There has been an almost complete media blackout of the Jade Helm military exercises in US corporate news media. Exceptions have involved brief but intense disparagement of alternative media outlets and “right wing” citizen groups concerned over the fact that the US military is embarking on Special Operations reconnaissance on US soil and merging operations with federal and local law enforcement–ominous signs of imminent martial law. Tellingly reportage of Jade Helm’s debut is being presented in non-US media outlets.-JFT 

The controversial military drill spanning seven states known as Jade Helm 15 has officially begun, but with no media allowed to cover the exercises, people have taken to Twitter to speculate on and poke fun at the hysteria surrounding the war games.

Expected to feature more than 1,200 troops from all US military branches, including some 200 Special Operations forces, the drills are scheduled to last until September 15. Little is officially known about the drills, but analysts have suggested they may be simulating scenarios in which American troops engage Islamic State militants in the Middle East as well as other adversaries.

The multi-state operation has drawn criticism and spawned conspiracy theories, however, ever since a map showcasing Texas and Utah as “hostile” territories. While declaring various lands “hostile” and “friendly” may be normal for a simulated war game, the map nevertheless triggered speculation in Texas that martial law might be just around the corner.

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71 thought on “Jade Helm Begins Without Media Access”
  1. I hope they are out there trying to find all those nuclear pits from the 350 Davey Crocket nuke rifles. Or maybe those pallets of $100 bills that disappeared over in Iraq not so long ago.

    1. Government plots are so mediocre including this scenario. They need a hero to emerge – a high powered one like the Phantom with his dog Devil and horse, Hero to find the above mentioned pallets and rifles.
      A few months ago the terror squad surrounded the luxury NoMad hotel on East 27th St in NYC. The squad served no purpose unless those that went in the bar needed protection. I asked them how much this exercise cost? They didn’t know but said it’s employment for them. Unfortunately, that’s all that’s important to the authorities, bolstering their low esteem and adding to their bank accounts.

      1. Indeed yes, you’d think with all the practice they’d get better at it. It’s an odd profession, creating chaos. There truly is something surreal about having to pay for this.

        Most muggers just boost your wallet, they don’t make you write checks. If you think about it, here are somebody else’s employees and we pay them. They certainly don’t work for us.

  2. I was visiting Savannah, TN yesterday and saw several Army choppers flying overhead. I have never seen army choppers in this town before. Friends tell me they have never seen it and they have lived there 9 years. No boots on the ground as far as I saw.

    Not sure of its significance.

    1. I don’t know about Savannah. It’s normal around Clarksville or Hopkinsville, Ky. There’s an Army base there.

      I’m of the opinion that they are telling us exactly what they want us to think. It is important to plant the idea of martial law. It is also important to establish federal supremacy over the states.

      I actually don’t know under what authority they are doing this. I suppose they are just doing it to see if anybody tries to stop them.

  3. BMan, omg, you’re in Tennessee – are you watching this?!?!

    Breaking news:
    Possible shooting at Chattanooga Recruiting Center

    CNN headline
    ‘Horrific incident’ in Chattanooga
    Officer is down in connection with shooting, mayor says

    MSM headline
    Shootings at multiple places near Tennessee college, officer hit

    Fox News headline
    Shooting reported at Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga; hunt for gunman

    Here we go again…

    1. Oh, you all will be relieved to know that the “gunman is dead.”

      At first the Navy denied that the shooting occurred at a Navy Recruitment Center, but have since retracted that and confirmed that, yes, it turns out it was a Navy facility. Glad they got that straight.

      The news are all only showing still photographs, not video. They get in trouble with official storylines when there’s video.

    2. Pure BS. Controlled Environment(s) for their little Games.

      The place is full of military men, you need a “key card” to get in just for starters.

      Who is crazy enough to try and shoot up a Military Base? No One.

      The are ALL Gun Free Zones too….ridiculous.

      1. Ric, I know, right? Why do so many of these incidents conveniently take place at military installations?

        The Chattanooga “shooter” shot up one military center and then left to continue the carnage at a second crime scene, which happened to be another military facility.

        The news orgs want to be “careful” about what they report because “rumors are flying,” don’t you know.

      2. Ric, of course. Nonetheless, the propagandists are breathless with horror. Drills and B.S.. No shortages of that commodity. No wonder there are so many telemarketers. Anyone buying this crap no doubt needs a triple layer of vinyl siding.

        To borrow a line from Don Henley, people watch the MSM “like cows watch a passing train”. The phenomenon needs a whole new term.

        1. I think most of us have stopped listening. Maybe that’s the plan. For those who ARE still listening, though, and are yet asleep, the trauma of it all is nearly unbearable…all the better to create passivity, if not outright paralysis.

          Are we still suppose to be afraid of Ebola? Just wondering…

        2. No, Ebola was so “last week”. This week they have a NEW reality. Somewhere between the gay ‘marriage’, transgender acceptance, and the latest demand for paedophilia to be recognized as an “orientation”, we have more shootings, looming economic collapse, sabre rattling, and thug practice.

