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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
(April 8, 2015)

In this address given on the California Capitol steps in Sacramento Robert Kennedy Jr. provides an inspired and detailed analysis of the extent to which the powerful pharmaceutical cartel has effectively captured the nation’s scientific, regulatory, and law-making processes. Combined with the corporate news media’s dependence on drug advertising, this has put big pharma in a position where it is running roughshod over informed choice and dictating vaccine policies that have little-if-any basis in scientific research yet will greatly contribute to that industry’s already gargantuan profits.

Kennedy offers an example of scientist and pediatrician Paul Offit, the developer of the rotavirus vaccine, whose personal stake in that vaccine’s development and adoption is emblematic of the monied practices tending to corrupt vaccine science in America today. “In 1999 he sat on the [CDC] committee that added the rotavirus vaccine to the schedule.” Kennedy notes,

At the time he was working on his own rotavirus vaccine. Opening that gateway, by adding that vaccine to the schedule, made his patent extremely valuable. Six years later he sold that patent for $182 million and pocketed about $40 million for himself. So, that kind of financial entanglement by the people to who are deciding what vaccines to add to the schedule makes it difficult, I think, for all of us to think that the only thing they’re thinking of is our children’s health. The Inspector General’s report said that 97% of the people who sit on those panels have the same kinds of financial entanglements and conflicts of interest as Paul Offit.

He concluded his remarks by emphasizing that legislation such as California’s SB277 takes away the last barrier between the pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line mentality and children’s health–parental discretion itself.

All of the barriers that are meant to protect our children–the government, the lawyers, the regulatory agencies, and the press, the checks and balances in our democratic system that are supposed to stand between corporate power and our little children–have been removed, and there’s only one barrier left, and that’s the parents, and we need to keep that in the equation.

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39 thought on “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “No on SB277” Speech”
  1. You know I remember RFK jr’s video about mercury warnings issued with the last fishing license he bought. He brought attention to the fact waterways no where near industry were being poisoned with mercury just the same from coal burning power plants. I had no idea it could happen that way. He’s a great guy who cares about people.

    1. Good point,Derek: big controvey surrounding the superfund clean up in New Jersey’s Passaic River contaminated by industry misdeeds. “Just let it lie,” some say, why stir up more toxins?”


      No one wants to admit guilt. The bays around the area are now so polluted, fishing is no longer a viable source of food. In past times, poorer folk could sustain themselves with protein from the fish catch, I heard an analyst offer; now that possibility has been cancelled out along with many other natural life-giving sources.

      New Jersey was once called “The Garden State” for its
      wonderful fresh produce. It is now a dying land of smoke and toxic residue.

  2. I listened to the speech, and the major flaw I see is that RFK jr. beLIEves in vaccines. It is not just the thimerosal in vaccines which are killing and maiming people, it is the very vaccine itself. Vaccination has never shown any healing or preventative power whatsoever. Pasteur’s “germ theory” of disease has been shown to be false over and over again. Vaccination has never been based on valid science.

    Louis Pasteur vs. Antoine Bechamp: Know the True Causes of Disease – NaturalNews.com

    “Only one thing is sure: ever since Pasteur developed his “vaccine,” the cases of death from rabies have increased, not diminished.”–Hans Ruesch


    Exposing the Vaccination for Immunity Fraud | Natural Society

    Given good food, clean water and proper hygiene, free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, your body will prevent and heal itself from any and all disease.

    1. Exactly. He keeps talking about “safe vaccines.” It’s like talking about a safe stab in the heart (rough analogy). Next on the list for all of us is IGT — immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer. This is a developing technology which will prompt muscle cells to make disease-prevention antibodies by injection of artificial genes. The blood will bypassed altogether, which is where and how our antibodies are made at present, by natural biological design. I predict they will admit that vaccines were a big failure and this is the way to go! Everybody will line up for it.

      Quotes from http://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2015/03/gene-transfer-therapy-could-replace-vaccines-treat-hiv/

      “The sky’s the limit,” said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.

      Farzan and other scientists are increasingly hopeful that this technique may be able to provide long-term protection against diseases for which vaccines have failed. The first human trial based on this strategy — called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T. — is underway, and several new ones are planned.

      “It could revolutionize the way we immunize against public health threats in the future,” said Dr. Gary J. Nabel, the chief scientific officer of Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company that produces a wide range of vaccines.

