Michael Cravey

On the morning of March 3, 2014 Michael Cravey, a 28-year-old internet conspiracy researcher who worked under the pseudonym Thomas Brinkley, allegedly attacked a couple on the University of Florida campus. “Oh my God, he’s going to get me,” a woman whispered to a 911 dispatcher, before repeating it louder. “Oh my God, he’s going to get me.”

The woman claimed Cravey was laughing as he assailed her spouse, stabbing him in the neck with a knife. Cravey then led police on a high speed car chase that police eventually called off. Three hours later in a department store parking lot Cravey died in a hail of police gunfire after charging an officer with a hatchet. The press suggested that Cravey “espouse[d] conspiracy theories involving Aurora, Colo., mass shooting suspect James Holmes.” And tragically his preoccupations manifested in a spasm of crazed violence.

Yet there are numerous unanswered questions to the scenario purported as fact by U of Florida and Gainesville police officers. For example, the mild-mannered Cravey had extensively researched the July 2012 Aurora theatre shooting and he believed that he had broken that case. In the weeks leading up to March 3 Cravey claims he was being surveilled. Unknown parties had broken into his social media accounts. The iPhone Cravey used incessantly disappeared from the crime scene. Further, Cravey’s younger brother, Nicholas Cravey, actually works as a videographer for the Gainesville Police Department.

On this week’s episode of Real Politik Peter Klein of Tyranny News Network joins James to discuss the Cravey affair, his extensive examination of the case, and his relationship with Cravey.

Klein is a web consultant, independent researcher and producer of the landmark documentary, We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook, released in 2014. He has also produced videos probing the Cravey case and its varied mysterious dimensions.


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37 thought on “The Death of Michael Cravey: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information”
  1. Fascinating case. I began looking at TB’s videos, an had done a recent study on/ actor’s, on f/b, to my chagrin, an TB has inflections like this actor, an this particular actor taught acting, an is 13 yrs older.. I don’t know. I find it strange.

  2. You guys mentioned that Cravey believed that he was under surveillance. Although rambling in his videos, the title of 2 of his videos are “Truman Show”. The Truman Show Delusional Disorder, named after the film, was created by psychiatrists at McGill University, a former hotbed for MKULTRA, with Dr. Ewan Cameron on board.

    Cravey’s paranoia, tangential thought patterns, and erratic behavior, could have been the result of being subjected to the gang stalking Program which is COINTELPRO on steroids.

    1. I have another one, under “moderation”, …. do you do that every time? But one could argue “erratic speech” exists in almost everyone.. nowadays. I just watched that long one with his inflections exactly like that of an acting teacher I studied, an this actor revealed very unethical behavior, in my calculation.. Alluding to people being “crazy” is not healthy for anyone. I’m a sociologist. This population hardly requires electronic stalking, for example, what is the twitter craze, Pavlov’s dog experiments. People oblige in doing their own “stalking”. What better job for actors that the stuff that’s been going on lately? There are on the “inside” after all.

      1. Sorry. I didn’t reread it. Never posted before. My one under moderation, stated the actor would actually be almost 20 yrs older, diminishing the probability that it’s a coincidence [unless a fan].

  3. Michael Cravey? Same pattern as “journalist” Michael Hastings freaking out b/c FBI was quizzing his friends.

    MSM kept announcing “Hastings is writing investigative reports on CIA Director John Brennan.” Then, MSM takes a sudden interest in panicked emails Hastings is sending to friends, like “I’ve gotta go OFF THE GRID. FBI is after me!” 12 hours later, Hastings in driving in LA around 4AM when his Mercedes “explodes,” killing him.

    Translation = Hastings “car bomb” was a PSYOP to discourage other journalists from writing articles about CIA operations. Hastings isn’t dead. Hastings “Car Bomb” was another PSYOP.

    LESSON = Don’t write articles about CIA.

    (AUDIO) Details Here:

    Hastings “death” PSYOP was modeled after the Alexander Litvinenko “radioactive Polonium in his afternoon tea” killing (another PSYOP).

