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“US government officials call this the “war on terror.” It’s really just theatre–a national security theatre with mentally ill men like Sammy Osmakac, unwitting actors in a carefully-choreographed production brought to you by the FBI.”-Investigative journalist Trevor Aronson

There’s an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI. How? Why? In an eye-opening talk, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson reveals a disturbing FBI practice that breeds terrorist plots by exploiting Muslim-Americans with mental health problems.

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116 thought on ““‘War on Terror’ is Really Just Theatre””
  1. This is actually a rather poor “expose” of the way in which the FBI manufactures cases of “domestic terrorism”, which is not at all surprising given the fact that the TED talks are themselves controlled and funded by deep state interests.

    The most glaring errors this guy makes are to credit 9/11 (implicitly) and the Boston Marathon “Bombing” (explicitly) as actual cases of Islamic terrorism. Why bother posting something that misreads recent history so badly?

    1. I thought this was the best site ever, until I started noticing poor postings too. First I thought jft was controlled opposition, but now I realize he is in it solely for the money. This is just entertainment.

      1. You will have to flesh out your hypotheses a lot better than that, Rep. How did you discover that JT is just in it for the “money”. Who is paying him, how much?, how often?
        Perhaps you can detail us a letter that substantiates your hunches. I’ve got my own suspicions, don’t get me wrong, but I try to come up with a well constructed hypothesis and work things out to see if my hypothesis is right or not.

        1. “Our response is everything, it is not some casual, vapid and useless attempt by us to grasp the facts of this event. It might well be the basis of a bonus for a paid shill to make such assumptions to denigrate and marginalize the well thought out opinions of many contributors to this forum.”

          Americans are no more cowardly, stupid or apathetic than the Germans were during the Third Reich, or, the Eastern Europeans were when the Iron Curtain dropped, as predicted by Goebbels.

          I see a problem with some contributors to this site. Many critical comments on this piece. Who benefits? The FBI. Who else-NO ONE. Professor Tweed opened a discussion on the strictures on modern academe. It was rather mild in its criticism. Adjuncts have had to resort to living in homeless shelters from working full time for less than $1000 a credit, while the Higher Education Industry has been booming. If the thought police want to be effective they need to keep the educators of the future slaves of corporatocracy on a short leash. It seems that they have accomplished this.

          You say I seek self-aggrandizement, and imply I am a paid shill. I think it is you that has the thin skin when it comes to criticism. The average American does not have the time to work two jobs and support his family. The average professor, intellectual, etc., are concubines, afraid to express opinions that confront academic orthodoxy. Examples are made of REAL Scholars like Ward Churchill for stating the truth.

          I am familiar with your comments. Early on you invited MHB to support Ernst Zundel and his attorney. Other comments of yours show a different leaning. Perhaps, a Zionist in sheep’s clothing is what you are? (and certainly you are not the only one commenting on MHB that fits that description).

    2. Fine comment, Stuart Davies.

      Aaronson ? Where in the world did you get this guy, Dr. Tracy?

      “In the 14 years since 9-11, you can count about six real terrorist attacks in the United States. These include the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013…”

    3. Those were my thoughts initially as well. Then I considered that awareness of what was revealed in this “expose” comes in stages. Hopefully Trevor A will continue with his research and realize that what he called “real” terrorism is in fact part of the show.
      Just important is that he has planted the seed in the viewers’ minds and some of them will begin to explore themselves. He plants the seed that it is reasonable to question the official narrative when so many cases has been proven to be fabrications.
      Hopefully this TED Talk will bring more people to investigate the official stories and demand answers.

      1. So often, I feel that BMB and 9/11 are used as unexamined axioms – BMB for example is used in this instance to show how incompetent the warriors on terror are, since they did not forecast it and did not actually protect us from it. These talking point terror attacks thus pass along the idea that our system is broken and actually needs greater safety controls since the corruption of society prevents us from dealing with this so-called reality.

    4. The people I know (of) who started the TED talks are very rich (from a few generations back or more), very involved in creating illusions (especially the BMB), and if you are patient you can ferret out where they link together on various boards, and help to promote the terror movies themselves. Thus this speaker will never contradict the dominant paradigm of terror.

      It may well be that the older organizations like the FBI actually represent rivals to them and their globalist agendas. One can see other institutions like the Catholic church in a similar role of having needed to be taken down a peg or two.

      It doesn’t make the FBI the good guy (unless one believes in the enemy of my enemy is my friend) but it is actually one gang fighting with another gang and wanting us to take sides (without ever having to reveal the interests that are competing).

      One thing to say in the favor of the FBI is that if you have a family member who has disappeared, you might go to them rather than to say, the Media Lab at MIT. I think they actually do a day job. Somehow, they also blew the lid off the anthrax story, identifying it as domestic even as the Bush-Cheney junta was calling it Saddam’s handiwork. I think they showed that in what appears a governmental monolith, there are always factions. I don’t now how we could get by without some kind of police force, but we sure could do without professional propagandists.

    1. Is it the government’s war against us, or the banksters hiring the government and henchmen to put us in our places? Ultimately, we are looking down the road at serfdom and penury. Yet, if we could “solve” one of these major false flags like 911, we’d undermine the bankers and git ’em on the run. I’ve been amazed that “we” haven’t been able to mount a strong propaganda effort against the government, bankers and crime cabals. Are we inept, craven, or apathetic?

      1. “I”ve been amazed that “we” haven’t been able to mount a strong propaganda effort against the government, bankers and crime cabals. Are we inept, craven, or apathetic?”

        None of the above. The media is not the Fourth Estate, it is a fourth branch of the government. A government run by the Mil/Intel Complex, and in service of the corporatocracy. If Americans woke up, they would realize that what is being broadcast to them as news is no less of an official mouthpiece than Soviet-era Pravda. According to Christopher Story, in The New Underworld Order, there is a CIA team in every American news room:


        Operation Mockingbird is the U.S. MSM. It is much worse than what even the educated class believes it to be. This from a man who published Anatoliy Golitsen’s book. Golitsen being one of the highest ranking KGB defectors.

