halbig1Wolfgang Halbig discusses this document and other developments when Real Politik welcomes him back on the Monday, August 17 edition which airs at 3PM EST on Truth Frequency Radio and is archived post-airing here.

On June 2, 2015 Newtown counsel Monte Frank Fed Ex’d Wolfgang Halbig some 200 emails dated 2012 pertinent to Halbig’s FOI requests and one day before the second scheduled hearing before Connecticut’s FOI Commission.

Most were “junk emails,” according to Halbig. Yet one email dated July 19, 2012, between Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung and chief custodian Kevin Anzellotti indicates that teachers will be asked to pack up and move, yet they will “still have their jobs” but “mums the word.”

On the morning of July 19 Hochsprung emails Anzollotti:

How does this look? [Apparently referring to an attached pdf excluded from the document disclosure.] NOT set in stone! I have to notify teachers after we meet next Thursday, then we can get moving. Of course, they will need to come in and pack… This is going to be really hard!

That afternoon Anzollotti responds:

I got it and it is what it is it’sbad [sic] for us but I would not what  to [sic] be in your shoes as your telling them but all still have jobs I guess that’s a good thing  mums the word [sic]

Such communication may help to explain both the internal and external condition of the school and its decrepit condition.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.19.02 PM

In other developments Newtown’s Police Chief and Monte Frank, the bicyclist/gun control advocate and attorney for Newtown leaders, may have perjured himself by confirming before the FOI Commission the authenticity of a Newtown police dash cam video document purportedly taken on 12/14/12 that curiously lacks the customary date and geo-location stamp necessary for its forensic and judicial utility.


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105 thought on “Hochsprung Email Suggests Sandy Hook Vacated Months Before Massacre Event”
    1. Monty is too “professional” to allow for oversights. He knows exactly what he is doing, down to the last dotted i’s. And let’s not forget that, ever. Especially when the TREASON trials are underway.

      1. Someone once said ” people talk about all the idiots and fools that do not know what they are doing.People say they are ruining this country, but what frightens me is the people that are very intelligent and know exactly what they are doing that scares me.”

        In martial history to underestimate your opponent is to court tragedy.

        Mr. Monte knows what he is doing.Everyone makes mistakes but he also has a federal budget behind him.

  1. Since they were given paper and not digital copies they should be required to produce the attached PDF. Or produce the digital one( which they obviously have ) with the attachment.

    Time to go back to court.

    1. Yes, my understanding is that the complainant must hold the respondent(s) accountable if documents are clearly omitted.

      I have observed what appear to be entire lines of texts deleted from emails I have requested from my employer under FOIA. The problem is that as a state official there is an expectation for the respondent to comply with the law–even in Connecticut. Yet if no arbiter is present to determine they are acting in good faith the complainant has little recourse unless pre-existing docs exist that would suggest a willfull effort to withhold materials. Thus Wolfgang may have some leverage with this July 19 email. As with most things legal, at the end of the day it comes down to the amount of time and resources one wishes to direct toward such efforts.

      1. Makes for an interesting position Newtown’s lawyer has just put them in. Producing paper emails seems like a handy way to ” half-ass” comply with requests and conveniently miss a few items. Aside from that, this particular email makes me wonder if they were at a different location already and were being told they were moving to the old school…..just a thought….won’t know until we see that attachment.

      2. Yes, this is somewhat different than being in “discovery” in a court case. At least there you have a judge to appeal to if you think your opponent is not being responsive. The judge can order compliance and even subpoena the documents.

        When I have had to supply documents, as “Dudeashaneo” said, I had to provide the attachments. It is obvious that an attachment exists. Where is it?

        It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for lawyers to play games. After all, they are already paid and its just a game to them.

        This does rather argue against the school being closed since 2008. It also supports Hocksprung as principal. Of course it isn’t conclusive of much.

        Obviously, if she is delivering bad news and wishes to keep it quiet, others are aware of this news as well. If it has to do with closing the school, she certainly would not have that level of authority on her own.

        That being said, the email could at least implicate the school board. If they were in the process of moving, etc., that would render the official version untrue on its own.

        The maddening thing about this is that it should be an extremely simple issue. Were there students attending SHES at the time of the alleged event, or not? If so, how many?

        If she is saying “I have a plan for moving, and I want your opinion but don’t tell anyone”, she had from at least July to accomplish this. If that’s the case they would have been well on their way by December.

        Does anyone else get the distinct impression that people are lying?

        1. The meaning of the email exchange is especially ambiguous, which is why the post title includes, “suggest.” The original title was, “Hochsprung Email Suggests Sandy Hook Vacated Months Before Massacre Event,” but this sounded too cumbersome.

          Note that Hochsprung titles the email, “Room Change.” This would suggest a change of workspace in the same physical location. What is puzzling is Anzollotti’s response–that the teachers “all still have jobs,” which gives the impression that there was a much more serious decision made, perhaps by the school board, requiring a more significant transition.

        2. James, yes, it could be read that way. The most innocent reading could be that, for some reason, the teachers were being asked to play musical classrooms and she knew that would be unpopular. The remark “at least they still have jobs”, could be translated to: “what are they complaining about? It’s only a shuffle”.

          There really isn’t much to go on without the attachment. If the email is legitimate it at least places her at the school (somewhere) on the indicated date.

          I assume that this was in a collection of other emails. I do not know the exact language of their FOIA request. I’m curious about the range of dates and if they were provided electronically. If they were the metadata might shed some light on the location.

          I agree this isn’t conclusive of anything.

        3. Two things stand out to me. The date is July 19th ( middle of summer break) and they are discussing a meeting that will take place soon where she will have to inform them of the need to start packing.

          Also Kevin mentions how this will be bad for “us” but it is what it is…so to speak.

          Obviously Dawn got the info for a move and she is communicating this to her head custodian and they are discussing, in an offhand way, what the ramifications of all this will be and she is qualifying with him via this (unproduced )PDF to see if it looks presentible….at least that is my reading of it.

