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The very substantial response to the initial Free Form Friday open topic thread two weeks ago has prompted a sequel of what will hopefully be another in a long series of such regular discussion forums digging in to current issues and events. Thank you for your continued interest and participation.-JFT

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  1. Lophatt, I Moved our conversation to the new thread. Hope ya don’t mind. Thanks James. I like this I hope all my friends do too.

    Ric says:
    June 18, 2015 at 10:07 PM

    Is it just me or does this Clown look a lot like Adam Lanza with the “Bowl” hair cut..haha

    Also today we had the TPA vote, The “Trans-Racial” Chick controversy, AND The POPE saying we need a One World Government for Climate Change…Just saying. No diversions here.

    The news is all about this Adam Lanza look alike….

    It’s just become comical to me.

    lophatt says:
    June 18, 2015 at 11:09 PM

    Yeah, they use one of those “Identi-Kits”. Bowl haircut…check. Hollow eyes……check. “Here he is, somebody call Central Casting”. “See Martha, he’s got ‘The Look”.

    1. He’s got the “I’m on drugs” Face..Check

      I look crazy…Check
      I play violent video games..Check
      I’m a crazy white guy..Check
      I’ve got a bad haircut…Check
      I look insane…Check
      I killed my mother,dog and drained the fish tank(with them in it) Check
      I hate Climate Change Deniers..(still yet to come) ..Check
      I have a membership with the NRA( coming soon) ..Check
      I planned for 6-months(destroyed Hard drives, soon) Check

      Any other Ideas? These Clowns need new Writers….

      1. OK, CIA.

        This is my Job Application so you can get some realism to your scenarios..

        Here we go:

        Roof was a “Trans-Racial”,like the Head of the NAACP of Washington.
        He thought he was accepted..
        Somebody brought up the fact he was “Really” white but they still liked him. He was NOT happy

        After 6-months on the Evil Internet”that should be shut down”. He discovered he really was white and Trans-Racial was a left wing ploy that doesn’t really exist and then he “snapped”

        Hey, it’s a start. Better than your plot…

      2. Both Adam Lanza and Dylann Roof are 5-9 to 5-11, weigh in at 120lbs….it is documented for both, both have the same haircut, and both drive the same black 4 door Honda from the impound yard.

        I wonder if they are going to find an AR-15 in the trunk of Roof’s car?!?

        I wonder if Gene Rosen will pop out again for this story. He will take in 6 of the church congregation who were dropped off on his driveway by a Church van. He will tell the media that those dropped off started exclaiming…..

        “Our Pastor is dead, Our Pastor is dead, we don’t have a Pastor!”

        Yes, this was done by the same writers who gave us Sandy Hoax Elementary School.

        1. John,
          Gene Rosen (almost positive) is in a TV commercial aired on channel 12 Long Island news, during the New York Governors re-election.
          It was set in Long Beach LI, NY and he was a “Super Storm Sandy victim”. It was stating how the Governor was helping victims of the storm.
          He was wearing sun glasses, similar jacket as in Sandy hook and hugging Gov.A. Cuomo.

          I am 99% sure this is Mr.Rosen. It is a still photo.

        2. “Y’all hold still while I reload, pop, pop, pop, clink. Hey, where y’all goin’?”. They looked……..FROZEN!. Sorry, wrong movie.

          It’s time for a transgender cannibal in a KKK suit. May as well get all the memes in there for all to see. It would be even better if it were an amputee.

          When you think about it, this really isn’t much of an endorsement for “shelter in place”.

    2. Ric, what’s your take on the Charleston shooter exactly? Black op of some kind? Total hoax? MKUltra?

      All I know is things are too too convenient, all while not adding up, which spells faked in some element(s).

      Another question I have is exactly which real life incidents/issues was it designed to distract from? Could be more than one given how much has been going on lately.

    3. That’s fine Ric. I really do think its time to update their image machine. If they don’t do something soon nerds won’t be safe anywhere. These guys need to go in the Army, where its legal.

      I think DHS probably got a fleet rate on black Hondas. The green ones come with bullet holes. I think the idea is that he could be your next door neighbor. Maybe if you live in West Virginia.

      The patches on the jacket look photoshopped on. Probably at the SPLC. They keep stuff like that around to help them accuse people with. For a bigot he has a lot of black friends, if any of that is to be believed.

      Someone mentioned another drill. I’ll have to look into that. This is a very bad film. I’m going to get popcorn.

  2. I’m interested in learning more about the Power Corporation of Montreal and the Desmarais family that is behind it. I learned about them from a Corbett podcast and could find a bit more on Andrew Gavin Marshall’s site, but it’s all too sketchy for the “Rockefellers of Canada”. I find them particularly interesting for their seeming rise from nothing in the relatively recent past (1960s) and their connections with the Bronfmans and China, alluded to but not fleshed out in what I’ve seen.

  3. Any one who has the words “Storm Roof” in their name is destined to have murderous tendencies.
    As we are told 9 died with 1 wounded, shall we provide statistical analysis to Storm’s shooting prowess?
    Last time someone killed st such a high dead to wounded ratio had a bowl cut too.

    1. Ha, ha, “take me to your hairdresser”. His parents must have had the same book of names as Sarah Palin. It’s a wonder he isn’t named “Thud”.

      It’s too bad we can’t stage a contest between “Adam” and Storm. Maybe its the haircut. Does “Storm” do “Dance, dance revolution” (or whatever)? Maybe it’s an eye/hand thing.

      If Storm had been selected for a better role he could have had a parade like the girl with the on again, off again finger. It’s a fine line between “hero” and “villainous shooter”. Hollywood is hard.

  4. http://aanirfan.blogspot.com has some on charlston

    storm roof?

    Y when 9 people r murdered the focus is a hate crime?

    I always thought the race war stuff is bogus but it seems it is playing out this way. Blacks vs police, trump vs mexicans. Now full circle mental health mass shootings are now a racial issue.

    Is it still true Mike Brown as we know him is not registered with ssdi?


    Why when I go to an animal rights conference recently there was so much about race? http://www.resistanceecology.org/conference/schedule

    Divide and conquer

    The psy ops roll on

  5. Another case solved. They are getting really sloppy, news outlets reported it the day before it happened. A bit like the BBC reporting 911 a day early.

    Nine Dead in Shooting Rampage Inside South…
    Jun 16, 2015 · Police in Charleston, South Carolina, investigate a mass shooting at a historic church that left at least nine dead on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

    Cached june 16, 2015


    However, after typing in the search criteria, “shooting inside church in Charleston SC” on Firefox, multiple online news sources, including cnn.com, abcnews.go.com, pix11.com, and nydailynews.com, all report the same story, only they posted it to their web sites on June 16, 2015, a full day before it happened, which according to the official narrative, happened around 9 PM on June 17.  A copy of the link to the search results can be found here: 


    Rev Clementa Pinckney (above) the pastor of Emanuel AME church and a Democratic member of the South Carolina Senate, was one of those (supposedly) shot dead. He was extremely anti gun and a friend of obama.


    Gunman identified to be 21 years old before they knew who he was.
    Roof’s face book page was started this year. Commenter on aangirfan tried to contact all Facebook friends with no results. (phony accounts)

    Shooter has same bowl haircut as Adam `Lanza.

    Once again happened on the masonic 33rd parallel. Nice work as usual Aang… 1756 Charleston, South Carolina…the original site of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the U.S. bout 15 miles south of 33rd parallel. ..

    Teens these days all have jacket patches from South AFRICA and Rhodesia right? wrong!

    Another Diebold type affair and said to be on anti-depressants. The message is anybody on anti depressants does not need to have gun. Time for confiscation.