        1. Thanks Peacefrog for the link. Amazon wants almost $300.00 for a used paperback! Not sure my printer would hold up to printing all those pages so I’ll keep looking.

        2. I’m not seeking brownie points here, but how can you casually throw out some very basic truths about our lack of fighting back? Are you saying that we have nothing to do with fighting back, we don’t exist, spit it out. Fourth estate or not, regardless of the government immersion in this series of crimes and merger with media, our response is VERY important, hugely important, incredibly important. We don’t respond, we get drawn and quartered, what could be easier to realize?
          You are playing some kind of overt and juvenile game here that potentiates your tendencies toward self aggrandizement, not that said aggrandizement is anything but standard fare for you. Our response is everything, it is not some casual, vapid and useless attempt by us to grasp the facts of this event. It might well be the basis of a bonus for a paid shill to make such assumptions to denigrate and marginalize the well thought out opinions of many contributors to this forum. For you to say their response is useless and vain can only be considered as a very unnuanced attempt at leading people astray, or at least trying to do same.
          If anything, people would do well to learn the facts of the case so they can refute these misleading snippets of drivel that assume people are too stupid to learn, they need to listen to you instead. Thanks, but no thanks.
          People are, as I indicate ALL of the above. Many of us have detailed the ennui that permeates too many Americans. Interviews with the “man in the street” show that people are more concerned about texting than they are about learning more about their country’s imminent dangers. As stated, they are inept, craven, and apathetic, just as I have tried to reason with you. As if the government were the only agency we should be concerned about!!

  2. Of course, I’d expand that: ALL WAR IS THEATRE. Like draconian laws they’re scripted YEARS IN ADVANCE, just waiting for the right “event” to manifest(they manifest the event). Political Leaders are Actors, Academics are Script writers, Thinktanks are Planners, Military provide Choreography. Financiers are Producers, Generals are Directors, Media/Press provide Promotion for it. The rest of us are just extras(according to the elites.

  3. The FBI… remember the TV show and how honorably the agency was portrayed? Everyone swallowed that lie… hook, line and sinker. As I remember it, they were created so criminals like Bonnie and Clyde could not just cross into another county or state and get away with crimes. Sounds like a good idea, just how large portions of the federal government start, like the ATF, CIA, NSA, IRS. Then what happens? They grow to the point they become a black hole of money, corruption, tyranny and oppression. Most people think the US Forest Service does good work and provide vital services. That’s true and just like the rest of the alphabet soup of the government, has many fine, dedicated and honorable people working hard to do a good job. Here’s the down side… Did you know the Forest Service has it’s own police force? I had a surreal encounter with them on Carson Pass, California. There is a $25 permit you can buy called the Snow Park Pass where you can park overnight in winter in remote areas to enjoy the backcountry. It basically pays for snow plowing so you don’t come back to 4 feet of snow blocking your vehicle ( this area is famous for 600 to 700 inches of snow per winter). When I returned to my RV, a forest service policeman told me I couldn’t park there even after showing him my permit that says otherwise. Then I got the third degree about why I was there and he wanted to know everything about me. I couldn’t understand it. I had to hitch hike back for my car in the same area near the Kirkwood Ski Area. A Highway Patrolman stopped to hassle me. He wanted to know everything about me, what I was doing there. I got the same third degree I got from the forest service police. I was well dressed too – in high end ski gear. My crime was needing a ride back to get my car. When I got back to Kirkwood, the county sheriff came by to greet me at the RV. I had a season parking permit from the ski area that had the actual picture of my RV on it which cost $250. He said I couldn’t park there, even though my permit said otherwise. It was a twilight zone episode. I am kinda of a miser, but my girl friend is a big spender. The way we were treated in California as seasonal tourists was surreal. I thought about those TV tourism commercials featuring Arnold Schwartnegger, Bettie White, Rob Lowe telling us to come on out and enjoy California. They made it sound so fun, glamorous and welcoming. I would like to jam their frequency with a different picture like they did in “They Live”. The US Forest Service Policeman, State Patrol and County Sheriff made me want to head for the border as fast as possible in a quarter million dollar RV towing a classic Mercedes and never return.The encounters we had with law enforcement without breaking the law left a scar on me that still hasn’t healed. The lesson I learned is the law is what they say it is. Those commercials are one of the biggest lies ever sold on TV.

    1. Did you know that the US Forrest Service like the BLM is actively removing wild horses and burros from their legally mandated areas so that cattle could graze at tax payer expense and they want to allow exploration for mining and gas and oil exploration. Really just another corrupt government agency.
      As to Boston injuries, my friends who live there don’t know anyone injured. They were all actors. So you see it was an expensive production.

      1. Yup I did, the BLM has their own police force too. I really enjoyed watching them retreat in defeat in the Bundy Ranch stand off after vandalizing irrigation systems and stealing his cattle. They tried to auction off his cattle and no one would buy them. It was a major triumph; a defeat for alphabet soup tyranny.

    1. how you figure that,this guy is a joke,boston was a real terrorist attack really ,yeah great vid ,not wtf is going on,a slow day for the truth here?please esplain da reason for having this shill,this blubbering liar,on this site,no really I no understand this ,twas a total waste of my time ,thanks a lot ,,..?

  4. I agree with Stuart 100%, James. This light weight TED talk is simply a diversion from the real crimes the FBI has been part of such as the Alfred A. Murrah and WTC bombings and ongoing cover-up. It is not worthy of even posting.

  5. Welllll…after hearing Mr. Aaronson assure us that 9/11 and The Boston Firecracker were the real deal,I have had to entirely readjust my worldview…amazing what a fast-talking telemarketer can do for our souls.

