On March 22, 2015 an individual identifying himself as Lenny Pozner of HONR Network filed a copyright infringement claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with Memory Hole Blog Internet Service Provider for MHB’s January 2, 2015 reproduction of an image of his alleged son, Noah Pozner, who according to official reports was killed in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The image in question appeared in the aftermath of the December 16, 2014 Peshawar Pakistan school massacre and was widely circulated via a BBC news report.

Image Credit: FellowshipofMinds.com

Upon notification of this complaint by MHB’s ISP James Tracy issued a request to Pozner on March 30 for evidence to further corroborate Pozner’s identity, his relationship to Noah Pozner, and his actual ownership of the image in question. As of May 3 Pozner has yet to respond with any materials that would warrant his infringement claim. Proof of Pozner’s receipt of the request and the text of Tracy’s March 30 correspondence is reproduced below.

The unfulfilled request for documentation is noteworthy because Pozner has successfully used DMCA infringement claims to silence numerous alternative media outlets in an effort to thwart continued research of the Sandy Hook massacre event.

(On April 2, 2015 Pozner’s “Agent” signed for the USPS certified letter.)


James F. Tracy
Boca Raton, Florida

March 30, 2015

Lenny Pozner
HONR Network
261 South Main Street
Newtown, Connecticut 06470


Dear Lenny Pozner

I am in receipt of electronic notification as of March 26, 2015 via my internet service provider Automattic concerning an alleged copyright infringement complaint under [512(c) of the Digital Milleneum Copyright Act filed by you on March 22, 2015 for an image purportedly owned by you and used alongside commentary and analysis in the following post that appears on Memory Hole Blog:


The specific image may be found here:


As proof of your alleged ownership of the image in question, you have provided the following url:


As you know, in addition to its broad circulation following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event on December 14, 2012, this image was published by British Broadcasting Corporation and received similar worldwide circulation following the December 16, 2014 Taliban attack on the Army Public School and Degree College in Peshawar Pakistan.

You have provided your electronic signature under penalty of perjury that you are the copyright holder of the above referenced image and have accordingly requested that it be removed from Memory Hole Blog.

I have voluntarily removed the image in question on March 30, 2015. However, given that numerous similar copyright complaints made by you against parties that have publicly questioned and analyzed the Sandy Hook massacre event, I have reason to doubt the good faith nature of your March 22, 2015 DMCA copyright infringement claim. An action with such potential weight to stifle free speech needs the utmost scrutiny. I am therefore requesting written evidence of the following from you:

1. Proof of your identity via copy of a government-issued document, such as a state driver’s license or passport.

2. Proof of your relationship to the deceased party, Noah Pozner, whose alleged photograph appears in the image in question referenced above.

3. Proof of your ownership of said image via a signed and notarized statement from a qualified and licensed forensic expert substantiating your legal ownership of said image, including the date and time of the image’s capture.

Please send the above information via regular mail to myself and Automattic no later than 10 business days from your receipt of this correspondence. Automattic’s mailing address

132 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Thank you for your attention to the above.



James F. Tracy

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62 thought on “HONR Network, “Lenny Pozner” Fall Silent on Copyright Infringement Claim”
  1. I’m wondering why Dr. Tracy obliged a request made under such ambiguous terms, and, whether he’ll consider re-posting the photograph when the set time has elapsed (I think it did already).

    Also, if a person submits a photograph they own the copyright to, of a deceased loved one, let’s say, to one publication does that legally mean that they are then become the arbiters of when ‘fair use’ applies and when it doesn’t? The judge would normally make a ruling on such matters, but is this ushering in a new attitude about pictures of loved ones?

    1. Sue, I couldn’t reply to the relevant comment so I’m posting it here. That DMCA link you provided was very interesting. It contained an instance of Lenny filing a complaint through Google against a blog post by CW Wade! Now, right away it makes no sense since Wade (Chuck Frye) claims to be phone buddies with Lenny.

      So, I looked further and Wade has this statement amended to the post… “Due to ongoing harassment by hoaxers, HONR Network has requested I remove the copies of Noah Pozner’s death certificate…” Gee, I wonder if Lenny found out the hard way his forgery was substandard?!

