Mr. J. Carroll
(April 7, 2015)

As a concerned citizen with friends and family near Newtown, CT, I telephoned Governor Malloy’s office today expressing my concerns that Mr. Halbig has apparently been mistreated and “stonewalled,” and that it would really be in the state’s best Obama_Sandy Hookinterest (and that of interested persons everywhere) to see that Mr. Halbig’s “questions” are addressed directly, swiftly, and thoroughly “if” indeed there is nothing to hide; since further delays or apparent obfuscation will play into the hands of those spinning half-truths and/or un-truths about the “facts” surrounding the alleged SHES tragedy of 14 December, 2012.

Similarly, I took the time to ring the Connecticut FOI Commission office, and likewise inquired what further delays might be expected in the handling Mr. Halbig’s complaints. [Connecticut FOI Commission Executive Director and General Counsel Colleen] Murphy’s representative was very cordial and candid today that his new hearing(s) will commence at 2 PM on April 24th, but that “anything in the universe is possible.”

Hmmn… well…

If that is indeed true, then perhaps the Truth will yet [come] out, and we will proceed with some fewer shadows in our Society, and, a more limpid lens of history with regards to this “event.”. The more that anyone reading this gets personally involved, and expresses their concerns to the appropriate, responsible parties in Connecticut, the sooner there may be some greater transparency on this “issue.” Discovering who to contact and how there in CT was quite easy, and I humbly suggest that others consider doing likewise, with tact, clarity and poise.

Thank you, James, and thanks to MHB readers and contributors.

Enjoy and Beware

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39 thought on “Concerned Citizen: CT Officials Should Stop Stonewalling”
  1. I thank Mr. Carroll for sharing his story with Dr. Tracy and for giving us his real name. I would have appreciated his giving the names of the person at the governor’s office with whom he spoke and the name of the person in Colleen Murphy’s office.

    I feel that NAMING NAMES and showing photographs of the bureaucrats is where our greatest power lies, not in numbers of polite contacts made to Connecticut state bureaucrats. Usually these “front desk” people will not give their names and if asked will only give their first name. So much for “tact, clarity and poise.”

    I have no hope or confidence that even if Wolfgang Halbig is granted timely hearing(s) regarding his FOIA, “open” records, requests that “the Truth will yet out.”

    I do have every confidence that the Connecticut governor and the Connecticut FOI Commission general counsel, Colleen Murphy, may become motivated to construct another slick deception and make it appear to the “concerned citizens” that “Mr. Halbig’s “questions” are addressed “directly, swiftly, and thoroughly” while not transparently and not truthfully.

    Regarding Mr. Carroll’s statement, “…to see that Mr. Halbig’s “questions” are addressed … since further delays or apparent obfuscation will play into the hands of those spinning half-truths and/or un-truths about the “facts” surrounding the alleged SHES tragedy of 14 December, 2012,”

    It do not believe it promotes transparency and truth to misidentify those “spinning half-truths and/or un-truths about the “facts” ..” about the Sandy Hook event as being we among us, the “concerned” citizenry, when in fact it is the very state bureaucrats being contacted that are the culpable ones.

    Also it appears as though, in this case, the Connecticut government is being asked to do the right thing for the wrong reason. The right thing to do is to exercise full justice under the law with no tricks and no self aggrandizement.

    1. Malloy and his FOI commission chief counsel just HAVE to possess protection from prosecution, most likely from Eric Holder. Wolf applied for the FOI hearing a year prior and Leonhart brushes it off as just an aberration, go way, scram!
      The many people involved deeply in this event are all highly protected by the higher ups. However, as is too obvious, the letter agencies don’t mind eating their young from time to time if said young “know too much”. As we look at the Lerner IRS swindle and the Benghazi shuffle, it’s plain to see that pinning anything on protected agencies and individuals is nearly impossible. For national security purposes, naturally.

  2. A Connecticut resident has been charged with harassment via calling the town of Newtown public officials a number of times. He accused the town of obfuscation of details. It is a misdemeanor charge.

