discuss4Conflicting interpretations of historical events, Jade Helm, the TPP, Sandy Hook, the Charleston Church shooting, the Chattanooga shooting, the Lafayette theatre shooting, “Jihad John” gone AWOL … Initial “Free Form Friday” open threads in June have been overwhelmingly successful, providing opportunities for MHB readers and commenters to chime in on topics as they see fit.

Thus here is another opportunity to discuss “???” Thank you for your continued interest and participation.-JFT

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  1. So, a small piece of a plane that is ”almost certainly ” a piece from a Boeing 777 shows up thousands of miles from the search area for the missing MH370 in the only little island owned by a European country ( France)for hundreds of square miles….. so that it can conveniently be whisked away for ” analysis ” in France…. oh, and there was supposedly a suitcase nearby? So thats it folks, must be MH370, must have ditched in the sea thousands of miles away off Australia and drifted over to French owned Reunion…. anyone think its all just a little too perfectly packaged?

    1. yes Steven the MH370 official narrative is BS from start to ‘finish’ — if it did go down in the water — US fast attack submarines out of Diego Garcia would have been on top of that pinger(s) in the 1st week

      1. And speaking of DG, I understand that the cell phone coverage is excellent there. Very reliable.

        When I peruse some of the comments below these MSM “news” stories, I am encouraged that most people AREN’T buying it.

        Lies and false narratives certainly are expensive and labor intensive to maintain these days.

      2. We talked about it here at length, and I came to the position that the plane was flown (perhaps remotely) to Diego Garcia, which is completely off limits to normal people, chopped up, loaded on a ship and floated up to the Sea of Azov, where it was put on trucks and strewn on the fields along the roadway. There was, in other words, only one missing plane.

        1. Patrick= I think the truth is slightly more complicated. My take is that MH370, a relatively new 300 million dollar plane, was flown to DG, had its tail number repainted , and was then switched with MH17, a twenty year old plane near retirement. The actual MH17 was then chopped up, and portable parts (minus the very heavy engines) were sent to a little mining town in eastern Ukraine called Grabove, in the control of a pro Kiev billionaire named Rinat Akhmetov, and hidden in temporary buildings. See this: https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/flight-mh17-and-globalist-billionaire-rinat-akhmetov/

          The link to evidence of this, with photos showing paths through the wheat fields where the debris was dragged into place, can be seen here: http://thenewdaily.com.au/news/2014/07/22/aerial-shots-mh17-crash-site/

          MH370 was then flown on the route normally taken by MH17, escorted by a Ukrainian fighter, flying in its shadow. The airliner turned off its transponders at the moment it passed over Grabove, whereupon the fighter dropped chaff streamers to simulate the downing of an airliner on Russian Radar. Dead bodies from the Ukrainian conflict were held in nearby refrigerated rail cars and added to the grisly set before immolation. My question is why the Russians have not called this hoax for what it is, or produced satellite images debunking it.

        1. Yep, everyone will buy it. I can’t believe what people are willing to believe. I pray that, with all of these very damning videos about Planned Parenthood coming out, that people will open their eyes.

        2. lophatt – it’s gotta be a large suitcase. Osama was reported to be 6ft 4in tall.

      1. ha ha, yeah, all passports bone dry and crystal clear…..

        Im reassured its not just me thinking this ” find” is just too convenient to be real…..

        1. And let’s not forget Chris Dorner’s wallet w/id card (3rd one “found” that week of manhunt) conveniently found not melted either on or right next to the charred-beyond-recognition body in the basement of the cabin authorities surrounded him in and burned to the ground?

        2. Well, The Independent was a newspaper before he bought it, so he didnt name it… He’s an interesting guy…. he openly criticises the Russian government who are clearly trying to ruin him businesswise and he’s best known, in Britain at least where he lives ( and I live) for a bust up he had on live Russian TV… some guy he was debating with said something he didnt like and he stood up and punched him.. lol.. there was a big fight…this on a serious news show! Im pretty sure he’s no longer KGB, but who knows…..

        3. You gotta love this line:
          “For example take 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Why do they hold onto their conspiracy theory despite the fact that there seems to be overwhelming evidence that it wasn’t an American government conspiracy to bring down the towers?

          What FACT they didn’t blow it up..I’m listening.

        4. Steven – right, Lebedev did not name “The Independent” or “The London Evening Standard” which he is a majority share holder of together with his son. However, current ownership and management decide on the product they deliver.

        5. Anne…. of course you’re right and I agree with you… and its a mainstream paper….
          although he doesnt personally edit the content, Im sure he strives for a certain tone and his prime objective is making money like all capitalists…..
          and that conspiracy theory article obviously seems absurd to those of us who see the way the world really is…. still, he personally is an unconventional character who at least seems to stand up occasionally to the establishment so I like to cut him a little slack….

        6. Maybe the “rogue” editor could ask Peter Power why all the cameras decided to give up the ghost on 7/7. I doubt that anyone has the number of cameras running that the U/K has.

          If we could get all this missing footage we could string it together and make a Monty Python film. Sort of a “Highlights of the New World Odor” film.

          The passports were a bit too much. So were the flight manuals in arabic in the rental car. Doesn’t everyone pack for a suicide mission? Maybe Conde Nast had a article on never forgetting your Koran and your flight instructions. “Head due South and turn Right at NYC”.

          It is enough to be lied to. Do they have to insult our intelligence in the bargain?

        7. Ric, maybe this fella can explain how the BBC was able to report that WTC Bldg 7 completely collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did, and all the while we could all see it still standing behind the reporter. It’s almost as funny to watch as some of the old Benny Hill programs. 🙂

        8. Lophatt, the New World Odor stinks! 🙂

          About that suitcase containing Osama…Breitbart reported that his stepmother and sister were killed in a private plane crash near London on Friday. So now it’s not just the Obama mama controversy, we could have an Osama mama too. https://youtu.be/AEjqWNivD1Y

        9. Maryaha, Obama mama “Two” or “too”? Sounds like a verse from “The Name Game”.

          The current ass clown administration truly enjoys chaos and death. I wonder what Mama Osama did to piss them off?

    2. Oh perfectly packaged Steven, especially with the suitcase nearby .. I wonder if any clothes were found intact with some ones name etched into them. that would confirm it…As the camera zoomed into the mentioned piece, shark teeth like elements hung from the tail fin flap..( if thats what it was ) just seemed ludicrous – a glance to my family members supported that.. What can you say.!.. Do they have to ” find somethng”. for some reason – to support their story…? I question everything now.

      1. Hey Poppy…. yeah, questioning everything has to be what we do… they call us conspiracy theorists, but we are truth seekers, we never give up on exposing the machinations of the psychopathic elite who seek to control and crush us…

        As for that suitcase found near the piece of plane wreckage…. in an uncharacteristic moment of honesty it seems the ” authorities”have conceded its nothing to do with the missing plane…. but no doubt new pieces of ” evidence ” will emerge in the coming days….

  2. As of yesterday Murphy’s ‘mental health’ bill had 102 cosponsors, mostly republican but some democrats. There appears to be no opposition to its most tyrannical aspects, either in Congress or in the ‘mental illness’ community, whatever that is. Politcally-minded friends of mine, even moderates, report that they are scaling back their rhetoric on media like Facebook. Merely voicing an opinion, as opposed to issuing any kind of violent threat against some protected group or the government is soon to be grounds for imprisonment and chemical lobotomization. If anyone hasn’t heard, Alan Turing was the math genius who broke the Enigma code for the British in WWII, and pioneered modern computing. He was gay, however, and was sentenced to forced chemical lobotomization after the war when he reported a burglary related to his love life. The era unfolding before us will make the 1950’s look like a cake walk when it comes to repression and despotism.

  3. Au contraire, mon frere, James – it is YOU WE THANK for your work exposing the fraud around us. Your website along with RT and Presstv
    are the first I open every morning.
    I am grateful to you!
    Kathy san francisco

    1. Bethtwo,
      as a fellow SF Bay Area activist, Aug 14 free conference Redding Geoengineering Dane Wigington. I’ve got my BandB reserved a mile from the conference.
      Come! Check at website GeoengineeringWatch.org.

  4. News coming at us through the media organs owned exclusively by Rothschild banking system if given credence, lends us to distraction which begs the question of what etc.. Should we digress when Israelis are picking a scab called Morgan Stanley. If we re-purposed our efforts from event to processes of distraction which include injecting stories into our consciousness (induction) with determined outcomes then perhaps one more human being can be freed to think & feel again for what is local.
    Information is the first weapon of war
    The NASA document which described “SPACESHIP EARTH”
    The crew are:
    – Plundering the ship’s supplies
    – Tinkering with the temperature and life-support controls
    – Still looking for the instruction manual
    – Engaging in bloody skirmishes in every corner of the vessel
    – Increasing the size of the crew by 2 million PER WEEK
    P. Creola

    1. I probably don’t even need to ask this, considering the twisted minds that NASA has always favored for employment, but is this a real document created by Dennis Bushnell for NASA?

      I have come to believe that NASA was founded and established by Nazis and other occult adepts (Jack Parsons comes to mind), for nefarious purposes, and that’s an understatement. I don’t believe any of the moon landings ever happened, and even the space shuttle missions seem unlikely now. So I’ve been wondering if all of the money that has flowed to them all of these years has been used to weaponize space, along with other secret ventures that benefit none but the elite. Aren’t they now part of the Dept. of Defense?

      Perhaps we have given them just enough rope to hang us, so to speak.

  5. Has anyone else noticed how “GWEN Towers” are rapidly proliferating on top of telephone poles, billboards, water towers and apartment buildings? Here’s a recent article on the topic from Aaron and Melissa Dyke’s Truthstream Media: http://truthstreammedia.com/2015/07/27/what-is-this-gwen-tower-really-for/

    This is an article that JimStone.is published on the topic on how GWENs were used in Iraq. Definitely worth a read.

    1. It originated in the 80s when some of those who influenced the Reagan regime was intent on there being a nuclear war. It seems perfectly possible that the low frequency variant is intended for more rugged yet low bitrate communication under circumstances when lots of destruction has taken place and most conventional communication systems are broken. I have no idea what the VHF capacity was intended for. But the low frequency part was apparently travelling via the ground mostly. As is often the case people point out that ELF waves may stimulate brain centres and such. But that is totally misleading. The only reason ELF is put to use both in this kind of communication and with submarines is that it has sufficiently low attenuation when travelling via ground or sea water. Otherwise it sucks since it offers very low communication speed.

      1. I found references in several academic papers regarding the United States forcing the Soviet’s to pay in grain in the 1932-33 time period. I was unaware of this, but, having followed the recent involvement of the U.S. and its European proxies in the Ukrainian coupe 2014 and resultant “war”, and its subsequent demonizing of Russia, it does not surprise me.

    2. I forgot to say that one possible use might be to use all those towers together as a large aperture radiator for transmitting ELF messages to submarines.But today I suspect facilities such as HAARP are more effective and it is said they have several on different spots of the globe.

  6. Patty Hearst kidnapping as prototype for current black op events.

    I think its interesting to look back at this surreal case back in 1974 and see the way the story parallels so many of the strange stories we see today.

    A likely govt’ informant escapes from prison and is harbored by a fledgling group of college age radicals. This said informant orchestrates the inexplicable murder of a progressive black school leader. The Group the overly wrought Symbionese Liberation Army issues a whole bunch of irrational and even nonsense statements seeming only to act as bulwark against any real counterculture movements.

    Then they kidnap and brainwash the Hearst heiress and have her robbing banks and spouting the same incoherent nonsense that would seem to actually go against any real class struggle or ‘revolutionary’ politics. And the kicker is the media is wielded throughout the whole event by the govt as its complete pawn and lackey. It’s the first widespread use of ‘live’ remote reporting news coverage and the news companies fall into line like so many ducks.

    It seems like the FBI/CIA were infiltrating/creating so many of these groups in the 60’s like SDS and the weather underground. The SLA seems like a psyop conducted on a large scale to temper the ‘middle class’ against any radical reforms by painting them in an absurd light. Also it likely served as a nice test run of MKultra to brainwash a member of the elite class.

    Again the surreal and artificial nature of the whole ‘event’ stands out against most historical events and so do most of these current ones i.e. Sandy Hook, James Holmes….Isis…ect.

    Just some free form thoughts.

  7. So I can refuse to use my mandated cell phone and abstain from fluoride and live on a level five vegan diet (subsisting entirely on reminiscing about enjoyable meals of my past) and I can wear my protective headgear at all times and they’re still going to get me.

  8. Activist Post: Pentagon Employing Top Scientists to Improve US Propaganda Machine

    Throughout human history, governments have been interested in “mastering the human domain”—in fully understanding how to control the minds of their populations. In 2015, DARPA’s “Narrative Networks” (or N2) program is in full swing.

    The project is intended to analyze how “narratives” play into human psychology, delving into the way these constructs affect the mind. A narrative is a way of phrasing something, a choice of words, for example, that is likely a biased strategy to frame information.

    “Narratives exert a powerful influence on human thoughts, emotions and behavior and can be particularly important in security contexts,” DARPA researchers said in a paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods.


    1. Another excellent find along with PeaceFrog’s, thanks THX. I think people on here sometimes underestimate the importance of ‘the narrative’ woven into these psy ops, personally.

  9. Hi all. I’d like to comment on Jade Helm. It seems to me to be much ado about nothing so far. I saw a Jim Fetzer show recently where he was breathlessly warning us about widespread blackouts in certain areas, supposedly done deliberately , so as to hinder folks ability to communicate with the outside world when weird things connected to the excersice start happening. Said it was set to start around 7/17 to 7/20. Even showed this map, with areas marked in red where it was to occur. One was the over the Baltimore/Washington metro area where i live, so I was paying attention. Nothing happened. Any of you live in a place where this excersice is supposedly happening? If so, do you notice anything?

    1. Alice, I personally think the main idea of “Jade Helm” is to acclimatize us to federal activity with no local control. Just like with BMB, they openly demonstrated their contempt for the Fourth Amendment.

      In Jade Helm they are asserting their usurped authority to operate anywhere at any time. They did not ask for permission. When I was drafted, many years ago, they were sensitive to the fact that the general public was suspicious of having people in uniforms walking among them. It conjures images of Soviet-style control.

      Now they have embraced that style and are trying to get people used to it. They encourage military members to shop in their working uniforms. They want people to see them.

      They are merging cops and military into one control mechanism. They are to represent “authority”. You may have noticed that many are killed and maimed for the crime of failing to “obey” orders given by “authority”.

      They no longer work for us (not that they ever did), but they want us to know that now.

  10. A largely ignored aspect of SHES was “Project Longevity”. This DOJ Project, announced for the state of Connecticut 17 days before Sandy Hook, clearly demonstrated a strong governmental interest in implementing gun control. After over a year of hard work between the feds, state officials and community partners, the question remains: how serendipitous was Sandy Hook? The answer in 99% of cases when it comes to motive: Cui Bono?


  11. My newest neighbor is from Iraq. Before meeting him, I had written ISIS off as a total trumped up construct of BushCIA etc. But my neighbor, whose relatives are still in the north of Iraq, says ISIS is actually terrorizing people. He said it’s largely a case of “useful idiots” — young guys with little to no employment, no economic hope, nothing else to do — being easily steered toward jumping on the violence bandwagon.

    When he was done describing it, I realized what it resembled: The Red Guard in Mao’s China. Wikipedia has a great phrase for the Red Guard: “A mass paramilitary social movement.” Youth who drank the plotters’ Kool Aid, and voluntarily turned to Lord of the Flies-type violence in a sort of mass frenzy.

    So, yes, the mass unleashing of violence IS traceable to the instigators–which I’m sure include or begin with BushCIA. But unfortunately (as with the SH hoax crowd) tons of genuine believers buy into it and join in willingly. The same exact thing as Hitler’s Germany, even. Today we would call what happened in China or Germany “self radicalizing.” (Of course no one in American media would dare point a finger at China for China’s past, despite the fact that Mao Zedong’s genocide slaughtered more victims than Hitler and Stalin combined).

    So, unless my new neighbor is some super-secret spy who was dropped into the middle of America solely to convince me that ISIS is a genuine threat, lol, I guess I’m going to have to humbly retract some of my opinion that the ISIS threat is trumped up. It may have been conjured up, but the genie is now out of the bottle.

    Feels like déjà vu all over again.

    1. He also said something else interesting: That the way fundamentalist Islam clamps down on sex leaves the youth–young guys, especially–perpetually frustrated and agitated. He believes strongly that this prohibition on sex literally drives young people to the brink. Not just sex itself, but the cult-like judgmentalism regarding things like gayness; if you, as a heterosexual guy, for example, accidentally touch another guy’s shoulder, someone could scream that you’re gay–and you could end up in the gutter, dead. Overnight.

      There seems to be an element of 16th century witch hunt to it all, from the way he’s describing it.

      I’m not anti-Islam, and have had perhaps too liberal a view of it; I kept saying things like, “Well, my fundamentalist church was insane, too,” to which he’d respond, “Yes, but do they kill you?”

      Pretty eye-opening.

    2. Zephyr,
      NO one here buys ISIS or ISSL. We know exactly who they are.

      We or I. don’t believe their violence is fake. They have been fully equipped by Obama. And Yes, they kill people and destroy everything Christian. Thats all true.

      It’s just we all know their origin is completely fake. Understand?

      Something the masses don’t get.

      Obama is neither Sunni or Shiite or Shia. This is what confuses them for he plays both sides equally. and for a reason. He wants them all fighting.

      Obama is a Luciferian as ALL the Elites from Hollywood to the Central Bank are.

      The dummies on the ground are just that, dummies and have NO clue who the Democratic Party really is AND the Toppermost of the Republican Party are either.

      Once you get that you can began to understand all the new laws and pushes for this or that.

      We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

      1. I don’t know how much it has to do with Obama. The Yale Skull & Bones nonsense existed long before him and will exist long after. As far as I know Obama doesn’t own any oil or mineral companies. ISIS is a fraudulently instigated, all-too-real outbreak of mass violent hysteria, from what I can see. Just as Reagan did in instigating radical Wahabiism in Soviet-controlled territories to break up the Soviet Union.

      2. Ric, lucifer is purely a christian fabrication circa 1600’s i believe. The bright morning star, venus, attempts to rise above god – the son – but falls (as in “the mighty”). This was taken from isaiah 48? Before the latin vulgate translation during 300 ad there was no mention of lucifer, supposedly Jerome chose to use the term lucifer (as did joseph smith when he faked the book of mormon) because it was a known colloquialism at the time for venus.

        Misinterpretations and confusion with Dante’s inferno led the sheep astray by assuming lucifer was the devil being cast from heaven – when it was the king of babylon being referred to metaphorically.

        That said, I would take any “luciferian” claims with a grain of salt. They may be evil, but that doesn’t mean they actually believe in the opiate of mass consumption.

        1. Aub,

          I only used the term “Luciferian” because this is the term They use.

          Ask any Free Mason, all these “Secret Societies” are conjoined at the hip. They will tell you straight out.

          (This ones for Zeph) I only blame Obama because he is the Pres. and part of the Clan IMO.

          I find it fascinating “they” promote atheism on the ground through science (evolution) but practice the occult behind closed doors.

          They claim, as many agnostic’s and atheist’s do, the the bible is pure rubbish made up to “control” the people

          Then they take it step father are say Lucifer is the true God. Not my words.

          I’m just stating what I have studied and don’t want to get into a debate over religion.

          I avoid that because I have studied all religions and I could never in a lifetime explain what conclusions over the years I have come too.

          Some study, some don’t. some seek, some don’t. Some have open eyes, Some only see their way.

          There is many debates on the origin of that verse and to what is was referring to.

          Like I said, I never like debating this subject especially on a blog.

          Thanks for link, it’s a good read

        2. Aub, it’s Isaiah 14. Here’s the passage:

          12 “How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! 13 “But you said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In the recesses of the north. 14 ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’

          That sure don’t sound like some human dude. Nosirree.

          The companion passage is Ezekiel 28:

          “12 “Son of man, take up a lamentation over the king of Tyre and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “You had the seal of perfection, Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. 13 “You were in Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your covering: The ruby, the topaz and the diamond; The beryl, the onyx and the jasper; The lapis lazuli, the turquoise and the emerald; And the gold, the workmanship of your settings and sockets, Was in you. On the day that you were created They were prepared. 14 “You were the anointed cherub who covers, And I placed you there. You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked in the midst of the stones of fire. 15 “You were blameless in your ways From the day you were created Until unrighteousness was found in you. 16 “By the abundance of your trade You were internally filled with violence, And you sinned; Therefore I have cast you as profane From the mountain of God. And I have destroyed you, O covering cherub, From the midst of the stones of fire. 17 “Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; You corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor. I cast you to the ground; I put you before kings, That they may see you.”

          “a christian fabrication”? Nope. Just reading the plain words of the text.

          This guy fell from Heaven, was cut down to earth, and weakened the nations. Pretty good for a human king!

          Oh, and he was also in Eden! Time traveler! A time traveller how could penetrate the veil that was erected at the Fall! Amazing! He was also an anointed Cherub!

          That fellow is real. He is abundantly documented throughout the 3,000 years the Bible was compiled. Jesus had quite a bit to say about him. You, as they say, can look it up.

          “Christian fabrications” that are actually the straight text of the Hebrew Bible are my favorite proofs of truth, Aub. Great stuff, this apologetics. I’m never happier than when a Jehovah’s Witness knocks on my door, partly because they usually demand a bit more mental acuity than your comment requires. They are actually TRAINED to tear apart the truth, and are stupefied when you know what is utterly false about their training. It’s better than most leisure activities.

        3. Thanks Pat,

          I think it’s pretty clear who it is describing. I don’t anyone else who said “I will raise my throne above the stars of God”

          I just didn’t want to want to get in big to do over it..

          If anybody wants a fantastic study that will take to from the old to new Testament. Check out Melchizedek.
          Most don’t know who or “What” he was and why he was and what became of him. for he didn’t eat/drink/have family

          Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.

          A Fantastic journey for the hungry….

        4. Patrick thanks for your thoughtful response. Couple things worth noting:

          I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

          Lucifer wasnt associated with Satan until after Jerome used the term Lucifer in the latin vulgate.

          “In the original Hebrew text, the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah is not about a fallen angel, but about a fallen Babylonian king, who during his lifetime had persecuted the children of Israel. It contains no mention of Satan, either by name or reference.”

          Please cite where Lucifer is associated with Satan. I see the term only being used for jesus and the king of babylon?

        5. Ric – a little disingenuous saying you read the link. But paid commenters aren’t required to actually read are they?

        6. Can someone turn me on to the comment paymasters, please?

          I need to get in on this revenue stream.

        7. Toni,
          I’ve always said that. They says Trolls get paid very well but where’s this job offered at?

          Aub, called me a “paid commenter”..Really?

          “But paid commenters aren’t required to actually read are they?”

          No they don;t if don’t get paid..haha

          Hey, I read about half of it. But you know this is the same philosophy of the Free Masons. Your link looks Mormon. I’ve already been through this.

          My step Father was a longtime Free Mason, you all know the magic number.

          When I started investigating them way back in 1980 before laptops, he warned me not to. I did not even know he was one of them.

          Long story and that’s as far as I go with what he told me.

          I only mention this so you know I’ve been searching all this a longtime.

          This is why I don’t like discussing religion.
          But I will finish reading it with NO compensation

        8. Just one one thing before I get pounced on for saying the “link” looks Mormon.

          I went through the whole Mormon thing when my Father re-married when I was 7-yrs old. Yep, the priesthood and all the teachings. I think they all have a little of the puzzle but none have it all.

