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In this brief video excerpt from Wolfgang Halbig’s most recent FOI hearing on June 3, 2015 in Danbury, Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra states that the “Everyone Must Check In” sign prominently displayed outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School grounds on December 14, 2012 and thereafter was placed there by the Department of Homeland Security.


“There’s a flashing sign that says, ‘Everyone must check in,’ but the town didn’t put it there. Who do you think put it there?” Halbig’s attorney L. Kay Wilson asked. “I think Homeland Security put it there,” Llodra responded.

“Everyone must check in” is a command to all personnel involved in a specific coordinated exercise. This is an amazing admission from Newtown’s top official, particularly since it suggests what many Sandy Hook researchers have suspected for over two years–that the “Sandy Hook massacre” was a DHS/FEMA-orchestrated drill sold to the American public as a genuine event (see here and here).-JFT


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  1. […] Mert Melfa (Video) In this brief video excerpt from Wolfgang Halbig’s most recent FOI hearing on June 3, 2015 in Danbury, Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra states that the “Everyone Must Check In” sign prominently displayed outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School grounds on December 14, 2012 and thereafter was placed there by the Department of Homeland Security. “There’s a flashing sign that says, ‘Everyone must check in,’ but the town didn’t put it there. Who do you think put it there?” Halbig’s attorney L. Kay Wilson asked. “I think Homeland Security put it there,” More… […]

  2. If authenticated, this document, RELEASED ON THE SAME DAY AS THE ALLEGED MASS SHOOTING AT SANDY HOOK, serves as proof positive that Sandy Hook was a Hoax/Drill staged using the media for “Information Analysis” and “Information Distribution”, i.e., illegally using the media for state propaganda directed against the U.S. public writ large.

    I believe that CNN and Anderson Cooper should be liable in civil suit for the slander per se of Dr. Tracy.

    I also believe that President Obama and VP Biden should be impeached for High Crimes. Any other federal officials subject to impeachment, including the Head of FEMA at the time, should be impeached (federal judges are also subject to impeachment).

    I believe that a letter should be signed by everyone reading this document of abomination, on this site, urging their elected officials to begin proper impeachment proceedings. I would like to be one of the first signers.

    Keith Salvatore Labella, J.D.
    Hemet, California, U.S.A. (allegedly a city protected by the U.S. Constitution)

      1. Does anybody, anybody, really think anybody will be impeached when the “truths” come out? Not gonna happen,dream on. We live in a lawless nation with corruption everywhere. Obama will pardon all the guilty and if his term expires prior, no problemo, Hillary will gladly pardon guilty parties due to the needs of “national security”. You have to be appreciative of how readily the lawyers noticed the Smith-Mundt law and promply changed it in NDAA. Those banditos are good……

      2. Correction that bill (HR 5736) showed up in HR 4310: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 in SEC. 1078. DISSEMINATION ABROAD OF INFORMATION ABOUT THE UNITED STATES.

        The bill though was enacted into law on Jan 2, 2013. SH happened on Dec 14, 2012. Therefore, the SH propaganda happened before the bill was enacted into law. They have no legal justification.

        1. Let’s hope you are correct. But, rest assured that there are hundreds of ways for slimy legal eagles to get their way. Maybe even Justice Roberts will cast the winning vote to legitimize the Smith-Mundt rehash. What a great guy!

        2. Interesting!!!

          I found this:

          The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 passed Congress as part of the NDAA 2013 on December 28, 2012.[36] Amendments made to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987 allow for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to be released within US borders.[37][38][39] U.S. Congressmen Adam Smith stated with the respect to the bill’s purpose that al-Qaeda was infiltrating the Internet in order to promote anti-American sentiments and that with passage of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 the US government would be able disseminate public diplomacy information by the State department to counter that in the Arabic language abroad.[40][41].

          So the lies are legal.

          But I insist that collecting funds is prosecutable.

  3. At 2:04 in this embedded video of the hearing, while questioning the maintenance chief, a photo is handed to Monty the lawyer. It is very clear that Monty was either very nervous or he has some sort of neurological disorder such as “essential tremors”, like Kate Hepburn had.

    1. Monte Frank (an unlikely name) strikes me as another blackmailed homosexual. A leading theory suggests that corrupt politicians/officials keep risking Treason charges because they’re getting blackmailed. If the officials stop betraying the American people, blackmailers will expose the officials.

