Effective July 1 attorney Monte E. Frank is president-elect of the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) for 2015-16, the Newtown Bee reports.

Connecticut Bar Association President-Elect and Gun Control Activist Monte Frank [Image Credit: Newstimes]
In Frank’s capacity as Newtown’s attorney he has lent his professional expertise to stonewalling Wolfgang Halbig’s numerous Connecticut Freedom of Information requests to obtain details concerning the Sandy Hook massacre event for over one year (e.g. here, here and here).

According to Frank’s professional profile at law firm Cohen and Wolf:

The Danbury Bar Association recognized him with the association’s annual Pro Bono Award for his pro bono representation of several families who were deeply affected by the tragedy in Newtown and his representation of an individual in connection with the 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund.

A cycling enthusiast, Frank headed-up “Team 26,” a group of 26 cyclists symbolizing those slain at Sandy Hook Elementary who biked from Newtown to Washington DC in March 2013 and annually thereafter to lobby for intensified federal gun control legislation.

“We’ve gotten tremendous support from people all over the country who really have identified with our ride and our cause and are inspiring us to train and get ready for it and do the 400 miles to DC,” Frank told a local news outlet before partaking in the media event.

The attorney maintains that his daughter had Vicki Soto as a substitute teacher for three months, and in the aftermath of the shooting he has struggled to explain the event to her.

“She handed me a letter that she wrote about why my dad is writing [sic] to Washington,” Frank told WFSB. “It was really the first time since Dec. 14 that she’s really opened up and spoken about it.”

Team 26 embarked for DC just one month after Super Bowl XLVII, when Sandy Hook students allegedly travelled to New Orleans to perform at the pregame show–an event that Frank’s client, the Newtown School District, has no record of ever having officially occurred.

As president-elect of the CBA, Frank will oversee meetings of the House of Delegates and the Board of Governors in the absence of the president, preside over the Connecticut Council of Bar Presidents, and act as treasurer of the Connecticut Bar Institute.

“In addition, Mr Frank is vice president of the New England Bar Association,” the Bee observes,

and is one of Connecticut’s delegates to the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates. He is a member of the National Council of Bar Presidents and spoke on panels at NCBP’s Boston and Houston meetings.

Mr Frank is also a member of the American Bar Foundation Fellows as well as the Connecticut Bar Foundation Fellows and serves on the latter’s Education and Program Committee. He was previously the president of the Greater Danbury Bar Association and received its pro bono award in 2013.

The Connecticut Bar Association is governed by a Board of Governors and House of Delegates. The House of Delegates is its primary decision-making and policy-making body, while the Board of Governors is its administrative board that is responsible for budgetary and financial matters other than setting annual dues. There are also seven officer positions held by members of the association for a one-year term.

Frank obtained his undergraduate and law degrees from Cornell University.

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39 thought on “Newtown’s Foremost Gun Control Advocate to Lead Connecticut Bar”
    1. I read today and saw a short video of the meeting. They ruled that they had been responsive. They admitted they had missed deadlines and promised to do better. Case closed.

      Halbig raised a ruckus for a bit and called Frank a liar. Frank just smiled. An interviewer tried to get a statement from Frank but he refused to talk.

      There was a brief conference with Halbig and his attorney afterward. She claimed that the documents were not originals.

  1. What is Monte Frank’s opinion of professional crisis actor firms?:

    “We dramatise events for emerging security needs in the UK, Middle East and worldwide. Our specialist roleplay actors – many with SC clearance – are trained by behavioural psychologists and rigorously rehearsed in criminal and victim behaviour to help police, the army and the emergency services, hospitals, schools, local authorities, government, private security firms, shopping centres, airports, big business, criminal justice departments, media and the military to simulate incident environments for life saving procedures.

    We use state of the art British film industry techniques, props and special effects to help trainers deliver essential, hands-on, high octane crisis response and disaster management training. We also work with trainee doctors, psychologists and care professionals.”



    Should the government be playing these games on the public, similar to the fictional film “The Game”? Will Anderson Cooper do an expose on these firms and their use under government contract? (this is only fair since he quickly cast aspersions on Sandy Hoax truthers). What positive role can these firms play in helping already trained emergency services in dealing with real life tragedies? Does any possible marginal benefit to already trained police and emergency services outweigh shocking the public, and, subjecting the public to false, traumatizing events for purely political aims, such as gun control?

    1. Of course they would need security clearance (as normal crisis actors would probably not) if the drill is scheduled to go “live” (an event that was planned for it along with the drill from the get-go).