      1. That fake Noah Pozner “death certificate” was the worst forgery in world history. The government floats these fake stories, fake parents, and fake documents — then tries to scrub the photos/evidence of their lies when folks catch on.

  2. So Mr. Tracy said he already voluntarily removed the image. Why would Mr. Pozner even reply, he already got the image removed as Mr. Tracy admits.

        1. Mr. Pozner has been given the opportunity to verify what he has attested to as fact under penalty of perjury in his infringement claims to my ISP.

        2. Mike, it is a legal stratagem and Mr. Pozner has much to lose by not replying. He has made assertions that have interfered with the actions of others, in this case The Memory Hole as well as it’s internet service provider. If those assertions are without foundation, The Memory Hole and the ISP have grounds for legal action. If those assertions are without legal foundation, Mr. Pozner has opened himself up to a tort action, perhaps an intentional tort action, one that allows punitive damages.

          James’ formal request for proof of Pozner’s assertions of ownership is a step in perfecting that tort action. Whether James proceeds with that action or not, whether he and others affected by Pozner’s action pursue a class action is not for me to speculate on.

          However, the point of James’ request is to chill Pozner’s enthusiasm for making further assertions of ownership.

        3. People might want to research some of the cases Automattic has taken up to fight the filing of frivolous lawsuits. They’re actually considered a standard bearer in the whole industry on these issues and have used their own resources in defense of users being harassed. Somehow I don’t see them taking this up as a cause, duh… But it might be something that a group of people could work on.

        4. If this became an active tort case, it would not so much be about punitive damages at the verdict, as it would be about the ability to subpoena documents on the part of Tracy. Assuming Pozner tried to bring a case, if he did not supply the documents requested by the defendant, the case could be thrown out. It would open a can of worms, and I doubt Pozner is authorized by his superiors to do that. He is trying to see how far threats can go to shut down the site.

      1. “Lenny Pozner” won’t come anywhere near a courtroom. I think he’s a Federal Agent. He was allegedly showing folks a poorly forged “Death Certificate” in the name of “Noah Pozner.” The document looks like it was cobbled together by a blind crackhead who broke into Hobby Lobby. Worst forgery I’ve ever seen.

        Oh, Lenny. What is your real name! Which gov’t agency hired you to portray the “father” of “Noah Pozner?”

        Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Hoax

        1. Did you see his attempt to create a birth certificate? It was laughable. He used plain white copy paper, left out required signatures, and cut and pasted print in a number of different fonts. The birth certificate also did not indicate a multiple birth. Real Connecticut birth certificates are printed on highly detailed document paper replete with security features.

        2. I can tell you that a Danbury Birth Certificate that I examined, dated only a few years before 2006, was in fact plain white just as Lenny produced. However the real one that I checked was in Landscape not portrait as Lenny’s appears. Also the form that I examined was pristine in a flat plastic envelope not crinkled like Lenny’s.

        3. NWO/A-21 agenda…hmm…does anyone else but me notice that NWO/A…could easily be pronounced as NOAH…..or am I grasping at straws here?

      2. I think another issue of concern related to Lenny was that he took initiative to have Wolfgang’s Go-Fund Me page disabled and he did so with false and baseless assertions. I think Wolf would have a compelling case against him for that action if he chose to pursue that.

        On a more general note I think if anyone who donated money can prove that Noah, or any other victim, was a construct victim, that did not exist in reality, they would have a compelling fraud case as well.

        Youtube video producer Tim Hunter did some interesting work in this area. I think though that his videos also fell victim to the copyright allegations.

  3. Well, ummmm…. that’s nice. Hope you are getting Wolf back on soon for the latest on his FOIA hearing fandango, especially the part about the Governor denying what he said to millions of people on TV. Don’t mean to be a broken record.

  4. “Lenny Pozner” is most likely DHS.

    Veronique Pozner (his “wife”) is actually Veronique HALLER (listed by Embassy of Switzerland in DC as their country’s Official Rep in America).

    Veronique Haller’s first husband (prior to “Lenny”) was Reuben Vabner, VP at RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland).

    RBS is the 3rd dirtiest bank in the world. In other words, they allegedly launder huge sums of drug money.