          The Mormons have a lot of great insight to the world that was that many lack.

          I knew a Pastor at an Lutheran church who asked me to covert Tapes of a big to do conference where the big shots all meet to DVDs to be distributed to all the Pastors. She said “Ric, your gonna love this”.

          I was blown away I thought why don’t they teach their people on this level. But, I understood. They were going to places I never dreamed they would even venture. I was very impressed.

          I’m not down on any religion or someone’s opinion.

          I already know whats coming..Islam. That’s a long study.

          anyway No more Religion

        9. Aub: I’ve followed this thread with interest, but I find that I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Are you saying that Satan and Lucifer are two different beings? That humans made up the word “Lucifer” (but not “Satan”?)? Are you saying that the devil (whatever you want to call him) doesn’t exist? Or have I missed your point altogether?

          I read your link, Isaiah 14, and 2 Nephi 24 (the chapter in the Book of Mormon that very nearly replicates Isaiah 14). I get what you’re saying about how parts of the Book of Mormon rely heavily, not just on the Bible, but the King James Version of the Bible, and I have wrestled with this point myself…but, as a Mormon (adult convert, btw/fwiw), it’s more a curiosity than a game-changer.

          Many of the happenings in scripture act as a type of things to come. Prophecy is fulfilled…and fulfilled again. Prophetic dualism. The king of Babylon symbolizes the king of spiritual Babylon (Satan)…and both will be humbled by the Lord.

          The overarching lesson of Isaiah 14 (and, by extension, 2 Nephi 24), as I understand it, is that it teaches the reader of the mercy the Lord will show His chosen people in the last days, in contrast to the prophecies of the previous chapter of what the wicked might expect.

          Mormons are taught that the name-title of Satan, “son of the morning” (or “Lucifer”) “indicates he was one of the early born spirit children of the Father. Always used in association with the name Lucifer, son of the morning also apparently signifies son of light or son of prominence, meaning that Satan held a position of power and authority in [the] pre-existence.” (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 744)

          Lucifer, one of the brightest and most beautiful of God’s spirit children, ultimately fell from heaven for rebelling against God the Father and His plan of salvation (which was carried out by His son, Jesus Christ).

          So, Aub, again, I ask: Since you can’t find the term “Lucifer” earlier than 1600ad, are you suggesting trickery is afoot?

          Or could it be that you’re simply “not seeing the forest for the trees”?

      3. This Made Obama’s Day Today.

        His favorite Tyrant (Valerie Jarrett’s Grandfather)

        Just released a book today.

        http://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/ Grandfather

        Funny how John McCain and Lindsay Graham and the Senate put through a bill that gave Obama full power over the Iran Deal. Just like the TPP.

        It’s really a treaty and should be treated as one via the Constitution.

        But Obumer and his run around the laws calls it a love letter and therefore not a treaty, yet if Congress rejects it Obama can Veto it and it takes 2/3’rds of Congress to stop it. Dupped again.

        It should have taken 2/3rd’s of Congress to PASS it. Exactly the opposite

        Yet nobody in the MSM is saying this truth.

        They can’t stop this deal or modify it thanks to the Republican’s we just voted in.

        This is Pure Treason.

        And, while we are at it. The Republicans have sided with Canada and Mexico and have voted that under the NAFTA agreement Americans are no longer allowed to know where our food came from.
        Even though we have just been warned not to eat Mexican vegetables because the Farm owners won’t Supply bathrooms to the slaves and they have found Feces and Toilet Paper in our food.

        And, they have just voted we can know if it’s Monsanto or Mother Nature.

        The Rino’s and Neocon’s we gave power are doing this in our faces.

        Welcome to NAFTA and GATT (Clinton) and TPP (Obama)

        I thought Demonrats were working for the little people in America?

        Never mind….

        1. And, they have just voted we CAN’T know if it’s Monsanto or Mother Nature.

          Lots of money in envelopes of CASH in our Houses.

      4. I don’t know Ric. They keep stealing socks from my drier. I’ve heard they strangle puppies. I worry most about the invisible ones. When they come for me and put me in the camps I’ll be safe.

    3. But, let’s not forget that the US and it’s “allies” are still funding these gangstas as we speak. You want to believe that it’s now self sustaining but that’s balanced by the maintained taint by association with the USCIA and other fine agencies of hope and future. The US has no desire to help turn off the oil stealing of ISIS with eventual sales, either. I wonder why? I smell some very rich men that are part of this brouhaha. It would not be even near impossible to shut off their oil sales but we have other intentions, don’t we?
      It’s funny that the world’s top weapons sellers are involved here, isn’t it? Just coincidence, I’m sure.

  12. what can I say, Ric, you got me… Im one of those pesky conspiracy theorists! In my mid teens back in the mid 1960’s, I saw the truth behind Vietnam, discovered the ancient alien theory via Erich von Daniken and watched the counter revolution fade before the machiavellian strategies of the elite…

    Im British, but if I was American I would turn myself in to one of your Fema camps for my re education..lol

    About your link: … I love the irony of a mainstream newspaper calling itself ”The Independent”, dont you?

    love and peace Steven

    1. Steven, ha! That was rich. “The Independent”. I never thought I’d be reading Pravda to find out what these mutts are up to.

      I suppose the proper definition of “conspiracy theorist” is someone who knows they’re lying.

    1. Course Objectives:
      Upon completing this course, the participant will be able to:
      1. Describe actions to take when confronted with an active shooter and responding law enforcement officials.
      2. Recognize potential workplace violence indicators.
      3. Describe actions to take to prevent and prepare for potential active shooter incidents.
      4. Describe how to manage the consequences of an active shooter incident.

      Ha-ha. There can only be one effective action when confronted with a shooter – return the gunfire. Manage the consequences? You could all be dead and there is nothing to manage. The old west had it right, you return gunfire with gunfire. Don’t think they had any feel good classes back then.

      1. A report at The Navy Times in July confirmed that one of the Marines shot during the Chattanooga terrorist attack exchanged fire with the terrorist. Navy Lt. Cmdr Timothy White also shot back at the terrorist.

        But rather than being celebrated as a hero, Lt. Commander White may be charged for discharging a firearm on federal property.

        1. That’s the Mindset of these scumbags in control.

          It was a Clinton/Obama/ Gun Free Zone so he must be punished.

          It’s quite obvious the Military/Pentagon agrees with this. I hear no loud voices from them. But then again, Obama has purgers 90% of the Patriots from the Military without a whimper from the Press or Republicans.

    2. Let’s see if I have this right. We no longer have local law enforcement for this type of thing? We have federal forces? “Criminals” are not “dangerous radicals”, (read terrorists).

      Are we starting to see a pattern? Could this have anything to do with the proliferation of hoaxes?

      Is this the true meaning of “Jade Helm”? I think so. Instead of screaming about by what authority the military is holding drills on civilian land, they meekly accept it.

      Drip, drip, drip, the tub is getting pretty full and we may all drown. When was the last time these clowns even hinted at caring what the public thought? No, our job is to OBEY.

      1. lophatt says: “Let’s see if I have this right. We no longer have local law enforcement for this type of thing? We have federal forces? “Criminals” are not “dangerous radicals”, (read terrorists).”

        Project Longevity says:

        “Project Longevity uses a strategy that has shown violence can be reduced dramatically when community members and law enforcement join together to directly engage with these groups and clearly communicate a community message against violence, a law enforcement message about the consequences of further violence and an offer of help for those who want it. To accomplish this, law enforcement, social service providers and community members are recruited, assembled and trained to engage in a sustained relationship with violent groups.”

        “A critical component of the Project Longevity strategy is the “call-in,” a face-to-face meeting where partners engage group members and deliver certain key messages. First, that group members are part of a community, that gun violence is unacceptable and that the community needs it to end. Second, that help is available to all who will accept it in order to transition out of the gang lifestyle, and that social service providers are standing by to assist with educational, employment, housing, medical, mental health and other needs. Third, that any future violence will be met with clear and certain consequences. The next time a homicide is traced to any member of a violent group, all members of that group will receive increased and comprehensive law enforcement attention to any and all crimes any of its members are committing.”


        What system of government co-opts organized crime, brings them into the fold, creates state monopolies and oligarchs, and, has an unchallenged Mil/Intel Complex?

        “Corruption in the Soviet Union was bred largely by the state-run economy, which left citizens lacking basic goods. Small groups of entrepreneurs emerged to provide items otherwise not available, and so the black market came into its own with the 1917 Revolution. The stability of both the Soviet state and organized crime allowed for a balance that kept crime and violence at a fairly minimal level. ”


        1. Yes, well that sounds like the “Delphi Method” to me. “Let’s get ’em in and form a “consensus”. We’ll pass out the buzzwords and catch phrases and everyone will be on the same page”.

          Whether we label it “Communism” or “Communitarianism”, or any “ism” for that matter, its all the same, control. If you’re going to exploit there is always the possibility that the exploited may object.

          I have noticed that we’ve moved from the fiction of “we work for you” to the reality that they simply do whatever they like. Now objections are attributed to “dangerous extremists”.

          They use different approaches according to the traditions of the area they are working. Now that we are rapidly being homogenized, it is no longer necessary to avoid certain approaches that used to generate revulsion.

          One can argue over the details of the control mechanism, one cannot argue that it isn’t revolting.

  13. Read it and weep: A nation being wrecked by its naive kindness (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3182633/MAIL-SUNDAY-COMMENT-nation-wrecked-naive-kindness.html)

    “How can it have come to this, that British citizens, paying their own way in well-appointed hotels, find that they are sharing their accommodation with newly arrived migrants, in many cases here by illegal means, supplied with all they need by taxpayers’ money?

    “At the same time, The Mail on Sunday reveals the existence of a government website advertising the benefits available – again at the taxpayers’ expense – to anyone who can get here and claim to be a refugee. They can even apply for free spectacles, the better to fill in the forms for more benefits.”

    I think the title of the piece is foolishness. All countries of what used to be the West are ruled by people who are trying to destroy them as fast as possible, and especially in Europe it is through demographic invasion. The citizenry is led to believe that what they are witnessing is a reflection of their own human decency, and the situation is unavoidable, and the transformation (destruction) of the native culture cannot be stopped. When people stand up and say “Whoa, Nellie, not so fast: this looks an awful lot like a plan, and I don’t think we have to let it happen,” they are called the laziest epithet in the lexicon: racists.

    The Great Pat Condel’s latest rant is on that topic:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdGYA8HmcWM&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. Here’s another one: Calais crisis: ‘This is a global migration crisis’ (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11778497/This-is-a-global-migration-crisis.html)

      This is a choice bit of the article, reflecting its title:

      “However, they warn that the issue cannot be left to Britain and France alone to solve. “What we are currently facing is a global migration crisis,” they say.”

      No, it’s NOT a “global” crisis. It is strictly limited to the remnants of Western civilization. China is not being invaded, nor India, nor Mexico; no place in Africa has masses of aliens from incompatible civilizations invading them. Saudi Arabia remains pristinely homogenous, ethnically and culturally. And the pair whose name are on that letter know it damned well. It’s another example of misdirection, to avoid the possibility of, by acknowledging the visible nightmare unfolding before everyone’s eyeballs, inadvertently endorsing Nigel Farage or Marine Le Pen. At all cost.

      I have been posting these articles, here, recently, because I suspect few Americans have any idea what is going on. Last year, Barry Soetoro’s planned invasion of our Southern border by trainloads of Central American “children” (coordinated with the Mexican government, which Barry assured would not have to keep any of those persons if it allowed them to transit Mexico unimpeded) caught the somnolent Americans’ attention. Which was by design, of course–we, too, are part of the fake “global migration crisis,” don’t you know. Can’t be stopped. But few Americans have any idea that that exact thing is happening everywhere that the West used to exist. Our media prefer to keep us up with the Kardashians, and we like it that way. Bruce Jenner, after all, is so brave in sharing his mental illness with us all, and we are after all, gravely concerned about what he thinks about his own sad pathology. That’s entertainment, in this, the post-Western civilization we live inside of, and all we need is entertainment, right?

      What we are witnessing, it seems to me, is akin to the burst of speed, the sprint at the end of a long foot race. For a few decades now, the leadership of formerly ethnically and culturally homogenous countries have systematically been importing people from alien civilizations, and not expecting them to assimilate (“multiculturalism”)–and the people accepted it as inevitable, not understanding it was a coordinated plan to destroy their countries from within. But the tipping point has been reached, and like the Tea Party spontaneously rising to block the move to implement European-style socialized medicine in America, new political parties are being launched everywhere the West used to be the West, to somehow stop the conspiracy–and the monsters behind the nefarious plot don’t like that one bit. They like to talk about “democracy,” but when the “demos” actually tries that “cracy” part of the word–that is, you know, RULE (forgive me on the etymological roughness, my greek’s a little rusty–come to think of it, GREECE is a little rusty on “democracy” itself, so I guess I’m in good company), it bust be forestalled at any price.

      As I say, all the Western countries have been subjected to this systematic destruction, but here’s a fun fact for all yooz ‘merkins out there. China is 90% ethnically Han. Essentially, everyone there is Chinese, and you can see it with your own eyes. That’s not going to change–because the Chinese like China being Chinese. America, prior to the early 70s, was, get this: 90% people whose ancestors hailed from Europe! Just like China today! If you saw someone who was not English or German or Italian and so on, and it was not a black person (and that would only pertain to the Southern states, for the most part, prior to WWII), it came as a bit of a surprise. What happened in the last four decades, you ask? Edward Kennedy’s overhaul of how we select people who wish to immigrate happened. You can look it up.

      As I wrote in my book, How the West was Lost, the 20th century was the transition period, using “the long march through the institutions” to undermine all the foundations of Western Civilization. With the 9/11 event, it was officially over. The bad guys are now involved in a mopping up operation: there can be no trace of what once was our way of life be allowed to remain.

      1. These tools who want to call it a global crisis, and want help from the international community are traitors to their home countries. They want to call it “global” so they can wrest the decision making process from their home countries. Give them a ticket to the Chinese border and see what happens, better yet the Iranian border. I would bet the cameras get shut off, real quick. Not to mention playing tag with the police would be met with serious consequences, probably a bullet.

        Why do these migrant not fear invading Christian, or traditionally Christian countries? Think about it.

      2. Kevin McDonald’s great book, “Culture of Critique” underscores the grim, implacable push by jews attendant to the task of dumping various nationalities into the US and northern European countries as part of a mechanism to dilute the formerly all white populations and make them into a nice, tan shade of miscegenized miscreants so the jews can blend into these societies more readily. Once they are part of the financial fabric, off they go into the wild blue yonder. It’s all about the most subtle forms of race dilution extant in this world. How nice it would be to fit in seamlessly so they can do their nasty work unnoticed, eh?
        I might add that I owe Patrick a well deserved Pat on the back, no derision intended, for helping to set me straight on the dire and pregnant problems we can expect from our friends the Moslems. I wonder how Kevin Barrett would expound on this subject as he presents his own watered down version of Islam.

        A big shout-out to Patrick, maybe he can bring us Moor of his brand of acerbic levity personified as the truth about Muzzies. Patrick, are you jewish?

        1. Gil there is a simpler motive for some official organized jews to want Europe to be mixed. The official attitude ie pro massimmigration was examplified by my quote from Barbara Lerner Spectre.
          There is a background imprinted in some minds. Jews and other minorities have been burned at the stakes in older times say from the 1100s and a couple of centuries on.
          They in the sense of official jewry might feel safer if they had other ethnic groups there to oppose to whatever racist policies might emerge. But moreover most jews like most others dont know for sure that Hitler and nazism was a foreignimposed artificial phenomenon. Not something growing from the roots despite the Erd und Blut phraseology. That is it was the financial elite which created what jews fear most of all. If they and everyone else knows this it dillutes the whole thing. No intelligent jew may deny that jews had at least some influence over this financial elite. But as things stand official representatives for jews believe that nationalism may develop into nazism. As usual ordinary jews just mind their own business and are not seeking trouble. They are probably just as critical as most westerners concerning massimmigration.

        2. “Gil Favor”,I’m beginning to wonder if the only real connection you have to your monicker is in that somewhat odious substance you track in with your boots. Giddyup!

      3. To start at the end, Gil, the answer to your question “Patrick, are you jewish,” is, no. Irish Catholic by birth, non-denominational protestant by choice.

        Now, to the top: McDonald, whose work I do not know, might, as you say, describe, an “implacable push by jews” to change the demographics of Western countries, “so the jews can blend into these societies more readily.” I find that very hard to see the point of. They are, after all, white people, and assimilate completely into the cultures of the countries they live within. They are often resented for their success, but they are largely indistinguishable in appearance from the people around them. They felt more “German,” or “French,” or “American,” than Jewish, when they fought and died in those countries’ wars. That is fact. They are proud of their nationality, and shocked when it comes into question.

        So it makes absolutely no sense to imagine them doing what you say McDonald says they did. It is a historical revision that this historical revisionist can’t comprehend. They had no need to do the thing you say McDonald argues they felt compelled to do. So that can only mean that McDonald must be writing about many centuries in the past–before the Jews were completely assimilated, and felt themselves to be French and American and so forth. Still, I see no record of that in history. Weird. Like he’s writing from a parallel universe.

        “How nice it would be to fit in seamlessly so they can do their nasty work unnoticed, eh?”

        What “nasty work” you have in mind is perhaps better left to your own imagination, Gil, but the Jews had always blended in very nicely into Western countries. They are, after all, white people, and share the Bible with us as their cultural foundation. They got along quite nicely. Everywhere.

        You might “wonder how Kevin Barrett would expound on this subject as he presents his own watered down version of Islam,” but I don’t. He is blind on the subject. He thinks he’s a Moslem. He thinks Islam is a religion. He actually believes the Moorish rule over Spain, Andalusia, was a wonder of peaceful coexistence between civilizations. You can’t expect such a person to face the historical reality, Gil. He’s in a dream-world, when it comes to Mohammedanism.

        The terrible truth is that the crafters of the New World Order are manipulating the Moslem world into becoming the foil, the “antithesis” to the Western “thesis,” to produce their “synthesis.” They are a perfect foil, because Islam is violence, and although under the Ottomans, the jihad had been kept on a low simmer at the back of the stove, it is always ready to be brought to the boil, if the heat is turned up. Allah assures the Moslem that every human being in the end will prostrate himself before him (except the Jews, who he assures his followers, will all be killed). If Kevin Barrett denies THAT, he knows nothing of Islam–because it is the core teaching of the ideology.

        And no, it isn’t a joke. I’m serious as cancer, when it comes to this subject. Fear of Islam is not a “phobia”: it is entirely rational. We should all be terrified of it.

        You should read my book.

        1. I was wondering that too. I noticed he answered before I ever got Gil’s comment.

          Aside from that, back to your other question about the PP videos? I already said I don’t believe much that is handed to me by MSM.
          Yes, it will be used as a political football.
          Are the videos fake? I don’t know. Most likely not.

          Given all that, I am sure the trafficking goes on anyway. We live in an age of lawlessness, so no one will hang for it anyway, so why not sell the parts. Companies are using these parts regardless of whether they only have to pay “shipping”.
          That, I find repulsive.
          Why? so we can live a little longer? Sacrifice a potentially healthy child to save a sick one? I know the logic. The parts are there anyway, so why not use them? Because abortion is big business, and big business will use anything at its disposal, including marketing, to grow its bottom line. The marketing, however is everywhere, but we just can’t see the connection.
          Death is part of the plan, and as painful as it is, it can be lived with as a part of life. The harder it is to endure a loved ones death, the luckier we were having known them. I don’t want to live longer, knowing it was aborted babies that saved me.

          I know I went off in a direction you probably don’t want to go, but whether it is a political football or not is of no concern. The end game is that we will continue our slide to the left, no matter who wins an election, we lose.

        2. Rich, I agree with everything you say. Your comments are poignant. Biotech is a bloody business, and unconcerned with actual humans. They seek a government mandated market-share.

          Seems like, nowadays, anything that makes money soon joins the march towards fascism, proud under banners proclaiming the leftist dogma, “It’s Progress!”

        3. Yes, great comments, Rich. They resonated with me as well. Ingesting or otherwise utilizing aborted baby parts veers creepily close to cannibalism to me. I’d sooner die.

          It is so strange to me these people who both support abortion (even late-term or post-birth) and yet fear death so much that they’ll do anything to stave it off another day. And these are people who, ostensibly, don’t believe in Hell. So what’s to be scared of? The fact is, we’re all going to die. We’re SUPPOSED to die, just as we were supposed to be born. Fearing death is tantamount to fearing birth.

          Oh, and about Pat’s prescience: I think Gil asked the same question earlier, but Pat hadn’t answered.

        4. All right. I’ll answer.

          I can see the comments in moderation. I write articles for MHB occasionally, and the tool through which I compose and submit them also allows me to see the moderation queue. This time, I jumped the gun. I knew the content would put me in moderation, and as I was not going to get back to the computer that night, I assumed that when James got to the batch, it would all be delivered together. I couldn’t know that James would delay releasing Gil’s comment. I calculated wrongly.

        5. Gil Favor,that is not to say that I disagree with your comments all the time,as I always find them interesting. “Keep them dawgies rollin’!”

        6. Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
          Get those doggies Rollin’

          Ray, do you think Gil’s a Cowboy or something?

          I don’t see the connection…

    2. A thought.

      Reflecting on the two comments I wrote earlier today, it occurred to me that our folkiedeciever, formerly known as “Mark,” will, predictably, lapse into to the flaccid position that I’m being “racist.”

      So, it came to me. While James Tracy’s work is primarily media criticism, with a focus on events that are POTENTIALLY conspiracies, we, the ones in conversation here, tend to dissect these events as conspiracies in fact.

      (This is an important distinction to draw, as I have done many times in these pages, and as Tracy himself does in the interview he recently posted.)

      So here’s the thought: if we are always examining conspiracies here, what if the biggest one of all is almost unseen–even, until recently, by me? I wrote a book about the end of the West, and it’s engineered destruction. But my book did not have as its focus the intentional decimation of the native populations of Western countries. People like “Mark” can jump to the “racism” meme when presented with this evidence, but cannot say how it came to be.

      That is, here was Norway, or the United States, minding its own business, in say, 1960. Everything copacetic. Flash forward to now. Completely different countries. Question: was that a natural thing, or a result of social engineering?

      See, folkiedeciever will never acknowledge that; he’ll say the normal person’s objection to being socially engineered is, ridiculously, “racism.” (Believe me, after tedious years of reading his tiresome drivel, I know how that sad sack thinks.) The point is that this makes “Mark” one of THEM.

      Anyone who falsely accuses those who attempt to defend their culture as ipso facto “racists” must, by definition, be an enthusiastic apologist for the change that is being engineered. After all, how many times has “Mark” assured us that “white” is going the way of the dodo bird? With real pleasure, to boot? Get overt, you racist losers, he tells us.

      When it becomes clear that it’s engineered, not natural, not an organic outgrowth of historical trends, but a conspiracy, I’d call it a meta-conspiracy–a plot behind the various plots we look at here at MHB. And agents like “Mark,” hired to denounce those who notice it and complain about it as “racists,” well, our contempt is what they deserve.

      Call it an epiphany.

      Is it possible that folkie truly believes the silly things he says? When you don’t pay attention to the weird verbiage of his strange comments, but stand back a few paces, he sounds like a person with a modicum of intelligence (I think he must refuse to spell peoples’ names properly on purpose, not because he’s stupid). Why does he, systematically, falsely accuse innocent people of “racism”? He must be a part of the plot. If he’s not stupid, and it’s obvious we’re all not a pack of racists, and the West really IS being systematically demographically wiped out, the plotters NEED people like folkie. We all must be made to feel guilty, when we notice what they are doing to us. Those who are doing it don’t feel guilty at all. They WANT it to happen

      And Mark has made clear, over and over again, he LIKES the decimation of the West, and looks forward to what replaces it. I conclude that this means he’s part of the plot.

