In a democratic system where political leaders are purportedly responsive to public opinion a pretext must be presented in order to introduce policies that are seen by the majority as controversial or undesirable. News coverage of the Charleston Church shooting over the past several days suggests how a storyline is being shaped by corporate news media and political leaders to lay the groundwork for intensified government regulation of online speech.

dailynewsroofOn February 26, 2015 the Federal Communications Commission passed a substantial policy document increasing its authority over the web. Such control could potentially be imposed to circumvent First Amendment protections of free speech by targeting websites based on their political perspectives and content.

The Charleston shooting narrative now being drummed in to the public mind maintains that Dylann Roof carried out his heinous act after having been “radicalized” by reading conservative “right wing” political websites. He consequently became filled with “hate” and morphed into a sinister “lone wolf terrorist.”

As ABC News reports:

Investigators believe that the man accused of fatally shooting nine people in a historic Charleston church last week was “self-radicalized,” … meaning that he was not believed to be part of a hate group, and acted alone as well.

That hasn’t stopped investigators from serving subpoenas to internet and telecommunications companies. In doing so, it will allow investigators to recreate the 21-year-old’s entire digital footprint.

Much as the Sandy Hook massacre scenario emphasized Adam Lanza’s wayward parenting and learning disabilities to sell the American public on mandatory mental health screenings for school children, so the antagonist of the Charleston church shooting is plagued by exposure to “radicalizing” content via the internet.

CNN, the UK Guardian and the New York Daily News appear to be the foremost media outlets shaping the Dylann Roof infected by “hate” meme initially preferred by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A cursory LexisNexis search for “‘Dylann Roof’ and hate” for the dates June 17 to June 21 yields 320 print articles and 197 broadcast transcripts since June 17.

Guardian — 25
NY Daily News — 21
LA Times — 12
McClatchy — 12
Wash Post — 12
NY Times — 9
USA Today — 4
NY Post — 4
Phil Inquirer — 4

CNN — 68
FoxNews — 13
MSNBC — 12
CBS New — 9
Canadian TV — 8
NPR — 8
NBC News — 5
ABC News 3

Another search for “‘Dylann Roof’ and terrorism OR terrorist” reveals many of the same venues emphasizing this theme, with 124 print article and 96 transcripts.

Guardian — 15
NY Daily News — 4
NY Times — 4
LA Times — 3
McClatchy Tribune — 3
Atlant Journ Const — 3
Wash Post — 2

CNN — 53
MSNBC — 12
FoxNews — 9
CBS New — 4
Canadian TV — 2
NPR — 1
NBC News — 0
ABC News 0

True to form, even before funeral arrangements could be made for the slain, the Obama administration and its allies had begun waving the bloody shirt for gun control. It may soon be doing so to impose fines on or outright censor websites that may “radicalize” impressionable minds in order to save us from ourselves.  The exercise of prior restraint of expression against any party regardless of their espoused and articulated views is fundamentally unconstitutional and antithetical to America’s core values.

Among other freedoms slowly but surely taken away since September 11, 2001, online speech and a free internet are in jeopardy as never before, to a significant degree because particularly in times of crisis much of the US public are too quick to allow the major corporate media and punditocracy to do their thinking for them.

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220 thought on “Is Charleston Shooting a Trojan Horse for Internet Censorship?”
  1. So who is to gain from this event?

    Guess who released an image of Dylann Roof–None other than the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that “monitors the activities of hate groups in the US” and who “exaggerates the prevalence of white racism directed against American minorities.”

    This group is funded by George Soros and belongs to a group called the Open Society Institute which is the same foundation that funded the Ferguson riots.

    Hat tip to Dahboo7 on this one:

    Screw these criminals, man.

    1. It’s actually the Southern Poverty of Law Center we are talking about here. Have you not observed that our former cadre of laws and law abiders has gone the way of all flesh? Like, vamoose!

  2. This whole production seemed to have been timed to get in front of various intersecting storylines. In this video, glory-seeker Gloria Allred actually suggests that white women have rights just like women of other ethnicities, and that the issues being portrayed as blacks versus whites aren’t always really about color:

    Tracy Carver was the white woman accused by black McKinney pool party crashers of being ‘racist,’ etc. The video has her black long time friend defending her and her family’s character. He probably doesn’t appreciate the entitled and violent behavior of the crashers much more than Carver and the white attendees did.

    It’s no coincidence that part of the subtext of Roof’s manifesto and his friends’ exit interviews depict him as both racist and a ‘friend of blacks.’ It’s as if blacks themselves who don’t go along with the anti-white and anti-middle class agenda have no say, as white racists can’t ever be trusted. White racism, we’re shown, is two-faced and cowardly, only manifesting around other whites in some alcohol-induced candor. The manifesto also tries to imply that racism could be some form of mental illness as Roof’s tone vacillates between reasonable contemplation and supremacist, vitriolic pejoratives. Now ‘bipolar’ can apparently be comorbid with ‘racism:’

    The inconsistencies in friends’ and family’s accounts of Roof’s demeanor towards blacks affords TPTB plausible deniability. Since most americans would balk at the notion that a clearly political viewpoint could be deemed ‘mental illness’ regardless of whether it’s popular or not (not to mention partially justified), the now you see it, now you don’t nature of Roof’s racism enables the government to assert something while simultaneously denying it – they are, however, absolutely and increasingly defining ‘subversive’ political opinions as ‘mental illness.’

  3. Nothing stops TPTB from indoctrinating the American citizenry with blatant lies and obfuscation via media outlets and the like on a daily basis. Their tact is more insidious, because they are representing Big Money and social control interests/ideologies, whereas my place is simply an opinion site that has never (nor will ever) incite any sort of violence, in any way or form.

    But because I call TPTB out on their mendacity (and their lick spittle cronyistic media whores, as well) or address issues contrary to their meme, I may be the “bad guy”???? Bogus.

    It seems that armed service recruitment commercials are doing exactly what they claim opinionists are doing, but a million times worse. The MSM constantly messes with Americans heads regarding the Police State: one one hand insisting on subservience to the militarization of the force and then demonizing white cops over black deaths, then instigating/supporting the backlash from the black community (fueling the race war).

    This appears to be a major push for stopping the truthful from having any voice whatsoever.

  4. The criminals in office crafted a triple-whammy with this psy-op:

    it furthers the agenda for internet regulation so we don’t become radicalized; the racial aspect of this psy-op divides the masses so they can’t get together and direct their anger where it really belongs, and it furthers the gun-grab agenda as well.

    What’s next?

    1. The notion that Dylann Roof was a ‘regular’ poster on Dailystormer but somehow oblivious as to why their ilk of pro-whites detest jews is proof positive that this manifesto is a fake. Such a juxtaposition of sensibilities isn’t possible; Dailystormer’s entire thesis pivots on jewish orchestration of anti-white (more or less). Praising by faint condemnation is what the writers accomplish in the ‘Jews’ section.

    1. No. He’s pointing out anomalies, not postulating. Read more carefully.

      Here’s a challenge: go back to the start of this blog, read every post by Dr. Tracy, and identify one example where he hypothesizes.

      Then get back to me.

      Tracy is a professor of media criticism. He examines how things are reported. So far as I know, he never has published a theory about how a reported event actually happened; he only talks about the reporting, and references other people’s theories about alternatives to a false narrative.

      Don’t confuse the man behind the website with wackos like me.

    2. (Wacko. Heh. Me, too.)

      Anomalies. Patrick is exactly right. When confronted with state theatrics, its often less than useful to try to establish a plausible narrative using “facts” and talking points gleaned from the media. Time is more productively spent on a critiquing the official narrative for blind spots and thematic tropes.

      We can identify historical patterns in past productions that speak as much to this case as the specifics of our current poor patsy. Once you realize that we are being propagandized, you can begin to pull away from how they did or did not pull this off, and focus on where the narrative is going and why.

      Professor Tracy calls out these historical patterns when he references “waving the bloody shirt.”

    3. Just how does an accomplished scientist prove a theorem? Does he/she create a hypothesis first? Or, does one just wait for Divine Intervention or wait for you to come walking down the sidewalk with the answers to his/her problem? It’s beyond stoopid to hear a so-called self important and brilliant persona like you deny the existence of, gasp!, a hypothesis. I’m dumbstruck, oh, the humanity!!

      1. You misunderstand.

        I have observed, for years now, Tracy’s style. If you can go back through his writings and find hypothesizing, I’d appreciate your providing the links.

        I have never met him in person, and have not asked him in person, but I suspect the reason he restricts himself to examining the evidence, asking questions about it, and referencing OTHER people’s hypothesizing has something to do with his academic role. He is primarily a media analyst, not a crime solver. He points out how misleading the press can be, and how derelict it has become in doing the duty the First Amendment protects it for.

        It is simply a mistake to interpret his writings as conspiracy theorizing, and I think it would be a mistake to ask Tracy to hypothesize. He has created here a place where theorizing and hypothesizing can be done, fulfilling the best promise of the internet, so it is perhaps inevitable that the comments are mingled in some peoples’ minds with what Dr. Tracy actually writes. This distinction, these two separate roles, is to my mind a very good thing, and I think we should keep it in mind.

        Tracy posts interesting food for thought, all the time, and no doubt he has strongly held theories about these matters. In a way he’s the opposite of Jim Fetzer, who is always telling us what he thinks happened. Of course, there’s a place for both approaches, and I’m glad of it.

        1. I agree, Patrick, that Tracy does not hypothesize. However just by highlighting those things which the press deliberately neglects or which they falsify with the echo chamber effect of repeating without evaluation the many official stories, Tracy stands out.

          The pitfalls of hypothesizing may be demonstrated by the tragic story of Mike Ruppert, whose book Crossing the Rubicon supplied a possible motive for 9/11 deception in the problem of peak oil. He seems to have gotten so far into the story of who did what that he began to feel he had cracked the case.

          The problem is that people can be given false leads deliberately. They can then find they are defending certain details and attacking those who offer other explanations of what happened. Had they stuck to demonstrating what could not have happened, what was impossible, they would stand a better chance of challenging the official narrative. I believe an example of this parsimonious process is in mathematician Key Dewdney’s, where he demonstrated with experiment the fact that cellphones could not be used in ordinary airplanes on 9/11, and thus the narrative of what was happened on board the planes had to have been false. A number of these types of demonstrations effectively put to rest the idea of the story’s having unfolded as reported.

          I wish someone would do the same for pressure cooker bombs at the BMB, but I suppose that working with explosives can get you a look-in from the authorities. Intuitively, it is hard to believe that such absurd weapons, filled with ordinary fireworks, could do the sort of focused damage claimed (and the environment even in pictures of the event argues that they were never used at all). Sometimes, we have to assert impossibility based on the very evidence proffered by the ones who insist it occurred as the official story demonstrates.

          Even so, this approach is not necessary to a critique of the press, because all one need do is to highlight the fact that news organizations really do not investigate anything, but merely embroider on an official story.

        2. Thanks, musings.

          Perhaps I might sometimes appear overly defensive of James when this sort of complaint is made. I guess I am a docent, helping the newcomers learn the lay of the land. Those of us who have found this place helpful over a long span have done so because it has a specialness in just this regard. So what James has accomplished deserves defending.

          This brings to mind the newest post, by a professor sarcastically complaining about the need for anonymity if you are going to write articles here, because Tracy is toxic, and guilt by association will ruin the career track. All true. But Tracy is quite willing to use tenure for what it is designed for, and never hides behind an alias. He takes the fiery darts.

          The thing is, he has a shield that protects him from those potentially fatal attacks: he never tells tells us what he thinks really happened. He wants all the world to think about the lies and guess at the truth, but his enemies can never say: you said that this is how it REALLY went down.

          Me, I do not hide my identity–but then again I have nothing to lose. I’m nobody. (And I want people to read my books.) Academics have a very great deal to lose, if they do what James Tracy has done. Tenure is probably tenuous, when it comes to it–and let me be clear: I’m not saying James is always so careful only to protect himself from charges the administration could use to destroy him. Still, it works out the same, in the end: he does everything right, for the right reasons, and they can’t find anything to charge him with. And the whole world wins.

          Everyone who has discovered MHB is the better for it.

        3. “This brings to mind the newest post, by a professor sarcastically complaining about the need for anonymity if you are going to write articles here, because Tracy is toxic, and guilt by association will ruin the career track. All true. ”

          I would not look at any anonymous posting with a jaundiced eye as anonymity is the future of information liberation: Anonymous, Wikileaks, etc.

        4. Well, Peace, I was only going by what the perfesser said in the article: you can’t talk in the Academy like we talk here, if you want tenure, if you want to advance, and if you want to administer one of those mental prisons someday; you can only talk like we do pseudonymously. I don’t doubt he’s right.

  5. I’m consistently amazed by how readily the public accepts news reports as fact.

    How do they always know it’s a lone gunman? Why are the most heinous crimes in our society so easily swallowed as open and shut cases?