          Just think, if you’d gotten sick with Ebola you would have missed all that. Oh, I forgot the racism that isn’t. It’s only “racist” if you’re white.

          Mass manipulation. Every evening they tell their audience what the “controversy” of the day is and they dutifully react. Gibberish in a world of lies.

  4. The NWO is advancing on all fronts, as the newsfeed on here informs us: http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/psych-major-judge-overrides-doctors-on-dsouza/

    What’s particularly disturbing about the ‘for your own (internal) good’ part of their campaign is how tepid the response to it is. White men really don’t get it, and I’ve come to realize they never will. First, D’Souza’s psychiatrist(s) were I think chosen by him which allowed him as one of the rich and powerful to exert some influence over the ‘diagnosis.’ That there wasn’t any is also a testament to how scared the psychiatrists are of being exposed to the middle class. They railroad those they see as powerless politically as the system allows them free reign with no guaranteed rights to transparency or any due process for the pathologiized, at least in my state anyway. I’ve done research that reveals that mine, one of the Big Pharma states, is already Stalinized while most others retain at least some constitutional adherence, which explains at least some of the denial still afflicting the otherwise skeptical. D’Souza’s case mirrors Susan Lindauer’s, in that even the psychiatrsts backed down when the threat of exposure was imminent. But the State refuses to, asserting an entitlement even the munchausen by proxy sufferers aka psychiatraists lack. Nothing scares them, and their hubris will only grow bolder with the passage of Murphy’s bill, which will totally invalidate anyone’s input but the State’s. Its authors fail to grasp the true goal of the legislation (which is to eviscerate the Constitution), but it’s a step in the necessary direction. Please consider signing:https://www.change.org/p/u-s-house-of-representatives-vote-against-the-helping-families-in-mental-health-crisis-act-h-r-2646?recruiter=221949&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=fb_send_dialog&sharecordion_display=highlight_active_card

    1. I’ve meant to clarify something that relates to Jade Helm and Big Pharma. The goal of Murphy’s bill is to be able to intern the growing number of dispossessed and displaced (check out Greece’s situation), and to simultaneously disarm both them and everyone else. Dissident probably aren’t the main or most numerous targets, as once the defiant poor and Second Amendment types have been dispatched of via internment, chemical lobotomization and disarmament, dissidents might not even matter that much.

      During the Depression tent cities arose all over the US. There were huge settlements in public parks like Central Park, NYC and elsewhere but particularly in areas where the very rich lived. The psychological impact this had on the general populace was profound. Whatever remained of the upper middle and middle class sobered deeply, and ceased worshiping crass materialism and checking on the Joneses – as many of them were living in these tent cities. As the middle class disaffected from the pursuit of superficial status, they became less malleable for the owning class and hence, more amenable to making major changes in the economic and political system. So the poor weren’t just gathering, unemployed as they were, to protest; they were also changing opinion by their sheer existence which was constantly reminding the ‘better offs’ how grateful and content they really should be.

      To disappear the growing poor by conflating economic injustice with ‘mental illness’ is intrinsic to the oligarchs’ plot. The middle class will pay not just by the lie by omission(s) of Big Psych, but by the taxes they’ll be forced to pay to compensate the ever-growing State apparatus. It’s a cancer and we’re about to enter full blown Stage 4. It’s as if instead of the Black Plague’s odd impact of moving middle class enlightened civilization forward, the plague of pseudoscientific ‘illness’-curing is taking us back – to very dark times.

      1. The Black Plague is recognized to have had revolutionary impact on medieval Europe. First, it afflicted both the masses of peasants and the very rich, which caused the former to begin humanizing – and questioning – the latter. Second, it decimated the labor class which in the feudalistic system empowered their lobby as the amount of land was greater than the number of laborers available. Third, the Plague disproportionately killed the young and the old, thus further destabilizing society and specifically the peasant class which became radicalized. A real and uncontrollable disease ‘advanced’ civilization, while today a fake one – ‘bipolar’ – whose genuine root is practically nonexistent, not infectious and not even truly disabling – manic depression – is eroding it.

    2. Here’s what Mark Styen has to say about the D’Souza outrage(http://www.steynonline.com/7051/the-competing-merits-of-saudis-iranians). As always, he says it better than anyone:

      If I were looking at it objectively, the week after Mann filed suit I would have emptied my bank account, driven across the border and got on with my life somewhere else. But I’ve never ducked a free-speech fight, and here I will make my stand. Had I been in the situation of Dinesh D’Souza, however, I think I would definitely have scrammed. He was the target of a politically motivated prosecution and, bearing in mind that process-is-the-punishment shtick, he knew he couldn’t win, so he cut a deal. Under the appalling hacks who pass for jurists in this system, D’Souza is now discovering that, when you cut a deal with the feds, the terms have a way of subtly evolving. For example, a man called Richard M Berman, who purports to be a US district judge, has just ordered D’Souza to undergo psychological counseling.