      1. Still, IF people are getting blackmailed, it would be possible for a good lawyer to come up with questions that acknowledged in subtle fashion this reality and still caused the questionee to answer questions forthrightly. I’m not sure Pat Llodra has spilled any beans by saying “DHS might have announced “this is a drill”. Is it possible she and her confidants have a different view of truth and reality that we do after all of our self questioning? Of course, nobody in Newtown, pop. 30000, has spilled many beans yet. I find this rather boggling but I do remember that over 100,000 workers at Los Alamos kept a lot of secrets during the Manhattan Project despite being the target of spies, etc. But, go over the Newtown townline in the shortest way possible, would there not be somebody in another town who had either facts or good insights as to what really happened at SH? We’ve identified many glitches in the stories coming from principals like Robbie Parker et al, but we have not had a game breaker yet. I find that rather amazing. Or, are we the ones that are MK Ultra-ed?

      2. Exactly! He’s a liberal closet gay, that likes riding hard things! I think his lover was with him on the Antigun bike ride to DC, the first foil hearing that he cancelled without wolf’s consent! No conflict of interest there, no sir!

  4. Why did the FBI oversee the destruction of evidence, otherwise known as the demolition of the crime scene of Sandy Hook Elementary???

    Is this something the FBI would normally do?

    1. Sandy Hook Elementary AND the “Nancy Lanza” home were demolished because neither building contained DNA of the (fictional) dead students or Adam/Nancy Lanza. The house would’ve been covered with fingerprints and DNA, so the Traitors bulldozed it.

      Keep in mind, there were (fake) “parents” suing the Nancy Lanza estate WHILE THE BIGGEST ASSET CONTAINED IN THAT ESTATE (the Lanza home) WAS BULLDOZED. If those parents were real, they would’ve gotten an injunction to prevent the biggest asset targeted by their lawsuits from getting demolished into rubble.

      1. That is a great point – about the injunction to stop destroying estate property where there are litigants who seek damages from that very estate. In the real world, that is how such things work. It is impossible to argue that they never knew about this considerable asset or that they had some other way of being compensated. No, this may well be the most valuable asset that such a family would have had. Of course, no mortgage or anything either or the bank which held it would also have stopped the demolition. I’m sure banks have no trouble with cleaning up a former crime scene to get the value out of a property.

        None of these stories ever survive scrutiny if you walk around them. They are like stage flats – not three-dimensional in the usual sense.

    2. Another slow mind at work, yes the friggin fbi is a fine upstanding group, everything is normal. Are you for real, is the fbi in your world some kind of great abc, wake the f up itches, comments on here are starting to be dumb and ignorant, perhaps the trolls have come to mh, rotten bastards, you know who you are, the ones like greg, winston, saying dumb stuff, keep your pea brain thoughts in your head, quit thinking out loud, this is not q n a, arrrrghhh

  5. Some very interesting discoveries by Wolf and crew yesterday. Hopefully piece by piece this huge lie will be tumbling down and these treasonous people will be exposed.

    More substantive evidence becoming available to substantiate that the event was planned in advance.

    Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

    The names of all of the key players – Kehoe, Llodra, Frank, Sedensky should all be associated with treason and Benedict Arnold in every allusion to this incident.

    Here is one of many brilliant productions by Ricoman and it shows the Phelps’ exposed as actors with Laura contradicting herself and making outrageously absurd statements. Laura said her son saw on TV that the incident was the Sandy Hook School on the news and then she said that she picked up her son at the school. So which was it Laura ?

    This interview appears to be on Saturday 12/15/2012 and it was at Treadwell Park or a green screen. WHY WOULD THEY BE AT TREADWELL PARK ON SATURDAY DOING AN INTERVIEW THE DAY AFTER THE ATTACK ?


    1. @Ray777: the new stuff looks green screened to me. The “Phelps” and Soledad have too much red, there seems to be green spill on Mr. Phelps jacket, there is much more yellow in the background than in the players (i.e. Phelps poorly color corrected – they should match the background). Also look at how “cut out” they look.

  6. Is this entire video somewhere we can view? I don’t understand why this is not captured anywhere in the news- (even if just a small blurb in a paper…..)

    1. It’s not in the “NEWS” for the same reasons that the “WTC CRATERS” were not in the news. And why very little was said about the multiple bombs at Oklahoma. And we could go on and on and on. Like the hearing officer said in Wolfgang’s first hearing in April, regarding the brand new security system, anything on the news is hearsay, which is a polite way of saying “BULLSHIT”. In other words, the news follows a script someone made up, for the sole purpose of misleading the public. They lie, lie, lie, and charge you big bucks every month in the form of a cable bill for the privilege of being kept in the dark and covered with horse manure. That’s what the Khazarian Mafia does to you, and they have an agenda. Ultimately, they want you as their unarmed slaves, brainwashed like the Stepford Wives, and ready and willing to bend over for them at any time, wearing only a smile.

      1. If any of you have plans on committing a major crime, consider hiring Monty Python’s Flying Circus for your defense. The guy is brilliant at what he does – defending criminals.

        Watched all of yesterday’s FOIA hearing. Thanks to all involved for getting this good quality video up so fast, once again an educational experience. Good thing Halbig changed lawyers, Spinella does not have what it takes against Monty the Python, at least not as a witness. Attorney Wilson was a good choice.

