NullNetwork’s Flagship Station Falls in Lockstep Behind CA’s March Toward Mandatory Vaccination

Submitted by John Doe

On May 6th Gary Null was scheduled to appear on Bonnie Faulkner’s program Guns and Butter, regularly broadcast over the Pacifica Network’s flagship station KPFA in Berkeley CA. He was scheduled for the full hour to speak on vaccine efficacy and safety, and address issues concerning the California vaccine bills. The station censored Faulkner from doing the broadcast, Null’s producer and assistant Richard Gage reports. This is the first time Guns and Butter has been censored in 11 years.

The program is syndicated and airs on other land stations around the nation, and is particularly popular in California. KPFA and other Pacifica stations pride themselves in being the last bastions of free-speech and commercial free broadcasting in the nation. In fact, Null himself has hosts a daily program, The Gary Null Show, on New York City Pacifica affiliate, WBAI.

Yet the network has become increasingly controlled by ideologues with political agendas trumping the public interests it claims to champion. Anyone who wishes to file complaints to KPFA management and express the station’s disservice to California residents may do so by sending a brief email to either the general manager Quincy McCoy or better yet the station manager Laura Prives who was responsible for banning the broadcast, at

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Host Bonnie Faulkner and Gary Null must have been right over the target (California’s looming totalitarian elimination of personal exemptions from vaccinations), because the flak they took was KPFA’s shutting down their speech!

Contrast KPFA’s censorship of Null with the integrity of WMNF 88.5 FM (Tampa, FL), which recently broadcast a pro/con debate about mandatory vaccination. But guess what happened? The “pro” vaccination speaker cancelled on short notice. To WMNF’s credit, the station’s management went ahead with the broadcast, allowing a leading vaccination-choice attorney (Alan Phillips) to present his information.

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More details per the following:
Pediatrician concedes vaccine debate to vaccine rights attorney!

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49 thought on “Pacifica’s KPFA Bans Gary Null Interview on Vaccines”
  1. Vaccines are such an interesting topic, the way people have been programed all their life to accept the effectiveness first and foremost, and the safety follows without much question in I would guess 70% of the general population. Then there’s the 20% people who view the effectiveness as a highly likely outcome and that safety is a risk they accept like driving a car knowing 50,000 people a year are killed doing the same thing. Then there’s people like me who knew even as a young child knew there’s something wrong with something that leaves a permanent scar. I can’t remember which shot that left a divet scar, almost does not matter. I picked off my scap as it was forming and have no mark of the beast – no scar for life. All my contemporaries had an identical round scar on their shoulder for life! If you forgot all the other problems associated with vaccines in general, that’s one that nobody can dispute with me. In my mind, even as a small child, I hated the idea of getting any more vaccines. I associated them with pain and a permanent injury. Do you remember some of the social commentary in the movie “Apocalypse Now!” on vaccines? Go back and look at the scene between Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando after Colonel Kurtz released his “would be assassin” from bondage so he could impart some pearls of wisdom to him in a really creepy way. Kurtz recalled the story of his combat squadron inoculating the Vietnamese children with a polio vaccine. As retaliation, the Viet Kong hacked off their own childrens’ arms in retaliation. Kurtz prefaced the story with “I have seen the horrors you have seen” and then described a tiny pile of little arms and he said he wanted to pull put his own teeth he was so horrified. I wonder how many people stopped to think ‘what the hell are soldiers doing giving polio vaccines in a war zone?’ Why would that be part of the Marines mission? is a much deeper question. Since when is it a good idea for a combat soldier to stop and perform random acts of health care whenever they can? I have heard that idea floated in a number of stories over the years, that the military has any business performing random health care on people who aren’t asking for their help is crazy on it’s face value. The meme floating into your sub conscience is it’s some how proper for our military to shoot up native tribes of countries they occupy with vaccines because they are too primitive to look after their own health care and we being the humanitarian force for good we are, know what’s best for them. Imagine the leap from that concept to the military forcing our own citizens right here in the land of the free, home of the brave… to submit to a mandatory vaccine at gun point. The memes sent from Hollywood in shows like 4400, is pointing exactly to that idea. In a recent episode, the alien abducted “Returnees” some of them suddenly came down with a skin rash that resembled the Morgellons Condition. It was a debilitating disease that looked fatal. First, the quarantine was voluntary. Then the military was sent to round up and quarantine the Returnees who showed symptoms of the disease. The next step was rounding up all 4400 as a public safety precaution. Sounds like what people actually wanted to see with the real killer virus known as Ebola. The meme was a program instruction that the Bill of Rights has another exception to it, the Contagious Killer Disease exception to go with the Enemy Combatant exception and the RICO associated Asset Forfeiture exception and the all purpose Eminent Threat to National Security exception… all of which are abused to the nines. Notice how the founding fathers did not put any exceptions into the Bill of Rights except for the implied ones: women and all people of color that are not caucasian. It wasn’t perfect but it was a good start. If you don’t think Morgellons is real, I can send you some pictures somebody sent me of the rash. This lady suffered as horribly from the actual disease as she did from her own family’s refusal to believe the disease is a real condition. She asked me to go talk to her son about it in a clandestine way where she was not linked in any way to my visit. I know it’s as real as a heart attack. When i spoke to my own doctor about Morgellons, he could not have possibly been less interested in a new disease because it was not in his realm to consider there was a new disease. Please share your thoughts with me, won’t you? Thanks

    1. That scar on the upper left shoulder is a smallpox vaccine scar, and I have one, though my husband, who is six years older than I am, doesn’t have one, nor does my sister, who is a year younger than I. Boy, I can really sleep at night knowing I’m protected! (That’s sarcasm, in case it wasn’t abundantly clear.)

