Hillary’s closet emails, the Trump card, neocon Jeb (surprise!), market tumult and QE4, Jones v. Duke, the Hochsprung email, and much more … The first four MHB “Free Form Friday” open threads in June and July have been the platforms for vibrant discuss3discussions with hundreds of comments on each. These have given readers and commenters to present and discuss topics as they see fit.

Thus here is another opportunity to discuss “???” Thank you for your continued interest and participation.-JFT

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  1. PeaceFrog,
    I wonder if you’d want to expand on the stories of the two disinformation agents you mention in your post: http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/08/13/unraveling-the-mysteries-of-flight-11/comment-page-1/#comment-94708. It sounds interesting.

    For background, here are their official bios:

    Bridget S. Howe is a graduate of Mt. Vernon Nazarene College, where she earned a B.A. in psychology. She is a veteran of the U.S. Army military intelligence, a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center Russian Basic Course. She has also been trained in electronic warfare signals intelligence and interrogation. Honorably discharged in 1988, she worked for 18 years as a case manager for adults and children with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

    Dr. John Hall is a medical doctor in San Antonio, Texas and the author of A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. He is a board certified diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. He is also an active member of the Mind Science Foundation dedicated to the study of human consciousness. He sits on the medical committee of the human rights organization, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance.

  2. Unlike many here who have blithely abandoned the MSM without a backward glance, I continue to be fascinated with the panoply of propaganda offered on television. Across the broad spectrum of programming, there is a remarkable fidelity to a limited worldview. Though each outlet trumpets its difference, all hew closely to the questions begged by TPTB.

    This is especially evident in the spittle-flecked coverage of the Donald Trump campaign. Across the board, the media scoffs at the thought of Trump as a viable candidate. They predict, even demand, his demise. They lampoon him, though their ridicule is useless against him. They slander him, call him a racist, a bigot, a sexist. To no avail. They denigrate his intellect, his character, his intentions. Still he rises in popularity.

    Despite their ardent project to marginalize Donald Trump, there’s one thing the media never brings up, and that’s Trump’s tendency toward conspiracy theory. You’d think they would seize upon this big club and batter him with it, as they have in the past. Remember during Obama’s elections, the ridicule heaped on Donald Trump for questioning Obama’s birth certificate? “Trump’s a birther,” they sneered. Now? Not a peep about that old stuff.

    For the record, Trump has also questioned climate change, vaccinations, and why it is that Obama’s academic records are completely shuttered away from the public, unlike every other President, if not public official, in American history.

    I think the reason the MSM no longer derides Trump for conpiracism is that they are becoming afraid to engage on these issues, a la Anderson Cooper and Professor Tracy. They’re probably leery about going up against someone like Trump who, to all appearances, isn’t blackmailed by, has no allegiance to, or salary from TPTB who are desperate to defend these lies.

    When Trump made his comments about POW John McCain, I wonder how it would have gone if he had brought up the fact that only a Presidential pardon from Nixon saved the great war hero from facing charges of treason and collaboration with the enemy. Trump dismissed McCain as no hero; it’s reasonable to assume that he knows about the pardon. Perhaps he didn’t bring it up because of campaign considerations. Picking his fights, so to speak. I’d like to know what Trump would go along with, and what he won’t.

    Which brings me to my question: if elected, how far do you think Trump might go in terms of the truth and transparency? And in what direction? For instance, do you think he might go as far as exposing the crimes of the Obama administration and its bloody Justice department? Dare we hope?

    I don’t think these questions could seriously be asked about any other Presidential candidate.

    1. Back in 2012 Donald Trump upset liberals in Coachella Valley by declaring that Palm Springs has been destroyed by wind farms. Living in that region at the time I declare 100% agreement with the Donald.


      Donald J. Trump
      Palm Springs, CA has been destroyed–absolutely destroyed–by the world’s ugliest wind farm at the Gateway on Interstate 10. Very very sad!
      2:30 PM – 16 Aug 2012

      Fast forward to June 2015, the liberal “Desert Sun” still has no love for the man and his opinion of the wind farms, which are plentiful in the area:


      1. Anne, I suspect all the attention being lavished on “The Donald” has more to do with hideousness of the competition than the “inspired leadership” of the hopeful.

        Not to worry, however. As I’ve said many times, NOTHING gets on TEE VEE without careful vetting. As always, the Tribe is hedging their bets:


        He is the “Huff Post” of candidates. Just in case a few zombies begin to stir from their directed paths, he’s there to show that the whole thing is on the “up and up”. Just like SHES.

        Why any “businessman” can make in real estate in Manhattan without the necessary connections. All you need is energy and ambition. Sure!

        He has even more familial connections than A.J.. I always advise people to vote, just NEVER for a member of one of the “parties”. Find yourself a bull-goose loony, the crazier the better, and do your duty. That way you can say, “I voted”, just not for the appointed mutt. They don’t represent me”.

        All of the breathless dialog by the presstitutes and whorespondents is truly remarkable. It’s a giant high school pep rally.

        I wouldn’t select one of them to run a snow cone stand. But, of course, they don’t run anything anyway. They just put them out there to mince and keen and take orders.

        And they laugh at Kim Jung Un!

        1. lophatt, amen to all you wrote. Perhaps the Donald’s opinion of Palm Springs wind farms has something to do with his hairdo – it does not do well around swirling windmills. However, I detested the sight of them for the three years I lived there, ruining otherwise beautiful desert and mountain vistas. I’m sure some birds did not do well in those surroundings.

          And you’re right, Trump is there for the hedging of the bets. He knows gambling and performs his role better than the rest of the lot from central casting. Brother Nathanael hit the jack pot with his video.

          The Donald does not think much of wind farms, and I agree, but on the other hand he did not improve the Palos Verdes Peninsula cliffs when he installed his golf course there. The cliffs were pristine before he came in. I know because I used to live on those cliffs pre Donald.


        2. Thanks for those two links to the Palm Springs stuff. I used to live in the desert, pre-everything. The Desert Sun – haven’t read that in awhile!

          So I think Trump’s disgust with the wind farms stems from his golfcourse property in Scotland where he battled against having them off the coast there since 2006. It was already his issue.

          How funny that you bring up the Palos Verdes golf course and describe what it was like before. Listen to Trump talk about his place in Scotland; he could be talking about the Peninsula:

          “When I saw this piece of land I was overwhelmed by the imposing dunes and rugged Aberdeenshire coastline. I knew that this was the perfect site for Trump International, Scotland. I have never seen such an unspoiled and dramatic sea side landscape and the location makes it perfect for our development.”

          He mows down the natural environment, then complains about wind farms spoiling his view. Irony is not his strong suit.

          I thought there must be something behind this desert story. Cause who believes he ever drove into Palm Springs? The guy flies everywhere.

        3. Toni, I believe Donald Trump was airborne via private jet or helicopter to Palm Springs when he caught the sight of thousands of wind turbines underneath.

          Just wondering – with a global empire of his own, how would The Donald find time to run the other global empire should he be (s)elected. Political puppets have to perform too, except when playing golf.


          “Trump is investing heavily in golf across the globe, most recently in Dubai, Miami and now Ireland, while Scotland is missing out.”

          Wind farms are a disaster for Scotland like Pan Am 103, an abomination, only sustained with government subsidy.
          Donald Trump

        4. lophatt, could you elaborate on how you see Donald’s role in The Plan, or at least, the contingency plan?

      2. Well Anne, I agree about the wind farms. They are ugly, costly, destructive to birds, and inefficient. I would, however, consider Donald’s hair a bird attractant.

        As to Sue’s questions, listen to what Br. Nathaniel has to say about Trump in the video. It is clear that Rense is semi-captivated for the same reason that others are. He represents something different, no matter how small.

        The truth is that he doesn’t. He, as well as anyone else with such aspirations, would not be allowed on TV if he wasn’t “good for the Jews”. I still subscribe to the idea that whoever would be President should be good for the U.S..

        The point I was making was that it doesn’t matter what actor they trot out for the cameras. They do not make decisions. They follow orders. Just like Obongo was going to free the prisoners at GITMO and end the war, it is all lies.

        There is no savior in waiting in the wings of theatrical politics. There are only those who are shameless enough to benefit from selling their souls to the controllers.

        The whole thing is silly on multiple levels. Why would anyone want a billionaire for President? Does that make sense? Do they get that way through “hard work”? Is money the sign of success or competence?

        I personally know examples of people with great resources who are neither smart or competent. They ARE connected, however.

        Those in control decide who is allowed to have money. That is a subtle distinction that is often missed. The rich do not need more, they just do not want anyone else to have enough to allow them their freedom.

        This is going to become very obvious soon. The more dependent we get, they more enslaved we become. Soon it will be illegal to grow your own food, or to live off the grid. You will receive electronic credits to pay for your needs. If you disobey, they will throw your switch and you’ll starve.

        So the moral of the story, I suppose, is that nothing positive will come from controlled politics. The more distance we put between us and them the better. Picking between the Hildebeast and The Donald is hardly a selection. It’s like a Chinese restaurant with two menu choices (no substitutions). Both are poisonous.

        1. Exactly what you said.

          So do you still vote by write-in/some other candidate from any other party?

          I feel like voting somehow acknowledges the legitimacy of the system, that I consent to the illegitimate system. “Damn, my guy didn’t get in THIS time, but maybe next time.” But I don’t think that.

          It’s MAN’S government I object to. When Christ comes, I will happily subject myself to Him. But until then, forget it. I can’t actively resist, but I can refuse to participate.

          I’m grateful we can still discuss the matter.

        2. I’m going to really go out on a limp here.
          I saw this saw thing in 2012 with Ron Paul and I’m seeing it again.

          Hey, we know it’s all a ruse.

          I don’t know if I can articulate this properly.

          It would sunshine and Unicorns if a Rand Paul/Ted Cruz Ticket won and the constitution was saved, and all the Global Corporations cowered and brought back all the jobs knowing they must give up at least 5 Mansions across the US to be “Good” and help the slaves.

          At this point when everyone is so cynical and saying they won’t even vote as in 2012.

          Just vote Trump as a Rebel Yell.

          If you don’t, Biden/Warren will win.

          We are screwed either way. Why not at least tell your Grand kids I tried to save American…Haha

          I’m sure Trump will either be destroyed by the Demo’s and Repub’s working together to destroy him or he will pick up his Tower and go home or be JFK’ed by election time.

          If he’s still around. I will vote for him and scream a Rebel Yell..haha

          What’s your other option?

          Rebel and not vote?

          Or Vote for Bush or Biden?. Hillary’s clock got checked but Obama might under estimate them…if ya know what I mean…47 kills to date

          For sure moderation….

        3. Recynd, thanks for the response. I DO struggle with the vote question. You are quite right that to vote could be considered affirmation. On the other hand, it isn’t the concept of voting that I’m opposed to.

          I always vote, and I NEVER vote for anyone affiliated with either of the corporate parties. Consider it a little protest. I know that they don’t care, but it is my little way of saying “I wouldn’t vote for you if my life depended on it”. In a way it does.

          It’s like leaving two cents as a tip. If your service was really bad, and you don’t leave anything, the waiter might think you just forgot.

          As to Ric, out on that “limp”, I’m afraid I am saying that its useless. I’m saying that you will not get relief from the source of the problem.

          In my view it is better to look at reality and act accordingly, even if it isn’t to our liking. We have zero chance of changing this, yet alone the complete “U turn” that it needs, through politics. This isn’t just an American problem. It is worldwide.

