricken country, it is difficult to make a big fortune honestly, especially a country as corrupt as Mexico. So that’s the person for Trump to take on, if he dares. But he goes after the little fish.

        1. Wow, this was good one. Gil. I agree

          Trumps is the only cartoon caricature that could possibly help this lemming rid country but he has the Bush Dynasty to deal with and the created child branch known as the Clinton’s and Obama’s they also created.

          He says what we what to hear but can he deliver if he won?

          The Lizards( I jest) will just sit him down and tell him how it is….

    1. When do americans start to question the notion that power issues have nothing to do with ‘mental illness?’ The concept of ‘mental’ illness stems from thinking disorders. The hoaxers want to construe political conflict as some function of ‘mental’ disease. They shamelessly call for denying the ‘mentally ill’ their 2nd Amendment right, while americans seem to totally miss that political views aren’t part of thought disorders. The goal is to give the state the power to declare anyone challenging it as ‘mentally ill’ simply because they defy unchecked authority. The irony is that the truly thought disordered don’t have political or power issues. But soon enough the state will pass laws that enable them to grab the person, not just the gun.

      1. “When do americans start to question the notion that power issues have nothing to do with ‘mental illness?”

        Never. Here’s why. Bruce Jenner is mentally ill; he’s currently a transvestite, and he threatens to become a eunuch. Instead of pitying the poor man, and telling him that a man who believes he’s a woman is suffering from a potentially crippling delusion, in today’s America he’s congratulated for his “courage.” It’s like the Woody Allen joke about the guy who thinks he’s a chicken:


        What this tells us is that America suffers from a collective mental illness. Americans “need the eggs.” They don’t want to become mentally healthy. So they will get worse.

        1. The term ‘mental illness’ originated with thought disorders – schizophrenia and manic depression. These both feature psychosis – material delusions and/or hallucinations, usually auditory. Human nature is inherently delusional, Patrick, in the sense you use the term, but that’s not the meaning of it at least historically as applied to mental illness. Everyone has some sort of delusion, theoretically, in that they feel they’re entitled to be this or that. A transsexual is just more extreme; they feel they are female or male in opposition to their chromosomes and body. It’s a belief and feeling, though, not a thought disorder. They think changing the sexual parts of their bodies will achieve this different emotional feeling they have about themselves and what defines ‘male’ and ‘female’ (a counselor I knew once told me most of her transsexual clients didn’t achieve full satisfaction). Since it’s physically possible, it’s not a psychosis.

          Psychosis is self referential and disables people from grasping concrete, not relational, reality (of which there isn’t any really). They therefore don’t develop aggressions as a function of it, since they can’t fixate on concrete people to begin with. So this notion that psychosis has anything to do with power dynamics and political views is absurd. I knew this before I studied the supposedly mentally ill. All my study confirmed what had been common sense wisdom before Big Pharma propagated its lies. What’s being foisted on the american people is the conflation of what is political and what is the province of psychosis or ‘mental illness.’ This started when Big Pharma renamed manic depression to ‘bipolar,’ so they could change the definition and sell drugs to everyone who had any kind of emotional issue.

          But ‘mental’ illness was before the 90’s only the real genetic mental illnesses characterized by thought disorders, not some attitude or feeling or mood. Most people know that there is no objective ‘reality’ to people’s feelings and that power and conflict is intrinsic to the human condition, so the governmedia creates these characters that have no counterpart in real life. It’s only through their ability to literally fabricate these ‘mentally ill’ shooters that they can force their stasi state bill though Congress. Challenging communism in the Soviet Union had some ‘diagnosis’ and was considered a ‘serious mental illness.’

  1. a provocative post. But that would have to mean that the woman journalist was not really killed, since it is very unlikely that a father would sacrifice his daughter in a homicidal operation, in which he was a crisis actor. That the killing didn’t occur would be consistent with the post arguing that the hand holding the killing gun was White, although the putative patsy was Black.

    But this would mean that the homicidal staged operation, the fantasy homicide, was planned well ahead of time. Possibly the firing of the patsy was part of the plan, as well as the killing publically on tv. But now the ‘killed’ parties would have to taken into a ‘crisis actors protection program’ with name changes, etc, perhaps like that Sandy Hook kid who was spotted in Pakistan.

