EricksonOn this week’s Real Politik James speaks with Norma Erickson, president of Sanevax Inc. Founded in 2010, Sanevax is an international clearinghouse of information and advocacy concerning one of big pharma’s most corrupt and dangerous profit-generating schemes: the HPV vaccine. Amazingly, the HPV vaccine is recommended by several governments as a preventative to cervical cancer. Yet there is no evidence that HPV is in any way related to such cancer. At the same time the pharmaceutical company’s own studies indicate that 2.5% of women who receive the vaccine–that’s 2,500 for every 100,000–will have one or more adverse reactions. Such figures are corroborated by the number of adverse reactions reported to the Centers for Disease Control since the mid-2000s when Gardasil hit the market.

Sanevax presently has affiliates in over 30 countries, and has been especially influential in educating the public on the HPV vaccine’s dangers while acting as a conduit for medical professionals and policy makers to challenge the pharmaceutical industry’s increased control over official vaccination programs.
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Norma Erickson began to research the HPV vaccine as an investigative writer. Her findings led her to the establishment of Sanevax. “The Sanevax team and all of the people that we work with strongly believe that vaccines should scientifically proven to meet four common sense criteria: They should be scientifically proven safe, affordable, necessary and effective prior to their inclusion in any mass vaccination program. We work with doctors, attorneys, scientists, health advocates, injured girls and their families, and handle most anything having to do with the HPV vaccine controversy.”

Sanevax has succeeded in prompting or facilitating policy reforms in several countries concerning the HPV vaccine, yet United States regulators are among the most impervious to information contradicting data they are fed by major pharmaceutical companies. “Probably the first thing we started working on was the discovery of contamination in the Gardasil vaccine,” she notes.

Dr. Sing Hang Lee agreed to test a vial of Gardasil for us because an individual in Canada reported that her daughter had tested positive for HPV in her blood two years after innoculation. This same girl had been diagnosed with rhematoid arthritis 24 hours after her second injection. I knew from my research and speaking with experts that HPV did not remain in the bloodstream for more than 48 hours–at least natural HPV viruses didn’t. The immune system took care of them within that period of time.

We kept researching and researching, talked to Dr. Lee, and we came to the conclusion that we had to rule out the Gardasil vaccine because it had been advertised, promoted, and approved in every country around the world based on the fact that it had no viral DNA in it. So, we felt obligated to rule it out for this parent. [Dr. Lee] tested that first vial, and sure enough there it was: recombinant HPV DNA in Gardasil. We immediately informed the FDA. They brushed it off, changed their website, and indicated that it was no health problem whatsoever. It was a natural part of the manufacturing process.

Merck is releasing a new HPV vaccine despite the fact that the number of vaccine injuries attributable to Gardasil and reported to the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System have skyrocketed since its introduction in 2006. “As a kind of indication of what one can expect, Merck just got Gardasil 9 approved. During the clinical trials for Gardasil 9 they used Gardasil as the control solution. Normal people would say placebo. (A placebo is an inactive solution.) They used Gardasil during that time and because they had not conducted the safety trials for any great length on Gardasil the FDA required that they follow these girls throughout the course of the study, which was three years. Their new package insert indicates that the serious adverse event rate was 2.5% for Gardasil and 2.3% for Gardasil 9. Now that doesn’t sound like a whole lot until you translate that in to per 100,000 recipients.”

With the above in mind, among Sanevax’s most disturbing observations is the fact that the cervical cancer rate per 100,000 females is far surpassed by the rate of adverse reactions attributable to the HPV vaccine–as evidenced in the manufacturers’ own studies. “When you look at cervical cancer statistics they’re always quoted as x number per 100,000. In the United States there are approximately 12 diagnoses of cervical cancer per year per 100,000 people. If you innoculate that same 100,000 with Gardasil, for instance, you can expect 2,500 adverse events. I can’t see how anyone in their right mind would say that’s a logical tradeoff to avoid 12 cervical cancer diagnoses.”