      So in the event of a hoax/false flag – they would have a special group handpicked to keep silent, perhaps active duty members of the military, former military, or employees of some secret part of the government.

      Of course more security might come from using foreign nationals who would pack up and go afterwards (most of the cast), to some country that is a very tight ally like Britain or other Commonwealth country, where state secrets prosecutions are more likely if anyone divulges.

      I still wonder who filmed all the stuff up close about the Marathon and wonder if they meant for it to be distributed or only just the goriest scenes as “proof”. If you see the whole thing, you can have no doubt about the falsehood, but I do not think the public was ever intended to take in the big picture. There is even a shot of an area just after the blast which has benches intact, but the next day when the press came around, they were smashed up.

      1. “So in the event of a hoax/false flag – they would have a special group handpicked to keep silent, perhaps active duty members of the military, former military, or employees of some secret part of the government.

        Of course more security might come from using foreign nationals who would pack up and go afterwards (most of the cast), to some country that is a very tight ally like Britain or other Commonwealth country, where state secrets prosecutions are more likely if anyone divulges.”

        Exactly right musings.

        The modus operandi and conspiracy playbook have been the same since, at least, the JFK assassination. Serious investigative journalism is marginalized or neutralized (e.g., Gary Webb), and early reports on local TV and cable channels go down the memoryhole. No major media source reports on it, no audience is exposed to it. Instead, the public is dumbed down with reality TV and infotainment (bread and circus for the plebleians).

      2. This would not be difficult. I’ve had a career in government contracts. These acting outfits could easily be required to furnish employees with secret, or higher, clearances. They aren’t that difficult to get. I have one.

        When you hold such a clearance there are strictures that come with it. They would, of course, be made to sign confidentiality agreements with possible penalties delineated. For them its just a job.

        The film magic part is also easy. In this day and age its a snap for someone with skills. I’ve said repeatedly that we only see what they want us to. The only frame of reference is theirs.

  2. There is no video of 26 bikers – always a lot of stand ins that could not afford the green shirts. Bikes are not allowed on the major interstates on their posted route. Let’s get some video of the trucks that haul the bikes from photo op to photo op!

    Ten speeds do not work very well in the rain and not at all in the snow! Another in your face massive fraud!

    1. It gets better than that. They had a fake death crisis at a place I used to work at. They faked a new employees death at some sort of bike fund raiser bull.

    2. They had a fake death hoax at a place I used to work at. It was another bicycle bs feel good sponsorship scam. Lets just say this place and Obama care are tied together. Yeah it was blatantly obvious, a new employee not many new very well, dead at a company sponsored bicycle event. Crisis Scam BS. in 2002 SHE teacher told me that I would be hearing about SHE in the future. She said her co workers where in Entertainment CSI. She said that whenever I said 9-11 is fishy.
      in 2002 yup!!!

  3. If you have NetFlix, be sure to watch: “The Core” a 2003 movie. You will see the BS greeny sandy hook movement, as depicted in the team 26 suits, and green/purple sandy hook fund raisers, you will see a brown painted over shape that resembles CT, and you will see the city of boston suffer some sort of trouble, and a small river of milk where fake Marathon blood should be. This is all in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Oh yeah a laser cuts a big O in a rock later in the movie, and wow… 2003 “The Core” WTF?!?! The scientist says it will take 12 years to finish the machine. Mind numbing. Oh yeah they put Vicki in the subtitles on the netflix version but it says Nicky on the DVD version.

    Mind Blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Another reward for the biggest snake in the grass. A lawyer that objects to freedom of information. The idea there even needs to be hearings or commissioners for freedom of information is a crock. God save Connecticut from the lying bureaucraticans.

  5. Team 26 = Another Big Lie … no wonder they chose green, stands for the big money they scammed on donations and 50 mill to build a 7 million dollar school

  6. Did you notice the camera never pans to the crowd? I imagine that’s because there was no one there attending the rally except those 26 fools in pants too tight to be appropriate in public. The only applause came from the riders themselves. Monte Frank stole the Mailman’s mantra and no one rolled their eyes. The only way he could lay it on any thicker is with a 6 inch wide shellacing brush.

    Besides Frank, I wonder how many of the 26 know that the Sandy Hook story is pure fiction. And they are part of a huge lie that should send them all straight to hell. If I was in the Congress I would be deeply offended by Frank calling them complicit in the murders for not passing his pet gun laws. I remember every time Frau Blucher was mentioned in Young Frankenstein, the horses would whinny. Every time Monte Frank speaks, I imagine every snake in the land hissing in unison, recognizing one of their own kind.

