Memorial to the victims of the massacre inside Dunblane Cathedral. [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
By James F. Tracy

A recent BBC documentary airing in March 2015, Surviving Sandy Hook, calls to mind the series of made-for-TV films produced by British news media memorializing Dunblane. Indeed, the March 13, 1996 massacre of 16 five-to-six-year-old school children and their teacher in Dunblane Scotland by a single recluse bears a number of similar characteristics to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, yet Sandy Hook is seldom considered in the context of this important precursor.

The foremost of such similarities is the fact that Dunblane was the key pretext for the introduction of draconian gun laws and school safety measures throughout the United Kingdom–a move ostensibly pursued to placate grieving parents, some of whom advocated for such. By late 1997, all cartridge-loading handguns had been banned throughout the UK following separate legislation passed under the Conservative and Labour governments of John Major and Tony Blair.

The Obama administration and enthusiastic gun control advocates like Michael Bloomberg have been less successful in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. Yet for this reason alone Dunblane should command the attention of those who remain skeptical of the Newtown event and its political implications.

On closer examination Dunblane shares a number of other uncanny resemblances with Sandy Hook. For example, the “official story” of Dunblane and its ensuing investigation, widely recounted via national and international news media through a focus on grieving families, had numerous inconsistencies that were not satisfactorily resolved in a court of law. And, perhaps predictably, the lone assailant mysteriously committed suicide to mark the shooting’s finale.

Further, no autopsies were ever conducted on the deceased as public discourse surrounding the event swiftly transitioned to calls for stricter gun control and school security measures.

As noted, the 1996 shooting is recounted in several “documentaries,” such as this episode of the Crimes That Shook Britain television series. Again, much like the coverage of Sandy Hook’s aftermath, the overall story is presented through the observations of several middle-age parents.


Critical book-length treatments of the Dunblane massacre and its seriously flawed investigation are almost non-existent. An exception is Sandra Uttley’s (very difficult to obtain) Dunblane Unburied, which focuses on the official inquiry and the case’s many unexamined inconsistencies, such as assailant Thomas Hamilton’s close association with the Central Scotland Police.

“The British Government,” Uttley writes in the book’s conclusion, “covered up the truth about what happened and ‘bought off’ the bereaved parents by granting them their dearest wish–a ban on handguns.”

She continues to explain Dunblane in prose that might be easily applied to today to not just Sandy Hook, but other similarly curious and poorly-investigated criminal events over the past few decades–including the Boston Marathon bombing, the Aurora and Tucson mass shootings, the London 7/7 bombing, and 9/11.

Just to mention Dunblane now brings the knee-jerk response of “we don’t need to be reminded” and accusations of gratuitous reference. Only when this situation is rectified will we, as a society, begin to lift the wool from our eyes and learn at every level, that the upholders of law and order are often an integral part of its very breakdown. And when they are part of that breakdown, they must carry the responsibility. the Denial of Dunblane will not end until then.

Connecticut and federal officials have provided what may be described at best as a slipshod inquiry of Sandy Hook that likewise suggests an effort to coverup either gross negligence or an entirely contrived event. Only when the nation moves toward an honest accounting of Newtown and similar tragedies can it likewise partake in forthright discussions of school safety, mental health, and the right to firearms ownership.

Such a discourse might begin by Connecticut’s public servants coming clean with the basic documentation corroborating the events that traumatized the nation and world on December 14, 2012.

There are those in certain policy circles who adhere to the notion that the ends justify the means. At the very least, the many similarities shared by Dunblane and Sandy Hook–including their almost identical treatment by major news media–should prompt us to consider much more closely the extent to which the former has served as a template for the latter.

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68 thought on “Blueprint for a Mediated Massacre Event”
        1. The 7 part series posted by absmover is well worth watching.

          Here is the text of Sandra Uttley’s book Dunblane Unburried: http://stolenkids-dunblane.blogspot.com/2005/11/2006-dunblane-unburied-by-sandra-uttley.html
          She writes about the dark history of Thomas Hammilton and the unprecedented use of the hundred year gag rule. I skimmed it and found it disorganized and without a clear thesis, other than that the Dunblane incident was a real shooting, and that Hammilton was a friend of the police who was possibly supplying child pornography to them and others in high places. She also suggests that he may have been framed, as he committed suicide with two shots to the head.

          One problem I see with this incident is its proximity to the Port Arthur Shooting, which happened only six weeks later. There were many anomalies in the official account of that shooting indicating government involvement. It may even have been completely staged, as was the SHES event. I doubt that it could have been planned in only six weeks. This suggests foreknowledge of the Dunblane shooting on the part of the Australian authorities, who capitalized on the dual impact of both events to ban firearms just as the British government did.

        2. That should be Hamilton with one m.
          I would add that the PAM may on the surface look like a copy cat event, though the anomalies like the distraction of local police, the purchase of a large mobile morgue beforehand, and the delayed police response all weaken that theory.

        3. Christo,

          Interesting you brought up “the dual impact of both events to ban firearms”.

          Just as BMB was just weeks after SHE while the great “Gun Debate” was going they tried to shift or add Home made bombs and Homegrown Terrorism in the debate.

          Maybe this is where they lost their narrative.

          Remember the first suspects of BMB started out trying to blame was some king of right-wing Patriot, then it shifted to some guy from Saudi, then to the Chechnya brothers.

        4. Excerpt from the link I posted above:
          ~There are only three levels of secrecy in the UK for state secrets, the 30 year rule, the 80 year rule and the 100 year rule. Normal secrets, like Cabinet discussions, government papers, espionage, all that, are under the 30 year rule.