          So look at it for what it is. They have seized control. Whether they did that incrementally or not is irrelevant. They have the first move. They say “we’re in control”. The second move belongs to “the controlled”. They either become servile, suck up to TPTB, or ignore them. I like door number three.

          Think of it this way. You didn’t ask for this, you aren’t obligated to cooperate. Do what you must to survive. It’s too early for martyrdom. Don’t join any groups. Keep your own counsel. When you get an opportunity to “help”, make sure that nothing good comes of their plans.

        4. Lophatt,

          Do you believe that if nobody on the right voted at all in protest as in 2012, and the Dems’ did their vote tampering, busing in Somalis’ and illegals to vote, throwing out the Republican observers at the polls as in 2012, that a Republican candidate would win because the shadow govt./TPTB wants this person in office?

          I hear what your saying but I think even “they” look at which way the wind is blowing and act accordingly whether it’s what they want or not.

          If 3% of the people would all join as one you could topple this show.

          I’m not trying to be facetious or argumentative either.

        5. Ric: I don’t want to speak for Lop (or is it “Lo”? He’ll always be “Lopp-Hat” to me!), but the point isn’t whether the elites would choose someone on the Right anyway, but that it doesn’t matter if the candidate’s on the Right or Left. Put a bag over Bush’s and Obama’s heads and you couldn’t tell the difference between them.

          THAT’S the point.

        6. I’ll answer my own question for you, and I should have known already.

          They would just fake all the Presidential tallies on MSN and fake all the delegates.

          My Rabbit Hole just got a little deeper..

        7. Recynd: I see Lo-Phatt.

          But, yes your right. They are all the same. Maybe they should all run with bags on their heads and just give us their best sales pitch…Ha

        8. Ric, to answer your Rabbit Hole remark, yes. In fact, if nobody voted at all, there would be feverish media coverage, complete with breathless news bimbos discussing what a record voter turnout this cycle and what a “squeaker” the whole thing has been.

          They no more care what the results are than they care for the truth. They will tell us which of their hand picked tools we have the fortune to endure for four years.

    2. Last night I saw a television interview with the writer who wrote the New Yorker article on Trump’s supporters, whom he describes as being stirred up from the extremist right, and therefore “dangerous.”

      I haven’t read the article yet, but twice during the interview he made specific reference to Charleston shooter Dylann Roof as the kind of person we can expect to see more of due to Trump’s “reckless” candidacy.

      The dis-info rolls on…

      1. You weren’t around I don’t think, Toni, until maybe a few months ago? I was pilloried on here for drawing attention to the racial divisions that form the fault lines for disinfo. I stopped talking about it as much precisely because it exploded into the open just as I had predicted, much to some posters’ chagrin.

        1. Sorry to hear you were silenced, Sue. Can you direct me to a thread you consider typical of those exchanges?

          I’ve been reading MHB for a couple of years and started posting a few months ago. I don’t really remember crossing over from one to the other. I do remember some heated posts a few months ago maybe; was it then?

    3. Any candidate that can harness the humongous angst and anger of the American public has an enormous advantage over any other candidate.

      Americans, while often reticent and comatose, are bigtime PO’d and as their paychecks go less and less far, they are starting to get the message. We are going to be toast, their kids will be toast, and grandma and grandpa will be toast if things continue the way they are.

      Trump is a loose cannon, for sure. He needs people around him that can harness his white hot appeal to the public. Unless he can control himself and illuminate the horrors of this nation’s government, he is no use to us. Some people insist the blacks and Hispanics will vote exactly the way they did for Zero Obongo, I disagree. If done right, these people will listen to some aliquot of reason and they will cast their votes thusly.

      Trump cannot be left alone in the candy shop. He needs trusted people around him all the time. Not the Karl Rove type or Kissinger, but American patriots. Given that set of strictures, the Donald can kick some wholesale ass and start to ‘git ‘er done. Should this not happen, should he not get elected, we get the same old Zionist garbage over and over. Yes, he deals with Khazarians in his business enterprises but I bet he is very competitive with them and plays a good game of give and take.

      While some say he is a stooge for Hillary, I remain unconvinced and have seen nothing that favors such interpretations. Show me some hard truths, not baseless hunches.

      We either stop the Zionist nightmare or we are toast, it’s just that simple.

    1. James, you really need to put /s next to sarcastic remarks. I am pretty sure this is related to China devaluing its currency (and in turn, the dollar) and then the (likely) chemical warfare response by the US at Tinjin (?).

  3. Here is a good interview summarizing the USA’s and the world’s dire position. The guest does mention Israel and the Zionists a few times but, even though his main message contains all the elements of the truthful part of Alex Jones’ message, it just comes off as more truthful and honest in that he did not appear to be obviously avoiding at all costs mentioning Israel and the Zionists. I could be wrong about this and this guest, maybe is just like Alex Jones in every way. You can judge.

    Guest did a fine job of summarizing our complex world as it is today.

    You are a follower of Timothy Kelly on PodOmatic, and there is a new episode available:
    “Joachim Hagopian on ISIS, False Flag Terrorism, and Global Enslavement”

    To view this episode, follow the link below:


    1. Dachsielady,
      Joachim Hagopian is a psychologist out in Pasadena! I’m like, is this the same guy? Sure enough.

      In the interview he draws the parallels between the operations of Gladio to the current crop of false flags. I never realized how exactly they mirror each other. Disturbing. He’s another one that predicts there will be “attacks on American soil” in the next couple of months.

      I was reading some of his other writings online and his latest one caught my attention:

      “Tianjin’s Fiery Explosion: A Tale of Two Causes – Mainstream Media’s Accident by Corruption vs. Independent Media’s Nuke or Rod-of-God Attack by Pentagon”

      It’s a discussion of the media analysis surrounding the explosion in China; was it a chemical factory accident or a US attack?

      Hagopian points out that the attack happened one day after China devalued its currency. He warns, “China intends to defeat America without a conventional military war, invasion or occupation but simply by crushing the US economy through electronic means.”

      I guess we’re already at war with China. I recommend the read.


      1. Yes, Hagopian drew some helpful parallels and helped me to better see the long-term patterns toward a one world death and slavery system for all.

        I guess I am hoping to somehow move beyond “discussion of the media analysis.” I think we all have enough clarity to see how the media operates and the Satanic lies they wallow in and purvey.

        Communist China all began because of the Rothschild power. The world banking Satanists may be using a final neo-war to take down the West, but the war will come from the same place that all the other wars of the last century came from.

        Philippians 4:6-7

        Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

        1. Maybe the Professor can change the blog to “Moved Beyond Reflections on Media and Politics.” lol

  4. Interesting observations from Toni; there is something odd that they don’t go after Trump on conspiracy realism. Shows they’re truly afraid some truth is emerging.

    Does anyone think there may be some timing to the Subway guy’s outing? I don’t have a strong sense either way but just wonder. The FBI had been working on his case for quite awhile. Only motive I see is demoralization maybe. But there could be others…

    1. Sue, their treatment of “The Donald” is all in the script. See my comment below.

      They are not afraid of anything. Why should they be? They are the ones who decide who gets prosecuted.

      There is ALWAYS a reason for something to be on TEE VEE. NOTHING, is ever on the tube without careful vetting. There are momentous events that never receive a mention. There are insignificant ones that get hyped to the heavens.

      This pedophile issue is older than I am. The efforts at suppression, especially in the UK are truly remarkable. There is no question of it being true.

      If they are highly placed, they continue with impunity. I can only guess that Subway Boy looks like a good target to take some of the heat off the Royals and MP’s, and CEO’s, and political parasites of various persuasions.

      It gives the impression that they care, (they don’t), and that they’re doing something about it (they aren’t). Slaves are, and have always been, a commodity. Some things never change.

      One of the primary reasons why so many law enforcement and judicial officials are involved is that they are unlikely to ruin their little game. It happens all over the world.

      Given what we know about the veracity of television, it is hard for me to understand why anyone watches it. They are as likely to end pedophile activities as they are to actually represent us in government, or tell the truth in the media.

        1. While I think lophatt overstates his case, I agree with him that watching television is a bad idea. Primarily, it is a waste of the precious hours we have remaining to us.

          Certainly, the internet allows us access to clips that allow us to catch up with what we miss by not watching as the programming streams. And Netflix enables us to catch up to the shows that turn out to be cultural anchor stones.

          We DO need to be aware of what is being fed to the ends of the masses.

          But beyond that, things slip through. The pageant-masters are not in perfect control. This is why James Tracy agreed to go on Anderson Cooper’s show–but only if it was live and unedited. Something true could have slipped through–which is why they dropped the subject, and why Tracy’s challenge to revisit Sandy Hook has lingered in the air so long with no response.

          So lophatt is correct, for the most part. They REALLY don’t like it when true things make their way through the bulwark they have built. We are told that Jon Stewart, for example, was this great “outsider” revealing to us the truth. Terry Gross, too. What are the chances either of those people would interview James Tracy?

          That is, we need to at least monitor it, and in the case of James, if CIA Cooper would let him on live and unedited, we all would be well advised to watch.

        2. Good morning, Patrick.

          Can you explain your comment, please? I am a little thick this morning.

        3. What I’m trying to say is that I agree with you, and lophatt, simultaneously. I think you are right to advise that we monitor the public press, primarily television; and I think lophatt is correct inasmuch as, for the most part, the whole package delivered to the masses through television is a monolith, and unworthy of our attention.

          So how can both be true at the same time? First, fine people in the internet make us aware of the stuff we need to be aware of that is intended to be spread out there–so we can sort-of be watching, but not really; and second, he’s wrong when he implies nothing they don’t want to disseminate can get through. They fear just that.

          This is just nit-picking, though. Television is a propaganda/mind control training system that should be avoided at all cost. To watch it as a casual viewer is to be hypnotized and programmed, and no one should subject themselves to that process. But if you know what you’re doing, you can, by watching, learn a lot about what our enemies are doing to us.

          This is hard to say simply. Sorry.

        4. Oh, I see. The comment I was correcting is in moderation. You’ll see it when James releases it. I just went on explaining something that hasn’t been published yet. Very annoying.

        5. Well, you can watch all you like (I won’t), but to assume that those who don’t are “ignorant” is quite a reach.

          In fact, do to various links and discussions on the internet I find I know more about what is happening on TEE VEE than most habitual watchers.

          I actually find no value in watching it, period. It just raises my blood pressure and turns my stomach.

          It is a form of pervasive stupidity. Even the so-called documentaries are propaganda. In fact, one should be more careful of those than the other dross. Many of them masquerade as history when, in fact, they are designed to extract false meanings from historical events. There are just enough facts to give the impression of authenticity.

          I don’t tell people what to do. My sincere hope is that they come to the realization themselves that they need to take responsibility for their actions and break free of the control grid. Sadly, I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

          I’ve said a lot about being spectators. When people endlessly discuss things they’ve seen on TV, they are allowing themselves to be directed in their thoughts. Without that distraction they might have to have thoughts of their own to discuss.

          Lastly, I need no further proof that TV lies. We have certainly studied enough clips at this site, and others, to be convinced of that. So, at election season, it is even worse than normal. Watching actors pretending to be running for office and lying with every fiber of their beings is not particularly interesting. I’d rather watch paint dry.

        6. Everytime I post a media analysis comment, you post your meme about how you can’t understand why anyone would pay attention to that. You just did it again.

          Media analysis is necessary to an informed citizenry. You learn how to do it by doing it.

