JadeHelmBy James F. Tracy

Earlier this year US Retired Non-Commissioned Special Forces Officer Tom Mead addressed the Howard County Texas Board of Supervisors on the Jade Helm 15 military and law enforcement exercises that will be taking place in across the southern United States in Summer 2015.

“What is Jade Helm?” Mead asks those in attendance.

Jade Helm is a challenging eight week exercise. Truly, in the Martin and Howard County area we’re only going to be here for about five-to-five and half weeks. The eight weeks comes in where there is the preparation and planning that happens back in Florida and in the Mississippi area. The exercise is a joint military and inter-agency activity. What this means is that we have units from every military service participating in the exercise with us. And we also have some of our inter-agency partners, such as the FBI and the DEA, and some of the other agencies assisting us and working with us in the exercise. (Emphasies added)

“The exercise is going to be throughout seven states,” Mead continues. “Texas is the main bulk of the activity. We are spread from east to west, north to south, throughout the state of Texas. It is a Special Operations Command, General [Joseph L.] Votel-sponsored exercise to improve Special Operations forces’ ability to conduct unconventional warfare as part of the national security” (emphasis added).

In the question and answer portion of the presentation, Mead further explains to board members how Jade Helm, a new exercise he describes as also being developed by US Special Operations General Charles T. Cleveland, will now be conducted within the United States annually.

Further, Mead points out that the FBI and DEA will be involved in “questioning” individuals. It is unclear whether the individuals being interrogated are part of the exercise, or what they will be questioned about. “They will actually do some questioning for us at one of the airports in Arizona.” A military or civilian airport? He doesn’t elaborate.

Mead also provides a conflicted response when asked by the county officials if only US military and law enforcement personnel will be involved in the exercise. “Do you use any personnel from NATO, the UN or DHS?” one board member asks (at 12:56 in the above video). “Currently for Jade Helm it is US only. We, ah, that has been one of the discussions that, uhm, I’m not sure if it has occurred yet.”

A sober observer might conclude (as a portion of the public already has) that Jade Helm is likely a means to acclimate America for eventual martial law. Since September 11, 2001 US citizens have experienced a steady erosion of their civil liberties associated with the dubious rationale of the “war on terror.” The increased militarization of law enforcement and now operations like Jade Helm being carried out on domestic soil further indicate how the Posse Comitatus Act, introduced in 1878 and intended to prevent the federal government from using the military for domestic law enforcement, is being steadily eviscerated, though it is important to note that as recently as 2002 the US Congress reaffirmed the significance of the law.

Even the Rand Corporation has suggested that the US military has no clear criteria concerning when and how Posse Comitatus applies to exercises such as Jade Helm. “[I]t is critical,” Rand researchers observe in one study, “that the Army develop doctrine, leadership, and training programs that can provide clear and specific guidance on when and how the Posse Comitatus Act—as well as any other laws that proscribe Army activities in the domestic arena—applies and when it does not.”

The US military also wants to revisit Posse Comitatus, although it appears to regard it as a quaint formality, particulaly in light of its cavalier insistence that Jade Helm go forward unhindered and on an annual basis. “The Posse Comitatus Act is an artifact of a different conflict-between freedom and slavery or between North and South,” one military official argues. “Today’s conflict is also in a sense between freedom and slavery, but this time it is between civilization and terrorism. New problems often need new solutions, and a new set of rules is needed for this issue” (emphasis added). Given Jade Helm’s active collaboration between military and law enforcement such a remark is especially chilling.

Indeed, elected leaders and the federal law enforcement agencies involved in “partnering” with the military in Jade Helm routinely regard the civilian population as if it were a prolific spawning ground for “terrorists” (e.g. here, here, here, here and here).

The confusion over what should be a clear firewall between civil society and military exploits does not bode well for the US citizenry, who will soon be getting a glimpse in the “homeland” of what NATO and its military do on a routine basis to would be terrorists and their loved ones throughout the world.

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96 thought on “Whither Posse Comitatus? Special Forces Officer Explains Jade Helm 15”
  1. Thanks James. This is VERY important and most don’t seem to care.
    This is the end of Posse Comitatus when all seven states concede ti this exercise using the American people as guinea pigs.

    They say this is a covert Operation between 11pm and 6 am. ..Really?
    who is awake then? It will going all during the day and “Concerned Citizens” should “call in” to report “Suspicious Activity” to the betterment of their operation….Right

    Oh Well, its out of our control as always. I just hope they leave.

    But they wont. This has been going on for almost 2 years in preparation and there is a “Cyber Terrorist Attack” in the exercise that they will use the new authority of the FCC to handle.

    Thank God for our Govt. We couldn’t survive without them….
    ./sarc disabled

    I just wish they would take all this money wasted in drills and Feed our People who really need help.