      Sunday ruminations.

      1. One of the first comments I ever made on MHB was in reply to Mark(volkie). I stated something to the effect that he was most likely an old KGB agent. KGB agents are not James Bond types. They are agents of destabilization; the planters of the seeds of subversion that take decades to blossom. He is without a doubt, a true believer. He revels in the success of the plan that went far beyond their wildest expectations. They have not only destroyed the west, they have turned it into the place they always wanted. Hell.

        1. “KGB agents are not James Bond types. They are agents of destabilization; the planters of the seeds of subversion that take decades to blossom. He is without a doubt, a true believer. He revels in the success of the plan that went far beyond their wildest expectations. They have not only destroyed the west, they have turned it into the place they always wanted. Hell.”

          Spoken like a true intelligence agent. I’m sure anyone from ISI to FSB would agree wholeheartedly, each having his own vision of how the others were conspiring against his own motherland.

        2. Rich
          James Bond was a terrorist – Gladio type. I think Ian Fleming said that(?)
          KGB reacted to the very hostile western-caused cold war intended to prevent economic development everywhere – it was not about Sovjet expansion in any other sense than their opposition to the western exploitation and evil repression everywhere. Had the west not wanted to maintain the world in a state of arrested development the Sovjets would have been happy to be a part of a worldwide development. And had there never been a foreignsponsored coup against the Tsar and an influx of revolutionaries the western oligarchs would still have demonized Russia as you may observe currently.
          What destructive subversion by the KGB is it you have in mind more specifically?
          The western elites wanted world government under their tyrannical control and the west backed socialism an defended all variants including marxism although this is not commonly known. Kissinger was one such Rockefeller-aid to make it look like there was an independent infiltration from the Sovjets. But it was arranged by the western oligarchy.

        3. The words “western” and “elites” do not belong together. Elitists are Godless, while western civilization was a result of the spread of Christianity. Elitists are purveyors of their own evil version of “equality”, Peter. Their version has nothing to do with the version espoused by the founders of this country.

          I can’t explain what was done to my country any better than Yuri Bezmenov in this video. So I will let him.


        4. Well, things are waking up, a bit belatedly, but better late than never

          As I said previously, I agree with Peter’s analysis of the Soviets and the American ( with my country Britain’s collusion) manipulation of world affairs to maximise wealth and power of the elites.

          I agree with you, Rich, that the elites are multinational, or rather, have no allegiance to any one nation, they simply run their own psychopathic agendas… nations are irrelevant to them….

          However I dont agree that christianity is the root of western civilisation….its a middle eastern ( non- western ) ideology that would probably have faded into insignificance, had it not been co opted by the roman emperor who saw the political advantage of having a fairly innocuous faith as his state religion, outlawing all others and thus giving himself and all future western leaders an instrument of repression of the ordinary people who were brainwashed by ridiculous threats and fear of consequences after death into servility, obedience and freedom from individual thought….

          The true root of western civilisation, or the poor excuse for it we now have, is of course the hellenistic traditions from pre christian ancient greece, who gave the world the notions of individual liberty, democratic political governance, a moral code, ethics, philosophy, logic…not to mention the ” modern” origins of medicine, science, astronomy and so on…

          I should add that I have no problem at all with the more laudable aspects of christianity and christian virtues and Im not anti christian as such…it just irritates me when its place in history is ( in my view) misplaced…

        5. Rich
          I hesitate out of respect but I dont think there ever was in the leading circles, anything pure to be proud of over there. Just the usual european ruthlessness, and moreover the founders were masons and they had zionism of sorts concocted with their version of chritianity. The intolerant sort which found a free haven in the new country.
          I am not saying it’s always bad to be a dreamer and imagine a better past because maybe a cynic like myself might be lacking something. But you are a dreamer.
          And when I wrote western elites they certainly to an important degree have to do with freemasons. The brotherhood infiltrating all elites irrespective of religion. E.g the Muslim Brotherhood is one branch

        6. William Cooper’s mystery babylon series is a good place to learn the similarities of all the secret societies. 33 parts to it. In masonic fashion of course.

        7. You blame the overthrow of the Czar on America? That little bit of pillage was financed by folks from your side of the pond. As for Kissinger; he is also from your side of the same pond. He should have been turned away at the border. Just another foreigner using our own freedoms to undermine us; not unlike Obama.

          As for your conjectures about America keeping the world in a state of arrested development, I would rather argue about whether the chicken or the egg came first.

          The entire ruling structure of this world was taken over by evil. Russia should have been left alone to become what ever it was to become, as America should have. The people should have been allowed to decide what form the money would take(probably gold and silver since it worked fine for 4000 years). Evil people planned long ago to have the world wars that would submerge us into this nightmare we now have. They were people without borders Peter, and they still are.

        8. Rich
          Oleg Platonov who is not foreign to the internationalist character of the overthrow of the tsar has published research based on his access to confiscated freemasonic archives. There it is clear that american financiers together with British French and German bankers financed the revolution. He mentions the sum of 50 million dollars.
          The freemasons decided to overthrow the Tsar partly because of Russias independent national bank. But big oil in Us/Uk also had a strong motive and benefitted greatly as oil prices surged after the bolsheviks attacked the oilfields and killed the personnel.
          The payback from Lenin and Trotsky consisted among other things of a huge offshore region inside Russia, the Kozbaz industrial region including a new railway system rapidly built. America received all the profits for many years and had their own workers there for 5 years without the Sovjets having any say until Stalin rose to power. In other words the Us corporate sector was involved as well not just some abstract internationalist entity. Anthony Sutton cites a discussion involving US politicians where an expert explained the american backing of the bolshevik revolution and what followed as motivated by the wish to make Russia LESS COMPETITIVE.
          It was geopolitics and the whole angloamerican oligarchy/aristocracy benefitted. You may have heard that Sutton called the USSR a technological colony of the Us.

          And Britain had further motives for instigating the february revolution when the Tsar abdicated, namely to make sure Russia would not take the straits through Konstantinopel.

        9. Sutton’s texts though are widely available.

          Do you recommend any other sources on this material?

        10. Architects of deception by Juri Linna contains material from Platonov. Platonov is labeled ‘holocaust denier’ but according to this source he appears to somewhat back the official version.
          (I disagree with this critic about Hitler who didnt fix anything in Germany, he just was helped by his foreign sponsors, who needed the germans to trust him and die fighting for foreign big oil etc)
          Nikolai Starikovs Nationalization of the Rouble contains info about Kozbaz and other routes of payback to the west from Lenin and Trotsky.

        11. Rich
          I should add that Kissinger was Rockefellers clever little helper. That he fled nazi Germany after the angloamericans had coached and funded the nazis in every way makes that pond a very much american one.
          Americas instrument for maintaining the world in a state of arrested development is the IMF and the World Bank. China and BRICS have derfore explicitly declared that development is the purpose with their newly started competitor. Rich its about a pessimistic view of man. Its the malthusian view. And the angloamericans cherish it. They want to cull the herd not develop it.

        12. -They want to cull the herd not develop it.

          Peter, it is ridiculous to think this is a uniquely American goal. Like I said before, these people have no borders. Look at the destruction they heap on your own culture in the form of unmitigated immigration of populations that will never be assimilated. I suppose you have some source to blame all that on American Imperialism too, and not the political correctness of the government. Of course I know that political correctness has a goal, and it is not to be nice.

          The original comment that you responded to is at least a week or two old now. I wish you would have replied to it before I went on Holiday. I will look through things when I get back. I have to put this laptop away before I get in trouble with the missus. Thanks for the back and forth.

        13. Rich
          ‘Uniquely american goal’
          The angloamerican aristocrats are psychos, malthusians and they have managed to stay on top of it for quite some time. Competitors like Germany were not that kind of psychos and neither were the Russians. Therefore they didnt uncover the plots against them in time. It is a matter of philosophy say some: malthusians vs more optimistic and industrious people like the germans or more spiritual like the russians.
          Malthusians view people as the enemy and so do the banksters so they are two of a kind.
          If you trust W Tarpley the British inherited such traits from the Venetians but I wont go any further. It is toxic material.

        14. Peter G says:

          “Had the west not wanted to maintain the world in a state of arrested development the Sovjets would have been happy to be a part of a worldwide development.”

          One of the fundamental problems with government is non-transparent
          power. This is as true for the starvation of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin as it is for the murder of millions of Arab civilians by America in the terror wars. Government, whatever ideology it claims to espouse. is a necessary evil because the alternative is anarchy, power vacuums, and the law of the jungle. The only real alternative is truly transparent government that is very limited in scope. This is what I believe Ron Paul is getting at with stating that we should close foreign military bases, abolish the CIA, reduce a lot of what the FBI does, etc.

        15. Peacefrog
          The holodomor was a hoax peddled by nazis in collaboration with Randolph Hearst media. There was starvation but not intentional. Stalin as well as the prerevolution Stolypin wanted to modernize the enormously oldfashioned practises of farmers. Stolypin organized bigger units and expected them to modernize by private initiative but instead they just lowered the wages, something increasing the prorevolution sentiments although the main reason was foreign financiers and special operations and NGOs…Stalin needed workers for the industry to mount up defenses in preparation for the anticipated western assault. Hitler, the stooge for Britain and perhaps the rest of the western nations might attack. Stalin held a speech around 1930 predicting a war to break out in a decade. Moreover the Us and Uk demanded payment for vital export of industrial machinery only in grain and refused payment in gold! As well as in oil or timber. So who do you think it was who wanted to deliberately cause starvation??
          The nazis, the stooges of angloamerica were in Ukraine early on in 1928 already to create division with the USSR and Britain continued backing separatism from the 1930s and until the 1960s.

        16. “However I dont agree that christianity is the root of western civilisation….its a middle eastern ( non- western ) ideology that would probably have faded into insignificance, had it not been co opted by the roman emperor who saw the political advantage of having a fairly innocuous faith as his state religion…”

          What follows this quote is so stupid that I will not reproduce it or address it. It is ignorance on toast.

          Western civilization is precisely the combination of the hebraic and greco/roman philosophical traditions, energized by the person of Jesus Christ, and the effect He had on the people who caught that spark.

          Without Christ, the West could never have come into being. The classical world was a moral wasteland–but it was a philosophical and material triumph. The hebraic world was a moral triumph. Judaism was a sort of morally virtuous virus that spread throughout the Roman world, by the time Jesus was born, but Jews believed they had to remain completely separate, and that to gain the goodness that God had revealed through His Word, which was their role, their job to reveal to the world, the nations had to become Jews. Jesus revealed that the Jews had gotten this wrong: anyone can be reconciled to God, through Him; no need to become a Jew first.

          THAT is what made the West. The classical world combined with God’s revelation of Himself, through the Incarnation.

          To strip away the incarnation is to render Western civilization void. It’s the whole of it.

        17. Oh dear, Patrick…. just the other day you challenged the poster you call ” the troll” to produce one example of you name calling someone and now you play into his hands by calling someone ( me ) names…. apparently Im ” stupid” and..what was it? Oh yes… ” ignorance on toast”…lol… you do know its a big sign of a lack of intellectual ability to refute someone in a debate by lowering yourself to the level of personal abuse? No, you probably don’t.

          My crime? I dared to express an opinion you dont agree with….. my thoughts on the origin and development of western civilisation dont put christianity at the heart of it, at least not on the plus side… you believe there is no western civilisation without it.
          Its pointless arguing these things…if you cant see that your opinion is opinion, not undisputable fact, then I think that is a good definition of ” ignorance on toast”, but hey I could be wrong…

          In the end it comes down to how you define western civilisation….if you think its about the wonderful art and music and sculpture and writings of all kinds inspired by religious belief then christian faith has played a huge part in inspiring those cultural and artistic achievements….

          on the other hand, if you’re looking at politics, economics and the development of a fair and equal society, then the repressive, inflexible and often eccentrically extreme views and practices of those western regimes claiming to be based on christian values over the last couple thousand years or so perhaps present a different picture of your so called western civilisation…. the hundreds of thousands of people butchered for so called blasphemy by the catholic Inquisition, the mediaeval witch trials or the genocide of the Cathars spring to mind, but there are countless equally atrocious further examples of mass killings and societal upheavals instigated in the name of christianity which dont add up to a virtuous picture of the impact of that religion upon the lives of the ordinary people living in the west over the last two millenia….

          Dont bother replying…. its pointless for either of us to do so, given that we see the world in such opposite ways….

          but you really need to rein in the insults….they do you no credit at all…

        18. Saying a crazed misunderstanding of basic historical fact is “stupid” is not “name-calling,” Steven. Nor is saying that that stupidity is based on ignorance. Saying it is “ignorance on toast” is an amusing way of saying the person has no idea what he’s talking about. That’s not “name-calling, either.”

        19. you are splitting hairs, Patrick…your labelling me as stupid and ”ignorance on toast” is neither amusing nor acceptable in polite debate… you have history on MHB for name calling and rudeness and I doubt Im the last person who will be treated to your vicious, condescending sneering…

          You justify yourself by saying I have ” a crazed misunderstanding of basic historical fact”…… even if that were true…which it isnt, given the Inquisition, the witch trials and the genocide of the Cathars that I mentioned ARE historical facts….thats still no reason to dismiss me as stupid and ignorant…. Im far from it..Im a university educated person with 40 years of study and research in history and linked disciplines…..

          I could produce dozens of well respected university academics and scholars who would at least broadly support my viewpoint and, at the same time, concede you could produce academics and scholars to support your viewpoint…

          All Im saying is that you call names and dont respect other’s viewpoints….that, in my book, is a clear definition of ” ignorance on toast”

          Any further discussion between us on this would be pointless, so I won’t respond again to anything you say on the subject of the impact of christianity on western civilisation…

        20. It would be “name calling” if I had said you are stupid. Since I don’t know you, I don’t know if you have a low enough IQ to qualify, Steven, but since you visit here and seem to understand what is written here, I’d venture to guess that you are not stupid. But even if I had it on good authority that you are really dumb, I’d never say such a thing–and certainly wouldn’t write it here.

          You are confusing my assessment of the idea you expressed and my assessment of you. To call your ignorant misunderstanding of history stupid is NOT to make judgment of you IQ. I have been wrong many times, and I never make the mistake, when my stupid misunderstanding is pointed out to me, of assuming it is an attack on me, who I am. I don’t like being wrong, and I don’t like being ignorant, so I appreciate it when I have it pointed out to me. I don’t take it personally. And never in a million years would I be so foolish as to call it “name calling.”

          As for this: “You justify yourself by saying I have ” a crazed misunderstanding of basic historical fact”…… even if that were true…which it isnt, given the Inquisition, the witch trials and the genocide of the Cathars that I mentioned ARE historical facts….thats still no reason to dismiss me as stupid and ignorant…. Im far from it..Im a university educated person with 40 years of study and research in history and linked disciplines…..”

          They say the best rule, if you find you have dug yourself into a hole, is to stop digging. You really should stop; you’re not helping yourself, Steven. The Inquisition, the witch trials and the genocide of the Cathars are all events within Western history. So what? How does Christian leaders doing these things in any way remove the fact that Christianity is the thing that transformed Roman civilization into something new and completely different? I can’t see any actual reasoning in your argument. And as I said at the outset it is not YOU I am calling stupid–it’s the idea you hold that is stupid. You could stop holding that dumb idea, and you would be exactly the same, presumably lovely, person you were before. It’s nothing personal.

          Your education, and how long it has been ongoing is not at issue here. It is irrelevant. Taking isolated examples of choices Western leaders made in the name of Christianity, decisions you apparently don’t approve of, as evidence that the thing that transformed Rome into something completely different, is not an employment of logic. It makes no sense. In fact, it works exactly the opposite: these events occurred precisely because the West was fundamentally, essentially, Christian. The Church regarded heresy as so important that it must be rooted out at all costs–because “getting it right” when it comes to the essence of Christianity had to be done if the civilization itself was to survive.

          It is understandable that people in our era cannot enter into such reasoning, and even recoil in horror when presented with such evidence, because Western civilization came to an end with the start of the 21st century (actually, I mark the final moment as the 9/11 event). The 20th century was a transition period; by its conclusion, the Western Mind was largely defunct. We are, in other words, in a post-post Christian civilization, where it’s as difficult for the people around us to comprehend the worldview as it prevailed in the middle ages as it would be to comprehend the worldview of ancient Egypt.

          But that’s the point. You think the examples you regard as depredations of true Christianity (at least that’s what I think you are saying) prove the West was not at its center Christian, when it is precisely the opposite–those examples, in other words, make MY case. They did those things because they had no choice: heresy had to be eliminated because to be true to their civilization the leaders at the time, were they not to do it, would essentially be committing treason. As I say, from the point of view of this new civilization, that makes no sense–but it made all the sense in the world, to them. Remember, the Reformation had not yet happened; the West had only one Church, and it was regarded as indistinguishable from Western civilization itself.

          Hope that clears things up.

      2. In an interview yesterday Hadia Tajik, age 32 (Pakistani-Norwegian Muslim, former Minister of Culture in Norway under Jens Stoltenberg’s regime and currently one of the leaders of the Labor Party) said the following – among other politically correct gems:

        “We do not occupy ourselves with God. Politicians exist for people and to make lives better for them. God should not expect our help.”

        Patrick, you ask: “That is, here was Norway, or the United States, minding its own business, in say, 1960. Everything copacetic. Flash forward to now. Completely different countries. Question: was that a natural thing, or a result of social engineering?”

        Let me give you one example to prove it was not a natural thing. On a trip to Norway we went to visit two aunts in Oslo. The two sisters were elegant, refined spinsters who shared a fashionable apartment in a nice section of town. We came there and it was panic and chaos. The same week they had been given new neighbors, courtesy of the city which claimed they could do nothing about the situation. The situation? This was in the beginning stages of opening the floodgates for other cultures. The new neighbors were a large family directly from Pakistan who brought in a couple of goats and sheep to live there with them. Luckily sherry had a calming effect on the aunts.

        The two aunts of refined culture loved goats and sheep as much as the rest of us, but they went to their place in the country for that. Not the fifth floor of a city apartment building. Every time I hear about the blessings of a multicultural society I think of the two aunts and their new neighbors. My mother-in-law was blessed with multiculture in her Oslo neighborhood in large doses and she did not hesitate to speak her mind about the decline she witnessed. None of them would recognize Oslo today if they were alive, nor would they approve.

    3. Indeed, Patrick. If one reads “The Culture of Critique” by Dr Kevin McDonald, one can see that these welcomed migrations of immigrants had their roots in Jewish plans to dilute American demographics and take the focus off the jews. This would divert the attention of Americans, of course under the aegis of “unsurpassed altruism, naturalamente'”. McDonald has attracted the watchfulness of the jews and been the focus of jew hatreds and criticisms to excess, of course. To the detriment of the jews, it is found that McDonald is so far ahead of the braying Khazarians such that their noxious criticisms fall on ears unreceptive to this typical verbal swill.
      Thse migrations, I might add, featured heavy movement of Russian jews around the turn of the 20th century and the country was never the same. Obama is employing the exact same diabolical underhandedness and his efforts are being supplanted by his patented racial hatreds and natural inclination of his violent intemperance to white skinned people. Obama has never been difficult to understand. Give him credit, he hates your guts and tells you nothing to the contraire, you white skinned supremacists, you.
      Were it not for a totally corrupt court system, a sorely rotted Supreme Court included, the nation would be able to heal itself on occasion. Such is not the case, the parliament of whores goes forth like a stampede recalcitrant to return to the rule of law in days gone by.
      Never, ever deny the existence of love of country. Trump will be savagely tested and if he manages to convince Americans of that love, he won’t be stopped, let alone by the likes of Bilious Clinton, a notably devilaceous destroyer of some advanced repute. She deserves an Everest of contempt and hatred from the people she has doublecrossed and may she reap her whirlwind of animosities.

      1. Maybe, Gil. I am unaware of McDonald’s work. But last I looked, Teddy Kennedy was not Jewish. And the Eastern European immigrants of the early 20th century had completely assimilated by the time the despicable Irish Catholic adulterer/murderer intentionally remade the demographics of our country. “I like a Gershwin tune,” as the song goes–everyone did. And Berlin’s, too. If the Jews were experiencing troubles that made them wish to, as you say, “take the focus off” themselves in the mid-60s, I’m surprised to hear it. Everyone liked a Gershwin tune. How about you?

        Have a look at this chart that Stephan Monineuix helpfully provided in a recent lecture about Chicago (I hope it embeds properly): https://stairwaybook.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/screen-shot-2015-08-04-at-4-35-23-pm3.png.

        It could probably stand for any city in the Northern United States. The green is “other.” Teddy’s doing. Groups Americans never saw before. (Note that prior to WWII there were essentially no black people in the North. Ted did not do THAT, so far as I know.)

        Folkiedeciever’s ilk like to interpret the results of the jarring cultural clash that results when huge numbers of entirely strange people suddenly are dumped in a nation’s midst as “racism.” And then they extend it back, asserting that that the resulting shock is evidence that “America was always racist”–even though, outside the South, there was almost no “multicultural” experience here at all.

        The growth of the green is simply astonishing. That’s all Ted.

        1. Per City-Data.com: Races in Chicago 2013

          • 871,317 32.0% White alone
          • 852,519 31.4% Black alone
          • 782,617 28.8% Hispanic
          • 161,919 6.0% Asian alone
          • 41,029 1.5% Two or more races
          • 5,4650 .2% Other race alone
          • 3,2600 .1% American Indian alone
          • 6630 .02% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone


        2. Jeanne Kirkpatrick isn’t jewish either, but she made a good ‘white’ public face for the mostly jewish-engined neocon movement. In the book about eastern european jews founding Hollywood, the jewish authors admit that jews used white people to hide behind so that the formerly white majority wouldn’t recognize jewish orchestrations for what they were. The immigration law of 1965 that sought to displace the white majority of the US was written by jews and then sold to the american whites by Ted Kennedy. The notion that the jews integrate is hysterically funny to those who live around the densest population of them in the US; the entire point of Judaism is anti-assimilation. They are a nation whose creed sanctifies them living off of other nations. In the resistance movements of WWII jews turned against the european members fairly consistently, when they were even admitted to begin with. This happened in the most ‘integrated’ of countries, like Holland. As for your assertions, Patrick, that the jews are indistinguishable from native europeans, please consult books like Hiding in Plain Sight about a jewish family hiding in Poland during the war. They struggled DAILY to not be recognized easily by the Poles even after being picked for survival resources because they didn’t look so semitic. Ashkenazi jews have about half semitic DNA and half european. Would you say that people who were half black and half dutch somehow can’t be distinguished from the dutch people? The native peoples of the middle east and north africa are obviously a different racial group from the native europeans, specifically the celts and germans and slavs.

          No one gives power up, and the jews are conditioned from birth to interpret experience through this schizotypal mindset of ‘european’ and ‘jewish’ which absolutely posits jews as superior and separate.

  14. http://21stcenturywire.com/2015/07/26/episode-94-sunday-wire-der-homeland-with-host-patrick-henningsen-and-guest-prof-james-tracy/

    In the first hour, we’ll discuss this week’s leading stories, including this week’s installment of 21WIRE’s “The Daily Shooter” featuring a cinema rampage by a mentally ill actor in Lafayette, Louisiana, as well as a review of the Chattanooga Shooting, as well as the rise of Donald Trump and the GOP’s Sweet 16 field of political cannon fodder. To help breakdown Chattanooga and other “mass shootings”, we’re joined by special guest Professor James Tracy from Memory Hole Blog for an in depth discussion of America’s new mass shooting media culture.

