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In our rapidly declining republics, even the elite still have to answer questions once in a while.

Good guy vs bad guy

All clips are from YouTube, from which they are linked. My profound thanks to all YouTubers who found these and posted them.

Watch as the Federal Reserve’s own Inspector General can’t answer Representative Alan Grayson’s questions about Fed transactions amounting to trillions in unaccounted-for dollars:

Cynthia McKinney, a congresswoman of great integrity (which is perhaps why she’s no longer in the House) takes on Rumsfeld and Defense Department officials. (Note General Myers’ remark that the war games occurring on 9/11 “enhanced” the response to the attacks of that day; this seems disingenuous, given that the military failed to stop any of the attacks.)

Grayson confronts Bernanke. “It’s a coincidence!” Classic! I notice that the Fed guys get nervous when they encounter a congressman who really understands money and actually reads the reports.

Correspondent Ken Herman questions Bush on government-created “news” clips:

Grayson (is this guy good or what?) grills Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit on bailout:

Bereaved father Reg Keys shames Tony Blair over the fraudulent Iraq War:

Ron Paul gives Bernanke a lesson on inflation, using a silver dollar:

Student asks John Kerry about his membership in Skull & Bones, then gets tasered (good guys don’t always win, especially unempowered ones):

Grayson questions the Fed’s attorney on stock market manipulation:

Rand Paul makes a point about choices and freedom to Kathleen Hogan of the Department of Energy:

A classic moment from history. Congressman Lawrence McDonald, then the newly appointed head of the John Birch Society, takes on sarcastic questions from Tom Braden (CIA, CFR) about being a “conspiracy” theorist. This 1983 clip from Crossfire, co-hosted by Pat Buchanan, aired shortly before Dr. McDonald was lost on the ill-fated KAL Flight 007:

Grayson again! Questions AIG CEO Edward Liddy on $100 billion loss:

Ron Paul asks Bernanke if gold is money:

Monsanto lobbyist says glyphosate is safe to drink, then refuses to drink it:

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13 thought on “The Good Guys Take on the Bad Guys”
    1. In the video of Rumsfeld being grilled by Cynthia McKinney, the man directly behind him looks a lot like Dannel Malloy. Is it him?

    2. Peace,
      Amazing. A few years later the guy from We Are Change caught up with Rummy and asked him “what happened to the 2.3 Trillion?”

      Rum said it was just an accounting error and walked away.

      They Never to this day have ever brought this up again in Congress or the MSM. This is how they steal our money just as the Eye Are Ess loses 50 billion a year to false claims, since King O took office, all going to same addresses but they can never catch the “Bad Guys”.

      This is how they steal and redistribute the money to black op’s and in King O’s case, the M Brotherhood

      1. Hell, a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money. They are simply stunning. It’s almost as amazing as why the villagers haven’t shown up with torches and pitchforks.

  1. The video of the uninformed and inept FED Inspector General doesn’t surprise me. The IG is a largely ceremonious position by design, having no real powers or knowledge of an agencies practices. This is, in part, why we see COINTELPRO practiced by FBI, torture by the military and its contractors, universal surveillance by the NSA, (literally blunderbuss spying on foreign and domestic targets) and MKULTRA by the CIA.

  2. Reblogged this on COALITION OF THE OBVIOUS and commented:
    Hey COTO James Tracy posted this Submssion by James Perloff It shows a collection of the best videos on the largest ponzi scheme ever created. “The US Government” It is the best of the best and all we have posted in the archives. As a lead in to Jade Helm 15 we can also review the Masters of the Human Domain during the Bush -Clinton crime spree. A prelude to 2016.

  3. The best was Dr. Larry McDonald on Crossfire who was going to become a real threat to the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate. This collection is timely as we approach another Mafia Don from this cabal and their 2016 annointment. Too bad 90% of America hasn’t a clue of where 18 trillion dollars went or why it is going on their credit card.

  4. Apart from “taking on the bad guys,” these “good guys” have another major attribute in common: they all have censored 9/11.

    At the risk of appearing as a troublemaker, I’ll affirm once more that assuming the “good guys” are tackling real problems, they could make them evaporate by simply framing them inside the paradigm of the live worldwide TV broadcast of the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition and its transparent cover under Osama bin Laden’s fantastic aerial ballet.

    As long as “we the people” are defended by these “good guys,” “we” do not need enemies.


  5. First I loved this. Peace threw in a missing Video that should have been part of it.

    Anyways, I ran across this Richard Hall guy. He’s really good. No BS just straight talk. I’m sure some of you know who he is from the Nine One One days.

    Watch these video’s 5 thru 7. They are VERY good. He goes thru many different subjects and will keep your interest.!

    Hope you like and will watch 5-7. I’m not bias because we share the name Richard either..haha

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