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Seymour Hersh, winner of two National Magazine Awards, five George Polk Awards, the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for his exposé of the My Lai massacre, and the 2004 George Orwell Award.[1] Photo Peter Endig, Associated Press.
The great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has written another blockbuster, this time about the raid on the complex at Abbottabad, Pakistan, that allegedly took out Osama bin Laden, the alleged perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks. His new article for the London Review of Books purports to blow the lid off the fake story conveyed by the Obama White House about the raid of May 1, 2011.[2] Hersh reveals several clear falsehoods inherent in the official story, only to manufacture many of his own.

The article, “The Killing of Osama bin Laden,” begins by stating that “a group of US Navy SEALs assassinated Osama bin Laden in a night raid on a high-walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan,” a thesis that has been disproven again and again. Evidence suggests that bin Laden was, in fact, dead by the end of 2001.[3]

Hersh’s article is crammed full of perplexing details, personae, and allegations, providing a maze of red herrings that serve to substantiate the official story of 9/11 and the myth of Osama bin Laden – while supposedly supplying the truth for the very first time. His thesis rests on a wealth of information provided by his #1 source, “a retired intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad” and “privy to many aspects of the SEALs’ training for the raid, and to the various after-action reports.”

We learn that it was a “walk-in” in 2010 – a former Pakistani intelligence officer – who first alerted the CIA station chief in Islamabad about bin Laden’s whereabouts. Contrary to the official story, we see that Pakistan had indeed been aware of bin Laden’s residence in Abbottabad. Indeed, Pakistan’s ISI had supposedly been holding him in the compound since 2006.

Furthermore, we learn that there was no “firefight” involved in his killing, which was originally said to have been carried out in self defense. According to Hersh’s #1 source, the SEALs blew open the doors to bin Laden’s third-floor rooms and murdered the unarmed invalid cowering in his bedroom: a “very simple, very straightforward, very professional hit.” In addition, there was no “treasure trove” of terrorist materials, as reported, consisting of computers, flash drives, videos, and documents relating to al-Qaeda.

Obama was not supposed to reveal the raid at all, according to Hersh, let alone make statements not fully vetted by the U.S. security apparatus. Instead, the plan was to collect bin Laden’s DNA in advance, conduct the raid, wait a week or so, and then announce that bin Laden had been killed in a drone attack in the Hindu Kush – and had been identified by DNA samples collected after his death. Finally, bin Laden was not buried at sea following proper Islamic burial procedures aboard the USS Carl Vinson. No – his remains were thrown unceremoniously into a body bag, after being blown to bits by rifle fire in his bedroom, and body parts were reportedly flung out of the SEALs’ helicopter on the flight back to Jalalabad.

A fantastic, bombastic exposé by Sy Hersh, filled with outrageous allegations and peppered with salty language and street lingo. But what does it tell us, besides the fact that the government, armed forces, and intelligence services lie to the American public?

First of all, it serves to substantiate the myth of al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden, who supposedly managed to elude the U.S. dragnet for a decade, supported by reported samples of his DNA (DNA evidence is a major feature of Hersh’s story). Second, it attempts to replace the ridiculous narrative of the Abbottabad raid with something seemingly more believable. Third, and perhaps most important, it buoys up the official story of 9/11 and bin Laden’s role in the false-flag operation. Finally, it accuses Obama of approving the Abbottabad raid – and lying about it – in order to increase his standing in the run-up to the 2012 election.

There is much, much more to Hersh’s 10,000 word article. Sadly, none of his contentions are true – they cannot be, since Osama bin Laden was not killed in Abbottabad in 2011. Why would this respected journalist convey such obvious disinformation? Either he is a gatekeeper – suggested by his immediate appearance to discuss his article on the gatekeeper program, Democracy Now! – or he is a dupe, actually believing what his source #1 has told him.[4]

Is this a case of “spy vs. spy” with contending factions pushing their various stories through established journalists? Is Hersh working for the neocons – or even the Israeli government? Is he striking out not only at Obama but at all future contenders, reminding them of their real positions with respect to their overlords? Whatever the purpose, it’s a sad day for Hersh – the winner of the George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language – and for American investigative journalism.[5]

Vivian Lee is the nom de plume of a tenured professor at a US east coast university.




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76 thought on “Gatekeeper or Dupe? Seymour Hersh’s new false narrative of the Abbottabad raid”
    1. Patrick:

      “The first thing you need to be aware of is that no plane flew into the Pentagon.”

      I have my doubts. The Judicial Watch tape, obtained through F.O.I.A. litigation, is indeterminate regarding the object striking the Pentagon.