      I love Jon Rappoport, and the questions he poses about vaccines are especially thought-provoking, like whether the testing for disease (in the few cases it’s even done) is either valid or reliable. How many people who are assumed to have “the flu” each year actually are suffering from an identifiable Influenza virus? At a more basic level, are we even certain whether germ theory itself is an actual fact? We all assume it is, right, because that’s what we’re all told, but are we SURE? Here’s Jon’s take on it:

      We accept so many conclusions out of hand, as though they were fact, simply because that’s what prevailing “wisdom” tells us. Who knows how far we might have progressed if we had taken just a little more time, done one more test, or listened to that one guy (who instead we made a laughingstock). Just because a falsehood is treated as a fact doesn’t make it any less untrue; by the same token, just because a fact isn’t acknowledged doesn’t make it any less true.

      Several years ago, my husband fell very ill with what we thought was the flu. After several weeks in bed, he seemed to get better for a few days, but then suffered what we thought was a relapse. When we called the doctor, he refused to see us, since there was “nothing to be done for the flu”. Well, I KNEW my husband didn’t have the flu: I could barely rouse him to eat once a day, he stumbled just getting to the bathroom, he was uncharacteristically short-tempered, nasty, and suspicious. He started slurring his words and even speaking in third-person. I had to force him to see doctor after doctor, each of whom acted as though I were making a mountain out of a molehill; each visit confirming to my husband that he had every reason to be suspicious of my motivations: clearly, I WANTED him to be sick. It was an incredibly trying time. After more than six months, I finally managed to get him to a specialist at UCLA, who forensically diagnosed my husband as having survived Herpes Simplex Encephalitis (HSE), an illness with a mortality rate of 65-90% (depending which article you read). Today, seven years later, we are still dealing with the repercussions, but at least he’s alive.

      The lessons I learned from this very personal experience can, often-times and in many ways, be applied globally: Just because “experts” THINK they know something doesn’t make it so. I learned that, in this Alice-In-Wonderland world we live in, it often only takes a single signature to conjure IT into existence (whatever “it” may be). Experts trust other experts, but I learned to trust my gut (and God). I learned that the “expert” designation doesn’t mean jack…truly. And, among many other things I haven’t listed here, I learned that there are worse things than dying.

      My husband survived IN SPITE OF the pathetic “medical treatment” he received. In retrospect, it is clear that none of it helped him, but rather hurt him. How many of our treatments hurt more than they help? (That’s not a rhetorical question.) TPTB profess to believe in evolution, and yet they fiddle with it every chance they get…what’s up with that? How will we be able to “evolve” with all this human intervention? And they never learn from previous catastrophes due to unintended consequences…every action has a reaction. Hell, if I know that, why don’t they?

      1. The PTB know exactly what they’re doing. Don’t ever think, for one solitary NY minute that they don’t. What you have to stop believing is that anything is done for your benefit, because it isn’t. Read all the alternative material about the ‘medical’ industry you can get your hands on. Remember, the current state Departments of Health were eugenics departments up until the early part of the 1900s. When people started catching on, they simply changed their names, but not their intentions. A good book I recommend is “The Sanctity of Human Blood” by Tim O’Shea.

      2. I always enjoy reading Jon’s stuff, even when he’s wrong. And here, he’s wrong.

        I know from personal experience that “germs” cause disease. If bacteria were not responsible for certain ailments, then antibiotics would not have the power to cure those ailments. One time, I developed an earache. I had never experienced pain that insanely intense, and have not since. Within one day of taking an antibiotic, the condition was reversing, and the pain subsiding.

        I am a health wacko, and have been since the early 80s. I only eat food I buy at farmers’ markets, and take a handful of supplements every day. I only drink well water (no clorox or fluoride for me). My immune system is maintained as well as possible. I am almost never sick–not even colds. If I DO get sick, it is almost certainly because of a “germ.”

        Before penicillin, the bacterium that causes syphilis systematically destroyed the victim’s brain, over decades, making him insane and robbing him of motor skills. Penicillin cures syphilis. That is a fact. I think it is safe to say that a person with a perfect immune system who has sex with a syphilitic will contract syphilis, and if they don’t take antibiotics they will spend the next decades gradually having their brain destroyed by the bacterium that causes syphilis.

        As for AIDS, it is probably caused by a combination of pathogens that are activated by a species of mycoplasma (not viruses, mycoplasma are a sort of bacterium without a cell wall–many species are engineered, and the US government holds patents on those life forms). Most of what Jon says about HIV in the article is true, but he misses the point entirely. AIDS emerged suddenly, the victims in vast numbers, in three places: Haitians, hemophiliacs, and homosexual men who frequented orgy-facilities in New York and San Francisco. There was a joke going around when AIDS had recently exploded, if you remember, about how a victim could break the news to his parents that he is a Haitian.

        The AIDS epidemic happened all at once because the federal government offered an experimental hepatitis vaccine to homosexual bath-house denizens (it is sexually transmitted, and they were all coming down with it). Sex tourism junkets to Haiti were very popular with the bathhouse boys in those days, because in Haiti young boys were not considered homosexuals if they were used by American tourists–weird, I know. It was sex with infected homosexuals that caused Haiti to be a locus of the AIDS epidemic. And it was infected blood donors that made hemophiliacs another discrete victim class.

        1. Germs cause some diseases. What about vaccines carrying foreign DNA that end up altering an individual’s genome? Technically this alteration can be legitimately called a “disease”. So, germs are not the sole causes of “diseases”.
          Diseases are of many types and logically, not all are caused by germs and not all follow Koch’s postulates.

        2. Ahh, the Hep B vaccine(experimental). William Cooper goes into it in “Behold a Pale Horse”. A classic for sure. I wonder how many that frequent MHB have read it? Come now, show of hands?