          I don’t think this is conclusive that it is a move from the location on Dickenson drive because that would have been made public. I get the feelin it is part of the larger school setup.

          Need to see the PDF.

        4. In the interview that Jim Fetzer did a month or so ago, with an Australian researcher named Allan Powell, he said that SHES was not being used as a school, but it was being used by someone. Without going back and listening to the interview again, I can’t remember exactly what he said, but he believed it was possibly a CIA hub and possibly being used for telephone stingray operations. I remember that because I didn’t know what that meant and had to look it up.

          He showed many photos in the video of the school in preparation mode for the event. There were moving trucks, delivery trucks, and I believe there may have been vehicles used by local and state entities that were parked there. He even showed photos of the people that were doing a lot of this, who didn’t realize they were in said photos. The same thing happened during the set up of the Lanza house, showing the progress of the set up. People forget that mirrors and windows show their reflections in photos. There are people that know and would recognize these hoaxers, but they aren’t talking.

          Anyway, what I really meant to ask is, is it out of the question that these e-mails were thrown in as red herrings? Would it be that difficult to simply fake these e-mails, considering the huge fake-out they were able to pull off? I truly am asking because I am electronically challenged when it comes to such things. I just kind of assume though, that a person that is electronically savvy would be able to fake a lot of things.

        5. Mary, I would agree with the Aussie. My theory is that the school was not functioning as a normal school. I think they may have used part of it for businesses, such as the “Education Connection”, who’s president’s husband recently found himself convicted and sentenced for nefarious deals.

          In addition, I think they ostensibly had a “special ed.” program there. It was probably for autistic children. As the parent of an autistic child I can attest that they often do that. They like to use defunct school properties for this purpose.

          Since this was a “Capstone Event”, it was planned, and funded, years in advance. It simply wouldn’t do to have even minimal amounts of kids milling about while they set up this drill. To me it seems consistent to send an announcement that the staff will be on hiatus until January.

          I have other thoughts about what they actually did with their “students”. I won’t go into that at this time. I have resisted joining the “the school was closed” camp, primarily because I don’t think it was, at least not totally.

          Since this drill was planned well in advance, there would be no reason to expend funds on a school that, ultimately, was scheduled for demolition. They probably used a wing, or the temporary classrooms, for housing the special kids.

          To the outside world, technically, the school was open for business. The students would be bussed in. From there they would be available for their designs. It is certainly a remote location.

          The Firehouse was certainly purpose built for the drill. It was to serve as the centerpiece for the pageant. I would expect that those involved had varying degrees of knowledge. All who worked there would be compromised in ways that made them easily malleable.

          If you visualize this as a production with many separate parts, those in control of each part would be evaluated on their performance. For example, some of the “media” contingent over-acted their roles. They no doubt received a few demerits for that.

          As the drill is still ongoing, the containment team is being evaluated on their response to doubters. And, of course, the doubters have a role as well. They would like to assess how many of the great unwashed still have a few functioning brain cells.

          So, it could mean that Dawn’s email is evidence of preparatory steps necessary for the Capstone Drill. Since money has never been an issue in this I would expect that those affected would get an all expenses paid leave of absence. Of course they may have had to make a few casting calls and mill about on demand.

          What the Aussie captured, in all likelihood, was the setup team staging for the big performance. The various “theme shots” could have been done at any time. It all comes together in the cutting room.

  2. Got an email from TheTenthAmmendmentCenter today. It was titled “Untold Story:How British Gun Control Precipitated The Revolution”. Everyone should read it. Lest we fail to learn from history.

  3. And speaking of treason, the cancer cases from the WTC are escalating.
    In 2013 there were about 1250. A year later in the middle of 2014 there were about 2500. Last week the numbers came out at 3700. How many of these are from exposure to ionizing radiation ? Bone up on “The WTC Nuclear Craters”, and, “DAVEY CROCKET Nuclear Rifles”, for starters. When you get time listen to “Dimitri Khalezov Interview”, it is over 4 hours long. I know, I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Until I saw the pics of the craters all covered in solidified molten rock. It’s amazing what a MICRONUKES can do down a shaft 50 meters into the bedrock, under the basements.

    1. For those shills that say cancer caused by asbestos fibers can occur in a few years post exposure, it’s been well known for many years that mesiothelioma takes 25+ years to develop. Get some alpha particle emitters in your body and the cancer process is rapidly jumpstarted.

        1. My understanding of this measles vaccine and mesothelioma is that a genetically modified measles vaccine has been tried on lab animals to help control the mesothelioma……imagine. Testing is continuing, most of this work was done a few years ago.

  4. I believe this was referring to the move to Chalk Hill that was going to be taking place in order to use SH as the stage for this upcoming massive drill since SH was so dilapidated. There would have to be many months ( July-Nov or probably sooner ) to get everything ready for what was to look like a mass shooting. This would explain why the nature trail was closed behind Chalk Hill ( in order for people not to notice kids were there when it was supposed to be mothballed) and why I was told when I called Chalk Hill last year and told the secretary I wanted to enroll my kids I was not allowed to have my children attend. I asked ” so if I bought a home across the street from Chalk Hill in Monroe, my kids can’t attend? And she said ” that’s right, it is only for kids from Sandy Hook. “. In other words…no outsiders out of fear the truth may come out that they had been there for months, not 3 weeks after the shooting. Besides it has already been determined there is no way that school could have gone from middle school to elementary school in three weeks it would have taken that long just to arrange it identically to SH down to the angle the crayons that were placed on the desks much less relocating an entire second floor cafeteria (code requires elementary schools to be only one story). It also explains why you can’t find a single article as to the exact date Chalk Hill was officially closed as a school…because it never was, it was taken over by SH. It needed massive repairs such as replacing 1957 boiler, replacing single pane windows, new gym floor, lowering toilets, lowering drinking fountains, lowering handrails, installing playground equipment, etc. painting it green and white, bringing it up to code as the maintenance man was quoted in the paper as saying ” not a thing has been done to this school since it originally opened.” No way was this school readied in 3 weeks during Christmas vacation and having volunteers running all over the place in the way of contractors, etc, no way! It would taKe three weeks just to pull necessary work permits. I think work at Chalk Hill was complete and Dawn was telling Kevin, we will be moving to a different town. Yes, it’s not good news but at least they still will have jobs. Who wants to drive an extra 7 miles to get to work and that it why Dawn says ” it will be so hard to tell them”

    1. With this in mind it muddles the theories. If in fact this was a planned event then what happened to Dawn? Nobody would be a willing participant in someones death…regardless if it was an accident or not.