    This one reloaded five times. ……. Maybe it is time to confiscate hunting rifles also.


    There are other sinister things in the world than false flags.

    One is the planned hit in the midst of chaos.

    You want to assassinate a state rep? Do it in a shooting like this and everyone is so caught up in the mass shooting that they never even consider that it was a hit with a very specific target.

    Perhaps the whole purpose behind the Giffords shooting was Judge Roll. I mean, he actually died, but it’s called “the Gabby Giffords shooting.”

    Distractions, distractions.

    Talk about perfect timing with this shooting especially with this Jade Helm15 exercise about ready to be launched like this following article shows:::”The 4th Purpose of Jade Helm Is the Most Dangerous of All!
    Phase Four of Jade Helm will consist of gun confiscation and there is ample evidence pointing to this strong possibility and it started with a very concerning act that involved the Secretary of State, John Kerry, as well as President Obama as Kerry signed the illegal and unconstitutional UN Small Arms Treaty which effectively bans all private ownership of guns. There is one provision in the treaty that has received absolutely no attention in our mainstream media and that is the section having to do with confiscation of guns and the use of foreign troops:


    1. Signing a treaty which would ban private ownership of guns, in contravention of the US Constitution, argues that it no longer is considered the supreme law of the land, at least by those who signed, in violation of their oaths to uphold the Constitution.

      Sometimes, it is important to go to the law and find out what has been done. As we know, nobody really read the USA Patriot Act.

      I took an online course at the University of London through Coursera. It was in the law of the European Union insofar as it affects British law passed by Parliament. Guess what? In many instances, the price for being a member of the European Union (although the British have their own currency) is allowing some of the Union’s law to have supremacy.

      So you have to ask – what union are we joining? Certainly the UN itself may have treaties, but how can it enforce them? The EU on the other hand, can apply economic pressure to Britain.

      The underhanded manner in which such treaties may be shoved through needs exposure, or else sovereignty of the US will be a thing of the past.
      While I understand some may feel the game is over and we have lost, I think the problem is that people have felt “it can’t happen here.” It is how we see ourselves that is important, and if we are being sold out, then those who are doing the selling must be spot-lighted and their actions reported on in detail.

      1. great stuff Dub , thanks. especially how many facebook friends are black… that’s a real baffler… does not match up with angry white boy hates black people.

    2. Well the goverment has to get better at some point in time.All of the false flags have been deconstructed how many ways to sunday by the researchers.I would think they would at least thank us for the tutorial.They are unappreciative.

    3. All great stuff Mick, as usual. Apparently they know there’s no chance of putting the awake to sleep. All they have to worry about is keeping their target audience.

      Speaking of “targets”, he reloaded FIVE TIMES? Why? How is this possible? The story is that he was sitting with the minister. Then he starts shooting. Nobody tries to stop him? Do they all sit there and wait for him to reload?

      They simply must do something about that hair meme. It’s so 2012! I would have thought that black Hondas were out of vogue as well. Perhaps a Fiat 500. The apartheid patches were a nice touch, though.

  6. The shooter did have some amazing presence of mind for a young man’s first mass shooting. He informed a woman that he will let her live to tell the world what he has done. I am trying to remember the movie.
    Was he really trying to get away by driving his car?

  7. Check this out. A former marine flying a checkoslovakian(vodochody L-39c) fighter jet 400mph through a local canyon over I-70 clips power lines and practically kills a couple of motorists. His passenger slipped away after landing, and state police questioned the pilot. In a related article, the trooper says that he never got his name, and FAA officials on scene said they do not confirm pilots’ identities. HA! What a joke. What exactly is it they do then? Further proof their are two kinds of people. Those who get a way with anything, and those who get away with nothing.

    Note the article says the plane is in front of the Gateway Canyons building. Gateway Canyons Resort is owned by Discovery channel owner John Hendricks. Coincidence? One of the jets fuel tanks actually fell to the ground when part of a wing was sheared off, hitting a car. A trucker who was luckily driving a rig old enough to have a spit windshield survived because the steel divider stopped the cable as it hit his truck like a whip.

    The pilot complained the power lines didn’t have the usual red balls attached. Well, soooorrry! Maybe you shouldn’t fly your jet through a tight canyon at 400mph, over an interstate, less than 100 feet off the deck. When you have enough money, you can get away with anything.
    If any one of you had hit a pole going 10 over and caused such mayhem, you would be up on charges.


  8. Hi Dr. Tracy and fellow commenters. I am not sure if everyone is informed of subsequent comments on posts or not. Therefore I am posting a response to your recent interview with Michael Murphy here. If you would limit me, please allow this one to remain and delete the other.

    Our gratitude to you for broaching the mendacious subject of geoengineering.

    Perhaps you already have interviewed Dane Wigington on the phenomenon of geoengineering and I missed it, Even if so, I strongly encourage you to consider inviting him to present this issue. His knowledge and manner are unrivaled. I recommend this source as a better resource for science, patents, data and excellent videos.

    The title of the post – “Challenging the Forces Behind Geoengineering” – is ironic because the guest did not elucidate significant challenge to the actual forces behind geoengineering. Namely the villainous banking cartel and its sock puppet the US Congress. A problem with the guest’s presentation is that he espouses legislation as a remedy. I can only conclude that he is deluded or compromised. Legislators and upper echelons of the fiend ruling cartel are quite well informed of geoengineering. They have been planning it out for years. All those “global warming” conferences had nothing to do with fear for the environment. This poisonous campaign is rigorously anthropocentric They love to titter about hiding things in plain sight. Gave us all the impression they were wrangling with an unavoidable threat (“climate change” vs. “global warming” like Coke/Pepsi). Instead they are engendering the very problem. Getting well paid for it too. They were involved in conferences on “global warming:” and “climate change” because they meant to specifically cause those things not combat them. Their conferences over past decades treated of their specific, deliberate plans to make war on common people with weather. They have crowed about weaponizing weather for decades. The part the prevaricating mob left out was that they meant to direct such warfare at their own citizens. Congress has its collective pants down in full coitus with the Bankster cartel. As Dane Wigington ever reiterates, in questioning who is doing the geoengineering all roads lead to the international banking cartel. In many cases Congress are them. Shake down their finance gimmick portfolios to see how many profit from weather derivatives Or what, we’re supposed to believe they’ve gotten religion? Congress and the banking matrix share a revolving door. And they will help us?

    This is a time not to deliberate with legislators but to incarcerate them.

    I’m not going to go so far as to insist the guest is a shill. But why does he harp on fundraisingat the expense of mentioning how TPTB have struck nations mercilessly for years with weaponized weather? Mention fundraising once, I’m not deaf. Spend the rest of the interview expounding on this genocide. Where is the umbrage at die-off of the oceans, the omnicide wreaked upon the planet?

    I could go on indefinitely exploring the cognitive dissonance. Not what the guest choses to highlight, but the glaring absence of what he doesn’t mention. Rather I urge all readers to acquaint themselves with the website geoengineeringwatch dot org run by Mr. Wigington. He is a refreshing breath of air – pun unavoidable – amid a lot of hyperbole, double-talk, disinformation and flat lies. No handwringing, no eye rolling, no histrionics, no psychedelic backdrops. Presentations are not about cult of personality but issues [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c34U0Pwz4_c]. Just straight science portrayed by a man who has an artist’s touch in the sciences.

    One last watchword: a final reason there’s no reason to ring the legislation bell is that the US has been under declaration of national emergency since the grand demolition event of 2001. We are under something critics call crisis constitution which trumps normal constitution. Under the terms of national emergency executive order trumps normal constitutional process.