  15. Did the feds have fallback drills to push for federal gun legislation along the lines of the Sandy Hook Drill?

    Some shady precursor mass shootings:

    August 2012 Sikh Temple Shooting:

    7 dead in the largest mass shooting in Wisconsin history. The perp, Wade Michael Page, was a “psychological operations specialist” for the Army (and he confused Sikhs for Muslims???):


    The son of the slain Sikh temple leader is a Hollywood director who is currently working on a documentary on mass shootings including Sandy Hook:


    September 2012 Accent Sign Shooting in Minnesota was the largest in that state’s history of workplace shootings. Also, 7 dead (no creativity here!). The shooter, Andrew Engeldinger had another alliterative name like Arron Alexis and Myron May. Both the Mayor and Rep. Keith Ellison visited Accent shortly before the shooting:


    Certainly mass shooterings exist, but could the feds be using staged drills as both a cover for real events and a push for draconian gun control?

    1. After the Sikh temple shooting, there was a spa shooting in Wisconsin where a man was said to have shot his estranged wife and others before killing himself. If you listen to Michael Cravey’s analysis of the event and the tie-ins to the Sikh temple shooting and Aurora, it seems far fetched or premature. The man wasn’t Sikh and hadn’t flown into the US to commit the shooting.


      But, then upon looking at the details I note that the shooter’s body was not found in the spa for 6 hours, while the police locked-down a mall hunting for him. And without explanation as to why, a hospital where 3 or 4 of the victims were taken went on lock-down for a few hours.

      The wife was reported by a witness to have called him “sir,” and the police retracted a statement indicating he was not “African American” but rather, ethnic and dark skinned.

      The Wikipedia story reports he used a .40cal Glock. Michael reports a revolver and even I remember seeing a report that he used a revolver.

      A week prior to the shooting he was hit with a restraining order that banned him from possessing any firearms. But the day prior to the shooting, he was reported to have bought the gun he used online. Is it possible to make an online gun purchase and receive the weapon by mail the next day?

      Then I got to thinking, had this been the scene of a revenge killing related to a prior gov-directed shooting someone had inside knowledge of, all those real names and people might be hard to explain away. Layering a story like this one over the scene could be the only option to prevent being unable to cover up the many details. Michael may have been off the mark on this within 48 hrs of the event, but I sure couldn’t prove it.


      1. So, in 2012 we have 4 shootings that all raise legitimate issues regarding factual accuracy in media representation: Aurora, Sikh Temple, Accent Signage, and Anza Spa. They occur seriatum in July, August, September and October respectively (followed by Sandy Hook that December). There may be inter-connections between some of these shootings. The most likely interconnection is between that of the Sikh Temple and Anza Spa events since Sikhs are a small community in the U.S. representing about 250,00 according to Wikipedia.

        Amar Kaleka is working on The Peacemakers,and the film’s web site shows that a good number of government and media luminaries are participating in it. It will deal with many of the big shootings, starting with Columbine. The film’s site also specifically mentions Sandy Hook as a topic.

        I think that there is enough here for a documentary similar to We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook. I would be happy to help as a volunteer in such a project with research, fact checking, etc. I have a J.D., but I am no longer practicing law. You can contact me anytime.

        Keith Labella

    1. Anne, if the chartreuse and orange color scheme doesn’t give them vertigo the WiFi will finish the job. Good Lord! That has to be good for their “mental health”. Being boxed behind bullet-proof glass in a school named after a “slain” teacher.

      These are obviously not subtle or tasteful people. Even their hoaxes lack class. Maybe they could get that guy in who painted the Denver airport murals. You know, a ‘nice’ death theme.

      Alas, this is how most people’s minds work. Now school is thought of as hiding out in Fort Apache against a horde of armed invaders. What utter B.S.. Anyone sending kids to this school should be charged with child abuse.

  16. Latest from Peter Klein/TNN on what happened during closing statements at the James Holmes trial:


    Also, fwiw, I listened to Michael Cravey’s video “James Holmes based on me, and I blew the Aurora op To Steve Pieczenik” and it seemed like he was suspicious of Carey Rottman (from Wisconsin) and Pierce O’Farrill, two of the supposed victims (though I’m not sure why).

    I’m honestly not sure what to make of the Aurora incident and how much was real or fake, though it’s obvious that James Holmes is just a patsy for whatever occurred. It sort of seemed like there were elements that were real (there was a blood trail outside) and a second mask, but when you watch some of the videos of the supposed victims, they kind of remind me of what we saw w/Sandy Hook and Boston. One witness, Corbin Dates, seemed sincere, and basically said there was a second guy who opened the door and that he couldn’t see any identifying features of the shooter (other than that he was 5’8″). But then he went to court and testified that he saw that shooter had fake colored red hair. After that, I just gave up on trying to figure it out–at least the trial is surely rigged.

    1. The chant-leader forgot to get those precious tikes to assure the Jews of Israel that Mohammed’s army, when it returns, will drive all the Jews into the sea. Or maybe this is just a short section of a longer video, where that part was included.

      With indoctrination like that, the idea the Arabs will ever want peace and agree to a “two state solution” to the Arab-Israeli conflict is laughable. Trained in hate and murder (because Allah LOVES murder when it is done in the name of jihad), from toddlerhood, they are certain to never reconcile with Israel when they grow up.

      The saddest thing in the world? Close enough.

        1. The video is edited because when Bozo is talking to the kids they have no clue what he’s saying are truly bored to death.

          Then all of sudden they know every corn ball prepared chant….

          Didn’t someone say don’t hurt the little children? It would be better to put a yolk around your neck…This Guy is so screwed.

      1. Hmmm, what would Kevin Barrett, a convert to Islam, say about your comments that Allah loves murder when in the name of jihad? I know people who have white hot blinding hatred of all things Islam, are they right or are they wrong in their analyses? Are people, then, under the total sway of being one of Hoffer’s True Believers? That is, where personal disgust for oneself is replaced by the fervor of the mass movement of Islam or some other magnetic field that ensnares one’s sense of reason and replaces it with total devotion to a cause or individual? You are saying the Arabs don’t want peace for Palestine……indeed, a provocative declaration worthy of consideration.

        1. Kevin Barrett would say I don’t know what I’m talking about. But that’s only because he thinks he “converted” to Islam–which is impossible for one born into the Western Mind (and Barrett definitely possesses a Western mind). He was tricked into believing Islam is a religion, and so that’s the lens through which he views its monstrous history, kind of like a historian whose only sources are Disney cartoons.

          Islam is, in fact, an all-consuming worldview, with a vaguely religious patina. A separation of “church and state” is not conceivable in Islam. How many Western “converts” to Islam can expunge that conception from their souls? None. “Democracy” “does not compute” in the Dar-al-Islam.

          Honor killings (the requirement to murder one’s own daughters, if they are raped, for instance) are integral to the Mind Moslems possess. It is impossible for a Western individual to learn that imperative. You can THINK you became a Moslem, and the Imam can tell you that you are, but you can never acquire that primal, purely Islamic heart-state.

          The hatred of the Cross, and the intense anger a Moslem feels when seeing a crucifix worn around the neck of a Christian, routinely results in the offended Moslem leaving the scene to procure a beaker of battery acid, so as to whisk it into the face of the unforgivably offensive Christian. Moslems are entirely justified, and applauded, for curing the infraction thusly. Question: how does a Western “convert” to Islam attain that degree of fervor? Is it possible?

          10% of Egyptians are Christians (Copts). 90% of Egyptian women (UN demographics, widely regarded as accurate) had their genitals sliced off as young girls. Take a wild guess how many Copts do that to their daughters. Take a wild guess how many Disneyland-Moslems like Kevin Barrett feel the deep-rooted necessity to do such a thing to their daughters. Answer: none. It is incomprehensible to people with Western minds. They can never become Moslems, whatever dreams they entertain on the subject.

          Because these things are intrinsic to the Islamic Mind, and absolutely repulsive to the Western Mind.

          If Barrett denies”that Allah loves murder when in the name of jihad,” he has not read the Hadith, which is just as authoritative as the Koran (which also enjoins that principle, by the way) in Islam–in fact almost all Moslem faith and practice comes from it. That would make him an ignoramus on the subject he claims expertise in. No, he just ignores the parts that don’t make Islam feel like “the happiest place in the world.”

          If you “know people who have white hot blinding hatred of all things Islam,…”, Gil, I would advise you to avoid their company. They are emotionally unhinged. Even if they have read the history. Such people allow themselves to be carried away, and not simply sit and think about what they’ve learned.

          “…are they right or are they wrong in their analyses?” If they are not just ignoramuses with no time spent studying the subject, certainly; anyone who reads the material can only be utterly disgusted and outraged by the truth about Islamic history and its current reality. It’s horrible. So their analyses would be correct–it’s their reaction that’s something you need to be wary of. These are not emotionally stable people. They should probably have learned not to read nightmare literature earlier in life, because they are not suited to it, emotionally.

          The answer to your question about Hoffer, if I understand it, is no, if you are talking about Moslems–because it is 1,400 years of pathology, deeply engrained and reinforced by practice on every level of human life. It’s no flash in the pan. And if you are referring to the likes of Barrett, the Disney-version Moslem, since they are not ever going to feel the spiritual requirement to fling jars of acid in the faces of women just for wearing the crucifix, the answer is again “no.” They live in a happy-talk fantasy, imaginary, “Islam.” That is, as I just said, it is impossible for Westerners to transform their “personal disgust for oneself” into “the fervor of the mass movement of Islam.” No Kevin Barrett-type fantasist is going to murder his daughter and chop off her head because she is dating a Christian–and feel proud of it. Because it is impossible for him to actually become a Moslem. That outrage will never rise up within him.

          And yes, I am indeed saying that “the Arabs don’t want peace for Palestine.” Islam is violence. Peace is impossible in Islam, as Allah himself tells his followers, until all the world is ruled by Islam–and each and every Jew is dead. And there is no humiliation a Moslem can feel that is more painful than for Jews to rule over them. Dhimmitude, Gil, Dhimmitude.

          Sorry if that comes as news to you Gil. But it’s all true. You can look it up.

        2. Prince Charles of Eurabia in his chique appearance
          Some seem to think he has personal problems and has delved into islamic studies. (Some say he even converted in 2006)
          But in any case he has been into this for around thirty years and has made apologetic statements with respect to sharia and with respect to radical muslim teachers in Britain. In parallell with his personal development Britain has been accused by a long line of countries for protecting terrorists and to make easier their recruitment in British islamic institutions.
          I am sure his move takes place in concert with a more sophisticated organized effort. From 1973 when the angloamerican big oil secretely colluded to enforce the oil price shock and officially blame the arabs and OPEC there was made a deal with the rich arabs to invest their revenue in the west. That alone might be a reason for various PR stunts by the concerned western elites. But islamization of Europe in the form spearheaded by the British can hardly be explained by such PR related motives. Arabs are being massmurdered in and driven to die and kill in wars for which only the western oligarchy is responsible.
          All the plans being effected were drawn up in american thinktanks. No matter how much of the actions may be attributed to the various leaders in ME none of it would have happened without the incentive from the exceptional nation. And Britains real elites are at one with this agenda.
          The main thinktanks all having roots in the Fabian society are aligned. In that sense they are at one while you may here a bewildering choir of confusing messages.
          So we have synthetic terrorism made to look like genuine (evil) Islam
          Synthetic as opposed to spontaneously arising as in the much misused concept blowback.
          Meanwhile massimmigration seems to at least increase the probability of an islamization. When radical islamism is encouraged the probability grows since women are then likely to produce large famimies.
          So one aspect of massimmigration is a probable islamization.
          Add to this that Britains next King may be a muslim you get an interesting scenario. And it is usually not for the benefit of Britains European partners that Britain is plotting whenever they do that.

        3. Assuming Charlie is prince of all of Wales, he surely gave his stamp of approval on these 98 pages defining Integration and Cohesion between old timers and newcomers in South Wales. Some time ago I read the whole thing and could only conclude that they are constructing a Welsh version of Babel with people of incompatible cultures being “cohesively” fitted together.

          Welsh: Iechyd da i chwi yn awr ac yn oesoedd
          English: Good health to you now and forever

          Immigration and inclusion in South Wales

          “Politicians as well as those at local council level and in other service provision contexts must be trained to understand and deliver on new policy directions in order to produce better public understanding and the kind of mutual respect and trust talked of by the Commission on Integration and Cohesion (2007).”

        4. Patrick, you have mentioned that you are not familiar with Kevin MacDonald. He is a professor of psychology at California State University, Long Beach. Heard some rumors that he may have retired. I’ve also read some material by him and about him.

          By Kevin MacDonald May 29, 2013:

          From Wikipedia:

          ~The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Pub.L. 89–236, 79 Stat. 911, enacted June 30, 1968), also known as the Hart–Celler Act,[1] abolished the National Origins Formula that had been in place in the United States since the Emergency Quota Act of 1921. It was proposed by Representative Emanuel Celler of New York, co-sponsored by Senator Philip Hart of Michigan, and promoted by Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

          The 1965 act marked a radical break from the immigration policies of the past. The law as it stood then excluded Asians and Africans and preferred northern and western Europeans over southern and eastern ones.[2] At the height of the civil rights movement of the 1960s the law was seen as an embarrassment by, among others, President John F. Kennedy, who called the then-quota-system “nearly intolerable”.[3] After Kennedy’s assassination, President Lyndon Johnson signed the bill at the foot of the Statue of Liberty as a symbolic foothold of signing the bill.
          In order to convince the American people of the legislation’s merits, its proponents assured that passage would not influence America’s culture significantly. President Johnson called the bill “not a revolutionary bill. It does not affect the lives of millions”,[4] while Secretary of State Dean Rusk and other politicians, including Senator Ted Kennedy, hastened to reassure the populace that the demographic mix would not be affected; these assertions would later prove grossly inaccurate.[5]

          In line with earlier immigration law, the bill also prohibited the entry into the country of “sexual deviants”, including homosexuals. By doing so it crystallized the policy of the INS that had previously been rejecting homosexual immigrants on the grounds that they were “mentally defective” or had a “constitutional psychopathic inferiority”. The provision discriminating against gay people was rescinded by the Immigration Act of 1990.[6]~

          This Act was proposed by Philip Hart of Irish origins and Emanuel Celler of Jewish/Catholic background. Ted Kennedy was the official promoter and lied (grossly inaccurate assertions) according to the Wiki excerpt above. However, the bill was reportedly written by Norbert A. Schlei and its official name is the Hart-Celler bill.


          “Mr. Schlei was an assistant attorney general and chief of the Justice Department’s Office of General Counsel from 1962 to 1966. He coordinated the legal groundwork for the Civil Rights Act and the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act and the Immigration Reform Act passed the next year.”

  17. “In April of 2012, Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Amardeep Kaleka and his team at Neverending Light Productions (NEL) began developing a documentary film about violence in American society. At the time, a rash of school shootings, hate crimes, and other senseless murders were sweeping the nation.

    No one expected that the next national tragedy would strike so close to home”


    What a coincidence! He’s a Hollywood producer working on a documentary, and then a media event of the Sikh Temple shooting occurs 4 months after. WOW. His father was the religious leader killed at the temple shooting, and his brother is a cop who is currently working on the documentary. He is also a Media and Communications Professor at Ripon College.A month later an identical death toll from nearby Minnesota at Accent Signage. These happen to be the two largest mass shootings in those state’s respective history. 2012 closes out with the Sandy Hook event, and this documentary capitalizes on that too!

    It’s becoming increasingly easier to be a conspiracy theorist than a coincidence theorist. Looks like we are living in Oz, and, if we say anything about it we are labeled as the crazies!

  18. http://www.newstimes.com/news/article/Families-of-16-Sandy-Hook-victims-agree-to-settle-6421792.php

    I keep harping on these Sandy Hookers, but they should not be let off their hooks so easily. So, now we have sixteen privacy loving Sandy Hookers sharing in the spoils from the alleged Lanza estate. Peanuts compared to what they already have pocketed. The other ten privacy loving families is awaiting outcome of the lawsuit they filed against Bushmaster.

    Reportedly there are numerous new playgrounds spread across the Northeast, each named for the little darlings of Sandy Hoax. Bookmakers should be taking bets on the name of the new SHES. They could not possible call it Sandy Hook Elementary School again, or could they? Too much of a reminder for privacy loving Newtown.

    They have not even settled on the local memorial yet. What’s taking them so long? Can’t be a money problem. An honesty problem? Something so permanent has to appear real. The next generation may be more inquisitive than the current one.


    1. Anne, I have a good idea for Newtown’s Sandy Hook memorial: Those Satan worshipers that unveiled their newest statue of Baphomet in Detroit are looking for a permanent home for it. I’ll bet the SHE crowd could get a sweetheart of a deal on it!

        1. Sorry Anne,

          Obama jumped on it already.

          The Obama’s are moving it to the WH, Then to the Presidential Library.


        2. Hey Ric -The presidential library in Chicago? Or Hawaii? Or Kenya? Or Outer Space?

          The broke Sandy Hookers should get free tickets to this library wherever they plan to build it. It may even have a SH section from the presidential visit there and the hookers’ visits to DC. I envision this display on one side of Baphomet and his Nobel Peace Prize section on the other side. So no big loss to SH after all. I am relieved.

    2. Where’d the estate money come from? The bank donated the house (the only potentially valuable asset I’m aware of) to the town! So where’s the $1.5M come from?

      And what about the bazillion dollars that came from the state, the Feds, and generous citizens everywhere? Where’d that money go, and how was it divvied up?

      1. http://touch.courant.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-84131280/

        ~Documents filed Monday in Probate Court show that the families have agreed to equally divide a $1.5 million homeowner’s insurance policy that Lanza had on the Newtown home she shared with her son, Adam Lanza. Each family will get $93,750, records show.
        The settlements must be approved by Probate Judge Joseph Egan before they can be finalized in Superior Court, but lawyers familiar with the case said that should be completed by the end of this month. All the lawyers on the case worked pro bono so the families could get all the proceeds.
        Two other lawsuits filed as a result of the shootings are still pending.~

        These lawyers are saints, imagine working for free in a town swimming in millions. A whole lotta shakin’ (or shakedowns) still goin’ on in Newtown. The stakes are high and the chicken is in the barn.


        1. “all the lawyers worked pro-bono to preclude their receipt of a 240 grain lead slug to the left and right temples”.

        2. Gil – Your point is well taken. There is a CT lawyer with a real bullet to his head – in the back. Redding police almost immediately declared it a suicide. They said the lawyer was so distraught over having crashed his luxury car in the woods that he killed himself with a gunshot to the back of his head. Only in Connecticut.

          The case is in the hands of Redding police, who were first responders with their chief to the SH event, and Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sendensky of SH fame. It does not assure a fair investigation by any stretch of the imagination. Nor does it help that this lawyer was pro gun ownership.

          The lawyer’s family commissioned the NAACP to investigate further. Yesterday the family and the NAACP gave a press conference outside the Redding police department.



          Did not take long after the NAACP press conference:

        3. What I dont get is why the victims families have ended up with the proceeds of the value of Nancy Lanza’s home…. Im a Brit, a retired lawyer and I know nothing of American law BUT , surely, Nancy Lanza’s estate should have been inherited by her surviving son, dont remember his name, the guy who lived in another state and had nothing to do with the Sandy Hook case….. did he just shrug off his 1.5 million dollar inheritance cos he figured the families ( already rich from other sources) deserved it more? Call me cynical but I find that hard to believe…. but maybe Im missing something?

        4. Hi Steven. There is no Lanza estate for anyone to inherit; this is a fictitious family with a fictitious house on a fictitious street. None of it exists in the manner of which it has been portrayed for public consumption. I think these stories about the “victims’ families” being gifted with all of this money is just another ploy to continue this ridiculous masquerade and to keep the alleged tragedy fresh in the minds of the naive that still buy into it. I’m sure there are other motives as well.

          The Australian gentleman that was on Jim Fetzer’s program a few weeks ago, showed photos that were supposed to be taken from inside the Lanza house by investigators on the day of the event. There were many that gave a clear view of windows, wherein you could see through to the front and back yard. They did not show much, if any, trees, bushes, etc.; but the photos we were shown of the purported house from the outside, showed massive amounts of trees. They can’;t possibly be photos of the same house. He also had many photos that showed this house being prepared to be used for this hoax in the weeks leading up to 12/14/12. Someone was living in it at the time that was tasked with getting it ready. He mentioned that he believed it could be one of many average small-town American streets that were actually owned and operated by General Electric.

        5. Hi Maryaha… thanks for that explanation of why the elder Lanza brother didnt inherit Nancy’s estate… if you’re right that this family never existed then of course what you say makes sense.

          Im guessing I havent researched Sandy Hook as deeply as you, but as an ordinary honest person Im finding it difficult to believe that every aspect of that entire day was fiction from start to finish…. obviously I dont accept the mainstream version at all, but Im struggling to see how an entire town could be somehow hoodwinked or persuaded to turn a blind eye to the whole fakery of a supposed mass shooting incident and that three years later nobody from the town has admitted foreknowledge or complicity…. but then again, we definitely live in an extremely weird world!

          love and peace Steven

      2. I read a piece on it in “The Courant” at lunch. When I checked this evening I couldn’t find it.

        According to the article, it is related to the Bushmaster suit. The $1.5M part was supposed to be paid by a home owner policy that Nancy Lanza had. This was for keeping weapons in the house. “Attractive nuisance” I suppose.

        Sixteen of the families were to divide this with approximately $93K each. They mentioned the “donation” of the house for $1 and its subsequent demolition.

        This helps with establishing a precedence. They said the lawyers worked pro bono. I wondered how hard it would be to compensate the insurance company.

        It certainly seems that their “grief” doesn’t curb their lust for money. It’s all so tidy.

    3. Yeah Anne, I read that yesterday. About $93K each. They get a nice “precedent” thrown in to boot. Suing gun manufacturers and home owners will surely bring a pack of legal beagles.

      I like the Baphomet idea, maybe they can modify it to include handfuls of cash. If these people don’t see the problem with their over-the-top greed they’re their own best argument for mental health evaluations.

      I still think its a scam for money laundering and unappropriated tax dollar largesse. Why would an insurance company agree to pay this? Why would a bank donate a house for demolition? Out of “kindness”?

      A kindly bankster is about as rare as a vegan vampire. I’d be afraid to visit. If you drop a dollar they’d be on you like a pack of ravenous jackals. Potemkin didn’t have parasitic villagers in his scheme.

  19. I’ve been looking for a good lecture/podcast that explains Post-Modernism and/or Critical Theory. I have a solid basic historical understanding (where they came from), but I’d like to know more. A comparison of world views might be interesting, too.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve already seen “Agenda: the Grinding Down of America”; something with a bit more depth would be great, but not too academic. I got halfway through a guy named Thorsby’s “Intro to Critical Theory” on YouTube but it went over my head.

    Thanks in advance.

      1. Again, I thank the kind folks who offered suggestions as to lectures about critical theory, et al.

        Toni: the Stephen Hicks videos are perfect, exactly what I was looking for. It’s not light stuff, though, and I’m only part way through the first video. Thank you for this resource.

        1. Toni–

          Thanks for the link to the Reason micro-aggression/speech code tidbit.

          Being in the profession he’s in (like Dr. Tracy, he’s a college prof in CA), my husband has been griping about this very thing for years. Little by little we get adjusted, just like how they train dogs. It’s all about behavior, an inch at a time. All we have to do is move in the right direction…that’s what “Progression” (or “Progressives”) really is.