      1. “nobody would be a willing participant in someone’s death”….ponder that statement for a while and tell us why our psychopaths in government don’t abide by this reasonable statement. Would Bill Ayers and his spouse hope for the deaths of many “non-believers”? You damn betcha!!

    2. “This would explain why the nature trail was closed behind Chalk Hill ( in order for people not to notice kids were there when it was supposed to be mothballed) and why I was told when I called Chalk Hill last year and told the secretary I wanted to enroll my kids I was not allowed to have my children attend. I asked ” so if I bought a home across the street from Chalk Hill in Monroe, my kids can’t attend? And she said ” that’s right, it is only for kids from Sandy Hook. “”

      Is it still like that?

    3. Kelly that Monroe news article on Chalk Hill school was interesting. That location has 3 schools.That is a lot of activity to view the partially used Chalk Hill.They claim that the IT department and emergency services were using the building which would be some activity,but roughly 550 Sandy Hook students and teachers is a little more activity.
      There are many logistical problems which I have to ignore in my research. As in other false flags, the awareness of how many people there are that need to stay quiet is disturbing.I will have a video out soon on the schools.

    4. That’s a reasonable and likely explanation. What is puzzling about this and other anomalies is the explanation of the explanation. I don’t doubt that Sandy Hook was likely unoccupied, but how do you get so many people in that locality to go along with the sham? How do you not get even one person to break rank with the crowd? Threats, extraordinary sums of money, secret societies binding people together or all of the above? How long does it take to either move people into this area who support this mission or to condition a populace over time to accept the mission? This is certainly not the America where most of us live.

  5. Re the video: Is there a reason why Halbig & his lawyer didn’t bring a laptop with the no date/timestamp footage with them?

    and Halbig (who I generally respect) has GOT to keep himself more disciplined during proceedings.

    1. Perfect decorum in a kangaroo court does NOT translate to better results. This aside, Halbig has not yet hit the MotherLode on his approach to the state of Connecticut. What is happening now in judiciaries coast to coast is a total disdain for the rule of law. Or, the realization that the poor, stupid taxpayer serfs are but mere stringed marionettes to be handled like the toys state and federal governments feel they have become from lack of fight and fire. Did Halbig leave some points on the table with his outburst? Absolutely not, had he come forth with truth upon truth, he was bound to run into something like the bogus Nuremberg trials where it was painfully obvious it was a kangaroo court and remember also Nuremberg had a very jewish flavor to its onesidedness thanks to the input of the tribe. The German generals and other high ranking dignitaries were given the royal shaft from that poisoned court and Americans everywhere think it was a halmark of integrity and truth. Nothing is farther from the truth. Americans have been lied to since our inception thanks to our presstitutes who refuse to tell the truth. One can only be amazed at how poorly informed people are in this country. This ignorance could cost us our sovereignty, that’s what we are fighting for in our own ways. There are people who feel Halbig, Fetzer, and even Tracy are shills of the Bolsheviks. Imagine…But, nothing is more obvious that the fact there are shills aplenty in the major media just waiting to stretch their gossamer wings of America hating and dollar loving. Is it not obvious that CIA owns most or all of these media potentates? Every night, people listen to MSM thinking they are getting the truth. From Murrow to Williams, lies and tainted news abound and saturate the minds of shallow airheads. And, it’s killing us…

      1. Perfect decorum in a kangaroo court does NOT translate to better results.

        true, but thanks to digital his behavior is transferred far beyond the courts. But no one is perfect, me neither.

    1. Awesome, Ric. Thanks. These are Donald Trump voters–they just don’t know it yet.

      Blacks have been taken for granted by the Dems, and ignored by the Reps. They deserve better. Donald has shaken the system to its roots.

      I can see citizens whose ancestors came from Latin America, whose lives have been hobbled by competition with the sneaky trespassers, voting for Trump, in huge percentages–and I can see blacks voting for him in big numbers for the same reason.

      The Human Turtle and the Orange Man represent the Chamber of Commerce, and no one else. What’s the point of voting for Republicans if evil creatures like them block every effort to effect change, every effort to reverse the monstrous evil Barry Soetoro has accomplished?

      Talk about a coalition! What fun we are having!

      1. You’ve all seen how the stupid white lefties are enablers and trash their OWN race to try to be cool.

        This is classic.

        Now they they have giving the whole enchilada away, the people they empowered are are now destroying them. What fools they are.

        All white chicks who are Feminists are now Racists and they eat thier own once again…

        Wake Up you silly wanna be politically Fools….

        The west has done more for any minority than any other Peoples.

        Don’t bite our hands. We are tired of this and know how many good people aren’t a part of this MSM slaughter


        1. When or if this comes out of mod. All the typo’s aren’t from me.

          It has Nothing to do with wine. No No…..

          Aliens..yes, that’s it, Aliens..sounds good..Haha

      2. Pat,
        You nailed it Bro.

        “I can see citizens whose ancestors came from Latin America, whose lives have been hobbled by competition with the sneaky trespassers”

        The American Mexicans that are just as American as anyone here have been silenced by the left while the Democrat’s pursuit of illegal alien votes in the hopes of conquering America thru sheer numbers moves forward.

        I think this is all wearing thin and I hope our people stand together.

        You saw that video of that AMERICAN Black woman standing up and you NEVER get to hear from the AMERICAN Mexicans and Legal South Americans and All from the world living here legally that are standing with us all as Americans.

