New Possibilities to Explain What Happened to Michael Cravey & Getting Closer to the Reason for the Benghazi Cover-Up

Michael Cravey Boxes

If you’re not already familiar with the Michael Cravey conspiracy, you’re in for a doozy. I suspect those already familiar with the strange tale will find this new information as fascinating as I do. Newcomers can get up to speed by reading the background section below. What I’m presenting doesn’t solve any mysteries, ultimately. These are merely theories and information for continued research and speculation. I welcome and encourage people to add their perspectives, to debate the merits of the theories presented and develop those of their own. The goal for many of us has been to understand what happened to Michael. In the process, some of our suspicions may be confirmed and we may learn some unexpected things along the way.

Background: Who Michael Cravey Was

Anyone already familiar with the case can skip this section. You can always return to it once you’re finished reading the new content.

Michael was a normal guy in his mid twenties that appeared to be close to his family and well liked by anyone who cared to express their opinion of him. Most relevant to this article is Michael’s unique interest in conspiracy theories and alternative views about history and other matters. It’s this unique interest that likely drove him to YouTube as a means to learn about the world around him and express his views; a privilege only granted to few by the main-stream media.

I’ve written and compiled a few articles and videos that are great compilations of the larger story and many of the minute details as well. I’ll provide those links and links to other key information below.

I guess the cliff-hanger aspect of Michael’s story would be when, on March 3rd, 2014 he woke up early and drove to the University of Gainesville campus. At around 7 am, while speaking to an older couple in a parking area on campus he suddenly produced a knife and began to attack the male stranger. Chasing the fleeing man down and laughing, he subdued him before ending the attack and fleeing. He fled at high speed in his Jeep Patriot in a chase with police that became so dangerous it had to be called off.

He then drove to the local news station and asked the local TV meteorologist if he knew why Michael was there to see him. When the man confirmed he did not, Michael walked away. His brother then calls his mobile phone to find Michael in the drive-thru at McDonalds, totally oblivious to anything unusual taking place. When he hears of the hurricane he is at the center of, he says to his brother, “I’m being set up. I need to figure this out.” And the phone goes dead.

Soon after, he’s spotted again by police and another high-speed chase begins that ends when Michael looses control and collides with another vehicle. After emerging from the crushed vehicle he quickly heads into the shopping center nearby and goes in and out of a few stores. When he emerges from a BestBuy and a police Lieutenant is there to meet him, gun drawn, Michael charges him with a raised hatchet he had been concealing. All 15 rounds are fired, 9 bullets striking him. He is pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital.

That is either the middle or beginning of the story, depending on your perspective. Many other details come into focus about his life leading up to that day and the aftermath of his death.



What Ultimately Led to Michael’s Death

There are a number of possible reasons why Michael may have been killed. He may have been chosen as the archetypal online “conspiracy theorist” in some plot to demonize online dissent. He may have been the unwitting subject of a program of some kind and his murder was the required means of concluding his participation. He may have gotten too close to a criminal conspiracy and was perceived as a sufficient threat to warrant taking out. It’s also possible that Michael did commit the acts as described resulting from hidden psychological issues or severe, but undiagnosed mental illness.

Assuming that Michael was somehow killed in an organized effort to prevent a threat he may have posed, what was so threatening? Who felt threatened? If what happened to Michael had happened to just about anyone else, we might have been left with almost nothing to go on. In his case, however there’s a virtual library of possibilities in the form of his many YouTube videos. Strangely, his YouTube channel remains online as of this writing.

In past examples of individuals with social media accounts who then went on to be the suspect in high-profile crimes, their accounts have been quickly closed. That was the case with Jared Loughner, James Holmes, the Tsarnaev brothers and others. Granted, Michael’s case isn’t as high-profile as these other examples. But it’s unusual that, even after a year since his death his Facebook account also remains online.

Checking his Facebook account just now I was saddened to see that someone posted birthday wishes to his timeline, apparently unaware that he isn’t there to receive it.

“July 4 at 9:53pm – I hope you had a great birthday buddy!!”

Although I knew Michael and was Facebook friends with him since December 2012, I didn’t know his birthday was July 4th. Aside from a few other birthday wishes from people who did appear to know he had died and a couple comments saying that he was missed, there hasn’t been much posted to his Facebook timeline since his death on March 3rd, 2014.

His Aurora Theater Shooting Conclusions

Michael’s research into the Aurora Theater shooting may have led him into discoveries that were viewed as a threat to some group. If you haven’t closely assessed the media’s portrayal of the Aurora shooting, many independent investigators and researchers consider it to be a staged or an otherwise deceptive event. I recommend viewing this Aurora Shooting Playlist for in-depth analysis, alternative interpretations of the evidence and altogether different conclusions than those deemed reportable by the media. My view at this point and after extensive research is that James Holmes did not shoot anyone. He was likely duped into being at the theater that night and drugged during the event itself.

