Online commentator RedSilverJ offers his acute analysis of the June 17, 2015 South Carolina Church massacre. He suggests that it may be a manufactured event reminiscent of 1960s Cointelpro tactics and targeting the George Soros-backed “Black Lives Matter” movement with the intent to prompt continued race-based violence across the US.

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91 thought on “Dylann Roof South Carolina Church Massacre: Commentary and Analysis”
  1. Like the video says, the sour puss photos of this shooter are ridiculous. Not to mention, the haircut is enough to make anyone hate the guy. After last years deluge of mass shootings, I think we are seeing the gradual morphing of the suspects into the homegrown terrorist. I would expect more, summer is just starting. Gun owners are in for another huge showdown with the state. I am sure we will never get to see any evidence regarding this shooting, out of respect for the families.

    1. The “Moe” haircut was the first thing I noticed when his photo was released. I have also received an email from a friend, with links to various media outlets like USA Today, US News, and the NY Times, whose articles about this incident are dated June 16, the day before it happened. So…here we go again. I wonder how many donation pages have been set up for the victims so they can cash in for their performance? Also, have you heard the lady that supposedly saw the shooter and recognized that he was the guy police were looking for and turned him in? Her story and her demeanor while telling it are anything but believable.

    2. Lophatt
      In the Helter Skelter affair, Jay Sebring practically gave it away to the critical mind when he said.


      “You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.” Jay Sebring

      It gives me heart that guys like Miles Mathis who can think critically are still around. The guy is brilliant, he questions everything.

      It all may go back further than we think. Remember Jack the Ripper who many think was one of the royals? I used to think “House of Usher” with Vincent Price was just entertainment. Now looking back it may have been more like London after dark. shakespeare may even be telling us something. The pattern seems to be, instill fear.

      All the world’s a stage,
      And all the men and women merely players.
      They have their exits and their entrances,
      And one man in his time plays many parts … Shakespeare

      1. Mick, yes, Miles write well. I don’t always agree with everything he writes, but he’s entitled to his opinions. I think the “self-love” element is hard to deal with when I read his work.

        I think that being lied to is not new. The technology actually is enabling us for the first time to provide almost instantaneous sharing and analysis. They have never faced that before. In the old days one had to go to the library, subscribe to periodicals and, if you wanted to comment, get your comments published. All this was long after the event.

        Shakespeare is telling us that details of situations change, the human elements behind them do not. This is why Satan is cast as the Deceiver. We’ve identified who has what role. Unfortunately, we do not possess the complete script.

        1. lophatt

          I have noticed your opinions are very impressive, enlightening and always worthwhile reading. I agree, Mathis can sometimes seem overwhelming. It is problem with a genius. They become derisive with the status quo. He addressed this as climbing the mountain. There is always somebody there to point in wrong direction and when you reach a point without them, there is just you to move forward.

          So yes you are right, he can seem a bit derisive at times, nevertheless I simply focus on the facts he presents.

          You keep me coming here, your analysis in most areas is great.

          Cheers, the Mickster!

        2. lophatt
          One other thing, when I see your handle, I always think of the movie, Big Trouble in Little China! It was a great movie. 🙂 It always makes me smile. One of the great lines was the Gods are out in the streets throwing lightning bolts!

          Along those lines I have a link to the keystone library I think is worth while although a bit off topic, but you know to me there is nothing off topic!

      2. About a week before this shooting there was the also highly suspicious shooting in Dallas TX. For some odd reason the NYT article on it had a quote from the police chief there that threw out “helter skelter”

        “It was very helter-skelter for a long while,” Chief Brown said.

        It stood out to me at the time because the story didn’t really have to do with race.

        As a little side note on the Dallas event, two of the most commonly cited witnesses (at least one of them also provided video of the event) are actors

        Rick Birt
        (note his likes, several acting and modelling agencies, and military stuff)

        Joshua Guilbaud
        Account Planner at 15 Hertz – Marketing and Advertising
        Shows that he recently graduated from Kennesaw State and went to Dallas as part of this program
        Now check out this actor page, same guy compare the location in Georgia and the picture to the linkedin, it’s clearly the same guy

        I think one or both also had IMDB pages. If you google their names you’ll see they were cited in most of the stories out of Dallas

        Getting off subject a bit but I wanted to share those tidbits

  2. Here is a weird coincidence. FFCHS, a self-styled, anti-mind control group that is widely regarded to be a government front, has a Reverend Edward “Pinkney” as a guest moderator:

    This Reverend Pinkney is compromised by having done time for, inter alia, election fraud (another Reverend Pinkney involved in politics):

    Both Pinkney and Pinckney are rare surnamesin the United States:

    What are the odds???

    1. The odds are great the reverend Pinckney was approached in jail and offered a plan to put him back on the street very soon. All you have to do rev is star is this play for us. This is done quite often.

      He could well be sunning on a beach in Jamaica now days, just as Sharon Tate was said to be in Jamaica shortly after Helter Skelter meeting with Polanski. Always remember, Polanski was a movie director known for slasher movies, Sharon Tate was an actor, an actor with a father in military intelligence. The Spahn Ranch was a former movie set and British actress Angela Lansbury had given her young daughter a note of approval to be part of the Manson girls.

      Sharon Tate is now said to be living as her sister Pat on the beach in Malibu. Her sister had died before all of this and looked almost like Sharon. Charlie could be her neighbor who shows up once in awhile to do interviews with Geraldo in jail house setting.