    1. Yeah Ray, that was the part I didn’t agree with either. I could forgive him for being fooled by the Boston Marathon Hoax… but let me tell you something about it… my girl friend was on duty as a nurse at Mass General when they brought in victims. She was not involved in treating them; she didn’t work emergency. But everyone in the hospital was convinced there was real victims injured. Not sure how they pulled that part of the hoax off. It would be worth checking into, James.

      1. I guess the question is – what kind of injuries were admitted. She did not work in emergency, so all she knew was rumor, which can spread through a hospital (I am familiar with that one) that has several floors, and separate wings that can be accessed in different ways.

        As we know, there were inflated injury figures, if you compare the numbers with the pictures of the event. And those injuries reported included temporary hearing loss. There are many ways in which this event can have played out, if at all, at Mass General (one of the classiest hospitals on the planet, by the way).

        1. Oh, and by the way, the alleged policeman’s shooting (Sean Collier, of MIT security) supposedly had him going to Mass General across the river from MIT. But news reports only showed the subway station immediately across the street from the hospital, and when showing the family members, they were only portrayed praying at the shooting location (at the very time normal sisters would have been around the brother’s bed, and comforting family members. So even though Mass General was used as a backdrop, there seems to be no evidence publicly presented on news broadcasts that Sean Collier was really there as an emergency room patient.

        2. Musings… good points. I will have to ask if she actually knew anyone that worked on the “Mass” Casualties… the hospital has a larger population than some towns I have lived in. I think the hospital was in some sort of lockdown that day.

  6. The video sounds pretty solid to me. I have seen so much ticky tac law enforcement over the last 30 years, nothing surprises or shocks me anymore that the FBI does or for that matter any law enforcement agency. I remember the first time I experienced it back in 1987 when I got pulled over for failing to signal for a lane change. The distance between the offense and the pull over was 5 miles of city driving. So they were following me hoping to get something better, did not and pulled me over any way on something micro thin… to go on a fishing expedition. The next time was when I broke down in 1990. This was before cell phones made calling triple A easy. Two Sheriff Deputies in different cars showed up. I asked them to call triple A for me or give me ride into town. They had no interest in that. They were sizing me up to see what they could get me for. I felt like they were ready to plant something on me just because they were bored. To serve and protect… what a crock. Just a few weeks ago, a small town cop started following me a few feet from my bumper. Then he would fade back to normal. then he would get right up on my bumper, then he would drop back again. He did that for three miles. He finally gave up and pulled a U-turn. He was dying to pull me over for something and tried to induce me to swerve from the distraction. The FBI setting people up… that should surprise no one.

  7. The FBI is actually two organizations, a Criminal Division (“C-Squads”), and, an Intelligence Division (“I-Squads”):

    Criminal Squads do real police work. This includes organized crime, public corruption, bank robbery, kidnappings, etc. It should be understood that “some” FBI cases and methods in regard to organized crime, etc., are overreaching.

    Intelligence Squads operate with COINTELPRO protocols. This includes the social engineering, and broadly overreaching tactics described in these phony “terrorism” cases that are cooked up.

    There is an excellent book written by a former CIA analyst, and a former State Dep’t employee, published around the time of the Church Committee hearings called, “The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence”:


    This book describes how the intelligence operations of the CIA, and of other intelligence agencies, systematically ignore critical research from research analysts. The intelligence agents, end up performing counterproductive operations that often fail to achieve their goals, destabilize foreign relations, and, have much overlooked “blowback”. No governmental body has provided any check via effective oversight, and, these cowboys keep making the same mistakes again and again.

    1. John Marks is one of the authors of the book you mention; he also authored “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate”. Jan Irvin has done quite a lot of research about this and has found Marks to be not quite up to snuff. After all, once CIA, always CIA.

      1. Whenever an insider goes public about corruption, mission creep, etc., they also get some yellow press. VT stated Assange and Snowden were controlled opposition. It was even suggested Ray McGovern was an insider. The only loser in the whistleblower game is the government and its monopoly on information. Also, reflexively labeling an ex-intelligence officer as a plant solely serves the interests of U.S.G. I say, avoid the ad hominem attacks, and stick to verifiable actions. Judge them by their fruits and not by their disclaimers.

        Funny how there was little yellow press about defecting agents from the former U.S.S.R. They served the interests of American Empire and were treated accordingly.

    2. Thanks PeaceFrog for explaining the distinction in the FBI between the Criminal and the Intelligence sides. I suppose in the war on drugs, however, there may be some crossing over. Even the people recruited for these patsy roles seem to have a history of possible drug peddling and certainly petty crime (shop-lifting) which can make them good informant material to avoid prosecution, until they get hit with the big accusation that they are involved in terror.

      1. Wow, Redirects to NSA. Just proves we’ve been right all along and Don’t forget to erase that cookie they just left on your computer……

  8. It is always refreshing to hear even subdued opposition such as this. Many have written about the FBI, and they are not alone in this, and the plethora of other agencies and their beneficiaries.

    It seems obvious that the whole thing is created and sustained through lies. After all, why would anyone be willing to fund any of this or suffer the loss of freedom that has resulted from this plan? They must preserve the myth of “Islamic terrorists” hiding behind every rock.

    It is equally obvious that we and our owners, Israel, are funding ISIS (ISIL, IS, pick an acronym). Every notice who they DON’T attack? Ever wonder how it is that, with all these fabulous tools and total surveillance at their disposal they just can’t seem to get a bead on them? Ever wonder why our “allies” in one place are our “enemies” in another?

    None of it will stand scrutiny, none. From the imaginary wars to the creeping through your bedroom window, it is all a ruse. So, good on him for writing a book, articles and giving a talk. For those who for some inconceivable reason can’t see this, it may cause them to snap out of their stupor.