Some may argue that there’s little to support that theory aside from his broken car window, indicating he may have been found unconscious inside his vehicle with the doors locked. The official report is that he was apprehended while mulling about his vehicle. Few people know about a report that appeared in the New York Daily News on July 22, 2012 that included an account given by a woman claiming that a relative was in jail at the time who witnessed Holmes’ arrival. The report included, “Tasha Taylor, who said a relative of hers is in the jail two cells down from the accused killer, described him when he first came into the lockup restrained to a wheelchair.”

“He was brought in wearing his body armor,” Taylor said. “Once they got his armor off, his body was painted red. They had to shower him right away.”

The only time I’ve heard these details is when Michael presented them in a video he produced back in October, 2012.

Although there are many interesting details to consider here, it’s the statement about his being brought into the jail by wheelchair that I find supports the theory that Holmes was somehow incapacitated at the time.

In Michael’s video, he describes having found the news snippet on a private blog, which then led him to the original Daily News article. He then explains that the article had been edited, removing the aforementioned details. Only by viewing the Google cache of the article was he able to confirm that it did, in fact appear in the original. In an interesting twist, when researching for this article I found that the current version appears to have reverted back to the original. It’s extremely unlikely that Michael was wrong about the article being edited, which he specified took place the day after its original publication.

Is it possible that certain details in the original being found on private blogs led the publisher to revert back to the original? Was the information damaging to the official narrative, or was it considered more damaging if more people were to see it removed from the article?

In early January of 2014, I spoke with Michael about the Aurora case. He seemed sure that he had identified two individuals as being shooters at the scene. Who those individuals were at first wasn’t clear to me, although he said they had both posed as victims. He also suspected that they were both in costume at the time of the shooting. Later on, as we and others collaborated in our research I learned who the individuals were and why he was so sure they were involved. It wouldn’t be appropriate or wise of me to publicly reveal more about his theory. However, from what I have shared you may see it as possible the true perpetrators might have wanted to stop Michael from pursuing it any further.

Terry Jones, the Koran-Burning Pastor

On occasion, sparked by an ongoing interest in this mystery I have re-watched some of Michael’s videos on YouTube. Recently, I had just finished watching a selection and suddenly remembered one of the first I had seen. As I recalled, it was a video documenting his visit to the infamous pastor Terry Jones’ church. He was attempting to secure an interview with him. I scanned through the hundreds of videos on his channel, but it wasn’t there. After double checking, I considered the possibility that either Michael or someone else had removed it.

The Dangerous Benghazi Scandal

This piqued my curiosity for a number of reasons. Terry Jones isn’t making big headlines currently. But when Michael made the trip to visit him it was just after the Benghazi scandal in which on 9/11/2012, what was reported to be a U.S. embassy in Benghazi Libya was overtaken by Islamic militants. In the melee US Ambassador Christopher Stevens had been killed. This may have been a very touchy situation for the US State Department or some other U.S. agency for any number of reasons.

Ultimately the reason for the attack given by U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice as she made a tour of the Sunday morning talk shows was reaction to an inflammatory, anti-Muslim film on YouTube. Rice appeared in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s stead due to Clinton having had a concussion, or dehydration; whatever.

The following is speculation on my part, although I’m not alone in my views. And it’s important to provide further background on the Benghazi scandal playing out at the time. I suspect that the video blamed as the reason for the Benghazi attack wasn’t the actual reason. I don’t have enough to form a complete theory as to what happened in Benghazi, although I’ll present one possibility further on. I do however suspect that the video blamed by Ambassador Rice and others was an elemental part of the ensuing cover-up.

It’s critical to note that the video was said to have spawned a protest in Benghazi that ultimately led to the attack on the compound. We’ve since learned that no evidence for this exists outside of their claim. There is evidence that protests did ignite in other Middle East cities including Cairo, Khartoum, Sanaa and Tunis. But the reason for the protests is hazy and it appears that they may have been spawned by other motivations, staged or otherwise encouraged as part of the cover-up effort. Whether real or not, if the video itself was disseminated and caused these protests to cover up whatever really happened in Benghazi, it’s scandalous and outrageous.

The Reason Given for the Benghazi Attack Was a Ruse

This is where it definitely gets interesting

Why would I even suggest that the administration and the media have been lying about the video this whole time? Because their story doesn’t add up. Confusion about which video was being blamed, the absurdity of the video itself, the preposterous story given by the producer and direct links between the video and U.S. officials overwhelmingly point to deception. Before I return to Terry Jones and how this all connects to Michael, let’s explore this area.

I reviewed over 40 articles published in the first week after the Benghazi attack. It took many searches and a couple days of research to confirm a few important details. First, there were two videos that began to be reported around the same time as the video in question. The yet to be completed, full-length feature was reported to be entitled “The Innocence of Muslims.” The two videos cited, however were said to be only trailers entitled, “The Real Life of Muhammad” and “Muhammad Move Trailer.” Each video was only about 13 minutes in length.