      The spin I am seeing now days goes along the lines of …. well we just don’t know enough to call this a false flag yet. When 9 of ten things don’t add up, yes we do. The attitude these days should be they are false flags until they are proven not to be.

        1. Ah Mick, nice find. Yes, they’ve been at this sort of thing for a very long time. It would never have occurred to anyone in those days that they might be tricked by their media.

          I remember it well. We may have thought they were a sorry lot of parasites, and they were, but we didn’t really think they would invent “realities”. I suppose some of us have grown up from then.

          Looked at that way, it must be painful for them to actually have some who are on to them to contend with. All those years of mocking us with impunity. These days they are hearing “hey, don’t insult our intelligence”. They’re thinking, “what, we’ve been doing it for years!”.

          Once a person starts looking at this for what it is the real question is, “can we find an incident where they told us the truth?”. I think the truth is not very useful for psychopaths. Even morons know better than to cooperate with policies that are bad for them.

          Well, who knows. Sharon could be playing Pinocle with Babs Olsen and Ken Lay as we speak. We know where Charlie is (or do we?).

    1. I don’t know any of the details to say whether or not it can be demonstrated it is fake. The “lessons” it would have imbedded, with the cooperation of local authorities as in all the hoaxes we have examined, are not clear. This seems the sort of event which could blow well out of control of anyone, and for that reason it seems a bad fit for a hoax. Not only that, it is something that would be horribly easy to carry out and very difficult ever to prevent. While the same might be said for a Sandy Hook Elementary School (the ease of carrying it out), it is difficult to say whether after this event in the Charleston, things looked as unbelievable.

      If anything, this event could spawn lots of copycat events, in the hopes of triggering riots as the long, hot, jobless summer approaches. Maybe that is someone’s intent, to allow draconian measures to be normalized (always waiting in the wings), but it is too early to say if this is the intent.

      I looked up the church. It’s history is very interesting in so many ways. The famous slave who won a lottery and bought his way to freedom, Denmark Vesey, was one of the carpenters who framed the first church built for this congregation back in the 1820’s. He and other members of the congregation were accused of planning a slave revolt in Charleston which would have been modeled on the rebellion in Haiti, but he was betrayed by some house servants in the town (or so the story runs) and he and some of the other members of the congregation we hanged. He was obviously very smart and determined to bring about the liberation of his people, but paid the ultimate price. The church he helped to construct was burned to the ground by the owner class of Charleston and the mobs working for them. But it was rebuilt.

      I think no worse of Denmark Vesey than I do of anyone trying to liberate his own people from tyranny. But isn’t it interesting that this church was the scene of such a crime. I will keep trying to read the runes.

  3. 100% Hoax! The government listened to us this time and produced surveillance footage. They also used an Adam Lanza lookalike. They both are 5-9 to 5-11 and 120lbs. This information is directly from the respective police reports. An adult male of that size is incapable of firing a bb gun, let alone walking or driving a car.

    I am watching Faux news right now, and Dylann Roof is in the next cell to Michael Slager (The Walter Scott shooter). You can’t make this stuff up!!! They gave Roof a $1M bond for the gun charges.

    We need to get Wolfgang to Charleston ASAP and nip this HOAX in the bud! Where are the ambulances, the coroner wagons, the cleanup crew???

    Did anyone notice that the participants are wearing LANYARDS?!? What is ATF doing on the scene?

    1. I’m not sure what size has to do with firing the gun, but I agree; they are listening to us. This shooter didn’t shoot himself in the back of the head. He was rather successful too. Nine killed. These shooters seem to have the skills of Dirty Harry. How many wounded? Type of weapon? I haven’t seen any of this information, however the press seems more interested that the state flag wasn’t lowered to half mast. Didn’t we go through this South Carolina Confederate flag thing a couple of years ago? Could we forget the stupid flag and get some real details. The MSM is so complicit in their worthlessness its not even funny anymore. They report as if their is no one left with a brain in their head.

      1. Yes, Dylann Roof is almost as good as Commando Adam Lanza who obtained 28 kills with zero wounded. Dylan used a .45 acp and reloaded five times, so yes, even deadlier than Dirty Harry!

      2. God forbid I wade into the symbolic meaning behind casting a wimpy barely post adolescent white male as the anti-hero here. I’ll get called all sorts of names and be banished to Cyberia.

        There has always been an intentional ‘wimpiness’ to Lanza and now Roof, for some same and different reasons. In Roof’s case it has to do with portraying an avenging white man too heroically or with too much masculinity. That might lend Roof too much pathos; white men do, after all, have the right to defend white women from rape both by other whites and foreign tribes or races. Had Roof expressed one ounce of righteous as opposed to dysfunctional, demented and failed ‘masculinity,’his act would have drawn attention to the very real black on white rape rate, and to men’s natural role of competing with other men who are in this context preying on their women. The negative attention wouldn’t have outweighed, necessarily, the affirmative light drawn to white people’s plight. Hence the South Africa and Rhodesia liberation patches; it was just recently that the Right to Return for South Africans petition went viral. It equated the jews’ right to return to Palestine/Israel with the white South Africans’ right to return to Holland and I think England.

        Also, it’s significant that Roof is depicted as an alienated loner, yet he rallies behind symbols like the Confederate flag, which have little meaning for individual people and are instead defined by loyalty to one group’s interests in conflict with another’s.