Further, there is no confirmed link between HPV and cancer. “HPV is associated with cervical cancer. It has never been proven to cause cervical cancer or any other kind of cancer in and of itself,” Erickson explains. “In fact, there’s some very good scientific evidence that’s just been released recently that indicates it may not cause cancer at all.”

Sanevax has produced and participated in the creation of several documentaries highlighting the dangers of the HPV vaccine, many of which highlight how young lives can be destroyed after administration of the HPV vaccine. For example, it brought US high schooler Gabi Swank to the attention of The Greater Good‘s producers following Swank’s extreme adverse reaction linked to Gardasil. Such stories are especially tragic because they involve adolescent girls  stricken with terminally debilitating mental, emotional and physical conditions just as they are about to enter womanhood.

I’m working on a story now that’s going to be published on our website where a girl in Ireland was administered the vaccine in a school program … This was according to her father. She had an adverse reaction straight away. For over an hour she was left lying on a mat on the floor while the rest of the girls were being vaccinated. During this time she had seizure-like jerking, rolling eyes, blurred vision, headache, nausea, etc. That was only the beginning of their journey. The parents were called to the school to pick her up and they were told that they were overreacting when they asked why an ambulance wasn’t called, and that all of these symptoms would wear off. Now, six months later, the little girl is still suffering those symptoms and more.

We have had reports of spontaneous abortions, still births, miscarriages, adrenal failure, severe anxiety and panic attacks, autistic-like symptoms, the whole gamut of auto-immune disorders. There are 70 or 80 recognized autoimmune disorders, and these girls are coming up with any and all of them.

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31 thought on “The Most Dangerous Vaccine”
  1. There are many separate issues involved in the discussion of the HPV vaccine.

    As for the possibility that such an HPV vaccine could be “scientifically proven safe, affordable, necessary and effective prior to … inclusion in any mass vaccination program” , there is no such possibility.

    The public’s trust of the science connected with the myriad of vaccines that now make up lists of state-mandated vaccines is rapidly disappearing, to say nothing of the trust for doctors and all medically-related entities pushing these vaccines.

    Texas has been particularly burned by former governor Rick Perry’s issuance of an executive order requiring all sixth-grade girls to receive the three-shot vaccination series. This fortunately did not come about but we learned Perry’s “former chief of staff was a lobbyist for Merck and that his chief of staff’s mother-in-law, Rep. Dianne White Delisi, was the state director of an advocacy group bankrolled by Merck to push legislatures across the country to put forward bills mandating the Gardasil vaccine for preteen girls.”

    Everything connected with vaccines is not to be trusted. The idea of mandated vaccines, any kind, is repugnant to most Americans’ civil liberties sensibilities.

    1. “The idea of mandated vaccines, any kind, is repugnant to most Americans’ civil liberties sensibilities.”

      Oh how I wish this was true! However, on a recent back-and-forth on a neighborhood Facebook page posting about mandatory vaccines, it was quickly clear that many–if not most–in my solidly middle-class town care very little about their civil liberties and more about the potential benefits (i.e., protection against dread disease, like the rarely-fatal whooping cough :/) promised by corrupt government agencies like the CDC.

      These are the same people who support calling the police for a dog left in a car while the owner runs into the dry cleaners or grocery store, and who wholeheartedly believe that “their” public schools are doing a fine job.

      These well-intentioned folks are the ones who “say something” when they “see something”, and support the schools’ anti-bullying/mental health policies: This, btw, is my local high school (my kid was homeschooled/radically unschooled); I assume these policies are being implemented everywhere.

      So much for civil liberties.

      1. It is just so sad that if just 3 to 5 % of the American people united what a change we could make. The Tea Party made a huge stand (I’m not a member) but I agreed with them.

        You also saw both the left and right stand together against Obama bombing Syria and it was shut down. So it’s possible.