      1. tedtalks,really,im sorry im confused.half the truth is often a great lie.hmm,so this video is a great lie ,worthy of mhb post,makes me wonder,what are they putting in the water ,down in south florida,mr. tracy this is very concerning ,please esplain,especially because anyone who wishes to watch a tedtalks vid can do so for themselves,why waste our time with this nonsense,i myself come here because i thought the truth was being shyared here,now i have to wonder,so goes veterans today,presstv,mhb now?

        1. Relax John, its just a video. No one is asking you to pledge allegiance to it. It isn’t the first thing posted here that I’ve had doubts about. That doesn’t mean that I think its part of some devious plan.

          What he said about the FBI is largely true. Not surprising, but true. To me I think “yeah, sure, so your point is?”. Someone else might think, “you must be mad, the FBI wouldn’t do that”.

          Whatever his agenda is, he at least got some of it correctly. If more people knew that the whole phony “War on Terror” was theater, maybe they would have a harder time selling it. Anything that makes them uncomfortable makes me happy.

      2. Look it up – in January 2015, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that beards in prisons could be worn (1/2″ long) as a religious expression. Noting the Jewish custom of beard wearing too, and the presence of significant numbers of Jews on the court (who are in fact the liberal wing), I don’t think this decision is surprising. There are also Jews in prisons who could do the beard thing too, but the person who took his case to the court is Muslim. I imagine there might be Mormons and Amish who would want the same form of expression.

        This was an Arkansas case, Holt v. Hobbs, but in it Justice Alito notes that most state and all federal prisons allow beards.

        Therefore – Myth Busted.

    1. wow talk about half the truth….im sorry is this site being controlled,piease esplain this load of bull video ,why did you post this,,,alert ,,,very confused,,,please help me

      1. As I look at this film and the comments placed subsequently, I’d say that a person’s discovery of the truth or non-truth is a significant achievement. It establishes boundaries, it demands comparisons with other pieces of information.
        As such, when taken the proper way, I’d say this video has a function, that of alerting readers to the phoniness of some viewpoints. It tells readers that the information fields are full of disinfo, lies, and intrigues. That’s worth something because some people have gotten used to having someone else interpret articles and films, rather than working them out for oneself. Many people have trouble with the truth,anyway. Without a good background, an analytic one, how can a person establish truths?James’ way is a bit different but I’d say it had a distinct and legitimate function.

  9. Boston Marathon was real terrorism!!?? Can’t get past 1:26. I hope this Ted Talk video is removed from MHB. I look to this site as an oasis of truth. Why promote this propaganda?

    1. The point is that Aaronson researched and wrote a book about the FBI’s creation of the “war on terror” through contrived terror events. He didn’t write on 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing. Wouldn’t one be undermining their credibility to call into question an event they’ve *never” researched?

      1. See that’s my problem with using the examples of synthetic terror as talking point axioms. Can Aronson be so naive never to have had his doubts?

        But it is easier, as a rhetorical device, to make the point that the FBI is conjuring up terror networks that do not exist while overlooking the big ones that slip by.

        In a certain Pickwickian sense, one can state (with a wink and a nod, yet remaining in character as a “serious” person) events like BMB have happened in spite of whatever security post-9/11. You can even go so far as to bemoan that fact that terror warnings (“bin Laden determined to strike”) were never heeded. Well, of course they were. Afterwards, when the culprit had to be named, it was nice to have those earlier “warnings” to fight about and point the finger.

        The TED talk by Aronson isn’t as outrageous as blaming the Saudis for 9/11 (though of course the purpose of Fahrenheit 9/11 was to hold the Bush administration up to scorn for contradicting itself by staying friends with the Saudis, even while reporting that most of the highjackers were Saudis and allowing the bin Laden family to leave the country without apparently even being questioned when no one else was allowed to fly).

        Yes, there are lots of contradictions, but they only disappear when you can strike at the root of the problem, which is synthetic terror. Not just petty little stings by the FBI, but much much larger “pageants”.

        Maybe Aronson is not equipped to refute all these things, but I suspect that even if he seriously doubted the pageants, it would make his message too unpalatable to be popular. This is how dogma works.

      2. James,IMHO,he undermined his credibility more by even mentioning the two events…precisely because he has never researched them. Why mention them at all?(But we still love ya,main!)

    2. More on Boston theater – no one has commented that Dzhokhar was given a beard for his court appearances, whereas he never wore one. The beard disguises the actor a little to the public, but not to his friends. News today, he requests a new venue and new trial to keep the propaganda flowing and in the news. They want to get their money’s worth for this expensive production.


      1. Miles Mathis frequently says that jailers do not allow prisoners to grow beards, which he says proves that people like Manson aren’t really in prison, that it’s all fake. I have no knowledge of the rules prisoners have to live by, but if that’s true, it’s a clue in the ongoing BMB hoax.

        1. I guess you have to look at the rules in a Massachusetts-based federal prison or the federal prison system.

          Just from off the cuff, I would say that presenting Tsarnaev with a beard reinforces the image of his Islamic motives, just as Japanese in anti-Japanese cartoons were always portrayed with squinty eyes and glasses. How could you have a good Muslim ‘toon without the beard, I ask you?

        2. Funny.

          I like Miles, but it’s impossible to know how right he is. For instance, his Charles Manson stuff. Manson has this ZZ Top beard going on, decade after decade. Miles says it’s not allowed. That, he says, is proof the guy has never been in prison. How am I supposed to know?