          Only a very small number of things ever reached the 80 year rule, particularly events in the Sudan with Kitchener in 1902, where it seems that an act of genocide was committed, and some things that happened 1914-18, as well as things like potential peace negotiations in 1941, and just about everything to do with the IRA (after all, people are still alive after 30 years) come under the 80 year rule. Of them, the darkest of state secrets, when the events of ’02 were getting a bit close to their limit for comfort, a further class of secrets was created to last a hundred years, and tiny number of things were put in it – e.g. Kitchener in ’02, some World War I things.

          But none of these things can be said to apply to Dunblane. That was a case of a common criminal [and] sexual pervert committing some fairly ordinary murders, of a kind that happen from time to time. Even if a backbench Labour MP was implicated, or may have been involved in a large paedophile ring in Scotland, that is not a matter of vital national importance.~

          From Sandra U:

        5. Anne, the Freemasonry gave him the connections with police, judiciary, other pedophiles, etc.. Notice that his earlier adventures with scouting didn’t prevent him from entering “The Craft”.

          While it is true that Britain is currently receiving attention for their pervert problem, this trait among the privileged is quite ingrained both in Europe and the U.S..

          The timing issue is important. After all, in a country in which until recently, it was not easy to find armed officers, how did they manage to be “Johnny on the Spot”, within such a short time?

          His neighbors report that he was quite composed and cheerful on the morning of the event. This all looks as if he was lured to the school for some purpose and eliminated as a possible threat to them.

          It was reported that he was having problems with his gun permit and a certain Lord had intervened. Perhaps his customers risked exposure if the curiosity he was causing reached the public.

          In their normal fashion, by staging a horrific event they could use the backlash to seal the records as well as push for disarmament. In that way they could get a “twofer”. Grab the guns and hide the records.

        6. Ric and everyone commenting on the interconnection of these events with an agenda in mind (an agenda that shifted in the BMB, which followed on SHE by three months) – Don’t forget that Sandy Hook families were supposed to be specially honored at the Marathon with seating in viewing stands across from the finish line. But I think that part of the narrative has been de-emphasized, perhaps because it kind of strains belief that anyone would sit that long to watch runners, in a reviewing stand, unless they were watching winners of the major events (wheelchair, men’s and women’s). It isn’t the Rose Parade! The Sandy Hook angle was played but mostly dropped, if you recall.

          Digging up those former angles on the story can find lots of contradictions, but that is consistent with a story that is being twisted into a long thread which is a different color at the start than at the finish. Why this should be provokes speculation of course. Part of it might simply be that some things stick out as incredible and might call the whole thing into question. Or perhaps there are warring factions in officialdom who want different things to be accomplished by the propaganda.

        7. Musings, perhaps it is because most of us do not have multiple agendas for everything we do. After studying these things for years I am convinced that most, if not all of them are done with many goals in mind.

          They may not start off that way but, opportunists being opportunists, they end up that way. It isn’t much of a reach to see the drill designers lifting the plot line from Dunblane and “adapting” it.

          Just like I don’t see “gun control” as the central issue of SHES, I don’t think it was the so for Dunblane. It ended up as a distraction. Not that they didn’t want it, it simply wasn’t the reason for the events.

      1. Part 4, minute 12, the Sound of Music audio: and then I don’t feel…sooooo bad!

        CLASSIC! great filmic moment, so unlike the SH charade, which is typical Steven Spielberg (remember Obama going to Dreamworks?) oversimplification-to-the-point-of-stupification because Spielberg views his audience as stupid.

    1. Thank you for the heart wrenching compilation of comparing these two events – photoviapops!

      My total being openly weeps along with the Dunblane victims’ testimonies. This human quality called empathy, that turns my eyes into waterfalls and my skin tones into many shades of purple is an emotion that erupts like a volcano upon experiencing great sadness.

      The poor folks in Dunblane, Scotland, cannot speak of this horrific event as it is so heart wrenching and the SH event organizers were probably counting on the same phenomenon in the US.

      Problem was SH had really bad actors, script, video coverage, as in – EVERYONE MUST SIGN IN HERE sign at the firehouse, instant charities and a multitude of conflicting reports from the media. As much as we like to bash the press for not reporting the truth, is it possible they are trying to communicate how screwed up the story is with miscommunication? It was Fox News with that MUST SIGN IN sign on the shoulder of Gene Rosen, exclusive interview, think he just wanted to hug the children he rescued from that mean bus driver or was it a Christmas present?….

      They knew US citizens would not surrender their guns as easily as in the UK or Australia, so the big push is on mental health and controlling parental rights. As the AG Holder so famously stated – we need to brainwash them into surrendering their guns.

      This common core education program meant to further dumb down our children and disconnect them from their parents who cannot possibly help them with non logical home work assignments, has brought about a new awakening.

      Was looking for a link to my previous upscale NY suburban school district where parents are protesting their children will have to sit and stare while common core testing that they object to goes on. Not allowed to read a book, go to the library, or even run around the track or go to the cafeteria for a healthy snack. The school board was reviewing the request, strange the internet does not give me an update.

      But this is even better, the great state of CT is struggling with the same issue! https://jonathanpelto.com/2015/03/18/urgent-alert-sit-and-stare-policy-violates-common-core-sbac-protocol/

      Love and strength to all!

