james-perloff1On the April 20 episode of Real Politik James speaks with historian and bestselling author James Perloff about the hidden elite influences on Western societies, politics and history over the past century. Mr. Perloff is the author of, most recently, Truth is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction (2013) and the classic The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline (1988). He has conducted research and published articles on America’s hidden history for over thirty years.

Perloff has also written the script for the soon-to-be-released Free Mind Films feature length production, Shadow Ring, also largely based on his historical research.



The two discuss Perloff’s most recent book, specifically addressing elite influences on the media, culture, and Americans’ understanding of their national history.

James Perloff’s website is jamesperloff.com

Interview Highlights

In Truth is a Lonely Warrior James spends significant time examining media and culture, examining early in the book how media power is concentrating more and more into fewer hands.

This oligarchy … knew that to get public acceptance of its wars and its trade treaties and so forth, you’ve got to influence public opinion. But what better way than the media? And that’s why today you have over 90% of the media being owned by six corporations. Those six corporations are Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, Newscorp, CBS and NBC Universal. In 1983 it was 50 corporations controlling 90% of America’s media. You can see how these mergers of entertainment and news are generating this monopoly where it’s almost comparable to a communist state, where you have just six corporations running everything. And there’s not much difference between these corporations.

… As I like to point out, it’s the boss who calls the shots. Since these TV stations, journals, and movie studios have the same owner they cannot step outside the lines. In fact, I was the guest on one alternative media network, and the host of that particular radio show told me that he used to work for one of these big, 50,000 watt radio stations. He had a talk show, and one day he did a show on 9/11. Then he was called in to the [manager’s] office and told, “You never talk about 9/11 on this station again.” That’s why he left and went in to alternative media. Anyone can investigate this fairly easily. I have a blog post on my website, called “A Century of Mainstream Media Lies,” which demonstrates how the media has in fact been used to give the public false illusions that have led us in to wars and other negative developments.

truth-is-a-lonely-warriorJames was a contributor to the John Birch Society’s main organ, The New American, for over thirty years. Since he became a more vocal critic of Zionism, however, he has stopped publishing there to avoid confirming the well-known smear of that organization’s alleged anti-semitism. “They were the original truth movement back in the seventies when I joined them,” he observes.

They were already talking about the Council on Foreign Relations and Federal Reserve. And, really there was no other mass organization that was doing that. Of course, they were typically labelled “Nazi,” “racist,” when in fact they weren’t that at all. I can guarantee you, they never mentioned Zionism … They were the alternative media choice for a lot of people. There weren’t too many others. Back when I was a kid in the sixties growing up in the Boston area, if you wanted to get news there were very limited choices. You could either read the Boston Globe or the Boston Herald–the Globe represented basically the Democratic Party point of view and the Herald represented the Republican point of view–or you could watch the three TV networks–CBS, NBC and ABC, and beyond that what could you do? If you went to the public library and looked up “Federal Reserve” you would not find Eustace Mullins’ book there. G. Edward Griffin had not written his book yet. And so all you had was what the World Book Encyclopaedia had to say about the Federal Reserve and what the government wanted you to know, unless you happened to know somebody in the Birch Society, or one of the other very few alternative groups back then. There was no internet. You had no way of finding out the truth, and that’s one of the advantages today we have with shows like this and with the internet we can all interconnect and communicate. And so many people have learned the truth as a result of this modern technology.

In his research on elites James Perloff has come to the conclusion that there are several methods elites use for destabilizing countries, with wars being the most effective. Yet other techniques, he argues, involve a more subtle undermining of a nation’s political processes and culture that could be easily confused with modernization. He refers to these as

secondary means of destroying national sovereignty to restructure the world and make way for this new world order and world government … The Illuminati have long opposed monarchies. and the reason is quite simple, Let’s say that you’re a Rothschild bankster, and you want to take over an imaginary country, Finlandia. And Findlandia is ruled by a king. You have a big problem, because even though you’re a rich Rothschild banker you can’t get in to the bloodline of that king. That is one of major reasons why they have funded revolutions over the years, to overthrow kings and replace them, if not with a communist dictatorship like in the Soviet Union, with a democracy.

The reason that the Illuminati are very fond of democracy–remember “Make the world safe for democracy”–is that they know that with their wealth, that to control a nation and a democracy is 51% of the vote. With your wealth and you running the media, getting 51% of the vote is a cinch.