        3. There’s a very gaping flaw in your logic patrick.

          Analgesics *also* can reduce or eliminate symptoms too but nobody claims they fix the root problem. So you cannot use the fact that antibiotics (sometimes) eliminate symptoms as proof that they fix the root problem. They *might* but your story provides scant evidence for this.

          But I can tell you for a 100 per cent fact that the germ theory is impossible. Even if we ignore the rather glaring problem that were it to be true doctors would have the lifespan of a fruitfly, the simple fact is that a self-replicating pathogen is impossible as it implies the absence of negative feedbacks and hence, a runaway effect. So if the germ theory were true, no organism could exist.

          If we posit that some organisms do exist then we can conclude that the germ theory is a lie.


    2. Holy Wood was specifically created for the express purpose of sending out the messages the PTB wanted to (incrementally, of course, since you don’t want to stampede the herd) send out and continue to send out, in order to prepare the minds of the unsuspecting for the next phase(s) of the agenda. To be entertained literally means to be put under the skin of the animal. And of course, your critical thinking goes out the window because you are simply watching and listening to ‘fiction’ when in fact, you are being downloaded.

      1. “Holy Wood”… almost sounds like something Robin would say to Batman when he got overly excited. If you haven’t seen the series 4400 on Netflix, you got to check it out. The story sometimes gets a little too preposterous but it’s worth while to see some of what’s coming for us. The idea of people being held against their will in medical quarantine in a huge theme of the program as our forced medications and mandatory health care. This little girl MIa has visions of the future that always come true is established over the course of the series. In one of her visions, everybody that tests positive for the drug Permicin is forced to wear an armband with the letter P and is sent to a camp with razor wire around it. There is one character that is not even partly disguised, it is Bill Gates without a doubt. He is going to receive an award at the World Health Organization and he gives the idea of it – a mischievous laugh. Some evil alien spirit has entered his body and now controls him. The other meme pounded into you is the concept of a fortified city where the gifted and talented live separate from the commoners which becomes the center of growing conflict. It’s not that different than the ghettos of Baltimore, my home town. If you go down to the Inner Harbor… everything is nice, new & shiny. But if you jump on a light rail heading North to the county, inside of a few stops… it’s a really scary hood. Frightening looking even in day time, I can’t imagine walking around after dark.

  2. (To KPFA from a MHB Reader [Name withheld])

    Greetings, good KPFA people!

    I hear that you decided not to broadcast (should we say “suppress”?) a
    Guns and Butter interview with Gary Null on vaccines. While I don’t know
    much about Mr. Null, I do know a fair amount about the issues
    surrounding vaccines (which are far from “bad” or “junk” science),
    particularly the level of corruption involving the relationship between
    the government, its house scientists, and the manufacturers of vaccines
    — a slightly less dangerous version of the analogous relationship
    involving genetically engineered foods.

    It has been KPFA’s reputational bread and butter to take on precisely
    this kind of issue, and it is literally staggering to hear, as a
    long-time fan of Guns and Butter who lives far from your broadcast
    range, that you seem to have taken a (first of many?) step in the
    opposite direction.

    We lost NPR’s 100%-alternative value to commercial pressures. We’ve lost
    Amy Goodman’s 100%-alternative value to foundation funding. What is it
    that is pushing you in that direction — or is there something here that
    simply isn’t meeting my eye?

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.

  3. Huh, interesting “Apocalypse Now” reference. I had forgotten it. How silly. Like a special forces unit would have room in their packs for random polio vaccines? Why not the whole series of childhood diseases? Interesting we never tried the small pox or measles infected blanket trick with the Vietnamese. Why did the Vietnam movies of that era attempt to give that war a mystique that no other war even today has been honored with?

  4. This talk about vaccines personifies the massive amount of infighting going on between makers and promoters of vaccines and human beings being forced into accepting said vaccines.

    In this context, what are the general feelings regarding two well known anti-vaccine people?, Dr. Rima Laibow and a Dr. Carley, I forget her first name. If you go to a search engine, you’ll source information regarding these two people and you’ll be rather shocked what is being said about these same people.

    Clearly, massive infighting is taking place. Vaccines offer certain things, I have no idea what those things are. We hear how a young person with undeveloped immune system reacts adversely against administration of vaccines with development of various maladies like autism and things like Guillaine Barre’ syndrome, both very serious entities.

    Vaccines, especially if mandatory, offer the opportunity to murder astronomical numbers of people, the targets of the population control people. Are we being set up for this?

    Our problem? Who to believe….it’s really difficult to separate wheat from chaff. That’s why Obamacare is so deadly dangerous. Are we an endangered species? Absolutely, no doubt, bet on it.

  5. As this vaccine debate heats up I expect false flags involving supposedly unvaccinated people dying from and infecting others with diseases that they say could have been prevented by a simple shot. People will fall for it. I would think it easy to fit into the dialectic.

    1. Jon Rappoport does a great piece on the idiocy of forcing vaccinations upon everyone. I won’t repost his piece, but I’ll bolster the argument with a simple analogy:

      You live without locking your doors.

      Your neighbor locks their doors.

      Your neighbor insists that by you not locking your doors, he will get robbed.

      Make sense to you?

  6. Seemsthat the venerable Pacifica Radio has fallen prey to mankind’s disease called “me first.” Many across the spectrum of the human condition suffer from his condition. The ‘gallant’ Amy Goodman went down on the 9/11 ship (no see any conspiracy here)… She has developed into such a smooth fabricator, it is almost impossible to disentangle her spiel from stark reality. I have access to WBAI and listen almost daily.