        1. In Roof’s case it has to do with portraying an avenging white man too heroically or with too much masculinity…

          Good observation!

        2. Wow, now we’re analyzing the symbolism of B.S.. Not to worry, I do it all the time. I think the message is “he could be your neighbor”. No scary dude with piercings and tattoos, no! It’s a wimpy little guy who looks more likely to bite your ankle, like a chiguagua.

          We must be alert to “extremism”, and people with funny names and weird hair. Why, with the proper mental health attention, he could have led a productive life selling vinyl siding.

          But, no. He was allowed to flirt with radical thoughts and was overcome by the inertia of his evil white genes. If it weren’t for these white devils there wouldn’t be nearly the black on black crime we see daily. Nosiree.

          What sort of place has this become? Even the hoaxes have taken on a more demented flavor under Idi Obongo. But, a puny white loser with a bad haircut hasn’t a chance. No plagues for our Storm. Did I mention they’re installing one for Michael Brown? I wondered if it would have an image of him waving a little Asian guy around.

          We should all be past embarrassment by now. It’s a good thing that I know that they don’t work for, or represent me. That would be embarrassing. I take solace in the fact that they are all “boils on the ass of time”, as a columnist once said. Its a new form, albeit an insulting form, of entertainment. Its a race to the bottom. When they get there, will they dig?

      3. I’d heard this morning that the theory was that he re-loaded 5 times. 5 times! Why did no one run out or tackle him during re-load? It makes no sense.

        1. I have the same question. Did he have 5 clips? It takes time to reload, and I doubt he would be that experienced with it. I’ve seen a video on youtube that shows someone reloading a .45in 17 seconds, which still seems enough time to tackle a person or run. Why didn’t people run? Were bodies found all over the church or together?

        2. I wondered that too…and why we have a near clone of Adam Lanza, including wimpy body type. I wondered why NO ONE went under the table (for initial protection, until they could run) they were pictured at? Or under the table to get at him?

          And why are we hearing (similar to SH) forgiving, remembering-the-good, not-a-touch angry responses of family members?

          And, as mentioned here, who cleaned up after the shootings?

        3. Where have we heard the survivors being so composed and remembering all the good things about their LOVED ONE WHO WAS JUST MURDERED?

          “I’ve got the baseball community behind me…”

          “Tragedies happen…”

          Who reacts like this 1 day after their mother was murdered?? “She smiling ear to ear, huge smile right now…”

          Where have we heard that type of response before? Hint: SH

        4. Yes Beth D this is my question also…and like S/H… who cleared the whole thing up?… I saw a short TV news bulletin of him in walking into a cell with two guards behind.. and if there was sound ( which there wasn’t) some one would have said.. ‘ Now give a crazy, couldn’t care less look). and he did…. Oh my He’s a boy! .. what is going to happen next.. I am thinking.. take his own life in the cell.. or maybe escape… or put in a mental institution.. and no one will hear from him ever again…Just asking..! its crazy….

        5. Tammie, I also noted the immediate forgiveness that the relatives are spouting out. I get forgiveness, and why it’s important and neccesary, but really don’t think I would be composed and offering it up for the world to see 2 days after my relative had been killed. This just isn’t reality. It’s very Sandy Hook though!

          CNN has some really interesting pieces they’re posting, including this one:, which includes this quote, “None of us should be proud of a country that has fed its children such a huge diet of hate and bigotry for centuries that we now breed monsters like Dylann Roof”. Wow.

          One other thought I had after reading his manifesto was that possibly this is being used also to keep Americans feeling ashamed of any negative feelings regarding the influx of immigrants. Has anyone listed to this red ice creations program about what is going on with Sweden and immigration? It’s very interesting. The country is being reconstructed and none dare complain.

        6. Excellent points from Tammie and CB. The epic problem of black on white violence (since no one, including most blacks, care about black on black violence) became impossible to continue to repress awareness of. So TPTB had to spin the issue, by creating a character who didn’t start out with ‘racist’ sensibilities but came upon them through examining very real problems for whites. To become aware somehow in this narrative is to devolve into utter depravity, and racism!

          The larger lesson of that element of the story is that whites should not seek to find out more about these issues, but instead should blindly forgive. The black victims’ survivors are shown as morally superior to whites who might seek to square off against a government that promotes racial violence against them. Does no one remember Ferguson and ‘Burn the bitch down!’ Real crime stats show it’s not whites who harbor a baseless vendetta against black people, but this psy op would convince us otherwise.

        7. I also want to mention something, which is that since even before the trial for George Zimmerman I noticed a trend wherein liberals were literally accusing white women of fabricating or ‘misperceiving’ experiences of rape by black men. I’ve always wondered how TPTB planned to deal with what would eventually become undeniable – there has been a rape jihad perpetrated by black men against white women for half a century. I thought the liberals would literally turn against this demographic they’d bamboozled in the civil rights era. But as it turns out, the strategy is to further demonize and castrate the white men who might otherwise defend them. It’s not a coincidence that Ann Coulter’s new book champions ‘anglo saxon’ values as the founding ethos of America and considers the societies they birthed the last refuge for women’s rights on the planet.

    1. Both Adam Lanza and Dylann Roof go to the same barber, both are 5-10ish and 120 lbs., both drive a black Honda, both are on anti-depressant drugs. It appears that Adam Lanza has come to life, LOL!

      I wonder if Dylann plays Dance Dance Revolution? Did he destroy his hard drive?