        They control the Media and the Narrative.

        1. I just had an epiphany.

          When you say “I’m an American” you leave your race(s) behind.

          For American is not a Race, but a group of peoples who want to live in Peace.

      3. It’s a matter of some conjecture when we say “Obama perpetrated evil”. Considered imbecilic by many observers, Obama depends on his nightly visits by strangers, the people who run this government and the people who own the politicians. Without these people, Obama drowns in his own spittle. The man is a moron and has been propped up by people who represent hostile and vile interpretations of what government “should be”. Clearly, the man spent extensive hours in acting classes before his Chicago organizer days, most likely during his secretive stay in the Soviet Union. If anything, this toad is the Great Pretender. He even got people to vote for him because he “had nice clothes”. Even Joe Biden said he was clean…..
        The ship of fools has a busted GPS on it and we are headed for shipwreck thanks to Commissar Soetoro.

        Patrick is correct in that this man Trump can strip a lot of votes from the traditional Democratic strongholds. Without measures to control his absurd outbursts and inanities, Trump will soon start to turn people off. Yet, like Obama, Trump may be able to hit enough heart strings with his plausible populism to produce the impetus to get rid of this Democratic/Republican loony bin aka Insane Asylum. Who wouldn’t love to get rid of these idiots like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and the rest of the folks who had bit parts in “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. We have got to get rid of these psycopaths and nincompoops or we are toast. A newly schooled Trump can cash in on our hatred of the so-called government and get elected only if he can be smoothed out and moderated by more sensible patriots who realize their steed cannot keep acting like a bucking bronco.

        Yet, evil people are plotting his demise as we speak. He must avoid the shoals of the heart attack gun and radioactive elements placed in his nightly schnopps. He has become a target, in other words. Were he to be elected president, he’d still have the crosshairs trained on him. This is what Trump faces and we can never forget that.

    1. Comrade Ogilvy,
      I thought the reddit comment you linked to worthy of re-posting here:

      QUOTE: “I’m 56 days late on this, but i live in charleston and actually know Chris Singleton and defintely believe this shooting was staged. Follow the dude on twitter/insta/fb and the only things hes posted since the shooting is pics of his new car, watch, and his many vacations hes been taking. The only thing posted regarding hhis mother is how her funeral would be a private immedite family only funeral. He never even posts tweets about his mother and missing her but didbt mind posting the photos of him with the obama family and yankee players. I even listened to the police scanner after hearing the news of the shooting minutes after it happened and got nothing. Dylan roof made it across state lines so it could be turned into a federal case. The best part? The arresting officers got the alleged shooter burger king before flying him back to a charleston jail on Leeds avenue (where he isnt allowed to recieve mail?) The s*** is major f***** dude.” UNQUOTE

      Chris Singleton is a college baseball player whose mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton was a part-time minister at the Charleston church, and a “victim” of the Dylann Roof event.

      ESPN had a camera crew following Singleton around in less than 24 hours to cover the important and uplifting baseball angle of this tragedy. /sarc

      As recorded by ESPN, Singleton even got to play with the Yankees as part of their HOPE initiative, for Helping Others Persevere & Excel, whose mission “is rooted in the fundamental belief that acts of goodwill provide hope and encouragement to MORE THAN JUST THE RECIPIENT of the gesture.” (emphasis mine)

      In other words it’s propaganda, played to the cheap seats.

      EPSN again:
      QUOTE: “Singleton made headlines a few days after the shooting when he said he could forgive Roof because “love is stronger than hate.”

      “Obviously, [he is] an amazing young man who’s had to deal with a lot of sadness,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.” UNQUOTE

        1. Ha Ha Toni,
          Whats with the Quote and Unquote gig while still using quotation marks? ” ”
          Am I missing something here your trying to portray?

        2. HaHa!

          Go on, “Ric,” you smartypants, you lol


          I’m having real trouble posting this because MHB is timing out. Anyone else have this problem right now?

        3. Timing out may be true. When I take my time it always seems I go to Moderation. Although we here have never seemed to the find the rhythm or reason (algorithm) as to why we go into moderation.

          Any ways, I’ve made a couple of suggestions and I’m hoping Mr Tracy responds in like.

          When I said I want an argument that was funny.

          I otta, You little, I was laughing so hard. That made my day. You know…

  6. Has anyone else checked out the SHES web address that is shown in these two e-mails on the Wayback Machine? I did, and if I am reading it correctly, the first time that web page was crawled by the Wayback Machine, was on April 6, 2012. From 1996 to that date, the page had never been crawled, and it was not crawled even once for the rest of 2012. It begins to be on January 11, 2013 and continues to be crawled regularly, the last recorded one on July 8, 2015. There are 56 crawls for the page altogether. So where was that webpage before 2012? Was it created to add legitimacy for the event, taken down until a short time before December 14, 2012, and then put back up in January 2013?

    1. I have mentioned this before here a while back, so here it is again.

      The newton.k12.ct.us site was not indexed for several years simply because the website administrator – for whatever reason – disabled bots from crawling (indexing) the newton part of the site by modifying the robots.txt file. Whether this was done with intent to mislead CT’ers several years later as part of some extremely detailed, premeditated psyop remains to be proven, and more than likely was accidental.

      1. “Whether this was done with intent to mislead CT’ers several years later as part of some extremely detailed, premeditated psyop remains to be proven, and more than likely was accidental.”


      2. I highly doubt the website administrator who worked for the school was even capable of modifying the .txt or even knew it existed.

        And what would be the point?

        Someone was instructed to modifying the file.

  7. James Tracy,

    I have 2 requests.

    1) Start a new Free Friday Thread

    2) Do an Article on how how the Left are starting to “Eat” their own.

    I have have posted 2 video’s here on this thread alone. There is a good video where Mr. Lib himself, Ed Shultz (MSNBC) goes hot on Obama calling him out on the TPP w/ Bernie Sanders.

    The White feminists are now Racists by their own Lib sisters that gave them the platform to turn on them. Video I posted here.