    Noah Pozner keeps dying at “school massacres” around the world.

    1. Actually this is the Davis crisis actor family clan. The names and history are fictitious including all the distractions set out as rumor and then validated as truth by rumor with no actual evidence to support any basis in fact.

      “Lenny” and the mother of “Noah” are not married and at his point it appears the actor playing Lenny is John Scott out of Florida and Massachusetts; Scott is also associated with the Lersh clan that put on the Victoria Soto skit.

      “Noah” NOT HIS NAME was a teenager at the time of the event. Carly appears to be the only Soto that is not Lersch related other than a link to the It Works health and beauty aids front for crisis actor clans and, if you will, new recruits. Michelle Lersch where either she with camera fraud age regression or her 15 year old daughter is playing Jillian. The brother is a Scott. I’ll post pictures later if I have time.

      My link to all this information is gone because where I posted a good number of crisis actors associated with numerous fabricated events called Friend Feed made a sudden decision to close the site that had been up and active for years.

      Photos of Veronique of when she was young with the twins is are actually Jackie Davis with her two surviving daughters from a set of triplets. The Davis we see playing the public and current Veronique is a relative and a Davis by Marriage.

      1. Interesting. The picture in Karen”s post above looks like a younger Veronique. The picture in Tiffany’s link is someone else. It does say that she changed her photo.

        RBS is right next to BCCI. Telling someone that you’re a VP for them is not exactly a glowing endorsement.

        I hope “Rebelready” posts his pictures. Veronique is one of the most interesting characters in this production. She’s clearly lying, about EVERYTHING.

        I suppose a crisis actor could use Veronique’s name, but it would be unlikely without her consent. Of course she is in the gun confiscation/disarmament game.

      2. The Veronique pretending to be mother of “Noah” is the same Veronique Haller (aka Pozner) in videotaped gun-grab interviews and attending UN Agenda 21 (outlaw firearms) events. The government cannot “switch her identity” at this late stage in the game. They’re only fooling themselves with these Crisis Actors and fake shootings.

    2. I don’t think Veronique Haller Pozner is the same as the lawyer for the Swiss Embassy.
      You can find a fairly long resume for the Swiss lawyer here halfway down the page:

      “Véronique Haller is Counselor and Deputy Head of Legal and Political Affairs at the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington, D.C. since summer 2010… From 2005 to 2010, Ms. Haller was the Deputy Director of the section for international humanitarian law and human rights law in the Office of the Legal Adviser of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Bern…. Ms. Haller holds a Master of Law from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and an Postgraduate Diploma in International Sports Law from Anglia Law School at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK.”

      Veronique Haller Pozner appears to be of French or French-Swiss extraction since her brother Alexis on his website states that he is “fluent in French”.

      1. Well, that adds to the confusion. I too have seen video of Haller at a conference or hearing. It is clearly our “Veronique”. The current website posted here shows a different “Veronique Haller”. It also has a posting that says that she changed her picture.

        If I had to guess I’d say that she was probably an attorney. Her “brother” did indeed mention that he was fluent in French. I don’t know which is the “fake”, but they are obviously not the same person if the current picture is real.

        She also said that she was a “convert” to Judaism. I doubt that. She said that Lenny liked having a Christmas tree. Go figure.

        To me, of all the characters, she most definitely fit the mold of “agent”. I know that there are others, but they do a more credible job of hiding it. Her “brother” would turn wine to vinegar.

        When you put it all together, her brother having the last name “Haller”, the Swiss Miss by the same name being seen on video looking very much like a younger version of Noah’s mom, and the Facebook page with the same particulars but a youngish blond woman who looks more like “Jens’ mom”, something is amiss.

        Either she stole the blond’s identity, or the blond is a visual alias. Either that or there are at least two Veronique Hallers with connections to the Swiss Embassy who were married to the same VP from RBS. Happens all the time.

        1. For added context, when making the We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook doc the section on Veronique was early on extracted from one of my previous videos, because it was liked and fit the bill. However, half way through production we pulled it when the connection to the Swiss embassy didn’t stand up.