        Newtown does not make a good relocation destination. If yesterday’s representatives from local government, police department and school board are an indication of how things are run there, the influx of cash has a long way to go to make honest folks out of these shysters.

        Another reason for not relocating to Newtown is a subject that has been discussed here and elsewhere before – pipelines. I have some new information I’ll put together in another comment later.

        1. Maureen Crowley was present at the FOIA hearing on June 3rd. Two quotes from her twitter account:

          At FOIA, I said “What a town”. Pat Llodra said, “It’s MY town. Don’t come here”. I smiled at her and said, “The Truth Will Set You Free”


          There was a 35 year veteran of the FBI at FOIA meeting. He told Wolf, that he now KNOWS that Sandy Hook was hoax.

        2. I would have said “you made it everyone’s town when your crisis actors went on TV, smiling and drumming up donations from trusting, hard working Americans”

          Don’t tell me to leave Newtown alone in one breadth, and the next tell me to go to some dontion page or demand my god given rights be taken away based on a false event

    2. Really Greg, you don’t understand, wow, were you always this slow. Yes why not spew some words just to hear yourself, do you talk to yourself through out the day, perhaps even disagreeing wit you self.
      Please keep your mouth shut, then it won’t be so obvious that you are a dumb troll

    1. Be that as it may, what business has Homeland Security got to be at a school shooting where the shooter is dead? They come in afterwards?

      I think the best thing would be to find out where that kind of signage has also been used – in self-admitted drills, I would assume. And also hiding like “Where’s Waldo” in things like the Marathon Bombing. All you really need is to show their using it for drills they admit as such. You see when they put the generator in place, how it all works. Any permits required?

      At first I kind of blanched at Halbig’s laugh. They tell you never to do that kind of thing in debate or court. In fact, Monte was a little slow to protest.

      But it does open a can of worms if Pat Llodra does not recant. Unfortunately the laugh and Monte’s response might have given her an opening to do so. Like in hunting, you do not spook your quarry. If it could have been pursued further, we might have learned more about the role of Homeland Security. But Halbig was interested in collecting his reward immediately. Pity. Maybe that is playing to the gallery, and he wanted it in circulation quick.

      1. Very astute observations on your part. I think Halbig’s interjection was a huge mistake. It could easily prejudice the commissioner against him. One would think Halbig would be more of a seasoned veteran of court cases. He’s the plaintiff, and should remain respectful. You are also right that Monte was very slow to object. This hearing seems a bit different from other cases I’ve observed. I doubt the commissioner will rule in Halbig’s favor thought as the entire event is a rather obvious fraud. One claim the school board might make is that all the records were destroyed when the school was demolished as they were no longer needed. Another think is that schools are well known for terrible record keeping. Even if the documents once existed they could be easily lost or misplaced, so Wolfgang is up against an immovable object. So perhaps Wolf thanked the Select Woman because her admission that the sign was placed there by the DHS is about the best he’s going to get. She’s not even sure, she just presumes it was placed there by them. What we already know is that such a sign would be highly unlikely at an actual school shooting. And were are the other 600 children who were allegedly at the school? There is absolutely no evidence that I’ve seen that indicates a large student population was present at the time. The really tragic part is that a very large percentage of the American people believe the Sandy Hook fraud to by as real as the men on the moon landings.

        1. “And were are the other 600 children who were allegedly at the school?”

          According to the official Newtown Public Schools report for 2012-2013 (http://www.newtown.k12.ct.us/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=t1gnJ_IJKHE%3d&tabid=3295&mid=39347) there were 454 students enrolled in the Sandy Hook Elementary School at the time of the event. With all due respect, it is imperative when presenting an argument which questions the official narrative that we use the numbers provided in the district’s official reports. As a former pubic high school teacher of 33 years in a NY state school district similar to Newtown, my experience with attendance suggests that on any given day it is likely that there will be anywhere from 5% to 10% absenteeism. Therefore, on the day of the event, it is probable that if the school was truly in full function that there were at least 400 students in attendance. With that in mind, I completely agree with your observation, Georges, that the evidence in the videos and pictures of the day does not support an evacuation of 400+ students, staff and school employees (custodial, clerical and special services.)

      2. Musings… I saw 2 homeland security goons with bullet proof jackets and creepy curly Q headsets and guns at a Pond Skimming competition in Vail. That’s where skiers get a head of steam and try to cross a shallow pond on downhill skis at the end of the season. It’s done just for laughs. Imagine the need for Homeland Security at a Pond Skimming Competition. It totally creeped me out.

    2. It sounded like kehoe or another one tht testified said, when asked by Kay how long it had been there, they said “I think I saw it a few times prior”! Go back and listen, and you should hear it, To me, that was the biggest leak combined with Llodra saying she thought they were Dhs!

