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discussionforumSome MHB devotees have been asking for an “open thread” to share information and partake in discussion on a variety of contemporary issues and events in the news. Such would be a civil yet no-holds-barred exchange for the many thoughtful and well-informed readers I am always delighted to see making good use of the site.

Based on the suggestion–admittedly proposed several weeks ago–this post and prospective initial forum is offered. As John Taylor Gatto might put it, “Thank God it’s ‘Free Form Friday’ … I think.”-JFT

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  1. Posted on behalf of “Ric”

    Submitted on 2015/06/03 at 11:37 PM

    Sorry James but you still haven’t set up a “Free for All” leg in this blog for off topic comments. So Here I go.

    First this Jade helm and all the drills going on are completely out of control. While we wait for Jade Helm, they have doing this all over our country. They have “practiced” in Every major city in this country.

    I posted this earlier but this is an arrogant pattern which is only going to get worse.


    Secondly, This whole TPP, TPA is sooooooo out of control.
    The Rep’s won the House and Senate to STOP Black Jesus, The 12th Iman, The Jewish Messiah..whatever, sorry No offense.

    But Now the Neocons, RINO’s, Right Wing Progressives parading around as Republicans are Now quoting Nancy Piglosi and saying we need to PASS TPP/TPA before we read it so we can know whats in it.


    Mitchy McTrader, Paul Lyin’ (Ryan) and John, I’m being blackmailed Bonner are working with O’Hussain together to deceive the American Public.
    I know it’s all a play and a Game. “The Dems don’t want it”, They are the good guys this time bull.

    They ALL want it.

    This is just so Over the Top and No One seems to care.

    Sorry. I’m done /rant off

    1. Ric, your link discussing the noise in Flint is suggestive of the constant sound pollution problems Phoenix, NYC and other places around the country are having as a result of the FAA’s fast-track implementation of what they call Nextgen. No environmental impact studies are done. Planes fly day and night at low altitude over areas which have never had noise and vibration problems before. Locally elected officials are spurned and ignored. It may not be as universally disturbing as the things usually discussed on MHB, but it makes life unbearable for Americans in certain places. Truly an iron boot.

      1. Alec,
        The Noise is Flint was the ARMY blowing up bombs and not telling the locals they were doing “exercises” practicing taking over America.

        “It’s an exercise to help their personnel do training with urban environments,” Lorenz said.

        That training includes using aircraft and simulated ammunition. It will continue for the next 10 days.

        “I think they should have gave us a warning to let us know there was an Army thing going on, I really do,” Humphrey said.

        Just after 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, the city sent out a release informing the public about the exercises. People say the explosions went off around 2 Tuesday afternoon, but why were residents given such short notice?

        1. Yes, got that it was the army. Sorry I wasn’t clear. What the army’s actions in Flint reminded me of was the similar disregard the FAA shows in regard to the noise impact on the people they are set up to protect and serve. Both the army and the FAA are scaring, disturbing and in some cases injuring people in the name of – what?

      2. I’ve talked to several targeted individuals who claimed that they were being “air stalked” by county and local P.D. helicopters. One particularly lucid, and seemingly credible claim, came from a retired couple from San Antonio who once worked for a defense contractor there (and, as far as I am aware, are still moving around trying to find a hospitable trailer park):


    2. My sayin’ is:

      Ne’er an R or D again!

      But what does that leave us with? Bernie Sanders? Finally a Jew in the Whorehouse, oops, White House)? Just great. Noahide here we come.

      But, BuelahMan, he votes against war!

      Yeah? So did Bush and Obama. They ALL LIE. Period.

      They all succumb to bribery or blackmail… eventually.

      Most people hate them and their lies, but somehow cannot stop themselves from voting for them. Craziness.

      TPP, TPA, Cafta, Nafta, just another SHAFT YA. They know what they are doing and whom they do this for. Big Money. Giant Corporations. The ones with the biggest wallet.

      Whatever Jade Helm is, it is certainly causing a stir within the ranks of alternative sources. Look what happened to VT. Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer are divorcing by all indications.

      If nothing else, JH is a catalyst of more divide (and conquer).

      BTW: a person left this comment at my place about Jade Helm (I thought it was interesting, to say the least):

      The essence is Jade Helm in Hebrew translates as God’s Hand.

      The link showed an excerpt of several lines in Hebrew, highlighting the phrase. I don’t speak Hebrew, but can read enough of the printed words to verify that the highlighted text could easily mean God’s Hand.

      Tried ‘GOOGLE’ translate and got this in Hebrew(sorry about defecting on your blog)

      ידו של אלוהים Which translate back into ‘Jade Helm.’

      Nutso stuff or for real?

      1. Very Strange. It really does.

        I have whole rant that I don’t have time for right now but part of it includes Jade Helm.

        I think our Govt may be preparing for something besides just harassing us.

        This operation keep an eye on the enirte south US border and goes from sea to shining sea.

        So Cal including the Pacfic Ocean, Baja Cal., Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico past Florida to the Atlantic Ocean.

        Now will ALL the trouble Obama and his Neocon buddies left over from the Bush admin.are stating all over the world they just may be expecting something.

        The 7 countries in 5 years plan, Obama is personally handling now and the war with Russia, neocon Nuland is handling. Very Strange.

        And now the ex-president of Georgia that started that war with Russia under Bush in 2007 has just become the Gov. of a province in the Ukraine the shares a border with Crimea where Putin just took control.

        See a recipe for disaster anyone?

        1. My hope is that Jade Helm turns out to be a dud. Nonetheless the dates of operation are interesting. July 15-Sept 15. There is a lot of speculation regarding the end of the Shemitah year on September 13, as per Jonathan Cahns book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah”. I have not read it, but have watched many a video as he explains the seven year Sabbath cycle which has coincided with the stock market woes of post 911 2001, and 2008(stock market plunged 777 points in one day- I love the way God uses numbers). It will be interesting to see if an epic false flag will precede an economic collapse, or if the collapse will suffice to bring serious “change”(without the hope) all on its own. Nevertheless, it would be wise of the Pentagon to have its forces in place when the banks shut down and the EBT cards run dry. If it is not a controlled landing, I’m afraid Barney Fife may be a little out of his league.

        2. Not only the 7 yr Jubilee and Jade helm but Asteroids and signs in the Heavens.

          If we are still here October 1st I’ll buy everyone a Beer…

        3. Well Ric, I’d say it was “predictive programming”. I keep saying that anything appearing on the MSM, is thoroughly vetted. If they didn’t want us to know about it, we wouldn’t.

          So, I’d say there’s a clue here. Just like in Boston with the “shelter in place” while I break in your door, we are supposed to make allowances for military occupation. It’s the “new normal”.

          The legions of chaos are hard at work. Men who were born men are supposed to want to be women, and vice versa, Bathrooms are selected based on who we “identify” with, rather than how we are endowed. Armed troops swarm our neighborhoods at will. Why, it’s a preview of Hell, or Tel Aviv.

      2. Weekend at Bernie’s:

        Vermont Second Republic came into being about ten years ago as a step towards secession. Founder was Duke University professor Thomas H. Naylor who passed away in 2012.

        Secession may be way into the future for beautiful Vermont, if ever, but Bernie Sanders will put the state on the map during the next presidential selection. His mission is to lend hope to the hopeless as we have seen in other presidential selections. His mission is to make believe there is a choice, although he knows darn well there is none, just like other candidates before him who have participated in the charade of make-believe choices.

  2. After I am over the surprise of a new awakening, a day after the night we are all propelled to live through,
    I see this soap box. I draw a step back then inch forward as in toward a consolidation of my most pressing point.
    Do I stare with a blue flame of hatred equal to, that one, which simmers on the other side. At those who had dislocated humanity from its soulful excitement in discovery.
    Where the seasons gave cadence and meaning to your next days breath. Birth to blossom another shining example of mini me whose delights are cosmic and more.
    Back, to those who would despoil an innocent for practice;
    can my blue flame deliver them back to a hell, anywhere but here. When tomorrow again comes will it be as clear as it is today.

    So what now folks? Is it do or die.
    The pieces are moving!

  3. Life is subject to ‘moderation’.

    “Pharoah said, ‘I am God,’ and was accursed; al-Hallaj said, ‘I am God,’ and was exalted.”

    So who is the moderator here?

    (al-Hallaj was executed, by the way. By subjects loyal to the Pharoah and who were exercising their civil duties.)

    Who is the ‘moderator’ here?

    Ned Lud

  4. For some of the best daily Jade Helm coverage, consider Dave Hodge’s TheCommonSenseShow.com. The site is crowdsourcing photos and reports from around the country.

  5. We were told a child molesting cult leader made a suicide pact with his followers and burned the compound to the ground in Waco, Texas. One of the biggest lies ever told, and we swallowed it hook line and sinker. We were told Branch Davidian Leader David Koresh killed ATF agents simply serving a warrant on illegal firearms. They left out the part about three helicopters raining bullets through the roof and killing people where they stood. One man was shot through the top of his head and died with a piece of French toast – still griped in his hand. Video clearly shows the compound was fire bombed from the outside. Before US military and ATF torched the compound, they pumped in radioactive cesium gas. It was barbaric. Before the ATF and elite military units attacked the compound, they moved the press a mile away; for their own safety of course. It had nothing to do with the savage military attack about to take place on defenseless women and children.