What was of most interest to me was which video was uploaded first and by whom. I was fully prepared to find a dubious source behind the videos, but it turned out to be more interesting. I began wondering if the video had even existed before the Benghazi attack.

Innocence of Muslims Film Poster
To complicate matters were reports mostly after the attack in Benghazi of the film having been previewed at a small Los Angeles theater. Supposedly an ad costing $300 was run in an Arab language newspaper in May and June for a film titled, “Innocence of Bin Laden.” How can we confirm this? We can because some guy named, “Joseph” ran the ad and a poster advertising the film was photographed sometime in June by a Current TV producer who thought it would be a good topic to discuss on The Young Turks. My view of The Young Turks is that they are highly likely a propaganda mouthpiece, so a red flag went up.

I learn the details of this supposed pre-attack showing of the film bouncing between news sources and Wikipedia. The Wikipedia entry for the film is pretty lengthy.  Wikipedia also has a Chronology of the reactions to Innocence of Muslims. Imagine that.

The film was said to have at least premiered once, on June 23rd and possibly a second time on June 30th. The turnout for the first was a mere 10 people if you can believe any of this, so it’s likely the second showing was cancelled.

The LA Times ran an article on September 13th telling the embarrassing story of an obnoxious-seeming blogger who tries to warn the Los Angeles City Council of the offensive film. John Walsh alerted the Council on June 29th of what he oddly deemed a potentially anti-Semitic film. He also notified the media including the Times, saying to them later,

“Nobody from L.A. will admit they had the slightest knowledge of this terrorist film. Nobody…I cried wolf and there was a wolf.”

Walsh claims to be concerned about a film poster with Bin Laden’s picture on it, written in Arabic advertising a single showing that may not have even happened. Between being largely ignored, his unexplained urgency and Wikipedia echoing Walsh’s story, it looks more to me like an attempt to lay a breadcrumb trail. I can only imagine Walsh’s outrage had Wikipedia not done their part by linking to the LA Times coverage of his nonsense.

So we have some highly suspect evidence of the offensive film being shown to 10 or more people. What of the videos being blamed for all the protests and the Benghazi attack? The producer of the film was identified later as a Coptic Christian from Egypt, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. The earliest linking to one of the videos was reported to be on the National American Coptic Assembly website, on September 10th.

A visit to the page linked in the above article results in an error. Looking at the Internet Archive’s cached version of the page captured on September 14th doesn’t show the video “posted prominently” as the article claims. There was a link to what was labeled their “Daily Site” on a different domain. It didn’t have any entries for the month of September, 2012.

Coptic Christian Organization Websites
Finally, on still a third site I did find a post from September linking to both an Arabic and English version. The Arabic version is reported to have been deleted, but the English version entitled, “Muhammad Movie Trailer” was loaded to the YouTube channel, “Sam Bacile” on July 2nd and remains there today. Aljazeera reports the view count for the video on September 13th as 450,000, but much of those views are likely to have been after the news flurry on the 11th.

Coptic Christian Organization Page
But all this business of checking dates and view counts isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. For instance, the current view count of this version of the trailer video shows 5,224,389 views as of July 19th, 2015. Ultimately the view count on this or any video is merely a record in a database. If you think it’s beyond Google or YouTube to alter these numbers, you’re probably underestimating their interests. And the same applies to dates, comments or anything else hosted on their properties.

Sam Bacile YouTube Channel

True Innocence of Muslims Video Links Back to US Authorities

Now we come to the other version of the video, which we learn about in a bombshell video from YouTube channel “ImYourGhost.”

The theory presented by this channel goes far beyond the origins of the second video, which I’ll get to in a moment. Most of the reports coming out in the immediate aftermath of the attack cited the film title, “Innocence of Muslims,” and many gave that as the name of the YouTube trailer video. In all of the reporting though, the evolution of the title began with a working title of “Dessert Warrior” and at the time of its premier of “Innocence of Bin Laden.” As I’ve explained the two 13 minute previews were entitled, “Muhammad Movie Trailer” and “The Real Life of Muhammad.” Where did “Innocence of Muslims” come about?

The “ImYourGhost” channel owner conducted a search for the first channel on YouTube to upload a video with that title. Lo and behold, he found a match. A channel was created on June 18th, 2012 named, “NewsPoliticsNow3.” On September 11th, 2012 the channel uploaded a 1:32 version of the video entitled, “Innocence of Muslims: Trailer.” Interestingly, uploaded at the same date and time and with the same length of 1:32 was another video entitled, “Egyptian Protesters Attack US Embassy.”