    Just Dreaming Away……

    Thanks Again

      1. I’d agree with it being Israeli inspired. I suppose when headquarters provides a policy you follow it. Remember, “the cattle are stupid”.

      2. Please Gil.
        No Offense but the whole Zionist and the Jews did is point less this late in the Game.

        They are ALL in it.

        Our Govt, Britain, Israel and the entirety of the European Elites along with our very own Rothchilds and Rockerfellers and the Carnegie’s (Good Man) and Vandebilts and the Duponts and the Bayers (german) and….
        even the the low level, new to the party young Bloods the Clintons and the the Obamas.

        I haven’t even mentioned the all the powerful Corporations our Govt. now asks how high to jump.

        Don’t mean to dog you or ridicule you just….the Jews?

        They are ALL in on it.

        Peace and Love and Gods Wisdom

        1. My last comment is in the Memory Hole (moderation) and I apologize if I offended anyone but I’m just saying they are all in on it and empower each other.

          Yes, I understand the Good Fig and the Bad Fig to a Science.

        2. Ric, I’d say there is a root to the corruption. From that root, many nefarious groups and individuals have come forth.

          The root is the core and if we study history and learn why “they” have been booted from most countries, we will have our answer.

          I do agree that many others are complicit but clearly WE, the US, are under the sway of the Chosen.

          I wish you’d stop playing this peace and love and God’s wisdom garbage. It’s really pathetic sounding, sorta like some flower child from the 60’s. Don’t mean to rag on you but this stuff is sooooooo passe’. Surely you can do better than this.

        3. I’ve never seen such rigorous skepticism and scrutiny applied to analyzing one’s society alongside of such cultivated ignorance in my life. It’s very odd.

        4. Since Gil once asked me if I was “Chosen” I will step in. I am a Chooser. I guess that makes me a sort of goddess. It is a tired old cliche to blame to the Jews for everything, and it leads to bad places. It lets you think you are a victim, which is oddly going to turn you into a mini-me of the very Israelis you revile. But the psychology of victimhood is well understood. Hitler used the “stab in the back” to become a dictator over an otherwise decent bunch of people. Let us eschew such a passive stance and stop blaming Israel for all the problems we have. I suggest we blame the Pope instead (not really) or even the Masons (no, not them either). Stop blaming, and get to the point. We are taking the narrative in the wrong direction because our script is not coming from ourselves but from above, the authorities who are telling us we are under threat. “The Turks are at the gates of Vienna.” I can think of no more European a narrative. No longer must they fight the Soviet Union but now they see themselves as beset by an older enemy. And we are supposed to think the same way as they do. We are supposed to fall into line with that thinking.

          Why are we being confused? So we don’t see what is happening under our very noses. Example: What’s wrong with all the fracking? And that Keystone Pipeline which takes Canadian tar sands to a port in Texas over an irreplaceable aquifer to sell to the Chinese? What is wrong with this picture? Aren’t we currently, even before Jade Helm, having things shoved down our throats which are bad for us? And if we resist, won’t we be “the terrorists”? Maybe that is what this is about. Subduing the cattle the better to take us to market?

          We’ve already lowered our expectations about a better life for our children, many of whom are saddled with ridiculous debt and working in low wage jobs. What’s that about? Did someone do it to us or did we do it to ourselves?

        5. In all honesty, musings, I can’t get past the irony of your first comment. You’re accusing people who find pivotal guilt in jews of conceiving of themselves as victims?

          Are you serious here? You’re defending jews while accusing those who expose jewish imperialism of defining themselves as victims? You’re defending jews while doing that?!

          Since you asked if I’m american, I’ll ask whether you’ve ever had to survive amidst a majority or even plurality of jews. Something tells me the answer is no.

        6. Well, I don’t blame “Israel” (the place), the plan is very old. You can feel free to believe whatever you wish. I didn’t set out to believe any particular source. My research leads me where it leads.

          If you think this is all accidental, I feel sorry for you. There is a plan, and there is only one group capable and skilled enough to pull it off. They’ve had a lot of practice.

          But, you can choose to believe that “the aliens” did it, or whoever. You would be wrong. “Blaming” is necessary if you wish to put a stop to the source of a problem. Exposure is a good start.

          All those other’s are merely pawns. “The Pope”? Get real. Freemasons are to this as Obongo is to government. A useful tool. I know exactly who and what is at the root of what we see. The only way to reverse it is to stop allowing them to make the decisions.

          That’s what I mean by “ignore them”. They get no special treatment from me. Any bought and sold politician who pledges loyalty should be sent on a one way “fact finding mission”, sans passport.