    76 people died in the Waco slaughter but the press went after Clinton for an affair and a real estate scam instead. That’s like going after Charlie Manson for his unpaid parking tickets. That’s known by the wag the dog crowd as “limited hangout”. When some of the people tried to escape the Waco inferno, they were shot down like dogs.

    1. I believe you about the slaughter in Panama and I remember very well the Waco massacre. Waco is only about 100 miles south of me. It was on a Sunday morning, February 28, 1993 and was the same weekend as the first WTC supposed bombing. The thugs from the BATF were mighty surprised by the level of resistance the Davidians were prepared for. Those rotten cowards kept on telling the news media that all they did was knock on the door of the compound to serve a perfectly legitimate warrant, and were met by gunfire from within the house. The videos clearly showed something different! David Koresh could have been easily arrested outside of that compound; many people came forward and said he was always out and about with other members of his group as they shopped for supplies for the large number of people living in the compound. But that wasn’t spectacular enough for the BATF ~ they wanted a shootout. On the day the compound was burned to the ground, by the Davidians themselves, of course, Janet Reno gave the go ahead to send tanks in and gas the 80+ people still inside and then burn them all to death. There was also video that came out later showing that there were victims who were run over by the tanks. Extremely disturbing to me was that there were people cheering for the feds when the building was set on fire, like you would see people cheering for a sports team. I also remember saying to a co-worker that I thought it was horrible what was done to the Davidians, especially since there were so many children that were killed. She actually responded to me by saying, “oh well, they were being abused anyway”. I couldn’t believe my ears, especially since it was hotly disputed that there was no child abuse going on and the feds made that up to discredit the Branch Davidians. I also remember a bumper sticker I saw shortly after the Waco incident that said “Is Your Church BATF Approved?”.

      Now we have Jade Helm heading this way and we are supposed to just trust that our government loves us and would never do anything to harm us. We are not part of the world of the elite, and it makes no difference to them whether we live or die. In their bastardized minds, if we live, it is to serve them and if we die, it’s just one less useless eater. I am thankful everyday that my future is not in their hands.

      1. Unnütze Esser – (lit. “useless eaters” or “useless mouths”) Similar to life unworthy of life, a designation for people with serious medical problems or disabilities.[11] The term was also applied to Jews. It was used in the 1938 children’s book Der Giftpilz by Julius Streicher.

        Term invented and used by the Nazis. See Friedlander, Henry (1995). The Origins of Nazi Genocide: From Euthanasia To The Final Solution. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press. p. 81.

        In this case source Wikipedia got it right.

        1. In her 2007 book The End of America, Naomi Wolf points out that events in America, particularly those after 9/11 have an eerie similarity to those of the Third Reich. Some of the same language is pervasive in diplomatic speech, e.g., “war footing”. She has stated in several interviews that her grandmother, who lived through Nazism in Europe, has stated, “they are doing the same thing here”, and she researched it and authenticated that she was right!

        2. Ah yes, Julius Streicher…isn’t he the one that, at the moment of his hanging, yelled out “Purim 1946”? There’s a very outspoken gentleman, a constitutionalist, named Mike Vanderboegh (Sipsey Street Irregulars), who hands out a Julius Streicher Award each month to the biggest gun grabbers, free speech inhibitors, and all around biggest anti-American traitors. 🙂

        3. My dads release papers (Polish infantry) is May 1944. He talked of the cravings for anything edible as he was moved from work camp to factory & even military barracks. ‘Even if you were caught with 1/2 of a potato you would be beaten’ hiding what you scrounged was a craft. As I mentioned his release in 1944 was from Auschwitz.
          Since in my circle its common knowledge that Red Cross had a tally which showed more Catholics dies in these work camps than Jews. The toll was 271,000 European Jews had died from all manner of ailments & executions.
          Wikipedia erases dissenters, did you know that?
          consider how you get evidence, Some are not bought or paid for,,,,
          The International Red Cross published their analysis in a three volume “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War” published in Geneva in 1948. This analysis expanded findings of two previous publications: “Sur L’activite’ du CICR en faveur des civils detencus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946) and “Inter Arma Caritas: The Work of the ICRF during the Second World War” (Geneva, 1947).

          Part of the Ziionist agenda is world wars where Jacob Rothschild insists that the conditions of another are here. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have over 24 steps by which processes are mapped so as to create a slave race of non-zionists. Since Biden has declared an affinity to Zionism some nasty folks don’t mind making it public. How many if you ran a search through your favorite gopher? Any surprise?

      2. Maryaha-It would be logical to assume,then,that your co-worker would heartily approve the execution of all victims of child abuse….what a dismal loser he/she must be.

      1. Gil, What are talking about?

        Carbon Dioxide is the the Single Most Dangerous Gas known to Man!!!

        Forget about H2s which will will kill you dead in about 2 seconds.

        But Hollywood and the Liberals say the breath I exhale and the air all the Plants of the world breathe is very dangerous and i believe them…

        I also believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny but THIS is Real!

        Paying Carbon Taxes to the 1% is they way to save us……

        1. Sorry,Ric, I used a little term in chemistry that flew by you and you decided to make some sort of funny against me, right? Ha, ha. Let’s take it nice and slow so maybe it’s clear to you.
          Cesium is a metallic element while carbon disulfide is likely the GAS injected into the Waco compound of the Davidians. Cesium is not a gas at room temperatures while carbon disulfide is, albeit a heavy gas. I just wanted to add my two cents worth, please forgive me for my clarification.
          No harm, no foul.

        2. Gil,
          I was just making fun of C02 being a dangerous gas. Not really directed at you.

          I didn’t know “they” used a poisonous gas on the people of Waco. Terrible and shameful if they did.

        3. Anyway, it was CS gas, illegal to use. It is a chemical warfare agent. The video I embedded is a sequel. One of the two includes footage of American soldier trainees being subjected to it.

  6. On climate change: MY computer still will not paste my links to my posts. This is importrant on climate change. Deniers, according to alarmists here and abroad, postulate the best way to handle them in U.S. is to prosecute via RICO laws, set up to catch hardened gangland crimnals. Teach them that dissent will not be tolerated! The UN is making this issue a global crusade.

    A comprehensive article at “Friends of Science: The Myths and Facts of Global Warming.” debunks the faux science and scientists shilling for big oil and its related co-conspirators. Billions are spent to persuade the public to buy the bogus carbon tax solution.

    ‘Democracy Now’, anchored by our old friend, Amy Goodman, was pursuing the climate change myths with her usual vigor, again this morning. Can anyone derail her choo choo by way of facts?–not when she stacks the interview deck with cronies in total agreement. hmmmm

    Back later with another rant or two. Oh, Lord, I do love to dissent. Keep on keeping on, troops.

    1. My apology. I did not take meticulous notes because I hoped my pasted link might work that time…

      Here are more facts posted at the “Weekly Standard” by Mark Hemingway, the article cited Sen. Sheldon
      whitehouse (D-RI) proposing the use of RIco Laws to quell climate change deniers dissent from the
      established narrative. Used successfully to catch the tobacco industry’s abuse of advertising claims as well as in some other cases found to be outside the public’s right to access information. The Whitehouse proposition was published in the “Washington Post” recently.

      Hemingway explains the myths and corruption behind the whole climate change issue in bas relief, leaving no stone unturned. Essential reading, IMO.

  7. Turning to Panama, Practically no one heard what really happened in 1989 when the US military savagely attacked residential areas of Panama and killed perhaps 4,000 people. I just saw some of President Bush’s spokesman clips from the time period. What lies he told about Panama’s low number of civilian dead. Entire city blocks were leveled. Entire families were found incinerated in their cars. Anyone trying to flee were machine gunned to death. City blocks were systematically burned down. Every new weapon system the Pentagon possessed was unleashed with no consideration given to civilians. People left homeless were rounded up and forced to live in squalor for years in airplane hangers. President Bush said it was all about putting democracy back in Panama and deposing Noreiga an alleged drug kingpin. The US forces executed civilians at will and arrested 7,000 people and put them in prison without charge, trial or any due process. So much for democracy. Mass graves have been discovered all over Panama from the US invasion.

    The press was not the watchdog of government during Panama, they were their spokesmen. The few US military deaths that occurred were portrayed as great tragedies without mentioning the thousands of ordinary Panamanians in mass graves. You must see The Panama Deception on youtube, it won an academy award for best documentary. You must also look up Day 51 the True Story of Waco. You will find out that the Branch Davidians were not harming a soul. One morning they woke up to a hail of machine gun fire coming through their roof. That was before the ATF showed up to serve a warrant.

    One of the difficulties of understanding both these tragedies is decent people simply do not believe that there is a certain class of people that have no empathy; no sense of sorrow for the destruction and suffering of others. It’s like they have their humanity – genetically removed. Once you understand that people like President Bush and President Clinton simply are not bothered by the mass slaughter, whether the dead are Americans, Panamanians or any other national origin – the world makes a lot more sense. The millions of people slaughtered in Russia by Stalin, the millions killed by the governments of China and Cambodia. All the atrocities were perpetrated by beings – not human; ones devoid of empathy. It reminds me of a crocodile wolfing down a zebra. The crocodile has no empathy for the zebra, it feels no sorrow. Maybe the world really is run by shape shifting reptilian aliens. It explains the cold blooded nature of history.

    1. “One of the difficulties of understanding both these tragedies is decent people simply do not believe that there is a certain class of people that have no empathy; no sense of sorrow for the destruction and suffering of others.”

      Well put, too true, and so sad. This is why all human systems need to be subject to checks and balances.

