This week’s edition is excerpted from an almost two hour cross interview and discussion with Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media. His historical research addresses Western intelligence community’s longtime involvement in mind control research and the crafting of popular culture and belief.

Irvin’s unconventional project seeks to recover a history involving pivotal figures, including Dead Sea Scrolls researcher John Allegro and author Aldous Huxley, that has been long obscured by the intelligence community and attendant political forces.

The two also discuss how the Trivium can play an essential role in journalism and historical research, providing the basis for interventions in the seemingly spontaneous trajectory of contemporary issues and events.


(The full version of this interview is available for a limited time here.)

Interview Highlights

A figure that is situated centrally in Irvin’s research over the past several years is Gordon Wasson, a major JP Morgan executive who was close friends with public opinion expert Edward Bernays. “Gordon Wasson was actually the vice president of propaganda, or “communications” [at Morgan]. He was friends with Allan Dulles, the former head of the CIA,” Irvin notes.

He was good buddies with George Kennan. (I probably have a hundred or two hundred pages of Wasson and Kennan’s letters.) Of course, Kennan was OSS. He was the former ambassador to the USSR and to Yugoslavia. In one of their [correspondences] Wasson is actually trying to recruit George Kennan to the CIA. Kennan, Allan Dulles, Henry Luce, Wasson and the whole gang all work together for the Council on Foreign Relations. I have hundreds and hundreds of pages of CFR archive material … from the Mudd Library at Princeton.

Indeed, Wasson was present at around twenty percent of CFR meetings from 1951 to 1965, according to Irvin’s archival research.

Much of Irvin’s research project has centered on vindicating the intellectual work of John Marco Allegro, the first British member the international team involved in interpreting the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jordan. Recognizing the immense significance of the Scrolls in terms of both religious and scholarly thought, Allegro sought to make the texts as accessible as possible to all parties regardless of potential social cultural barriers.

“John Marco Allegro was one of the eight original translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and he was a lecturer at Manchester University, and worked at Oxford University,” Irvin observes. “He was the official representative sent in to Jordan to begin translation. He was marginalized and brushed aside by the rest of the team that was mostly composed of members of the Ecole Biblique from the Vatican that had control of the archives.”

In 1968 Allegro published all of his section of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In fact, he was the only one to publish his work on the Dead Sea Scrolls; nothing else was published by the rest of the team members until about 1993, so he beat them by about 25 years. Subsequently, other research has come out showing that much of his work was correct, but they really marginalized and attacked him.

“And then based off of his Dead Sea Scrolls work, in May 1970, he published his infamous–or famous–book that I’m now the publisher of, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. That was the most explosive book, essentially, since Charles Darwin had published on The Origin of Species. Allegro was immediately attacked by the academic and intelligence communities. They perpetuated the lies about him all the way up until I published my book, The Holy Mushroom, and now they’ve dropped it like a hot potato.”

Having the propaganda skills and close association with the Eastern establishment, Wasson led the attack on Allegro concerning the controversial research encompassed in the 1970 work. Wasson

worked directly with the top level agents, like I mentioned with the CFR, and Kennan and Dulles. He pretty much started it, but guys like Jonathan Ott perpetuate the myths against Allegro in his book, Pharmacotheon. If you read just about any of the books on ethnomicology or ethnobotany over the past thirty-to-forty years they more or less all repeated the same lies about Allegro–that he took all of his work from Wasson.

When you get in to Allegro’s citations, he cites once or twice, and mostly to dismiss him, because of Wasson’s own attacks on [Allegro]. So, it’s amusing that they try to say that they took the whole idea from Wasson, when none of Wasson’s work goes beyond the genesis tree. In his whole thirty-forty years of writing about the mushrooms and religion he never went past the genesis story anyplace. In my last article, “Entheogens: What’s in a Name?” I reveal what may have been the agenda behind that.

Gordon Wasson and Aldous Huxley, who were both top guys in MKULTRA, they basically used the Genesis story, and the fruit of the tree, as incredible as this may sound, to relaunch sort of the fall of man using drugs. I’ve quoted Leary and Huxley and McLuhan discussing how the Bible was their biggest threat. Then we see the infamous story of Wasson and Valentino walking in the woods on their honeymoon, which was first published in the May 13, 1957 Life magazine article. When you look at that story minus the serpent it very much looks like the Genesis story.