    There’s a another story where the NAAPC goes to a school and petitions to remove the school mascot because of an Confederate flag and the meeting goes nuts on the NAACP.

    There is so much backfiring on the left. Black Lives Matter movement is ran by a white guy. It’s incredible.

    The average American is just sick and tired of PC and all this Racism nonsense. It’s 2015 not 1966. I’ve always Obama thinks and wishes he was Pres. back then and it trying to recreate it here in 2015. Ego.

    Just a thought for new thread of interest. But new Free Friday Thread is a must.

    Thanks either way.

    1. I’m tellin’ ya

      Between the left eating their own. The infighting inside the left for power within it’s self. It’s imploding.

      The Anchor baby issue is now in the forefront because it never was the law ever. That’s why King O said anyone here in 1986 are legal. Which is smart to solve this. 1986 we draw the line. Reagan.

      I’ve worked for people, I can’t say, and ALL their kids are born here. Flown in on private jets for the birth. All over the world from England to Israel to Saudi Arabia…. Really

      It’s scam from the top. All the Big Cheeses from anywhere fly their pregnant wives, daughters, friends to Dummy land to have the baby. Then fly back to the palace or 10 million $$ compound.

      That’s the “Freebie” from Congress for $$$$

      It;s all falling apart…..Yea!

      1. 14th Amendment, Section 1: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

        1. “…and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”

          That’s the key point. Sneaky trespassers and pregnant forage tourists are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States government, so neither are their children. They are subject to the jurisdiction of whatever tyrant or potentate they are fleeing from, or intend to immediately return to, once their “anchor baby” is ready to be taken home to be raised in Saudi Arabia or China.

          It was a particularly egregious bit of malfeasance on the part of the stinking lawyers in black robes, in 1982, that foisted upon the country this ridiculous misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Ann Coulter, fortuitously (and felicitously) explains this in her column this very morn (http://townhall.com/columnists/anncoulter/2015/08/19/draft-n2041224/print). here’s a sample:

          “By my count — so far — Fiorina, Chris Christie, Rick Perry and the entire Fox News commentariat are unfamiliar with a period of the nation’s history known as “the Civil War.” They seem to believe that the post-Civil War amendments were designed to ensure that the children of illegal aliens would be citizens, “anchor babies,” who can then bring in the whole family. (You wouldn’t want to break up families, would you?)

          “As FNC’s Bill O’Reilly authoritatively informed Donald Trump on Tuesday night: “The 14th Amendment says if you’re born here, you’re an American!”

          “…how could anyone — even a not-very-bright person — imagine that granting citizenship to the children of illegal aliens is actually in our Constitution? I know the country was exuberant after the war, but I really don’t think our plate was so clear that Americans were consumed with passing a constitutional amendment to make illegal aliens’ kids citizens.”

          Read the whole thing. You don’t want to miss the summary of the history of the 14 Amendment between that part and the money quote:

          “The anchor baby scam was invented 30 years ago by a liberal zealot, Justice William Brennan, who slipped a footnote into a 1982 Supreme Court opinion announcing that the kids born to illegals on U.S. soil are citizens. Fox News is treating Brennan’s crayon scratchings on the Constitution as part of our precious national inheritance.”

        2. I fell for “forage tourists.” lol I even googled it.

          Like foraging for benefits. Kind of works. In fact, I think it should be added to the lexicon.

          In Los Angeles, birth tourism is big business for foreigners with money who want to set up dual citizenship for their child. They come in late pregnancy and stay in huge “spa-like” residences, unlicensed of course. Doctors and lawyers are part of the deal.

          That dual citizenship thing is a scam. Does us no good as Americans.

        3. “Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction is, by virtue of natural law and national law, a citizen of the [United States]. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers, accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

          The Author of the 14th Amendment.

          It is so silly to really believe (or just hope) our forefathers were so stupid to amend the constitution to say ” Hey Guys, if you can get illegally you have babies and we will pay for them”

          What would be the point for immigration laws if anyone and everyone gets free citizenship.

          If anyone who can “get” here and sneak past immigration gets a free pass why in heck were all people going through Ellis Island? Just swim to Manhattan.

          I say all anchor babies end at 1986. Good place to start.

        4. Well, if I may put in my 2 cents worth on this topic. I know of a Mexican family where every single kid was born in the US, and they had six of them, and promptly went back to smog filled Mexico DF. How nefarious of them! They are the children of my mother’s American born brother and his wife from darkest Bavaria, Germany. And they all talk with a crazy mix of German Mexican accents. But they are as American as their former Ranger POW father! Can you beat that for arrogance? Crazy krauts pretending they went studied at UCLA or something? Just like those Japanese kamikazes.

          Look, people will take advantage. They need stability. If you allow this process for whatever reason, you will have immigrants. I am frankly okay with that. I occasionally bop into Southern California and I know that it has changed, but this is not unanticipated. Nor am I more afraid of the “worst people” getting in there. The “worst people” can show up anywhere and look just like you. Character does not know national boundaries. I have some history with this, but I do not care to divulge it at this time. On a dark and stormy night, your shelter will not be race-based, it will be about character and often about fear of God, which all wise men know to be the beginning of wisdom.

        5. Well, musings, the fact of the matter is that the US and Canada are the only countries in the world that grant citizenship to any baby born inside their borders–and in the US only since 1982, and only because a truly diabolical lawyer said so. It is not a provision in the Constitution, and it’s preposterous that anyone accepts Brennan’s asinine decree as the final word on the subject.

          A country’s government should be designed for the protection of its citizens, and one element of this is deciding which outsiders will be invited in–if any. Sneaky trespassers simply have no right to be granted any privileges at all, any more than a burglar has a right to stay permanently in the spare bedroom of a house he’s broken into. He might be as nice a fellow as you can wish to meet, but it’s not up to him to demand “rights” from the homeowner.

          America used to expect any aliens we invite in to assimilate, and become fully American. Those who break-and-enter tend not to do that. They should be removed; sneaking in and trespassing is a sign of bad character–not the kind of people we should wish to join our society.