    Isn’t it at least surprising that the police never seem to be stumped in any of these high profile events? Although an early false arrest or two isn’t out of the question…

  6. Well the usual suspects aren’t wasting any time:

    People might google Carol Swain and the SPLC; Swain is a black professor at Vanderbilt who speaks out in defense of white middle class rights. She says that the US must either honor the justified complaints of the ‘White Nationalist’ movement or likely perish. For that she has been branded a ‘white supremacist apologist.’ So has Maria Espinoza, the hispanic american from Texas whose various organizations seek to educate about illegal immigrants’ violence. She and a whole group of hispanic americans have recently spoken out in defense of white rights.

    It’s incredible that it takes blacks and hispanics to defend whites’ civil rights – and that they’re still stigmatized with hystrionic labels (although some pro-white types could indeed be considered supremacists). There is also Tommy Sotomayor, Pastor Manning and quite a few other black americans who seek to add their politically incorrect views to the national censoring, er, ‘dialogue’ on race. A certain ethnicity doesn’t want them to and seems to be frantically grasping to maintain a hold on black americans’ perceptions on these matters. They have spent the last century at the least trying to manipulate and sabotage race relations in America – to no one’s benefit but their own.

    1. The FBI uses SPLC as an official consultant in determining “hate crimes”.
      SPLC is about as radically and irrationally left as any social org can get and our FBI follows their command. We are so screwed.

      BUT ~ we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, having done all to stand. Ephesians 6:12-13

    2. Good comment. This country has gone down the path of cultural Marxism, and soon the First and Fourth Amendments will be rendered nugatory. The U.N., whose membership consists of 90 percent police states, started this social Marxism by outlawing speech deemed offensive to any religious, racial, or ethnic group “regardless of truth”. Europe and Canada quickly followed in lockstep, criminalizing historical revisionism. Several people challenging the Holocaust were jailed longer than violent offenders. We are getting there. Meanwhile, the illuminated ADL is complicit with SFPD, and many other police agencies, in, inter alia, violating perceived enemies Fourth Amendment rights. Actually, the criminal ADL is guilty of complicity in civil rights conspiracy rising to the level of violation of 18 U.S.C. 241 (a federal criminal law, selectively enforced, with no statue of limitations when an offense leads to death-very different than when a homicide occurs; also the death penalty is applicable to any offense under the statute if said offense “leads to a death” a very, very broad legalistic concept). Here is something interesting about the protection racket otherwise known as the ADL:


      ~The U.N. general-assembly would be his destination on the morning of the 25th, which is also the opening of the 3-day Post-2015 Sustainable Development Summit.

      “Practically all of the heads of states and governments will be around and they will all be there on that day, so if the Pope were to finalize this visit to the U.S. that means that he would address all the heads of states and of governments, who will be sitting with their official delegations,” the archbishop explained.~

    2. What is more debauched than saying the Vatican/Pope is the root and soul of worldwide evil? I mean, the guy has the big cross, the ceremonial garments, the little kippah, the benevolent tenderness in the face and now you tell me that Ratzinger was a perverted sex offender and Nazi monster? I have had it up to “here”.

  7. It’s a misfortune for the American people that sites revealing staged homicidal operations- Conspiracy Theories– have also been operatively defending racist violence. Inforwars has been pandering to racism much more strongly recently, and MHB has been suggesting that the church atrocity was faked, staged, or had a non-racist agenda. Infowars has now posted an article that banning the racist Confederate flag symbol is ‘cultural suicide.’ Anti-racism is now institutionalized ideologically by racists as ‘race-baiting.’

    Unfortunately the adopting of a racist agenda will de-legitimate the revelation of staged homicidal operations which Shock and Awe the American people into violent policies. It’s prevalence in right-wing populism is tending to isolate it and de-legitimate it, at a time when it appears to be a standard tactic of the American state. The current racism, which itself may be a coordinated tactic–involving White cops murdering unarmed Blacks, and individual killings–appears to be increasing, and tends to increase as well the irrationality accompanying it.

    1. I don’t think AJ has a racist bone in his body. What you may be talking about is that the History of the Civil War and the History of the Confederate has all but changed through out the years to “fit” the liberal Agenda.
      I can’t tell you if anyone really died there because it’s almost a SHE re-run including Adam Lanza’s twin brother as the star of this episode.

      Where’s the big Tent?

      I have NO dog in this fight. I could careless about the Confederate Flag and lean more on removing it and all the other flags and communist propaganda being sold in our so called “Family” Wal-Marts.

      Folk, you gotta admit. Adam and his black Honda being resurrected is pretty strange.

      Prayers to anyone who may have been actually harmed in the making of this movie/Agenda.

      1. The Civil War, and the South, were and are a lot bigger than “slavery”. This whole identification of Southerners as “racist” and a war to “free the slaves” is simplistic and an earlier example of what this article is about. This new “event” is designed to define “extremism”. Sound familiar? David Cameron has been spewing this since the election.

        Did I mention that they all worked for the same boss? Equating a flag with racism is like equating out-of-control blue thugs with “blacks”. Trust me, they are “equal opportunity” thugs. “All” lives matter.

        So, while I partially agree that A.J. has his problems, they pale to insignificance compared to A.C.. Personally, I don’t need anyone telling me what acceptable speech and thought are. I won’t be burning any Confederate flags or putting up any rainbow stickers.

        I won’t be chasing “transgendered” images or the “transabled” for that matter. Even if BMB set the stage for that, I’ll pass. At some point everyone needs to make a decision. Are you going to let them treat you like children and redefine your morality for you, or are you going to tell them to ‘go pee up a rope’, and ignore them?

        If this were real, an it isn’t (at least by my definition), the response would be insulting. What they are saying is that “white people are fundamentally flawed. If we take their guns and don’t allow them to say or think anything we don’t like, we can control them”. This is ridiculous on so many levels that it is hard to adequately convey.

        But there they are, hyping this garbage and many are nodding right along with every utterance. The basic choice is whether we allow this gang of bought-and-paid-for perverts to define who we are and what we’re allowed to do. You don’t have to guess what I think.

    2. folktruther, at least try for some consistency. Most on here so far seem to think that Charleston was fake. No one that I’ve seen has defended ‘racist violence.’ Since most don’t think it was ‘real’ or retain rigorous skepticism that it happened at all, how could they be seen to somehow defend what in their estimation didn’t happen? If you apply different standards of evaluating the authenticity of an event when its alleged perpetrator is white and victim black, then it’s you who is being ‘racist.’

      1. the notion that the church massacre didn’t occur is absurd. It’s a form of denial that White racists, cops and others, are killing unarmed Black people. The denial that it is really happening is a form of sanitizing racial murder.

        1. The racism belongs to a state that cynically manipulates issues of race to further their agendas. Your denial of this makes you complicit in that racism.

        2. Sounds trollish to me. I love your term “sanitizing racial murder”. How does one sanitize a racial murder? How about a non-racial murder? Is it possible a person has no race? Are they going to take away our races and install chips that can dial up various races upon command? If the notion that the massacre did not occur is absurd, how about the notion that comments that blatantly refuse to consider many strong theories is also absurd? Please answer the questions asked regarding where the bodies were post murder. Just like Sandy Hook, there are loads of loose ends here and to propose that it’s wretched to conclude the massacre was not REAL stretches the imagination to the breaking point. Then again, isn’t that what trolls are supposed to do?

      2. I’ve had enough. I want in on the pity party too. Just think of my ancestors, the English. There we were “living rough”, happily picking lice, raiding neighboring villages, stealing the livestock and the virgins. Then these guys in togas show up. They have spears and helmets and say they want to “civilize” us. No more raids, no more virgins….what’s up with that?

        Eventually, over time, we are forced to live in cities and towns, pay taxes, raise food, protect the king. None of us asked to be “civilized”. We weren’t too happy with the lice but we loved the virgins.

        I was thinking of asking for reparations. It only seems “fair”. It’s difficult to calculate the value of the lost virgins. Of course had it not been for the invaders its unlikely I’d be able to calculate anything.

        Progress sucks. No matter where you are or when, you deal with the cards you are given. If someone feels they are prevented from surviving due to some concrete impediment placed by others, define what that is. I’m all for a level playing field. Any reference to past history or impediments that no longer exist are simply whining.

        Life isn’t fair, never has been. Life is what it is, period. In general, you get what you put into it. If someone is disabled and unable to work, we owe it as a society to help them. If one is capable of work, they should. We should not have a component of society who is made to work to support those who choose not to.

        Instead of whining and demanding (what?) from one group, why not demand that “their” government quit sending jobs elsewhere? There’s’ a useful outlet. How ’bout “hand up-I need a job”? Oh, that’s already occurring isn’t it? That’s not exactly what I meant.

        1. “Progress sucks. No matter where you are or when, you deal with the cards you are given.”

          You said it, man. A little way up the thread musings talked about the Luisiana Purchase and what it led to. I might as well mention here what that made me think of.

          Slavery was a dying system in America in 1793. What revived it was Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, which, combined with slave labor, suddenly made large scale cotton production possible. The problem was that cotton quickly depletes soil fertility. Add to that the terrain of the original Southern colonies made large plantations very difficult to create, and you had a lot of potential that could not be tapped.

          So when Jefferson bought Louisiana from Napoleon in 1803, the writing was on the wall. The pressure settle those lands and create cotton plantations could not be thwarted.

          A wide swath of Alabama and Mississippi is very flat and its soil is black (most of the South has red or yellow soil). They called it the “Black Belt,” because of this incredibly fertile, loamy soil, perfect for cotton.

          But there was a hitch. All of the Black Belt was Choctaw land, and the Choctaw were the most civilized, willing to Europeanize, of the Indian tribes. They were cattlemen, and developed a money economy, producing surpluses and trading as equals with the Americans. There was no justification in destroying them.

          Oh, but there was. Eli Whiney had invented the cotton gin.

          Andrew Jackson fought along side the Choctaw more than once, and they considered him a friend. He betrayed them, and they were all driven to the other side of the Mississippi. Because the pressure was on to make the Choctaw’s land cotton country.

          What followed was one of the greatest migrations in the history of the world, as their owners moved the bulk of their black slaves from the original colonies into the new Southwest, and created a new way of life.

          Progress? If only Eli Whiney had not invented that damned cotton gin, the pressure to drive the noble Choctaw out might not have developed. America might have been a better place. Slavery’s uneconomic nature would probably have condemned it to withering away, as a huge influx of cheap immigrant labor competed it into the ash-heap of history.

          But Whitney DID invent it, and Jefferson DID purchase those lands (for a song, incidentally), and it WAS perfect cotton ground. There is a certain inevitability to events.

          Progress sucks. Indeed.

        2. I have been under the impression that the enslavement of african americans in the South partially came about because the american indians were harder to enslave, given that they were on their own turf, and because the tropical climate wasn’t hospitable to white slaves. In the Caribbean irish women were raped so that their fair skin would be darkened for future slave generations. Whites couldn’t tolerate the sun or the heat the same way africans could. Maybe I’m wrong. This is not justification morally, it’s just what I thought partially motivated the abduction of the africans, although it’s outrageous that so few realize that some of the largest original slaveholdings were owned by black men in the South. The truth in all its complexity has been almost totally eviscerated when it comes to the practice in the US, and the motives for the Civil War.

          I want my reparations from the blacks my forebears freed who have literally tried to genocide and enslave my people, and from the anglo-jewish bankers who had already been genociding them before they came. I’m not kidding, either. All the deranged liberals out there need to hear that in Maryland during the Irish Famine, it was said as irish immigrants streamed into the US when a jew or anglo asked to rent another’s slaves for difficult and dangerous work in Maryland, ‘Take the irish, my negroes are worth something.’

          This quote hangs on the wall of The Hunger Museum in Hamden, Connecticut, which was built three years ago at Quinnipiac University. I honestly want my reparations, staring with blacks, jews, hispanics…

          Why are the jews attempting to force africans into Ireland? Will they attempt some sick justification for Israel’s total rejection of immigrants while genociding the celtic people? Or will they simply pass Murphy’s law and whichever else silence my challenge to their depravity:

        3. That was a very nice and accurate explanation Patrick. History is rich and fascinating. It is also horrifying in its own way. It is almost never what we were taught in school.

          Whether its five generations, or fifty, people are people. Essentially not much changes. We are no smarter today than they were then. These people were caught up in the realities of their times. It is so easy to look back simplistically and paint a one dimensional picture.

          My wife has lots of old correspondence and pictures from her southern family. The writing is beautiful. These were people who were lucky to have completed the eighth grade. Their stories are full of loss, success, humor, and through it all, strength.

          We have letters from her relatives who survived the invasion of Vicksburg. They talk of their hunger. They worry over feeding their servants. Most of all they wonder what they ever did to bring this upon themselves.

          There is one constant everywhere in history. The psychopaths in control care nothing for those they control. These fools who cry for war want other people’s sons to bleed and die for their wants. Without these “leaders” who somehow capture center stage in each new retelling of events, the sane people would never choose war.

        4. A few remarks for Sue:

          “I have been under the impression that the enslavement of african americans in the South partially came about because the american indians were harder to enslave, given that they were on their own turf,…”

          This is true; it was easy for them to run away, and blend in with the Indians who remained free.