      However, here is a link from

      The first rule of conspiracy is compartmentaliztion/stovepiping. Those “in the know” are a select few of higher ups in the rogue’s gallery. This, in my opinion, is evidenced by the detention of the dancing Israeli’s by Newark FBI.

      The link above, of numerous eyewitness accounts, along with photographs from the res gestae of the Pentagon attack, showing what looks like metal jet plane parts, makes it difficult to believe that it was a non-event. Again, like the JFK assassination, something of this scale can be pulled off by less than a dozen conspirators at the highest echelons of Mil/Intel, with a majority of the members of those agencies being as duped as the general public. My interpretation of the event is that it was a Let it Happen Operation (“LIHOP”)-nothing new about that!

      1. This is just silly. The Pentagon aspect is the most easily debugged of all the things that we were told about that morning.

        Why I would waste this time this way is beyond my rational mind, but since I am by nature a giver, I’m going to help you little froggie. Start here:

        Now, after you have suppressed your mirth, Go here (, and click through each and every page. It will take time.

        No Arabs. No hijackings. No Bin Laden. Easily demonstrated.

        1. Patrick:

          Please explain the raison d’etre for the Dancing Israeli’s in Jersey City on 9/11/01. Why would Mossad agents, who were later detained by FBI from the Newark F.O., be jumping up and down on a van right before the first plane crashed (when the rest of the world believed it was a small cessna accident)? Why would they tell authorities that they were their friends in the fight against Arab terrorists? How does this fit into the no Arabs explanation?

        2. Here’s an update on the square (intersection actually) in Cambridge known as Daniel Lewin Square (on the plane from Boston that flew into the WTC; a billionaire since he owned a big chunk of Akamai that had just gone public): It has a new name! It is now called “Officer Sean Collier Square.” I don’t know the protocol for dumping one martyr for some other or why it wouldn’t be like one of those churches in Rome called after two saints. Just don’t know. But isn’t that cute? I heard the sign identifying it as Daniel Lewin Square had been taken out by a truck “accidentally” some time before the dedication of the new monument by the Gehry building. So, out of sight, out of mind, and the new guy can be suitably honored. After all, it made national news so the tour buses which originate nearby will want to point it out, and who remembers Daniel Lewin anyway.

        3. Where can I purchase that New Penta-Lawn 2000 sod for my home?
          Just the Foot traffic is killing it……

  1. My own opinion is that bin Laden and the 19 hijackers were unwitting intelligence pawns, and, part of a Let It Happen Operation (LIHOP) known as 911. This attack was known to, and supported by master puppeteers in U.S. intelligence, Mossad, Saudi intelligence, etc.

    However, if bin Laden was not killed in Abbottabad in 2011, why did his regular audio-taped recordings sent to Al Jazeera (voice confirmed by Al Jazeera and authenticated by C.I.A.), starting just after 911, suddenly end with the posthumous release of a voice recording on May 19, 2011???

    1. Intelligence pawns – of course – who at one time backed the US machinations in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Imagine that if the Tsarnaev family really exists, along with their spooky uncle, then they are Chechens who carry water for the US intelligence services. If.

      One problem with this highly corrupted information system is that even real events take on an eerie light and it becomes difficult to sort them out from the false flags – I guess you have to wait until they use the event to promote something, and even then…it could be a case of not letting a good crisis go to waste. Thus the ditherings of Dr. K at nodisinfo, who has lately taken to apologizing for snapping at something, without realizing he has been baited most of the time, with one false interpretation or another. It’s traumatizing to have to deal with this stuff, and some people get battle fatigue and startle too easily.

      But that would not be Hersh, would it? I think like doctrinaire communists (cf. Noam Chomsky), he knows just where he is going most of the time. He has some standards, but they are not known to us at this time.

      1. conceiving Chomsky as a ‘doctrinaire Marxist is absurd. He is an explicit anti-Marxist. he is also a dishonest opponent of Conspiracy Theory.

        1. I said “like doctrinaire Marxists” – both of these guys are consistent, and they are not there to fulfill our wishes about them. Whatever drummer they are hearing, it isn’t one most of us probably do. Remember I said “LIKE” and Doctrinaire.

      2. Tsarnaev sentenced to death for killing that never happened in a crime that was staged. Who else is outraged? This is more than immoral. It is demonic!

        1. Marilyn,
          He got the “Death Penalty” is just Code for a new SSN# and moved to a City/Country of his Choice probably where his Brother is living now.

          Remember, He’s a CIA asset.

          All of them involved were told to wear Backpacks as a diversion.

          I don’t think He nor His Brother knew they would be the Patsies.

          Just as I said in another post. You work with the CIA you get burned.