        6. Patrick, I congratulate you. The tone in your response was much more evenhanded than I could manage! I haven’t been able to finish a reply to musings’ post. I can see it’s an emotional post and I don’t want to respond to that, but it makes me angry when she writes:

          QUOTE “If you allow this process for whatever reason, you will have immigrants. I am frankly okay with that. I occasionally bop into Southern California and I know that it has changed, but this is not unanticipated.” UNQUOTE

          Well, musings may be “frankly okay with that,” but I’m not. Musings may “bop into Southern California,” but I live here. And just because the change to our state that even musings can see was “not unanticipated,” that does not make it acceptable. My city is gone.

          This state of affairs was anticipated, warned against and protested by citizens since before Reagan’s last amnesty. Every measure taken to exert some control over illegal immigration has been buried under a heap of ad hominem attacks of racism. Heart-tugging personal narratives are not a sufficient response to the whole-sale destruction of a culture.

        7. I was born and raised in Downey, CA (home of the Carpenters!); talk about losing one’s city.

          However, I also lived in Westminster for a time (my husband’s grandmother lived there for 40 years). In the 70s and 80s, the Vietnamese poured in (“The last American out of Westminster grab the flag!” was a common bumper sticker.)…and Westminster was revived. My son has the soul of an Asian (I have no idea where that came from); he is often mistaken for a Eurasian by Asians, even (strange, since I’m Czech and French/German, and my husband is Norweigen). But we love Little Saigon. If immigrants totally assimilated, we wouldn’t have such gems.

          I wish the government would stay out of such matters and let the market determine immigration based on supply and demand. Instead, they’re now forcibly integrating zip codes. Great.

        8. Recynd said:
          “I was born and raised in Downey, CA (home of the Carpenters!)”

          And Phil and Dave Alvin!

          Recynd also said:
          “…they’re now forcibly integrating zip codes. Great.”

          So true. The government wants “equal outcomes” everywhere. It’s as creepy as anything they ever told us about the Soviet Union. Again, a total lack of irony.

        9. I’m no historian, but today’s “benefits of citizenship” seem a whole lot different than yesteryear’s.

          As far as I know, those early “benefits” were limited to being left mostly alone…is that right? No SS, no free medical, maybe education to about the 8th grade, but nothing like we have today.

          I’d sooner be left alone than “helped” the way the government “helps”.

        10. You mention Reagan’s amnesty, Toni. In the current context, I’m reminded of Garry Wills’ book Reagan’s America: Innocents at Home. It describes the world as it was when Reagan was drawn to Los Angeles in his youth. Not a lot different from how it was as depicted in Adam 12, and Dragnet.

          No one. No one. Could have expected, predicted, the demographic transformation So. Cal. has experienced in the last few decades. No one outside those who planned it, that is. LA was the quintessentially American city, not a jumble of alien cultures, and hostility toward everything America represents.

          Incidentally, Toni, the ongoing Daily Mail reportage about the invasion of Greece indicates to me that you were more right in your reaction to my initial interpretation of the photos than I believed possible at the time I first posted here about them. Syrians who can afford to bribe their way into Europe are escaping as fast as possible. You were correct: lots of these people are middle class families with money, not destitute people. The destruction of the Middle East is only just begun. Alas.

        11. Patrick, thank you for that description of my city, the Los Angeles of my youth. There have always been different ethnicities here, but they were part of a culture that remained whole. I know some people will think I mean “remained white” but that’s not it. I’m talking about a common set of social expectations shared by everyone. Things as simple as traffic etiquette. Now there are no cultural norms that can be counted on anymore. When you experience some minor crisis in your neighborhood, say your car won’t start or you dropped something, any one of a thousand little things that would ordinarily elicit some neighborly courtesy, and your “neighbors” stand around like strangers and stare, you know your city is gone.

          All over the world, population transfers are intended to be destructive. It serves the purposes of TPTB to destroy any positive social coherence that could possibly challenge their globalist aims.

        12. To be fair, Patrick, we had just been plied with photos of poor African children “dying” from Ebola. That’s what I was thinking about when I looked at the Syrians in Greece.

          Ah, Marxism…not just for monetary wealth redistribution anymore.

    2. Ric, good thoughts, but we must never, ever forget that destruction of the country was always Obama’s intention. Hell, he told us flat out that “change is on the way” and the airheads who liked his clothes did not listen. I imagine those same vapid folks will come up with thousands of excuses for the “tragic things that just seemed to happen here, not his fault, of course”. The nation has been diverted onto dozens of micro-issues that give some people the impression Obama is so, so concerned about our welfare (while he is signing Patriot Act, NDAA, and other diktat) that he can’t get over how humane he really is (as he participates in murder and mayhem).
      Trump needs somebody to tone him down and teach him how to stick to real issues, but unless we start to turn the corner on this nightmare called America, we are toast. It’s why it is Trump against all comers…..if he’s malleable, if he can learn, if he can choose people in our corner, he deserves our support. The other toads are too beholden to ADL and AIPAC, they gotta go. Perhaps the most important election in our history….and we are here.

      1. Does it bother anyone besides me that Trump associates with–considers as friends, even–alleged human traffickers? The same goes for both Bill and Hillary Clinton, among any others.

        I’m referring to Jeffrey Epstein. Just Google “Epstein Trump” (without the quotes) and start reading. Is this really the guy you want as president?

        1. Well, Recynd, he’s in the billionaire’s club. None of them are clean.

          Today, we observe the bizarre spectacle of “Democrats” repudiating the man who essentially founded their party, Thomas Jefferson, and the man who made it a populist party, Andrew Jackson, because the times they lived in seem yucky to the delicate flowers who blossom in the detritus that are ours. The same people who push to stop calling the leftie fundraising events “Jefferson-Jackson” are the ones who don’t wretch when watching videos where their abortion-mill pals haggle over the prices for baby livers, hearts and brains.

          My point is, everyone swims in the sewer they find themselves in.