      I should say, as I always do, that I have no use for Dinesh D’Souza. Nevertheless, he is the victim here of an abusive prosecutocracy and an out-of-control judge who disgraces his office:

      The psychiatrists D’Souza was first ordered to see found no signs of depression, but U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman overruled their findings and ordered D’Souza see a new psychological counselor weekly.

      The guy who needs psychological counseling here is Richard M Berman. It is a common tool of totalitarian societies to classify any opposition as mental illness. You don’t have to like D’Souza to be utterly revolted when a thug operator posing as a judge starts using the medicalization of dissent with the enthusiasm of any old Soviet commissar.

      D’Souza is in the horrible situation of having to weigh objecting to Berman against his urge to see family back in India and being denied freedom to travel – all for a campaign finance offense that is a barely discernible fraction next to what the Clinton Foundation, Lois Lerner’s IRS and Obama’s tax-exempt brother are pulling every hour of the day. The fact that d’Souza’s freedom to see his family is even at issue testifies to what a vile system federal “justice” is.

      1. NJ Governor Chris Christie is actually proposing ‘drug treatment courts’ for non-violent drug offenders:



        The State replaces the local drugdealer, although at least some of the neighborhood guys aren’t actual pushers. NJ is Big Pharma’s ground zero indeed. Once this becomes a judicial norm, there will be no turning back.

        James has this ominous new headline on today’s newsfeed: http://scoopfeed.net/2015/07/16/5-holistic-health-doctors-found-dead-in-4-weeks-5-more-go-missing-after-run-ins-with-feds/

  5. I believe that there are compelling reasons for the use of the terms EVENT or DRILL to describe events researched on this blog, rather than using the terms conspiracy or hoax. Here are some reasons why:

    1. Event or drill are neutral terms that do not carry the pejorative connotation of conspiracy or hoax.

    2. Conspiracy requires the belief in the “conclusion” that a group crime and cover-up has occurred. This is inherently more complex than presenting as a drill or event. The term hoax is synonymous with practical joke, joke, jest, prank, and trick, and, therefore, will turn off many readers ab intiio.

    3. The reader/audience can come to a conclusion of conspiracy without the leading/conclusory terms conspiracy or hoax being used.

    4. Crisis acting firms have web sites, and the government performs daily or weekly drills on active shootings and other terror events. This is all reported by MSM.

    5. It normally takes years and decades for a government conspiracy to be revealed and accepted by mainstream media (e.g. Operation Northwoods declassified in 1997, some 25 years after its proposal; the Unabomber being subjected to MKULTRA revealed in the appeals process of his life sentence conviction; COINTELPRO being hidden for decades until the Weather Underground stole FBI records).

    None of the above suggest that I believe that event or drill are more accurate than conspiracy or hoax. Rather, the presentation as a drill or event lends credibility to the analysis of highly charged and politicized research areas by using more academic and restrained language. The analysis can be just as potent, and that’s what counts.

    JFT, to his credit, merely proposed that Sandy Hook could have been a drill involving crisis actors.. Independent Media Solidarity was careful not to make conclusory statements in their SHES video. This seems to have paid off with excellent ratings and reviews on the IMDB page for the film.

    1. Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution the time will comee when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.

      Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence

    1. Indeed, to hear them, despite totally eviscerating the Constitution, surveilling everyone and everything, apart from the FBI fabrications they are all totally defenseless. There they sit, quivering like leaves in the wind.

      This is, of course, all aimed at those who don’t think. Before they declared their “war on Terra”, one hardly heard of incidents like this. Now that they’ve lavished our wealth on it, its everywhere.

      Maybe they think that logic will succumb to sheer volume. They don’t get any better at it. They just do more.

  6. A conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the statements of known liars. You don’t need a conspiracy when most everyone is educated to believe the same thing and consider themselves knowledgeable.

  7. The story out of Chattanooga today is that the culprit shot up a military recruitment center, then drove 7 miles to a Naval facility, where he killed 4 Marines.

    Does this ring true? After a gunman shot up a recruitment center, wouldn’t all military/law enforcement in the area be on extremely high alert?

    Doesn’t seem logical that he would catch a bunch of Marines off guard down the road, 8-10 minutes later.

    1. I remember back in the glory days when I was drafted to finish the Vietnamese, they used to keep guards at gate with guns and radios in case you know something unusual happened. I guess common sense is not part of the protocol these days.

  8. And from the notorious freak Pamela Gellar from Jihad Watch! I was guessing that shebabalulu might be behind this one.

    (Tweet image thanks to Pamela Geller.)

    ISIS tweets “Chattanooga” as gunman begins shooting there; 4 murdered

    1. Yes, Rita Katz has been sniffing around it too. All we need is the SPLC to chime in. When the going gets slimy the slimy get going.