    I wrote an article about it a few years ago, have a look: https://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/12/12/171281/-Crisis-Constitution-we-are-on-the-threshhold-of-totalitarianism

    FWIW as to my blogger’s name “stonemason” we are a family who do construction in stone, brick, block and concrete. We are not freemasons, who probably couldn’t stick two bricks together on a bet. Call us if anyone needs a basement poured, a stone wall, a concrete kennel or sidewalk, etc..

  9. Eight years awake now since the Wizard’s curtain came crashing down. To the people that still believe the news: Recapping sports highlights of the day is the only thing accurate anymore. Covering the weather is a sham without talking about weather being “jacked”, “gamed” or rigged for profit by the PTB. That’s why TV weatherman Scott Stevens lost his job; daring to expose what’s right in your face. Remember what CIA Director Colby said ‘we will know when our disinformation campaign has succeeded when everything (important) the American people believe is a lie’ I was going for essence of the quote since I can’t recall exact words. This arrogant bastard boast said more in one sentence than all anyone understood about the CIA since it was created after the World War Deux. Here’s a perfect example: Panama during Daddy Bush’s reign. Most people in America were convinced it was about taking down drug king pin Manuel Noreiaga. No one in America knew the total concept behind invading Panama. Part of it was a live simulation of what the PTB planned for the first Persian Gulf War. Our military torched entire city blocks like someone checking off a milk route list of places to destroy. There are mass graves in Panama of all the poor peasants that we murdered during the invasion and military occupation. We rounded up people and forced them to live in squalor in airplane hangers for years. 7,000 people were rounded up and jailed without trial. Nobody in America seems to know this. The only thing they saw was the lionizing of the 10 GIs that proudly died for Uncle Sam. Please watch the award winning documentary about the Panama invasion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo6yVNWcGCo

    1. Derek, there is an excellent movie about the Panamanian tragedy based on the Jean Le Carre novel, “The Tailor of Panama.” Le Carre is a pen name of David John Moore Cornwall, an ex British intel agent who wondered off the reservation to tell the unvarnished truth about how the spook world works. Terrific book and movie. One of my favorite authors. (also, “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold”, “Tinker, Tailor,Soldier, Spy’ and many other novels exposing the insidious people who live in that milleu of the morally challenged.

    2. We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

      -William Casey, 1981, then CIA director.

      Thank you for posting the link to the Panama Deception (1992). Here’s how IMDB describes it: “A film about the true reasons for the 1989 US invasion of Panama and big media complicity in these activities.”

    1. Why, imagine that! That’s a clever clip. There’s so much more to learn about this production.

      Just think, it hasn’t been that long, and we’ve had a host of others. For those who accept these things at face value I imagine that it gets even easier with repetition. For those who know better it just gets annoying.

      Thanks for the clip.

  10. Been reading the comments so far with the alleged Church Shooting, I listened carefully to the broadcasts of it. but it just skipped over issues.. and something didn’t look right.. anyway I juggled the lads name ( the shooter) and found ” Randy fool” with the letter n left over..( I thought Dylan was spelt with one n..). seemingly they have two in his name.. Have they come up with the make of gun and how did no one try to stop him if he had to reload as they say..If it was a prayer meeting with just a few people there, was he a stranger who just walked in..or was he known to the community….and why do the authorities who are interviewed afterwards, always look ‘ shifty ‘.. I can’t understand what has gone on here.

    1. Poppy, yes, I wondered about that as well. What did they do, just sit there while he fumbled. They say he shot 9. Depending on the gun it is common for them to hold 7, 9 or even eighteen rounds. If he had to reload five times, he must have been playing Yosemite Sam.

      It doesn’t look natural because it isn’t. They look “shifty” because they are. They harder they work at creating “realities”, the more contrived they look.

      The pattern seems to be, push your agenda, create incidents and demand that you are allowed to pursue it. The agenda belongs to their bosses. It is the same in the UK. You are just a little farther along in the process on some of the agenda items.

      None of this is real. By that I don’t mean “nobody died”, I mean, none of this is real. When something real happens that doesn’t support the agenda, we don’t hear about it.

      Do people behave like this normally? Of course not. Sure, once in a blue moon someone goes off the reservation and loses it. That is very rare. When they do they don’t normally do so in symbolic sites and leave a stream of media-friendly material handy.

      We are caught in the midst of a giant manipulation. It is the prelude to an even more giant suppression. They are creating the “reasons” for our imprisonment.

    2. In Boston, it is reported on the Eleven O’Clock News that a Boston Strong running shirt has been deposited at the scene of the shooting by a person who ran the Marathon. Lest we forget, lest we forget.

  11. This site hosted several excellent articles on Myron May after the FSU event. Not least amongst those articles was The Anticipation of Mass Fraud by Dr. Jason Kissner. I found an excellent retrospective of events surrounding the Myron May/FFCHS connection(whose President Derrick Robinson was interviewed on MHB). The author of that article makes a compelling case that FFCHS is an intelligence front by analyzing its membership and related activities, specifically in regard to Myron May:


  12. On a sunny day, when the large monument to Officer Sean Collier gleams huge and cave-like at MIT, the cops across the river at Boston University (within spitting distance of the MIT police station as a matter of fact) have been involved in a shooting of a man (white or Hispanic) who brandished a knife at them, and then was plugged by a State Police officer who seems to have confronted him (conveniently enough) on a footbridge nearby, after the man was herded there by the BU cops. I think he was first hit in his shirtless torso, then shot about 3-4 more times to make sure he was dead. Had some outstanding warrants.

    Don’t know anymore what is real on this stage set. I am sure the news people who breathe lies as naturally as Puff the Magic Dragon breathed smoke rings, will be hyperventilating over this one.

    The Staties are well-known as narcissistic a-holes by anyone in Boston who encounters them. But this will be a real trophy for them.

    1. My father was a parole officer shot in the line of duty by a 5%er in 1982.When the anti-muslim ground swell happened I told him he was ahead of his racist time.
      I am 54 and from NY and I knew many policemen and you had to be tough.If you had to shoot someone that didn’t shoot at you first you were too afraid to be a cop.
      I was floored to see all the shootings of the public.They are playing by different rules of engagement now.There are many hired that have some delusions about there capabilities.It is like some young soldier
      that learns from Hollywood and then goes awol on the field of battle.
      A female cop shot and killed a guy for “walking toward her with a purpose”. I am no sexist but I do not see male sports teams playing female teams.I am no giant but I see many cops who are short with a napoleon complex. There used to be a height requirement.When the rap gangsters started their image with the 45 tucked in there shorts me and my friends said to walk away from fights because it wasn’t
      drunk brawling anymore.lol.

  13. How did the Newtown police know the suspect’s right holster was empty–and who moved the body?

    Chapman described the suspect as lying on his right side.

    “He was wearing a [b][i]tactical leg holster on his right leg which appeared to be empty[/i][/b]. He was unconscious and unresponsive and had obviously suffered massive head trauma. There was blood pooling heavily in the area of his head [i][Benecchi: “There was a small amount of blood coming from the wound.”][/i]”

    How did Chapman know the suspect’s right leg holster was empty?

    Keeping in mind that the following documents conflict in various ways, here’s a closeup photo of the suspect–note that the feet are right by the buttocks:


    Here’s an investigator’s GPS-based sketch of the suspect’s position (ignore the green, while noting that this sketch provided by “Sandy Hook Analysis,” allegedly taken from the police report, is of higher resolution than that in the police report–something to pursue):


    Note that the feet are nowhere near the buttocks, yet this is allegedly based on an investigator’s GPS-marking of the unmoved body.