    2. “Maybe the world really is run by shape shifting reptilian aliens.”

      To your supposition: What are the implications of these verses?

      Luke 4:5-6… “And the devil, taking Him up into an high mountain, shewed unto Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto Him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: For that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.”

      2 Corinthians 11:14… “And no marvel; for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

  8. Wolf’s latest is Earth shaking. The NFL is in deep trouble for having the Sandy Hook children’s choir sing at the Super Bowl. All indications are the kids that sang – never attended Sandy Hook because there’s no record of the permission slip process for the parents. There’s just no way permission slips would not be part of a trip to the Super Bowl. We had to have permission slips signed as soon as the activity was off school grounds… end of story on field trips. The Head Selectwomen running Newtown admitted Homeland Security was behind the digital sign for checking in. Huge development.

    [audio src="http://archives2015.gcnlive.com/Archives2015/jun15/PowerHour/0604153.mp3" /]

    1. The SuperBowl choir was made up of siblings of victims, as well as (for whatever reason) children who had already been prominently photographed on 12/14. The girl who is (ridiculously) claimed to be “Josie Gay,” for example, is really one of the Terifay siblings. You can see Miss Terifay in Bee photos dating back across multiple years. She is not Josie Gay. She is much older, is capable of speech and motor skills such as running, and frankly looks nothing like Josie Gay. There is only one problem with the official SuperBowl choir story that I can see, and that is that Janet Robinson claimed the choir (a subset of the full SHS choir) was chosen at random; clearly it was (probably) not.

      1. Zep,

        I’ve never commented on your comments but you come off as a person in the “Know” of SHE.

        You tell us the hard facts and why we are wrong.

        You said:
        “The SuperBowl choir was made up of siblings of victims, as well as (for whatever reason) children who had already been prominently photographed on 12/14.” ??? What does THAT mean?

        I thought it was the “Actual” children they used from SHE but now are 5 years older as a “in your face” Punch. This was planned in 2009. It’s not a Stretch.

        They Love doing that stuff. Conning us all and laughing.

        “The SuperBowl choir was made up of siblings of victims”

        It may just be the “Victims” 5 years older.

        Just a thought. I’m open

        1. http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/Two-choirs-cause-tension-in-Sandy-Hook-4264048.php
          NEWTOWN — Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson was one of millions awed by the debut of 26 Sandy Hook third- and fourth-graders singing “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl pre-game show in New Orleans
          …..an anonymous donor on a parallel track arranged to send 26 Sandy Hook Elementary children to the Super Bowl…..

          Same anonymous donor who paid for 26 Christmas trees?

  9. You think Sandy Hoax is a big deal? Wait until you see all the evidence that so-called “nuclear bombs” are a hoax. Then you will know you’ve been hoaxed all of your life with a fake scary monster that can blow your house down!

    Look around, you will find out that creating a “nuclear explosion” by colliding pieces of radioactive metal together cannot physically cause any sort of nuclear “chain reaction”. Wait until you see that every frame of video “evidence” of nuclear explosions were created in a film studio in Laurel Canyon, owned by the US military, and designed to shock and stun every person in the world into believing that the US (and then Russia, and then China, and on and on…) had possession of the ultimate, most powerful weapon ever devised. Wait until you see that every eye witness to supposed “nuclear” explosions had to close their eyes, turn their backs, or wear extremely dark glasses to “see” the thing go off, never realizing that what they were “seeing” and feeling was a huge pile of TNT, a conventional explosive, being set off.

    Wait until you see that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were conventionally firebombed just like Tokyo and Dresden, and then the media in Japan was immediately taken over by the US military to censor anyone who might tell the truth.

    I wish Dave McGowan would pick this up and run with it, because he would rout out every nook and cranny of this huge hoax. It would also be relevant to him because of the Laurel Canyon connection, and it would be bigger and more important than the Apollo “moon landing” hoax.

    1. Some years ago friend of my daughter left a box of belongings in her Santa Monica condo after moving to Sacramento. The friend is Japanese. She said if there were something of interest, please take it. It certainly was. A book full of drawings from Nagasaki done just two days after the bombing. The artists were a Japanese husband and wife.

      The scenes were gruesome, but I did wonder how this couple could walk through this carnage, spend several days there and not suffer immediate deadly consequences from the nuclear debris. They lived long lives. Strangely enough I have been wondering ever since how come this artist couple survived for years after being there so soon afterwards. Because the city was firebombed and what we have been told is a lie? That is something I can believe.

      The friend’s Japanese family up north in San Francisco was a prosperous one, but lost everything when they were sent to prison camps just for being Japanese. The grandfather owned a large spaghetti factory in San Francisco which the US government confiscated. How soon we forget that history has a habit of repeating itself.

    2. So you’re saying the Manhattan Project was another hoax? Interesting. However let’s walk this back a few steps to pre-bomb days. People who worked isolating radium and other elements which broke down into different elements and gave off particles tended to get sick with leukemia and to die from the effects of these exposures. People who received excess X-rays in the past also had effects. So isn’t it true that one of the effects of the atomic explosions was this similar diseases?

      I know that I have come to distrust the statements of many government spokesmen. But I would caution anyone about being in denial about the ill-effects of these weapons and the “plowshares” they were beaten into (nuclear power plants). I know that some in Japan have taken a very strong reaction against fearing what came out of Fukushima and are actually trying to distribute foods from the area and even spread the waste to other parts of the country so everyone may share in the burden. It’s an interesting point of view, and not one I consider rational. But it is about solidarity in the society, and denial of fear. Perhaps that is what happens when people are faced with nuclear annihilation. They scoff at danger.

      It is true that finding the facts of something like this are always hazardous and you can be lied to. When the government has cloaked itself in secrecy and done its worst to manipulate through lies, it is hard to tell. But some basic simple experiments can be done to show whether there is radiation at high levels after some event. In high school, I was taught to build a cloud chamber, where you can see streaks of radiation coming across it – it is basically a very simple Geiger counter made with dry ice. There are devices people might use to find out if the atmosphere is worse than it should be. That is even the origin of the phrase “tinfoil hat” (although I imagine lead would be better).

      Are nuclear weapons real? Let’s put it this way – “I wouldn’t put it past them.” Nice if it were just another lie, but I believe we could find reason to doubt that phrase. And reason to see why they’d like us to think it was just another hoax.

      1. I have little doubt of the power of nuclear weapons. I also remember Three Mile Island(could have been a hoax), and Chernobyl(would have been a monumental hoax) and see people touring the area to find that mother nature has returned the place to a lush forest, with animals, bugs, and everything else. What I think has been exaggerated is the long term poisoning of the environment by said fallout. It could be the horrors of radiation poisoning are real but only within a radius commensurate with the rating(kilo or megaton), and how dirty the bomb was(efficiency-the percentage of the fissionable material is used by the chain reaction). I remember being taught in science class as a kid that the whole area would be like a forbidden zone(hmm Planet of the Apes) for thousands of years, and going into it would mean certain death.

        That supposition would be correct if none of the fissionable material were consumed by chain reaction and it was sprayed over a large area, and there was no weather to ever disperse it. This brings me to another question: If these materials have always been here and the half lives calculated are correct; why are they still radioactive after billions of years? even millions? Were we so lucky that these materials were deposited by an asteroid collision to leave them at the perfect stage in half life to create weapons? Why do photos of Nagasaki and Hiroshima when compared to Detroit, make Detroit look like, for lack of a better word… Detroit? Perhaps left wing politics, and as I have stated before, I think all politics are left wing, is a more dangerous weapon than a nuke.

        1. Ahh the thought that comes after pressing enter, gotta love it! One last question? If It is going to take Iran 10 years and 9,000 centrifuges to get enough fissionable material for one bomb, How many years before Trinity did the Manhattan project start? I don’t believe in little green men, or big ones for that matter, but did those folks get some help? Not to mention the first atomic bombs, were they implosion devices or the hammer type? It would matter regarding destructive yield I think. Interesting that the first two to ever be dropped on people just happened to be in Japan; where most homes were made of rice paper, and bamboo. Heck, the one concrete building at ground zero was still pretty much there afterward, right?

        2. Yes, Rich, and the original comment was not about radioactivity, but the ABSENCE of radioactivity at certain supposed bombing targets–as if nukes don’t actually exist. I, of course, can’t know, having no way of knowing; I just know what they told me.

          It’s certainly possible that radioactive elements were systematically refined/enriched by the good ole’ U S of A back in the 40s, but never proved to actually be implosive, and were assured that implosion was a fact anyway. They always lie to us, in matters both great and small.

          Whether or not bombs were created from uranium, what we DO know is that many people were subjected to exposure to the by-products of those experiments, and suffered from the poisoning–in the 40s, certainly, but also now, when the “depleted” uranium–the by-product of enrichment–is used as projectiles by the military. When you make a bullet out of uranium, you are poisoning the world it is shot into, to divesting effect.

          For those who do not know, a bullet is the troublesome bit at the tip of a cartridge, most of which is comprised of explosive powder. When the charge sends a normal, lead, bullet through the air, the thing it strikes takes all the lead, SMACK!!!!, you daiyyy-ed.

          But when a uranium round leaves the tube, the oxygen ignites it on fire (uranium is a flammable metal, like magnesium), and by the time the projectile strikes its target, half of it has vaporized. All that missing metal is now in the air, nano-particle sized. It enters the dirt, and thus the vegetables, the animals, and eventually the people. The birth defects, in their millions, in the countries we have used these munitions in are unspeakable.