    This stuff is really getting to be very scary, one doesn’t know what to believe. Are these fantasy homicidal operations getting to be this routine? Or is Obama still pursuing gun control of civilian Americans, while increasing them to the police, military, and intelligence agencies.
    His foreign policy adventures have been so disastrous that maybe he wants to leave a domestic heritage. Big Lies of this caliber are routine in Foreign affairs, and possibly, in the age of tv, Obama could have supported them as a new intelligence technique in domestic affairs.

    1. ” perhaps like that Sandy Hook kid who was spotted in Pakistan”

      No, he wasn’t. It was the same photograph, just reused. The picture was probably taken in the 80s; it’s likely that the boy is, today, a young man. The whole Sandy Hook episode is fake.

      The problem with your reasoning here, Mark, is you jump too many steps ahead, speculating about things we cannot know. In the initial stages of an investigation, we only have the evidence at hand. If the physical evidence indicates impossibility, as it seems clearly to do in this case, we start to branch out, first seeking clues about the players. That’s what this article is doing.

      That is, it is exceedingly suspicious that the man purporting to be the girl’s father, and her supposed fiancé, would go on television the very night of the event, betraying no evidence of grief, and plough right in to the gun control meme. Then it turns out that the “dad” is an actor, who has the ear of the egregious creep who is currently governor of Virginia, who also has a gun-control axe to grind.

      Of course, when people fake their deaths, we rarely can find out their current whereabouts–that’s usually the point. Miles Mathis has written many interesting investigations of famous people who faked their deaths to get out of the public eye, some of whom then pretended to be a sibling no one ever heard of before, and carried on living in the same area as if they always had been that other person. The article we are commenting about links, in fact, to an investigation into the possibility that the Challenger Space Shuttle deaths never happened, and it identifies the current occupations of the supposedly dead astronauts, most of whom went on using their original name.

      Maybe that’s what the people in this Roanoke hoax will do. On the other hand, maybe they are both secret agents, and will be relocated and use new, completely different identities to accomplish other missions. We can’t know at this point. We also can’t know how extensive the scheme is, how long it has been in the planning. This is an important point: it was only with the fullness of time that it became evident that the Sandy Hook pageant had been set up many years before. Who could have known right away that the planners created a Potemkin village, and moved crisis actors into houses in the area, probably years prior, in preparation for that one brief performance?

      We still don’t know enough about that event to be certain about what happened, and it’s now going on three years. All we had at the outset was the impossibilities; once we established THAT, we started to branch out. In any of these cases, jumping ahead and building possible scenarios about the motives and current status of the players will usually end up being a cause for embarrassment later. We should avoid that, and take it slow.

    2. If you have to ask, at this late date, if Obama still seeks total gun control, I have some of America’s finest swamp land to sell you for premium prices.

      Obama has been fully defined and delineated, there is no longer any doubt that he has been trained to destroy this nation. Is he doing a swell job of that?

      Sell your TV and get on with it. Past history on this bozo Obama has been established, we are in the midst of a total takeover of our government and our way of life, our society and culture. We are headed toward extermination, can you dig it?

      1. It is true, we are in the midst of a total takeover of our government and our way of life, our society and culture.

        I was looking at the old pic’s of Peter Lanza and ? sitting on those steps and then chairs. They are totally fake. Arms and hand are Photoshopped and air brushed.

        Remember the pic of Barry as a boy and the black arm from the white grandfather accidentally left in? No one cared and it was right there for all to see.

        This act has been in full force since he took office 7 years ago and still the general public can’t seem to get it.

        There is a common theme I’m hearing around here.

        This is becoming less amusing and more scary by the day because they are winning the minds of America without a shot fired.

        1. Ric, you’re not supposed to admit it! lol

          You’re supposed to thank your sock puppet for posting such an erudite response.

        2. Haha. I was mad last night so I temp. changed my name to protest moderation. I never though he would post it!

          I forgot about it today and when I commented it popped up.

          I have no sock puppets or alias haha

          I couldn’t comment in real time on anything yesterday

        3. It’s so frustrating when your comments aren’t posted in real time, and the conversation rolls on past. It slows down the conversation and maybe that’s the point.

        4. Whats funny too is I didn’t know you could just change your name like that as the trolls do. I thought your name and email address was tied in with your I.P. address.

          I like your idea..haha

          Make comment then put on my sock puppet and tell myself how smart I am…haha

  2. He intends to do whatever it takes to shame people into gun control legislation. Really? You don’t say…who knew? It’s just a good thing he was up front about his intention, otherwise we would never have figured it out.