    1. I should add that I’m stumped as to how this one was pulled off, however. Could he really have been somehow conditioned to do this or was it just a total hoax? Then who is this kid? Like many of the faked shooters, his past can’t be nailed down to a specific place. But where did they get him and where does he go next?

      1. There was a DHS drill scheduled for Charleston near a church on 6-17-15. Definitely a crisis actor and I doubt he is in the Charleston Jail. The same goes for Michael Slager. I did research on him and he does not exist in any SC law enforcement database.

        1. Try the FLETC website and link to Charleston. For some reason I cant attach a link….I will try again later.

        2. The Department of Homeland Security has several Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, or FLECT, of which Charleston has one.

          Here’s a link to the training schedule

          Note that Charleston has an “Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program” from 6/15/15 to 6/19/15.

          Here’s the link to the description of the course

          Looks like another drill gone live.

      2. Sue, I actually think we need to develop better ways to analyze the define these things. There’s actually quite a lot going on with any of them. They do have commonalities, however.

        First, I’m not a “coincidence theorist”. When these mutts have obvious agendas, and a lot of us know what those are, it is disingenuous to assume that they are natural events.

        The definition of “hoax” should be expanded. I’ve been saying that whether someone actually died or not is not the definition. These guys have no more concern for life than a drunk has for sobriety. It is simply a matter of efficacy whether they kill anyone or not.

        While it is possible to have something “useful” to them just happen, it is much more likely that they make them happen. These guys are impatient and don’t depend on chance. They also manage to stage these in symbolic ways. That greatly lessens the odds of coincidence.

        Out of 300+M people, what are the odds of the SPLC just happening to have a set of pictures of “the new Adam”? How do they know so much in so little time about this kid to get it on TEE VEE in time to synch up with the propaganda?

        As you asked, the “how” of it is a little unclear. There are actually multiple ways to achieve something like this. Think Sirhan Sirhan. Think drugs. Think hypnosis.

        In many ways these things are more successful because of our natural inclination to not want to believe them capable of things like this. We know that they are. Just think of them all. I’ve lost count.

        Their main talking points are clear. There are other, perhaps more important elements as well. As you mentioned earlier, “mental health” is a form of submittal to some “expert’s” assessment. They invent “diseases” that look an awful lot like simple resistance.

        So, to turn it around, what is more likely? This event occurred “naturally” just in time for a political push for gun control and mental health legislation, or they made it happen? I know what I think. Simply waiting to pounce on natural events would put them decidedly behind the power curve in the production department. It’s much easier when you have it all “in the can” and ready to go.

      3. Pulling off an event is one thing, the coverup that ensues is another. Since the end of the Sandy Hook brouhaha, I’ve tried very hard to get some important information to the newspapers for publication, and all for naught. Naught!
        Newspaper editors willingly or unwillingly refuse to publish the real truths these days as they are all controlled. They say, “this news is out of character with the homespun newspaper we run here so we’ll have to pass”. I’ve gotten these lies constantly from the major papers in the state of Connecticut. Editors know the facts, they just won’t print them. As such, they are among the most egregious traitors in this nation at this time. This is why the American public appears to be so ignorant, there is an active plot against their getting the truth right from the start.

  4. Eight years awake now since the Wizard’s curtain came crashing down. To the people that still believe the news: Recapping sports highlights of the day is the only thing accurate anymore. Covering the weather is a sham without talking about weather being “jacked”, “gamed” or rigged for profit by the PTB. That’s why TV weatherman Scott Stevens lost his job; daring to expose what’s right in your face. Remember what CIA Director Colby said ‘we will know when our disinformation campaign has succeeded when everything (important) the American people believe is a lie’ I was going for essence of the quote since I can’t recall exact words. This arrogant bastard boast said more in one sentence than all anyone understood about the CIA since it was created after the World War Deux. Here’s a perfect example: Panama during Daddy Bush’s reign. Most people in America were convinced it was about taking down drug king pin Manuel Noreiaga. No one in America knew the total concept behind invading Panama. Part of it was a live simulation of what the PTB planned for the first Persian Gulf War. Our military torched entire city blocks like someone checking off a milk route list of places to destroy. There are mass graves in Panama of all the poor peasants that we murdered during the invasion and military occupation. We rounded up people and forced them to live in squalor in airplane hangers for years. 7,000 people were rounded up and jailed without trial. Nobody in America seems to know this. The only thing they saw was the lionizing of the 10 GIs that proudly died for Uncle Sam. Please watch the award winning documentary about the Panama invasion.


    I have only begun to read the second more ‘fact’-based link, but already it STINKS to high heaven. It does appear that Congressman Murphy has either resorted to mini-hoaxing to get his ‘bill’ passed, or that the handlers of the allegedly mentally ill people highlighted in it have indeed massaged and distorted their claims. I’m certain one or both is happening.

    I reiterate: I have known and interviewed many sufferers of manic depression (the article claims 40% of ‘bipolar’s’ don’t realize they have the ‘disease’ even though there is no such disease), and can attest that every single one without fail had total distance and cognizance that the temporary psychosis they experienced while symptomatic was indeed psychosis. I’ve never known any who came down from a manic psychosis (not mere mood but actual thinking disorder) and somehow couldn’t discern that it was psychosis. Also ridiculous is the notion that schizophrenics are any more violent than the average population.