    Realizing that in the closeup photo the legs are completely drawn up and crumpled under the body, how would anyone be able to see the right leg holster let alone determine it was empty? Even if the photo showing the tighter fetal position was somehow a later photo, i.e. the suspect was originally more stretched out, he’s still lying on his right side regardless: How would Chapman see that the holster was empty?

    Note also Kullgren’s statement: “I observed at least [b]three hand guns[/b] one was in his holster, one on the floor which I believe was a Glock [b][i]and a third which was under his body[/i][/b] [wth!].”

    Final question: In only 7% of GSW suicides is the gun found more than 30 cm (11.8 in) from the victim’s body (Weapon Location Following Suicidal Gunshot Wounds, [i]American Journal of Forensic Medicine & Pathology[/i] 20(1):1-5 March 1999).


    In both this photo and the investigator’s sketch, the gun is well over a foot away from the body.

    1. So, is that not a gun in his pocket (as May West would say)? If his holster is under his right side, and empty, how does it hold a gun?

      I suppose the answer is, in a hoax you can write anything you like. Those of us who have studied this over time can attest to the fact that they are rather “loose” with their “facts”.

      Apparently, it simply doesn’t matter what they say. The report is trash. They even inserted things in there that couldn’t possibly support their story. But, there it is. It’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

    1. So glad you saw it. Yes, we have renewable water … listen to the interview with Dr. Stephan Reiss. That was back in 1985. I know of a couple of local primary water wells that are capped off, closed. We can’t get at that water; we have to fight about the secondary water cycle — rain/drought/chemtrails.

  14. I also want to know more about the Civil War. I want to know the role of the British in supporting the Confederacy, because that sticks out to me, as another betrayal, and it could have just been convenience for the Southern elites, or it could have been treason, even against their own people in the southern states, replacing one colonial master (the north) with another (the U.K.) Please recommend books if they address this issue – or anything incisive and interesting about the Civil War.

  15. I’ve always found this tiny detail of the Sandy Hook event fascinating. Early reports were that Hunger Games author, Susan Collins, lived in Sandy Hook with her children.

    Here’s a link to an interview where she describes getting the idea for her books by noticing the blurring of coverage between reality shows and actual war. Sound familiar?


    Anyway, it may be totally a coincidence that the best-selling author of a book series about a tyrannical government sacrificing the lives of 2 dozen children each year to maintain order – lives in the backyard of the largest alleged massacre of U.S. children in recent times.

    1. It gets better. Check “Dublin’s Mick’s” comment on the Charleston thread. Seems they used the area to film the movie.

      In terms of sacrificing lives, why are some surprised by this? They murdered how many on 9-11? How many on 7/7, how many daily with drones? Why would they stop short for another operation?

      I’m not saying they died, or the didn’t. It simply doesn’t matter to them and that is not what makes an event a “hoax”, in my opinion. The hoax aspect is that it isn’t a naturally occurring event. it is an event that is caused to happen for a purpose.

      Why they choose to spare the actors in one and sacrifice them in another is hard to discern. I think it is simply a matter of expediency. Just like when they put on a show trial, find someone guilty and sentence them to death. They may, or may not, carry out the sentence. How would we know?

      I know its a “small world” and all, but those types of coincidences are pretty rare. I would be extremely suspicious of anyone with connections to Sandy Hook. That place is a designated center for their future plans. It is full of “pod people”.

  16. Those of us who have examined the Apollo evidence and concluded it’s a hoax have often heard the objection that the Russians would have blown the whistle. Today, Lew Rockwell linked to an article called Russian Official Proposes International Investigation Into U.S. Moon Landings. (https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/06/no_author/investigate-the-us-moon-landings/)

    I’m guessing this extreme soft ball is a simple warning to Washington to back off. Pretty funny, when you think about it.

    I think it probably means that Moscow is pointing out to Washington that you can bend the rules, but the Americans are starting to break them. Russia has owned Crimea since before the United States existed, yet Washington struts around constantly saying Russia recently stole it. Washington keeps claiming that Russia invaded Ukraine, which is total nonsense. Moscow keeps letting it pass. But Washington’s belligerence, evidently, is crossing the line of late.

    In the book Dark Moon, and the accompanying film What Happened on the Moon?, the argument is made that the Russian and American space programs were two halves of the same operation from the start, and all the rivalry was just eye-candy for the rubes. The authors think it was indeed possible that man could make it to the Moon in those days with the technology officially acknowledged (I don’t agree), but the task had to be divided.

    I am convinced that neither side even tried. But it really doesn’t matter; either way, both sides were working the scam together. If such a trip is impossible, both sides knew it; if they tried to make the journey, they were coordinating their efforts every step of the way. So when people ask why, if the Russians knew the American Moon landings were all fake, why didn’t they say so?, they are accepting the stage-play as reality, believing the charade.

    So, to hear the Moscow Times broach the subject, however gently, indicates a very powerful message is being sent. It is possible that the lunatics running Washington have become truly desperate, and think they can toss aside the rules of the game and get away with it, to maintain control; the Russians might be saying, not so fast Yankee partner.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKkRDMil0bw&w=560&h=315%5D

    1. Patrick,

      I like the comment you made regarding Ukraine and Crimea. I have often felt frustration watching this thing with Russia unfold, and wonder just how much Putin will take before he snaps. He can’t be too happy with losing a good chunk of his fortune in the Cyprus heist the EU pulled off a few years ago. I have heard Cyprus was like the Cayman Islands for Russian gangsters. Putin and his friends had to have a stash there.

      On to other things. Being a follower of world events, I am quite fascinated with this “austerity” being pushed onto Greece, and now we see protests in the UK regarding the same, just a month after Cameron’s re-election. I’m betting you have some thoughts on this issue. On one hand I think the people deserve what they get. They continuously vote for their Socialist paradise, but sooner or later the government runs out of other peoples money to hand them. On the other hand I think: these governments made the promise, now live up to it. You can print money all day for some things, but now its time to turn of the spigot? Of course we all know you can only print so much until its worthless, but we also know they don’t want their socialist illusion to come crashing down, so its manipulate, manipulate, manipulate to keep the money alive.

      I just thought I would ask. It is free form Friday after all.

      1. You are a hard man, Rich. Damn you. You must think I like to answer impossible questions. Where you got that idea, I can’t imagine.

        Someone around here, somewhere, a few days ago, (at least I think I found it here) posted a recent interview with Peter Dale Scott about the Deep Government–which I only got around to this morning, the next thing in the queue on my iPhone as I motored home from a Fathers Day getaway. He talked his usual line, which is that no one can know what’s going on down beneath the surface. But we have clues. He said it’s not so much an iceberg, which is solid below the surface, but more like a weather system. Incredibly complex and variable.

        The Q&A brought up the issue of the petrodollar.

        There are things we can know and things we can’t. You are correct about Cyprus–and that surely has to be a part of the Russians’ irritation with the Anglo-American mishandling of the world financial system. They might be crooks, who got their money dirty, but they thought the rules were the rules, once they started playing the game post-Berlin Wall. Guys like that don’t like getting ripped off.

        As for Greece, one wonders in ways that can easily turn into a chapter of a book I should get around to writing. PCR advises them to quit the Euro, disavow their debts, and start from scratch. But they are a profoundly corrupt people who do not produce children; in a sense, they have two classes: the ultra rich who evade paying taxes very easily, and those who are dependent on government checks. Taki (http://takimag.com/article/hellenic_handbasket_taki/print#axzz3dDf4KS7U ), a few days ago, was guessing the EU will “blink.” He’s Greek, so maybe he knows better, Roberts is just thinking wishfully. I’m no Greek aristocrat, nor a famous economist.

