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The following statement with attachments was issued by Texas freshman Congresman Steve Stockman regarding a mysterious fax message his office received on April 19, 1995, just as a bomb exploded at the Alfred P. Murrah federal office building in Oklahoma City.

OKC-Murrah1An attachment consists of a statement by an FBI spokesman that the Congressman’s office acted properly in their handling of the fax. Also attached is a memorandum Stockman sent to Attorney General Janet Reno a month before the bombing inquiring about possible planned raids on “citizen’s militias.” In the memo, Stockman questioned the advisability and legality of the possible planned raids, suggesting that “a bloody fiasco like Waco” could result. 

I am extremely concerned about the media reports of the last 24 hours. The facts are not being reported accurately. Here are the facts:

On the day of the Oklahoma City bombing someone sent our office an anonymous fax which appeared to relate to that tragedy. Our office – not aware of the bombing or the meaning of the fax – set it aside. Our office – like the offices of most public officials, receives every imaginable kind of mail from the public. This fax was no different.

After my staff heard news reports of the tragedy – the fax was retrieved and I was made aware of it. I immediately instructed my staff to turn the fax over to the FBI. My office did so within minutes.

There has been some confusion in the media over when my office received this fax and when we turned it over to the FBI. There has been no confusion in my office – we turned it over right away.

The FBI (Justice Department) has issued a statement confirming what I have said all along and confirming the chronology I have given.

This should end this discussion once and for all.

Once again, I want to express my wife’s and my deepest sympathy to the people of Oklahoma City. They have endured a tragedy of monumental proportions. This is a national disaster and our focus should be on those people and on their families. Our attention now must be on bringing those responsible to swift and certain punishment. The people of Oklahoma are in our prayers.


U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
April 24, 1995
Honorable Steve Stockman
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.

Dear Congressman Stockman:

I want to thank you and your staff for the information you provided to the FBI, via facsimile, immediately after the Oklahoma City bombing. My office received your facsimile document, which reflects that you sent the communication at 11:57 a.m. on April 19, 1995, to the FBI Office of Public and Congressional Affairs.

Again, thank you for your action and assistance.

Sincerely yours,

John E. Collingwood
Inspector in Charge
Office of Public and Congressional Affairs

[Note: This is the text of a handwritten message received by Cong. Stockman’s office the morning of April 19th. The first line is the standard time stamp generated by most fax machines indicating the origin and time of the fax.]

04/19/1995 08:59 16169660742 WOLVERINE PAGE 1
First update
Bldg 7 to 10 floors only military people on scene –
Bomb threat received Last week
perpetrator unknown at this time


Statement by Jeff Fisher, Chief of Staff to Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas.

I am still overwhelmed by the bombing last week in Oklahoma City.

This kind of terroristic activity is disgusting and I hope and pray that the people responsible will be brought to justice. My prayers are for the victims of this tragedy, and the families who have been touched by this awful act of terrorism.

Let me first say, that Congressman Stockman has done everything possible to ensure that justice is served and the truth about the people who are responsible for this is brought to light. We want to clarify misinformation, there have bee some erroneous reports by the media. We are here to set the record straight.

At about 10:30 a.m., our office first saw televised reports of the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City. This was our first knowledge of the event. Our office received no information prior to the bombing.

After we saw the news reports about the bombing, one of my employees came and told be that we had received a fax at about the same time as the bombing. As the fax was so cryptic and wasn’t directed to anyone in particular, the employee had thrown it away. However, because of the magnitude of the disaster and the possibility that the fax might be connected to the bombing, I asked Kimberly Pyle, the staffer who had thrown the fax away, to send it the Federal Bureau of Investigations at once. Pyle immediately called the Congressional Affairs branch of the FBI, spoke with Special Agent Les Wiser, and faxed the “mystery” fax over to the investigations department of the FBI. This all took place shortly after the bombing occurred.

At approximately 12:15 p.m., I called special agent Les Wiser myself, to make sure that our office had done all we needed to do concerning the fax. He confirmed that he had spoken with Kim Pyle, and had received the “mystery” fax with the name and phone number of the person who sent the fax. It is my understanding that Wiser did not think that the fax was of any importance, for he did not contact my office again.

