cashA man is offering $25,000 to any party who can substantively disprove his claim that the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was staged. Taking to YouTube as a platform one Joe Jones of Kentucky thinks the tragic incident was carried out with the aid of “crisis actors” at a building “decommissioned several years prior to the day of the event” because of “asbestos and mold.” By late 2012 “the building was just being used for storage,” he says in the video.

Sandy Hook was fabricated by somebody who decided, “Oh, we’re going to do a school shooting, and all of the fake actors who play out the parts of all of these victims are going to become filthy rich from fools who are sending money to them–millions and millions of dollars.

Jones addresses defenders of the official Sandy Hook narrative, who he derisively refers to as “liberals,” encouraging them to come forward with solid evidence of the shooting’s authenticity and demonstrate the sincerity of their claim by matching his $25K offer. The combined funds would be held in an escrow account while a third party private investigator–paid for by Jones– verifies the submitted evidence. If the document(s) prove valid the individual will then receive the $50,000 account balance.

The extravagant assertion would mean that everyone from Newtown’s First Selectman and Connecticut State Police to the corporate news media and key figures in the Obama administration were involved in a colossal hoax to terrorize the American people into foregoing yet more of their freedoms to the state.

Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy and the Obama administration have funneled tens of millions to Newtown since December 2012. They should therefore see fit engage Jones in his modest challenge, thereby replenishing precious taxpayer dollars that have freely flowed to Newtown over the past 32 months. In October 2013 the Sandy Hook Elementary School was demolished when Malloy quickly appropriated $50 million for a new school facility. In addition, Obama’s Department of Justice has provided several million in compensation to Connecticut and Newtown civic and law enforcement officials in their efforts to address the tragedy.

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90 thought on “$25K Reward Offered for “Irrefutable Proof” Sandy Hook Massacre Was REAL”
    1. Face down Malloy on the issue and you’ll find out it was a fake. We live in a dangerous state here and there’s no telling how far this corrupt government will go to silence people. Remember, Obama can pardon participants in this massive ruse before the end of his term. He’s waiting for the correct time to do so.

      I cannot think of a more meaningful year than ’15, not by a long shot. Something’s gotta give soon….

  1. I heard about this reward last year. Still no “irrefutable proof” that it was real. However, there still remains a lot of irrefutable proof that it was NOT real.

  2. Moron. Our friend David Wheeler lost his son Ben in that tragedy. We attended the funeral. What a despicable, horrible insult to those families who lost their children and loved ones.

    FYI, I’m a big second amendment proponent. If someone like me was in that Sandy Hook admin office this would have been stopped before it began.

        1. That reminds me of the article printed in the Chicago Tribune on the very morning of the alleged SHE shooting. It featured a photo of two nuns under the heading “Elementary school shooting”, and the caption for the photo was “Two unidentified nuns leave the scene of the aftermath at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including 18 children, were killed. Don Emmert, Getty Images”. I always wondered how they were able to put all of this together that morning.

      1. You’ve set new standards for shill-dom. I want to congratulate you, hell, I’d love to shake your sweaty palms. I wrote 2 researchers last year who had invented a device to see if bodies were actually present in graves and I asked them if they would, for a double sawbuck each, bring their machine and see IF there were bodies in the graves of the tragediennes who lost their lives in this unspeakable event. It pains me to even allude to this event, can you almost feel my palpable sorrow? Good. At any rate, these government electronics researchers both refused to take the crisp, new double sawbuck for their testing of the graves of the, sob!, deceased. Don’t let others on this site get you down, stick to your story, psychological testing rapidly advancing will exonerate you of insanity…..possibly. You are courageous to mention the death of your friend Wheeler’s kid, why this is nearly in the same order of magnitude as Obama’s Second Killing of Osama bin Laden!!! You are in great company here, getting to kill a desperado TWICE is really quite some level of achievement. Please keep us informed of your upcoming name change so we can keep up with your literary career.

        Wishing you the very best in advance,


        1. So there’s 2 Christopher Hoffman’s living in New Town and BOTH know the Wheeler’s?

          Oh That’s right, Jet fuel brought both the Twin Towers down, gutting all the other adjacent buildings and WTC7 was all alone and fell on it’s own.

          Ok, Sounds logical…………..

        2. Gil,
          Your killing me..I laughed so hard I almost lost a lung.

          “You’ve set new standards for shill-dom. I want to congratulate you, hell, I’d love to shake your sweaty palms.”