  2. It seems the “lone wolf” is keeping many of our governmental slave-masters “up at night”, including:

    Eric Holder, previous U.S. Attorney General
    Art Acevedo, Austin Police Chief
    Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center
    Matthew Levitt, director of the Stein Program on Counterterrorism & Intelligence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee
    James McJunkin, assistant director of FBI, Washington Field Office

    The same someone must be writing the script for all of them…

    1. We do not know what Jade Helm will bring, but seems we have had plenty of warning which means another distraction, or ….

      Yes the using of charities to thieve from the public has been a common theme in the latest conspiracies. The queen of the hill who went from pauper to hundred millionaire, all in the name of charity for the world, has suddenly elevated the label of conspiracy theorist to someone who must be aware of what massive corruption is, or not know what the meaning of is, is!


      Here is another significant event for this day, President Bush has been silent since he left office out of respect, and finally had to come forward and state the truth of the matter on foreign affairs and the lies we are told.


      1. I hated what Bush/Cheney did to start this ball rolling. You may hate the actions of Obama and think it began with him. Au contraire. Both administrations have been disastrous. And there are more outrages to come, no matter which side the billionaires choose for us this time. I will watch the Bush clip, but his remarks are unworthy of consideration. He always was a figurehead and his present thoughts only serve a narrative to put another Republican into office to continue the policies that have never stopped since his election was determined by the Supreme Court (Gore would have been no better in his way).

        “Find a way to invade Iraq. Use the anthrax.” Shall I go on?

        1. Yeah, another Repub in office. Like his bro, Jeb. That’s all we would need, not that any of the Dems are any different. How come no one ever votes for the indepentdant parties, fer Chrissake ?

        2. You are so right Musings….

          The Hard Right and Hard Left can’t see this.

          In my opinion this started in 1980 when GHWB became the Vice Pres.

          The CIA Officially became the the President and even shot him.(Reagan) to prove it.

          The Hanging chads debacle was a scam by Gore and Bush to make us all think Electronic Voting would be the way. And it has worked for the Lemmings.. There is nothing you can do. The Lemmings win.

          All Voting is a fraud NOW. I’m saddened to say. They decide.

          They even count our Presidential votes in Foreign Countries. Spain and Canada. 0, ZERO American Input but No ones Cares

          I’m so sad to even admit this defeat.

          Hey,The new Apple 7 is out………

  3. The governor of Maryland declared a state of emergency today around 3-4pm, because of more rioting in Baltimore. I really don’t think we’re very far away from martial law.

    1. The American people will not fight back. They’ve been lulled to sleep with their electronic gadgetry and liberal pablum puke in schools. Multiculturism was a noted tool of the jews dating back to 1880 and continues to this day. Read Kevin MacDonald’s great book, Culture of Critique, and realize the impact the Chosen have had on our culture. Between the Chosen and the neocons and the banksters, they’ve collaborated and sunk the harpoon deep within this country.

  4. Traditionally we had a “citizen army”. In war time an army was raised from the civilian population. That was done for “defense”. Over time “defense” turned into “national interest”.

    Police were supposed to protect those who pay their salaries. They were also to come from the population and live among it. They were not supposed to be an invading force.

    We can all see where this is headed. These are done to acclimatize both the military and the civilians to having a military presence in civil affairs. It is also to bolster the current idea of police being an extension of armed authority.

    None of this is good. The military’s job is to impose policy through force. That is not supposed to be the job of police. “Force” is not authorized within the country.

    They are dividing us into camps. The police are with the military camp, as are the local “officials” who regard the population as subjects to be ruled, by force if necessary.

    They are even pushing “quartering” in this drill. They are also trying to establish a rat line and identify informants. They will try to get local snitches to give them information and develop scenarios around that information.

    They should all receive rides in “horse trailers”, to the state line and beyond.

    1. Yes Lophatt,

      But they actually are trying to Balkanize us into segregated camps of Race and different Philosophical Ideals (left/Right) divide and conqueror strategy that seems to be working very well the last 6 years..I won’t even show an example. Just read the latest headline where a city is burning.

      Balkanization is a slow but very effective process to destroy the continuity of a united Country. CIA 101

      1. Ric, yes, I agree. What I said remains. Trust me, I get what they’re doing. It is amazing for me to watch how radically things have shifted over very little time. People just accept it.

        It is more than just the US. It is happening anywhere they hold sway. Every stable thing is being made unstable. They want chaos so that the eaters will beg them to come in and restore order.

        1. Thanks Lophatt,
          I love your words of wisdom. Truly a Brother of Peace with God given common sense.

          Hey, I’m a little buzzed with my cheap wine. I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time.

          I’m 56 years old. I have no White Privilege. Everything I have I worked for and it saddens me when people say I can get freebie’s for being white.

          I’m probably going to regret this but I’m being honest if that has any value today?