        Here’s what I DO know: no country in the world is producing children any longer, but lots of them were doing so a generation ago. If they are going to have a World War, they all know it has to be done pretty quick. The economic system is essentially a debt bomb bigger than anything the world could even conceive of, ever before. Every (formerly) Western country has spent this new century systematically destroying its traditional culture by flooding it with dependents from alien civilizations. America has not only been doing that, but also actively shipping our industrial infrastructure to aline places, leaving what once was our middle class unemployed and dependent upon the state. Islam, over the last century, has been revivified in its original nightmarishness, and deposited in places it had hitherto been completely unknown.

        Is this all a coincidence?

        Greece, it seems to me, is an impossible problem in a very small space–like an Archduke no one ever heard of, in a no place place, that takes a bullet that spins the world into war. Which is how our masters get the next stage of their plot moving into place. They create the chaos, so they can give their slaves the new Order.

        Britain is a topic for another day.

        Happy Fathers Day, Rich.

        1. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject, Patrick. I trust you didn’t strain something? It seems the powers that be are hell bent on an economic upheaval of epic proportions, and this culture of shootings and despair kicked off by 911 if not even earlier(OKC, Columbine, Waco), are like sprinkling tenderizer(or is it lighter fluid) on the masses before that collapse comes to fruition.

      2. Do not know where to make this observtion…who put up that scene from “Network”? Probably the most riviting diatribe in film history…and so scathingly pertinent to our time. Classic fiction is called classic for a reason…it resonates across the ages. Thanks for sharing.

        1. That was me. I thought it made my point about the invisible partnership between Washington and Moscow, and how the title of the article in the Moscow Times might Moscow’s way of delivering Ned Beatty’s message to Washington.

  17. Friday pet peeves? Let’s start with the Obama expenditures for their mini vactions around the globe. OH yes some are diplomatic missions or ‘working’ breaks according to PR manipulators.

    But for a couple who tout their humble beginnings with frugal cant, selling it down the food chain, they are certainly enjoying life-enhancing opportunities on the public dime.

    The always understated Michelle (joke), jetted off to China and ensconced herself, daughters.mom and seventy ‘staff’ members (read close friends and political cronies) into the presidential suite at a five star Beijing hotel–$8,400. per night. The expense was so prohibitive, VP Biden’s advisors sought a cheaper hotel to accomodate their more important mission’s personel at another time. Michelle knows the power of rank and privilege, no? She is a quick study.

    The two week vacation on Marthas Vineyard was a real piggy bank buster. It isn’t unusual for the royal Obamas to fly different Air Force Ones to reach the same destination. The cost in fuel is astronomical alone. and they seem to find creative ways to spend someone else’s money. Over seven million dollars were wasted on plane travel during the Hawaiian Christmas break. Total figures do not include outside expenitures for staff, press, Secret Service or other security measures.

    Then there were other trips by Michelle to ski, to sight see, to visit exotic treasures we can only dream of. Her escape to Ireland cost around five million for two days. Occasionally, they go as a couple but the expenses only go up, up.

    Obama took Air Force One to California to appear on the Jay Leno Show. These figures are not for public consumption. Researchers must file FOIA requests to obtain information in many instances. So much for our always ‘transparent’ Commander In Chief. See JUdicial Watch for more information.

    1. Marilyn, its just a big party. Maybe we the people could buy them a ranch and they could clear brush, and fix the place up on weekends. Sounds like heaven to me.

    2. Right on Marilyn! I say we the people buy these folks an old fixer upper ranch. They can go clear brush on the weekends. Sounds like heaven to me.

      1. OH, Rich, you mean like the faux ranch in Crawford TX for his immanence, W. (shrub) Bush? I like it!

        Of course, any spread for King O’bambi (The left’s “dear” in the headlights) would have to include a golf course for the pretend golfer. Near a beach for skinny surfing.

        While Michelle was out of country in Italy, the king threw a secret White House party; thanks to the American tax payer, it was a great success. The first couple does seem to spend an inordinate amount of time pursuing separate binges. Wonder when they will stop pretending it’s real–their union.

        1. They may be in luck. The French have an empty little place in Versailles. They can have a “let ’em eat cake” stand out front. With a little work, there is enough room in the garden for 9 holes. As for their “union”, the Supreme court may make it legal in few weeks.

  18. Just wanted to say a special thanks to Wolfgang Halbig (WH) for his REAL efforts to get Sandy Hook truth. Here is one person who actually DID SOMETHING.

    He confronted the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission and requested several crucial records, records that were not privileged or exempted records but records that should have been easily and forthrightly given to him in a timely manner via his several FOIA requests, FOIA requests he made going back as far as February of 2013, just two months after the Sandy Hook event.

    Wolf had a hearing in April and June of 2015, hearings that should not even have been necessary. There were one or more apparent unnecessary delays in his April hearing. Each cancelled hearing was a big dollar expense penalty for WH.

    The CT. FOIA Commission used every trick in the book to delay and make difficult what they should have promptly provided to Wolfgang IF IF IF all they told us about the “Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre” had been true.

    But it was all a huge hoax so they had to delay and delay in giving records and apparently employ many other deceptive tricks regarding the requested documents..

    The work orders WH requested were very important because they would have been a key indicator that the Sandy Hook school was an open, operating, functioning school. The work orders he was provided were not given to him timely and every single one of them were highly irregular and not one of them appeared to be a legitimate, properly executed work order for work that was requested, performed, and completed at the school. Signatures and other key data were missing on the work orders, and they were just irregularly placed into Wolfgang’s hand in Connecticut the evening before his first hearing in April. They were shoddy, last minute, falsified and suspicious appearing work orders.

    It is my understanding that it is a CRIME to falsify data that is provided through the Freedom of Information Act.

    If the Sandy Hook school had actually been an open functioning with about 460 students as told to us, there would have been several work orders to fix some serious problems with the building, including not being in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and several other infractions that were left unrepaired and a danger to children.

    The fact that they gave irregular, incomplete, falsified appearing records many months after the date of the request show most of us that the school was an unoccupied nonfunctioning school that was put out to pasture and just being used as a storage warehouse for the school district.

    The Commission gave some phony excuse to WH’s attorney, Kay Wilson, as to why the work orders were missing key information that should have been on them.

    For all the other records requests that WH made, there was always, consistently some hitch, some extreme suspicious irregularity to the records provided, one such being no date and time stamp on dashcam video.

    All of the records that were provided were provided way past the deadline that the federal and ct. law stipulated.

    Ct.’s attorney, Monty Frank, .put on a low-quality righteously angry attorney routine in response to Wolfgang saying “thank you” when a Newtown city official said she thought the “Everyone Must Check In Here” sign was provided by Homeland Security. I realize attorney’s have to do a bit of play acting but to me Monty Frank has not a shred of decency so his righteous anger routine just came off as evil, and of course, made himself out to be, no other word for it, a horse’s ass.

    Wolfgang’s FOIA hearings showed us that the state of Connecticut is not a just entity carrying out the federal FOIA law. That entity made a joke of the FOIA law. This Ct. FOIA Commission did not properly provide and respond to even one of Wolfgang’s records requests, and I think there were about 15 separate records requests.

    Thank you, Wolfgang, for DOING SOMETHING and showing us even more about the giant evil corrupt Sandy Hook Hoax and the corrupt government officials still trying peddle and dump this garbage on Americans.

    And Good Luck, Wolfgang, I know your Sandy Hook truth efforts are not ended and are not the least thwarted by this dismal miscarriage of justice of the Ct. “Freedom of Information” Commission.