    2. Gary Null at Pacifica Radio–his show on nutritian is carried on WBAI nyc–said he is sending documenttion to RFK Jr. showing that no vaccine meets the standards of safety for public health. Hope Robert will take note and reassess his remarks.

  3. William F. Pepper is still fighting the good fight to correct the historical record regarding the Assassination of RFK. He has new evidence, has been retained to represent Sirhan B Sirhan, and is currently working to get this evidence into court, despite what he has characterized as Fascist elements within our US system.

    1. Likewise, I’m wondering if the masses of Americans will ever know and realize what transpired during the show trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. That is one that’s hard to stomach and underscores the reality that we no longer have a legitimate court system and are at the mercy of a crime syndicate.

      1. Gil, what I cannot fathom in all of this is that I have NEVER seen any photos or video footage of Dzhokar Tsarnaev after his arrest. We have all seen the ONE photo of him, but c’mon! How about him exiting prison or entering a courthouse, or exiting a courthouse and entering a prison?

        Courtroom sketch artists do not suffice for me. I mean, what the heck is going on here? We have seen Lee Harvey Oswald interviewed and claim he was a patsy. We saw him MURDERED ON LIVE TV!

        We have seen Sirhan Sirhan interviewed. There is enough post arrest footage on Charles Manson to produce a theatrical release.

        We have seen John Hinckly Jr. interviewed. David Berkowitz. Ted Bundy. Timothy McVeigh. Ted Kaczinski.

        Where the hell is there ANY available footage on Tsarnaev?

        With todays technology people find all sorts of ways to snap pictures or record video without anyone knowing it. So don’t tell me security is too tight.

        Would some damn journalist (uhh…not Andrew Solomon..) interview this guy so I can know that he is real?!?!

        If anyone reading this can produce ANY legitimate video or photographic evidence that Dzhokar Tsarnaev is 1) a real person, and 2) still alive, please provide links.

        And Gil, yeah, we ARE at the mercy of a crime syndicate. We have no recourse to mans laws. The Head stinks and the body is decaying. But let me tell you that the crime syndicate you speak of gets its marching orders from a much higher place. It is why they can operate with impunity.

        At least in this life.

  4. Los Angeles’ largest radio station KFI, owned by Clear Channel, was given marching orders to have its hosts crucify Mr. Kennedy for his speech in Sacramento.

  5. There are no “safe” vaccines as long as they enable complex molecules (e.g. oils/proteins) to bypass the digestive tract (part of the Th1 immune system) and enter the bloodstream directly, where they spur the Th2 immune system into overproduction of antibodies. Th2 agitation leads to an attack on “self,” meaning the body begins to attack its own molecular assemblies necessary for metabolism. This is how you get chronic autoimmune problems. Vaccines also contain neurotoxins (e.g, aluminum, phenol, formaldehyde) and are administered by “effraction,” an old English word for “burglary.” Vaccines break their way deep into the body instead of coming in through the portal/gateways (mouth, eyes, nose, lungs, gut, which contain filters and protective enzymes — all part of the Th1 immune system). Compare vaccines to untreated snakebites; snake venom is composed of proteins and neurotoxins (as are vaccines); the hypodermic needle is effectively a modern fang. Imagine children getting 60+ untreated snakebites by age 5 or 6.

    1. When Sofia mentions “oils” one thing everyone should know about is squalene, which many vaccine/gulf war syndrome experts discussed on the late Stan Monteith’s interview program. Injecting things like that into anyone, young or old, is insane. Of course the vaccine manufacturers always lie, which is a core element of the issue.

      As Sofia says, it is literally like snakebite.

      Here is a Dr. Mercola article on the subject (the result of a quick start page search). Deeper investigation of squalene is highly advised. Mercury is bad. Aluminum is bad. Formaldehyde is bad. Everyone knows this. But there are other, terrifying, things they put in vaccines that most people know nothing about.


  6. As we all know, a huge number of the Kennedy family members have died less-than-natural deaths… After so courageously making statements on this hot-button issue in such a public forum, I sure hope that Robert Jr. is watching his back. 🙁

  7. Good book to read
    “Vaccination is Not Immunization – The Sanctity of Human Blood” by Tim O’Shea – available at online used booksellers.
    Also, the books written by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny.

  8. Pharmacy {LL, pharmacia; administration of drugs, fr. pharmakon – magic charm, poison, drug; akin to Lith burti – to practice magic}

    This is the Websters New Collegiate Dictionary definition for the word “pharmacy.”