        2. Did you ever wonder why the nationality of the Tsarnaev’s was claimed to be “Chechen”? That’s kind of like making the terrorist enemy “Albanian” in “Wag the Dog.” Who knows anything about Chechens except from hearing about them bedeviling post-Soviet Union Russia, with all manner of creative terror events where lots of civilians are killed?
          There are some who believed that Russia staged these attacks. And now, they attack the US?

          Since the marathon bombing was a hoax, and there is no proof of any sort of a real bombing – in fact it was a ridiculous show – why would anyone credit the federally-controlled other thing, the trial?

          In Boston, we learned that 1500 jurors were vetted at the federal courthouse (yes, that was the report). I wondered how they could get there on the Silver Line cars which serve the airport. How were they all going to fit in that courthouse? That kind of detail seemed to point to yet another impossible farce. Then the lack of courtroom cameras – absolutely banned – in order to protect jurors from later revenge and intimidation, it was said. Of course the nature of federal trials (a lot of racketeering cases) means they never have cameras, but you might have thought this trial would make for an exception. But no.

          Now we hear there will be endless appeals from Tsarnaev, rather than a fairly quickie execution a la Tim McVeigh.

          I predict a Boston-style execution – they happen constantly here. Someone in prison (to spare the families or to get revenge) does the killing or there is an improbable suicide. So you see, when the endless publicity takes away from the next false flag, “Tsarnaev” may meet his maker sooner rather than later. It all depends on how the script goes down. I wouldn’t waste my pity on a cartoon.

    2. That’s one opinion. Isn’t there evidence to support the claim that certain supposed hijackers did not even die that day? I think it’s possible this whole thing started with the problem of the WTCs being filled with asbestos. The cost and ramifications of removing it would have been more costly than simply destroying them (insurance complications would have been extreme as well). Once the PTB learned the buildings would be destroyed they thought that would be a great tool for wargames going live to satisfy several needs mostly centered around the military-industrial complex. The insurance company(or -ies) may have been in on it as well, with their reward being Obamacare.

      1. What I find more compelling about Mil/Intel hijacking a terrorist plot (“LIHOP”), and then using it as a pretext for their own agenda, in this case the Iraq war, is that it fits with the known modus operandi of every FBI “terror sting” post-911 that is inevitably manufactured or otherwise enabled by the FBI.

    3. Frog, perhaps you shouldn’t rely on “CIA authentication” of bin Laden’s voice nor on Wikipedia’s discussion of these audio recordings. Becoming a Wikipedia writer is dead-easy. It took me just a few minutes to sign up to become one. I can edit, delete, change stuff on any Wiki article.

      Granted, those editings, deletions and changes are subject to moderation and might not stand; Wikipedia has a process for selecting consensus versions of events. But if “knowledgeable” members of government say that they have “authenticated” the voices and “respectable” members of the press confirm the voices, Wikipedia will print those versions rather than others.

      As an example, look at Wikipedia’s entry on John Kennedy’s murder. It’s pure party line writing. There is no discussion of dissident information or the vast amount of honest research that has been done to successfully discredit the government’s false story.

      Also, if you look at the post 9-11 videos of “bin Laden”, it’s obvious that the man who is supposed to be “bin Laden” is someone else, an actor playing bin Laden. But what do most American’s know: You stick a dark skinned man wearing a beard and a djellaba in front of a tent in a desert climate and, voila!, it’s bin Laden.

      My concern with the Let It Happen thesis is that no one but the US government could have ordered the stand-down of the US Air Force that day. And believe me, the USAF stood down that day. There have been lame excuses for that stand-down. There have been endless stories of how slow those F-16s were. There have been endless stories on why Andrews Air Force base which is ten miles from the Pentagon and which is charged with the air defense of Washington didn’t happen to have a single fighter plane available that day.

      Let’s repeat that: Andrews Air Force base is ten miles from the Pentagon. It is charged with protecting the air space over Washington, DC, the seat of government of the United States of America. It had no fighter planes on hand on 9-11! Washington was defenseless!

      Such a story is impossible to believe. Therefore, someone who had the authority to order the USAF to stand-down that day did so, despite the lame excuses that all the USAF and US Navy planes in North America were involved in war games that day. You don’t leave Washington defenseless no matter how much fun you might have playing war games.

      1. Macon:

        Here is Norman Maneta, who was Transportation Secretary on 911, testifying before Congress regarding NORAD orders on 911:

        The evidence is circumstantial, but, why would a subordinate of Cheney at the Pentagon ask if shoot down orders still stood when a hostile plane was 10 miles from the Pentagon? Common sense would dictate that as it came closer to a hard target, the shoot down order would be given and affirmed.

        Regarding voice authentication, or, anything else for that matter the C.I.A.’s word can’t be trusted. However, Al Jazeera heard the tapes each time a bin Laden tape was played on that network, and their opinion legally satisfies Federal Rule of Evidence 901(b)(5).