    Our governor Malloy was visited by Eric Holder around 3 weeks prior to the SH event and warned something could happen there that might be shocking.

    Connecticut is in very, very deep regarding SH. Lt. Vance made outrageous statements in his official capacity, the governor made a tear jerking speech following the event.

    This state does not care what you think, what you feel, whether you care or not. They’ve done nothing but stonewall. The 7000 pages of data that were micronized down to 50 pages is a ridiculous document to put before the citizenry.

    Whoever is behind this event is simultaneously concocting a diversionary rationale for this event and how it was viewed. The entire town of Newtown is mum regarding questions asked of them regarding SH. The hidden agents are taking the information coming out from a number of investigatory sleuths like Fetzer and Tracy and coming up with lies that parallel the truths being presented by the aforementioned.

    Our Number 1 problem is that we do not have control over the airwaves. Yes, there are a number of people that know the scoop on this event but the vast majority do not nor do they care that they do not. How do we reach them? I would have hoped that we had people who could take over this function and get the word out. Such has not happened.

    Think about getting the word out. The truth will only set us free if enough people know the truth. That is where we have so far failed. How can we get people to be aware of these truths? Once the truth is out there, we have the basis to demand an explanation from this highly corrupt state. Until that happens, we are going nowhere. 50 years post the JFK event, we are stillborn even at this time. Picture that happening in Connecticut unless we do a far better job of dissemination.

    Think dissemination.

  3. […] Mr. J. Carroll (April 7, 2015) As a concerned citizen with friends and family near Newtown, CT, I telephoned Governor Malloy’s office today expressing my concerns that Mr. Halbig has apparently been mistreated and “stonewalled,” and that it would really be in the state’s best interest (and that of interested persons everywhere) to see that Mr. Halbig’s “questions” are addressed directly, swiftly, and thoroughly “if” indeed there is nothing to hide; since further delays or apparent obfuscation will play into the hands of those spinning half-truths and/or un-truths about the “facts” surrounding the alleged SHES More… […]

  4. What if in fact the school was just dirty ? Then where does Wolf go with his inquiry ? Or does he conclude thereafter that the incident was real ?

    1. The school was not “just dirty”. It was not in compliance with laws for special needs children. The ceiling tiles show that the roof was leaking in many photos. There were even buckets on the gym floor to collect the dripping water. There was evidence of a recent flood in the building (Hurricane SANDY just went through the area a month prior.) The playground was old and decrepit. There was a sharp metal broken handrail sticking out at children’s eye level at the school entrance near the playground. The media claimed that wealthy people came from all around, even moving from other states just to be able to send their kids to this top-of-the-line school. It was a mold-infested, dirty crumbling building. LIES!!!!!!!

      1. These observations on the condition of the school are all well and good but it seems like Wolf is placing most of his chips on the possibility that the school was not functional and used as a stage. In fact the school may have been functional and used as a stage also.

        In my opinion the more significant issues are the FBI report, the massive contradictions in the police statements and not following protocol, the lack of any evacuation video, the parents contradicting their own stories during interviews.

        The FBI pages published by the Courant do not appear to have any security classification and there is no conceivable reason to have one.

        CSP Sgt Cario’s statement s so hugely important in conflicting the official story and I just don’t see anyone talking about it. He asserted that NPD said they saw the shooter run into room 10 and shoot a volley of shots and then it was quiet for 5 minutes. WHAT!!!??? The shooter ran into room 10 shooting away and NPD did NOTHING for 5 minutes ??? Olivia Engel and Ben Wheeler are clinging to life and not only did NPD do NOTHING to engage the shooter and rescue the wounded but they didn’t call for life star helicopters. WHY ISN”T ANYONE DISCUSSING THIS ??? WHO CARES HOW DIRTY THE SCHOOL WAS ?

        Then Sgt Cario said he went into room 10 and determined that everyone was dead. WHAT ? Olivia Engel was still alive wasn’t she ???

        Another officer asserted that Cario photographed the dying children before checking their vitals for survivors. WHAT !!!??? Where is the outrage from the parents? Document 00025303 Sgt Guerra statement.