      1. Last Reply was to mimi wtf is going on here, I wonder? James the point is this if I may, this paid troll wrote a book on faking terror, but says that the of the biggest terror fakes were real, really, again iI can chcheck out tedtalks if I want to on my own, shouldn’t have to see that bs here, I mean really, your mindphucking alot of people here, me included, mhb has come along way, but I will not be coming here if this bs is not exposed for what it is, which incidently is glaringly obvious I think, reinforce that 911,bmb, are real, you have awesome stuff on here and even better comments, but you dropped the ball on this one, just my thoughts

  10. The war on terror is un-winable by design and therefore has no end because a winner can never be defined. That’s so obvious… so why and how did anyone fall for it? It was like the “Change you can believe in” slogan. Why did such a hollow utterance work such magic? Beam a lie into 100,000,000 TV sets 24-7 and it becomes truth by osmosis… perhaps the true purpose behind CNN’s original creation. The War on Terror was invented in large measure by television. Sure newsprint and radio helped, but there would be no mass hypnosis on the scale necessary without the rectangular screen to beam in the lies we ate with breakfast on 911 and many before and after. How does ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’ tie into that? The black monolith in the film mystified most people as it was meant to. What was it really? Rob Ager’s work says it was more or less a metaphor for a movie screen which predated television and who’s technology has been refined through HD and 3D to become ever more life like. In the old days, part of the previews for movies were newsreels which had a tremendous influence propagandizing the people, especially in the run up to WWII and to continue the fight during it. After the monolith appeared and the apes touched it (it touched them!) suddenly one of them got the idea to use the bone as not just a tool, but a weapon!… and the first murder occurred not long after that. In the movie, that one event eventually propelled us to the heavens in a space craft… a quantum leap taken in the film. The vision of jets crashing into buildings beamed in by our own version of “touching the black monolith”; our modern day bone from the movie 2001. Kind of interesting how much our world changed after the actual year 2001. I find Ager’s analysis compelling and fascinating as is his work showing the deeper meaning of all of Kubrick’s films.

  11. another disinfo- cointel clown who stops at the 1 yard line with the ball…feeding us half truths like alex jones and others. Do not buy this guys crap. If he cannot admit sandyhook/boston and 9-11 are all fake or false events created and pulled off by the govt and govt agencies then he is a liar and an idiot. The fact that these events are PLANED decades in advance is obvious.

  12. It has been nearly two weeks since Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to federal prison in Colorado. However, the “inmate search” feature of website for the Federal Bureau of Prisons has yet to yield any results when his name is queried. (http://www.bop.gov/)

    The website states that it pulls information from the internal database on a “daily basis.” This may be something to keep an eye on.

  13. I have not verified what StuartDavies stated about TED talks being “controlled and funded by deep state interests” but after having gone to the TED talks and listening again to this video, I see this individual with an agenda as pushing a set of ideas via dishonest language.

    This is not a case of a person just writing a book on a subject about the FBI being responsible for much terrorism. No, Aaronson is focusing everyone on the FBI with many verifiable factual data points that is to reinforce his “truth” to “wow” us, to sell us, on his agenda and package of information. Look here, not there. I am the one who knows and who researched this and wrote a book about it so I know.

    He seems to be using some very sophisticated misinformation / disinformation mind control selling tricks in his presentation.

    Appears to be talking about the FBI and how his research indicts the FBI as causing much of the USA domestic terrorism, but that is not his real message or his main message. Many will pick up the false message as true.

    By the way, there is no new information here. Most of us know how deeply corrupt the FBI is. Sure, he may highlight and document some especially egregious cases, but Aaronson’s performance is meant to “wow” and impress, but it is all too transparently just that, a theatrical performance. He is not providing any new impressive or shocking information. It is factually incorrect for Aaronson to imply that the the FBI created of the “war on terror” through contrived terror events.

    This is “deep state” sophisticated mistinformation / disinformation technique. “Look here, not there.” Thrown in a little dramatic factual information but very subtly sell us his real product by only mentioning them in passing… Many tricks employed here…

    As Stuart stated this is meant to be a “rather poor “expose” of the way in which the FBI manufactures cases of “domestic terrorism.” It is not quality exposure of FBI tactics because that is not really is main product. THAT is not what Aaronson is peddling but he wants to sell you on the idea that that is his product.

    His real products are that

    9-11 was a “terrorist attack” by “terrorists” who committed an “attack on American soil.”

    and that

    The Boston Marathon event was a “real terrorist attack.”

    1. Bravo Trevor Aaronson!

      All of these comments criticizing this piece reek of cognitive infiltration, deliberate fracturing of opinion and mendacity. The fact is that these serious issues of government misconduct are presented cogently and effectively here. To conflate them with 911 and BMB, or, to dismiss them for missing larger conspiracies, is the work of an idiot or tool. The public is conditioned to dismiss Sandy Hook, 911, BMB, etc. They just can not believe that their government is capable of this. The public requires an awakening that will occur in stages. This piece is part of that necessary process.

      It is my opinion that the negative comments on this thread represent government trolls that seek to discredit it. As with the piece by Professor Tweed, I believe that the truth is hitting a little too cogently and close to home for the trolls.

    2. You put it better than I did. I compared his talk to Michael Moore’s film, Fahrenheit 9/11 where he wowed us with all the Saudi connections to the Bush family and implied that these characters really did 9/11 for real. It’s a wowing, one which sends you trying to reform the system before statements like “bin Laden determined to strike” that was allegedly ignored, make you believe that he was behind 9/11 but make you mad that your leaders did not heed the warnings. It’s all — yes for want of a better word — theatre: it helps to sew up the plot holes, I guess, and to satisfy the insatiable hunger to understand our “dangerous world” before it is too late. So Aronson tells us that while the FBI plays games, they have no time to protect us from terror, and that is why it just invariably keeps happening and totally dominating the news cycle (which must share its space with sordid local crime).

      Maybe the FBI has served in other ways over the years – as a kind of rodeo clown act. I just happened to be looking over some “news of yesterday” lists for two of the years of the Great Depression – 1934 and 1937. The public, which had been badly ripped off by the Crash of 1929, and might have actually revolted (there were a few attempts) – was mesmerized by the G-Men going after John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde, and Bruno Hauptmann, who kidnapped the Lindberg baby. The disappearance of Amelia Earhart and the crash of the Hindenburg were also big. But killing gangsters (and not bankers) was the thing.