  7. I feel like this could be called “Wolf Watch”. I applaud Wolf’s efforts. I tried to donate on his sight a couple times and had no luck at all. If you have never gone up in front of a town council to tell them something they are not interested in hearing, it’s kinda’ hard to walk in Wolf’s shoes ( in your mind’s eye). Having done it, I call tell you it’s not easy. Even if you consider your self a reasonably brave person. It was a case were the county transit authority had cut off bus service after midnight, when prior to that and for a long time the last bus was at 2AM. This left hundreds of people fighting over cabs like their lives depended on it. And it did! The cab company could not come close to meeting the intense demand for rides, not by a country mile. So the local limo operators step up to the plate to help out with the emergency situation of 200 people willing to exchange blows over a cab. Why? because the Town of Vail locked the Transportation Center Doors doors at midnight. It would be minus five degrees at 2AM and these people are dressed in bar attire. Imagine the Town of Vail Police treating limos drivers like they are criminals stealing from the cab company. It was a scene from “They Live”. When I tried to talk about it at town council, I came to tears for the 200 stranded party goers that were standing around in the tundra in the middle of the night with no hope of a ride. And the cops are standing in the way of my Cadillac Escalade willing, able and waiting to provide rescue for these people. The town council was unmoved. They just didn’t seem to care. I couldn’t understand it. But go back to the last hurricane in New Orleans. A similar thing happened to would be rescue personal showing up ready, willing and able to provide rescue. Look up the story of a hundred air boaters from Florida showing up with boats on trailers. No one was more prepared to rescue people than them… turned away with extreme prejudice. It was exactly how I was treated when I tried to help out.

  8. In 1947 Truman signed the Smith-Mundt Act into law. It effectively banned the U.S. government use of media propaganda directed against the home audience (U.S. citizens). This propaganda was long used abroad by the BBG, in the form of VOA, Radio Liberty, etc. The main reason for the bill was to avoid the type of mass brainwashing of the public that was achieved by the Nazi’s and Stalin Regime:


    As is clear from the text of the current law, from Cornell Legal Institute, it was amended in 2013 by the NDAA. The 2013 amendment removed the prohibition of use of propaganda directed against U.S. citizens, One of the best articles, expressing the impact of that change is from RT:


    If using the media for propaganda purposes against the U.S. citizenry is legal then stating to the American public that the Sandy Hook drill was an actual massacre is technically “legal”. However, as far as I am aware, we can still vote out the bums that made this choice for totalitarian information control and dissemination!

    1. Thank you thank you. So we need to consider whether this is the type of government we want.

      As far as I know, collecting money from the fake event is illegal tho.

      Did Lenny Posner collect money?

      Did Robbie Parker collect money?

      Someone should tell the FBI.

      1. They may have made propaganda legal; however, they can’t make money laundering, fraud, and mail/wire transfer fraud legal! Those liars ran with the lies in order to drum up donations based on lies, and scamming innocent people out of the last dime of the month! Kids donated their hard work, and washed cars, washed dogs, sold cupcakes,and donated their toys so they could do something for the children that were harmed and families claiming to suffer a loss! What they did was sick, and they are still asking for money based on lies! Some of the fraudsters are still drumming up money, after millions and millions collected

    2. “If using the media for propaganda purposes against the U.S. citizenry is legal then stating to the American public that the Sandy Hook drill was an actual massacre is technically “legal”.”

      But your own comment states that “propaganda” was legalized in 2013 (the year AFTER Sandy Hook was staged). How can a law passed in 2013 “legalize” crimes committed in December 2012 (the prior year)?

      Sandy Hoax was staged over at least 2 days: December 13 and December 14, 2012. Some footage/photos (example: fake evacuation thru school parking lot) may have been filmed earlier (circa October 2012).

      Regardless of any “legalized propaganda” the following year (2013), Sandy Hoax was an Act of War designed to trick 300 million Americans out of their firearms — in violation of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

      Sandy Hook was a gun grab. It remains a Treasonous act of war against the American people.

      Stamping the word “Classified” or the word “Propaganda” on documents doesn’t legalize Acts of War against the American people.

      1. I agree with you 100% Karen. What they attempted to do was a process of legitimization of past crimes. We saw this before when the telecommunications companies received Congressional “retroactive immunity” for their complicity with the lawless and blunderbuss surveillance of the NSA. Exactly whose interests the folks in Congress were representing in that case may be murky, but they certainly were not representing the citizens who elected them into office.

      2. I agree with you fully as I myself am a “victim” of Sandy Hook.

        I agree 100% that the hoax was filmed on December 13th and 14th.

        For me, the case of the mysterious open shed door sheds light on this fact.