        Where is the mask ?

        The nurse story for 4 hours in closet

        Wold does touch on some of these issues but I just thing the priorities should be aligned a little differently.

        If it can be proven that the school was not functional that would be great but at this point it is pure speculation whereas we already have conflicting testimony in the government’s own files that warrant more attention.

        Why isn’t anyone talking about Sgt Cario’s statements and actions ?

        Document 00026724

        The governments own documents confirm serious pervasive discrepancies. I would spend my resources there IMHO but if you want to speculate on the functionality of the school be my guest.

        1. The devil is in the details. Wolfgang is focusing his considerable efforts on the aspects of the Sandy Hook story about which he is most knowledgeable.  His focus may appear to be on minor or less important matters, but sometimes it is the small anomalies that reap the greatest return.  I believe murdering gangster Al Capone was finally sent to prison on tax evasion.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

        2. I should point out that I am trying to be more open to alternative perspectives. I initially scoffed at the concerns of the lack of evacuation video or pictures and also the Superbowl Kids.

          However after giving some fair consideration to both I found them both rather compelling.

          So I guess with sufficient evidence anything is plausible

  5. Again, James, thanks for exposing every single thing that happens around Wolfgang and any others. Glad post said to call; I did. Malloy’s serf asked, “Who is Wolfgang Halbig?” and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say SH was ‘street theater’.
    I’m keeping both numbers and will call weekly.
    So grateful for your work and others.
    Kathy san francisco

  6. Just wondering, folks. I made the trek up from the Jersey Shore that day, driving many miles and hours. And although I was late, I did get there. My parking ticket said I clocked in at around 10:57 am or so. I was parked on Capitol Street about 2 blocks away. Now my question is this. Were Halbig et al still in the building when I arrived ? No one in the FOIA office said a word about Halbig et al having showed up that day. They only told me that the hearing had been cancelled “about a week ago”. Not only that, but I had called Halbigs cell phone number on at least 2 occassions prior to the date and asked if it was still on. Since I got no response, I assumed he was on the road and everything was a go. Now I know I was only half right. Does anyone have any answers for me ?

  7. do you think it is possible that governments CAN admit to fantasy frauds like this one? you remember that Obama visited the scene and endorsed the official truth. so the federal government is on board with legitimating it as, no doubt, in instigating it. would not the admission of a fantasy power conspiracy, formulated to disarm the population, de-legitimate the government? after all the money was contributed by the people because of the tragic death of all those children.

    if government admission to this fantasy false flag appears improbable, then maybe the best approach is talking to the people of SH and Newtown, finding new info on how the event was staged. or public meetings of dissidents. or law suits. or outside truthers like James, etc.
    or whatever other attacks that have a greater chance of success.

    1. “finding new info on how the event was staged”

      Even if the stonewalling of Mr. Halbig’s efforts continues, it will definitely supply us new information. If they continue to delay, and lie and cover up in every disgusting way possible and there never are any factual truthful records brought forth to answer his questions, we still have much good information.

      I like the nature of the questions WH is seeking answers to. They are practical indisputable matters that do have an answer and by law must have records to support those matters.

      They may choose to produce fraudulent or incomplete or otherwise misleading records. They may choose to refuse to supply the records which would have to exist if it was a real event, and simply give some tired and weak excuse for not doing so such as “national security” or the welfare of the children’s families. Whatever.

      Whatever they do or do not do, that will be good information in our arsenal. Of course, they will never provide the records because they do not exist and they would have to be totally forged. They know they have to take the least risky route and that probably is to deny a hearing altogether.

      It is rather fun to watch their evasion strategies and their being on the hot seat. Our job is to keep on keepin on.

      1. If the Hearing actually takes place.

        Halbig should bring a Notary with him and have a document prepared that says they Swear the Documents presented are Authentic or Facsimiles of the Actual Records he has requested whether it’s SHE school records or Testimony he’s requesting.