          “…and because the tropical climate wasn’t hospitable to white slaves.”

          This is not true. African slavery was introduced in all the colonies (New York City, for instance was largely built by black slaves).

          “…it’s just what I thought partially motivated the abduction of the africans,…”

          Black people were not “abducted” by white slave traders. They were PURCHASED. The blacks who came here were already slaves, captured in war for the most part, by other African tribes. These slave-creating tribes had converted to Islam. The Moslem world has always enslaved the people it captures in war, and does so to this day.

          The colonies did not choose slavery; it was forced upon them by men in London, who expected a return on their investment (the colonies were organized as business ventures), and too few Englishmen and Scotts had made their way to America in the early 17th century to form an adequate labor pool.

          The form of slavery practiced in America is a very expensive operation (not so in the Moslem world, where it is far too cruel to describe here). Because the slave owners here were Christians, they treated their people well–which meant providing for them from cradle to grave. Children and old people do not provide much labor, but they have the same human needs as workers.

          As the pace of immigration picked up after the Revolution, and industry was being developed (primarily in the Northern states), industrialists found that their employees could be used as cheap disposable parts, worked to death and replaced–and they had not obligation to their families, much less the worker himself when he grew old. This was a real competitive advantage. That’s why most slaves ended up in the Southern states: Northerners sold their slaves to Southerners.

          As for the heat factor. The reason life in the South is languid and slow is because white Englishmen were taught, gradually, by their black laborers how to survive in a very hot climate. Much of the culture of the South is the gift of the blacks, who knew that if you are going to spend the day in the Sun, you can’t do it at a hard-charge. All the colonists, remember, came from Britain, which is very rarely hot. It took a while for these people to learn to slow down.

          It’s better down South. For whites and blacks alike.

        5. The biggest problem we have in analyzing (and judging) these things is that we are handicapped by our conditioning. Christianity basically teaches that we must all form consciences and live in accordance with them. That is the polar opposite of what those with aspirations to govern want.

          Patrick is, of course quite correct. There are some missing pieces, however. The Jews did a rather brisk business in this trade. A lot of them went to the Caribbean.

          My ancestors landed in Boston on the Abigail in 1635. They were “freeholders” in England, that meant that my family actually owned some land. The problem is, as more generations are formed, there is less and less land to divide to support them.

          A great many of the emigrants were slaves (indentured servants). Poor whites without the resources to come to America were sponsored in return for seven years (usually) of work. The whole thing was a business enterprise.

          The Colonies were neither a classless society nor were they considered a wonderful vacation spot in those days. The opportunities were there for those with skills, education, ruthlessness, etc.. Most were simply hungry.

          Just like today the vast majority of the writhing masses simply wanted someone to care for them. Others wanted to carve a niche. The few wanted to own the Universe.

          They did not start with a clean slate. They brought what they were accustomed to. England has always been a class society. Basically, it works. The introduction of slavery was considered a “leg up” on the competition. Today they farm jobs to India. Then they would simply bring people to work for room and board.

          All rulers everywhere are engaged in trying to get the absolute most from their subjects just short of rebellion. Sometimes that balance tips the scale and we have revolts. That is the primary purpose of police and the military. They are there to protect the greedy.

          For most, if you give them something shiny and feed them, they’re happy. The Church wanted to lift the masses from this condition. Of course, that is not what those in control want to see. They want them to be content with their shiny things and go back to sleep.

          So yes, slavery is an ugly thing. It is essentially on rung lower than the masses. Still, most settled in to their assigned roles rather well. There were occasional uprisings, sometimes with blacks and whites together, over their general living conditions. They were crushed, of course, with the help of other “leaders”, often from the North.

          So Patrick points to the reality of the situation, not the myth. Those who came here were looking for survival or opportunity. The “owners” set the tone. Things were never free for the taking for the average person. In fact, having the “Indians” on the western border is what kept the whites enslaved to their owners. Those who reached an accommodation with them achieved some ability to scratch out a living largely free of the oligarchs to the East.

          We are all slaves, paid or otherwise. Some of us realize that, others do not.

  8. Once again we have the phantom medical expert in the police department declaring gunshot victims dead and not worthy of transfer to one of the premier organ transplant hospitals in the world that resides in Charleston.

    It is a crying shame they are not aware that gunshot victims are perfect healthy organ donors and their bodies can be kept medically alive for extended periods. It is well known that for some reason, minorities are less likely to be organ donors and thus there is a greater need….

    1. They should have called Carver. He could have done the autopsies in the parking lot and had time for a standup routine before dinner.

      I’m not sure what the crisis actor company’s policies are with regard to taking their actor’s organs.

      1. Yes, there is a search for facts, which are sorely lacking in most of these false flags. It is the absence of routine and reality in these spectacles which give them away as theater. The hypothesis always is they are a blatant attempt at promoting pre-decided policy through popular assent – manufactured consent that is.

      2. Listen, don’t listen to string. I know for a fact that he otherwise works for a GMO company. I have seen him somewhere on other boards. Maybe next time you will even get past us. But move along to other more boards!

      3. Missing facts in the Charleston Shooting:

        *A crime scene and photo.
        *Autopsies/ Coroner Reports. Who pronounced everyone dead?
        *One person was supposedly injured, yet no interview, name or proof of any such event.
        *What Hazmat team did the crime scene cleanup? Very quick to have church services 3 days later with bodies perhaps still in the basement.
        *No funeral arrangements of any kind have been publicly stated for anyone except for the Senator. It is now Tues, six days later. That is unheard of in any Crhistian faith.

        This is just a small sampling of huge holes in this ongoing story.

        1. add to the missing evidence list: Why have we not heard from his parents or siblings?

        2. John, here’s another little interest item some may want to consider:

          A sweet little communist/feminist who has an interest in promoting her book just “happened” across “The Roof Manifesto”. Did I mention she has a blog entitled “Manyfestos”?

          Not to worry thought, the SPLC will use it. Any port in a storm I always say. Ya’ gotta make propaganda while the crisis shines, and so forth.

          Did I mention that they bought our shooter a burger? I’ve heard that the cannibals get a Double-Whopper, with cheese.

          Let’s review: Sofia posted the drill schedule…..Check!
          We have the unbelievable “arrest”…..Check!
          We have the happy “Up With People/Baha’i” mourners…..Check!
          Bowl haircut…..Check!
          Vacant hollow eyes…..Check!
          Black Honda (or was it a Hyundai?)…..Check!
          Extraordinary marksmanship…..Check!
          Photoshopped evidence…..Check!
          Media Hype…..Check!

          About all that’s missing is a couple of nuns in men’s shoes packing heat…..and Gene!

          “She was……..FROZEN!”. She thawed rather quickly when they brought up the $29M.

          Now, why would a red-blooded American with an IQ above a turnip have problems with this story?

        3. Lophatt,
          You might be getting yourself in trouble with all those checks…HaHa

          Yes Gene and the Nuns were there but we can’t talk about it.

          Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our fellow Homo Sapiens woke up from their Neanderthal DNA( The Evolution the Wealthy families didn’t go thru) stupor that’s been dominating their brains to help us…

          Not happening….

    1. Look how devastated this man is after losing his mother in a racist rage ? How can you doubt the official story you crazy heartless conspiracy theory nutcases ?

      Classic Hegelian Dialectic IMHO. Problem – Boy not raised to be racist complying with Sandy Hook Promise magazine capacity restrictions learns hatred and bigotry on the internet and reloads his magazine 4 times killing 9 people in a church after Bible Study.

      Reaction – we must prevent this in the future. If we save one life it is worth it.

      Solution – control internet content so people will not learn how to hate. Reduce and or eliminate gun access.

      Outcome = we will all live happier ever after never to be victimized by crime again.

      1. West is a race-obsessed loon, who would have no notion what Sofia is trying to say when she tells us to watch this video. He’s good for laughs, though. (How do they find interviewers who can pretend his ravings are meaningful, without cracking up, I’d like to know.) Personally, I think that if Dave Chapelle ever does another show, Cornel West should be on it. Unscripted. Just raving–like he does here. I suspect that everyone would assume comedy writers gave him his lines, which would be part of the fun.

        Anyway, one needs to have watched Sofia’s presentation about Sandy Hook to understand why she wants us to watch this little video analysis: the monster that rules us, what I call “our masters,” she says, is TRAINING us, as if we are all puppies, in how to respond to tragedy. We are not to react in anger, outrage, and horror. We are not to display emotion. We are to “understand” the guy who did it–no matter how horrible “it” is–and forgive him. Right away. No grieving, no mourning period. No taking time. We are being conditioned. The correct way of reacting to tragedy is to be emotionless from the start.

        No one else, that I know of, has identified this weird phenomenon.

        Cornel West certainly, does not come close to understanding it.

        1. Just a couple of things come to mind. How different is this from “white guilt” over the holocaust? Is it different to say “gun control” or “disarmament”?

          Does it follow that if there actually are crazed lunatics aimlessly shooting people the response should be disarmament of the population? Does declaring a “gun free zone” cause crazed lunatics to flee in frustration?

          Bearing no sense of guilt for any historical event that happened before my time and that I was not a participant in, I refuse to play. Just as an “anti-semite” is anyone the Jews hate, anyone who refuses to shrink in fear of their allegations of “micro-aggressions” is a bigot.

          This is just an expansion of the basic purpose of “media” and the political parasites. They will determine what the “acceptable” limits of discussion are, all the rest is “extremism”.

          Soon, “extremism” will be synonymous with “terrorism”. We will not be allowed to judge this of course because “our president” claims we’re genetically flawed. All I can do is laugh.

          Just look at that gaggle of tools who lined up to ban the Confederate flag. Wow, what’s next, white sheets and pointy hats?

          The current Top Clown could do something symbolic and remind the country that the original intent of all of that discrimination legislation was to treat EVERYBODY equally. That does not mean that one group, or another, gets special privileges. “Prejudice” is like “free speech”, it is not illegal. If it exists, we will have to accept it.

          So, I accept that we have mindless morons who wring their hands and look down in shame for being white. That’s their call. I won’t have any of it. If some group wants to feel superior, they have a right to do that. If as a result they decide to act on that, it may be another matter.

          So yeah, this is an attempt to establish “acceptable” limits on free speech. Just like the ridiculous, childish acceptance of having words put off limits, think “N-Word”, some are willing to accept letting “special” people tell them what they are allowed to say.

          Someone once said “it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”. That was a wise assessment. These control freaks can cook up anything they like, I won’t be participating.

        2. You are much too kind. Boo, hoo! What, precisely, does it mean to “fight against racism”? This guy is a race-obsessed loon, you are quite correct.

          So here we have the apologetic white girl. “Whatever you say, its all my fault”. Frankly, I can’t remember when I’ve been so sick of hearing this crap. Doesn’t look like he was “held back” too much. There he is, spewing his nonsense like Sharpton.

          You are absolutely right about “conditioning”. Apparently it works. We have one poster who equates “Nazism” with “fascism”, and that somehow is related to “race”. What?

          We have Confederate flags that symbolize an agrarian lifestyle, as opposed to an industrial one, and now that is symbolic of “Nazism”? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t argue with him, he’s a doctor.

          It all reminds me of a woman I used to work with. Until she retired I had to suffer through her rendition of being “a child of alcoholic parents”. She was in her 60’s. I asked her when she thought she’d be able to outgrow this. It was here identity. It was her destiny. It was her excuse.

          In my geezerhood I don’t suffer fools lightly. This guy’s a fool, PhD or not.

        3. @lophatt: Dolores Ibarruri, a Spanish communist, known as La Pasionaria: “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

        4. Thanks Sofia. “Delores Ibarurri”. Leave it to me to quote a communist!

          I actually quoted “Iron Maggie” the other day, although I couldn’t stand her.

          “The trouble with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”. Gotta hand it to her. It’s a great line.

        1. I disagree. The Left created White Supremacy Con for control.

          I know I’ll be called a simpleton and a racist but I was raised in CA and Never knew Racism. I learned it when I got older.

          Here on the west coast white people bend over backwards on this issue.

          Oh, scrap that that thought. King O said being a good a person to your fellow man doesn’t matter..Your still a racist…..sorry

          One more thought that will get me in more trouble.

          When the war ended with Mexico the west was left with a majority of American Mexicans. And, I stress AMERICAN Mexicans just as American as Apple Pie. They Choose to stay here.

          We lived in peace for hundreds of years and shared the ideals until this administration out of ignorance, not even understanding our relationship and wanting control. Decided ALL Hispanics and Latinos would side with them letting illegals into our country.

          They are wrong. But have shamed them into staying quiet so they won’t be called racist. Sound Familiar? Tactic?

          Well, I;m in a heap of hurt but it’s true.

          The left think anyone of color will oppose white people and they are DEAD wrong.

          I’m sure moderation is coming soon. My message is of Peace.

          I want everyone to be American First the your heritage.

          American Indian, American Irish, American German and so on

        2. James,
          Instead of me being humiliated and sent to “Moderation” at this old age.

          Could you just let my comment go through and I promise I will drive back to my old Alma Mater and let my old Gym teacher whip out that 2 foot paddle with the holes in it and give me 3 whacks?