        In the helicopter footage first thing in the morning when the police arrive and they are chasing the “shooters” up into the foresty area on the hillside, we see the shed doors already busted open. Film footage on the news showed police breaking open the shed and searching it with a police dog–that footage was filmed the day before. So the shed was already busted open when the police arrived on the 14th.

  9. In the testimony given by Failla about the power washing of mold every year, I am wondering if the photos he was testifying about were indoor or outdoor mold problems. Because it would seem to me that using a power washer indoors would be a bit of a problem. First of all, most power washers I am familiar with have gasoline internal combustion engines which are not really supposed to be used indoors. Secondly, power washers usually create a large cloud of water vapor mixed with dirt that would get all over the walls, floors, and ceilings of an enclosed space. This guy should be made to give specific details as to the make and model of their power washer, weather it has an internal combustion motor, and if it was used indoors according to his knowledge. And don’t forget to ask how long the high pressure hose is between the nozzle and the unit, and how far it was from just outside the nearest outside door and the work area.

  10. Kehoe is CLEARLY being evasive when asked about the sign. He knows dam well DHS set that up and he said that the log was “evidence that was seized by state police”? Also he does not know who set the sign up but he knows that the sign was intended for all visitors ?

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!!!! PURGER 1:55 mark – he tries to assert that he knows nothing about that whole sign but yet Pat Llodra knows that DHS set it up but Kehoe does not ?

    More and more chinks in the armor are starting to emerge.

    From a personal perspective I can tell you that a Sandy Hook resident whom I know very well and who is a very good person had an encounter with Chief Kehoe a number of years ago. I will not go into detail but suffice it to say that Mr. Kehoe acted in the most deplorable disgraceful contemptible manner. Kehoe is NOT a good man,

  11. The good news for those still unaware was that no children died that day. The entire population however, especially children, will be forever terrorized by these evil, money loving, psychopaths.

    The big double LL confirmed DHS was running the show as we already knew. The flying circus confirmed for us all records are sealed never to be released, as we already knew with the never ending pile of redacted material excreted by the state.

    We have a secret government that once again confirmed there is nothing we can do about their dark war against us. Congress is currently voting on secret deals and openly admits the citizens cannot be told what it is.

    Jonathan Gruber bragged to his like minded audience that agreed with him, we have to lie to people to pass laws because they are too stupid to know what is good for. He also demonstrated with his bean counting models, free abortions ultimately save billions in not producing undesirable citizens.

    That is probably why there is a big O push to force transgenderism into the schools, if you mutilate your sexual organs, reproduction will not be an issue.

  12. I would maintain that the source of the lawlessness is not a particular “elected” administration. The candidates are (and have been in history) presented to the voters by special interests. Why is it different today? Because with the imperial stance the country has been taking towards the rest of the world, there are new pressures to get the American public to act against its own interests and common sense. It’s always wartime, for instance, even if parts of the economy are breaking down.

    I would say that we are seeing increasingly the role of secret government in building consensus, government which cannot expose its work and denies FOIA requests, even when for some of us, we can see through it. Because what is the purpose of the FOIA requests by people like Halbig? It is to undermine the false consensus created by hoax events, and bring the debate back where it belongs, among the people and their valid representatives.

    Recently a man was executed in Texas for the murder of four men. Yet, he had spent thirty years in prison. People who lived in his community realized there were doubts and evidence held back by the prosecution which tended to back up the defendant’s story and point to another motive for the killings and other suspects. If indeed the evidence held back would have changed everything, then a man innocent of murder went to his death to basically shut him up.

    But it was “garbage in, garbage out” in terms of what the jury saw. People who dislike the appeal process because it denies the state its power of death feel nervous about admitting that something was put over on them. They are the ones who go around accusing others of wearing tinfoil hats when they express skepticism. In the controlled environment of the courtroom a jury often sees only what the government wanted it to see, and subsequent appeals address that potential flaw in the process.
    A trial can be a drama whose emotional appeal overwhelms. But when the prosecution deliberately hides evidence from the defense, that is lawlessness not a lawful trial.

    Media can present a controlled environment too. It’s awfully good at getting people wrapped up in fiction anyway. That is its stock in trade, so why not make fictional news too, faked reality shows? There is a continuum between the genres, and it is growing in practice.

    We find ourselves working on appeals a lot. The media and the subsequent actions of the government in light of these stories present the marching orders for the public based on contrivances which have inflamed their minds. It’s one miniseries after another. What is so sinister about it is that it is a new twist on totalitarian systems. All of us are watched (they say they don’t then someone proves they do) something only paranoids worried about in the past but because of modern technology has become a weapon against the whole population. But we are also appealed to through the media to take the stand the government requires for its operations.