  7. Now, does anyone have any doubts they are in control? What a marvelous position to be in for controlling any stray lawyers. Just look at him. Monte Quizling.

    He looks like a combination of Jiminy Cricket and Kermit the Frog. He’s more of a Chihuahua than a Pit Bull. Look out, if he gets really mad he’ll tear your socks.

    I seriously cannot imagine living in this place. Too much vermin.

      1. Anne do your antennae go off at all with this one? Mine do. Sutherland was supposedly attacked for no reason by a black knifewielding ‘crazy’ person. Not one witness will give their names when fear wouldn’t generally be necessary in the specific context. Headlines focus on their terror more than on the victim in the direct aftermath. Spires dropped the bag containing the bloody knife and an identity card right outside the subway train. Police claim he’d been arrested just a few days before for kicking two cops – but even with outstanding charges for trespassing and fare-dodging, they let him go. One claims Spires seemed on drugs but also nuts, talking to himself and so on. Sutherland’s parents lament that there are so many people wrongfully imprisoned for drug offenses, yet their son’s murderer somehow went free so quickly in spite of misdemeanor assault on police.

        No one thinks it odd that when black men go ‘mentally ill homicidal’ they always do so with knives, even though their demographic in inner cities possess more guns than any other. Yet somehow when they’re ‘psychotic’ and ‘violent’ they only wield knives. White men only use guns.

        Sutherland’s parents were involved with the Connecticut Sandy Hook ‘gun sense’ activism. He is absolutely not the profile of person to be targeted for a hate crime in DC (or any city from NYC to DC). Whatever his ethnicity, he looks pretty jewish.

        I’m not saying he wasn’t killed, necessarily – just that if he was the actual incident probably had little resemblance to the narrative being promoted about it.

        1. Sue – yes, this story struck me as an irony of fate and more. Coming from a state obsessed with gun control and working for a congressman who sponsored a bill on restricting gun shows, he reportedly gets stabbed to death by a black teenager who is 5’5 and weighs 125 lbs, much smaller than the victim. None of his fellow passengers showed the alleged flight 93 let’s roll spirit.

          In addition to this black on white crime, we have the recent black gang initiation shooting and of a young, white woman on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood and the shooting of a white woman in San Francisco by an illegal alien – illegal many times over. Not sorry for not being pc, I am an alien too, although legal.

          Then there are the self inflicted demise of both whites and blacks igniting fireworks on their heads.

          Banning guns is not going to stop people from being killed by other means, but that is not what tptb are afraid of or care about. They are afraid of guns being pointed at them.


        2. They’re publishing the same basic article on various sites. This one pushes the guilty bystander theme even further: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/lonnae-oneal-a-brutal-july-4-metro-slaying-could-someone-have-helped/2015/07/08/ebd11b30-24eb-11e5-b77f-eb13a215f593_story.html

          O’Neal conjures the alleged holocaust and it’s supposed enablers who ‘did nothing.’

          Sutherland at one posted on FB that ““Since I am in politics, there is one phrase coined by our Founding Fathers that really strikes me. When they founded this nation, they set out to create a “more perfect Union.” The important distinction in this phrase is that our Union is not perfect. More than 225 years later, despite so much change, this is still true. It is likely that we will never achieve absolute perfection, but I believe that the heart of American exceptionalism is that we never stop trying. If history is any guide, the forces for progress always succeed eventually, no matter how formidable their opposition is. Our fight is not merely for new gun control measures or even new mental health programs. It is for the creation of an even more perfect Union.”

          I hear not only paeans for ‘gun control’ and ‘mental health programs,’ but also for a fundamental alteration of the Constitution.

          A lot’s not adding up here. A 5’5″ 125 pound attacker that not one man was willing to challenge. Witnesses with no names. Sly suggestions of mental illness and an inadequate criminal justice/’mental health’ system. A victim who’d be among the last ‘caucasians’ to ever face such a brutal hate crime.

          And now we’re all guilty of ‘not doing more.’ I’m just not buying it. For one, as a female three inches taller with a competitive athletic background, I might have considered intervening, with someone’s help. It’s just odd.

        3. Okay, so here’s my latest on this. Anyone remember the Potenza family, from May’s media blitz about ‘forgiveness’ for gang rape (by black men)? I’m seeing an interesting trend here. Articles are evoking the ghost of Kitty Genovese, whose rape and murder was apparently largely distorted and falsified: http://nypost.com/2014/02/16/book-reveals-real-story-behind-the-kitty-genovese-murder/

          Genovese’s murderer plead not guilty by reason of insanity, interestingly enough. He stabbed and raped the 28 year old barmaid late at night in 1964.