        1. If you believe Mineta, Froggie, you’ll believe anything.

          The first thing you need to be aware of is that no plane flew into the Pentagon.

          The second thing you need to think about is how nonsensical what he is saying is. IF the “young” man kept leaving the room and returning to update Cheney, he’d have to be sprinting in and out of the room: since the plane supposedly was traveling hundreds of miles per hour, there would be no time for the leisurely scenario to have happened “The plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out…and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man said to the Vice President ‘Do the orders still stand?'” At 10 miles out, at that speed, it would already be too late to order a shoot down.

          This was a script-writing problem. The writers didn’t realize that situation could not have happened that way. But what difference did THAT make? He was talking to Lee Hamilton, cover-up artist in chief, and the lapdog press was certain to ignore the preposterousness of what Mineta was saying–especially because it painted Richard Cheney in a bad light.

          Anyway, there were no hijacked planes, no Arab hijackers, no Bin Laden plot that day. Just a big, poorly slapped together, television production.

        2. Pat;

          I believe this guy was being sincere and caught Hell for this.

          And, Please stop with calling people names as you did with Mark. Now you call him “Froggy”.

          Pat pls, Christian Values?

          Lets just talk as adults here.

          Change Plane to Missile. The kid thought a plane was coming in. It really was missile so thats where they both were duped.

          Cheney knew exactly what was happening and both the Lad and Norman Mineta were “led” to believe it was a plane for the TEE VEE as Lophatt calls it.

        3. Just to clarify so all understand. When the Lad was saying the plane is out 50 miles and then 20 miles it was a REAL Plane. A 757 or 747/727modified to be the equivalent of an Military war bird with Missile capabilities but, to mock an Commercial Airline.

          That’s why it was 50 miles out, 30 miles out “Did you get a stand down order” Cheney screamed.

          Then it launched it’s retrofitted missile at the Pentagon and flew over it as it passed as many witnesses claim.

          The First Plane in Tower 1 looks real and I just don’t know. The Second Plane has SERIOUS problems with the video.

          The wing disappears behind the background of buildings, The wings and engine’s are uneven and just looks weird with a bulge.

          It’s more suspect than the 1st plane.

          Regardless, it was a work of Art.

          Whether missiles hit the buildings or they just blew them up internally in real time is unbelievable to this day almost 15 years later.

          Hand me the Envelope….The Award goes to..The NWO!!

          We want to thank the:

          Bush’s, Rumsfeld’s, Cheney’s,The Rothchilds, Rockerfellers, Vandebilts, CIA, Mossad, MI6, and all the terrorists that couldn’t be here tonight.
          We want to thank you for helping us enslave the world.

          Lucifer, your God

        4. So Pat,
          What do think it was? It certainly was some kind of projectile or Bomb.
          I’m open for any explanation and my opinions are just that, my opinion.

          Thanks for being nice, I did come down on you a bit but you handled it with grace. Haha

        5. I don’t know. Probably lots of small, strategically placed bombs, I guess.

          If you look at the schematic in the link, the tan rectangle in the center is a floor slab “deflected upward.” What could cause that? If you look at the so-called “exit hole,” it is perfectly round. Very suspicious. If you look at the external wall photographs, it looks like the damage was created by cutting charges. Some of the offices look sliced in half, with the contents on the one half of the room completely undisturbed. All very strange.

          Also, returning to the schematic, the damage to the structural columns seems very random. Some were destroyed, some only cracked. Judging by the pattern, it clearly could not have been one explosive device.

        6. It makes perfect sense, to just wire it up like the towers. Perfect precise explosions at just the right place. Then blow something up and say a plane hit it.

          Makes Sense.

    4. You are entitled to your opinions, as long as you don’t extrapolate them into facts. If you are genuinely curious about 9/11, you will learn its essence much faster by pondering TV’s worldwide failure to duly and timely inform the public of the extraordinary self-destruction of Building 7 is 7 seconds 7 hours after the Twin Towers’ destruction in a manner that would strongly suggest a controlled demolition.

      To get back on topic and assuming Hersh would be an objective reporter, it is bizarre that he did not find some spare time in the weeks following 9/11 to write some easy and informative piece on Building 7. The investigation would not have been nearly as convoluted as his Abbottabad piece.


    5. “My own opinion is that bin Laden and the 19 hijackers were unwitting intelligence pawns, and, part of a Let It Happen Operation (LIHOP) known as 911.”