Perloff asserts that the handful of powerful families and interests routinely use religion and culture as a means by which to gain social and political control, and over the past several decades there can be little confusion over the fact that old traditions and symbols have been replaced by new ones, often delivered through new media conduits such as television. “What they call the ‘Golden Age of Television,'” he notes, “the years of I Love Lucy and Sargent Bilko and The Honeymooners, was designed to get Americans to buy televisions. Because if you had the stuff that you see on TV now then–this occultic stuff and political agendas being advanced on television then like it is now people would not have bought televisions. We had a more traditional moral code back then across the nation, so to get the televisions into the home they had to have this wholesome, G-rated entertainment, right? You had Superman, who would talk about, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” right? Father Knows Best. You could never have a show by that name now.”

By the early 1960s television programming began to change, and in 1964 The Beatles were introduced to American audiences, spearheading a set of unmistakably new social sensibilities via their image and music that would be emulated by young men throughout the remainder of the decade. “Dr. John Coleman, former officer at MI6, said The Beatles were really a creation of British intelligence and the Tavistock Institute, which is a think tank devoted to mind control. When we were hippies we always thought of The Beatles as kind of these icons who revolted against the establishment. It turns out that they were actually part of the establishment and the whole dialectic of getting a revolution going and changing the basis of American culture and American thinking.”

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41 thought on “Deciphering the Shadows of Power”
  1. Really enjoyed this. No one seems to doubt the organic origins of the flower power movement. Where did it really come from? The idea it came from above and not from below is mind boggling. I never heard about women being paid $20 to scream for the Beatles and how if the news hadn’t covered it, no one would know about it. I never thought about monarchies being a good thing for a country; the unity that someone above the classes can create. Of course there’s the down-side like the Longshank character in BRAVE HEART. Maybe that was the whole point of the movie! I don’t think I had ever heard anything negative about FDR until maybe eight years ago. The floodgate realization that 911 was an inside job opened the doors to truth about so many other things like Waco, Oklahoma City and NASA’s hyperbolic ascent to the moon that should have been punctuated with devastating setbacks, failures and a few more disasters. An hour with this guy just wasn’t enough. Bring him back tomorrow for more.

  2. It amazes me that there is little analogy made between the White Man’s Burden of spreading “Christianity” hundreds of years ago, and, the spreading of “democracy” and “democratic institutions” through gunboat diplomacy today (are you listening RT?). Neocolonialism is just a refined version of colonialism. Both the pretext of Christianity, and that of the religion of the free market, have been used to rationalize the violent and systematic looting of the globe and its maldeveloped regions for centuries. This charade continues today unabated. In regard to capitalism’s manufacturing the needs for their goods, Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew) book Propaganda (1928) is as relevant today as when it was originally published.

    1. Just this morning I was talking with a friend about this very subject: how/when did it become acceptable to wage war to “free” a country for “democracy”? I even used the White Man’s Burden/manifest destiny example.

      Great minds must think alike 😉

  3. Here’s a thought about American exceptionalism that could be disgestable to the rest of the world. How about being the first superpower to admit its own mistakes in foreign policy. How about owning up to the fact that there were no WMD’s in Iraq, and, apologizing to the millions of civilians displaced and killed there,

      1. This is truly reprehensible. To make light of over a million civilian casualties, and, millions more that became stateless refugees is perfidy. This, in a “Christian” nation, from a man who made innuendos that God spoke to him. In my opinion, even in the context of clearly comedic speech, this is even more reprehensible than Rumsfeld’s stating that “we don’t do body counts”.

  4. I wasn’t going to comment here but I have 3 comments in “Moderation” so let’s see if I can get Four.( I must be dangerous)

    Anyways, I loved the conversation and everything was going good,intellectual yada yada Then we got to the Paul is dead,
    Coleman wrote all the Beatles songs.
    The Beatles were MI6.
    The Laural Cyn Dave Conspiracy. I lived here and these Bands really did play here.
    I agree the Govt here and in the UK took advantage of the situation to their benefit but beyond that..Really?

    That’s when I jumped off.

    I had this conversation with Pat a while ago on another blog here..

    Your standing in front of Congress, you’ve convinced them 911 was a fraud, they are Really Spraying us, SHE and BMB is a Farce.

    Congress agrees and decides they will have an Independent Tribunal look into this matter because No one can be trusted in Govt. anymore.

    They ask you if you have anything to add before they convene.

    You tell them they should also consider:

    It’s a FACT that Elvis,Lennon,Hendrix,Morrison Joplin all faked their deaths and are living in Hawaii singing Eddie Rabbit songs.
    Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by William Campbell aka Billy Sheers,The entire Space Program is filmed at NBC studios


    You believe the Easter Bunny is Real and Santa Clause and the Keebler Elves…….