    The lawlessness is exposed when the government is caught in lies (about NSA for instance, or who sent us anthrax while building a case for war against Iraq, or that there is such a thing as FOIA – enacted into law after Nixon’s resignation and designed to prevent lawless actions by government employees). If government does not honor FOIA requests, then the officials who stonewall are violating the law.

    The Constitution is not a self-executing document. It needs support. When to uphold it requires dramatic action (a la Ed Snowden), then those who violate it come back with things like Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. Even a recent shooting of a terror suspect in Boston followed quickly on the heels of Rand Paul’s stand against the surveillance state. We are told that the suspect was an ISIS supporter who wanted to kill cops. They knew because they had been taping his every word 24/7 and so of course surveillance is good, even if you don’t have a warrant. Now the “Boston terror connection” where ISIS comes to the US is being acted out over the body of another young dead black man. Propaganda with a twist. “We don’t need no stinking warrants.” The very idea that the cops might have killed someone based on a sort of executive fatwa kind of crossed my mind – drones at home, as it were. That is lawlessness. Apparently, when it comes to gunning down suspects “ISIS changed everything.” Due process? Who has time for that?

  13. The Feds have a habit of inserting themselves into major local crime, especially if there’s any whiff of (potential) terrorism. There was major, major stuff going down with China and big business (military contracts) just before Sandy Hook, to include a successful 6 year investigation and bust of United Technologies dealings with Beijing. Congress was threatening to terminate ALL contracts with China that could be even remotely construed as dual-use (claimed to be for civilian purposes, but also serving Beijing’s military purposes). The United Tech expose, in fact, canceled what was arguably China’s biggest military contract ever, at least in recent history: Its first-ever attack helicopter. A few months later, Sandy Hook happened. Incidentally, the US Atty who busted UT–and who investigated Sandy Hook–was David Fein, who resigned abruptly in the middle of the Sandy Hook investigation. There is a significant, if circumstantial, China angle to Sandy Hook that begs questions, and certainly would have begged the attention of the Feds. According to one pastor who spoke to media, the CIA was there within hours. That’s all a long way of saying I don’t find it unusual that the Feds showed up; I’d find it odd if they didn’t. And of course there’s always the political imperative to never let a good crisis go to waste. So, it could have been a Fed-owned sign, or it could have come from CT’s own emergency management agency, or any number of other places; point being, at an operation that large you’d expect a sign. You have multiple, multiple agencies on scene and Incident Command absolutely calls for accountability of those agencies and personnel. The real Incident Command issue isn’t whether it was normal to set it up Command and use it–it was. The real issue is why it wasn’t established immediately by NPD and CSP in order to guarantee 1) radio interoperability 2) ambulance coordination 3) smooth reunification, etc. But–the chaos (later described as a “train wreck” by the assistant ALERRT director) that ensued is what always ensues if IC isn’t established. FBI Dir Comey also stated later that lives had been saved post-Sandy Hook because of hard lessons learned from Sandy Hook: You have to keep the ambulance route clear. Amongst themselves, Feds acknowledge that the Sandy Hook response was a nightmare. The general public, of course, hasn’t a clue, because lawyers (most likely) leaked certain stories, immediately, to media to make it seem as if children were “safely sheltered in bathrooms” and “neatly lined up to return to parents” and “ambulances came but weren’t needed” and all the other memes of the day.

    1. Zephyr as always you make some good points however the question that I have is why was the Federal involvement such a big secret ? Kehoe was clearly being evasive when responding to the questions about the sign. Of course more and more elements like this, and the unanswered porta potty questions, lead to additional substantiation that the event was planned in advance. These were not among my top priorities in analyzing the event but these issues are becoming more compelling and warrant further answers.

      I am hoping that they can successfully get the pilot and observer in the next hearing. I think the witnesses that are being concealed are those with the most damaging testimony.

      Also for Kehoe to state that he did not who who from Newtown PD was in contact with the CSP helicopter is an act of total incompetence, negligence, apathy or perjury but it must be at least one of these. Take your pick.

      1. The sad fact is that Newtown and CSP had zero radio interoperability. Not all CSP men themselves, in fact, would have communication with the helicopter, necessarily–that would be dispatch (and which dispatch is anyone’s guess–the state dispatch system in CT is/was a mess). The State Police completely overtook the scene, and Kehoe was definitely not in charge. His sergeant Dave Kullgren was arguably in charge until the state police sergeant (O’Donnell) got there; after that point, it’s anyone’s guess as to exactly how power was assumed, but clearly CSP took over. And CSP then faced the Feds who were flooding the scene–CSP seems to have largely continued to control it, at least for a time (judging by the number and timing of witness interviews). Wolf is being lead astray by his handlers, unfortunately, who feed him goofy questions like “Who from Newtown was in contact with the CSP helicopter.” No one from Newtown would be in contact with it, because 1) they couldn’t physically do that and 2) it wasn’t their (Newtown’s) scene. At any rate, the helicopter got up so late it was practically moot. What Wolf should have stuck to were questions about why Life Star helicopters weren’t summoned for the wounded. The best thing Wolf could do is ditch the people giving him (purposely) sterile questions, and get back to his own questions–many of which, originally, were spot-on.