NewsPoliticsNow3 YouTube Channel
As CBS News first reported the Egyptian protest in Cairo at 5:16pm EST, it’s certain that protest wasn’t a reaction to this offensive video. According to “ImYourGhost” the entire channel was taken offline on September 10th, 2013, at which time this version of the video had over 10 million views. Sounds possible considering we see it garnered over 300,000 views in only 19 hours from the cached snapshot of the channel.

The “ImYourGhost” channel owner then did an image search of the NewsPoliticsNow3 “NPN” avatar. Combining those results with the name (probably an alias) used to establish the channel, Stacey Lewis led to the company, Stanley, Inc. They also go by Stanley Associates. Back in 2010, the company was acquired by CGI Federal, Inc. CGI provides services across the civilian, defense and intelligence sectors of the federal government. Most interesting to note is that CGI was responsible for the Obamacare website systems development.

But back in 2008, Stanley was one of 2 firms accused of accessing the passport records of all 3 2008 presidential candidates. Two employees from Stanley took the fall and were fired. The other company involved in the breach was Analysis, Inc., which just happened to have as its CEO, John Brennan. I guess Brennan found being appointed by Obama to Direct the CIA more lucrative, as just months later a nearly half billion dollar contract is awarded to Stanley for the oversight of passport creation. The cycle is complete. Everybody wins!

A final point should be made to demonstrate this was clearly all a ploy to cover-up whatever happened in Benghazi. If you haven’t seen the “Muhammad Movie Trailer” otherwise known as, “The Innocence of Muslims,” then you really should.

It’s a spectacular failure of propaganda. Each over-dubbed line supposedly intended to turn the goofy dessert-warrior character into Muhammad and bystanders into Muslims is so horrible, it’s hilarious!

To imagine that this video could have been taken seriously or even caused anyone to be angry at its disrespectful treatment of, everything in it really is nonsense. To quote Jack Tapper in an August 2013 CNN article,

“Nakoula said he wishes that the accused Boston Marathon bombers and Hasan had seen his film because he bets it would have prevented those attacks.”

That’s the kind of logic you get from operatives left to hang out there in an uncontrolled environment. There’s little doubt in my mind the film was made as a required assignment, if he had anything to do with it at all. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is at most a pawn in this propaganda Wurlitzer. He’s caught between feigning interest in his film project, getting arrested in various stings and trying to recall his own name.

Despite being convicted in 2010 under a different name, he informed the judge he had changed his name in 2002 to Mark Basseley Youssef. But, he’d forgotten that in 2009 he had changed it again to Ebrahem Fawzy Youssef. His lawyer said Nakoula wasn’t yet aware the change had been finalized. He was previously convicted in a methamphetamine sting and did a couple years for bank fraud. But to add insult to injury, he was picked up by the feds within a couple weeks of the Benghazi affair. They said he violated his parole by using an alias.

The Failed Terry Jones Interview Attempt

At various times when it seems convenient, the very much disliked Terry Jones emerges on cue to fan the flames of hate. Jones had established his very small congregation in Gainesville, Florida where Michael Cravey had lived. But the pattern of Jones being featured by the media as the intolerant religious leader with a gun on his hip began somewhat suddenly in 2010.

His church’s YouTube channel, “StandUpAmericaNow” was established in November 2010 with his first video asking, “What should we do with the Koran?” So it seems the gimmick of burning the Koran was ready to go out of the gate. I was astonished to see that, even before his first video on YouTube he was profiled by the MSM in September 2010 as the Koran-burning pastor. In the detailed profile and sit-down interview on ABC they dubbed, “Incindiary Act” Jones receives a stern condemnation for his plans to burn hundreds of Korans on 9/11 from both Senator Hillary Clinton and David Petraus, in Afghanistan.

You may almost feel sorry for the guy after seeing all the barely veiled disgust shown by the interviewer. But, I kept thinking about what a former church leader said about why they forced him out of the German Evangelical Alliance in Cologne Germany. “Jones ran the Cologne church like a sect leader and used psychological pressure on members,”

“…subordinating all activities to his will.”

They added, “Jones had been ejected by Cologne church for creating”

“…a climate of control and fear.”

When September 11th, 2012 rolled around, Jones had spent the past 2 years making many announcements of his planned Koran burnings. He may have even burned a few. The Benghazi affair was different though, and he, the Benghazi planners or those involved with the cover-up decided that Jones should promote the Innocence of Muslims film to his congregation. You can see a 2013 photo of Jones marching with his followers in Washington DC below. I count 7 people including Jones, so the promotion of the film to his flock wasn’t going to make much of a dent. But, slipping his name into the stories about the disturbing film had an enormous impact.
Terry Jones and Supporters Marching

Jones was arrested along with another member of his church in 2013 en route to a Koran burning. They were travelling with 2,998 Korans inside a barbeque smoker soaked in kerosene and were charged with unlawfully conveying fuel. The charges were later dropped. Terry Jones is very likely on some agency payroll and may be connected to some very unsavory characters involved in Benghazi.