    But what’s most disturbing is the lack in the conspiracy realist and white rights milieus to recognize that Murphy’s bill is the shark circling in the water – middle class americans, who are majority white, are the prey about to be devoured. Many on the internet are more aggrieved than average (in their minds anyway), and so there may be a greater proportion of those questioning things who have authoritarian, controlling mindsets and hence don’t want to challenge the upper class’ methods of repression.

    Americans’ willingness to attribute all misdeeds and dysphoria to some undefined catch all ‘disease’ called ‘mental illness’ is the ultimate affirmation by them of unbridled capitalism’s greed and depravity. The middle class seems to go along out of mere ignorance and denial. I said a year ago that the Reichstag was burning. I predict that by fall Murphy’s bill will pass. Who will rescue us from the coming totalitarian state?

  6. Are there any pics of bodiest at all? Why on earth would someone kill 9 and leave the 10th? That makes no sense. Knew it was fake as soon as I heard about it.

    1. Supposedly the 10th is left “to tell the tale” – but in this case the shooter does not kill himself, so presumably he could also have told the tale. Yes, that is a definite anomaly in the story.

  7. I found a site called fotoforensics that analyzes images for digital modification. To quote the site’s analysis tutorial, “Error Level Analysis (ELA) permits identifying areas within an image that are at different compression levels. With JPEG images, the entire picture should be at roughly the same level. If a section of the image is at a significantly different error level, then it likely indicates a digital modification.”

    So check out the forensic image that resulted when I uploaded the photo of Dylann Roof in his jacket with the famous patches marking Africa’s colonial past:

    Pretty obvious it was photoshopped.

  8. The above video by RedSilver J and the the majority of these comments are disheartening to say the least. While real conspiracies and their coverups are common in society, the knee-jerk assumption that this event is a ‘crisis actor’ laden psyop (or MISO if you prefer) is as troubling as the credulity with which most people ingest mass media.

    Terror campaigns instigated against civilian populations by state actors or their proxies are part of our shared history (Gladio comes to mind), but differentiating those events from the equally real and unfortunately common spree killings by mentally deranged individuals is often difficult, particularly so soon after an event takes place.

    I encourage posters to take on a radically agnostic position on such subjects as this latest event. It is more intellectually satisfying to think you’ve got it figured out, than to admit that in this age of conflicting mass media, disinformation, propaganda and the rest, that at least for the present the facts are unknowable.

    This comment is not meant to discourage either frank discussion or research, and Mr. Tracy provides a valuable platform where heretical ideas can be discussed openly, but it is important when dealing with such fraught subjects to maintain a higher intellectual standard than those voices in the mainstream that march in lockstep, or those in the alternative media who use news events to segue into their ideological stumping.

    1. Uh, no.

      This process may “dishearten” you, but experience tells us that the prospect that such a thing is real is diminishingly small.

      “The knee-jerk assumption that this event is a ‘crisis actor’ laden psyop” is evidence that one has overcome their culture-wide brainwashing, VALIS (what does that handle mean, anyway? is it an acronym?).

      There is no such thing as “unfortunately common spree killings by mentally deranged individuals.” Going out on a limb here, I don’t think any have ever happened. MKUltra mind control slaves no doubt actually kill people sometimes, but more and more, these things are entirely fake. It’s just a play, a pageant. If someone kills lots of people in a short space, for real, rest assured, there was more than one CIA guy there doing the real shooting, not the patsy. If they want those suckers dead, they don’t take chances with 98 pound weaklings with Moe haircuts.

      “I encourage posters to take on a radically agnostic position on such subjects….”

      I recommend that no one listen to anything “VALIS” encourages.

      “It is more intellectually satisfying to think you’ve got it figured out….”

      Not really. What is intellectually satisfying is the ability to sense when you are being lied to, and then try to solve the puzzle. One of the great things about MHB is the confidence we all have that our pals here will be on that baby like a duck on a junebug, doing the work the press refuses to do. When we posit a theory, if it’s wrong, the MHB crows will point it out right quick.

      “This comment is not meant to discourage either frank discussion or research…” Oh, I doubt that with a high degree of confidence.

      “…and Mr. [sic] Tracy provides a valuable platform where heretical ideas can be discussed openly…”

      You betcha.

      “…but it is important when dealing with such fraught subjects to maintain a higher intellectual standard than those voices in the mainstream that march in lockstep…”

      Well, yah, but that’s exactly how things operate around here, all the time. Read Dr. Tracy’s most recent post, about the fakery in the images we’ve been shown. Read how carefully he phrases things. He is scrupulous. Some of us in the comments speculate a bit to the extreme, sometimes, but that’s altogether to the good. It’s called “brainstorming.”

      “…or those in the alternative media who use news events to segue into their ideological stumping.”

      I have no idea what that means.

      No, VALIS, good buddy, nice try. We here are the antidote to Big Brother. We don’t believe anything he says, until it’s proven otherwise. Where else can you go for THAT? Anyone who wishes for us not to behave that way is not one of us.

      1. Patrick,exactly my own sentiments…esp. your last statement! Thank you,sir. Truth is not always a beautiful rose to be picked from the bush; many times it is the deeply buried, rotting offal that reveals the ugliness of the truth,as well.

        1. (I forgot to include the quotation marks,in the above…I haven’t had an original thought since 1965.)

      2. Absolutely correct, Patrick. The default position should not be belief. Especially in light of what we know them to be capable of. Only a fool would believe what they say without sufficient proof.

