By James. F. Tracy / Mert Melfa

Days before Wolfgang Halbig was to appear before Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission the former teacher, law enforcement officer, and current national school safety assessment and emergency management consultant was abruptly informed by his Connecticut-based attorney that the hearing would not take place as planned. Halbig nevertheless traveled to Hartford on Tuesday, March 31 to find out why the scheduled meeting that he structured his travel itinerary around was cancelled.

“It’s taken me nineteen months, asking simple questions,” Halbig remarks,

and finally getting it to the FOI Commission, in hopes that they would hear my cause. Finally, they put me on the docket after nineteen months, requiring all those other [parties]–the school board, the police department and police chief,the school superintendent, the director of facilities–they had to be here today because I issued subpoenas. They would had to have shown just cause as to why they are refusing to show me the information.

Halbig continues to point out that they questions are rudimentary and are not related to the families or children involved in the Sandy Hook event, Indeed, most simply have to do with school safety and emergency procedures that were not satisfactorily followed on the day the incident transpired.

Halbig maintains that the respondents, referenced below, have not responded to a set of simple questions pertaining to the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event.

“The laws are crystal clear,” Halbig maintains. “Once it’s on the docket you cannot postpone this hearing that we’re supposed to have today unless both sides agree. This side is not agreeing.” Halbig asked his attorney via telephone to immediately object to the hearing’s postponement. “I’ve been waiting for this for nineteen months. And guest what, they went ahead and did it anyway.”



Monte Frank Esq. [Image Credit:]
What is more, Monte Frank, the attorney representing the respondents, claims to have been taken out of town on urgent business–hence the hearing’s postponement. According to Mr. Halbig,

He’s not on urgent business out of state. He’s riding a bicycle promoting gun control. How does that have a higher priority than representing your clients … like the Newtown School Board, the Police Chief, the First Selectman, Patricia Llorda. He’s riding a bicycle, and here they’re making me waste donor’s money to fly up here. For what? They’re jerking me around.

Halbig concludes that the so-called Sandy Hook CT shooting was staged FEMA “Capstone” exercise planned years before December 2012, for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech. He asserts the incident was a financial bonanza for certain elements of the Newtown community, including local civic and law enforcement officials, and even regional and statewide figures and agencies.

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69 thought on “Wolfgang Halbig Spurned by Newtown Officials, Connecticut FOI Commission”
  1. And I will be one to confirm that the hearing was postponed. Because I left my house at the Jersey Shore around 5am that morning and headed up to 18-20 Trinity Street in Hartford, Conn. Because of traffic jams and pot-holed roads, I didn’t arrive until about 10:30am, so I was more than an hour late. It didn’t matter, since the security guard on the first told me it had been cancelled. He told me I could go up to the first floor to speak with the folks at the FOIA office, so I asked him if I could sign in on his sign-in sheet, and he told me it wasn’t necessary. So I took the elevator from the ground floor up to the first floor, found the correct office where several people were at desks, and spoke to the blond haired woman at the closest desk. She did in fact tell me the hearing had been postponed, “about a week ago”, she said. I told her I had just driven up from the Jersey Shore and this was news to me, so she told me to call their office next time, and gave me a 8.5 x 11 paper with their letterhead on it, complete with phone number. The trip wasn’t totally wasted, because I then headed over to Pine Plains, NY where my ancestor from the American Revolution (Fifth Regiment Dutchess County Militia) is spinning in his grave.

  2. Quite obviously the government is not going to enforce the law against the perpetrators and participants. The idea that Monte Frank could dismiss the hearing at the last minute for a political bicycle ride should bring outrage and a contempt charge from any legitimate Judge. But we will see that there will be no enforcement at all. Why you may ask ? Because they can do whatever they want.

    I think people need to carefully examine what transpired with the fraud allegations and arraignment against Robbie Bruce. This was quietly swept under the rug. Why ? Was he threatening to expose the lies if they prosecuted him ? After all if Tim Makris making $170 grand a year as president of Sandy Hook Promise any less fraudulent that Robbie Bruce absconding with $70 grand if in fact the whole event was a fabrication ?

    Sandy Hook Researchers MUST SEE THIS latest panel discussion

    Also note Nicole Hockley and others telling different stories when recounting the days events

      1. I asked the moderator to correct a typo. In doing so apparently Professor Tracy’s picture was used and my corrected text supplanted my erroneous text.