It turns out that a search of the Internet revealed a playlist containing Michael’s missing videos, or hidden as they are marked as unlisted. I can’t imagine why they would be unlisted when so many others are not. Was their status changed to unlisted after Michael’s death?

So let’s return to Michael Cravey, who attempts to secure an interview with Jones in the aftermath of Benghazi. In this first video, Michael films himself arriving at the Dove World Outreach Center as he pulls right into the property, down a dirt driveway I might add. From there, he meets with a woman who is carrying a radio for communication and learns that Jones isn’t there at the time. Michael is careful not to film anyone’s face and maintains an honest and respectful demeanor throughout the encounter.

Anonymous Medical Assessment Based On Terry Jones Interview Video

This was provided by a qualified colleague who was kind enough to take the time to assess Michael from the following video. This may be interesting to anyone encountering attempts to cast doubt on Michael’s or any conspiracy theorist’s mental state.

He is alert and oriented to person, place and time. He has active geospatial awareness. Thoughts are linear and in tact. Speech is fluent and non-pressured/focused. He has appropriate social skills and responses to interactions with others. He is not displaying and signs that point to delusional thing, grandeur or other reality disorientation. He presents as well nourished. He is appropriately clothed, good personal hygiene / grooming and motor skills are grossly in tact. Facial expressions are reactive and there is no flat affect. There are no outward signs of aggression during this interview. His demeanor remains calm and collected throughout the discussion for an extended time and is able to keep mental focus on topics presented. Cognition appears to be of average to above average without the ability to assess this area further. There may be underlying medical conditions not generally diagnostically relevant or assessable from this short viewing.

My expert opinion: at the time this video was created, there were no outward signs or symptoms of any psychotic or personality disorders. He is an alert and oriented male with no outward signs of aggression or hostile behaviors.

Knowing Michael, he wouldn’t have tried to trick anyone and was likely being truthful about seeking an interview to get Jones’ side of the story. But Michael had to be highly suspicious of Jones and the other churchgoers, by extension.

When he’s unable to meet with Jones on his first attempt, he calls the church the next day and captures his experience in the following video. Instead of getting to speak with Jones, he winds up being ensnared by the same woman, Fran Ingram. She acts as a gatekeeper of sorts, offering to pass along the interview request while engaging Michael in a lengthy debate on the merits of Islam and concerns about the church’s political strategy.

The woman appears to have nothing better to do than to share her personal ideology and theology while Michael allows her the floor. He tries to interject to converse and ultimately to conclude their business without interrupting with great patience. Here are some interesting comments shared by Fran Ingram during their call.

“Our compassion for Israel, which you find extraordinary, comes from the fact that Jesus loves the Jews and prayed for them…”

“…Jews that reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah are going to hell.”

“Hitler, he was jealous of their cleverness in business and in trade…”

“That genocide of Jews has continued under Islam, as has basically the genocide of Christians under Islam through the centuries, down through the centuries.”

After her theological diatribe and articulating her Judeo-Christian position, she claims not to be an expert on Judaism. That may be true, but she’s in no short supply of ideas as she goes about learning.

I think it’s possible that Michael’s troubles might have stemmed from his poking around Terry Jones’ business.

It’s All Who You Know

Is it normal for a guy never to mention that he has siblings? I don’t mean sisters, but brothers. Would it never slip out in occasional conversation? Not that Michael and I were very close and sure didn’t have a lot of spare time to pal around.

Early this morning the Twitter-Book-Netz lit up with the news of Grooveshark co-founder, Josh Greenberg’s sudden and unexpected death on Sunday. It was like a race to see who’s report could be the most identical. It’s pretty tragic to think this guy dies and the lords of media hipsterism usher him out in this way. He would probably have been prepared for it, having existed in that world, balancing between cool and business finance. Then toss in copyright issues with its increased ratio of lawyers to people. It seems like he may have been a really nice, hard-working and savvy guy.

He was 28 and in apparently perfect health according to what little we have learned from his mother and girlfriend. He too was a Gainsville Florida-based guy. Twenty-something guy from Gainsville dies mysteriously. Sounds a bit like Michael’s story, kinda. But then I got a tip that connected their stories more than I had hoped. But I guess that depends on your perspective.

If you’re familiar with Michael’s case you may already know Michael’s brother, Nicholas was co-producing the local Gainsville Police Department monthly public service videos. In fact, the man who was telling us about the events on all the news channels that day on behalf of the GPD was Nick’s co-producer. It’s an unfortunate, yet real coincidence until I’m convinced otherwise. You can learn more about this by viewing/reading the material in the background section above.

I was tipped off earlier today that Nicholas also helped produce video for Grooveshark. I don’t know to what depth that relationship went, if it was a freelance client or full time position with a seat on the board. Somehow, I think it was somewhere in the middle. And, Grooveshark is defunct, or ‘de-funked’ in their case. So I’m not seeing much of a connection here. However, there sure was a lot of money being tossed around, at least in settlement figures as the recording industry devoured Grooveshark’s carcass.