        So they can’t say Oops’ we gave you the wrong records.sorry

        They’ll never sign it but just a nice thought.

      2. Yes, that is possible. I like to say that there is a lot of merit in “diminished expectations”. That way, we can avoid disappointment.

        I understand the desire for justice. It is a nobel thing, and if we lived in a nobel world it would happen. Unfortunately, we do not. It is more important to realize that what we think means more than what the authorities do.

        As has been said here many times, they will never admit to anything. Our goals should be consistent with that reality. Ridicule and potential embarrassment will have to do.

        Knowing that a crime has been committed is only half the battle. One has to get some “authority” to do something about it. That’s the part that relies on others. That is why they do not worry about these scams. They are in control.

        SHES and BMB have much in common. They are exercises in seeing how far they can push the envelope with fantasy. In many ways they are tests to see how outrageous a “reality” can be and still have those willing to live within it without objection.

        The status of the school was important mainly because, if it wasn’t operating, obviously it didn’t happen as described. The other ridiculous aspects, i.e. autopsies in the parking lot, etc., are “interesting”, but still “possible”. If it wasn’t open for business then it clearly didn’t happen.

        In a similar way, we all know there are no such things as “magical pants bombs”. But we “saw” it on TEE VEE. In that instance, the “trial” is but a continuation of that drill. They are gaging the reaction to a show trial that would make Joe Stalin proud.

        So whoever wants to use the legal route to uncover this will provide more concrete evidence of what happens to those who question authority. They will write them into the drill script and make living examples of them.

        It is up to each of us to determine whether such actions are “heroic” or not. For me there has to be the possibility of a favorable outcome to risk a forced visit to our friends in the psychiatric trade.

        When you consider that SHES is but one example of how the whole shaky edifice is controlled and managed it is extremely unlikely that they would allow any evidence to enter the mix. It certainly won’t come from the MSM who are currently manufacturing lies in furtherance of WWIII.

        So, yes, SHES and BMB are outrages to our intelligence and sensibilities. Expectations of the perpetrators correcting their actions is extremely illogical. It may provide amusement for a while but it will never result in a mea culpa from those involved.

        1. Always appreciate your wisdom, lophatt.

          “They” may make an example of Wolfgang Halbig and teach us all in to deeper fearful silence, and they may write him into the script, but I honestly do not think they had anticipated anyone coming forward asking the kinds of questions, seeking the kinds of information and records, that he has. They seemed to have been caught off-guard and unprepared.

          Wolfgang has made it possible for us to see how weak their position is, how, when faced with legitimate, legal, honest, simple questions, they are forced into a position of having to blatantly break the law and be dictatorial — that is, show their fangs.

          When we the people see “them” in that mode, we are seeing truth and reality, though not justice. It completely blows the facade of “the poor dear children and their poor grieving parents and loved ones” that has been the main cover.

          I have listened to Wolfgang Halbig from the beginning. If he were to obtain all the valid records that he is seeking, it may indeed constitute “more evidence” that would probably not ever be allowed to enter the mix.

          Wolfgang said from the beginning that his goal was to get “them” into court, raising their right hand, and swearing to tell the truth. He implied that for him, taking his case simply to that point was the favorable outcome he was seeking, regardless of what transpired in the court beyond that point. regardless of whether those testifying gave honest testimony.

          Still I think it is courageous and important for each of us, in our own ways, to expose this SHES criminal deed if darkness.

          So Wolfgang Halbig and I also do not expect the perpetrators admitting their actions in this giant betrayal and deception of the people, but I personally am very appreciative of Mr. Halbig’s work for truth and justice and pray for him Godspeed.

  8. Way O/T but, I’ve been thinking Israel’s Mossad might retaliate against Obama for tampering with Israel elections to oust Netanyahu (not mention everything else the last years) by releasing Obama’s Sealed Records. I’ve just thought this might be possible.

    But this is Way over top. This was really published by Pravda, Russia’s news paper. Check it out. Could this Real?

    1. Use Google and Hit the translate to English button.

      The comments seem strange because they don’t translate very well

      This is a strange one. I hope its True!