          The “good” part about using depleted uranium for projectiles is that it is so dense, and hard, that whatever has not burned up before striking the target can pass through thick steel like a hot knife through butter. And why would not our masters use such a weapon, if made available? It sounds perfect to them.

          It may well be that nuclear implosions are a myth, but the nightmare of uranium is not.

        3. Patrick, I was thinking the same thing when I wrote my comment. I only know what I have been told.

    3. THX,
      First , I want to apologize to you for when you brought this subject up a few months ago I burned you hard.

      I hope you see this.

      After months of thought and listening to my peers here you have my attention.

      The Manhattan Project took a just a few years yet in 2015 Iran still needs 10 years spinning centrifuges to make a Nuke? How better are Iran’s Centrifuges today than 1942?

      I didn’t want to believe the BIG LIE has been going on this long…

      I’ve accepted since 1963. I’ve got some soul searching to do.

      You may be right.

      Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Bombs are two different animals and that’s how they fooled us.

      Not there yet, but being a big boy and realizing the facts.

      1. Allegedly over 100,000 people worked at Los Alamos on the Manhattan project.
        If the Holocaust and Elie Wiesel can be fabricated as exaggerations and overt lies at times, why not the atomic bomb?
        Supposedly, nukes can be miniaturized and made so there is little or no residual radiation after the explosions. It was stated by Duff that spectral analysis of the big explosion at Damascus substantiated the use of a nuke.
        911 supposedly shows nuclear detonation sequelae in the tower rubble. Presence of various nuclides appears to substantiate the use of nukes. If there are other forms of energy that can cause massive explosions, it would not surprise me.
        Great topic, great forum, glad to be aboard.

    4. I hear what you’re saying, but I’m afraid that nuclear reactions are all too real. From huge explosions that cannot be accounted for by the size of the delivery vehicle, to “dustified” skyscrapers.

      For that matter, even tiny little microwave devices, such as discussed here earlier, are simply another form of exciting atoms to achieve a result. In a very real sense, it is all the same.

      Our professor at EMFScientist is concerned with DNA damage, as well he should be. Particle damage from reactions results in serious damage as well.

      With nuclear devices many of the effects are known. It is the type of material and the manner that it is excited that obtains the desired result. Just as with the cellphones, proximity and exposure over time can make the difference between no observed effect or death.

      You are certainly free to believe anything you like. There is no doubt that there was, and is, a lot of hype surrounding this topic. I do believe that there are ample examples of these devices being put to use. If the result wasn’t caused by them, it would have to be caused by something equally frightening. Materials simple don’t sublimate without heat of a magnitude unobtainable with conventional fuels.

      Interesting thought, though.

      1. Thanks Lophatt.

        Whatever they got it’s good.

        911 showed us that Nukes have moved from just blowing sh%t up to calculated direct energy focused weapons.

        I don’t know what was used on 911 but I do believe it was on of those 30 year old weapons we have never been privy to see, even tho we paid for it.

        Thx for your input.

    1. I recall when cell phone use and brain cancer links were being discredited – probably by industry spokesmen. People were in denial about so many environmental hazards in the past. It took forever (for those who died) to address them. Here are but a few:

      Uranium, needed for nuclear fuel, was mined in New Mexico by Native Americans. Those who mined the stuff all died from lung cancer in a few years.

      Tobacco was known to be harmful, but the industry was so powerful it took almost a century to curtail its grip on society.

      Asbestos was an attractive play material to children in places where they would find it like snow on the ground in some places where it had been left behind after installing insulation. There are stories of neighborhoods of playmates who all died early agonizing deaths from its inhalation.

      These are just a generation of two back – the 1950’s through 1970’s.

      There is always some form of “progress” where nobody wants to address the problems because it is backed by powerful interests.

      The ubiquity of cell phones and all manner of electronic communication means that, as I type here, a new and disruptive technology has overtaken us and we will live with it and learn. Live and learn. Apparently some people already know through experimental testing that it is harmful. Now the human guinea pigs will be limping into clinics to back up that research, unless something is done to understand how to reduce the harm. It sounds like this scientist comes right from the mainstream, too. I’ll look into what is being presented to the U.N.

      1. The video is on the home page of http://www.EMFScientist.org.

        “EMFscientist.org is dedicated to the International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal. On May 11, 2015, the Appeal was submitted to His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Dr. Margaret Chan, MD, Director General of the World Health Organization, and to the United Nations Member States.

        “The International EMF Scientist Appeal was initially signed by 190 scientists from 39 nations. These scientists have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation, part of the EMF spectrum that includes Extremely Low Frequency fields (ELF) used for electricity, or Radio Frequency radiation (RFR) used for wireless communications.”

        1. Kinda makes you want to drive to the country until you find a place with no bars on your cell phone and no wifi signals and live there, and not go any place urban

        2. Yes, I’ve said many times that I find it disturbing, maybe amazingly so, that these products are just trotted out for use with no concern or apparent responsibility to assure their safety.

          Admittedly, I have not made the effort to learn as much as I should on this subject. There are so many issues that I simply do not have the time to become expert on all of them. From a “common sense” perspective, however, it seems elementary that bathing in a sea of microwaves every day could not be healthy.

          My work requires me to have a cell phone, for example. I am very frugal with its use. It has not escaped my attention that many, if not most, seem absolutely addicted to these devices. They spend every minute either staring at it or holding it to their heads.

          One particular offender that I work with seemed to have it permanently affixed to his ear. One day I made a comment, in jest, about brain cancer. He told me that he was being treated for it. It was a sobering experience.

          To be honest, I’m puzzled by the social element of this. It is like the old horror film “The Cheaters”. They are given these things and they are afraid to part with them. Even in countries where it is difficult to scrape beans together to make a meal, they all seem to have them.

          There is an agenda at work here. It is bigger than simply “keeping in touch”. They seem to be the intermediary phase before hardwiring all of us for direct communication. It is important to those who control to have their playthings at their beckon call.

          While I’m sure that one can limit their exposure, one cannot escape it entirely. Just as the dosage for any poison is a factor of the amount times the length of time one is exposed, even leaving the thing at home will not eliminate your daily bath.

          Now that our appliances are talking to our Smart Meters, and our computers are “Blue toothed” within our homes, when are we free of this bombardment? The answer is, never.

          One thing is certain. When the world’s governments are controlled by those who would like to significantly reduce the world’s population, it isn’t wise to trust their judgement with our health.

    2. Sofia, this recent NPR review of the Apple Watch made me think of you (http://www.npr.org/2015/06/01/410519620/apples-watch-a-timepiece-designed-to-give-you-back-your-time).

      The guy says:

      “One night I went to bed with the watch on and my phone next to me at 100% charge. When I woke up, seven hours later, despite not having touched my phone or my watch, my phone’s battery life had dropped to 69 percent. That’s a lot of battery to lose for a night’s worth of idle chatter between my watch and phone.”

      Well, he might not have touched his watch while he slept, but it sure was touching HIM.

      From the time they announced the device was in the pipeline, I was horrified. People have no idea what they are doing to themselves by bathing themselves in EMR, but this seemed to take the cake. Yet this guy did not give it a thought–beyond wondering how helpful the device would prove in its functionality. He SHOWERS with it on his wrist. He is absolutely clueless about the danger he has brought upon himself.

      The chilling thing about the quote I cite is when he mentions the “idle chatter between my watch and phone,” with no reference to the electromagnetic radiation he was saturating his body in as he slept. That “idle chatter” is an active attack on his immune system and the healthy functioning of every cell in his body.

      I’m not scrupulous about listening to Fresh Air, but I tend to keep up, and I’d bet Terry Gross has never interviewed someone warning about the dangers involved here. I doubt this guy’s review will inspire a “Rest of the Story” interview on that show, no matter how many people write in to raise the alert. Sad.

      You have done tremendous research on this subject, Sofia, and you have also uncovered very chilling evidence that Apple knows what they are doing to our bodies, and have known all along. The idea that Apple is convincing people to actually strap one of these toxic devices to their body, and keep it there all day long, is astonishing. That it is constantly exchanging toxic radiation with the phone most people keep very close to their flesh as welI…imagine it becomes far more damaging.

      Oh, well.

      1. Add this to the WI-Fi in the schools and ARM meters on the homes. I fear a very big health catastrophe coming. How can a child be exposed to this much radiation and not have health problems. It just scares me to no end.

    1. Anne,

      Its been so hectic I missed your Chemtrails. I’m so glad you stay on this because it’s probably one the most important issues of our time.

      I just met a young couple like 30 years old and they couldn’t believe I knew about Chemtails. I couldn’t believe they knew!

      There’s Hope and the youth is all we have….Teach Them Well

  10. Recently on an Alex Jones show, Dr. Steve Pieczenik said the US Congress was useless and we don’t need it; he also reminded that the Supreme Court has morphed into little more than a body controlled by the industrial interests…well duh!

    I can listen to Dr. Pieczenik in all his informed
    expertise until he drops this sidebar: he thinks GHW Bush is intelligent and a “gentleman.”

    Apparently, the doctor has not read “The Unauthorized Biography of GHW Bush” by Webster Tarpley or “The Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq” by Robert Parry.

    Get on it, doctor; you are losing some credibility in your old age. (But I did like the Jack Ryan movies).