Here again is another angle to consider, another potential conglomeration of ruthless and powerful people, another club where there are occasional excursions and very little risk that anyone would care to tell.

Try to imagine the business of regular, everyday people addressing these matters much like a huge, fully outfitted and cutting edge factory before being powered up. The promise of success, prosperity, longevity, is a sure thing. It’s just that the market can’t explode until research and development nails down the strategy…and we quadruple our staff.

Come on R&D.

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  1. Well at first I thought I was going to shred this article… But its raw content was a horn of plenty, albeit loosely linked.
    Overall, there were some tidbits of info like Holmes being wheeled in to jail painted red which, granted, is hearsay. The essay really has little to do with Cravey, which leaves me wondering what the motive for linking him to the other topics explored… Perhaps another entertainment/scare tactic for the readers here? Nothing better than feeling like your dissenting view is actually monitored and thinking you may be next to be targeted by the super secret cabal which you have stumbled upon and single handedly unraveled mysteries only the illumined know?
    But what do I know, I’m just a buzz killing troll.

    1. I had considered breaking the article into two parts, Michael Cravey’s relation to the Benghazi scandal and the new findings pointing to a Benghazi coverup. But I found it difficult to explain Michael’s connection without delving pretty far into the Benghazi angle.

      In retrospect, this is also a story showing how the media is so inextricably involved, both MSM and citizen media via YouTube, etc. Your view that this could be merely an entertaining story, very loosely connecting Michael to notable and powerful people is one I can understand. But there’s the rub when trying to make sense of what happened to Michael. No single theory seems to explain all of the bizarre aspects. The dash-cam footage of Michael’s purported stabbing victim is of fair quality, yet it doesn’t appear that the man has any blood on him. Michael’s background in conspiracy theory was somehow ascertained and reported within mere hours of the initial attack, despite Michael’s use of a pseudonym in his social media reporting. After Michael was involved in a car crash and fled into a shopping center, he somehow produced a hatchet. This is especially odd when considering Michael possessed a concealed carry permit. The list is endless.

      My opinion, and why I think these tenuous relationships and connections should be explored is that even those of us aware of government work to manage dissent and the sophistication and organization of their networks, we may still underestimate or lack real understanding of their tactics. If anything, this article contains very real evidence of a complex scheme to cover-up the true nature of what happened in Benghazi.

      1. The Benghazi part was awesome. Now we know why they ALL were pushing the video. It was theirs!

        This info should be sent to Trey Gowdy.
        But even if he doesn’t know the truth behind the video, when he did find out he’d probably drop the entire investigation just out of fear for the repercussions he’d face from…them

        1. Ric, the smart money is on an arranged plot to kidnap the “ambassador” and stage a “rescue”. It appears that, due to some underhanded arms deals-gone-bad, there were some very angry people who “kidnapped” him for real.

          Our former head of state and presidential hopeful knows all about it. I think this was to rival the second death of Osama. Like they say, “the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang a glee.

        2. Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
          O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!

          Still thou are blest, compared wi’ me!
          The present only toucheth thee:
          But och! I backward cast my e’e,
          On prospects drear!
          An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,
          I guess an’ fear!

          Seems appropriate.

        3. !st..Toni, can have some of what ever you Have? It looks like fun. haha

          kidnap the “ambassador” and stage a “rescue”.
          Yea, we heard that plan too so King O could release the Blind Sheik.

          These people are so ill

          Bottom line:
          If the “people were to wake up tomorrow and realize they have been lied to from JFK to Today. And a Govt. Official on TEE VEE, told them on every channel, they probably wouldn’t believe it. .


          If SHE,BMB or 911 were to REALLY fall apart and ALL MSM was going crazy “we’ve been deceived,” and the Lemmings forgot to take their Meds that day and Really noticed and started to riot.

          The Powers that be be would retaliate so hard with FF’s and shear utter chaos. That the Lemmings would forget the why and what they got mad about in the first place.

          We are screwed. Throw them a New Apple Phone with an EBT Card..Done

      1. PLEASE, everyone watch the above linked video posted by Toni! When I looked into this guy, it was a bit of fun. But seeing the man in action is better than watching Herbert von Karajan conduct the Berlin Philharmonic.

      2. Yes, his wild gesticulations match his operatic delivery quite effectively, if he’s trying to effect a crazy person. Can you believe he emails the City Council thrice daily?!

        I concur with with you, tyrannynews, that he was used to create a “bread crumb trail.” There could be a “public” warning about the film, but with no real danger that anyone would take messenger seriously.

  2. Thanks for continuing to shed light on what happened to Michael Cravey. It’s truly disturbing. From all of the available videos, he seemed like a good guy who was truly concerned about what was going on in this country.

