halbigOn this week’s edition of Real Politik James speaks with Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper and school safety consultant. The two discuss Halbig’s continuing investigation of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event.

Mr. Halbig has probed the Newtown shooting for over two years. During this time he has been repeatedly stonewalled by Newtown and Connecticut state authorities in FOI requests for documentation proving the event in fact took place as it has been reported in mainstream press accounts.

Halbig’s forthcoming meeting with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission to settle his numerous outstanding FOI requests is scheduled for April 24, 2015. His website is sandyhookjustice.com



Interview Highlights

Halbig became interested in looking more closely at the Sandy Hook massacre because of his activities as a school safety consultant.

I just got through doing a workshop for the Florida School Board Association over in Tampa. You’re talking about 200 people school board members who do not want a Sandy Hook in their backyard. That’s all they wanted to talk about. I showed them the video on active shooter response, what they can see, how it unfolds, what they need to prepare for, how they should train their administrators, teachers, and support staff, and custodial staff and cafeteria workers. I went through the whole gamut and we kept coming back to one issue: Sandy Hook. “What can we do? What kind of security system do we need to have? What do we need to do?” And I’ve gotta tell you. I didn’t have the answers. I was stunned because I think, we have never seen the truth come out of Sandy Hook. We don’t know the real story. And that’s just sort of what got me involved.

And then, I noticed, no trauma helicopters? I mean, come on. I’ve been a state trooper. I watched everyday vehicle accidents, heart attacks, we got helicopters in there in a heartbeat. When you don’t see trauma helicopters, and when you hear that paramedics were never allowed inside that school. My god, somebody is outright negligent. And my goal was to find out who that incident commander is or was that refused to pick up the phone to call that trauma helicopter up in Hartford Connecticut … I called the Life Star helicopter, which is the trauma helicopter in Hartford. I talked to the executive director–she’s a woman. She said they were surprised just as much as I was that they never received a phone call. That started this whole thing for me.

Among the documentation Wolfgang Halbig has requested from Newtown officials is information pertaining to the travel of over two dozen Sandy Hook school children’s to the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans, where they performed in the pre-game festivities with singer Jennifer Hudson. “I had to put on my school administrator hat,” Halbig begins.

You have to look at school board policy. I went back and I said, “Well, first of all, how were those children on February 3, 2013 introduced at the Super Bowl?” They were introduced as the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir. Well, what does that mean to me and your listening audience? It means that they’re representing the Newtown public schools. They’re representing their community. So now let’s go kick in to the school policy, under “musical groups” or “performances,” that is an out of state field trip. And when you read the policy it says that it has to start with the school principal requesting permission from the superintendent for allowing them to travel and perform at the NFL Super Bowl in New Orleans.

So one of the questions is, Can I get a copy of that letter requesting permission, which is logical. And then, as we all know, when parents allow their children to go on field trips, every parent has to fill out a field trip permission form. I mean, that’s just the law. That’s just legal procedures in the event somebody might get injured. They have to fill out a legal release in case somebody gets injured on the trip. I wanted a copy of the in-line duty leave form for the chorus director that was conducting those 26 children with Jennifer Hudson at the Super Bowl. [Also], when you have a field trip it goes to the superintendent, who then either approves it or denies it. He has to place it on the school board agenda, and it’s only then that the school board members can approve that out-of-state field trip. As of this day, I can’t find that field trip ever being approved.

Some readers will recall Jonathan Reich, the 21-year-old YouTube researcher who was arrested in 2013 for contacting Connecticut state coroner H. Wayne Carver II, and who Halbig became acquainted with during Reich’s court-related travails. Reich called Carver at his residence in Connecticut, and Carver proceeded to file charges with local law enforcement. “To this day,” Halbig points out, “Jonathan does not have a copy of Dr. Wayne Carver’s official complaint form. Now, you remember, when somebody has phone harassment–let’s say somebody is harassing you with phone calls. You’re going to call the police department, right? The police department is going to come to your house and say, ‘OK, what is it?’ They’re going to hand you a form that you’ve got to fill out. Then the police department is going to take your form and they’re going to write a police report, and they’re going to submit it to the state attorney. Jonathan Reich to this day has not been given Carver’s complaint statement. He’s not been given a copy of the police statement that was submitted to the state attorney in which a warrant was issued. He has no documents and no records. But what he does have is a $64,000 attorney bill.”

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71 thought on “Sandy Hook: What Really Happened?”
    1. where’s the rest of the video? It sounded like there was more at the end? Blank bulletin boards with no Christmassy posting two weeks before the Holiday. Hmmm. The water damage was pretty noticeable.
      I think there’s better pictures I saw somewhere that show large amounts of stored junky looking clutter blocking classroom windows from the outside. The mold on the outside of the school does make it look nearly abandoned.

      1. It is quite possible that Sandy Hook Elementary School was never open as a School until January 3, 2013. Why?

        If the School was in operation between the years 1956 and 2012, a total of 56 years, and let’s just say it had a low figure of say 400 students per year, one could do the simple math and say that between 5,000 and 25,000 students passed through that building over the years, not counting support staff.

