James Jeffrey Bradstreet, whose body was found floating in a North Carolina river on June 19, had successfully treated over 1,700 autistic children with GcMAF. On June 16 the FDA obtained a search and seizure order targeting his Buford Georgia medical clinic.

Over the past several weeks no less than seven established doctors have either been killed or died under unusual circumstances (e.g. here and here). What do these physicians have in common and what remedies are they researching or advocating? Do any of their proposed treatments pose a threat to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical cartel? If so, would government agencies and/or private contractors be commissioned to harass and perhaps even assassinate such individuals?

The answer may lie in an understanding of nagalase, a protein made by cancer cells and viruses. Nagalase is a primary cause of immunodeficiency given its ability to block the body’s production of GcMAF, otherwise known as “Vitamin D binding microphage activating factor,” a naturally-produced immune regulating compound that aids in fighting what are traditionally considered terminal diseases. Some researchers suggest that nagalase is one of many toxic components found in the immunizations commonly administered to children, including the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine.

Some independently-minded medical practitioners are beginning to acknowledge not only the nagalase-vaccination link, but also that GcMAF possesses great potential for the treatment of cancer and a variety of other illnesses, including autism, inflammation, and viral and bacterial disease.

The most prominent of the seven doctors who’ve been murdered or died under suspicious circumstances is James Jeffrey Bradstreet. As the contents of his blog suggest, Dr. Bradstreet has conducted extensive research into the causes of autism. His body was found on June 19 floating in a North Carolina river with a gunshot wound to his chest. Perhaps uncoincidentally, Bradstreet was a strong advocate of GcMAF and had treated over 2,000 autistic children with the substance; 85% exhibited marked improvement under his care.

Dr. Bradstreet’s private practice in Buford, Georgia centered on “treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, PPD, and related neurological and developmental disorders.” Bradstreet has also provided expert testimony in federal court for families of the vaccine-injured and was founder and president of the International Child Development Resource Center, which once employed autism expert Dr. Andrew Wakefield as its research director.

Of course, GcMAF is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for any disease. Just three days before Bradstreet’s body was recovered, FDA agents had obtained a court order targeting Bradstreet’s Buford Georgia medical clinic. The document granted the government the right to seize

All Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) GC Globulin, and/or any other products or component substances thereof that constitute misbranded drugs under the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

Even in death Bradsteet and his GcMAF-related work continue to pose a threat to the medical-pharmaceutical-regulatory complex, as evidenced in their flak-generating public relations arms, “Quackwatch” and “Science Based Medicine,” each of which have published vicious broadsides on the deceased physician.

Big pharma, which for decades has exerted vigorous control over the regulatory process while presiding over literally millions of deaths via its products, will stop at nothing to hamper medical scientific progress and protect its bottom line. Perhaps this zealous quest for profits and control now even includes outright murder of alternative practitioners.

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51 thought on “Is the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Regulatory Cartel Assassinating Physicians?”
  1. If these had been ordinary doctors and not naturopaths or at least some form of “alternative” doctors, I would speculate that the practice of Yi Nao (which Wikipedia fails to mention also involves the killing of medical staff, if medicine kills one of their family) had migrated from China to the USA. But this series of deaths certainly smacks of conspiracy.

    Violence against doctors in China – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “The phenomenon of Yi Nao (Chinese: 医闹; literally: “healthcare disturbance”) has been identified as a contributing factor in violence against medical personnel. Yi Nao is the organised disturbance of hospitals or medical staff, usually to obtain compensation for actual or perceived medical malpractice.”

    The Chinese feel that if they are harmed by the doctors or medical staff, then it is their right to harm them back. I’m not opposed to that philosophy.

  2. Totalitarian medicine: Medical boards threaten to destroy careers of doctors who question Big Pharma propaganda –

    ” …the AMA operates much like the mafia, backed by an extensive network of crony allies in the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries. AMA member doctors are notorious for accepting payouts from drug reps to push the latest pills and jabs on patients, even when safer, more natural, alternatives are widely available.”

    1. Not being a doctor (according to MarkTruther, I’m a cop!), I look at the progression of a disease like HIV/AIDS. Remember when it was a death sentence? Then there was the AZT fiasco (ot was there? Experts don’t all agree). But now, you hardly hear about anyone with HIV dying from it. Magic Johnson’s still alive and kicking by all appearances. The handful of people I know who have it are as fine as those I know with Hep C (though my grandmother died from complications)…by which I mean you’d never know there’s anything wrong. The ones who have fared the worst seem to be those who were subjected to the most aggressive treatments.