          My Dad left when I was 7 yrs old and I grew up with nothing.

          I almost went into all the marriages from both sides and all the the step Brothers and Sisters that came and went…it was hard

          I Graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and got a Degree in Common Sense and Street Smarts.

          Harvard and all the Ivy League Schools don’t, and can’t even offer that class….I have a Degree…

          I’ve been a Entrepreneur and Business owner my whole life because I could only employ Me..My Stepfather taught me that. God Bless Him..

          Everything I know and every word I know I LEARNED on my own by studying on my own. Anyone can do it if they want.

          That’s why I may not articulate well but I’m very smart and well versed in my Fathers Word.

          Haha…..I hope I don’t regret this rant.

        2. This is in reply to Ric’s reply.
          Ric, thanks for getting buzzed and just saying what you want. PC is a chilling societal norm, which censors us all in self-conscious fear. One cannot enumerate the possible effects of PC behavior (and the peer pressure it evokes). needless to say, its refreshing to hear off the cuff remarks because not even this site is immune to it (thanks in part to frequent contrarians and other commenters who have trouble criticizing constructively). I toast to your informality, may it bring forth empathy and understanding to us all.

        3. You too too Musings,Thanks

          I wish I never went off but thanks to all for not Humiliating me.

          I had a moment……

      2. You are absolutely correct here, Ric. Obama and Holder have had a joint plan to destroy this nation and it appears to be working very well. Communism is just around the corner. Martial law is coming, usually following a major race riot that was induced, as were Baltimore and Ferguson.

        Right out of the communist manifesto, right out of Marx and Alinsky.

        1. I agree Gil, but we must not forget that they’re mere employees. That’s why they were selected.

          It is our denial that makes this possible. None of us want to admit the obvious. If a person set about destroying everything we and our ancestors worked for what would it look like? Why, just like it does now.

          Ric, thanks for the complement and you never have to apologize to me. It’s a little ironic that I’ve been having discussions lately at work that sound very much like what you have to say. Anyone listening would think it was a rerun of “Archie Bunker”.

          We should all be sick of being played for chumps. Muggers may steal your purse but they seldom pause to insult your intelligence while they’re at it.

          They are playing us off each other and cackling with glee. The current crop is right out of “Central Casting”. They know that to criticize them will be interpreted as “racism”, no matter how well deserved the criticism is. It is a perfect match for the plan.

      1. Truth is stranger than fiction. Has Gordie gone insane, or have you? Show us your sources or do you expect to go unchallenged in this life? Just sayin’.

        1. It is my guess, which is as good as anybody’s, is that his persona has been taken over. The comments, writing style, and attitude portrayed by one Gordon Duff just does not add up to his previous interviews and postings on VT and other sites. You would have to follow that site for awhile to see what I mean.

          I believe that a similar situation is ongoing at nodisinfo dot com with drk research.

      2. I do believe, John, that Gordie has piqued my interest, notably over the last 4-6 months. We read, over and over, about his matchless experiences in Vietnam. Oh, Gordie simply experienced events that no human has every experienced before. Over and over he tells us he was the last great American hero. The best of the best, summa cum laude at war.
        This degenerated into a very noticeable and harsh condemnation of people who differed from him over various issues. Just like Obama or whoever the POTUS is, there are many questions about the Duffster. Some websites have called him Mossad directed. Allegedly, he sells arms and consults with countries on “security issues”. This agency called Adamus that he allegedly heads up is another deep question mark. Duff may well be strategically placed for his deductions and explanations, my question remains “who is this man”? VT is an agency that allegedly enjoys some conjoint, eye to eye, status similarities as the lettered agencies like FBI, CIA, etc. How can a non-governmental “intelligence” entity see eye to eye with secretive agencies?
        This is scratching the surface with respect to my queries about VT. I am clearly a doubting Thomas on this issue regarding Duff. He is a person of interest, to say the least.
        Good observations on your part.

      3. There was a saying related to the FBI’s COINTELPRO back in the 60’s and 70’s: an agent behind every college mailbox. Induced paranoia to control the population, especially those professors in a position to mold opinion, and, not as easily constrained as a news room by a legal department or other corporate oversight mechanisms.
        Back to VT. Over 50% of Gulf War 1 Vets are on disability for Gulf War Syndrome, PTSD, etc. More than half of vets that returned from our latest misadventures in the region are either overtly anti-war, or, seriously disillusioned with the military. No surprise that the minimum 20% informant target for subversive groups has been achieved at VT and similar venues. It is a given that some of your comrades are there to observe and report whether you present dissident views on VT or ride with a 2% biker club. I really do not believe there is a distinction made between enemies who are exercising their First Amendment rights within the four corners of the law, and, the racketeers. At the end of the day, it’s all about social control by any means necessary by a reactionary government.