    MSM trumpeted how Litvinenko criticized Putin – then got poisoned to death.
    LESSON = Don’t write articles criticizing Putin.

    These are stunts to scare journalists away from publishing articles about CIA (and leaders such as Putin).

    See AUDIO (link above) for details on this.

    1. Kellan, Thank you for mentioning Michael Hastings.

      If you live around Los Angeles you know how weird the whole, horrible thing was. I drove over to see his car after the wreck, it was just so unbelievable.

      Jeremy Scahill, of Democracy Now! fame, swore to investigate and let everyone know.

      Well, we just passed the two year anniversary of Michael Hastings’ death, and nil/nada/nothing from Scahill.

        1. It’s just the”Beep” and message..No real conversation to ease drop on.

          I thought I was going to listen to their conversation..

  4. maybe the whole thing is bollocks?

    I haven’t yet watched the video… but… how much HARD evidence do we have the this bloke actually got waxed? Existed?

  5. Just listened to the interview, and Michael Cravey’s story is anguishing.

    Makes me wish that Wes Clark’s “Camps for Radicals” were all we had to worry about.

  6. I think most people have partitioned their human hard drive to file away things like boston marathon bombing, Sandy Hook, Charleston and the Batman Movie shooting in the “too unpleasant to give much thought to” bin. That’s why sound bite news service is so effective in establishing these scams in the collective public mind’s eye. So effective that one man had a nearly violent reaction when I told him Sandy Hook never happened. It was like I insulted his religion. Only 4% of us really want to get the bottom of things. The other 96% are too busy trying to make their lives work to spend time digging for the truth buried under 99 lies. We are a special breed of human being and the rest of them will never understand why we take shovels to beautifully framed masterpieces of bullshit like Sandy Hook and the Batman Shooting. I don’t know much about the Batman shooting, but I do know this. This court case sending Mr. Holmes to death row will never shed light on what really happened in Aurora. I don’t believe any “official” stories since I woke up to 911. Once you cross the Rubicon to 911 truth, all bets are off. It’s like a primer; a gate way drug red pill to accepting how gargantuan the lies have gotten. Without 911 truth, accepting the moon landings as fake is much more difficult. But once you put the lies of the moon landings and 911 together, nothing the government or the news tells you can ever be taken on face value again, except the sports scores.

  7. The Sandy Bland homicide is quite different from the other recent murders of Black people committed by the police. They were usually killed on the street before they were arrested. The exception is the guy arrested for no reason and battered to death in a ‘nickel ride’ in van, where 6 cops are currently being tried for various charges.

    In Sancy’s case, a cop car on the other side of the street made a U-turn and came speeding at Sandy’s car. She went to the side of the road to get out of the way, and was given a ticket for allegedly not using her turn signal. The cop was obviously hostile previous to the stop, making illegal demands and finally brutalizing her with another cop, slamming her to the ground with both cops on top.

    But she wasn’t killed. She was arrested and charged with violence against the police in the usual way, and imprisoned. The problem was that she was an activist against police brutality, and she would no doubt sue the police, with evidence of how she was illegally manhandled. Since it was a racist department, like so many, and the police chief had a long record of racist brutality, this would be revealed in the court case of the suit.

    So I would guess that she was assassinated to prevent the law suit. It is not the money involved that was the main issue, but the other crimes conducted by the department that would come out to ruin the careers of the chief and others. The racist violence of a department is supported by the groupthink loyalty of the basically White department, but in a trial, where they swear under oath and perjury penalty, it would be unlikely to cover up all the crimes committed by all the police.

    So the solution was to kill her and hope that the prosecutor and judges would cover for the police and themselves, since they were no doubt also involved in the racist crimes.

    1. So, Folk, are you saying that the cops killed her in custody rather than lie in court under oath? Isn’t the court system racist too? Are you suggesting that they are more afraid of one live activist than they are a dead one? I thought I saw that the assisting officer was a black female…was she being racist, too?