It is my understanding that the National Rifle Association received a copy of the fax from a third member of my staff on Thursday, a full 24 hours after the FBI was initially contacted by our office.

I believe the staffer acted in good faith, nonetheless, this was done without my knowledge. Again, it is my desire that the people responsible for this massacre are brought to justice. The FBI has not contacted our office since then and we hope it has been some help in their investigation. Again, Congressman Stockman absolutely condemns the deplorable behavior of these terrorists and want the truth brought to light.

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515-4309


March 22, 1995
United States Attorney General
The Honorable Janet Reno
10th Street and Constitution Ave, N.W.
Washington, DC 20530

Dear Attorney General Reno:

It has come to my attention through a number of reliable sources that an impending raid, by several Federal agencies, against the “citizen’s militias” groups, is scheduled for March 25 or 26 at 4:00 A.M. A paramilitary style attack against Americans who pose no risk to others, even if violations of criminal law might be imputed to them, would run the risk of an irreparable breach between the Federal government and the public, especially if it turned out to be an ill considered, poorly planned, but bloody fiasco like Waco.

While information is scarce, it is known that Joint Task Force Six, with headquarters at Fort Bliss, Texas, is co-ordinating the military training, including the use of tanks and other armored vehicles, for certain Federal Law Enforcement agencies in possible violation of the Posse Comitatus Law, 18 U.S.C. 1385. Any possible impending military action against American citizens might be forestalled by, among other things, simply asking for a complete explanation of all training activities of JTF-6 for the last three years, including the individuals, agencies, who authorized the training, what military equipment was used, what apparent purpose was served by the training, and copies of all legal opinions as the legality of such training.

I will be eagerly awaiting your response to these questions.


Steve Stockman
Member of Congress

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30 thought on “OKC Bombing: Evidence of Foreknowledge”
  1. Read the book by our former Governor’s brother, Martin Keating, where he foretells the OK Bombing in a book he wrote 6 years in advance. It is a story of a federal building in the “midwest, that was bombed by a guy named Tom (not Tim) McVay (not McVeigh) and who was caught by Highway patrol for having a burned out tail light and was pulled over other than the supposed real cause for the pull over…a missing license plate. The name of the book is called The Final Jihad. Inside the books jacket it states, Martin being who he is had inside information.

    1. Amazon says that as an author, Martin Keating “employs “predictive analysis” of classified information.” That’s quite a predictive process if it can foresee the NAMES of future terrorists!

      Perhaps his bio reveals the matrix from which he made his prophecies:
      “Martin Keating is a master storyteller with unique access to government intelligence agencies and clandestine terrorist groups. His brother Frank Keating, serving as Governor of Oklahoma until January 2003, is a former FBI agent and assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Keating’s uncle, Barney Martin, was a career intelligence officer who headed the U.S. Navy’s worldwide foreign intelligence collection operations and counterintelligence activities.

      Introduced to the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY through GENERATIONS of FAMILY INVOLVEMENT, Martin Keating knows intimate details of what the rest of us can only imagine. Armed with firsthand knowledge of explosives and of chemical and biological weapons, Keating accurately reveals what the highest government officials have known, feared, and covered up for much too long.” (emphasis mine)

      1. Since the OKC event, I have wondered about that book. It is one of the weirdest, dangling-there, facts of recent history. I have never heard a satisfactory explanation.

        Why was it written/published?

        Were we fed its existence (I don’t think it sold more than a few copies)? If so, was it a test, to see how the “questioning community” would respond to really blatant, in-your-face proofs of secret government atrocities?

        Many things happened for the first time with OKC. Media control was really and truly developed there; the reporting was very good on the ground, and we got lots of real information from many sources, much of it put into questioners’ videos (VHS tapes, in those days). But systematically, we watched, in real time, the expunging of the facts we all knew from the reporting. I assume that this was closely monitored, to see how easily the public mind could be expected to forget what everyone knew at the start (very easily, it turned out).