    1. Are you referring to David Wheeler the ACTOR who starred in the 2001 anti-gun movie “FAITHFUL,” pretending to shoot himself in the head with a revolver?

      David Wheeler is married to Francine Wheeler (another ACTOR) who did the voice for a character in the animated pornographic cartoon, “MUTANT ALIENS.”

      In other words, both Wheelers are professional actors PRETENDING their “son” died at the Sandy Hoax gun-grab scam.

      Did I mention that Francine Wheeler was also the assistant to MAUREEN WHITE (Finance Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee)?

      That’s lots of ritzy connections for a “random parent” who “lost their child” when fictional boogeyman “Adam Lanza” attacked their abandoned school without any motive.

      How much does DHS pay shills to pretend “they know someone who died at Sandy Hook?”

      How much prison time does the Treason code specifiy for Traitors trying to dupe 300 million American citizens out of their firearms?

      Let’s ask the staff of the Hartford Courant, the Newtown Bee, and the Newtown Police Department. We can’t ask several Newtown policemen, since some VANISHED and some GOT ARRESTED for dealing drugs. Those missing persons are therefore unavailable.

      1. very well said. Thank you.. I have testified before the state of Ct. Public Safety and Security Commisson as to the evidence pointing to this being a hoax. Many seekers of the truth have been mercilessly excoriated and harassed on line, and I wholeheartedly support my good friend, Wolfgang Halbig in his quest for justice. Please mail him a check- address avail. at

        1. I was impressed with a lady who testified, I saw the tape and noticed the glassy eyed stares exhibited by the committee. I did not catch the lady’s name but if that was you, my admiration for your guts is limitless. To testify before some of the state’s finest walleyes is worthy of our praise. Thank you.

    2. Christopher, I’m so glad an actual human being has emerged in this situation to testify to his direct experience in the Sandy Hook nightmare.

      I’d like to interview you, in person. Since David Wheeler is your friend, I’d ask that you request his presence. Finally, this whole sad situation can be put to rest conclusively! Why have you not stepped forward sooner? David can talk all about the school building, and the weirdos pretending to be “parents” on television.

      Contact Dr. Tracy, and he will forward your contact information to me. If you have photographs of the funeral, I’d like it if you would post them here (I’m certain James would be delighted). Maybe a snap of the grave site, before the coffin was lowered into the cold, cold ground)–perhaps you’ll have to prevail on your good friend Dave for that, but no doubt he wants the “crisis actor” meme to be put to bed, so he’ll be happy to oblige. We need to stop all these conspiracy theorists postulating that the whole thing was a hoax!

      I await your reply with bated breath.

    3. impossible. Piles of Pre Knowledge. I have met the false embalmer, Pasquale Folino, who brought up the Italian mafia, for Chrissake. You sir, are a liar.

        1. Sue, here are …notes from 11/4/2014:
          Pasquale Folino from Neilan Funeral Home, New London, had claimed he had embalmed 3 SH kids . I spoke to Chris Neilan, the owner, and gave him a copy of my essay. I told him I was a Roman Catholic and that the truth mattered to me. He said he was one too. He said “You don’t think those kids died?:\” I said it was a hoax, clearly. I said here’s your chance to tell the truth about it. He became more and more agitated. He said, he had had a funeral for a 10 year old several days after SH, and did I deny that as well? I said, “I did not say that” . He threatened to call the police if I did not leave.”….and then Sue, here are notes from my 2nd visit to Neilan Funeral Home: “Several months back, I had visited Chris Neilan of the Neilan Funeral Home in New London. His company claims his funeral home embalmed three sandy hook “victims” – yet he’s 81 miles from Newtown. He yelled at me, turned red, and demanded to know if I thought a child dying six weeks after SH, brought to his facility was also a hoax. I told him of course not. I told him I was a Catholic, and that the truth mattered. He told me he was a Catholic too. He told me to leave or he would call the police. The “feeling “ I was left with, was one of him having extreme fear. You’ve seen me speculate that the mafia were the SH low level henchmen- maneeley catering all the way from south Windsor, “crematorium for adam lanza”, east Hartford, “adam anecdotes from john anthony salon and my place, etc.
          This past Tuesday I went back to the funeral home offices. A tall guy in glasses denied any SH involvement. I told him Chris Neilan and I had already discussed it where he was standing. He got the owner Pasquale Folino, mentioned in my link here. Please note that Folino co-ordinated ALL funeral service offers for SH. I nervously told Folino if he came forward with the truth, he would likely get a decent immunity deal. He told me I needed to leave. I reached for the door, and heard him say, “Go with God” as he smirked. I popped my head back in and said, “I am a Catholic, and the truth will set you free”. I told him not to fear the Connecticut Mafia. I was outside on the public sidewalk as he came chasing after me. He admonished, “You have been here before. In Italy, we have a saying, three strikes and you’re out. If you come here again, I’ll have you arrested.” I said, “On what charge?”. He said, “trespassing”. I told him again, not to fear the Ct. Mafia. Inches from my face, he screams, “Not the Connecticut mafia the ITALIAN mafia!” He was walking away, and I shouted at him, “Don’t you threaten ME with the mafia!!” Since that day I read the Huffpo piece again, not realizing that he was running the whole funeral show! Apparently he goes to church every week. Anyone want to go to St. Joseph church with me? Lol.” ..Note that Pasquale Folino until recently was head of the Connecticut Funeral Association!