  19. Want to thank you again, Dr. Tracy, for posting on geoengineering. We lived in Mexico from 2006-20013. In the beginning babies were everywhere you looked. More common on arms than handbags and although they could afford them Mexicans held babes in arms. No one lines babies for than Mexicans. No part of society in the pueblos is prohibited for children. They played ubiquitously in the streets. Children are simply adored. Quite aware of this as my parents began taking me on trips there from age four. About 2008 TPTB launched a hideous spraying campaign. About the time the item in the oval office went down for meetings with Canada/s and Mexico’s heads of state for climate change (clever rogues make it sound like they were fighting some terrible surprise – protecting the environment – rather than declaring war via weaponized weather on their own and causing the very evil they pretend to fight…). Big hideous plumes fanning out across Lake Chapala where previously air traffic was proscribed. Fast forward to 2013 – the Ley’s box stores which dedicate as much as 1/4 of their floor space for infants/children’s goods might be full to overflowing in the grocery section but you’d never see anyone shopping in the children’s section. Empty. Almost no pregnancy seen then, babies gradually were not seen. We moved up to southern AZ in 2013 outside of Douglas, AZ which is the US border side vestige of the large Mexican city Agua Prieta, Sonora. Every day, ten miles distant from our home, we see a hideous mist creep over Douglas. Two years ago you could see their big “D” on the hill plainly. Now you almost can’t see it. As I love to keep current on Spanish and chat with the Mexican American community there – friendly town – I have been taking a street poll: any pregnancies or babies seen? We have made a macabre sport of watching in parking lots at the store, etc. and what we observe is verified by the people of Douglas. Pregnancy is almost never seen. No newborns but a very few. This has horrified us as I truly believe they are sterilizing the Mexican population. So I talked with a geoengineering activist in Maryland whose social periphery includes numerous Central American families and guess what? Everybody’s pregnant just like Mexico used to be. Babes in arms everywhere. This is an evil wreaked upon the Mexican people for which the evil cartel running these toxic schemes will pay with their soul. This is true, God be my witness.

    1. Sonoma County, Ca, held its annual balloon festival this weekend. The spraying on Saturday was heavier than usual. Started early in the morning and by the end of the day the blue sky was completely covered up with dirty streaks of poison. And of course the local newspaper just says it was partly cloudy.

      1. We are currently traveling in the southwest and see the same. Grungy blackish toxin, radically reduced value contrast scale in light/dark and it sucks the vitality out of color. There is something strangely unique about the spraying along the international border. Has what apparently is a neurotoxic effect. You don’t feel like yourself after exposure.

  20. Check out James’ Musical Interlude, The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

    You got to hand it to our host–the dude has a sense of humor, even as he helps to chronicle the ongoing nightmare.

    I expected the thing to be a subversive reworking of the good ole’ Burl Ives classic, kind of what Rush’s Paul Shanklin does to familiar tunes. So I watched closely, listening for the message.

    Well, guess what? The message is in the original, which is what James presents. It’s outrageously libertarian. I never noticed that before.

    1. Patrick, you’re right. This version is “outrageously libertarian.”

      But this song is complicated for me when I consider its origins as a comment on the blandishments used by older hobos to get young boys to join them on the road. The lyrics usually dropped from the song are:

      The punk rolled up his big blue eyes
      And said to the jocker, “Sandy,
      I’ve hiked and hiked and wandered too,
      But I ain’t seen any candy.
      I’ve hiked and hiked till my feet are sore
      And I’ll be damned if I hike any more
      To be buggered sore like a hobo’s whore
      In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

      In the 1890’s, when this song was first in circulation, a jocker was a hobo that was accompanied on the road by an underage boy, whom he called his punk (they still use this word in prison to mean the same thing.) Not only was the boy a forced sexual companion, it was a also a condition of semi-slavery as the boy was expected to go out and steal or beg for food everyday for the two of them. Or else. Sometimes the kids were scarred with acid in order to elicit sympathy while begging. More lost lyrics from 1927 describe the relationship:

      There are no bees in the cigarette trees,
      no big rock candy mountains.
      No chocolate heights where they give away kites,
      or sody-water fountains.
      He made me beg and sit on his peg,
      and he called me his jocker.
      When I didn’t get pies he blacked my eyes,
      and called me his apple-knocker.
      No more I’ll roam from my very fine home.
      I’ll save my junkerino.
      You can bet your lid that this old kid won’t
      be no one else’s punkerino.

      The whole hobo experience kinda lost its romanticism for me after I read a couple of old autobiographies that were remarkably frank. The authors seemed quite amused at the protests of their young charges.

      1. Now that I think about it, are we not the enslaved punks to our own lying jocker government, blandishing us with goodies in one hand and a fist to the face with the other?

        Boy, that Tracy. He’s good.

        1. Ok, this comment only makes sense after you read my other comment which is still in moderation.

      2. Toni, I am floored! What a horrible thing the original was! Simply despicable.

        The question this raises is, was the song cleaned up as part of an agenda, to romanticize the Hobos for some planned reason? Or is it simply a matter of rescuing a potentially great song from its ugliness?

        No one who thinks about them, in my memory at least, has anything but innocence attached. Down on their luck guys hopping trains during the Depression, hoping to find work in another part of the country. A community of decent guys in an economy with no place for them. I had no idea there were Hobos in the 19th century.

        But predatory pederasts? Ugh.

        1. Patrick,
          Yes, it’s horrible. I was all enamored of hobo life, too, a la Tom Waits, if you’re familiar. Then I started reading about it and discovered this buried aspect. You’re right in your characterization of the hobo as innocent, in the American mind. I think the “taming’ started pretty early on in the young century, along with the new film and public relations industries. Think of Charlie Chaplin’s The Tramp introduced in 1912. The Tramp even had Jackie Coogan as his foundling in The Kid (1921). Usually, though Charlie’s Tramp had girlfriends who just looked like boys and were friskily sexual; the “gamine” was invented in films at this time, as well. The waif, or urchin, was sexualized in this way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamine#In_silent_films

          I think you’ve answered your own question about the reason hobo life may have been romanticized when you described this, “A community of decent guys in an economy with no place for them.” Since the civil war, the unemployed had been on the road looking for work. I found an interview with a guy who’s done a lot of research in this area. Here’s a quote from Todd DePastino, author of Citizen Hobo: How a Century of Homelessness Shaped America:

          “We remember Depression-era hoboes best because that was the last time huge armies of homeless men wandered the nation by rail. But similar masses of the homeless—and indeed similar “Great Depressions”—were a regular feature of American life since at least the 1870s. The word “tramp” was used during the Civil War to mean a long grueling march to battle. But in 1873, the first year of a major economic depression, “tramp” began to refer to the new kind of vagrant who was on his own grueling march with “no visible means of support.” It fits, because many tramps of the 1870s were Civil War veterans, and they hitched rides on railroads that had transported troops during the war. When the tramp army appeared in 1873, most of those in business, government, and charity work denied any connection between the depression and the legions of men on the road. No one, except those in the labor movement, recognized that the vast majority of tramping men were simply out of work. The word “unemployment” didn’t exist yet! Wage labor was still a relatively new thing, and not until the Civil War did a solid majority of households, at least in the North, live on paychecks. As many are discovering today, jobs are hard to find during hard times. So beginning in 1873, hundreds of thousands of young white men began to hop trains to look for work.”

          I think a lot of children were turned out on the road in hard times as the economy became dependent on migrant labor. They were another mouth to feed and old enough to look for work. It’s not surprising they were exploited for sex and labor. In time, the jocker/punk model was established and some men began to entice the “urchins” “waifs” (poor kids) that they found around the tracks with tales of the great life on the road, riding the rails. And so the candy and the lemonade springs and such.