        One brave television station, though, continued to do real reporting, primarily from a very courageous woman reporter (I forget her name), for many months. When they refused to quit, a buy-out offer was made (was it the New York Times company?) for so much more than the station was actually worth that the ownership simply couldn’t say no.

        And the honest reporting abruptly ended.

        1. I would love to see vhs of that woman reporter.

          Your media analysis is right on. This was the year of the OJ trial when the huge cable news creature was brought to life and began to define the boundaries of consensus. I guess this new media beast cut its teeth on Oklahoma City, spitting out the facts that didn’t fit the “official” story, just as you say.

          Patrick, are you familiar with Troll or Kelley who’ve posted in this thread? Do either have a history here of which you are aware?

        2. “Troll,” I believe, is the person who has posted here over a very long time under various pseudonyms, including “granite” along with using numerals to substitute for vowels, and most recently “aub.” This person has admitted using many handles, and James has weighed in to verify it’s all the same internet address If he/she is also “Kelly,” I don’t know. James can certainly tell us, if he reads this thread.

          Incidentally, this makes me sorry for using your name in quotes the other day: you are with a doubt in my mind an honest player, and I should not have called it into question, however obliquely. That kind of rhetorical usage should be reserved for people like his “granite/aub/troll” person. My apologies.

        3. This woman has big kahoochies.

          “After eight years of oppressive litigation, the courts have vindicated my work ethic as a dedicated journalist,” Davis told WorldNetDaily. “The lawsuit was obviously designed to silence a legitimate investigation into Middle Eastern complicity in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”

          “The lawsuit was obviously designed to silence a legitimate investigation”
          Davis continued, I would sincerely like to know who bankrolled this frivolous, but costly lawsuit against me and my former employer.”

          So would we. Hint: CIA

          At least she’s still alive

        4. Yes, I agree with Ric on his insightful comments about Jayna Davis and her “big kahoochies.” They really jumped out at me, too.

          “Jumped out” – get it? OK, enough teasing of Ric.

          Her site,, just comes up as a blank page for me. So I couldn’t evaluate it, though I watched some other FOX videos of her. She seems so completely professional, too bad she had to run into our underground intelligence services crime network. It foreclosed on yet another productive career.

          But it’s not the first time we’ve been reminded by our shadow government that it doesn’t care what lives it wastes in constructing its false narratives.

          I’m just extra disgusted by all this.

  2. David M Hoffman who wrote the contentius Oklahoma City Bombing and the politics of terror claimed that one government agent came in the last minute and pulled out his relatives from PanAm 103 which then exploded over Lockerbie. Hoffman was punished and the remaining copies of the 1st ed of the book were destroyed and the publisher declared bankruptcy. Surprisingly one anonymous comment in the link below claims the Lockerbie bombing to have been a deal between the Us and Iran as revenge for a previous destruction of an Iranian aircraft. 254 americans for 254 Iranians.
    I mention it because apparently things didnt go so well for David Hoffman who had severe depressions and died 2008 aged 48.

  3. Back in the old daze, the pre-you-know-what-and-when days, before the flouride and the chem trails and the psychoactive drugs fully kicked in, Gore Vidal did an article for Vanity Fair called The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh. He may not have gone as far as he could have or should have, but he still took it quite a far piece by today’s standards. He was not a true gatekeeper after all, he was no Noam Chomsky or Glen Greenwald or H. Post; he was not in their league at all. If you’d like to glance at it, you can find it here:

    But if you’d rather not, here are a few paragraphs from near the end of the article:

    Shortly after McVeigh’s conviction, Director Freeh soothed the Senate Judiciary Committee: “Most of the militia organizations around the country are not, in our view, threatening or dangerous.” But earlier, before the Senate Appropriations Committee, he had “confessed” that his bureau was troubled by “various individuals, as well as organizations, some having an ideology which suspects government of world-order conspiracies—individuals who have organized themselves against the United States.” In sum, this bureaucrat who does God’s Work regards as a threat those “individuals who espouse ideologies inconsistent with principles of Federal Government.” Oddly, for a former judge, Freeh seems not to recognize how chilling this last phrase is.