        Not one single solitary person with verifiable ties to SHES has come forward and said anything negative or positive about the school.

        We have not heard from Mark Smith who went to SHES back in 1960, or Jane Doe who went to SHES in 1965 or Joe Student who has fond memories of the building in 1975 or Carrie Study who loved her time in the library in 1986 or Ashley Cheerleader who was inspired by her teachers in 1997 or John Football who started out at SHES in 2006, and so on!

        There is absolutely no one to interview about the school, either pro or con. It is in the realm of possibility that no one has gone to a School called SHES between 1956-2012.

        1. Good insight.  Never thought of that before.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        2. John Luv, you are onto something. I know that with the internet what it is, someone would definitely be out there grieving for the place that had been his or her school. There would be class photos from Mrs. Magillicuddy’s class and her retirement party. There would be other teachers coming forward to express their horror and sadness. But nothing.

          What if it was even somewhere else than Newtown? What if it was an abandoned school in Missouri or Arkansas, so nondescript nobody remembered it looked just like Sandy Hook? Or what if it was a composite of several other schools, the way movies are made? My son made a film in my house and several other houses of his friends using whichever room had the most dramatic impact. You can do that when you make a movie. Watching it, with the strange angles used in my own dining room and the props, I was totally taken in that I was watching the events taking place in a mansion. I had to pinch myself. Since it and the house of Adam Lanza no longer exist, they need never have existed as such.

          The fire station – sure that’s there (I guess – I have never driven by). Probably not even used for firefighting but for bolstering the story. But the flats for some set – hollow inside – that could have been constructed as the school. Ever been on one of those sets? I have. We found one left in the Utah desert once, and went inside. They made “They Came to Cordura” there, a Western. It looked like a genuine Spanish mission from the outside, but inside it was full of graffiti by the crew. I’ve always been around movie-making – having grown up in Southern California.

          I tend to see constructions of stories easily, and I seem to be getting better at it, as we all are at this site, to have a sense of what it is to be back-stage, and how different everything looks once you narrow your vision down to the tube you are supposed to look through, to achieve the necessary illusion. The Tube. That’s how people see things. The trick is to know you are suspending disbelief every time you switch on the tv. There is nothing spontaneous or interactive.

        3. Thanks for that HuffingtonPost link, Anne B. With some minor photoshopping adjustments, this could be the face of Adam Lanza. Part of the team, no doubt.

        4. Musings, I had the exact same thought. With some minor adjustments Eddie could be Adam. Eddie had the tribute to his hometown published in The Atlantic the morning of 12/15/12. He is around the same age as Ryan Lanza and they would have attended school together, but no mention of knowing the older brother we’ve been told about by msm.

          It is actually good to pause for a while with research about Sandy Hook and the BMB too. Having these events coming back into light actually gives a clearer picture about how farfetched and laughable the official stories are.

        5. I realize that for some, this school open/closed is an emotional issue. It is important, as far as the story goes. We’ve been going round and round about it for a long time now.

          With things like this my policy is to keep it as simple as possible. It isn’t that fanciful things couldn’t have been contrived, it is that there would be no reason to do so. I don’t think that they would overly complicate their drill scenario by inventing a non-existent school.

          I’ve said before that it is not at all uncommon for schools in this era to become disused, or only partially used. This is due to the WWII baby boom. Depending on the neighborhood, the kids either grow out of them and new residents do not move in, or residents leave and younger families come to keep them open.

          There ARE lots of unusual features to this. We have been shown these upper-middle class homes with older-than-usual “families” with upper class tastes. Does anyone believe they’d send their little darlings to that dump?

          Growing up, I had older schools, some of them still open, that were in less-than-affluent neighborhoods. As Robin Williams said, “those people don’t get crabs, they get lobsters” (speaking of Marin).

          In the pricier neighborhoods they built new schools like mushrooms. Even old schools can be quite adequate if properly maintained. This place was not. So, either the affluence is fake, or the school. In either event, there is no way it had a student body as advertised.

          Further, they would not choose an active school with full enrollment for their drill. Too many complications. Too hard to control. They had to get their “press” in there and keep the others out. What better place than a dead end road that can easily be controlled.

          I personally think there is much more to the story of what the school was actually used for. Admittedly that would be a distraction for our purposes here, but I think it was well known.

          I don’t know what to say about “alumni”. I remember the name of my elementary school but haven’t kept up with it in any way. I doubt that many do. For that matter I don’t keep up with my high school or any of the colleges I attended either. Maybe I’m weird.

          I have heard two diametrically opposed descriptions of the overall population of Sandy Hook/Newtown. The school looks the product of a working class town. It doesn’t resemble any school I’m aware of funded by “professionals”.

          As usual, we have to realize that all we have is what we’ve been shown. We cannot trust any of the official records or documents unearthed to date. We know that they are absolutely shameless with regard to hiding public records.