        Everything doesn’t need to be a conspiracy

        1. What Ray777 claims is true. I went in to the above comment on the dashboard and resolved a minor typo, which may have resulted in the use of my gravatar.

        1. I felt from watching the tape that some was rotten in Denmark. Something just felt queasy.

        2. There were four panels, apparently. All of them (taped in April 2014) were posted a day or two ago and now they have all been deleted. It would be interesting to find out why they were removed. What are they afraid of? Us?

        3. With regard to the Columbia videos (panel, interviews, etc.) has anyone emailed them to ask why they have been removed? If so, kindly advise us if you have received a reply and what it was. If not, I’m happy to send an email to request info.

          Thank you!

        4. Actually there are two other links right on the page that go to the live blog and some other lengthy info.

          I did submit a request inquiring why they chose to delete the panel discussion. My guess is a takedown notice from that same group that took down the “we need to talk” video.

    1. This observation about Robbie Bruce is a fine point most people forgot about. Still, a few shekels one way or another pales in comparison to the massive damage SH has done to our national psyche. Clearly, we are up against some real pros who are in the control room playing their very deadly game of chess with this event. Yet, we have no choice but keep plugging because pretty soon we will have no rights whatsoever if the diktat of these tyrants is enshrined. It is a matter of life and death, believe me.

  3. I could have told you this would be the result, Wolf. The question that needs to be considered is, “how do we get residents of Connecticut to be more responsive to this event and its sequelae”?
    It is not surprising, this turn down, because large numbers of people are knee deep in this intrigue. People are complicit, big people, ranking people, dirty fingers abound.
    If the citizenry believed in your cause, they would support you and you would waltz into the FOIA commission and score big. People in this state where I live have been fed a bill of goods by our complicit papers and news media. I’ve tried to crack into this nest of vipers but it has not and will not work. I am too close to the truth, as are you. Under the present state and federal regimes, the truth has rarely been enough to effect favorable verdicts. This is called the atrocity of truth, almost like a Holocaust denier who is right but is also incarcerated like Ernst Zundel was.
    If the people care, they will respond. Since they receive their news via corrupted media, how are they to believe? What are they to believe? Lies are their staple foods, while eating their suppers they are simultaneously texting. What does that say about attention spans of today’s Americans?
    Until our Connecticut citizens are convinced this dog can hunt, they will never, ever adapt a mien of interest and concern for justice. You have a legal problem, you call a lawyer, pay some shekels, and the legal eagle does the rest and you don’t even get your hands dirty in the process.
    I’ve watched these citizen Nutmeggers since Day 1, they don’t ask questions, they are numb. With lives filled with divorces, money worries, school costs for their neglected children, Sandy Hook is just a fleeting moment in a world of inane texting and the desire to escape. Sandy Hook is in the dead letter office where it will remain.
    The key is that same group of people who have not been approached properly for them to take an interest in their state and their own lives. Perhaps we need to hire some movie star to make some films explaining just what we are trying to get across. We have to approach these people in a way that somehow titillates them, they have banal, trite lives and they are bored silly and if things don’t catch their eye for that fleeting moment, they are suddenly down the road and disinterested once again.
    We are not reaching people. We are talking, we are pleading, we are not reaching people. Until we learn how to reach them with these same truths, fuhgeddaboutit. We are just whistling into a windstorm and it will not work.
    Planning must be done by key participants, IMHO. Facts will not do it alone, not by a long shot. Great minds have deduced the folly of this event but that is as far as things go. Until we truly reach people, we are kidding ourselves badly. Very, very badly.

    1. – the truth has rarely been enough to effect favorable verdicts.

      -Facts will not do it alone, not by a long shot.

      What are you implying that we do?
      We all work hard to wake the people around us.
      Your frustration is understood.

      you say:
      -We have to approach these people in a way that somehow titillates them, they have banal, trite lives and they are bored silly and if things don’t catch their eye for that fleeting moment, they are suddenly down the road and disinterested once again.

      This is what I was talking about when I said “script change”. When the people get bored they do a rewrite, and lead them farther from the truth. Personally, I’m not sure I want people on my side that have to be titillated in joining the cause. Eventually they will be titillated into another direction and turn on you.

      Looks like Wolfie just got his script change too.