          “The sheeple won’t be able to handle it, so they shouldn’t watch,” is not a helpful prescription. Public opinion shifts by expressing itself. It’s a fallacy to believe others cannot be as perceptive as you are.

          If you’re not at MHB to practice media analysis, what are you here for?

        7. Well dear, I’ve been here a little longer than you have, but I appreciate your concern. I hope I have your permission to stay.

          If I want to post my comment about my views on the MSM, I’ll do that. In case you haven’t noticed, you tend to be a bit vociferous yourself. The difference is that I don’t feel obliged to judge what you say, at least in public.

          If my comments annoy you please feel free to ignore them. Watching TEE VEE and studying media matters is not the same thing. But go ahead. Keep watching. Let them tell you what you should discuss.

          I have commented on a number of things that I expected to “hit a nerve” with someone, but I confess, I didn’t think this would be one of them. I suppose everyone needs a hobby.

        8. Lophatt says in regard to MSM news:

          -What sort of information would I be missing out on?

          Thousands of side effects of all the latest pharmaceuticals(some too disgusting to repeat here), what else?

      1. Toni, first time I’vs ever seen anyone get a rise out of lophatt, haha. Well stated, and I think it’s great we have someone that can bring some fresh insight to the table.

        And you are correct that we have all given up on mainstream media (and some of us have given up on alternative media), but this blog is dedicated to media analysis and criticism, so I guess we needed that reminder.

        This post in no way was intended to not embroil or otherwise piss off everyone here, so please continue the negative reinforcement.’

      2. I agree…it’s all a script…all of it. I refuse to watch, read, or even consider anything resembling another presidential installment ceremony. It’s like watching a long drawn-out movie that purports to be true, only to suffer through it and find out it was all just make-believe.

        I think the 2000 election dramatics were staged in order for the American people to demand new electronic voting machines. The oligarchs were thrilled to oblige, and installed new voting machines that they alone control, which was the plan all along. Problem, reaction, solution.

        The NWO has come too far to turn back now.

        1. Mary, you are quite correct. If I told you, “I want to take your valuable time so that I can tell you lies and try to manipulate you”, would you volunteer? I know I wouldn’t.

          To assume that those who strive to not watch TV are, somehow “uninformed” is laughable. What sort of information would I be missing out on?

          Many people watch TEE VEE and save me the trouble by posting endless comments about what they saw. That’s good news to me, it saves me the nausea of watching.

          I realize, however, that I’m probably missing great opportunities to be told by the presstitutes and “experts” at CNNMBCABCFOXetc., what is happening in the world and how I should think. I also run the risk of straying outside the bounds of “acceptable” thought.

          EVERYTHING on the tube is manipulation. If it runs counter to The Plan, it isn’t shown. They have definitely “come too far” and they are not going to change course. They all work for the same boss.

        2. Yes,Lophatt…the “ruler of this world” since The Fall…is it any wonder mankind is “waxing more and more evil”?

  5. I’ve read the comments to date. Enjoy this site and the comments. At least people here see through to the truth and speak it. I would never vote for Trump ar any other declared candidate. They are all in on the scam. Whenever I voted in the past I always voted Democrat, didn’t vote for Clinton or Obama. My first vote was for McGovern against Nixon in 1972, look how that turned out. That would have been RFK being reelected had they not killed him in 1968. Where is the major antiwar candidate? I won’t be voting Dims or Repukes.

    1. It’s true that Barry is subverting the Wicked Witch, but Buchanan (http://townhall.com/columnists/patbuchanan/2015/08/21/hillary-nominee-or-indictee-n2041666/page/2) has an interesting take on the Biden angle:

      “Yet the vice president should think long and hard about whether and when he plunges into the Democratic race. For his announcement of availability would be a signal that Joe Biden thinks Hillary is politically dead, or close to it, and he is coming in to drop the hammer.

      “This would be seen as act of crass political opportunism, seizing upon Hillary’s travails, shouldering her aside, and seizing a nomination millions of Democrats have long believed was hers by right.”

      It’s not possible.

      I hate the Republicans more than I hate the Democrats–and that’s a very tough thing to accomplish. They are both so worthy of hate.

      I assume Trump will be “Breitbarted” if he comes close to storming the gates, but in the mean time, at least someone is making everyone laugh at the naked emperor.

      The Dems ruined themselves by throwing in with Barry; there’s nothing left of the operation. The R’s, on the other hand, have lots of really great people. But the system is so corrupt, so evil, that a fine man (or woman) who has been able to turn a State around, has no possibility of reversing the course of the federal government. We are doomed.

      But we can enjoy the show, if Trump is performing. They won’t let him change anything, were he to win, but what the hell. We have to suffer through the process, so we might as well have a little fun.

        1. Pat,
          I haven’t yet watched or heard the link but Trump, and I’m not trying to troll for him, has every organization, every left wing group, every right wing group, every Truther Group, The entire New World Odor, Black Thugs matter, George Soros, Media Matters and Fox News trying to kill him.

          I’m perplexed.

          I guess it’s Hillary 2016

        2. It’s possible that Hillary has some dread disease (like MS). It might be tabloid dreck, but remember her “minor” concussion?

          There could be worse looming than Hillary. I heard Crazy Joe Biden might be pairing with Elizabeth Warren.

          Remember, Germany got Hitler after a knee-jerk reaction after a crappy run of it. Be careful what you wish for.

  6. A timely illustration from cartoonist Ben Garrison.


    Hillary should be marched to prison, not the presidency. For years she has gotten away with scandals, including Whitewater, Travelgate, Benghazi and now she has obviously committed treasonous acts including letting state secrets go to other countries in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations as well as erasing evidence of top secret material from her private server.
    If she’s elected, her arrogance, her sense of entitlement and her criminality will get even worse.

    1. “YES WE CANkles”! Ha! Making fun of someone’s appearance may be low, but dang, it can be funny ?!

      The Clintons are disgusting. Disgusting criminals, the kind with REAL victims. How I loathe them, but for some reason, Hellary worst of all.

      1. So why don’t we make fun of Bernie Sanders? Jeff Rense recently did an interview with Brother Nathaniel (lophatt linked to it below) and made some comment about Hillary’s lack of attractiveness. But somehow Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s old age ugliness is passable, I suppose.

        Anyone who says America doesn’t hate women is demented in some degree.

        1. We weren’t talking about Bernie, we were talking about Hillary. And I didn’t make fun of her because she’s a woman, but in spite of it.

          Donald Trump is equally repulsive physically; I think he’s gotten lots of flack for his stupid hair.

          I guess I just don’t see the hatred for women you see.

        2. Donald’s hair is asking for attention in that a. he’s incredibly arrogant generally and has historically gone out of his way to denigrate women based on their looks (particularly when he feels rejected by them) and b. it’s ostentatious in a way.

          The way Hillary presents herself aesthetically is understated for the most part. So taking a physical characteristic, like her ankles, which she has no control over and fetishizing them as some symbol of what you dislike about her character and personality is misogynist. Donald asks for mockery of his hair in various ways. Hillary doesn’t draw attention to her own looks or anyone else’s. Your inability to see this difference is exactly the misogyny. And this comes from someone who can’t really stand her, BTW.

        3. Sue,
          “Anyone who says America doesn’t hate women is demented in some degree.”

          You must mean Islam or the middle east right?. That statement is so far to the left I fell over, but then again, the left love islam and all the plastic mac’s they put their woman in.

          I must be demented in some degree then. I think if anybody hates women it is the left. Woman are just used as a propaganda tool (war on women) or for visual pleasure. Which ever advances the agenda at that moment.

          and of course IMHO

        4. Ha, you made a funny….America hates women? Are you kidding me? The women’s lib in America has almost destroyed our country. That and the “victim” mindset. I would argue that the most discriminated group for the last several decades has been straight, white men. It seems that every other group is entitled to some sort of special treatment, but not them. I started noticing this trend years ago, and I asked my husband if he noticed it; he hadn’t really. But after I mentioned it, he did see it. Men are always made out to be stupid and lazy in t.v. commercials and programs, while the women are wise, loving, and sincere. It’s no wonder a lot of single men have given up on women; they are impossible to please. Perhaps you are the demented one…just sayin’.

        5. How has ‘women’s lib’ ‘destroyed this country?’ The only special treatment women get is rape, which happens on a scale in this country unseen historically in other western ones. Compared to europeans, we inflict a violence on some women that is absolutely demented. Sounds to me like you have a ‘victim mindset’ with these baseless claims about men’s oppression. Where are the facts for that?

        6. Are you familiar with Karen Straughn? She explains it all so much better than I could. Just YouTube search her name and listen to one of her commentaries (anything over 15 minutes, not the :42 jobs). She’s fantastic.

        7. If you can’t articulate even one point of how ‘women’s lib’ ruined America, I’m thinking it’s because it didn’t.

          Greed and narcissism did.

        8. I can’t agree with you on this, Maryaha. What kind of country encourages its women to be sluts (the Pill), then encourages no fault divorce (so that easy divorce will leave them with nothing when their husband wants to trade her in for a younger model), then encourages them to murder their babies (and feel good about it), and then systematically embarks on a decades-long program of encouraging an entire range of sexual perversions, all of which destroy the family as it has existed for thousands of years?

          What kind of country, if it did not hate women, would even CONSIDER putting the weaker, fairer, sex in combat roles in the military? I doubt it was ever thought of before: countries that cherish their women use armies to PROTECT them from enemies, not use them to attack the enemy.

          What kind of country thinks it’s a good thing to consider the distaff half of its population as part of its employment pool? All the girls raised up to think that they are part of the future workforce? Decent civilizations would consider such a place lower than barbarians.

          America clearly wants women to grow old alone, embittered, and filled with regret for missing out on all the simple pleasures that used to be taken for granted.

          Obviously, America hates women.

          There’s an old saying: why buy the cow when the milk is free. Hugh Hefner built his empire on it. Pornography is now a vast, American, industry. The so-called “Playboy philosophy” is now a core American article of faith. I’ve heard that the majority of internet sites are porn, and that essentially all children are exposed to it, which implies that few young men will ever be capable of genuine intimacy. Even the girls, I’ve read, are part of that vile scene. Where’s the outrage? Is it going to be ended?

          No, since WWII America has truly been at war against its women–to the point that the universities all now have dedicated departments, where girls can go to get an academic degree in crazed self-hatred, all courses taught by twisted women who want to make converts to that self hatred. It is an active process to strip away the joy of womanhood from America’s girls, so that they will all be just as miserable as the harridans and crones of the so-called National Organization for Women. What a horrible wold America envisions for its women!

          If all of this does not add up to active, blind, hate, I don’t know what does.

        9. Patrick, I agree with you on these things, but what I am saying is that the women’s liberation movement is what lies at the root of all of these ills. And the women’s lib movement was started by the same devils that have started every other diabolical movement in this country. The government! They continue to deceive women with these lies.

          But it was and still is women that demand their “women’s lib” rights to sleep around with as many men as they want…and if pregnancy occurs, no problem…Planned Parenthood will make sure she can get a quick abortion, and the American taxpayers will pay for it.

          No-fault divorce? You bet…just take your kids and leave that bum…no questions asked. Besides, fathers aren’t really necessary in the rearing of children, right?

          Who thought it would be a good idea to take fathers out of the homes of black families, so that the mother and children would have to depend on the government to support them? The government maybe?