  14. I hope I don’t get “condemned” here But I think everyone is way over the reacting to the fact he said Boston was real or the other event he cited. He HAD too.

    He’s on TED!

    If He went there, this video wouldn’t even exist. You can never say those things and address honestly any of the events we know are true if you want an audience in this controlled media. ( I’m trying not for Mod.)

    I ain’t making excuses, I’m just being real.

    I think that’s why I think Tracy wanted people to see this. The walls are being torn down. Slowly.

    I agree with everything he said about that Agency(still trying)

    He’s at a TED Conference with the Brain Dead Lib’s.

    I commend him in enlightening them. They really DON’T know.

    It’s a start.

    Ok, Beat me up

    1,2,3, 4, GO

    1. “The point is that Aaronson researched and wrote a book about the FBI’s creation of the “war on terror” through contrived terror events. He didn’t write on 9/11 or the Boston Marathon bombing. Wouldn’t one be undermining their credibility to call into question an event they’ve *never” researched?”-JFT

      Ric, they don’t know. The gatekeepers have done their job. The public does not know what their government is up to. Dr. Tracy’s statement on the issue is spot on. In legal terms,the doctrine of “judicial restraint” keeps courts from ruling on issues not brought to them by the litigating parties. The facts are not in the research presented, i.e., the facts about 911 and BMB are “not in the record”, therefore, they are properly EXCLUDED from the talk.

      This ostensible democracy has been withered away, bit by calculated bit. Its restoration will take time, much effort, and sometimes carefully calculated restraint.

    2. But isn’t it true that one is known by the company he keeps? I seem to recall another fascinating TED talk on robotic/smart prosthetics being developed, undoubtedly, for the military casualties of our prolonged Midwestern War (and tangentially for a lot of middle aged people with amputations due to car accidents and diabetic neuropathy which tends to affect only the lower limbs for some reason). It’s a great invention but the TED presenter used the BMB as a powerful talking point/ advertising gimmick. See, totally innocent victims probably sell better than military volunteers in an unpopular war.

  15. Lets go ahead and solve the latest false flag without wasting a lot of band space.

    All you need to know about the Tunisian hotel attack
    Posted on July 5, 2015 by Dublinsmick

    I mean what else do you really need to know?
    All you need to know about the Tunisian hotel attack. Tunisia’s prime minister is Habib Essid.

    Habib Essid, born in Sousse, was educated at Minnesota University in the US.


    Mohamed Becheur (above) was a Fulbright Scholar from 2010-2012.

    He was educated at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas

    He is the boss of the Hotel Imperial Marhaba in Port el Kantaoui in Tunisia.

    “The hotel manager, Mohamed Becheur, said he had no details about the tragedy that befell his establishment, arriving later when notified and after the attack.”

    The Mossad has an office in Souse.

    Case closed


    1. “All you need to know about the Tunisian hotel attack
      Posted on July 5, 2015 by Dublinsmick” (You)

      Haha. If your the one that posted that video of the guy running around an empty beach, I agree, Case Solved. False Flag

    1. There was a very tragic accident in Danbury over the holiday weekend. A 17 year old girl was struck and killed by a car while crossing a crowded street with holiday celebrators. Her friend was admitted to Danbury Hospital in critical condition.

      This girl comes from prominent family with grandparents living in Newtown. The grandfather is a long time, respected pediatrician there. Her uncle is a politician who was hailed by Bubba Clinton in a speech and is photographed with governor Malloy and other high end politicians regarding his recent charity projects.

      The irony of this tragic accident is that the young girl’s family donated a very large sum of money to have a memorial sidewalk built so that children could walk safely from Newtown to Sandy Hook – in memory of lives lost on 12/14/12. The groundbreaking ceremony last year also has Pat Llodra in the photo.

      The pretty young girl, who had just graduated from Immaculate High School in Danbury, planned to attend Notre Dame in the fall. Immaculate High is the school where Mary Maloney of St. Rose of Lima fame is now president.

      Such an irony that her family donated several hundred thousand dollars for a SH memorial safe sidewalk, and this precious young life ends while crossing a street on the west side of Danbury during 4th of July celebrations. Today she is being laid to rest in a cemetery in Newtown.

      How small is Connecticut? The grandfather of this precious girl was the pediatrician of my best friend’s two sons when they were young. She drove all the way from New Fairfield to Newtown with the boys because he was so good. The girl who lost her life lived across the road from where we still have property in CT and right on the lake where photographer Eric Langlois was found. Eric was a classmate of my daughter.

  16. As many commenters have indicated, Aronson’s most remarkable achievement in his study of the FBI’s role in terrorism is to have managed to “not understand” 9/11’s essence as a transparently covered false flag that proves, among many other things, the FBI’s “inability” to detect in the video record of the Twin Towers’ destruction clues of their controlled demolition.

    Aronson is very likely another 9/11 censor, and therefore another criminal against humanity. The primary question his show elicits is about the process that convinced him to pretend to help his fellow human beings by beating close to but still around and away from the proverbial 9/11 bush.

    Fortunately, this question, albeit important, is not essential. Essential is the much simpler question as to whether he is unique or whether other opinion-makers also appear to knowingly distract the public from 9/11’s essence. It quickly appears to the analyst that Aronson is only one instance of a very disturbing worldwide, permanent and cross-disciplinary problem, which deserves much more attention than he does.


  17. no, the War on Terrorism is NOT “really just theatre,” It is war and repression and the American oligarchy stealing from the American people and people of the world anything that isn’t nailed down.

    1. “I tend to agree, dachielady. A little truth is often WORSE than none.”

      Stop twisting the truth. Aaronson told the Whole TRUTH about the issue of the FBI manufacturing terror, by, inter alia, and using highly paid snitches, and mentally ill and indigent “terrorist masterminds”. HR PROVED EXACTLY WHAT HIS RESEARCH WAS LIMITED TO. This piece is an EMBARRASSMENT for FBI, and a win-win for an all too under-informed public! The trolls are seething-good!