          A couple months later, I get an email from the producer saying it’s a go. What put the connection over the top for he and I was that the SH Veronique just happened to have been born in Switzerland. Add to that the blonde version’s strange unbelievability, the SH Veronique making statements to the press like, “I think Nancy aided and abetted Adam” and that her brother is a prominent lawyer.

          So, I agree with lophatt’s theory that the blond woman was simply inserted into Veronique’s social profile as a “Visual Alias.” I also want to thank lophatt for the term, “visual alias” as it will go a long way to simplify many confusing conversations. I’ve sometimes had to turn caveman when conversing and theorizing about the purported child victims…”No. The boy depicted in photo A IS the child being named…arrghh!”

        2. I completely agree that Veronique Haller Pozner is exactly who we think she is.

          3 years ago it was pretty clear in my research that she was the same Veronique Haller from Switzerland.

          They have scrubbed many links and changed the pictures of her in just the last few years for the obvious.

        3. In trying to keep this in context, many of us are aware of the NWO/A-21 agenda and can grasp individual elements of it as abstractions. When we do this type of analysis with individual characters and their possible roles it becomes obvious that this orchestration is larger than one “country’s” attempt.

          I’m fond of saying that “there are no countries” any longer. They may serve as local centers of control, but they are no longer autonomous in any meaningful way. This Haller connection, for example, is merely an implant from another “zone” sent to perform a mission in support of the overall plan.

          So, in the production, many are made to do the bidding of the few. Undoubtedly some are only aware of their particular task. Others know more. It isn’t difficult to identify the more sophisticated actors from the extras.

          What is hoped is that, no matter how hokey and contrived the plot, most will not notice. They will become enthralled in the emotion of the thing and logic will take a holiday. As more and more of these are produced, reality itself will become more subjective.

          My instincts inform me that the “marriage” of Lenny and Veronique would indeed be a strange mix. Dinner conversations would be strained. One would be panting about disarming the recalcitrant eaters while the other talked of vinyl siding sales.

  5. Here is the “wife” of Lenny Pozner. Remember when Anderson Cooper’s nose vanished (Green Screen) while interviewing Veronique Pozner (fake mother of “Noah”)?

    Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) is allegedly a Swiss Diplomat pushing UN Agenda 21 (Gun Confiscation).

    Her (fake) son “Noah” didn’t die at Sandy Hook, NOR did he die 2 years later in the Pakistan school shooting. But that didn’t stop the UN from using the same boy’s photo as a fake “victim” both times.

    Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Hoax.

  6. […] On March 22, 2015 an individual identifying himself as Lenny Pozner of HONR Network filed a copyright infringement claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with Memory Hole Blog Internet Service Provider for MHB’s January 2, 2015 reproduction of an image of his alleged son, Noah Pozner, who according to official reports was killed in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The image in question appeared in the aftermath of the December 16, 2014 Peshawar Pakistan school massacre and was widely circulated via a BBC news report. Upon notification of this complaint More… […]

  7. I believe the Pozner address for his organization is merely a UPS store. Poser, uh, I mean Pozner is using his little entity for unethical purposes – to file frivolous complaints and interference in the freedom of speech. Pozner has found himself in a pickle because having to identify the picture in question raises questions as to how his son’s face ended up on a poster after a school massacre in a foreign country.

    1. Correct. It’s a mailbox rental store in Boca Raton. “Pozner” is most likely a Federal Agent or Crisis Actor. Sandy Hoax was 100% Fake.

      1. The PO BOX is actually a UPS Store in CT. They rent mailboxes as well. Good call on no personal contact information or phone number for the HONR website. As a non-profit, wouldn’t they have to file tax reports and have that available to the public?

        1. Pozner has a Mailbox Store address in Boca Raton AND another address in CT. “Lenny Pozner” appears to be a government “cutout” (aka fake person with fake identity).

          I searched (Swiss Diplomat) Veronique Pozner/Haller a few months ago, and among her addresses was one in McLean, VA (near CIA). My conclusion is that Veronique is indeed attached to the Swiss Embassy (DC) as listed on their roster, and was used as the (fake) mother of Noah b/c she enjoys Diplomatic Immunity and cannot be charged with Treason.