    Ever since Prof. Tracy did his last interview with Peter Klein, I’ve been trying to follow up on Cravey and what happened at Aurora. Though I initially followed Aurora closely, I guess I lost track of it after Sandy Hook and Boston. I’ve actually found a lot of good information that questions the official story and follows the court case here: There are three pages of articles and you have to go to page three to start at the beginning. I never thought that Holmes was guilty, but this is the first time I’ve heard of the idea that two of the people posing as victims were actually the shooters. Very interesting.

  3. With Aurora, keep in mind there were two gas masks found abandoned in different locations in the theater parking lot. There was also blood drops leading away from the theater door. Holmes was incapacitated in his vehicle. The shooters escaped and were not used as victims.

      1. If a Aurora surviving victim had described being evacuated to the hospital via helicopter, that would be odd. I don’t think other victims described transport via helicopter. It would be doubly strange if a surviving victim were in town while traveling. I know that Barton (Now a gun safety advocate for Bloomberg) was on a biking trek and in Aurora by coincidence. No claim by him of the former though.

        1. thanks for your well-researched, thoughtful article. Much of this is new to me- except for The Benghazi/Brennan connections. Back in 2008 when the passport breach occurred, Lt. Qaurles Harris was mysteriously murdered. IMO, the passport breach included McCain and Hillary Clinton, only to conceal the motive: hiding the excursions that Obama took to Pakistan. Thank you again.

    1. Right, I saw that about the gas masks and blood trail. Plus, there’s also the issue of how Holmes was apparently found in his car drugged out of his mind. And there’s also some suggestion that he might have been so incapacitated that they thought they may have brought him into the jail in a wheelchair. This just seems like one that we will never get to the truth on.

    2. I agree. There was more. There were at least two cars, both with Tennessee license plates. It’s on the radio tapes. One car was in front of the theater in the parking lot.

      I think he was drugged for weeks. Probably scopolamine. This was also a drill. I’ve said before, whether someone is shot is not the defining characteristic of a hoax.

      There was a drill layer, especially in the radio transmittals. I haven’t settled on a motive (or motives), for this yet. I can think of a few candidates.

      On top of all that, “Holmes” doesn’t appear to be the same “Holmes” that was presented to us in his younger years. Also, you may notice that his parents are conspicuously quiet.

      There were some very interesting videos out there at one time that were made by amateurs who worked at the theater. A couple of them were taken from across the street and they were laughing and partying it up. Some went to the police and were given “the bum’s rush”.

      Like the others, this one is full of holes.

      1. I hear you Lophatt.

        Like always, we can’t see any video when the theater had at least 20 active camera’s like the Pentagon and OKC and everything else 911.

        Whats the point of security cameras if the eff bee eye can just steal the tapes/dvrs and no one can ever see them?

        Oh yea, I forgot…the camera’s THAT day were not working like BMB…..yea.

        His parents are in this article today and I find it funny the Father is laughing with his son and the mother is passing notes to the lawyers.

        Pure BS

        It’s just amazing people just buy this crap.

        But, his mom and dad both have natural “Joker” red hair so that part was at least real……..NOT

        1. I didn’t follow this one very closely.

          Funny, we hadn’t heard from Holmes’ parents, then this article popped up. Timing is everything, I suppose. Speaking of the article, did anyone else notice the time discrepancy at the end, where it says that the folks decided to go visit James on the 4th of July (due to a psychiatrist’s call in mid-June), but they never made it…because he went on his rampage on July 20th.

          In these modern times, you can get to Colorado from San Diego in less than 16 days pretty easily. Besides, if it was MY kid, it sure as hell wouldn’t take me a MONTH to see him if a shrink called to warn me about a concern.

          In any case, doesn’t this sound a lot like Elliott Rodger?

          Finally, I was struck with the thought: “Another member for the 27 Club.” I suppose all the numbers mean something I’m missing, too. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m getting full from swallowing all this BS.

        2. “In these modern times, you can get to Colorado from San Diego in less than 16 days pretty easily.”

          You crack me up with your understatement.

          And yes, Elliott Rodgers and his family are totally brought to mind by the family of James Holmes.

          Speaking of the Isle Vista incident, do you remember that father of a victim who jumped right to anger in the stages of grief and stayed there for weeks? I think he was supposed to be a corrective to Robbie what’s-his-name from Sandy Hook. In this video he rails about Sandy Hook as much as he does for his own supposed kid.

          Feel free not to watch the whole thing, if you want to bail. lol He’s pretty oppressive.

        3. Oh, I remember that dad well. He was another outspoken gun control advocate, and a DEFENSE attorney of all things, if I remember right. We haven’t heard much from him lately, have we? Maybe he finally got to the acceptance stage.

        4. Re77,
          Also, this “Quack” calls them up and says he’s missed some brainwashing sessions, and they call him back and say ” who are you?,
          we didn’t know you were brainwashing our son for a false flag”?