      “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”-
      Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

      1. a major intellectual force for the derangement of the American consciousness is the restriction and fragmenting of the holistic truth. And the drawing of delusive conclusions of the restriction. It is true that the FBI deluded the American people during the War on Terror. It is completely false to conclude therefore that the War on Terror is ‘just a piece of theater.’ a half truth is often a great lie

        1. This piece clarifies rather than deludes the American public’s consciousness. The FBI is shown to operate like a rackets outfit. There is a clear pattern established here of phony terrorism cases brought by the FBI using highly paid snitches, and deluding easily manipulated pawns who are mentally ill and indigent.

          Similarly, Peter Lance, established that the FBI fed its highest echelon informant in the Brooklyn mafia information on his rivals. The information kept flowing, as did the bodies of his rivals. Both “Colombo Wars” were FBI instigated farces.. The case also had ties to terrorism plots cooked up by the FBI using their inside informants in organized crime to grease the rails (allowing criminal organizations to “cross-fertilize” each other in U.S. Attorney parlance) . “Special Agent Devecchio should have been put away for life in Brooklyn state court like any other player in multiple murder conspiracies. Read and learn something other than useless rhetoric:


          And, by the way, author and attorney, Peter Lance, did not “holistically” solve 911, BMB, SHES, etc, while he was at it. He also did not solve the Theory of Everything in physics.

  18. Does anyone else find it odd that the tool in the White House just made a statement urging an end to the Greek crisis? I guess Mil/Intel decided to use their hand puppet to steal the thunder from a China and/or Russia solution!

  19. I’m a little worried. James has not cleared out the “moderation” queue in more than 27 hours. There are, right now, 20 messages in moderation. This never happens. He usually checks it at least a few times a day.

    I fear something is wrong.

    Those of you who pray, I advise it now. One truly hopes that there’s nothing to worry about. But this is strange, so please pray.

    1. That’s a great video Derek. I’ve seen it before.

      The point I was making on Aaronson’s video is that, as I’ve said many times, a little truth is better than none. I seldom find a site where I totally agree with the poster. That said, they often have little bits of useful information.

      Obviously, he gets it wrong about “The 9-11 Movie” and BHB. It only strengthens what he is saying when you realize that they’ve caught exactly ZERO “terror” suspects.

      The reason is clear, its a hoax. We should all be familiar with manufactured “realities’ by now. His pointing out that the FBI, or any other agency for that matter, actually creates false threats is at least useful if it reaches audiences that might otherwise no be aware of that. it isn’t news to me, but I’m not “normal”.

      As to Kay Griggs, she has some good revelations. Her conclusions are not entirely correct, however. These military goons are all legends in their own minds. They are, however big fish in a little pond. Their actions are unimportant. They don’t make the decisions. Within their own little Kool-Kidz Club they can puff and strut.

      1. “a little truth is better than none. I seldom find a site where I totally agree with the poster. That said, they often have little bits of useful information.”

        “His pointing out that the FBI, or any other agency for that matter, actually creates false threats is at least useful if it reaches audiences that might otherwise no be aware of that. it isn’t news to me, but I’m not “normal”.”

        Perhaps if some would listen to Allen Weisbecker trying to explain to Dr. James Fetzer about neuro linquistic programming and other kinds of “saying one factual thing while really trying to get across a completely different message” you will begin to understand my comments about Aaronson. The real message is picked up by the recipients subconscious and they never realize what they now believe or why they now believe it. Very sophisticated evil, though ordinary folks go to self-help classes to learn these manipulation techniques.

        No matter how much factual information Aaronson conveyed, and I acknowledged that he did so, that is NOT what Mr. Aaronson is “pushing.”

        The value of just waking some people up is of no value to our Orwellian slavemasters. They want to mass mind control in the slickest sickest ways they are so good at. They are, to put it a little more simply, reinforcing the program that was installed on our brains when we first experienced 9-11, the movie. They need to reinforce the conditioning or the program from time to time, with characters like Aaronson, when too many people start asking too many questions.

        The Real Deal Ep # 73 Allen Weisbecker on James Corbett and Media Lies

        The Real Deal Ep # 73 Allen Weisbecker on James Corbett and Media Lies
        Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel
        Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel


        There is absolutely nothing good about Aaronson and it is most disappointed that Dr. Tracy shot this link at us.

        The Real Deal Ep # 73 Allen Weisbecker on Ja

        1. The REal Deal show # 73 referenced is archived on the YouTube channel, MediaBroadcastingNetwork. Do not know why the url did not post in my last comment.

        2. Well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, you too Folksy. I’m not a big fan of silencing anyone, even when I don’t agree with them. Also, most people do believe that 9-11 and BMB are as advertised so, him reiterating it is hard to see as damaging.

          I’ll stick to my opinion. I read a lot of things. Most of them do not reach the conclusions that I would. That is not always because someone is a “disinfo agent” or anything more sinister than someone with poor logic.

          I take what looks interesting, study it, and if it is useful I incorporate it into my mental library. It may lie around and gather dust or it may become useful at some point. This revelation about the FBI is hardly new or shocking. Many already know this. For those who don’t it could cause them to be skeptical of what they’re told. That’s a good thing.

      2. Al-Qaeda, The official 911 fairy tale, ISIS, etc. are the biggest hoaxes and Reichstag fires ever. If the government or FOXABCNBECBS told me that it would be sunny tomorrow, I would bring my raincoat.

  20. Author and attorney, Peter Lance, wrote a non-party affidavit that addressed serious misconduct by the FBI in organized crime and related terrorism cases. Interestingly, S.A. Lindley Deveccchio and S.S.A. Jim Kallstrom regularly gave information to their informant/mass murderer Gregory Scarpa about rivals. The rivals quickly became deceased, and Kallstrom quashed internal complaints about the leaks and the consequential murders. See link below:


    Unfortunately, Lance did not solve 911, BMB, etc., in the process!