        These people do not work for us. Quite the opposite. They work against us. Until relatively recently, say around the time the Cabal decided to get serious about disarming us, these events were pretty unusual. Outside of deliberately causing them to happen there is nothing in the air that is making “mentally deranged individuals” commit homicidal acts.

        One consistent “coincidence” seems to be that they happen in a manner designed to further their agenda. It is too obvious to ignore.

    2. – but differentiating those events from the equally real and unfortunately common spree killings by mentally deranged individuals is often difficult, particularly so soon after an event takes place.-

      So soon after the event takes place eh? That my friend is false! It is immediately right after these events take place that the best evidence of fakery is gleaned, especially the first hour. The MSM has not had enough time to polish the story, and edit out mistakes.

    3. Valis(whatever that means),may I offer you the rare opportunity to throw yourself into an intensive investigation into the truthfulness of this Charleston church shooting and report back to us when you have exhausted every effort to prove or disprove it’s authenticity…we’ll wait here. Thanks in advance.

      1. VALIS is a 1981 science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick. The title is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System, Dick’s gnostic vision of one aspect of God.

        The most famous quote from the book is:
        “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”
        ― Philip K. Dick, VALIS

        1. Perhaps the more relevant quote from the book as regards our poster:

          Nothing is going on and nobody knows what it is. Nobody is concealing anything except the fact that he does not understand anything anymore and wishes he could go home.”
          ― Philip K. Dick, VALIS

    4. I maintain a blog about community mobbing and gang stalking and its relation to workplace violence, mass shootings, etc. There are statistics that bullying/mobbing makes a child 31 times more likely to bring a gun to school. Professor Emeritus of Sociology, at the University of Waterloo, Kenneth Westhues, has written that up to half of these mass shootings relate to mobbing in some communal context. The government’s role is ubiquitous. The whole population is a focus group being studied and manipulated. I fully agree that some of these cases are drills and some are real. To state that all spree or mass shootings are MKULTRA is disinformation. Westhues wrote a paper on the VA Tech massacre, as did Joe Newbury a student at VA Tech that was mobbed there in a fashion possibly worse than Cho (note that mobbing has many similarities to a military “strategy of tension”). Here is Newbury’s blog on the VA Tech Massacre:

      Whenever anyone states ALL or NO in relation to these common yet complex social events we can assume that they are a rogue. Either lawyer, politician, or worse yet, intelligence agent or asset.

      1. My position is that our masters are presumed guilty until proven innocent, Peace. They lie all the time, about everything.

        Some of these things are clearly 100% fake-like Sandy Hook (nothing really happened). Some are real, inasmuch as something actually happened (seven buildings were destroyed in New York on 9/11), but everything about the official story is a lie.

        There are MK-Ultra mind controlled slaves, like Sirhan Sirhan, who are programmed to kill someone, but are not the actual killer. Sirhan was programmed not to remember anything, so he doesn’t even know he didn’t do it–but all the forensic evidence proves he’s innocent.

        There are also MK-Ultra slaves who do indeed assassinate people, but rest assured that these people are very valuable assets and are not wasted by making them public, so that they can’t be used again.

        What each of these categories have in common is that they are all artificial. They are events planned by social engineers to effect a change in the public’s consciousness.

        The category YOU focus on, “community mobbing and gang stalking,” is just another brand of artificial event: it’s not fake–something really happens–but it is not an organic outgrowth of life in the fallen world. It is obviously a more complex phenomenon, falling into subcategories. For instance, in that in many cases we can’t discern why its being done; isolated individuals are tormented for no apparent reason, and the general public is not intended to find out about it while in other cases isolated individuals are targeted, but they know precisely why–retaliation for whistleblowing, for example. Then there are cases where the victim is intentionally driven insane this way to produce mayhem that will aid the social engineers in promoting a public policy change.

        You are the expert regarding “community mobbing and gang stalking,” and I don’t know a lot about it, only recently having been made aware of it. But I do know that it only happens because our masters want to accomplish something by employing it as an evil tool.

        I don’t know if you were referring to me in your remarks, so I thought I would clarify my understanding for you, just in case.

        The real point is, I suspect that mass shootings by lone nuts who are not the tool of our masters probably never happen. At least, whenever these events are examined, they usually prove to be artificial in one or another way.

        I suppose something like the movie Taxi Driver could happen, of course, where an unhinged Travis Bickle, for his own feverish reasons, plots to kill someone and the secret government knows nothing about it. But we should assume not; our masters have a proven track record of creating
        Travis Bickles and using them to accomplish something, and then using the media to lie to us about it. Skepticism is the only correct stance, in my opinion. Assume the media lies, and you will rarely be proven wrong.

        1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment Patrick. Sometimes the most obvious things can escape educated and otherwise keen minds. For example, if one were to look at mass shootings, other terrorist events, and other theatrical news events, and label them on a binary ALL or NONE basis, this would lead to disastrous ends for the truth teller. All it would take is one real event, even one that the government might have a subtle, even invisible hand in, to marginalize the dissident truth teller and taint all of the good stories, effectively nullifying the opposition and leaving the government and their gatekeeper mouthpieces to create monopolistic official narratives.

    5. Well said, Valis. Something I have been wanting to state here for quite sometime; every event simply cannot be a conspiracy. If that is true, then which ones aren’t? So that means sometimes there are real, live, lone gunman events. Given that, it would be foolish to jump onto ANY bandwagon too quickly because surely we don’t want to damage our already shaky credibility, no?