      1. Go to the Net and chase down Dr. Duke Pesta’s outstanding discussion on Common Core. Pesta is an exceptional speaker and the tape, while 2 hours long, is seriously well worth the time expenditure.

        1. There is an abundance of information out there on how terrible common core is, yet it seems it will be the standard for all education in the future. It won’t matter that the children can opt out of the test, they are still getting the indoctrination.

          It appears our schools are actually becoming factories that churn out drug dependent sex slaves for the evil controllers.

          It is difficult for a normal person to understand how anyone could harm a child, let alone steal sexual pleasure from them. They must be incapable of feeling love in any human manner and only get satisfaction using dominance and force.


        2. Thanks Pedantic…excellent, excellent lecture…..here is some more info regarding the end discussion on this vid…..

          Ten years after the introduction of Sex Ed into U.S. schools and at a cost of more than 2 billion promoting Sex Ed, Dinah Richard, Ph.D published “Has Sex Education Failed our Teenagers.” This was a compilation of more than 268 studies on the consequences of contraceptive-based sex-ed programs.

          The failure and consequences were showing up in escalating statistics on teen pregnancy, teen abortion, evidence revealing sex-ed leads to early sexual experimentation and teen promiscuity. Several of these studies revealed rising young emotional problems; escalating teen depression revealed in statistics of hospital admission and teen suicide had increased 200%.

          Regarding an escalation in young emotional problems Dr. Melvin Anchell wrote, “Typical sex education courses are almost perfect recipes of producing personality problems and even perversions later in life and they continuously downgrade the affectionate monogamous nature of human sexuality.

          Dr. John Meek, of the Psychiatric Institute of Washington stated that sex-ed instruction in the lower elementary grades is unwarranted and potentially destructive. There was a consensus in the American Association of Child Psychoanalysis that, “the child’s development is not served by encouraging sexuality at this young stage of life.

          Regarding ethical development, there were countless studies stressing that invasion of the “latency period” by premature sex-ed information is counter productive because adolescents function in a “concrete” rather than formal (adult) cognitive mode and thus so-called “value-neutral” approaches cannot work for them.

          On June 19, 1987, Dr Maria Crenshaw, past president of the American Association of Sex Education, asked 800 sexologists at the World Congress of Sexuality, in Heidelberg, “If you had available the partner of your dreams, and knew that person carried the HIV virus—would you rely on a condom for protection?” Not a single person raised a hand! So she accused them all of giving irresponsible advice to youth.

          A 1988 Queens University Study, Canada Youth and Aids studied thirty-eight thousand youths, ages 11 to 21 and established a “risk profile” for teens concluding that school programs are promoting high risk behavior that revealed a correlation between sexual activity and alcohol use, drug abuse, marijuana use and smoking.

          Stephen Genuis M.D pointed out in his book, “Risky Sex” With the illusion of liberating people from repressive attitudes and lifestyles, many now suffer the bondage of life-long STDs or their consequences, from which there may be no liberation. (Risky Sex, Edmonton, Alberta: KEG Publishing, 1991

          (Dinah Richard, Ph.D; Has Sex Education Failed our Teenagers? Pomona California: Focus on the Family Publishing, 1990)

          In the philosophy of Secular Humanists all this is referred to as “necessary alterations in the moral fabric of society.”

    2. I agree with absmover, Thank you for this, very good of you to be able to talk about this, and bring the similarity about it with Sandy Hook, the verbal phrases…and the relatives movements I noticed – , It truly shows there is more to this than we know. -The shooting of Hamilton and why he was shot twice in the head looks suspicious. Giving ‘ strikes ‘ to your video, for making any comparisons with Sandy Hook. says it all.. Dunblane was real.. Sandy Hook wasn’t..

    1. Judging from the actions of one Mr. Rogalski and his calls to the school district about entering his daughter in classes, note that the authorities are quickly insisting he needs psychological testing and perhaps interventions. It would appear that as the number of people willing to speak out on the SH farce decreases, the state will sense it has won the battle and will then play the anti-Holocaust speech game like they do in EU nations. People will soon be considered as insane and in need of treatment and all resistance to the state diktat will cease. Dissidents like Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and Germar Rudolf have gone to prison for espousing their views on Holocaust issues and that would very well happen here. In a state of somewhat over 3 million residents, I’d wager that less than 2% believe SH is a false flag and of those 2%, only a tiny fraction will say anything about the faux event. I’d say the state has won, wouldn’t you?
      It puts a different light on how we actually expect to influence people and get them to do their own research and see for themselves. We are becoming totalitarianized and the numbers are crushing us.

      1. no, the state hasn’t won. these things are cumulative historically, and refuting a conspiracy tradition is an historical project.

        not incidentally, the major holocaust of the Nazis was the Slavs, not the Jews. perhaps four or five times as many Slavs were killed, mostly civilian. the Nazis had a Hunger Plan to starve them to death, replacing them in their lands with Germans.

        1. According to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 66 million Russian Christians et al. were murdered by the mostly jewish Bolsheviki. WW2 was a travesty, the US and its allies murdered millions of innocent Germans because they felt that killing civilians would induce the German leadership to throw down the towel. Thanks to Gen. Curtis Lemay, night bombing runs starting in ’42 destroyed supply depots and railroads and deprived the labor camps of food and other supplies, compounding loss of jews and other captives. Lemay, as everybody remembers, ran for Vice President with George C. Wallace.

  1. Dr. Tracy, you continue to bring forward thought-provoking developments that cast serious doubt–and even incredulity–on the circumstances as the authorities have suggested them regarding Sandy Hook.