  14. For those of you who are communicating with Wolf and his affiliates I would suggest that they FOIA- subpoena the observer and the pilot if possible before the court discovery proceedings are done.

    Also to substantiate that the pilot was in fact on training then you may want to FOIA his orders and travel documents and training certificates or other pertinent information supporting that he was unavailable.

      1. Hi John – I agree with you but my thought was that if a third hearing is conducted perhaps it may be possible to also request the observer as well and put the pilot in the hot seat to verify his excuse for not showing up for the other hearings.

        You cannot help but believe that the potential testimony of those witnesses will reveal something extremely damaging to the official story.

        Monte Frank has demonstrated total contempt and disrespect for the process and virtually flaunting his ability to dismiss any accountability for his insolence. All the while collecting big fees for his law firm and billing Newtown for the costs of obstructing, delaying and vacillating ???

        1. Frank withheld FOIA requested documents until one day before the hearing.

        2. Shortly before the first hearing he does not show up and states that he had urgent business requiring a postponement ? Yet in fact he went on a political agenda bike ride that was planned months in advance ?

        3. He dismisses critical witnesses that had been subpoenaed in TWO hearing ? Seriously why bother to subpoena witnesses when they can get away with just blowing off their appearance with no consequences.

        This man has had zero consequences that resulted from his disrespect of the law.

        Can we really expect a fair and just ruling from a legal process that allows such overtly disgraceful misconduct and lack of integrity or ethics ?

        1. Monte Frank was not put before his own disciplinary hearing because the courts and legal system in this state of Connecticut and the US are not functional at present.

          It’s painfully clear the fix is in. If Wolf’s attorney pulled this stuff, she’d be roundly excoriated and put before an injunctionary hearing. Right now, in the US, if you are unfortunate enough to be hauled before a court, you will likely be treated like the pilots who contracted to fly drugs from south and central America into Mena, Arkansas. The court would arrest you at the behest of the CIA on the grounds that you were guilty of perjury aka knowing too much and you’d be faced with incarceration.

          All bets are off when considering the court system. It’s bought and paid for, rotten to the core. Remember, boys and girls, its a matter of “national security”.

      2. The Trooper 1 pilot was subpoenaed, was unable to appear, but was deposed and his testimony was submitted by Halbig’s attorney L. Kay Wilson. The pilot’s witness statement was not read allowed, but seemed to be a concern for Monte Frank, who wanted it withheld from the record. Wilson however asserted that the statement was properly notarized by a sister agency to the FOIA Commission. The FOIA judge overruled Frank’s objection, and it was admitted.

        Wolfgang wanted the testimony to be read aloud, but Wilson chose not to read it in court, so we are left to wonder. Seems as though it could be hard evidence of a drill.

        Is Wolf taking steps to request the sign- in log, and other drill manifests and receipts from DHS now that Pat Llodra has stated on the record, in a courtroom, before a judge, that DHS was responsible for the “Everyone Must Check-In” sign?

        How much more evidence does anyone need? Wolf is writing a book, one that millions of people will want to read, and it has the potential to change the world.

  15. Another untimely death. Gerald Stomski was a good friend of Dawn Hochsprung and her personal advisor on security systems.

    Woodbury Mourns Death of Former First Selectman.

    Dawn Hochsprung Friend, Security Company Owner, Seeks Input On School Safety
    January 17, 2013|By DAVE ALTIMARI, daltimar@courant.com, The Hartford Courant
    WOODBURY – — Gerald Stomski remembers sitting in principal Dawn Hochsprung’s office at the Mitchell Elementary School, discussing the unthinkable.
    “We talked several times about what you would do if somehow a shooter got into the school and bullets started flying … The first thing she always said was ‘not on my watch'” said Stomski, the town’s first selectmen.

  16. Wolfgang Halbig was on the Richie Allen Show from UK, posted June 9th. He told of an incident on his trip to Connecticut last week when he stopped at St. Rose of Lima Church and asked to speak to monsignor Weiss who refused to see him. Wolfgang was there with a documentary crew and wanted to ask the names of the nuns walking around SH that day so he could interview them. When Wolfgang and crew stepped out of the church they were surrounded by six Newtown police cars.

    Unfortunately, Wolfgang repeats some information from the Internet that is wrong, such as a small house that reportedly sold for 21.5 million dollars. The correct info can easily be found – 215,000 dollars.

