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During the flash crash of May 6, 2010, the 1000 plunge in the Dow Jones seems historic, unprecedented and surely unrepeatable – after all the regulators had “learned their lesson” and would never allow a move like this ever again, right? Wrong.


This biggest single day surge in VIX ever



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25 thought on ““Black Monday” FLASH CRASH, Caught On Tape / VIX Explodes – Highest Since ’09”
  1. For those not familiar (like me), VIX means market volatility.

    To hear why this is so scary and what it may mean for average Americans, listen to this video which was also posted at the Professor’s Scoop Feed wire. Interviewee Bill Holter predicted this last Friday, and added:

    “I cannot believe that the decisions that were made were mistakes. It’s almost as if we were purposefully being driven into a ditch because nobody could be this stupid.”

    1. If the market drops another 1000pts tomorrow 8/25/15, we may be in a crash.

      The next 30 days are going to be very interesting. Lots happening and events in Sept. to many to even mention.

      1. Today’s rebound just proves the entire stock market is fake.

        Someone (Obama) turned on their “Buying” computer algorithm to prop it up and sucker some more buyers.

    2. The market didn’t recover.

      In terms of the huge crash of 07-08, I still wonder why I–a mathematically challenged, financial nitwit–saw it coming when “experts” didn’t. Hell, there weren’t even any skid marks leading off that cliff, if you know what I’m saying.

      Another crash IS coming, as surely as night turns to day. The question is WHEN. There have been so many false alarms that it’s hard to get too worked up over any one in particular.

      My family is as prepared as can be without actually being “preppers”. We have food, water, weapons, ammo to use and trade, ham radios, tents, a nice generator, a trailer, meds to use and trade, cash, physical gold and silver…but how much is enough?

      My faith tells me that we do all we can and let the Lord take care of the rest, but my brain can’t help but think of the collapse(s) of the English paper money system in the late 1700s, never mind the fall of empires. If this isn’t prophesied The End, I know that the new monetary system will be energy-based, but I hold out hope for a precious-metals-based black market to arise. But how much gold and silver’s enough?

      I can’t worry about the things I have no control over. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

      1. You sound like you’re good, Recynd. More than good, like you’ve got it together. Don’t give out your address, though. lol

        Now it’s the police state we need to worry about. There’s so much military hardware in this county, and all the FUSION center gewgaws all over town. I’m sure somebody’s just dying to use it all. Especially as they are all practiced up with their drills and everything.

        1. Sure he has it together, he’s collecting antibiotics during a market correction! Who doesn’t do that?

          Before you correct me on the impending financial doom we all face, why don’t you tie up some loose ends you left behind with your jade helm/ martial law prediction

        2. Lou, is this your new name?

          I think Lou is the newest “personality” of my own personal troll I have attracted lately.

          AKA Troll, THX, Kelley, aub… originally known as granite or something?

          Troll’s are especially annoying when you have a disagreement with someone and they pipe in on “your” side. You feel like something slimy brushed up against you.

        3. Haha… When did you correct Lou?

          “Sure he has it together, he’s collecting antibiotics during a market correction! Who doesn’t do that?”


          He was probably blogging on a different site?

          I want whatever he has…………..Maybe I’d have less Typo’s

        4. “I think Lou is the newest “personality” of my own personal troll I have attracted lately.”


        5. Again, here are my aliases which were only created due to posting comments Jft didn’t like. Thankfully he lets me make a fool of myself sans censorship these days. So here they are:
          Granite, gran1te, gran1t3, aub, reprehensor, marb, des, des10emaye, des10e, and lastly, troll.

          I am NOT stephen, or thx (he has been here a while and is nothing like me), or kelley, or anyone else besides what I have listed above.

        6. Thank you.

          FWIW, I don’t think Granite (or Gran1t3, or Troll, or aub, or whatever he’s going by these days) is a bad guy, he just doesn’t play well with others. I don’t think he’s a creepy stalker, or even particularly mean.

          I bet he just needs some love. Am I right, Gran? 😉

        7. You like trolling around here, pretending to be lots of different people, so we never can know who is interacting with us. This robs you of all credibility.

          Those of us who do not hide our identity, and those of us who are anonymous, but are steady and consistent, becoming known in that way, get to know each other.

          In fact, I have made friends here that I communicate with through my personal email. I know their true names. We trust each other.