      Yet again and again, we see “truthers” who claim to be skeptics nodding in approval for every event to be an undeniable conspiracy. Anyone caught thinking otherwise is a shill and sent off to the gallows. The irony really rears its head when said truthers call for the sheep to awaken!

      Laughable? Only when you have someone like our most gullible specimen below, Mr. P. C. Amiably, can you really get a taste of how you let yourself get grouped with such a juvenile, drop-out laden bunch of misfits. Valis, thank you for attempting to lead the horses to water. Sadly, even a horse trough is a little too deep for some around here.

      Now for some condescending, thesaurus-gripping, 2nd grade ridicule from our mighty, British-sounding chihuahua, Patrick!

      1. Graphite,We all attempt to comport ourselves as ladies and gentlemen on this arena of thought,called The Memoryhole Blog…please help us continue in that worthwhile endeavor,without resorting to attacking others for their earnest thoughts. Having said that,feel free to engage;just abstain from attacking those with whom you disagree. Thank you.

    1. Great find. Since they heard us complain about lack of photos of Adam Lanza, they provided tons of HD pictures of Dlyann Storm Roof for us to view. The pictures look very bizarre indeed. Who took these photos? (My guess is that they were taken by some flunky working for DHS.)

      1. @ Sue & John: Look at the photo 3rd from the top in the huffpo article:

        Dylan is overexposed, faded and washed out, yet the flag he’s holding is clear and color saturated. It’s not far behind him, so distance does not provide an excuse for the color difference.

        Even worse: Look at the shadow of Dylan’s head (left of his head from the camera’s perspective). What is that shadow being cast onto? NOTHING! He is NOT STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO A WALL!!

        Same thing going on with the flag: Look at how even the shadow is underneath the flag, although the flag is going back into the distance. It would not cast an even, high contrast shadow unless it was held very close to a wall, which is not occurring in this photo.

        Finally, look at the angle of the flag’s “pole” at the point it meets Dylan’s hand. Does that look natural? Go get your own little flagpone or dowel rod and hold it like that. Compare…

  9. This kind of wraps it up.

    Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, is the link that joins up DYLANN ROOF, SANDY HOOK and Elliot Rodger.

    Elliot Roger and his father Peter Rogers at the premiere of The Hunger Games.

    Elliot Rodger is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger.

    Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

    In this book, children are regularly selected to compete in a televised battle to the death.

    Collins is from a military family.

    Elliot Rodger – innocent patsy mind controlled

    Children are regularly selected to battle to the death.

    Dylann Roof was arrested in Shelby, in South Carolina.

    The cast and crew of The Hunger Games used Shelby as a base.

    Much of the Hunger Games was filmed in Shelby.

    “The Hunger Games Take Over North Carolina”.

    In Shelby, “an abandoned warehouse stood in for the Hall of Justice, where The Reaping takes place, and the Hob, a black market…

    “Part of the sequence was filmed in the Knight Theatre, which stood in for the set of Cesar Flickman’s (Stanley Tucci’s) talk show.

    “Interestingly, the Charlotte Convention Center, which will host the Democratic National Convention and a presidential address this summer, was the location chosen for the scene in which Katniss is lit on fire for her chariot ride…”

    “The Hunger Games Take Over North Carolina”.

  10. Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing and South Carolina Church Shooting: Some Differences

    As writers in other comments have pointed out, the hoaxers seem to be adjusting their modus operandi from event to event, perhaps in response to public conversation. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

    1. The lack of high level news personalities on the ground in South Carolina compared to either Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing. Prime example, Anderson Cooper.

    2. No mention on the news of anybody questioning of the story. No one is calling out any “conspiracy theorists,” like James Tracy’s experience after Sandy Hook. Prime example: Anderson Cooper. (What is Anderson afraid of? Please visit this link for an explanation and some good laughs:

    3. Unlike the charade at Sandy Hook or the “gruesome” display in Boston, medical forensics at the South Carolina church crime scene are entirely glossed over. No video of busy medical personnel or vehicles being used on scene, no photos of bodies being moved out of the building (maybe they had Dr. H. Wayne Carver spirit them away in the night like he did the SH schoolchildren), and speaking of the slippery Doctor, no medical professionals in press conferences. No evidence in the news of crime scene investigating going on at all. In fact, the church will resume services tomorrow:

    4. Unlike the episodes at Sandy Hook and Boston, the Charleston church shooting event happened in the evening, thus eliding the need for breaking news coverage of a live event. By morning, all the news organs mounted their identical stories at the same time. By the time he was arrested, everyone who spoke on television condemned Dylann Roof as guilty and a monster.

    There’s more, but for now, any other differences stand out for anyone?

  11. Hmmm…and another case of a young white wimp murdering a group of people we would consider most innocent… first a group of young children, now a group of Christians in a Bible study group?

    And for all the anti-gun cries (agenda), why doesn’t anyone point out that if any of the Christians were armed they would have stopped him, should this have actually happened.

    Armed people would have stopped many a horrific crime…

    1. -why doesn’t anyone point out that if any of the Christians were armed they would have stopped him-

      Because they don’t want anyone to think they are capable of defending themselves. Only the government can keep you safe, so hand over your gun. The leadership, and I use the term loosely, of America is under intense global pressure to disarm its people(UN small arms treaty). The Aussies and the Brits gave up their guns with what? one mass shooting each? And yet America continues to resist.