    This should clearly indicate that any and all pharmaceutical drugs that AFFECT THE MIND are in essence, sorcery and witchcraft. We are not talking here about ibuprofen and acetaminophen, crystalline compounds used to relieve pain and fever, but WITCHCRAFT and SORCERY, used to gain entry into and CONTROL of the human mind.

    The recording artist Sting in one of his compositions, at least in my mind, stated it best;

    In this YT clip, however, I see and hear someone speaking and sounding not like a cookie cutter politician, but as one who appears to have a genuine concern for other human beings. When was the last time you heard such broad sweeping indictments against such a vast array of groups of massive influence?

    He just sounds….honest.

    I may be revealing a bit of naivete here, but I believe THIS is how a politician should look and sound.

    What parents should be aware of in this, the “age of information,” is that THEY need to be the number one watchdog for their children in all aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual well being. The state clearly has other “interests.” It certainly seems here that the CDC has become nothing more than a Wall Street commodity.

    It is further noteworthy to mention here that RFK Jr. alludes to the stigmatism of being perceived as a potential “conspiracy theorist,” suggesting that what he has to say here will most likely be left for consumption by the lunatic fringes of society. A strategic and redundant dichotomy by TPTB.

    The question that is left, demanding to be pondered, is; what is the target objective of Big Pharma in all of this?

    One hint may be in Kennedys quick but sure reference to autism. My wife and I spent this past Saturday in Milford, Pa., whose streets were lined with ribbons indicating their observance of autism awareness month. There has been a spike of interest in autism, inculcated by the MSM since being identified as the alleged mental defect suffered by the alleged Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza.

    Let me also add that the small town of Milford, Pa. is steeped in mysticism, occultism, and outright Satanism. They would have a stake in perpetuating the need for state oversight in these complex matters.

    There truly is a battle on for the control of your mind (and your soul).

    And on a much lesser note of significance, does anyone doubt that if RFK Jr, announced his candidacy for president, he would ANNIHILATE Hillary Rodham Clinton in the democratic primary?

    The problem is, he wouldn’t live to see an election.

    1. I am not discounting the idea that Milford PA might have a high level of autism. That state has been assaulted ever since the coal was mined there. It is also the first state to pump oil. When I was last there, about three summers ago, I drove across the NY border through seemingly idyllic dairy farm country with a significant fracking component (by the way, Spellcheck should stop trying to change that word – it’s been with us for awhile).

      I have known a lot of people with MS. In both my family and my husband’s close relatives were disabled by it. My niece lost her father to it. I know a woman whose husband works with mine who has had it for years. What do they have in common? It’s kind of amazing, because I am not Pennsylvanian myself and yet each of these people who “randomly” got MS spent a significant part of their childhoods or summer vacations (usually at a lake) in Pennsylvania.

      My late brother-in-law who died of a premature heart attack while in a wheelchair because of MS was also a research chemist who worked with heavy metals. When he fell ill, people speculated that was the cause (as no doubt others in his profession had it), but the fact was that he grew up in Westmoreland County, and lived there through his undergraduate years, as did both his parents and grandparents. Which factor was the last straw for him?

      I know two other people with MS. One came from Massachusetts, while the other was from Wisconsin, but he was also a scientist who may have been exposed to chemicals which destroyed neurons.

      There IS some connection there with exposure to chemicals, so why not with autism too? More than one system can be affected.

      1. Oh, and by the way, to reinforce the dumbness of the public, the money-grubbing National MS Society lists several “disproved theories” about the acquisition of this disease. They discount the heavy metal hypothesis and also the cluster one. I guess this is to stave off lawsuits.

        But they are hardly disproven. You could say that the course of the disease may be one thing – an autoimmune reaction – but what if the culprit chemical does damage and the damaged cells appear to the immune system as interlopers? Then, in a excessive reaction to clean them, healthy cells are also harmed? You may not be able to extract the original metal doing the damage, and after all other people in the area might also have the same levels, but that one vulnerable person would have had a cascade of effects that others didn’t. Just because I absorbed all that mercury just fine (it only made me a mad conspiracy theorist who can fly below the radar in my tinfoil hat) someone else might have a worse reaction due to chance or genetic vulnerability.