          I still believe that the best way to learn more is to find a cooperative worker. It would be even better if they have moved on to some other job. The participants are not talking. If the school was open for business there would have to be support staff.

          Lastly, I agree that the question of the school could drive a nail through this more easily than almost anything else. That is what makes it worth the effort. In keeping with what I said about keeping it simple, I ask myself “what would I do if I wanted to stage this hoax?”.

          I certainly wouldn’t rely on real people anymore than I had to. It is much safer to build a fiction. Of course, there were some real people involved. Some will cooperate for money, others out of fear. It is a cinch that several are fully aware of the hoax and they aren’t talking.

        6. Anne, in my other comment I mention that there may be a reason why they would just as soon have the memory fade. My guess is that once the new “Magnificent Thing” is built, they can more fully devote themselves to their interests in that edifice. They must be confident of their ability to seal the world out.

        7. In response to Lophatt, I am not denying at all the existence of the building as there was a school that was demolished. However, extensive research shows that there is virtually nothing by the name of SHES with any mention from the period 1956 to 2008 era. The name simply does not exist anywhere in that time frame.

          My original hypothesis of two years ago is that letters were placed on the builidng that spell SHES and a cheap $4.99 sign was placed on the road. We cannot deny the existence of the builidng, but there is no record of the School, with the exception of being placed in recent reports concerning budgets, conditions, and contracts. The key term is recent (2008-2012).

          At least a handful of thousands of people would come forward with anything of positive or negative nature. Someone had to retire from there, be inspired by the school, broke their arm on the playground, got arrested for drug possession, got their start teaching there, had an obituary stating that they were a teacher there from 1956-1981. There is absolutely nothing. By the same token, the obscure schools that I went to kindergarten and elementary school, which have since been closed for decades, still have a presence online, on microfiche, in old newspapers, and especially yearbooks.

          Where is the 4th grade class picture from 1971, or any year before 2010? They do not exist at SHES, but they do exist at any school in the USA that has been in operation from the late 1800s to the present.

        8. John–I totally see what you mean. I Start Paged my own little elementary school (Rio Hondo Elementary in Downey, CA), plus a random year (I chose 1978), and I got plenty of hits: a LinkedIn page from a teacher who worked at the school in 1978, lots of local news articles, an offer to join 164 other graduates from Rio Hondo Elementary in 1978; stuff like that.

          Then I Start Paged Sandy Hook Elementary 1978…and I got nothing relevant. NOTHING.

          What do other people find when they do their own similar search?

        9. What I am suggesting is that the “school” was used for other nefarious purposes. For those children who were singled out to “attend”, it was used as a “pickup point”.

          Any casual observer might be aware that children often attended in small numbers. In all likelihood they were transported there from other area schools.

          Once there, in isolation, they would be entertained and made available for other activities. This is probably why there is a lack of oil stains, etc., in the parking lot.

          As to the “never” been a school part, there appears to have been some records for internet usage prior to 2008. To me it makes better sense that it was once a school, and probably due to decay and lack of enrollment fell into disuse (at least for its original purpose).

          I don’t claim to have “the answer” to this. The whole thing is highly suspicious. There does appear to be records up to 2008. On the other hand we’ve seen that the documents and records are hard to rely on.

          It frankly makes no sense to build a school and have no attendees. If some of the locals had a need, and they had a building that suited that need, it seems a perfect match.

          Something was going on there. They had temporary buildings that had to be added at some time. There was evidence of construction, although their posted budget records do not show that. One explanation for that would be that someone else was funding the construction.

          I rather think that the haste with which it was destroyed is indicative of someone’s desire that this not be explored too thoroughly. I think the key is the location. One way in, one way out.

          Other than the houses immediately behind the location, which I’m given to understand are now empty, it stands alone. If I had to guess I’d think that it was chosen to fulfill a need.

  1. the TV ( international- cfr owned media) , the biggest brain washing machine ever invented . – WAKE UP WORLD – these 2 men are trying to wake up the world – please share this video everywhere. your children are doomed if you dont wake up. your silence is consent .

  2. Exactly ! “The biggest brainwashing machine ever invented”. And in the hands of and under the control of the Khazarian Mafia, as the folks over at Veterans Today like to call them. When I was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s, the TV stations were owned by at least 50 different companies. Now it is down to 5 or 6 large international corporations, with interlocking directors, according to Karen Hudes, the World Bank Whistleblower. Most of you know this, I am just reiterating it for posterity, lest future generation forget. These corporations have to be broken up under existing and new laws, and scattered to the wind. The interlocking directors should be given fair trials and then hung by their scrawny necks.

  3. Let’s face it. We’ve failed trying to get the word out to America regarding SH. We’ve tried, yet we can’t get traction on the issue. Despite the sandbagging by the state and Feds that is beyond the pale, Americans have not been provided with the information that would open their eyes, assuming they want their eyes opened in the first place. Herein lies the problem, do we really think they want to know? Do they care at all? Or, are they more concerned about the ball scores and their latest texting machines?
    Until we penetrate those skulls full of mush, we will be stillborn in our attempts. We’ve sought information, feeling that it would push us over the top. While information is hugely important, our inability to get the word out to the public is our current downfall.
    We need numbers and are convinced there is no way to reach the public. Otherwise, we’d be working on this part of the overall problem and succeeding. I just feel we have not done the job of dissemination nearly as well as the sleuthing part.