    The fact that a so-called “developed world” society can not bear to even examine the many inconsistencies and outright contradictions that impinge on this case is proof positive the real hurdle to overcome is not official secrecy and cover-up, but the fact that the average American finds it too difficult to entertain even the idea that we have once again been betrayed by those who claim to lead us for our own good.

    It has happened again and again in history, which even the most cursory examination can provide through the Internet. The fact that we are too distracted, disinterested and discombobulated with anything more complicated that Candy Crush and our favorite team’s Sunday lineup is a distressing, but essential, truth to digest.

    We are far out on a limb and not many people seem to worry about the snapping noises from the trunk.

    1. I think you make a great point. IMHO the root problem is K-12, public education. We sorely lack being educated on how to stay vigilant against the tendency of govt to infringe on our rights, for one.

      1. +K-12 education is one thing, lousy family structure is another. America has changed in literally hundreds of ways over the last century. Is education to assume that the rest of this nation’s attributes are alive and well? Not by a long shot. The pressures on Americans and their children today are massive. Which of the many attributes held by Americans are the critical ones?
        If I were to be forced to choose one word that underscores our woes it would be distraction. People’s consciousness is attacked from all directions and people don’t have the ability to focus on all items on their plates. Too many of our “leaders” are incompetent and bought out by parties and issues. They, too, are distracted. By money and power, that is.

        Constant propaganda makes it infinitely harder for people to focus. Who and what to believe?

        It doesn’t look good for the home team. We can’t luck ourselves into better position, either. Where to start?


  2. This article raises a perennial, puzzling and overarching enigma: the numerous organizations that lament SH-induced attempts to restrict gun ownership and use could have effortlessly produced this article a long time ago, with a rousing call to action and a request for money: the National Rifle Association, the John Birch Society, the marginal conservative parties, even the GOP for that matter. Yet they have not done so.

    At the risk of appearing to be a conspiracy theorist, I affirm the possibility that these organizations primarily try to distract gun rights defenders into wasting their energy, time and money on Sisyphean tasks rather than focus them on what may lead to a final solution of the silly wedge issue of gun control. Wise gun rights activists may want, ironically, to shun organizations that promote gun rights. Plato’s cave could be very big indeed.


    1. It is worth noting that the aforementioned John Birch society was founded by communists. “The best way to follow is from the front” type communists. Welch was hired to run the gig as he had sold out the candy company to Rockefeller for thrice what it was worth.
      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Words of wisdom, for sure.

      1. Communists is a term confusing people in this connection.
        The oligarchs use collectivism of a destructive form to achieve arrested development.
        Some John Birchers, such as Gary Allen was a sharpeyed critic of marxism and also one of the few who admitted that in a functioning market economy, if new stars are to have a chance to rise and shine, the power of private wealth in the form of family empires must be regulated wisely. One generation may be a blessing but all the following might have a parasitic function, leading to war and misery.
        Thats what needs to be discussed. To speak of communists without further qualifications is misleading.
        As I understand it JB was ok from the beginning but was eventually infiltrated by the oligarchy.

        1. What has to be understood is the extreme nature of the damage Franklin Roosevelt did to the United States. Wilson was a genuine monster, permanently bending us into involvement in the new Europe he helped create; that, combined with the creation of a central bank and the imposition of an income tax, set the stage for the fascism Roosevelt implemented. But Coolidge was still possible in between Wison and Roosevelt.

          That is, conservatism (minimal government) still existed in the popular mind prior to Frankie the Fascist.

          Hoover was a disaster at the front edge of the Great Depression, so the public was willing to give the New York Aristocrat a go (based upon his lies); as the Depression just went on and on and on, Americans became resigned to their fate, and accepted that the collectivism of the New Deal was the only way out, even as it kept making matters worse. They did not remember that what started in September 1929 did not have to continue getting worse year after year, as the same thing happened a decade earlier and the president at the time did not “act,” and the marketplace self-solved the crisis of 1920-21 with no federal “we must DO something–anything!!!!” asininity.

          Well, Frankie tricked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, to get us into a war no American had the remotest interest in joining. So a decade of financial dread and torpor bled into half a decade of pure nationalization of the economy. After that kind of trauma, a generation’s worth, conservatism pretty much had been forgotten. Our founding values, seemingly, were lost for good.

          Add to that what had been done to the academy, and the press. There was no independent voice remaining. And the courts? Don’t get me started. At first, the geezers blocked Frankie the Red’s program at every turn. So he threatened to “pack” the court (simply appoint two extra justices who would side with him) if the old men refused to resign. The extortion worked, and the New Deal became part of the fabric of American life. By the time Johnny was Marching Home, socialism was normative in the former Home of the Free.

          THAT’S the context the Birch Society was created within. It doesn’t matter if Gil is correct that Welch was not a true advocate of freedom: the success of the JBS is due to its representing an oasis in a generation-long cultural desert–thousands of lovers of freedom, who had absolutely no institutional voice in a country where the press and the academy uniformly embraced the late dictator’s fascism, suddenly had a forum to express their thirst for a restoration of the principles that had been normative in this country and had made it a magnet for those who longed for freedom.

          It did its job well. Willian Buckley (I’m no fan, incidentally) started National Review. Goldwater ran for president, calling for the restoration of the things Roosevelt stripped away from us. Ronald Reagan promoted Goldwater with “the speech” he gave endless times, and eventually made the ideas Roosevelt squished into the mud under his aristocrat’s jackboot sexy and people once again had hope that America can be restored. This would have been unimaginable in the torpor of the early 50s, when the fascism of Frankie the Red seemed inescapable.