          That’s how it was done when I was growing up and much less humiliating than being in moderation in front of 2 million people?

          I’m sure my Principle and Gym Teacher would be “on board”.

          Just a thought…..

        3. Never mind. I need to just keep it simple.
          I tried to make a statement and just went into the weeds, Typos, Punctuation and all. That’s Me..haha

      2. He definitely plays both sides. Cornel West was perhaps the biggest name to have backed, quite pro-actively, the vile Orange, NJ, teacher who had her third grade class write get well letters to Mumia Abu Jamal, white police officer Daniel Faulkner’s black murderer who has been in prison for thirty years for the crime:

        Anglocelt Faulkner was stalked and murdered in cold blood while on duty in Philadelphia; he was known for his bravery in defending black homeless people from inter-racial violence in the city’s ghetto neighborhoods. Zuniga’s promotion of ‘racist violence’ to third graders took place this past spring just blocks away from the scene where anglocelt Brendan Tevlin was stalked and executed by black gangmembers in West Orange, NJ (home of the ADL), one year ago this weekend. It should be noted that Brendan was shot eight times, and that the Bloods who haunt the ‘ghetto’ half of West Orange are known to walk around chanting ’88’ while fantasizing about killing ‘whitey.’ I have heard this from several sources who live in the area in NJ and know the gangs. Essex County lied and spun a story to cover for what was very real ‘racist violence’ – towards native european anglocelt people in a mostly jewish and black area.

        I mention the number because it clearly holds symbolic meaning for both the ‘neo-nazis’ and black gangs. But the governmedia only want the public to know about a bunch of cranks on the internet, not the real life racial terrorists who plague real life innocents all over NJ and its surroundings, and the country. One irony in all this is that Union County, right next to Essex, NJ, was aligned with the Confederacy during the Civil War yet not one black slave lived there at the time. That’s just one micro-angle on a war that was far more complex than ‘slavery;’ some say black slavery had little to do with the motives for the war.

        Last, West says ‘white supremacy’ doesn’t have to be ‘overt.’ He is right the slavery doesn’t have to be; all sorts of whites lived in virtual slavery in coal mining ‘company towns’ and other totalitarian socioeconomic shackles well after the Civil War ended. He is the race-baiter who wants to distort classism into an identity politics domination of…white european people.

      3. smallstorm is right – she picked up on Cornel West’s reaction to premature attempts at forgiveness. It doesn’t mean he is saying something is suspicious in the whole story, only in the way surviving family members are jumping up too soon to forgive. Were he to think carefully about how coordinated it all seems – he might ask why. There could be any number of reasons (setting aside the obvious one, that they had nothing to forgive because it was a fake) – one of which might be the hope that this would not spark riots (something they might not want whether or not they were participating in a hoax). He says forgiveness is a process which must be worked through. It is not instant.

        I know that where the victims of the Nazi Holocaust are concerned, many could not forgive – but they refused to destroy their own lives with corrosive hatred and seeking revenge. For so many, living well was the the best revenge, but no one I ever knew in that category would ever have crossed the street to forgive a Nazi. The top ones they considered irredeemably evil, the few prison guards who were not actively cruel they regarded as pathetic (and in one case, there was even something like understanding), and the average joe of the society which allowed the events they considered dumb or petty. But you do not forgive someone unless they ask you for it. Why should you, the victim, initiate it? Yes, maybe someone was caught up in forces beyond their control and he did not do actual deliberate evil to you, but he was in a position to do it to someone else innocent, so why should you forgive him? People have to earn forgiveness, if they can. People have to attempt to make restitution (not for their ancestors though, but for acts they were involved in).

        1. @musings: It doesn’t mean he is saying something is suspicious in the whole story, only in the way surviving family members are jumping up too soon to forgive.

          That was exactly my point and btw, I posted that vid! He noticed the behavior wasn’t normal…

        2. Is that what you meant, Sofia? That’s pretty “deep” for Cornell. I think there’s more Sharpton than DeCarte in there. As to the interview with “the young man”, it would be hard to find anything more scripted than that.

          “Love will overcome…(face camera two, left), whoops, sorry. Is my shirt unbuttoned?”

          This is like critiquing a bad movie. There is a point at which words no longer convey the thoughts. That’s when the cursing begins.

    2. Love……., and TWENTY-NINE MILLION DOLLARS! That oughta do it. At least they didn’t do butterflies. Just more modeling. If he displayed anger he would be considered “extremist” (ugh).

      Just like the “grateful” victims in SHES or the “transabled” in BMB, smiling, happy, faces. That’s what your masters want to see in their slaves, happy acceptance.

      The money merely seals the deal. It’s like a trademark. These are examples of one of the few instances where Karl Rove wasn’t lying.

      1. We are going to broke! 29 Million to just 9 families?

        Just in May alone, 42 B people were killed by B people. whats that 200 million? Not to mention Chicago and all the other cities King O could careless about..

        In Los Angeles if you get shot/killed you get ZERO. Unless there is a drill.

        Just saying…..

        1. Ric, I think they have a “guild” or something. In the contract you only get paid if its in the script. They don’t like it when you go “rogue”. You have to give them time to get all the preproduction stuff in the can.

          We can’t have the disturbingly strange Anderson Cooper roaming the hostile streets of L.A. unscripted. Just think of the contrast. Someone would call Ghost Busters.

          Besides, he’s a happy victim specialist. He wouldn’t know what to do with sobbing, angry, potentially violent victims. It would disturb is coif and take the starch out of his silk shirt.

  9. Last nite, Jim Fetzer was on with Stew Webb at the Veterans Truth Network and the former said that “Roof was 32 years old and a former Marine who has appeared in many TV shows over the last 20 years”.

    How do you spell “dyspepsia”?

  10. It has been said that the Second Amendment is where it is because the First Amendment has no staying power without it. In this world in which other countries are held up as more civilized and which globalization is being touted as the only way to go, the idea of surrendering sovereignty to a much bigger structure, with treaties that become the supreme law over the Constitution has charms for some. They believe it will result in greater security, when indeed it is nothing but a big pyramid scheme even now in the process of breaking down (and thus needing more suckers).

    I suppose the role of Obama was always to help usher in this new age. Bush/Cheney is not someone anyone rational can feel nostalgia for. If some felt on the brink of revolution during their tenure, too many of them were lulled into complacency by administration which followed. Why would the people who brought us the USA Patriot Act stop at that? No, Bush/Cheney did not assert a dictatorship for life, nor will Obama. But the agencies which spy on Americans and the military which kills them by drones, will go on doing its thing no matter who is the president of the United States.

    Becoming more like Europe and banning certain forms of speech, with heavy sanctions such as jail terms, is no way to promote truth. In fact it will effectively crush all uninhibited discussion about any subject, for fear of reprisals.

    The “quaint document” needs to have the dust shaken off it, and to be read and applied, across the board, prosecuting all those government agencies which have violated it under the color of office, through denial of due process, through wholesale collection of private communications, and through false flag terror. How far will the go before that happens?

  11. There is now evidence that Root commented on the Nazi site of The Daily Stormer. This is ominous, a step more toward fascism than is the influence of the former White Citizens Council, the current CCC. It parallels Washington’s current foreign policy. Washington is now supporting the Ukrainian Nazis and sending troops to train them to fight Russians, and, especially, to serve as a terrorist organ for killing and brutalizing Ukrainians. The Nazis and other fascists of Europe include the Confederate Flag as part of the fascist organs in the West. A political fascist expression of racist war is therefore forming here historically, which the Root atrocity is part of.

    During Hurricane Katrina, on some racist pretext that the Blacks were shooting at and killing rescuers, Washington, under the Bush Jnr regime, sent mercenaries fighting in Iraq to police New Orleans. So there is precedent for sending American troops in Foreign countries to police American cities, and these troops may be part of a fascist movement or uprising. The current military operation, jade something, may be part of this planned operation.

    The race war may be coordinated as part of this planned operation to appeal to the White racist American population, a number of whom have already commented that a military coup is necessary to stage honest elections and an honest media. So if there is an uprising of the American people against the privation of the current economic inequality and dysfunction–and this would increase with the loss of the dollar as a reserve currency– a racist fascist militarism would already be in place to repress it.

    The fascist tendencies of racist homicides is being widely practiced currently in Ukraine against a White population, supported by Washington. It can easily be transferred here to repress an insurgent White and non-White population. The widespread White racism can be appealed to, as it currently is, to justify a military coup to put down Black uppitiness, first in the South, than everywhere. It may well succeed because the racist population is more organized behind White power than, with more White gunmen, than an anti-racist opposition.

    1. What’s being “practiced in Ukraine” is the result of $5B expended on a coup by Vicki Nuland and her handlers. Unless you define “race” as Polish, Estonian, etc., Russians or Ukrainians are the same “race”.

      So-called “Nazi” ideology is a philosophy. Extreme nationalism, not racism. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. It is the same old divide and conquer by affiliation, culture, race, whatever.

      The jack-booted thugs in Western Ukraine are “identifying” with being “European”, as opposed to “Russian”. Or “Western” as opposed to “Eastern”. Whatever.

      Dead is dead and they are murdering people. The Western press is lying their collective arses off and blaming Putin. The current installed oligarch is the result of his predecessor refusing to let them use Ukraine to encircle Russia. They fixed that.

      Putin is smart. He knows that as long as Ukraine is fighting internally they can’t attack Russia. It is in their best interest to just let them do it. He can’t stop it without being the aggressor and giving them an excuse. Idi Obongo keeps bringing his checkerboard to a chess match.

      Nothing about this has anything to do with “race”. Nice try though.

      1. arguing that Nazi ‘philosophy’ has nothing to do with race is the kind of denial that I have come to expect on this blog, and what is pandered to in right wing populism. The country is racially polarizing, possibly as part of organized attempt, and such views that the church massacre didn’t really happen, or the Nazi program of killing Slavs, Jews, etc is not racial is part of this polarization.

        Just as truth is the first casualty of war, reason is the first victim of institutionalized homicide. The conceptual language is so fragmented, and American ideology so pathological, that Americans, especially American racists, cannot connect the truths. So Americans cannot see the relation between White cops murdering Black persons, White individual massacres, and Washington training Ukrainian Nazis to kill Russian speaking people. And the American media and other truth institutions, including internet blogs, pander to this racist blindness.

    2. Where’s the proof Roof commented on a nazi site? You’re taking an awful lot for granted to believe that any of the digital footprint assigned to Dylann Roof isn’t just concocted out of whole cloth to further the state’s agenda for shutting down free speech.

      I’m not convinced of Dylann Roof’s sociopathy any more than I’m convinced Oswald was a Communist. Or anti-communist. I think its beside the point.

      1. I just made a “Big” comment to Folks statements in which you may never see…

        I’m sitting in the corner right now facing the wall now with my sleepy mat for being a bad boy….in moderation

    3. “There is now evidence that Root commented on the Nazi site of The Daily Stormer.”
      “The race war may be coordinated as part of this planned operation to appeal to the White racist American population”

      Do you REALLY buy this Crap?

      I hear what your trying to say but it’s King O and the left with Soro’s and the Globalists doing this.

      Divide and Conquer, Cloward and Piven.Globalists who want to start a civil war here. They can’t win any other way but from “within”

      It’s not Racist White People. Please

      News Flash: White People are the LEAST racist after 40 years of brow beating. Hey look down the street? Every rich Black man has a white girl. What you say? Good? They should support Black woman? I hear NOTHING.

      NOW, Racism is a big problem thanks to the Globalists and the Left. The Blacks look at it as a free ride much as the Muslims did when they were giving the opportunity to blow us up for free…Get it?

      It’s the TOP Blacks working with left, getting the big bucks and just being stupid falling into “Their” trap. Wake Up.

      So 700 blacks kill 7000 blacks, all good, no problem, just life in the big city. Blacks kill whites, no biggy.

      1 white kills a black and we need to burn down the city, pass TPP and join the NWO, Federalize all local Police, DHS on every corner and a full nanny state where they just walk into our houses to check our toilets. Are you insane?


      I will not debate this. Fake

      1. your response is really incoherent, Ric, but it is valuable in that it brings to the surface the relation of racism to conservatism. In order to justify conservatism, it is necessary to attribute racism, if it exists at all, to the dirty leftists. While claiming that an oligarch like Soros is a leftist.

        But the same kind of irrationality, if not as intense, is exhibited on the leftist and mraxist blogs. It is difficult for the entire political spectrum to accept the simple historical truth that America is a highly racist country against non-Whites. Of course America is not unique in being racist, it is a common affliction of all countries, such as Japan or China. But America has been more powerful than those countries in the 20th century, so American racism has more of an historical effect.

        Why is it so difficult to accept? One reason is that the media and the other truth institutions–the schools, universities, churches, Entertainment venues, etc– have created a White truth consensus in America. The oligarchy and the professionals working for the institutions that they directly or indirectly control have historically been White. so White truth is the standard, and this can only be produced through deceit, delusion, distraction, ideological repression, and irrationality.