          If we want a saint to rule us here on Earth, we are going to be disappointed. Prophets are always killed by the ones who should welcome them. That’s just how it is.

          Trump is shaking up an evil system. That is good. The Human Turtle and the Orange Man should have a Donald Trump in the White House, because he will tell them they can’t get away with doing the Chamber of Commerce’s bidding any more. Who else will do that?

          If you think Rick Santorum, or someone even cleaner, has a chance at becoming president, you are not looking at the situation realistically.

          Trump scares the hell out of the sclerotic establishment, and anything that scares them so fundamentally is a good thing. He’s not Jesus throwing the money-changers out of the Temple, obviously. But he’s making the scumbags feel just the same way: he’s out of their control. I’m loving it.

          Trump gave money to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, too. He’s given money to every pol who will perform for him when he needs eminent domain. He’s not a good guy. But no good guy will ever be president. Never in the past, never in the future.

        2. I don’t expect a presidential candidate to qualify for sainthood, but I do expect someone…not evil. Someone I can stand to look at. Someone who won’t throw the U.S. under the bus. Someone who actually has a soul.

          Those stiff requirements eliminate virtually every politician, ever…the modern ones, anyway.

          Before the 2008 elections, I finally decided I could no longer vote for “the lesser of two evils”, so I didn’t. The system is too corrupt and I just couldn’t play that game anymore. Let them play their game; they’ll have to do it without me. I can’t bring myself to participate in the farce.

          I still vote in local elections, but only so long as I think they’re fair.

        3. Recynd, your standards are impossibly high! lol

          It’s troubling about Trump and Epstein. How disgusting is that Epstein guy anyway? Yuck.

          Trump, though, I don’t know. He made reference to knowing about Epstein’s criminal behavior, though he didn’t call it that. Definitely gave it a pass: “We both love beautiful women, his are just on the young side.” He probably saw Epstein with “jailbait” at Trump’s own properties, and let it all slide.

          But was he just being the big hotelier? The gracious host? One who wouldn’t embarrass a person by bringing up his crimes, especially in a classy venue like a Trump Property? I can’t save this guy, can I?

          But at least he’s not implicated directly, with any of these girls, I mean.

        4. I bet Trump has enjoyed his share of jailbait in his life, but I can’t prove it. But how many times has he filed for bankruptcy?

          He’s a shill; I can’t believe how many are falling for his BS.

        5. This is what “they” want and its working. Divide and Conquer.

          The Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment HATE Trump.

          You’ve seen the right wing news on the internet say he wants to take our Guns. He’s a liar, a flip flopper..We need Bush again.

          He’s going be Ross Perot again, a spoiler secretly working with left to dis Bush..

          The Toppermost of Both parties hate him.

          I’ll stop here.

          If he’s alive in 2016 I’ll be impressed.

        6. Please don’t misunderstand: I am NOT a Republican, though I once was. Nope, I’m off political parties, as impractical as that may be.

          I consider myself 100% voluntaryist (with a small “v”), or maybe even an anarchist (with a small “a”). I’ve always been quite socially and fiscally conservative, and I’ve been religious for the past 15 years or so, but I’d never presume to expect any of my own morals upon others…even though I think everyone would be happier if they lived in a similar manner. The only principle that need apply to all is the Non-Aggression Principle, aka the Golden Rule.

          I realize this is idealistic and will never happen; however, we have all seen where man’s “law” gets us. When Christ comes, and if I’m still here, I will happily be subject to Him.

          In the meantime, I’m done voting. But good luck with that.

        7. Recynd77,

          We need your vote. This is what happened in 2012.

          I quit the Republican party when Bush invaded Iraq but I still at least try to vote. I live in Commie-Cali where my voice and vote mean Nothing still I try.

          Story: I never blog anywhere, only here.

          2011: I went on to Infowars blog and everyone was saying they aren’t going to vote because the Republican party just stole the vote from Ron Paul in Iowa.

          And they were right! We actually witnessed the scum at the top of the Republican party do what they said only dirty Demonrats were capable of…Steal votes.

          I said at least if we put Mitt Romney in, we at least have a half a chance to control him, get his attention unlike Obama.

          They destroyed me. Told me how stupid I am. Obama Won.

          I personally believe your vote doesn’t count since Bush and Gore played the hanging chad game and now all votes are Electronic.

          A very famous Commie once said” let them vote all they want, WE count the vote” Paraphrased of course but it stands true now in America.

          When you vote does that little electronic receipt they hand you mean anything? Does it say who you voted for?

          Suckers…………No one complains


        8. I’m in CA, too. I stood in line to vote for Schwartzenegger, that rat bastard. Well, fool me once, shame on you; fool me TWICE, well, shame on me.

          You can’t possibly think the Republican Party will save us? With the likes of John McCain or Ted Cruz? That’s who you’re going to get, not (thank God) Donald Trump. He’s a carnival barker, I promise you.

          Truly, we have no more control over one party than the other; they all work for the same master, and friend, that ain’t us.

          But I hear you…I do.

        9. But, Recynd, Trump’s not beholden to either party. That’s the point. It may be the only hope his candidacy holds out, but it’s something different.

        10. I don’t understand….he’s running in the primaries as a Republican, right? Do you think the Republican Party will choose him as their candidate, even if the voters select him? The presidential candidates aren’t chosen by popular vote. What am I missing? (And I could very well be missing something.)

          Schwartzenegger claimed that he wasn’t beholden to any party, either…

        11. He could run as an independent. It could be that his constituency will extend both right and left as voters abandon the parties.

          I’m not saying, “Throw in with Trump, he won’t disappoint you!” I’m pretty sure he will disappoint. It’s just that, right now, he’s the one least gummed up in the political hierarchy.

          It would be worth it if he could just break the two-party system.

          (Nice Carlin reference there before, Recynd)

        12. Wow, Recynd,

          Let me tell you another story. Back in 1979 when Jimmy carter had been the President for almost 4 years I was at work at Standard Oil refinery as a lab tech. My Boss was a Strong Democrat Christian Black Man named Shane who supported Jimmy carter

          I complained and Complained how Carter was a Fool Bla Bla.