          Who thought it would be a good idea for mothers to work outside their homes and let strangers raise their children? The government maybe? I say yes, only the government would do that in order to bring about the societal changes they want. No other person is able to love their kids like their mother and father, so if you want to fundamentally change society, then it takes a village to do it, according to Hillary Clinton. After all, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

          I agree with you also about the filth and depravity that is the pornography industry. That is one thing I told my husband would never be tolerated in our house, but I am in the vast minority; most women let their husbands and sons receive all the nasty magazines they want…just be sure to hide them, okay. Not in my house…this isn’t a landfill. But there’s two sides to everything. The nasty magazines and websites that men like to look at are also made possible by the women that pose for those pictures.

          So what I am saying is, women have been willingly deceived, and if they ever want that to change, there comes a time when they have to refuse to be deceived anymore. If women believe they are hated in this country, they need to stop falling for the lies our government has foisted upon them and stop letting them steal the self respect they deserve. Self respect will not come from being the perpetual “victim”.

        10. How the Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women

          Recently Aaron Russo, the producer of Bette Midler’s movies and “America: From Freedom to Fascism” identified all three confirming what I have been saying. While trying to recruit Russo for the CFR, Nicholas Rockefeller told him that his family foundation created women’s liberation using mass media control as part of a long-term plan to enslave humanity. He admitted they want to “chip us.”

          See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/001904.html#sthash.2IX3ngGT.dpuf

        11. Of course, as you no doubt detected, Mary, I was being ironic. I completely agreed with your original reaction to Sue’s comment, and I completely agree with your reply to me.

          And, as always, Anne’s contribution is perfect.

          The thing is, I truly like Sue, even if we disagree on issues like this. She’s entirely honest, and truly dedicated to the truth as she sees it. She hates what she sees as evil, and fights it harder than most people do. It goes without saying that I think her interpretation of what “hatred of women” constitutes is misguided. I know she’s tough enough to know that my joshing was not meant to hurt her. I want everyone else who is listening to know I meant it in a good natured way. She and I can disagree, agreeably.

        12. It’s always those decrying men’s alleged victimization who accuse women of conceiving of themselves as victims. The fact is, both sexes are guilty of this. The facts also support that certain elements of women are the scapegoats of society. No one has been able to parry my facts with anything but feelings. The rape rate in this country sums things up.

  7. “A New Jersey congressman says a man who gunned down a security guard at a federal building in Manhattan before killing himself was a whistleblower who had been given “a raw deal” by the agency that fired him.

    U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell said Saturday that several members of his staff worked with gunman Kevin Downing to resolve his case and Downing never showed any violent tendencies.

    Pascrell says he has no idea why Downing snapped.”



      1. I’m sure that these professionals are oblivious to bullying/mobbing in the school place that causes withdrawal, lack of motivation, depression, all affecting academic performance…I mean, they just aren’t paid to examine this!

  8. For those of you who depend on water from Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). The latest from the boys there and at city hall is quite astonishing. I am no scientist, but this can’t be beneficial for anyone involved except the politicians and their cronies. The 96 million (why not 100 million) plastic balls are made of polyethylene and the area where this reservoir is located gets very hot in the summer.


        1. What do mean? It is full to hilt and I thought that’s what I’m drinking through my filter of course.

          DHS has a huge hangout over there just for the record..

          Are you saying it is not part of our water supply?

        2. Ric, I assume you are talking about the L.A. water treatment plant a little north of Rinaldi Street, directly east of Balboa Blvd and directly south of Foothill Blvd in Granada Hills? I-5 goes by there too. I drive by often and it is ball free. Lately they have erected some towers right by the treatment plant along Balboa, trying to hide them behind some sorry looking, green plastic leaves. DHS?

          The 175 acre reservoir covered in polyethylene balls is located in Sylmar further to the east. I have not driven by there yet. Where I live is not part of the city of Los Angeles and we get water from Castaic Lake. Thus we are not customers of LADWP.


    1. I like mine with a little polychlorinatedbiphenol, shaken, not stirred.

      Hot plastic balls. This sounds like one of those “lets import Mongoose to Hawaii” ideas. What could go wrong?

      1. Lophatt,
        I’m in mod over the invasion of Sweden the EU and America.

        When/If I get let out. I’d really like your honest opinion of my analysis.

        I’m very simple in my statement but I think it is the core of why our Reptilian Masters (Haha, Toni) are doing this.

        Nobody has ever commented when I say this.

  9. Trumps friend Jeffrey Epstein of West Palm Beach is doing time now in the joint. Virginia Roberts is suing him also for pimping her and other underage girls to high rollers like Prince Andrew for one. There are pics of them together.

    Epstein had a private island visited by the Clintons and others. Yep the Donald is going to fix us right up. He sent his daughter over for a date with one of the Rothschilds at one point.

    I have pieced a few things together with some links on the Tianjin blast.


  10. I happened across one of Richie Allen’s shows, one in which he talks to Meria Heller (that’s how it was spelled) about several topics that might interest people here. Here’s the link to that:


    About nine and a half minutes in Mr. Allen talks about an academic who is addressing the issue of what is wrong with those pesky conspiracy theorists. You can find something about that scholarly work here:


  11. On the subject of Los Angeles and water; in 1928 a tragedy happened very close to where I live now. It also ended the fabulous career of William Mulholland, water tsar of Los Angeles. The movie “Chinatown” was based on Mulholland’s character.

    What happened was a land based version of Titanic. The dam Mulholland built, St. Francis, crumbled and in its path to Ventura and the Pacific Ocean more than 600 people were killed. They are finally talking about erecting a memorial there after all these decades.

    These days we can hike the canyons here where dam was built. Nature has reclaimed the area, though parts of the cement walls are still visible. It is a sobering experience walking through there, the beauty and the silence very much appreciated, but also the reality that here was once water that could not be contained and caused such a tragedy.



    1. That history was cool. I didn’t know about it.

      Whats the story with the Sepulveda Dam?

      The Entire area was once flooded here in the SFV basin.

      If that existed today, every home in old run down Van Nuys would be worth a million bucks with boat docks attached.

      1. Ric, don’t worry about million dollar shacks with docks and yachts in Van Nuys. They would find a way to trash water, docks and yachts too.

        Interesting entrance to Sepulveda Dam that opened in 1941:

        And interesting activities:
        February 20, 2013
        (LA Daily News) The U.A. Army Corps of Engineers were unable to resume their work yesterday as work was suspended “again” because they had found ‘sparrows nesting’ across the Sepulveda Dam Flood Control Basin. By cutting out a former thicket, the Army Corps of Engineers had intended to improve dam operations, while discouraging homeless camps, drug dealing, and lewd public sex.

      1. Patrick, this northwest corner of Los Angeles County is full of history, much of it as well preserved as possible in between earthquakes and wildfires. For a history buff it is a little Eldorado.

        Part of the Harry Carey Ranch was located in the path of waters from the St. Francis Dam. Many famous people of the time were visitors at the ranch such as Will Rogers and the artist Charles Russell.

        At the ranch were several Navajo Indians who worked and lived there. They left a month prior to the dam breaking. One of their shamans saw a big crack and predicted the break. Someone besides the Navajos should have paid attention, but probably were not as earth bound as the Indians.

        The photo in the link shows the horse corral and stables at the Harry Carey Ranch. Date unknown; pre-March 1928.

        During this time, Carey grew into one of the most popular Western stars of the early motion picture, occasionally writing and directing films as well. In the 1930s he moved slowly into character roles and was nominated for an Oscar for one of them, the president of the Senate in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (1939).

    1. Thanks, CE. I listened to this last night, and then read more of Hamamoto’s stuff. His naming of the “servitors of empire” concept is masterful.

  12. I tried to bait James Tracy into an article or thread based on the left eating the left.

    Toni, said she would contribute also.

    Let me get something off my chest and No blow back.

    I know the system sucks and If anyone thinks they are better off just sitting it out because the “Elites” control it anyway so be it. No worries.

    Lets go back to how the King has destroyed the left and they don’t even know it yet and how we should exploit it as any good Soldier working intelligence would.

    Forget all the little stuff, I’m moving straight to the top.

    The Clinton’s and the King are almost in a thermonuclear war. If the Queen gets indicted you are going to see the left blow up in a spectacular light/flash that only military issued googles will prevent you from going blind.

    As I said in an early post. King O challenging the Clinton’s is going to be a winner takes all but both will lose. “The only way to win is Not to play”

    They will destroy each other and the Dem party if this happens.

    The left is falling apart before our eyes and no ones seems to notice.


        1. Wow, that guy needs to have his organ tuned…besides it’s Yoko’s fault..haha

          I know, I understand music theory.

        2. I’m sure Yoko could howl right along with that! Sort of a Locrian version in three keys at once. Very “Mile Davis” (during the heroin era).

          You’ve been in moderation since you fell off your limp. They do it to me too. I guess I don’t display enough humility, or is it humidity?

        3. it’s humidity! Haha.

          If I re-posted every time to correct every one of my typo’s, there would be no room left here for anyone to blog..haha

  13. but what if Trump doesn’t get the nomination?

    I’m left wondering what are the ramifications if he runs an independent campaign for the presidency..

    1. As I said previously,

      I’m sure Trump will either be destroyed by the Demo’s and Repub’s working together to take him out or he will pick up his Tower(s) and go home or maybe even be JFK’ed by election time.

      If he survives all this I will vote for him.

      A third party run is impossible and a waste of his money. If he did, it would be just be ego and revenge and hurt him in business.

      As I also said, Obama said he ain’t just “handing the keys” to anyone.

      You should all take take this threat very seriously.

      A battle is brewing.


      1. http://truthstreammedia.com/2015/08/22/no-clinton-operative-donald-trump-is-not-going-to-save-america/


        The Folks at TSM have an interesting take on the purpose of Trump… I agree that Trump is most likely a plant. Further, even if he is not, the NSA, CIA, etc. will either destroy him or use him for some other more horrible purpose. Unfortunately, I can imagine how someone who is now the mouthpiece of a disgruntled population could be misused, namely for the escalation of further racial tension.

        1. It will be interesting to see just how this plays out.

          Trump knows everybody and has crossed paths with the richest and the most corrupt/vile people.

          It’s business. He complements Hilly for business purposes and takes pictures with other people.

          I’m not buying this he’s a “plant” for the Clinton’s narrative and all the rest of it.

          Like I said,

          It will be interesting to see just how this all plays out.

  14. Subject: Iran.

    Obama needs to take this opportunity to gracefully back out of the Iranian nuke deal to save face. The head Devil in Tehran and all his demons have humiliated him tweet after tweet.
    Somethings very wrong with this picture.
    Obama is so thin skinned yet not a peep.

    Iran just dissed England as they are trying to be so liberal and progressive and show the world real diplomacy by re-opening their embassy in Tehran…haha.

    Read below

    ‘Disgrace’: British Foreign Secretary Reopened Embassy in Tehran, but Media Got a Surprise Once Inside


  15. Just getting around to listening to this 8/19 Rense 3rd hour. Rense tells Kirwan the story of how he just totalled another land cruiser 2 days earlier– seems the brakes were sabotaged I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere! Can check around Mami’s for subsequent JR shows; I haven’t listened to most where he may have discussed the event with other guests. First several minutes of hour 3:

    Jeff Rense Radio Show – 2015.08.19

    also, hear Rense tell the story of the 2 men first to arrive at his Apr crash scene, rifled through his land cruiser & ignoring Rense (presumed dead), then speeding off in their pick up truck when the fire/emt sirens could be heard,

      1. Yeah, according to JFetzer, Stew Webb was forced off the road by another car a week earlier. I never heard about that from anywhere else, though I think SW does a radio show and he probably talked of it but I don’t listen to his show.