          A contemptible skitter like yourself can never be trusted. Your comments and opinions are rendered of no value. You seem proud of your shape-shifting. You seem to think that we should accept your evasion of Dr. Tracy’s attempts to maintain the high level of this place, as if you are the cut-up in 10th grade, and we–all of us grownups–are supposed to laugh along with you.


      2. Thanks recynd, you definitely know me best. But you also are kinda ruthless sometimes… I prefer nice recynd.

        Patrick, good to see you too. Your contempt for me is only preceded by your disingenuous retort. Many is the time I have wanted to point out your conscious truth skewing, but Im confident that readers can see through your cunning apologetics.

        Patrick, I consider you to be on equal ground; don’t let anyone get the better of you, it’s a real drag to see the moderator so defensive. You represent the blog and the tone of its discourse, so hold your head high and keep the discussion going. No need to slather on any more admiration of jft either, it’s not healthy and it comes across as fanatical. Get your confidence back, old chap, you are at your best when analyzing, not disparaging.

        1. Patrick, Don’t let him troll you. This is why it’s useless to write thoughtful, well-reasoned posts to poltroons like this.

          He’d be crying in his diet coke right now, if we had ignored him after he indignantly revealed his “aliases.”

          Screw Toll.

        2. “Ruthless” is a hard word.

          I didn’t know what you meant, at first. But, right, “Troll”. I didn’t know that was you until after, and by then I’d forgotten. But it matters, because there’s a difference between a troll that pops in to make a jab and create some havoc, only to disappear forever, and a “Troll” that has a history (and, hopefully, a future) with the group, voicing an honest opinion, even if it’s unpopular. I had thought I was responding the the former.

          I think that’s Patrick’s problem, too…it’s hard to tell when it’s you. It’s hard develop any real sense of someone, let alone their sincerity, if they keep changing their name. in effect, you’re always the new guy.

          I don’t want to speak for others, so I’ll just speak for myself: Regardless of how I feel about JT, I am grateful he has provided a semi-safe/civil forum where these “crazy” ideas can be discussed. I think of being here like being in his home: I’m his guest, so I will act accordingly. And as his guest, as a measure of gratitude for his hospitality, I won’t insult him under his own roof, and if I can help it, I won’t let anyone else disparage him, either. It’s my prerogative to leave if I don’t like it.

          Anyway, if I’m understanding you correctly, that’s where my “ruthlessness” came from…I thought you were a “real” troll, and out of honor for our host, I snapped at you. Ruthlessness borne of protectiveness. But had I known it was you, I’d have done it differently…you’re not just any troll, you’re OUR Troll.

          Still friends, I hope. ?

        3. Recynd, thanks for that thoughtful response. I think there is a disconnect with why i have had to change my name. It is not because i have disparaged jft or anyone, rather it is because i have brought to light things that jft is embarrassed about. I originally began with innocent questioning, thinking i would get an explanation that easily dismissed my concerns. Instead, on most occasions, I am censored by either extended moderation or outright deletion of my comments. In order to get around that I have resorted to aliases and short comments. In the case of a couple profiles, I was banned entirely from posting (comments would never show up or even say they were in moderstion) essentially, ghosted.

          I hope this clarifies, and can site examples if necessary.

        4. Such moderation has nothing to do with the webmaster’s vanity. Rather, “Troll” has repeatedly sought to go beyond the parameters of reasonable exchange by posting pointless inflammatory remarks, which is why s/he has repeatedly been asked to refrain from commenting. One understands the frustration, since sponsored trolls operate on a piece rate basis.

  2. Completely off topic, but Wolfgang Halbig is going after the CT Freedom of Information Commission.

    Portion of article; more on the site.

    Notice Content:
    Notice Issued: 08/24/2015
    Docket Number: HHB-CV-15-6030218-S
    Notice Sequence #: 1

          JDNO NOTICE

    CONFERENCE ON 9/30/15 AT 3:30 P.M. PLEASE

    1. I truly hope Attorney Kay Wilson shows some FIRE during the proceedings.

      Then again, are we to believe that Wolf will come out on top against these vipers? These creeps make it up as they go along, Malloy is in up to his tonsils. Sooner or later, come hell or high water, Wolf will crack through and given ’em a good lick. That will be a day of great triumph.

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