      1. You are free to express yourself, as am I. If we don’t use the same words and terminologies, that’s OK, too. I can deal with differences of opinion. Jim Fetzer has been lambasted from hell to breakfast and he endures like the Energizer Bunny. He’s somebody to emulate.

  4. One would hope there is a monetary penalty award to the aggrieved party when the other fails to comply with the Act. It would seem the CT folks are not acting in good faith (you can’t see my surprised face…).

  5. From what I understood when reading the FOIA Commissions Notice of Hearing and Order to show cause.

    You CAN’T postpone the set date of hearings. Only because of inclement weather will the Commission Cancel due to the overload of cases.

    I couldn’t find the Doc’s but I found this video of them.

    Forward to 0.40 and read paragraph 8 and 9.

  6. They think you will get tired and go away, Wolf. I remember one time an employer tried to cheat me out of half of my end of season bonus. I heard ever excuse in the book. Eleven days straight I showed up asking where it was. Our accountant is on vacation, our Book Keeper is out sick. On day 11 I was there at the door waiting for them to open. When the guy got out of his car and saw I was the first one there, he knew there was only one way to get rid of me… pay me, and he finally did… and I was the only one out of two dozen people that got it. Don’t Give Up, Wolf. Whenever i feel like giving up, I watch this and it gives me the inspiration to keep on truckin’

    1. I do believe that if Wolf were to be provided with a cushion of publicity in the carefully chosen places, he would have a better chance to be heard. There are people in this state that are not superficial and stupid but they, often, for reasons complex and sundry, keep their heads down so they don’t get them shot off. This is a dangerous state to be a dissident, we have a mocking governor who adores Obama.

  7. Wolfgang has graciously offered Monte Frank the choice of dates available to reschedule the hearing. We should organize a show of support for Wolfgang.

    We could:

    1, Blanket the media with press release requests.

    2. Organize a “Bike Ride” from Newtown to the courthouse in which we demand truth in government along with their ‘media partners.’ Crash Helmets – and SHhhhh for costumes……Hand out photos of the deplorable conditions at the old school building at every stop.

    3. Sell Tee Shirts, copies of The Constitution, hot dogs and apple pie near the court house steps.

    4. Hold a You Tube Festival the preceding night. Rent out a local CT theater and show, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook,” as well as other researchers videos.

    5. Legal professional readers need to assist Halbig’s new attorney.

    6. Donate a few bucks to Sandy Hook Justice.

    7. Write to every public official in Congress and demand a Congressional investigation. Write to the members of the CT FOIA court and request an unbiased hearing.

    8. Create a legal defense fund from which we offer a monetary reward, and privacy protection, to anyone wishing to give information leading to the arrest and conviction of any of the perpetrators.

    9. We can show up!

    1. Sandy,
      Unfortunately The Apple I phone. Texting and Social Networks are more important to the masses than the sovereignty of the the Republic.

    2. I would guess that any attorney would refuse to offer pro bono service to our cause simply because he would be savagely denigrated and his career would definitely suffer bigtime. I would guess that a number of attorneys would consider this offer but they would suffer greatly from adverse publicity, especially from our Nazi governor who many feel is extremely complicit in this Sandy Hook brouhaha. Remember that Gov. Malloy was the first in America to decry the Indianapolis decree for religious freedom recently. Of course, Indianapolis is an extremely complex issue, let’s be upfront with that.

  8. James,
    I’ve suggested 2 times now in the last year to consider having a “Free for all” every Friday through Thursday Blog Section here between the topics you post here.

    I called it “Free Fridays”, you can call it “Open Mic” or take suggestions from the commentators’ here.

    It’s a blog/place where there is No Topic and all the people can talk free about anything that interests them without being “Off Topic”

    Other News Stories, Regurgitating Old Stories, Anything.

    The “Reply” button would segregate the different conversations and topics.

    You’d have the weekend off !!

    It could be interesting and fun. Just a thought..again

    1. I would be willing to do this if it resulted in a vibrant and productive exchange among readers/posters week after week.

      I could also see how it may be a source for ideas on new posts/topics.

      I would also encourage those who may wish to submit a guest post to contact me. Other blogs, for example, have weekend guest contributors.

      Are there others, aside from Flora, who have input/suggestions on the proposal?

      1. Wow, What happened to your Picture James?

        I set the idea out there for a “Off Topic” weekly blog and many have stated in prior blogs they would like something like this but Nobody is responding so…..