        Other than that you may be thinking of Michael Hastings mercedes being remotely controlled & crashing last year, killing MH & hurling the car’s engine… was it hundreds of feet away or something?

        That gold-silver.us link above has an ongoing discussion of these items and more. I’m “PatColo” there. 🙂

      1. According to Pål Nesse, senior advisor at Refugee Assistance, there are four main reasons for the sizable increase in refugees this year.

        The dream of returning to Syria is gone. Four years of war with no end in sight, Syrians who hoped to return home would now rather move on to Europe.
        The condition in refugee camps are worsening. The condition in neighboring countries are no better and Europe seems to be the only hope for survival.
        Turkey is the only country bordering Syria with a possibility to enter. The other neighboring countries have closed their borders while Turkey only closes the border intermittently. Conditions are deterioration in Turkey as well and most refugees make efforts to reach Europe. Some refugees have made it to Lebanon, but the situation is getting worse there as well. Refugees in Lebanon now try to make their way to Europe.
        Short route to Greece. It is easy to travel from Turkey to Europe. From the Turkish mainland the Greek island of Kos is visible, only 4 kilometers away. The refugees know that traveling from Greece to northern Europe is the easiest leg on their itinerary.

        My question is simple. When conditions in Europe start to resemble conditions the refugees fled from, and it will with time, where to go from there? Russia?

        Suggestion to the warmongers: Stop bombing these people out of their homes and countries. What did they ever do to you? Oh, I know – you need to increase domain and profits for your masters. Sorry about the question.

    1. I believe it is too late for Sweden and the rest of northern Europe. A commenter in the link Patrick provided mention how the newcomers will walk abreast and “natives” have to step out of their way. I have noticed that in so many photos from over there – the walking abreast mentality.

      While the mess was being cleaned up at the IKEA store in Sweden, the other end of the Swedish spectrum was frolicking on a luxury yacht in the South of France after just getting back from a honeymoon on some South Pacific island. That would be the Swedish prince and his newly acquired bride from the non royal class.

      So, when there no longer are enough “native” taxpayers to keep European royalty in the lifestyle they are accustomed to, do they expect the newcomers to be productive enough to chip in? The crown in UK can survive with its accumulated (stolen) wealth, but it may not be the usual cake walk for the rest of the European royals.

      1. The formerly conservative party in Sweden turned multiculti in order to wreck the scandinavian model. This way the usual lefty arguments about racism were rendered ineffective. But these conservatives knew the economic mode based on sharing wont survive a substantial rise of ethnic mixing unless near full empoyment would suddenly materialize. That however is unlikely since there is concensus all over the poitical spectrum to maintain a stable rate of unemployment to keep people on their toes.
        What happened last december is both poitical blocks made a deal named the decemberagreement. The swedish abbreviation translates DIE so they have a sense of humour. The deal is to back the politics of the other block no matter which one of them forms the government. This was done to freeze out the swedendemocrats who aim to stop the massimmigration. As expected they gradually get bigger and bigger and now got around 18% in a poll. Due to DIE in the worst case they might need a full 50% to take over but there are probably many who will want to quit DIE before that.
        The debate on some websites discusses graceful and worthy repatriation of part of the immigrants as a matter of principle. I dont know anything about concrete plans. Those who have made it would probably be most valuable if they returned to their homelands when and if conditions allow it. While those who havent made it are the ones most easily kicked out. So there is a dilemma.

        1. OK, I’m going to go full UN-PC and tell the truth as I have said here many times before.

          Everything we have we earned.

          Why is it nobody wants to storm the gates of Africa or India or the middle east to get a better life?

          I believe the scum at top know the only way to control “us” is to destroy us through immigration/migration and weaken us through Balkanization to divide us so they can control us, not the minorities. They ain’t worried about them. They are worried about Us!

          Whatever. Call me a racist or what you want. I am not.

          Just the truth

          PC meter back on…………..

        2. Ric: You’re right, and it’s not “racist” to say so. Regardless of how this constitutional republic has turned out, it was the greatest, most prosperous experiment in the history of the world.

        3. The former swedish Chancellor of the Exchequer ( british term just for fun) from the previously conservative party praised the americans for causing wars provoking a flood of immigrants.
          The prime of the previously (but no longer) conservative ruling party had some family roots to gypsies (not pc terminology I guess) and Sweden practised eugenics and compulsary sterilization of 62000 people between 1934 and 1975. Sweden had the first institute for racial biology in 1922 but the Us used forced sterilization much earlier and eugenics was of british origin. Of particular interest in connection with the obvious plot against Europe are the Fabians, who were both for eugenics and on the same time wanted mixing. How do you explain that other than as preparation for culling the herd?
          I mean 1)Elitism – the superior british race type also encompassing Holland Germany and Sweden in the british scheme of things.
          2) mixing – the influential Fabian Sir George Bernard Shaw eugenicist said the future belongs to the mongrel not to the young junker (=aristocrat) and he wanted this future. This goes well together with british malthusianism, the view that population control is the decisive move. The Fabian society was the root of all the influential think tanks CFR, RIIA and their siblings in other countries. It was the main organizer for worldwide socialism including marxism of which Shaw spoke well.
          The master plan was to remove the nation states and create a world government with angloamerican bankers ruling over a single currency.
          Back to Sweden. The former prime Fredrik Reinfelt may as indicated have some personal motive but most of all I think it is about destroying the social democratic scandinavian model based on trust among likes and replace it with privatized individually payed for services. First they make people used to privatization as well as malfunctioning services. Next thing will be to charge people higher and higher fees. In the end they will have the american system if things work out according to the plan I guess. And the surviving limbs of the social democratic beast will be slain.
          I better point out that I do not think the liberals libertarians etc really seriously challenge the always manifest phenomenon of private cartels. This is rather what they aim for no matter what they declare. Private cartels is the alternative to the scandinavian model, not truly functioning free competition and a smoothly operating market economy. This is parasitism and not the professed liberal ideal which is just hypocracy.
          Competition is a sin said ol’ Rockefeller.
          Libertarians like Gary Allen only briefly touched the aspect that for some new stars to rise, others must fall back. Although it isnt an exact zerosum game there are limits. Most libertarians shy away from the problem of private cartels and blame the state and its taxing function.
          Instead of breaking the back of all those illegal cartels which inhibit a wellfunctioning market economy. Of course those private elites dominate the state and use it if you allow them to amass private power. This power comes from money creation or rather the illegal lending of debt that they falsely refer to as lending of money.
          There is an elite plan to destroy Europe and our former government fit into the plan, maybe by chance or by design – some sharp mind unknown to me might have selected Fredrik the mixer.

        4. Here is something else from Fabrian Socialist George Bernard Shaw. “”underSocialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed,clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it werediscovered that you had not the character and industry enough to be worth allthis trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner.”

          Your ideas are correct, except for a couple of not-so-minor points.  “Market Economies” is a libertarian lie.  Economics / economies involve the moral choices of man and therefore require morality and religion.  Leave the market free from “government” and moral rule and in no time at all the haves will take over all and eliminate the middle class first and then the lower “defectives.”  And don’t even get me started on who founded libertarian economic philosophy!

          Same idea goes for separation of church and state – bad news.  There has to be the Church to check on the government.  But right government is a good and necessary thing, not an evil to be tolerated. Breaking up strong nation states has been the game of the imperialist USA for a long time.  The British, of course, led the way as far as imperialism way. “Imperialism was noteconomic, it was a white man’s burden.  Asacred trust, undertaken for the well-being of peoples unfitted forself-government. ”

          And now the USA has been broken up. Now it can be joined into the United Nations regions.  It is all about control and a one world death and slavery system for all. 

          All of this takes place on a micro level too, with the USA’s “urban renewal” whereby  ethnic neighborhoods in large northeastern cities had “immigrants” from the south injected.  Then there was “White flight” to the suburbs were individuals were isolated from their neighbors/community and just became materialist islands – consuming and satisfying their every appetite – just as the controllers planned. 

          Of course all of this is the exact opposite of what Our Lord told us to do and the Church became undermined by “Americanism” and certain social engineers / elites in cahoots with certain traitors of Christ in the Church leadership. Eugenics is based on Darwin’s evolution.  Population control is based on Charlie’s cousin’s errors – Thomas Malthus.  Marx’s Das Kapital was dedicated to Charles Darwin.  

            “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        5. Dachsie
          The enemy will outwit the common people unless they organize and emphasize their common interests. Preachers are good with words and that gives them power over people. If those preachers happen to be honorable people they wont abuse that power. But in the main civilization ought to be based on empirical facts. Otherwise there will be dishonest people who work for the enemy and twist the words of any old text in the interest of the enemy. I’m still a member of the swedish church, paying church tax voluntarily. Formerly a state church and I happen to agree with you about a preference for maintaining that connection. But my reason may be a lot different. I believe the angloamerican elites set lots of new genres of religion in motion and spread it to Europe and elsewhere and the intention was not benevolent but to weaken the existing church. A plethora of separate branches emerged and for what good. Its more obvious that we’re being manipulated when sects like scientology turned up but I suggest a lot of what happened in the past was equally manipulative and there were various powergames behind it.

        6. Dachie: Great post. You make some points that I hadn’t been able to gel on my own. A belief in God as our Creator is imperative, if the details of doctrine are not. Left to our own devices, THIS (what we see developing around us at such an alarming rate) is what we get.

          The show Survivor illustrates man’s ruthlessness and some men’s ability to manipulate others perfectly. The little Survivor society is a good example of a Godless one, if in a microcosm, although that one has some ground rules and a god-like moderator who will enforce them…it’s not all choice, like here on earth.

          Anyway, good post.

        7. Lord, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Can Not Change, The Courage To Change The Things I Can, And The Wisdom To Hide The Bodies Of Those I Had To Kill Because They Pissed Me Off.

        8. Recynd77
          When and where and in what way was it the greatest and most prosperous experiment in your view?

        9. Peter: I think that, for the majority of its years, the U.S. provided a singular framework for the greatest number of the people lucky enough to be here, whether by birth or immigration, to live generally free from governmental interference. The U.S. was where the middle class grew (and grew!) and prospered like no where else. We boasted an educational system second to none, and was so widely available to its citizens that anyone who wanted to take advantage of it could in order to help raise their station. Many, many people saw increased prosperity with each passing generation. A person wasn’t doomed to the position of their birth. The U.S. was (still is, I suppose) a country that people would risk EVERYTHING to come to: not for the freebies, but for the opportunity to live or die by one’s own strength. Today, even some of the poorest among us live better than the rich of many other countries.

          Clearly, it was not the perfect system. Native Americans and blacks have known more than their share of suffering at the hands of others, from no fault of their own. Many groups have been viciously persecuted, Mormons among them (see, for example, Missouri Executive Order 44). Chinese have endured particularly horrendous treatment.

          Still and all, I believe the U.S. to have been one of the–perhaps even the brightest–stars of history.

          However, I see the cycles of history. One of these eternal rounds is the Pride Cycle. Very simply put, when a people are humble and God-fearing, they work and they prosper, and they give their thanks to God; however, as they prosper, their humility quickly turns to pride; confident in the strength of their own arm, pride turns to Godlessness, and destruction is soon to follow. True repentance can reset this cycle, but finding the humility to do so before the crash is rare. It’s like an addict seeking help before s/he hits “rock bottom”…it happens, but not often, and even when it does, it doesn’t usually stick.

          I probably didn’t answer your question as well as I’d like to, but there you go. You get the gist of it, anyway, I hope.