      I didn’t know Sandra Bland was an activist in any way. I was under the impression she was unemployed or newly-employed. Be that as it may, what struck me was how poorly the officer handled this situation. There was no need for it to have elevated like it did. The officer DID ask her why she was irritated, and she told him. All he had to do was acknowledge her inconvenience and send her on her way…and instead, now she’s dead.

      I mentioned this before but I think it bears repeating: during the arrest, Ms. Bland said she suffered from epilepsy. It is entirely possible that she was being treated for her condition with a medication like clonozapam, which, if abruptly discontinued, can have dire consequences. I’ve known women who have risked smuggling it into incarceration to avoid such a withdrawal. This scenario makes more sense than the one you posit, but it lacks the “sexiness” of the racism angle. Maybe it can still be worked in.

        1. Recynd, folktruther’s always sniffing around, trying to snitch-jacket somebody as law enforcement.

          It’s a truism that people who call snitch-jacket on others are most likely to be the snitch themselves.

    2. What I find curious is that the polizai seemed indifferent to the fact that he knows he is being filmed. It seemed like a strange television show. As it unfolded, she was quite clear about the trouble he was creating for himself. Yet they released it. After she ceased to be a living person.

      I say, the whole thing is very fishy.

      1. It’s not fishy considering that these cops have the dashcam running the entire shift. In order to not be indifferent they would have to act more civilly with every encounter. Some localities have audio rigged to the police gear. This creates a constant record of all civilian contact. The fact that this self-surveillance is constant marginalizes the Hawthorne effect (observer effect).

      2. For what it is worth, the cop’s name may be Hispanic. So this is not the classic redneck scenario. The description of the arrest itself indeed makes her seem targeted. Then the autopsy report seems to state that even entering the jail cell, she has admitted to being a suicide risk. It stated that she was not under continuous surveillance in the cell.

        I wonder why someone winds up in a jail cell for three days for what is basically a nothing offense. She is treated as always the offender at each stage along the brutal way she is more or less dragged. Then, presto, she kills herself.

        Whatever this story really is, those who would defend the actions of the police here are far gone in the acceptance of a brutal system. Is this the system that was operating when a young black job seeker was arrested? In this society, today, it is hard to separate real stories from constructions with some policy goal in mind. One is forced to turn aside from the facts of one particular case in order to discern whether there is a policy shift on the horizon which would not otherwise be introduced or accepted.

        1. I agree, Musings, that Bland seems to have been targeted from the beginning. Any idea of how or why this could happen?

    3. The next day, July 14, an 18 year Black woman was found hanging in her cell in Birmingham. She was hanged by a bedsheet in a holding cell. There are no bedsheets in the holding cells in this jail. District Attorney shed was “agitated” and creating damage in the cell. He has already ruled that it was a homicide.

    1. PeaceFrog, any idea of the implications of her mug shot being edited? Why would they do it? I know we are speculating here, but any guesses as to the relevance of the possibly shopphotoed picture. Why not use the original mug shot?

      1. Hubris. These bureaucrats feel elevated from the heard. They can do what they want without consequences. Most of these events have been carried out with little care about concealing the details. Not only is the MSM complicit, but, any serious attempts to inquire are labeled a conspiracy theory. The situation is obscene. Look at the dancing Israeli’s on 911, and the truthers are ridiculed and mocked. After the JFK assassination, just a couple of years after Eisenhower’s farewell address, this country became a de facto police state. The Warren Commission’s cover-up was the end of democracy in America.

  8. Interesting show. I have to admit I’m still confused on what actually happened at Aurora. I never believed the official story, but I’m still not clear on whether it was a real event (with real victims) or if there were some crisis actors involved. Sad to hear about what happened to
    Michael Cravey. I just listened to his video entitled “James Holmes based on me, and I blew the Aurora op ‘To Steve Pieczenik'” and he seemed really dedicated to truth-telling and getting to the bottom of these psy-ops.

    Also, off-topic, I just watched this video by Peter Klein, which was very interesting “The Tate Murders – The Monsters Dupe Us Again” Apparently, it’s based on some of the research here, which I haven’t had time to go through.

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