      I love the professionally done graphics. Makes me wonder how these itinerant nomads keep the sand out of the computers.

      1. Lovely Rita lays low, but I’m sure we will hear from the Mutt at SPLC.

        Weird, he looks like a Terrier Dog and the name of his company sounds like a dog rescue.

        That’s how the Universe works if your looking……

  9. Tony in comments on the NYTimes on Jade Helm is here –

    I was involved in military exercises in the Army. We did them on Army Bases because they are DANGEROUS. Low flying aircraft, troop movements, heavy equipment, etc. At one exercise at Fort Ord we had an APC run over a Humvee, a tank throw a track and another tank go sideways down a ravine… all that happened within 300 yards of where I was sitting with a radio.

    The U.S. has plenty of military bases to do these exercises on. They don’t need to do them in civilian populations. Conspiracy? It’s unnecessary. So why are they doing it? What if someone shoots at them? What if someone is shooting at a coyote within earshot of them? What if someone wrecks their car because there’s a “cool helicopter” overhead? It’s just stupid for them to be doing this.

    And yes, if there is a revolution it will start in Texas. I’ve live here my whole life and we are heavily armed, crazy and fearless.


    1. And yes, if there is a revolution it will start in Texas. I’ve live here my whole life and we are heavily armed, crazy and fearless.

      You can get into a casual conversation with a stranger and in two minutes you’re both talking about concealed carry, the 2nd Amendment and the near-universal loathing Texans seem to have for Obama.

      It would be either incredibly smart or incredibly dumb to push Texas too far. Smart if they want to have a guarantee that an incident could light up large numbers of folks here. Stupid if they think they’re going to show America that even Texans are supine when it comes to believing in the sanctity of our Constitutionally enumerated and God given rights.

      Heavily armed, crazy and fearless? You’re damned right. They should remember the phrase “Hold my beer and watch this” started in these parts.

  10. https://dublinsmick.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/freemoment.jpg

    German Fuhrer Merkel Melts down Over Greek Bail Out

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkyU1boc8bo&w=560&h=315%5D

    Lucifer demands the project go on.

    Bribe them, they must be made slaves like the Americans

    Make their kids go without shoes

    Threaten their politicians

    How quickly can we starve them I want to see their bones sticking out

    I want their heads on poles, their women weeping

      1. I thought is was pretty good myself Derek. I wish somebody would go to the trouble to actually put Merkel’s head on this one. I can’t do gifs, only doctor up photos with gimp.




        That is Sarky by the way it looks like she is about ready to French kiss.


  11. A woman told me today the “shootings” happened in Charleston and she know cuz she used to live in SC. That happened just like this one happened!
    People just won’t wake up.

  12. Forgive the off topic, but CT State FOIA commission just killed the whole idea about freedom of Information. Outraged is too mild a word for the snakes up in CT. It’s crazy Monte Frank can show his face anywhere without being hissed at after what he did. Connecticut is rotten to the core. Never seen anything like it. Nice try Wolf. Next stop might be the NFL for their part in this sham. Maybe someone at the NFL still has a soul and will leak the travel planning for the choir. I have almost no doubt the NFL knew about this choir appearance before the fake shooting. The Super Bowl is just too big to leave anything to chance.

    1. dereklancer, thank you for helpful posting about Mr. Halbig’s last and final Ct. FOIA hearing, . even though it is off topic for this article, although not really off topic if one views all of this via the big-picture lie.

      I feel let down that Kay Wilson did not dress more professionally or appropriately for this hearing. Maybe it is considered petty or wrong for me to comment on her attire, but it just seems odd and incongruent with her previous professional demeanor.

      Bottom line. Connecticut did not uphold federal FOIA law and made a travesty or miscarriage of justice. I do not know the currect status of Wolfgang’s contemplated lawsuit, and as I vaguely understand this, his FOIA requests for documents and information were part of the discovery phase or process of that contemplated lawsuit.

      It would be great if some alternative journalists would summarize the current situation for Wolfgang Halbig’s efforts. Where is he going to go from here?

      I have become increasingly suspicious. paranoid” if you want, of every tiny aspect of alternative entities’ reporting seeking Sandy Hook truth.

      We live in a Cass Sunstein world and nothing is as it appears to be.

      1. “I feel let down that Kay Wilson dressed unprofessionally for this hearing”.

        Oh, the humanity! Do you feel let down that Kay is not a shapely nymphette with spectacular proportions? Your intentions are below reproach and you could be apprehended by the First Amendment Polizei for further adjewdication. Shame on you for such a turpitudinous statement.