          Now, even though America is more fascistic than ever, and all the happy-talk of Reagan and the so-called conservatives that rose up around his triumph, at least the advocates of freedom now have a real presence in the national conversation. And that is because of the John Birch Society.

          The sad part of this seemingly happy story is that it really doesn’t matter. The fascists who run our country might not like it that people can easily learn and openly express the articles of what freedom looks like, but they are comfortable in the knowledge that there is nothing we can do about it. Roosevelt’s revolution was a success. The people who took the John Birch Society at its word did magnificent work in their attempt to reverse it, and there are many fine proofs of that we live with today. But Frankie the aristocratic commie got his way in the end.

      2. Anyone who honestly thinks that the John Birch Society was founded by communists has lost the ability to discern truth from fiction. This type of reasoning, when broadcast, casts doubt upon the sanity of all those who question government conspiracies and propaganda, and is just as pathetic as the wholesale acceptance MSM/government creations.

        1. I would highly recommend that you purchase a copy of Dr. Revilo Oliver’s “America’s Decline”. Oliver joined the JBS but quickly realized who started it, who was the dupe, and who was controlling the organization. I find your pithy diatribe to be quite sophomoric and see you are one of those who believe all Americans who differ from the cardinal tenets of a cult or organization are somehow in dire need of psychiatric care, preferably at Tavistock or the current equivalent of the MK-Ultra program. Love your adjectives, “pathetic, lost ability to discern truth from fiction, casts doubt on sanity”, etc etc. You’ve caught me on a good day, I am filled to capacity with understanding for those who profess omniscience but typify something closer to a dullard. Please sign up for and try hard to receive your GED at your earliest convenience. The management thanks you.

        2. Gil
          There is no consensus about terminology in the way you refer to ‘communism’
          Libertarians probably understand what you mean while professed communists dont. It would be more useful to clarify definitions since the connection between the oligarchy and communism is very complicated. There is both the issue of revolution as it appears in freemasonry but also the mere utilitarian divide and conquer tactics of the imperialists, where they dont really intend it to turn manifest but hope to create a chaos and then grab the shattered pieces. The strong overlap between freemasonry and the others confuses everything but I think there are independent strata at least one idealistic and one utilitarian.

    2. Oh, there are reasons why people and organizations lay low on such tacky issues. As one deeply interested in Sandy Hook, as one agitating for answers, I am only too aware of the interface between safety and danger. In other words, I don’t know how far I can push the issues. I would say that there are a few dissidents who are agitating for answers on this issue, a very few, and these people are exercising great concerns about when and how the state or Feds might barge into their lives with a bogus arrest or indictment. Remember that Bill Clinton was well known in Mena, Arkansas for many nefarious involvements and those people who ventured just a bit too close to the fire ended up…..dead. Like, 75 people bit the dust when they mentioned they knew something or somebody who was involved in these illegal actions. NRA is not necessarily 4 square behind all of our gun usage concerns, not by a long shot. They’ve been pro registration and registration is the first step when confiscations are to begin. There is great danger in this nation now as the laws are being ripped to shreds by the powers that be. Lay low, live to fight another day. It is just that simple.

    1. Translation: Uttley 1) makes an effort to question the pronouncements and deeds of those in power known to resort to propaganda and lies and 2) coming from a country with a centuries-old tradition of struggle against tyrannical rule, recognizes the fundamental significance of the great equalizer. As at least one other commenter has remarked in this thread, if only the NRA or the equivalent exercised similar skepticism toward Sandy Hook.

        1. Patrick
          “Ww2 addled the british brain.”
          Better pick their establishment of the bank of England. Boggled down in conspiracies ever since. Revealing examples of the nature of their game may be studied at firstworldwarhiddenhistory.worldpress.com
          And the twofaced aspect. On the one hand some voices from Chatham house – supposedly close to power – has it that Russias actions in Ukraine were understandable. On the other hand RIIA-connected thinktanks publish the most aggressive plans for subduing them for not being pro-globalism.
          Interesting that they might have created the template for SH.
          The Tavistock Inst is or at least has been funded by some Rockefeller foundation. It sounds like something from T.

        2. Certainly, Peter. I take your point. The 20th century was a dirty business.

          Some months back, I mentioned that Knut Hamsun had decided to side with Germany in WWII, because he so despised England, and I mentioned that I might have done the same, being him. Norway, after all, is uniquely situated.

          Still, being from a spin-off of the British tradition, our freedoms tracing back to Magna Carta, it irks me when an actual Brit denies that fantastic heritage–probably because the yob’s mind only operates within the new context.

          Rome ceased to exist. Morons like this emphasize that Britain has ceased to exist.

        3. Actually, if you think about it, during feudal times every able-bodied male was required to practice archery. Everyone was armed and was expected to support their monarch against all comers.

          Because of this it was unwise for a monarch to get overly repressive. It was bad for the monarch business to drive your subjects to revolt and end up dead or in exile.

          Now that we all have “democracies” (ahem), the rulers are terrified of their subjects and seek to totally disarm and overpower them. By practicing policies that impoverish and antagonize large segments of the population they must rule by use of superior force and violence.

          When they push especially hard for disarmament it must be assumed that they have something particularly distasteful coming. If their plans are known by them to be unacceptable to those who they claim to “represent”, should they not abandon them? If not, who do they work for?

          I don’t need an answer, its a rhetorical question.