        2. I think you’re onto stuff here, Maureen. People often underestimate the influence the mafia wields over this country, particularly in states like Connecticut which are so traditionally ‘wasp.’ One of the more interesting factoids brought up in the discussion of the Manson murders was how Bugliosi supposedly had mob connections, and how the La Bianca murders were hits camouflaged into the psy op. How the italian mafia has integrated with the malefactors perpetrating these hoaxes I don’t fully know, but in the NYC area they coordinate with the jews and the black gangs. At the top of the italians mafia in America at least there were always jews. Super Mob by Gus Russo is a book to check out on the topic.

    4. It seems like about 3 of us had the exact same post calling Chris Hoffman and his “Journalistic” connections to SHE.

      Where did he go you may wonder? He called his “handlers” and they said “You posted a they are morons post?” You violated protocol.

      We’ll be hearing about another tragedy in litt’l Sleepy Ne’ Town soon.

      What are up to now? 9? Bill and Hillary had about 47 or so.

      No Biggi

      1. “Sweaty palms”?…….and beady little eyes? Sounds like……Monty! I think Monty’s bicycle teletubby suit cuts of the circulation and causes him to overlook requested documents.

        Now, as to the travails of known actors and their rather lucrative “woes”, it boggles the mind how such feigned outrage and attempts at public shaming are supposed to make all of the ……er………oddities, of this special event disappear.

        We even have retired lawyers pontificating on how courts are about “the truth”. Hah!, that’s truly rich. Trust me, depending on whether your client is guilty or innocent has something to do with whether you demand “truth” in court. Certainly your adversaries are not the least interested in “truth”. They are about winning. It ain’t the same thing.

        So this must be “haughty and indignant troll week”. Well I can assure you I’ve been put in my place. We have been tested, and found wanting. I am filled with humidity (sniff!).

        And Gil, I second Ric’s remark. You’re killing me too.

    5. Poor Ben, so unlucky–wasn’t he the one killed a second time for propaganda purposes as well?

      Kinda like Usama–died in 2001, murdered in 2006, then Obama got him singlehandedly in 2011. I think a fourth one would be over doing it.

  3. I love this guy – he is trying – but there is no way to prove this as it WAS A STAGED EVENT . so his $25,000 is safe . so glad someone is trying to do something .

    1. As you most correctly assert, there is no way to prove this was a staged event. Therefore, his $25,000 is safe. Yet you then say you’re “so glad someone is trying to do something.”

      If it is impossible to prove this was a staged event and if his $25,000 is safe, what exactly is the “something” he is trying to do? It seems to me, rather, that he is merely grandstanding, making an offer that cannot be accepted. Why would he do this? I can imagine no other reason than for his own publicity purposes.

      For the hard-of-thinking, let me explain why it cannot be proven. First, “Joe Jones” provides no standard of proof. There is no method given of what would be adequate to prove the case to Joe Jones. Therefore, any proof offered can be deemed inadequate, insufficient to the sole arbiter of truth, Joe Jones.

      Second, in this mendacious world, it is clear that powers-that-be can gin up all the alternative “truths” they want to gin up. Therefore, for any real truth presented, a vast array of plausible lies can be presented as alternative “truths.” Joe Jones can use any of these alternative “truths” to assert that conditions for the reward have not been made.