  8. It would have been dumbfounding had the agent receiving the package signed with initials, “E.P.O.” (snicker). But, as BethD already explained the address is just a UPS store outlet so it was probably just signed by a clerk. I wonder if you can have your P.O. Box contents forwarded? Since “Pozner” lives in Florida I believe, he’s not picking up the mail personally. This leads me to wonder who might be manning the HONR network abuse desk?

    After just now returning to the HONR Network’s website after a few months, I noticed a couple points that might be interesting. Years ago, if a company wanted a verified Yahoo search listing it was required that they post their business address and telephone number. That prevented a lot of shady web transactions, financial and otherwise. Since then, other web services now require sites or merchants to post a number. The HONR site has no telephone number posted anywhere.

    Being a web designer & developer, I long ago took to ensuring that any client website posted the principle’s or manager’s names in the About or Contact areas. I can’t recall any instance where their weren’t at least a few persons named. That wasn’t to comply with any law or policy, but just one of the minor aspects you come to employ when building a site that represents a responsible company. My theory is that, if marketing principles and basic communication needs don’t dictate a website include detailed contact information, then it’s left out intentionally. Although there’s lot’s of “we” and “us” used throughout, the HONR site has not a single person’s name anywhere.

    They don’t even have an email address anywhere on the site. And, their domain name registration includes no contact email addresses. They have no publicly accessible email address.

    So, I find it interesting that in their pitch it reads…”A financial donation will aid in the procurement of legal advice and representation, as well as investigative resources so that we may reveal the identities of those who hide behind online personas to abuse anonymously.” Not only do they complain about “anonymity” while remaining totally anonymous, they encourage you to “donate” to their anonymous outfit.

    That link that reads, “Donate” featured prominently in the header of the site takes you directly to a PayPal form that also includes no information other than the name, HONR Network. From my experience, PayPal requires a site receiving donations to either be a verifiable Non-Profit or if not, provide a description of the cause or charity. In truth, PayPal is very loose with their policies. They often allow sites to accept donations without a second glance. Sometimes they’ll freeze an account for using the word, “Donate” if the account isn’t a verified Non-Profit. This includes requiring a bank account in the name of the organization. Other times they simply close accounts that aren’t Non-Profit. This may be why some donation buttons read something like, “Buy me a beer.” PayPal makes money on transactions and may have a loose policy that has allowed HONR to eek by, but I wonder how compliant they really are?

    FYI, HONR stands for “Hands on Networking.” That is, unless there’s another phrase we just don’t know about that spurred “Pozner” to choose the domain after the registration expired at some point. The domain was first registered back in 2001. But, in early 2006 the site was redirecting to “Traxware,” which “Pozner” is known to be associated with. Then, in Oct 2006 the registration expired. But, “Pozner” picked it back up in 2008. All of this is pre-Sandy Hook, which must mean that the choice of this domain for the current purpose was somewhat random. As recently as June 2013, the domain was redirecting to “noahpozner.org.” In January 2015, the new HONR Network was born.

    After looking at this HONR Network site more carefully, I hope they become far more open about who they are and where that money’s going. If they don’t, they should probably be shut down.

    1. Knowing more about this than I, perhaps you could request an inquiry of the registrant to domain by proxy with interest in purchasing the domain honr.com
      (Dbp is a division of go daddy that privatizes registrants info, mainly for spamming or illegal purposes, but also for real people who need it).

      Or we could get Dino to simply ask for it (as an attorney) using any reason and they are known to cough up the info – without even notifying the anonymous registrant. Tons of complaints online on how easy it is to get dbp to give up the info.

      Also I noticed who is data was pointing to Virginia, but another was Texas. Interestingly, the honr.com domain has been around since 2005.

      1. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll check into that. I have no qualms about bidding on a live domain. The proxy WHOIS info doesn’t look unusual at all to me. But I did a look-up at GoDaddy and they show it first being registered in 2001.

  9. Not sure if this has been dealt with in previous posts, but did Pozner lodge a copyright infringement claim against the BBC, who first aired the picture of his son after the Pakistan shooting?