      100% Agreed. They actually beleived elements in our Govt. were betraying the US and assisting them in the greatest terrorist attack in American history. They were! But the “19 Hijackers” weren’t invited to the party after the attack. Haha

      Well, they had it Half right…They should of just studied the history of anyone who “helps” the CIA always seems to either go to prison or are murdered like General Ortega and all the minions…Haha.

      I hope the SHE participates are listening. All the pawns get betrayed in the end.

  2. Hirsh, one of the top few mainstream investigative journalists, is a dishonest gatekeeper, although he may be deluded as well. He wrote an anti-Kennedy book, some of it quite true, where he states that he found no evidence for a Conspiracy Theory about Kennedy’s murder. Considering his high level of investigative truth, this can only be an adherence to conventional anti-Conspiracy deceit.

    As Hirsh well knows, bin Laden was reliably reported dead over a decade ago. He also doesn’t mention the 20 or 30 Seals who had first hand knowledge of what really happened, who were killed, reportedly when their helicopter was shot down by the Enemy.

    The bin Laden raid was a highly successful Election story, bumping up Obama’s polls by 6%, crucial to his winning the 2012 Election. Now, apparently it is the Repub’s turn to win, and it is time to discredit Obama and the Dems.

  3. Paul Craig Roberts wrote about this almost immediately:

    Three momentous things happened on Sunday, May 1, 2011. The most important of the three was that the next morning Jerome Corsi’s book Where’s the Birth Certificate? would be released, proving beyond doubt that Barry Soetoro is not who he says he is. This could not be allowed to happen without massive interference run to disrupt its impact.

    The fake execution of Bin Laden had been prepared as an October Surprise, but the publication of Corsi’s book forced Barry’s handlers to pull that play off the shelf early. Anything to distract the public’s attention.

    The third thing that happened that day was the J.P. Morgan bank’s unprecedented takedown of the price of silver. Silver manipulation is a federal government operation anyway, so the Chase bank, an event of the federal government was let in on the fake Bin Laden hit to accomplish a another major manipulation. Silver has not recovered.

    Of course, 9/11 had nothing to do with Arabs or hijacked planes. Bin Laden was a CIA asset. The whole official story is ridiculous. And certainly, Hersh knows these things. No planes were hijacked, no Arabs had anything to do with 9/11, and Bin Laden did not die on Sunday, May 1, 2011. Seymour Hersh knows this.

    So why, in his dotage, is he joining that other icon of the Left, Noam Chomsky, in defending the Big Lie?

    Whatever the bad buys are paying these people, I’d like to know what it is. Is it a promise of eternal life? Eternal life off-world? Have they been given rides on antigravity spacecraft to bases on Mars, and been promised wonders we don’t know about, if they prop up the obvious lies the US government sells? What can explain such amazing betrayal?

    Most lovers of truth once trusted Hersh. Almost as many trusted Chomsky, although not lately. Were they liars from the start?

    Certainly, Hersh has to understand that the fake Bin Laden killing was used many months early because Corsi’s book was about to do untold damage to Soetoro’s fake life story. Was THAT the story he was going to write, and they got to him? Did they force him to bolster the ridiculous 9/11 official story under some threatening coercion?

    When we know an official story is a lie, and when people known to be honest uncovers of lies start defending ridiculous, obvious, lies, our imagination almost runs out in guessing what really is going on.

    1. The amount of smoke being blown these days reminds me of the special effects in some old B-grade horror movies, cloud thick. We have to be very discerning. Speaking of which, PCR has been working the gatekeeper routine for a long time. I carefully analyzed virtually all of his early pieces criticizing the establishment and his agenda became very clear with time. In recent years, he adapted to remain an active player in the infowar. The important thing is to not let co-opted forces gain our trust such that we drop our guard and allow them to steer us in unhelpful directions. We can still glean important bits from many tainted sources as long as we continue to be highly adept at sorting the wheat from the chaff.

      1. Very good point. I’ll add that one of 9/11’s gifts to the world is the litmus test of the Twin Towers’ terrorist controlled demolition to summarily mistrust the overwhelming majority of opinion-makers.


      2. If PCR is a gatekeeper, relative to his stances on a myriad of issues, would you say he’s decidedly suspect? Is he tainted, per se, is he another Alex Jones? Is he a Gordon Duff sort of character? Does he back Israel? I once wrote him and asked why his rhetoric sounded so toned down and he told me, in paraphrase, “you gotta keep your head down or you’ll get it blasted off”.

  4. The real question is who even cares? Like Hillary says “what does it matter at this point”? Why do they continue to go to such links to gloss over an event from 2011. 2011 may as well be 1811 to most Americans. Sure, all of us care, and those of us on other blogs similar, but what are we? .00001% of the country? Its not going to change any of the minds here. This kind of re-write is pure 1984. There is no understanding it. It just is.