        It’s a slow day in the mail room and I felt it necessary to do an extemporaneous excoriation, pardon me. You might realize by now I’m defensive regarding my home state of Connecticut aka Der Fourth Reich. I saw that FOYA live feed last week and almost lost lunch over the gall of that so-called committee of “commissioners”. Monte Frank aka Mountebank J. Hot Dog summoned his best Clarence Darrow impersonation to date and showed his total control over the commissioners who were rife with conditioned agreement at Monte’s massive declarations regarding Kay Wilson’s and Wolf Halbig’s horrendous timing and malposed use of regulations which have to be followed to the T or else the commissioners would carefully and respectfully throw same out of the proceedings for such offenses taken.
        I would like to believe there’s a special place in hell for Dannell Malloy, the CSP, and Frank and coterie of complicits who have turned this state upside down. It is very clear when considering the plethora of insane false flags and impersonations that the government now knows that they can do things either legally or illegally and stupid people who infest this nation from sea to shining sea will fall for virtually anything as government steam rollers them. BMB proved people are bereft of the true facts of virtually everything presented on main street media and that wonderful platitudinous “social media”. Now, it’s like , “tell me anything, I’m stupid and you can tell me 1 and 1 is 385, I’ll believe it and borrow money to wager on my rectitude”. Orwell, you magnificent bastard, I read your book. Absent popular uprising in the near future, we’ll all be matriculating at FEMA University. Get your little beanies to wear during freshman orientation yet?

        What are YOU doing as individuals to stem the tide on these abhorrences befalling us? I’ve written several papers and delivered a shock load to their editors over and over. I’ve found out I can call them anything but the truth acts like a shield and they never, ever fight back. They know they are whores, they know they made the choice between their jobs and the truths of these matters. And, they took their jobs, bless their sweet, ‘lil hearts.

        Kudos to all of you’se. Without you’se, I’m all alone. I wish I could do a lot more for the cause, do you ever get these selfsame feelings? I can think of no more lonely folk than those that write for these pages. How sad we are…..

    1. Well at least I know why this and SC shootings happened. The Internet brainwashed them and “end to end” encryption…

      We got to regulate that that darn Internet…….

  13. Jade Helm is a massive rehearsal for martial law. It is the companion operation to shutting down the entire city and region of Boston ostensibly to catch a teenage fugitive that was unarmed. What is ominous is the silence about its implications not only in the presstitute media but in the internet blogs. This is understandable in the rightist blogs, since they operatively believe in oppression, but it occurs in the leftist blogs as well.

    The left has been castrated, not only in the US but in Europe. The sellout of the Greek people by Syriza was the most flagrant and shameless betrayal I have ever seen. Syriza, according to the finance minister at the time, who later told the truth, held a referendum with the purpose of LOSING it, allowing the people to be blamed for their own capitulation. 40 Syriza political figures in the Greek congress voted against the capitulation, while continuing their support for the party that led it.

    The silence of the pseudo-left on Jade Helm almost rises to a similar sellout. A critique of the obvious rehearsal for martial law is stigmatized as a Conspiracy Theory, often by the media left. Such opposition as there is comes from the right, who will support martial law when it is implemented. The ideological confusion of the American people, produced by disinformation, diseducation, and the Faith-based untruth, prevents an effective resistance to the approaching horror which does not now seem far off.

  14. The historical impetus toward a form of Freedom fascism is continuing more rapidly than I could imagine. General Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, stated on national television that under the War on Terror, “disloyal’ Americans should be rounded up and imprisoned, as was done during world war 2.

    This announcement is combined with an intensified attack on non-Whites, dark-skinned Muslims, African Americans, and now Hispanics.
    (So far, as far as I know, there has not been an attack on East or South Asians, about 5% of the American population. I don’t know why)

    The killing of Sandra Bland while in prison, (she changed lanes without signaling) initiates a more intensive attack. She emigrated to Texas to take a job at the university that she formerly attended, indicating to the cops who brutalized her that she was ‘uppity.’ The cop who arrested her was fired previously from the police for being racist. The police are apparently now being let loose on the population.

    Also worrying is the growth of the White power movement. It has been strongly influence by the Nazi movement, Proclaiming anti-Semitism but operatively attacking others. In Ukraine, Washington is training squads of military Nazis, where the attack is against the Russian speaking portions of the population, and in the US, against the non-White population.

    The White power movement in Europe and the US is united apparently by anti-Semtism of the type displayed by Dublinmick and Toni, who argued that the Nazi attack on the Jews was a defensive measure. This is primarily important as ideological glue, the major source of anti-Semitism being Israel, who is trying to unite Jews to support apartheid racism. The Nazis in Ukraine are supported by Jewish oligarchs, so possibly that is the case in the US as well.

    The silence about Jade Helm is scary. of the 50 responses on this thread, only a few responded to Jade Helm itself. And this silence is illustrated by inforwars as well. There is no visible resistance to the Freedom fascism that is transforming the US power system very rapidly, so US power can institutionalize it whenever they wish.

    1. folktruther writes:
      “The White power movement in Europe and the US is united apparently by anti-Semtism of the type displayed by Dublinmick and Toni, who argued that the Nazi attack on the Jews was a defensive measure.” unquote

      Well, there’s just no end to the insults around here today, is there?

      folktruther does well in making critical race theory sound like the blow-hard histrionics it is.