        I think “Off Topic” would be a good name. I suggested “Free Fridays” or “Open Mic”.

        I really hope we get some more input here but it’s also a Holiday Weekend.

        I think it could work.

      2. Schneier on security has an open Friday he calls squid Fridays. I assume it must be an inside joke because I have no idea how squids, amazing as they are, relate to infosec.

        That said, we really need the free fridays James, and maybe we can keep the name as simple as that, or if someone has a good inside reference to something memorable with a catchy name like… Idk…folkin Fridays (sorry mark, I had to).

        Either way, I say let’s get it done by Friday!

        1. Granit3,Perhaps because a squid can manage to insert itself into just about any space,regardless of how tiny,since it has the ability to compress it’s unique mass into an amazingly compact size.

  9. I have always had a problem with Halbig’s claim that, as a former school safety expert, he helped with the investigation into the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999. There are many problems with the official account of this shooting, not the least of which is the strong evidence that some of the supposed “victims” are still alive. See this and related videos:
    There is also this account, by Evan Long, of the many inconsistencies and problems with the official story:
    Is Halbig aware of plethora of reasons to doubt the official account of what happened at Columbine High? If he isn’t, then why not, since he claims to have been there himself, and participated in the investigation?
    It the above video Halbig claims to have seen the “biohazards” at Columbine, by which he seems to mean all the blood that was evidently at the scene, and needed to be cleaned up. Is it possible that there could have been real deaths and fake deaths at the same school shooting? I doubt this very much. The Columbine shooting was likely a staged event just as the Sandy Hook shooting was. Why hasn’t Halbig also questioned the events at Columbine as presented by the government and media. Why is he only worried about Sandy Hook?

    1. Good point. Although I’m not a Wolfie hater, nor a supporter, we didn’t have youtube, or blogs like this back then. I’m sure Columbine and its anomalies would have made some interesting debate. Personally I think it was staged, but real death and destruction occurred. The creators of such events decided it was too messy and difficult to control as seen in the massive redactions of that event.

      They decided to go a new route in SH, 100% fake. All the laws to bury the paperwork were passed in advance, and the school torn down. Perfect in their eyes.

      1. Your right Rich,

        They think by faking everything what can anyone really prosecute them for? Conspiracy?

        Nobody died, No one was hurt, except maybe some sheeples emotions out there in MSM land got a little rattled. It’s for the collective cause.

        Sue us for passing some new laws. (if you think you can)

        PS. By the way, My Best friend Eric Holder runs the DOJ…hahaha



        1. Sandy Hook HURT the Constitution, son. The acceptance of outright lies hurt us all. These lies led the country to forcibly “accept” the mendacious mandate of our “leaders”. These lies bastardized our court system, our state governance here in Connecticut. These lies corrupted the rule of law and showed us all that truth does not matter anymore. The lies also showed us that might makes right, that our truths if not in sync with their truths are not truths at all. It showed us we don’t matter, we are mere dirt under their elitist fingernails. It showed us that they can do anything they want with us now. We pay, they play. If you haven’t seen and appreciated the whorish behavior from government state and federal, you are blinded.
          Sandy Hook devastated this nation as did BMB, Columbine, Waco, 911, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City. If you think this nightmarish coterie of brutishness did not hurt us, clearly we are on different wavelengths.
          As they say, “you are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own truths”.
          The fact we have not been able to pin the tail on the donkey of devastation makes us freedom lovers look pretty lousy. Some investigators think the facts are enough and truth will deliver us justice. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Until WE get the truth into the minds and consciousness of a critical mass of fellow Americans, we are just whistlin’ in the breeze.

        2. Gil Favor,
          All I can say is AMEN ,
          100% agreed,
          It’s a been a sad in America for 14yrs. I know it’s been going much longer but between Bush and Obama this is Full speed Ahead and 98% of Americans don’t care.

          I have no answers

        3. Ric, I keep trying to explain that going to the source of a problem for relief is disingenuous. It is the people’s belief in what they were told about their “system” that causes them to continue to believe in the efficacy of it in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

          If everything were as advertised, (and it isn’t), a logical, well-prepared request for information would be more likely to receive a response than a scattered, poorly written one.

          When making FOIA requests they should be carefully worded. One is requesting documents, not opinions or explanations. In addition, this is simply a request for documents and has nothing to do with any criminal action.