    1. “I just feel we have not done the job of dissemination nearly as well as the sleuthing part.”

      I guess there is some truth in your idea, but I also feel that it misses the mark rather substantially, but you certainly are in “good company” in that idea.

      “Herein lies the problem, do we really think they want to know? Do they care at all? Or, are they more concerned about the ball scores and their latest texting machines?”

      No they do not want to know and they desperately do not want to know and become hostile if someone tries to let them know. They do care at all, but not about the truth of Sandy Hook per se. What they do care about these days is not primarily the ball scores or latest texting machine. They care about not becoming a sacrificial lamb for elusive “truth.” They care about keeping their jobs and their houses and their families together and just surviving, and maybe one of the best ways to do that is to go under the cover of sports and electronics immersion.

      1. Joe American MIGHT care if he knew about the facts of the case before he either gave up the ghost or dug his heels in and sought truth. I asked a rhetorical question whether or not Americans “wanted to know”. How did you come to the conclusion that Americans don’t want to know? Sources? We are all cognizant of the realities of raising our families, expenses, schooling, etc, but how does one say people are not interested when it is patently obvious they don’t have the data base to either confirm interest or chuck it into the swill pail? What attempts have been made to send this information out to the heartland of America? Are we all on the same page? Or, do we just assume “folks don’t care because you said so”?
        Our situation finds us noticing that people just don’t all read MHB, VT, and other websites that do a good job of delivering the best factual information they can. To ask any group, small or large, who Billy Lovelady was will sadly show 99 and 44/100% of Americans don’t know, don’t care and have bigger fish to fry. We have the exact same conundrum with BMB and SH information. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know you got there?

        1. Gil, I think this comment is my best argument.

          “obb says:
          April 15, 2015 at 5:22 PM

          This was spot on doxie. That is exactly what I see from middle/upper class people. They’ve worked so hard to achieve, they will be damned if someone tries to take that away. Even the thought of their future being destroyed by the hand that feeds them is enough to send them into near rage like fits. Never underestimate the power of denial.”

          I do not have a solid “source” for my idea just as likewise you have no “souce” for your idea that “we” have somehow failed in getting our facts out.

          I can only tell you what I have personally experienced in my relations with friends and family. It somewhat matches with Alan Weisbecker has experienced and is now doing videos about and I think even writing a book about. Alan W. has been on Dr. Fetzer’s show several times and he has his own YouTube channel and blog.

          I am amazed at how angry and dismissive and sometimes even rude and hostile friends and family will become when I try to gently introduce them to some rudimentary truths. It has created a huge chasm and isolation and ostracizing in interpersonal relations. We get to where we hate to go to a family dinner or party because we know how vacuous we will have to keep our conversation.

          And really, knowledge and being completely and factually informed does not equate to meaningful counter-revolutionary action.

          Many people realize early on in their work lives that is is best to keep a “low profile”, keep their head down. You work like a worker bee drone and you keep yourselves, via your many unique forms of defense mechanisms [includes sports/tv/electronics addictions], from in any even small way becoming associated with those who “question authority.” You learn early on that you can be fired or pigeonholed in some dead-end, low-pay, boring, useless position in the system never to be heard from again. If you strongly go with the “party line” you can progress. Best to go ahead and find meaningless amusements and buddies for your free time. You could end up with a beer belly and conveying severe brainpower deprivation, but hey, you still have a job and a roof over your head.

          Education or being fully informed and News and facts and evidence does not equate to effective meaningful ACTION. This is the glaring error that so many “alternative” internet media hosts employ.

      2. This was spot on doxie. That is exactly what I see from middle/upper class people. They’ve worked so hard to achieve, they will be damned if someone tries to take that away. Even the thought of their future being destroyed by the hand that feeds them is enough to send them into near rage like fits. Never underestimate the power of denial.

    2. Well, Gil, word hasn’t gotten out, but it’s not for lack of trying. I have found that too many don’t know much about what happened, other than, “Wasn’t Sandy Hook where all those kids were shot?”

      All these years later we haven’t made much headway on the JFK assassination or 9-11, for example. And 9-11 had/has huge implications for the American people…and we STILL aren’t paying attention. So what do you suggest? Because I’m telling you: the courts aren’t going to help, the government’s definitely not going to help, and people generally don’t care. Hell, most happily send their kids to public school…FIGHT to put their kids in school, in fact. So how do you propose to get these people interested? I still hear how “free” we are!