  11. A quote re the “Smart Grid”:

    “As a Jewish lawyer told Bennett: ‘The holocaust pales in comparison. THIS is getting them ALL.'”
    –Quoted in: “INTERVIEW WITH ‘THERMOGUY’ CURTIS BENNETT at Will Thomas Online:

    (Smart Grid > Putting everyone inside a “Microwave Oven” as payback for the “Nazi Ovens”?)


    Great idea to have an Open Forum Day. Will it be every Friday?

      1. Friday to Thursday. Then it Re-sets Clean on Friday again.

        This way the conversations can run through the weekend until mid-week,


        you can archive as all the normal blogs and actually Date each Free Friday. 6/5 to 6/11/15 and so on.

        Any topic can always be restarted.

        Or Just the Weekends until Monday.

        Just a suggestion

    1. Thanks for link, very interesting!

      ​This is an interesting statement in that article:

      “Microwave ovens come to mind. Microwaves heat food by vibrating food so violently its molecular structure shakes apart.”

      Is there any chance that the above statement could have anything to do with the so-called ‘sink holes’ duly noted to be opening up all across the globe??

      Just curious here relevant to the subject of ‘molecular structures.’ The question could be far fetched but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know, so I’m asking…. 🙂

      1. My understanding about microwave ovens’ operation is that there are natural harmonies in molecules. Think of swinging in a swing, and pumping harder to go higher. But you never go over the top. It’s within a certain set of limits. I remember discovering how a microwave did it while working in a restaurant. I think I wowed my fellow waitresses with the demonstration. It seemed to me that microwaves played on the natural harmonies of the water molecule. If you put in something that literally had no water in it, was non-polar molecule like pure oil, you would never heat it. I put the oil in the microwave for a minute or two, no popping, no water inside. Then I stuck my finger in it. Nothing. Never heated.

  12. A subject that has received little attention is the rapid reduction of sperm counts in males in the Western world. An example is a study from Internet Scientific Publications. These results are consistent with other sources I have researched.

    In 1950 sperm counts were 100 Million per Ml
    In 1970 sperm counts were 75 Million per Ml
    In 1990 sperm counts were 50 Million per Ml

    “The worrying thing about this downward trend is that a sperm count less than 20 million sperms per ml is interpreted as being infertile, if this downward trend of counts were to continue then values less than this will be the average in the next millennium.”


    The reasons for the rapid reduction are not conclusive. Stress to chemicals ingested in foods, environmental exposure … the list goes on.

    We are well into the next millennium. The consequences of a society of infertile males is difficult to imagine.

    It is worth examination and discussion by academia as well as the general public.

    1. Great comment. Let’s not forget Nazi eugenics aimed at ridding society of useless eaters, and, that fellow tarvelers in England and the U.S. agreed, especially before WW2 (Sir Francis Crick suggested using the food supply to dwindle the herd):

    2. May I put in my 2 cents worth about sperm counts? You know the movie “The Graduate”? – where the new way to make your fortune was “Plastics.”

      I have a family member who ran a plastics factory and wanted to have a child. They had to go the route of collecting and sorting his sperm and doing in vitro. Then he changed his operations and vented his place better and apparently the problem disappeared, because without any such intervention he had several more kids the old fashioned way. I don’t know about his workers and if they saw a difference too. But when you go into someone’s factory and you smell only this toxic stuff and smell it on them when they come home — what it was, was “plastisol”, plastic that is poured or dipped, and cured in ovens (thus releasing more of it in aerosol). Now think of all the industrial processes that use this kind of thing. And then all the things we use which are made from it. There is food storage in other kinds of plastic.

      How long does it stay in the environment? How long does it take the body to clear it out?

      I don’t think anyone said for sure that the infertility was caused by excess exposure to plastisol, but it’s the first thing I thought of when he had this unprecedented problem in our huge family.

    3. I’ve read where sperm counts among Israeli men are down over 40%. Is this residue from Dimona or the dust from depleted uranium ordnance in Iraq?
      Clearly, Fukushima was a potential extinction event and the future of the world is at state. Man is a primitive creature exercising horrible judgment at times.

  13. Submitted by and posted on behalf of Yogi Shan:

    Hi, everyone. Sorry about the blatant ad, but I’m the author of

    Death’s Twilight Kingdom: My Journey Into the Secret World of U.S. Nuclear Weapon Design Data”.

    It’s available from amazon.com as a soft cover book (594 pages!) or as a Kindle e-book. It covers something like 25 years of my research on nuclear weapons, using the FOIA, and other tools.

    I believe there are at least 149 individual pieces of Secret–Restricted Data in this book.


    Yogi Shan

    yogishan2000 (at) yahoo.ca

  14. A book suggestion for the open-minded: The Secret War Against Sweden by Ola Tunander. Translated from the Swedish. Will blow your mind–as well as informing it. Describes the strong likelihood that it was US, not Soviet, subs that menaced the Swedish coast in the 1980s. Unfortunately, many, many men seem to have died as a result of knowledge connected to whatever happened during that strange moment in history. Possibly the outright destruction of one or more US subs during the “exercise.” You’ll find practically nothing on this elsewhere, oddly. Most likely the information would jeopardize a current Pres candidate.

    1. I’ll add that, unfortunately, men may have died as recently as 2008 as a direct result of their knowledge of those events. Of course, with men in that line of work (Navy/CIA/DIA/etc) it’s going to be hard to pinpoint what, exactly, they were killed for. But there is no doubt in my mind that they’re being killed for it, whatever it was. And given the oddly extreme secrecy (in a field characterized by secrecy) over the Swedish incident–described by some American officers as a “sort of underwater U-2,” I’d say that event is high in the running. Again–why, you know?? Why kill men NOW? The American public is more than capable (hell, they expect it) of accepting a horrific friendly-fire incident deep under Swedish waters way back in the 1980s. Honestly, it would sadly be almost a “yawn, next” moment. So the only thing I can think is that the info would jeopardize Jeb’s candidacy–just as Poppy’s connection to Dallas, 1963 would have jeopardized the Georges’. There’s really no one left but the Bushes who’d be hurt by this garbage. Sure would like to find the a**holes who, for purely selfish, BS, political reasons, are knocking off awesome, patriotic men who served their country.

  15. I’m putting this out there for some of the deep thinkers on MHB who sound like they may have Mil/Intel backgrounds. I don’t want to sound like a sycophant, but I’d love to hear Ric’s thoughts on the matter.

    There are a number of active shooter incidents in which it is reasonable to assume the shooter believed that he was under intense surveillance:

    James Holmes has stated that he believed that he was under “24/7 FBI surveillance” at the time of the Aurora shooting. This has been reported by several media outlets. He apparently expressed his concern to his psychiatrist (FBI…???) Dr. Fenton before the shootings.

    Seal Beach shooter, Scott Dekraai, was wearing body armor when he opened fire in 2011, killing 8, in a beauty salon. Who was he expecting to shoot back at him???

    My answer is simple. There is a nationwide, interconnected, goon squad that his been operational for decades known to targeted individuals as “gang stalking”. FBI runs this system, IMO, but local cops actually handle the team leaders and other stalkers. In my experience, cops are never far behind the “street theater”. If this is not the case then can someone explain what another explanation is? Also, keep in mind, that the 2006 Stalking Report by the DOJ found substantial gang stalking, and was IMO, a “limited hangout” for the Program (i.e., the feds were tickling the wire to see how other players in the game responded).

    1. Peace,
      I’m flattered but I’m just me and base all the conclusions on common Sense. I’ve been around the block in the big world and have stories that would amaze some, but others have been there to.

      I’ve never told my stories of real world experiences because of signed disclosures and such. Don’t read too much into that, it’s just Super Rich Govt,’s and Famous People around the world.. No Secret Crap.

      We all know about MK-Ultra.

      GHW Bush’s Son’s best friend SHOT Ronald Reagan! Rented a hotel room out of the norm. Went to a phone booth everyday until the shooting. We all know he didn’t shoot anyone as with James Holmes.

      Just 6 months into Reagan’s Presidency, they attempted to assassination Reagan so Bush would be the President.They thought they would be successful. Just as 6 months into little devil Bush’s Presidency we got 911.

      You could call it Gangstalking as they brainwashed him, Tortured him, until he shot Reagan.

      We officially lost our country in 1980 and that can be debated.

      The CIA was happy, JFK dead. Vietnam going strong.

      War ends by Nixon. He gets canned. CIA not happy. War Over.

      Bush forces himself to VP in 1980 works behind scenes starts Rex 84, Guns for Iran, War on Drugs Iran Contra,

      Gets elected President and NEVER leaves. Skull and Bones.

      We get the Gulf War, Bush announces the New World Order, NAFTA and GATT. These are the Bushes Gig, Clinton HAD to do it.
      Everything starts getting blown up.WTC 1993, OKC , We’ve got bad Americans who love their country that are the new enemy, Ruby Ridge, Waco….then 911 and everything after

      Obama works for the Bushes. I’ve said this before. It’s true. Nazi’s.
      People just can’t believe it. The Bushes PUT Obama in place!

      Anyway Peace, back to your point.

      I think these people are used, abused and tortured into doing the deeds of the bad people in our Govt. Whatever it takes to “break” them.

      James Holmes sat in his car outside the theater while ATF agents shot our people. Just as Ruby and Waco and OKC it was the ATFB. As with SHE and BMB.

      As far as Gangstalking, to just torture people for fun…I don’t buy that.

      It that would be beyond sick but it’s possible? They have our money and are pretty sick.
      The kid’s in that city said they were being paid to do it. They were paid to harass homeless people out of the park. But that same tacit could be used to intimidate people and probably has.