    She can spew out a fund-raising pitch in which she barely takes time to breath for thirty minutes at a hitch. One listens and marvels at her glib talent for words, non-stop. She brings in the bulk of monies needed to continue broadcasting. There are great positives emanating from the station; but one must listen with a critical sensibility, not be suaded by a natural instinct to buy into Goodman’s haute idealism.

    A Goodman critique was not my intention with this
    post. What I set out to do is present the Webster Tarpley video on John P. Holdren’s self aggrandizing tome, “Ecoscience,” and his outlandish quackary, or as Tarpley calls it, quackademics. Depopulation is the crux of Holdren’s philosophy. Heard that before?

    This is long so give yourself adequate time to watch and absorb. Holdren is a eugenicist of the highest magnitude, among many who populate the Obama White House. Cass Sunstein is also numbered among the elites leading America into the abyss of their dehumanizing folly.

  7. Update: Bonnie Faulkner (host of “Guns & Butter”) states in an email received today (“Guns and Butter Newsletter #1”):
    I had planned to do a live show this week to address the issue of a bill going through the California State Senate, SB277 which will remove the personal belief and religious exemptions from the state mandated vaccine schedule required to attend school. I am sure many of you have heard of it. Gary Null, Ph.D. was going to be my guest and we planned to offer his DVD, Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines as a premium for the current fund drive. However, the Program Director censored my show and wouldn’t allow me to go on with him or offer his DVD as a premium. I am planning to continue with the interview and to post it on my website instead. I will share it once it is ready and keep you updated on this censorship issue.
    [end excerpt]

  8. Here is the statement from Laura Prives, the Program Director at KPFA. It seems they now get to decide “credibility” and truth. So KPFA along with darling Amy Goodman supported the war on Libya and Syria, refuse to cover 911 and fail to adequately cover other important topics while propagandizing and supporting vaccines on many other programs. Yet they won’t let Gary Null on a Pacifica station show while he has had a daily show on WBAI for more than 30 years. This is the “responsibility” we get and honest journalism from them. No wonder their fund drives are suffering and their recent Indiegogo campaign failed. They have anchored themselves to the sinking ship of MSM and likely will go down along with them. Laura and the rest of the staff at KPFA are the ones not doing justice for their listeners. The last statement by her is really a joke because they have never covered this topic in an honest way, certainly not “the best practices independent and verifiable journalism.”

    They have become completely discredited. Guns and Butter is the only show on that station that is not corrupted and influenced.

    LSB Members,
    Below is my statement in response to the many comments KPFA has received about not airing Bonnie Faulkner’s show with her guest, Gary Null and not offering his films as fund drive premiums.

    Thanks for your consideration,


    Credibility means everything to a media organization. Part of the job of Program Director is to ensure that listeners can continue to come to KPFA as a trusted source of information.

    Gary Null is not a credible source for health information. Null has denied that HIV causes AIDS and that AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. Null has built a career of selling remedies, supplements and alternative medical advice. His most advanced credential for his advice on life-threatening diseases is a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health sciences from Union Institute; University, a private, distance-learning college based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has personally profited off of sales from his products used as thank you gifts on his radio show, a violation of FCC rules.

    The majority of the KPFA board rejected previous interim General Manager Andrew Philips’ suggestion to put Gary Null’s radio show on KPFA, before it even became an actual proposal.

    KPFA has a serious responsibility to provide its listeners with accurate, science-based information on public health, most especially on issues that could potentially cause harm to people. Whether or not to invite Gary Null on the KPFA airwaves is not an issue of censorship. It is, however, about protecting the public airwaves from mis-information and from people who stand to profit by offering dubious remedies to sick and vulnerable listeners.

    KPFA has covered and will continue to cover the many issues around vaccines and immunization using the best practices of independent and verifiable journalism.

  9. Let’s make something clear about this censorship. A couple years ago the clique that took over with a one vote majority over “United for Community Radio” and began to wreak havoc on the station was the one Dan Siegel dominates, the “Concerned Listeners” who usurped the name of the vast coalition named “Save KPFA” that really did save KPFA from selling it’s valuable 94.1 FM spot over a decade ago. Some say that they want to destroy the network. My take is that they want to control it, maybe sell WBAI, but their main thing is to play wedge issues to lead people back to the Democratic Party instead of taking on the real criminal conspiracies and false flag operations that result in pivotal policy changes, such as the Orwellian named “Patriot Repression Act”. Much of the debt that Pacifica has comes from allowing Amy Goodman to privatize her show and run it for profit. I must say that I am a good friend of Bonnie Faulkner and a long time active member of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance, the group that hosts the annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. (Thursday 9/10 this year – see SF911Truth dot org or the NCA911TA Facebook page). I do a blog and a YouTube Channel both called “Truth Troubadour”. I chose to write about this matter in a blog called “Berkeley Calling”. BERKELEY CALLING BLOG MAY 9, 2015 BY TRUTH TROUBADOUR Vic Sadot “Open Letter to Pacifica Board on Censorship of Bonnie Faulkner’s Guns & Butter Radio Show”.

    1. Hi Vic,

      There’s a great response being planned for Saturday, May 16th, in Berkeley.

      The idea is to fight censorship by showing the film that KPFA-Pacifica radio banned on the outside wall of its building — beautiful! Very creative.

      Makes me almost (almost!) wanna fly out to Bezerkeley to be part of it, in memory of my friend Shannon Williams who died in Oakland a few months ago. (I’ve already seen the film. It’s very good. Did KPFA Program Director Laura Prives see it before she banned it?)

      – Mitchel Cohen
      Brooklyn, NY


      PROTEST on Saturday, MAY 16 @ 12 noon in front of KPFA @ 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley

      FILM SCREENING of censored film ON KPFA WALL – SATURDAY MAY 16 @ 8 pm –
      “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines”

      AFTER PROTEST we are going to go to a house in Berkeley for food and refreshments and a surprise documentary film screening at 4 PM. More food and drinks after that, and at 7:30 PM we will head out to KPFA to screen Gary Null’s film on the wall, after which we will go back to the house for some food and tea.