        I wish we could just get the left on the ground, not the pro’s doing their deed, to understand it’s really us against them and in the end the Progressives could care less what “Party” your with because they aren’t Dem’s or Repub’s but a separate stealth party working for the Banks and Corporations

        Divide and Balkanize is working perfectly

        1. Just one more thing in my Rant.

          The Progressives can organize a major Protest/Riot in every major city with signs and all at the drop of a hat for ANY issue they want to promote.
          They are very organized and God only knows who is paying for all this and nobody investigates. The Republicans don’t get it. Our votes are even electronic…haha

          Can you imagine what we could do with same infrastructure they have in place on GMO’s, Chemtrails, Civil Liberties, Police State?

          There must be some BIG bucks involved from the Bankers and Corporations for everything they do promotes the Progressive/NWO(if I may) Agenda.

          If I had the big bucks I’d spend it all to counter them..

        2. “The Progressives …
          They are very organized and God only knows who is paying for all this and nobody investigates.

          And who is financing the Tea Party, we ask.

          Answer: Billionaires Charles and David Koch

          “Despite the Koch Brothers being among the key drivers of The Tea Party (some would say that they have, in fact, co-opted the Tea Party) a Pew Poll out last week reveals that 69 percent of those who identify with the Tea Party believe that the United States can blow by the debt ceiling deadline without major economic problems.”

          All sides are pushing us toward a one world death and slavery system for all.

        3. I agreed with the Tea party also Ric. Unfortunately Fox news hijacked the movement. That was the equivalent of the Grateful Dead having a top 40 hit.

          The left is much more effective at getting people on the street to protest because those people haven’t got anything else to do. The rest of us are too busy going to work and paying for them.

        4. Dachsielady

          “The Progressives …
          They are very organized and God only knows who is paying for all this and nobody investigates.

          And who is financing the Tea Party, we ask.

          Answer: Billionaires Charles and David Koch.
          Yea and just like “everything” on Left is financed by Soro’s. It’s all Bull.

          I’m not saying “Progressives” like some on the left and Hollywood say they are. The People at the top who call themselves Progressive don’t care about the Liberal on the left claiming that title.

          And The Tea Party to me was a bunch of older people who had the time to protect higher taxes and Obamacare.

          Thats why I said “the Progressives could care less what “Party” your with because they aren’t Dem’s or Repub’s but a separate stealth party working for the Banks and Corporations.

          Both Bushes, Both Clintons, Obama, McCain, Graham, Snow, all the Rino’s claim this “Progressive” title which in my opinion is code we have the masters.

          It’s not a left or right thing.

          Mitch Mcconnell is now Obama’s best friend on this TPP finish America off Treaty. Harry Reid is Fiercely against it…really?

          The Dem and Rebub act is just for entertainment and we beleive we a 3rd party(Independent) that can never be President when in fact we really do have an active 3rd party.

          They call themselves “Progressive”. I didn’t name them

          This is all just my Opinion.

          All I know is “They” that promote left issues seem to have some real big bucks and are very organized. The right has neither.

          I’m not arguing philosophy here.

        5. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil. 

          Proverbs 4:27   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        6. My last comment is one giant typo. Hopefully you’ll get the gist. Protest no Protect higher taxes and Obamacare

  2. […] On this week’s Real Politik James speaks with Norma Erickson, president of Sanevax Inc. Founded in 2010, Sanevax is an international clearinghouse of information and advocacy concerning one of big pharma’s most corrupt and dangerous profit-generating schemes: the HPV vaccine. Amazingly, the HPV vaccine is recommended by several governments as a preventative to cervical cancer. Yet there is no evidence that HPV is in any way related to such cancer. At the same time the pharmaceutical company’s own studies indicate that 2.5% of women who receive the vaccine–that’s 2,500 for every 100,000–will have one or more adverse reactions. More… […]

  3. Health is a gift from God, it doesn’t come from the contents of a syringe. How bizarre anyone would believe in this snake oil.

    The propaganda has been so extensive that the younger generations believe chicken pox is dangerous and deadly. The vaccine manufacturer stakeholders are re-writing history to fit their profit-goals.