          If I actually expected to receive documents pertinent to this hoax, I would be asking for a different set entirely. For the sake of argument, what would he do with this information if he received it?

          I must admit that since I think there’s a better chance of two suns coming up tomorrow morning than anyone “winning” a judgement or securing a prosecution against anyone involved, I haven’t kept up with the “finer points”.

          In an honest proceeding (and I can stop right here!), you would need a coherent strategy. As some have pointed out, he seems to fixate on elements that are not all that important. What is the plan?

          Looking for proof that the school was closed or that no autopsies were conducted in the parking lot would be much more powerful than non-friable asbestos in the school or non-compliance with ADA.

          I am absolutely certain that you could bring irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing in this case and no one would touch it. Others continue to find interesting connections and supplemental evidence. That is interesting. Nothing damning is going to come from the perpetrators. Expecting that is an exercise in futility.

        4. First Hi Lohatt!

          You’ve been gone awhile.

          I agree but it seems Wolf’s tactic is hit them with such simple requests there is no excuse not to respond and they’re squirming.

          Just these simple requests are appearing to be too much for them and they are freaking out for they lead to complex questions.

          Maybe his strategy is just pick and poke because they can’t even answer simple questions much-less complex ones that they would immediately call “Conspiracy Theories” and then try to discredit him right out the gate.

          All we do is watch and wait.

  10. […] By James. F. Tracy / Mert Melfa Days before Wolfgang Halbig was to appear before Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission the former teacher, law enforcement officer, and current national school safety assessment and emergency management consultant was abruptly informed by his Connecticut-based attorney that the hearing would not take place as planned. Halbig nevertheless traveled to Hartford on Tuesday, March 31 to find out why the scheduled meeting that he structured his travel itinerary around was cancelled. “It’s taken me nineteen months, asking simple questions,” Halbig remarks, and finally getting it to the FOI Commission, More… […]

  11. Pat,
    I think your our Historian here and would like to know if you remember which one of our Forefathers made the quote,

    It’s way back there like Jefferson or Franklin.

    I’m paraphrasing what he said.

    He said when people start voting for freebies instead what is righteous the Republic is dead.

    I copied this comment from another blog and I think this guy has a point with Obama, Dem’s and the lefts strategy to gain Full control.

    He said ” We have gone from WORKING for a living to VOTING for a living ” (Freebies)

    Anyone know who said almost the exact same thing over 100 years ago?

    it holds true today.

    1. This problem was identified in ancient Greece. The guys who devised our system were intimately familiar with the thought of the Greeks and Romans, and endeavored to shield us from the worst tendencies of Fallen humanity.

      After the colonies defeated Britain, they created a constitution, called the Articles of Confederation. Each colony had become a sovereign State, much like the independent countries of Europe. Jefferson, asked what the best size of a government is, said a mile square: you can walk to the bastard in charge and tell him what he’s doing wrong.

      Madison did not like this; nor did Hamilton. So they tricked Washington (they misrepresented Shays’ Rebellion, making it seem a mortal threat to the new country) into endorsing a Constitutional Convention, to strengthen the central government that was very weak under the Articles. The first act of the assembled delegates to the Convention was to swear an oath of secrecy that would not be broken until all were dead; all their notes would be sealed. Next, they agreed to–unconstitutionally–trash the Articles and start from scratch.

      They DID have to make it look like they were defending liberty, even if the true goal was an empire. So power was divided between the States, which by joining it created the Union, and the federal government. The Senate represented the States, two senators per State, no matter how few people lived there. The House of Representatives represented the people at the most local level. There was one representative to every 30,000 citizens at the start. The represented could all know the representative personally, knowing what he’s up to and holding him to account.

      The key to political power is money, and the only way the Constitution allowed the federal government to raise money is through the tariff and through excises (mainly a tax on whiskey). Until well after the War to Prevent Southern Independence the only contact most Americans ever had with the federal government was when it delivered the mail–because it was so small. There was no Justice Department, no Department of Agriculture, no IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA. Very few federal employees.

      So Americans, before Lincoln, were governed by their State and their locality. Some States became corrupt, some cities became corrupt. Political machines emerged where greedy citizens fell into the evil, greedy, mentality you reference, Ric, indeed. But the good thing about that is if you could no longer abide the corruption of the “Tammany Hall” of your town, you could move to a less corrupt jurisdiction. If the citizens of Rhode Island wanted the State to be a nest of corruption, you could move to Georgia, and breathe easier.