      1. Word has not gotten out not because we don’t have “the words”, but because we lack the mechanism to use the networks to spread said words. Can you see a national 6pm talking head discussing the fallacious aspects of BMB and SH? Mind you, I have not accused you or anyone else of doing a lousy job getting the word out. I’m not getting any awards for my broadcasting performances. I’ve had all the blowups with my peer group down at the klavern, we go at it bigtime. I and the Mrs. tangled today while taking our daily walk. She figures we all should be doing randomized trial experiments to first prove we have the truth, then somehow we take over the networks. Can’t beat that ol’ cognitive dissonance, can we?
        You’ll never hear me saying how “free” we are. If I reach the people, I’ll be sure to let you know right pronto. Don’t plan on getting the call from me just yet, though.
        Quite frankly, I think we are ruled by FEAR. We are immobilized by FEAR. Chilled to the bone with FEAR. We see what has happened to Arpaio, Zundel, Stolz, Irving……and we FEAR the same stuff happening to us. Those are legitimate FEARS, I might add.

      1. That was for Gil.
        As to doxie, you sum up corporate life well for the underlings. Its sad. I never thought that people MUST choose the dumbed down lifestyle before…. Great insight. I place too much blame on them. I’m sure they are all jealous of the bachelor that has little to lose, voicing dissident views. But they have an obligation to their family, so they don’t really have that luxury. Man, I need to tone it down…

      2. My world view is only imposed on weaklings who have no will to resist and are kinda into the masochism thingie. I bet we could have a fine brouhaha here pretty easy.

  4. I wrote to Mr. Pattis after reading some negative comments he wrote about Gov. Malloy and I asked him if he would be interested into looking into SH and he was not interested.

    1. Norman Pattis is controversial, but he’s not stupid. Asking an attorney to fight the state on this very dicey issue is like asking for his license before he starts. Pattis is very heads up and he knows that there is great danger “going there”. He’ll take unpopular cases and fight them well, but Sandy Hook has all sorts of hidden pitfalls and clearly has state and federal overtones that are ominous and dangerous. Attorneys usually know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

  5. Regarding the NFL and SH choir, I know they plan out, sign contracts, choreograph and prepare for the half-time show months in advance so how did they find room for these kids to sing at the last minute, who did they have to cancel to put these kids in. We know SH was closed so these kids can not be SH singers that is why they are dubbed Newtown Childrens Choir. They do not want these kids ever to be interviewed out of fear they would mention how long they had been practicing. There had to be rehearsals because they can’t leave anything to chance especially with kids. They had to of known months in advance before the shooting that they would be singing. Were they paid performers? If so how much were they paid?

    1. sandy hook “dead children” sing at super bowl , right in front of the entire brain dead nation, where is the best place to hide something ? right in front of someones face, this is how sick the sociopaths are in charge of all of this SICKNESS & this is how dumb the mass’s of the general public are, try showing this clip to anyone and they will tell you your a “crazy conspiracy theorist” as they watch the “dead children ” sing on stage . we are living in a nation of fools who have no idea their tv /”news” media are simply brain washing equipment . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOizUIdRIpA

      1. On super bowl sunday, the last thing I wanted to be reminded of is a massacre. This had to be planned for a long time. My bet is it was planned long before December 2012

    2. The fact that these kids ” sang” at the Super Bowl shows us the real and absolute power the perpetrators of the hoax wield over any organization or branch of govt.

      The kids did not actually sing anyway…they stood on stage and moved there mouths as if they were singing God Bless America…they were not wearing microphones and the acoustics were off.

      If the hoax perpetrators are ever really pressed or compelled to turn over the documents Halbig is requesting….I believe they would simply forge or falsify documents and what does he do then? ……I cannot envision any evidence or document released that would be damning …. It should be obvious to Halbig by now that they control everything, courts, law enforcement and most certainly the executive branch.
      No relief is going to come from any court….ever.

      1. TOUCHE’ Frederick , the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations & its powerful members ) control ALL : members of the CFR : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations & the trilateral commission completely control what was once known as the United States of America http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/cfr_and_trilateral_commission.htm we are now living in a very frightening place , sending children to government controlled camps / brain washing institutions for 8 hours a day ( school) is frightening ( you need your head examined if you send your children to school actually ). Money,power & control are the only things sociopaths care about & they will do anything to get those things,obviously including poisoning ( GMO’s , chemtrails etc…..) their own children,family & friends .

      2. Ooh, how right your are! Every attempt to obtain information about SH was met with equal and opposing propagandized tommyrot. From that first press conference when Gov. Malloy said” we were warned that something like this could happen”, every bit of information discovered and reported on was rapidly smothered via techniques to obfuscate, deemphasize, and denigrate.
        Lawyers, even pro bono lawyers, have kept away from this tar baby. There’s a number of very capable and civic minded attorneys who “ordinarily” would have jumped into the fray, and they have all headed south when approached. They innately know that their careers are on the line and either state or federal operatives could strike their licenses for various and sundry offenses, mostly diaphanous excuses, too.
        We need numbers of people that are aware of these travesties. It’s heartening that MHB is doing stellar work in this direction, as well as VT, but we still don’t have numbers. Until we have this generated critical mass, we can’t produce the needed ground swell of support for allowing us to dig into these very sticky FOIA issues. Fetzer, Preston James, and James Tracy have done incredible work on this issue but we can’t get the ball over the goal line. Where is our Goebbels?
        Then again, picture the dwarfish club footed Goebbels on his orange crates “erected” all over Germany on street corners allowing this extraordinary propagandist access to the citizenry. Goebbels did this for many years and his contribution to the 3rd Reich is incalculable. Do we have that sort of person on our team? The anti-Weimar coterie fought the communists for 13 years before installing the man from Braunau.
        Our Kampf is no different. We’ve been fighting for 50 years to obtain the JFK assassination secrets and while Fetzer et al. have cracked open this nut, it is far from general knowledge. Therein lies our glaring fault, our patent void.
        This must be overcome.