        Which people identify with. So any obvious truth about racism is an attack on their identities. Just pointing out obvious reality is treated as an attack. Which is defended by incoherence, irrationality, and untruth.
        So the initial problem of fighting this racism is not intellectual ignorance, but emotional denial. I probably provoke it because of my tactlessness. But I don’t see any other way of working through what is an historical curse of America.

        1. Why does mere hatred, even against blacks and Indians, have to be considered as dyed in the wool racism anyway? If you are another color than I am and I kill you, am I necessarily a racist? Why can’t I kill you because I hate you and not be labeled as one who killed in the name of some racist ideology? We killed Indians for what reason? Because they were Indians or because we wanted what they had? How do you prove racism and differentiate it from mere murder? If Joe Bugner defeats Cassius Marcellus Clay, is that racism, even a tinge of racism? Why not? Implying that color difference automatically sets the stage for racism derived events sounds like poppycock to me.

  12. I just wish someone would come forward and identify who this Dylan really is.
    What orphanage was he taken from?
    Poland, Russian, Ukraine, someone know’s who he really is.

    1. Anne, I think he was the “Billy Shields” of “Dance, Dance, Revolution”. I can picture him strutting his stuff under the disco ball.

      Maybe they should put a permanent ban on those haircuts. I had to wonder what it must have been like sitting there in the church, chatting with “bowl head” while he wore his bullet proof vest. “Why, is that armor y’all are wearin’ or are you a Scott with a sporran?

      “Well, to tell the truth I was hoping y’all wouldn’t notice that. Well, I guess I have to start shootin’ now. Y’all hold still, I may have to reload four or five times”.

      The whole thing has that “unreal” quality. That’s because it is.

      1. If I was a “hard Core” highly educated liberal, I’d go after the Barber r Honda..

        Clearly there’s a pattern the stupid conservatives are missing.

        See: Harvard/Yale does study that proves Christians and people on the right center have lower IQ’s.

        Yes, they did….Haha.

        Ya can’t make this stuff up.

        1. Yeah, I saw that study. I don’t “identify” with either. They are both examples of being unable or unwilling to see things for what they are, not what some would like them to be.

          Both recite canned rhetoric that means nothing. One wants to control everything we do and the other refuses to regulate those who steal us blind. Pretty smart, huh?

          Sometimes its hard to even churn up a little anger at this. Its too laughable. Remember the second time Osama died? Paid crowds in the streets of D.C. at midnight? An empty display by an empty suit celebrating a lie. Perfect!

          So now we have them holding a Confederate flag like a trophy. That’ll fix it. No wonder they pay them the big bucks. Just another two-bit hustler leading a gaggle of shameless whores in a photo opportunity.

          I’d say the whole thing was a couple of clowns short of a circus.

      2. Dylann Storm Roof – who is he?

        His dad is Mr. Storm Drain and his mother is Mrs. Storm Door. A stepmother is reported to be Mrs. Stormy Weather. As a young boy he was left to fend for himself, swim or sink. He fought the elements, climbed up on the roof to stay safe and took the name Storm Roof. That leaves us to wonder where Mr. Storm Window is. Rumors float that he is a cousin. Perhaps this one:

        “Dylann Storm Roof’s cousin says black guy stealing his girl was the final step that pushed him over the edge……”

        Over the edge of the roof?

        Courtesy of brain”storming” with a crazy friend.

        1. Anne,
          That’s great, but how did Storm Drain get Adam’s car, Glock and Haircut?

          This is what the best minds at the alphabet agencies are working on.

          That car was towed away 3 yrs ago and auctioned off….or was it?

          I’m telling you. They are quadruplets(Peter didn’t even know” and we have 2 more nuts out there……… scared

        2. I think you’ve about solved this thing. There are rumors of a Storm Window in the woodshed. These things happen when your family tree resembles a cactus.

          Speaking of gene pools, did anyone check that Honda to see if it had a broken window?

          Somebody asked me once; “what’s a mile long and has one tooth?”. An unemployment line in South Carolina!

          We may be on to something here. Maybe the reason for all these “lone nut shooters” is that the FBI’s profile book has nerds with weird haircuts. They’re busy rousting these Dungeons and Dragons kids instead of looking for the bad guys. It’s a theory.

          The arrest resembled the “homecoming” parade for that little girl with the sometimes missing finger. I’ve walked out of better films than this.


          Ric – the black car is reported to be a 2000 Hyundai Elantra – a step down from a Honda. But said in a southern accent perhaps Hyundai and Honda sound the same?

          If Roof is child actor John Christian Graas, speculated on in many places, then the hairdo comes from those days. Look up photos of Graas. Their mouths are identical, hairdo too. Graas has lived NC and VA, so being an actor he would have no problems with a southern accent. He’s from California.

          Weapons I have no clue about. For protection I usually sport a couple of German Shepherds, one in each hand – locked and loaded.

          The agencies are working on the next clones, but we should not be too hard on them. Perhaps the best prep schools and ivy leagues do not hold up to their former standards.

        4. lophatt – right, there are several Storm Windows in the woodshed. They are just waiting for the weather folks to create a Storm Front so whole Storm Family can come together and get these windows up. Sort of a Storm Family tradition, that and watching their cactus grow.

      3. Was he involved in the Lincoln Savings and Loan perversion camp? Is he somehow compromised? Does he produce or else?
        DHS is going for all the marbles in this case. Can and will the stupid American public offer any resistance or will they think this is just another soap opera for them to “figure out”?

    1. Why would a school dropout be interested in a historic church so far from home? Who took the photos on his website which are so perfect? Who wrote the text grammatically on his website? When was his website started and when was it updated? His white friends say he had black friends. Who was his barber and when did he get the misfit haircut? Where was he the past few weeks before the event? Who saw him recently?

  13. More proof that internet censorship is only the start of the agenda:

    General Edwin Walker was a WWII and Korean war hero who took an anti-federal government stand towards integration in 1962. Robert Kennedy tried to have him committed to repress his dissent. Only a famous crusader against the lie of psychiatry, Thomas Szasz, and a crowd of southerners prevented it.

    Regardless of whether one supports, in hindsight, Walker’s views on integration, it is critical to recognize how the same tactics are being deployed today, only without any challenge whatsoever. Be careful of wikipedia’s account on Walker, given which ethnic group owns it and how controversial such issues are generally. Walker saw the rise of communism lurking behind the civil rights movement. Today his view that a sinister new world order was being installed covertly via a package of ‘social reforms. seems prescient.

    Charletson’s psy op and its bolstering of Murphy’s bill will kill the idea in a way that killing or criminalizing the person can’t. The Soviet Union interned dissidents like Bukovski to avoid martyring them, which would only have strengthened the power of their challenge of tyrannical authority. Since the Constitution cannot be legally fully dismantled, its simply being sidestepped.

  14. I believe that one aspect of the agenda driven by this “event” is to motivate citizens to “snitch” on each other, i.e create a volunteer Stasi (“see something, say something” – including any racist or __?__ remarks!). Just look at what the alphabet media are pushing and the agendas reveal themselves:

    1. That’s also been my sense, Tammie, glad you added that onto the analysis I’ve tried to provide. Not only can our friends of all people not know us and our mental state a la ‘disease,’ they should be relied on to ‘report’ any attitudes we express deemed ‘dangerous.’ Instead of our friends being the buffer between unconstitutional imprisonment that they should be under current law, they are being groomed to view with paranoia any departure from The Party’s line.

      1. Well of course this would tend to interfere with freedom of association. In the communist society I knew about, Hungary, and the one I knew about second-hand from a person who lived there, East Germany, nobody ever trusted their neighbors. There were relationships the state would not tolerate, and friendly associations they could not watch – well, prisons are like that.

        1. If Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism was mandatory reading in college level political science 101, I think we could have an awakening. Your comment about the Eastern Bloc having been a civilian prison atmosphere is telling. That is what is happening here. The Genocidal Phoenix Program in Vietnam, that had a civilian murder quota of 1,800 a month, was developed using assassins from military prisons. The idea of the totalitarian state goes back to, at least, Plato, who espoused the idea of separating children from their parents at birth, and having them raised and educated by the state. The destruction of the family unit would leave the child with the state as parental figure, and, having developed no familial attachments, the child would indeed find himself a mere organ and function of the state. Here, the concepts of community, family, society, etc., have to be withered away in a incremental fashion. The Machiavellian use of splitting or splintering can be used at both the macro level (nation, state, county, etc.) and the micro level (neighborhood, workplace, school place, family unit).

  15. This video of one of Roof’s black friends/roommate is UNBELIEVABLE:

    1. He admits that he and at least one other roommate knew of Dylann’s plan to do a school shooting, and was surprised that the church was a target.

    2. He believes that Dylann, described as a bit of an alcoholic, was not serious. So he hid his gun and then gave it back (great plan!)..

    3. He basically admits to being an informant by saying that the reason he felt uncomfortable holding the gun was that he has is barred from possessing a firearm (i.e., he is a convicted felon).

    4. He says that Dylann is not racist. Remember, we are talking about a guy with confederate plates, and racist patches on his jacket.

    In my opinion, both Dylann and his “friends” were being monitored up until the event happened (unless they are all crisis actors or otherwise in on it).

      1. I did not see one person interviewed who was a friend, purported victim’s family member , or other, who displayed any stage of grief expected in the aftermath of a tragedy. Somehow, when Cornel West was interviewed, he mentioned a grieving process in complete obliviousness of the fact that, in this case, there appears to be NONE!

        1. West seems to have a spontaneous independent thought about what a process grief is, and to have doubted the survivors have gone through it yet. That’s how I read it. You know old-time radicals always instinctively can smell a rat.

    1. Or maybe it’s all bunk! That would go a long way toward explaining the irregularities. If porcupine hair was a room mate of bowl head, and knew about this drill (er), “shooting”, and didn’t do anything to stop it, he could be charged as an accessory. Instead he’ll likely be collecting his share of the haul of federal loot.

      They are throwing everything they have at this. Hey, its late in the season and they need a hit. What trade agreement? What WWIII? They’ve even dusted off George Wallace.

      If this were the real deal it would be one of the most egregious misuses of public office and taxpayer’s money I’ve seen. Shameless, opportunistic huckstering. But, what do you expect.

      Luckily for us, it is another drill. Whether anyone died or not is immaterial. Sofia posted the schedule. It’s right there. I’m sure its all a “coincidence”. Remember the picture of the photoshopped jacket provided by the SPLC? “Er, we’ve had our eye on him a long time…”, not!

      Yes sir, they are mocking us again. Playing us for chumps. “Who ya’ gonna believe, us or your lyin’ eyes?”.

  16. This whole incident is to unbelievable and reeks of a staged drill. No Pic’s,
    Then they have Mass 3 days later and the whole congregation shows up and is allowed to trample all over the crime scene yet the press were Never allowed to photograph the crime scene Ever.

    It takes many days/weeks to process a crime scene yet this massacre analyzed then supposedly cleaned up in a mere 20 mins or so.

    And the whole video of them arresting him and then parading him around in a bullet proof vest is ludicrous.

    The kid looks right in camera, not a care in the world. Does he know something and isn’t worried?

    Prof. D does a good vid here

    1. Those are not police officers. They are DHS agents/actors. A suspected murderer would be pulled over by an MRAP vehicle and a SWAT team, not by a bunch of bad actors wearing police officer costumes and puny side arms. This scenario just doesn’t happen in 2015.

      There would be no traffic as usual in a real stop of this nature. Roads would be blocked off and literally dozens of officers would have been involved.

      1. All I know if I just committed 9 major felonies and the cops flashed me, I’d be going about a 100-miles an hour, running every light to get away.

        This guy just pulls over, then hands the cop his license and registration while “bumping” some rap music and texting on his iphone.

      2. As a limo driver, I got pulled over once for improper lane usage, when all the paint showing lanes was scraped off from a heavy snow winter and frequent plowing. I had no idea I was even being pulled over, because i was turning into a convenience store for coffee and had no reason to think the cop was coming for me. When I exited the vehicle, the cop was ready to draw his gun ( over stopping for coffee?) He ordered me to get back in my vehicle like he was still in Iraq at a checkpoint. His reaction was way out of line for a common traffic stop in an affluent resort community. If you compare that reaction to how the cops reacted in this video, improper lane usage was a far more grave situation than pulling over a suspected mass killer. The cops were so at ease apprehending an armed killer, re-holstering their weapons was appropriate? This makes no sense at all, just like Sandy Hook.

      3. did you notice how the killer used his turn signal? He also had the decency to pull well off the road so as to not to block traffic. How polite of him after killing 9 people.

    2. Yeah Ric, he couldn’t be more right. To a degree I know that people don’t like to see the obvious because it destroys their faith in all they were taught in school. That’s natural. However, no one can just wish it away. There it is, right in front of us.

      Sofia posted the drill schedule. If this wasn’t it, how did that go, anyway? For that matter, just look at the list of drills. Multiply that by all the various cities and towns. They can pull one of these off virtually anywhere at any time.

      All the rest are merely details. They wanted an event so they made one. They are now in full dudgeon hyping the propaganda. It’s an international effort. “Let us disarm you or we’ll keep killing people until you do”.