          In the last few months, we’ve seen the case of Anna Charle, a mediterranean woman with a shadowy (as in, hard to nail down) past and almost non-existent highly improbable present raped and murdered by a ‘mentally ill’ homeless black man in the Bronx. We’ve heard from the Potenza home invasion/gang rape victims in Indiana. Both stories feature the very unusual targeting of mediterranean women (who are far less likely to be intentionally and premeditatedly, as opposed to opportunistically, fixated on for rape/murder and home invasion than anglo/germanic/celtic women) by ‘mentally ill’ black men. Both families and victims preached ‘forgiveness’ and ultimate faith in government; Charle’s father wrote an obit right around the time of the Baltimore Freddie Gray scandal:

          “Soldiers and police at times defend the lives of citizens by giving their own.

          Firefighters risk their lives fighting fire.

          My father decided to dedicate his life to medicine. He treated many people with contagious diseases.

          I decided that I wanted to build houses so that people could live better lives. I could fall from scaffolding.

          Ana Isabel dedicated her life to helping the weakest people deal with their problems. Apparently, one of those people ended her life. I don’t know.

          What I know is that ever since she was little she was always worried for those who were the most fragile. Later, she studied psychology as a career, as she was already a psychologist of the heart. She was never scared of a debate when it came to her beliefs about the disadvantaged classes and why she fought for them.

          Ana Isabel’s strong character led her destiny to New York, where she started a new life from zero with her daughters. We missed her here, but it was her desire to live there. If her ties to people in her hometown grew weaker, those she created in New York grew stronger over time, something made clear in the loving statements in American newspapers. What we read are testimony to her kindness and dedication to her job, to the people with problems in the Bronx.

          Now she can’t help anyone else. But I’m sure if she could say something she’d like to say ‘goodbye’ with a kiss and ‘thank you’ to everyone for accompanying her along her journey through life and send them her affection.

          I suppose her dedication and work will live on in the welfare of other people. Her work is done.

          I know her memory will always be with us. We love her.

          Part of her will travel always with her children. She loved them.

          Now, her spirit is free.

          Ana Isabel was a unique kind of hero.”

          Here is a link to the Potenza family celebration of home invasion and rape: http://www.wthr.com/story/29020425/monday-at-11-pm-hope-to-tell

          Everything about both stories is both highly improbable to downright unbelievable. Interesting to note that Charle was depicted as a (dyed) redhead and the Potenza mother and daughter are blondes, whose brunette sister is said to have suffered most due to her ‘imagination’ since the rape is portrayed as trivial and even laughable. At one point in her interview Alli actually says she was thinking while getting gangraped that the perps ‘should be at home with their children.’

          Now we have a very jewish-looking hate crime murder victim whose story is being likened to Kitty Genovese’s and the ‘Holocaust’ victims’. For those unfamiliar, NYC and its environs is an area that never really had ‘races’ the way the rest of the US might have. The ethnic tribes existed in often segregated enclaves (this included suburbia), and tensions between WASP’s/irish and the italians and jews (who often got along better and whose culture’s ‘leaders’ were integrally involved with the mafia) were often greater than those between, for instance, WASP’s and blacks. In short, mediterraneans were and still are not really considered ‘white,’ in that there isn’t any such dualistic schema to begin with. The tribal wars between the jews and WASP’s took on a life or status outside NYC that most americans wouldn’t understand.

          Brendan Tevlin’s murderer has recently (past couple days) been charged with ‘terrorism’ in spite of the fact that his murderer was clearly part of the gang culture and had zero relation to any islamic jihadist, a fact fairly widely assumed in NJ. Tevlin was executed in Essex County, right east of Manhattan, where Newark is the seat and jews and italians have dominated for at least a century.

          It would not be an exaggeration to say that it drives the jews absolutely bonkers to be told they’re not ‘white,’ or that anglocelts are the almost sole targets of black on ‘white’ violence. In fall of 2013 a story about black on jewish female knock out game attacks was faked and challenged by a black Brooklyn councilwoman. The fakers learned their lesson that to try to parry black on ‘anglo’ female crimes (which were being highlighted at the time) was too dangerous to depict in a direct way.

          Witnesses in Sutherland’s brutal murder refuse to be named, even though they’ve been identified as tourists. Why would such people be so ‘scared?’ Two who’ve given reports were way past an age that anyone would have expected them to pose any opposition, so that doesn’t explain the caginess.

          The campaign continues to convince especially New Yorkers that homeless black men are ‘mentally ill’ maniacs who slash, rape and murder; Murphy’s bill gains steam as the weeks and months go by (and hoaxes).