Irvin explains how the Trivium–a basic method of who, what, where, when, why, and how–a straightforward method of assessing information and ideas in the social realm that has been generally suppressed through a century of “progressive” public education, is crucial to recovering and making sense of a similarly subverted historical record.

Putting logic before grammar puts people in a state where they leap to false assumptions. They don’t have the self confidence, or even the respect for other people, to read things before they come to conclusions about them. With this destruction of the self esteem, they’re left to this channeling, assumptions, appeals to authority, to whatever or whomever comes along or tells them how things are. When you provide this information they immediately turn to ad hominem attacks or ridicule, instead of just reading the work itself.

If people will open up long enough to listen you can get them to study the Trivium. They can begin to put this back in order. Then after about two years the Trivium starts to work automatically in their minds as long as they’ve undertaken a good study of it. Then they’re definitely not so easily duped. Every time someone tells you something, instead of just believing it you go and look it up.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you might spend a few days or a few weeks or a few months even looking something up to know the truth. Or, you can spend your whole lifetime believing in a lie. Which one makes more sense?

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  1. Seth Rosenfeld, a seasoned investigative journalist, wrote a book called Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power. While more limited in scope than other tomes on COINTELPRO, like Ward Churchill’s The COINTELPRO Papers, this book does justice to the scale and scope of FBI intrusions into academia in the COINTELPRO period of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Examples, from the below linked CSPAN interview show that the FBI literally took over College Administrative Boards for YEARS during open-ended “investigations” with broadly based, and, often ill-defined goals:

  2. I am only through a fraction of the discussion. Very entertaining, interesting. It’s worth going back to watch the movie Brave New World. It is not a great flick, I am kind of on the fence between Brave New World and 1984 for being the better movie versions of their stories. 1984 being more dystopic and dark for sure. B.N.W. was lighter and brighter. There was one scene I remember from Brave New World where the brain trust of the society is coming up with slogans like “Dumb is Good” and everyone is required to take “Soma” to keep them happy with the way things were run. Things like taking children and separating from their mother’s natural love instinct and nurturing. What does Cilld Protective Services do every day? What did Nelson Rockefeller say to Aaron Russo? Basically the family unit needs to be torn apart and the key is getting the children involved with public education at the earliest age possible. And creating economic realities that force both parents into the work force. While the parents are busy toiling away, someone else has to care for their kids. That’s the opportunity the New World Order needs to indoctrinate kids into being liberal welfare state proponents. Ideas like guns are evil and have no redeeming qualities. Why do you think kids have been suspended for making a gun shape out of their food? To stigmatize them for having anything to do with firearms. Other ideas like everyone has to sacrifice to take care of the less fortunate whether they want to or not. Things like everyone has to take their shots and not question if it is a positive benefit for their health. The NWO use non-sensical claims like “every child that is not vaccinated puts the rest in danger”. If Vaccines are so great, why would the children not taking them endanger the ones that are? It’s because the statement is incomplete. If I could translate, if would be “every child that is not vaccinated endangers the ones who are – from getting the next vaccine ! The thing that scares the Big Pharma the most is what if refusing vaccines becomes a growing trend which is absolutely what is happening? That’s why California just took health objections away from parents unless they want to home school their kids.

    1. Read recently about a state that was only seeing a 94% vaccination rate, and how much of a concern this is. My first thought was, if I’m getting a vaccine, isn’t it so I do not get sick, if exposed? If 6% can get you, with a vaccination, then I would say said shot is worthless. The fact most do not question it is amazing.

        1. I actually had a bookmark lol but it wasn’t a very good one. It’s been years since I read about it. Found some very interesting stuff today, so thank you!

  3. Interesting; another level of critical thinking introduced to guide the curious and insatiable quests for meaning–if there can ever be meaning to this topsy-turvey world created in the image of a disfunctional society ensnared in unreality. I like the hope implied, a possible jumping-off point.

    Good on the professor and author for their contribution to sanity. But who can stop the broken carnival ride before it all falls down and kills the riders?

  4. Dr. Tracy, hi,

    On the LP version of the interview it cuts off not quite nine minutes short of the end of the interview. The cane came out and silenced you just as you addressed the prevalent Marxist climate of academia – makes me wonder.

    Is there another link by which to hear the full length version?

    Thanks, it is a great article and interview,


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