          TPTB, as ever, wanted cheap labor. Any ensuing ugliness would necessarily need glossing over. And life without home or family would need to be romanticized, if violence to the status quo was to be avoided. Same as it ever was.

          Like many subjects today, our great American romance with life on the road hides some pretty disillusioning aspects when you look beneath the cover story.

          Speaking of films on this subject, are you familiar with Clint Eastwood’s 2008 movie, Changeling? It’s based on a true story of a boy lost to a predator ring at a chicken ranch out in Riverside County, here in California in the twenties. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wineville_Chicken_Coop_Murders Eastwood doesn’t dwell on the what happens to the kid as much as what happens to the boy’s mother when she looks to the City of Los Angeles to help her find her son. They end up giving her a different boy and telling her he’s changed! Typically, when she protests they put her in a mental institution. Anyway, this really happened, and the film is an excellent portrayal of the social forces in 1920’s Los Angeles, and tangentially, of migrant ranch work. (It’s a beautiful looking film, too, and scored by Eastwood.)

        2. Wow, Toni.

          I just put Changeling in my Netflix queue.

          The propaganda mill has been running full-scale ever since the Civil War. Just another horrible after-effect of that horrible, completely unnecessary war. If only Lincoln had simply let the Southern States leave the Union. I knew the social disruption that war caused was terrible. This is a vast new aspect of it I will have to digest.


    1. Is it possible certain words trigger NSA moderation?

      So many of my posts are vetted and held over. I am more surprised when they pass muster than when they do not. Maybe I should view it as a badge of honor,
      knowing I am being closely scrutinized. lol A real domestic terrorist on the net–on the RED LIST.

      1. Don’t kid! They’ll set anybody as a patsy. Just destroy all bad photos of yourself, and for gosh sakes don’t get a bowl haircut.

        You don’t drive a black honda, do you?

        Good to know I’m not the only one. I didn’t really think I was, because there must be some parameters somewhere that determine collection for moderation. I just wish I knew what they are. I don’t care what they are, in themselves. Not judging! lol I’ll work with anything.

        Certain words is a good guess, Marilyn. Thanks for the response.

    2. Don’t use Full Names like O man, or known Alphabets of agencies is just a starter.

      Cleaning your cookies out will make word press think your “new” thus moderation.
      And of course cursing, typical flags.

      You asked, I told ya

      1. I asked, you told me! Thanks, Ric.

        Your suggestions make sense, especially the cookies. I’ll have to be careful about that, because I’m ruthless with cookies.

        Do you think the length of the comment, or word count is a factor? My lengthy ones seem to get caught. If I knew the exact number of words, I would keep that in mind and work around it.

        1. Length hasn’t been the factor when my posts have gone to moderation. My guess would be that there is a word and phrase list, and when some number of those words/phrases are reached, it goes into limbo.

  21. MHB news wire ran a story about the government’s ability to listen to users of Google Chrome. It’s worth mentioning that listening devices were reportedly found in several popular cable boxes going back to, at least 2009, and, that this year several major news outlets reported that your smart TV can be used to spy on you (focusing on the popular Samsung model).

  22. The front page headline under a photo taken earlier this year of a heavily chemtrailed Heathrow in London reads: The conspiracy theories about these are complete nonsense, but they can affect the climate.

    Google translation of a chemtrail article (propaganda) – including photo of lines from “commercial” flights over Heathrow.


  23. A picture begins to emerge of the refinement in the craft of building a militarized, totalitarian surveillance state. In 1993 a patsy referred to as the Blind Sheikh is used a tool by informant Emad Salem (his handler was FBI NYFO Supervisory agent John Anticev) to blow up the WTC. Only six dead, not enough blood to pass the first installment of the Patriot Act (“The Treason Act”). No worries, Timothy McVeigh is stage managed to blow up the Murrah Building. His fertilizer truck bomb causes little more than noise pollution as the bombs planted by rogue intelligence agents demolish the building killing 168. Passage of the 1996 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA). The stage is set for the 9/11 event and the midnight passage of the Patriot Act that was not read by a single member of Congress. We’re closer to the NWO BUSH the First spoke of.

    [Problem] Maybe we do not need as much blood to further surveil and militarize society the masters ponder. We see a push for gun control, sweeping technical mass surveillance, curtailment of internet speech, etc. [Reaction Solution] A series of bloodless, staged spectacles depicting mass murder and mayhem that put fear into the public mind. Dissenters are marginalized, bribed or even killed as need be.

  24. Hi all. For some unknown reason, I no longer am getting comments by email, so I haven’t been staying up to date. I have, however, been spending more time with podcasts and audio candy, and have a few things to pass along.

    I just listened to a 30 minute podcast on Note To Self podcast, put out by WNYC public radio, called “Stingrays: The Conspiracy Theorist Who Was Right All Along” (http://www.wnyc.org/story/stingray-conspiracy-theory-daniel-rigmaiden-radiolab/) Looks like we’re not as crazy as some people would like us to be…

    Having listened to more than my share of public radio podcasts, I find that I can’t decide if these folks are merely unsophisticated “every-men”, or if these shows are a sort of limited hangout. In another earlier episode (http://www.wnyc.org/story/other-ed-snowdens-inside-mind-two-privacy-whistleblowers/), the host talks as if she takes the documentary “Citizenfour” completely at face-value.

    Finally, Jan Irvin’s most recent interview with Dr. Hans Utter, “Music, Mind Control, and Psychobiology”, is well worth the two-plus hours (and it’s only part 1!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1n5Hfy_dCg.

  25. Distractions will derail the important message. Following the UN’s stealth assault on private property and national sovereignty, will help put things into their proper place in the overarching global plan. Always keep that in mind. The UN acts as a universal brain to bring order in setting up the tedious details.

    Terms are important: global warming is now “Climate change.” The concept of social engineering, moving into local and state offices from the city school board to the zoning commission, are covered and is now sanitized to read “smart growth.”

    A county in Maryland has been seduced into accepting the smart growth initiative. A man running for county commissioner candidly observed that there is something inherently flawed in the program.


    Scroll down and read Richard Rothschild’s statement that sustainabiity is a political construct, not a sacientific experiment subject to provable techniques. When you hear the term “sustainability,” be afraid, be very afraid. This issue is worth repeating.

  26. I apologize if this theory is wrong, but after over two years of studying the Sandy Hook emergency response, I’ve come to believe that law enforcement failures contributed to some or many of the deaths inside the school.

    I don’t fault anyone for mistakes made–not even if those mistakes cost lives (though I may be in the minority). I do fault people for lying about those mistakes, because they are putting additional lives at risk in the process, and because both the public and the families of victims deserve (and have a legal right to) the truth.

    There are multiple ways in which to raise the issue of the Sandy Hook emergency response failure; here are a few.

    In a nutshell:

    Newtown police never told dispatch that there were more than two victims. The reason for this failure seems to be an officer-involved shooting inside the school which distracted police from their duty to immediately report the discovery of dozens of additional wounded students and staff. There are some indications officers purposely withheld this information in order to delay the arrival of medical personnel. [b][i]As a result of police silence, only two ambulances were called in the first half hour for a scene that required a minimum of 15.[/i][/b]* By the time dispatch heard from a volunteer EMT that more were needed, and mutual aid ambulances finally arrived, victims had lain untreated for almost one hour. By this time the only ambulance route had become gridlocked with parent and state police vehicles.

    In more detail:

    1. Newtown dispatch called only two ambulances in the first half hour, because Newtown police never relayed their discovery of dozens of wounded children and adults in the first three classrooms.