      This article is thin gruel. Joe Jones is simply promoting Joe Jones with this “offer.” And James Tracy, unfortunately, promotes Joe Jones (and The Memory Hole) by noting Jones’ specious “offer.”

      One would assume that James Tracy has mastered the concepts and methods of scientific proof. One would assume that he can analyze Joe Jones “offer” as well as I can. Therefore, one must ask why he promotes such drivel on The Memory Hole.

      Beats me! I trust he knows the difference between sh*t and shinola. I can’t imagine why he has so little shinola on this site. . .and so much. . . .

      1. Admittedly, the webmaster does not know the exact criteria of “Joe Jones.” Like all posts, it is presented as a basis for deliberation. “Macon Richardsonn” is apparently incapable of discerning between blog posts, attendant commentary, and objective truth. S/he similarly showboats the fashionable and seemingly radical postmodern stance that truth is entirely relative and can never be arrived at. Perhaps once someone comes forward with “evidence” that the event in question took place, Mr. Jones will present it here or on a similar site for further scrutiny and discussion. Contrary to “Macon Richardsonn’s” ill-founded skepticism, we are quite capable of thinking critically and applying logic here.

        1. James, you said, Contrary to “Macon Richardson’s” ill-founded skepticism, we are quite capable of thinking critically and applying logic here.” I am sure you ARE capable of thinking critically and applying logic. However, I assert that you do NOT think critically or apply logic in your blog. I suspect rather that you use your blog for self-promotion and publicity.

          Or rather, I have believed that you are capable of thinking critically and applying logic. In that belief I may have been in error. Certainly, hurling buzz words like “postmodern” and “ill-founded skepticism” at me strains my belief.

          I am a retired trial lawyer, one who must meet not some academic standard of truth, but a standard of truth that is tested on the spot by highly competent adversaries. Little on your blog has ever met that standard.

          Sandy Hook looks to be a complete fraud. Yet from a evidentiary point of view, little your blog has ever posted on the matter comes close to meeting a standard that proves the point. As a contrast, I hold that say, Peter Dale Scott’s brilliant analysis of the Kennedy murder or the 9-11 truth movement do meet that standard. I could go to trial with their documentation. Not, however, with yours.

        2. Richardsonn tosses out the entirely unoriginal canard that the webmaster is running this forum “for self promotion and publicity.” The argument that a blogger is seeking to generate “publicity” through a post is extremely weak, particularly for a self-proclaimed veteran “trial lawyer.” Indeed, such an assertion might be waged against virtually any individual or organization choosing to post something online?

          This is also the same claim hurled at the likes of Jim Garrison and other “conspiracy theorists” by US intelligence assets in the wake of the Kennedy assassination controversy (or 9/11) in order to diminish their credibility. While this is very flattering I must demur from being included in such noble company.

          Further, Richardsonn is again confusing two differing standards by which to ascertain truth. The obliviousness to the distinction between the popular and the judicial is plainly disingenuous. The measure of truth exhibited in the public realm, of which Richardsonn appears contemptuous, is akin to the ideal posited in John Milton’s Areopagitica, where a variety of true and partially or wholly false ideas compete for affirmation before human reason through vibrant discursive exchange. We cannot understand and appreciate truth without likewise recognizing the appearance and manifestation of its distorted form. This very exchange is an exhibition of such a process.

          On the other hand, in the courtroom the truth is only sometimes upheld. All too often court is a site in which two parties seek to procure and articulate “facts” in such a way as to present or distort the truth in their client’s favor. Even if some measure of “truth” is glimpsed or demonstrated, it must be recognized as such by judge and jury, weighed against countervailing evidence, and rewarded accordingly. With this in mind, dear solicitor, how many defendants have been sent to the dungeon or gallows due to weak and/or corrupt defense counsel?

          Richardsonn references Peter Dale Scott’s “brilliant analysis of … the 9-11 truth movement.” While Scott unabashedly identifies himself with 9/11 truth, he is by training a political scientist and I am unaware of his sociological work in this area.

        3. “On the other hand, in the courtroom, the truth is only sometimes upheld.”

          James, in my opinion, is being overly gracious.

          May I submit that a courtroom is the last place on earth I would look for the truth, in any matter?

          One must calculate into the pursuit of truth the humanity of the players, of which James alludes to. He mentions the irrefutable (appropriate word here, huh?) history of prosecutorial misconduct, only the surface of which having been scratched.