        1. Webster Tarpleys take on it is from the nineities and postmodernism certainly deserves to be taken apart. Its rubbish and deliberately so.
          Tarpley has been lecturing about its predesessor all the way back to old muddler Aristoteles.
          That said I find Tarpley’s attack on Obama & his misses to be a bit hard to swallow for me. I am referring to his Obama the unauth bio
          If you have a straight take about it shoot man! But I doubt you will be able to convert me if you have any positive impression to peddle.

        2. Because I recommend absorbing the “straight” take on a subject before critiquing it, does not mean I defend it.

          That’s your projection.

          At MHB, I’ve done nothing but point out the restrictions of these theories, and their misapplication in people’s comments.

          So, no, I do not “have any positive impression to peddle.”

    1. Thanks a million for the suggestions. I’ll watch it all…I can usually spot bias (even when it supports my own) and take it for what it’s worth. I’ve just had a tough time finding material that deals with PMism and/or CT directly; most of the time the lecturers assume the audience knows exactly what it means and talks around it.

      In the meantime, I’m happy to look at whatever anyone cares to suggest.

      Cheers all, and stay cool. It’s finally heating up here in Southern CA and the humidity’s been killing me!

  20. Does anyone think the Planned Parenthood videos might be faked, some form of a psy op? I haven’t even watched them because I abhor gore, but the concept sounds somewhat over the top. The point might be to increase tensions and conflicts surrounding gender issues. The debate over abortion seems to bring out the absolute worst in americans, rivaling race tensions any day of the week.

    1. The president claims the tapes are contrived: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/08/03/planned_parenthood_president_videos_doctored_by_fake_group_to_make_it_look_like_we_were_doing_something_wrong.html

      Recall that the Catholic Church outlawed birth control as a means of ensuring that the poor remained burdened down with as many hungry dependent resource-consuming children to care for as possible. Nowadays it’s probably more a way to fan the gender war flames, which are still ultimately a function of class warfare.

      1. “Recall that the Catholic Church outlawed birth control as a means of ensuring that the poor remained burdened down….”

        Funny, I can’t recall that at all. I remember reading the Bible. That’s where they got it from. It wasn’t a “law” they came up with, and certainly not to harm poor people. The Christians have ALWAYS been devoted to helping the poor. Where do you come up with this stuff?

        Catholics are forbidden from impeding the transmission of life, because it is presumed that they believe in God, as He reveals Himself in the Bible. New people is what God has always wanted to bring into the world.

        It is not God’s fault that men have ruined the economic world, and oppress the poor. But until this horrible, late, stage, large families were normative. No one, until just yesterday (historically) planned their lives for physical comfort and then decided on one designer child.

        Your formulation only demonstrates that the Mind of the West is incomprehensible to the Mind of its replacement civilization.

        1. The fact is, Patrick, that during the medieval period the Catholic Church forbade literacy and tortured those who defied their tyranny. Try reading the Cheese and the Worms about an italian miller who was tortured and ultimately killed for possessing books by the Church. The practice of celibacy for priests was designed to maintain large estates in the feudal system so no middle class could emerge. By forbidding contraception the Church managed to maintain an abundance of labor which disempowered the poor masses; this power balance changed dramatically with the black plague’s deathly toll. Sorry if the truth offends.

          But I’m just thinking the issue sort of conveniently surfaces now during a time of such unrest and conflict-fomenting by the powers that be. How people manage to argue about a mass of cells that can’t feel (for the first three months) but not the living poor and failing middle class is beyond me. America always manages somehow, though, founded by religious zealots as we were.

        2. Sue, let me get this straight ~ “How people manage to argue about a mass of cells that can’t feel (for the first three months) but not the living poor and failing middle class is beyond me.” Do those tiny mangled bodies in petrie dishes in those videos look like nothing but a mass of cells? Really? I would have to say they look exactly like what pro-lifers have said they are all along…human beings. Planned Parenthood wouldn’t be selling them if they aren’t humans, as there would be no market for them, now would there? You know very well that you are pushing a lie.

          I assume when you say “religious zealots”, you mean Christians, and that we don’t care about “the living poor and failing middle class”. I care plenty about the poor, and I always try to help if I can. I can’t give to every person that is in need, but my faith constrains me to do what I can. You might want to check out exactly which group of people are usually the first on the scene to help when a disaster of some kind happens, whether in the U.S. or another country half a world away. You won’t find the Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus, but you will find that the Christian churches and Christian organizations are always there to do whatever is needed. You have been deceived.

        3. Maryaha, have you read Marvin Olasky’s book The Tragedy of American Compassion?

          For those who have not, it’s a sort-of history of charity in the 19th century, when the federal government (and pretty much all the States) had no role in providing for the needy poor. The problem was that there was far too much “provision” for the needy, in the view of the average citizen. There were layers upon layers of private charities (there was no income tax–or pretty much any tax at all–so everyone could afford to give to charity. And did). Olasky documents how Americans developed the fear that the healthy consequences of failure were being precluded. It was a character issue.

          If you look at the hospitals, colleges, orphanages–pretty much everything we regard as important in American life prior to the 20th century, it was all created by religious institutions, for charitable purposes. The names of the hospitals that endure today must gall the atheistic left when they find themselves doctored within them. Methodist. Presbyterian. St. Vincent. Cedars-Sinai.

          Certainly, the great theological colleges, Harvard and Princeton, for instance, simply HATE their origins, and wish they could be expunged. Certainly, everything they do today is an effort to rebuke their origins.

          Christianity was the greatest force for good the world has ever known. The notion that it can be despised today as a historical manipulator of the poor into a worse condition is amazingly ludicrous. But the moron-american community accepts the dumb idea as self-evident. The truly tragic element is that people like Sue, who are not morons (she is in fact in the top tier of the intelligence range), can hold these ridiculous opinions. They should know better, but childhood trauma, or something, has rendered them incapable of recognizing the reality of the historical goodness of the judeo-christian tradition, and its legacy–a legacy we enjoy even now, in these debased, hateful, times. How much longer will we be enjoying that unearned legacy?

        4. It is scientific fact that a human fetus doesn’t have a central nervous system until after three months. If you consider removing a bunch of unfeeling cells from one’s uterus a form of murder I think that speaks volumes about your value system. I have not ‘lied’ by pointing this scientifically unchallenged fact out.

          Various sects of Christians, specifically Protestant, pilgrimaged to this country out of religious zeal, for one main motive. American christians tend towards zealotry compared to their european brethren.

          This micro thread just proves my point, which is that by evoking the choice v. life debate, TPTB easily distract and draw otherwise skeptical consumers of their propaganda into a fight which isn’t the one citizens should be engaging in while their government is turning on them.

        5. Oh and I should add that for those who accuse Mark/folktruther of applying his skepticism inconsistently I’m not so sure he’s alone on here. I personally remain skeptical about everything, including ‘facts’ or ‘statistics’ or stories that might support views I hold. I once read a piece written by the son of a german national socialist; his father had been upper middle class and the author described meeting up with a jewish survivor of WWII who’d changed his name and emigrated to Israel. The author claimed to be happy his father’s old acquaintance was doing well and asserted that the upper middle class germans respected the upper middle class jews in Germany, but that many felt the nation of Judah couldn’t coexist with that of Germany. It was brilliantly written in that it portrayed the german NS as lacking bigotry, etc. It could have been ingenious disinfo, I speculated, as there is disinfo spread by both sides of the ‘nazi’ v ‘zionazi’ debate.

          Or perhaps ardent skeptics often turn to religion to salve the anxiety that a faithless life might otherwise hold for such types who recognize how little control they have in a society run by psychopaths.

        6. “It is scientific fact that a human fetus doesn’t have a central nervous system until after three months. If you consider removing a bunch of unfeeling cells from one’s uterus a form of murder…”

          It is a human being, Sue, with its own unique DNA, only at an early stage of life. This exquisite expression of heartlessness concerning the subject chills the blood. Millions of women, incidentally, over the nightmarish decades since Roe remade America into Murder, Inc., young, naive, girls, for the most part, believed the monstrous lie you re-tell in this quote. They were assured that it’s nothing more than removing a mole. Years later, when they have overcome the “blocking out,” the moral amnesia, they become aware of the horror of what they have done, and it can seem impossible to overcome the shame and guilt that floods into their soul. No one feels that way when remembering a mole that was removed a few decades ago.

          These women know that if only they had allowed your “bunch of unfeeling cells” to continue to divide and differentiate, it would have eventuated into a giggling baby, and then a rambunctious toddler, and a person who creates for them grandchildren. And the memory, and thought of it, breaks their heart. If only they could go back in time! Alas. They can only hope that they will meet them in Heaven, and cry, and apologize.

          The good news for these victims of your philosophy is that God became a man to offer freedom from that guilt and shame, and forgiveness for what seems unforgivable.When they learn this, they can go on with life, and feel joy again–which so often can seem an impossible dream, when the reality of the meaning of their youthful decision first becomes clear to them.

          I know lots of these women. Oh, how they wish they could go back in time! I know many men who feel the same burden–they know that if only the early stage of a human being’s development had not been halted, they would have a son or daughter to know and love. Everyone whose heart is not callous, knows these things.

          You do not need to go on thinking this way, Sue. An appeal to “science” is a rationalization. Everyone knows, deep down, that these are people who are being sacrificed.

          “…I think that speaks volumes about your value system. ”

          You bet.

        7. Hi Patrick! I haven’t read the book by Olasky, but it sounds very familiar to me. I’m sure I have heard about it before. I will check Amazon and see if it is on Kindle.

          I love what you have said in these last few comments. I can hear the Spirit in your heart when I read them. Everything you have said is beautiful and it is truth. I just wanted to let you know that. God bless you.

      2. Sue, I don’t recall the the Bible saying, “go forth and create resource consumers”. Thinking like this means they got you right where they want you. Do you think your parents sat down and said “lets make another resource consumer?”Ha!

      3. Here’s the thing: PP hasn’t denied any of this.

        Now, I don’t know what the hell they’re suppose to do with all the dead babies they scrape out, but PROFITING off them can’t possibly be okay. If anybody “should” profit, shouldn’t it be the producers of said baby?

        This feels gross to even talk about, but this is where the subject necessarily leads. I think abortion is tantamount to human sacrifice, but I think the would-be mothers are as victimized (or nearly) as the babies. But there ARE clear winners. Guess who they are…

        With each passing ethical quandary, I see more clearly the double-edged sword that passes as “science”. And like Pandora’s Box, now that the damned thing is open, there’s no going back.

      4. PP makes Obama look like an honest, upstanding natural-born American citizen! They are the most egregious liars and murderers the world has ever known. They love one thing and only one thing, that is blood money. You can be sure that they are guilty of selling the most innocent victims of their hideous crimes, and its been going on for a long time. Every person in DC who chose to continue to fund these monsters has the same innocent blood on their hands.

        1. Notice their egregious behavior is brought forth solely from hidden cam. Imagine if any one person in power had a hidden cam exposing their actions. I shudder at how in-the-dark we really are. Its no wonder we characterize them as psychopaths, its the only way to cope with so much blood on your hands.

      5. And why, pray tell, would they wish to do that? How would the Church profit from ignorance and poverty?

        Perhaps, here’s an idea, that life is precious. As a practical matter, virtually no one pays any attention to it, the birth control proscription that is. For one thing, how is the “rhythm method” not “artificial”? It is a silly argument.

        The real fear is that birth control will lead to abortion as birth control In fact, it has. Prevention is different from murder. So, as old fashioned as that idea is, I’ll support it. It has nothing to do with keeping people poor and ignorant. Why would that benefit anyone, yet alone the Church?

    2. “Does anyone think the Planned Parenthood videos might be faked, some form of a psy op? …the concept sounds somewhat over the top”

      Not a chance. The cultural assessment of the value of human life has been plunging in direct proportion to the de-christianizing of what once was Western civilization. That the abattoirs the Supreme Court authorized are not just cheerfully murdering the next generation (55 million and counting), but in a Godless paradigm, it’s absolutely logical to sell the corpses to a monstrous industry like biotechnology. We’re just animals, you know. What’s the big deal?

      But some animals are more equal than others.

      Cecil the cat, in Africa, has value in this New Civilization: all of the sort of people who praise the murder of babies as a mother’s fundamental right prize that beast more highly than life itself (even though the whole spectacle of feigned outrage is laughable). Which is why Cecil the little baby, in his mother’s American womb, has no value at all–well, HADN’T any value, until the enterprising capitalists at Planned Parenthood (talk about an inside-out, ironic, Orwellian name) figured out that he really IS valuable: his liver and kidneys bring top dollar, once in the hands of Cecile Mengele, er, Richards.

      That is, the concept only sounds somewhat over the top if you believe Western Civilization still exists. It makes perfect sense, once you recognize the world we now inhabit.

      What is shocking is the fact that they are not PROUD of what they are doing, and that Barry has to be trotted out to insist that the videos are fake. Why run away? Isn’t that what Roe is all about?

      Oh, and the point definitely is NOT “to increase tensions and conflicts surrounding gender issues”–because this has nothing to do with “gender.” It is to do with 55 million murdered children (and counting) and the state of mind that considers their organs in the same way a butcher shop thinks of a cut of beef.

      “The debate over abortion seems to bring out the absolute worst in americans,…”

      Only if you stand fully inside the New Civilization, and feel insulted by the remaining influence those who cling to the Mind of the West, as its last remnants are expunged. How impertinent of those gouache theists to insist that their obsolete opinions must be heard in the marketplace of ideas! If ow stand on the side of God, it brings out the very best in us: rescue those precious children from the slaughterhouse! Stop the greatest, on-going mass-murder in history! Yea!

      “…rivaling race tensions any day of the week.”

      What a thought! To compare the cheerful murder of more than a million Americans a year (mostly black, by the way) to Al Sharpton’s race hustling and white people’s disgust with it. Well, THAT’S a thought.

      1. I wonder if I was even born into Western Civilization(in 1945) or had it been all but gutted by then,and many of us failed to notice,Patrick. Good comment.

    3. I’m not sure that these videos are psy-op from any official authority, like the Church or government. They are “undercover journalism” by Operation Rescue members. The videos aren’t faked, in the manufactured sense. They are, however, heavily edited to maximize the “gore” and “outrage” factors.

      I found it revealing that Operation Rescue’s Center for Medical Progress never made clear in the videos that the fetal tissue is DONATED by the family to further medical research in a process that is much like organ donation.

      No matter what you think of abortion and fetal tissue research, the methods employed by the anti-abortionists in these videos are underhanded and violate standard journalistic practice.

      The Center for Medical Progress is located here in California, and now the State is stepping in. Probably to cover for their supine position during the whole Mandatory Vaccination Law debate.

      Headline: Court blocks anti-abortion group’s videos: What is Center for Medical Progress?

      1. To continue my above post…

        On the other hand, who knows what money, much less its provenance, has been granted to Operation Rescue for just the subject you mention: conflict.

        It hasn’t been demonstrated to me, but I don’t want to be naive.

      2. No matter what you think of abortion and fetal tissue research, the methods employed by the anti-abortionists in these videos are underhanded and violate standard journalistic practice.

        What is the standard of journalistic practice? Do the anti-abortionists violate these standards any worse than the MSM? Sounds like they are fighting fire with fire.

        1. A standard of journalistic practice might include:

          mentioning the fact that fetal tissue donation is LEGAL, and only done with the permission of the family.
          that the “cost” being discussed is meant to cover the procedure, also legal.
          that fetal tissue is not “auctioned off to highest bidder” making abortion doctors fantastically rich.
          making the recordings publicly available in their entirety.

          A standard of journalistic practice might exclude:

          filing paperwork to create a phony entity, in order to
          falsely pose as workers for a fake biotech company, in order to
          secretly record Planned Parenthood physicians without their consent, violating the Invasion of Privacy Act, which bars recording people without their permission.

        2. I see what you mean by squashed bullets. I guess thats why its called “wordpress”.

          I got the gist anyway. If laws were broken, I can’t make excuses. However, we live in an age of lawlessness. It starts from the top and goes down. When the press is owned by the few, the courts useless, congress impotent, and the President is a dictator who breaks at least one law every day with his morning smoke, people will give up, and do what it takes to get their side heard. We live under a system that is at war against its people, but the system insists the people play by the rules. Its really getting to be a joke. If the the law meant anything to the people above a certain pay grade, we would have a completely new government to live under every year or so, because the elected would be standing in a long line to get into prison.

          This brings us to the big question: Why was this story allowed to be leaked, and aired? Everything is “allowed” these days, and nothing gets to our hungry little ears without a purpose. Take Cecil the lion for instance. Its a game violation for Gods sake(yet to be proven). It happens in every state in America hundreds of times a year, but you don’t see it plastered all over the worlds TV sets.

          This anti-abortionist video is another in the line of blood sacrifices paraded in front of the American viewing public that started with the Vietnam war and will culminate God only knows where. When it is all over, you will literally have to stick a knife into the average Joe’s eyeball to illicit a reaction.

        3. wordpress mangled my typography in the above post; the phrases are supposed to be bullet points.

        4. So, Rich, I thought about how the anti-abortionists could have better made their point journalistically, instead of trying so hard to make Planned Parenthood look criminal.

          They just had to say, ”Look at this! After they kill the baby in the womb, these abortionists cut, sell and transfer its baby parts and it’s perfectly legal! Can you believe this is LEGAL?!” Same outrage ensues.

          But they have some reason to make the whole entity look criminal. MSM, which I trust about as much as you apparently do, is taking the videos as reliable journalism, especially FOX. “They sold baby parts which is a crime!” is a common deduction by these anchors, some of whom were lawyers in their pre-televised lives.

          Which brings me to reconsider Sue’s point about the whole subject being to foment conflict. I think it’s more likely than not.

          I believe the short term goal is to get the abortion issue into the presidential primaries. And long term goal is to throw gasoline on the cultural bonfires.

        5. -They just had to say, ”Look at this! After they kill the baby in the womb, these abortionists cut, sell and transfer its baby parts and it’s perfectly legal! Can you believe this is LEGAL?!” Same outrage ensues.

          Toni, they probably did, then the MSM got hold of it!

          Yes, abortion is cast into the argument whenever it is needed. The argument will go on forever, until the “Choice” of conception is taken away from people. I am sure the plan will be to pre-sterilize people through vaccination, and the government will decide who has a baby, or even grow them on their own “farms”. It will be done under the guise of ending the argument and uniting the eaters(us). Then they will have all the soulless little drones they need.

          Foreshadowing: See film “Gattaca”

        6. Yeah, WordPress’s list! lol

          WordPress is not maximized for commenters, that’s for sure.

      3. After watching the Republican presidential debate, I’m convinced that the series of videos by Operation Rescue was orchestrated to pump up the abortion issue in this political season.

        This became apparent when the subject was taken up by every candidate. Repeated by several hopefuls was the charge that “Hillary’s still defending Planned Parenthood.” Also, there was much talk about who has or hasn’t already tried or succeeded in defunding Planned Parenthood.

        So they’ve made it a huge issue. How much was orchestrated behind the scenes and by whom is not clear. The RNC? FOX? Superpacs? Unnamed billionaire?

        I’m sure no one here would be surprised to learn, if it’s true, that an extreme group like Operation Rescue could overtly or covertly be used by establishment powers to serve the RNC ends.

        1. The Republicans are walking into a trap if they go down the Abortion issue. Did PP boo boo..yes. But if they start saying they are going to outlaw abortion they will lose badly.

          2008 Election is only time I can remember abortion and/or homosexuality was Not the main topic.

          That year (2008) it was the constitution and wars. Then 2012 it raised it’s ugly head again and now 2016 it’s back.

          If the Repub’s were smart, they would say, Hey, Gay marriage is legal and so is abortion and the laws are already on the books. You break ’em, you go to jail. Done

          And just shut down both subjects and not get sucked into this same old debate every election cycle..

          Who benefits? The Democrats.it’s their only weapon in the fight.

        2. I get what you’re saying, Ric, that the Republicans will lose on the abortion issue. It does seem like it wouldn’t benefit them. But it doesn’t benefit Democrats either, who already have the law, as you point out.

          Besides, I think it’s the Republicans that brought it up.

          And by brought it up, I mean, all the way up. From hiring Operation Rescue to go undercover, to producing the videos, to getting them on the news. And all in time for the first debate.

          It must have cost a lot of money. The money came from somewhere. Operation Rescue doesn’t have that kind of money.

          It was Republican money of some sort, and it appears to have been coordinated with all the Republican power players. Like a script.

        3. -If the Repub’s were smart, they would say, Hey, Gay marriage is legal and so is abortion and the laws are already on the books. You break ’em, you go to jail. Done

          Then why have an election at all? Why not just crown the dems rulers of America in perpetuity. You are suggesting repubs become dems to win.
          Gun laws are on the books(they are legal), the SCOTUS decided they are legal (Heller decision), yet the dems attack the issue every year.

          I already know the answer, its all a show.

        4. Rich, so do you think the videos were made for “show?” To have a “hot topic” to rally around?

          It’s certainly possible that that’s the reason. The videos could have been produced to gin up the debate and give the republican primary candidates something to rally around. Bringing up the abortion issue gives them a common position from which to attack Hillary.

          It would certainly be disgusting, but not surprising, if republican operatives used the actual tragedy of abortion in families, not for legislative remedy, but for use as a political football that gets dropped the minute one gets in office.

        5. I’m in mod for 4 hrs. After 2 days I addressed the PP nightmare and was so nice. I guess they think other wise….

        6. You really were so nice. 🙂

          I’ve replied to your comment, but you won’t be surprised that you have to wait for it.

          Guess it’s the “A” word. lol

        7. Hey, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you guys reply? On the website, by email, or through WordPress? Everybody seems like they’re moderated some, but you guys get it worse than others. Maybe there’s another way to skin the ol’ cat?

        8. I’m ready to skin that cat!

          I reply with the button in the comment notification email. It replies directly to comments, even those which have no reply button of their own in the thread.

          Your thought that maybe the way we post has something to do with getting in moderation hadn’t occurred to me. I wonder.

          I think WordPress is oppressive. It’s WordPressive. I’ve read that blog-owners can’t even tell from the software why a comment is held in moderation. WordPress doesn’t give them a clue. If asked, they just say “make sure you go through your settings and blah blah blah…”

          How hard is it to highlight the keyword, or whatever, that caused the moderation in the comment itself? It’s for the moderator, for the love of pete!

        9. The whole (“How do we wind up in Mod?”) is an interesting question.

          I’ve thought about this and looked at how “I”, the nicest person could Ever be in mod. (Denial)

          I think it’s a numbers game. The 1st post goes thru 98 % of the time unless you trip key words like “Freedom” Constitution” I Jest…..

          Also I’ve noticed if I’m really taking my time to get a thought out or to check my Typo’s (which is impossible..haha) there might be a time factor. I don’t know?

          Lets talk Typo’s: I’ve proof read a million papers but can’t do my own , for my brain see’s what I want to say….Fluoride? Radio waves? Vaccines? I kid again………..

          Long Live The New World Odor!

        10. Oh, I thought of another thing that’s probably getting me in moderation – quotations marks. I use quotation marks alot.

          I’ve noticed that I “use” quotation marks to “emphasize” certain “words” more than the “normal” person.

          Probably because I’m not “able” to “bold” or “italicize.”

        11. I think you guys may be thinking too much in terms of D’s versus R’s. I’m suspicious the people behind this expose think or orchestrate over that level and that their goal is to divide the populace at large, not just in terms of R’s and D’s, but this is just a not-fully-formed suspicion.