        1. Hey, if you can’t believe a “Brother Mason” who ya’ gonna believe? I’ll stick with my original information. It fits.

    2. HampshireHoggy,

      Wow, you just made the grade to Super Troll.

      Call your handlers, show them this blog and demand a raise..

      You are So Good and Original…..

  3. It’s always difficult to sniff out another culture, especially with the Atlantic Ocean between. And, too, the purported killer may even have been less of a Gumby figure than was the Sandy Hook boogie man. Hypothetically, you might say it could have been done. But whether it was done – again it takes someone to sift through the claims that have been made. Something within those claims will reveal the fiction because real life never actually behaves like a script. Someone runs away or effectively hides – even little children have strong survival instincts, and they do not all act like sheep. I don’t know this story well. I can see it has indeed formed a template, and been reified with monuments – one in a cathedral. Is it true or is it false? I think it should be examined again. Light touch or heavy research – don’t know. I only know Sandy Hook falls in my view.

    And the superannuated parents – kind of a tip-off if true. Even when my daughter was at kindergarten at Stanford, of all places, among the parents there were a just-barely-out-of-teens unwed mother and some chicks you’d never want to put in front of a camera, especially after the first drink of the morning. Every real place is a mixture of personalities. Fake places stay in the groove of stereotype.

    1. Musings and Sandy,
      I highly recommend clicking on the link below put here by Absmover and watch all 7 parts.

      The script is amazing as they compare almost word by word and line by line the SHE Production.

      It is very Good and they are working on Part 8 of the Saga as we speak.

    2. There is much more to the Dunblane incident that gets short shrift. As in SHES the “loner” really wasn’t. He was a well-connected individual with unnatural desires towards children. He was a friend of at least one “noble”, who applied for his gun permits.

      The main differences are that British culture tends to be more shocked at shooting events than Americans (at least in the past), and this didn’t receive the scrutiny that SHES has received. It should have.

      As with all of these, there are multiple motives, not simply “gun confiscation”. It is at least rumored that our shooter had molested some of the children involved. He was well known to the police as he was a Freemason of some elevated degree. It has been several years so I don’t remember all of the details, but then, as now, the event did not go without doubters.

      There is little doubt that Dunblane was on the minds of the script writers for SHES. SHES was the “expanded” version. It is truly amazing that more people are not “methane intolerant”.

      As Anne points out, above, most still believe the word of “professionals” even when they are clearly lying. I suppose that is due to the efficacy of early conditioning. There are numerous examples of medical doctors doing horrendous things, but just like with cops, most have a mental image of “Officer Friendly”.

      All of these official manipulations are designed to manufacture consent for repressive laws. They are not asking permission, they are simply designing excuses for their actions.

      Lastly, in comparing these events, I think it wise to remember that whether anyone actually dies in them is not the measure of how “real” they are. I have absolutely no confusion about their willingness to kill anybody or everybody. In fact, if they don’t, it is simply an expedient.

      Indeed, “the drill” is only one avenue for manipulation. They will use naturally occurring events as well. It isn’t so much what happened as its use. Some of these events are difficult to determine whether they were made to happen or not. Nonetheless, the pattern will tell the tale as to if they are a propaganda tool or not. In many ways this makes these altered realities even more difficult to sort out.

        1. Bev, I think she essentially gets to the point. Just like today, the authorities are so entwined in these pedophilic activities that there is virtually no way to stop it.

          While I realize that a lot of people find it hard to believe that some would actually murder children in furtherance of their goals, but I fear its true. In this episode I think that the deaths are about the only “real” thing about it.

          Others have probed these connections previously. He had many connections in high places. The commonality was the boys. There are various theories on the hows and whys.

          Ms. Uttley touches on some of these in her interview. The precision of the shootings is rather important. It is also difficult to reconcile having the families visit the site and then burying the investigatory information for 100 years. Why?

          I plan to read her book. I’ve read other writers opinions on this. Just like so many of these, its a cinch it didn’t happen as described.

  4. There can be no doubt that Dunblane was the model by which Sandy Hook was conceived. I do not need to reiterate the aftermath repercussions on gun ownership in the UK pursuant to the Dunblane incident, we all know what happened.

    Immediately after the Sandy Hook incident New York Democrat legislators were proposing gun confiscation and Connecticut and New York passed draconian gun regulation. Despite that so called “assault rifles” and all other rifles combined with all sized magazine may comprise approximately 300 of 8200 homicides last year -(a statistical insignificant amount) all of the proposed legislation was focused on restricting those guns and magazines. Even that congenital idiot Joe Biden realized and stated that there will be no substantive reduction in gun crimes by banning those guns.

    At the Dylan Hockley funeral, a week after the incident, Nicole Hockley immediately began preaching for changes making a political speech in a thinly veiled disguise of a memorial service for her son. Ms. Hockley’s comments utilized the name Newtown to project a metaphor of a New Town whereby the changes began. Can there be any doubt this is a purely political speech ? Who makes a professional video production of a funeral service ?

    Hence we now have these massive restrictions on these guns in Connecticut whereby extensive law enforcement and private personal resources are expended to register these guns and enforce the applicable new laws.

    The primary objective of Sandy Hook was to replicate the incident and political aftermath results of Dunblane and we cannot delude ourselves to believe otherwise.

    1. Please, if you can , watch this memorial service for Dylan Hockley apparently 1 week after his death.

      I ask forgiveness and understanding from the Hockleys but this type of behavior appears extremely anomalous to me under the circumstances.