        10. Makes me think, regarding the spiritual association paths that some of you generously share, that there ought to be some common ground with the russians although this doesnt include your godless and arrogant elites.

        11. They’re not mine (“your godless and arrogant elites…”), they’re OURS. They are a bane on us all, I’m so sorry to say.

        12. Not blaming the common people. But there’s the voting. After all the business party gets a couple.

        13. Yes, my understanding is that it is very difficult to openly discuss anything that appears “anti-socialist” as a solution.

          In order to understand what’s going on, without blaming countries, we have to realize that there are no countries any longer. They may retain their names, but they are just “zones” in the New World Odor.

          If you think all this death, destruction and chaos is unplanned you need your head adjusted. They push here to get a reaction there. NONE of it is accidental.

          The country formerly known as “The U.S.”, has the role of bully. They are the military division of the corporation. The City of London handles the financial affairs for their owners who live elsewhere.

          Put simply, the goal is disunity everywhere. It’s much easier to control that way.

          Not blaming the “common man” is an insightful comment. Of course not. It doesn’t matter where one lives, the average person has nothing to say about what their government does in their name. They are just obligated to pay for it and take the blame.

          If anything, over time they have gotten more brazen and sloppy about this. They frankly don’t care what we think. The screw is tightening. Those not yet beholden will be bombed into dependence. Those still working will be forced to put up with the overflow and pay for it all.

          As you can see from the “U.S. example”, you don’t even need a crisis. They’ll just open the border and pay to import them.

  16. The Death of Common Sense

    Today we mourn the passing of an old friend by the name of Common Sense. No one really knows how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He selflessly devoted his life to service in schools, hospitals, homes, factories and offices, helping folks get jobs done without fanfare and foolishness. For decades, petty rules, silly laws and frivolous lawsuits held no power over Common Sense. He was credited with cultivating such valued lessons as: to know when to come in out of the rain, the early bird gets the worm, and life isn’t always fair.

    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don’t spend more than you earn), reliable parenting strategies (adults are in charge, not kids), and adages such as “it’s okay to come in second.” A veteran of the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression, and the Technological Revolution, Common Sense survived cultural and educational trends including feminism, body piercing, whole language and “new math.”

    But his health declined when he became infected with the “if-it-only-helps-one-person-it’s-worth-it” virus. In recent decades his waning strength proved no match for the ravages of overbearing federal regulation. He watched in pain as good people became ruled by self-seeking lawyers and enlightened auditors. His health rapidly deteriorated when schools endlessly implemented zero-tolerance policies, reports made of six-year-old boys charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate, a teen suspended for taking a swig of mouthwash after lunch, and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student. His health declined even further when schools had to get parental consent to administer aspirin to a student but cannot inform the parent when the female student is pregnant or wants an abortion. Finally, Common Sense lost his will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband, churches became businesses, criminals received better treatment than victims, and federal judges stuck their noses in everything from Boy Scouts to professional sports.

    Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents Truth and Trust; his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason. He is survived by three stepbrothers: Rights, Tolerance and Whiner. Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

    Author Unknown

  17. Disinformation Strategy of Omission

    Will share an email I wrote to Dave Martin, DCDave, today.


    I read an article this morning that seemed just chocked full of solid information and hyperlinks. …

    Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World – Waking Times
    By WakingTimes
    Real or Fake-1Makia Freeman
    Waking Times

    However, I noticed that there was one huge area of fakery that was omitted —

    Fake Terrorist / lone deranged gunman events.

    I concluded that this omission of such a major area of fakery had to be deliberate as it certainly should have been in the top 10.

    Then I searched out your classic article,


    Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression

    and I noticed that you do not mention the omission strategy I find so prevalent in many articles. I am wondering why you do not mention the omission strategy and why it is so much in widespread use and why it is so effective.

    (There is another huge area of disinformation that Allan Weisbecker covers regarding James Corbett and 9-11 – Pentagon and neuro linquistic programming but I leave that aside for now but I think it is extremely important too.)

    Dr. James Fetzer often says

    “The objective of disinformation is not to convince you of one point of view or another, it is to create enough uncertainty so that everything is believable and nothing is knowable. ”

    I believe the disinformation strategies are really all about creating uncertainty and to convey the idea that truth does not exist and that all is relative and / or “unknowable.”

    I have come to notice there are several important aspects of major false events that Dr. Fetzer will not study or address, so that is or may be the disinformation strategy of omission.

    I realize the argument one might make against this apparently omitted omission disinfo strategy is that we humans are finite creatures in a finite world. “I have no time to study that.” “That’s something you should study.” “My plate is full.” “I have bigger fish to fry.”

    I have to assume that you recognize the omission strategy and the different ways it is used. I am just wondering why you do not seem to think it is very important.

    God bless you in the Name of the One Who is Truth.

    1. Dachsielady

      Thanks for sharing your email to DCDave. Please let us know if you receive a reply. Maybe he’ll add “Omission” as Number 18 to his “Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression.”

      In the meantime, I wonder if you’ve thought about the subject of omission as it relates to the limited hangout. Perhaps omission is the material that remains hidden in the wake of the revelation of “selected” information.

      I also wanted to link to this essay you may enjoy that details many methods of disinformation. The author includes methods of media disinformation and Alinsky strategies, as well as internet disinformation techniques.

      And lastly, what areas of inquiry have you noticed that are consistently omitted by Dr. Fetzer?

      1. Yes, the limited hangout is closely to what I refer to as the disinfo strategy of omission. DC Dave does not include limited hangout either in his list. In the particular article on WideAwakeNews regarding Everything is Fake, I was particularly struck that the major fake of all fakes was so blatantly not mentioned. It just made me think that WideAwakeNews is meant to keep the sheep in deep sleep. In light of the article’s big, all encompassing topic of “everything” being fake, and then not covering a big thing, I think this article was more to cause people to totally give up on trying to sort anything out or find any truth at all, rather than it just being a limited hangout.

        Here are a few topics that Dr. Fetzer seems to not want to spend time on.

        What is his rationale for believing that approximately 3000 people died at the World Trade Center on 9-11? Where are the facts and the evidence to support that assertion?

        What is his rationale for believing that there were people who jumped from the Towers?

        (Of course, I too dismiss those who say ‘no one died at the WTC on 9-11’, but nowhere near 3000.

        If there was video fakery of other aspects of the Towers on that day, why could there not be the showing of fake videos of people jumping from the Towers?

        Why can he only produce one or two “witnesses” who “saw” this or “saw” that on 9-11 and why should we give such weight to this very small amount of questionable testimony? Don’t we know by now that 9-11 eyewitnesses have an almost zero batting average as turning out to be “the real deal?”

        Why are CO2 emissions and man-caused global warming proven facts in his view? Dr. Timothy Ball and many other climate scientists say a resounding No to that idea.

        Death certificates and SSDI data is extremely unreliable and that means that we have no sound way of identifying who died or even if someone was ever a living person. I think our inability for positive IDs on people needs to be fully discussed as that is a major part of all these false events and how they are done.

        I guess generally I observe that he seems to take some sub-scenes in these events that Dr. Fetzer takes at face value with no questions asked while other scenes within the same event show several sophisticated layers of misdirection and falsehood. (For example, I am highly suspicious of Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s testimony as well as the “dancing Israelis” stories. Throwing out the Mossad word in a disconnected way seems to only be fulfilling the schemes of the perps.

        Overall, I am a supporter and follower of Dr. Fetzer and have been since his beginnings in the conspiracy arena. Generally, I have appreciated his reasoned approach to every subject and his efforts to find the facts. That was a big missing ingredient in most all of the “truth movement’s” efforts.

        That is all that I can think or right now but I have observed other subjects that I felt should have been dealt with more thoroughly or that were avoided altogether.

  18. The nation’s largest non-governmental employer, Walmart, is doing Active Shooter Training:


    I guess if you are unwilling to address the underlying cultural issues related to the exponential rise in mass shootings, the second best thing to do is to turn it into a growth industry. A teachable moment in the economic theory of “Creative Destruction”!

    1. Why its going to be hard to keep up with the demand for shooters. This is turning into a boom industry. It may be outpacing prisons as the new bonanza.

  19. Submitted by D. Martinez:

    Completely off topic, but Wolfgang Halbig is going after the CT Freedom of Information Commission.


    Portion of article; more on the site.

    Notice Content:
    Notice Issued: 08/24/2015
    Docket Number: HHB-CV-15-6030218-S
    Notice Sequence #: 1


    CONFERENCE ON 9/30/15 AT 3:30 P.M. PLEASE

    1. Well good. This ought to be interesting. So my reading of it is that this is an opportunity, pretrial, to negotiate a settlement.

      Maybe Wolf could offer not to publicize his pictures of Monty in his Teletubbie outfit in exchange for videos with date/time information.

      1. Wolf might consult with his attorney on some of these upcoming matters. He can be disappeared, he can be led to the gallows. Theoretically he’s putting enormous pressure on his assailants, we’ll see if it sticks. In the meantime, go Wolf…..loffatt, what kind of deal neutralizes the drop kicks to the face that Wolf has suffered? If he’s smart, he’ll keep tightening the screws. No cheesy deal can make up for what must be done to these slugs who have made our lives more and more dicey. Monte Frank would be happy to shortsheet Wolf on one of these potential deals you mention, such is simply not desirable.

        1. Gil, I hardly know how to answer. I was making a joke.

          This is a PRE-TRIAL hearing. It is a chance to play “Lets make a deal” and avoid trial.

          The hearing in question (should this meeting fail) is only about whether or not they were responsive to his requests. He has a competent attorney (or had), and she would be a good judge of whether they need to pursue this or not.

          Nothing in this is going to damage Monty or anyone else. I’m sure he’s perfectly shameless or he wouldn’t be in his current position.

          “Kicks to the face” are the reward of anyone who attempts to exercise their rights in today’s “just us” system.

          I’m not denigrating the guy. If that is what he wants to do, fine. He may actually uncover some juicy new evidence. None of it will result in anything in the end.

          Remember who’s behind this. Who is going to prosecute? Confessions are out of the question.

          I personally think there may be better ways to approach this. Even with those I doubt they would succeed.

          But, I was poking fun of our little green legal beagle, not Wolf. I don’t have any heroes. But if one comes along I’ll let you know.

      1. Who cares what games we choose?
        Little to win, but nothing to lose.

        Good sense, innocence, cripplin’ mankind
        Dead kings, many things I can’t define
        Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
        Incense and peppermints, the color of time.

        Who cares what games we choose?
        Little to win, but nothing to lose.

        Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns
        Turn on, tune in, turn your eyes around.

        Look at yourself, look at yourself, yeah, yeah
        Look at yourself, look at yourself, yeah, yeah, yeah!


    1. Yes! It certainly isn’t funny. I suppose that its intended to be a spoof on the demonization of various “uncooperative” regimes that they like to paint as new “Hitlers”. Still, it isn’t funny.

      1. Me, I thought of Moon Over Parador

        [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwny4A7Gql8&w=560&h=315%5D

        The Onion is a particularly fearless environment, and I love it. The “Jim and Tracy” bits are heartless, cruel, and incredibly funny–because supposedly harmless television forms are heartless and cruel with the exact same smiling fake geniality. Spot on.

        So I laughed at this one, yes. Television news (but by extension the whole indoctrination-delivery system) delivers heartlessness and cruelty every day, like a turd hidden in an ice cream cone. This video calls out the common man: can’t you see how insane all of this is? How can you accept the horror so easily, so long as it’s surrounded by ice cream? We are all stupid, is television’s assumption. I’m glad The Onion has the guts to rub our face in the turd.