    Congress throws your entire Testimony out and we are ALL back to square one.

    Just saying. I’m NO expert

    1. “It’s a FACT that Elvis,Lennon,Hendrix,Morrison Joplin all faked their deaths and are living in Hawaii singing Eddie Rabbit songs.
      Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by William Campbell aka Billy Sheers”

      My position is not that we have no way of knowing if certain famous people are in fact dead; all we have by way of evidence is what we are told by proven liars. And in some of these cases, the evidence that the official story is a lie is much stronger than the the official story.

      As for the Apollo program, it was laughable. It was so transparently fake I’m amazed that anyone believes it was anything but a practical joke on April Fool’s Day. Nothing about it looks even remotely real, and the things we are told about it are such self-evident nonsense I’m amazed everyone doesn’t just laugh out loud. You don’t have to dig into the details, even. Just the idea that that tin can could make it to the Moon and back, half a million miles, on one tank of gas, is hilarious.

      But your premise is wrong, Ric, when you talk about revealing the truth about conspiracies in a public forum where everyone believes the lie. Of COURSE they will scoff. The Matrix is very strong. So strong that almost no one suspects they are in it. You can’t tell such people about it and expect to be taken seriously, much less convince them in one presentation. People have to wake up, one at a time, over time.

      In truth, conspiracies are the way powerful people accomplish their goals. It has ever been thus. The common man is always hoodwinked. Information is disseminated on a need-to-know basis. Circles within circles. (CS Lewis wrote about this dynamic to wonderful effect in That Hideous Strength.) Some of us develop a sense of skepticism, and that opens us to detecting flaws in the stories we are told. Sometimes we can find out the deeper truth inside the lie; sometimes we can’t, but we can be confident that we are being lied to, and can never be comfortable with the standard story ever again.

      It is entirely possible that Paul died and was replaced. There is very compelling evidence for it. And if I were John, or Elvis, I’d be very tempted to fake my death and live the rest of my life in peace. I can’t know about these things with certainty, but they are certainly possible.

      For example, it is true that Jim Morrison had absolutely no interest in music–didn’t even sing in the shower. He could play no instruments, could not read or write music. Yet all at once he had a band and all the songs the band would ever play–and after that moment in time no new songs came out of him. That is, the songs did not come in a stream, over time, as with real songwriters. So here’s the thing: if you can’t write music or play an instrument, and a song comes to you, HOW DO YOU GET MUSICIANS TO KNOW WHAT IT IS? The Doors’s official story, in other words, makes no sense. Jim’s dad was Lyndon Johnson’s key to starting the Viet Nam war. He was a clean-cut military brat who suddenly turned into a long-haired hippy, miraculously became a giant of a new form of drug-sodden music in a place that sprang up all at once as a mecca for a new generation of insanely popular musicians, and then stopped. Then he died, although the mystery surrounding that supposed death is quite strange.

      Anyone who is not skeptical about that story is not paying attention. The least implausible thing about it is that he faked his death. The whole thing is obviously fake. He couldn’t have written the songs, and the band could not have learned them from him. It’s impossible. The most plausible explanation is that he was an agent of the secret government, on a mission, and when it was over, he was allowed to stop being in the public eye.

      What bothers me is the Matrix, that is, the power of myth over the minds of men. It is so powerful that we instinctively believe lies even when all the evidence is screaming at us that we are being lied to.

      1. I agree there is some real “fishy” stuff with the Apollo program and it’s very strange Jim Morrison’s Dad was part of the Gulf of Tonkin False Flag.
        There is definitely something to Morrison going to Paris then dies.
        And I question Lennon’s murder as more than some nut shooting him just as Hinkley was Marvin Bush’s best friend who shot Reagan.

        I think Hinkley and Chapman had the same handlers.

        Most of these “Famous” people’s Bio’s are bogus and they are very well connected.

        Anyway,I just didn’t express very well what I was trying to say. I just think some things are better left unsaid.

        As far the Apollo missions go, my questions would be explain this incredible space suit and how did they survive the Van Allen Belt much less the radiation on the Moon before I went into the whole was filmed in a studio and may have been.

        1. To believe that we landed on the moon in 1969 borders on insanity. Meanwhile everyone held their breath when the Space Shuttle attempted to re-enter the atmosphere. One, of course, didn’t make it. Propaganda, all of it.