      The entire time Dylan’s father seems to be ready to break out in laughter with not an ounce of despair in his expressions throughout the entire production. Ian Hockley concludes as if he is speaking at a retirement celebration for an endearing coworker. Neither parent shed a single tear.
      At the 10 minute mark Nicole Hockley transitions into a very carefully created political agenda to begin a movement with advocating like multiplied butterflies creating hurricanes of change. I am truly sorry Mr. and Mrs Hockley and I ask your forgiveness and understanding again, but I just cannot understand your behavior in the wake of such a devastating tragedy. I also do not understand why you, apparently, have not raised any questions about the numerous anomalies in the official report and the supporting documentation files.


      Why are none of the Newtown parents expressing any concern about the alleged charity fraud allegations against Robbie Bruce ? When a New York woman, Nouel Alba-single mother, was convicted of fraudulently obtaining less than $1,000 there was outrage and she had to serve 8 months and two years supervised probation. Yet Robbie Bruce allegedly absconded with $70 thousand and we hear NOTHING from the families ?


      Can you blame people for questioning the official story when multiple parents, including Nicole Hockley, tell contradicting stories about what happened? Or when police officers are pictured from dash cam video having a tailgate party with a full assortment of snacks all while the nurse and secretary are unaccounted for and there are armed dangerous subjects at large ?

      I am truly sorry and I hope you understand. I was mocked for initially believing the official story but after looking at the available evidence I must conclude there are legitimate reasons to question the official story.

      1. “The envelpe, please” in the category of best impersonation of a bereived mum for Mrs. Hockley.

        On the other hand, it appears the dad is mentally counting the money received and smiling about thoughts on how to spend this sudden shower of good fortune.

        Other than that, I can not even imagine their odd
        behavior in the realm of human experience, if indeed the boy is alive and well. Agree, we are living in an alternate universe–eh?

  5. Well, being we have Nowhere to put “Off Topic” comments (hint hint)
    Has anyone been following how Monsanto’s chickens are coming home to roost.

    “For the first time, we were seeing the ‘indestructible’ Monsanto and its many GMO investors having to face the reality that their GMO-laden products are in fact facing a global rejection.”

    GMO’s, No GMO labeling, terminator seeds are all coming to the fore front.

    Lowes is clearing out all the Round-Up products and people are starting to understand “Round Up Ready Crops” means your actually Eating Round-Up and traces of Glyphosate are showing up in almost all of our food supply from Coke/Pepsi to Cheerios.

    I guess all those envelopes stuffed with cash will start making the rounds again in both houses of Congress.

    1. Have you all heard the bird flu is back? According to reports it has been brought in my migrating birds and has infected several turkey farms in Minnesota. Hundreds of thousand of birds died and several hundreds of thousands more have been euthenized as a percaution,

      The problem has been found in the northern midwest areas, crossing the border into Canada.

      The H5N2 virus scourge can be a death blow to small-scale turkey farmers in Minnesota and will impact the state’s economy. War by other means, as the saying goes. Thus far, it has not spread to humans–so far.


  6. “Perception Management” like “mission creep”, both originally military terms, are both finding a new home with the American public as its audience:

    “In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Tennessee last Thursday, Mr. Lambert accused the bureau of trying “to railroad the prosecution of Ivins” and, after his suicide, creating “an elaborate perception management campaign” to bolster its claim that he was guilty.”



    1. He was a giant resourceful 10 pound baby of course he was so special.

      Anyway just found this little piece of the puzzle whereby Dr. William Begg gets caught lying with credit going out to youtube producer millsmost. In one interview Dr. Begg asserts that he treated the wounded children at Danbury Hospital. When asked how he notified the parents he said that all the parents were at the school being notified.

      On the earlier video testifying before the Senate he testified that the family was at the emergency room.

      Approximately 1:30 mark on each video



      1. Dr. José Mendez claims here (I think) that he took two Sandy Hook children to the hospital on 12/14/12. The Incident Details below have different information. Does this mean we can’t trust doctors involved with the Sandy Hook event? Oh my gosh.
        “Most importantly, we want to raise awareness,” says Dr. Mendez, who is also the father of two kids in a neighboring school. “I was in charge of taking two kids to the hospital. It was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen. I’m still waking up with nightmares about this…When kids come in with gunshots, it’s really a terrifying moment.”

        At approximately 10:00 am, Danbury Hospital sent extra medical personnel in expectation of having to treat numerous victims. Three wounded patients were evacuated to the hospital, where two children were later declared dead.[82] The other was an unidentified adult.[7]

        On 12/21/2012 at approximately 1218 hours, I was requested to assist Newtown PD/CSP with processing a vehicle that was involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred on 12/14/2012
        CSP case# 12-00704559.
        l contacted Sgt. Josh Pattberg of CSP Major Crimes and was advised that a Newtown Police Dept. vehicle, that was used to transport juvenile victims (more than one) of this incident to Danbury Hospital, needed to be photographed.

        (Halbig: Who was the person that drove the juvenile victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary School to Danbury Hospital in the back of the 2004 Ford Explorer and who was in the back cargo area helping to provide medical care for the two juvenile victims? This incident is listed in a sworn police affidavit so it must be true. So why did they also show two Ambulances A-2 and A-3 stating that they transported the juvenile victims to Danbury Hospital?)