        Here, the ice cream guy is interchangeable with the monster. Brilliant. It was just an acting role, but unlike Richard Dreyfus, who as leader led a moral revival, and encouraged goodness in his time in office, this guy does monstrous evil, just like the horrible people the Dulles brothers put in place around the third world.

        But both, after the job was complete, look back on it simply as an acting job they once had.

        The horrible regimes American interests maintained in the countries our masters and their corporate interests took an interest in were led by monsters exactly as horrific as this young actor, who has no sense of shame about his insane cruelty.

        Have any of the REAL actors (in the sense of the real people who acted in behalf of the US government) ever felt any shame? The Dulles brothers? Kissinger? Brzezinski? John Perkins’ Economic Hit Men (look it up)? No. They are PROUD of their role in shaping the world. The monsters might be bastards, but so long as they’re OUR bastards, everything is fine with the world. Smedley Butler told us the story.

        So this Onion video tells more truth about the real history of the United States since the war against Spain than anything I’ve seen in I can’t remember when. You just need to know the back story to appreciate it.

        Our masters are exactly as blithe and heartless, in confronting the victims of their actions, as the fellow portrayed in the video. Hilarious, in the same way A Clockwork Orange can make us laugh at the horror.

        So it is definitely amusing to me, in the same way one whistles past the graveyard.

  20. Toni says:
    August 26, 2015 at 12:43 PM

    Another shooter, this time in Roanoke, VA. It’s the old “disgruntled employee” story. He worked in, get this, “local news” and was able to shoot up his colleagues live in the field, on camera.

    The local anchor team from his station that was broadcasting during the shooting of their colleagues, remains on the air and remarkably calm at this hour. They are talking about their hurt and anger, without tears.

    Ric says:   
    August 26, 2015 at 3:12 PM
    The shooter was Black. The victims were 2 white women and a white camera man.
    This doesn’t fall into the BLM agenda.
    I don’t think we will see Obama making a statement or singing Amazing Grace anytime soon.
        Toni says:  
        August 26, 2015 at 3:20 PM
        Turns out, according to the manifesto he faxed to the news, that he was incited by that racist Dylann Roof, the Charleston shooter. He says he carved the initials of the Church victims on each of his bullets.
        It’s a shame, but all we can do is take away the guns, said the White House as soon as it happened.
            Recynd77 says:  
            August 26, 2015 at 4:08 PM
            And didn’t the WH say that at like 3:30 this morning?
            Ric says:   
            August 26, 2015 at 5:39 PM
            And just the fact he “faxed” a manifesto (most have their manifestos in their back pockets for the media.) screams PSYOP.
            “he was incited by that racist Dylann Roof, the Charleston shooter”..really?
            I’m sure its real but please get new writers.

    It worked. Might look a little strange

      1. Unbelievable. I just watched Megan Kelly interview the Father and Fiance of the victim Allison Parker and it was pathetic.

        The dad said something about “stage two” coming then spilled the beans. He’s working with Governor and going on a full state wide “take our guns campaign”? Sound Familiar? Bloomberg?

        I hate to say this, but if your shot two times at point blank, you fall to the ground. Then if you somehow you manage to turn around and run and then get hit in the back at point blank you REALLY fall down.

        Then BOTH videos go blank. The cameraman’s and the shooters. We hear gun shots that killed the cameraman and wounded the woman being interviewed.

        I don’t know. This stinks to high Heaven. The manifesto? Ridiculous.

        PS: Daddy doesn’t cry and goes into a spill of gun control. Fiance doesn’t shed a tear and goes into a rant of gun control.

        I’m Tired or bored

        1. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. They’re shilling so quick out of the gate, pure Psych State script. Also interesting that two white men are tapped to convince white men to give up their guns in defense of their womenfolk. The dad caught his mistake and tries to make up for it right after.

          For those who were skeptical of my highlighting black on blonde attacks on here, I’d say I’ve been beyond proven ‘right,’ in an odd way. Note the deliberate irony of the recent deserved attacks on Megyn Kelly and the image of her reflected in the martyred Allison Parker. Dad says ‘she was one of you, don’t let this slide:’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14pT0SNJW4o

          Terry McAuliffe is governor of Virginia and high up in the democratic party and very intimate with the Clintons.

        2. What the hell was the cameraman shooting? He had his back to the shooter and was turned away from the interview when the gun was fired.

          There was no blood, no carnage, and no indication that anything really happened, at least according to the Live Leak video.

          And another thing: did the shooter upload the video to Live Leak, You Tube, and Facebook? Before or after facing his manifesto? And then he committed suicide? Handy.

        3. “There was no blood, no carnage, and no indication that anything really happened”

          Ding Dong.

          And, they can’t get their story straight whether the CIA/FBI sent the manifesto before the shooting or after. Nor whether he died or not from his self inflicted wound. That took hours.

          The time lines don’t work. Even the chase was ..WTF. What time did this occur?

          It looked like blanks being fired to me. AND, when he first tries to shoot, His Safety is on. So he lowers the gun, takes the safety off to shoot the blanks.

          Ok, No one sees this fool from the corner of their eye? Peripheral vision anyone?

          When someone stands behinds you can you feel it? They didn’t. This guys gun extended in front of the camera man twice.

          Maybe I’m just really smart. I would have felt and noticed him in a heart beat, unless of course I was in the play.

          To top it off, after being shot 3 times she runs out of the cameras view.

          Has anybody seen her body laying there covered waiting for the detectives?

          I give this a C-.

        4. Peripheral vision, yes. I noticed that, too. My kid has this habit of standing just to the side and a wee bit behind me, where he’s invisible and I trip over him. The shooter wasn’t doing that: he was directly to the side and a smidge FORWARD.

          Also, check out where the news camera was pointed (hint: not toward the interview OR the shooter).

          I’m with you: C-

        5. Good breakdown of the video, Ric. You know more about guns than me. It does look kind of unnatural when she runs away after the shots.

          How did he get out of there? Why did his camera go dark?

        6. Toni,
          Only The Producer of the production can answer those tough questions..haha

          The manifesto is off the hook.

          I’m Black (and gay, double whammy)
          You are all white racists.
          This is revenge for Charleston shooting..aka Dylan Roof, Confederate flag (wink wink), lets dig up dead people yaddi ya ya
          I filed with the EECO for discrimination and they did nothing! Yea
          Nobody loves me I’m going to eat some worms

          Race Riot? Really?

          Check, check, check……..

          Look at the Guy. He’s was a good looking healthy young man to looking like a drugged out meth head. MK-Ultra? No Way….duh

          It’s just too perfect.

        7. This is all you need to know.

          An excerpt from his manifesto?

          ‘What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.’

          ‘As for Dylann Roof? You [redacted]! You want a race war [redacted]? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …[redacted]!!!”

          At the same time, he professes a deep respect for other mass shooters like Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho.

          ‘Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin’.

          He goes on to say that he has faced both racial and sexual discrimination as a black, gay man and that he was just waiting to explode.

          ‘Yes, it will sound like I am angry…I am. And I have every right to be. But when I leave this Earth, the only emotion I want to feel is peace…’

          ‘The church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!’

          At one point in the manifesto he even confesses to killing his cats in a forest close to where he lives, blaming the news station for the animals’ deaths.

          PS: Let me out of Mod. I’m changing my name to Mod-Ric

        8. How does one believe this event was real and not staged? This appears as just another hackneyed, vapid piece of stupidity that aims to justify Obama’s confiscation of guns. Pathetic.

        9. Ric, we’re all in big trouble. The lone-nut shooters have learned the art of invisibility. I know, its a scary thing to think about. Maybe their inter-dimensional?

          I remember when being black and “gay” could get you beat up and a dose of AIDS. Now it can lead to lead poisoning for “whitey”.

          While the camera guy was framing landscapes the “reporter” rambled on sticking the mic in the interviewee’s face. Who was filming this (besides our ex-reporter with anger management issues)?

          And with all this setup, “Smith and Wesson made me do it”. Obviously, he wasn’t “black”. He was clear. They looked right through him.

          The station’s license is expired – for YEARS?. Nothing odd about that, wot? Why does this remind me of that reporter at BMB who was caught yukking it up prior to “show time” by another camera?

          Whoever writes these will not be asked to join the Screen Actor’s Guild.

    1. Yawn! Another one? Wake me up when we get a “hacker”. Hatchet control, that’s what we need.

      I remember a while back there were lots of instances of people getting all stabby in China. They must have been pushing an agenda too.

      There’s a theme here. “We’re going to control everything you do, with or without your permission”. It makes it easier if you ask for it.

      Remember, don’t judge the “realness” of these events by whether anyone dies. They don’t care about that. That isn’t what makes them “real”.

      Why would there suddenly be a flurry of these things all essentially containing the same, easily spinnable material? Answer: There wouldn’t.

      Have you ever known someone to be unhappy in the workplace? Be honest now. Have you ever known someone to come to work and take out the boss? It happens, very rarely.

      I actually knew one guy who got fired and came back with a samurai sword and tried to kill the boss. The other workers offered to sharpen his sword (just kidding). They probably overlooked that while searching him for guns.

      1. lophatt says:
        “Have you ever known someone to come to work and take out the boss?”

        Yeah, and how about coming back two years later to take out the boss, like this guy? Now I’d consider that quite a grudge, if I believed any of it for a minute.

      2. C’mon Lophatt,

        They gave it their best. They only have a couple trillion dollars a year for these productions.

        Give them a Break.

        So the Charleston people got 29 million free money tax free and there were 9 of them.

        These people will probably get $6.53 each

        1. Well, I suppose they will discount their performances for inattention. It’s a good thing it was in rural Virginia. Being that oblivious in the city could get you killed. Oh, I forgot.

  21. So what do people think?


    I’m thinking fake…bring both ‘sides,’ black and white, to a constant head and then offer the ‘solution’- these loose electrons are ‘mentally ill’ and the Constitution will be preserved by circumventing it. A recent poll claims that only 33% of black americans identify with Black Lives Matter movement. Trump is leading a middle class charge against the plutocrats. The shooter’s gayness is part of what seems so suspicious upon first glance.

    1. As amateur as the video and setting come across, manipulation is still what I’m picking up. These shootings seek to tether complaints of racism, sexism/homophobia, etc., to some supposed angle on ‘mental illness;’ the shooter claims Jehovah told him to do it. That’s a big red flag. Psychosis rarely involves ‘god’ or anyone telling people to act out violence against others; imaginary voices are almost always directing any aggressions inward against the ‘hearer,’ if violence is involved at all, which seems to be a rarity in actuality. One reason the perp is portrayed as gay may be the mirror image it creates of Dylan Roof; his attack against an anglo white woman would resonate too deeply and authentically if he were straight. Both Roof and Bryce are neutered but dangerous men, just as Sandra Bland was a neutered but self-injurious black woman, when in fact her real life counterpart (angry black women) are far more likely to act out aggressions than turn them inward. An angry straight black guy out to get white women would evoke the defiant ire of whites, and an angry white male’s attack on blacks would militarize many blacks and whites if he weren’t so effeminate and cowardly in his choice of target.

      Americans are being herded and manipulated into their own enslavement pretty adeptly. It’s so pathetic and tragic that so many fall for it.

      1. Added to your list of manipulations this latest event may be meant to effect is the anniversary of Katrina. Perhaps the “angry black shooter kills whites” scenario was meant to dampen sympathy for black Americans that may have been aroused by visuals of the drowned 9th ward.