      4. Mr. Luv – How very perceptive of you in light of the latest news – http://scoopfeed.net/2015/05/04/gordon-duff-covering-for-jade-helm-and-the-boston-bombing-updated/

        Will have to admit never did follow Duff, Prof Fetzer got my attention with Sandy Hook coverage, almost quit with the anti jew slant, but then he wisely quit that rant.

        Or another note, now that we are amazed on your premonition, should we buy gold or silver? Seriously, seems like our hard earned savings are quickly going to turn to vapor, do not even know how to buy silver without feeling like we are swindled.

        Peace and love to all!

  5. There was, at one time, and briefly, the notion that when you infringe on the civil rights of anyone, you endanger all of us. I think it can best be summed up as a Cold War attitude, in which America’s fair play was contrasted with that of the Soviet bloc. There, you could go to prison for mere association with people the State had deemed a threat to its security. They could be fellow scientists you met abroad (I know one East German couple jailed for a year in the early 80’s for that), they could be fellow nationals who were publishing anti-state messages privately. Unless we look at those times and the way the State arrogated such power to itself and would permit of no dissent or resistance, we will not understand where this might go. Not to let fascist dictatorships in Latin America off the hook in this either…nor that of Franco.

    How can the ideals of America survive this kind of usurpation? Only through lies. The lie that we are menaced by terror at all times, which is supported by hoaxes like the BMB and SHES, for instance, supports the narrative and allows it to spread. The more sensational the attack, the wider the audience and the more compliant they will be. The dusty old ideals seem intact, the “quaint document” that is the US Constitution (though crushed under the weight of contradictory legislation like the USA Patriot Act) seems to hold no less true, and the grand old flag still flies over an odd foreign land ironically called by its oppressors The Homeland. Where does the nugget of the Republic lie in this game of three card monty? Probably in the street shark’s pocket.

    I know my remarks sound flippant and semi-poetic. But in reality, we cannot take our freedoms for granted. If we want to hold onto them we have to remember a couple of things: As Thomas Jefferson said, “No nation was ever ignorant and free.” And also, once they come as thieves in the night, they will never give back what they take from us. The exercise they have planned in Jade Helm is a combination of fantasy (which its very designers compare to the French Resistance) and transposition of non-American attitudes to the US (a statist view of how to treat citizens, always top down, where you must ask permission to have rights which can be taken from you if you do not play their game, however morally innocent your own behavior).

    If you do not cooperate, you will find out how much your rights are regarded as innate and how much they are at sufferance of the authorities. Is it really civilization versus terrorism? Or is it something else we have yet to define, but which is coming closer every day, and it is definitely not “civilization” but barbarism.

    1. “How can the ideals of America survive this kind of usurpation?”

      It is fortuitous that Lew Rockwell today includes in his daily list of articles to read one he calls “Order Without Law: Anarchy In the Old West” (https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/04/no_author/order-without-law-2/).

      It is about a man who witnessed the transition from genuine freedom (which was very, very, good) to a rule of law-on-paper, which gradually, inevitably but directly delivered us here. The man was 98 in 1958, and he gave an interview about the transition he witnessed, and was a part of, in his lifetime. Perhaps he could imagine the full-on, Robocop, police state we are watching unfold–but I doubt it.

      Anyway, it’s a great read.

      1. Thanks Patrick, for the link. I think that careful, stick to your own affairs attitude may still prevail among ranchers in the West today. But with a caveat – for instance, if you graze your cattle on Bureau of Land Management land, you have to pay any fees incurred, just as if they were another rancher you did not wish to offend. Don’t do it, and you pay the consequences. Don’t pay the IRS, and there is trouble. The rest of the time you just carry on without making a big deal about it.

        What still exists to bind people is common cultural ways, not even necessarily based on their national identities. I know what it is to work with honest Mexican labor in California. They are as good as anybody, and my father often hired them on his ranch.

        In Boston, I found some Irish painters, all from the same town in Galway, to paint my house and roof it. When I signed the contract, I was planted a tree and my hands were dirty. The head guy came up to me and wanted to shake on the deal (at least neither of us spit – the dirt was fresh enough), and he took away some of the dirt from my yard and did the job quite well (he now has a fancy copper and slate business, and I can no longer afford him). But we had some sense of each other’s goodwill, and a long fancy contract was never necessary. The job cost no more and probably less than others offered to do.

        At the heart of a lot of this is the notion of contracts between people, because the old west was always about productivity, and that involved paid efforts. It wasn’t some airy-fairy dream, because nobody can survive on dreams, especially there.