    1. Why would Lenny Pozner challenge BBC? They both work for the same Regimes. BBC only broadcasts what it’s told to broadcast. Therefore, attacking BBC would be attacking Lenny’s own bosses. BBC either (i) Screwed up in showing (fictional) Noah’s photo in BOTH Newtown and Pakistan shootings, or (ii) Purposely used the same photo in 2 different school shootings to “wake up” some folks — that these shootings are fake — and push things toward Martial Law.

      Lenny Pozner is most likely working for DHS or CIA. Veronique Pozner (aka Haller) is a lifelong gun-grabber pushing UN Agenda 21 disarmament. Noah Pozner is either manufactured on a computer, or he’s someone else’s kid (most likely in his teens now).

      Sandy Hook = Gun Grab Hoax.

      Nobody died. Nobody was injured.

      Lenny Pozner won’t actually show up in a courtroom since that could ruin the whole Hoax during Discovery with 1 forged “death certificate” or a ton of other items that don’t add up.

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lac2U9W-CeQ


    Luckily for the Department of Homeland Sekurity: ISIS bad guys only attack towns that train via Operation Urban Shield! Can’t wait to see how Jade Helm goes!

    The video attached is of Garland, Texas training for a terrorist threat in July of 2014. Unbelievably, less than a year later, ISIS would attack a cartoon contest (J’suis Con-artists). The narrative of said shooting would be controlled to the concern of the American Hive-mind regarding “MUH-FREEDUMS” to have a press that shows blasphemous images of some religion’s prophet. The Sleight-of-Hand technique is commonly used to keep the discussion away from what’s behind the Wizard’s Curtain – It’s all a production – ready-made in advance and selected from a playbook and administered to the masses as prescribed by the masters.

    Brace yourselves.

    Thank you for the interruption, now back to Sandy Hook.

  11. It has been confirmed by MSM sources that at least one alleged shooter from the Dallas Anti-Muslim Art Contest was under FBI surveillance. My question is, was this another Let It Happen Event (LIHOP) promoting the multi-hundred Billion dollar-a-year Terror-Industrial Complex ?(with the FBI & Co., greasing the wheels all the way along).

    For me, the Dancing Israeli’s (revealed to be undercover Mossad agents) in Jersey City, N.J., was the most compelling evidence that 911 was a Mil/Intel conspiracy being closely watched and guided. The U.S. is the only country preventing U.N. Security Council approval of sanctions on Israel over the occupation of the disputed territories. For Israel not to have informed a handful of rogues, at the highest levels of power in the U.S., would have meant sanctions crippling their armed forces and economy. This is simply not believable. After a couple of weeks in FBI Newark Field Office custody, these conspirators were released. Heavy diplomatic lobbying was the official MSM reason given for their release, but really they enjoyed the same Teflon Don status as their criminal overlords in the U.S. Mil/Intel oligarchy.

    1. For me the “dancing Isrealis” are the most compelling evidence that tptb wanted you to think 911 was a mossad job.

      I do not mean to day mossad/Israel had nothing to do with 911, but rather I mean to say these dancing fools are not what they seem at first glance.

      I wrote the Mossad and told them if they would hire me I would never act like a drunked frat boy on the job, but they did not show any interest in my services, which led me to speculate that they are not as desperate for functional spies as they may appear in ‘light’ of this dancing fool incident.

      If the dancing fools were as they seem at first glance, then it would be obvious that the mossad is hard up for spooks. Spies acting like lobotimites at a Skynard show? Nothing against Skynard, but you know the stereotype.

      Do these dancing fools remind anyone of the passport surviving the tower and mohammed atta’s evidence left behind in his rental car?

      1. Certainly not a shining moment for Mossad which enjoys being historically vaulted as a small, yet formidable intelligence agency. Reminds me of the Khaled Meshaal fiasco, also under the watch of Bibi.
        I have to laugh at those who say Mossad took the inside lead in 911. I mean, agencies like the CIA and NSA have budgets and staff, that exponentially dwarf the Mossad with its estimated 1,200 employees. Not to mention that Israel’s economic and military existence depend on the U.S., including the U.S. veto of U.N. Security Council sanctions against Israel. I don’t know your background, but, in the current environment, perhaps the rejection of your proffered services is a compliment to you.