        1. What Goebbels achieved was something horrible and I would fight tooth and nail against any such creep exchanging places with the current creeps.

        2. What the? Are you proposing we need more fascism here? Hey, Ukraine called. They miss you.

        3. Gil quit beating around the bush. Why dont you go ahead and do what you came here to do, son.

      3. Frederick – I agree that no actual damning smoking gun will ever be released. But there is something to find out in the mere exercise of trying, because although the perps will never admit anything, their actual evasion has probative value. It shows where the citizens have no means of viewing a transparent government process. It implies secret government, and not just for the sake of privacy or victims’ rights. You don’t have to release actual autopsy photos to see the procedures around such a tragedy were, shall we say, unusual and not according to best practices.

        Another lesson to draw is the hierarchical nature of government, the concept of who is at the top calling the shots. The more it seems the state of Connecticut is not doing things according to its own procedures, the more it seems they are pre-empted from above.

        The question to me is what is the supreme law at work here? Is this just some dumb thing from Homeland Security? Or does it go much higher into larger governmental structures which nobody talks about?

        1. I used a simile, not a metaphor regarding Goebbels. My point was that we could use a perfectly wonderful,legal,nice person to get the word out using Goebbel’s persistence and acumen.

          I find your reply a bit stretched and overdone. Did you think I meant we need a demagogue, a Nazi hater of humanity?

          Did you have a good reason to blow up? Are you chosen?

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  7. So often, it’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see. I think Halbig came by his questions quite naturally and logically, not from an automatic tendency to see a hoax. He said that in the normal course of his duties, trying to prevent another SHES, he found either negligence or worse.

    Today there is a big to-do in Boston where the pilgrims, so to speak, have returned to the scene of the BMB. Flashing lights of emergency vehicles and the double amputee, along with the mayor, have been doing a stations of the cross as it were. Once again, in plain sight, you see buildings unharmed by the blasts (gorgeous antique facades without a stray chip out of them — I’ve seen them recently on foot and now they are available to peruse). I know what blasts do to buildings – in Europe they keep them as un-repaired “memento mori”. If Boston had such reminders, given the current climate of memorializing zeal, they would be there for all to see. It’s what you don’t see.

    “Silence, churchbells, and survivors, and a call for kindness.”

    In Boston, a trial has been carried out in an orderly fashion. Although the death penalty is discussed, sentencing of Tsarnaev has not happened. The “call for kindness” has gone out, and the mission is still to undo the military tribunals of the Bush era – or at least I think that is what it was all about. Make a straw man and don’t actually burn him (even when his brother – another straw man – dies in a shoot-out).

    I imagine that the police, fire and helicopters lining the Harvard Bridge to MIT will be part of a tribute to Officer Sean Collier in front of the building where that big monument has been constructed. Lord save us!

    1. “…trying to prevent another SHES, he found either negligence or worse”

      Dr. Dennis Cuddy used to say on his many interviews on the RadioLiberty.com show hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith that the logical thing for the City of New York City as well as NY state and federal related entities would have been to “learn from” and take many precautionary measures to ensure that another 9-11 would be much less likely to happen. I believe Dr. Cuddy even said that similar steps would have logical and appropriate even after the 1993 “bombing” of the NYC building (a WTC building ?) involding FBI informant Emad Salim.

      In neither case did officials take the logical and appropriate actions and of course no one was fired.

      WH is using that logical reasoning to say that is why he is seeking these records, that is, so that he can help other school officials and districts learn from the event and possible prevent another like event.

      He is playing the role of an honest seeker of information for the good of children and schools in the future. I guess that is the best stance to take, or role to play, but I am not sure about that. He even said, paraphrase here, in the interview that his female attorney genuinely believes the event was real and that he regards that as good for him and his case.

      Again, I am not sure of the wisdom of that strategy but I would think that if he had an attorney who had strong suspicions regarding the reality of the event that he would have an attorney who could much better advise him on the proper stance to take or role to play.

      1. That’s an interesting situation for Halbig (and us). If you approach this as a good citizen without denying the original part of the story of a massacre, then can you use your stance to dredge up the procedures and records? Or are those records unique in that they are hidden from the public, where other records, even of the most grisly murders, may not be? If they are treated as something unique, then by what authority?

        Also where does the federal impinge on the state? Is that in play here?