        2. Paul,
          I’ve often wondered why if we had these space suits in 1969 that could protect us from the super radical radiation that lies outside of three layers of Earths natural protection (which is just a coincidence like evolution) why today do our Astronauts today have to hide in a little room clad in water mattresses to protect them when there is a Solar Flare?

          Maybe the answer lies in the fact Congress (this is how the story goes true or false) ordered NASA to destroy ALL the technology from the Apollo Missions including the Saturn V rockets and all the schematics to “force” NASA to build the Space Shuttle. Which of course would include our Fantastic Space Suits. It is quite strange. Most Americans know nothing of this farce.

          If there was a solar flare during any of the Apollo Missions they would be killed or very very sick, yet they have all lived to very ripe old ages.

          When we want to go to the Space station we hitch a ride on a Russian
          …yep Saturn V rocket clone.

        3. Ric, I have had many discussions recently re the Moon landing. When it reportedly happened, I had no information to discredit the account; was mesmerized like most Americans by the sheer feat, “a first step for mankind,” etc., etc. Slowly strange stories leaked from of all places, Hollywood film sets.

          The great director, Stanley Kubrick (“Eyes Wide Shut”,
          “2001: A Space Odyssey”) said he helped to stage the whole Moon landing and walkabout. I think Hollywood was beginning to smell something odd. A movie called
          “Capricorn One” staring Sam Waterston, OJ Simpson and Barbara Streishand second husband, James Brolin. The plot centered on the faux space exploration which was methodically filmed under deep secrecy.

          The three astronauts woke up to the hoax and made a run for it in the wilderness of the western desert. It was a very exciting plot and did not spare the intrigue of government psyops perps; Two of them were killed but Brolin’s character manged to live and make his way to a big press extravaganza celebrating the US technological breakthrough.

          Imagine how surprised the audience was to find the astronaut standing on stage rather than on another space expedition. touche! and good for truth.

          We need a thoughtful film script on Sandy Hook, eh? But that would take another director with the moxie of Kubrick and the guts to see it through.

      2. Would absolutely love to hear some flat earth talk, just sayin, I’m learnin every day, with my eyes wide open.Especially with regards to what the Bible clearly states on this subject. Always enjoy reading the comments, thank you

      3. Hello all, with respect to the moon missions, might it be that no man has ever left earth but for God in the form of man. Might it also be that God has control and sits upon the vault, a firmament that is solid, in other words, no getting out, up or down or dare I say end to end. It’s all deception down here, I believe books exposing truth are priceless and should be taught and studied, how ever, I would say the Bible is often not shown as the light, a bastion of truth in these days of deceit. My point is that flat earth was the accepted as truth until 14th or 15th centuries, I would love some insight on this. Also I am finding alot of people know this to be true, hell even obomba took a jab at flat earth society, fes is just what this guest shows happens to truth movements, oh and yeah I’ve always been crazy, but it feels right

  5. The weaponizing of untruth by US power is proceeding very rapidly by historical standards, dangerously so. A German editor of a mainstream German paper, Udo Ulfkotte, wrote a book BOUGHT JOURNALISTS, revealing that he had printed CIA articles under his own name. It was commonly assumed in Germany that journalists would be fired if they did not cooperate with the CIA, who paid them. If this was the case in Germany, this must have also occurred in the United States as well, bribing and threatening not only journalists, but the editors of major newspapers and tv headliners.

    The reality-based truth in Ukraine and Europe is inconveniencing American imperialism abroad as well as at home. The head of the House Foreign Affairs committee, Ed Royce, recently held hearings attacking truthers for telling the reality-based truth which favored Russia. “Conspiracy Theories” are now not only about staged homicidal operations, but are general information that conflict with the lies and Patriotic silence of the American media.

    Dissident truthers are now not only Paranoid, they are Un-Patriotic Paranoids. The reality-based truth is now being stigmatized as being Russian and Putin propaganda. And it is. It is also often true, and American propaganda is often false. The attempt is to demonize the truth about American violence the way the War on Communism, successfully, demonized socialism.

    This is the only way the US military can train Nazi troops in Ukraine, with the threat of eventually using them in the United States. This was done with mercenaries deployed in Iraq during the flooding of New Orleans, when they were patrolling New Orleans during a National Emergency. As the White movement is rising, and White cops are shooting unarmed Blacks, an attack on the dissident truth is progressing apace, making an oligarchical despotism increasingly likely.