          When prosecutors accumulate convictions, they become ADAs. When ADAs accumulate convictions, they become district attorneys. When DAs accumulate convictions, they become mayors and governors.

          In the context of the city Philadelphia, case in point is Edward G. Rendell. He was the DA of Philly, then the mayor, then the governor of Pa.

          One of the convictions that catapulted his political career was the capital case and conviction of Neil Ferber. As a result of the prosecutorial misconduct of Ed Rendell, Mr. Ferber spent 14 months on death row. On his LAST DAY as district attorney for the city of Philadelphia, Rendell requested a new trial for Mr. Ferber, and the same day the conviction was overturned, Ferber being released the next day.

          Ed Rendell knew Neil Ferber was innocent. But a conviction in this case was expedient for Rendell’s political career.

          Let me suggest that in American jurisprudence, justice may be served, but the truth is not.

          And Mr. Richardsonn, simply, it was and has been up to the state of Connecticut to prove the official narrative of 12-14-12 in Newtown Ct., not for those here at MHB to prove otherwise. If you believe Connecticut has met the burden of proof for mass homicide your legal services should be in very low demand. Have you even read Stephen J. Sedensky’s report on the Sandy Hook incident? I have, thoroughly. It doesn’t take Clarence Darrow to see the multitude of holes.

          Macon, take the first few and gentle baby steps. Try answering ANY of the questions that Patrick has posed.

          If you truly believe that the case against the reality of Sandy Hook has NOT been made here at MHB, over and over, then you are WILLFULLY IGNORANT.

          This is not the X Files. The truth is not “out there” somewhere. It is, and has been, in plain sight.

          And by the way, if you really do believe Sandy Hook was a fraud, how about submitting some of your legal prowess to help expose, esquire?

          Get back to us.

        4. First, my post will likely go to a lengthy moderation, not because I hurt anyone, or defaced the site, no, it will be because I say things that are true yet, contradictory to the site’s agenda.

          Now, maconn presents a good point, stating that this site is not to be used as a source of true information, rather it is more entertainment than substance and could not be used in a court of law.

          Jft counters by pointing to the site’s stated MO as a forum for discussion and critism of media narratives.

          Both valid points. Maconn, thanks for bringing this up, since jft uses a sesquipedalian, self aggrandizing formal dialect ie; body politic, vis a vis, academe, and other down-the-nose, haughty talk that separates the phd’s from the boys. This, coupled with the runaway train that results from his alluring, nay, countercultural baiting of his audience, invokes a feeling of pretentious contempt exuding from lingering high school insecurities. This ‘leading on’ kind of writing absolves the author of actually believing the quackery that is sometimes knowingly posted, while at the same time makes fools of countless plebian readers, fascinated by the Latin cognate style of vernacular. Never really hitting bedrock, the site showers readers with ‘what-if’ scenarios, and fallacious logic which intentionally leaves stray sheep in its wake.

          Despite all this, as long as you don’t take the site as serious as you do yourself, then enjoy the positive feedback loop, and try not to say too much at work 😉

        5. Shill, I am sure you are aware of misspelling plebeian.

          You are welcome.

          It is nice of you to befriend Maconn. He appears to me to be one who would lead a relatively lonely sort of life, which CAN be a breeding ground for serious problems. But…certainly I could be wrong about him…

          Now as for this site, I don’t think many of us would argue against the charge of being merely common. I certainly would not.

          Thank the LORD that Jesus Christ died for the elite, the bourgeois, and the plebeians as well.

          Where ever you fall Shill within this order of humanity, He will not hold that specifically against you, only your sin, unless of course you have repented and trusted in Him for salvation.

          The contributions of those on this site, as well as the administration and posting contributors, have been an invaluable source of information, thought provocation and encouragement. I don’t think anyone here will ever claim the MHB to be infallible.

          Tell me a site which can verify all of its reporting and claims as being 100% truthful and accurate, never needing to wonder aloud.

          Why not render your thoughts on any of the subject matter addressed here? What about 911? Oklahoma City? Sandy Hook? Boston? Charleston?

          Oh, and by the way…do you know anyone who has personally knocked on doors (firehouse doors, victims neighbors doors…VICTIMS DOORS) in Sandy Hook, asking challenging questions? There have been several frequent MHB visitors who HAVE…myself included.