      After connecting folktruther to critical race theory in several posts, and no one picking up on it, I decided to work on a primer about this subject, using folktruther’s recent comments as a starting point. I’d hoped we could all better understand this insidious philosophy, and perhaps apply our insights to the MTV “White People” show.

      But today, I’m not sure it’s worth my time.

      1. Au contraire, Toni. It’s a great idea. In fact, I think you should make it an article and submit it to James for publication. The spurious thought of Mark, our folkiedeceiver, richly deserves a sunlight-as-disinfectant treatment.

        1. My long reply to your concerns about what I said in another thread are in moderation, Toni. The gist being that I did not mean to sound the way I sounded. Sorry for hurting your feelings. Didn’t mean it.

      2. Toni: I would love a post about CRT…or better, an article.

        I don’t discuss race much because it means so little to me, personally. My family is as diverse as the United Nations, race-wise, but I know it’s clearly a very divisive factor for many. I think it’s important to know the weapons being used against us.

        And to think: In the 90s (early 90s), when I was in college, I thought Marxism had finally worn out its welcome…

        1. Recynd77,
          Thank you. Funny about Marxism’s worn-out welcome. I was an English major (early 80’s) in that heady time when all the avenues of analysis (Marxism, feminism, structuralism, deconstruction, post-structuralism, nothing-but-the-text, everything-but-the-text, and so on), were presented as equal and useful. It was called literary criticism, and no one method could ever obviate any other.

          This appears to have lasted about five minutes.

          Over in the law department, unknown to me, scholars were narrowing critical theory to the intersection of race, law, and power. They called it Critical Race Theory, and it proceeded to escape the law department, run through sociology and out the gate, and is now ensconced in popular culture as the one idea that demands allegiance above all others.

          It was on display over the weekend at the Netroots Nation 2015 conference, where democratic candidates for president were shouted down for making the mistake of saying “all lives matter.” Even Bernie Sanders, decades-long “friend of civil rights,” was dismissed as a racist.


          And get this. The host of this “town hall for liberal activists” was Jose Antonio Vargas, host/provocateur of MTV’s “White People” show.


        2. To put it indelicately, we’re screwed.

          I went to a low-rated, very “diverse” Cal State. (“D’Hills”…don’t judge me, I could get parking.). I was, sadly, a Soc major. I graduated in ’93; race was not yet the huge deal it clearly has become today. I do remember, however, going to a lecture given by Edward James Olmos; the Mexican Brown Shirts gave him a ration of s*it, but left after they said their piece. I was still in school when the Rodney King riots happened. Thing was, once it was over, it was over.

          The big push when I was in school was breaking down the traditional idea of family more than race. The theory we got revolved around the dualistic “functionalism” vs “conflict”. In retrospect, it’s strange that, considering where I was going to school, Marxism wasn’t the overt focus…but then again, this was during the “Whole Language” years of the early-90s. The Second Wave feminists were just getting started.

          My husband is a tenured prof (got his Doctorate at the UW in the late 90s) at a local community college…slid in by the skin of his teeth (and working his ass off…and kissing the right ass…through grad and post-grad school) before the wall went up. Even at the CC level, he sees this stuff happening every day. He’s subversive, though, and brave. He teaches the principles of freedom and liberty in spite of the pressure.

          We’ll see how long we have before the U.S. Looks like Red China. It took China YEARS to recover from their Cultural Revolution, but many never had the opportunity…they died instead.

          I’m keeping my eye on Jose Antonio Vargas…he will become a problem.

        3. A Soc major!?… oh, I’m so sorry. lol

          Actually, it sounds like you got a pretty good education. I was intrigued by your comment that the department focus was on “breaking down the traditional idea of family more than race.” But of course, family would be undermined first, so it wouldn’t serve as a foundation for a strong identity when the color of one’s skin became the be-all and end-all of social interaction. If you mistrust your family, it’s easier to mistrust your race. This is summed up in the ubiquitous jokes about “Racist Old Uncles,” and such. Convincing the young that they are so much more enlightened than their elders. Well, they did it to my generation, too.

          Quite a legacy for the Civil Rights Movement, huh?

          I remember the Brown Shirts; we had La Mecha on our campus, too. What a strange echo your James Edward Olmos story makes to Bernie Sanders being shouted down by Black Lives Matter.

          Your husband sounds so cool. How lucky you must be. God bless him for teaching.

        4. Oh, Baltimore.

          No, I hadn’t seen the winning policy debate by the Towson Speech and Debate team. Unfortunately, those strange verbal patterns and tics are what policy debate sounds like nowadays. Although, I don’t see how you can win an argument by being unintelligible, practitioners claim that they can understand each other.