    1. Excellent comment folktruther. The journalist who blew the whistle here seems to be seasoned and has worked internationally:


      No big surprise that there seems to be no English translation:


      We accuse Russia of weaponizing media via RT. I don’t believe that the apparently planted “journalists” that have turned on RT had anything to reveal about Russia “buying” the opinions they present. Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. This interview makes the reasonable point , among many other points, that the establishment’s intelligence agencies hijack popular culture and manipulate it to serve their ends. This is old hat and continues to this day.

    That being said, to conflate serious conspiracy research, such as research into false flag operations, with Elvis sightings, fake moon landings, etc., is beyond counterproductive, and, is downright disinformation dissemination.

    1. I quite agree. I also wondered why Ric mixed those other things into it. Something evidently rubbed him the wrong way.

      We really do need to keep these things separate, which is the point I tried to make in my reply to Ric–as I’m sure you could see.

      1. I read Ric’s comment as satirical. As most commenting on this thread are aware, there are many lawyers amongst the gatekeepers and intelligence agents guarding the status quo’s “truth”. A great lawyer’s trick, known to most first year law students, is to topple your adversaries argument by devolving it into a false parody of itself through reductio ad absurdum techniques. It exposes a falsely manufactured vulnerability in your adversaries argument by extending it into fantasy land. Injecting a little bit of poison with the truth is the stock and trade of the disinformation agent. One has to be careful in the dissemination of truth with so many lawyers and sophists as gatekeepers, all towing the company line…and belieing in the “salutary lie”.

    1. I don’t want to keep sounding the Alarm but this Jade Helm 15 Military Exercise is not looking good.

      I think they closed all those WalMarts down for this. The timing and duration follows the exercise.

      Now here is a video that you will hear straight from horses mouth about Jade Helm 15. Listen closely to what he says and How he says it.

      He asking permission to a local City Council body in Texas. He tells them the Governor, Mayor and local Police have already agreed and he’s contacted the Hospitals and Land Owners too.

      It’s a pony show.

      One member asks him if this involves the Cartels?
      He tells her No, but things could change. He doesn’t write the scripts.

      Another asks if Foreign Troops will be deployed? He said Not this years Jade Helm 15 Exercise…..

      Another asks Has this ever been done before? He says No.

      Just consider this. All Seven States and all local Counties and Cities are giving permission to allow a standing Army. Every facet of the Military is participating.

      He says they will be invisible and covert as if they were operating secretly in a foreign land….

      I have word from family in the know this exercise is going to “flip” half way through.

      Here’s the Video:

      This is AJ talking about this. I know he’s drama sometimes but I think it’s also worth the watch

    2. According to this site, the livestream hearings will not go live. Big surprise, there. The link on this page to Max Resistance now has been scrubbed off the internet. Sandy Hook – land of the bought-off government thugs. Here is the link. It has phone numbers that you can allegedly listen to this event, but since Sandy Hook lies have the blessing of the pRESIDENT, they will probably scrub that, too.


  7. “History is a pack of lies that the living play upon the dead.” – James Fetzer

    When I think about this statement it becomes clear to me that this is what has been going on from the beginning until now. The difference? We are able to research the truth about reality via the internet in a way that is unprecedented in human history. “The awakening” is apt. We must make sure the curtain is never drawn back again.

  8. Wolfgangs FOIA Hearing Today is offline.

    All feeds and web sites such as Max Resistance and FPRN Radio.com that are reporting on or live feeds are down….

  9. There are three presidents that I defend in a reflexive action when they are disparaged: Lincoln, FDR, JFK. in that cronologicl order if need be.

    With all due respect to James Perloff’s efforts, which are admirable on most points, I must take issue with his coupling of Pearl Harbor with other false flag events as he blames Roosevelt’s involvement in the horrid lapse of leadership. So I did a little research on my own to pull up this video of Webster Tarpley holding forth on a site called ‘Down the Rabbit Hole.’ fleshing out the whole scenario of Dec. 7, 1941. You see, I am old enough to recall that day and the years of war.


    The president was surrounded by treasonous anglophiles who were loyal to the British crown, not our country or our US Constitution. This will come as a big surprise to most Americans. Tarpley has a few choice words about Churchill and they are not complimentary.

    Tarpley is amazing in his depth of research and the way he weaves it together. We all have opinions; it is just that some opinions are more valid than others.

    View the video and decide for yourself. I admit to
    leaning toward a FDR bias but facts are facts and we of all people must not divert our eyes.