    I would be happy to see him and his commie partners in crime shamed for the traitors that they are!

    1. Good people can be stupid people. My coffee group of retired Army types that gets together insists, on threat of physical violence, that Vester did this no matter what eye witnesses and photography says otherwise. Despite the entrenched level of total similarities in these absurd incidents called false flags, TV entrenchment of ideas does not allow my friends to stop and question how these “murders” have all ended as suicides on the part of said alleged murders. People believe their eyes, not realizing they can be had so easily this way. Yet, ask them to stop and consider the modus operandi of all these participants and they think you are insane and should be either dragged away or shot while being dragged away. Go figure.

      1. Gil, I am so glad you mentioned this. I was listening to a radio program on TruNews yesterday, where the subject was the 200 generals, admirals, etc. had stepped up to Obama on his Iran deal. There were a couple of guests, and one was a retired admiral (James Lyons?). I don’t want to be disrespectful to him, but how in heaven’s name can a career military man still believe that 911 happened just like the official story claims? He, the admiral, starts talking about how horrific these Muslim hijackers were and he sure was proud of Todd Beamer and his brave “Let’s Roll” rebellion against the hijackers. I had to turn it off; it was too painful to listen to this man that should know better by now. So like you said, there are good people that remain stupid to what is really being done.

        1. So-called serial killers and other types are an interesting topic. Once these people are “convicted”, what happens to them? Do they take their millions of blood dollars and get some plastic surgery and head for parts unknown? Are they like the guy that jumped out of the 727 some years ago with a stash of cash?
          Governor Malloy. Now there’s a real sketch. He and the Lt. Governor were “told some things could ” happen” prior to the event. Hmmm. What could that mean? Does he, too, have big bags of government money for his part in the SH intrigues? Lt. Vance, Dr. Carver??? Were they voluntarily complicit or involuntarily hit with a sucker punch? That is, forced into this mess without their willingness?
          While evisceration of the Second Amendment is clearly a major goal of this regime comprising the President and his bosses, it’s clear that things like Jade Helm is a major attack on the American public that could feature gun confiscations, forced vaccinations aka programmed death, and other rape of our liberties.

          As far as our “elected officials”, say what you want about them. I believe they are part of these major ruses and are wealthy as a result of them. They’ve been had, paid off, and know what they have done. The completeness of these frontal attacks is absolutely blinding. Now, the attackers are no longer hiding their nefariousness, they are often open when directing their rage and hatred against us. Like, who cares if we know, they are part of the destruction of this nation. We shall become a nation without sovereignty, mere serfs and peons to the elites who will kill most of us off and find their own demises at the hands of space aliens who will be mounting these political mountebanks in their loving embraces.
          Wonder why Trump has such appeal? The rest of the 545 are but mere bloodless arachnids replete with their aimless and mendacious promises, promises, promises. Taken over by androids masquerading as humans, apparently our fate.

      2. Twice on a visit to my family in California, two of these hoaxes were brought up (now that I think of it, by one member who usually manages to claim the moral high ground for many things) to me, asking me to agree with 1) the facts of the BMB (since I am from Boston) and 2) cheer for the eagerness to forgive by the Charleston AME family members whose relatives were said to be shot in cold blood.

        On the first story, I said (to the rather dismissive and “you’re nuts” eye rolling) that I had lately walked on the sidewalk by the so-called bombing and saw that antique buildings with irreplaceable facades, as well as antique lights, were none the worse for their encounter with terror. The sidewalk itself was the same. In my experience, because I have been in European cities which went through war – Budapest for one – the ruin is still visible. Boston did not magically erase any of it. It just did not happen. But all I said was this “The facades were the same as ever.”
        and the response was “What do you mean? It was all fake?” In my family those would have been fighting words if I let them be, because what I am implying in that a false authority has claimed the lie as a truth. I’d have to lay down my life to remove it (as would my brother), so one bides one’s time to avoid the necessity.

        And as for the Charleston story – my brother posed the situation of a murder of my two children. I told him that I would never forgive anyone until they showed repentance, and probably not even then. I would leave them to heaven or put them there.

  3. Ten dollars says I would be willing to bet that John Walsh and his America’s Most Wanted program was just a warm up to get people used to turning in their families and friends.

    1. You’re right. Remember a few weeks ago, on his show, John Walsh started a nationwide manhunt for a mother who took her child because she didn’t want her vaccinated.