          It’ll be interesting to read the coverage of Sutherland’s wake and funeral. I’m expecting paeans to ‘forgive.’ It couldn’t have happened to a more saintly jew…uh, ‘white’ man.

        4. One more very interesting article on the 50th anniversary of Genovese’s death last year in the New Yorker: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/03/10/a-call-for-help

          The jewish writer (and publisher?) who ‘broke’ the story cared not that it didn’t jibe with reality; among the various motives attributed to him was some mirroring of the ‘Holocaust’ bystander failures. Very very interesting.

        5. Kevin Sutherland’s obituary:

          How long does it take to stab a large man 30 to 40 times? I suppose long enough for someone to intervene, even just hitting the teenager over the head with a purse. I carry pepper spray. Never had to us it, but I am pretty sure had I been there during the attack that spray would come in handy. At least long enough for several passengers to subdue the small teenager. Are we being told the truth?

          Excerpt from the NY Post article Sue posted:
          ~Winston Moseley was found guilty of Genovese’s murder. He was initially sentenced to death, but that was commuted several years later and changed to life in prison, where he remains today. At 78, no living inmate has spent more time in the New York prison system.

          Today, the Genovese case is remembered, correctly or otherwise, as a touchstone for the decline of polite society, and for igniting several of the darkest decades in New York City history.

          As one Kew Gardens resident said on the crime’s 25th anniversary, “No death that has come since can compare to it. That’s where things changed — the -beginning of the end of decency.”~

        6. I was not aware of the Potenza event. Sounds like it came from SH scriptwriters. The mother was shot in the upper leg, then shot in the foot and raped, yet still managed to drive one intruder to the bank while listening to his sob story and feeling compassion.

          As Jim Traficant used to say “Beam me up”.

    1. You must be talking about Mountebank J. Frank, right?

      It’s clear we need some pro bono legal advice in this siege we are laboring under at present. I’m amazed we have not enlisted the aid of some top shelf legal counsel, a pro bono sort of person.

      Then again, said bar association member might face severe repercussions from participation in this litigation. Such as murder, massive threats, house burning, etc. Then, the lawyer gets thrown out of the legal guild thereby ruining his/her ability to make a living.

    2. It is overly restrictive to say Mountebank J. Frank is, by himself, stonewalling the FOIA process. Those Quislings in suits “representing” the State of Connecticut had a huge part in this intrigue. I saw the live feed and was utterly dumbstruck at how casually they ruled against Halbig and his attorney. Kay Wilson got caught in a tsunami of cravemess on their part and was swept away. After the proceedings aka lies and corruption, she admitted that the decision was going to go the way it did regardless of what either she or her client did or said. The fix was in, the die was already cast. When Halbig accused Frank of being a liar, it kinda blew the lid off the proceedings and spiced up the processional of lies advanced by Frank and canonized by the men in suits.
      I’m sure Governor Demosthenes R. Malloy was high fiving with his partner in slime, the lieutenant governor, when the decision was announced. Malloy is clearly cruising for a bruising, would that justice can be rendered some day soon. Of course, we would never hope that this ten cent Fuhrer would be hurt by unruly truth seekers. After all, he’s just doing his job, helping the state sink lower and lower into the sunset.

  8. Someone I may do business with has a pretty close relative who works in one of the shops in Newtown, and owns a house there. Do people think most of the inhabitants are ‘in’ on the psy op/hoax? I’ve always wondered this but only recently had an actual reason to know. I’m avoiding this person even though they would otherwise be very useful. I can’t see how any residents don’t know Sandy Hook was fake.

  9. the latest on the FOIA hearings is what Fetzer described to me as an implosion to shut down Wolf’s quest for records on Sandy Hook… dying for see the latest video on the hearing.

    1. Monty Frank has received photos which beyond all doubt show him that Sandy Hook and the Lanza home were staged and yet he stays on as the attorney of those who staged same. Isn’t there a breach of his ethics there? When you see a small professional man like Frank acting against the release of government information, you know there is something wrong. Fighting it all the way Frank. Desperate stuff. Halbig is on them and they know it. So is the Courant. It wants evidence released. That evidence when DNA tested will reveal no shooter, no crime. There’s a bunch of panicking people, Llodra, Kehoe, Carver, Gill, Sedensky, all feeling the day getting closer. They know it was all a FEMA/DHS drill. And now we know they know.

      1. Monte Frank may have received photos of himself as well. Strenuous cycling trips to DC with rewards for weary bones when reaching the destination? A compromised official is quite common in the circles he travels.

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