      P.T. Barnum used to say “never wise up a chump”. That about covers it.

      1. The left say we need to help everybody.

        We are the people of hope when the those people on the right say “work or starve”.

        Yet they never complain about the billions being wasted on everything from climate change to O’s billion dollar military actions world wide and ALL these drills. Billions wasted that could help ANY Americans in need.

        Answer: They rake in 100’s of billions from NGO’s and have been told if they can pull off carbon taxes they will be set for life.

        while they have all the Federal, State and City jobs which are now the highest paying jobs for that field and have 90% pensions thanks to unions.

        When I was young, the city paid much lower and couldn’t or wouldn’t compete with free enterprise for the same job/profession. That has been reversed.

        And they still complain….

      2. The banning of the Confederate flag (some say battle flag – I don’t know the details) has gone ridiculous to the point where Civil War games are also being banned for sporting this “hated” symbol. Could this be a little taste of Jade Helm? With incitement to rebellion? How do you go from the story of one kid to an entire wipe-out and demonization of those who participated in a historical period? Even the Union vets welcomed the Reb vets at Gettysburg back in the 1930’s when both were in their dotage. Who are we to say we know better? It’s ugly stuff, and most of my forebears were Union volunteers. Don’t other people get to be proud of their own or are we supposed to start spitting on the graves of the Confederate dead? That ought to start another war.

        1. Yep, Banning every thing but the Islam Flag, Mao and Che Guevara Tee shirts and anything Un-American is Full stock.

          These corporations are making fools of themselves and should be boycotted.

          Amazon is telling their customers they received direct orders from the Govt. to halt all sales on the flag. Communism?

        2. Here’s a link to the story, Ric.

          Walmart, Sears, Amazon Stop Selling Confederate Flag
          Ebay Bans Its Sale As ‘Contemporary Symbol of Divisiveness and Racism’

          Published on June 23, 2015.

          Online retailer will pull Confederate flag items from its web store, a person with knowledge of the matter said, becoming the latest retailer to ban such merchandise after racially charged shootings in a South Carolina church last week.

          The company came under pressure to remove the flags and similarly themed products from its online store after Walmart, Ebay and Sears said they’d stop selling the merchandise.

          Read more:


        3. Here’s a song a wrote called Climb Aboard.

          We’ve been down this road before. All the twists and turns.

          The Mystery I say is the unknown factors we face watching all this unfold.

          Not being a Zealot at all….

          “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, in high places.”

        4. Hey, Ric
          Thanks for posting the vid. Didn’t know you are one of the creatives! Been listening to your youtube channel all morning.

        5. Ric, yeah, we’ll have to chat about bass some time. I went to a Joe Bonamassa concert recently. The sound was awful. It was a disappointment as I know he is better than that generally. His bass player is no Victor Wooten or Stanley Clark. He IS loud, however.

          Oddly, I’ve heard that black men had rhythm. If he does, he didn’t use it. Just sort of noodled around running scales in some obscure mode. I think it was the “Enigmatic Bohemian Scale in the Key of “H minor”.

          “Hey man, I learned that listening to Miles Davis in his heroin days”. I use the same approach to bass that I do to guitar. I try to actually improve the song. I know, its a weird concept.

          At any rate, at $300 a seat I was not happy. Two hours of “Thumper” the bass player, and his usual drummer, who is very good but plays like “Frosty” of days gone by (if you know what I mean), left my brain numb. You actually could hardly hear Joe (if you can believe it).

          I went to his website to leave a critique. Suddenly I was at MHB all over again. His adoring fans who had been at this concert had nothing but praise. My son, who was with me, confirmed my sanity and I wrote it off as another example of people “seeing” (in this case hearing), what they expect, not what is there.

          Joe says that he travels with twenty assistants. If one of them is a sound engineer he either needs a new one or he needs twenty-one.

        6. BMan – Of course your comment including the statement about the contempt a Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson would have for a shooter like the one in the Charleston story is absolutely true. As for the causes of wars, I think they are like plane crashes – there are multiple errors to bring them about. In fact, the problem partly started with that great big Louisiana Purchase, done as one of dear Thomas Jefferson’s many impulse purchases in life (I have to say it is an endearing trait). But after that – how do you determine whose values are expressed in settling that land, which no longer belongs to a European imperial power, but which has passed to the United States – it really is joint territory of north and south, but how is it to be determined.

          We also don’t know all the issues between free labor and slave labor – but I would say it was about smaller family-owned farms and huge landowner operations (at least in the minds of the settlers). There were also a lot of anti-black attitudes in the North, where they did not relish the idea of being a potential minority with all that entails (in places like South Africa or the Deep South, where the boss class is scared to death of the working class – the classic case of riding a tiger and being afraid to dismount, so resorting to a draconian legalism to preserve privilege).

          So yes, preserving the Union was one thing (and if you look at prior history you see why – the European powers spent a century duking it out in the North – something rarely covered in typical American history courses, using Indian tribes as their surrogates to terrorize settlers). If you preserved the Union, you kept out the other empires sniffing around again – Spain, France, England (who all had colonies still in Latin America, France having recreated its imperial system). And I am sure there was a money angle too – London finally decided to side with the North.

          So I don’t think it was about worshipping the Union, it was about modernity, technology, free labor, immigration from Europe being encouraged by the North, etc. Ending slavery was part of the religious like fervor of some, but the more cynical realists also saw the South as old-fashioned and even obsolete.

        7. Hey, lophatt

          Would you expand on a thought you had in your Bonamassa post? What did you mean by this:

          “I went to his website to leave a critique. Suddenly I was at MHB all over again. His adoring fans who had been at this concert had nothing but praise.”

          By the way, just want to add that I always read and enjoy your comments.

          ” I think it was the “Enigmatic Bohemian Scale in the Key of “H minor”.” Hilarious

        8. BMan, thanks for that. As someone who is married to a lady who was in the UDC growing up and having had a mother who used all three of my names when she called me for supper, I can relate.

          Banning ANYTHING is anathema in this country. This is a huge insult and a racist incitement to hate. I have spent much time in the South and, in my opinion, the South has better “race relations” than anywhere in the North.

          The portrayal of “The Norther War of Aggression” as some sort of holy crusade is not only insulting, it is outrageously antagonistic. To view such an enormously complex and rich culture with simplistic eyes is to miss much.

          Instead of jumping on this bandwagon the citizens of this country should be crying out in outrage that “their” representatives are not only insulting a large segment of the country but are sowing division and hatred.

          In a long unbroken stream of outrageous and disgusting behavior, this administration has outdone themselves with this one. They should all be ashamed.

        9. At Least you know about “H” minor.

          Most people think everything starts with “A” and ends with “G#” in the 12 note program before it progress back to “A”.

          That’s what TPTB want you to think….

          Qm7-5 is a secret chord.
          Also check out Zdim7…out of this world


  17. Walter Scott (black):

    A traffic stop in Charleston for a burnt out tail light results in 8 bullets fired at his back, after he is tasered and subsequently handcuffed by Officer Michael Slager. He was accused of failure to pay child support and suffered fatal injuries for his crime(s).

    Dylann Storm Roof (caucasion):

    He is the alleged suspect of the mass murder of 9 church members in a Charleston Church. He is politely handcuffed by several polite NC officers who gently place him in handcuffs and re holster their sidearms so as not to cause any fear or discomfort. They are not sporting tasers or body armor of any kind, and their is no swat team within miles of the arrest point. Dylann Roof is taken to Burger King because he is hungry.

    Upon his extradition to Charleston, he is placed in a jail cell right next to Michael Slager, who was charged in the death of Walter Scott.

    In an unprecedented bail hearing, the families of the nine victims offer complete forgiveness to one Dylann Roof, prior to a trial or sentencing hearing.

    All of this information was gathered by reading and watching MSM reports.

    If they are trying to incite any type of race war, the ingredients are blatantly there. However, the logic is incredibly ambiguous, either by design or purpose.

      1. Check out the dual dashcam video. Notice the 2 cop cars have different markings and they are wearing different uniforms.
        If one in DHS they are acting under color of law and have No jurisdiction to act as a Police force except on federal land.

        1. The black officer is the one who clearly exits the white police car with sirens on top, but no visible markings anywhere else on the HD film of that particular car. The one in front clearly has “dial 911” and other markings. The black officer is also the actor who initiates all of the high fives and other unprofessional gestures. Perhaps he is the head DHS/actor of this scene.

        2. The black officer is clearly the coordinator of the drill. I never noticed the “High-Fives” completely unprofessional and proves our point even more this is a drill.

        3. I was taken by the “dashcam” action. Who was controlling the camera? It panned and then zoomed in.

          I’m sure they were happy to get their part in the drill over and done. As you and John point out, in this day and age, they will SWAT you for a Jaywalking ticket.

          It just isn’t fun if they can’t shoot your dog, Taser you and beat you senseless. If you “resist” they kill you.

          Anyone who has been paying attention lately could cite countless examples of this. “I feared for my life. He had expired tabs” is all it takes to get away with murder.

          Here we have the alleged mass shooter. Pretty casual I’d say. They probably didn’t want to get any demerits from the drill evaluation team.

        4. aren’t all police dashcam videos supposed to contain time stamps and they have been altered if they are without time stamps?

        5. Well Comrade, it appears that this one comes with its own operator. I remember something similar in some of the early vignettes from the 9-11 production. They put them on for “tension” and they played for a day or so, never to be seen again.

          One was a guy in a cab in Manhattan. He was telling the cabbie that he was a doctor and had to get to the scene. They pull up to a line of ambulances with EMT’s. He jumps out, starts barking orders at these guys. I thought, “in NYC they’d tell him to shut up and ask him who he thought he was, etc.”. Then it hit me. “Who is filming this?”.

          I think this trend makes my list of things to look for. Remember, if they show it, they want you look. Nothing makes it onto TEE VEE without approval.

        1. The word “appears” seems key here. Depending on who is allowed in for the viewing, whose to say they won’t be testing their sim corpse character creations in Act 2?

        2. There’s something strange about Obama going to Charleston and trying to sing “Amazing Grace” and breaking the tension with the black dignitaries there because he cannot carry a tune – – something comically inappropriate, because surely it cannot be news to Obama that he cannot sing. He knows how they will react. If it were just this one instance – but I feel Obama is as much of a cheer-leader figurehead as W, although more gifted with intelligence and debate ability. Who will be the next phony to lead us into more folly?

        3. Oh wow, Musings, Obama going into gospel mode and singing Amazing Grace was the only highlight I heard on the radio. It made me want to laugh and vomit simutaneously.

    1. Of course both of these stories are completely fake. However, to sum things up in simple equations:

      Walter Scott + traffic stop for taillight out = 8 bullets to the back.
      Dylann Roof + traffic stop for 9 homicides = trip to Burger King.

      1. I didn’t study the Walter Scott but it looked pretty real. I didn’t know it was even considered a possible fake.

        “Dylan, trip to burger king”..Haha


    Fetzer’s latest video. Check out minute 58… an interview with two people the day of their mother’s killing… no tears, just like Sandy Hook. The killer is an angry young white man who looks like a boy at age over 20, with a black Honda just like Sandy Hook. It’s like a cartoon cutout… take away Lanza and replace him with a kid named “Storm Roof”… he comes up with this sh*t! He reloaded 5 times without being gang tackled… what does it mean?, what does it mean?, what does it mean, Eugene?… The world gets more insane by the day. The post shooting press conference by Obama looks so artificial, it slaps you across the face. It’s so insulting to any thinking person’s sense of America… it’s another mobius strip cartoon. The mobius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientalable… in other words logic is turned on it’s ear so perversely that the world makes no sense at all, so people just surrender to insanity and accept the “lies we eat with breakfast’… from Midnight Oil’s song ‘Brave Faces’ Go listen to the song… they just nail what goes on in the world.

    1. Notice that within a day, the savage killer is already forgiven by children of the murdered without so much as a tear before the gun smoke has had time to dissipate. It’s exactly what Robbie Parker did after his lovely daughter was ripped in half by .223 rounds. I think it’s designed to mobius strip us of logic by disorienting us to the point there’s no frame of reference to make sense of it.

        1. Answer to Marzi about the lousy actors: like Sofia says, they are *watching our reaction* to the psy-op. It’s kinda like why did the Sandy Hook kids sing at the Super Bowl (in my opinion). Many of us are like WTF??? They are noticing us noticing.

        2. You know how some people claim to be Navy Seals or Army Rangers, who wear medals they never earned? There is a real thing called trauma, and it does not let you smile easily so fast. I suppose these jokers are trying to model proper behavior for the bereaved. I am not sure how this style was decided upon. It is certainly predictable in a wide range of fake bereaved, who all have the same reaction across the board.

          One of the most cheerful optimistic people I ever knew (my husband used to call her “Candide”) just lost her beloved husband to cancer. Guess what – it’s the stony silence, the inability to summon cheer, the leaden pace to her speech when it comes. Or the parent who goes all out for a beloved, happy child – who one day does not return from school. I heard about a mother like that in my children’s school – her son died in a bus accident. When she heard her screams pierced the ears of everyone near her – she was put in an ambulance and sent to a hospital until she could stop screaming. After that I saw her husband at a scholarship booth in her son’s honor – nobody could bring themselves to smile.