    2. By the time Newtown dispatch was informed by a volunteer EMT that more ambulances were needed, children and teachers had been bleeding for 30 minutes.

    3. By the time mutual aid ambulances arrived in Newtown, victims had lain untreated for nearly one hour, and the only ambulance route to the school was now gridlocked with parent and state police vehicles. Mutual aid EMTs and medics testified to walking up to the scene on foot–despite some having been asked to stage ambulances directly in front of the school.

    4. It is not true that all victims had “obviously fatal wounds.” Danbury paramedics testified under oath that this was not the case.

    5. Even if all victims in the first three classrooms had had obviously fatal wounds–which, according to medical personnel, they didn’t–Newtown police should have immediate informed dispatch that more ambulances were needed as the school hadn’t been cleared yet and officers had no idea how many total wounded there would be.

    6. The “EMTs weren’t needed” story, released immediately to media that day, appears to be a purposeful strategy to cover up the fact that patients died because law enforcement was instrumental in delaying their treatment and transport.

    7. Despite Newtown officials’ claims to the contrary, there is no indication that proper protocols were followed, and many indications showing that they were not. Failures include lack of establishing Unified Command, lack of radio interoperability, failure to keep the egress clear, and failure to communicate with CMED including in at least one case, outright obstruction of CMED’s efforts to determine the scene location.

    The blunter theory:

    Newtown police injured and handcuffed a suspect who looked about 12 years old. After seeing the carnage in room 8, one Newtown officer executed the suspect in a rage. In the scramble to deal with that reality, police either accidentally or purposely failed to inform dispatch of the dozens of children and adults injured inside the school.

    The blunter theory in detail:

    A juvenile suspect popped out of room 6 or 8 just before 9:46:54 a.m., at which point he was shot in the right clavicle by NPD officer SS who was sighting down the north hall. It is the round from Smith’s handgun which later became the “extra handgun round fired by the suspect down the north hall.” NPD officers SS and WC cuffed the suspect, who appeared to be about 12 years old. WC continued on to Room 8, saw the horror, and returned to SS and the suspect. The suspect was dragged into Room 10, and executed at 9:51:31 a.m. either with one of his own weapons, or with WC’s M-4 rifle. There are multiple indications that the suspect was alive before this point, to include 911 callers reporting, “He’s screaming,” and the fact that the now-deceased suspect was described by incoming state police as being in the fetal position. NPD officer SS claimed his own M-4 rifle was stuck in his vehicle, which may have provided WC the opportunity to hide any dirty weapons. If the suspect’s own rifle was used to execute him, this rifle would need to disappear; if WC’s was used, WC’s rifle would need to disappear. Swapping it for SS’s clean weapon would have meant literally being able to spirit it away from the scene, never to be tested. This may be why no bullets at the scene matched the weapon later designated as the “suspect rifle.” The “suspect rifle” used for state police photographs may have been Seabrook’s, as the barrel was covered with white residue possibly resulting from Seabrook’s earlier break-and-rake of the safety glass in a side door of the school.


    1. New class photograph casts more doubt on Connecticut State Police Sandy Hook report.

      A new(ly discovered) Sandy Hook class photo presents problems for the final report’s claim as to which children were in what classroom at the time of the shooting.

      A cropped version of the photo had circulated months ago; in the new, full photo, Ms. Soto has 16 kids in the frame instead of 13–now including EP, and an African-American child (possibly AMG).


      The anomalies:

      [b]1. EP is supposed to be in D’Amato’s class, not Soto’s.

      2. The boy in the hoodie was supposedly in Roig’s class; he’s pictured in the Glamour spread with her.

      3. JM (between Vicki and Haddick) is supposed to be in D’Amato’s class.

      4. Kid with face partly hidden looks an awful lot like Barth, in his ever-checkered shirts; also looks like JL, however (in which case no anomaly).

      5. Boy to left of Vicki (viewer’s left) looks like BW (could also be Makris–sometimes they look alike–in which case no anomaly).

      6. Girl with ribbon shirt (smiling big) was supposedly in Roig’s class; pictured in Glamour spread.]

      7. There is no African-American child listed in Soto’s class; however, AMG’s transport has always been in question, and it is possible that it was she whom NPD carried from Soto’s class, instead (or in addition) to OE. There is an African-American girl in Roig’s Glamour spread as well.[/b]

      My sincere apologies to whomever this inquiry may offend. Unfortunately, however, lies cost lives, and I think we can all agree that we need to keep doing what it takes to protect our kids. Beyond that, we must maintain a public record that is truthful and accurate, period.

      My own children’s school, for example, spent what precious little money it had to buy an over-hyped new door vestibule, based on erroneous info (and dearth of accurate info) from the Sandy Hook investigation, when it should have used the money to, for example, re-think lockdown procedures or provide basic hemorrhage control training for teachers and staff.

      As the Courant recently stated, the time is long past due for after-action reports on the two, primary responding agencies–the Newtown Police Department, and the Connecticut State Police.

        1. How did you find out you were wrong?

          Have you read Sue’s comment this morning about revision of the coverage being typical for these psyops?

          The rest of your post’s commentary about wasted money and the need for an accurate public record still stands. Hardly a waste of time. I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it. We’re all doing the best we can. Most of us, anyway.

        2. Zephyr, I commented on your post but…

          “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” So I’m awaiting.

          Here’s gatekeeper wikipedia’s argument on the need for moderation at all times:

          “Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted.”

          So that’s the aim. In practice, still a blunt instrument.

  27. Another untimely death with a Sandy Hook connection. Second this month.


    In December 2012, he was so moved by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that he volunteered to assist Newtown police in the aftermath.

    And the story of Chase Kowalski, one of the 20 young Sandy Hook victims and a budding triathlete so moved Compare that in 2013, the officer competed the 70.3-mile Rev3 Half-Ironman Triathlon at Lake Quassapaug, to raise money for the boy’s a memorial fund.

    Compare, a 36-year-old, 1996 Jonathan Law High School graduate and three-year veteran of the Milford Police Department, was dead. “Everybody is wondering why,“ Kebani said.

  28. People, we are at a tipping point right now.
    The left has had free reign for almost seven years and they know there’s not much time left for their agenda.

    They are running big time with his whole Roof, Charleston fake racial act.

    The republicans are falling for it not to called racist.
    So do we hire those guys in the mid-east to destroy all of our History and Statues? The American flag is next I hope you know.

    I hope this blows over like most of this drama has before but I don’t think the far left want to lose momentum and they’ve got BIG bucks from all of the globalists.

    75% of Americans don’t buy this racial crap but that won’t change the TEE VEE news. They don’t care. They control it.

    It’s all a lie. Lets see. So far they are winning mainly because of the executive branch being in power.

    1. BBC are commenting that 27 people have been killed in Souse on a beach, mainly holidaymakers, one terrorist been shot dead by security services..another on the run….and in France a person has been decapitated..by a terrorist with a machete.and an explosion at a factory.. of course they say its Islamic state terrorists and the broadcast infers that although they might not be linked its most likely they are.. How can you tell what is real in this world..!

  29. Ok, we are all familiar with NY manhunt, right? So it comes out in the press today, the first guy was taken out with a headshot. Not one, but three headshots! This bastion of grace under fire turns out to be a Customs border protection agent. Huh? All those state police and Encon folks involved and the guy gets taken out by a fed? Three headshots? All I can say is he must have grazed him with the first two, because I can’t see anyone still standing(or breathing) after a good shot to the head. Not to mention, being a former New Yorker I have spent a good amount of time in the great north woods of NY, and anyone trying to escape up there short of Grizzly Adams himself would be begging to get caught after three days. They have mosquitos up there that could pick up a small child and carry it off.

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