      2. Sue, that is the central theme of all of them. The Second Amendment attacks and “mental health” are just the obvious themes. They are manufacturing consent for a manufactured, dystopian world.

        The choice of proclivities for the characters gives the game away. You see, being “gay” is being “persecuted”. Being a man or woman is a “choice”. Pedophilia is an “orientation”.

        The biggest ally they have are those who are easily manipulated. They misrepresent facts and their causes and shame them into compliance.

        These zombies are the ones to worry about. They will be the ones who rat out their neighbors for saying “unapproved” things.

        They are pushing for a world with no religion, tradition or sense of dignity. Everything is a commodity. Fear is its stock in trade.

        The story goes, “see, look at all the shootings. We have to DO something”. Doing something is the purview of “experts”. The Constitution is old fashioned. We’re much smarter now. We know that kid sex is an orientation.

        The job of the eaters is to obey. Those who don’t see the wisdom in this are “crazy”. Remember “Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)”? Now, who would want to be “odd”?

        I don’t remember asking anyone to reorder my universe. I don’t feel an obligation to cooperate. If that makes me “odd”, I’m fine with that.

    2. Hillary wastes no time, this link has a video and text of her speech touting gun control: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/08/26/opportunistic-hillary-clinton-within-hours-of-roanoke-shooting-gun-control-gun-control-gun-control/#more-105364

      The system already allows for a forced ‘time out’ for supposed ‘mentally ill’ perps. Note that domestic violence is alluded to, but not directly confronted. Are americans prepared to construe domestic and gender violence as a function of ‘mental illness?’ That would mean huge numbers of men would have to be interned, including mere sexual harassers.

      Also note that the seeming amateurishness of the video (why didn’t the reporter notice the guy’s hand outstretched with a gun pointing at her?) may be part of the psy op. Innocent small town reporters take the place of a corporate statist media.

      1. If I’m reading Hillary right, we can look forward to many more years of shooting events if she’s elected.while she finally tempers “legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures and control…”

        Also, she speaks of instituting “universal background checks,” saying:

        “if we could just put some time-out between the person who is upset because he got fired or the domestic abuse or whatever other motivation may be working on someone who does this, that maybe we could prevent this kind of carnage.”

        The Roanoke shooter was fired two years before the shooting.

        1. Ric, what did you do to my cut and paste? lol

          Naw, it’s probably WordPressive. Now it’s taken away my pasting ability.

        2. I think the Murphy bill (the final version from both houses of congress) will take care of things well before Hillary would take office. No one’s listening to me on this. Oh well.

          Very interesting about the two year gap. That’s part of the narrative; it bolsters the notion that it’s an ‘illness,’ as opposed to some anger issue. And it adds to the campaign to justify long term internments of ‘the mentally ill.’

        3. Don’t worry Toni.
          after that botched cut and paste job, I was put in Mod for 8 hours.
          I just tried to move our conversations from the CIA blog to the Free Form blog and some of it got “clipped” for some reason.

          It pasted like windows 3.1 with DOS 3 ??( really linux)

          I have no idea what happened.

    3. Is forcing an employee to get ‘mental health’ help even legal? I’ve heard of universities doing it, but never of corporations, yet the shooter was supposedly ordered to see the in house counselor or be fired. ‘Internal memos’ are already public: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/26/virginia-gunman-vester-flanagan-wdbj-2012-memos-medical-help

      Another angle being worked – whites may increasingly become assertive about their rights to jobs, especially given that they are now minorities in many areas. Williams goes out ahead and pathologizes the disgruntled employee as hysterical and ‘sick.’ European nationalists speak more in terms of jobs than american pro-white types do, but that would likely change soon and both spheres are controlled by the same cabal.

  22. Strange how these events carry certain motifs forward from shooting to shooting.

    Consider these three lone wolf shootings in this relatively confined area in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where this morning’s event took place: the Virginia Tech shooting in Blacksburg in 2007, the Neil Macinnis Virginia Mall Shooting in Christiansburg, VA in 2013, and now the Roanoke shooting at the Bridgewater Plaza in Westlake Corner at Smith Mountain Lake.

    In the map at this link you can see the proximities of the three events: Blacksburg and Christiansburg on the far left, Roanoke is on the upper middle right, and below on the far right is Westlake Corner at Smith Mountain Lake.
    Map of the area:

    Just a cursory look at these three lone wolf shootings reveal several themes being reflected back and forth across the Shenandoah Valley, including social media, manifestos, and the news.

    This morning Vester Flanagan recorded the shooting event and posted the footage to both Twitter and Facebook as he fled the scene of the crime while also managing to FAX his 23-page manifesto to ABC News.

    Vester Flanagan, a black man, complained of racism in the workplace for years, and claims in his manifesto that Dylann Roof’s Charleston Church shooting incited him:

    “Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15…,” Flanagan wrote in the manifesto, according to ABC. “What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

    Lacking social networking resources back in 2007, the Virginia Tech shooter mailed a whole press package to NBC, with “an 1,800 word statement and 27 QuickTime videos showing Cho talking to the camera and discussing religion and his hatred of the wealthy, MSNBC.com reported.”

    In 2013, after the shooting by Neil Macinnis at the mall in Christiansburg, one publication announced, “New Details in Virginia Mall Shooting: Did Suspect Announce His Plot Online Minutes Before Shots Rang Out?” as they reported that “minutes before the gunman, later identified as MacInnis, opened fire at the Virginia mall, a user of the 4chan bulletin website apparently announced his intentions. The poster identified himself as “neil Macinnis.” He wrote:

    “Hey /b/ it’s time,” the user wrote. “My name is neil Macinnis and I go to new river community college in Christiansburg Virgina. 10 minutes away from Virginia tech. I’m gonna give y’all the details because the news never gets it right.”
    “I’m nervous because I’ve never really handled a shotgun but a few times with the Christiansburg police,” Neil MacInnis, of Christiansburg, Va., reportedly posted just minutes before he opened fire at the satellite campus of New River Community College at New River Valley Mall, police said.”

    Police were unable to establish a motive for the crimes of Neil Macinnis. It seems 4chan was enough to drive him over the edge. The internet can do that. It did it to Dylann Roof.

    Or perhaps it was related to a previous relationship Macinnis had with law enforcement just months before when he “participated in the Christiansburg Police Department Citizens Academy program in 2012. The 12-week course gives citizens an idea what happens at the department on a typical day, according to a press release seeking participants for the free program. Participants are able to get a chance to ride along with police officers, tour the officers’ training facility and practice with firearms at the firing range, the news release said.”

    Some of these recurring elements become self-referential, like shooters specifically mentioning other shooters: Vester Flanagan blames Dylann Roof, Dylann Roof cites George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, Cho gives a shout out to the Columbine killers, and Neil Macinnis calls out Cho’s Virginia Tech.

    It’s like it’s one big Hollywood franchise, each new sequel alluding to the movies in its past.

    1. Hm. Maybe it is a franchise. I got curious about how far this is from the official government refuge of Mount Weather, also in Virginia. As we might remember, continuity-of-government is the kind of exercise that is done sometimes – was on 9/11 and at other times, using agencies including CIA. Obviously role-playing is included.

      Well, it’s a long drive, but it is a straight shot down I-81, right along the base of the mountains. One may or may not want to connect that dot.
      But it is a site where known role-playing has taken place.

      Let me just throw a little fat into the fire here. You can see that the US Constitution presents an obstacle to many agendas, both left and right. Many amendments are regularly violated, but some are also in the sights of the relatively powerful as needing to be repealed. Obviously the Second Amendment is coming under criticism. But so is the Fourteenth. Needless to say, the Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth have also been grossly violated by government. Can it be long before some people call for a new Constitutional Convention to throw out the whole thing and start over?

      1. Yeah, that’s in the Greenbriar neighborhood. That is where all the little demons hang out.

        There has been considerable discussion about how “old fashioned” the Constitution is. Most recently during a Governor’s Conference. They were calling for a a “Constitutional Convention” to rewrite it.

        I certainly would not want that. Of course the reality is that it is only as effective as the respect that people have for it. It is obvious that the latest tools in power would love to abandon it.

        At the moment it is just a piece of paper. Our “Constitutional scholar” violates it with impunity. His hand-picked judges support him. This couldn’t be more obvious.

        We don’t need any more laws. We need to enforce those that we have. These mutts take an oath of office. I took the same oath. I took it seriously.

        “Continuity of Government” is a fine term for running for the hills when we’ve had enough. It is amazing to me that they aren’t chased down the street daily.

      1. This story has more holes than Blackburn Lancashire.
        The picture they show of the gun man when the camera “fell” can NOT be retrieved from the video. Try it yourself. It’s not there.
        The man in the so called “still shot” is NOT Bryce or whatever his name is.
        The gunman’s phone “Falls” (like the camera mans) and swirls to the ground. Right.
        Both the Gunman and Camera man’s video go “Black” at the same time.
        When he fires the gun his camera doesn’t even shake from the recoil of his gun. Is he holding it or someone else?
        Could it be he was really shooting blanks and thats why his camera stays stable while he’s shooting? Hardly
        Speaking of blanks being used.
        The first 2 shots he took at her, much less the 3 shot, would have knocked her down and it would not be pretty. Do you any blood or even worse?
        How does she manage to run out of the camera shot?
        Her Father is an actor and runs a acting school.
        The Father and Fiance, whom he said he was so in love Allison but kept it a secret for 9 months act like little robots and liars.
        See below at 6:25 when Megan Kelly mentions the still picture they “Both” freak out. Why? They don’t want people to question the video still of the gunman.

        1. I figured it out on the Still of the gunman.

          I original video released out to the public was Edited to remove the gunman before airing. When the video was released again to could see the guy.

          That explains why some can get a screen shot and some can’t.

    1. Wow, that was fast!

      Recynd, the video was of a guy filming the shooter’s footage on his laptop and remarking that his hand didn’t look black.

      Here’s a video of news story footage that the “Bryce” made with the Roanoke television station. About 20 seconds in you can see his hand holding the mike, pretty much like the shooter with the gun.

      Does it look like the same hand?


      1. It could be the shooter’s hand, maybe. However, of the three or four black reporters linked to /reporting on this, their hands were actually darker than their faces. No this time.

        We’re being had.

        1. I thought that same thing, Toni: how normal he seemed. That, and how well he did the “newscaster voice”; he had it down pat. As far as on-air personalities go, I like him much more than I like Parker, just from the little we’ve seen.

    1. Dachsie
      Here’s an interview with russian author Nikolai Starikov:
      “Are there any values that are specific to the Russian world and are different from, say, European or American values?

      Yes. The main difference is their goal in life. In the Russian world, the goal of life is to follow certain morals and commonly held values, such as duty. Western traditions are more egotistical, living for oneself. Today’s Western consumer society is a direct result of that.

      If I could sum it up, being Russian means serving God. In the West, it is more of an agreement with God”

  23. JAMES,
    There is no way leave a reply on the new article VA Reporter and Cameraman Shooting Discrepancy.

    Ps. Nice little “like” buttons. Facebook thing?

  24. NY state toughens student vaccination rules


    “Children entering or attending kindergarten through grade 12 will be required to have two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, the department said in a written announcement. Children entering kindergarten through grade 5 will need to have five doses of the vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus and a cellular pertussis. Also, children entering kindergarten and grades 1, 6 and 7 must have four doses of the polio vaccine.”

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