On this week’s episode of Real Politik James speaks with environmental activist and award-winning filmmaker Michael J. Murphy, director of What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010) and Why in the World Are They Spraying? (2012). The feature-length documentaries have brought the controversial topic of geoengineering or “chemtrails” to an entirely new level.



Filmmaker Michael J. Murphy

Michael is busy at work on his third film, UNconventional Shade of Grey, addressing the relationship between UN Agenda 21, “extreme weather,” and geoengineering. He is also seeking to bring a class action lawsuit against the parties behind these programs. These are especially timely projects because international agreements being forged throughout 2015 will legalize many efforts to manipulate and weaponize the atmosphere, making it increasingly difficult for citizens to turn back such programs.

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16 thought on “Challenging the Forces Behind Geoengineering and Weaponized Weather”
  1. The “Oh My God it’s true!” moment. Had it not been so blatant, I might not have given this subject much more thought. But when no less than 30 jet passes from every direction converge from all points of the compass and create dominant cloud cover on the clearest day of the year, it’s an O.M.G.I.T. moment that slaps you across the face. Then you go and look at the current satelite image and there’s no clouds at all, how is that possible? The entire sky scape has cloud cover but the satelite does not see it? That just took the OMGIT moment and cranks it to 11 on the amplifier. When I asked two different Aerospace workers, one engineer, one manager from different eras at least a dozen years apart working in the industry. Here’s what they both said: “it’s nothing to be too concerned about”… the first time I heard it, I was struck by the complete lack of denial. The second time I heard it, I got chills and this manager added “We are working on things far more interesting than that” I was taken back by not just the words they used, but how both men delivered the same answer as if echoed! Same intonation and cadence. What happened at the beginning and end of the OMGIT saturation mission that was different than during it? The first jet flew east up the Vail Valley, flying far lower than normal, I estimate only 20,000 or thereabouts. The trail he put out looked like it was electrically charged and pulsating. You could see a sine wave painting the sky in white. I had never seen a jet trail like this one before. It started to expand like one of those snakes you light up on 4th of July. No other jets flew near as low after that. Then at the end, two fighter jets flying just below supersonic flew in a staggered and tight formation. The trails they put out were a good deal lower than the dominant cloud deck. All the other trails were varying shades of light gray and white; the fighters’ trails were a much darker, charcoal gray color. They expanded like two angry fingers and just hung there growing together as a separate synthetic cloud cover that hovered below the larger fake cloud deck. The fighters trails had a sinister look to them. Then both cloud decks drifted away slowly to the east for a crystal clear sunset. What was noteworthy was after the clouds drifted out of sight, not a single aircraft was seen for the rest of day light. I was out watching for more planes all day and there weren’t any. I thought that was odd because we get usually get inter-mitant super high altitude east to west passes of airliners.

    1. I had one of those moments too. When you suddenly realize the chemtrails, it is undeniable. I see you have seen the Tony Muhammad speech from the June 9th SB277 rally at the Assembly Health Committee. I was in that crowd and everyone loved him and his speech.The opposition seemed to have gotten a memo to portray us as white privileged, and then the Nation of Islam shows up in our support! They are really coming out against the bill, from an OKOC press release “Today, Wed. June 17th, the Nation of Islam held a meeting with over 1,400 community leaders in Los Angeles. Members already battling SB277 were present and relayed that it was an electric and historic moment as a whole new community became aware of the suppressed CDC whistleblower information revealing increased risk of autism with MMR in African American boys…” “They were called to urgent action to contact the CA Black Legislative Caucus members and hold them to task to protect their children and the rights of all. Everyone is being asked to attend an Emergency Town Hall Meeting tomorrow night, June 18th, in Los Angeles. Robert F Kennedy, Jr. , Dr. Brian Hooker and Minister Tony Muhammad will all be speaking!” The meeting is at 7:00pm 8039 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90044. The Orange County Republican Caucus also just voted to oppose SB277. We have very interesting allies in this fight.

    2. Why doesn’t the satellite pick it up? Probably because it is not water. I see the aircraft turn the stream on at one end of the valley where I live, and shut it off at the other(so much for lack of crew involvement, or is it done remotely?). Blue bird days turn to a milky white blanket all the time. Six weeks of unusual non-stop rain in CO with a short break, and now violent thunderstorms every day, while the forecast calls for nothing but sun. Perhaps this is a new strategy to fight the forest fire season, with the added bonus of making us all sick.