      The FDA seems to get it coming and going: if they approve a promising treatment, only to have it kill people down the road, there’s an outcry. If they withhold approval, there’s an outcry. But there certainly does seem to be a kind of benefit of the doubt for vaccines, doesn’t there?

      Makes you wonder…

      1. The game is to keep people alive (read: spending money on drugs) for as long as possible.

        There is little official interest in people actually staying healthy, especially at a fraction of the cost. Just keep them alive as long as some intentity is willing to foot the bill for their treatment.

        I’m not of the opinion that all medications are inherently evil. There are probably cases where they are the best known option for keeping someone above ground. However, the establishment has little interest in promoting alternatives that are much less expensive, and may produce healing instead of simply treatment.

        It’s the largest internal economic problem in the U.S. How sad as a society that instead of working to solve it, we keep throwing more dirty money at it.

  3. Big pharma is near the heart of the evil beast, Google assisting to hide many deaths it causes: As an EU legal consultant explained to me, big USA pharma puts big money into US politics & has unlimited US judge bribery privileges as a result (with judges fearing murder if they don’t co-operate, like US Federal Judge John Roll shot dead in 2011 after ruling against Obama, a key media-obscured US political killing).

    A major use of US judge bribery co-ordinated with political donations to buy non-prosecution, is to buy secret ‘court orders’ to the US-based, CIA-seeded Google internet search engine monopoly, to ‘erase’ crimes of companies / people paying the bribes … then co-ordinated with fake ‘facts’ on the CIA’s Wikipedia fronted by ex-pornographer Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales, now key global dis-info forum on CIA-targeted hot topics.

    So big pharma can erase data, stories & complaints of people regarding deaths from pharmaceuticals, & kill people around the world with drugs they are selling, thanks to Google’s search monopoly serving the US deep state bribery nexus: Millions in political donations, big-name law firms, bribed & intimidated judges, & CIA-Google with CIA-Wikimedia helping to extinguish key truths for big US bribe-payers.

  4. I consider this one the absolute most important posts ever on MHB, but any regular reader wouldn’t be surprised. Big Pharma has knocked out the only opposition bill to Murphy’s. Representative Barber of Arizona lost in a close election and his bill left the House with him; the list of top donors doesn’t seem to include an obvious Big Pharma company but I suspect some of the PAC’s are arms of them. Nancy Pelosi had co-sponsored Murphy’s bill, but her office states they have ‘no position’ on it now. From the micro to macro level, they reign supreme. The more exposes on them and their various mafia tactics the better.

    1. Here’s one of the gateways to population control methods. Too many people? Just kill ’em, that’s all.
      I expect there to be a major war between typical MD’s and Naturopathic physicians very soon. Of course, “Homeland Security” will kibosh that altercation in a hurry.
      Having dug deeply into alternate methods to understand better my comorbidities, I can tell you I’ve gotten mighty suspicious of standard medicine and their allopathic insanities. These are dangerous people and you’ve got to do your own research if you want to help save your life. We live in dangerous times. I’m surprised Jon Rappaport has not been threatened yet. Or, perhaps he has…..I see many examples of flagrant denigrations of alternate medicine doctors, they are so blatant and obvious once you train yourself to watch out for propagandistic medical tomfoolery.

      California’s projected adoption of a law forbidding refusal of vaccinations is incredibly totalitarian and repulsive, I think all hell will break loose as we approach the next presidential election.

      1. I had serious argument with Greenberg clinics here in Orlando. I told them I wasn’t getting back under the cone beam xray machine. I made the mistake of being under it once. I told them I would walk out first. The idiot dentist said well you have lived a good long life. We are talking a satanist here.

        The cone beam is something knew, there is a round piece of plastic that circulates around your head and xrays the entire skull brain and all. They are now saying you get 10,000 times the rads of a normal xray.

        Right now years later the right side of my thyroid is swelling.

    1. Tammie, thanks for the video. As the father of an autistic girl (now 42), he does an excellent job of stating just how confusing this issue is. We need more doctors of his caliber on this issue. It is very sad that he won’t be adding his obvious talents to the search.

      Most of us here already know what sort of evil we’re up against. These corporations and the banksters that feed them are now in charge. We’re seeing the results. Corporatism is fascism, pure and simple.

      I believe they are up to seven doctors recently who died under mysterious circumstances. That’s quite an object lesson.