          He took me aside and said “Who did you vote for?”

          I said “I was too young to vote when Carter was elected President.” ( I thought I was so smart)

          He said to me ” You claim to be Christian, don’t you?” I said yes.

          He said “have you ever Prayed for President Carter to do what you think would be the right thing.?” I said No Sir.

          He said “Then shut your your mouth. You neither voted or even Prayed for your President”.

          I have lived with this my entire life. I learned a great lesson from an Elder brother. I’m am white,He is Black, but he was still my Elder.

          I hope you hear me.

        13. Well, sir, I HAVE voted (I’m nearly 50 years old), and I have certainly prayed. But I hear you, and I will consider your words.

          I’m exhausted, but not closed-minded.

        14. Ric, you didn’t offend me in the least.

          I was trying to say that I’m neither inexperienced nor naive, and I’m not close-minded, either. I try very hard to listen and learn, even with those with whom I disagree (and generally speaking, you’re not one of those people).

          I am considering your elder’s admonishment…because while I have prayed for the country, I do not often pray for our leaders in particular (once in a while, in church, a prayer like that will crop up).

          My own prayers have led me to my non-participation, but perhaps I wasn’t praying for the right thing. That’s what I was trying to say in not so many words.

    3. Ric, If the Professor can’t use your idea, I’ll write a comment addressing the left eating its own.

      I’ll even post it in a new Free Form Friday thread, should one happen to appear.

      1. The Left still haven’t quite come to terms with the thought that Obungo don’t need them anymore and his agenda comes first.

        Ed Shultz said on Nation Television (if you consider MSNBC national TV) ” We’ve carried your water Mr. President” “We stood behind you” bla bla whine whine. Ha Ha

    4. I wanted to address just one of your points here, Ric: the white guy who said he was black and went on to become a leader of the “Black Lives Matter.”

      A lot of people don’t realize that his high school girlfriend, now his wife, is black. She must have shepherded his “transition” from one race to the other. The con probably started with the scholarship money from Oprah and snowballed (haha) from there. After college, they parlayed it into an activist career, which is an opportunist’s playground. What a pair of con artists!

      Here’s the point I wanted to make though. This white guy found more social status by being black. In black American culture, the color of your skin correlates to status. The lighter the better. I know this sounds racist; I didn’t make it up. I wouldn’t even know about this had it not been documented by self-aware black people.

      So this guy, whose prospects were mediocre at best as a schlubby white guy, is suddenly top of the chain as a light-skinned black guy. And to a lot of black folks it’s like, “And isn’t he so cool, too, marrying a sister, one who’s darker than him.”

      Most white people I know, when they meet a black person, the person is black, not some gradation thereof. It wouldn’t occur to most people who are not black to break it down any further. If you’re white and you don’t like black people, you’re not going to like lighter black people any better.

      When white people are baffled when they are called racist, it’s because they don’t know that this color valuation exists, much less that it’s being projected on them from so-called “People of Color.” People who have internalized the color grade think everyone else must be grading on a scale, too, each discriminating against everyone darker. Without being able to acknowledge the discrimination within themselves they project it up the color scale towards those they who in their worldview must be discriminating the most, white people.

      This kind of racism, common to black Americans, belongs to the legacy of slavery. It’s exacerbated these days by racialized political culture, including Black Lives Matter.

      I bring this up humbly and not to incite.

      1. I wish moderation had a recall button, because my post is sooooo off topic. I should have put it in Free Form. Sorry.

        I blame Ric! that dang ole rabble-rouser incited me

      2. Sorry, I’m behind on some of these threads, but Toni, you taught me something I did not previously know (or if I knew, I didn’t realize the extent): the inherent racism of blacks along gradient of hue, and the projection of that racism onto whites. So interesting! I wonder how many black people realize this? Certainly the “leaders” must.

        Now, how to use this information for the power of good?

        1. Recynd, thank you. I think lots of black Americans are aware of the color gradient valuation, but not that many of the projection onto people who are not black.

          Do you know the David Foster Wallace story from his graduation address called, “This is Water?” As he tells it:

          “There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the hell is water?””

          Wallace goes on to deny being the older fish, and so do I. And his point was not this, but I think the fish story illustrates what projection is like. You can’t locate yourself within it because it’s been generalized to everything outside.

          All we can do is name it. Sometimes consciousness is changed one crack at a time. A little dissonance is created in the mind, and pretty soon someone is asking, “What the hell is water?”

        2. Toni: Another wonderful post!

          I did the whole “What the hell is water?” thing with education, then with government, then with medicine. A crack at a time is exactly how it happened.

        3. Toni–thank you for sharing that speech. Often, people give speeches or lessons for themselves more than for their intended audience; I got the feeling this was one of those times. In any case, I suspect I will return to that lecture again in the future.

    1. Very Good Interview.
      I thought she was going to be a kooky way there type, but I agree with her on almost everything and have come to many of these same conclusions and hypothesis as she.

  8. If you look closely at the 2 emails in question, the spacing on the date and time on the first email does not line up with the spacing of the rest of the email. It appears that because the email address is too long to its left, that it forced the date and time to be split, with the “AM” part being displayed directly below the rest of the date and time. It would be interesting if anyone with an Ipad and a printer could confirm that this phenomenon could cause the spacing of the entire date and time to be misaligned with the rest of the email. I am not sure how a direct Ipad to printer works, and how printing emails would appear in such a procedure, neither am I sure if this is even how these paper displays of emails were created.

    Also the whole document’s text is going downhill towards the right, nothing necessarily nefarious, probably misaligned when the original was scanned or this is a copy of the original that was wasnt copied straight.

    1. actually, on second thought, this was printed from Kevin’s email collection, and there is no indication that he was using an Ipad. So the anomaly of the misalignment of spacing is probably on the schools server side or kevin’s email software.

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