    1. You might be surprised at what ordinary people understand. You just haven’t met them yet, I suspect. I don’t at all buy your .00001% hypothesis. Such a low opinion of the population is just what the oligarchs want us to believe of our fellow citizens.

        1. This is even more disturbing to watch than it should be.
          On a trivial note, anyone else get all the celebrity questions wrong?

  5. Anyon else bit me consider mind control afflicting both Hersh and Chomsky, two high-profile, in the public spotlight figures used to retool a message?

    That would be an easy and economic way to manipulate opinion as needed.

    Justsaying; I am an unapologetic conspiracytheorist; love to come at an issue from a perpendicular position…just the way my mind wonders around.

    1. Maybe the greatest mind control of all would be to be considered a beacon to youth (having all the young admiring you), and to be considered a grand old man who can dine out with the great and the good, much quoted but never a threat.

      In this case, Hersh may simply be clipping Obama’s post presidential wings a bit, something of a necessary function to allow the next president (say, Hillary) to forge a new course without the shame of Benghazi or whatever. Does take some heat off the Clinton Family Foundation and puts the focus on the last election. In-fighting in the Democratic party, I’d say. Could explain a non-endorsement by Obama of Hillary. Time will tell. But distractions are always nice to have and if someone credible can provide them, then that person is useful.

  6. “it’s a sad day for Hersh – the winner of the George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language – and for American investigative journalism.” I’ll respectfully disagree. It actually appears to be an ordinary day for all these parties, as they have had over a decade to observe the video record of the Twin Towers’ destruction–not to mention Building 7’s–yet have not drawn the self-evident conclusion that the 9/11 terrorists are undoubtedly the highly talented engineers who directed the largest controlled demolitions in history and their collaborators.

    These parties may theoretically be dupes. But the hypothesis that they are too uninquisitive or too mentally challenged to understand 9/11’s essence as a false flag is very unlikely. Discerning observers will safely label them 9/11 censors: they understand very well 9/11’s underpinnings and are committed to the preservation of its official superstitious attribution to Osama bin Laden’s fanatical hijackers.

    Incidentally, the Twin Towers’ televised terrorist controlled demolition is an excellent litmus test to summarily mistrust opinion-makers. It is one blessing of 9/11.


    1. Dan Rather, on 9/11/01, opined that the free fall of Building 7 resembled a “controlled demolition”:

      There was no lack of these images on 911 on the 24/7 news cycle-it was the 24/7 news cycle for quite some time! The problem is that there is an innate inertia among people, even educated people, to question their government. The problem, from the government’s perspective, is that a small minority of us actually do.

      1. “There was no lack of these images on 911 on the 24/7 news cycle-it was the 24/7 news cycle for quite some time!” I regret to go off a tangent, but you do not include Building 7 in “these images,” do you?

        The simplest 9/11 enigma is precisely that although many people are aware of Building 7’s curious destruction, very few of them remember it from when it happened. In other words, under the paradigm of the official 9/11 superstition, human memory works in reverse: as time goes by, people learn rather than forget about Building 7’s disintegration. Hence the elementary


    2. I don’t understand why Developer would pay Millions of dollars to have an old skyscraper demolished now a days when you can just buy an old 747 Jet that’s going to be retired for cents on the dollar.

      Crash it anywhere in the building, pick a floor, there’s no science to it.

      And that building will fall Perfectly into it’s own foot print AND turn all the Concrete into Dust!

      What a Deal. Thanks Bush.

  7. Great piece. Gatekeeper? Certainly. A ‘Limited Hangout’ for TPTB to feed the right side paradigm. The one who said ‘October Surprise’ nailed it. I like to think back to Benazir Bhutto and suppose her death had much to do about her revelations. I expect Tim Osman, CIA asset played the part. The old Mujaheddin could tell some tales as well. The real journos go the way of Gary Webb and Michael Hastings, Sy is just a notch above 60 minutes.

  8. Of course our government lies to us.

    As to the article above, I looked into Footnote #3, which contains only articles from the website “Global Research”.

    Everybody’s a critic:

    A bit of biography on the owner of “Global Research”:

    Sadly, we don’t know the whole truth of any of this. Like Rich said in one of his comments, channelling Hillary: “What does it matter at this point?”

  9. “No Arabs. No hijackings. No Bin Laden.”

    Okay, then what is your opinion of the dancing Israeli’s? Why would Mossad agents be jumping up and down on a van, facing the WTC from Jersey City, shortly BEFORE the first plane hit? Why did they tell authorities that they were friends of the U.S., and we were in this fight against Arab extremists together? Why were they detained by the FBI Newark Field Office for several weeks?

    1. What do your questions have to do with the physical impossibilities involved with the official story, froggie? Who cares about any of that?