          WordPress plays lots of games on all sorts of people, but this blog is also moderated by its owner, too.

  21. Wolfgang Halbig is petitioning Barry:
    Conduct a Full Investigation into the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

    I have my doubts about this. The usurper in the White House investigating anything he’s involved in? Not a chance.

      1. Probably just a coincidence. I’m sure “our Barry” will call Eric back to get to the bottom of this.

        I think it was Gene. Or maybe Colonel Mustard in the basement with a knife.

        1. Please… You think Barry had something to do with this?
          Your probably one of those Tin Foil guys who get all their news from a Glow on the wall… HAHAHA

          Love Ya me friend

    1. Suspect Armed With Hatchet… shades of poor Cravey.

      I just heard that “thankfully” a bunch of police were outside working a traffic crash, so “luckily” they were already at the scene.

      1. Oh my goodness, yes, thankfully the police were close by. I’m thankful the police weren’t inside the theater; otherwise, there would not have been any survivors. The police of late prefer to just shoot everyone, so as not to take any chances.

        1. Perhaps they never left and stuck around for round two.


          ~An email sent early Thursday to Nashville’s Antioch High School threatened a “columbine or sandy hook like shooting” and made graphically violent threats against a specific teacher. Police closed the school at 9:45 a.m. Thursday and wouldn’t clear it to open until the bomb squad and K-9s swept the campus. Investigating the threats proved difficult because the teen was able to mask his online identity, authorities said.~

        2. Oh, indeed they were! Did ya’ see ’em? Every agency known to man was there, in minutes. What a miracle.

          If you’ve ever had a burglary, compare the response you received. This looked like the Normandy invasion. “Red alert, wino with a paint gun”.

          This reminds me of several years ago when the Seattle cops chased a naked guy through a restaurant at lunch, guns blazing. “Why, there might have been children in there. Better they die than see a naked crazy guy”.

          A few years later they followed that up with executing a hobo for climbing the turnstile on the train without paying. Then they pummeled a 14 year-old girl for jaywalking.

          At leas this wasn’t “real”. Oh, he probably died alright. There’s a lesson here. If anyone asks you to play the patsy in a drill, run the other way.

    1. I wonder if it might be a way to somehow defend against skepticism growing towards what could be eventually recognized by the astute as a stealth gun control agenda. It’s a way to ram the ‘mental illness’ issue home. Incidents of crazed black men wielding knives against random people have been faked for a few years, now. The black community is already pro-gun control, by and large (of course not all black people support it) so their demographic and ‘mentally ill,’ usually homeless, need to be armed accordingly.

    2. Are they trying to send us a psyop message? Antioch theater…isn’t there an Antioch of Syria, where Obama authorized bombing? The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch. Acts 11:26

    3. They realized they can’t take our Guns so they want our Hatchets?

      People wielding hatchets still need the mental Heath Care windfall Obama promised Big Pharma for SHE right?

      I’m not That smart….

    4. Hatchet control! It’s about time! I’m worried about rocks. Can you imagine what someone could do with one of those?

      These stories are deliberately impossibly strange. I suppose the ones who are nodding along to these, drool running down their chins, are being conditioned to accept ANYTHING they say, even if it defies the laws of God and nature.

      “Today purple antelopes were spotted swimming in the Gulf of Siam, film at eleven”. Hell, if you’re famous enough as a “character” you can die twice, think Noah and Osama. Some of the ISIS and CIA-duh villains have been killed a half-dozen times.

      Why not? “Reality” glows from the TEE VEE on the wall.

      1. “Montano’s mother, Denise Pruett, reported her son missing just two days before the incident at the theater. She said she had last seen him in 2013 and believed he was homeless.”


        Conditioned not to ask questions, accept inconsistencies and coincidences that are more far fetched than most conspiracy theories.

        1. So first he was in his “fifties”. Now he was, what, 29? They show a mugshot, allegedly from 2004. My, he certainly looked old at 19.

          In the accounts I’ve read the victim, minor cuts, was both “in his fifties” and 17 (you choose).

          One account has him dying in the theater. Another has him outside.

          They blew up his backpack. Probably contained a bottle of muscatel.

          Don’t ya’ love the smell of DRILL in the morning?

      2. New story, Kid attacks family with Butter knife!

        Another new story “Guy with Weed Whacker goes nuts”. and

        “The cowboy nut bags are using their lawnmowers as weapons”

        This is serious. We need to take ALL your utensils away and your lawnmowers and weed whackers.

        We NEED DHS on every corner and at every store and Mall…

        Sorry, I was just venting the New World Odor….And boy, they Stink.

        Ya gotta love them…they are consistent. Barf

        1. Why not? “Reality” glows from the TEE VEE on the wall.


  22. Say What???


    “Montano’s mother, Denise Pruett, reported her son missing just two days before the incident at the theater. She said she had last seen him in 2013 and believed her was homeless.”

    So coincidentally, the Antioch shooter/axer was reported missing 2 days ago by his mother who has not seem him since 2013? Are we supposed to believe this?

    1. Of course, the newest “shooting” is chock-full of oddities. The suspect was reported as a 51 year old man, but really turned out to be a 29 year old man…and the proffered picture sure doesn’t look like he was 29. Also, he was apparently a citizen of Tennessee (…Montano had been arrested in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in 2004 in a case of assault and resisting arrest, police said…), his mother, who lives in Florida, last saw her son in Illinois in March 2013, but she filed a missing person’s report with Texas Rangers two days ago. Why would she file a report in Texas?

  23. Fetzer & Peter Klein, Youtube & MP3 audio-only links inside:
    Interesting bit around 1h 16m in this interview.

    Lesser known Sandy Hook anomalies:
    Funds & Charities
    Kenneth Feinberg
    overseeing funds distribution (Sandy Hook, BP Gulf disaster, 9/11, Boston Bombing, Virginia Tech Shooting, Penn State Abuse Scandal, Aurora Shooting)

    I knew Feinberg oversaw the 9/11 bribe-for-silence fund, and BP; but didn’t know about all the other FFs…


    1. This is a very good interview…I like Peter’s work.

      How has this Feinberg feller been able to fly below the radar for so long? No doubt, he has powerful people protecting him.

    1. Well Sue, this is something I agree with you on. What is being done to the homeless people in this country is worse than shameful. I have also seen videos on YT, with people who are claiming that many of their town’s homeless people are now missing. I have no idea if it is true, but just thought I would mention it. It seems like this started a few years back, when it suddenly became a crime to feed homeless people. I’m shaking my head in disbelief……

        1. Maryaha is right. In Los Angeles, as you probably know, the homeless population has grown exponentially. At the same time, Skid Row is being developed, so more people that had housing are out on the sidewalk.

          And it’s on the sidewalk that legal restrictions begin. You have to be off the sidewalk in daylight hours. People’s possessions can be swept up and taken away. Living on the street comes with the constant harassment by police, who come in the guise of “Public Safety.” Food lines are “regulated.”

          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think people should be left alone to live on the street. Certainly, it would cheaper and less socially disruptive to provide housing for people.

          But real estate around here is treated like blood. Whether the property is historical, rural, public, covered by covenants and contracts long broken, or home to people with no power, some vampire with a long proboscis always comes along to suck it up, like a milkshake.

    2. Sue, this is truly alarming, not the “obsessive alarmist” kind either. I urge everyone to read the article linked in Sue’s post.

      If you’ll allow me to flesh this out a little. In New York City, they’re making a “Safe Hub” which is a Fusion-style office of Criminal Justice, the Department of Health, NYPD, and “Homeless Services.”

      Mayor de Blasio describes the Safe Hub as “air traffic control,” adding, “Literally there are going to be people watching to see who’s meeting these criteria and not getting the help they need.”

      Even if a “mentally ill person” “…isn’t in a “crisis” situation at that moment… these teams can bring people to the hospital for treatment.”

      The chilling part is this:
      “NYC Safe is part of a larger plan to… address the need for permanent housing for the mentally ill—many of whom are currently referred to unregulated, …city-funded three-quarter houses.”

      The city wants to keep them all in regulated housing, and under surveillance. Sounds like these will be the first FEMA camps, urban-style.

  24. Jon Rappaport will be speaking live in Newport Beach, CA, this coming Wednesday night. Free if you call ahead, $17 if you don’t.

    Jon Rappoport Live, Newport Beach, CA: it’s free

    When: Wednesday, August 12, 8PM.

    20321 SW Birch Street, Suite 100
    Newport Beach, CA 92660

    You need to contact the group at the above phone number to book a free seat. If you just show up at the door, you pay $17.

    I hope to see many of you there. I rarely do live events these days.

    I’ll be speaking about medical crimes, of course, and who knows what else I’ll get into. One thing I can predict: it won’t be boring.

    Come on down!

    1. Recynd,
      This sounds great. Can’t believe i never heard of the Dead Chiropractors Society or California Jam.

      Rappaport for free – pretty cool. And you’ll be speaking, too! Even better.

      I’ll try to make it, if I can.

      1. I won’t be speaking, but bless your heart 🙂

        I will be going, though. I’m unfamiliar with the hosting organization, too, but the young lady I spoke to on the phone to reserve my seats was one of my husband’s students, as luck would have it (she recognized my last name when I made the reservation).

        Hope there’s a good turn out!

        1. Oh! I misunderstood.

          I think I’ll make reservations in case I’m able to go. It’s always up in the air with me. I’m supposed to see X outdoors tonight on this lovely evening, but here I still am.

        2. Oooh, I’m so jealous! (If you go, that is.). I saw X in ’85 and ’87 here in LA, and then again in ’94 in Seattle. They were the soundtrack of my youth.

          They have some crazy symbolism in their album art and lyrics. They know the score.

  25. James Holmes got life after jury deliberation:


    One wonders how different his Campus Records would be than Loughners:

    “Dr. Fenton advised that through her contact with James Holmes she was reporting, per her requirement, his danger to the public due to homicidal statements he had made,” the affidavit said.””


    p.s. Language that strong was never indicated in Loughner’s Pima College records. I wonder how effective a FOIA request under Colorado law for these records would be (Holmes did attend a state school subject to FOI laws)?


    Main Core is the code name of an American governmental database that is believed to have been in existence since the 1980s. It is believed that Main Core is a federal database containing personal and financial data of millions of United States citizens believed to be threats to national security.[1] The data which is believed to come from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources,[1] is collected and stored without warrants or court orders.[1] The database’s name derives from the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community.”[1]

    The Main Core database is alleged to have originated with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 1982, following Ronald Reagan’s Continuity of Operations plan outlined in the National Security Directive (NSD) 69 / National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 55, entitled “Enduring National Leadership,” implemented on September 14, 1982.[1][2]

    As of 2008 there were allegedly eight million Americans listed in the database as possible threats, often for trivial reasons, whom the government may choose to track, question, or detain in a time of crisis.[3]

    The existence of the database was first asserted in May 2008 by Christopher Ketcham[4] and in July 2008 by Tim Shorrock.


    Threat Lists would make an excellent topic for this blog!

      1. My knowledge about Fetzer makes me question things he says…because he doesn’t look at ‘ other research’.. and Halbig and his troubled ‘ inquiry’ does not add up in my book. but both are plugged here quite often… I read.. then digest…His law suits never get any further, either postponed, or cocked up one way or other..controlled oposition is likely. making it look like ‘ they are going somewhere’, but never ending up in the right place. Sigh – Aub has a point…

    1. Here’s Patrick’s comment:
      “All right. I’ll answer.

      I can see the comments in moderation. I write articles for MHB occasionally, and the tool through which I compose and submit them also allows me to see the moderation queue. This time, I jumped the gun. I knew the content would put me in moderation, and as I was not going to get back to the computer that night, I assumed that when James got to the batch, it would all be delivered together. I couldn’t know that James would delay releasing Gil’s comment. I calculated wrongly.” UNQUOTE

      You couldn’t know that you calculated wrongly. You plead this like it’s an excuse, like you made some clerical error. You don’t see this is hypocrisy? I feel like I’ve been surveilled.

      You were hiding this special access and using it to play your little comment games. I’ve noticed that sometimes I’ll reply to some post and it goes to moderation, in the meantime you’ll jump in with a comment that totally alludes to my unpublished post. This really makes for mindgames.

      The trouble when someone is deceitful, is that you can never really trust them again. In light of your religious professions on this board, this is pretty unseemly behavior for a Christian. Perhaps you should go ply your book elsewhere.

      There’s more I could say about that, but I won’t. The mercy of God must be near.

      1. I really don’t see any hypocrisy in any of this. How does this make me a hypocrite? I don’t hide my identity, and do not hide my true opinions. I lie to no one. The fact that, as a frequent contributor to the articles here, James offered me a more convenient way to do it, has no element of “deceit”. If James wishes to remove that page, it is certainly his prerogative.

        I don’t see myself “playing mindgames,” and have deceived no one. I have not misused what I have been given in any way. How this is in any way unchristian is beyond me. I am always open and honest, and when I am shown to be wrong I always acknowledge it.

        You seem to see this as a form of cheating–but what would you have me do differently? I am always polite, and I attempt to give my best efforts in furthering these conversations; sometimes that involves a longer form, thus an article. James publishes them because they are good, and he has observed my demeanor over the years, and wishes for me to continue contributing. If he wishes for me to stop, he need only ask.

        I must say, this hostility towards me is very disturbing. I have done nothing wrong, and I don’t like being accused of it.

        1. Oh snap! I missed some juicy!! Patrick you should be ashamed, but its become obvious he has a roll here, as a paid commenter. Unreal! My insane hypotheses are finally bearing fruit… Reading upwards now!!!

        2. My only “role” here is voluntary. Dr. Tracy trusts me, and provided a simplified means of composing and submitting new articles for consideration; it is a completely non-nefarious WordPress tool that happens to include the recent comments, including the ones that are pending.

          What on Earth should I be ashamed of about that? It’s certainly perplexing.

          Here is a portion of an email reply to a friend I made at MHB (my own private email), who alerted me to the contretemps that arose after I honestly answered the question:

          “Should every comment I make start out like an AA meeting: I’m Patrick and I can see comments awaiting moderation?

          “I HAVE used the feature to compose a couple of replies to my comments, which sometimes take some effort, but only when I feel certain they would go into moderation, and then be published at the same time. Impatient, I’m jumping the gun. The time stamp reflects the time I wrote it, of course. This time, it was a reply to Gil that Tracy did not release right away. When I was asked how I knew what Gil had written, I told them. What a firestorm it caused! Should I have said nothing? Which would be the deceitful approach?

          “I know now that I should never have used my insider’s window, and always waited out moderation. Impatience, I guess, is my crime.”

          I am innocent of all the charges against me. I am not paid to be here. Dr. Tracy trusts me because I am trustworthy. Read each posting, starting at the beginning (I found this place just after Sandy Hook), and read all my comments, and tell me if he misplaced his trust.

          The articles I have written all proved popular, drawing a lively conversation. The first one started out, in fact, as a very long comment; James contacted me and asked if I would mind him posting it as a stand-alone article. Some since then have been solicited by him, and some I offered without his request. A couple he declined to publish (one of those can be read at my own, sadly neglected, web site–which neglect is pretty much a side-effect of MHB providing so much wonderful opportunity for such high-level conversation with people around the world).

          The point is, I am completely open and trustworthy, never hiding anything. That trust has gotten me into trouble, so I am beginning to understand why people wish to remain anonymous on the internet.

          How bizarre this situation is.

        3. Patrick, I suspect that the three or four complainants’ motive for all of this can be summed up pretty well in Toni’s comment above:

              "In light of your religious professions on this board, this is pretty unseemly behavior for a Christian. Perhaps you should go ply your book elsewhere."

          Emphasis on two of those words…Christian and book……………

      2. As someone who’s followed this blog somewhat regularly since around January of 2013, and who can’t stand certain beliefs Patrick holds, I’ll chime in here that I don’t think he’s the slightest bit deceptive or backhanded at all. I don’t always appreciate the ‘proofs’ Patrick proffers for some of his views, but don’t find him to be dishonest, either. I can’t say the same at all for WordPress, just as a sidelight.

        1. Its interesting that you dont find Patrick to be dishonest….

          In one of his recent posts he referred to a criticism by you of something he’d said as having been written by someone who ” clearly suffered from some kind of childhood trauma”…. a fairly shocking put down of you and your opinions! Ive been waiting to see how you would react to that….. surprisingly you havent so far….
          of course if you characterise him as honest, then it follows you accept his analysis that your opinions indicate childhood trauma on your part…..

          having just read your bigoted, vicious, intellectually uninformed anti – semitic tirade about the position of jewish people in western countries, I find myself agreeing with Patrick… you are clearly suffering from the effects of some traumatic early experience for you to harbour such intense and irrational hatred of an entire ethnic group….

          such blanket hatred and prejudice is so dispiriting, it makes one despair that humans will ever reach the obvious understanding that we are all one species and we will never evolve and live in harmony with our environment and one another until we start behaving like one global family , like the one species we are…..

          like John Lennon said… imagine no more countries ( religions / races ) ..it isnt hard to do… it really isnt..Sue,it really isn’t…try giving it a go…

        2. It’s totally deceitful that Patrick had this tool and concealed it. I don’t see it as anything other than hypocrisy.

        3. Well, Steven you win the consistency award on MHB.


          I stated that Patrick’s ‘proofs’ don’t always impress me, but there is a distinct difference between ‘deceptive’ or underhanded and authentic disagreement. I just don’t find Patrick to be ‘dishonest,’ really, in that he tells it like he sees it. I don’t always agree with or even respect that vision, but this allegation that he’s hiding things doesn’t seem consistent with what I know of him, that’s all.

          If I were such a blinded by ‘childhood trauma’ ‘anti-semite,’ how likely would it be that I would tolerate the extremist philosemitism of Patrick? Heck, I know jews who admit to more of the characterizations I make of them than Patrick will (although not many).

          Toni, I’d merely offer that perhaps Patrick didn’t mean to rig the timing of these comments. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be offended by the order in which they’re posted, however, were I you.

        4. Hello Sue,

          First, I dont understand your presumably sarcastic remark about my consistency…. if you explain why you accuse me of inconsistency I will respond accordingly…

          Secondly, you missed the point about my support of Toni’s complaint about Patrick… the substance of Patrick’s comments , whether you or I agree with them or not, is irrelevant… the point is he has never disclosed until now that he can see the comments in moderation and time and shape his responses accordingly…. its that non disclosure which is deceitful…

          Next, I think you also misunderstood my reference to you having suffered a childhood trauma…. I never said that… Patrick said that about you in one of his posts a couple of days back….. my remark was saying that I was surprised that you would support someone who had insulted you in that way….

          Finally, I noticed you put anti- semitic in inverted commas…. I hope you’re not trying to imply that your not anti semitic , when its clear that you are, as every mention of jews you have ever made on MHB has been derogatory…. As a 63 year old 60’s ex hippy, I dont do hate but I dont mind if you are, be whatever you want to be, I just find such hatred of entire groups, ethnicities, races etc to be dispiriting, as I said in my previous response….

        5. Patrick. Tldr
          That said i think i speak for all of us non-compensated when i recommend the following changes:
          1. Patrickchatsamiably needs to change to patrickchatscondescendingly. Or change your name to brainysmurf.

          Full disclosure can be met by simply putting “moderator” under your handle.
          Can someone please moderate the moderator? And quit picking on mark all the time. Its obvious mark would run circles around you in the real world. And mark hates me. Btw i am granite. Haha

        6. Steven: what do YOU care if I can see comments in moderation? Why should that have any interest to you? What harm could that possibly cause anyone?

          Do you know how many contributors to this site Dr. Tracy has offered this helpful feature to? I don’t. It could be dozens and dozens. It could be people who never comment here at all. I know you are brand new around here, and somehow think you have a valid opinion, so you can have no real idea of the back-story of most to the frequent contributors here–but think about that when you read anyone’s comments. Does it have any consequence? Does it have anything at all do do with anything?

          As for Sue, we have gone back and forth for years. We deeply disagree on may points, and completely agree on others. I have not insulted her. She’s a grown woman, with plenty of spirit-power, and can take strong arguments plenty well. She knows the difference. And she knows that I am no deceiver. I’m grateful that she told you so. She is honest as the day is long, as am I. If you had space any length of time around here, you would know that too. If you, in fact, knew any of the frequent commenters by their frequency, you would notice that none of them have joined you and Toni (and the troll) in your interest in this matter.

          Think about that.

        7. hello Patrick

          I may seem ” new around here” to you, but Ive been reading MHB on a daily basis for over a year and I think Ive worked out who the principal regular posters are and their political and other stances….and I think my first posts, on the Sandy Hook issue, were several months ago…..

          you say that ” somehow I think I have a valid opinion” ? Why wouldnt my opinion be as valid as anyone else’s, or do you think that your seniority as a contributor somehow makes your opinions more valid than mine?

          On the issue in hand…. I dont care that you can see the comments in moderation, although it does give you a slightly different position on any subject being discussed,to the rest of us, cos you can shape and time your responses ( or omit responding) based upon how you can see which side of any argument is getting the upper hand…. no, my reason for voicing support of Toni’s original complaint was simply ( as Ive already stated) that Im a big believer in operating off a level playing field and your non disclosure of your insider status with James Tracy was something that should have been made clear…

          Why didnt more people join Toni’s complaint? As a long time reader of MHB,I can see that you have a lot of respect from the other regular contributors and that may explain why they were reluctant to express a view….
          that respect has been well earned.. some of your posts have been very perceptive, I especially enjoyed the one on the perniciousness of Islam…. but you’re also quick to be nasty to those whose comments you particularly dislike, which is why I couldnt resist reminding Sue that you accused her of suffering some sort of psychological childhood trauma when she criticised your view on something, a breathtakingly nasty put down to anyone, no matter how strong minded you think she is…

          enough already…. we’re not kids in a playground, lets get on with discussing the important issues we generally discuss here on MHB, rather than dragging out this minor issue of your status or role within the blog itself…

        8. Steven
          I think most popular blogs have a comparable situation. They appreciate having entrusted partners to assist them with moderation. And I dont think its unusual that the mods are anonymous. Level playing field between mods and any commenter? Seriously Steven isnt quality what we should be striving for?

        9. hello Peter…. pleased to meet you..Im a fellow European, though not a Swede !

          I agree with you entirely, except that Patrick has stated he is not a mod and I have no reason to disbelieve him….

          I think this is a tiny issue that has snowballed into something unecessarily over dramatic ( not to mention melodramatic.. lol ) and I shan’t comment further as I already stated why I originally posted in support of Toni’s protest….