          To my knowledge, your contribution to the awareness of truth regarding these events to date is zero, and that’s fine. It is your ostentation that is unwelcoming.

          Bring something other than pot shots to the table big boy.

          Honestly though Shill, I think you know SQUAT. Now that’s far from sesquipedalian, but its accurate.

          Prove me wrong.

      2. I like this sophistry stuff. It’s fun to interact with!

        “For the hard-of-thinking, let me explain why it cannot be proven. First, “Joe Jones” provides no standard of proof. There is no method given of what would be adequate to prove the case to Joe Jones. Therefore, any proof offered can be deemed inadequate, insufficient to the sole arbiter of truth, Joe Jones.”

        I LOVE this! Hey, Macon, without giving it any time at all to mull over, I can answer your challenge on the spot! Maybe YOU can give ME twenty-five large in exchange for answering your perplexity, just because I can do it without missing a beat (send it to James; he’ll forward the dough to me, I trust–which I’d like in small denomination, circulated bills).

        How about this: the person approaches Joe with a handful of documents. Invoices and receipts from the companies that delivered the food for the cafeteria, the linen service that cleaned the towels in the kitchen, the garbage take away, the internet service provider, and the electric bill. The contract for the upgrade of the surveillance system. The video of “Adam Lanza” blasting his way into the building.

        A stack of papers like that would be conclusive.

        If that’s not enough, depositions from the cleaning crew that was so bad at keeping the place looking spiffy, and the bus drivers that supposedly picked up and delivered the kids to the “school.” Testimonies from the snow removal plow-truck drivers in the winter, and the grass-cutters in the spring.

        You want a “standard of proof”? That’s it.

        Hey, on second thought, let’s cut Tracy out of the cash transfer, Macon. I’ll meet you in the parking lot at Denny’s at midnight. I’ll be wearing Bugs Bunny ears and sunglasses.

      3. Macon,May I quietly remind you that Joe Jones said that the “proof” would be submitted to an outside arbiter and that he would comply with that decision regardless of whether he agreed with or liked it or not.

    2. agreed. And I also agree with those who say that admitting that American citizens, and for that matter, people from all over the world were duped in the most vile of ways, is harder than facing the cold hard truth.

  4. Exactly! These shysters are always finding new ways to scam people that are willingly ignorant, rather than admit America has been taken over from within.

  5. The “Match my 25k” deal should only apply to the actual Parents/Players.

    If someone really had proof and was not part of the Drill, they would want to be unanimous and certainly would not want to have to come up with 25K to present the evidence.

    He should have a 25k for whistle blower with undeniable evidence.

    Each parent got almost $500k to play so why would anyone want 25k to expose themselves?

    I think he should revise his offer.

    How about 25k to Rick Thorne for an interview attached to a lie detector on Pay Per View..haha

  6. For members of Newtown’s Fire and Police Departments who were on duty in 2012, they should take this man’s offer up, first and foremost to clear up publicly divisive false impressions across America – impressions from either perspective – in other words nail down once and for all the truth. In addition, this man’s proposal is an excellent opportunity for Newtown Public Safety firefighters and police officers to raise $25,000 for charity. Time will tell whether Newtown’s best and brightest public servants do the right thing.

    1. That would be an excellent idea,but they (Sandy Hook Police) seem to already have allot of money. As a matter of fact, they have so much money, that the Sandy Hook Police Chief can retire early just before he has to testify for the legitimacy of Sandy Hook (how convenient ) .. So it is very unlikely that this guys offer will be taken up…

  7. The vast amount of Federal funds that flowed into Sandy Hook and most recently Charleston baffles my mind. What is the calculus or criteria used to disperse funds? Who are the recipients? The school, the church, or the victims families? These payouts are unprecedented. But are not reported by the press. What’s the deal?

    1. when the phony embalmer, Pasquale Folino, in person, says “Italian Mafia” what are we to think? How much more evidence do you need to know the role of Ct. organized crime in pulling this off? I feel strongly that “my place” in Newtown, and many players are of this organized crime, lying ilk

        1. Isn’t it funny how anyone involved gets promoted much like 911.

          Even Monte Frank was promoted to Head of the Connecticut Bar Association.

          I can’t believe how many different things going on across this country all lead to back to Connecticut the “Constitution State”.

          I’m starting wonder if this is where the New World Odors secret headquarters is located..haha

          So many “stars” live there too that are in the news.

          Hide in plain site in the Constitution State…

          It’s just too weird to be overlooked.