      At Sandy Hook there were big dudes dressed up like nuns and a purple van; one fellow said a suspect had been captured and was in a police car; there was helicopter video of cops chasing guys in the adjacent woods. But none of this constituted “clues” to what really happened–because NOTHING happened. There was no shooting at Sandy Hook, but the pageant had lots of players doing weird things, to make it look like something real happened.

      It is physically impossible for airplanes to fly that a close to the ground at the speeds the televised images indicate. That’s enough to prove that the video is fake.

      It would have been impossible for a single hijacked airplane to evade the half dozen layers of military control of America’s East Coast airspace, much less four of them.

      The whole story is so ridiculous only a fool would take any aspect of it seriously. Many of the supposed “hijackers” are alive and well and living in Arabia–and they don’t like it that our intelligence agencies stole their identities to sell the 9/11 story to the world. And even if the impossible happened, when airplanes strike a steel structure they are not simply absorbed by the steel as if it was made of cotton candy: they crumple up against the face of the building and fall to the street below.

      And how about that Pentalawn, and those amazing cable spools?

      Our masters are laughing at us when they tell us these fables, and they laugh even harder when we can’t see that they are mocking us.

      1. Everything you said there makes perfect sense partickchatsamiably, I can’t believe that after all this time that people still believe these tales of planes on 9/11… and all the Sandy Hook shenanigans….

      2. Cops chasing down bad leads in cases like this is expected-that’s why it’s called an investigation. If that van with the Israel’s was not politically connected to the 911 cabal then why did Senator Lieberman (Honorary Chief rabbi of the reformed lox and bagels D.C. synagogue) lobby for their release? Was this all, including FBI pushbak, a farcical story too?

        1. “Cops chasing down bad leads in cases like this is expected”

          Sure. That’s why fakery is necessary. They were putting on a show. The viewing public needed things to think about.

          “If that van with the Israel’s was not politically connected to the 911 cabal then why did Senator Lieberman (Honorary Chief rabbi of the reformed lox and bagels D.C. synagogue) lobby for their release? Was this all, including FBI pushbak, a farcical story too?”

          Youbetcha (except, I think, the part about “FBI pushback”–I don’t know what that is, so you’ll have to tell me). All fake. Just extra stuff to make a made-up story have elements to report on.

          Remember my point: focus on the impossible things, not the extras. If the central elements of the story are impossible, the extras are not worth entertaining. And it is physically impossible for airplanes to do what we supposedly saw them do on television. It is impossible for moronic mohammedan aliens who can’t even fly to outwit each and every military and civilian security system four times in a single morning. Etcetera.

          You can hire actors to stage a demonstration of joyous dancing any time, any place. And you can hire a politician to do essentially anything–at least in the United States you can.

        2. Peace, They Were.

          YES. they were there to record it as they said themselves. They just got caught and of course let go.(same masters)

          By the way, Senator Lieberman is the worst piece of work I’ve ever seen. He changes to Independent as a ruse and casts the the deciding votes.

          Pure SCUMBAG. He’s was about as Independent as Adolf was to Germany’s 3rd Reich.

          Pure Scum but of course nobody noticed.

          The Republican Party is filled with Traitors.

          You don’t need to fill the Demonrats with Traitors because they already are working for foreign interests to destroy America from within with morality, sick art, bad Schools and just general hate for America.

          Read the Communist Manifesto from the ’60’s and it’s crystal clear. They are winning and the Rino’s and Neocons (Progressive Republicans) are right there with them

          I don’t know the answer, but our Forefathers told us the only way America would fall is from within as we see in real time today.

          The 98% won’t wake up until they have no food or homes or are sick of being bossed around by Homeland Security.

          It will be TOO late at that point when the Left/Liberals realize their little plan backfired and now the Bad Conservatives and Independents who begged them to see can’t help them nor themselves thanks to them.

          It’s our Fate.

        3. I’m clarifying the above comment for Patrick and Ric:

          Conspiracy Rule #1 dictates that the conspiracy is limited by compartmentalization/stovepiping. Most people in the FBI, intelligence community, military, etc., did NOT know that 911 was an inside job. This was true for the JFK assassination, the burning of the Reichstag, assassination of Philip the 11 of Macedonia, etc. All professional conspiracies (i.e., government conspiracy) operate with demonic efficiency. Anyone in the know is either at the top of the conspiracy pyramid, or, they know just enough to play their part (need to know basis, top secret protocol, etc.).