      2. An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.

        – Robert A. Heinlein

        It was well worth the time to read it. I made a comment that did the usual disappearing act; part of it read how when it comes to losing our liberties and rights at the lowest level, any one life lost is too high a price to be paid, and the rights must be revoked to save that life. However in the highest halls of power, there is no limit to the amount of life they will sacrifice to achieve there ends.

        Simply put, the individual still had the power in the old west, and the old Marshall may have regretted helping take that power away. People can’t use what is left of that power or they will be smeared all over the media as a nut, perv, or anything else they can dream up. We may still have our guns, but they have been rendered impotent. This can be seen by the way people treat each other on a daily basis, and the TV set promotes this every time you see one personality bashing another.

        Having a big mouth should never have become a right.

  6. Interestingly enough, the entertainment industry has been telling us a lot of these things for years. I think of movies like “The Siege” with Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington, “The Net” with Sandra Bullock, “Wag the Dog” with Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman, and now a new TV show coming out called “Mr. Robot”. The “intro” talks about the top 1% of the top 1% who run everything.

    I guess by making it fiction, they are telling us that it is fiction?

  7. There is a class of people who do battle above us for their own gain. They will rape the people and the planet until the last morsel remains. They have no desire to better the world, or use their billions to create a sustainable future. They play their game and give us the story through the reverse bullshit filter called “the news”, which has nothing to do with what is really going on at their level.

    The only thing they can agree on is the evil they all work toward. They simply want to beat each other to the finish line. The never ending blood sacrifices they make prove who they are inspired by. On our level, they tell us that one human life is too high a price for any right or liberty to stay in the hands of the people. On their level, there is no limit to the lives that can be sacrificed on the road to a new world order.

    When is the last time anyone at the top really had to answer to the same laws that those down here are held accountable to? Jade Helm 15? must mean there will be a 16, and so on. until it is a permanent part of the landscape. Then we will say, “how did this happen?”.

  8. None of this is very surprising after the existence of REX 84 was revealed, during the Iran Contra hearings, that, inter alia, revealed “continuity of government plans” that came close to interning over 90% of the African American population during the height of nationwide riots ranging from Newark to Watts in the 1960’s.
    Also, the controversial Texe Marrs made a video called Nightstalkers Over America (1999) that explained military drills by the unmarked black choppers across the nation to civilian locations, including schools where the “friendly” soldiers fraternized with children.

  9. Kudos to lophatt. I was trying to compose an answer to that comment which shows a person blinkered to the elephant in the room. You did very well, and saved me work.

    1. Why in a AARP ad, a tv news announcement in the back ground of the ad state POTUS has established Marshall Law? Ferguson and Baltimore was planned and play out the same way. Letting angry citizens destroy police cars stage for destruction, and police told to stand down. These two events were result of coordinated planning from your community organizer himself and his team. To show the public that only Americans can be safe and be calm only if we have federal Marshall law. These are the same events leading up to trying to disarm the American people as POTUS starting with Fast and Furious, planed mass shootings at gun free zones and top it off with Sandy Hook Hoax, but instead POTUS became the number one salesman in gun sales in the USA, Follow the money trail – POTUS is out of cash. He just borrowed 500 billion from government employees retirement savings plans. That will last until September 2015. POTUS needs to establish Marshall Law, disband the Constitution, disarm Americans, then take the 19 trillion dollars in American retirement savings plans.

      1. Yep. 19 trillion. It will be the biggest spending spree in history. Shoulld last until the next inauguration I’m going to kick in about a quarter mil myself. Pony up folks. Don’t be cheap.

      2. “then take the 19 trillion dollars in American retirement savings plans”

        That would be quite a trick. It might have been a crazy idea that just might work in Byzantium, where money consisted of gold coins (I can’t think of any other place except ancient China). But here and now, all that money takes the form of securities–stocks and bonds.

        If the federal government seized those accounts, it would suddenly have a large percentage of the stock and bond markets in its possession. But that’s not money. You can’t cut welfare checks with a bond portfolio; it requires a bank account full of cash. Those bonds would have to be converted into money–that is, they would have to be sold. But who in their right mind would be buying? If the federal government started dumping trillions of dollars worth of stocks and bonds into the marketplace, simply to spend the money on stupid government tricks, the value (market price) of those assets would rapidly approach zero.

        1. No its not money, Patrick. But what difference does it make? Neither is the electronic deposits they keep creating over at the fed. The goal isn’t to fund anything. The goal is to steal and enslave. The assets would be held in trust and used as leverage just like anything else. Then they could print more money based on the value of the fund. The government would probably institute fees just like the 401k plans and suck up what they can.

          On a side note, I just read that since 2012 JP Morgan has increased its physical silver holdings from 5 to 55 million ounces. Sounds like they have been taking delivery on cheap silver while using free government dollars to write naked shorts and beat down the price. I can’t think of a better advertisement for owning physical silver or gold. Everything else can be taken with the stroke of a key. Why not own silver, and make them knock on your door.