    Wolfgang said he gets the impression Sandy Hook is a town populated by people in the witness protection program. That makes sense, what better crowd to be kept quiet about a hoax. The witnesses were relocated once again after serving a very purposeful assignment.
    The ones posing danger were jailed, killed, vanished or injured for life. Some resigned never to be heard from again, and others were given new jobs a safe distance away from SH. Vance was demoted to traffic, removing him from the spokesperson position for Connecticut state police and away from any embarrassing questions. He posed a threat when his arrogant answer to a question was “what blood?”

    Right, what blood at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

    When the Newtown police chief resigns in January to spend time with family and friends, it pretty much leaves one key player behind, Miss Newtown herself – Patsy Llodra.


    1. The gallery has some great comments. I appreciate all of you, especially the ones I don’t agree with. I can just imagine the scene at the church with six police cars? Must have been a de-je-vu of the United Way stop. How does anyone still give to the United Way? That’s the pet charity of the NFL. After the way the United Way behaved, how does anyone give any money to them? After the super bowl appearance of the Sandy Hook choir, if the NFL is involved, I wouldn’t be!

    2. great stuff, Anne. I was a little disappointing to not hear anything more on the NFL connection with the Sandy Hook Choir singing at the Super Bowl. I would love to know the full extent of the NFL’s involvement. When they decided and who’s idea was it. How did they add the choir to the Super Bowl at the last minute (in terms of Super Bowl’s advance planning up to years in advance) How much did it cost and who paid for the Super Bowl trip? That might be the million dollar question.

      1. http://www.newstimes.com/local/article/Sandy-Hook-choir-to-sing-at-Super-Bowl-4236767.php


        NEWTOWN — An anonymous donor has provided money so that as many as 26 members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir can perform “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

        Talk of the invitation to the Superdome in New Orleans was circulating in the school district Wednesday, but school leaders were closed-mouthed about details.

        Parents and staff not attending the game were expected to receive information on the choir’s performance in the coming days.

        The Board of Education approved the donation for the Superbowl event as part of its consent agenda on Jan. 23. The amount of the donation was not in the minutes, and school officials interviewed this week were either unaware of the amount or unwilling to provide such details.

        First Selectman Pat Llodra said Wednesday she knew about the invitation and donation but did not have details. She said she simply forwarded the contact to Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson, who then forwarded the information to the board, which approved the gift.

        Messages left at both Sandy Hook School and for other school leaders, including central office administrators, were not returned Wednesday.
        “It’s an honor,” one local parent, who did not wish to be identified, said of the invitation to perform at the Superbowl.

      1. No, no – I don’t want to kill anyone.
        Speaking of killing, this subject should never be put on the back burner. Letter to VP Biden from a chemtrail activist:

        Cassandra Anderson
        June 7, 2015

        Vice President Joe Biden
        The White House
        1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
        Washington, DC 20500

        Dear Mr. Biden,

        Condolences to you and your family on the death of your Son, Beau. But I want you to know that millions of us regular peons are also losing our beloved family members to brain cancer. You and that jerk masquerading as a President have been spraying the Planet with poisonous chemicals and heavy metals and killing humans and animals off like never before in the history of the World. So, I have to say to you–maybe this will be a wake-up call to what you and your partner-in-crime are doing to every living thing on Earth.

        You thought you were immune. You thought spraying the Planet would reap you and your cronies total control over the rest of us. You thought you would reduce the population so you and the other “anointed ones” could live in a less-crowded world. You thought the poisoning, sanitized as “geoengineering” would bring you riches in many ways. Well I am here to tell you that you are reaping what you sow. Like the rest of us having to breathe the same air you are permitting to be poisoned and fouled, you and your partner-in-crime will also experience heart ache and loss–just like the rest of us are experiencing. I’ve watched my family, my friends, my pets, our local wildlife, our trees and plants and my Mother suffer and die as a result of this assault from hell. How does it feel?

        If we lived in a just and fair world, that Nobel Peace Prize your partner-in-crime received for doing absolutely nothing, should be immediately stripped from his hands and given to Dane Wigington, one of the true heroes of our time.


        I hope you think long and hard about my letter.

  17. Thanks to Maureen Crowley for posting this link on her twitter site. Long Island after school teacher is fired for bringing up the subject of SH. Wonder where she got the photos of crying parents from, only saw laughing parents or no tears crying parents.


    The many comments from parents and others tell a story of a clueless populace. The SHES hoax happened just across the sound from them and no one has a clue. Tony Mead attempted to inject some reason and was accused of being a troll.

  18. Not fit to fib.
    The replacement of former CT state police spokesman is calling it quits after three months on the job, following Newtown police chief’s footsteps desiring more quality time with the family. Perhaps he wasn’t Master material like his predecessor.

    “I’m the master, Ma’am, I’m the master”

    By not naming names maybe this will avoid moderation.

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