    The C.I.A.’s former director William Colby is also made nervous by the disaffected. In a chat with Nebraska state senator John DeCamp (shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing), he mused, “I watched as the Anti-War movement rendered it impossible for this country to conduct or win the Viet Nam War.… This Militia and Patriot movement … is far more significant and far more dangerous for Americans than the Anti-War movement ever was, if it is not intelligently dealt with.… It is not because these people are armed that America need be concerned.” Colby continues, “They are dangerous because there are so many of them. It is one thing to have a few nuts or dissidents. They can be dealt with, justly or otherwise [my emphasis] so that they do not pose a danger to the system. It is quite another situation when you have a true movement—millions of citizens believing something,

    In the March 20, 1996, issue of Strategic Investment newsletter, it was reported that Pentagon analysts tended to agree with General Partin. “A classified report prepared by two independent Pentagon experts has concluded that the destruction of the Federal building in Oklahoma City last April was caused by five separate bombs.… Sources close to the study say Timothy McVeigh did play a role in the bombing but ‘peripherally,’ as a ‘useful idiot.’” Finally, inevitably—this is wartime, after all—“the multiple bombings have a Middle Eastern ‘signature,’ pointing to either Iraqi or Syrian involvement.”

    As it turned out, Partin’s and Cohen’s pro bono efforts to examine the ruins were in vain. Sixteen days after the bombing, the search for victims stopped. In another letter to Congress, Partin stated that the building should not be destroyed until an independent forensic team was brought in to investigate the damage. “It is also easy to cover up crucial evidence as was apparently done in Waco.… Why rush to destroy the evidence?” Trigger words: the Feds demolished the ruins six days later. They offered the same excuse that they had used at Waco, “health hazards.”

    And now, back to me:

    Why destroy the evidence? It’s always a good question. And there’s never a better answer than the self-evident one. Good grief, did I just say “self-evident?” That’s a word from a bygone era. Please forget you heard it.

    Ray Bradbury wrote a story called “The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl.” Early on in the tale a man commits a crime and for the rest of the story he tries desperately to remove every instance of his fingerprints from the scene of the crime. It becomes very tragicomic and psychiatric and it eventually leads to his undoing. I don’t know why I thought about in the midst of writing this, but here it is nonetheless.

    1. This photo I posted here is from a secret military base in Oklahoma just days before the Bombing.

      Is this the same Ryder truck that was used by McVeigh in the bombing?

      Did the military provide the expolsives? The evidence says yes. Just like 9/11 used US Military explosives, when the FBI uncovered the second device it was found to be “military in nature.”

    1. Vincent
      There were witness acounts of explosives mounted on some inside pillars.
      I remember Partin claimed that the building exploded inside out, which seems absurd to me: it looks like a wide and low crater outside and the front of the building has a rounded shape of its destruction pattern. But he was right about the much greater magnitude of the explosion than what could be explained by the fertilizer bomb. There are claims from those who dare bring up nukes that this was a 200ton tnt equivalent mininuke hidden under the ground, perhaps hidden in a sewer. It is one of the fifty cases after 1945 of suspected nuclear bombings noted by the experts of IAEA. But there are no regulations for such ‘small’ bombs so there is no legal procedure to follow. Hence this kind of record is probably informal. There are also reports about suspected EMP but I dont know if that’s reliable and I make the following estimate: An underground explosion of a small nuke will create EMP as a burst of microwaves which will be attenuated and blocked by the soil and the crater opens up too late. A millisecond is too slow for this kind of EMP to escape and it lasts only on the order of a few nanoseconds
      Note that the haste by which the whole site was cleansed might be explained by the need to remove radioactive material. All nuclear fissionbombs leave the greater part of its material unused and vaporized. What other explanation could there be for this criminal breach with normal protocol other than the overruling by a more important protocol – that relating to nuclear safety.

      1. Peter,
        You are correct. There were huge bombs that had not been detonated found strapped to the pillars inside the offices where ATF located.

        They planned to take that place to the ground.

        That’s about all you need to know.

        Case Solved. That’s why they stole all video tapes and still haven’t released them even under court order. The FBI said they “lost” the tapes. My dog ate my homework never worked in school.

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