          Since Ric mentioned the Communist Manifesto, I’ll mention its antithesis. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was written by the Czar’s secret police. It was written because the keen sense of counterintelligence native to the Russian mind intuited that a Jewish led Communist revolution was afoot in the near future. The book is entirely Anti-Semitic and was written to scapegoat Jews (although rightfully predicting that they would be instrumental in the leadership of said revolution), and, preempt a revolution of the serfs. Although Anti-Semitism serves as, inter alia, a cover for the book, I believe that it is one of the greatest books on counterintelligence theory and practice of all time.

  10. Here’s the link:

    That was then, this is now:

    Main and Vassar streets are unchanged. They have the same names as ever, just different heroes to honor. Which argues that they are two persons in one fiction, twin flames making one flaming source, LED to be sure.

  11. Hersh is doing a “Limited Hangout” (red herring, partial reveal) on orders from the US Government. OBL was NEVER at that compound, nor held captive by Pakistan. CIA created the OBL myth to support the 9/11 False Flag — buying themselves 15 years of war (profiteering/looting) all over the world.

    The “Bin Laden Raid” happened exactly 5 DAYS after Obama posted his (forged) 9-layer PDF “birth certificate” on the WH website. Look it up:

    APR 27 (2011): Obama posts FORGED birth certificate after a year of stalling.

    MAY 2 (2011): Bin Laden “dead” in the “raid.”

    In other words, they needed a huge distraction from the botched forgery, so they “killed Bin Laden” 5 days after folks downloaded Obama’s FAKE ID.

    The whole OBL saga is fake.

    1. I know there are more holes in the official 911 narrative than in all the Swiss cheese from Wisconsin. However, if you read The Great War for Civilsation by Robert Fisk, you will read, perhaps one of the greatest tomes ever written about the tragedy that is Western intervention in the Middle East. Mr. Fisk, in the tradition of a minority of British journalists, like John Pilger, unabashedly speaks truth to power. His interview with bin Laden (FBI/CIA informant name Tim Osman in the 1980’s Afghan “resistance”) is very revealing about the network’s reasons for attacking America (although they never realized they were pawns in a much bigger intelligence game). To say that OBL was purely a mythical saga is an over-generalization. The fact that he was an unwitting intelligence patsy is more accurate.

  12. Decided to re-watch Wag the Dog. Heard on public radio today that little hint that something will be blown into something bigger. Somebody has dropped this into the stream just now, some manipulator, about the recent train wreck in which the engineer has amnesia- didn’t someone launch something – an old shoe, a bullet, something – at the train as it left the station? Didn’t someone report it (but they did not stop the train to inspect). Doesn’t one of the dead victims look suspicious – kind of a mideast look? There’s a lot about the story which is being spun out slowly, like a party favor you used to get, of wrapped up crepe paper from which the little tokens would fall as you unwound it? I’m beginning to smell something funny in this story.

  13. I watched the most penetrating discussion today on “Minority Report”–host Sam Seder with UC sociologist, Wendy Brown on her new book, “Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution.”

    Want tp know how we started down the path to dissolution and what we might do about it? The term “neo liberal” is neither new nor liberal;it is a curious economic theory spawned by the Austrian School and the Chicago academic circle hosted by Melton Freidman–American economist extraodinaire.

    The Austrian school is represented in the U.S. by the Ludwig Von Mises Insitute, firmly ensconced on the campus of Auburn University, Auburn Alabama. Devotees of this philosophy include Ron and Rand Paul.

    we are all merely vassals of entreprenureship whereby we achieve greater credits by selling our talents on the open market unencumbered by government regulations or guidance. Wendy Brown took an hour to explain her research in depth. Under this system, we become commodities. All things are commodified.

    This link is good; I could not bring up the video. Why is it relevant now? Well read and realize the implications implicit in how neo liberalism is working its stealth invasion on every aspects of human life.

  14. Someone requested the three-hour guns and butter interview of webster tarpley about may 13 of this year.
    worked all afternoon to find it and could only come up with this contribution. a little goes a long way…. tarpley does not cut corners.

    hope this helps fill in some blank spaces; entitled “The Political Economy of the American System.”

    Knowing the problem is the beginning of change…I can still dream, can’t I?

  15. The following is missing a citation:

    “Sadly, none of his contentions are true – they cannot be, since Osama bin Laden was not killed in Abbottabad in 2011.”

    I’m joking. That was a conclusive remark that is unproven. Someone please develop a bibliography for speculative and other statements made that are inconclusive so the reader can differentiate.


  16. Posted to Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance Facebook Page for Discussion. Thanks to James Tracy for this Memory Hole Blog forum! Thanks to Vivian Lee for this post!
    “Why would this respected journalist convey such obvious disinformation? Either he is a gatekeeper – suggested by his immediate appearance to discuss his article on the gatekeeper program, Democracy Now! – or he is a dupe, actually believing what his source #1 has told him…”

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