          The more disturbing thing is that if you could understand them, what you would hear would not be an argument for or against the resolution at issue. You would hear an attack on the premise itself, as well as the rules of policy debate. In the example of the Baltimore Towson champions in the video you posted, the resolution concerned the War Powers Act. Instead of debating one side or the other, the winning students argued against the premise itself, saying, that the issues of “targeted killing, indefinite detention, offensive cyber operations, or introducing United States Armed Forces into hostilities” which were specified in the resolution, cannot be addressed because the government is waging war on its own black population.

          As one of the champions expressed, “How can we talk about policy if we don’t know [the] social location of the people?”

          The team the Baltimore students beat, whose presentation included a rap and a “spoken word” poem, took the affirmative side, saying “war powers should not be waged against niggas.” Apparently, by “using the colloquial form of the n-word, they sought to disrupt the very assumptions of the resolution, by placing the relationship between race and U.S. militarism front and center.”

          The difference between their arguments eludes me.

          As an infection of the college policy debate arena, this is a full-blown illustration of the reach of Critical Race Theory. I had no idea of this till you posted the vid, so thanks.

          And then there’s this from Wikipedia…
          “The Towson Speech and Debate team has close ties with the Baltimore Urban Debate League and often volunteers people from the team and the university to judge and facilitate the running of the tournaments. The league was started in 1999 by a grant from the Fund for Educational Excellence in collaboration with George Soros’ Open Society Institute.”

        5. Recynd77, just wanted to let you know that I replied to both of your posts about 3:00 pm blogtime (noon, Pacific), and that I’m not just being rude. lol

        6. For a group that professes a belief in evolution they sure don’t trust it much. Does manufactured diversity even work? Do people really WANT enforced mingling?

          At that very-multicultural college I went to, most everybody stayed segregated. Sure, we shared classes, worked together in groups if we were assigned to, used all the same facilities, but mostly, people stuck together by color. So what? It wasn’t a big deal. People group for all sorts of reasons, color is just one of them. I go to a non-denominational Bible study that is probably 35-40% black…are whites under-represented? Bet nobody cares. Should we?

          Vargas’ NYP article is priceless. Oh, the irony. He, along with the fools he writes about, are so hypocritical. “How many of you feel harassed?” Yeah, I do. But not by men. Hell, I’m a woman, and I bet dollars to doughnuts that no one there would be interested in MY views on abortion or other “women’s issues”. But Vargas is vatting a thousand: he’s “of color”, he’s “undocumented”, and he wields a pen mightier than his sword. Too bad he doesn’t have a vagina. I wonder if he’s gay?


    2. There is quite a lot that suggests Sandra Bland’s death was a psy op. She may fit into the narrative that has all ‘racists’ as ‘mentally ill’ and on the verge of homicide and/or suicide. Her story mixes ‘PTSD’ (by her own admission) with odd phrasing of her ‘doing god’s work’ yet being ‘just a human.’ It’s consistent with the campaign that defines fairly typical emotional and psychological issues which are reactions to environmental stress as actual thinking disorders, ie, schizophrenia or manic depression.

      Her family’s side seems to suggest she died from brain injury due to being banged on the ground by the officer while arrested, while the cops say she asphyxiated from a trash can liner. But the plastic bag seems very unlikely to have worked as a hanging rope.

      Mostly there’s a lot to question that doesn’t fit into an easy white cop as racist murderer scenario.

  15. Some random observations about Jade Helm, an issue that I have only learned about from a few alternative sources, mainly Dr. James Fetzer’s Media Broadcasting Network live shows and YouTube channel of archives of those shows, as well as Dr. Fetzer’s writings about Jade Helm at JamesFetzer.blogspot.com.

    Dr. Fetzer, on his show of Friday July 17. Hour 1, mentioned an incident …


    The Chattanooga Event Is a CIA/ISIS False Flag Operation

    17 Jul, 2015 by Dave Hodges

    17 July, 2015, 07:54

    “Excellent article…as all of your articles are! Please note the following alert that was left on Steve Quayle’s site today: GOD BLESS TEXAS- AND IT’S GOVERNOR AND STATE TROOPERS!!

    “Recent Intel data……….on Tuesday, a Texas DPS trooper states that several 18 wheelers carrying MRAP vehicles where stopped near George West Texas on Hgwy 37. The reason for the stop was because the MRAPS were armed with machine guns mounted on the top turrents. The trooper stated that the drivers of the 18 wheelers were dressed in civilian clothing, but were actually Army enlisted personnel. When questioned where they were going, the drivers of the 18 wheelers stated they were heading south towards the border. The trooper states that several DPS troopers were involved in the stops and that the 18 wheel trucks and the MRAPs where seized/impounded and the drivers of the 18-wheel trucks were detained. The trooper also stated that they are under orders by the governor to stop, detain and impound any military equipment being moved around in the state off of federal interstates highways and any military armed equipment/vehicles being moved around in the state on any roads or highways in Texas. This intel was verified.”