    2. US fears Russian publication of satellite photos of the tragedy of 9/11
      07.02.2015 | Source: To Pravda.Ru

      Russia to unveil evidence of involvement of the US government to
      American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services to the September 11 attacks. In the list of evidence includes satellite images, the website secretsofthefed. com.

      Published material can prove malice government towards the people of the US and the successful manipulation of public opinion. Attack planned US government, but spent her proxy . So that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression of international terrorism.

      The motive for deception and murder its own citizens served as US oil interests in the Middle East state corporations.

      The evidence will be so convincing that they fall on the previous cases to manipulate public opinion in order to achieve selfish private interests.

      Russia proves that America is no stranger to expose and kill its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in the foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will serve as satellite imagery.

      If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would be for the US government’s most unsightly. The government’s credibility will be undermined in the cities will begin mass protests, turning into an uprising , paint a picture of American analysts.

      And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be undermined than immediately take advantage of rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

      Do not be confused by such unsightly scenario, the actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.

      1. It would be interesting if Putin did something like that, but he knows that the public would side with the US and insist his satellite photos are doctored. If you want to be feared, you do not make a mis-step like that, although your enemies might make believe you did.

        Bottom line: Putin knows, and he knows that our intelligence people know that he knows. But this is not a Queen he will sacrifice lightly.

  9. How anyone can think this was real and the parents showed any sadness whatsoever is deluded .I agree how can so many be involved ?and keep quiet. but the helicopter footage showS no urgency or sense of fear , panic or any other normal ( for this situation ) behaviour , and then there is the green screen which itself is 100 % proof , people going mssing, threats and cover ups

      1. “She liked Horses and whales” what crap. I am surprised it wasn’t Unicorns and fairies too. No tears from dad, no tears from mom. This is hollywood production that forgot to include tears in the equation.

        1. Notice how, when his “wife” breaks down, he does not respond empathetically by either getting a lump in his own throat or comforting her? No, instead he diverts away from her pathetic attempt to cry and keeps spinning out the narrative, a meaningless recitation of facts to advance a story and not really to look about loss as a parent. Then you can hear the wife piping up to agree with him. Bad, bad theater, but I guess someone producing and directing this knows the credulity and authority-worship of the audience. The question is – who can be loyal to a system like that? What happens when they stop automatically believing all of this?

    1. Yes, the acting was terrible in Sandy Hook as it was in Boston. News of crisis actors there. Where are loud mouthed amputee victims Jeff Bauman and Adrienne Haslet? Not outside the courtroom to speak about the sentencing of fellow crisis actor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. They have the ire of amputees who are not collecting millions for being amputees. His friends say the fellow in court has a heavy accent and doesn’t look like their real friend. The sketch artist makes it clear, not the same person. The amount of employment for bad actors is growing and now also includes prosecutors and defense attorneys.

      1. ” They have the ire of amputees who are not collecting millions for being amputees. ”

        Sorry to get off topic but just had to chime in.

        The amputees ARE collecting millions, though perhaps not as much as the other “crisis actors.”

        “More than $60 million paid out from a compensation fund”

        “18 amputations, on 16 people” “16” Amputee crisis actors, four of whom I have never been able to find a name.

        “Amputees are contemplating more-accessible homes and pricey prostheses. They have raised money themselves and have benefited from the One Fund, established by Boston’s mayor and the Massachusetts governor with private donations, which paid them $1.2 million or $2.2 million each, depending on whether they lost one leg or two.”

        The money they each have raised for themselves on Facebook pages and other social media is unknown but it also is in the millions.

        Also the most technologically advanced prosthesis are being paid for by either insurance companies or large donors.

        All of this for crisis actors who sustained amputations much earlier in their lives, if indeed they are the people with the names that have been determined.

    1. My understanding regarding his arrest is that he harassed the school by calling around 5 times. I do not believe he was arrested because he called the SH event a phoney baloney transaction. Shades of Germany where they arrest and incarcerate IF you come out against the Holocaust, as they did with several who did.

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