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Welcome to more vaccine Wag the Dog.

First, we had to watch this news report several times before we could even determine that it wasn’t a parody. Sadly we realized it wasn’t fake. Yes, they DID just lock down an entire hospital ER for nine hours and divert patients to other hospitals over a case of chickenpox. We haven’t seen this much fearmongering over a primarily benign disease since the Disneyland measles scarefest.

Hm. Could it be because the CDC whistleblower case is back in the news, with Rep. Posey asking Congress for a full investigation into why CDC scientists intentionally destroyed documents and misrepresented data in their own study which linked the MMR vaccine to a 340% increased risk of autism?

But the ultimate question is this: Why are we passing all this legislation to attempt to force people to take these CDC recommended vaccines and give these vaccines to their children like this agency knows best for us when the CDC obviously lies and omits data from its own studies in an attempt to cover up the dangers?

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15 thought on “Hospital ER Locked Down over Chickenpox”
  1. Lock down a hospital for chicken pox. Chicken pox! Unbelievable. The hospital could not handle ONE case of chicken pox without cops and crime scene tape in the parking lot.

    First there was “security theater” at airports; now there’s “medical emergency theater” at hospitals.

    It’s been obvious for some time that medical personnel and facilities are used in manufactured events. I suppose “medical confidentiality” helps to facilitate their cooperation, while also providing cover for “official stories.”

    The second point made in the article is about a whistleblower who participated with CDC scientists in intentionally destroying documents linking the MMR vaccine to autism. The CDC whistleblower, however kept copies, which are now apparently in the hands of Congress. Jon Rappaport calls them the smoking gun documents.

    Rappaport has been on this subject for several years. Last week his article on mandatory vaccination in California linked Governor Brown to the passage of this pernicious law in the Governor’s courting of big biotech money. Rappaport writes, “Turning back, rejecting, stepping on the mandatory vaccination bill would have sent the wrong signal to biomed businessmen.” Mandatory consumption of their heinous concoctions has got to be the ultimate perk.

    Big congratulations to Aaron and Melissa. Great catch!

    1. Wow, if they get a case of Conjunctivitis they’ll have to firebomb the place! Now, those with Ebola get sent to area hotels. I was so frightened by this news that I wet myself!

  2. With all due respect to TruthStream and assuming that the vaccine conspiracy is real, it is believable that the chickenpox scare will outdo Posey’s outburst. After all, this is a puny and safe exercise in perception management compared to the successful masterpiece of televising live to the entire world the Twin Towers’ controlled demolition while blaming Osama bin Laden’s hijackers for it.

    Going further and at the risk of being called a nutty conspiracy theorist, I hypothesize that Posey simply followed a “good guy” script in coordination with the act of chickenpox scaremongering, like so many “good” actors in Plato’s very, very big cave.

    There is also the possibility that the global Platonic Masters have made a strategic decision to risk a wide-ranging and long-lasting scandal over vaccination that may improve public health, while conveniently distracting the public from some other nasty problem.


  3. Our citizens are being terrorized! People of my generation caught mumps, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, and other minor illnesses. Ok, whooping cough could be a problem, but it was not as harmful as, say, AUTISM.
    I remember using mercury in chemistry class, trying to pick it up off of a plate and also making dimes (then, of silver) shiny by coating them with mercury. Today, if a mercury thermometer should be broken in a school, the facility would be vacated and cleaned up with an over-clad HazMat platoon.

    1. Any infectious disease that enters a hospital is cause for concern because people who have immune compromised systems due to chemotherapy reside there. If they were to get this virus they could die due to lack of immunity

      The mercury that is shiny and is in thermometers is methyl mercury, a neurotoxin. The type which is in some vaccines is different, ethyl mercury

      Now that you have valid information, you now can take your head out of the sand

  4. I grew up in this town, and all of my children were born in this hospital.

    The scuttlebutt on social media during the shutdown was that they feared the patient had monkey pox. Apparently he had recently traveled overseas, and his symptoms did not look like a typical chicken pox case.

    The local paper reported on the overseas part, but left out the monkey pox fear.

  5. Well, the men in blue have ALL this equipment paid for by taxpayers and are just itching to use it. What else are they going to do? Investigate criminality and then hand them over to our ‘just-us’ system? Of course they’re called to lock down a hospital ER. They’re called out by morons who see kids playing outside ‘unattended’ for heaven’s sake!

  6. I do not have to pull up “peer reviewed research” to know that our system is corrupt. Vaccine Court should be abolished and we should send the trial lawyers after the bastards who keep lying about the vaccine harm caused to our children. Then we should end the revolving door between the CDC and FDA and those that they are supposed to be regulating. Does it not bother you that the former head of the CDC, Julie Gerberding, was given a job and over 4 million dollars in stock by Merck after she sailed Gardasil through the approval process? Politicians should have to recuse themselves from any issue that is affected by a corporation that contributed to their campaigns. How are these contributions not bribes when they are quid pro quo? There are a lot more issues that I see as a blatant corruption of the system including the strong arm gangster tactics used by pharmaceutical companies when safety is questioned. We can not trust the lives of children in the hand of those with such an ungodly agenda that they do not mind killing babies.

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