  5. It shows that they will use Hard Kill tactics to maintain their soft-kill enterprise. I have been contacted regarding a post I did on the death of Dr. Michael J, Rosenberg December 2014. He was Founder of Health Decisions Raleigh Durham based clinical trial company that coincided with eBola, Womens contraceptives and a long resume to include Chief, Reproductive Health Activity, at Centers for Disease Control. It was a suspicious event like the MH-17 and 370 events that also had doctors and people involved in high profile Health and vaccine trials.

    I was told that ex-Blackwater Xe Academi mercenaries were actively running assassination services globally for corporate giants. From what we know about the TPP now it is Corptocracy running all governments now. To be under the impression or Bush were deciders is just plain naive.

    I live thirty minutes from Dr. B and a few hours from Research Triangle Park in NC. Blackwater services may have an office right there under some benign identity.

  6. Just a heads up that I’m noticing what might be an attempt to try out a counter-narrative … a poster on a very popular message board keeps posting that these doctors were all operating under assumed names / new identities after having been run out of town for medical malpractice and fraud. This poster insinuates that perhaps these doctors are victims of revenge killings by people who had been hurt or scammed by the doctors.

    The poster repeating this theory provides no evidence, however in the usual fashion the claim is made by someone who ‘was there” and “recognizes their faces but forgets their previous names.”

    In my view there are many problems with that version of events, however I wanted to point it out here so that people can be on the lookout for it.

    1. I usually lump organized medicine, organized religion, organized labor, and organized crime together. The Mafia gets points for having the best restaurants.

      “But today in the United States, and this shows you where fascism REALLY exists, ANY doctor in the United States who cures cancer using alternative methods will be destroyed. You cannot name me one doctor doing well with cancer using alternative therapies that is not under attack. And I KNOW these people, I’ve interviewed them.”

      Gary Null, Ph.D., PhD

  7. I also highly suggest reading “The Cancer Industry” by Ralph Moss, Sloan-Kettering whistle-blower. Great read that will radically change people’s views on mainstream cancer “treatment.”

    1. Reading this article and the comments confirm why people are reluctant to speak out. If you voice concerns or an opinion that do not meet official approval about controversial subjects, you are most definitely a loony.

      “The real meaning of the word paranoia is— a man or person who has the ability to link events that seemingly are not connected.”—John Coleman [Video] Committee of 300

      1. Yes Anne they are coincidence theorists, not conspiracy theorists!

        “The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal.

        “Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.

        They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness.

        These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

      2. “If you voice concerns or an opinion that do not meet official approval about controversial subjects, you are most definitely a loony.”

        Yes. Especially as a college professor. Paid to teach students to think critically.

        It’s a thin line, my friend.

    1. Comrade I was just going to mention the nerve gas chemical connection. I have a friend in South Carolina who is now dying, half his pancreas cut out and then chemo therapy. only 4% live 4 years after that according to researchers.

      1. I think life is as precious to me as it is to the next guy, but I am just not that afraid to die (though I don’t relish the dying part). Is the fear of dying why people subject themselves to these poisonous…and literally sickening…”treatments”? For a 4% chance of living a few months extra in agony? I’d so much rather spend whatever good time I have left with family (rather than in a medical facility), and then in my own bed. I sort of figure that, should God want me to remain alive, He’ll make that happen.

        I’ve heard horror stories of people who make it though some hideous chemo, only to be mashed flat by a bus six months later.

        I can see if someone has young children to care for, but once they’re grown… Life has a 100% mortality rate, at best. Who’s to say what comes next isn’t much better?

  8. Just was reading investigative journalist Jim Marrs latest book and information pertinent to this discussion. Chemotherapy does more damage to healthy cells than cancerous ones, and fails 97% of the time. This is based on well-done studies, and not someone’s conspiracy theory.

    The main difference between normal cells and cancerous ones is that the normal ones crave oxygen for metabolic purposes, and abnormal cells utilize sugar via fermentation. Starve cancer of sugar and you will go much further in defeating the disease than via chemo. The normal air concentration humans need to live is 22% oxygen. Polluted cities have O2 air contents of 18% or less. Cancer rates are higher in such areas. We have been shammed and duped by multi-billion dollar healthcare and drug companies.

    As an aside, once the Fukushima radiation begins to sicken people here in the U.S., their profits will move even higher. It is here and in our water cycle being dispersed all over the country.