  21. Trevor Aaronson mentioned that there are some real terror attacks. I think not. What about “Loose Change”, http://www.whatreallyhappened.com, Chris Hedges of Truthdig, Noam Chomsky, etc. , etc.
    P.S. I like one quote I’ve read: “Patriotism is to a citizen what alcohol is to a lady. The more you have the stupider you become and the easier it is to f#@k you”. Poncho Threetrees

  22. The traditional function of what the intelligence agencies call a ‘partial or limited hangout’ is to divert attention from the entire truth which is damaging to power. It is a damage control device; a way of saying, as dachielady put it, ‘look here, not there.’ There is no question that the FBI was involved in promoting the War on Terror, but that does not imply that 9/11 or the Marathon bombings are real Terrorist events.

    Jade Helm is quite real too, and it is conducted primarily by the American military. It is a massive rehearsal for martial law. American power has many organs to oppress the American people, and asserting that one is institutionally exclusive, diverts attention from the rest of them. It is the capitalist oligarchy that directs the entire power system, both government t and corporations, that is the major enemy of the American people, and people of the world.

    1. This piece is too damaging to be a limited hangout. Limited hangouts do not cause embarrassment, they are used as a counterintelligence device to “tickle the wire”, get people talking, and to feel out potential blowback and other reactions.

      1. Most of the Educated in the schools, universities, and other learned bureaucracies, and in the presstitute media, serve as a truth police who protect the legitimacy of a state power system. The Repubs, the more Educated and piggish of the two parties, more explicitly favor and defend the power of the oligiarchy of billionaires, and the Dem’ function is to neutralize and defuse the people’s opposition to the piggish. With the discrediting of the media and Dems, the latter function is now being done by the worst of the alternative media.

        Protecting the whole is typically done by attacking a part. The homicidal racism of the War on Terror is legitimated in the above article by focusing attention on the (real) crimes of the FBI. This is quite true, but its function is deceptive, as dachsielady has argued. The rest of the Terror War is considered ‘merely theatre,’ and 9/11 etc are claimed to be real Terrorist events. This kind of thing is routine in the American media, and in the schools teaching history, as James Loewin illustrated in his classic LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME.

        1. “The homicidal racism of the War on Terror is legitimated in the above article by focusing attention on the (real) crimes of the FBI.”

          This is a strong criticism of deeply flawed FBI manufactured terror cases. Unlike much of the neocon-led anti-Islamic rhetoric, this piece “DE-LEGITIMIZES” the racism behind the War on Terror by pointing the finger at phony FBI exploitation cases.

  23. I just had to share what a blogger I don’t know said:
    ‘Offended’ flea market shopper calls 911 over Confederate merchandise | The American Mirror

    ghostofThomasPaine2 rick • 5 hours ago

    If the left wants to ban objects that have led to the murders of blacks then they should ban: Rap CDs, Air Jordan shoes and clothing, shiny car rims, gold chains,blue and red bandannas,ect.,ect. All of these items have caused more deaths in the past 20 years than the Confederate flag has in 150


  24. Here is a useful tool for investigating the veracity of recent news stories.
    Test it by putting your own name and location in the search terms. It worked quite effectively when I tried this. Then put in the name of any perp or victim in the news to see if there is any record of such a person. I tried Dylann Storm Roof in Charleston South Carolina. Nada. There are apparent matches for some of his victims, particularly those with common names, but not for others with more unusual names. Clementa Pinckney does show up, but of course he was a well known state senator who spent years establishing his persona.

    I tried the name of a perp in a recent story about a guy in North Adams MA , Alexander Ciccolo, who supposedly bought a pressure cooker to make into a bomb.http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/boston-cops-son-alexander-ciccolo-busted-alleged-terror-plot-n391246 He was also alleged to have tried to buy four guns with large capacity magazines, but was prevented from making the purchases because of a previous DUI conviction. (The story has changed since the above article was written.) He was supposedly going to attack some unnamed university. The problem is that there is presently no record for any Alexander Ciccolo, or any one with a similar name, in Adams MA. There is an Alex Ciccolo, son of Robert, listed in Needham MA. However, this Alexander the jihadi was supposedly estranged from his father, the Boston police captain who alerted the FBI, so would have been unlikely to be recently living at home. We are told that Alexander C. of Adams had been under surveillance since last fall, so you would think that his current address would have been updated by now. One is required to report a change of address to the DMV in MA within thirty days of moving. Maybe he did not own a car, or simply didn’t comply with the law. What about his mail, his lease, his credit cards, his banking records? Where did he get the $4,000 to buy the guns? You can’t even come near a gun license in MA if you have a history of mental illness or a felony on record. No matter what the circumstances, it takes many months to get the license. You can’t apply for a gun license without an address. Why is there no record of his address in Adams MA?

    This story looks like another government fake, ginned up to support the BMB narrative, and the general “war on terror” out in western MA. You’d think that the planners of these things would cover this people search angle, but apparently they haven’t bothered, or can’t easily fake the records. Got that White Coats: you have some back stage tinkering to do!

    1. Wow, Christo, just tried this with the 2014 Isla Vista “spree killer” Elliot Rodger.

      You may remember Elliot for his YouTube video “titled “Elliot Rodger’s Retribution”, in which he outlined details of his upcoming attack and its motivations, which he described as a desire to punish women for rejecting him and also a desire to punish sexually active men for living a more enjoyable life than his.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Isla_Vista_killings)

      Well, it turns out PeopleSmart never heard of him! And not only him, but never heard of ANY of his six murder victims. Every name comes up blank.

      I doublechecked to see that PeopleSmart reports dead people, and they do.

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