    1. Your defense of Lincoln might be swayed greatly by the biography written by Thomas DiLorenzo. If we stick to strictly legal aspects when defending Lincoln, we find that he, too, was only too ready and willing to denigrate our Constitution.
      FDR has been lambasted by many writers, notably Dr. Revilo Oliver, a brilliant thinker and writer of days gone by.

      JFK had his warts, too, but I’d defend many of the things he promised to do, notably get rid of the Federal Reserve, crack down on crime with his brother Bobby, etc. He paid a high price for his idealism. It would be a vastly different world had he lived. Instead, we have had a series of crooks and traitors starting with Truman and Eisenhower, ol’ murdering Ike. The last 25 years of this nation’s chief executives has been a nightmare and it will continue, probably until we are no longer. I think it may well come to civil war.

      1. Gil, you are quite right about Tom DiLorenzo (actually, he has two books out on the subject). These easy to read books are absolutely devastating to the Lincoln cult. (He also frequently writes topical articles about the Lincoln cult at Lewrockwell.com–you can peruse the archives and read them all at your leisure.)

        As for Kennedy, for all that has been written about that strange and horrible event, the unique mind of Miles Mathis has recently come up with an entirely different explanation. Just when one begins to think there is nothing new to be said about an endlessly examined topic: http://mileswmathis.com/barindex2.pdf

  10. JAmes Corbett did a long interview on the Stanley Kubick claims that he staged he moon stunt. His widow states that he did indeed help to perpetuate the hoax using his expertise as a film director. What is a movie, if not pure illusion?

    I couldn’t find the Corbett interview, but this link
    discloses all the many anomalies inherent in the deception. The waving flag? Thought there was no atmosphere on the moon, and no wind???? hmmmm.


  11. The deception is tailor made for each truth level volume, and one doesn’t need to accuse anyone of being some sort of decepticon in order to be reminded of this fact, and approach the subject with reasonable scepticism. Just sayin’, it’s not a reproach to anyone in this commentarium. BTW, there’s some very good reading here.

    Keeping in mind that time constraints can compress information beyond the capacity of our extant reconstruction of crucial context. Tracing as much oligarchic history as possible is useful, but I’m stuck on the absence of any positive reference to the unclassified movements toward peace, prosperity, and security, in the past and present. Not that any of them can be found as historical fact tagged with a noun.

    The many-level-tailor-made-deception must give more and more truth where that curse of innate intelligence is more thickly encountered. The limited hangout is also found in varying degrees of plausible character. The idea of the LM is to pretend to be against some specified particular, out of what could be termed generic despotism, while providing a subtle duck-blind and decoys, not for a shotgun blast, but careful measures of cumulative poison.

    I don’t think Mr. Perloff is a managed transmonarchial
    pied piper, or of the “bluebird” kind, but I’ve got a problem when I hear him say that the entire “hippie” movement was a contrivance of an oligarchy. Why does he leave out the important real cultural evolutionary movement that was and is the true target sought by the occulted antilibertarians?

    Sandals, beards, and beads, is one stereotype for some people who had freedom on their minds. If they can’t knock the idea, they go after the outward appearance.

    Dirty, smelly, hippie, leftist, liberal, yada yada. How does ascription on the false political spectrum prove anything except the ignorance of the ascriptor, unwittingly giving credence to that weapon the many use. The extant political spectrum is false and it is a weapon. To understand that as true, one must know the difference between convention and principle. What is the principle that underlies the thing, and, without implying that anyone is an anarchist, which side does anarchy belong on? If you say left, is that because that’s were it’s typically included? What truck does anarchy, defined as no government, have with a state of central planning and control? Putting it on the right, who thinks they’d be happy with corporations messing with their freedom. Of course most sensible folk wouldn’t want to be identified with the vilified. It’s worse than being bagged as a hippie.

    A little more on the “hippies” whose control handle has been switched to the Truth Movement™ and time permitting, I’d like to talk about the possibility of limited hangouts from the Vatican and how monotheism of all types serve as a paradigm for totalitarian rule.

    The entire “hippie movement” was no doubt a managed classified asset foisted against everyone who didn’t have the sense to throw it off. Some folks perceived the threat of the pejorative handle and staged a mock funeral, giving the media a comma, after which they gave them the equally odious name of Freebies. Mr. Perloff doesn’t seem to know that the term hippie didn’t derive from a consensus at a pow wow of brainstorming tribal chiefs. It was an invention of control, telegraphed by a corrupt media, eventually smeared with the manchurian mayhem that murdered Sharon Tate and company.

    Hippie funeral: watch?v=6vUm0HPrl8w

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