          I agree we should strive for quality and I, for one, am moving on from this with no ongoing ill feeling towards patrick or anyone else…. let love and peace prevail!

          that phrase you used above, in relation to your life experiences… ” they wasted my life with good intentions”….could you explain that, or don’t if its too painful or too personal…I know its inappropriate to even ask….

          look forward to future conversations… S

        10. Steven
          Of course you’re right about Patrick not being a mod in the formal sense. But James apparently thought it a good idea to entrust him with that tool, and peoples reaction here makes me see it as ‘ moderator of sorts’. On a different blog yesterday, I myself got a preview of one semi-troll kind of poster’s comment and thus … well you understand the rest.
          Your question. Very long story. They didnt call the thing off after three years of failing to find proof for me being a terrorist. Instead it turned out they had wired me up for advanced social engineering. Damage control prepared from the beginning. I waited for them to call it off and forget about me so I could have a normal life. But it didnt happen, they just continued to manipulate people ‘on my behalf’ and some people might have liked that but I didnt. And the controllers wanted results so they brought forth the stick together with the carrot. They used both distinct types of torture simulating normal body functions going crazy but also sleep deprivation of a less conspicious kind. My immune system probably was harmed in this manner and I got pneumonia several times. That signalled to me that I better allow them to label me insane so I could get some kind of meager pension and would be able to get more sleep. I was tortured while studying some university courses as well. So clearly they wanted me to underperform and end up like I did. I now am diagnosed delusional but the psychologist admitted that even if he knew I was telling the truth he doesnt have any formally available option to do otherwise than to diagnose me as delusional. I might add that the DSM manual is overseen by the Us elites and I know that the manual from 1978 when cybernetics was already a very hot applied topic was overseen by the CIA. Psychiatry is designed to act like a catchnet. On the other hand, had I been a good pupil in the social engineering project designed for me I might have been better off from a conventional perspective. Pride has its price. The reason I am being outspoken about cybernetics is that the secrecy surrounding it has deprived millions of people with spinal injury, confined to wheelchairs, from effective help bringing them back on their feet within months of the injury. The technology could have been perfected already in the beginning of the 1980s according to my estimate, had the secrecy been lufted for all those who might have been motivated to attack the problem. The reason it never happened is probably partly caused by the world being led by malthusian psychos. They must hate people. They know they have most terrorists on their own paylist and that the war on terror is a hoax.

        11. Hello Peter

          Thanks for taking the trouble to give me that lengthy explanation of what must be just a small part of your very difficult life history….. Im sending all the empathy, love and positive energy I have in your direction as I write this!

          Obviously, your account raises a million questions in my mind , but I cant engage you in that kind of dialogue in this public forum…..if you have publicly written an account of your experiences, either in a book or online, or perhaps posted at greater length on a thread on another blog etc, then I would appreciate links….. otherwise we must leave the subject here……

          Im not just idly curious… Ive had a very strange pattern of interference, if I can call it that, in my own life, going back to childhood….. in my case it ignited a lifelong search for explanations of a more ” off world” nature…. if you know the work of Karla Turner, John Lash, James Bartley etc, you will get what Im referring to….

          I agree entirely with your last three sentences and I would go further and say that the psychopathy of the elite controllers is enhanced, directed and shaped by off world or other dimensional entities who purposely manage humans in this way to generate benefit for themselves from the negative energy generated by the bizarre and self destructive way our species conducts its relationships between and amongst ourselves… and our physical environment…. issues for discussion perhaps elsewhere, not on MHB !

        12. I promise you Steven, there is no need for otherdimensional explanations regarding people who have been subjected to cybernetic influence. It is completely explicable within the realm of established science. I have written more about my own case but when I had it pretty well figured out – and it took some twelve years – I moved on in other directions. What has dawned on me is that my own case may have stimulated the implanting of several hundred others who unlike me were not under suspicion. That occurred to me when we were debating the Unabomber here on mhb and we doubted the authenticity of the narrative surrounding him. The manifesto attributed to him happened to be posted on the same day when something happened on my side and which would motivate damage control on the part of the Us authorities involved in my case so none of their agents would spill the beans.
          It then became conceivable that the purported implanting of many people in 1988-89 might have had some external cause.
          I was innocent but circumstances made me look like I was into dangerous planning. That unleached a series of irreversible measures where Sweden applied the newly and wholeheartedly embraced RMA strategy.
          Revolution in Military Affairs, resolution of conflicts other than war.
          And they played that game… and I think we should leave this subject for now. The main reason I am prone to bring it up was mentioned above. It is useful technology not being made available for the many people who would be greatly helped by it. Today it was mentioned that a swedish hospital is investing millions on updating their oldfashioned tube-post gear. Talking of tech-scare. Same city where I lived when…

        13. Aub, just to make it clear, you do not speak for me at all. I find it quite telling how you and two or three others have shifted into attack mode, all against one and all at the same time. That’s odd for adult individuals.

          If Professor Tracy wants Patrick here, that’s his business; this site was started by him. And they are both excellent writers and researchers…and you simply aren’t.

        14. Here are the problems:
          Patrick has been a moderator for how long (?) and never told anyone. It is evident he took advantageous of his powers by posting responses to moderated comments before they came out of moderation. He did this willfully.

          Having been here since december 2012, I’m undecided with Patrick. He is definitely passionate about his arguments, usually resorting to name calling and overall belittling of his respsonses. He is also extremely gullible, believing anything he stumbles upon that fits his worldview, with zero opposing view research. In other words, he is an uneducated zealot.

          I accept partial blame for his spiral here at mhb, having belittled him on several occasions in response to his attacks on others. This kind of changed what once was a beautifully eloquent writer of english prose, into a malcontent with feral religious beliefs that must be pre-emptively defended. How the mighty have fallen, patrick. Who once was the site mvp, is now quite the opposite…. Shame. Insecurities got the best of him.

        15. Beautifully eloquent writer of english prose and an uneducated zealot.
          Interesting characterization.

        16. I dont understand what you mean. Wat was your alias before ‘granite’ again?

        17. Peter, I must say, you are my favorite here. Clearly the most educated. Can’t wait for another mind control essay. Maybe you could delve into your psychotronic torture where you could mimic the effect of viagra with the push of a button? You did say that to me in jest, correct?

        18. Its really true but this wasnt their original motive it was more like a carrot I guess. A carrot fully capable of being inhibited any time. Ideal Big Brother Brave New World type of option. The first years when they invain were trying to discover my expected network of ‘fellow terrorists’ or contacts they didnt give me a single clue about being after me. Like I mentioned on another occasion, the reason they began torturing me was because I was disobedient when they wanted to force me into becoming ‘experienced’ in certain respects…
          I recently mentioned the 1973 use of cybernetic surveillance technology on former prison inmates established in Californian city areas and approved by gov Reagan – I dont remember any particular city as I write. I stated that it was used partly with two way brain-electrode to computer communication both for monitoring the state of aggression in the TI as well as for stimulating certain brain centres for correctional purposes… The day after I posted that comment, in swedish, a violent incident occurred in a city where the swedish prime was present. It happened in one IKEA store which then had to close after two people were stabbed to death. A woman in her fifties and her son 28y old died. One of the two attackers was also seriously wounded. Rumours about the attackers being somalians.
          I cant help wondering if this was a message to Sweden concerning various secret aspects of surveillance and most of all compliance with the needs of US intel. But of course it might be unrelated.

        19. I’m guessing Peter just went to moderation? I did. Keep the comments under about 50 words to avoid it.

        20. I have no moderation authority, troll. I have stated this more than once. I can only see the moderation queue. As I explained before, knowing that I would not be able to check the computer that afternoon, and assuming (wrongly) that James would release Gil’s comment in the batch it resided in some time that evening, I wished for him to see my response right away. Call me impatient, if you wish, troll, but I think I was being considerate.

          You say, troll, that “Patrick has been a moderator for how long (?) and never told anyone,” but that’s not true. If I WERE a moderator, certainly James would advise those participating here in some way, probably adding something to my name.

          The troll accuses me of “name calling and overall belittling.” I challenge the troll to provide one example of this, much less a general pattern. And don’t, troll, take an instance out of context, if you go to the trouble of taking up that challenge.

          The us your true identity, troll.

        21. Aub/granite etc
          Yes I wrote a long comment. Correction I said its really true in that answer. But there’s no button. Big Brother has the remote.
          Dont worry, they wasted my life with good intentions and now I’m old and cynical.

        22. Talking of moderation
          I believe there might be national security conciderations allowing for external intrusion to remove certain comments unbeknownst to the blog owner as well as moderators. I think that happened to me when posting at naturalnews discussing with a brainresearcher. He never saw five of my answers and it appears the moderator didnt either.

        23. Patrick – honestly you are not that important. But I get it, you can’t handle criticism, which is ok. There are plenty of people just like you that I deal with everyday. I will change my name to troll next chance i get. That way no one will be surprised when I say something that mao tse dong’s sheep don’t agree with. And you, patrick, you just keep on making us smile.

  27. Professor Tracy,
    Thank you for reading this, and please forgive me for addressing you in a public thread. I think it’s important.

    In the future, will Patrick retain “the tool,” as he describes it, through which he monitors the “moderation queue?” He’s been concealing the fact that he has it and he uses it to play mindgames.

    I would not complain to you about anyone with whom I can argue fairly on my own, no matter what they said. But I feel Patrick has been deceitful. I, for one, feel used. I would argue that he should lose the “tool.”

    As I commented to you privately, “I assume (Patrick) sees my real email address, and everyone else’s, which is disturbing to me. He’s probably reading this right now. This extra level of surveillance is galling.”

    I am still appalled.

    It’s crazy making when people occupy different levels of access and this fact is occluded. I wonder how many people have this tool? What information are they seeing? For instance, can someone with access monitor the post or thread everyone else is reading at any given time? What about cancelled replies? What about private comments made to you? What about text as it’s being typed in the comment box, where one “composes” one’s comment before posting? There’s a plug-in for that.

    In fact, there’s a plug-in for just about every kind of way someone might want to look at users and their comments – their locations, their comings and goings, who knows what else? Can you be certain that none of the people with this tool and access to this blog are using these information-gathering plug-ins?

    And that’s just the creepy part. The actual scary thing is, even with no plug-ins, these interlopers are still seeing everyone’s email addresses and IP numbers. That’s dangerous. One could be doxed with less.

    All these tools and plug-ins are fine for real moderators; goes with the territory, a blog is not a free country, etc, etc. But these are not real moderators and they conceal themselves among us.

    This whole mess is dispiriting. I don’t think it’s fair and I’d like to be justified by being unsurveilled by persons known and unknown while here at MHB.

    Professor, is there a remedy you can offer?

    Thank you.

    1. Toni… I agree with every word you said about Patrick and support your request to James to do something about it…

      I had also noticed Patrick’s response to a post before it was published and wondered how he did that. Now he’s admitted to it, Im shocked that it apparently never occurred to him that you and I and no doubt many others would find his hidden monitoring of our yet to be posted comments as deceitful and creepy…

      Until Patrick’s hidden surveillance and deceitful manipulation of commenting is addressed, I for one will not feel comfortable with making further contributions to this ( otherwise excellent ) blog

      1. The hidden surveillance is simply collaboration with trusted partners and variants of this is in use on many blogs I presume. I recently debated a sensitive issue on one blog belonging to a webjournal and noted that a large portion of my answers to criticism were removed making it seem as if I had no answer. The moderation was selective in such a way as to indicate that someone having more than cursory understanding was involved. I assume this system of entrusted partners is widespread and makes it possible for the owner to maintain a reasonable degree of control while leaving part of the workload to the partners. Its one heck of a job to moderate without a doubt.

        1. Peter, it is widespread, and what you have described has happened to me on two occasions here whilst debating the site owner. It made me really think this site was a honeypot or at least controlled opposition. Alas, its more than likely just ego getting in the way.

        2. Ah yes. The memoryhole giveth… And the memoryhole taketh. Another wasted comment gone to moderation land. fuxk patrick.

        3. I should explain that I failed to put quotation marks around “hidden surveillance’ – it wasnt my intention to in even the slightest degree agree with Patrick’s critics about his assistance in handling the moderation cue. I am surprised to find a number of americans here among the commenters adhering to some kind of collective egalitarian principle regarding a private blogger and the commenters. Makes me suspect those critics I must say.

        4. You make an interesting point, Peter. America has become very enamored of, as you say, “collective egalitarianism.” Just note the fact that Obama has always had almost half the country supporting him, and even when he’s at his most egregious, promoting full-bore socialism, he loses at most 10 points in the popularity polls. Lots of people in America want to be less free.

          What’s odd is that such a phenomenon would be evidenced HERE. The push for “net neutrality,” which almost no one payed attention to when the battle was being fought (because it is so abstruse it is a debate few could actually follow), was about the federal government regulating the internet as if it was the telephone business, or the electrical power industry–as if it is a public utility, in other words. Freedom lost that battle. But when it was being fought, those who understood what was at stake talked about the internet being “the wild west,” a metaphor for no government.

          Almost everyone thinks about the internet that way: you can go out there and do as you please. It has always struck me as odd when I have followed links to cloying far-left web sites that are so hive-minded that they strangle the slightest dissenter from the orthodoxy prevalent there, but I regard that as a GOOD thing, in that if you want to live that way, you can. No one is forcing a “fair and balanced” mix of opinions on the Daily Kos, or the Huff-Po.

          But it’s not actually true, is it, that everyone accepts the full freedom of the internet as a good thing? James Tracy can run his little media criticism/conspiracy analysis enterprise any way he sees fit, but many people who flock to it seem to instinctively think it should look like Mao Tse Tung’s China, where everyone wears the same costume, and possess exactly the same material goods–and they haughtily demand that he impose that vision on his own little world. Weird. We come to MHB to free ourselves of the fascism that is rapidly squeezing freedom out of the public square.

          The idea that everyone here is not wearing the same Mao smock should, in other words, come as no surprise. That it generates knee-jerk outrage is what surprises.

          Perhaps Toni’s paranoia was justified, to a degree (but it implies a complete lack of trust in James Tracy’s honor), when she jumped to the conclusion that the people James has invited to compose articles through his WordPress page can see into their private lives. But when I answered, assuring her that no such thing is going on, she did not apologize, and agree that there’s nothing untoward about how Tracy run his site. No, she (and others) pretty much doubled down: we all must possess the same rations! Inequality is unfair! It’s hypocrisy! Deceit! Unchristian! Those who have a tad more should be ashamed of themselves!

          This does not bode well for the future of freedom.

    2. All of your fears, Toni, are not reality. I cannot see anyone’s email address, or monitor anything at all. It is merely a WordPress page that allows me to compose and submit articles for James’ consideration. That page includes a button that displays recent comments, and it includes those that are pending (i.e. awaiting moderation). That’s it.

      I have deceived no one. There is no “surveillance” going on. I have no power over even my own comments that go to moderation (I can read them, but I can’t change them).

      You ask: “can someone with access monitor the post or thread everyone else is reading at any given time? What about cancelled replies? What about private comments made to you? What about text as it’s being typed in the comment box, where one “composes” one’s comment before posting?” No, is the answer to all of that.

      You say “there’s a plug-in for just about every kind of way someone might want to look at users and their comments – their locations, their comings and goings, who knows what else? Can you be certain that none of the people with this tool and access to this blog are using these information-gathering plug-ins?” The WordPress page in question includes none of these imagined features.

      Thus, there is nothing “creepy” about it, at all.

      You say “All these tools and plug-ins are fine for real moderators,” but they are in fact only things you have imagined.

      You say ” The actual scary thing is, even with no plug-ins, these interlopers are still seeing everyone’s email addresses and IP numbers. ” But it is only “scary” because you have let your imagination run away with you. I don’t know, CAN’T know, any of these things.

    3. Ok. Now lets look at a few things I have noticed, and lets see just how easy it can be to start a witch hunt.

      1. a new and frequent commenter arrives, a virtual whirlwind.
      2. people begin to notice a marked spike in moderation. “moderation magnet” is even mentioned.
      3. this commenter notices a glitch never noticed before. It seems another commenter can see the future.
      4. Anyone with a little knowledge of wordpress, can look through older posts and see various contributors, and who may posses tools than can seemingly, and creepily look into the future.
      5. Anyone with said knowledge may know key words and phrases to spike moderation causing a long “queue”.
      6. Someone may even exhibit advanced knowledge of wordpress, including a host of plug-ins that may or may not be out there, stirring up fear in the mass of commenters.
      7. Said commenter cries “Foul”

      Would it be out of the realm of possibility for someone to have been reading along for quite some time to want to target a frequent commenter, who, to be fair, enjoys a modicum of success, and personal pleasure in the arena of debate?

      See how easy it is.

      1. Rich, whatever your paranoia is about me being a whirlwind or whatever, this is not a witch hunt. I have not asked that Patrick be banned or silenced in any way.

        I’m asking that the “tool” with which he monitors the moderation queue be taken away from him.

        1. Toni,
          My failed Perry Mason tirade was more satire than paranoia. I was trying to point out this moderation queue drama as being the real paranoia. As we can see, one of the people agreeing with you has already turned out to be granite(Aub). That alone speaks volumes. He only pops up under new names to stir the pot.

          I don’t think the bull in the china shop approach is working. If commenting on other peoples morals when you haven’t read the bulk of their contributions is ok for you, then have at it. I don’t think calling Dr. Tracy’s judgment into question was the smartest thing to do either, given your recent arrival. Fortunately, he is a disciplined blogger, and doesn’t seem to take it personally, as we saw a few years back when he took Anderson Cooper in stride, and coolly challenged him or anyone else to a debate on the Sandy Hook narrative.

          Now I have to find another comment to reply to because I’m done with this subject.

    4. Apparent newcomers join in solidarity with the whirlwind.

      wag(wild ass guess):
      Would it be out of the realm of possibility someone is doing an independent research project for an opposing professor. Masters thesis: What I did on summer vacation-my adventures at MHB.

        1. Go to “older comments”, scroll down to almost the end. Check for comment from Pat dated yesterday 8-8-15 and you will see what they talking about.

          I was just kidding as always.

    5. If you think this issue is inconsequential, witness Patrick’s furious protests against losing the tool. It’s certainly important to him to retain this advantage.

      1. I feel compelled to protest against this mobbing of Patrick. He doesnt need me to defend him but it makes me suspect you Toni. Forgive me but why otherwise do you make such a big deal out of it?
        He earned that little extra if you think its such an advantage. I dont.

        1. I suspect you of wanting to saw division.
          Tell me why you dont accept the decision of the blogs owner and what you hope to achieve in this manner. What good will come out of it?

        2. Saw division with a saw or sow division. Brain why arent you with me when I need you?

  28. Sue, I’m answering your question from the other thread (http://memoryholeblog.com/2015/07/31/free-form-friday-iv/comment-page-1/#comment-94155) here, for purposes of space.

    Sue wrote:
    “I think you guys may be thinking too much in terms of D’s versus R’s. I’m suspicious the people behind this expose think or orchestrate over that level and that their goal is to divide the populace at large, not just in terms of R’s and D’s, but this is just a not-fully-formed suspicion.” UNQUOTE

    Sue, it’s interesting that you bring this up about D’s versus R’s. I had an “aha” moment this morning, about how these Presidential Primaries are being manipulated, each by their own side.

    I’ve described in other posts how I think the Planned Parenthood videos were produced and distributed by Republican money to provide red meat for their candidates to run on, and to distract from other issues. I think the Democrats are using the activist group “Black Lives Matter” in a similar way.

    During the Democratic presidential primary season, “Black Lives Matter” adopted a strategy of shouting down speakers at townhall-style meetings, storming the stage and taking command of the microphone. They show up only for Democrats, never Republicans. The Democrats invariably apologize for their own insensitivity, though it was they who are silenced.

    Yesterday, in Seattle, a group called Outside Agitators 206 formed their own “Black Lives Matter Seattle” faction and took it to Bernie Sanders to shut down his rally when he came to town. Watch this ugly encounter in their own video meant to trumpet their victory:


    Bernie Sanders, whose embrace of the Civil Rights Movement began in 1960, and needs no defense of his record on race, has been silenced by activists like these before. This time the backlash was instant. The blanket condemnation included previously existing “Black Lives Matter” groups, who denounced the Seattle group and denied knowing them.

    Notice that the established group thus draws their own line for acceptable speech, and indicates that they will self-censor in the future.

    Curbing the Black Lives Matter movement is a win for the Democrats, but here’s the smoking gun that for me says this is a psy-op.

    “Black Lives Matter Seattle” has started a new hashtag called #bowdownbernie. This is a specific reference to his Jewishness. “Jews don’t bow down,” is an aphorism known to all Jewish children, and starts with Mordechai not bowing down to Haman. It’s a long standing trope in the Jewish tradition.

    How would this Seattle group who seem to be ignorant of Sanders’ biography, the Civil Rights Movement and a lot of other things, come up with this hashtag which is so specific to Jews and conveniently draws charges of anti-semitism? I think it was provided to them to deliberately alienate liberal Jewish supporters of “Black Lives Matter” by signaling that at base it is an anti-semitic organization.

    My take is that, like the original “Black Lives Matter,” the Seattle faction is an intelligence creation. The original movement succeeded in skimming off activist energy and tied it up by directing it against the general “white” population with whom they otherwise may have formed a coalition against the government.

    The Seattle faction is a corrective to the original “Black Lives Matter” which was hampering the Democratic candidates in their campaigns. “Black Lives Matter” is now a neutered creature. The activists who are now conflated with the Seattle faction, will no longer be countenanced in shutting down rallies and similar events.

    Thus by curbing “Black Lives Matter,” the Seattle faction has succeeded in inoculating all the Democratic candidates against charges of racism.

    I agree, Sue, that in the larger picture, the issues of both race and abortion are flogged to create division in the populace. But right now, down on the ground, the media manipulation by both Democrats and Republicans is specific and happening on the primary race level.

    1. Shameful how the Black Lives are the only ones that matter movement funded by Soro’s dissed Sanders.

      It just goes to show they will “eat their own” who don’t tow the line.

      This will back fire for the (real)Democrats have had a belly full of these Far Left activists who assume no matter what they do or say they will stand with them.

      There is a LOT of Democrat’s that are honest good people who are just a little left of center. I as an Independent lean a little right of center. The beauty of this is we can all meet together.

      There is nothing good about far anything.

      The video’s are real IMO and these people put 3.5 years into it. As I said before, this is the worst thing that could happen to Republican party so I don’t think it’s a ruse. (see older comments)

      1. Ric, thanks for bringing up that the “Black Lives are the only ones that matter movement” (lol) was funded by Soros. He’s funded Critical Race Theory in its many manifestations.

        I appreciate your self-description that “as an Independent lean a little right of center.” I can neither a Democrat nor Republican ever be. Truth is divided on the left/right continuum.

        We’ll have to disagree on whether the Planned Parenthood videos benefit the Republicans or not. The videos are real, as you say, though edited, in my opinion.

        Let me just say that, especially if they did put 3.5 years into it, that it took major amounts of money. That they were able to roll them out on a timeline to precede the first Republican debate, takes major production talent and even more money.

        All I’m saying is I don’t think they brought the money and talent with them from Operation Rescue. I think the videos were underwritten by larger players in the RNC firmament, who even now remain nameless.

        1. I agree, and that’s the beauty. A right wing group funded this just as so many things are funded by big bucks on the left, that’s the game and take it on face value.

          IMO I don’t think this is some kind of plan by the right. But, it could be. I don’t know. I think it’s foolish if so.

          What I did say is hearing Rubio and others saying old tired things like “only if rape and incest” will never work. That will put 1 million Men in prison for something they never did.

          I understand. And I love GOD. But we are here in the now.

          Women would be so frightened right now if they thought some power would control them. We are here, and it’s sad but this has been around since time it’s self. Just with the technology we have makes it seem blase. It’s still real and this is our world period.

          The cats been out of the bag for almost 50yrs whether you agree or not. Just having standard rules is the best we can do.

          That’s all I’m I’m saying.

          For those who don’t get what I’m saying.

          There is a lot bad things. did you NOT expect it?

          I wish we weren’t even having this conversation.

          God Bless

        2. Before I get my butt kicked I just want to clarify some things.,
          When I said we need to Control I meant just standard rules.

          When I said a million men would be in prison, I meant innocent men could targeted if that was the strict law.

          Incest? Roll them up and throw away and the key.

          This is very hot subject and I don’t how I got here, but we need to deal with it honestly.

          Like I said. It’s already Done, Don’t let this and Gay’s be the topic of the Presidency again.

          It only benefits the left every time. That’s their game.

          Signing out

        3. No, Ric, I totally get what you’re saying. lol

          If rape and incest are the only exceptions to a ban, women will be so desperate for abortions that they will have to lie about people close to them.