  4. any non-subhuman could watch the longer tapes of this hoax three times and conclude it’s a total hoax … this is simple one to dissect. Just awful acting, WILLIAMS head nodded to back up and try his assault from 5′ away again, and then his cam stopping before anyone was killed, like the fake beheadings.

  5. I haven’t followed this closely, but I did catch a couple minutes of him on TV doing an interview yesterday.

    It defies any kind of logic I’ve ever known for grieving parents to start making the rounds of news programs in the 24-48 hours following the deaths of their children.

    We are being conditioned with a new normal. Sad.

  6. I think Obama is just following his duties with the gun control overhaul of the mid-21st century. He’s a puppet no different from most other presidents before him. You have to think of presidents like corporate CEOs. They’re basically put into place by a board of directors. These directors consist of very powerful people who have strong agendas.

    My big question is why the racial connection? We know that gun murders are an epidemic in the low-income african american communities. So the flawed logic is that if we remove guns from the equation that murder rates will go down in these said communities. But like illegal drugs, there’s probably no way to stop this. I don’t really think that this is what it’s all about. I worry it’s more about dividing and conquering. Along with the “neutering” if you will the American male. If you take away his sexuality (transgenderism) and his guns (mass shooting hoaxes) then you will be left with an easy prey that will be unable to defend himself and be easily manipulated.

  7. Gun control

    Population control etc.

    You have probably seen these already but if not they are a must see.

    John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet

    Book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population

    Doctor Doom, Eric Pianka, Receives Standing Ovation from Texas Academy of Science-He wants airborne ebola to kill off the population. Doctor Doom, Eric Pianka, Receives Standing Ovation from Texas Academy of Science

    1. The links you posted in no way helps my insomnia. Way to give me yet one more thing to worry about.

      I very clearly remember the over-population scare. In college (Bio101, if I recall correctly), we watched “The Population Bomb”, and we’re told that within 25 years we’d be standing on each other’s shoulders, there’d be so many of us. Now look: in the West, we aren’t even able to sustain our populations. Mission accomplished.

  8. Why do people think Chris Hurst was picked to be the boyfriend when clearly he wasn’t in reality?

    I’m guessing it furthers the angle of restoring sympathy with the media, who after The Donald v. Megyn Kelly had lost most of whatever remained. It may also ‘explain’ why Hurst sees media whoring for gun control aka ‘mental health’ as natural.

      1. This has got very serious. They are so busted this time with Fake still shot of shooter where the time stamp is on the left , not on right.

        Also the (real)time stamp on wards camera says 6:45 only no am/pm. The still shot says 6:00a and is on the left side. It is a fabricated boo boo.

        The timed the ticker good though. Do it your self. Line it up. Amazing.

        They also have another problem with 2 BBC reporters who say the coffin at the phony crash site and were forced delete their pictures and footage or be arrested. Just think about that one.

        The day before shooting Andy Parker is on the news doing a “Fluff” about his daughters “Live” news cast every morning…Hint Nint Tune in for the shooting tomorrow!

        They are busted and We need to get them this time.

    1. Comrade Ogilvy: This should probably go to Free Form Friday, but I watched the video and wanted to comment on it. It was well done and certainly alarming. My question is this: if the Elites are planning for a massive extinction within 35 years, why would they bother with the whole SkyNet/Smart Grid thing? There will be a small fraction of people to control, there will be little to buy (so what good is wealth?), no money to be made. They’ll reign over a pile of charred bodies, empty houses, and discarded, poorly-made Chinese goods. There will be no one to watch, no one to do their dirty work, no one to control. So who cares? If our doom is imminent, worrying about it won’t do any good.

  9. Okay, here’s some odd info from a BBC reporter I found in the comment section here from “Bobygigi”–The most bizarre thing about this so far, is the tweet coming from a BBC reporter who arrived on the scene almost the same time oh the crash who said he saw a coffin on the scene. Nobody seems to be picking up on this. Immediately after he tweets this, police come and take his camera and delete his footage:

  10. OMG, “Andy Parker” wants to be the new John Walsh Gene Rosen!!

    Crisis Actor Interviewed On TV News Day BEFORE Virginia Shooting Hoax (Redsilverj)

    Virginia Shooting Hoax Father 100% Confirmed Actor Sellout (Redsilverj)

    Virginia Shooting Hoax: Old Crisis Actors Return To Push Gun Control (Redsilverj)

    also check the numerous VA hoax vids at

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