          These phonies are a disgrace to the human race. I cried more for my dog.

        3. Revising the coverage is typical for these psy ops. When we, or I mostly, analyzed the Elliot Roger (sp?) one last year, I noticed this happening sometimes by literally six hours after exposing discrepancies right on here and other highly monitored sites.

          Patrick’s video must be the latest revision. I haven’t even watched more than about half yet it’s clear they’re trying to make these people more believable. My sense of why the actors are so bad is that in part, the roles are impossible to play. Adding more ‘oomph’ into it would just make their words even more absurd, so they go for minimalism. This latest has somewhat better performances as the roles are new and somewhat improved.

        4. on the second video from PAT C.A. … freeze frame on the 6 minute mark to the 6:09 mark and check out the huge smile, and big laugh the whole group has about the speaker getting her first bra. This is biggest load of crap I have ever seen. I wanted to withhold judgement on this event, there’s just no way I can do that now. These interviews just warp the senses and disorient the viewer to the point of surrender, because there is no understanding these events if all you see is these interviews. Eventually we will start to expect people to act jovial at the news of death in their family. Maybe you could share a laugh in private at a memorial service over a fond or funny memory… but in an TV interview right after the tragic news? No tears again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Fetzer is incredible, no?

        All the information in the universe will not right this ship. Until knowledgeable Americans decide enough is enough, this is all but mere lip service.

        1. Then they would have to stop being addicted to tv shows – because this stuff is just the next step from a faked up reality show or soap opera, and we know how addictive those are. We consume a lot of tv and a lot of sugar snacks. It takes a lot more just saying “no” — but beyond that, a revolution.

  19. Yesterday, I emailed the following to three close friends, who are generally very thoughtful and properly “questioning” of many things:

    “When I first heard about this Charleston, SC ‘drill,’ and curious to confirm with my own eyes, I visited the site a few days ago, and sure enough, downloaded the schedule (exactly the same as reported, here:

    DHS ‘Charleston Active Shooter Threat Training Drill’ 15 – 19 June 2015 )

    It is amazing that real life massacres are now so common that they frequently coincide in time and in location with federal/state/local ‘active shooter’ drills.

    May g** save us all.”

    One of my female friends replied to my email as follows:

    “But what does it mean? What is the POINT? How does this inform in any way what happened?”

    I have my own reply in mind, but I am curious (and seek help) as to how others might succinctly reply to such a comment.

  20. NEWSFLASH: Stasi State Agenda has officially gone live

    Yesterday an associate of mine ended a couple of days-long debate on FB about black on white crime. My associate insisted on prounouncing certain stats, like the black on white rape rate. The white liberal insisted that this stat was ‘altered’ by my associate. After a few rounds where neither backed down, the liberal began hurling accusations of ‘mental illness’ and ‘threat to society,’ in spite of the fact that my associate did not in any way even imply any threat to any black person or to this liberal, or have any criminal record or ‘mental health’ history (not that either would imply a threat for various reasons). The person whose FB page it was is ‘friends’ with both men, and was asked by the liberal to ‘delete posts that make him look bad.,’ after calling the police in my associate’s city to report him. FB suspended my associate’s account for what is now 28 days; he’d never been suspended before.

    My associate got word this morning, confirmed by two independent sources, that he had become someone under some type of investigation by the police. The liberal accuser lives a few states away and has a BA in psychology but does not appear to be a ‘mental health practitioner.’ The midwestern state’s laws for committals have at least some due process; as of 2011 a person may be detained for a couple days but to be committed officially there has to be a hearing wherein any accusations have to be signed by accusers and affidavits are generally required for claims of ‘menace to oneself or the public.’ The law recognizes that friends and family cannot be considered the slightest bit objective or inherently credible, and that the truly mentally ill – manic depressives, depressives and schizophrenics – are generally non-violent anyway.

    As of around lunch, two black SUV’s were parked across from my friend’s house in a no parking zone. One has an illegal tint to the windows and the other is right behind with clear windows; neither has been towed all day despite parking being prohibited on that side of the street.

    This is all we have so far. I doubt given the state’s laws that there is much chance of anything coming of this as the law stands now. This associate is a somewhat well known (not famous but within certain circles) individual with one of the top ten highest IQ’s in the country, and is a scientist.

    Within a few months and some tinkering with this fairly enlightened state’s laws, he might become a political prisoner aka ‘mentally ill.’

    1. ETA: This state (which I’m not naming to retain some privacy for the thought criminal) holds that the threshold for ‘proof’ for a committal falls somewhere between ‘a preponderance of the evidence’ and ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’ State law also acknowledges that the people’s liberties should not be abridged just to avoid the rare individual tragedy that can occur from the ‘cracks’ in this standard.

    1. “I feel a little bitter, but I’m overwhelmed with love” said the daughter of a murder victim without a tear or even fighting back a tear. There is no way this would happen in the real world. Why are they doing this? Why don’t they have actors that know how to cry on cue???????????? I think it is intentional, to remove our emotional orientation towards death, just like the video war games and TV shows like DEXTER, where serial killing is elevated and even justified with a moral imperative for the greater good of society. Dexter had 8 million people following it on facebook. What should repel us with horror (the essence of murder) attracts us like steel to a magnet. The idea you are already forgiving the savage and senseless murder of your mother is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The PTB are Mobius Stripping us of the emotional framework for interpreting death, this is social programing like Brave New World… people dying did not bother them because parents don’t raise their children, the all powerful state did.

    1. Well “G”, I do indeed find that interesting. Although I’m not a fan of Scriptural fortune telling, it is obvious that this group is connected to Prince Hall Freemasonry. I personally cannot reconcile membership in freemasonry with Christianity of any ilk.

      I have also read that our humble leader, Idi Obongo is a Prince Hall Freemason. I don’t doubt it for a moment. He is many other things that I won’t go into at the moment as well. The TV spinners report that He and Mooch know the “pastor”. They didn’t say how.

      On a less etherial tack than whether prophecy = fortune telling, it is safe to say that those who conspire tend to do so with their associates. In fact, one of the most entertaining parts of analyzing these are the connections. The more there are, the less likely they are to be coincidences.

      Just as in Barry’s SSN coming from a former (deceased) patient of Fairfield Hills, it is a safe assumption to think that there are connections to the site. All of these self-absorbed manipulators have fat address books.

      Try to remember, we are only spectators. They are staging the play. They know that we can do little, if anything, to stop them. I actually think that they often deliberately leave clues in plain site to ridicule our powerlessness.

      The one thing of which I am certain is that they don’t like to be mocked. That is the most compelling reason to do exactly that. They want to turn our smile into a frown. We need to do the opposite.

    2. That is quite the astonishing piece you’ve linked to, G. One doesn”t even need to be Christian to see the hypocrisy (at minimum) and more likely the downright infiltration or co-opting by evil in the form of the Masonic order, where they conveniently hide in plain sight at “sacred places” such as churches. I haven’t looked into the Masons or the Freemasons in depth, but from my general understanding, it’s only the top 5% or so who are the worshipers of Lucifer. It appears that the A.M.E. churches around the country have a long history of Freemason connections, but whether they’re actually tainted with evil is hard to know for certain. My inclination is to believe that they are, especially given the obvious anomalies of this psy-op, false-flag, hoax, or whatever you want to call the Charleston fake shooting.

      The Sandy Hook parallels lead me to believe that there are large groups of people willing to play a part in these games, perhaps as a stepping stone to a higher degree in the Masonic order. Pure speculation, but a plausible theory. What’s not speculation is the reality of the family members of both Sandy Hook and Charleston who show little emotion. With so many robot-like, scripted-sounding performances from these people who’ve allegedly just lost a loved one, it becomes clear that something is amiss. There’s a consistent theme of “love” and “forgiveness” right off the bat with these people — the complete antithesis of what normal human behavior would be. Personally, this is the prime giveaway that indicates nobody was killed in these events. There’s a lot more that gives away the hoax aspects of this event, of course, especially the agendas coming to the fore immediately: (1) gun control; (2) racial divide and conquer; (3) internet censorship.

      I’m covering this story in depth over at my forum, if anyone cares to read, learn, or contribute.

      The Charleston SC Church Shooting HOAX


    “IMPORTANT UPDATE!: After going to press this item was passed along to me. The original Storm Roof photos were first tweeted by arch-fraudster Rita Katz at 7:37 AM on the 18th. Her hoaxster web site, called SITE had the photos up at 6:57 AM. For more on this operative see. She is usually first to press on almost all the frauds against Muslims, Bin Laden videos, etc (see).”…/status/611543136456830976/photo/1

    Does someone here know how to verify this by searching Google images?

    1. Take a look at this:

      Now consider, he allegedly was a 9th grade drop out. She has a website called “Manyfesto”. She has a book out that she is promoting. On top of that she is a self-proclaimed Maoist.

      You won’t hear anything good about Rita Katz from me, but whether she’s involved, the SPLC or this misguided creature, I wouldn’t place any credence in anything either of them produced.

      I don’t want to have to add anymore “checks” to my list. I think we have quite enough already.

  22. In most States there are laws on the books pertaining to “Assault By Auto”. And some attorneys specialize in that field. Every year since the auto was invented, thousands of people have been killed or injured by humans wielding autos as a weapon. And not once have I heard anyone put forth the proposition that autos should be banned. Or that auto manufacturers should be sued because their product was used in a crime. Get the picture ?

    1. Mission Impossible TV did numerous ruses involving rubber masks. No one is going to touch an open casket dummy and morticians are highly skilled anyway.

    2. Don’t forget they are getting 29 million to “Divvy up” if you will, just like that “other place” and more on the way.

      I think from monitoring “us” across the net, they figured they’d throw in the “open Casket” to seal the deal. No body will ever know.

      If you were getting 3.2 million dollars would you say you saw a Real body? I think YES.

      No media outlet will ever question anyone if they “saw” the wax figurine or not, so they’re good.

      I can just see them hiding in their backrooms..Ten thousand, 20 thousand, 30 Thousand…….

    3. My common sense states that if it is an open casket, it is a complete HOAX! Why? Because if he was supposedly shot multiple times, with reloading 5 times going on per the narrative (with a .45 no less) then an open casket would be completely out of the question. If just one bullet was near the head area, a .45 would do quite a bit of damage.

      Is Clemente Pinckney deceased? Possibly, but not via gunshot. Is it possible that he died of a stroke, heart attack or other means? Sure. Anything is possible. What is not possible is to have an open casket with someone who met their demise by multiple large caliber gunshot wounds.

      If he really is deceased, well “never let a crisis go to waste!”


  23. Toni, first let me say that I like Joe Bonamassa. I was just unfortunate enough to catch a concert with bad sound. The bass playing I suppose, was a matter of taste.

    I meant that, as a musician, I tend to not be overly critical. This particular show had terrible sound quality and balance. When I went to his site there was nothing but praise. No mention of the sound.

    There is no way that a person could have been there without noticing the sound quality. But, their expectations of a great show were stronger than the reality right in front of them.

    From being on stage I realize that it is entirely possible to be unaware of the bad balance in the sound. So I don’t blame him for it. I would have simply commented that I thought something was wrong with the balance, especially in the low end and bottom mids. Also, the bass and drums were overpowering everyone else.

    At first I thought that the bass player might have just been sitting in for some reason. I later saw that it was his regular. I have been asked to fill in for missing bass players in the past. His style is similar to what one does when one doesn’t know the material. Just get in the key and run scales. That way you are not going to hit many clunkers and you sort of “play along”. There is a difference between “playing along” and “playing a song”.

    I’m primarily a guitar player but I do play bass. I would not have been so distracted by the bass if it weren’t so overpowering. That’s apparently his style and he has a right to it. Joe apparently likes it or he would get someone else.

  24. Wow, is all I can say. With each passing day the ultimate coup de grace status of this psy op becomes clearer and clearer:

    As someone who has watched the Gofundme accounts of certain white advocates and observed calls for donations, I can attest to the sheer absurdity of this. Roof has been roundly condemned for his actions. Even very popular figures struggle to raise money to live on. TPTB want mainstream americans to think the pro-white ‘movement actually moves, which would be a gross distortion of what amounts to mostly blabbing. And they want to present disgruntled whites – all whites – as standing on equal or even ‘privileged’ ground in the system, which is another grotesque distortion.

    1. Thanks Comrade! What crap they are laying on thick as tar. Not a single tear AGAIN!!!!!!!!… from 4 women??????? My girlfriend cries just talking about her deceased mother and it’s been years now!!!!!!!!!! And she died of old age!!!!!!!!!!! The uniform stoic composure is just not real. How does anyone fall for this?????? No one out of 5 people breaks down?????? Not even one fights back tears?????? Please share with the gallery any instances where your family (zero out of five people) does not cry a week after a family member dies….