      Please SHARE this protest on Facebook:

      Please pass it on to friends through email!

      KPFA Program director Laura Prives prohibited Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter from airing an interview with Gary Null, radio host, natural medicine advocate and film maker. The interview was to focus on dangers of vaccination. Gary’s DVD “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines” was to be offered as a premium in spring fund drive. (You can watch it on Youtube) We will project this film on KPFA wall at 8 PM on the same night.

      Please join us to protest against censorship at KPFA! Mainstream media is not going to tell us the truth, we need stations like KPFA to be truthful and uncensored! Let’s take back KPFA from Big Pharma’s control and from corrupt program director Laura Prives!

      Hundreds of people (mostly children) in America alone die every year from vaccination. Fatalities due to the diseases themselves are close to zero. In the past 10 years 108 people died from measles vaccine, and zero people died from measles itself. Ironically, it’s the freshly vaccinated children that are spreading the viruses, not the vaccine-free children.

      Watch our testimonies at the KPFA Board meeting:
      More info:

      Contact: Gypsy Taub at 510-337-4878 or email: gypsytaub(at)gmail

  10. Come to the demonstration at KPFA-Pacifica this Saturday, May 14th, for a very creative protest.

    The idea of fighting censorship by showing the film that KPFA-Pacifica radio banned on the outside wall of its building — beautiful! Very creative. Makes me almost (almost!) wanna fly out to Bezerkeley to be part of it, in memory of my friend Shannon Williams who died in Oakland a few months ago. (I’ve already seen the film. It’s very good. Did KPFA Program Director Laura Prives see it before she banned it?)

    – Mitchel Cohen
    Brooklyn, NY


    PROTEST on Saturday, MAY 16 @ 12 noon in front of KPFA @ 1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley

    FILM SCREENING of censored film ON KPFA WALL – SATURDAY MAY 16 @ 8 pm –
    “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines”

    AFTER PROTEST we are going to go to a house in Berkeley for food and refreshments and a surprise documentary film screening at 4 PM. More food and drinks after that, and at 7:30 PM we will head out to KPFA to screen Gary Null’s film on the wall, after which we will go back to the house for some food and tea.

    Please SHARE this protest on Facebook:

    Please pass it on to friends through email!

    KPFA Program director Laura Prives prohibited Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter from airing an interview with Gary Null, radio host, natural medicine advocate and film maker. The interview was to focus on dangers of vaccination. Gary’s DVD “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines” was to be offered as a premium in spring fund drive. (You can watch it on Youtube) We will project this film on KPFA wall at 8 PM on the same night.

    Please join us to protest against censorship at KPFA! Mainstream media is not going to tell us the truth, we need stations like KPFA to be truthful and uncensored! Let’s take back KPFA from Big Pharma’s control and from corrupt program director Laura Prives!

    Hundreds of people (mostly children) in America alone die every year from vaccination. Fatalities due to the diseases themselves are close to zero. In the past 10 years 108 people died from measles vaccine, and zero people died from measles itself. Ironically, it’s the freshly vaccinated children that are spreading the viruses, not the vaccine-free children.

    Watch our testimonies at the KPFA Board meeting:
    More info:

    Contact: Gypsy Taub at 510-337-4878 or email: gypsytaub(at)gmail

  11. The State: “Your children are nothing but pincushions for Big Pharma’s vaccine needles”

    Recently introduced federal legislation:

    H.R. 2232, The Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015
    H.R. 2232 would amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

    See also:

  12. Good news: Bonnie Faulkner on her show “GUNS AND BUTTER” out of WBAI, hosted a three-hour discussion with Webster Tarpley re “The Poltical Economy of the American System.” Tarpley’s talk contained much of the information found in the above video–with many hisorical citations (he is a historian, which always intriques me–as a history buff; I won the medal for my class awarded by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Do they still recognize students for interests in American history???)

    I hesitate to post the link for a three-hour program. But episode can be found by Googling show and
    Tarpley’s title at No Lies Radio. Listened off and on; always learn something when Tarpley speaks.

    Another point of interest, Gary Null was back on WBAI today, in his usual spot, focusing on nutrition and alternative healing. Seems the network, Faulkner and Null are working out their differences in a very adult manner. That is encouraging.

    In the way of full disclosure, I said earlier that Amy Goodman spoke, during her inspired fund-raising gigs, for a half-hour without breathing. Well actually, I did not time her; it just always seemed like a half hour as I sat waiting impatienly anticipating the next topic up for discussion–lol. Sorry Amy….

    1. Marilyn, you are jumping to a false conclusion by saying, “Seems the network, Faulkner and Null are working out their differences in a very adult manner.” First of all, the censorship of Bonnie Faulkner and banning of Gary Null is by the Program Manager at KPFA in Berkeley, not WBAI in New York, and not by the Pacifica Network. There is a California Democratic Party power clique led by Dan Siegel and other wealthy individuals that is against 9/11 truth and for regurgitating corporate news about newer false flags that Bonnie routinely busts. For example, she had Michel Chossudovsky on air recently to expose the Paris Charlie Hebdo anomalies and the rapidly ready mass mobilization of the “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo” rally in the wake of the event in which the Chief Investigator Helric Fredou was said to have suicided himself the first night of his investigation. The Local Station Board had a meeting last at which they made citizens wait hours to speak about the censorship and then voted to affirm it. They are not behaving “a very adult manner”, nor are they for Free Speech Radio, except as a slogan. There will be a demonstration outside of KPFA on Saturday, May 16 at noon to protest the censorship by the “Save KPFA” clique of Bonnie Faulkner’s “Guns & Butter Radio Show”, her guest Gary Null, and her selected premium of the movie “Silent Epidemic”.