          And he says “I can’t talk to you because of Doctor-Patient confidentiality? Really?

          He called them and said their son missed a torture session and HE broke the Doctor-Patient confidentiality.

          They didn’t even know their son was being MK-Ultra’d for the Aurora Gig.

          This stuff is ..I don’t think we’ve created a word for it yet.. Stupid?

        5. It’s just amazing how all of these video cameras have a mind of their own, and just decide to go on the fritz at the very moment they are needed. The story has remained the same at Waco, OKC, WTC, Pentagon, Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and every one of these incidents since. You would think someone would look into this faulty camera equipment. The London 7/7 event suffered the same malfunction. I was reading about the death of Princess Diana a while back, and can you believe that even France had a problem with errant security cameras on the very night she was killed? And not in just one place, but at hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and the tunnel where the fatal crash occurred. Then I read Dave McGowan’s articles about the assassination of Lincoln; even back then there were malfunctions at the exact times when equipment was desperately needed. Just when the wire service was most needed on April 14, 1865, it wasn’t working, and John Wilkes Booth was able to make good his escape from DC.

          On the other hand, if I walked over and took the daily newspaper off my neighbor’s front lawn, a camera of some kind, some where would catch it and I would be at the county jail facing theft charges.

        6. Such a brilliant comment Maryaha I had to share it with a friend. Thanks and hope you don’t mind.

        7. I working on a Theory for the failing cameras.

          Maybe Security Camera’s don’t work on Criminals?

          Yea, thats it…..

  4. I will say this, I don’t know what to make of this one. It is strange his brother had connections to the police department. By this I mean also if he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, the he has taken firearm training and knows a bit about firearms law, in other when to shoot and not shoot. Coming out of a shopping center and heading for a police officer with a hatchet is suicidal. His background would indicate he knew better than this. It doesn’t add up.

    The fact that he was surprised about all of this while receiving a call at the drive in is also strange. It could suggest a possible look alike who did the stabbing, assuming the stabbing was real. But being an intelligent guy, why go on a high speed chase. Simply go to an attorney and say hey I wasn’t involved in this?

    1. Oops, forgot to add, for those interested, show notes and links related to the above show with independent journalist, Stephanie Sledge, on the Giffords shooting are posted here:

      (interestingly, these guys are saying that a few days before the shooting, Grey’s Anatomy aired an episode called “Disarm,” which had a shooter named “Jared” and a character named “Arizona”)

      I actually just found this Hoax Busters show and if you go through their archives, it looks like they do some interesting work.

      1. I did and this Video is worth watching, titled “I witnessed the Giffords shooting ”

        How he describes the Man who took Jared down is nothing like Wikipedia’s version.

        He says Obama was to speak in AZ that week and had choose to stay in a Hospital of a Hotel and that Entire hospital was shut down for Obama. I couldn’t find anything about that.

        He never states if Gifford was admitted into that same hospital. That would be big news. She went to the University of Arizona Medical Center before the Houston “suspended Animation” act.

        He talks about FF’s, staged events and claims He visited the Lunar Module exhibit in D.C. and there is a model of a Star Trek prop right next it that is identical. I couldn’t find that either.

        So I don’t know if this guys for real or not.

      2. Thanks for the link amanda. From the interview it was obvious she is a serious researcher. Which is refreshing as there is so much spurious speculation and invalid conclusions online, especially YouTube. Her book AppleZebra11 is now on my to buy list.

        Another reported multiple shooters becomes one, 28 year veteran firefighter refuses to go to scene due to ‘political bantering’ and then quits 2 days later, alleged shooters lawyer Judy Clark list of other clients; Theodore Kaczynski, Zacarias Moussaoui, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. 9yo girl killed birthday was 9/11/01, happened in front of a ‘Safeway’ store, Judge killed in 1994 said Brady Law violated 10th amendment, as mentioned the predictive programming on Grey’s Anatomy, Gabrielle Gifford’s father a Jew.

        This one’s got it all, classic False Flag event.

  5. As for Benghazi, seductress Paula Broadwell spoke publicly on October 26, 2012 about events surrounding the Benghazi attack that appeared to go beyond what was in the public record at the time. Broadwell was speaking at the University of Denver and responded to questions about the attack on the U.S. Consulate that led to the death of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

    “Now I don’t know if a lot of you heard this, but the CIA annex had actually — had taken a couple of Libyan militia members prisoner and they think that the attack on the consulate was an effort to try to get these prisoners back. So that’s still being vetted,” she said. Broadwell continued, “The challenging thing for General Petraeus is that in his new position he is not allowed to communicate with the press,” she told the audience. “So he’s known all of this, they had correspondence with the CIA station chief in Libya. Within 24 hours they kind of knew what was happening.”

    Right from Broadwell’s lips. Oh, I also heard she told Petraeus she’d be much more flexible after the election……

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