      1. I still shed tears for my deceased parents everytime I go to the cemetary, and they passed away 30 years ago. I would consider myself a strong, in shape, and disciplined man. I proudly served in the military for eight years. I still cry when I think about my german shepherd that passed away at the turn of the century, who died at 16 and spent a few years with my parents. Real tragedies evoke real tears and real emotions, and there is no exception to that rule.

        Yes, this is 100% fake, just like Sandy Hook.

    1. Fantastic video. As to the flat emotions shown by the crisis actors, they have learned to stay on message just like in Boston and Sandy Hook, but there’s something more sinister afoot. All these crisis actors have been hypnotized to stay on message and that’s why they seem so unbelievable and shallow. They also have been brainwashed about not leaking the plot of the drill, and then they will be rewarded with big bucks. And, yes, let’s hope the victims are still alive and will surface later somewhere just like some of the WTC so called hijackers.

  25. Rita Katz miraculously “found” (produced) multiple Bin Laden and ISIS videos. Has she now “found” (photoshopped) a racist Dylann Roof photo? Was she the first to release it?

    Why would she stamp it with her company’s SITE watermark unless she owned it? She wouldn’t do that with a photo from CNN, Fox, etc. Her watermark is evidence that it was her photo.

    BUSTED! SMOKING GUN!…/status/611543136456830976/photo/1

  26. Dylann Storm Roof, the patsy, acting out the Turner Diaries “race war” script:

    The Turner Diaries

    William Luther Pierce III – The Turner Diaries author born on September 11, 1933


    From the birth of the Turner Diaries author, William Luther Pierce III on September 11, 1933 to the Dylan Storm Roof event, Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015 is:

    = 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days



    Which is the same pattern as this event:

    Kingdon of Saudi Arabia established to the ahem, ISIS Caliphate:

    and also:

    The British Mandate for Palestine to the London July 7th Bombings:

    See also:

    9/11, WTC93 and GHW Bush

    Mark Gobell

  27. Prime Numbers & Prime Ordinals as methods of concealment.

    Another important aspect to understand when decoding the date relationships between events is the use of Prime Numbers.

    There is abundant evidence which shows that the Prime Ordinals are used also.

    For example:

    The 777th Prime Number or P777 = 5903

    An example of the use of P777 ( 5903 ) appears in a crucial relationship between the formative Columbine school shooting event and the Charleston / Dylann Roof event.


    From the Columbine shooting on 20 April 1999 to the Charleston / Dylann Roof event on 17 June 2015 is:

    INClusive =

    = 5903 days

    = P777 days


    See here for the date arithmetic methods:

    INClusive, INTerval, ISUAF etc

    1. I remember how blown away I was when I found out that the Old Testament had secret number patterns embedded within. I know that the occult utilizes numerology, sacred geometry, and gematria (etc.), and that many of these practicing Elites put great stock in this. However, I have yet to see a knowledge of these esoteric practices be used in any helpfully predictive way; instead, they always seem to apply their knowledge after the fact.

      The few times I’ve heard predictions based on numerology actually pan out, it could be chalked up to “the broken clock being right twice a day”.

      I CAN understand how seductive these numbers can be…but could it be directing our attention to the rear-view mirror, while our eyes should instead be on the road?


      1. Hello Recynd77

        Thank you for responding.

        I have no understanding of Biblical numerology.

        “Numerology” whatever it is, is not what my work is about.

        Re: the rear view mirror and road ahead.

        This will set your eyes oin the road ahead. It’s the only method that can.

        There are so many with their eyes on the road ahead, but they are reacting to events as we are bound to do.

        This method provides an escape from that. It’s that simple.

        There is a difference between having hunches, however well informed and making those hunches known.

        There will be a million and one interpretations of any information. The study of the date relationships between events is no exception to that. In fact, experience has shown that it invites, imo, disproportionate opprobrium through to outright censorship.

        It provokes the most glaring and obvious manifestations of dissonance in many folk. The proverbial “turd in the punchbowl” was carefully and wilfully prepared and disseminated immediately after 9/11 and for good reason. Amdist all of the cultivated noise, it is the one thing, we must not know.

        You touch on an oft quoted retort, that being, humanity’s obsession with the future.

        My response to that is simple.

        What is the difference between explaining the past and predicting the future ?

        What is the difference between explaining, ( using these numeric definitions ), that which underscores and delineates events, which have already happened, ( from just now to centuries ago ), and using that same rationale to predict the future ?

        After much consideration and counsel, it would seem that Occam provides the simplest and best answer: Our obsession with the future and disregard for the past. That’s what provokes the “useful” or “useless” subjectivity.

        Re: the Dylann Roof event and William Luther Pierce.

        Take that 777m, w & d relationship for example, or the P777d Columbine example and work back from there to answer the question about the apparent lack of “useful prediction.”

        Consider what would be required to have predicted that event.

        One would have to do the date maths for each and every “person or event of interest” throughout history to be able to say, before 17th June 2015, that something might happen on that day because of the “race war” meme and The Turner Diaries.

        OK, so far so good, that can be done. But think of all the false starts you would encounter along the way, by making any of that public.

        Also, how could anyone be sure if the devils were in fact planning an event along the race war meme, just because the 777m, w & d was found from WLP III, or the P777d was found from Columbine?

        They could have had another event planned for some other part of the world, so, yet another false start.

        A wise person would quickly refrain from making such predictions.

        Hence, during the education phase, it has to be ex post facto. Humanity gives you no other choice.

        Ex post facto, is tough enough. Believe me. I do know.

        So, a scenario for you to consider if you would please:

        You are back in time here.

        The date is: 26 February 1993 – the day of the 1st WTC event.

        Someone, whom you trust and respect, offers you an insight into the future, thus:

        They tell you that:

        “In 3119 days there will be another “event” on or around 11 September 2001.”

        They cannot say where or what that event will be. But they are sure there will be something happening.

        You respond, naturally: “But how do you know that ?”

        Your friend replies:

        “Because I study these things and I have just realised that yesterday’s “terrorist outrage” at the WTC on 26 February 1993 was 3119 + 3119 days from when GHW Bush was appointed DCI at the CIA on 20 January 1976.”

        “Ah” you say, “I see.” Head beginning to swirl with all kinds of thoughts about your friend …

        “So what” you reply. “What does 3119 days have to do with anything?”

        “Well”, says your friend, “3119 is a prime number, The 444th prime number, as it happens…”

        “… and 444, I think, may well represent the conjunction of all of the forces which we have long suspected, of driving the global agenda.”

        “Okaaaay” you say. “I’ve got to go …”

        So you never really find out why …

        Time passes.

        It’s now 11 Sept 2001 and 9/11 happens.

        You recall that your long lost friend told you something about the 11th September 2001. You recall that it had something to do with the 1st WTC attack on 26 Feb 1993 and GHW Bush at the CIA.

        So you check the calendar. And you find ….

        Now what do you do ?

        What do you now think, about that which your friend told you, all those years ago ?

        What do you think you should do ?

        Who do you think you should tell ?

        Will they listen ?

        What to do ?

        Perhaps blog some thoughts about not having your attention diverted to the rear-view mirror, while your eyes should instead be on the road ahead ?

        Honest, considered answer please.

        Then when you’ve thought that through.

        Fast forward to where we are now, July 2015.

        Now that you know, about all that “old stuff in the past.”

        What do you do ?

        You decide to tell some folks about all of this …

        What do they now think about that which your friend told you, all those years ago ?

        What do they think you should do ?

        Who do they think you should tell ?

        Will anyone listen ?

        What to do ?

        I’d appreciate your honest, considered response.

        Take your time, ask your nearest and most trusted allies and friends if you wish.

        I’ll respond when I get the email.

        Best regards

        And to James Tracy. Thank you.


        1. Marl Gobel.
          Please elaborate on this:

          “… and 444, I think, may well represent the conjunction of all of the forces which we have long suspected, of driving the global agenda.”

          And also, please just go ahead and tell us your honest, considered response to “What to do ?” with this information.

    2. I’m always amazed by things like this. How does anyone learn about/discover it? How does the mind that applies it to unfolding events find the time, mush less remember to churn through it? Or is it like Rainman, able to instantly say how many toothpicks hit the floor?

      1. Hello Patrick

        Like most things I suppose, it’s work, trial and error, false starts, you know, the usual, experimenting, testing, repeat and try again …

        Numeracy helps, but it’s not essential nowadays with software.

        Databases & some coding skills are essential.

        A modern “app” would be good, and erm, democratising, I think …

        Something with a name like “AL-Qalc™” perhaps …

        There were some obvious clues which got me started, or rather, fed my curiosity, such as the 911 day interval between 9/11 and Madrid on 11 March 2004.

        Conventionally, the difference is 912 days, so that perceived anomaly, eventually led to an understanding of the vagaries of date arithmetic, as explained here:

        The number 911 then required explanation.

        And so on.


        I followed the “terrorist event narratives” closely, saving & blogging the media stories and dates.

        Over time, a few “rosetta stones” were found, but not always instantly recognised !

        The narratives are scripts, which are constructed using this method and all I do is deconstruct them.

        Alleged, perps, the participants, including the mythical 9/11 hijackers, have associated date attributes which have been constructed to fit with their narratives, birth dates, did-this-dates and did-that-dates etc.

        The “hijackers” are an allegory, and allude to the real humans who have really hijacked the world and declared war on us all.

        Real people who become patsies are selected for their roles most often based on their birth dates.

        See for example, the London 777 – Tube & bus bombings on 7.7.2005 link below for the alleged lead patsy, Mohammad Sidique Khan’s date of birth and that relationship to the Mandate CIF, the same root for the event.

        So now you know if who’s name that was done and why …

        Alleged targets are woven into the scripts in exactly the same way.

        See for example the UK’s Operation Crevice “terrorism script” and it’s alleged targets:

        The Bluewater Shopping Centre and The Ministry of Sound Nightclub

        ( Note: some of these posts are fairly old, with some hindsight irrelevance and stand as testimony to the evolution of the method. )

        So, once all those things are understood, it becomes second nature, eventually, to think in the way the script writers do.

        One golden rule is this:

        “If they are telling you something, it’s ALWAYS for a reason”

        So, don’t miss a trick, think laterally & decode the allegorical references.

        The 9/11 WoT paradigm represents many things. It has been planned for a long time and this method is not new. It has been in use for eons.

        Check out this, I’m sure you’ll be astounded.

        The Berlin Wall aka the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart”

        And if you’re not averse to some “real history”, then this might help understand the “alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz”

        Holocaust narrative: Auschwitz: “Alleged first SS selection” for the “alleged homicidal gas chambers” on 4th May 1942

        Facts are facts.


        The events we witness are rooted in other events which carry meaning for the real perps, the shadow makers.

        They’ve even alluded to Plato’s Cave, quite brazenly, in your face, if you’re following things …

        Very often, the events are rooted in the birth dates of the real perps, or their accession to power, as in nominations, elections, inaugurations etc.

        All projected onto someone else. Plus ça change.

        I hope that helps.



        The forum links below have since undergone involuntary change, so here’s the updated links to same:

        Note: These links also have links to the original posts on the UK 911 Forum, so if you have the time and are prepared to wade through all of those, you will see the evolution of the method.


        Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre, Charleston, S. Carolina on 17 June 2015

        From the birth of the Turner Diaries author, William Luther Pierce III on September 11, 1933 to the Dylan Storm Roof event, Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015 is:

        = 777 months, 777 weeks and 777 days



        Which is the same pattern as this relationship:

        From the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established to the ISIS Caliphate:

        See: ISIS Announce Caliphate “The End of Sykes-Picot” on 29 June 2014

        and also:

        The British Mandate for Palestine to the London July 7th Bombings:

        See: London 777 – Tube & bus bombings on 7.7.2005

        and also:

        Sykes-Picot: Al Qaeda / World Islamic Front / Osama bin Laden’s alleged 2nd Fatwa to “kill Americans and Jews” on 23 February 1998


        See also:

        9/11, WTC93 and GHW Bush

        1. Mark Gobell writes:
          “And if you’re not averse to some “real history”, then this might help understand the “alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz”

          Holocaust narrative: Auschwitz: “Alleged first SS selection” for the “alleged homicidal gas chambers” on 4th May 1942

          Facts are facts.” unquote

          Over the last week I’ve asked you directly a couple of times to please explain the significance of these calculation of yours. You ignore my posts.

          Now here, in the middle of a comment to Patrick, irrelevant to any point you seem to be making, you post an outdated link about gas chambers, a subject I have been discussing with Patrick in another thread.

          Passive/aggressive much?

  28. Re: Trayvon Martin and the the “white supremacist” meme in “Dylann Storm Roof’s manifesto” :

    Perhaps this provides the allegorical reference?


    From the Shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sandford FLA on 26 February 2012

    to the “White Supremacist” Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. shooting at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center on 13 April 2014 is:

    = 777 days

    1. I guess my question is, beside the 777 days, are there any other connections between the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, and the case of Frazier Glenn Miller, who faces hate crime charges in connection to killings at two Jewish community centers.

      To my mind, the Martin/Zimmerman incident is an actual event that was taken up and distorted by interested parties.

      Whereas the Overland situation, on surface, appears to be a manufactured event.

      What parallels do you see?

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