      1. Thanks for that update, ‘Truth.’ Of course there is always more to the story than meets the eye. When did We The People ever win a skuffle against TPTB? I just was happy to find Bonnie and Gary back on air after the dust up. WBAI has been wrangling on its own with strum und drang, going online to air dirty laundry for over the past year. Gary was right in the middle of that war of words, as well. Since Hurricane Sandy put the station back on its heels three years ago, it has been touch and go. I guess you are close to the CA action while I am in NYC.

        WBAI has limped back into production day-by-day, painfully, with battle scars to prove it has mettle and a meaningful place in our refracted society.

        Why can’t the vested money interest butt out of every issue and let the people find a reasonable path to life, liberty and the pursuit of information? (A rhetorical question.) Bonnie Faulker is an American treasure and I have followed her routinely as she spins the truth out there for we the misbegotten.

        Shocked she wasn’t muzzled long ago, unlike Amy Goodman, who saw an opportunity to duck and run, leaving her vaunted journalistic standards in the dust, grabbing the lifeline to contnuing career choices. Life offers choices, defining who we are.

      1. Hi Rich,tried to find a link for the whole interview; went to both Guns and Butter as well as the Webster Tarpley site. No go.I am not too tech savvy so someone with expertise might pull it up.

        Also, on the topic, Gary Null wrote a rejoinder to Laura Previs in which he summarized his 30 plus years of research and credits within the natural healing field with little to no adverse complaints. A member in good standing at WBAI, nyc, posted Null’s long letter
        on thr internet yesterday.

        Null prefaced that message by saying Previs can be sued for her statements of libel and slander, as well as her station. Strong stuff and unfortunate. What a missed opportunity to right a wrong. Politicians and their fellow travelers should not be off the hook for sins of commission and sins of omission. California usually sets the president for other states to follow. Pied piping is typical of La La Land. Any state that would elect an Arnold Swartzenegger to govenor should not be trusted to lead the country.

        1. Dear Pacifica Supporter –

          As you may remember, I recently copied you on a letter that I wrote to KPFA Program Director Laura Prives, in which I criticized her strongly for refusing to air an episode of Bonnie Faulkner’s “Guns & Butter” on which Gary Null was to be interviewed about California’s mandatory child vaccination law. Privas said she had censored the program because she did not approve of Gary Null or his views on vaccination and AIDS. She said they were “not credible,” and accused him, in effect, of profiting from Pacifica and scamming its “gullible” listeners.

          Now Gary has written his own reply, a very strong one, to Program Director Privas, which I reprint below.

          Stephen M Brown

          Director, Pacifica Foundation

          Member, WBAI Local Station Board


          Dear Ms. Prives:

          I had a chance to read your recent public statements about me, as well as Steve Brown’s reply to you, both of which were forwarded to me. I concur with Mr Brown’s assessment, and with his warning that your statements constitute libel, and that a lawsuit against you and the foundation would almost certainly be successful. My attorneys agree.

          Lewis Hill would have been appalled at the blatant censorship imposed upon Bonnie Faulkner and myself, especially in light of the California senate’s recent passage of a bill that destroys Californians’ freedom of health choices for their children. Had I been allowed the opportunity to present the independent science opposing Big Pharma’s spurious claims for vaccine efficacy and safety, there might have been enough support from KPFA listeners to have delayed or thwarted the bill’s sponsors from passing it.

          For someone who evidently has no accurate knowledge of either me or my work, I am deeply disappointed that you did not reach out to me privately to address your concerns, but instead accepted as true the slanderous and libelous accusations of individuals with their own political and ideological — and possibly financial — agendas. As a result, your public statements about me were remarkably naïve and immature. They were also, according to my attorneys, libelous — because I have on numerous occasions sent compelling evidence to all Pacifica stations that the attacks against me, fabricated by a small group of Act Up members for reasons unrelated to their stated mission, are without merit. Therefore, I can only assume that your unfounded public statements against me represent malice (in the legal meaning of the term), which exposes you, Margie Wilkinson, KPFA, and the Pacifica Foundation to punitive damages.

          It is curious that you would quote a Wikipedia article almost verbatim for information to discredit me. There are many trusted, objective and quality resources that expose Wikipedia’s biases, lack of objectivity, and infiltration by editors who have been paid to create preferential statements for some and denigrating statements for others. So severe and widespread is Wikipedia’s lack of credibility that universities, including Harvard, advise students not to use it. As the program director of KPFA, I would have expected you to be aware of this.

          Regarding my credentials that you disparage, let me set the record straight.

          Over the past 40 years I have published over 600 articles on science, medicine and the environment, including over 300 investigative reports. Dozens of these became cover stories for national magazines. I have won numerous awards for investigative reporting, journalism and radio broadcasting on these matters. You can review my articles yourself because many are posted on my website in the archives.

          I have also been a leader for many social and healthcare movements and was among the first journalists to publish national articles exposing the unsavory financial and political agendas behind cancer, heart disease, AIDS, psychiatry, and the AMA, FDA and CDC. My work has been used by 60 Minutes, and 20-20 earned two Emmys using my work. I have been invited as a keynote speaker at numerous national and world conferences on anti-aging medicine and alternative health to present insights into the health impacts of lifestyle and behavior. My reputation is solely the result of the work I do. I do not promote myself, nor do I have a marketing person, because I spend seven days a week, every day of the year, engaged in social issues.