        Where does official secrecy at the most covert levels come into it?

        Can this be a joint venture with some other nation like Britain? Is there some kind of agenda of rooting out private gun ownership throughout the (say) “Five Eyes” nations (a sort of super Commonwealth) where everyone is to have the same standards and rules, regardless of sovereignty and a Constitution which would have to be amended to achieve what Britain did after Dunblane? Are there slithering things under the rocks which mean you cannot take up one rock without having something crawl out from another rock?

        Oh, and by the way, I am not a gun enthusiast. I have seen too many accidents in my lifetime to feel comfortable with having lots of guns about. Yet I believe people must make their own decisions. Sadly, some of those decisions are very bad indeed.

        But staging episodes to galvanize public support should actually be unnecessary if real events are already bad enough. The problem is that this does not seem sufficient.

        There was a time when Massachusetts displayed a billboard along the Massachusetts Turnpike as you emerge from the city going towards the suburbs, of young lives cut short by handguns, most of them young people of color. I felt (since I DO think that black lives matter) this should have been effective, however gang members continued to arm themselves as did drug dealers, and the killing (usually with unregistered guns) continued.

        The bulk of the innocent victims were bystanders in that kind of community, an almost unbearable tragedy to those who lost children, but generally these kids were not white children like those killed at Sandy Hook’s “teachable moment”.

        Holding up a lot of easy to memorialize children from two-parent families with little white faces, perhaps the idea was some of the policy could be changed. It played to the inherent racism in society and attempted to use it for “good” by trickery.

        I always figure that people I consider to be acting in a deceptive way, with the kind of agendas emerging from Sandy Hook and BMB, have the impression that it is okay to lie in the service of a “higher” good. It’s part of the “Noble Lie” of the Straussian school. I think I first understood this when Mike Ruppert showed the strong connection (for him) of Peak Oil and 9/11. It seemed to give one a sense of why so many would go along with it.

        I realize it’s always dangerous to make excuses for crime, or for deception under color of office, but I think that for both these later events, I have a sense of what they are about in terms of policy shifts. It may be more than that, but that is my general sense. The problem is, that once again, there is manufactured consent in the works, however it does not seem to be working too well with SHES at this time. I think the point has been made with BMB about trying terrorists in civilian courts – but now let’s see about death penalties. Where’s it going with that?

      2. “Trying to prevent another SHES”. How many have there been? How does one “prevent” such a thing? Should we try? Would the solution be “more security” or “more police”…?

        Other than the clearly staged hoaxes, how often do these things occur? Do home invasions occur? What would you do to prevent them?

        This is all part and parcel of the programming. This idea that life should be free of danger and that it’s a scary world out there and all that prevents calamity are the officials.

        The truth is that, if you are concerned about being assaulted you had better be prepared to defend yourself. The cops are not going to do that, commonly held beliefs aside. They’ll get there in time to process the crime scene.

        The very reason for all of these staged events is to instill fear. If people are afraid to send their kids to school they will tolerate repression. Just like if they fear hijacking they will allow themselves to be groped at the airport. Does anyone actually believe this effective?

        More cops and more repression are not solutions to anything. Getting little ones accustomed to fear and repression is not healthy. I am personally more frightened of cops and politicians than criminals.

        So, if SHES were the real deal (and we know it wasn’t), how would one prevent a “lone nut” from shooting their way into a school? Short of shooting back I can’t think of one. I suppose you could erect gun turrets on the perimeter and have guards sit up there all day with binoculars waiting. If you did they’d have to go to the mall and shoot that place up.

        1. So where is it going with this? Whatever fear factor comes into things, you are right: a determined person could always kill small school children. And it could even be an inside job. So it seems a pointless exercise, except that reducing weapons in the hands of Americans, getting them to voluntarily turn them in like so many Brits and Anzacs, seems to be part of it. Oh, and then prosecuting and putting away people found with them. So much voluntary activity, huh?

          Until we understand the policy-makers’ agendas and have their written and spoken words, it’s hard to know. So much projection goes only so far. Of course they do not welcome a debate, that’s for sure. These incidents are supposed to prevent debate, much as the anthrax attacks justified the lack of debate over the USA Patriot Act.

          Some have the view that the policy is made and then the “Just So” story of why the hunters lost their rifles – a story to tell little children of the future about the evil world they were saved from – is told.

          In the perfect storm in which we live, there is no friendly port in some political party. One must just sail on in uncharted waters.

          Now countries like Russia are being held up in Congressional hearings as sending us “weaponized propaganda of conspiracy theories” as though we could never be so evil as to distrust our own government without outside provocation and brainwashing.

          Today, we lack a culture in which such statements are met with open derision and dismissive scorn. I am reminded of the line in the film JFK where the Joe Pesci character is told by Garrison: “I don’t believe a word you said.” He answers with a puzzled expression, “Really? What part?”

  8. Brilliant stuff Wolf. The permission slips were part and parcel of every trip we ever went one at school. Seeing those alone would be pretty significant.