      2. Musings, a good and fair question, the answer to which I don’t have. My point simply is reasoned within two contexts; Sandy Hook and the pharmaceutical (legalized drugs) nation we live in.

        I can walk out of a CVS, cross the street and enter a Walgreens (and I mean, literally). And if I am up for a quality cardio workout, I can head from there, walk down the street a mile or so, and pop into a Rite Aid. There is a CVS not far from me at a major intersection, no kidding, that sits high upon a hill, reminiscent of a Vatican-like structure.

        I am doing some contracting at a private residence, and man, every day there is a voicemail for my customer to pick up another prescription. CVS now has an automated system that alerts its customers by voicemail AND texts that they need to refill a prescription.

        I remember the Rexalls and the local, privately owned pharmacies that dotted the local landscapes. They were unimposing. Today however, we are bludgeoned with obtrusive advertising from the pharmaceutical empires and their ubiquitous drug castles.

        How did we get to the point where, if we aren’t smoking, huffing, injecting or snorting something, we are popping something from the guys in the white coats?

        This model isn’t a Picasso abstract. It was in the blueprint.

        My Sandy Hook context is this; we have seen and heard the hue and cry not only for increased federal and state gun legislation, but equally so for a greater scope of public awareness and official oversight in the matters of mental health.

        The focus has been on Adam Lanzas alleged mental issues. No one has ever suggested that he suffered from any physical defect. He didnt blast his way into the halls of infamy because he had MS. But it has been postulated by many, both professional and pedestrian, that if Lanzas mental issues had been identified and addressed early on (with psychotropic meds) tragedy most likely would have been avoided.

        If there was a master plan behind Sandy Hook, certainly a core objective seems to be in the direction of a nations consciousness and focus on curing the defective mind before that mind festers and ferments, and produces another James Holmes or an Adam Lanza.

        This has been the recurring lament of every Sandy Hook parent, sibling, daughter or son who has flapped his or her gums into any and every microphone plopped before them.

        Can there be any doubt as to the prolific role big pharma will play in all of this?

    2. Joseph, you may like Alan Grayson (D 9th dist-.FL). He says what he means and means what he says.

      Here is his take on the dubious Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Grayson homes in on the issue of trade imbalance which will be exacerbated by the TPP. Here he talks with political anaylist, Thom Hartmann, who has always been on top of economic pitfalls into which we have been led via the glogbal elite. Clever, these greedy merchants of death.


  9. Simply setting up the future generations with a lifetime of medical conditions that will no doubt have no cure, but will require a lifetime of pharmaceutical maintenance. Since genocide via dictators like Lenin, Stalin, and Mao is no longer fashionable, the needle will take its place.

    What the hell is a Rotavirus? Is this where Rotarians come from? Maybe we should keep that one.

    Remember the old Star Trek episode where the two societies made actual war obsolete by getting their people to peacefully walk into the disintegration chambers. When is that going to be an option?

  10. Lord bless anyone who is chasing this issue with a true heart. RFK Jr. has his work cut out for him. California from about Sacramento to San Diego is a giant military gulag with one US Navy, Airforce, Marine base running the Pacific Coast in an unbroken line.

    I once lived right outside of Sacramento and I can attest to the fact that the social impact of the military/industrial complex is solid and imbred. Step outside of that parameter, question their agenda, and expect to get squashed like a bug. Everyone worked in concert to ensure business interests were not compromised. That is one reason I believe the people of Newtown, CT. are acting as a committee, not as fully
    realized adult human beings, not as individuals with free will and moral imperatives.

  11. Memoeryholeblog news has a story on the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. General Benton K.Partin, an explosives expert, explained on live public access TV in Texas why the truck bomb could not have explained either the magnitude of the blast or the blast pattern of the Murrah building. Here is the Youtube clip of his expert opinion that was subject media blackout:


  12. Good for Kennedy, but I find it hard to overlook his extreme “global warming” views and the propaganda he spews in regards to that ridiculous, yet dangerous, hoax.