  4. Run, don’t walk, as fast as you can over to “Christianity Today” magazine web site and take a gander at their May issue I stumbled upon it while searching for an article, and nearly fell over. The cover will take your breath away – blue/green background with a small graphic design heart and on top of that “heart” lays a hypodermic needle with the needle touching the center of the “heart.” Title of the cover article: “Why Christians of All People Should Get Their Vaccines.”

    Also in the same issue, is this (a book review) with the title and sub-title: “Vaccines and Other Life-Saving Gifts from God; Why rejecting modern medicine runs contrary to Christian tradition.”

    Another article: “The 5 Most Common Anti-Vaccine Arguments
    With responses from a family doctor.”

    I haven’t done any checking as to who publishes “CT” but I’d say we all know who and why something like this would get such a huge propaganda push on what they think is a “susceptible” audience (read: easily malleable, easily frightened).

    Wow. Just wow.

    1. Great find. Adds much to the big ugly picture we are painting.

      “I haven’t done any checking as to who publishes “CT” ”

      The mainline “Christian” sects are collectivized under the banner of “evangelicalism”, read that Zionism and one world death and slavery system.

      Think World Council of Churches…

      “Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, and Roman Catholic leaders convened Tuesday in Geneva to announce the release of a historic document on the ethics of Christian evangelism. The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) said Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct is the first document to receive unanimous endorsement from the WEA, the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID) of the Catholic Church, and the World Council of Churches (WCC).?

  5. I agree with the concern shared here. I propose we devise a few trance-breaking questions to pose during dialog opportunities with the mind controlled public.

    For example: “Are you familiar with current vaccine ingredients and their potential side effects in the body of a child?”

    or “Do you believe any other decisions concerning health should be state mandated or only the ones for vaccines to be given to children?”

    or “Are you familiar with the adverse effects of vaccines as concluded in government funded vaccine court cases?”

    or “Since vaccines are for profit and vaccine manufactures can not be held liable for patient injury, do you think manufactures are overly concerned if someone gets hurt by their product or not?”

    Logic can be compelling if phrased properly. Questions regarding obvious conflicts of interest would surely be difficult to argue against.

    1. Societal engineers made appeals to logic and reason of almost no effect.

      If we want to look for the solution via the Constitution and courts thing, the Supreme Court must decide if the State can mandate vaccines or any other medical treatment or procedure under coercive threats of loss of job or student being banned from public education or threats of no medical care at all.

    2. Some of us were given the gift of a logical mind; some of us (me) weren’t. So thank you, Rick, for the list of sample questions to pose to mandatory-vaccine proponents. I will look for opportunities to ask them.

      The push for safety and security over liberty and personal responsibility is a sign of the times, prophesied in Scripture. I just finished a formal study of Moses, and the biggest takeaway is this: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Rick.

  6. When the original wave of HPV hysteria hit back in the very early 90’s it struck me as off somehow. If the virus was so lethal why hadn’t women died from it in far greater numbers historically? I didn’t know then that the answer was that most women’s bodies simply fight it off without great struggle. This is not to say that there is no health concern with I guess a few of the strains of HPV especially, just that whenever the medical field ‘discovers’ some grave disease or consequence of one that has already been historically sort of disproven, take note.

    1. I remember the initial HPV panic, too: several women I worked with, then even my sister, underwent the freezing/excision removal process after a hasty diagnosis. I remember being quite stunned, and also feeling lucky that I had dodged this dread disease that seemed to have come from nowhere.

      Then, all of a sudden, you didn’t hear about it anymore. And now it’s back, after 20-some-odd years.

      I try to stay away from “annual testing” schemes. Seems like a racket to me. I’m also leery of the whole “preventative medicine” bit. Like why go to the doctor if you don’t have a problem? They look hard enough, they WILL eventually find something! Besides, are we any healthier for it? I’d argue we’re less so.

      1. Not to say one shouldn’t be mindful of his health, but all this testing freaks me out. It seems its always someone who is doing fine, gets a test of some sort, (usually just to make sure everything is OK)and ends up dead 6 months later.