          For those who state I am a so-called “AIDS denier,” that is a blatant lie (as well as being a term slyly fabricated by pharmaceutical industry PR consultants to stigmatize those with alternative viewpoints by subliminally linking them to Holocaust deniers). I have worked with one of America’s leading gay physicians, Dr. Steven Caiasa, for many years. Together we counseled more than 1200 persons with full blown AIDS, many of whom — instead of dying as predicted — are still alive today.

          While serving as the director of the Tri-State Healing Center, I arranged for over a 1,000 persons with AIDS to be treated — at no charge — by physicians using holistic protocols. I published a series of articles about natural non-toxic therapeutic protocols for helping AIDS patients. All of this work led eventually to a national press conference in New York City. The conference featured 100 AIDS victims who were in full recovery or had completely reversed their conditions, as demonstrated by their physicians and medical records. New York’s future governor and an eminent panel of scientists reviewed the records of these patients and concluded that the results were both astonishing and significant, and deserved a public hearing.

          During this 6-hour event, each person told his story. Eighty-eight AIDS survivors explained how their physicians used detoxification modalities, Louise Hay’s method, and other metabolic therapies. The remaining 12 reversed all their illnesses and their diagnosis reversed to HIV-negative under my care. However, not a single AIDS group, medical doctor or major media member attended the conference — it was a complete and deliberate media blackout even though thousands of invitations had been sent out. The public relations firm that handled the event reported back that they never saw anything like that before.

          During my journalist career, my stories have always been vetted by either a scientist or an attorney to assure accuracy and proper scientific citation. Throughout the entire period of the height of the AIDS epidemic I was lecturing within the gay community on lifestyle and behavior modification. I also worked closely with Charles Ortleib, the editor of the nation’s number one gay publication, New York Native.

          It was the opinion of the Native’s award winning journalist, Nina Ostrom, that AIDS was due to multiple causes including the Herpes-6 virus. Charles, Nina and others appeared on my radio programs frequently to present their first hand experiences and investigations that differed from those of the emerging gay faction that became aligned with, and to a great extent financed by, the medical industry. Burroughs Wellcome, the manufacturer of AZT, was one of the largest funders of individuals in the AIDS movement, such as Act Up, who targeted myself and other journalists and activists who questioned the belief that AIDS could ONLY be treated with anti-viral drugs, such as they manufactured and sold at predatory markups as high as (literally) 2,000 percent and more.

          As the death toll rose parallel to higher AZT doses, the pharmaceutical industry and Act Up continued to promote the pharmaceutical approach to treat AIDS — even though it was not curing, but instead killing off thouusands of the afflicted. As a result, we witnessed a tragic mass-die off of those using high doses of retrovirals. In order to silence those of us — physicians, scientists, journalists and activists, straight or gay — who spent thousands of hours trying to bring this deadly mis-application of drugs to public attention, a smear campaign was launched to call us “AIDS denialists.” This was intended to produce an effect similar to calling someone a holocaust denier, and it destroyed people’s careers. Today, there are over 3000 scientists, researchers and multiple Nobel laureates who challenge the existing AIDS paradigm. None of them deny AIDS as an illness. Instead, what they request is an open debate about other methods of diagnosis and treatment that have proven both effective and safe — but do not rely on dangerous drugs. And that is why the pharmaceutical industry works so hard to stigmatize those such as myself, who are a threat to their huge profit machine, since research into HIV and AIDS today is larger than that for cancer and cardiovascular disease combined.

          Regrettably, censorship such as yours help shut off public and open debate on the dangers of unsafe vaccines, as well as on alternative treatments for AIDS. And your statements attacking me as an AIDS denialist by listening to disturbed propagandists flies in the face of simple fact-checking. I have repeatedly invited my attackers on my KPFK and WBAI programs in the past to debate me, but they refuse. However, on my program I did debate the two most prominent people in the field of AIDS: Drs. Robert Gallo and Luc Montaigner (who won the Nobel prize for first identifying HIV).

          My first documentary film on health was released in 1986. Since then I have received approximately 300 film awards and official festival entries. I have directed three award-winning documentaries focusing on vaccines, including the one you censored.

          During the 2010 faux swine flu scare my producer and I submitted a 100 page white paper to the New York State Governor and Health Commissioner, as well as testifying under oath to the NY health commission, scientific arguments opposing the state’s bill to mandate the H1N1 flu vaccine. I did this on behalf of nurses and healthcare workers whose health would have been threatened by a vaccine that was fast-tracked and improperly reviewed for its safety and efficacy.

          If you had taken a moment to listen to any of my broadcasts on WBAI or the Progressive Radio Network, you would quickly realize that the health news I report and comment upon is based on the most recent peer-reviewed medical findings from universities and medical institutions throughout the world, and that there is a huge body of sound science supporting alternative health prevention and treatment for physical and mental illnesses. I present such vital information daily on my programs.

          Your personal attack on my motives — by accusing me of profiting from the use of my products and supplements as Pacifica premiums — is grossly unfounded, and one of the typical lies that prevails among the ideologues and enemies of free speech at KPFA. I have instructed my publishers, such as Seven Story press, to offer books to WBAI at such a low cost that my royalties were reduced so the station could earn more money.

          The great irony is that for almost 35 years I refused to promote any of my products on WBAI or Pacifica. Only in recent years did that change, when WBAI’s then-Program Director Tony Bates and General Manager Berthold Reimers pleaded with me to do so, and I acceded to their wishes. My personal preference is to not pitch any of my own products as premiums, as former and current station managers of WBAI, KPFK and WPFW can verify.