          Totally get it.

          Just kidding, but you did just say that, right?

        4. Toni,
          You have to be something unless you don’t vote.
          “I can neither a Democrat nor Republican ever be. Truth is divided on the left/right continuum.”

          Your Typo’s are charming too.(haha, that was funny)

          I agree. That’s why I am not one of them. I’m independent.
          “The videos are real. But you say they are edited, in your opinion.

          Of course they are for TEE VEE.

          The Full video’s were put out at the exact same time to “nip” this argument in the bud. If you have 4 hours to watch you will see it was edited for TEE VEE, ya know that glowing thing on the wall. (Credit Lophatt)

          It’s real and I’m not anti anything just saying this is it.

          I’m just bored and want to start a new argument…HaHa

        5. You want an argument? Why, you little….! I’ll give you an argument! lol

          Why, I oughta….


          Ric, what’s the point of political parties? You know here in California we don’t have a meaningful vote in the Presidential elections. It’s a forgone conclusion by the time it gets to us. What would be the point in voting?

          I vote locally, though.

          Where’s the typo in that quote of mine? I must be blind to it.

        6. Toni,

          Haha, I never got back to my computer last night.

          But yes, your right.
          The Electoral College system voids all Republican/Independent votes in the state formally know as California.

          Any Democrat running for the President starts of with 55 Free Electoral College Votes.

          I think it should district by district in a huge state as Cali-Mexico or MoonBeam-fornia. I really don’t know what to call this failed state/province.

          My vote here means Nothing. Their vote means everything and half of them aren’t even citizens….

      2. Ric, I thought another way the RNC, not republican voters, may benefit from the abortion issue. It may serve to marginalize Donald Trump, who is weak in this area, in comparison with the other candidates.

        I think the RNC would like him out, don’t you?

        1. Yes. They will try to kill him as they did with Ron Paul, They go as low as steal votes in which they claim only Democrats do…They DID. Fact!

        2. For Sure But I don’t know Trumps position but I’m sure it comes from a logical stance. I hope he doesn’t go nuts and fall in to the trap .

          And I don’t take this lightty if some think so. We are Here.

        3. I’m thinking he wins New Hampshire and goes totally Howard Dean.

          … and then we’re goin to Texas, and Nevada, and south Dakota and…

    2. Toni, my two cents are as follows:

      No matter what the political mutts call themselves, they are all employees. They are not OUR employees. Their primary function is to present an illusion that there is a modicum of control in exercising your right to vote. There isn’t.

      One “party” wants to barbecue babies. The other only wants to barbecue half the babies. They both want to make sure their employer remains in control. Why? Because he ensures they are able to run their scams.

      Whether it’s Hilary Soros or Jeb Adelson, they’ll continue to dream up “issues” to keep the drooling mob happy watching the “debates” on TEE VEE. Meanwhile, their owners will continue to consolidate their control, worldwide.

      All these pageants are designed to do, along with the breathless script readers in the media, is to control the dialog. The usurpation continues apace.

        1. Your right. As in my rant it’s half. This is how it is. What do you do? The clocks are set.to 2015. I think we can only deal with this as many other things in the context of “Now”.

          The world is what it is today. Am I a defeatist or a Realist?

          This subject is 50 years old and I selfishly want to hear about fixing our country but I’m sure that’s not an option.

      1. So totally agree with your entire comment, lophatt. That’s what the political elite are up to, dreaming up issues. Like trying to drive the herd this way, then that. Spending time, attention and money on trivia and non-issues, all to distract attention from themselves. They need to have the polity divided; they are terrified it might unite.

        I love to see the whole picture, figure out their lies and petty machinations. It’s just too bad it doesn’t always stay petty.

        1. I think the thing to focus on is that the politicians are just functionaries. Their bosses are the ones with the agenda. They are worldwide. None of these purported issues means anything to either of them.

          The news bimbos get to hype this garbage, all breathless and hysterical, while the heavy breathers in TV Land hang on every word. While they’re watching the show, the real action is elsewhere

          You can think of the news bimbos and the political rats as magician’s assistants. Instead of G strings and fishnet stockings, they wear business suits and outfits with just the right amount of cleavage to distract. Of course there’s the lesbian and A..C. who have a somewhat different schtick, but their audience loves them.

          So, do “they” do the damage? They are complicit. They do not create any of this. They follow orders. You have to be totally shameless to do what they do. In payment their owners allow them to practice whatever form of theft and perversion that blows their skirts up. They are only disciplined (or removed), if their antics threaten The Plan.

          If more people figured this out they would have a hard time finding a safe place for “debates”. They would be chased from town to town by angry villagers with pitchforks.

    3. This is a very rich and compelling post, Toni. I’ll try to respond in more depth tomorrow (I also get moderated and there is a lag which is sort of demoralizing at times). For now, though, I want to point out that the Sandra Bland incident was conceived to ‘deal with’ the Black Lives Matter frankenstein, among other micro-agendas. This issue of how Sanders is being purposely set up so as to justify claims of antisemitism isn’t something I’d thought of, but if your facts are right about the hashtag it’s probable.

      I just don’t know how much jewish handlers of these things would want to overtly evoke tensions between blacks and jews. In my experience it doesn’t always instill guilt so well and I’d think that would especially be true in the current political climate where backfire could just as easily result. But maybe it’s the best gamble…

      1. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/bernie-sanders-2016-black-lives-matter-problem-121236.html

        Black Lives Matter people are denying that Seattle was targeting Sanders at all. Some seem to imply he’s simply the most progressive and therefore the best to petition. Certainly his audience is larger than Hillary’s.

        I read that the ‘bowdownBernie’ was an allusion to lyrics in a Beyonce song about ‘bow down bitches.’ My post some weeks ago linking to an extremely anti-white woman ‘white bitch’ video by Rihanna wasn’t approved.

        I think Hillary just sucks up to the identity politics faction of the black community. Tough to know whether she is behind any of this. It will probably only hurt the democratic party overall to have both leading candidates mollify unreasonable demands. The white middle class has to be tiring of hearing how tough black people have it while AA and other programs privilege them at every turn.

        Sandra Bland was conceived to deal with these people who are probably spontaneous or partially coordinating with Hillary. Tough to know since my experience of that ilk of black people is they really can be that obstreperous and unreasonable. It outrages them that progressive whites sometimes refuse to indulge their demands for special treatment, instead interpreting discrimination in class terms. I’ve been the target of such sadism for precisely that reason.

        1. Protests like these are set up in advance, terms negotiated, and all the right people called. Showing up armed and shouting such slogans that close to a cop shop would end up in a shootout, unless the Panthers assured that all weapons would be unloaded in advance. Cops get jumpy with firearms around. Same probably went for the Oathkeepers in Ferguson. That is not to say there wouldn’t be a few loaded mags in pockets here or there, just in case.

    4. Is this AA in effect, now black men are also crazed gunmen as opposed to just crazed knifemen? http://www.aol.com/article/2015/08/09/texas-police-5-children-3-adults-found-dead-inside-home/21220244/?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmain5%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D1418863564

      If this is indeed fake, which I don’t know for certain, it’s noteworthy that the narrative has nothing to do with race or implied/stated ‘mental illness,’ at least as of now. More of the white gunmen are depicted as racially motivated, although not all.

      My head is spinning with the layers of meaning and agenda angles being spun in the almost daily onslaught we get from the media.

      No longtime reader can say I didn’t warn them.

      1. ETA. It’s looking real, given that the ex partner/mother who was murdered was white, and the neighbors’ reactions seem spontaneous. In light of the most recent post on MHB, one has to wonder how the incessant staging of psy ops can influence copycats. Even extreme acts can become normalized under the ‘right’ conditions.

      2. The first thing of note, is that the suspect exchanged gunfire with the police, and lived. Highly unusual these days. Second, the victims were all handcuffed. Who has eight sets of handcuffs? Lastly, the suspect is wearing a t-shirt with a Batman logo on it.

        1. Rich, I did not know these details. I heard the story on the news yesterday morning, but there was little detail at that time and I just couldn’t bear to read about it. The news had more detail this morning, and my first thoughts either show how awful I am or how awful the state of law enforcement has become. I wondered if anything the cops were saying was actually true, if you know what I mean. The cops have lost their minds lately, and the stories of their brutality are practically a daily occurrence. I truly do wonder how many times the truth of what happens lies in the direct opposite of what is reported.

    5. -I had an “aha” moment this morning, about how these Presidential Primaries are being manipulated, each by their own side.

      OK, this is interesting. Sorry to butt in. I would just like to relate my own experience.

      In 2008 I was gung ho Ron Paul. I attended my precinct caucus and went on to be a delegate to the county convention. I think caucus states are a joke, because their is really no voting that matters. A primary is more like an official election with a winner and losers. So I’m the only guy in the precinct that votes Ron Paul but I get the delegate spot anyway, because I’m the only one that wants to go. Interestingly, at the county level, they didn’t seem to care what candidate you wanted to back either, so I get picked, and go on to the state convention as a delegate.

      Now at the state level you go to your district caucus and the popular locals automatically get picked to go national. You know, ex politician types who have termed out(lobbyists). At this level the state party hacks basically tell all the Ron Paul people “it ain’t gonna happen”, meaning you aren’t going to go to national, and change your vote to Ron Paul if you make it, no matter who you vote for at this level.
      Now everybody goes into the main arena and listens to Mitt, who has bowed out, tell us that McCain is the man! He left the arena mumbling something about a ” Friggin Timetable”. The place is wall to wall with people wearing Ron Paul shirts. Now any delegate who wants gets 15 seconds at the mic. Most RonPaul folks get turned off at 6 seconds.

      Finally you get another ballot with a hundred or so names on it and you pick something like five or whatever the remaining open delegate seats are. Impossible to even get a plurality. Then the ballots(about 2 thousand) are collected and about 2 minutes later, they announce the people they already picked beforehand, and the delegates are all pledged to McCain.

      It was the biggest waste of time and money I have ever been a part of, except maybe that trip to the theater to see Waterworld, or was it The Postman. It was eye opening to say the least.

      1. Like Bernie said in the video… the most progressive city in America. There ya go! So progressive, and lacking in respect for everyone who came to hear a candidate. So progressive, the cops are afraid to throw a bunch of psychos off the stage. So progressive, they give into the same bullying they pass laws against. Maybe Mr. progressive Bernie can get them a rally of their own. No one would come anyway.

        Bernie should have cracked someone in the jaw, he would have rose 10 points in the polls.

    6. As the psy-op turns…

      Sanders reaps huge crowd numbers after the questionable “Black Lives Matter Seattle” faction shut down his Seattle rally. Amid wide-spread condemnation of the Seattle group, Sanders’ event the next day in Portland, OR, attracted 28,000 people, exceeding the arena capacity by 9,000.

      In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s biggest audience so far, according to her own campaign, is 5,500.

      Washington Post Headline: Bernie Sanders draws 28,000 people in Portland


      1. resurrect her from the ashes of her campaign, and declare her miraculously the front runner. Kind of like they did to McCain on 08′.

        not sure what happened there, it just tweaked out and posted mid type.

        1. I think Obama threw her under the Bus and he’s planning on “handing the keys” to Biden.

          I think his message to Hillary is find a way out, I’m sick, whatever or I will force you out.

          There is no way the IG would ever say he found classified emails unless instructed by Obama.

          Unless of course Obama has found God and has decided to be an honest man.

          If that’s true, then he should proceed to Leavenworth and turn himself in for Treason.

      2. Ive never seen this Reagan moment before…. Im a Brit , but thats no excuse as I was an adult in 1980 and a keen follower of American politics…in my defence I did spend most of 1980 in India, in the Himalayas with no media…. lol
        .so Im curious…. what did Reagan mean by saying he had paid for the microphone? Is it simply because he put some of his own money into his election campaign or is it something else?

  29. Has anyone heard that Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner may be a psy op?


    Bruce attended Newtown High School for two years. The media was obviously promoting him to distract the public and further its destabilizing agenda, but maybe Bruce himself isn’t a real transsexual at all and is a plant. Female athletes and women generally make up the major obstacle to the transsexual agenda; a storied male Olympian coming out as ‘female’ might be just the person to undermine female athletes’ resistance.

  30. Well, I took my kid to see Jon Rappaport tonight. Since I have nothing nice to say, I’ll say nothing at all.

    Hell, since I’m here, I will say that I’m incredibly disappointed by Jon’s lack of preparation. He really missed a prime opportunity: there were lots of college-aged people there, a couple of youngsters (like mine [17]), and the rest from middle age to senior years. Maybe the fault’s partially mine: I had high hopes. But I have to say, my credibility with my son diminishes every time I drag him to a crappy lecture, and this one should have been a good one.


    1. No way! Thanks very much for reporting back what happened, recynd. Cant believe he sucked. I’ve been reading him regularly for years, although it seems he doesn’t have much to say lately, his vaccine analysis has always been good. Been meaning to look into his claims that aids was a government fabrication and isnt related to hiv (seems like a stretch, but I’m willing to hear him out).

      Shame. I thought he would really come through for a venue like LA. If you don’t mind me asking, could you elaborate on what turned you off exactly?

      1. Hey Gran1te; back rattling cages, I see. Like you, I’ve been reading and listening to Jon for years. When he announced he was speaking nearby–and for FREE–I jumped on it. There’s so much going on right now with vaccines, abortions/baby-part selling, mandatory psych evals in schools, etc. that I thought he’d be on fire. The venue was good: it was held at an upscale chiropractic office in Newport Beach that had a nice (funky, even) conference room. There were probably 50 people there of all ages (I think I’m starting to repeat myself).

        Jon came on, mic’d only for recording (not for sound/volume enhancement), so it was a little hard to hear from the beginning. He started fairly strong, talking about the prominent doctor who admitted that medicine kills 250,000 people each year, and how that’s such a great story. He gave a couple more examples of “good stories” that mainstream journalists wouldn’t touch, even mentioning chemtrails (and Sandy Hook? Or am I imagining that?). He kind of fell apart at this point, alternately ranting and muttering about “stories to make your blood run”, how a boring story is boring, and how stories can change the world. My story, your story…our story.

        About 15 minutes in, my kid leaned over to me and whispered, “Oh man, he did NOT prepare. Can we go?” Naturally, we were the furthest from the door.

        The Q&A was excruciating: when Jon started rambling about his trip to Nepal, we scrammed.

        I get what Jon was trying to say: he could’ve stood up there and related the same old stories over again, in this closed system (like the Tea Party…preaching to the choir), but what’s the point? But when he–as a JOURNALIST, for God’s sake–said that “If your story’s boring, lie, make something up,” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Nor could my kid, who totally caught that part.

        Anyway, does that help?

        It could’ve been fun if a couple of people from MHB were there…it could’ve gone a whole different direction.

        1. Yep. I think old Jon would have been eager to leave once we exposed what a sellout he was! Geez, and to think I have been so gullible all these years, really hoping there was still some altruism left in the alt news. Seems capitalism has infected everyone with greed…

          I thank you for such a revealing expose into what (likely) motivates most internet personalities. The warning signs were there – looking back in hindsight, Jon is constantly plugging his Matrix junk, brags quite a bit of his so-called achievements, i.e., “teaching” his logic courses, or worse – his absence from his own comment section and commenters always praising him like lemmings… You get the picture. And despite his insistence otherwise, I have found his arguments rather… lacking at times.

          Now, I will give him credit for being one of the first to break news, and I appreciate the fresh angles and explanations he writes up for us. However, I can unsympathetically relegate him to the internet status-quo of bloggers, thanks to the size of his head, and (now) his modus operandi.

          Perhaps you have enlightened your son more than you know. Imagine the lesson he learned when he saw that his hero (you) could be wrong about someone, and then acted accordingly. I’d be willing to bet he’s a really well rounded young man, thanks to you. Success in parenting is ultimately the main purpose in life, isn’t it?

          Oh, and how are you liking this SoCal heat? Don’t remember the last drought being this unbearable…

        2. Oh, it’s hot here alright. And I’m in Orange County, not too far from the beach, not inland like some of ya’ll.

          To be fair to Jon R., I think it was a free gig. I didn’t have to pay, and I doubt he got paid. I got what I paid for. I have gotten benefit from Jon’s work, and besides that, I like him. I WANT to keep liking him. He’s clearly tired…it’s exhausting to keep fighting a losing battle. So I definitely feel for him.

          They keep promising a gargantuan El Niño; we’ll see if it pans out. Stay cool, and try to play nice (Ha! I won’t hold my breath!).

        3. Which is worse, what you are enduring, or, what do they call the dry winds that come out of the east, that have always driven Angelenos to despair? I remember reading Joan Didion (was it The White Album?) in the 80’s, as if everyone knew what she was talking about, the dry, demonic winds calling her to pick up a kitchen knife and murder her family, that weather being so horrifying to the soul. I got the impression that happened routinely. So you folk out on the coast have, it seems to us in flyover country, lots of weather weirdness going back to forever.

          John McPhee, in his book The Control of Nature, has a chapter called Los Angeles Against the Mountains, which is about the debris flows that follow the great rains that follow the great forrest fires the great droughts make inevitable. That book, too, was written in the 80s.

          This is not to say that weather engineering is making your lives even worse, of course. My advice is that you move into a wing of Gene Simmons’ house in Montecito. No one who lives there I’m guessing, is complaining about the weather. I watched his show (Netflix DVDs). He makes being worth hundreds of millions look easy.

          Either that, or come to Indianapolis. This summer, all the tomatoes and cucumbers have died because of too much rain, and our nights are in the 60s, days in the low 80s. Talk about weird. I’m certain everything here is going to be wonderful, forever.

        4. You’re talking about my arch-nemesis, the Santa Ana winds! I don’t know what it is about those damned winds, but they make me full-moon creepy. I think they help create what’s known as “earthquake weather”, though scientists swear there’s no such thing.

          How I’d love to get out of California. We lived in Seattle in the 90s (’93-’97); gorgeous, but that was before they were messing with the skies so much. My husband teaches and has tenure (plus the attendant retirement benefits that may or may not be there when we need them) that we’re loath to give up. A bit like golden handcuffs. I’m not complaining: it’s definitely a “First World” problem. But now that he’s in his 50s, he’s not as employable as he once was. Plus, our families are all here. But I’d sooner be long gone when the SHTF.

          I’ll tell you, there’s been an exodus out of CA. In just our little ward (our area LDS church) alone, we’ve lost a huge number of members to Utah. Mostly families with young kids, but even retired folks now. I’m starting to feel like the German Jew who thought things would just blow over, all the while friends and family were leaving for somewhere else.

          Beaches and weather be damned…just about any where’ll be better than here when hell finally breaks loose.

        5. Hello Recynd

          IIm a Brit, never visited America, let alone California, so Im fascinated by your info on the climate and the general state of play out there…info from one local person is worth so much more than the general articles I read every day…

          As for leaving before all hell breaks loose? From what Ive read, that hell has already broken loose in your part of the world and the name of this hell is Fukushima…. I read specialist sites like ENE News and they have daily reports on the effects of radiation and the huge, unprecedented loss of marine life off your shores….. there is a guy in California whose blog I follow… its called Augureye…. if you read his many articles on the effect of Fukushima on the western coastal regions of your country, I think you might want to rethink moving away….

          I do think that if nothing else wipes out western civilisation sooner, then it will be Fukushima that will cause a mass extinction event over the next few decades, but in the short term where you are is and will continue to be the worst affected area

          Sorry to be gloomy! Oh, and I also have followed Rappaport for years, but I can see how he has kind of got caught up in a loop of recycling his old ideas…I dont think he;s a sellout though, def one of the good guys..

        6. Thanks, Steven, for the words of concern. There certainly IS a loss of marine life off our shores. This year, more than ever before, Great Whites are showing up (alive, but not aggressive) just past the surf line. Maybe it’s the warmer water, but I think it’s the reduction in feeder fish, perhaps due to radiation, but maybe due to other factors. I’m a “chemtrailer” (though I’m not convinced the spraying is related directly to/solely a result of geoengineering), and suspect that what they’re doing to our skies, they’re also doing something corresponding to the earth’s oceans.

          People are NOT dropping like flies from radiation poisoning…yet, anyway. Healthy (seemingly) babies are born every day. Birds are doing okay. But I’ll tell you, plants and trees are sick, and getting sicker all the time.

          Re: Jon R., I, too, think he’s “one of the good ones”. He’s no sell-out. He IS tired. You can see it in his face and hear it in his voice.

          Thanks for the note. I’ll keep you updated about our weather as things happen. It’s hotter than hell today (probably get over 100°F, 4 miles inland from the coast). Blech.

        7. Hi Recynd

          Thanks for your response and further info….

          I have read that infant cancer rates have spiked alarmingly in some of your coastal towns and that the salmon fishing areas have almost disappeared..I dont have links, but ENENews, a daily free newsletter I subscribe to has excellent info on the progress of the Fukushima fallout with fully sourced links….

          The blog I mentioned, Augureye Express, is written by a Cali guy who deeply researches this issue.. he has 3 excellent posts which he calls ”The Fukushima Trilogy”… he writes in a very thought provoking and articulate manner, well worth reading whether you agree with his conclusions or not.He’s a bit of an old hippy, like me, but in a more new agey way than me( well, he is Californian… lol ) Here is a link:


          Maybe its .co.uk for me here in England, maybe.com where you are… I know nothing of computers… you can find the other two articles once you reach this one….I hope you read them…

          On chemtrails, Ive also thought there is more than one agenda here.. Im in my 60’s and a lifelong ET researcher and experiencer, so Ive always thought that chemtrailing was at least partly an effort to conceal either ufo activity or the appearance of an outer solar system object that may soon start affecting the earth’s climate etc

          Interestingly, I live in a small coastal town and walk the beach every day and check the big skies over the ocean. For the last 18 months or so, the chemtrailing has stopped, or is only very rarely seen… I cant decide whether to be pleased by this or more worried, as maybe the objective is approaching its completion….

        8. Out of curiosity I would like you to clarify your thinking regarding the level playing field aspect and visitors from outer space. I mean is it we or them who create that smokescreen in the sky?

        9. Hello Peter

          You ask who is creating the chemtrail smokescreens? I think on a practical level ,its humans flying planes and creating the hazy skies effect that obstructs our clear sky observations.The more interesting question is, of course, who is giving the orders and why….

          Its my view that at the highest human level of policy, we have an elite who act in the best interests of the visitors,mostly knowingly, but sometimes unknowingly, so that chemtrailing is a policy which that elite may at one level believe is in the best interests of humans, but which at the ultimate level is probably not….
          the entire issue of non- terrestrial beings and entities is clearly too complex for discussion here, but as a general observation I would say there is more than one off world influence over humans and those influences are a mix of positive, negative and neutral, which I know is not much help in terms of clarification!

          As a separate point, I agree with every word you said about the western oligarchs and intelligence agencies in your other recent post, although again,I see it through the bigger prism of the influence of negative off world entities who manipulate human events to produce outcomes that suit their agendas…

        10. Steven
          I confess I was being ironic but irony is a dull instrument more often than not. Anyway I see no reason whatsoever to introduce the extraterrestrials into the basket of unknowns. No proof has ever been presented which doesnt have a more natural interpretation as a consequence of local naturally occurring phenomena or artificially made by humans.
          I have to confess that you make me suspicious about your motives. There are motives for the British having previously been involved in various scandalous uses of cybernetic technology against civilians. In particular in the 90s there is reason to believe that military units were occasionally directly involved. In order to protect the honour of the military ranks the ufo and alien myths come in handy.
          Do you really believe in it and in that case what is your most weighty argument?

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