  13. O/T found this in a comment over on the Betsy McGee youtube channel:

    For the narrative below, watch 10:30 – 13:30 . . . or, better yet, watch the Whole video

    “After the lecture and demonstrations Nikola Tesla gave to the Institute of Electrical Engineers in London, in 1892, the mainstream press started a buzz that this scientist was working on creating destructive weapons. Soon afterwards, Tesla did a series of experiments studying the process of auto-vibration. Tesla had tied one of his oscillators to a central support beam in the basement of his laboratory located on Houston Street on the Lower East Side in New York City. He applied such a frequency from the device to the central pillar, that is started to roar and vibrate. Together with it, the beam and building and surrounding buildings began to shake, with the shattering of glass panes from the buildings. Steam and water pipes began to break due to the powerful oscillations. Four tons of laboratory equipment in the basement was damaged, and the building was saved from complete destruction, because Tesla took a hammer and smashed the Oscillator device

    The effect of his apparatus recalled the biblical account of the Destruction of the Walls of Jericho due to the sound blasts coming from the trumpets

    Later, Tesla told the reporters that using such powerful RESONANT devices, can DEMOLISH SKYSCRAPERS, bridges and even split the Earth in half ~ ”


  14. While I like RFK Jr. and appreciate his taking a stand on vaccines, I wonder about his continued focus on thiomersal when it has been removed from most vaccines except for the flu shot. I went to Sacramento last week when SB277 passed in the Health committee. I was so impressed with the mobilization of Mothers and many others who came out against this bill. Some estimate 2,000 came out against this bill, many with children, many with stories of vaccine injured children. We were a sea of people in red flooding the halls of the Capitol. I was very impressed with our state capitol and the professionalism of the men and women that work there. I didn’t get to see RFK’s speech as we were talking to our Assemblyman’s Aide. Watching the speeches later I thought Laura Hayes speech was also very powerful, she has three vaccine injured children. The Moms, many with kids in tow are back at the Capitol today to fight this bill in the Education committee. CA residents can support them today by faxing and emailing opposition letters to the judiciary committee for it to be considered in the judiciary bill review. The judiciary committee is the next step. I hope the bill dies today in the health committee. Please personalize and even if it’s only two lines — it DOES matter. Thanks for all your help.

    Laura Hayes speech:[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WWEiEPUWSU&w=560&h=315%5D


    You can watch the hearing today here, its bound to be interesting:

    1. Calimom; you are probably a native of California; I was an outsider looking critically at the population who seemed to collalesce around the need to pay homage to one of the state’s biggest employers–namely the military. “Gov’t using pharma injections for military personnel. Big bucks there. No screening for GIs either.

      Since I left in 1972, many of those bases have closed but many still remain with their importance firmly seated in the popular culture.

      You say the state reps are professional and seem presentable in the public eye. Still they have passed that horrendous bill in the judiciary committee and it will make its winding way to the health committee for their approval? hmmmm…we shall see if they are as astute and dedicated in these matters as Nancy Pelosi was regard the ACA. See my skepticism?

      John Oliver, a comedian by trade, has nailed the strong position of state legislatures in his damning satire on the ALEC phenomenon–ceding much federal power to the states which prove to be just as corruptible as those minions on Capitol Hill. Not taking much stock in the possibility of the bill in question failing from this process.


      Overlook Oliver’s many expletives and listen to his message warning about ALEC’s grip on policy affecting every man, woman, child in the US. Alarming and sad.

      1. It is alarming. To clarify, I don’t feel that everyone in the capital is hardworking and deserves respect, two of the legislators actually fell asleep in a hearing for another vaccine bill SB792, which mandates vaccines for daycare workers. There are currently six vaccine bills in the senate in addition to SB277. SB277 is in the process of working its way through the second of three committee in the senate. It passed the Health Committee 6 to 2, it almost died in the Education Committee but the chairperson Senator Liu postponed the vote Wednesday to give Senator Pan time to regroup. There will a vote without discussion next Wednesday. If it passes Education it will continue to the Judiciary Committee. The fact that it was split in to three committees means there is significant opposition to the bill. Its easy to be a skeptic. I feel that all the anti-vaxer propaganda was put out there to put questioning Moms back on their heels so they would come out fighting and look hysterical. There are many, many good people in this state fighting this, and I hope other state residents will join us. This bill is truly “draconian’ (Senator Loni Hancock). Please consider calling the Education Committee to politely express your opposition to SB277 before next Wednesday.

      2. Long reply deleted, I am probably getting too political with the information about this bill. Watched the video. There certainly seems to be corruption in play.Watching SB277 has been an incredible education in and of itself. There is a great deal at stake here. Medical fascism is looming. Informed Consent is under attack, and every US citizen could be in harm’s way, from cradle to grave. Californian not Draconian, No on SB 277.

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