      But with Lincoln’s triumph, all that changed; the federal government grew relentlessly. Then, in 1913, we were enslaved by an income tax. Now, you have to pay that tax even if you move away from the United States–there is no escape.

      When everything revolves around Washington, all is so distant that it’s easy to fall into the mentality where your fellow citizens are forced to finance your lifestyle. It’s all very abstract. Most people have no idea how it all works; they just like it when a politician promises to give them free stuff.

      We should have stuck with the Articles. I think the Indians would agree.

      1. Fortuitously, I just stumbled upon this, from Bill Whittle:

        “I said that what we today call Progressivism is in fact ancient and circular. Don’t believe me? Well, the great roman orator Cicero, speaking in defense of his friend Sestius, around 55 BC, said – quote:

        “Gaius gracchus proposed a grain law. The people were delighted with it because it provided an abundance of food without work. The good men, however, fought against it because they thought the masses would be attracted away from hard work and toward idleness, and they saw the state treasury would be exhausted.”

        When a society – after generations of hard work, sacrifice and hardship – reaches a certain level of prosperity, “Progressives” like Bill Maher, Janeane Garofolo, Rosie O’Donnell and Gaius Gracchus – that last Progressive died in 121 BC – assume that the prosperity is endless, and push for more and more people to get more and more goods and services for less and less work. Why? Because – as today, in America, as with the British Empire, the French Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Ottomans, the Mongols, Rome, Greece, Eqypt, Babylon… They do it for political power. They live for political power. This “Progressivism” is ancient, recurring, tyrannical and ruinous.

        And we voted for it. Just like the Romans did.

        We can see from Cicero that throughout history, the disease is always the same – too much security and prosperity breeds laziness, narcissism, resentment and entitlement.”

        Read more:

        1. Two great comments.
          The progressive stupidity not only does all you said, but destroys those of us who enjoy working hard for a living, and take pride in making it on our own. After 20 years on the same job, I have noticed that each year I have to work a little more just to maintain the same standard of living from the previous year. The problem is, the length of the year keeps staying the same. Perhaps the geniuses that run the show will extend the year to 400 days.

          As for the Articles of Confederation, Patrick is right, we lost our ability to go to a better state. There is really no difference in them anymore, since the feds found out withholding highway funds could get the states to accept anything(remember when they used them to get the 21 year old drinking laws passed). State legislatures have become redundant.

      2. Pat,
        That was more than I could ever expect an answer and thank you.

        But One of our Forefathers way back when said something like “when people start voting for their pockets instead of what is right we are done”

        He was describing the lefts tactic to promise free everything just vote for me.

        You got to admit, In a perfect world Socialism could be great.
        Free Homes, Food, Health Care, Education, but History has always shown us that they eventually run out of other peoples money and then the only choice left at that point is full communism and the Gulag.

        HaHa I’m kidding

        1. “In a perfect world Socialism could be great.”

          I swore off routine listening of NPR when Barry Soetoro was elevated to the presidency. I just couldn’t take the smugness of the Washington/MSM class anymore.

          Prior to that, NPR was the aural wallpaper of my life. And perhaps two decades ago, the oleaginous Scott Simon was interviewing a survivor of Castro’s Hell, of a random Saturday morning. With his trademark “earnestness” simply oozing through the radio speakers, Scott importuned the guy: surely, the fellow had to admit that it is all to the good that Cubans have “free” medical care and they are not allowed to starve for lack of food, and the state “educates” them all. How can he say that Castro’s slaves are not free?

          The man’s answer has stuck with me, and will forever. “That is the freedom of zoo animals.” Zoo keepers make certain their charges have exactly as many calories, and just the requisite medical attention to keep them alive. They presume to know best what their charges require in this life.

          I, the man told Scott Simon, am a man, not a zoo animal. Scott did not take the instruction, which should have changed his life. Poor fellow.

          A man who escapes Castro’s zoo can’t instruct a pampered, effete, MSM swell of the Barry Soetoro mold. It simply can’t be done. We are doomed.

        2. Congatulations on the use of oleaginous. Quite a coup. I prefer the first definition on google.

          1. rich in, covered with, or producing oil; oily or greasy.