  9. The politicians and CEOs are too ignorant to stop the silencing of effective alternative medicine doctors. Case in point, Biden’s son went to Texas and received treatment from a doctor who had nothing to offer him, and yet if he had gone to another doctor in the same state who is the world’s expert in brain tumors, whose treatments cause no harm, he might have pulled through. Similarly, Steve Jobs with all his research capability wound up with the wrong doctor. He should have gone to Dr. Gonzalez who specialized in pancreatic. Linda McCartney died at Sloan Kettering, another victim of the lack of knowledge about where to go. Establishment people and those with authority are ending their own lives and those of their families prematurely by discarding alternative medicine doctors.

  10. Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

    What is amazing is how many different types of cancer cures there are. Pharmaceuticals and the Health Industry are huge business, and they don’t make any money from Healthy people. If you can’t accept the darker side of what is going on, at the very least understand that ‘profit’ is plenty of evil in and of itself.

    Yes alternative Doctors are being disappeared/murdered/suicided. They are a direct threat to the medical establishment. This follows the same pattern of the now long running elimination of Microbiologists.

    The veil of darkness is falling upon the land.

  11. Dear James,

    very important article that goes way beyond the current topic. I have just republished it on my website with a scientific explanation of the medical background. I have been working for 30 years in clinical research as medical director in the pharmaceutical industry and at the end as the owner of a private institute for clinical research on behalf of big pharmaceutical companies in Munich, Germany and have elucidated very well the whole background, which leads to a global genocide of humanity by the criminal FDA-Pharma-cartel in order to depopulate this planet and establish more easily the NWO.

    Dr. med. Georgi Stankov

  12. James,

    “Some researchers suggest that nagalese is one of many toxic components found in the immunizations commonly administered to children,”

    I have only spent a couple hours or so looking into this issue however, I believe you may be off a bit in this interpretation of the situation, however, my cursory reading of the literature would suggest a finding as disruptive or more so than vaccines with nagalase.

    Please bear with me, nagalase is posited to be per Dr. Yamamoto and others a previously uncharacterized virulence factor (an enzyme released by a pathogen to increase its lethality) common to cancers and many viruses, including HIV. Nagalase’ effects on GcMAF, and subsequent immune dysregulation, may apparently be bypassed by subcutaneous injection of GcMAF. So first off if the findings bear out, you have a treatment that might cure a lot of cancers, perhaps cure HIV and prevent a lot of mortality and morbidity from other viruses. Oh and apparently it is not patentable so there is no money in it, that right there is very, very, very disruptive.

    Now if nagalse were simply placed in a vaccine, the body would clear it in a matter of days to weeks, just as one clears the body of other viral proteins upon recovery from viral illness. Dr. Bradstreet was apparently finding persistently high levels of nagalse enzyme in many to most cases of autism, and many cases of autism were improved or cured by bypassing the naglase enzyme’s effects. Again an inexpensive cure for autism is financially disruptive but one also needs to think further for a moment. Why would autistic children have persistently high levels of nagalse, a virulence factor associated with viruses or cancers? Well perhaps they have been exposed to some form of virus (or cancer related virus or other cancer causing toxin).

    Last step, nagalase is a biomarker then for a form of immune dysregulation seen when the body is fighting cancer or viruses. If it became adopted as a screening tool what would happen if there was seen to be no nagalase present in a child pre vaccination and persistently high levels of nagalse post vaccination and the child develops autism? One would say there was some exposure to a virus cancer or toxin from the vaccine that led to immune problems. Put simply, and yes it is all very speculative at this point, the hypothesis would be that there isn’t nagalase in the vaccine, there is a virus which chronically infects the child (leads to autism) and nagalase is a marker for the infection. At the absolute minimum there would be a marker for the onset of immune problems temporally consistent with vaccination and correlated with subsequent autism development. If this sort of data came out the pharmaceutical industry and government would be forced to acknowledge that they had directly caused hundreds of thousands of cases of autism, either through poor quality control processes or something else, with their injections. It would destroy the vaccine industry, the pharmaceutical industry and perhaps even threaten the government. I suspect even the possibility that the science is valid would be considered an enormous threat and some types of people might consider it more profitable that people continue dying of cancer, AIDS etc. then such a scenario ever come to light.

  13. Totally sobering material!! It explains a lot of the raw HATE I’ve seen by some people in the medical field and also the high rate of physician -caused deaths. I speak as a holistically minded person. One further caution: beware of California medical services, I’ve been in a hospital where the goal was to kill me for $$$ they thought I had.

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