        I was also requested to check the vehicle where the victims were transported for anything of evidentiary value, such as bullets or fragments. This vehicle, described as a 2004 Ford Explorer bearing CT reg 114 RNB, was driven to Danbury Police HQ from Newtown Police Dept by Capt Bill Darby of Manchester PD. The juvenile victims were transported in• the rear cargo area of this vehicle. I checked the rear cargo area and I observed a dried red colored substance, consistent with blood, in the hinge area of the storage compartment of the cargo floor.
        This substance was photographed, with and without scale.
        All photos were taken with the department’s Canor130D digital camera I searched the rear cargo area of this vehicle and •did not locate anything else of evidentiary value.
        It should be noted that this vehicle was being used for business purposes by Newtown PD since this incident occurred and may have been wiped down prior to this process.
        The digital images were secured on the crime scene electronic evidence server.
        A CD with these photographs was burned and provided to
        Capt. Darby to be transported to Sgt. Pattberg.
        The vehicle was then released back to Capt Darby. Prior to the vehicle leaving HQ, I was contacted by Mike Katzmark of the Department of Environmental Protection who requested that it be transported to the staging area near the Sandy Hook Elementary School for decontamination.
        This information was relayed to Capt Darby prior t.o his securing from
        DPD HQ. No other action taken in this case at this time.

        (Halbig: Capt. Darby is a police officer who works in Manchester CT how did he get to Sandy Hook Elementary School so fast?)

        End excerpt

  7. Another significant contradiction that I observed is that Gene Rosen stated that there was an agitated man speaking to children in his yard.

    However the bus driver’s statement makes no mention of this man at all. Additionally the bus driver stated that one child said that the shooter wore a mask. Document 00003250


  8. It seems like we (who now know that we are being manipulated by the mainstream media) are being kept so busy exposing recent fake news that we are reticent to approach the events that have informed our own historical backgrounds. “Pre-Awakening” news has not undergone the kind of detailed analysis that contemporary news now receives. It might be because historical research requires more than Intelius and the ability to record TV. Researching the genealogy of shadowy institutions can seem irrelevant to the modern media experience. Furthermore, seeing crisis actors and agencies reaping ill-gotten gains, our sense of justice is outraged and we naturally focus on trying to derail the gravy train. After all, the primary goal should be fixing the media; once the media has been “returned” to its once-honest state then we can examine how we got here at our leisure.

    It does make sense to mitigate the current emergency before re-examining our premises. But what if our primary assumptions are wrong? Can we “fix” something that was never working properly from the start? What if journalists were never the “men of the people” they told us they were? What if the essays they wrote were not aimed at the powerful but were written at the behest of the powerful? Let’s imagine a world where newspaper editors do the bidding of their powerful owners, and the reporters report what they are told to report. A world like that is going to look very similar to the crisis we are currently seeing in the modern mass media. What I am suggesting is that the mass media has not been recently high-jacked, but it has been recently exposed for the fraud that it always was.

    Historical tragedies that had immediate and far-ranging effects on society should be especially re-examined in the light of the recent exposures of fake news and crisis actors. The Helter-Skelter Manson/Tate Family Murders, Dunblane and Columbine are prime examples of high profile mass murders that occurred in the days before we knew that fake news and crisis actors existed. Some of us go so far as to note the similarities of today’s fake news to the “real” news events of the past. At first blush we might assume that the writers of modern news are simply pilfering from history to piece together their dramas, but what if many of the seminal incidents of our history were manufactured in the same way modern news is manufactured? The only difference being that today we know about it, and before 911 most of us never suspected we were being manipulated.

    If we examine these important media events with the same critical eye we apply to current fake news stories, they fall to pieces in the exact same ways. In the the Helter-Skelter Manson/Tate Family Murders we see studio cops, actors and moulage, an “Abandoned Movie Ranch” and a prominent horror director. Dunblane is marked by the same shady investigations and hasty policy implementations that mark the other live drills that have been forcibly injected into history forever. Columbine has all the sensational “live” footage of kids, medical dummies, conflicting testimony, witnesses with duping delight and fake crying, coaching interviewers, manifestos, unlikely arrest procedures and melodramatic backstories that brand all of the big productions.

    Now, I know Wolfgang Halbig claims to have been at Columbine cleaning up blood and so it’s untouchable, but I don’t go for that. I don’t consider any historical event immune from investigation, from Guy Fawkes through Salem, Lincoln to 911. If it holds up to investigation then the history professors and snopes and wikipedia have nothing to correct. If it doesn’t then let’s get it corrected. History does have an impact on our lives, in many ways. Precedents are being set, and the mass media doesn’t care if the trigger was real or fake. Are public schools dangerous magnets for mass killers? If so, start home schooling your kids today! What are you waiting for? If these shootings are Federal hoaxes, then let’s find out more about HSEEP and whatever other authority they are using to traumatize the American public.

    Now, about our little helpers, those philanthropist heroes who sacrifice everything for us and to reveal the truth against tall odds: Alex Jones, Wolfgang Halbig, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, David Icke, etc. They do reveal truth. In many ways they are the tip of the spear in the fight against oligarchy. But that’s how controlled opposition works, right? These charismatic or sympathetic characters are set up in front of us to lead us. We wouldn’t follow if they had nothing to offer. So we are given the sweet taste of truth, and of course we all want that. So, how’s it working for us so far? Are we winning? Go on Youtube and search “Conspiracy”. Aliens, Nazis, Satanism, some guy named Shane, Alex Jones and Flat Earth. 99% are mocking conspiracy theorizing in general, and the other 1% deliberately misrepresent what is actually happening. No, I don’t think we getting anywhere. Surprised?

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