        3. Like I said,

          Socialism never works. Sounds great to the masses, free everything until “they ” run out of everybody else’s Money.

          When the Un-Affordable ACA was going down I couldn’t believe my ears when Obama on National Television told a crowd of “his” people “Don’t worry, this won’t affect any of you” if your on Welfare.The “Man is gonna pay”. He said this and the MSM media let it ride.

          Then everyone’s Health Insurance went up dramatically and their Deductibles went through the roof making it pointless to even have Insurance and now must pay 3.2% of their gross income if they don’t pay for this useless insurance Thanks Demonrats

          Fascism at it’s least. What a scam. Then, MSM tells us 10 million people got “free” insurance “on the backs of the working class Americans” but doesn’t report the grief it has caused.

          Nothings free.

    2. The Food Stamp Act was signed into law in 1964 by LBJ…he and the Dems knew exactly how this would impact voting…then and well into the future. Fast forward to 2015…All you have to do is take a good look around with eyes wide open to know we are doomed.

  12. Love your synopsis Patrick, but do you have any more info on what they swore to secrecy til death? For instance, maybe some sources or search terms I can google? Would love to know more about this era as I have been confounded by the reason the amendments weren’t included originally in the constitution. I mean, we flee england and oppression, only to forget the basic tenets of why we left in the first place, then add these MAJOR rights as an afterthought?? Makes zero sense to me.

    On a side note, your version gives new meaning to Obamas fascination with Lincoln.


      The conspirators did not want to include a bill of rights, but had to promise it to get the States to ratify the Constitution. Ratification was by no means a slam dunk.

      For instance, the question of representation in the House and Electoral College: how to count slaves? By the 1780s most of the slaves held in the North had been sold into the Southern colonies (lots of cheaper immigrant labor had poured into Boston and New York). So the black proportion of the Southern States was disproportionately high. Obviously, it was in the interest of the Southern States to count every slave. Seeing how many Representatives this would give the Southern States, the delegates from the Northern States wished to strip the Southern States of their demographic advantage, and not count slaves in the census at all.

      This debate was all about ratification. There was no chance that any Southern State would join the revised Union if their black people were not to be counted in the census for purposes of representation. There would be no point in finishing work on the new Constitution, because it could not be ratified with such a ridiculous ball and chain hobbling half the States, to the benefit of the other half. There was already great suspicion between the two regions anyway.

      So, to make it more likely Southern States would ratify the Constitution, a compromise was reached. All black people would be counted, but only 3/5 of that number would count toward sending congressmen to the House of Representatives. (There are historically illiterate morons all around us who have never thought this through, and in their ignorance imagine that it was slave holders who wanted their black people not to be counted, or only considered them 3/5 of a human being, or some such foolishness.)

      Every aspect of the new arrangement was crafted with an eye on getting the people of the States to agree to it, which they never would have done without actually delivering a Bill of Rights.

      1. (There are historically illiterate morons all around us who have never thought this through, and in their ignorance imagine that it was slave holders who wanted their black people not to be counted, or only considered them 3/5 of a human being, or some such foolishness.)

        Born and raised in New York state and I can tell you with absolute clarity that this is the way we were taught it. The evil south literally would not accept the slaves as a whole person, and were finally talked into giving them at least 3/5 personhood. Lies!

        Growing up a stones throw from Saratoga Battlefield, it amazes me to learn how early the plot developed. How disappointed I was when I first found out homeboy Alexander Hamilton was a devout proponent of central banking. Who was its greatest enemy… Andrew Jackson, a southerner.

        1. Hamilton so hated the States, and the freedom they were enjoying under the Articles, that on the floor of the Convention he actually proposed erasing all State lines and creating new administrative districts, eliminating the historical and cultural commonalities. That’s the kind of man he was; he saw the Convention as an opportunity to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” He loved the British Empire, and wished to replicate it here.

          Learning about Hamilton is quite a mind bending experience. Read Tom DiLorenzo’s book Hamilton’s Curse (

          “In this dazzling work of revisionist history, Professor Thomas DiLorenzo provides the other view. He shows that Hamilton is the architect of most of today’s failed economic policies: protectionism, central banking, and debt. His core principle is that government should be used to benefit the rich and privileged, mostly through its power to print money and run financial scams. In this sense, Hamiliton’s Curse has been visited upon the United States in the 2008 bailout of powerful investment banks.”


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