      That’s a far cry from MK-Ultra Killers.

      You asked my opinion. I hope I did good.

      There’s a lot of people here that are more informed on this subject than me.

      1. “I believe ALL the sickos were Gangstalked/Mk-Ultra’d to do the deeds of the Devils.”

        I respect your stated opinion Ric, and largely I agree with it. It sounds like Dave McGowen’s take on the politics of serial killing.

        Somebody calling themselves Marshall Thomas has given a few good sounding Youtube rants on gang stalking. He appropriately compares it to Mao’s Red Guard. He also claims connections to NASA, and comes off very professorial. I’m not surprised about your work/disclosure agreements/clearances because you make a lot of sense. I think that most of what is being churned out. After their blackmailing and bribery of Congress was revealed in Church/Pike Committee’s , the next step for the Mil/Intel business (FBI/CIA…all of them) was to use extreme coercion against their political bosses. I’m sure many people in Congress, and their families have experienced gang stalking (I’m thinking of Rand Paul, Mark Udall-they probably killed his brother, Ron Wyden…Thugogracy, Inc.

    2. James, I’m in moderation right now..

      This is “FREE’ Friday’s. No Moderation Allowed.

      Let the Chips fall where they will.

      If something is so offensive it should be deleted, Deleted it.

      1. Hi Ric,

        I hope that you did not find my request for your comment on the Holmes/Scott Dekraai cases offensive.

        The Dekraai case had many interesting anomalies (as did Holmes’ case). The entire Orange County District Attorney’s Office was removed from the Dekraai case by the judge, for prosecutorial misconduct, in what the media described as a very “unusual event”. This usually happens with a particular attorney, but the entire office is rarely barred. The California AG has had to take over the case-weird.

        In case you find my assumption that rampant gang stalking is offensive, and, may be the proximate cause of many an active shooter case, maybe you can reconsider based upon an article on this site showing that it has long been acknowledged as a problem by DOJ:


        Thanks again, and, thank you for your military service to your country.


        1. Peace,
          I believe ALL the sickos were Gangstalked/Mk-Ultra’d to do the deeds of the Devils.

          Brainwashing/Torture/Stalking whatever it takes to “break” them.

          I’m NOT a Military Man and also Thank ALL our Men and Women who have stood up and defended my right to speak my mind.

          The Soldiers of this Country have been put thru HELL and came back to HELL.

          God Bless them

    3. Was Lanza “wearing” body armor. Wearing is in quotation marks because of course I have not seen any actual evidence that a person called Adam Lanza ever existed. (The photos we’ve been shown appear to be legitimately disputed by photoshop experts).

      On the other hand, will you provide youtube links for videos that do a deep-dive into the world of Gang-stalking? This is a very interesting topic to me.

      1. There is no one video or book that has adequately explained gang stalking. It is basically COINTELPRO tactics taught by local cops and neighborhood watch to citizens ranging from drug dealers to church group members. It is too big not to be federally controlled. The video below is a great example of how it works. Remember, this is happening in every neighborhood in the U.S. and Canada:


        p.s. a good book on the subject:


      2. The vast majority of Americans are too busy to bother with the truth of Sandy Hook. After all, their possessions are the world to them.
        Here in Connecticut, the Land of Lies, the pathetic remnants of the SH farce go on and on. Public officials cannot be trusted here. The state is one of Obama’s favorites, too. We are spending ourselves into state penury, but so what? It’s scary and discouraging to see that the obviousness of the SH farce cannot be accepted by soap opera watching citizens. All those detective and court shows have done nothing for people who hate the idea of actually thinking real evidence through. No, people bit hook, line, and sinker into SH and they moved on to ready themselves for more false flags.
        Living in Connecticut is getting almost impossible for any sentient person. The majority of state residents are gullible and are only too happy to exchange freedom for the false appearance of “security”. In the final analysis, Americans have been shown to be poorly educated and lazy people who can’t be bothered with step by step evaluation of the real evidence of the case. I’ve tried to get the point across to my friends, but to no avail. A long time ago, these people bit into the SH story and can’t be shaken from their tenuous foothold, they are Hoffer’s True Believers and they get incensed when you try to present evidence to them. Joseph Goebbels lives!
        Does anybody really believe we have a future of prosperity headed our way? Do we really believe our children can thrive in the onrushing world of Newspeak?
        Maybe I’m just paranoid and down on my luck, maybe I’m schizo. I think the jig is up for America.

  16. Is anyone else keeping tabs on the Ukranian fiasco? Did you know two very well known and extremely wealthy world travelers are funding and expediting the ‘civil war’there? Pierre Omidyar ( E-Bay founder: net worth 8.1 billion) and the inimitable George (I plundered the Jews in WW11 at the behest of the NAZI SS) Soros; Who knows what he is worth? More examples of people with too much money and too little morals and far too much time on their idle hands. What’s the game plan? Movie at 9:00…

    In this sketch and video, ‘Spitfirelist’ owner explains how and why. Dave Emory has been reflecting on these odd situations for decades.


    Interesting fact: Omidyar is organizing a new online news site and has lured Glenn Greenwald and the left’s darling, Jeremy Scahill–“Dirty Wars”–author into his
    ‘First Look News’ “omnibus” venture. I suppose it is featured as an alternative outlet to MSM. IMO, Greenwald is about as credible as Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams and was the journalist of choice for the Edward Snowden paper chase.

    With World 111 threatening the planet as Russia, China, and the U.S. commence saber rattling, who stands to gain and who will lose???

    That is the question. Soros and Omidyar and other billiionaires may have realized the consequences, building bunkers–they say in New Zealand for,instance–without remorse or sense of responsibility

    Inability to empathize and know remorse is a definite sign of psychopathy. Not a good direction for we human beings to travel.

    My rant for today….

    1. follow up: thelink for spitirelist is only audio, not video; my lapse in memory.

      second: a good look at George Soros’ activities in WW11 demonstrates how the human psychi can put self-preservation ahead of all other considerations.


      Now next, think about the bug-out plans of the billionaire elite who are building bunkers for safety as far away as New Zealand. After creating the chaos and enriching themselves via the public purse, they are going to pull up anchor and sail away (more like fly away in personal jets) to live out their useless lives in high style: What is the timetable????


      Are you getting angry yet?

      1. Yes, there are some Hungarians I know whose relatives either died in the Holocaust, survived it or had to live in a ghetto in Budapest and they do not love George Soros, seeing him as a cynical opportunist. When I once praised him, I got the more inside dope. Did he come from a family that sold its kinfolk down the river? That is the opinion, but not as something that can be directly proven (unless, apparently, you look for it and then you might find active collaboration).

        Totalitarian systems like Nazism and communism create extensive black market undergrounds, and though it might be useful to go to them to change local money for something you can use in your escape, there is a big profit for those who deal that way. This leads to the suspicion that they are benefitting from a bad system when they squeeze their brothers rather than using resources to bring down that system.

        Hungarians held their noses and exchanged forints for gold or dollars, right up until the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of Berlin, but they didn’t like the bite taken out of their money. Plus ca change. I don’t know about what else Soros did – he was pretty young then. I’ll read what you referenced.

      2. The youtube was about the Tavistock Agenda, youtube changed to chemtrails which was not the topic.

        Anyway the stationary youtube can be seen on my site.


        “Bohemian Grove. “We know for sure that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan sat down and had conversation about who was going to run for president when and they made a deal,” Sonoma State University sociology professor Peter Phillips told RT. Bohemian Grove‎

        In mid July each year, Bohemian Grove, in Monte Rio, California, hosts a two-week encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.”


        1. The youtube was about the Tavistock Agenda, youtube changed to chemtrails which was not the topic.

          Anyway the stationary youtube can be seen on my site.


          “Bohemian Grove. “We know for sure that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan sat down and had conversation about who was going to run for president when and they made a deal,” Sonoma State University sociology professor Peter Phillips told RT. Bohemian Grove‎

          In mid July each year, Bohemian Grove, in Monte Rio, California, hosts a two-week encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.”


  17. Can anyone update “Wolf Watch” and give us more information on the second FOIA hearinf???? That short interview with Wolf after it left me wanting more, more and more!!!!

  18. Hello…I can once again paste links…oh, glory!

    I am directing MHBloggers to Prison Planet. Infowarrior, Rob Due, has been dispatched to the Bilderberg Group confab in the mountains of Austria. He is encountering unprecedented police presence–even for the cowardly elites who sequester annually in palatial resort areas to chat on how to rule the serfs they find so distasteful in real life.

    Oh, those German-inspired Austrians…lol Thorough, very thorough.

    Should be on your list of things to do.

    1. I just have a lot of trouble putting faith in infowars after their ridiculous coverage of Ebola and hesitancy to dispel the BMB as a total (Obvious) drill/psy-op/crisis actor event (Anyone who has seen the work of PeeKay22 on youtube knows it was bogus). I don’t know what the deal is with infowars but I recently heard Jones (~2 Months ago) endorsing a Sarah Palin VP ticket with Rand Paul. I know, that Jones knows that Palin is a Zbigniew Brzezinski PLANT… never heard rationale as to why he would endorse her… As for Rob Dew, he seems like a good guy. Infowars just feels like a sub-sect of controlled narrative that never quite delves to the core of an issue (9/11 being the exception). I believe the term used in our “community” is ‘Gate-Keeper’. What do you guys think? Is inforwars compromised or of pure-intention?