      1. Same thing in Northern Wyoming. Clear skies predicted by the weather guessers and before the day is over the chemtrail haze and clouds appear and the rains fall. I’d heard and knew about chemtrails in other parts of the country but didn’t see them here until one year ago. At first I spotted the planes and the chemtrails once or twice a week, then more frequently. Now it’s everyday. The resulting artificial clouds are very obvious. I’ve finally been successful in getting my friends and neighbors to wake up to what is happening but too many people are still oblivious to this.

  2. Great program – thank you.

    Identifying problems is always significant. What’s been absent in the geoengineering discussion has been a clear description of the institutional infrastructure behind the phenomenon.

    Who specifically are the players and organizations? The specific financial backers? The lead scientists in support? The daily operators, like those supplying and flying the planes? The political operators who know what’s going on and are providing their quiet support? Those in law enforcement and aviation who are turning a blind eye and allowing this to take place? And, especially, those in the media who are squashing the reporting and supporting the propaganda?

    It’s fast approaching the time to name names, and to provide more concrete details regarding the propagators. All that’s needed to blow this out of the sky (literally) is a few guilt ridden participants – who fear for their lives, their families’ futures and the whole of mankind – to come forward and do the Edward Snowden thing.

    Until then, thanks to all for advancing the conversation. The conviction with which Mr. Murphy spoke suggests he knows much, much more than he can now publicly reveal. I wish him god’s speed…

  3. David Keith is irresponsible and frightening. Watch this lecture and be continuously shocked at his utter disregard for humanity and the world he’s mad experimenting with:


    See minute 20 where he admits they have no idea about the environmental hazards of what they’re doing. He also always pretends that it’s not being done yet.

    Somewhere in this vid he mentions technology that he’s invested in and makes some flippant remark about “Do we know if it kills babies?” (or similar) which reveals his sick callousness.

  4. Where’s the gallery? thought ya’ll would be – all over this one. I am convinced the synthetic cloud making is multi-level. That’s why the colors of spray vary… white, light gray, charcoal gray, black as tar, bi-color creme sickle and rainbow. Tweaking atmospheric conditions to create or enhance damaging weather events is the most obvious level of this. With weather derivative financial instruments traded like pork bellies or coffee, there is now a financial windfall to be gained by “gaming” the weather. Clinton got the Glass Stegal Act repealed opening the door to derivatives of all kinds, weather derivatives being just one. Imagine having the ability to turn California into a waste land while betting long on produce prices and the price sky rockets from shortage. Using weather as a weapon against the enemies of the empire like Iran, could be done easily from occupied Iraq.

  5. I had heard about chemtrails as far back as the late 90s but had not really seen enough to be concerned. Then one summer I was in remote north Georgia near the North Caroline border and saw in a matter of about two hours the sky completely–and I mean totally–latticed by chemtrail patterns. It looked like someone laid a grid on the sky from horizon to horizon. I’ve never seen anything approaching this since.

    A few days later on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the higher elevations a small jet almost fighter bomber size was releasing a huge trail of this stuff so low to the mountain top you could actually make out the rivets in the wing. I was stunned, it could hardly have been lower without hitting the treetops on the mountain.

    Skip to a few days ago. In an otherwise cloudless blue sky a solitary chemtrail looking almost vertical in orientation was observed. It had a noticeably large gap in the trail as if the spray had been turned off, the plane flew on and then the spraying was resumed. Now, we’re told all we are seeing is jet contrails and condensation. Does this mean I was looking at a pilot who turned off all his engines in an ascent, floated up in the atmosphere a few thousand feet and then started his engines again? Sure, sounds like a reasonable explanation.

    One thing this phenomena has done is make me very, very grateful for blue skies. If I walk out, look up and there is no trace of what these bastards are doing, I just say a quiet thanks for one more day of beauty in the world. Who knows how many more we have left?

  6. The Jade Helm symbol could be a weather vane. Was under the impression from my younger days that wooden shoes were used in Holland as it is always wet and leather would not hold up.

    We are well aware of the weather devastation done to TX & CA, many other states have been hit – there has been widespread flooding in NY that you are probably not aware of if you are not from there.

    For two weeks this winter, my pharmacy indicated they could not get shipments in because of the snow storms in TX. It was unbelievable to me being from the north, but there really was no reason for them to make that story up….