          Your assumption that I am in some kind of “racket,” and that I work only for financial gain, is delusional and an outright lie. During the past 45 years I have privately counseled tens of thousands of individuals without ever charging a penny. Rarely do I accept money for public lectures and appearances. For 31 years I hosted a weekly 6-hour program on KPFK, for 30 years a daily program on WPFW and every weekday for 39 years a program on WBAI. Although I was offered a producer’s salary, I did not accept it, because I was more committed to Pacifica’s mission of free speech than to personal financial gain. But had I chosen to accept producer’s salaries for all those years, Pacifica would have owed me approximately $2.7 million. In addition, I have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of free premiums over the years to Pacifica stations. Even in 2014, I donated engineering equipment for WBAI’s studio as well as office furnishings.

          Unfortunately, you have been taken in by the medical industry’s highly paid dissimulators, such as the Quackbusters, who wrote the Wikipedia entry about me, as well as by those who unthinkingly accept such disinformation as true, and then go on to thoughtlessly repeat it, without making the slightest effort to verify its accuracy. My degree in human nutrition and public health science is from a fully accredited university. My thesis and laboratory research was performed through the highly respected Institute of Applied Biology, a non-profit cancer research institution that dates back to the 1940s.

          Therefore, I ask you: If you yourself are not personally knowledgeable about medical and scientific matters, and if you yourself have not performed any first-hand medical or scientific research of your own — what basic humanistic values can possibly justify your mean-spirited attack on someone like myself, who has 45 years worth of scientific and medical experience, and whose findings are supported by (literally) thousands of eminent doctors and scientists? Moreover, if you then refuse to offer a person an opportunity to respond — how then should your moral integrity be viewed?

          In conclusion, the number of vaccines that people will legally be forced to allow into their bodies and into the bodies of their even more vulnerable children will soon escalate significantly. Even as you read this, over 270 new vaccines are being developed in the pharmaceutical industry’s pipeline. It is becoming ever more likely that the state of California will pass one of the most draconian and dangerous state vaccine laws in America, and that Governor Brown will sign it into law. Parents who refuse vaccination will be demonized. We can only imagine the holocaust of vaccine-induced injuries these bills will cause in the future.

          Your anti-feminist stance, aside from censoring critical information to your KPFA listeners, is an attack on all mothers whose children have been damaged by vaccines. You have further disempowered them. That is your legacy. That is the legacy of KPFA. Your censorship has been a gift to the pharmaceutical industry and the pro-vaccine cartel that Pacifica’s founder Lewis Hill would have denounced.

          So before you challenge my credibility, understand I have been leading major social causes for over 45 years. My research and testimony will withstand time. Will yours?

          Since you have already had the chance to express your contempt for me through your libelous public statements, I now invite you to substantiate those statements — to transform them from mere unfounded assertions into solid verified fact — by coming on my program to debate me. Refusal to do so will destroy your personal and professional credibility, and further tarnish the institutional credibility of KPFA and the Pacifica network.

          Gary Null


        2. What a gorgeous response from Gary Null! So beautifully said!

          I always ask those around me who are rabidly pro-vaccine how they decide which “experts” to trust. Generally, my question is met with a blank stare (“This one goes…to eleven”) and perhaps a, “Well, my doctor says to get them, so I do”.

          As this war of experts continues to pick up momentum, it is imperative to have a plan in place to help decide who to believe (no matter how much reading I do, I cannot be my own expert on everything). One of my own strategies is to look first to see which side is slinging insults or not allowing its opponents to speak. “By their fruits ur shall know them” are wise words indeed…and a rotten vine cannot bear good fruit.

          Thanks, Marilyn, for posting this. What a great way to start my day!

  13. There is a very interesting book by Carl Sagan’s former wife (both are now dead however), Dr. Lynn Margulis, The Five Kingdoms. It’s got a lot in it about the vast world of microorganisms, not all of them living in the strict sense of the word (viruses are not alive – they can only live inside living cells).

    Not everything can be cured the same way, because not every disease originates the same way.

    Thus the “germ theory of disease” is kind of simple-minded and old-fashioned as a description of what is happening. But I am grateful that TB isn’t the leading killer of young people anymore and that if I come down with bubonic plague from fleas picked up on a Grand Canyon hike that I can be quickly treated with antibiotics and avoid the Black Death. Of course maybe I would never get it – perhaps I am the product of a lot of people who were selected by plagues for immunity. They found out that if you are homozygous for the anti-plague immunity, and engage in homosexual promiscuity or something that might expose you to AIDS, you will also not get that viral disease (if it is viral) though your immunity was developed with your ancestors’ having been exposed to a bacterial infection – it was just an accidental mutation that saved you from the plague bacillus, but as it happens, it works for a virus (or HIV). What else is it good against? (If the story was true – always a good question). Margulis had some unconventional ideas about AIDS and whether is caused by simply HIV. She also changed the view of how the eukaryotic cells were formed – sees them as having accumulated mitochondria which developed independently. Also had a concept of the earth as all interconnected – the “Gaia” view, and of evolution as about cooperation of species. She asked truly wild questions, very important because biology is just weird if you stare at it long enough and start asking “too many questions”. Her bibliography at Wikipedia is mind-blowing.

    That recent hematuria episode of mine – zapped almost instantly after a week of pain that led to it, by some low-impact non-broad-spectrum antibiotic. What a relief I did not wind up with the whole renal thing and a temperature of 105 degrees like in my youth, when I was even more “stoical” (bad idea to be stoical sometimes). As good as cranberry concentrate mixed in water is, it cannot do everything once the disease process is well underway (but good for after the course of antibiotics). Would this same treatment work next time? Can everyone count on it every time. No, I’d say.

    Vaccine against HPV (there are 2 major strains which cause cervical and other nearby cancers and several more they are not sure about) is yet another vaccine against a virus – will it work? Will it do more harm than good? Well, there is a population about to test this. Is Gardasil any good? Is it’s use warranted? That’s a good question to be debated, I think.

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