        1. lol…..Like a sucker punch! Alex is such a gate keeper and fear monger. What or where is PeeKay22 posting his stuff now that Stupid Tube has banned him for their masters? Anyone?

      1. El,
        I think all in all Alex does more good than bad but he does do his drama and tries to enhance his sales.

        Just my Opinion. Like anyone otters they all stink.

  19. I’ve tried to state what I think about Jade Helm and it’s kind of come and go.

    We can debate this until the cows come home( have the cows ever really came home?)

    But Regardless, I believe once embedded they are NEVER leaving and this is at least One of the Objectives. Stay Here.

    The other objective is to “blend in” and get to know the Locals from Socal to Florida and what they think. That’s almost Half the Country Real Time and then Scan their phones and Social media and emails. Red Dots,Blue Dots and Yellow Dots.

    Just 1 Reporters Opinion.
    Tell us what you think. ( we don’t care)
    Our Email address is Bla Bla Pa Bla Bla Bla
    We don’t read it anyway…..

    1. Hm. An interesting thought. The entering edge of the wedge so that civilian authority is turned over to the military. It’s an intriguing possibility, especially if it runs a long time and they develop close community ties. Sort of the iron hand in a velvet glove maneuver. I don’t know if it is true, but one wonders.

      I haven’t seen too much military presence in and around Boston since the lock-down on Patriot’s Day. In spite of what some have said, I have seen very few large helicopters, and I am near the local military field, Hanscom and noticed them in the past (a lot after 9/11). But not now.

      1. Musings.

        Its on and the Police state is here. We now have a standing Army which is everything our Forefathers warned us against.

        Nothings a “in your face” Police state. They aren’t stupid.

        We are ALL boiling Frogs in Luke warm water…..

        Next act: Jade helm 15.5.

        But this will be all the Northern Territories.

        Washington, Oregon, Iowa to New York.

        Then….an Attack out of Nowhere from ISIL.. (Be Afraid)

        The People (Libs,Dems) will be begging the Gov for protection and accept it all.

        Meanwhile the Big Guys will be smoking their Cigars laughing…

        Let’s take these fools Cash where they can only use OUR Banks..HaHa

        I hate being so gloom…

        1. I just had to throw this is.

          Lie of Day.


          Poor Iran still needs 10yrs to make bomb but ISIS just collected all the materials/pieces up running around the Syrian and Iraqi desert and now can build WMD’s..Really? Be Scared.

          This is the worst written TV show I’ve ever seen.

          The entire American Military and all of NATO can’t take out 20 thousand thugs rolling across barren desert with no protection.

          And..They throw a parade in broad daylight showing off all of OUR equipment they stole..Haha

          You can’t make this stuff up.

  20. Canada had obliterated indigenous peoples with the cold steel of church & state, agreeing that state is corporate. Know that the driver of institutionalized thought & action is survival & using multiple currencies. The primary driver is collectivized in agents of power.
    Truth & Reconciliation doesn’t do either as it serves the master that brings it to us.Consider this statement by a senior agent; The oft-quoted Duncan Campbell Scott, the deputy superintendent of the Department of Indian Affairs, appears to claim that the objective is one of assimilation: “I want to get rid of the Indian problem … Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that has not been absorbed into the body politic.” However, when presented with the alarming death rates in the residential schools by his chief medical officer, Dr. Peter H. Bryce, Scott decided that the deaths of Indian children was in line with departmental objectives which he characterized as “the final solution.” “Indian children … die at a much higher rate [in residential schools] than in their villages. But this alone does not justify a change in the policy of this Department, which is geared towards a final solution of our Indian problem,” said Scott.


    Does that not remind you of Madeline Albright speaking to the killing of children in Iraq to the tune of over 600,000 by various tactics of destruction? I think (not) it’s worth it!
    She was given by Lloyd Axworthy (x liberal govt agent given a President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winnipeg) an honorarium.
    They share the same air.

    This story is a grim reflection of our future with some provisos and quid pro quos. Vaccinations is one proviso while cancer, a quid pro quos. Pain & suffering is heaped on us as content rich streams of consciousness altering our tabloid experiences to extort calculations that are relied on for further developments.
    hence Jade Helm
    that keeps us on the edge of our seats, doesn’t it?
    Wolves invite sheep to dinner.
    Experience the a full bodied disintegration of your relatively sanguine daily living by President Obama, a recognized corporate stooge.. how exciting!

  21. you must watch wolf’s latest with the school board. You can just feel these people squirming on the inside. you only get 3 minutes to comment. You can tell they don’t want to be there to face Wolf.

    1. Wolf is applying incredible pressure on the Newtown citizens. He essentially goaded the officials to “bring and congratulate the students who went to New Orleans to sing at the Super Bowl”. Remember, also, that there were NO signed OK slips for these alleged kids to go to New Orleans…..who would allow their kids to participate without signing an OK slip?
      This is an incredible tape, albeit a short one. You just know there exist some massive secrets that are bursting at the seams waiting for liberation. And, when they are free to equilibrate with the outside world, watch out. The implications of SH are astounding and we may see the proverbial mushroom cloud when this baby blows. Stay turned to your radios, this one is going to be a shocker. You just know these citizens harbor a lot of secrets.

      1. good points Gil. I can’t wait to see John B Wells complete video on this. I think it’s obvious why the school board didn’t recognize the Sandy Hook Choir… those kids weren’t from Sandy Hook Elementary and everyone would have known it. I think the NFL is in serious trouble over this choir appearance. Right now at NFL headquarters they are sweating, trying to figure out how to make this go away.

        1. This is interesting, but at the same time I wonder why Halbig has gone down this path., as the report at the time when they sang stated these children were not from Sandy Hook School.. but formed a choir from several schools in the area.,to represent them.. albeit it was strange at the time the likeness to the Sandy Hook Children. I am sure the School board committee would be able to talk themselves out of this enquiry..I am sure there are more in depth questions he could have raised. I know they are only allowed relevant questions by the sound of it..and he was trying his best. I just think things get muddled…. I am longing for the day when some one actually tells the truth.

      2. I would love to see someone corner the NFL Commissioner on camera and ask him when the Sandy Hook Choir’s appearance was planned for the Super Bowl, who’s idea it was to include them and why there’s no record of the trip at the school board? Sound like the perfect assignment for Luke Rudowski, he’s fearless.

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhPxV7Z1Vm4

    you must see Wolf’s latest with the school board. I am a huge Wolf fan. It was a “They Live” moment. The school board leader tried to act like they weren’t just raked over the coals by Wolf for not recognizing the Super Bowl appearance by the Sandy Hook choir. They had no response. There is something really wrong with Newtown, that’s for sure!

    1. Wolfgang talks about the February 2, 2013 school board agenda, but he must have meant February 5th. Why would the school board have praised the choir children for excellence BEFORE they performed at the Super Bowl, which was on February 3rd? I found this link, which shows that there was a board meeting on February 5, 2013 … this is the one Wolfgang must have meant.


      Here are the minutes from the February 5, 2013 meeting:


      1. Sofia I have noticed that Wolfgang has difficulty with his memory.I do not know if it is the sheer amount of info or a deficit in short term memory.

      2. Sofia, interesting stuff. The minutes are entertaining. “Bullet-proof glass”, more “security” guards, mental health, more Wi-Fi? “Bifurcated budgets”?

        In watching the Wolf action, I get the sense that his attorney gets it, sometimes he doesn’t. People are hungry for justice. They won’t have any.

        To date what we have had are FOIA hearings. Those are only conducted to answer complaints that the respondents were unresponsive. They are not “trials”. The “whys and wherefores” of an issue are not the subject of discussion.

        The absence of documents does not prove anything. Who placed a sign does not prove anything. If, as a result of these efforts he managed to actually acquire useful evidence, it is doubtful he would find a venue to use it.

        I’m certain that you are correct that he got the date wrong. This may seem a minor matter. It is not when one is dealing with legal or official matters. Basically, you get what you ask for. If you get it wrong, or fail to ask, they are under no obligation to correct your requests.

        Sadly, this is part of an ongoing pattern.

    1. After reading this article, I have much to say. However, In this day and age, I will only be branded a racist. I would hate to awaken … him.

  23. What does the gallery have to say about the minimum lead time the NFL would need to plan the Sandy Hook Choir’s Super Bowl appearance??? I imagine more than a month. Any choir directors out there? How long would a kid’s choir need to rehearse something this big and be able to pull it off looking good??? I bet somebody out their has proof this choir appearance was planned before the massacre. Maybe that’s why there’s nothing on the recent school board agenda about approving the trip. Maybe it was approved a long time ago. Perhaps the choir that appeared on TV had nothing to do with Sandy Hook what-so-ever? Please share your thoughts here…

  24. I’m telling you people things are changing and they are going to change quickly.

    The courts said today “O” can take over the internet so that’s done. There’s nothing good about it as the MSM tries to tell us.

    Your going see strange changes,but you have NO say so or control.

    Awhile back I blogged here and nobody responded how Google took over ALL my bookmarks(saved sites from years) and told me ALL bookmarks from now on will be “in the Cloud”. Code for on our server not your home computer….

    Today I had a video I was watching from a guy called “Crisis Actor”. I watched in real time his video change status to unavailable or private and I can’t access it anymore.

    It was about the Sandy Hook kids at the Superbowl and he showed video of all of them at the “School of Rock” in Fairfield, by you know where..SHE

    I tried to post it and my “bookmarks” wouldn’t allow me. Strange, I don’t play that game either. “the Unknown” forces act.