        2. I agree with all of what you say, Rich. I have long been certain that they will find a way to strip everyone of their government-regulated retirement funds. I’ve read many theories about how it will be done. My point is, and I guess I didn’t make it well enough, that just as you say, “The goal isn’t to fund anything. The goal is to steal and enslave.”

          It seems clear that talltale meant that they’d steal the private accounts so that they’d have the money to keep the ponzi going, because in the previous two sentences he/she said: “He just borrowed 500 billion from government employees retirement savings plans. That will last until September 2015.” Then he/she starts the sentence I referenced with the words “POTUS needs…”.

          POTUS sure does need an impossible pile of dough, and maybe the scoundrel can abscond with the assets and borrow against them as you speculate. But that would have almost as disastrous effects on the markets as trying to sell them off.

          Then again, look at what they’ve gotten away with in the last quarter century. No one could have imagined. Using logic can’t aid us in these matters.

  10. Creating a paltry and pathetic straw man by insisting others “insist the jews are behind everything” is so obvious. Who has blamed jews for everything? Don’t look for sympathy with your all encompassing brush strokes, either.

    It is “Martial law” not Marshall Law. Martial arts, not Marshall arts. This is my contribution to this group, no kudos or cheers are necessary. I did it for the group, it’s my altruism thingie.

    1. “Creating a paltry and pathetic straw man by insisting others “insist the jews are behind everything” is so obvious. Who has blamed jews for everything?”

      Isn’t that exactly what you invited MHB to do in an earlier comment ? (i.e., to walk off a cliff?). From an earlier comment of yours on the Intellectual Freedom and Managed Dissent thread:

      “I hope the MH readership follows the incredibly disturbing case of Sylvia Stolz, the brave lawyer who defended Ernst Zundel in Germany for anti-Holohoax speech issues and was taken directly from court to jail!!!”

  11. I don’t know where to post this and I don’t want to disrupt Pats article which is very good..


    Anne and Recnd77. I think you guys live here in the So. Cal Area.

    I’m in the N.E. Part of LA County.

    Did you see what they they did to our skies today?

    It’s nothing less than War on Us.

    It was So Bad yet not a word or a Mention.

    Ironically there was an article today about Joni Mitchell, the “60’s and ’70’s Artist who is convinced Chem-Trails, Heavy Metals from them are hurting her and she is suffering from Mellongens ( don’t know the spelling) disease. Strange.

    But did you guys see our our skies today?
    Nothing less than a Crime. No Excuse.

    1. Sorry, Correction.
      I live in the Far NW part of Hell La. (Los Angeles)

      Brutal today with a vengeance.

      At least a 100K spray added on to the 19 Trillion deficit.

      But hey, It’s for free…….

    2. Oh, Duuuude. I’m in Orange County (right near Los Al/Northeast Seal Beach area) and the sky was an absolute fright. And it’s the third day of 95° heat and nearly zero humidity. Unbelievable. I took photos and posted them on my Facebook page (which I don’t often do), but got little response. I’ve been “looking up” for about five years now and today has got to be the worst day ever (though I seem to say this a lot).

      I’m convinced the drought is engineered; I’d bet the El Niño of ’91-’92+ was, too, but I wasn’t paying attention then.

      1. Thanks for responding. “I’m convinced the drought is engineered”
        It is….

        I have a million photos and video of this insane thing.

        It took me 2 years to convince my wife this was really happening and now she gets it. I hope the same for you. It’s hard for people to accept this reality.

        Dark Secret is they are are all in this since 1988. It’s a scam for money,Power and Control and the Repubs and Demos are all in. It’s not left or right. It’s MONEY.

        Thank you so much for responding. We’re 3 hours later than most here..HaHa

        1. Hi SoCal folks, I live in the far NW section of Los Angeles County. Thought I was getting away from congestion. It was just reported that another 20,000 homes will be built right here in NW Los Angeles County. They have already started. Where will the extra water come from? Right now the valley where I live has around 200,000 residents. The genius planners are aiming for 1/2 million. Good bye SoCal.

          We already had the first brush fires up here on Monday. The drought is engineered, has been in the works for some time. I saw the skies today. All the protests and all the petitions and all the gatherings are not going to stop this madness. Tptb do whatever they want. Only solution is to starve the beast and starve it good. This is from San Francisco on 4/28:


        2. I can’t believe how much DARK Money Congress allots for this (spraying) and yet No One from Congress and ALL the the Governors and Mayors and Local City Councils from All the States in our Union can’t see the destruction in our skies.

          They are Scared.