        2. Even Obumers SS# is from Connecticut and he has never lived there. Coincidence?

          I think Not.

          Maybe we should build a wall around Connecticut first, then the border.

    2. Is it not painfully obvious that these cases are “special”? Nothing new here, Obongo has his agenda and is sticking to it, namely, the push toward communism and serfdom for hapless Americans who vote for candidates when given a cheap Chinese cell phone and empty promises they soon forget about.

  8. I guess I overestimated the webmaster and the people on this site for being the critical thinkers they are. So the gambit is to disprove? You can’t prove a negative..,

    It’s a fools game, and crafted so that the house wins every time. That’s why you love it so

    1. Emily,overlook this comment if I have misread your meaning,but I think Joe Jones of Kentucky challenged folks to prove that Sandy Hook WAS a REAL event and happened just as the mainstream media reported it…that is proving a positive.

      1. Yeah. It’s proving a positive…. Further, you can validate a negative to a point of reliable statistical probability by proving other positives.

        Are you intentionally muddying the waters with pseudo-logic?

  9. FYI- Don’t bothering posting any links to that Raw Story article that show Sandy Hook was a giant hoax–they just delete all of your comments.

  10. Please pardon an OT post.

    It is for the Navajo nation and all the tribes on the watershed poisoned by what I believe is a deliberate EPA blunder.

    Here’s a taste of local anguish:–abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=fb

    I believe this is germane to this blog as this story about an accidental leak is ridiculous. My husband and I work construction. Excavators are some of the smartest people you’ll meet, and it is not believable that someone on a backhoe would tear wildly into a retaining wall and feign surprise when some 3 million gallons of toxic sludge goes free. FWIW evidently they have not done anything to staunch the flow. I cry foul.

    Neither do most Americans – only 1.5% or so who are professionally doing agriculture – understand that this is DEATH for that beautiful people the Navajo. Most of them live an agrarian lifestyle. They can’t just get up and go somewhere else. We have visited there repeatedly in the last two years and had hoped to retire somewhere close to this amazing ancient tribe. For one thing they have a unique attitude among native tribes. Just a glorious people, they also have a land-centered quietude. You could sit in the Denny’s near Window Rock, watch a family of eight children walk in, order, eat, have laughs and quiet conversation for an hour and never hear any fuss, screaming, tantrums. They are a quiet and beautiful people, and it kills me that this reptile ruling cabal has thrown this poison to them. It is a conquest, a dirty war, and probably purely political to divide, conquer and buy out their utterly beautiful and serene land.

    I just want to call attention to this, I am screaming mayday with this email. Thank you Dr. Tracy for considering this issue and I hope you will look into this genocidal false flag. The colorado River is the ultimate receptacle for the torrent of death coming down the Animas and San Juan rivers. All those tribes living down in the Grand Canyon are threatened. This is the ultimate Indian war.

      1. Thanks for this link. I have no doubt the EPA is a fall guy for cartel interests. Suspect it is part of Judas-At-The-Helm exercises (oh gosh, how convenient they were all there…). Power and control and land grab. Think they’re trying to make tribes fight among themselves. And what else?

  11. This is pretty sick.

    I assure you, I am as pro-gun an individual as you will find. I would give a lot to have been there with one of my tactical rifles to shut down this miscreant, I am a patriot through and through. A libertarian. A complete gun nut, in a good way.

    My family has been in the country since 1730, about the year Washington was born. Many of my direct ancestors fought in the American Revolution.

    I would give my life to prevent another tragedy like this. David Wheeler and Francine lost a son along with many others. Their lives and hearts are broken beyond description. I know this. If there was a conspiracy, perhaps it was that Lanza was programmed and drugged. But I haven’t heard any evidence of it.

    The despicable left doesn’t NEED to manufacture such an event, they just wait until one occurs then attempt to use it as a means for depriving liberty, and increasing government intrusion.

    If the left were really serious about reducing gun violence, they would be focusing totally on where and with whom it actually occurs at a rate of over 90 percent: Inner city gang and drug violence and black on black crime.

    Instead the democrats focus on a supply side approach to a perceived problems in which there is an unlimited and growing supply . . . that’s protected by a fundamental constitutional right, Our 300 million plus guns aren’t going ANYWHERE. So let’s focus on criminal control, and mental health.