        The company I work for is always offering free health screening, but do I really want my employer knowing so much about me? No thanks boss, I have Doctor if I need one. The only shots I ever let them give me is if I have torn myself up and need a tetanus shot. I have had the flu maybe twice, I mean real bad, low down dirty, crawl to the bathroom flu, and I think one of those times I got the shot. When I Was in the service they were always hitting us with another typhoid shot. You go to work the next day feeling like crap, snot running out of your nose, and they say “you don’t look so good, what you got?” Hello! Probably typhus!

  7. Whenever a stampede towards a new panacea erupts, it’s time to take stock. You don’t have to take sides (except to delay the vaccine for your own family members), in order to examine the literature, if you can do it. Here are some simple facts about both the need for Pap smears and the claims of the vaccine, as well as about cervical cancer itself:

    In older women, past 65, pap smears are no longer recommended if they have had clear ones for 10 years. It is believed that they have processed any HPV, and it did not cause cellular abnormalities or cancer. It is also assumed they are not going to have new sex partners – but that is kind of funny if you are that age. “It ain’t necessarily so.”

    In women who have never even had sex (thirteen year olds and up) it is somehow assumed that they need a protection against cervical cancer in Gardasil. Considering some will never become sexually active, some will delay that pleasure for at least until they are legally adult (!), and some will never have more than one partner, it’s kind of a stretch to make believe everyone’s sex life is the same. Be that as it may…

    Is the proposed vaccine (assuming it would be completely benign, which most would not) even effective when it is said to protect against several strains of the virus that are known, only two of which are believed to cause cervical cancer? What if, after one’s early adolescence, and a vaccination, it turns out that the virus has mutated, as a virus will, and you have felt protected when you were not? Will it become like a flu shot?

    When there is a campaign to change the statistics on cervical cancer (assuming benign intent here, by the medical profession), so often there is kind of herd mentality (after all they seem to be seeking herd immunity). But humans do not belong to herds as a genetic predisposition, except recently. “Pockets of resistance” may be seen as troublesome.

    I personally am not against all vaccines, but neither am I a drink-the-Koolaid type. Last winter, when the flu that was spreading turned out not to be the one for which the vaccine was made, the news reporters and advice-givers were still insisting that everyone needed to go out and get vaccinated with the ineffectual strain “in case” because it might give “some protection.” Baloney. It takes a long time to turn the ship around once it is headed in a certain direction. Apparently, they felt they could not back down yet. Pathetic, really.

    1. A few tears back when my Father was still alive he told me in passing his doctor wants him to come in and get a flu shot. I begged him not to. He agreed after listening to me.

      He went o the doctor for an unrelated issue and they convinced him while your here lets do the flu shot.

      He got so sick he almost died. Bastards. There is no flu shot that can prevent the new years strain unless they have a time machine that can see in the future.

      It’s all Bullsh&t. Just $$$$ at the expense of human lives.

      I’ve got more stories like this. Has anyone ever noticed if your loved ones are on Medicare/Medicaid it always takes at least 2 operations to accomplish the same goal as private insurance…$$$$$$

      It gets worse….

  8. Back in February MHB ran an article called DOJ Acknowledged Significant Gang Stalking Problem in 2006. There is a recent article from the Seattle Times regarding a fake police department claiming national jurisdiction. The members included security guards licensed to carry firearms. More concerning is that these were established professionals with alleged links to CA state officials and the Masons. The three ringleaders of the fake police department seemingly thought that they were legitimate authorities. Thankfully, their arrests have brought an end to their goon squad activities. Is gang stalking being facilitated by groups that believe that they similarly “deputized”? Is there some larger federal scheme promoting these vigilante groups for its own purposes? Here is the link to the story from the Seattle Times:

    1. There was another incident like the one you describe. I can’t remember if it was Iowa or Montana but the State had built a prison and couldn’t find anyone to run it because the cubicles were to small and violated Federal law or something like that.

      Anyway, some Goon duped the authorities pretending he was a private Police Department was actually contracted to run this Prison or Jail and it turned out he was a total fraud and embarrassed all involved.

      Does anyone remember that Act? Unbelievable anyone could even pull something that huge off.

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