  9. Super Bowls are planned down to the last second. It would be interesting to see if anyone at the NFL could verify on what date this children’s choir appearance was planned.

  10. Good interview however I fail to see how a police report from harrassment charges shows anything important here. Does Wolfgang have one from his incident being harassed by Connecticut troopers?

    Also, working as an RN and an RT in the ER for years, we often wouldn’t call in the medevac because it was faster to get in ambulances than to clear an LZ – this being in a small town mind you. A remote location is another story, but from what I understand Newtown was small and there were plenty of hospitals around. The blockage of the school roads in is something worth looking in to though. Unless of course the victims were declared dead at the scene, in which case any police officer could make that call.

    1. not correct Obb- Police officers cannot pronounce or determine death- usually Paramedics can via an MD in most states- In some states and RN might be able to- but it all needs to be done in conjunction with an MD at a hospital. I’ve been an EMT for 15 years- There is NO way you do not call for medivac with a report of shot children- I don’t care what town it is- I’ve called for Medivacs on 2 victim car accidents within 10-15 minutes of a hospital- You cannot go by closet hospital- You have to go by closet TRAUMA center to treat gunshots- ANY EMT or paramedic that hears that call- YOU CALL FOR MEDIVAC- regardless- You can always cancel them……. I’ve done it multiple times- the fact none was even called is a crime…..

    2. Look at the photos of that day!
      A Smart Car could barley get through! And you can see ambulances blocked in!
      Small towns?
      One of the main reasons life flights are called in!! Due to the fact you need a trauma unit when gunshots are involved.

  11. Wolf, a school safety officier, requests information to prevent another Sandy Hook.

    Sandy Hook local government, police, Sandy Hook Promise, Newtown Action etc…all claim to want to prevent Sandy Hook from ever happening again.

    Sandy Hook government and affiliates REFUSE to assist or cooperate with Wolf.

    Equation incongruant.

  12. This was an amazing interview, one of your best. I applaud Wolf’s efforts. I admire his guts and determination. His information is just mind blowing. There is no explaining the missing coverage of the choir singing at the Super Bowl. Those small local papers will spend ink covering a crochet club event. I have seen the most inconsequential front page stories in them. Singing at the Super Bowl is easily a front page story for the Newtown Bee. I can’t imagine the Hartford paper not having at least a photo of the choir with a caption in the Sports section the day after the Super Bowl. I would love to see the original copies of these papers for Super Bowl Monday and Tuesday following the game. It’s baffling beyond all belief.

    1. There is an elderly Edward Small in Newtown. He may be no relative at all to the younger Edward Small of Newtown, now age 26. But he too was in the field of journalism and PR as well. The older Small graduated from an ivy league journalism school and also worked for The Onion.

      The younger Small, 26, should have known the Lanza brothers. He made no mention of such an inconsequential detail.

  13. This is in response to Lophatt above…in one of your posts regarding ” relying on real people” for these hoaxes what a true statement….I always thought that what they learned from 9/11 is not to use real victims. I believe actual people died on 9/11 however you think the towers fell. Each real victim had real grieving( and pissed) family members that started to dig into what really happened on 9/11. If you remember the victims families formed a coalition and forced the Bush administration at the time do investigate 9/11,. The 9/11 family members have been very active in the truth movement and wield some clout although not enough.

    Secondly…they learned that they can raise a whole lot of money from these false flag operations through donations. They can rake in millions from corporate donors and regular people. Through the millions raised …people can bought and and the perps have unlimited capital to continue to plan and carry out these hoaxes…they become self funded..

  14. Just a heads-up.

    Wolfgang Halbig’s
    Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission Hearing
    Hartford Connecticut
    Friday, April 24, 2015 2:00 pm Eastern Time

    He has issued seven subpoenas to seven people.

    Here are four of the seven people’s titles who will be required to be present and to testify at this administrative law hearing.

    Newtown School District “School Superintendent”

    Sandy Hook Elementary School (the new school) principal

    “Head Custodian”

    Newtown, Ct. Police Chief


    Wake Up To The Truth radio show archives at…
    YouTube Channel: Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel

    has offered Wolfgang Halbig and “open platform” where he can report any updates on his experience in Hartford that he wants to relay to those following his efforts to find out “what really happened at Sandy Hook.”

    I will be most interesting to observe what tactics the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission attorneys and hearings officers will employ to make sure that Wolfgang Halbig’s requested information/records is not forthcoming or is incomplete or inaccurate in some way. There are many stonewalling strategies that can be used and we may be sure that the Commission is quite skilled in using these strategies.

    If you are a praying person, please pray for Wolfgang Halbig so that he has a safe plane trip to Hartford to and from Florida and that the outcome of his hearing will promote Sandy Hook Truth.

  15. The misfortunes of Dawn Hochsprung’s friend Gerald Stomski:

    Dawn Hochsprung Friend, Security Company Owner, Seeks Input On School Safety

    Woodbury First Selectman Gerald Stomski Faces Sexual Harassment Claim

    Former Woodbury First Selectman Stomski in critical condition

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