      The funny part is, they will have to use guns to get the guns from us. Why people can’t see the hypocrisy in that, I will never know. Even more disturbing is how will they ever get them all? If they start passing laws now to restrict buying the ones out there now, they can curb the flow. People however, will not just hand over what they already have. Those guns will have to be thinned out by attrition ie. confiscated as each person gets old and dies, gets convicted of a crime, etc. That could take 60 years? I just don’t see them being that patient.

      This leaves some ugly possibilities to bring the American people to heel.
      Pandemic, starvation, destruction of the power grid, natural disasters, EMP, massive invasion(can’t see this one until the guns are gone), massive shift in consciousness(a desire to be enslaved-this seems more likely every day). Anyone, Bueller, Bueller?

      1. @Rich, from what I’ve read (online, natch!) they are producing ammo that will “expire”. I’d read also that Soros purchased a lot of ammo manufacturing (plants? places? whatever you call them…)…

        1. Yes, the idea of a corrosive primer was put out quite a few years back. Are they talking about it again? It was once rumored that George Soros owned Cerberus and that company was buying up firearms manufacturers. The NRA-ILA refuted that rumor in 2012. What is interesting is that America no longer has a lead smelting plant in operation. Our government hides everything from us under the catch-all of “National Security”, but we no longer have the ability to refine lead, which is really handy for making bullets with which to shoot the enemy. Now, why did they buy 1.6 billion bullets? Cost. Eventually, when we go through all the old car batteries, we will have to send ore elsewhere to be refined and shipped back. Because it is cheaper(so they say) than making it here, just like steel.

        2. Interesting article, even though its from 2012. I find it amazing that even though governments have killed hundreds of thousands of people with these same rifles, it was ok to invest in the manufacturers stock right up until Sandy Hook. After that however, the rifle was just too evil for them to invest in. Such Hypocrisy. They act as if an AR-15 had never killed anyone on earth until Sandy Hook(not that I believe one of these rifles was even present anyway).

  12. I couldn’t have called it any better. Tim Murphy’s bill was reintroduced in Congress this past Tuesday, one day before the Charleston hoax:

    People need to start tracking this bill’s progress, and taking it apart for all of its lies, hypocrisies and pretenses. I shouldn’t be the only one doing this on here, frankly.

    To add to posters’ discussion of why these ‘crazed gunmen’ like Lanza and Roof are depicted as so slight and ineffectual, I’ll reiterate that it’s to avoid having the populace react with anger towards their alleged crimes. It is a depraved and heinous act so unconscionable to murder 20 little children that most decent adults’ instinct would be to kill the perpetrator right back. Trying to somehow construe such an act of unrestrained evil as some function of ‘mental illness’ that requires ‘healing’ or ‘medicine’ and ‘care’ takes a major stretching of the character who does it. If ‘Adam Lanza’ had one iota of virility or even semi-normal masculinity in him, anger and rage at him would be the feeling decent society would experience. This is why the beyond improbable logistics were conceived of; he had to be a terminator gunman but at the same time an utterly ineffectual wimp – a shadow, quite literally.

    And now he and his cast of shades will haunt our every waking minute and conceivable future if we don’t do something about it.

    1. Here is the petition written by an organization called Mad In America that seeks to redress what they consider I guess abuses, etc., in the psychiatric field:

      While these folks appear upon first glance to be considerably more sober and humane, I’d still caution true skeptics that anyone and everyone involved in the psych system is in fact somewhere on the ‘psycho’ spectrum. It’s just absurd to think that one human being can practice or apply ‘science’ on another human being’s thoughts, feelings, etc. It’s inherently ridiculous and contradictory. The types of people who need other people to be ‘ill’ psychologically or emotionally are indeed themselves emotionally messed up. Nowhere in the director’s writings do I see any questioning of the process through which people are ‘diagnosed’ with ‘mental illnesses’ in spite of the glaring lack of actual science these labels are arrived at. His concern and crusade is about how to treat what is, again, somehow presumed.

      American citizens should be presumed normal until proven otherwise. If I haven’t mentioned it, by at least three years ago the insurance companies staged a revolt and stopped paying for the myriad of drugs psychiatrists and their nurse practitioners prescribe for all these supposed diseases. No for-profit insurance company can survive in a climate where the healthy are presumed ‘sick.’ The human brain is an organ like every other in our bodies; it doesn’t get ‘diseased’ at any higher rates than our hearts, livers, lungs, etc. To pretend otherwise by ‘diagnosing’ the young and hearty with phantom ‘diseases’ (that they supposedly have for life, no less) is to drain any health insurance pool dry.

      But no open debates about this shift occurred, that I know of. That’s because TPTB don’t want the citizenry to know ‘mental illness diagnoses’ can be so easily refuted. And, that Big Pharma is now looking to the state to ply their wares – by force.

      We should start a petition demanding full medical transparency in the ‘field of psychiatry.’ The ‘illnesses’ these shooters suffer should be disclosed, and the empirical evidence for them proffered. Where is the science proving ‘the science?’

  13. Dylann Storm Roof, the patsy, acting out the Turner Diaries “race war” script:

    The Turner Diaries

    The Turner Diaries author – William Luther Pierce III – born on September 11, 1933


    From the birth of the Turner Diaries author, William Luther Pierce III on September 11, 1933 to the Dylan Storm Roof event , Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015 is:

    = 777 months, 777 weeks, 777 days



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