    2. After seeing The Newburgh Four documentary and the cover-up that was laughably called the “Via Rail terror case” in Toronto (These hopeless idiot “terrorists” actually thought they could collapse a bridge on the nation’s busiest rail corridor between trains…using hand held tools!)

      Anyway, after seeing that, I no longer believe ANYTHING the FBI says about anything. And they’re probably still the most “trustworthy” of all these government agencies out to protect us from threats that aren’t. I wish I could get paid for fixing problems I just invented out of thin air.

  12. A Newtown Police Department sergeant and a dispatcher at the town’s emergency communications center are among eight men who have been arrested by federal officials as part of an alleged drug trafficking ring.

    Among those arrested are Sergeant Steven Santucci, 38, of Waterbury, and dispatcher Jason Chickos, 46, of Bridgeport.

    The charges against the eight men allege that they illegally distributed steroids and prescription narcotics.

    Also, among the eight charged is a state judicial marshal, Jeffrey Gentile, 33, of Ansonia.


  13. As far as I can tell, investigators haven’t discussed very much the Pozners’ “strategic default” on a mortgage for a property that the Pozners purchased in 2005 in Sandy Hook.
    A complete list of court filings for this case can be found here:
    In 2005, Veronique and Lenny had relocated to Newtown from nearby Bethel and bought a house at 3 Kale Road. For this they took out a mortgage for the amount of about $150,000. The mortgage was in Veronique’s name only.
    In mid-2012 they stopped making payments (of about $1200 a month), and the owner/assignee of the mortgage sued for repayment, in the amount of about $250,000. The Pozners did not pay. The bank then sold the house by foreclosure but the house sale price was less than the mortgage(s) price and so amended the complaint to make it a deficiency judgement. Still the Pozners did not pay.
    It looks like the Pozners did not live in that house for the whole time, since their legal address in 2012 was 27 Alpine Circle in Sandy Hook.

    This situation raises some interesting questions.

    Lenny, please answer the following questions:
    – why didn’t you pay the bank back in 2012, when it was clear that you would have enough money from donations to do so? Why didn’t you at least pay the bank back for the deficiency amount? You certainly have enough money now, so why don’t you pay the bank back to clear your names and your credit records?
    – where did you and your family live from 2005-2012? Were you at 23 Alpine Circle? How could all 7 of you fit into that house, since it only has two bedrooms? Did you put all 5 kids in one room? Did you own or rent 23 Alpine Circle?
    – If you rented out 3 Kale Road, what happened to the money? Didn’t you use it to pay down the mortgage?
    – Why was the mortgage/promissory note in Veronique’s name only? Didn’t you want ownership and liability in both your names, as a couple? Why did you leave the huge liability in your wife’s name only, instead of taking joint liability with her? Isn’t that cruel?
    – In 2014 the bank tried to serve notice on Veronique on 23 Alpine Circle, but she was not there, and the process server could not find any residence for her in Connecticut or anywhere else in the US? How could this be? Everybody’s got to live somewhere/

    Lenny, I’m baffled by these questions. Please show up and explain.

  14. While on the topic of Noah Pozner there has been much speculation that a Fallsview Water Park in Niagara Falls used a picture in their advertising of Noah Pozner. After 2 months of research I will 100% confirm that the Fallsview Water Park Noah is NOT Noah Pozner. Follow here to read my research and feel free to share.


    Furthermore I do know exactly how Noah Pozner was ‘created’ and from where. I will be making a post in the coming weeks to prove exactly how Noah was created and that he never did exist.

  15. MHB newws wire carried a trailer for the documentary Hellstorm: The Rape of Germany. It is interesting that our media rarely presents anything resembling a balanced view of history. Then again, history is written by the victors!
    A more recent example of media bias is the so-called Russian aggression” in Ukraine. Ethnic Russians have been subjected to
    Genocide there. Although there are two sides to every ugly war story, this one is being ignored by MSM’s fantasy narrative:



    A great book, that puts the Holocaust into historical perspective, by analyzing it along with a history of many other relatively sparsely covered Genocides is Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide from Sparta to Darfur:


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