    The 3 percent os Americans who have concealed carry licenses have a revocation rate of .006 percent. If we could superimpose THAT criime rate on the rest of the country we would be the safest industrialized nation in the world, AND the one with the most guns.

      1. How to win a forum argument and slay the troll by Prof. Tracy ^^^.

        Everyone here should study that troll post. It bears several key watermarks that we can reverse engineer:

        Building rapport – [I’m the biggest rootin’est, tootin’est gun nut this side of the Mississippi.][My family is super duper American! Yee Haw! We been here since 1730!”] [“despicable left” is extra Yosemite Sam-like… of maybe just Daffy]
        Having direct contact with someone directly impacted (although he does not say that he knows the Wheeler’s… it is inferred.)
        Offering an alternative explanation – [Its the SSRI’s and criminals! We’re a nation of automaton shooters! Be afraid! Be very Afraid!]

        There is even more… but… you get the point.



    1. I just hate when paid SHILLS come into the room , REALLY “christopher” , great story , go tell it to someone who believes you because no one here does , bring PROOF & you’l get the $25 g’s , until then your just another SHILL.

    2. I realize that I’m new here, but I can’t be the only one that notices that there’s something tragicomic about going down this particular avenue. It reminds me of all the progressives getting excited about people like Ray McGovern and Scott Ridder for telling them we got lied to about this or that, or hyperventilating because some celebrity shows up now and then to tell us mere mortals that vaccines are bad.

      This is a guy in a bar making a bet. Or the character in the Twilight Zone wagering that someone else can’t remain silent for a year.

      I want to see the contract. (Can an agreement like this be made into a legally binding contract?) If he can produce a valid contract, then maybe one of the good people here can claim the prize. At least then there might be a reason for all this, other than the fairly hollow victory of knowing something others don’t know.

      I have the feeling, by the way, that I’ll be banished from the kingdom after this little outburst.

    3. Christopher why did the Wheeler’s not question an assessment of the police and medical response ? There is COMPELLING evidence that their son may have had substantially better chances of survival if the first respnders acted with appropriate protocals.

      Case File documentation and Danbury records indicated that Ben Wheeler was alive when Newtown PD arrived. Newtown PD personnel reportedly saw the shooter run into room 10 and was shooting and yet they did NOTHING FOR 5 MINUTES. Meanwhile BEN is CLINGING TO LIFE IN ROOM 8 ???
      Newstown and State Police knew or should have reasonably known that there were mass casualties early upon their arrival yet we have no indications that ambulances were called until after 10 am ? And we have no evidence that Life Star helicopters were requested ?
      We have dash cam video of police setting up a picnic with snacks and bananas from Shoprite and Costco and eating in the parking lot while armed suspects are at large and the nurse and secretary are still missing ? Also the law enforcement personnel were snacking just feet from Olivia Engels blood trail ?

      Should the Wheelers be at all concerned ? David Wheeler was quite vociferous about his concern over the firearms used but he had no complaints about these other issues ?

      I do not know what happened at Sandy Hook and I initially responded with disgust to those that asserted that nobody died. However after observing more and more anomalies, and there are many, I cannot find fault in those who question if the deaths were faked.

      By the way – Nate was seen and interviewed in several news clip videos and he did not seem at all upset that his brother was missing.

      There are many serious unresolved questions about the official story and I have not seen the Wheelers take any initiative to resolve those issues. Sorry.

    4. Chris I need to also mention that the case file documentation includes a statement from an officer that another state police officer elected to photograph the wounded and dead children before checking their vitals for survivors. He was ostensibly more concerned about documenting the crime scene than saving lives. And yes this was while Ben Wheeler is STILL ALIVE AND CLINGING TO LIFE. Have the Wheelers inquired about this officer’s statement ?

  12. “Would a Troll by any other name smell as sweet?”

    Your post made me actually snort with derision, and I don’t do that very often. The fact that you think “via a vis” and “academe” are $10, high-falootin’ words is just rich, as you cart out “sesquipedalian”. Yeah, it’s JT that’s the pedant here (/sarc)…

    You write: “…this site is not to be used as a source of true information, rather it is more entertainment than substance and could not be used in a court of law.” How can there be “true information” in cases like Sandy Hook? IT’S NOT AVAILABLE! Without speculation, there’d be very little to this site, especially the forum.

    This blog doesn’t meet your expectations? There’s the door. Don’t let it hit ‘cha where the good Lord split ‘cha, Troll.

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