          We truly Must be Slaves if something so Obvious is SO “Taboo” No One on any Level will even discuss it.

          Like ALL the False Flags. We have no Voice.

          Our Media is scared. Some may say complicit, I agree if your talking about the CEO’s of these Corporations doing the deeds of these Devils, but I think some journalists are More Scared than they are working for these Blood Suckers

          Some will say I’m “giving them a break”. I’m not..

          They get you in the pocket book so you are more worried about just trying to survive and support your family.

          “We’ve lost on every level from WTC “93 to OKC to 911 and beyond….

        3. Great video from SoCal Skywatch exposing NBC talking heads in San Diego. As serious as the topic is, kudos to the video maker for making this funny – as in making fun of the talking heads. Well worth watching till the end, 17 minutes long.

          Protest NBC Weather Control Disinformation & Censorship

        4. That site you referenced has some great stuff, and the comments are even better! I see some friends of mine are already there 🙂

          Thanks for posting this, Pedantic; I’m going to repost it on my favorite chemtrails Facebook page.

        5. Deborah Tavares had this to say in a recent interview – we are being subjected to Attrition Warfare. In other words they are wearing us down bit by bit. I thought that was a good analogy.


          When we are thoroughly worn down a place like this may seem to be the only answer:

          “New Ruralism” – a NEW TOWN Proposed in Central California: Quay Valley new 7,500 acre sustainable “green” town in Kings County, Central California . .

          (as residents we get to drink treated sewer water)

          Attrition warfare is fought here too – from Boston, MA to New Milford, CT where the enemy comes in the form of backpacks:


        6. Too bad the people don’t start their own war of attrition by ceasing to pay the cable bill. Their power lies in their ability to disseminate BS. If we wait for a collapse on their timetable they will be able to install their new system and “save” us. The rug needs to be pulled out to expose the dolts that run this place as the puppets they are. The only power the people have to accomplish that is with their wallet. Sacrifices would have to be made. What? sacrifice? No sir, not me! When its all over the rich will still be rich, the poor will still be poor and the middle class will be dead because no one ever taught them how to be poor.

        7. You all need to get out of Dodge, there is an overload of crazy news from CA, can it really be true that the much needed water is diverted to the ocean and not captured in reservoirs because of ….?

          Also not shocking the LA water department is knee deep in soaking the tax payers. http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-0503-lopez-mayor-20150503-column.html#page=1

          They have stopped majorly spraying in this area in the last month or two. Sun rises and sets are chemically wiped out, but the sun actually shines in the day. Guessing we are currently in a low population area that the Chinese developers do not currently deem desirable..

        8. If only you knew how much money California spends here in Colorado trying to glom our #1 river. I noticed over the winter they were lining our canals with concrete, and I hear that Cali-Fornia was footing the bill. Funny, I thought they were almost broke. They have also created the myth that 4 species of supposedly 65 million year old fish that inhabit the river are in danger of going extinct, hence we need to keep water flows up to save them. How convenient. Western Colorado, the land of fish ladders to nowhere.

  12. Sometimes to step back and draw comparisons helps put things in perspective. Why aren’t the people expressing outrage at the expansion of the psych system, which is at least as menacing in its lack of constitutionality and illegality as this exercise is. The latest on Freddie Gray is that he ‘injured himself’ even though early reports and common sense would clearly suggest otherwise:


    Perhaps if the media cannot spin this incident in the anti-police brutality direction (which is also anti-white since only police on black brutality is acknowledged) effectively, they might try to mold it to further the other part of their agenda. White cops who represent white people as a whole are ‘racist’ and hateful brutes but all victims of the state are really just mentally ill anyway.

    The problem with the american people is that we have never endured real tyranny, either from within or without. We are rebels by our very founding and therefore only defy the more obvious forms of repression.

  13. Once upon a time I lived in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. People were talking about the Hough (huff) riots in Cleveland in July 1966. I lived there several years later and people were still talking about it. When I mention it to people I know today they have never heard of it.There are many interesting and telling photos on the Internet from this riot.

    ~The Hough riots were race riots in the predominantly African-American community of Hough (pronounced “Huff”) in Cleveland, Ohio that took place over a six-night period from July 18 to July 23, 1966. During the riots, four African Americans were killed and 30 people were critically injured. In addition, there were 275 arrests, while more than 240 fires were reported.
    They shared underlying causes of social problems with other racial riots. The riots caused more people (and jobs) to leave the area, which suffered decades of disinvestment. Since the late 1990s, there has been some redevelopment.~

  14. […] of the Jade Helm 15 military operation to be conducted by Special Forces in conjunction with local law enforcement, the FBI, DHS, the DEA and Border Patrol across the entire Southwest. This massive unprecedented exercise will also commence in June […]

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