    This same thing happened when I was watching “We need to talk about Sandy Hook”. It went dead While I watching it.

    That’s all I’m saying. Things are about to change and NO one will hear your cry’s.

    The TPP and all the T somethings are ALL going to pass.

    We have NO control over and any say so in our country anymore. Get ready for the long ride ahead.

    This is so off the hook but only .00000000001 people care.

    1. The history of the present King (Obama)of Great Britain(USA) is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

      To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.
      whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government

      1. This is well worth watching. It’s gets real around 7 min mark.

        We all know the Fake hanging “chads” soap opera was to convert all voting to Electronic so “they” would be able to control the vote.

        Allen West went to bed winning by 4,400 votes and woke up losing by 4,400 vote. Before he could even challenge it, his Dem opponent fly to D.C. and sat in his seat.

        They defrauded the wrong Person here. Watch, this will show just how controlled or Scared Judges are.


    2. Ric ,the maximumresistenceroundtable got hit during Halbig’s FOIA hearing.The librarian who works with David Ray Griffin got hit and has researched it.I also question the Silverlight problem.

      1. I”m not an alarmist but I’ve been “hit” electronically in the weirdest way the last day.

        From Bookmarks on my computer to my phone. It has been strange.
        I’m such a small fish I can’t imagine me being singled out.

        But then again, the things I’ve reveled about the Bushes would certainly piss them off.

        But even that wouldn’t be enough to me.

        I’m probably just having electronic issues. I’m sure thats all it is.

        1. I’ve said this about the Bush Dynasty so many times and no one has ever claimed to agree with me via a comment but Alex Jones said today: The Bushes (GHW) created the Clinton’s,the Obama’s and they all work for him (them).

          George and Jeb go without saying but I’ve always said GHW called the shots in Bill’s presidency and also the Obama presidency.

          Now it’s time for Jeb re-take the reins but if he loses to Hillary it doesn’t matter.

          Police State, Gun Grab, Spying and everything you hate will continue just the same.

        2. Mr. skull and bones was next in line after his father Prescott, who is said to have helped finance Hitler. He first appears in the Warren commission report as “Mr. Bush”, Then with Cheney and Rumsy in Ford’s inner circle after ousting Dick. These people may seem powerful to us, but everyone has a boss. They work for someone or something much bigger than the United States.

          Hillary and Jeb will battle it out for your viewing pleasure. Meanwhile, no real argument to save the soul of America will be able to take place. The current White House Occupant will be able to run amok and hand them his polished turd. Like you say, if either of them is allowed to see a day as President, neither will fix anything.

          The unsustainability of the worlds economic system, which has been created by these very people is nearing critical mass. The question is, do they already have a big enough Band-Aid waiting side stage to get us to a Jeb or Hillary? Will they use chaos to bring us to the next stage of NWO, or will they “save” us all with some new system? They probably don’t care which way it goes, they have a plan for both outcomes.

  25. Paul Craig Roberts wrote on the Seymour Hersch bin Laden story.
    I feel that the Sandy Hook investigation’s progress is one of the reason to have bin Laden’s library include conspiracy books.
    The second a little known reason is the May 29th’s release of Don Brown’s book Call Sign Extortion 17.While it is still at the “Military Incompetence” stage it is directed by the family members of the deceased SEAL’s and I would think they could move up the chain of defense with more traction than the 9/11 families getting anywhere with this Administration.
    Do the political parties just trade false flags? Would Hillary do anything to get elected ? , even leak 9/11 info? The 28 pgs. seems like a diversion that could take years.I would worry about a new commission appointed and then redacting the 28 pgs. on the Pakistani involvement.It could be at some point the Israeli involvement ad nauseam.
    It allows the U.S. to hold power cards on various countries it might want to turn the citizens’ wrath upon.I would like to hear some criticism so I can rethink.Thank you

  26. This business of the white girl pretending to be black is perhaps stranger than Bruce Jenner pretending to be female. And any time CNN is involved, the unbelievability factor shoots off the charts. Watch this whole video, but focus on the screenshot starting around a minute and a half:
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP1XROocECk&w=560&h=315%5D

    I’ve seen other side-by-sides that look suspicious, but this one is obviously two different people. Look at the noses. The white girl’s nostrils are not visible; the black one’s are fully visible.

    We are being played. Again.

    1. What could be the point of a story like this? Apart from the questions of whether the facts are accurate or not, what message is being conveyed to people:

      * We can’t trust what we see with our eyes/ Everyone is dishonest?
      * Another attempt to enflame the division between the races?
      * Mentally ill people are alive and well and don’t listen to their parents?
      * We are CNN and we can be the next online National Inquirer?

      Perhaps I’m not watching enough MSM these days, but I don’t get it.

      1. Right.

        It is not accidental that I compared this story to Bruce Jenner’s astounding revelation that he is a transvestite. This one is something more fundamental still.

        We are all being played for chumps, all the time. Fake mass murders, fake justifications for wars. Part of the goal of such operations has been the testing of how complete is the media’s ownership of the public Mind. But this seems to me to be something else.

        The plot and plan to end Western civilization began in the 19th century, but was fully implemented in the 20th. Central to that agenda was the destruction of the foundations of that civilization: the Church and the family. Belief in the God of the Bible was systematically undermined and marginalized, to the point that atheism started to be the default mode of the public forum.

        But it is the elimination of the family that proved most troublesome. I won’t turn this into a lengthy essay, so in short, the answer to your question, alec, has to do with the need on the part of the plotters to eliminate the pillars of the foundation that made everyone reflexively understand what made the family the platform civilization rests on. Clearly, transvestitism, treated as if it is perfectly normal, is a great way to attack the most fundamental truth of human reality: we are born, and remain for life, either male or female. The play-pretend charade we are being treated to that just because a man says he’s not a man is the declaration that everyone is insane, and must simply accept whatever insane ridiculousness they are told they must believe, or else they must not be allowed to stay among “us.” All must bend the knee to newspeak.

        That said, if the physical fact of maleness/femaleness is to be treated as a matter subject to arbitrary change at the slightest whim, why not ethnicity? When Ward Churchill pretended to be an indian, dressed up in the full regalia he imagined was his fake birthright, all the lefties in the Academy treated him with the deference due the descendent of the victims of European cruelty. Elizabeth Warren, seeing how easily it’s done, didn’t even bother with the native garb when falsely claiming to be an Indian to claim a minority slot at Harvard. It get’s easier all the time.

        So I think this story, alec, has its point right there. Americans have been proven to be such craven fools when it comes to accepting patently ridiculous nonsense about men becoming women just out of their own imagination; and white people getting away with pretending to be American Indians, with just a shrug of the shoulders, how about a white woman masquerading as a black chick, and even heading up a branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? And how about presenting a report about it showing a pasty-white girl alongside a completely different woman, as the charade is supposedly being exposed? Is it a test to see just how stupid we, the modern public, now are? The most obvious, in your face, contemptuous mockery, is what it boils down to.

        How stupid have we become? That’s the test we are subject to.

        1. Yes Patrick, more than makes sense.

          ‘…or else they must not be allowed to stay among “us.”…’

          Things like this – and so much else that we are all witnessing in our day-to-day interactions with people in America – make me wonder how long it will be until our neighbors get so irritated by us that they are glad to see us go. After all, it’s hard to celebrate how free and godlike our nation has become when those pesky Jews – excuse me, Christians – insist upon holding onto their corrupt ways and keeping America from entering fully into her brave new age.

          “yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. -John 16.2”

        2. Patrick, I went to google and punched in the Dolezal woman’s name and there is a pic there that does look like the pasty white chick. Hit images and note the pic where she has her hair twisted into some kind of turban look.

    2. Pat,

      You’re missing the point the “Lib’s” are sending.

      She’s “Trans-Racial”,

      Ya know like “Trans-Gender” where the Man is still really a Man but since he dresses like a woman we MUST call “Him” “Her”.

      Anybody can be what every they want in Brave New World.

      The Love my Guitar so I’m “Trans-Guitar”

      PC correctness is here to stay. God Help Us..haha

        1. What I still want to know is why they keep showing side-by-sides that are of two completely different women. What you just posted, Rich, shows the same woman-same distinctive nose. All right. But what is the agenda is showing others? I don’t get it. Yet.

        2. Patrick, I must give credit where its due. You said it first in your comment:

          -That said, if the physical fact of maleness/femaleness is to be treated as a matter subject to arbitrary change at the slightest whim, why not ethnicity?-

          I don’t know why they insist on battering us with phony photos. It is just like Noah Posner turning up in a Pakistani school massacre. They aren’t happy just turning the world upside down, they have to spin it around so it is backwards too. If that really is her in the picture of the white woman, why do it? Probably because she looks better as a black woman. Why stop there though; why not take a job with the NAACP to complete the illusion. Insanity. It seems our masters don’t want anyone to know who, or what they really are. I’m sure some day in the future they will be glad to tell us why we are all so screwed up, and what the cure is. The deception.

  27. OOps I posted in the wrong spot an off topic statement;

    Is it just me or does this Clown look a lot like Adam Lanza with the “Bowl” hair cut..haha

    Also today we had the TPA vote, The “Trans-Racial” Chick controversy, AND The POPE saying we need a One World Government for Climate Change…Just saying. No diversions here.

    The news is all about this Adam Lanza look alike….

    It’s just become comical to me.

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