Mean_ACReporter Luke Rudkowski braves the Baltimore riots (without any bodyguards) in order to confront CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his CIA past. Anderson attempts to hide behind several bodyguards and then retreats to a vehicle to avoid Luke’s questioning.

Over 300 days have passed since James Tracy challenged Anderson Cooper to revisit Newtown Connecticut with him. To this day Mr. Cooper has yet to take Tracy up on the offer.

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6 thought on “Luke Rudkowski Confronts Anderson Cooper: “Have you ever heard of Operation Mockingbird?””
  1. James your scathing challenge to cooper read more like the indignant retorts of a troubled teen. It appears it was too little too late having bowed out of coopers challenge to you the first time in Jan following the SHE event. Go away this one.

  2. All excellent questions only an agent provocateur could deny. Here is something from seasoned journalist Lew Rockwell on Cooper:

    Another excellent video of brave Luke Rudkowski grilling former Minister of Information Cass Sunstein in front of a live audience (notice that the likes outnumber the dislikes some 80 to 1):

    Thank you Luke for another great, hard hitting video. Keep up the good work!!

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