  7. James just re-starting the Free Forum has inspired me to comment again.

    Derek said:

    dereklancer says:
    June 18, 2015 at 12:07 AM

    Where’s the gallery? thought ya’ll would be – all over this one.

    I wanted to, it just seemed no one was interested.

    This is one, if not the most important subject to me.
    What do ya say?

    God Bless Michael and his efforts. I couldn’t believe when James asked him how how he pulled this off he just said out of his heart without a thought..GOD

    Not being Religious, just saying that was cool in my book.

    I was sitting here watching a Chem-Trailer at dusk with it’s Blinking-Lights on.
    I thought it was “funny” because I’ve never seen a sprayer ever have navigation lights on as all are required.

    Then I noticed the “Trail” was dissipating behind it and realized it was a Real Plane.

    That’s why it had it’s lawfully required lights one.

    Just a story. I’m sure you all have some

  8. Our gratitude to you, Dr. Tracy, for broaching this subject.

    Perhaps you already have interviewed Dane Wigington on the phenomenon of geoengineering and I missed it, Even if so, I strongly encourage you to consider inviting him to present this issue. His knowledge and manner are unrivaled. I recommend this source as a better resource for science, patents, data and excellent videos.

    The title of the post is ironic because there is no significant challenge to the actual forces behind geoengineering. Namely the villainous banking cartel and its sock puppet the US Congress. A problem with the guest’s presentation is that he espouses legislation as a remedy. I can only conclude that he is deluded or compromised. Legislators and upper echelons of the fiend ruling cartel are quite well informed of geoengineering. They have been planning it out for years. All those “global warming” conferences had nothing to do with fear for the environment. This poisonous campaign is rigorously anthropocentric They love to titter about hiding things in plain sight. Gave us all the impression they were wrangling with an unavoidable threat (“climate change” vs. “global warming” like Coke/Pepsi). Instead they are engendering the very problem. Getting well paid for it too. They were involved in conferences on “global warming:” and “climate change” because they meant to specifically cause those things not combat them. Their conferences over past decades treated of their specific, deliberate plans to make war on common people with weather. They have crowed about weaponizing weather for decades. The part the prevaricating mob left out was that they meant to direct such warfare at their own citizens. Congress its pants down in full coitus with the Bankster cartel. As Dane Wigington ever reiterates, in questioning who is doing the geoengineering all roads lead to the international banking cartel. In many cases they are them. Shake down their portfolios to see how many profit from weather derivatives Or what, we’re supposed to believe they’ve gotten religion? Congress and the banking matrix share a revolving door. And they will help us?

    This is a time not to deliberate with legislators but to incarcerate them.

    I’m not going to go so far as to insist the guest is a shill. But why does he harp on fundraisingat the expense of mentioning how TPTB have struck nations mercilessly for years with weaponized weather? Mention fundraising once, I’m not deaf. Spend the rest of the interview expounding on this genocide. Where is the umbrage at die-off of the oceans, the omnicide wreaked upon the planet?

    I could go on indefinitely exploring the cognitive dissonance. Not what the guest choses to highlight, but the glaring absence of what he doesn’t mention. Rather I urge all readers to acquaint themselves with the website geoengineeringwatch dot org run by Mr. Wigington. He is a refreshing breath of air – pun unavoidable – amid a lot of hyperbole, double-talk, disinformation and flat lies. No handwringing, no eye rolling, no histrionics, no psychedelic backdrops. Presentations are not about cult of personality but issues [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c34U0Pwz4_c]. Just straight science portrayed by a man who has an artist’s touch in the sciences.

    One last watchword: a final reason there’s no reason to ring the legislation bell is that the US has been under declaration of national emergency since the grand demolition event of 2001. We are under something critics call crisis constitution which trumps normal constitution. Under the terms of national emergency executive order trumps normal constitutional process.

    I wrote an article about it a few years ago, have a look: https://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/12/12/171281/-Crisis-Constitution-we-are-on-the-threshhold-of-totalitarianism

    FWIW as to my blogger’s name “stonemason” we are a family who do construction in stone, brick, block and concrete. We are not freemasons, who probably couldn’t stick two bricks together on a bet. Call us if anyone needs a basement poured, a stone wall, a concrete kennel or sidewalk, etc..

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