    They were headed south for the border and these MRAPS were armed with machine guns….is our government planning on giving these to ISIS as a gift for killing Americans? Who is running our government anyway?

    People in this country need to wake up and understand what’s going on here!!!
    God bless you Dave for continuing to report what’s really happening in this country…you and Steve Quayle and the Hagmann’s are true heroes!



    and this, from a highly questionable alternative site…


    “riday, July 17, 2015
    Texas – Jade Helm report – July 16 2015

    Thursday, July 16, 2015 9:08 AM

    The following report received this morning via personal email………

    With the following, keep in mind Obama just did a massive land grab in Texas with the Waco Mammoth National Park –

    while LENCO now has over 500 NWO armored vehicles in all 50 states and offers grant to local police in Texas for more…

    Recent Intel data…..

    On Tuesday, a Texas DPS trooper states that several 18 wheelers carrying MRAP vehicles where stopped near George West Texas on Hwy 37 (presumed to be heading southbound toward McAllen and/or Brownsville). The reason for the stop was because the MRAPS were armed with machine guns mounted on the top turrents.

    The trooper stated that the drivers of the 18 wheelers were dressed in civilian clothing, but were actually Army enlisted personnel. When questioned where they were going, the drivers of the 18 wheelers stated they were heading south towards the border.

    The trooper states that several DPS troopers were involved in the stops and that the 18 wheel trucks and the MRAPs where seized/impounded and the drivers of the 18-wheel trucks were detained.

    The trooper also stated that they are under orders by the governor to stop, detain and impound any military equipment being moved around in the state off of federal interstates highways and any military armed equipment/vehicles being moved around in the state on any roads or highways in Texas. This intel was verified.


    I looked around for a mainstream media source for this incident near George West, Texas, on Highway 37 and found nothing that could vaguely be considered to be a mainstream source for coverage of this incident. I do not know if this is a totally fabricated planted story or what. We really do not have any way to verify any story as mainstream media true journalism is no more and alternative news true journalism is sinking fast. I live where Alex Jones lives, deep in the belly of the Texas beast and I am not hearing anything from the Governor Abbott or anyone around here about this incident, though I admit I do not watch local news TV and do not read the local rag, our only Capital city newspaper that has been for sale for over five years.

    I joined a thread that seemed good at first…


    People were from all around the country would tell about Jade Helm signs in their localities. At first people were reporting and then for several weeks where no one participated or posted anything and then yesterday, there was an antagonistic sounding posting as follows..

    “July 19, 2015

    New comment from Sergeant Major on You Are The Eyes, Ears and Target – Jade Helm:

    Well we are now into Day 5 of Jade Helm so who has relevant real time intelligence to report? Use the guidelines set by the original poster and give us an INSUM ( intelligence summary) on all of the military activity you have noted and recorded, location of any defunct WalMarts converted to detention centers and reports, first hand or other of any seizure and detention of citizens and seizure of firearms.”

    It is as though Jade Helm is now turning in to something that will be used mainly for “beta test” or only as a psychological operation on the citizenry rather than turning in to something that will be outright martial law type operation. Just sayin’

    Alex Jones, on his Infowars, Hour 1 show of July 15 of July 16 seemed to be starkly changing his tune on what he was saying about Jade Helm. He seems to now be saying he never said it was about a martial law type takeover. Well, that seems disingenuous of Alex because he clearly did from the beginning report of Jade Helm in a very alarmist tone.


    I personally am very thankful to Dr. James Fetzer, Alex Jones, and Dave Hodges, for sounding the alarm about Jade Helm. It may even be that “they” can turn this operation anyway they want anywhere along the way. It can still go the martial law takeover, false flag, route, or it can be, as it looks now, steered toward the psy-op only road.

    If it turns out to be a solely a psyop type operation, one of the achieved outcomes would be to make Dr. Fetzer, Alex Jones, Dave Hodges, and Steve Quayle and other alternative commentators look like “kook conspiracy nuts.” I hate to see that happen.

    1. you don’t think Jade helm a practice drill for possible martial law in the future? the threat itself is intimidating, being the psyops you warn against, but it also makes it a smoother operation in the future.

      1. “you don’t think Jade helm a practice drill for possible martial law in the future? ”

        Regardless of whether Jade Helm “goes physical” against the people, it is a powerful psychological operation against the people.

        Jade Helm is an occupation, not simply a military drill.

        There have already been multiple big lies against the people. It is a violation of the Posse Comitatus law and it involves far more than 1200 troupes and apparent huge expenditures of equipment and arms.

        The trust and the respect of the people toward the government including the military and Homeland Security is completely gone.

        The government is intending to destroy the USA and destroy any vestige of freedom and does not intend to protect us in any way.

        All of these big military drills have multiple goals.

        The people in my “circle of influence” that keep stating Jade Helm is just another military drill and that “conspiracy theorists” ought to just shut up are seriously brain dead, and all of them seem to be of the Left leaning variety of the deluded.

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